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myulmangg · 4 months ago
Author Recs
I read a lot, so this post will change and evolve as I do. A good rule of thumb is to assume that pretty much everything I recommend contains explicit sexual content and adult themes not suitable for those under the age of 18 years old.  So minors, please see yourselves out.
@smileysuh - pretty much everything by Smileysuh is amazing, and I actively look forward to reading anything and everything by Nova.
Expect: Amazing smut that will ruin you for everything and anything but you won’t even mind because it’s that good, poly x fem!reader content, NCT / Ateez / Seventeen / Got7 / BTS / MonstaX / Stray Kids + more! I am a huge fan of the Cam Baby, Frat Universe, and CEO au series.
Favourites: Anteric (Wonwoo & Mingyu x fem!reader), 8th Grade (Yunho & Mingi x fem!reader), and Panini (Yunho & Mingi x fem!reader). Honestly though, this list will probably always be changing because everything is just that good.
@domjaehyun - Jewel has also completely taken over my life. Those Friday night plans I was too busy for? I was staying at home reading her fics. 
Expect: Some of the hottest NCT fics I have ever read, periodt. Her characters are fleshed out and her fics maintain a simultaneous sense of realism and fun. It’s masterful, and post-fic depression is pretty much guaranteed. 
Favourites: Quarantine Chronicles pt. 1 + pt. 2 (Jaehyun, Johnny, Jungwoo, Jaemin, Mark x fem!reader)
@yutaholic I wish I could go back and re-read all of Yutaholic’s fics again for the first time. Each one reads like a novel, with clearly discernible character arcs/development, nuanced emotion, and extremely hot smut. Each fic is lovely to the point that they all continue to live rent free in my brain, months after reading them.
Expect: NCT & WayV fics, long fics that are consistent in tone and emotion, highly developed female!reader characters, porn + feelings, angst, stories that feel like beautiful memories captured on rolls of film, nostalgic and authentic.
Favourites: Winter Bird (Jaehyun x female!reader), Keep it to myself, Small Doses (Taeyong x female!reader)
@hongism - I am not exaggerating when I say that I read 39 chapters of hongism’s Mists of Celeste Ateez space pirate series in pretty much 1 sitting. I took breaks to grab food from the kitchen, shower, and take care of the essentials ( and I passed out for a little bit somewhere along the way) BUT!!! It’s good, y’all. 
The worldbuilding is excellent, the playlist is fire, and as an individual who struggles with PTSD myself, I can say with confidence that an astounding amount of thought was put into presenting the plot points, characters, and their struggles in a nuanced, and detailed manner. 
Expect: good writing, badass space pirates, a super badass female protagonist, intricate magic/class systems, detailed worldbuilding, potentially triggering content such as PTSD, violence, panic attacks, etc. If you like games like Borderlands and Apex Legends you’ll probably like this.
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kikipofffffffu · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wei Ying blinks and says, smiling, “You’re starting to grow roots, aren’t you?”
To say that Lan Zhan freezes would make it sound like a metaphor. His hand, already on the back of his neck, itching away unnoticed, clenches so quickly that his fingernails bite into his skin. He can’t say anything. The words have caught in his throat like needles. He stares at Wei Ying, wordless, thoughtless, afraid.
-the Roots Grow Riotous by hansbekhart on Ao3. Chapter 13.
Where in the span of 10 paragraphs I have the best time and then the absolute worst time. I had to vomit this out because this fic destroys me consistently and I couldn’t stop thinking about chapter 17.
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kikilefangirl · 7 months ago
Any of y’all like the Witcher or dare I say, SPN, black fanfics? I quit watching Supernatural after season like 8, but I could still churn out a good fic. Did the shitty ending scare y’all off or no?
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harriefromtheblock · a year ago
CONGRATS LOVEY💞💞 ☀️hand over some pope fic recs literally ANYTHING at all 🤲🤲🤲🤲
THANK YOU PEN!!! Ok um two idiots in love by @tomfreakinghollandneedsaoscar and ivy prologue by @sarahcxmeron were two I read recently and very much enjoyed!!! 
kiki’s milestone celebration!
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drdaddystrange · 20 days ago
A/n: Since I never write (because I’m not very good lmao) I thought I’d share my favourite Loki and Tom Hiddleston fanfic writers 😩🤚🏻 especially because a lot of them have been going through some stuff and deserve THE WORLD. so if you’re an account I mention in this list I just want you to know that YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED AND ALL THE EFFORT YOU PUT INTO YOUR FICS IS APPRECIATED. Thank you sm for all that you do <3
WARNING: I WON’T BE MORE CLEAR ON THIS! If you proceed to these accounts make sure to look at the rules and warnings. please respect the account owner, as some of them don’t want people under the age 16 or even 18 on them. ALWAYS READ WARNINGS ON FICS TO INSURE YOU ARE RESPECTING THE WRITERS GUIDELINES!!!
One more thing! IF YOU LIKE A FIC PLEASE REBLOG NO MATTER THE ACCOUNT! The easiest way to show a creator you care and that their work is being appreciated is to reblog reblog reblog! They spend hours of their time creating work FOR US. The least we can do is REBLOG!
Tumblr media
Accounts under the cut.
@grufflepuff-writes-stuff : KAT’S LOKI LULLABIES ARE PHENOMENAL. If you’re a sucker for pure fluff and a bit of angst I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER WORK!
@ohdearhiddles : I can’t even begin to describe the amount of comfort I get from these fics. The way Hannah writes Tom *chef kiss* her angst is my favourite;)
@sserpente : Alright, If you haven’t read any of Stef’s work you are truly missing out. The way she writes Loki is 100000% cannon. I believe it every single time. (Plus she writes for most characters Tom plays)
@shiningloki : Bee! One of the sweetest people on tumblr. Her Loki and Tom fics are masterpieces sent from heaven. (Literally could not stop reading “behind locked doors”) Her writing makes me feel like I’m actually there, Like how?
@handmaiden-of-mischief : AHSHDJKSKDS KIKI!the way she writes in second person is un-human. The way she captures her stories through imagery is beyond me. THE WAY SHE BLESSES MY EYES WITH HER TALENT. 😭🤚🏻 go read & reblog asap!
@that-writer-who-never-posts : I read their Tom fics over and over and OVER. They are so creative and just make me so happy. The father Tom fics HURT. MY. HEART. AGHHH.
@youlightmeupfinn : FJSKSKSKKWKDFJC TAYLOR! THANK YOU FOR EXISTING! Seriously though, if you like Tom and have not read any of Taylor’s series then you are missing out. Her Loki fics are also *chef kiss*
@agentofbarnes : if you’re 18+ and horny, head over to “the slut shack” ;) Zees AUs are so incredibly creative and thought out. I only ever read her Loki and Tom work, but she writes so much more! Bestie sends me into cardiac arrest every. time. I read her work.
@babylevines : The amount of flavour in mimi’s fics is absolutely amazing. Binged all her Tom fics in one night. Doesn’t post anymore but all her work is definitely worth a read.
@fanficshiddles : Dark Loki? Check. Dark Tom? Check. Complex interesting plots that leave you on the edge of your seat? Check. I mean honestly, if you want to go for a wild ride, get your popcorn and head over to their masterlist asap.
@earlgreydream : FIRST ACCOUNT I EVER FOLLOWED FOR LOKI FICS! If you’ve ever heard anything bad about her IGNORE IT! Grey is so talented and honestly one of the nicest people ever. People need to stfu and stop being salty. Like get over urselves 🙄🤚🏻 not everyone can be a baddie like grey 😎 Anyways, go. read. her. work. now! She also writes for Hp ;)
@clandestineloki : Their Loki drabbles are literally the sweetest thing ever Oml. Like how do you give so much character to 500-1000 words? Also the only person I’ve ever seen who writes a filipino!readerxLoki and I think that’s amazing.
@lostalioth : Last, but not least, Jules! AHHHH HER LOKI AND TOM FICS ARE BRILLIANT! Jules is so sweet and I’m so glad I stumbled upon her account. She also writes for other characters so definitely go check her out! Her masterlist.
And now honourable mentions (because I haven’t read enough of their works yet to tell you about them fully lmaoo)
@imnotrevealingmyname @give-me-a-moose @lokiskitten @icarus-fell-in-spring @just-the-hiddles @ragnarachael​ @hopelessromanticspoonie​
NOW GO READ, LIKE, AND REBLOG THESE WONDERFUL WRITERS FICS! And again, please respect their guidelines.
p.s. I’ll probably update this list in the future :) I also may make a list of my favorites fics, but I haven’t decided yet.
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ggukkiereads · 8 months ago
hi hii I was wondering if you had any taekook x reader fics ? 🙈 , also wondering if I could I go as 🗯 anon if that's okay? I love ur recs so much and ur page is a LIFESAVER , ily bae <3
🌷 Dear 🗯️ anon! I am sorry for answering so late. My drafts are all messed up but I was able to focus on this. On my 📍 pinned post, I actually asked if you meant love triangles or MMF smut but you didn't reply. So, I'll just put both =)
Enjoy! Much love and credit goes to all these wonderful writers who brought these fics to life 💖🥳
Tumblr media
TaeKook Fics (Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook)
Love Triangle/s
M/M/F Smutty One Shots/Series
#ReadwithMe (fics in my reading queue/planning to read)
Tumblr media
Love Triangle
All I Want @ardentlyjae - series [6/6] | 126k | War AU, Soldier!Taehyung | Heavy Angst, S
I actually read this on AO3 but I realized it’s on tumblr too. I remember this fic every time I hear Kodaline’s All I Want, which the fic was inspired by
Anima Meaology @arckook - series [5/5] | 26k | Soulmate AU, soulmate glitch (those with mismatched tattoos on their wrist) | A, F
I read this long ago on AO3 when I had this soulmate AU-fixation phase and I saw it on tumblr recently. Just had to read it again 🥺
Aquarium, Part 2 @whatifyoulivelikethat - two shot | 6.9k | cheating/infidelity, healing/comfort, second chances | A, F
I really like this comfort fic 🥰. Also shows that people deserve second chances, even the person who caused so much hurt. Screamed about it here and here
Change @junghelioseok - series [10/10] | 39.2k | a kind handsome stranger (Taehyung) makes you question your deteriorating relationship (Jungkook) | A, S, F
can I just say that Taehyung is such a sweetheart here 🥰? I always envision Paris Taehyung 2018 in this
Everything Goes @jamaisjoons - one shot | 24k | Fuckboy!Taehyung, Bestfriend!Taehyung, Stranger!Jungkook, unrequited love | A, S  (really angsty)
First Light @inktae - one shot | 24k | Bestfriend!Taehyung, Masked Jungkook who can’t seem to leave the forest, Fantasy AU, based on hotarubi no mori e | F
If you’ve seen my fic recs list, inktae is always part of my recs. The way they write is just emotionally and visually haunting. Their works are just masterpieces. This is beautifully heartbreaking and heartbreakingly beautiful.
