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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
Note More ship fuel!
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They really said “we’ll be gay at FULL POWER”
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goddessyonakuromatoki · 3 months ago
The Rainbow Lead Heroes
Here's my most ambitious crossover fan art I made recently between the 13th Doctor (Doctor Who), Zenkaiser (Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger) and Cure Summer (Tropical-Rouge! PreCure). It's also featured in a seitansai (birthday festival) fan scrapbook for Jodie Whittaker's 39th birthday last June 17.
@happy-shower obligatory tag time for the description, so my apologies for the inconvenience caused.
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kanacaecilius · a month ago
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Rough translation of the new Super Hero Time actors interview September 2021
Komagine Kiita (Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger) Maeda Kentaro (Kamen Rider Revice)
Is it the first time the two of you are meeting?
Komagine Kiita (KK): It's the second time today. We're actually already nakey buddies (lol)
Maeda Kentaro (MK): Haha (lol). The first time we met, we went to the sauna.
May I ask how that happened?
MK: The actor playing my younger brother in Revice (Igarashi Daiji), Hyuuga Wataru, is Kii-chan's junior from their agency. It happened that we were both on set the same day, I thought I'd drop by to introduce myself. Hyuuga introduced us. 
KK: Then after that I said "You guys want to go visit the sauna?" So the three of us went.
Such a natural flow of events going to the sauna (lol). What did you guys talk about?
KK: How was filming? Stuff like that.
MK: Yeah. That was just around the time we were starting to film for the TV series, so I said "Filming for the TV series is difficult in itself, but filming for the TV series and the movie together is particularly difficult!" I asked about various stuff to my hero senior.
KK: Just because I've been a hero for 6 months, I get to be treated like a senior.
MK: hahahah
You're totally a senior hero though!
KK: When we were at the sauna, Ken-chan asking for advice was really interesting! They film on actual baths in Revice, right. Then he was like "When Revice officially airs, people might recognize me so I might not be able to go to public baths anymore...I wonder if I'll never get to go to public baths ever..." (lol) Such a pure concern! I told him "Don't worry! You can still go!"
MK: But when we were on the sauna, some kids were staring at you (lol)
They recognized him as Goshikida Kaito?
KK: I wonder... That's true though, there's one kid, accompanied by his dad, staring at me...
MK: Kii-chan wouldn't look away too so they were staring at each other (lol)
KK: The sauna felt so relaxing, I was actually staring blankly into space (lol)
How long has it been since you started filming Revice?
MK: About 3-4 months now. Rider has always started filming with the TV series, but with Revice, we started with the movie (Saber + Zenkaiger Super Hero Senki). It was an earlier start.
In the movie, I was still trying too understand what kind of character Igarashi Ikki was. As the TV series progressed, I slowly get to understand the character better. 
KK: Same, I started with the movie filming too (Super Sentai Movie Ranger 2021). We've been filming for that long, wow. Time flies!
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Please tell us what you're conscious of when portraying Ikki.
MK: Revice's theme is "family", Ikki has a younger brother and younger sister. There aren't a lot of Kamen Riders with a family theme. There are a lot of parts that resonates with me so I try to be aware that I am acting as Ikki. I have a younger sister so I refer to those feelings of being an older brother in playing my role. I like anime and manga too so I use to these works as reference in building my character. Like, I have a younger sister, but I don't have a younger brother so I refer to characters with younger brothers and learn "Oh this is what it's like to have a brother" "It is this kind of relationship"
KK: (claps) Marvelous answer. Isn't it challenging to perform with the suit actors? I've been acting with them so I feel how it is.
MK: It is difficult! Ikki is the human (part of Revice), I'm the pre-henshin and then of course the suit actor post-henshin. We really have to match our mannerisms and behavior. Strange to say so myself, but I have a really good posture (lol). The suit actor makes his way to imitate my posture and matches how my body moves. So as much as I can, on days when I don't film I go to the filming venue of the suit actor and observe how he moves, the mannerisms, the stance.
KK: That's what it's like working with suit actors, yeah.
MK: The one acting as my buddy, Kamen Rider Vice is Eitoku-san. Vice is supposedly visible only to Ikki so he's really just doing whatever he wants (lol)
KK: Isn’t it confusing when you're filming for the parts where you're the only one who's supposed to see him?
