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#kill monger
crazyyfilmyfreak6 days ago
Ssup Fellas how you all doing ? i am fine coz i just saw Tony's Death in WhatIf For the Nth FUCKING TIME Just another normal Wednesday for me and my fellow Tony Stans 馃槶
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AND I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT TO WATCH THE SECOND PART OF THIS EPISODE , I need JUSTICE for the events that happened in Episode 6
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Ngl Kill Monger is a great villain and he's so fucking Bad-Ass in Whatif too but i can't stand this hoe after seeing the things he has done in today's episode 馃槫
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ririsasy2 years ago
Everytime I watch something mildly interesting : these characters deserve so much better, so I am going to treat them right and let them live in my head forever
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I'm getting tired of playing the bot lane in soloq, especially as the ADC. Often, whenever I play an ADC, no one picks a support or they pick a melee carry with no hard CC and have me play as 'support'. No surprises that we'd get dominated by the enemy laners with an actual support. I know some melee champs work in the bot lane, but come on, I already stated I'm playing ADC and locked in. I could have adjusted to a real support if they asked nicely. Why are so many players kill hungry?
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chrisd8892 years ago
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Its nothing personal, its all just buisiness
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mceproductions2 years ago
Best of 2018 Movies #1: Black Panther
Now the top film of the year is obvious.
聽But it was such an obvious it was hard to ignore.
聽聽Yes the MCU has evolved so far in 10 years. Not even 18 years ago with the first X Men movie that you could even think about attempting this film.
聽But with someone who had been known for delivering startling portraits of racial motivation. Along with his most famous actor from said films, while teaming with the king of biopics from this decade you had a recipe for something groundbreaking.
聽And that鈥檚 exactly what Black Panther was.
聽聽In the wake of the Civil War within the Avengers and losing his father, T鈥機halla returns to his homeland of Wakanda for his ascension ceremony to king. The tech heavy nation keeps its fa莽ade in order to not invite western affairs into its politics, instead keeping its peace among the 5 tribal regions. Known for producing the planets rarest metal Vibranium, they鈥檝e used it to evolve far beyond what anyone had seen. With the exception of one man, arms dealer Ulysses Klaue, he got some help though as T鈥機hallas own uncle who had been hiding out on Oakland with his family was accidentally killed by the king and previous holder of Black Panther T鈥機haka.
聽The son, Erik Stevens would go one to become a black ops solider, who heard about Wakanda and wanted to get back in any way possible. So, he found and teamed with Klaue who he eventually killed to gain access.
聽When the cousins collide, this sets a stage for revelations and something nobody in the nation of Wakanda wanted. A civil war that may have far reaching stakes.
聽Make no mistake this has its groundbreaking merits. With leading turns by Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Lettita Wright. Along with support from Forrest Whitaker, Angela Basset, and Lupita Nyongo this shows not only the merits of heroes. But how they can come from anywhere and not have modern issues be an afterthought in a super hero movie.
聽Also Danai Guarara. Man she was wonderful to watch. Definitely someone you would not want to see on the battlefield.
聽Ryan Coogler undeniably pulls off something masterful with this in terms of scope cultural and historical significance.
聽And that鈥檚 why it鈥檚 the years best. Wakanda Forever indeed.
聽Sum 22: The Nation of Wakanda comes to life with Ryan Coogler鈥檚 watershed moment in terms of not only comic book, but movies in general. Wakanda Forever.
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josephthecomic3 years ago
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe villain line up as of 4/23/2018 (before Infinity War) and how they looked in the comics
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starbeanz9 months ago
Love Me Ch. 7
Tumblr media
I do NOT own this image
Summary: Answering A LOT of the questions about why what happened on the night that Erik left. Not much on what鈥檚 happening with Erik and Y/N joining forward
Pairing: Erik Stevens x Black!Reader
Words: 3.5k
Warnings: ANGST, slight torture, swearing聽
A/N: Hey guys long time no see lol but here is the long awaited continuation of the story. Thank you to everyone who has supported this story throughout! I hope you enjoy it
Holding you in his arms had always been one of the greatest feelings in the world to Erik, a close second to burying himself deep inside of your body. Touch had always been the strongest love language in your relationship, in part because Erik was used to talking around his emotions that he rarely knew how to put what he was feeling into words.
He held you tight through the night and didn鈥檛 sleep once, he was sure that if he did he would wake up and realize that you being there was just another dream. He鈥檇 lost track of the number of times he鈥檇 dreamed that you were lying there beside him. The night he left, he had almost run back as soon as he was out the door, but he couldn鈥檛 do it, not until you were safe.