House of Cards @aiimaginesbts - series [10/10] | 40k | infidelity au, taehyung in an arranged marriage with someone else, roommate Jungkook | A, S, F
don’t we all want to have a roommate like Jungkook who will be there to comfort you over your heartbreak over someone else?
Stealing the Bite by wildernessuntothemselves - series [6/6] | 37k | witch!reader x werewolf!taehyung x vampire!jungkook, supernatural au, fantasy au | S, A
I mentioned before that some are divided re the ending, so I wonder what’s going to be the reactions of others
The Muse @daddychims - one shot | 30k | Author!Reader, Bestfriend!Taehyung, Fuckboy!Taehyung,  Coworker!Jungkook, Taehyung offered OC to watch him have sex with another so she could write an erotic scene | S, A, F
The Universe of Us (read on mobile) @/taesthetes (officially closed her account) - one shot | 21k | Dream AU, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Kimi no Nawa-inspired | F, A
I am never going to shut up about this fic lol. It’s not exactly a love triangle, ugh hard to explain but please read this wonderful fic. Check their other KTH x R x JJK soulmate fic Cloud Ten too.
When You Least Expect @johobi - series [12/14 + drabble] | 118k | Slow Burn, Love Triangle, Drama, Childhood Friend Taehyung, set up with another guy (Jungkook) | S, A, F
ugh, I want to put another tag about Jungkook but I guess it’s a surprise. I just love the drama 🍿
🌷 I’m forgetting two more fics but I’ll update this once I remember. I haven’t read recently released fics too! I’ll add if there are good ones that come along
Tumblr media
MMF Smutty One Shots/Series
A Piece of You @httpjeon - one shot | 13.9k | abo dynamics, camboy AU, camgirl AU, fan jungkook joins the cam session | S, F
All’s Fair @kimvtae - one shot | 13k | soulmate AU, college AU, dating Taehyung for a year but different name (Jungkook) showed up on OC’s wrist (lol it’s not a problem if you can get them both) | S
Blacklisted @/httpjeon - one shot | 21k | dom/sub AU, CEO AU, “after departing from your dom, you’re assigned to two incredibly powerful men” | A, F, S
Business @btssmutgalore - two shot | 28.9k | executive!reader, inventors/start-up owners taekook | S (seriously, how could I have missed including this here)
Dulce Periculum @forgottenpasta - two shot [2/2]  | 16k | Hybrid AU, Tiger Hybrid!Tae, Owner!Reader, Wolf Hybrid!Jungkook | S, A, F
Easy Like Sunday Morning @ofsugakookies - one shot | 11.8k | boyfriend AU (yes, both of them), dom!taehyung, sub!jungkook | S, PWP
It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right @imaginethisbts - two shot [2/2] 11.6k | Hybrid AU (dog hybrids) | S, A (side note: I realized I’ve read all of their fics! give their masterlist a try)
Just Kidding @/whatifyoulivelikethat - series [5/?] | 21.1k+ | nympho OC, friend Taehyung, tae’s roommate Jungkook | S, kinda F, crack
this is actually fun 😊; and the episodes are written in a drabble-ish sort of way so you won’t feel like it needs to be updated to get the story moving. It’s basically just reading fun scenarios of nympho OC and these two satisfying her needs *wink wink
Not So Digital @jiminables  - sequel to Digital Boy | 2.7k | camboy!taehyung, bestfriend!jungkook, short mxm | S, slight F
Playing to Win @tayegi - one shot | 8.6k | FWB AU (tae), sort of enemies to lovers (jungkook), TaeKook (mxm), originally Taehyung x OC (fwb) | S
okay this is one of my favorites! I’m amazed at how the power dynamics were written. Taehyung seems a dom with OC but with Jungkook he is all soft and sub; then, there’s that dynamic between Jungkook and OC who disliked each other originally. I just found the shifting so interesting and the writer was able to display these changes in dom/sub behavior among the three characters really well
Pour Up @jungkxook - one shot | 14k | fuckboy AU, fratboy AU (applies to two of them), one sassy OC, one kind of jealous Koo | S (thank you dear author for reposting this! 🥰)
Shhh @bang-tan-bitches - drabble (with OT7 sequel) | 2.7k | PWP (just pure hot imagine)
Shameless @imaginethisbts - one shot | 5.1k | established relationship (jungkook x oc), Taehyung’s POV, exhibitionism | S (not exactly threesome, because JK and OC are just doing it in front of people, Taehyung had a bit of action in the end)
Sugar & Spice @divine-bangtan - one shot | 20.8k | Kiki’s Delivery Service!AU, Baker AU, Noona AU, Assistant!Jungkook, Rich!Taehyung, pining Koo, a bit of M x M  | S, F, A (it’s all good everyone ends up happy 😊)
Sugar and Spice @sunkissedjk - two shot [2/2] | 8.6k | Your friends ask you whether you prefer sugar (jjk) or spice (kth) | S
ugh this is such an indulgent imagine. If taekook are your friends and they help you decide what type of sex you prefer through a demonstration, wouldn’t you want for multiple demos before deciding? *wink wink
Sacrilegious @therealmintedmango -  part of the Gods and Monsters series | 15.6k | Demon!Jungkook, Fallen Angel!Reader, God!Taehyung | S (so sinful 😈💦)
Sweat Pea @nitaescence - series [10/10] | 63k | DDLG!AU, caregiver!jungkook, caregiver!taehyung, little!oc | S, F, A
so I’m glad there was an ask about caregiver!jungkook because I remembered this. I actually checked if there’s a follow up drabble because the ending is open to any interpretation so I’m curious how other readers interpreted it
051 + Scum’s Wish @scriptmin - one shot | 3k | bestfriend!jungkook, pining!oc (unrequited), rebound!taehyung | S, A
it’s actually kind of sad 😭 but I added this because it's good to have variety. Not all smutty pieces will be a happy one
Tattooed Two @/httpjeon - one shot | 8.5k | tattoo artist AU, boyfriend Jungkook joined by his bestfriend Taehyung | S, F
The Doms Next Door @tatertotthethot - series [3.1/?] | 33.8k+ | BDSM AU, Poly, Neighbor AU, Tattoo Artist AU | S
I really love this series. It’s so funny too, I remember Jimin here - he’s THAT bestfriend you want to have. PLUS TaeKook are absolutely hot. If you're not interested in being a sub or partaking in bdsm, you will reconsider
The Hush Series @suga-kookiemonster - two shot [2/2] | 16.9k | coworker’s friends TaeKook, sort of E2L (Jungkook), dom!taehyung, a bit of voyeurism | | S
okay, I really like author’s writing. It can be about sinful delicious smut scenes but I noticed the members always have this developed characterization. I actually find Taehyung so adorably charming - makes me wonder if irl tae is secretly sinful too behind that sweetness lol
Thic Trilogy @btsinned - series [3/7] | 37k+ | CEO AU, Hybrid AU, College AU, Chubby!Reader | S, F, A
Tumblr media
🌷 I’m throwing in fics in my reading queue #ReadwithMe
Attitude Adjustment @s0seo - one shot | 11.8k | Roommate AU | S
Chain Reaction @kissmetae - one shot | 3.2k | boyfriend Taehyung and friend Jungkook helping OC relax | S
Cherry @kpopstories - series [4/?] | 29k+ |  college AU, fuckboy AU, love triangle | A, S, F (this is part of my ongoing reading list)
Cobalt Blue @hauntedlilies - one shot | 11.3k | artist AU, “you asked Jungkook to draw you like one of his french girls” | S
When You’re Mad @honeyj00ns -  one shot | 3.8k | established relationship (boyfriend Jungkook), enemies to lovers Taehyung, Taehyung is JK’s bestfriend, Christmas AU, College AU| S
Madam Cupcake @craztextae - series [6/?] | 69.2k+ | Sugarbaby AU, Idolverse, idol!jungkook meets OC through an app called “sugarmamas(.)com” | S, F
Player Two @minjoonalist - one shot | 10.6k | Gamer!Jungkook, Boyfriend!Jungkook, Boyfriend!Taehyung, Brat!Reader | S
Tag Team @goodnight-tae - one shot | 5.2k | stripper AU, TaeKook are roommates and friends who share most things 😉 | S, PWP
Whoa @bangtanlalaland - one shot | 4.7k | skater!taehyung, 1970s AU, coworker!jungkook | S, PWP, Crack
Tumblr media
posted: 2021 March 12; updated: 2021 May 12
link to other fic recs here
feel free to recommend a fic
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wrathofthestag · 3 months ago
There are so many great OMGCP fics out there that I love to read, and rec, again and again. I decided to group some together, by theme, and share them with you.  I’ll be posting one or two themes a month. Most of the fics are Zimbits-centric.
Tumblr media
THEME:  Movie/Show AU
Every Rule I Had by westernredcedar @thewesternredcedar 💖
Summary: He's perfect. But it's not the right time. A When Harry Met Sally AU. One of my all-time favorite movie AUs.
Graduation Day by IBoatedHere
Summary: It takes Jack 50 days to finally see what's been right in front of him for the past two years.
A Groundhog Day AU.
Bitty's Delivery Service by itsybitsybitty @itsybitsybitty
Summary: Eric Bittle never thought he'd ever leave his small town where he was born, raised, and learned the intricacies of the magic within him. Setting off into the stars at midnight, as tradition dictates, he sets off to a new land to carve a place in this world for himself and his magic. Along the way, he meets a band of pilots preparing for war he dreams will never come, and is particularly annoyed and enamored by their leader, Captain Jack Zimmermann.
An affectionate Kiki's Delivery Service AU starring Eric Bittle as Kiki and Jack as a lovestruck pilot.
almost there and nowhere near it by shellybelle @geniusorinsanity
Summary:  Samwell is the kind of town where everyone knows everyone. That’s why everybody knows that Eric “Bitty” Bittle’s bakery is the only place to get a decent pie, why everybody knows that if you want to teach your kid to dance or sing you send them to Adam Birkholtz, and why everybody in town has a bet on when single dad Derek Nurse and diner owner and purveyor of Samwell’s best coffee Will Poindexter are going to finally stop messing around and get together.
(or: the Gilmore Girls au that absolutely no one asked for)
You And No Other/Vous Et Nul Autre by LeftWingLibrarian @leftwinglibrarian
Summary: Bitty's baking up a storm to surprise Jack with a party for Canada Day. But when a family good luck charm falls into the mix, all of Bitty's love, longing and lust for his fiancé get channeled into the food. It makes for an awkward evening for poor Jack, who is having food-induced sensual flashbacks with every bite! And he's not alone ...
aka "Bitty bakes while horny and it makes everyone else horny." A Like Water for Chocolate AU.
The Piemaker and The Boy by orphan_account
Summary:  (AKA the Zimbits Pushing Daisies AU)
Eric did a bad thing. He kept him.