MK: It is, yeah... Vice appears transparent on screen so I have to film one where he's there and one where he's not, and then it's combined together. When we film the one without Vice, it is difficult to find the line of vision or where should I face him.
Because of the transparent effect, it takes 3 times longer to film. We do a test, then a sample, then the actual take, do a take of me without Vice, and then do a take of Eitoku-san without me. Something like that.
KK: That is difficult! In Zenkaiger, we do a real-time composite with Cuttaner and Rikki. It is a new attempt in Super Sentai. There's an equipment they use, the controllers of Cuttaner and Rikki move them, film that. The method changes every time though...
MK: I see! It is difficult filming with something new like this, but everyday filming with Eitoku-san is a lot of fun.
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Not only is it performing with suit actors, but both of you also perform with voice actors right? In an interview before Zenkaiger, Komagine-san said "It is very difficult"
KK: It was very difficult! You can very well see the difference in experience. It's my first time doing voice recording, it was difficult already holding a script and reading what's in it timed with the video. But the seiyuu cast just going all out with their adlibs, I was like "Where do I say my line?!"
MK: I can relate! I'm like "Huh?? Is there something that I should say here???"
KK: We're on the same path, huh? (lol)
MK: Voice actors are really just so awesome. Vice's seiyuu Kimura (Subaru)-san does a lot of adlibs, not just the lines on the script! Vice is the boke and Ikki is the tsukkomi, when Kimura-san does boke one after the other I can't keep up with my tsukkomi (lol). It's really a challenge!
KK: You should have told him right off "We're doing team play here!" (lol)
MK: Ahahah! Kimura-san really helps me a lot though. He teaches me many things, it's a big help.
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It's been half year of Komagine-san doing Zenkaiger. Are there any changes in your mind?
KK: I've worked with a lot of people this past 6 months, there has been a change in my heart. Especially in the movie released last July, Saber + Zenkaiger Super Hero Senki. These people I’ve worked with, I felt so much of their love with regards to heroes.
That's why I felt as the center of the current Super Sentai, I should bear a strong respect with regards to heroes. I should really have the strongest love for Zenkaiger that I play.
With these feelings, I realized once again I can have this passion in filming, and also be able to convey that passion and love to the audience who are watching.
As the story progresses, you now have Sekoguchi Ryo-san who plays Stacey, the Goldtweaker fam of Mashiko Atsuki-san and Mori Hinami-san. There are more people now. Were there changes in the filming and atmosphere now that you have more people your age on set?
KK: It became easier for me with more cast members my age. Before that, the people around me are all older, they are specialists in their own fields, like suit actors and voice actors. So instead of having casual conversations in between takes, I felt it was more of a learning place for me.
When it's with people my age, of course it's easier to put my usual self out. We jive talking about hobbies and work so it's been a lot more fun.
In a previous interview, Mashiko-san said "(Komagine) is someone who really brings everyone together" "I am relieved when Kii-chan is around"
KK: That makes me happy! I never hear him say that about me directly (lol). Since I filmed ahead of them, I went my way to introduce the new cast members to the other cast and staff. I told them "If there's anything you don't understand, just ask."
At first I wonder how I should behave around these people and there were times I was too conscious. But as time goes by I realized I don't have to be, so now I'm just natural around them.
I can see how close you guys are on the photos you upload on social media! There are a lot of people who comment on them too. Are there any reactions in particular that left an impression?
KK: There are a lot of dads and moms who share their kids' experience watching Zenkaiger. They say "My son wants to become Kaito!", "My daughter said she wants to marry Kaito"...stuff like that. Which makes me happy...but when I think about it closely, I go "Are you sure...?" (lol)
KK: I personally think Kaito is someone with a very kind heart, but he's also the type of person who'd bungee jump off Sky Tree! Is that really someone a parent can proudly say "That's someone I want my kid to be"...I feel like I should stop them believing that. It's a complicated feeling (lol). As a parent, is Kaito really someone you want your daughter to marry? I think you should carefully consider (lol)
In an interview a while back, you said "I hope in this one year I can be a hero only I can portray". Is that still your same sentiment?
KK: A hero that only I can create, yes, that has not changed. I have a feeling that instead of creating it from an image, walking along with Kaito would be more interesting. Find out new good sides to Kaito, and make that my own as a hero.