You still weren鈥檛 though and he knew it, there were so many loose ends left to tie up but he couldn鈥檛 stand to be apart from you any longer. 聽He had thought about running again but he knew that this was an opportunity he wouldn鈥檛 get a chance to repeat if he fucked it up this time.
-Three months ago-
鈥淒amn it!鈥 Erik roared as he slammed his car door shut, Y/N was pregnant, he was putting her in danger he was putting their baby in danger too. He had planned to stop, to leave this life behind, or at least tell her before things got too far. Before he got in too deep.
But being with Y/N was too good to jeopardize and every day he was sinking deeper and deeper in love with her and now, he鈥檇 gone too far. He鈥檇 messed up and gotten sloppy.
She always knew something was up and for the most part he was able to keep that side of his life hidden from her, if she knew the truth he doubted that she would stay, so he kept up the lie - well not a lie but not the full truth either.
This was the closest she had come to seeing this side of his life and the way she reacted told him everything he needed. He鈥檇 been selfish and reckless and he loved her too much to put her in danger, he had to disappear for her safety and their baby鈥檚. It would kill him to be away from her to miss this part of her life but he knew that this was punishment for grasping at what he was never meant to have, a normal life.
No family. No attachment. That was how things were supposed to be, that was how it had always been before her. But she was the family he鈥檇 been missing his whole life. He had been determined to make it work with her if it was the last thing he did. But now he was five years in and there was a baby on the way.
Erik had been driving around aimlessly when he found himself in a familiar neighborhood, his childhood home was right up the street, looming tall over the basketball courts he鈥檇 spent countless nights playing on until it was time to go in for dinner. He let his mind wander to thoughts of Y/N cooking for their little family, the image of her as a mother was always a thought that had made his heart swell and ache with equal measure
He wasn鈥檛 proud of himself but he did the math to see if there was any chance to end the pregnancy. But the thought of that made him sick. The thought of anything happening to either of them made his stomach turn violently. He had to pull over to the side of the road, his door was barely open before he was emptying his stomach onto the pavement.
When he finally pulled himself together he just sat for a moment. The radio was playing dully in the background as he let his mind swim. Was he really about to do this? The next few hours would change his life, and hers forever. When he looked at the time, 3:15, he let himself and his thoughts linger for a moment.
A dangerous moment. If he went back now he could still slip back in without Y/N being any wiser. He could figure something out, he knew he would die to protect her. She knew it too but his rational mind had to speak up to stop him from making a terrible mistake. What would happen to them if he did die, he felt all of Y/N鈥檚 feards and immediately hated himself for putting her through that.
He knew the damage had been done when he pulled up to her apartment after a job gone bad. They had been separated for a bit because Erik was still moving back and forth and Y/N had needed her space after her dad passed, things were supposed to be getting better, they were working things out and now he had put the nail in the coffin of their relationship.
Before he could spiral further down the rabbit hole of his thoughts his phone buzzed with a familiar number.
鈥淗ey checking to make sure you鈥檙e not some John Doe lying in the morgue somewhere,鈥 The smooth female voice said on the other end of the line.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine,鈥 Erik told her, trying to control his voice, vulnerability was as lethal as any gunshot in his line of work and he couldn鈥檛 afford it even with his closest confidants. The only person he鈥檇 allowed himself to be vulnerable with had been Y/N and look where that had gotten him.
鈥淥kay so now that all of that is out of the way,鈥 she paused, taking a measured breath. 鈥淲hat in the hell were you thinking! You could鈥檝e gotten yourself killed and you almost compromised the mission. You can鈥檛 be reckless like that Stevens! What we do is too damn dangerous and I can鈥檛 afford to break someone else in if you croak because you鈥檙e out here taking stupid risks that don鈥檛 need to be taken.鈥 She said loudly, her anger was evident but buried beneath it was something else, maybe concern though she'd never admit to it.
鈥淎re you done, Roberts?鈥 Erik asked, frankly he鈥檇 been yelled at enough for one night and if he could avoid it anymore he would.
鈥淣ot even close,鈥 she scoffed even though she did move on from the topic. 鈥淲here are you right now? The client wants a debrief and I鈥檓 not hanging my ass on the line to explain to him that you compromised his mission.鈥
鈥淎t this hour?鈥 He groaned, throwing his head back against the headrest of his seat.
