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Shoujo mangakas - my (possible) top 3
So, these mangakas may not have written all of my favorite mangas, but they’ve made the list because I love most of their manga. 
1.       Mitsuki Kako
I have always loved her mangas. And I’ve read all of them, except for Dear! (for now) and part of Sai x Ai (lack of translation)
A few of them haven’t been translated to english yet – but I’ve heard Chibi Manga is working on them – so I read it in spanish.
To be completely honest, I absolutely love most of her works, but I’ll try to separate a few favorites.
My favorite one shots are Fly High! and Melodramatic Library.
As for the longer ones, Ai Hime – Ai to Himegoto and Kiss/Hug.
 Btw, she also does josei (be warned, all of them are smut as well)
S Love – complete in spanish and portuguese, last few chapters coming out in english
Wana Love - complete in spanish and portuguese
Love Phantom - there are way more chapters available in spanish – or even portuguese – but they’re coming out in english as well.
Fly High!
Asuka, the ace of the volleyball club is training to become the best. But there's the devil coach, Nagano...
Melodramatic Library
A teacher at Kanae's school has been fired for having an affair with a student. Then, a hot new librarian comes in… Kanae falls in love with the new librarian. However, she sees a ring on his finger...?
Ryuu, a super-business-like transfer student from England with black hair and blue eyes just arrived! During the night of the Tanabata festival, Ryuu and Yukino became attracted to each other at first sight. He then declares, "You will be mine!" This brought confusion to Yukino, who has zero experience in love. But could she actually be falling in love?
Ai Hime
They met. They kissed. The fate has brought them to be uncle and niece. Even though they're not blood-related, can Mao decide to love him and go through the struggles to give love for him?
Love Phantom
Momoko is just a mediocre who work at a cafe, but suddenly the fateful romance appear right in front of her....
S Love
27, single, a normal office lady. It's not like she's not interested in a relationship, but she doesn't want to get married. In front of this kind of modern woman, Kanako, appeared a lost man. Perhaps this is fate...!? No, but that guy is the last one she wants to love!
Wana Love
Mayuko is a model. She's acting like a beauty in front of guys but in fact she's suffering of an unrequited love with the cameraman Nagumo...Will she reveal her true nature through his lens...?
2.       Kaji Eiri
I found out about her relatively recently, and have read all of her Romance mangas. 
The couples are always super flirty, so I love it.
She only has 3 completely translated works (one of them is still being translated and just had its last volume published in japan) and I love them.
Also, all 3 of them are in the supernatural/fantasy genre.
Keishichou Tokuhanka 007
The "Special crime investigation department 007″ includes the most capable and extraordinary investigators and Fuyuki, who also becomes one of its members, is very capable, to. And she is paired with Kuze, a cool and very handsome detective. Their combination proves to be the most dangerous one the police headquarters had ever seen!
Kainushi wa Akuma
Most people love red hair. It's so vibrant and striking. But not our protagonist, Nora. Many people in her village hate her because she has red hair because of an old legend in the village. Though some people hate her, she still pulls on. But her not -so-ordinary life might become mysterious and dangerous soon... in more ways than one?!
Majo to Kiketsu no Kishi
The great snow-covered kingdom of Bistron, legend has it that an evil witch lives in the Black Forest at the edge of the kingdom… That very witch, Veronica finds herself summoned by the ruler of Bistron through his messenger of noble blood, Ignatius.
!! Shitsuji-dono no Ai Neko - still being translated
The prestigious Arima family has an excellent butler. When the head of the family takes in an exotic-looking bastard girl as a favor for his friend, it is up to the butler to tame her wildcat personality.
3.       Murata Mayu
Her work is really really cute, both the story and the art.
Nagareboshi Lens hasn’t been fully translated yet, but Kogarashi Scans is working on it! You can read it in spanish though, or wait for the last 15 chapters in english.
And Honey Lemon Soda is still being released in japan.