He never meant to. It was just...he wasn’t supposed to do anything like this but then came along this... Canadian with his sad eyes and he was all alone - and so was Eric. And Eric had just brought someone back from the dead and who knows what kind of chaos that information would bring, right? So he told Jack to run and Jack did, just like that, just because he asked.
Here I am, Baby by Angryspaceravenclaw
Summary: You've Got Mail AU
Eric Bittle is devastated when the massive corporate bakery, Zimmermann's, opens around the corner from his small pie and coffee shop.  He vents his frustrations to the anonymous IG user he's been talking to, and falling for, all the while waging war against Jack Zimmermann's corporate take-over.  Little does he know the face behind the anonymous IG account, and little does he know what will happen in the future.
Eric Bittle Got Married by emmagrant01 @emmagrant01
Summary: If you could do it all again, would you change anything? (The time travel fic no one asked for.)
If life is a movie then you're the best part by goldstandard @shipped-goldstandard
Summary: Eric Bittle has one mantra as he relives March 29 over and over again - don’t get hit.
If only things were that easy.
A Groundhog Day AU.
Reblog and show these amazing authors some love.
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Any smutty FrostIronStrange fanfic rec?
Of course!! 🥰🥰
The chapter four of meshkol's Kinktober 2018 Fics with some amazing FrostIronStrange spitroasting
Tags: rough sex, dirty talk, moderate breathplay, consensual slut-shaming, multiple orgasms
Worldbuilding Is Important by Rosae (absolutely fantastic as well, it's one of my faves ❤️)
In which Stephen has a very specific fantasy involving Loki playing the evil god whose captured him and Tony, everyone gets fucked at least once and everyone has to try not to laugh at some point.
👉 Orgasm delay/denial, rape fantasy but it's entirely safe, sane and consensual, BDSM, various bondage elements, power play...
FrostIronStrange Yaoi by Rosae
👉 A/B/O, dubcon (as the author precise "everyone is into it but that's not how consent works"), cuckold
Better Than Porn by diandrahollman
"The first time all three of them came together was bound to involve some initial awkwardness and adjustment. Though Tony was relieved to discover that there was not as much of either as he expected."
Breathless by IronStrangeLover (sherlockian4evr)
Loki and Tony indulge Stephen when he begs for a particular type of stimulation.
👉 Breathplay, choking, Bad BDSM Etiquette, Consensual but not safe or sane
Cherished by IronStrangeLover (sherlockian4evr)
Tony and Stephen give Loki the spanking he so desires. That is all.
That's all that come to my mind right now for smutty FrostIronStrange fic recs. There are also Ternion and More Than Just a Season. It's a Feeling. by @kiki-shortsnout who have some absolutely awesome sex scenes as well but there are not strictly smutty fics.
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pumpkinspice-prouvaire · 2 months ago
Hi previous anon here! 👋 I really like fantasy stuff and stuff that isn’t based in reality, you know? (Sooo looking forward to that rec list I’m sure it’ll be awesome <3)
ok anon ExR recs LET'S GO. I was going to just have this as an open post but I decided to put it under a read more because I got..........A little bit carried away. ANYWAYS-
I hope you enjoy these recs, the first eight are straight up fantasy/supernatural vibes and the others are ones that take place in a different reality, or have fantasy/supernatural elements.
Under My Wings You Will Find Refuge/I Will Fear No Evil (For You Are With Me)/Grant Your Wayward Children Grace by Fiver- Ok so I am literally never going to shut up about this series so pls do not ask me to. This is my favourite fanfic of all time. Sometimes following WIPs is a practice in patience but it's all worth it for fics like this. It's a Supernatural AU, but you don't need to know anything about Supernatural to enjoy it (I certainly don't). Grantaire is an all-powerful angel, and Enjolras is the human hunter he falls in love with. It's so tense and exciting and the current arc is killing me because I have NO IDEA what is going to happen. Pls read this series it's fantastic.
Beneath a Dragon Moon by The Librarina- Another AU, this time with Game of Thrones, but again you don't need to know about GOT to enjoy. Basically, Enjolras is Daenerys Targaryen, and Grantaire is Khal Drogo, except everyone is a MUCH better person. It's so good and their relationship is just so sweet and lovely. Pls note this fic is rated E and there are some TWs, the author has detailed these in the end notes of each chapter
I'm (Not) Under Your Spell by VamillePudding- Modern fantasy where Enjolras is an ace incubus who doesn't understand that Grantaire just thinks he's hot in...The normal way. Vamille writes the funniest, sweetest oneshots, their Enjolras is so subtly chaotic and Grantaire's narration is always perfect, and there's lots of Triumvirate friendship in their fics. Would recommend any of their oneshots for ExR!
R by tellthemstories- Another Supernatural-type AU, with Les Amis as a group of monster hunters. Grantaire makes a deal with a demon, and Enjolras is capable of being terrible
Jojo’s Delivery Service by strangegoingson- Inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service (I’ve never seen it so I’m not sure if it’s a direct AU or not), set in a world where witches exist. LOTS of cute friendship moments with all of Les Amis, lots of fun magic stuff, and ENJOLRAS AND COSETTE ARE SIBLINGS <3 <3 <3
Sacrosanct by revolutionbarbie- Enjolras is a vampire, Grantaire has been paid to kill him. There’s a conflict at the end which doesn’t get wrapped up in a nice neat bow, it leaves some things unanswered and some tension, which I like
Between Land and Sea by Fiver- I have such a soft spot for mermaid aus jfc
Blood Tomorrow by kjack89- True Blood AU where Grantaire is a vampire, and Enjolras is a vampire rights activist who has no self-preservation skills
Something Telling (Between Then and Now) by dannyPURO- I am incapable of creating a fic rec list without putting a dannyPURO work in it. This fic has Grantaire and the rest of Les Amis living in the 21st century, with canon era Enjolras getting time-zapped to the 21st century and moving in with Grantaire. If anyone tries to harm this Enjolras I will Come For You.
Life, Interrupted series by JJK- A very angsty Time Traveller’s Wife AU when Grantaire involuntarily travels through time. It’s not complete, and given how long it’s been since the last update it’s possible that it’s been abandoned by the author, but it ends on a very hopeful note!
Calm Amidst the Storm by captainskellington- a Mutant AU where Enjolras has a mutation which means he feels everyone in the world’s pain, all the time, and tries to make the world a better place because of it. I absolutely ADORE the last sentence of this fic it is just so wonderful, you’ll have to read it to find out
walls come tumbling down by reptilianraven- a Sky High AU where Enjolras has fire superpowers, Grantaire doesn’t have any powers (or so he thinks)and the first time they meet Enjolras nearly sets Grantaire on fire, lol. Lots of Les Amis banter as well!
Tete a Tete by LaVoileBlanche- (apologies for not putting in the correct accents, unfortunately I am Lazy) Enjolras is a mind reader, and one day he accidentally reads Grantaire’s thoughts and discovers how he feels about him. Honestly this one is just very very fluffy and sweet and it’s what we deserve. Lots of Triumvirate moments as well.
 WELL that should be enough to keep you busy!! I hope you find something you like, let me know if you enjoy these and remember to leave a little kudo/comment on the author’s work because it’s always appreciated!!! I am a librarian and ao3 is my library
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moonchild1 · a month ago
 jeon jungkook fic rec list (Ⅳ)
Tumblr media
here's a list of my favourite jungkook fics, please show lots of love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs, no minors allowed ♡ feel free to recommend me some fics too I'd love to find new authors, blogs and read fics you guys are into who knows maybe I'm missing out on some great fics 😉🖤
a- angst s- smut f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
fuckboy training by @helenazbmrskai f s a (fuckboy au boxing au frenemies to lovers au) ❣
constant craving by @rubycoast a (unrequited love au) ❣
gold rush by @venusiangguk s (established relationship au) ❣
the art of craving by @venusiangguk f s (friends with benefits au dilf jk au) ❣
the art of waiting by @venusiangguk f s (dilf jk au friends with benefits au) ❣
the art of doubting by @venusiangguk f s a (dilf jk au friends with benefits au) ❣
the art of caring by @venusiangguk f s (dilf jk au friends with benefits au) ❣
his name by @jimlingss f a (based on the kdrama kill me heal me) ❣
ode to the nature of romance by @yeoldontknow s ❣
ghost in my bed by @yeojaa f s a (rockstar au exes to lovers au)
hotter, cooler, sweeter by @seokjinger-ale f s (established relationship) ❣
euphoria by @lovelytaes-blog f s (married couple drabbles slice of life)
tequila mockingbird by @kookdiaries f s a (acquaintances to lovers au)
tidal wave by @jjungkookislife s (coworkers to friends to lovers) ❣
tidal wave: after wave by @jjungkookislife f s 
rockstar 101 by @balenciaguks​ s (established relationship)
days to morning glory by @sketchguk​ f s a (exes to lovers au roommate au high school sweethearts) ❣
a touch of fate by @yoonia​ s a (enemies to lovers au soulmate au)
airplane, pt. 2 by @xjoonchildx​ s (crime au)
cream & sugar by @gukslut​ s (enemies to lovers au) ❣
when you’re mad by @joonscypher s (boyfriend jk) ft. Taehyung
i’m on the run with you, my sweet love by @inkofyoongi f s a (fake dating au fwb to lovers au roadtrip au)
paradise by @sunshinerainbowsbts s (stripper au neighbours to lovers au) ❣
for science by @boymeetsweevil f s a (nerd jk best friends to lovers au college au) ❣
wanted by @hobiboo1 s (love triangle) ft. Hoseok
roomie code by @bluekyun f s (roommate au)
true care by @joonsgalaxy s a (bodyguard au) ❣
fight for you by @ahundredtimesover s a (bodyguard au) ❣
scattered stars by @taegularities f s a (enemies to lovers au fantasy au soulmate au) ❣
effortlessly by @gyukult f s a (friends to lovers au school au)
better left unsaid by @jeonfiles s a (unrequited love au break up au)
begin by @taegularities f s a (strangers to friends to lovers au fantasy au fallen angel au)
morning rush by @atdawnsuga s (college au exhibitionism) ❣
the jeon twins by @krreader f a (college au twins au)
pretty boy by @angelguk f s a (drabble series jock jk best friends to lovers au) ❣
card swiped by @1kook f s a (best friends to lovers idiots to lovers au college au) ❣
blackjack by @kpopfanfictrash s (mafia au)
i don't mind by @bratkook f s a (band au strangers to lovers au rockstar jk) ❣
standing ovations and other nonsense by @vyduan​ f s a (idiots to lovers au)
the habits of a broken heart by @softykooky f a (soulmate au unrequited love au enemies to lovers au)
could've been us by @sparklingchim s (exes au single dad jk)
Popular-ish by @hansolmates f s a (friends with benefits to lovers popular jk shy oc) ❣
Cherish Me by @becomingb a
New Beginnings by @breakiebunny f s (dilf jk established relationship domestic au) ❣
Special delivery by @dearseok s (infidelity delivery boy jk) ft. Husband Taehyung
Moonlight by @kookiestarlight f s a (single dad au strangers to lovers au) ❣
hot in here by @eternally-writing s
yes sir by @peekaboongi s
mine still @sugasbabiie f s a (arranged marriage au ex boyfriend jk bride reader exes to lovers au) ❣
mutual help by @personasintro f s a (fake dating au slow burn) ❣
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bangbaby · 9 days ago
blog trailer by kiki !
