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As in full-on yelling fights? Or just arguing about something in general? Because, yeah, they’re bound to have disagreements at some point. I feel like they’re not the type to yell at each other though. One or both of them might make a cutting remark, and then they’ll put distance between themselves to have time to cool down and sort out their thoughts. Dream doesn’t like to lash out and is always trying to resolve situations with an open mind and willingness to listen. If he gets too frustrated or angry, he just asks for some time and space to himself, and he’s always willing to respect the other person if they ask for that as well. Killer also prefers to distance himself, mostly because it hurts less when he doesn’t let his emotions penetrate the numbness. That won’t always be the case later on, particularly the longer he remains in Dream’s presence. 

Arguments like these are eventually settled by either one hesitantly approaching the other and sorting things out from there. Afterwards, there’s a lot of soff cuddles and gentle kisses ;w;

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Oh man, I know for a fact Type and I talked about this, but I can’t find that convo anywhere, so I’m guessing it was from when we were in VC 😩 Basically, yes, anything to fluster Cross is something the others would be interested in except for Nightmare who acts like the whole thing is beneath him when in reality, he’s just very shy about it LMAO He overthinks angles and positioning to the point where he just forfeits the whole matter. Type also joked about Nightmare ruthlessly deleting any nudes the moment they’re sent to him, and Cross is all *shocked pikachu face* 😂

Receiving nudes from Killer is something Cross pretty much always expects because Killer somehow has this uncanny ability to send them at the most inconvenient times. Cross will be out somewhere and receive a text from Killer, and against his better judgment, he opens it and instantly wishes he was home (which Killer is not above doing to convince Cross to hurry on back 😏). And as for Dream, it takes him some courage to ever send nudes. I’d say he probably starts sending them to Killer first because Killer’s just so vocal about his appreciation and support and isn’t one to be shy over this. The first time Dream sends Cross a suggestive pic, Cross very nearly drops his phone, and his whole face goes purple. It’s rather cute. 😌💜

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Random Facts


José Manuel Martinez once killed a friend of His Brother In Law. Merely for parking in his driveway after he told him not to. On the news the victim’s mother begged for her son’s whereabouts. He actually felt compassion and dug up the body leaving it somewhere easy to find. ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃Extra Fact: His first murder was his sister’s killer.

His interview

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Unfortunate Deaths


Naya Rivera



Naya Rivera was a actress in Glee, Who met an unfortunate death. She frequently visited Lake Piru to swim and was said to be good swimmer. While swimming she helped her son up on the boat while she proceeded to drown. I always wonder how scared she was, She never knew that her son survived as she drowned.

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Me: Man, I want to make a fic where Reader would have this funny personality or just basically jokes around in the crew, flirt a little with everyone. Maybe make them a little dumb and all but still–*hears the door creak open*

Newbie: *slips their head inside the room* Eeyyyyy, ya called for me???

Me: …*sighs* Dang it, it already exist.

Newbie: What? :D

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Originally posted by r0r0noa

A/n: I’m no professional and tried to portray PLC the best I can with my current knowledge and understanding of the said illness. If you squint enough, it could be a kid x reader or shanks x reader (but I dunno man, so I'mma just make it to Shanks x reader). I’m still trying my best and still improving, please enjoy.

Warning: Curses and stuff

“Hahahahaha!!” Laughter echoed in the deck, making the crew turn their heads on you. The crew don’t understand, why of all moments are you having a laugh. Angry stares, grunts and a few curses got out under their breath as they look at you.. but you can’t stop laughing. You don’t wanna tell them as well for you are embarrassed of your situation.

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Nightmare: …for the first question, stretch

Stretch: Are you fucking kidding me?

Nightmare: you’re the first person who came to mind

Blueberry: …why

Killer: Well, the amount of people who would have objections to us picking on him would remain the exact same, as well as who exactly would have objections.

Nightmare: for the second question, throwing rocks at people’s windows

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