Nagareboshi Lens
Risa is a high school student who has zero experience in love, but hopes to one day find that special someone. After an unexpected event, Risa now finds herself entangled with the most popular boy in her grade, Yuugure. Could this be the beginning of love for Risa...!?
Mata Ashita
Towa has always been shy around guys, despite being a total tomboy. This has crushed her chances of ever having a boyfriend, but a perhaps fateful encounter on the first day of high school might lead to love? But will it be with the surprisingly kind "angelic" delinquent, or the popular yet secretly "devilish" prince?!
Honey Lemon Soda
Fifteen-year-old Ishimori Uka is a very shy girl that can't stand being in front of someone. One day she meets a boy on the streets who's just as refreshing as lemon soda. He helped her when she was bullied and that boy made her wanting to change so she can properly express herself.
In the Chocolate
A collection of adorable one shots
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Yachie Kicchou: Touhou Project fan art  [Artist: Ainy77]
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Requests Are [OPEN]
!! for male & nb readers !!
writing for:
- haikyuu
- bnha
- kny
- daiya no ace
- one piece
Everything you should to know before requesting
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My Manga List (2019) Part 13
Majo to Kiketsu no Kishi
Tumblr media
The great snow-covered kingdom of Bistron, legend has it that an evil witch lives in the Black Forest at the edge of the kingdom… That very witch, Veronica finds herself summoned by the ruler of Bistron through his messenger of noble blood, Ignatius.
- plot = 3/5
- artstyle = 3.5/5
- i love the backstory honestly
- s o f t i e s in an i cant believe it way
- mc is so pretty and so is the ml
- they didnt drag out certain key points so yay
- chemistry is on points
- and so is the history lmao
- overall, this is cute & a light read, the ml is handsome and kinda reminds me of usui takumi bcoz of his demeanor~
Hoshi to Kuzu - Don't Worry, Be Happy
Tumblr media
Anzu is poor but very ambitious and aims for a bright future. Her first step is to be student council president but that chance is destroyed by the equally ambitious and egocentric Yamabuki. She just has to settle for being the vice-president.
- plot = 3.4/5
- artstyle = 3.5/5
- mc is an independent cutie
- ml is reliable 
- and not a jerk so plus points 
- conclusion, it has typical shoujo moments but it has its own charms so hooray ~
ReRe Hello
Tumblr media
Ririko lost her mother when she was five, and has helped out her father ever since. Her father raised his three children alone, and eventually started his own handyman business. Ririko is now a normal teenager in high school. But then one day, something horrible happens...
- plot = 4/5 has its moments of clicheness but well executed
- artstyle = 4/5
- s o f t i e s
- ml is so so lovable
- mc is a reliable girl i stan
- light read 
- overall, this manga is so cute with lots of moments that will make your heart go doki doki & the trust and love between the two main characters are a plus, they are not toxic to each other so hooray
Lion to Hanayome
Tumblr media
After her Grandmother, her last family member, pass away her beloved teacher proposes to her. But to her surprise her spouse already has a son - the popular, and kinda mean, boy sitting next to her.
- plot = 3/5
- artstyle = 3/5
- mc has the typical shoujo personality but it’s okay
- conclusion, an okay read ~
Gakuen Alice
Tumblr media
Young Mikan runs away to Tokyo to follow her best friend, Hotaru, who has been enrolled in an exclusive, secretive private school for geniuses. But it turns out that Alice Academy is a lot more than meets the eye. If Mikan wants to stay by Hotaru's side, she has to both pass the strange "entrance exam" and face the even greater challenge of befriending her very odd new classmates. Whether it's Hotaru's gift for inventing gadgets, the cranky Natsume's fire-casting ability, or Professor Narumi's control of human pheromones, everyone at the school has some sort of special talent. But what ability, if any, does Mikan possess? Mikan is going to have to rely on her courage and spunk if she's going to stay in school, or even stay alive!
