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could kii/green brain ever be reasoned with? even in a factual way (ie happier emotional states equals better productivity), or has any chance of that long since passed?

Kii “My coddle drone! Coddle drone! I survived every trial of basic training! I passed all the physical and mental requirements! I’m officially enlisted! I am praiseworthy, coddle drone! Praise me!”

Kiz *joyful sobbing* “My sweet little pie slice is a soldier!”

Kii “Aw, I hate being compared to pie! You know that! Just praise me; that’s why I bothered to march back before my uniform fitting!”

Kiz “You’re growing up so much so quickly, I can barely keep up.”

Kii “Why are you crying, my coddle drone? I thought you would be happy.”

Kiz “I am happy, Kii; VERY happy. I’m just so proud of you– I’ll stop, I promise.”

Kii “Our troop commander said if I keep growing and survive enough battles, I could be a high general one day! Do you think I really could, my coddle drone?”

Kiz “I don’t doubt it for a moment, smeetie. Come inside; I replenished the pantry. You must be starving and I must make sure you grow out so you can keep growing up.”

Kii “I AM starving! I could really go for a big pretzel.”

Kiz “I’ll salt it for you, smeetie.”

Kii “Thank you, my coddle drone. I missed you out in NoDrone’s land.”

Kiz “I missed you too. Thank you for coming back to see me on leave. None of my smeets have ever bothered.”

Kii “Hu. They’re dumb, my coddle drone.”


It’s hard to imagine a smeet just like any other could eventually become something so cold and heartless.

Evil is made, not born. Kii was loved once. Kii loved once. She lost her way; she became corrupted and her entire species suffered for it.

In her current state of existence, no. She probably can’t be reasoned with. No Irken has managed to to reason with her to date. Order has been established; she and the other control brains are content so long as their will goes unchallenged.

Kii has transitioned from one being to another before. Perhaps in another vessel with a fresh state of mind, she can be reached and her “soul” redeemed.

Until or if that event ever occurs; more drastic measures than reasoning must he taken for significant change or progress to occur within the empire.

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also kind of gay for Kii, too bad shes so ugly on the inside

Coordinator Kiz “Kii isn’t so terrible. She cares deeply for her empire; that is why she stays upset all the time. She was conditioned to defeat her enemies at all cost. She was a high general and an accomplished warlord…It’s difficult for her to switch out of that mode as tallest…

I am to blame for her temper. I didn’t discourage her from expressing her rage as a smeet. I knew the world would challenge her. I wanted her to stay strong in the face of adversity… Perhaps my support and encouragement spoiled her, but she’s so precious to me…

My original tallest assigned me to look after the smeets his troops took captive from his enemy hives. I had birthed a swarm of 50 myself on top of acquiring three other adopted swarms through conquests, but among all of them, Kii was my only daughter. I knew from the moment she was placed in my arms, she was special and would grow into something colossal and mighty…

It’s a tragedy she’s had to fight and claw for the rest of her empire to see this in her… Somewhere inside, her heart still beats. I have to believe that…”

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🍎🐷🐸🔥 :o

ACCURATE :000 im 5′3 so -_-

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hm. i feel bad for kii

In the end, Kii slowly became the monster on the inside that everyone projected onto her. She was a product of her time, and a victim of circumstance, but she was also a bully that became addicted to power which she abused in the worst ways.

Don’t feel too bad for Kii.


Kii “ Could you hurry it up?!”

Coordinator “Forgive me, my tallest. I don’t climb the hover stairs very easily anymore. I’m not as young as I used to be.”

Kii “Neither am I!! I need maintenance!”

Coordinator “I’m almost finished, my tallest. You look stunning as ever.”

Kii “Not stunning enough to shut up Hitz and Soxx for any enjoyable length of time, I’m sure… Hitz subjects ALL wear PAKs with limb extensions now. So much more efficient.”

Coordinator “My tallest, you know how I feel about Hitz’s mind-syncing PAKs.”

Kii “You stubborn little hag, you enjoy making my life didficult…You’re very lucky you cared for me as a smeet.”

Coordinator “I know, my tallest.”

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❤ if that's ok? :o

omg ur so NICE !!! ur mutual interactions are always so sweet u seem like such a good person ilu !! also ur url is amazing and i love that for u !!!! stay winning kii ur a legend :D

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