鈥淵es I mean unless you have something else that鈥檚 more important that requires your attention?鈥
Erik hesitated, every fiber of his being was begging him to go back to Y/N right now and fix this. Apologize for scaring her. Promise her that he would change. Anything to fix this so he could stay.
鈥淣o. I鈥檓 on my way.鈥 He said ending the call and driving off. As he drove down the road and out of the city to the rich neighborhoods beyond where his client was living in a mansion in the California hills. Every mile he put behind him was another mile he was putting between himself and Y/N.
But that鈥檚 the way it had to be, if the people he worked with had any idea that she even existed then she would be in immediate danger, especially after tonight. If they found out about the baby they鈥檇 kill it just to make a point, they didn鈥檛 tolerate mistakes and Erik never makes them, until now.
Erik was painfully aware of that fact when he pulled down the long winding drive. He noticed that Roberts鈥檚 car was also there along with one he didn鈥檛 recognize. It made him uneasy and that was a feeling that Erik was feeling all too much today.
When he entered the house it was quiet for the most part he could hear voices floating through the hall so he followed them. Something in him told him to turn back and go find Y/N, he pushed it down again and again. If he went back, if he put her in danger that would be the most selfish thing he鈥檇 ever do and he would do it a thousand times if he could ensure her safety but he couldn鈥檛 not right now. Not after tonight.
If he ever wanted to go back to her he would need to handle this right now.
鈥淪tevens! How's it hanging big guy!鈥 Said a booming voice as he stepped into the low lit living room. The expansive space had huge floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the expansive forest that stretched out beyond the expansive backyard. Erik didn鈥檛 miss the plastic wrap spread out on the patio with a chair in the middle of it.
Three people were gathered around the large fireplace that sat opposite the large windows. Erik recognized Roberts, still in her black tack gear, she鈥檇 shed her jacket wearing only her white beater and dog chains on her torso no - she was keeping her head down and wouldn鈥檛 look him in the eye. He crossed the room to join her on the long white leather couch but stopped short when one of the other men spoke up.
鈥淒on鈥檛 sit down, this won鈥檛 take long.鈥 Said the client, a greying man dressed in a sharp suit despite the late hour of the night. The way he said it sent a chill down Erik鈥檚 spine 鈥 聽they were going to kill him.
His jaw ticked ever so slightly as his eyes scanned to the final man in the room 鈥 he hadn鈥檛 said anything, nor did he even acknowledge that Erik had stepped into the room. Even though he was reclined back into a white leather chair to match the two couches, Erik could tell he was a big man, maybe even bigger then Erik himself was.
The third man sat pensively swirling the ice in his glass of dark liquor and staring into the fire crackling away in the fireplace. He had a strong jaw and a shaved head, he too was wearing an equally sharp suit though he was styled more casually than the older man 鈥 his top buttons were undone revealing his heavy gold chain and a white beater.
鈥淚f that鈥檚 the case we don鈥檛 need to drag this shit out. If you鈥檙e about it, be about it.鈥 Erik snapped, flicking his eyes back to the older white man. Erik didn鈥檛 know his name, he never needed to, all he needed was for the transactions of the money to go through. Erik figured the man was a crooked politician considering the money he was willing to pay out and the targets that he would give Erik and Roberts every now and then.
鈥淚 know you don鈥檛 know me but I believe that everyone has a right to a fair trial.鈥 He said standing and buttoning his jacket. 鈥淒on鈥檛 you agree, darling?鈥 The client said flicking his eyes from Erik to where Roberts was sitting on the couch.
She kept her head down still refusing to look Erik in the eye.
鈥淒arling, huh? Figures. So what, are you her daddy or her Daddy?鈥 聽Erik sneered a look of disgust settling over his features as he looked at Roberts.
鈥淓rik!鈥 Roberts shouted standing from the couch. Her eyes were glassy in the low light.
鈥淣o sit down, dear,鈥 The client said, Erik scoffed when she listened rolling his eyes. He couldn鈥檛 believe her, this was messier than he had anticipated.
Everything in his body was yelling at him to run. He couldn鈥檛 though, the cold realization froze him in place, its icy embrace doing little to soothe his nerves that were already on edge. He heard the ice clink loudly in the silent man鈥檚 glass beyond the roaring of the blood racing through his ears.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 appreciate you talking about my daughter like that. Ivan!鈥 He called out, the large man immediately moved and crossed the room quickly getting up in Erik鈥檚 face, the client side stepped to let him take the few short steps to sit on the arm of the white leather couch. Erik didn鈥檛 stand down, Ivan looked impressed.