- it’s safe to say that i read this a lot of times since ages ago but still everybody needs to know how beautiful this is & i still wtread this even now
- a gem basically
- plot = 6/5 has a special place in my heart
- artstyle = 4/5
- all characters has their own thing ok
- their friendship are goals, goals i tell you
- character growth!
- natsumeee
- rollercoaster ride of emotions
- conclusion, a highly recommended manga! you’re missing out if you havent seen this gem! i cannot stressed how beautiful and lovable this manga is!
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Day 14: Tea for Two
“I hope that recent events are not an indicator of how you plan to interact with Gensokyo moving forward,” said Mamizou Futatsuiwa of Sado to her guest.  Across the table sat the matriarch of the Kiketsu family, Yachie Kicchou.  The dragon-tortoise sat at Mamizou’s table with all the proper posture of a business meeting, clawed hands delicately wrapped around a yumoni tea cup, sipping a mild sencha.  Her heavily scaled back tapered into a sharp tail, which was coiled into her lap, the tip of it lazily sweeping back and forth on the table.  She sipped her tea and looked up to Mamizou, who sat atop her own enlarged, enormously fluffy tail, coiled beneath her like a set of great stones.  The imbalance of the power dynamic in this seating arrangement was obvious, but still important.
Yachie reached up to trace the curve of one of her sun-yellow antlers with one of her talons and looked at Mamizou questioningly.  “What do you mean by that Futatsuiwa-dono?  Surely you did not invite me all the way to the mortal realm just to threaten me?”
Mamizou felt her mind begin to swim, but she pushed past it, reasserting purpose in this meeting.  Did this woman really think so little of her as to try and make her more agreeable with her power?  “I’m sure your mental powers of suggestibility worked wonders on the humans who were already possessed and didn’t know who you are, but please do not insult your host by trying it here.”  In an instant, Yachie’s face shifted.  A faux warmth left it, and her red eyes revealed her true, reptilian nature.  Mamizou wondered if she was more of a snake than the mountain god.
“Then do enlighten me as to the purpose of your invitation, Futatsuiwa, since you seem to already know why I bothered to attend,” Yachie said, venom creeping into her voice.  She had clearly expected to enthrall a new puppet today, and Mamizou smiled inwardly at having disrupted her plans so early.
“Call it a friendly warning,” Mamizou said, sipping her tea cup with one hand.  “The humans and other guardian forces of Gensokyo have been too busy with other matters, but your otter spirit scouts haven’t escaped my notice.”  
“I say, the spirits have been very curious since visiting Gensokyo, they were all so eager to revisit it,” Yachie deflected.  “Visiting isn’t a crime as far as I’m aware.”
“Not a crime by the standards of Gensokyo, no,” Mamizou said, looking over her glasses directly into Yachie’s eyes. “But I do know that Hell has several gods dedicated to preventing exit.”  Yachie stared back, her eyes cold and focused.  Her tail had long stopped its playful swaying.  Mamizou continued “And I know the Enma would be eager to have whatever backdoors those spirits have discovered closed.”
Yachie set down her tea cup.  “And if I decide that you’re not worth the trouble here and now?”  She began to drag her clawed index finger over Mamizou’s table, peeling a ribbon of lacquer away.  “Do you think you could report to the Yama with a hole in your chest, Futatsuiwa?”
Mamizou sipped her tea, then lazily responded, “Perhaps, but I would not need to, an old friend of mine by the Sanzu would convey it to her within a day if something happens to me.”  
Yachie hissed under her breath, and gripped the edge of the table hard enough that it began to creak and splinter. “So is that all?” she mocked “‘Thank you for attending this mockery of a meeting, now withdraw with nothing to show for it.’  You know I can’t just abandon a project like this, Futatsuiwa.”
