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madlensims · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Carol Dress
Cozy tartan dress for younger ones! It's almost Christmas time!
Bernand boots with additional bright red swatch are included!
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fullcravings · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Oreo Cinnamon Rolls
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twincovesgame · 19 hours ago
If the RO’s and MC (who was capable of getting pregnant) decided to have kids, how would they take care of/act around a pregnant MC?
Azriel would probably be at wit's end for the entirety of the pregnancy and treat them like they're made of glass until MC tells him to knock it off.
Cass would also be frazzled, but very excited to be a dad. He might drive MC a bit insane asking if they need something every 10 seconds.
Eli would be very chill. And extremely affectionate. He might have a hard time keeping his hands off them.
Kai would outwardly appear quite calm, but inside he'd be screaming. Somehow it'd be both an elated and terrified scream. He’d dote on them.
Lir would also be pretty chill, but he’d bring them little gifts every day. He’d also convince MC to have a water birth.
Damián would become an expert at foot rubs. I think he’d also be prettty emotional. He’s lost a lot of his family and now him and MC are creating a family of their own.
Rook would be a little lost, as being a father was never something he planned on being. He’d read a lot of books about pregnancy and freak himself out. He’ll be calling Lila very other day with worries.
Wren would stress bake. Like Damián, he’d be very emotional about creating a family as it was something he never thought possible for himself.
Disclaimer: of course, none of the ROs are against not having children either. It’ll depend on how MC feels. Also, all the ROs would love to adopt children. I think Damián and Wren especially would like to adopt children too if MC wants a family.
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roryyrawrr · 4 hours ago
3rd of December
Summary: it’s Natasha’s birthday!
Paring: Natasha x reader
Words: 1,050
Warnings: 18+ smut, fingering (nat receiving), getting caught, tell me if I missed anything
A/n: this is set 6 years after endgame and Clint was the one to sacrifice himself in vormir. for agent Romanoff, happy birthday Nat! happy reading xoxo
Tumblr media
You open your eyes to be met by your amazing wife, hair scattered all over her face, some drool at the end of her lips, and her mouth slightly opened. You smile at the sight and reach your hand to caress her cheek.
There were only moments like this, where you could see how Natasha really is and almost always she wakes up to your touch but this time she didn’t. Whenever she didn’t wake up it usually meant she had a really tiring and draining night, one of the downsides of marrying an Avenger. She was always on life threatening missions especially the one six years ago with a purple alien with a nut sack for a chin, it was also where her best friend Clint died for her. The months after that was the worst of her life and the only thing that held her together was you.
Now here you are, six years later, your heart still dropping to your stomach when seeing her go out the front door and not coming back for days, still almost breaking Tony’s arm just to know where Natasha really is. Your lives are amazing, especially today, the 3rd of December.
Before you know it, Natasha flutters her eyes open and a smile makes its way to her lips. “Hi, baby” she mutters under her breath as she wiggles closer to your chest. You wrap an arm around her and pull her closer to you.
You both stay like that for a good few minutes until the redhead pulls away and sat up, rubbing her eyes open. You grab her hand and pull her back down and immediately topping her. Your legs straddle her hips and your lips immediately attack her neck.
A small moan escapes Natasha’s lips as you made a mark on the sweet spot on her neck. You continue to kiss and suck her neck as your hand went down in between he legs, her heat radiating even inches away. You let your finger pads brush her inner thighs, slowly going up to her needy core.
“Y/n please, please, baby” Natasha pleads and her breaths becoming uneven and her heartbeat faster. You respond by thrusting two digits into her and before she could let out a loud moan you attach your lips to hers, muffling her sounds. You then use your free hand to unclasp her bra and after her breasts were free of their clothing you start kissing and sucking her nipples.
You add a third finger in, your thumb stimulating her clit, your mouth stimulating her nipples, and Natasha trying to keep quiet. Her knuckles bleeding white as she grips onto the sheets, bottom lip between her teeth trying to suppress her moans and screams.
The combination of you curling your fingers, sucking her nipples, and rubbing her clit drove her over the edge, “I- I’m g-gonna cum b-baby” you give her a nod and with that she comes undone beneath you.
Natasha moans loudly and even with her so close to you, you heard the door slowly squeaking open. Your eyes widen and you immediately pull out of your wife, got off her, and put a blanket over her and went to the other side of the bed. She gives you a look and before she could say anything a small voice interrupts her, “good mornin’ mama, good morning mommy” the little girl says sleepily as she enters the room holding her stuffed dolphin.
