teartra · 16 hours ago
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I hate it here
Clouds on the Horizon 2.20//Agony of a Witch 1.8
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theowllhouse · 16 hours ago
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Yet another visual hint that something wasn't quite right during this scene (vis-a-vis the Hunter and Luz switcharoo), Hunter's lip curls in the same way Luz's does.
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Also, upon further inspection of Luz, she seems to have a visual hint too. While she keeps her lip curl, it looks like she has a gap in her teeth!
I'll never cease to be amazed by the amount of detail put into this show.
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rileyclaw · 9 hours ago
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put him down!!! get away from him!!
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smokestarrules · 16 hours ago
Can we also talk about the fact that Willow kind of went feral when “Hunter” was taken?? Nearly downed Kikimora by her damn self and then she RUSHED to the airship....I am Looking.
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st33le · 2 hours ago
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They’re getting a divorce lol
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I would have added Darius’s penstigram but idk if he has a canon one lol
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thewiglesswonder · 18 hours ago
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I love her so much
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vincentdrakewayne · 13 hours ago
odelia and kikimora plan their wedding on the same day as alador and darius and force their children to chose
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420technoblazeit · 3 hours ago
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girlbosses work together ooh yuh get it ig
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drachenfalter · 15 hours ago
So, I guess Kikimora got demoted because she failed to bring in the Owl Lady? (And/or Hunter?)
Because she was still in charge of the Coven Scouts a few days ago.
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pandoratheprocrasticreator · 16 hours ago
in their first meeting luz protected hunter from kikimora and then hunter protected her from kikimora and now luz protects hunter from kikimora again they should just stick kikimora in a fighting ring with these two and have her duke it out with them until hunter and luz are appropriately close as found family
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gideonnavsenormousbiceps · 6 hours ago
Kikimora telling Hunter "Maybe he'll make me the new Golden Guard" but not knowing what Belos has done to all of the Golden Guards
....who's gonna tell her
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godofdystopia · 16 hours ago
So now that Alador and Odalia have divorced seperated fired each other, i believe it is time to champion a new crack ship for the Owl House. You know, before the season ends in... a week I guess? I’m going to spend said week and beyond championing the idea that Kikimora and Odalia are absolutely gay for each other.
Odalia and Kikimora are both absolutely horrible people without a single redeeming quality and they absolutely deserve each other. 
I shall call it... KikiDalia
Odalia really just made the little gremlin a whole ass battlesuit even though it had no economic or political advantages whatsoever.
Kikimora followed this woman into a dimly lit warehouse with only mild complaining.
They both absolutely despise the golden guard and Luz.
Plus Odalia said she’d scheme how to get Kiki back into Belos’ favor and actually seemed to mean it.
Since Disney are homophobic cowards and the show is ending anyway, what are they going to do? Stop me? Little old me whose just a silly little guy? I’m shipping these two walking incarnations of ‘Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss’ and no one can stop me.
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azural83 · 14 hours ago
Anyone else think that there's no spies in the catts? When kikimora said that belos has eyes everywhere I just assumed she meant other characters like terra
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pageofheartdj · 16 hours ago
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Is... is this the first time we see Kiki’s full mouth?
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smokestarrules · 17 hours ago
...As soon as Hunter got grabbed, I was wondering why he wasn’t struggling, why he wasn’t trying to distract Kikimora so that the others could free him. And now I see. 
Luz didn’t want to be freed. 
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pdaliceliveblogs · 5 hours ago
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Kikimora is So Fucking Done
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rulersreachf4n · 13 hours ago
Also there's this. Huntlow is canon
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lowkey-finch · 14 hours ago
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Kikimora looks like her name is Elmer and she hates her job /ref
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stupid-toh-aus · 18 hours ago
Stupid "Clouds on the Horizon" AU where the Jetpack did not work. Everyone in the building explodes instantly
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astraskylark · 11 hours ago
Kinda love Kikimora because she just has no redemption at all, she doesn't even try or want it she is happy spouting evil all the time and trying to murder children and squash people in her 7ft killer robot and sometimes you just need a character who isn't really complex or layered where you can just go ah look at the 3ft sized package of demonic rage and zero morals you go girl kill kill bite bite good for her
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