“Just think of it as a reposition.  I’m not so heartless as to leave you twisting in the wind.  I know the wolf and eagle spirits are also scouting Gensokyo,” Mamizou finished her tea and drew out her long smoking pipe. “I’ve given you a great boon when it comes to limiting the expansion of the two other Beast Realm families: plausible deniability.”  Yachie’s eyes narrowed, interested.  “Go back to the Beast Realm and tell Toutetsu-dono and Kurokoma-dono whatever you wish about those backdoors, you have free reign to tell them anything about what the Enma does or doesn’t know yet.  You’ve now got information neither of the other clans have, and I’m sure you know what to do with that,” Mamizou took a long toke on her kiseru pipe, then spoke to Yachie again, who was still clearly plotting out what to do with this new information.  “And you have gained something none of the other families have in Gensokyo: a contact.”
Yachie looked at her warily, “Who?”
Mamizou took another long drag on her pipe.  “Me,” she said, as smoke billowed out of her mouth.
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Someone? Anyone?
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Head of the Kiketsu Family
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another reminder that i’m extremely glad i got into touhou in time to see animal realm politics
She thought she was done for when she’d been spotted by her, but she’d once more failed to grasp the nature of her opponent.
Kicchou Yachie had come to the surface to “explain her situation” -- that is, lie between her teeth -- and to give her thanks to the Hakurei Shrine Maiden for her assistance in resolving the situation in the Animal Realm. And whilst she was there, she had decided to take the time to investigate the human village. It had been many, many centuries since she had seen living humans, after all.
Reimu had been skeptical when she had mentioned her intention to enter the village, and had suggested that she disguise herself. So, she had returned to Hell, and returned with her proud horns hidden under a hat and her tail hidden behind a long dress. She looked so unlike herself to begin with that she doubted even her followers would have recognised her.
And yet, when she entered the village, she was almost immediately spotted and identified by the god of idols herself, Haniyasushin Keiki. The god had smiled excitedly at seeing her, waved at her, and then gestured for her to follow. With the threat of being unmasked at the god’s disposal, Yacchie didn’t have much choice but to follow.
She thought of Keiki in different terms to the bosses of the others in the Animal Realm. Their standards were the same -- they attempted to control as many spirits as possible, through whatever means were possible. There weren’t “rules”, per se, but there was a similar line of thinking. The same could not be said for this god, whose values were entirely different; as she relied upon faith for her power, but could create her own minions, her goals relied upon maintaining the happiness of the human spirits that followed her. Or, so it seemed to Yacchie, at least.
Humans never understood the reasoning of a god. What chance did a beast spirit have?
Keiki led Yacchie into a small restaurant near the heart of Gensokyo, and sat down at a table, gesturing cheerfully for the beast spirit to join her.
But it was Yacchie, still trying to understand the situation, who spoke first.
“You haven’t got any guards with you today.”
“Oh, Mayumi? She’s exploring too. I love coming up here, there’s so much to see! People make such wonderful things, don’t you agree?”
One might think that was an innocent enough question, but that would be underestimating Keiki’s intelligence. She wasn’t a fool. Even if she was acting politely, she would have to recognise that Yacchie was a threat to the people around her, and be wondering what she was doing here.
“The humans are very creative, certainly. You’d fit right in here, with all the things they make.”
Keiki smiled. “I have an obligation to the humans of the Spirit Garden, and I won’t abandon them so easily. They’re relying on me, after all.”
“To keep them safe from people like me.”
Keiki’s smile didn’t waver. “To keep them safe, yes.” She glanced over at the counter. “I’m trying to remember… is this the one where they came to the table, or…”
“You’re been here before?” asked Yacchie, surprised. It had been less than two weeks since the human invasion of the Animal Realm.
“Oh, a few times,” replied Keiki. “At first, I was simply curious, but then I liked it up here so much… ah, I wanted to bring up the spirits from the Animal Realm, but I got told I couldn’t…” She sighed, and then glanced over at Yacchie. “I assume that was your reason for coming here, too? Simple curiosity.”
“Of course. Don’t worry, I’ve no interest in taking over the surface.”
“After the beating Miss Kurokuma received, I wouldn’t expect you to want to leave the Animal Realm, honestly.”