“Hi Reagan, baby…” you softly say “since when were you awake?” Natasha looks at you, covering herself but her head with the blanket you threw on top of her. Reagan walks closer to the foot of the bed and lifts her arms, you sit up and lift her to your lap and she snuggles into your chest. “I woke up when I heard noises” the little brunette answers you and you look over to Natasha who’s now covering her face out of embarrassment. You laugh at your daughters words and kiss her forehead, “where you and mama’s toy?” Reagan asks pointing to her dolphin. You look to your bedside table and reach for the stuffed fox and wolf, showing Reagan.
Reagan claps and noticed Natasha wasn’t talking and just under a blanket and reaches for the blanket trying to pull it to see her mama’s face. Natasha’s face soon revealed and she has her tongue sticking out and eyes closed, pretending to be dead. Reagan marveled at her mother’s antics to make her laugh because it had work.
Natasha sits up and you reach to her back holding the blanket in place —covering her chest— as she gets Reagan from you. “Happy birthday mama” she snuggles into Natasha’s chest.
You mouth the same words and Natasha shoots you a smile and leans to kiss you. Your kiss was brief like any other when you’re daughter’s in the same room as you but it wasn’t at all different from the ones you shared when Reagan isn’t.
The three of you went to the park and had brunch there before going to Reagan’s favorite ice cream shop and getting a lot of ice cream. After eating ice cream and had a food fight Reagan fell asleep in Natasha’s arms. You decided to visit her aunt Lena earlier that planned as you didn’t wanna drive so far away just to get home and drive back to Yelena’s house for her sleep over.
Yelena didn’t mind that you came way earlier than expected and because you came earlier both you and Nat got to meet her girlfriend Robin. Brunette, maybe 5’6, has a British accent and a very nice voice. You accidentally checked her out as she walked back inside Yelena’s home and Natasha’s hand found itself smacking your arm as she gave you her famous glare. You laughed and apologized but soon found her doing the same, “see, she’s got an amazing ass” you whispered and Natasha laughed and nodded agreeing with you.
After dropping Reagan off you got back home an hour later due to the horrible traffic jam. You had planned a dinner with Natasha at an amazing restaurant but you both ended up staying home, ordering pizza, and drinking cheap wine.
The day was perfect. The perfect 3rd of December.
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worldcircus · 2 hours ago
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gorogues · 2 days ago
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Spoilers for Flash: Armageddon Part 3!
It's a pretty big episode for Flash villains, as Rosa Dillon (CW Top) plays a significant role and then there's...somebody else at the end.
As a brief recap, part of Team Flash is frantically looking for Barry before Despero gets to him, as Barry’s been acting erratically and losing time.  Despero believes that Barry will go insane and destroy the world in 2031, and plans to kill him in 2021 to prevent it...meanwhile, plenty of people think Barry is currently having a mental health crisis because he's attacked innocent civilians, attacked his friends, and wrecked a lot of stuff.  He also forgot that Joe died six months ago, and he too thinks he may be losing his mind.  And Iris just realized there's a lot of weird anomalies regarding Joe's death and looks into it; she can see strange particles around the scene/death report that Allegra can't see, and eventually concludes that something or someone changed time.  Iris has been suffering from a time-related illness since the end of last season, for which she gets regular treatments from Deon, the guy who possesses the Still Force.
Anyway, Cecile knows she can't find Barry on her own, so she recruits Rosa Dillon to help on the promise of helping with her parole restrictions.  Rosa, who's been hustling people at pool and making top puns, is harshly efficient with Cecile and it's arguably needed because Cecile's a mess of unresolved grief for Joe (though Caitlin thinks Rosa's taking the wrong approach about burying one's feelings).  The two of them do find Barry's location with their combined psionic powers, though Despero pops in to steal the info once they locate him.  Rosa uses her vertigo powers to take out Caitlin and Chester and offers to make a deal with Despero for the information, but he just painfully invades her mind and she collapses with a ton of blood coming out of her nose or mouth.  It seemed sure she was dead, but Caitlin says she's "alive, but barely" and that's the last we see of her....hopefully they actually get her some medical attention even though she's an asshole.
