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slight tw: k*lling

LREF playing among us

  • Kaz is the one who suggested everyone should play it when it was really big and trending because he wanted to go viral and “5 Bionic Teenagers Play Among Us!!! (things got messy .. 😬)” sounded promising
  • Oliver is always super suspicious, crewmate or impostor, and he always gets voted out
  • Chase is the crewmate who genuinely just wants to get his task done and will make sure the others are doing tasks as well
  • he ends up being voted out because everyone got tired of him calling emergency meetings and being like “why isn’t the task bar moving???”
  • he would be a great imposter because he can strategize super well, but he always gives himself away by being either too quiet or too defensive
  • Kaz wants to get imposter but never does
  • and he complains about it a lot
  • but he’s actually a pretty good crewmate because he knows his friends like the back of his hand and can tell when they’re lying in a heartbeat
  • he also never does his tasks
  • and he has a Little One that he names Squishy :)
  • Skylar gets very into the game
  • like.. very into the game
  • she’s ruthless when she’s imposter and very intimidating when she’s a crewmate
  • someone will kill her and she’ll either be like “:(( why did you kill me :(((” and make them feel terrible, or she’ll be like “>:(( why did you kill me >:(((” and make them very scared
  • Bree’s a good imposter because she knows how to keep her cool (mainly because she doesn’t care too much about winning or losing a “stupid game”)
  • she is the Master of venting
  • she will also speed into the others rooms and manipulate her voice so that it makes it seem like they said something suspicious lol
  • anyway, Kaz ended up not posting a video because Chase said it was too risky, but the team made a habit of playing Among Us quite frequently
  • then Leo and Adam visited and Leo is literally a God at Among Us and no one could beat him and some glass may have been shattered
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I’m not ‘plotting’ anything

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I’M E V A P O R A T I N G-

This boy really said “Can’t wait to vibe in the grave uwu.”

I had the gall to respond with “Okay, urn boy 😒”

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Partially. Whenever one of you kills someone you’re put in solitary for a bit and if we dont know who killed the guard, we don’t know if we have an SCP going rampant.

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Impaled with vital organs and ribs missing. He was a man with green eyes and brown hair.

There wasn’t any fire involved so I’m not sure it was you

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Well thank you for that. They went through a lot last night-

I see. Well, you were in your cell at the time but I’m not sure if you knew their name.

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He doesn’t scare me but I’m cautious around him

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(ghsgdjgdjg- I feel like that’s how the au should end gshgshhd)

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3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

I may see my girlfriend soon and I’m excited for that

93. How many sweatpants do you have?

I actually don’t think I own any sweatpants lol

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page? 

“And stories were almost impossible to kill.”

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@hopingforjustice​ said: ❛ Duels only lead to dead men, not respect. ❜ time to piss abba off

“The time for respect is long gone. They had their chance, and chose to ignore it. So, yes, I will kill as many men as it takes for them to fear us. See? You’re right for once. Does that satisfy you?”


He stares right into her eyes. There’s something about this girl that pisses him off to no end. And he’s starting to believe she does it on purpose. Ah, but Bucciarati adores her.

“My stand might not be the best suited for combat, like Mista’s or your Giorno’s, but I can fend for myself, thank you very much.”

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I only had Kertley for a day and a half, but if something had to happen to her, i would kill everyone on this farm and then myself

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23 Reasons why I love Kaminari Denki :

(CW: mention of k*lling, eating)

• Relatable as fuck… it’s the adhd

• this kid is SO loyal to his friends. He loves them so much

• Extremly powerful ??? Could kill the entire school with a snap of his fingers

• he’s so beautiful… oh my god

• He’s so kind and friendly ! He probably has a million friends everywhere !

• Doesn’t take anyone’s bs though. Can and Will call out Katsuki with no fear

• Has Kacchan privileges

• Beautiful

• Very shippable uh

• Everyone makes fun of him for acting ´dumb’ (he literally fries his brain… why would you except him to get out of it like he came in) and it hurts me

• Once again… he’s too relatable…

• Gives me STRONG non-binary/bi/queer vibes. He/they Denki for the win

• He has cat eyes, his pupils are thin

• The mystery of his hair bolt… does it grow with the hair ? What if he cuts it short ?

• Very rare quirk type

• He’s so cool. I want to be him.

• Does his best

• Got into UA, the most prestigious hero school !! Even if he has bad grades it means he’s above average…

(Going more into headcanons but)

• Would hang out with teachers for fun

• Probably waits for others to come before he starts eating so they can all be together

• Would ditch what he’s doing in a second to help someone he loves (with anything). Even if he’s doing something super important. Passing his final exam to become a hero and his friend is having a crisis somewhere ? He’s leaving that room with half his paper done and he’s not coming back until his friend is laughing again.

• Shares the music he loves with the people he loves

• Gets shy about the things he can do well (sing, English class…) because he’s used to being overlooked/mocked

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