Yacchie scowled. The reminder of how easily their invasion of Hell had been deflected by the very people they’d brought to aid them was irritating, to say the least.
“The only reason we wanted to leave in the first place was due to your actions, don’t forget. You might claim to bring salvation to the humans, but that came at the expense of the rest of us. Your wonderful idols showed no mercy towards the beast spirits, after all. I wonder, after you took over the Animal Realm, what was your plan for our salvation?”
Keiki laughed softly. “You know your ability doesn’t work on me.”
“I know. Answer the question.”
Keiki’s smile didn’t waver, even now. “I would have done the same to you as you did to the humans. Kept you safe, and made sure you could never leave.”
“They call that a zoo up here.”
Keiki was silent for a moment. “You know, if I wanted to restart my invasion, I could. The humans won’t fall for your tricks a second time.”
“And is that what you’re going to do?”
Keiki glanced over at the counter again. “I think this is one of the ones where we have to order ourselves, actually. It’s been a little while…” She got up, and then glanced back down at Yacchie. “I’ll make a deal, just between us, alright?”
“A deal?” repeatedly Yacchie skeptically.
“A deal, yes,” confirmed Keiki. “I don’t want to fight. If you leave the Primate Garden alone, and don’t attempt to cause harm to the human spirits, I’ll leave the rest of the Animal Realm alone. In exchange… don’t tell anyone I’m a god, alright?”
Yacchie stared at her for a moment. The divine aura that radiated off of her was practically tangible. There was no way she was that oblivious, so maybe… maybe it was the other way around? If they committed any act of aggression, no matter how slight, she would have an excuse to dominate them all? Would they have to live on the edge of a sculptor’s knife for eternity?
Keiki’s friendly expression didn’t waver.
“I can’t agree to that,” said Yacchie, and Keiki blinked in surprise. “But if you buy me lunch, I won’t tell anyone you were here -- assuming you do the same for me.”
Keiki grinned. “It’s a deal, then. I knew we could cooperate, Miss Kicchou!”
The god wandered towards the counter, and Yacchie was silent. Was that what this was all about? Some attempt at cooperation? But she’d threatened her before she’d made that offer, so…
Well, perhaps she never would understand the mentality of a god. Perhaps she would have to tread carefully around her -- but that was nothing new. She’d clawed her way to the top of the Kiketsu Family through an ability to survive, if nothing else. This was just another threat, another enemy to compete with, another spirit to manipulate. A challenge, but if it wasn’t one she was capable of dealing with, then--
A bowl of still-steaming noodles was placed in front her, interrupting her train of thought.
“They’re really fast here,” remarked Keiki. “Sorry for making you wait so long because I forget we had to go up.”
--Well, at least she was getting a free meal out of it.
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Matriarch of the Kiketsu Family
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Manga: Majo to Kiketsu no Kishi
14 chapters (complete)
The great snow-covered kingdom of Bistron, legend has it that an evil witch lives in the Black Forest at the edge of the kingdom… That very witch, Veronica finds herself summoned by the ruler of Bistron through his messenger of noble blood, Ignatius. (Source: MyAnimeList)
Very sweet, the couple is really flirty (which I love). Its by one of my favorite mangaka, Kaji Eiri.
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🐧 from Saki, to Yachie. Why? Because she thinks it's funny. She'll probably live to regret this.
Tumblr media
“Hahaha, at last, the Kiketsu and Keiga families shall be united!”, The dragon turtle cackled... and then put on a cute face.
Tumblr media
“So, where are you taking me for our honeymoon?”