Back to Iris and her investigation.  Deon, the guy with the Still Force powers, recognizes unusual particles as being from the "Negative Still Force" to re-write the timeline.  And Barry decides to travel to 2031 to see what's going on and to see if he can learn who's responsible for the world allegedly ending.  He creeps into a shindig listed as the "West Party" and finds Eobard giving a speech to family and friends (including Team Flash and some of their allies), and he's married to Iris.  The people at the party know Barry, but are instantly hostile to him.  So we can infer that Eobard has been changing time to screw over Barry, including the unexpected death of Joe, Barry's strange outbursts of violence, the shutdown of STAR Labs, and possibly the end of the world.  It's also possible the world ending is an unintentional consequence of Eobard's manipulations, as I'm not sure what he'd gain from it; other than Despero, I'm not sure if anyone's supposed to survive it to even blame Barry for it.  There's not much of a satisfying "It was me, Barry!" if virtually everyone's dead.  And the end would get him too unless he knows he can escape it via time travel or some other Thawne shenanigans...though those wouldn't be unexpected.
Another possibility is that the world doesn't really end but Eobard's manipulating Despero into doing something, or that maybe Despero's got sinister motivations he's kept hidden.  He may even be working with Eobard.  He seemed pretty honest in his first episode, but since then the plot was kind of leading us to think he was causing the terrible events to make Barry snap.  However, now there's a good chance that was all Eobard, so maybe Despero really was honest (or mostly so).  That said, he seems to be seeking more power in that incident at STAR Labs and has caused genuine harm to people with his psychic powers, so it's difficult to say what his motivations are or if he's in league with Eobard.
An interesting name drop is shown at Eobard's party, as the venue hosting the event is called Robern's.  You may recall that Robern was Eobard's bratty brother who he erased from history when the guy threatened to derail his life's work, so it's a cute little easter egg.  
So Rosa barely survived her nonsense (hope she knows she doesn't come back like Roscoe does) and Eobard's here in prime form.  The next two episodes should be interesting.
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warmfuzzyphoto · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
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thedaddycomplex · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Boone’s been asking to dye his hair again, so this time we had it done professionally.
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catchymemes · 10 months ago
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acrostic · 3 months ago
for literal decades, US schools have policed the clothing of young girls and the clothing and hair of black students so meticulously it’s straight up harassment, but now that they’re being asked to enforce a mask mandate in schools, which, btw, is a million times simpler and easier to enforce than these absurd dress codes, they “can’t control students in that way” because they “value student’s bodily autonomy” stfu and tell us with your whole chest that you’re scared of the rich white soccer mom PTA head cutting funding and you don’t think anyone who’s a girl or black deserves bodily autonomy.
EDIT: please reblog this version which has some clarifications!
EDIT: stop reblogging this at all! leave me alone! if you want it on your blog that bad literally copy paste and repost it idc!
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redowlkitchen · a month ago
Yesterday, one of my preschoolers came up to me very concerned, and said, “Miss ____, this book doesn’t have any pages!”
Now, this kid is only three, and I can’t always understand what he says because he’s still so little. However, he carries himself and has the conversational lilt of an 80-year-old academic, so I absolutely believed him. Also, like any library, not all of our books have been as gently used as one might like, so there’s always a chance that the pages of the book this kid was holding actually had fallen out somewhere, and he was only holding the cover. I hurried over to see if this was the case and he opened the book for me, still very concerned.
He had only opened to the end sheet, that blank page at the front of a book. I turned the page for him to reveal the title page. This look of absolute relief crossed his face and he went, “Oh, silly me. I didn’t look hard enough!”
I love kids.
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bauliya · 9 months ago
I know it's tough for everyone but please, please be extra nice and patient with little kids right now. they're going through so much, we're not going to understand the amount of worldwide trauma these kids have for years, but for context: a five year old who has memories only from the age of three has spent HALF their conscious life under quarantine. they haven't interacted with other kids in person. they've only seen people with masks. they've spent all this time in a home with distressed adults and little stability without truly understanding why. for a massive chunk of their conscious life. so if a kid comes up and talks to you just let them have your attention for a few minutes. don't snap at a child crying or having a meltdown in public, and don't make the parent feel guilty. it's not that difficult to be kind.
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thedaddycomplex · 3 months ago
This morning, our boys realized 7th grade doesn’t have recess and now they’re pissed.
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