Tumblr media
skz-code ep. 10
lucy’s crush history
idols crushing on lucy
kingdom (field day)
my pace
weekly idol
it'z playtime
runner's high
the placebo effect (1/2, chancy)
christmas & chill (2/2, chancy)
photomatics & prizes (chancy)
dorm shenanigans (chancy)
gganbu (squid game!au)
scars (hunger games!au)
fic chapters coming soon!
Tumblr media
##rec ; recommended fics
##made by kiki ; gifs, edits and more by me
##kiki.txt ; personal posts (not necessarily fic related)
Tumblr media
[ nav ] [ masterlist ] [ skz ] [ itzy ] ©bangbaby
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btsaudge · a year ago
December Fic Recs
Tumblr media
It’s time again for my December fic recommendation list. I will update and reblog this post each day in December. You can find my fic submission guidelines >here<. All fics are listed below.
(F)luff ⁕ (S)mut ⁕ (A)ngst
December 1:
Set Me Free (S) (MYG x reader) by @joopiterjoon​ - As usual, Maxi finds a way to steal my heart with their words. I always appreciate the raw, realness of your characters.
Love You All Over (S, F) (MYG x JJK) by deepslowpanic - If you’ve been paying attention to my blog lately, you know I’ve fallen down a Yoonkook rabbit hole. This fic satisfied everything about my Yoonkook yearning.
December 2:
Unbroken (S, F, A) (KNJ x reader) by @sahmfanficbts​ - This is the first fic of Sam’s that I’ve read, and it definitely made me want to go read the entirety of her masterlist. I loved the way you transported me into your story. I felt like I was there and feeling each and every emotion.
Peaches (S, F, A) (MYG x JHS, KSJ x KNJ, PJM x KTH x JJK, OT7) by wispyoongi and dirtysope - The Peaches Universe (There are multiple chapters and it is ongoing, but each chapter is self-contained.) is a detailed and beautifully told OT7 series. It delves into D/s themes and topics in a way that I can’t get enough of.
December 3:
Éffleurer (S) (KSJ x reader) by @sugaurora​ - This Seokjin series is the definition of a slow and delightful build-up. I love Kay’s storytelling abilities and look forward to each new chapter of this fic.
December 4:
Dance With Me (S, A) (PJM x KTH) by glossedmouth (AO3)/transwomanjimin (Twitter) - If I could recommend the entirety of this author’s work, I would. I narrowed it down to one of their fics, which I think showcases their ability to tackle incredibly real topics and still be smutty.
December 5: 
Ungodly Beast (S, A) (JJK x reader) by @kingsuckjin​ - This completed series by Moon is a perfect example of why I admire their writing ability. I love the way Moon can keep me on the edge of my seat and dying for more with each story. 
Isn’t It Neat (S) (KSJ x KNJ) by snooki (AO3)/kumnamjoon1 (Twitter) - I love writers who can combine humor and sex. Namjoon proselytizing about the broad and varying strengths of each of the dildos in his collection is really peak horny/hilarious.
December 6:
Out Of This World (A, S, F) (MYG x reader) by @ddaengyoonmin​ - Being confined to a small space with Min Yoongi overnight is a literal dream. Zoey wonderfully expressed such a variety of emotions and feelings in this story, and all in just a short 5K words.
It’s A Color That I Can’t Describe (S, F) (KNJ x JJK) by mockturtletale (AO3/Twitter) - This fic....this fic. I first read this fic back in August. I’ve read it at least two more times since then. It’s a long fic, but it never feels long when I’m floating through all the wonderful feelings and emotions. Just thinking about it makes me want to go read it again.
December 7:
Untitled (S) (PJM x reader) by @namgukgalore​ - Rayan is truly one of my favorite writers. She weaves words together so fabulously. This hot, little drabble left me wanting more. Just like the reader left Jimin wanting more.
Sugar, Baby (S, F) (MYG x PJM) by yoonminiest (AO3/Twitter) - I loved the soft, shy nature of Yoonmin in this fic. It was a delightful change of pace, since both of them can be written as hard, cold, or domineering. The pure fluffiness was a joy to read.
December 8:
The History Of Us (S, F, A) (KTH x reader) by @bluewhale52​ - I have become quite fond of social media aus, and this smau does not disappoint. I’m excited to see where the story goes, because the character development and writing drew me in so quickly.
The List (A) (MYG x PJM) by inkydaegu (AO3/Twitter) - I love the non-linear story-telling in this fic. It feels incredibly realistic. I appreciate the gut-twisting angst, because I know Yoonmin is going to get their happily ever after eventually.
December 9:
When You Say It Like That (S) (LHS x reader) by @gotmetalkinginmysleep​ - This is my first non-Bangtan fic. I had to include it because Kiki is the queen of short, perfectly filthy smut, and I’m an absolute mess for Wonho. Picturing that big, beautiful man while reading this was just...oof.
Half A Heart (S, F, A) (KSJ x PJM) by adidasjungkook (AO3/Twitter) - Jinmin is such an underrated ship, so I’m always excited to find a good Jinmin fic. I love pining, because it’s delicious. I think what’s interesting in this story is the pining is happening between people who are already together. I like that realistic touch.
December 10:
Untitled Pups Drabble (S) (KNJ x reader) by @ubemango​ - Okay, so I absolutely love the Pups series by Ella. It’s one of my favorites to go back and read. She just posted this newest drabble today, and it’s unbelievable hot and sweet like everything in the Pups universe.
Photograph My Heart (S, F, A) (MYG x PJM) by minusculejimin (AO3/Twitter) - I’ve obviously been in the mood for soft, Yoonmin boyfriends lately. This is the first fic in a small Yoonmin series that I adore. It addresses some important issues, but also manages to be wonderful and soft. 
December 11:
8 Gifts With BTS (F) (OT7 x reader) by @thecozywhaleshark​ - This fic was recommended by a friend who is rightfully upset with the complete lack of Bangtan Hanukkah fics. Cozy’s OT7 drabble for the eight nights of Hanukkah is soft and fluffy. It’s the perfect holiday fic to read on a cold night.
Everything (S) (KNJ x JJK) by sugamonday - For something a little different, this fic is actually more like a graphic novel. The author/artist created each panel of the story using an interactive poll on Twitter. I enjoyed following along with the story as it was being created, and I like revisiting it every now and then.
December 12:
The Greenhouse Effect (S) (KSJ x reader) by @jungkookiebus​ - Katie absolutely blew me away with this fic. You all know I live and die for sub!BTS content, and this did not disappoint. Plus, bonus points for writing sexy gardener Seokjin.
Orange-Vodka Mix (S) (MYG x KTH) by disillusioned/illusionment - Holy hell, everything about this fic was hot. The tension and build up. Taehyung’s pining for what he couldn’t have. Flirtatious Yoonkook, but Yoongi ending the night with Taehyung. Tae’s incremental moves to get himself what he wanted. Wow.
December 13:
I didn’t have time to put together recommendations for today.
December 14:
Cherry Pickers (F, S, A) (JJK x reader) by @kimnjss​ - Kez is one of my favorite smau writers, and her current story has me captivated as usual. It’s not finished quite yet, but I’m enjoying the build up and can’t wait to see where it goes.
Pink (S, F) (KSJ x MYG) by littlebee1 (AO3/Twitter) - This Yoonjin fic was so tasty. I was preparing myself for some angst in the middle of the story, but was happily surprised by the twist to the typical cam model fic. Also, out of this world soft but not really soft smut. Just *chef’s kiss*
December 15:
We Should Just Kiss Like Real People Do (S, F) (JJK x OT6) by aglioeollieo (AO3/Twitter) - I loved this. Soft, romantic soul Jungkook who doesn’t want to just kiss anyone. Wants his first kiss to be meaningful. Of course, Bangtan is utterly smitten with their maknae and gives him exactly what he wants. The little bit of possessiveness at the end was just like icing on the cake. They’re HIS!
December 16:
Game Night (F) (PJM x reader) by @arizonapoppy​ - Umm, I got totally wrapped up in this. Just a lovely, soft fic that immediately dropped me into a world I wanted to be a part of. The ambiguous ending too. Leaving me wanting more. Really wonderful.
Don’t Know How To Be Hopeless (S, F, A) (MYG x JHS) by smashthatlikebutton (AO3/Twitter) - Why is kissing the best? The description of kissing Hobi feeling like home to Yoongi is wonderful. The build up and tension here with the addition of Sope being the biggest, most oblivious idiots truly enthralled me.
December 17:
I didn’t have time to put together recommendations for today.
December 18:
Hall Pass (S) (MYG x reader) by @hesperantha​ - I think Lil and I share one braincell, and that one braincell is consumed by the idea of devouring Min Yoongi whole. This fic was so damn hot. The pure anonymity of the hall pass scenario and the dash of sub!Yoongi. I fucking loved it.
Everywhere Is Home With You (S, F, A) (PJM x KTH) by allways_always (AO3/Twitter) - I love pain. Angst is so delightful as long as I know there will be a happy ending. This fic delivered that in the most wonderful way. The flashbacks in Vmin’s relationship were some of my favorite scenes. Especially their first date. And Taehyung being the most romantic man. Oof, my heart.
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harriefromtheblock · a year ago
can i get some fic recs pls?
yes!! I will always recommend @marinkas to run under a stormy sky which is a jj series and also kiwi by @girlsru1eboysdroo1 which I think you’d like!! 
kiki’s milestone celebration!
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sabraeal · 8 months ago
Desert & Reward, Chapter 11
[Read on AO3]
Written for @jj-carstairs​, who was the second to blackout her AnS Fic Rec Bingo board! And with this, I am finished with this particular set of obligations...and moving swiftly onto the next....
For a wedding that is supposed to be small, intimate, and most of all secret, there sure are a lot of chairs crushed into the throne room.
“It’s not really a secret,” Zen tells him, contrary to literally every dire royal imperative Obi’s heard thus far. “Or it is, but only as much as anything can be a secret.”
Considering how many he’s prepared to take to the grave, Obi would beg to differ. But he tugs at his collar instead, slumping down onto the dais with palpable misery.
“Don’t fuss,” Sir chides cheerfully. “You look just fine.”
“I look like a present wrapped to within an inch of its life.” And with no one to open it. Obi grimaces, avoiding a glance at M-- Zen’s shoes. This definitely wasn’t the audience to air that particular grievance.