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hey hey hey i just played wily beast and weakest creature its really good i love it!!!! i was kinda on the fence from the demo but god i LOVE the new patterns especially stage 5, i adore homing-straight-static-line patterns theyre so much fun to graze
heres some notes anyways
i thought this during the demo but otter is. really broken imo. i had to conciously go out of my way to not activate them because i wanted to see and play the patterns fully but i kept picking them up on instinct. especially keikis last two spells, i thought, surely these spells are different if you picked wolf or eagle or this wouldnt be fair, and no its just the same which makes it super easy with otter but really difficult with the other two. :/
kutaka is still a trans hen
wish wed get some more context on what the kiketsu and keiga families are cause i cant really find much in terms of etymology yet
i know ive already said it but......... the patterns are so good esp mayumi and sakis and keikis are fun too
this game had the guts to introduce not one, but TWO cowgirls!!! :O
are we gonna talk about how sakis theme is “prince shoutokus pegasus ~ dark pegasus” and that shes explicitly based on the pegasus said to be owned by shoutoku because i am LIVING for the idea of like. all of mikos prized possessions in her former life just showing up in her current one as living beings. first kokoro now saki. i want this to become a “jake is everyones dad” warrior cats situation please
on the topic of saki her ability is the fucking best and if i see a SINGLE one of you drawing her without the buff, never-skip-leg-day legs she deserves i am calling the damn police
Tumblr media
thanks for another good lesbian game zun 
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Becoming deeply invested in the conspiracy theory that the four gangs in WBaWC correspond to the the Four Perils and their original leaders were simply replaced with time by the two seen in the game (and thus everyone else thinks of Toutetsu as bad news because she’s ancient and yet still in charge) Toutetsu is, obviously, the taotie The taown in some versions entraps people with fake prophecies, forcing them into a life of obeying low urges. That’s the Kiketsu family The quingqi is a beast which is described differently each time but its original form is that of man-eating bull which tramples people over. That’s the Keiga family The fourth gang is undefined and vague because it’s a meta joke about hundun being a formless, speechless entity
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michajawkan · 2 years ago
Saki is the leader of a gang of Wolf Spirits, The Keiga Family! Her rival, Yachie, leads the gang of Otter Spirits, The Kiketsu Family! Yachie is a Chinese dragon-turtle youkai, and her ability is to make other people stop fighting and think they're actually friends with Yachie!
absolutely ridiculous, I love it immensely;
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" A-are you threatening me? I just save them from the city's police and Maquis corporation, you damn oni! "
Tumblr media
" Yeah, how the fuck do I know you're no- "
Tumblr media
The two had suddenly stopped arguing only to turn around staring at the woman who appeared. This woman is the matriarch of the Kiketsu triad Family Yachie Kicchou who introduced herself towards the Kogasa, Orga and the rest with kindness. The Jidiao now shift her focus on the jiangshi, she knows all about her and her history.
" Well, if isn't the jiangshi isn't this nice? "
Tumblr media
The jiangshi shifts her focus onto the Jidiao now. Yoshika back in her day when she was a hermit she heard of the Jidiao of chinese mythology. Especially this creature Yachie.
" Yacchie Kicchou... "
Tumblr media
The Jidiao chuckles as she began speaking chinese towards Yoshika just to get a mutual understanding of the hopping vampire in her building.
" 不客气,你知道这些孩子惹了多大的麻烦…… "
Tumblr media
" 我可以告诉... "
Tumblr media
" 或许我们在这站错了脚,江士,你愿意和我们和整个理事会一起吃晚饭吗? "
Tumblr media
Yoshika raises a brow curiously yet remains cautious and vigilante. Though for now just to make sure that nothing ever happens to Orga and Kogasa she'll humor her accepting the dinner.
" ....Sure. I'll humor you. "
Tumblr media
" Splendid! I'm sure we'll get to know each other while we speak about serious conversation involving you three... "
Tumblr media
" Come along everyone of you, we must discuss business, oh pardon me I almost forgot welcome to the meijing council.... "
Tumblr media
And so Yachie and the rest of the group walk through the halls of the building only for the two to enter a single dinning room and there they meet eith the dragon enterprises Oda and devilish confections Flandre Scarlet who sat there waiting for the rest to join them all in dinner where they begin their discuss.
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