But all trace of it melted as quickly as it had appeared, his left fist flew across Eriks jaw, sending him down to his knee. Erik spat out blood onto the white carpet 鈥 it looked expensive, part of him hoped it was. The thought that it looked like one of the throw blankets in Y/N鈥檚 living room tickled the back of his mind as his thoughts swam from the force of the blow.
The next series of blows, a combination of a knee to his jaw and then a rather large foot sending him reeling back onto the marble floor, dazed Erik even further. The world felt so far away that he could barely hear the commotion of it all over the ringing in his ears.
鈥淗ey, hey, take it outside will you? Your sister set that shit up for a reason!鈥 The client roared at Ivan. Erik felt dizzy as he felt Ivan take a firm hold of his dreads and pull him towards the large windows looking out over the backyard. Erik roared and twisted disoriented and was still trying to fight against the bigger man.
The cool night air gave Erik a moment of piercing clarity. He looked out over the backyard and again a faint memory of Y/N playing with kids in a backyard at one of her family bbqs. If things had been different Erik thinks that he would have bought her a big house with a backyard just like this one. Distantly he can feel his arms and legs being restrained with duct tape and then subsequent blows landing to his torso and face.
Despite the pain he could see this vision so vividly, was this what dying was like? Was this the peace people talked about finding in death? Erik couldn鈥檛 deny the thought of Y/N with their child filled him with warmth and comfort. If only he believed he was the type of person who would be fortunate enough to find peace in death. Erik was almost certain if there was a hell that is where he was headed 鈥 more than likely his brain was giving him these memories to help him process the trauma that his body was enduring.
鈥淭ake it easy on the face we still need to know what happened?鈥 Erik heard the client鈥檚 voice echo in his ears. 鈥淥h I bet you can take quite the beating can鈥檛 you champ?鈥 He condescends. It was true but the way the client seemed to delight in the prospects of Erik鈥檚 pain tolerance.
鈥淕o to hell.鈥 Erik wheezed letting his head lull to the side.
鈥淚 will probably, but not before I send you there first.鈥 He said gripping Erik鈥檚 slack jaw and squeezing despite Erik鈥檚 squirming from the pain. 鈥淲hat happened out there?鈥
鈥淭he job got done.鈥 Was all Erik said quietly, he heard the client and Ivan scoff at his answer.
鈥淭he job was to kill one man. You risked the job and my baby girl's life in the process. Now part of the reason I鈥檓 being so nice to you right now is because of your track record with us. Do you know why I always request you for my jobs 鈥 you don鈥檛 mess up. So I鈥檓 going to ask again what the hell happened out there Stevens?鈥 He shouted in Erik鈥檚 face, he flinched from the sudden loud noise before deflating into the support of the chair when the client stepped away.
Ivan stepped in front of Erik again delivering more hard blows to his face and torso. Erik took them all silently, a hard grimace every now and again the only indication that he was in any pain at all.
鈥淭he job got done.鈥 Erik repeated again in the same flat tone. Erik could tell that his lack of responsiveness was starting to strike a nerve with the client. It gave him a sick sense of joy, if he was going to die at least he wouldn鈥檛 give them the satisfaction of watching them break.
鈥淓rik that was more than just getting the job done, you beat that guy to death with your bare hands.鈥 He heard Roberts say suddenly appearing out of thin air, when had she joined them on the patio? 鈥淧lease just tell them.鈥 She begs.
鈥淢aybe he still needs some loosening up,鈥 Erik heard Ivan say, before he had time to process the words a deafening gunshot sounded next to his ear. Erik didn鈥檛 have the energy to fully react, that is until the burning barrel of the gun was pressed hard against Erik鈥檚 chest, faintly he could hear his skin burn under the metal.
鈥淭he job got done.鈥 Was all he said still.
鈥淲ho鈥檚 Y/N?鈥 Roberts asked scrolling through Erik鈥檚 phone, when had she taken that from his pocket? For the first time Erik let a look of terror settle across his features. By the time he was able to reign in his emotions it was too late he鈥檇 given away too much already.
鈥淪ome girl I hit up to take the edge off.鈥 Erik sighed hoping they鈥檇 buy it.