Sir’s mouth only bends into a smile. “There are worse things for a groom to be on his wedding day.”
“You’re right!” Obi's grin settles into something more tooth than toothsome. “I could be stabbed instead.”
That winsome smiles flips right around. “I haven’t stabbed a groom.”
“Obi!” Zen scolds, far too innocent. He hazards a glance at him, not missing the too-wide eyes, the twitching lips. “Mitsuhide wouldn’t be so rude to stab a man at his wedding.”
The big guy nods, solemn. “Yes, thank you--”
“Only one of his guests.”
Zen sidesteps Sir’s advance, slipping right up the dais to put Obi smack dab between the both of them. Clever plan; Sir would never risk hitting a non-combatant.
Too bad for him; Obi’s never missed a chance to throw himself into the fray. “Be fair, M-- Zen.” The name sticks in his mouth, stumbling out only when he ushers it through his teeth. Terrible, how that almost ruins the joke. “He’s never attempted violence at a wedding. Only an engagement party.”
“You’re right.” Zen’s warmed to the topic now, voice litling into sing-song. “And at my brother’s engagement instead of--”
“All right, I think you’ve both had your fun,” the big guy informs them, shoulders hunched. “There’s no reason we have to keep talking about it.”
“Aw, come on now, sir,” Obi wheedles, knitting his fingers beneath his chin. “You can’t blame a man for wondering how much blood he’ll get to keep on his w-w--” no matter how hard he tries, the word wont’ come, a stubborn mule hauled up at the end of his tongue-- “at the altar.”
Sir’s eyes dart down to him, serious brow all furrowed, mouth pulled into the sort of frown that says things instead of quietly ponders, but Zen--
Well, he can always rely on his master to miss a misstep. “Well, at least Mitsuhide saved Hisame from having to lose it on his wedding night instead.”
That gets the big man’s attention, his chest already expanding with protest, and Obi takes the distraction with both hands, jumping up to ask, “Well, sir, if you’d save me the trouble too, I guess I’d thank you for it.”
“Obi,” he admonishes, “Shirayuki would never stab you.”
“Even if you deserved it,” Master adds, so helpful. “Besides, you might not be her first choice--” he doesn’t have to say who would fill that particular slot-- “but you’re a more preferable husband than Raj.”
“What a ringing endorsement.” The doors dwarf Kiki, even though she only stands beneath the open one, one brow raised to dubious heights. Even in her finery-- which Obi can admit is very fine-- her hip’s cocked like she’s on the other side of the training grounds and not the end of an aisle.
“Aw, come on now, Miss Kiki.” He jumps to his feet, grin already teasing up a corner of his lips. “What girl could resist a man who didn’t kidnap her?”
She saunters down the runner, blue and gold a river beneath her slippers, and smirks. “I suppose the ones who would rather a man that didn’t try to kill her.”
“Kill!” He slaps a hand to his chest. “Such a strong word. I prefer discourage.”
Mainly since that’s what the agreement was: strongly discourage-- what they called intimidation, in the business-- the young redheaded guest from overstaying her welcome. Undue violence or spectacle would cut the amount of coin in half, and oh, it’d been a long time since Obi had seen that much dil in one place back then. Lucky thing for Miss that the marquis abhorred a scandal, and Obi had been thinking about a nice steak dinner.
Lucky for him too, it turns out.
“Should I ask what you’re doing?” Kiki calls out, but it’s not to him-- it’s over his shoulder, both brows raised now.
“I, uh...” Obi cranes his neck, watching as Mitsuhide attempts to have this conversation with the wall. “I didn’t know-- you aren’t-- shouldn’t you be with Shirayuki?”
“I was.” Kiki mounts the steps to the dais, teeth peeking through the seam of her lips. “Is there a problem.”
Her tone says, quite clearly, there shouldn’t be.
“Well, um.” Big guy licks his lips, daring a quick glance back, before dedicating himself to the wainscoting again. “You’re not supposed to see, the um, ahhh...”
He flails a hand behind him blindly. A good thing; Sir would never survive seeing their faces.
Zen stares, incredulous. “You’re not the one getting married.”
“And for that case, neither am I.” Kiki clasps a hand around her husband’s shoulder. “Unless there’s something I should know?”
Sir’s red-faced when he peers down, but a shy smile rounding his lips. “You look beautiful.”
“Ah.” Obi never thought he’d live to see the day Kiki Seiran thawed enough to smile with all her teeth, but here he is, minutes away from his own wedding, hosted at the behest of the King of Clarines, and she does. “Flattery will get you everywhere.”
There’s a spark in the depth of Big Guy’s dark eyes when he turns to her, mouth poised to riposte--
“Is there a reason you’re here?” Zen asks, harried. “Or are you trying to be a distraction?”
Kiki spins to face him, far too mild as she says, “I didn’t realize there was anything to distract from.”
“Of course there is.” At her expectant look, he provides, “We were having some, ah, bonding time. Just us men. Giving advice. Before, you know, he’s no longer a bachelor.”
“Please,” Obi begs, “distract away.”
“Well then.” Kiki turns to him now, face placid but eyes alight, and informs him, “You are needed in the vestibule.”
He blinks. “What? Why?”
Her mouth curves. “Oh, I’m sure you can come up with a few reasons.”
He can’t. Or, really, there’s too many, all jittering together at too many angles for one to rise to the top, leaving his mind as empty as the moment a bass bell stops ringing-- not the absence of sound, but its echo.
It’s not until he sees that scholarly slouch, that hair so tousled it circles back around to something approaching orderly, that he realizes-- Lata is here. Lata is here, and oh, they have a lot to talk about.
His heels skid to a halt on instinct; one he’s grateful for when Her Majesty, belly bulging, bustles around Lata’s lanky frame, pretty brow just the slightest bit furrowed. She points one slender finger to a corner hedged in by a screen. “Stand right there.”
Obi knows better than to ask questions, but he does anyway. “Wh--?”
“Do as you’re told,” she says, fists perching at where her hips would be, if the heir of Clarines wasn’t currently occupying them. Despite her fancy get up, it comes out less like a queen and more like a bossy older sister, not above twisting arms if it’ll get her way.
It moves him. One foot, then the other, boot heels clacking together at attention. She nods, quick, approving. “Good. Now don’t move.”
A thrill goes down his spine, and he...really doesn’t want to think about what that says about him. Something he already knew, probably.
“All right.” Her Majesty steps back, a thoughtful frown marring her mouth. “Now ask your questions.”
Finally. “Wh--?”
His head swivels toward the screen, heart leaping into his throat. “Miss?”
One foot sneaks out, trying to pivot him but--
Her Majesty clucks her tongue. “Now, now, sir. There will be no peeking.”
He freezes, wide-eyed. “Peeking?”
The queen favors him with a smile that is both gentle and mischievous, and honestly, he doesn’t know why anyone’s still afraid of His Majesty when Her Majesty is right there, looking like that. “A groom cannot see his bride on their wedding day.”
He almost protests-- it’s only Miss, after all; with her sense of propriety, he’s seen her any which way but naked. But--
But in an hour, she’ll be his Missus. No, his lady. Because he’s the groom. She’s the bride.
He must do an awful job on tamping down his rising horror, since Her Majesty adds, so helpful, “Especially when she’s in her wedding gown.”
His neck snaps to the screen-- the screen made out of paper so thin, so delicate, that a good lamp might cast a real show. He’d known a few girls who made a living off that, a nice shadow and some lighting, but-- that’s not the point here. Not when Miss is sitting on the other side of this thing, wrapped up in the fancy dress she’s going to walk down the aisle in.
Bad luck she’ll be walking towards him in it.
He squints at the vague, Miss-like shape the ambient light gives-- definitely not the crisp image he’s seen with red ones-- and frowns. “I guess I won’t be the first one to say you look nice today, huh?”
“Oh.” There’s a laugh bubbling beneath the sound, like a pebble in a brook. “No, I’m afraid I’ve been told at least five times already.”
He tilts his head back, crown scrubbing against the wall. “Ah, so this is what it’s like, being the one you’re dressing up for.”
Her breath catches. It’s a soft sound; one he’s not even certain he hears until Her Majesty turns her attention toward the other side of the screen. One brow arches with a level of amusement he’s glad she’s not gleaning from him. “I was under the impression you had a question, Shirayuki?”
“Ah, right!” He can see her hands waving, fingers spread, right by where her chin should be. “Obi, why is Lata here?”
Miss never speaks but to say things softly, sweetly, but even she has to exert an herculean effort not to draw a point with the word Lata.
The man himself frowns, the contemplative lines bracketing his mouth rounding into a pair of cross parentheses. “We just went over this.”
“Ah, I know.” Miss wearily holds onto her buoyant tone like flotsam in a wreck. “I just...don’t quite understand.”
“I don’t see what so difficult about it.” His arms fold across his chest, the velvet of his coat rumpling into mossy hillocks. Kiki was right-- the green does go well with the gold. If only Yori’d let him wear it. “Your father cannot, without causing a diplomatic incident by breathing in a foreign court, be in evidence. Therefore, I must stand in his stead.”
“Yes, that part I understand,” she says in her infinitely patient way, that kind that makes Her Majesty’s lips quiver. “I just don’t understand why.”
Lata’s face crumples with frustration. “It’s traditional.”
Miss hesitates. He can’t hear her mouth working-- those sounds are too soft to travel so far-- but he knows it is, just as her hands are behind the screen. “But, Lata, you hate tradition.”
“I do,” he allows-- because it’s true-- but adds, “but this is a familial duty.”
Obi’s heart stutters right in his chest. This really isn’t the time to be getting into all this. To try to explain-- “Sir--”
“Familial duty?” Miss manages, a whole octave higher than usual. “How--?”
“Yes,” Lata interrupts, clearly tired of rehashing a conversation he’s already solved in his head. “And one cannot shirk a duty to their family, no matter how ridiculous it is.”
Her outline shivers on the screen, parts of her fading and coming into focus in turns, like she’s moved her whole body. The shape of her head is strange, ovalish toward the top instead of round-- she’s tilting it. There’s a question trying to make its way out of her, and he knows every word of it, he just has to hope--
“Besides,” Lata coughs, straightening the hem of his waistcoat. “My mother would be quite cross.”
All right, well, now Obi had questions. But those can keep, if Miss’s stunned silence is any indication.
“You know, Miss,” he hums, voice pitched low to carry to her ears only. “Suzu’s here too, if you’d like another option.”
“Suzu’s here?” she echoes, the confusion stark in her voice. “But how did he...?”
Obi’s mouth curls into a grin. “He came in with Lata last night.”
“This morning.” Lata clears his throat, really giving that coat a good tug. “And he didn’t come with me, he attached himself to me, and I chose not to leave him in a drift outside of Oriold.”
“But...why?” Miss hesitates as she speaks, like she’s half put together a puzzle only to realize pieces are missing. “I thought no one was supposed to know about the wedding.”