MK: Give life to my own hero, huh... That's so cool! I learned something today. I'll repeat these words on the next interviews I'll have (lol)
Maeda-san, other than performing as Revice, do you have an ideal hero?
MK: I've always admired really cool heroes since I was little so I want to be a hero like them. Probably a little old school of thinking but a hero who's passionate, cool, a little Showa-ish image...that's something I want to be (lol)
KK: That sounds nice!
Btw, Maeda-san is there something you want to ask from your senpai hero Komagine-san?
KK: We might have talked about it already when we went to public bath (lol)
MK: True (lol) Hmm...lemme see... How do I raise my energy for a filming first thing in the morning? (lol)
KK: When you do your greeting, do it with an insanely loud voice! When filming first thing in the morning, it's not like I'm the only one who needs to raise energy. It's the same for the staff too. So come in with a really loud GOOD MORNIIIING! That way I can start a lively atmosphere. If I'm the only one with high energy but the people around are not, it'll just drag everyone and the energy drops easily. I think it's better to bring the energy up together.
MK: That sounds practical. Like club activities, huh? (lol)
KK: Greetings are basic manners after all. In the end, filming is a team play so let's all raise our energy and do our best! It's something like that (lol)
MK: I have learned something really good today. As expected of my senior!
If you could co-star in another work together, what kind of work would it be?
KK: That's already decided. I'll say the name, OK? It's High&Low! I'm saying it with around 80% flattery though (lol)
MK: Ahaha! High&Low is a work by my agency LDH. I will ask them to let me be in it with Kii-chan! (lol)
KK: Please! (lol) We have experience in action already, I think it's a good way to show it off in a setting other than as heroes. I think that would be interesting to see us work with different roles, and people watching would probably enjoy that too.
But what about you, Ken-chan? Do you want to appear in something like High&Low?
MK: Definitely! My parents loved delinquent manga and because of them I came to love it too. So much, that that's about the only manga I read when I was in grad school (lol). So I really want to be in a delinquent manga work.
KK: Funny that you get to be a hero instead (lol). Other than delinquent manga, what else do you like?
MK: I like tokusatsu, and JUMP stuff. Among all those, my favorite is One Piece. That's like my life textbook. I read that more than I did my school books (lol)
KK: You really like fighting and battle stuff, huh?
Komagine-san, do you have a life textbook?
KK: I am actually a study type so I read my school books seriously!
MK: Really~?
KK: Hahaha! My parents I think are my life textbook. We grow up watching the backs of our parents, right? Now that I'm older, I see some parts of me are like my parents. I realized I grew up watching them.
MK: And again saying all the good stuff! That's unfair! (lol)
Lastly, please give us your words, Maeda-san with Kamen Rider Revice, and Komagine-san with Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger
MK: Revice is a work to commemorate the 50th year of Kamen Rider. I hope to catch up and not lose to my Rider seniors who I admire greatly. I will do my best to be the coolest hero!
KK: (claps) And you will be!
Zenkaiger has had comedy as main until now, but in episode 23, we see some serious parts of it with regards to Kaito's parents. From here on, I hope for people to see Zenkaiger in a different light. We will be seriously joking around as before, and I hope this will be something that everyone will enjoy watching.
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cina-full-moon-xanadium · 9 months ago
Kaito Goshikida/Zenkaiser by Kiita Komagine
Zyuran/Zenkai Zyuran by Shintaro Asanuma(Alien Shadow Zena voice from Ultraman Geed)
Gaon/Zenkai Gaon by Yuuki Kaji(Eren Yeager from Attack On Titan)
Magine/Zenkai Magine by Yume Miyamoto(Rikka Takarada from SSSS Gridman)
Vroon/Zenkai Vroon by Takuya Sato(Caesar Zeppeli from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Yatsude Goshikida(Kaito's grandmother) by Ikue Sakakibara (veteran recording artist) rough translation of their bios from the TV Asahi website. Kaito Goshikida/Zenkaiser: Though not skilled in any area of expertise, always aims to be "the world's first". Carefree and goofy most of the time, when serious he becomes a hot-blooded fool.