鈥淪ee I wanna believe that,鈥 Roberts said crouching down in front of Erik showing him his phone. The image on the bright screen made him wince, it was one he鈥檇 taken of Y/N while she was asleep lying against his chest. 鈥淏ut that doesn鈥檛 look like taking the edge off to me now does it?鈥
Erik lunged at her then he felt the barrel of Ivan鈥檚 gun press to the back of his head, slowly he sank back into his chair there was a sick smirk on Robert鈥檚 face, it matched the client鈥檚 from earlier. Erik was kicking himself for not seeing it earlier.
鈥淢aybe we鈥檒l pay her a visit, she鈥檚 a looker ain鈥檛 she Ivan.鈥 The client sneered, right now Erik felt like he might be sick.
鈥淚s she why you left?鈥 Robert鈥檚 asked. 鈥淚 tried to figure it out why you would just up and vanish. Oh Erik have you been breaking rule number one?鈥 She condescends, rule number one; no attachments, attachments make you vulnerable. Just like Erik now was.
The longer this scene passes on the more Erik could see the resemblance between the woman he thought would have his back and their crooked client. He supposed the apple didn鈥檛 fall far from it鈥檚 poison tree.
鈥淵ou know what I think?鈥 Robert鈥檚 mused circling Erik鈥檚 chair. 鈥淚 think we鈥檙e not the only ones who know about your special little friend. She鈥檒l be dead by morning,鈥 she stated simply, handing the phone to Ivan. 鈥淏acktrack his location. He was there tonight. Kill her, burn down the place and make it look like an accident.鈥 She ordered and Ivan nodded before going back through the house.
A renewed energy took over Erik and he blacked out from the rage that was coursing through his veins. He had put Y/N in danger and she was closer to it than he could鈥檝e ever known. Erik guessed he had been sloppier than he鈥檇 thought and now because of him she and his baby would be dead by morning.
His baby. An unfamiliar feeling settled in Erik鈥檚 chest, a primal need to protect his own. He wasn鈥檛 sure exactly how it all happened, the major details were a blur. But with Ivan gone and even in Erik鈥檚 bruised and battered state he broke free of his restraints retrieving his emergency gun he kept hidden on him at all time. Two quick shots dispatched both the client and Roberts, then taking her advice he set the house ablaze to make it look like an accident.
Erik would spend the rest of the night hunting down Ivan until he killed him too. The sun was already painting the sky in pinks and blues when he dumped Ivan鈥檚 weighted body off of the pier.
Erik knew he couldn鈥檛 stay, he had to make sure that Y/N was safe even if it meant he couldn't be with you. So instead of heading back into the city he navigated his car towards the airport. He still owned the condo the two of you had shared in New York and he had some contacts there that could help him find out just how many people knew about Y/N. He鈥檇 kill every single one of them if they meant to do you harm, he was willing to go to hell and back to make sure that you were safe again.
Taglist: @nahimjustfeelingit-writes鈥 @fd-writes鈥
@nahimjustfeelingit-writes @buffisummerz @fd-writes @yomiloo @ibe-erynn @yourwonderbelle @pipsqueak-98 @inlovewith3 @amethyst09 @sambucky8 @knrivera16 @themakingsofdion @greeneyedthief @chaneajoyyy @quietstorm-73 @big-flop-energy @bugngiz @champangesugar鈥媘ama @sinflowersugar鈥
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ririsasy3 years ago
I can not wait to ship them, There will be more interaction between these two when black panther鈥檚 press tour begin. Hoho
T'challa : *point at chadwick and Michael B* Get these men a ship
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crayonmod2 months ago
Anyone who鈥檚 lived in the town long enough remembers a woman named Valerie. She was a small little thing, straw coloured hair pulled tight in a bun, a straw hat with hand sewn bows and flowers decorating it, and modest dresses with charming flowery designs.
She took ownership of a small building and set up a fish mongers operation. Without ice it was only ever open for a few hours at the crack of dawn before the heat beat down, but there was always enough fish for people that were buying. And that was her secret she never shared- how such a tiny scrap of a person could catch so much fish by herself. She had no family, no partner, nothing.
Then one day she opened shop with her daughter. She was only 6, but already a good 5ft tall- strong and hearty. She had thick, wiry hair pulled into tight plaits, wore a frock that would be a size too big one week then a size too small the next, with a scarf wrapped up to her face. Valerie introduced her daughter as Pisca.
Pisca was a good kid, delighted to talk to anyone who came to buy. She also had the strength of an ox, more than once lifting massive loads of fish where groups of men struggled. She loved to show off her pretty dressed mama sewed, was always excited to talk, and was forever being yelled after by her mother to stay close and keep your scarf on.