Obi grins. “Outside of His Majesty’s three hundred most bosom companions, of course.”
He doesn’t need to see Miss to feel her glare, not when it’s reflected so fully in the flat look Her Majesty gives him. “What sort of message would it send if word spreads that the crown had Margravine Entaepode married to the Marquis Conti with any less in attendance?”
He holds back a huff of a laugh. Of course Her Majesty would see it like that-- the date was just details compared to the shame of having anything less than the whole of Clarines’ court to witness their nuptials.
“To answer your question,” Lata continues, fluster and frustration eddying around his eyes, “I think my family name does afford me some considerations in this matter.”
Obi’s grateful he doesn’t expound on what, exactly, those may be. “The rest of them heard about it and drew lots to see who came as his plus one.”
“There is no such thing,” Her Majesty says, firm as steel, in the same moment Lata complains, “Well, I never said they could.”
There’s a pause before Miss says, voice thin, “So everyone in Lillias, they all...?”
“Know about your happy occasion?” Lata offers ruefully. “I would say so.”
“Suzu’s here as his valet.” He has to bite down on the impulse to tell her about Yori’s horror as he watched Suzu give the footmen instructions like I don’t know, over there, somewhere, and nah, just leave those in the trunk, the folds will come out on their own, right?
It’s not the time for stories. Especially ones where she won’t even know who he’s talking about.
“Oh. Oh my.” Miss sounds faint behind the paper. “Yuzuri is going to be so upset.”
“Oh, no.” Lata shifts, impatient. “She’s upset right as we speak.”
Miss whimpers.
“Don’t worry, Miss,” he murmurs, leaning close enough to brush the paper. “You won’t be the only one she puts a stripe on.”
“Obi...” For a moment, he thinks she’s scolding him, but her shadow moves, and the paper bows out, her hand pressed against it.
He hesitates, the paper whispering over his palm before he lays it on hers. Her warmth is muted but familiar, easing the careening pace of his pulse. “We’ll make it all right after we get through this.
And you’re safe, he doesn’t add. Doesn’t need to, with the way her fingers tense against his. “Lata just has to get you down there--”
She balks, softly, a noise made only for him. He grins. “What’s the matter? Isn’t he the father of our little Lyrias family?”
“I think that would be Shidan,” she murmurs. “He’s more like...a distant uncle.”
Obi grins. “Who pays for lunch?”
Miss doesn’t reply, but he can feel her look through the screen. “I am perfectly capable of walking myself down a runner.”
Her Majesty hums a note of disagreement. “Perhaps. But it would be an unorthodox choice, and one that would carry...implications.”
Miss makes a frustrated noise. “Implications?”
“That I didn’t approve,” Lata explains, creating far more inconvenient questions than concrete answers.
“Well, I suppose we could always ask Master,” Obi offers, too cheerful. “Or maybe Elder Highness--?”
“Ah!” Shirayuki yelps, snatching her hand from the screen. “No. That’s-- it’s fine. Lata is a...fine choice.”
Obi returns to the throne room with a sense of relief; with only minutes left until the ceremony starts, there’s no time for any more unexpected developments. Not unless Prince Raj himself arrives mid-vows to stop the wedding.
At least, so he thinks, until he realizes: the throne is not empty.
Master is beside it, put-upon as he always is, and right on the velvet tuft reserved for the royal ass is--
Well, the royal ass itself.
“Marquis,” His Majesty hums, “you’re here, finally. Congratulations.”
“What are you doing?” he asks, eyes wide. “Why...?”
“To marry you, of course.” He smiles, mouth wide. “It is the pleasure of a liege to do so for his vassals.”
“But Zen is my...” His words trail off when he looks in Zen’s eyes, when he remembers at just whose behest that title of immediate knight had come from. Immediate knight, a man who served the family royal, and above all...
...The king. Even without his lordly title, Obi was Izana Wisteria’s dog, lowly mutt among the hounds he may be. And with it...
He grit down his teeth. “Fuck.”
The king’s mouth flashes teeth. “Well, now that we’re all up to speed,” he says, drawing up to his full height. “I think it’s time we begin.”
He has scarcely finished talking, when the horns blare from the balconies. It hits him all at once; this is it. He’s going to be married.
If only either of them actually wanted it.
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bubblesthemonsterartist · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
*cracks knuckles* Clearly I’m going straight for the Blackout. 
Under 1000 Words
take my burdens (and bury them deep) by @thelionshymnal​ Rated M Nothing makes me happier than a fic of my favorite BroTP, especially when Obi is offering to disappear Kiki’s dirty dealings. Content warning for attempted sexual assault and Obi doing what he does best: getting rid of the body.
A Fic That Got You Involved In Fandom
Seven Suitors for Shirayuki by @sabraeal​ Rated T Look. You all are just going to have to accept that there is a certain generation of this fandom that was dragged in, kicking and screaming, by this fic. I wanted to diversify by saying something else managed it, but no. It was the fact that this story was stuck on chapter five for MONTHS that made me vibrate until my own fic fell out. XD
Made You Laugh Out Loud
An Extra Rise Before Dawn by @sabraeal​ Rated G I don’t often worry that I am going to pee from laughing so hard when I’m reading something, but this one definitely does. In one spot in particular. You might be able to guess it. It is simultaneously an incredible sweet and incredibly funny fic that hits all the right notes for me.
Favorite Trope Reversal
Fussing with Firedrakes by @leewritingrecs​ Rated T 1) Dragons. 2) Damsel in distress is no damsel and she is NOT in distress thank you very much 3) Kiki is a DRAGON 4) Obi is cursed, and 5) DID I MENTION D R A G O N S ???
Fic That Made You Friends With the Author
The Wide Florida Bay by @sabraeal​ Rated E I had to think about this because while I read Seven Suitors first, this was the series that made me start sending anons and eventually made me join tumblr where I proceeded to endlessly play the ‘what if’ game with Jen. CLEARLY this is where our friendship was forged.
Action-Packed Fight Scene
Agent, Parts I, II, and III by @infinitelystrangemachinex​ Rated T Like Jen, I was positively torn, because both Andi and Sarah do fight scenes SO WELL, but Agent ultimately won out because there is just something so delightful about Shirayuki flailing and clinging to Obi like a cat that doesn’t want to go in the bath while arrows zip all around them
Edit: Screw it, I’m reccing them both
Republic of Tanbarun by @claudeng80​ Rated T An action adventure series where romance is involved but is by no means the focus. Zen and Obi adventures abound. Politics galore. And some masterfully done slow-motion to quick motion fight scenes that I L O V E D
Gen Fic
Fugue in Three by @infinitelystrangemachinex​ Rated G Ryuu casually destroys Obi and Shirayuki by breathing as they count down the days until he comes of age. Technically this fic has a romantic pairing, but it is by no means the focus of this fic. If you don’t agree, you are welcome to meet me under the Big Oak between the hours of 12 and 4 for a duel.
Missing Scene
Like Brothers Do by @claudeng80​ Rated G Obi is clearly Kiki’s annoying big brother and handles Mitsuhide’s rejection in the best way he knows how. Also read: Mitsuhide gets what’s coming to him. (ง'̀-'́)ง
Canon Divergent
We work at the mall by @kaedix​ Rated T With how many AUs we got floating around this fandom, I was hard pressed to choose a favorite. But there is just something so sweet and wholesome and American teenager about this. It just latches onto you and never lets go. (Also the gang all work at my favorite places in the mall when I was growing up. What’s not to love?)
Steamiest Kiss
Were Hearts Not An Unknown Country by @sabraeal​ Rated T LOOK. SOMEONE was going to have to go dig this out of the rubble of her compilation fics and it might as well be me. Also the birthplace of the much loved AnS fandom practice of solstice kissing.
Contains Your Favorite Headcanon
The road to Clarines is Gravel by @codango​ Rated E Not the focus of the fic as a whole, but like, Torou and Obi are siblings. GALAXY MIND EXPLOSION. I mean, I loved that so much that I wrote a pre-canon fic of this fic. Additional note totally not related to the bingo square: I will ALWAYS be here for positive sex worker representation in fics. Fair warning, though, this is the most unfair AU in existence because the brain screams that it SHOULDN’T WORK and yet by some sort of writerly sorcery, it DOES. PLEASE READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY.
Wept Real Tears
let it make you by @thelionshymnal​ Rated M It’s not every day that someone manages to write a fic that makes me stare numbly at the very first line for a solid 15 minutes, big fat tears rolling down my cheeks, but Hymn did it. And then she somehow managed to kiss it better. All in 1100 words.
Free Space
AnS Role Swap AU by @owlsshadows​ Rated M This series has it all. Shirayuki as an assassin. Obi as both a royal bastard and a pharmacist. A mysterious meeting out in the woods where it makes you question whether Nanaki and Obi are two different people or the same. Also Zen having some very conflicted feelings regarding his royal authority and how he can choose to handle rejection.
Edit: Since I’ve already doubled up once, let me double up again, I have so much love to give and not enough space to give it!
Blizzard by @nebluus​ Rated T This is one of the earliest fics I read in this fandom and it remains to date one of my absolute favorites. Obi gets hurt protecting his Miss and a blizzard rolls in. Thankfully they find a cabin where Obi, who is definitely on his death bed if no one finds them and SOON, proceeds to still fuss over his Miss. Best scene: When he warms her hands with his. Also the second chapter is all sorts of delightful domesticity I IMPLORE you to please read it and soon.
Favorite Fan-Made OC
All Pain Will Turn to Medicine by @sabraeal​ Rated M All y’all should’ve seen these coming from ten miles out. I fucking LOVE Herr Anda, the cantankerous little bastard. And Jen knows this because she designed him specifically with me in mind. Academic catnap >:|
AU That Made You Find the Source Material
All Knotted Up by @sabraeal​ Rated G Admittedly, there are a great many AUs out there that made me look up the source material, but this Tangled AU is the most recent because I finally got on Disney+. And yes, Mitsuhide is the horse. Ryuu may be Pascal a little bit, but Mitsuhide. He’s The Horse. XD
First AnS Fic You Read
Loyalty by Evelyn Fiedler Rated K+ (which is basically G on AO3) My one and only rec from my earliest days in the fandom when I was combing for absolutely any content I could find, begging the fandom to help me decide if I was down for Obiyuki and all that it implied and this author most assuredly delivered.
Favorite Minor Character
Undertow by @jhalya​ Rated E The fic itself is a space odyssey of sorts. One mission among many where humanity attempts to colonize Mars. However the real selling point here, if you didn’t know, is Lord Seiran. He is a delightfully eccentric billionaire who clearly always wanted a large family, judging from how easily he fills out the adoption paperwork.
