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#killer track
bi-force-1 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Written on the back are memories of drawing on Thrash's tattoos with sharpies because his Amazon order didn't come in time and how they melted off by the end of the night.
I seriously cannot believe I got this idea all the way out of my head. I'm so excited and tired at the same time. The posters in the background were made by spacevirgoart on Instagram.
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thirdchildart · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Forgive the poor photos, my phone is NOT GREAT, and I quick snapped these the night before I delivered it over to Nick.)
Hi, I'm Meg Lloyd and I wrote/illustrated/bound the Black Book prop! It was made for a different upcoming Starkid project, but I'm ecstatic to see some of the pages featured in Nightmare Time! There is soooo much more inside I can't wait for you to see! (In much higher resolution than my horrible phone can capture)
Thank you to Nick and Matt for commissioning the very coolest piece of physical art I've ever got to make.
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musicalsandfluff · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feeling like pure shit just want them back
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awigglycultist · 25 days ago
MacNamara at Holloways funeral: I need a moment with her
Duke: of course *leaves*
MacNamara leaning over the coffin: Okay listen here you little shit I know you're not dead
Holloway: yeah no shit
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girlfriendcas-jail · a month ago
Incomplete list of things we know about Miss Holloway
She’s a witch
She helps children
She knows cross/Wiley personally
She is immortal and can be resurrected
She knows about the lords in black
She has some kind of curse which keeps her from delivering exposition or pretty much saying anything about her past
Every few years she resets herself and becomes a new person (presumably) in Hatchetfield
She has a magic book which is probably the exact same one Sheila Young was talking about from the Church of the Starry Children
Everyone loves her which is a given but I feel like it needs to be stated
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pb-and-beans · 23 days ago
So when Webby goes to Lex to be like "yo sis I know you wanted to forget about me but your actual sis is in trouble", she says the definitions of all the lords in black. She says pokey is the most uncompromising but she doesn't say about the others which one is which and I think I got it.
The hungriest (nibbly¿)
The cleverest (wiggly¿)
The trickiest (blinky¿)
The most sadistic (tinky¿)
The most uncompromising (pokey)
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melchron · a month ago
You know what they have characters named Up and Smellyballs why not have one named Kale
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incorrect-hatchetfield · a month ago
(A lot of it is gibberish or in a handwriting I can’t read so I’m gonna be focusing on a few key pages)
Tumblr media
The first page opens with a warning “you are a fool to seek the Black and White”. We know this book was written by Willabella but I really don’t see her caring enough to add a warning so maybe this was added later on
Tumblr media
A MAP OF HATCHETFIELD, it annoys me so much that I can’t read any of the messages surrounding the page but holy fuck we finally have a map. The red blood drops seem to be markers of some sort and the large red circle is right in the centre of town probably around The Starlight or something similar. I need a HD version of this immediately
Tumblr media
I’m putting these two together cause you can see the cultist holding the knife in the bottom image. This is clearly The Cult Of The Starry Children who appear to be doing some ritual on one of Kim Whalen’s characters. This could be a Honey Queen sacrifice but there’s no dead pigs so this is more likely a shot from Miss Holloway’s backstory. If so it’s interesting cause she seems to be connected to Tinky while the cult is mainly dedicated to Nibbly but maybe they worship all the brothers and they were just focused on Nibbly for the Honey Festival
Tumblr media
Then we have this fucking badass illustration of Tinky, he looks so much better here than when he was described in Time Bastard he must have a great PR team.
Tumblr media
Finally we have this page which Miss Holloway uses to save Rose from the song. The clock on the left page is getting deconstructed which is cool but the one of the right is fascinating
Tumblr media
It’s at the same a clock, an astrology chart and a compass. The star in the middle could also be Starry Children imagery or just a generic compass image. Someone who knows more about astrology then I do should break down the position of the signs and why they’re correlated to those times/directions
I’m gonna be treating this as The Hatchetfield Theory Holt Bible cause there’s so much we can gain from just 6 pages
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hatchetfieldtheories · a month ago
Who is the alluring stranger?
Wrong answers only!
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hatchetfield-scarecrow · a month ago
Miss Holloway: Gets on stage and starts playing
The EMTS who picked up her dead body a few hours ago:
Tumblr media
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awigglycultist · 25 days ago
Love how this fandom saw Needy Beast and went "I love them they're me favs"
Actually, no, I love how this fandom sees any side/minor/background character and just falls in love with them
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The conspiracy behind Toyzone
I find it interesting that there are stores in Hatchetfield called Toyzone, Guitarzone, and Partyzone. What if these are each connected to the Lords in Black, maybe with each being behind one of them? if this is true, I would think that Wiggly is connected to Toyzone, Pokey is connected to Guitarzone, and Blinky is connected to Partyzone.
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