This arrangement continued for 14 years, day in day out. They鈥檇 come to town with fish, sell out by 10am, then either leave or, if Valerie needed to shop, give Pisca time to run about and socialise. By now the young woman was at least 8 ft tall- it was obvious she wasn鈥檛 entirely human, but the topic never came up and was never mentioned. Valerie had always been incredibly private, for all she was friendly, and it was understood that if she didn鈥檛 want a subject spoken about, then it was not spoken about.
The one day there was no fish. None the next either. No Valerie, no Pisca. The shop doors stayed closed for a month.
When the shop opened, there was only Pisca. Her colourful dress had dulled, her hair pulled into plaits that were now a little less neat, her cheery expression sullen.
鈥淢y mother is very sick. I have to provide so we may find medicine or a cure.鈥
It鈥檚 been 10 years, and the town lost a little bit of light. The shop still opens early every day, still with fish to sell- but the joy the little mongers brought died. Pisca, now 31, is a quiet, dark person, who hardly says a word. She still wears her scarf- no matter the heat, covering the lower half of her face. Sometimes she buys strange things- sometimes she asks strange questions聽
鈥渉ave the new men spoken of mutterings in the mines?鈥 鈥渨hat time of day are the vultures now flying?鈥 鈥淲ho last saw the dandelions?鈥 There鈥檚 a few people she鈥檒l speak to. Her mothers鈥 friend the barkeep at the Two Horn Inn, or the local cryptid elf- though those meetings are scarce seen.
Should you follow her out of town (and believe me, she鈥檚 hard to follow) You鈥檇 find her not returning to a home, but to the lake. There, she removed the once vibrant dress, folds int carefully and hands it tenderly in an old, low tree alongside many other articles of clothing- some her size, some the size of a petite woman, before diving below the waters.
You will not see her resurface until the next day.
And if you were stupid enough to get close enough to look, then you鈥檇 watch this huge woman transform into a bull shark. One who swims down, down, down to the bottom of the lake, then disappears through a cave entrance.
Anyone with the power to breathe underwater and a serious death wish would see inside, the lost woman named Valerie. She鈥檚 alive, but very much sick, and encased in an enchanted air bubble. Blue skin lines her lips, a dark colour pulsing in her veins. She is always asleep. Once in the bubble, Pisca is once again human- and without her scarf you see her rows and rows of shark teeth. She tries mixing elixirs, potions, anything- but nothing seems to be working.
When the bubble begins to shrink, a tentacle as long as a train carriage emerges from the lightless depth and replenishes it.
If you were close enough to see all of this, you鈥檇 never see who that colossal tentacle belongs to. Because if Pisca hasn鈥檛 killed you by now, then her second mother has.
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cheese-greater-official4 months ago
I was thinking of the whole 鈥榁illain is a radical leftist and we agree with them basically but damn their so mean about it鈥 trope and I realized that there鈥檚 legit ALWAYS a scene where said character dies and the main character forgives them for their crimes like without fail this scene exists istg
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mortal-comphet4 months ago
Okay I鈥檓 not an expert, but when people say 鈥測ou can鈥檛 eat fewer calories than you鈥檙e burning to lose fat!!!!! You will just burn muscle!!!!!!!鈥 It鈥檚 like......we store fat specifically for this reason.,,,,why do you think that the human body would immediately start breaking down muscle tissue in like one day when it has fat stores for this purpose
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ehud15644 days ago
I don't know what's going on in what if or in this specific episode because I fucking hate marvel. But fuck yeah kill monger is killing people! Good for him!! I'm so on his side!
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bonni10 months ago
ok for the last fucking time. your login info can't be stolen just by clicking a link. this misinfo is dangerous for 2 reasons:
it'll unnecessarily freak out people who accidentally click the links
it lets people convince themselves that their login info is safe as long as they don't click the links
hacking is occuring because of phishing and mass password leaks on dark web databases. while the former is fairly avoidable, the latter is not. I've had multiple strong passwords leaked before despite having plenty of security measures on my devices. don't assume that your blog is safe from being hacked; it's not. the best thing you can do is enable 2-factor authentication. and while you're at it, do this for your email accounts as well, and any other social media website that supports it. as technology advances and hackers come up with new tricks, our old methods of account security become ineffective; it's a fact of life. take it from someone who's had their personal email hacked: a strong password is not enough anymore.
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aussie-roadkill10 months ago
I haven鈥檛 touched Welcome to Night Vale in months, I come back to the episode I鈥檓 up to and immediately it鈥檚 about the stigma behind mental illness
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