Caulk dirty to me by @leewritingrecs​ Rated E Have I mentioned I love the sex worker trope? I. Love. The. Sex. Worker. Trope. Also Obi is clearly divine at all of his jobs. Shirayuki already got to experience his skills at one of them. I wait with BAITED BREATH for her to experience the other :3
Canon Compliant
Thicker than Blood by @infinitelystrangemachinex​ Rated G In the aftermath of the death of King Kain, Izana and Zen must decide on which path they will take moving forward. Amazing fic. Unfinished, but a wonderful look into the dynamics between the Wisteria brothers and their absent mother.
Worth his Weight in Rice by @claudeng80​ Rated T AU set in an Edo-adjacent Period where a disease has wiped killed off a significant portion of the male population. Resulting societal shifts occur. If you go into the comments, I have a couple of pages worth of reasons why I love this AU, but what I appreciate even more is how you have an absolutely perfect oneshot in this fic. It is a well-translated universe where we get a delightful clear, beginning, middle, and end, all in 5k. NOT an easy feat. Please enjoy.
Rare Pair
the fog pushing through my mind by @thelionshymnal​ Rated E Obi/Yuzuri, friends with benefits. Two pining idiots with some sore feelings decide to get stoned and take comfort in another warm body for the night. I just really enjoyed the casual intimacy of the encounter and how this is clearly neither of their first experiences with a one night stand. Neither of them are going to make it weird in the morning, they just need to take the edge off, ya know? Additional bonus for Obi being ready to stab the dumbasses who made Yuzuri feel like she was a weirdo in her past.
AU You Took a Chance On (And Now Love)
Lightning in a Bottle by @jhalya​ Rated M I mean, if Jules is gonna play dirty by making Obi the hot fish man running around without his shirt on 99% of the time, then of COURSE I’m going to enjoy Deep Blue Sea. It’s, like, one of my favorite movies now.
Favorite Trope
Moonshine Phantom by @leewritingrecs​ Rated T We got a murder muffin who ALSO used to be a sex worker? Sign me the fuck up, I am 1000% here for this. Also all the showgirls who clearly love their coworker and only want him and his adorable wife to have the best. They may have never heard of her before, but she looks sweet, and they all have a silent agreement between them that if she breaks his heart, they’ll cut her.
Fic That Gave You a New OTP
What the Heart Wants by @sabraeal​ Rated G Haruto/Mukaze. An attempted kidnapping and subsequent rescue makes Zen and Shirayuki painfully aware that their parents have had, at some point in their lives, sex. Izana may not be happy about someone banging his mom, but is HE rather pleased at having a new sister. >:3c
The Wolf in the Woods by @krispy-kream​ (YES I STILL HAVE THIS BOOKMARKED) Rated G Everyone knows that I have very delicate food feels and this ALMOST went under the Wept Real Tears category, but I like to spread out the crying as much as possible XD Shirayuki finds a boy at the edge of the wood and decides he needs something to eat. Filed under: Guaranteed to wreck me in 500 words or less.
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enhy9en · 11 months ago
Hello!! Do you know any other enhypen blogs that I cam follow, Im a new engene!
(sorry if i bothered u with the @ my bad)
hi lovebug,, welcome to the community <33 i recommend these blogs that are under enhypenwriter’s official list:
- @jungwonsarea (mia) her blog is amazing and her works are really cute too !!
- @spookybias (genny) i’m actually a fan of her work so actually speaking with her was terrifying but she’s an angel and has amazing writing !!
- @jakeysim (gill) her blog was the first enha blog i followed and i love her work !!
- @softforyeonjun (skylar) she’s also a multifandom writing blog !!
- @enhypeniki (chamomile) her headcanons are extremely cute !!
- @stargirlstories (joy) she’s about to release a youtuber!jay social media fic so i really do recommend keeping up with her blog !!
- @nico-nico-niki (sam) her blurbs and timestamps are amazing and she has a lot of content for any mood !!
- @hooniee (violet) the loml right here but her work is super cute and i’m a fan of her writing too,, she’s currently about to release a jungwon series so i also recommend keeping up with her blog as well
- @hooniesiceprincess (grace) this is my little babie’s blog her work is also really cute and she has a lot of fluff work !!
- @yjwonvr (kiara) kiki has REALLY cute works at the moment so please do check out her work !!
- @starry-seongmin (mia) she’s another multifandom writer blog so if u do stan other groups, her blog would be perfect !!
- @en-amours (jo) her works are extremely cute and sweet !!
- @engeneering
- @figuresk8-sunghoon
- @cutiegyu (elle) i also believe she’s a txt blog too so moagene’s rise
- @engenuity (eunice)
- @sunnkii (kat) i miss her but her work is CHEFS KISS
- @kpopflowerfield (emily) the definition of a multifandom blog !! but they do have a lot of work for enha too
- @shyimjakeh (prita) her work is so cute she has a lot of winter/christmas themed work too !!
- @simjakeyun (maddie) her headcanons and mtls are cute and her blog is a big rec !!
- @sept-dix (rey) rey’s blog is a must and the work is amazing too !!
- @bxrryhoon (cherubie) the newest member of enhypenwriters but please do check out her blog !!
this list is pretty long but they all deserve recognition and please do check out all of their blogs when u have a chance 💗
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the-pompous-potato · 11 months ago
AnS Fic Rec Bingo #4
Missing scene
Title: Preludia
Author: MuseLover1901
Rating: General
Reason for Rec: I just thought it was so very cute to have a ball scene between Shirayuki and Zen and having them awkwardly flirt with one another as they danced and also hyping each other up and making them confident in one another. And I love how they really just didn’t mind dancing with each other despite the difference in experience. They had fun and enjoyed themselves and the scenes created were absolutely amazing, it felt fantastical and surreal. Like they were lost in their own world and it was just so cute to see!
Au that made you the find source material
Title: Doctor’s Rounds
Author: @claudeng80​
Rating: Teen
Reason for Rec: Ok so I often go into Au’s that I usually have zero idea about. I *thought* I had an idea about Regency but I was off. Very off. No I will not go into details about just how off I was XD. This fic really got me curious about the Regency era and the characteristics relating to that time period. And next thing you know I’m down the rabbit hole and suddenly finding novels about Regency, fashion, etiquette, etc. (don’t send help I’m totally ok) and when I went back to read the fic I felt like I was more in touch with the world that was crafted. I loved the witty remarks and friendly banter and the scenarios the characters are placed in. So very interesting to read!
Title: I don’t know how to fall in love (Let Me Be Bold)
Author: @kaedix​
Rating: Teen
Reason for Rec: Ok so this! This right here! This was absolutely a joy to read! I couldn’t help but laugh at Izana’s inner crisis about the sudden situation he was put in. He was so very sure that everything would go perfectly for him. That he’d be able to stay cool and calm but ultimately failed in the end XD. And gosh Shirayuki! I love her ok! She’s just so very forward and ready to go, like a firecracker! And their banter was just so much fun to read and OMG THE YEARNING TOO! YES PLEASE! They’re so interesting to see side by side and it was such a hilarious read!
Rare Pair
Title: the rent is too damn high
Author: @infinitelystrangemachinex​
Rating: Teen
Reason for Rec: Ok, so, surprise, surprise I am very weak for Kikiyuki. And omg please I am weak for the roommate trope. These two here. These two fabulous ones right here! I love em ok. I love how Shirayuki is flustered but also totally ok with the situation she’s put in while Kiki is having a crisis on the inside but acting cool on the outside. Kiki had a plan. A very sound plan. It just didn’t go as intended XD. They’re both an absolute joy to read together as they try to overcome their new arrangement.
Fic that gave you a new OTP
Title: (don’t go) making something out of nothing
Author: @sabraeal​
Rating: Teen
Reason for Rec: Here I was. Thinking I wasn’t going to get attached to more ships :|. You really out here reeling me into Zakura/Haruto. Ok so I am now very weak for this ship and absolutely love the trust they have in one another along with their cryptic banter. They have that kind of natural trust, like they just know one another. They just have such a warm vibe around them that just feel so very soft and I really cannot even with this ship. I love 'em so much!
Tumblr media
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jhalya · 11 months ago
AnS Fic Rec Bingo - BLACKOUT
The only regret I have is that the bingo board did not have enough squares, even with me cheating a bit! So, for your reading pleasure, behold the awesomeness:
Under 1000 words
Title: scarves, cat eyes and apple hair
Author: limonium
Rating: K+
Reasons for rec: I love me some early Obi. The snark, the pining, the finding out of his own true feelings. It’s a delightful pill of old school AnS and early gang feelings.
Action packed fight scene
Title: Domine, da mihi castitatem et continentiam (sed noli modo)
Author: @bubblesthemonsterartist
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: okay, so this may be crack, but Obi and Kiki sparring? You wish you were that hot. That’s it. That’s the fic. We, as Shirayuki, are just the jealous audience.
Contains my favourite headcanon
Title: The View From Here
Author: @sabraeal
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: Tall Obi is like my favourite headcanon. I mean the Toll x Smoll dynamic is just my jam, man. And this snippet delivers on the goods.
First AnS fic I read
Title: Smoke and Sunshine
Author: @infinitelystrangemachinex
Rating; K
Reasons for rec: I can’t exactly remember what the first AnS fic I read was, but I distinctly remember that this was the first AnS fic I loved. I just ADMIRE Andy’s lyrical style so much. It hurts me in the best of ways.
Rare pair
Title: What the heart wants
Author: @sabraeal
Rating: G
Reasons for rec: Mukaze / Haruto is the pairing I never knew I needed. It has inspired me so much. Also, half of the appeal of this pairing is how everybody else reacts to it. Priceless!
A fic that got you involved in fandom
Title: Each one a world we never met
Author: @sabraeal
Rating: E
Reasons for rec: by the time this fic came out, I’d been a lurker in the fandom for some time (a year or so?). I love this fic because I think it brought the fandom together in such a cool way: there are at least two smut sequels that members of the fandom wrote for it and I love this so much!
Gen fic
Title: Catch
Author: @puffdragongirl
Rating: G
Reasons for rec: I love the domesticity of this fic and also Obi’s brand of loving snark is so on point. It would almost be fluff without it :D
Wept real tears
Title: Remnants
Author: @xaphrin
Rating: E
Reasons for rec: this fic no longer exists except for in Xaph’s wonderful mind, but I sometimes think about it and cry. Like, the first time I read it, I had to stop and walk around for a bit. I can still feel the sting of Shirayuki’s slap. I just wanted to let you know, @xaphrin, that THAT was some genius piece of writing and if you ever want to end me, know that you have the means to do it.
Favourite minor character
Title: A slip of the tongue
Author: @sabraeal
Rating: G
Reasons for rec: Ryuu is one of my favourite characters, just because it’s still so hard for me to get his voice right. One reason this fic makes me smile is that Ryuu is all of us: imagine living and working with Obi and Shirayuki and not call them THAT?
