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#kids don't do this

y’all, i caffiene crashed a while a go, and guess what i did?  i just scared a poor fan fic writer the night before their final by talking about how a very infamous sentence in their work reminded me of the theme song of hereditary. fml, i can’t even w me rn. @peterbenjiparker i am so sorry. good luck tho

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straight vodka at 9am let’s go

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Originally posted by diostukos

This is one of the things that always bother me in the routes, the fact that the MC is determined to turn back at her friends that do anything to protect her and run away whit the new guy that she just meet a few days ago. I know he’s handsome but still…

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@norton why is this ad black and white? What is it trying to signify? Why does it look like it was saved on Instagram first then shared to Tumblr? Who told you to export type heavy images as anything other than PNGs? Why would you assault my eyes with this and dare ask me to pay for your service with this travesty? Why do you think millenials, GenXers and iGens are willing to pay for anything you have to offer when AVG, Comodo and PeerBlock are free and more than adequate in protecting our computers from most typical threats?

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i spent two hours creating a gifset for this olicity au instead of hw………

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So I still have about a glassful of that Mabel Juice I made earlier.

…What if I….


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I bought 2 bags of sweets: one of coffee-powdered chocolate truffles (7 in total) and another of Turkish delights. Instead of eating a few and share the rest with my mom and brothers, or leave some for tomorrow, I ate them all myself. 

Now my tummy hurts and I got sugar-high.

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“Saw DoFP and I want to get into X-Men comics”

/cue a giant group of soulless masochists bursting into tears and laughter

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Time to play: Let’s See What Happens First!

I correctly remember the chemical forumla, one of which is drinking alcohol


I finish drinking this alcohol!

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If I could open a portal and go back in time, I’d go to my 19 year old self and slap myself in the face (or just shake my finger and scold) for using ‘Zelinxia’ as the username for a community college account.

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Asking for a job via Facebook.

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other people: I will space the postings of my edits out by putting them into my queue which will then spit out one at a time in set intervals throughout the day and/or week.

me: *sipping my seventh cup of coffee while vibrating at the speed of sound at 2 in the morning, elbow deep in 3 different edits* IF IT IS DONE IT GETS POSTED.

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i crushed a bunch of melatonin gummies on Saturday night and slept a solid 15 hours, so we good

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