Zyuran/Zenkai Zyuran: Although he considers himself the cool old guy type, he is in reality a very loud and stubborn old man. A power type kikainoid from head-to-toe.
Gaon/Zenkai Gaon: A ditzy kikainoid who loves lifeforms of Earth more than machines. He even considers Kaito as a pet. Loves cooking.
Magine/Zenkai Magine: A shy kikainoid who loves fortune-telling, fantasy, and occult things. She is quick to anger if the things she like are made fun of. She is horrible at organizing.
Vroon/Zenkai Vroon: The serious academic type, this kikainoid is very curious and will not stop talking about the things he likes.
Yatsude Goshikida: Owner of the dagashi cafe Colorful and Kaito's grandmother.
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asknarashikari · 2 days ago
These outfits…. Your opinion?
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I can’t even explain the energy I feel from this photo but it’s amazing
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sastheforestspirit · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
They look just like I was thinking they may look xd
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kanacaecilius · 3 months ago
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Bits from Zenkaiger the Movie Red Battle! All Sentai Rally!! After Talk
Komagine Kiita (Goshikida Kaito) Asanuma Shintaro (Juran) Nakazawa Shojiro (director) Shirakura Shinichiro (producer)
- Someone pointed out all of them have -ro in their names except Kiita so he joked he’d go as “Kiitaro” for this one lol
- During the rehearsal for the cast announcement presscon, the cast talked about what if Vroon is the type to easily trip on himself.
- Vroon actually tripped on the stairs during the presson, but they weren't sure if it was an actual accident due to the suit being bulky, or Okada Kazuya (Vroon’s suit actor) was acting lol
- In the end, Vroon easily tripping became a part of his character that even the G-Rosso cast does it in the opening of the show.
- Asanuma found it kind of unbelievable that he'd become a hero at his age. And red no less.
- Asanuma has a nephew who's now around high school. The nephew has thought of maybe finally graduating from watching tokusatsu, but he's currently very much enjoying Zenkaiger.
- Kiita asked the producer and director why he passed the audition...
- Shirakura said the reason is because Kiita seems to be the type to not get depressed easily. Beyond the acting skills and looks, they looked for someone with mental strength, especially for Zenkaiger since most of what he'd be around are characters in suits, who’d sometimes have to do pantomime so Kiita would be delivering his lines by himself. They looked for someone who can stand his ground alone. (t/n: Kiita is really amazing how he can hold his ground in this conversation where everyone with him is someone who could be as old as his father and grandfather. But he can calmly talk with them casually, where most others would probably feel a little too intimidated)
- As with the seiyuu cast, of course they had to consider scheduling, but also the voice balance between the rest of the cast - balance among the Kikainoids, and how they’d balance with Kiita as well.
- Kiita joked: So if I wasn't the white, Asanuma-san wouldn't have been the red Shirakura: That's not how this works lol
- Kiita sometimes calls Asanuma “Asa-nii” :) --> Asanuma said he’s old enough to be Kiita’s dad lol (t/n: from a different interview, but Kiita addresses Kaji (Gaon’s seiyuu) as “Kaji-kun”, a little surprising given that Kaji is more than 10 years older than he is)
- Shirakura said they're very glad about their casting choices for this one.
- Asanuma's nephew tried buying the geartlinger himself (can be a little challenge as a high schooler), but uncle said he'd buy one for him instead :)
- Kiita and Asanuma said they get lonely thinking someday this will end.
- Kiita saw the finale of Kiramager and almost cried that evening thinking his turn to wrap up will come someday as well.
- He told everyone on set the next day how sad he was the previous night lol
- Asanuma gets excited at the thought a character he does will be a mask sold at night stalls during festivals (o-matsuri) or that the character will become a cotton candy design XD
- Shirakura said if 100% is the ideal, he feels like they're at 500% now with Zenkaiger. It's not very often that they'd surpass their own expectations of a show. 
- But he said it's not like he's the one solely responsible for everything. It’s more like a catch ball where the ball bounces around different production staff members. But with Zenkaiger, he said he feels like if he throws a ball to someone, something else entirely bounces back to him lol
- Kiita: let's aim for 8000% Asanuma: At least something to give enough pressure to the 46th sentai Kiita: I could go on for the next 8 years! Asanuma: I wonder if Juran's lower back will hold up if we run that long!
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