AU I took a chance on and now love
Title: Ex gratia
Author: @vivianvivi1
Rating: E
Reasons for rec: I will admit, I’m not a big fan of friends with benefits or legal AUs, but damn, did this get me hooked. There are scenes from it that are burned into my memory forever. Some of them I can’t even talk about in polite company, but that’s why I love my girl, Anna. She gets my brand of smut :D
Made me laugh out loud
Title: Away from it all
Author: @claudeng80
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: I had the pleasure of beta reading this and OMG, was it flawlessly funny. It has just the style of writing I like and the punchlines are hilarious. I’m laughing still as I’m writing this. Flawless, flawless, I tell you.
Missing scene
Title: The Automaton Heart
Author: @infinitelystrangemachinex
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: again, this is an early obiyuki piece, but every missing scene in here is just perfection. If you want your heart ripped into tiny tiny pieces. Love, love, love.
Free space 1
Title: Stumptown
Author: @bubblesthemonsterartist
Rating; M
Reasons for rec: there’s cute and then there’s this. Like it is so sweet and hot and sweet and hot and Shirayuki wants Obi to be her boyfriend so bad, and Obi wants to go on the best dates with her and they do and yet they remain...CLUELESS!
Free space 2 (because I can)
Title: I should be in bed
Author: @thelionshoarde
Rating: E
Reasons for rec: okay, okay, so werewolf Obi and witch Shirayuki? In a stable relationship? With great sex? But also lovely pre- , during and after care? You have NO IDEA how many times I’ve read this fic. Like once a month since it came out.
Title: WFB
Author: @sabraeal
Rating: E
Reasons for rec: listen, when this came out, I was having a horrible fight with my SO - or he was having one with me. This series kept me sane throughout all that. Also, the smut is gre-nine!
Favourite trope
Title: Diplomacy
Author: @xaphrin
Rating; E
Reasons for rec: fake marriage with a dash of mutual pining? Sign me up! Obi and Shirayuki go do their diplomacy stuff at the beach? Having to share a house and wear skimpy clothes? Listen, like this is all my fantasies in 16 glorious chapters.
Favourite trope reversal
Title: An Earthly Knight
Author: @claudeng80
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: the damsel is not in distress and she would like her Fae bodyguard back, yes, please and thank you! The world that Sarah creates is lush and mysterious and I love it so much!
Canon divergent
Title: The Daisy Chain
Author: @sabraeal
Rating: E
Reasons for rec: sometimes, when I read fics, there are scenes that stick with me for a long long while. The start of this fic is so innocuous, just happy family feels and then it takes a sharp plunge into angst and a happy, smutty ending that I just love.
Favourite man made OC
Title: A man’s duty
Author: @sabraeal
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: You get the Lyrias crew but this time it’s Obi’s Lyrias crew. And some of them have a bad case of hero worship. It’s hilarious.
Canon compliant
Title: Murder in the Pharmacy
Author: @claudeng80
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: canon compliant? Well, it’s set in Lyrias! And the rest is history as Obi and Shirayuki embark on solving a murder mystery.
Fic that gave me a new OTP
Title: 5 inch heels
Author: @bubblesthemonsterartist
Rating: E
Reasons for rec: listen, I’m not a threesome enthusiast, but this is the best Obi / Kiki / Shirayuki smut I have ever read. Like, I don’t even need to say more.
Fic that made me friends with the author
Title: Misdelivery
Author: @vivianvivi1
Rating: G
Reasons for rec: I think I had been a lurker of Anna’s work for a good while before we exchanged the first messages and this fic always brings me joy when a notification pops up in my inbox. I mean, there is a whole section here in which Izana is being a whole ass mood and it is wonderful!
Steamiest kiss
Title: Is this a booty call??
Author: @thelionshoarde
Rating: E
Reasons for rec: where to begin with this? It is the funniest, steamiest, most adorkable smut fic in existence. I read it when I’m feeling down, it’s that good.
AU that made me find the source material
Title: Last best hope
Author: @claudeng80
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: I had seen Babylon 5 a long long time ago, so I did do a quick refresher course on wikipedia. The show is awesome, but you don’t need to know a lot about it, because Sarah will take you on an unforgettable ride around space, secrets and feelings.
One shot
Title: Life eternal
Author: @ruleofexception
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: Angel and Demon AU? It doesn’t get better than this. Also, the mythology is fantastic!
Title: Seven Spirits
Author: @sabraeal
Rating: T
Reasons for rec: the Obi backstory that has nestled in our collective fandom brains and lives there rent free. The world building alone is masterful. And the twist is unexpected.
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pumpkinspice-prouvaire · 2 months ago
any fic recs that are aus based on other stories (like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)
hey anon! If you check out this post, you can find an AU for Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Kiki's Delivery Service, True Blood, Sky High and The Time Traveller's Wife. And below you can find some more!
L'Insurrection Republicaine des Etoiles by kjack89- STAR WARS AU BABYYYYY. I fucking love Star Wars and this is so good! Cosette as Luke, Enjolras as Leia, and Grantaire as Han Solo. It's just good FUN, y'all! Very excited for when kjack89 writes Return of the Jedi and we get Enjolras in a gold bikini...........for personal reasons............
Dance with Me by MostGeckcellent- Bridgerton AU with older sibling! Combeferre trying to help his younger twin siblings, Enjolras and Cosette, get through their first London Season.
wouldn't it be beautiful (why can't i?) by playedwright- Thirteen Going on Thirty AU. It's pretty angsty, but trans Enjolras having gender euphoria in the shower when he sees his top surgery scars got to me, man
The Witcher's Reprieve by The Librarina- The Witcher AU, with Grantaire as a Witcher and Enjolras as a rebel elf with no self-preservation skills (seems to be a general theme) Last chapter is rated E
To Making It Count by lessnearthesun- Titanic AU. It goes pretty much exactly how you would expect it (when I read it I was like MAYBE IT'LL BE A FIX IT FIC LOL) but it's a good time!
Sing, Oh Goddess series by lessnearthesun- Hadestown AU with a twist! Srsly the second part especially deserves more kudos everyone go read it!!!
Green Rushes by loverism- This fic is currently ongoing, and it's a The Little Mermaid AU inspired by the original fairy tale rather than the Disney version. There's one more chapter left and I know everything is gonna go wrong but idk HOW and I am STRESSED.
Something Under the Sand by anniewritesaboutstars- The Mummy AU, Enjolras as Evelyn and Grantaire as Rick. It's silly and campy and good fun all round, just like the movie!
and now, because I'M NOT GETTING PAID FOR THIS YOU KNOW (I'm just joking obviously, I've had a lot of fun rediscovering old fics and I totally gonna go back and reread all of these at some point), I'm going to shamelessly plug my own ao3. So far, I have one fic that is an AU, Never a Flame, We Just Wanted a Spark- It's an AU of a French Netflix show called The Hook Up Plan/Plan Coeur, just standard cheesy romcom stuff with sex worker Grantaire and Terrible Best Friends Combeferre and Courfeyrac. It's definitely not my best work, all my other fics are way better by a mile imo. But I do have some other AUs in the works that I'm hoping to post soon-ish!
Hope you enjoy these! Leave some kudos/comments for the authors if you read them, you might make someone's day!
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moonchild1 · a month ago
 kim namjoon fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
here's a list of my favourite namjoon fics, please show lots of love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs, some of these fics contain smut so no minors allowed ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
july kiss by @personasintro f s (dilf namjoon idiots to lovers au) ❣
prohibido by @personasintro f s a (brother's best friend au) ❣
fool for you by @cutechim s a (rebound au hospital au unrequited love au)
try again by @bangtanfancamp f s (roommate au best friend to lovers au)
it's december (and I still want) by @smoochkooks f s a (ex husband au)
more than anything else by @seokkgenie f s a (CEO au)
there was a bug @kimnjss f s a (roommate au best friend to lovers au) ❣
nothing like us by @jiminimoon s a (ex boyfriend namjoon) ft. fuck boy jungkook ❣
the rich man's crochet club by @kpopfanfictrash s (virgin au college au) ❣
spilling coffee by @bts-roses f a (idol au intern reader)
dizzy by @joonessence f s (friends to lovers au) ❣
promise by @joheun-saram f s a (college au roommate au enemies to friends to lovers au) ❣
to make a power couple by @joheunsaram f s a (idol au ceo reader) ❣
daisies and dinosaurs by @dark-muse-iris f s a (single father au)
intro: her by @jamaisjoons f s a (single dad au strangers to friends to lovers au) ❣
a sight for sore eyes by @siderealmyg f s (established relationship au)
good to me by @httpjeon f s a (dating service au)
what are friends for by @kookdiaries s (best friends au friends to lovers au)
out of my league by @ppersonna f s a (office au) ❣
promises by @jeonsweetheart f s a (marriage au infidelity au idol au) ❣
the bodyguard by @rmnamjoons f s a (bodyguard au fake dating/marriage au) ❣
the father, the son and the holy whore by @taesinferno s (dilf namjoon infidelity au) ❣
nice guys finish last by @ktheist f s a (arranged marriage au) ft. Ex fiance Yoongi
cyanide on my bedsheets by @jimilter s a (friends with benefits au unrequited love) ❣
partners by @btssmutgalore s a (friends to lovers au slow burn) ❣
dimples by @sweetmisery f s (idol au friends with benefits friends to lovers au) ❣
after rain by @rmverse​ f s a (patient namjoon patient reader)
once upon an us by @yoonia​ f s a (inspired by the movie sweet home alabama past lovers au exes to lovers au established relationship) ❣
bothered by @lavienjin f s a (brother's best friend)
sincerely, but no longer yours by @ttttaehyungie s a (exes au) ❣
lavender honey by @oftenderweapons f s a (chaebol au friends to friends with benefits to enemies to lovers au)
2AM by @xpeachesncream f s (college au) ❣
black swan by @helenazbmrskai s a (co-workers to friends to lovers tattoo artist joon) ❣
love is blind by @helenazbmrskai f s a (best friends brother au college au enemies to lovers au) ❣
ramen? by @solarwonux f s ❣
only a lifetime by @dopejk f s (dilf joon marriage au pregnancy au) ❣
emerald by @dewykth s a (bodyguard au)
love bytes by @stutterfly f s a (friends to lovers au slow burn)
spice by @breakiebunny f s a (enemies to lovers au chef joon)
new parent syndrome by @1kook f s (dilf joon husband au parents au) ❣
the perfect date by @suhdays f s (established relationship au)
flower cloud by @suhdays f a (soulmate au friends to lovers au college au)
hammer it home by @gukslut f s a (domestic au) ft. Jimin ❣
nailed it by @gukslut f s (hammer it home couple) ft. Jimin ❣
feels like home by @gukslut f s (hammer it home couple) ❣
a wrench in the plan by @gukslut f s (hammer it home couple) ❣
totally screwed by @gukslut f s (hammer it home couple) ❣
obligated by @underthejoon s (arranged marriage au) ❣
bass and strings by @jimlingss f (slow burn au slice of life college au music au)
letting go by @bangtan-babe f a (doctor au) ft. Jimin
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