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#killmonger fanfiction

Two more chapters left in “Wet Sugar”! I can’t believe I’m really going to finish this thing so I can get the other books poppin’! This has been a journey for real!

I hope to have it up tomorrow night.

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Summary: Erik and Yani’s lives are about to change permanently….

“I’m a fish in an aquarium
Cut off from the outside world
The water’s always lukewarm
And I observe

Hardly anyone takes notice of me
But I am, here
Quietly floating
My lips, moving
Just like yours

Always in motion
You, never seem to rest
Through my reflection
I watch you
Why do you keep me here, like this…”

Me'Shell Ndegeocello – “Aquarium”

“Come on Sweet Pea, it’s okay. Come out from there…”

Yani stuck her head under Sydette’s bed and saw her daughter curled up with her doll Miss Penny in the fetal position.

“It’s just a bad man on tv it’s not real,” Yani said.

She reached her hands out for Sydette and the girl crawled from under the bed and sat on Yani’s lap.

“Oh, I know that sound scared you. We’ll watch something else.”

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Short: Erik vs. Newborn

Warnings: Fluffy 🥺 and language, brief mention of death and childbirth

A/N: I don’t plan on making a second part

This was a quick, off the top of my head short so I hope you like it 🥰



Erik grew up in a non traditional household. He jumped from foster home to foster home and never really made friends. From the suburbs to the projects, Erik had a horrible childhood. Finding his dad dead in his apartment really messed him up mentally. Erik swore that if he ever had kids, he would be a better dad. Living somewhere safe and doing whatever it takes to make sure his kid(s) didn’t go without.

Fast forward to the present. Erik Stevens and his girlfriend of three years were expecting a baby girl in the summer. Both Erik and his girlfriend got the nursery together in their shared three bedroom high rise condo, painting it in hues of grey and light pink. The theme was simple. Erik didn’t believe in all the clutter and fuss over the nursery. He didn’t want to overstimulate his daughter. He played classical music for her on his Beats pill speaker…even sliding in some Tupac and read her a bedtime story every night. He spoke to her through his girlfriends belly and made sure to rub cocoa butter on his girlfriends belly hoping his baby girl would get used to the smell since he planned on using it on her.

“Babe! Stop talking to her so she’ll go to sleep! She’s been kicking me since you got home and my belly is sore now” his girlfriend whined.

“I’m sorry baby. Imani is just happy cause she knows I’m going to read her a story” Erik climbed into bed and grabbed a book from his nightstand. Goodnight Moon.

After reading the whole book, he noticed his girlfriend was knocked out. He kissed her and closed the book.

“Goodnight Imani. Daddy loves you already” he kissed his girls belly then fell asleep.

3 months later: Due Date

Imani Nalah Stevens (Swahili) was born at 1300 hours on a Tuesday in June. It was both the worst and best day of his life. There were so many emotions surrounding that day that he was unsure of how to feel.

Fast forward to three weeks later. Imani was now three weeks old. Still tiny, fragile, soft and innocent. She smelled like baby and Erik couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He watched her sleeping every night, afraid that she would disappear if he closed his eyes for even just a second.

“Hey babygirl. You ready to take a shower?” Erik asked Imani in a baby voice. He picked her up out of her 4moms mamaRoo swing, gently, and laid her on his bed.

“Let’s get you undressed so we can clean yo stinky neck” he kissed her forehead. Unsnapping and pulling her grey onesie over her tiny head full of black hair, pulling off her tiny newborn sized diaper, Imani was now exposed to the cold air and almost immediately peed everywhere.

“What the fuck!?” Erik ran his hands through his locs and sighed before laughing. “It’s all good. Just don’t shit everywhere” he picked her up and carried her to the shower with him. Holding her tightly against his big keloid scarred chest, he climbed into the steamy shower. Imani started screaming and squirming around in his big arms. Erik struggled to keep his grip on the wiggly baby. Afraid he would drop her, he got out the tub and wrapped her in her fluffy white baby sized towel. As he exited the bathroom, he nearly slipped on all the water he managed to drip all over the floor.

“This shit is hard” he sighed. He laid Imani in the middle of the bed while he went to find his iPad to google search how to give a newborn a bath. “A sponge bath? Aight that seems easy enough” he grabbed a baby wash cloth, Chagrin Valley Milk & Honey Baby Soap, a bowl of warm waster and an extra towel to wash her on. Walking back to the bedroom, Erik noticed it smelled off. He got closer to Imani and seen her squirming. He dropped everything on the bed and dropped to his knees in frustration. Imani managed to take a shit all over his white sheets and her white towel.

After successfully giving her a sponge bath, rubbing a thin layer of cocoa butter on her already silky skin, and changing her into her pajamas, Erik fed her a bottle and rocked her to sleep. He carefully picked her up and laid her on the couch next to him. He pulled his Apple MacBook out and got started with his research, sliding on his gold rimmed eyeglasses and popping open a Dos Equis beer with his black leather journal and bullet point ink pen in hand.

  • Black single fathers support group
  • Black dads with daughters support group

His research wasn’t a total waste of time. He ended finding a few Facebook groups for single black fathers. He joined and looked through the threads, questions, suggestions. He actually gained enough courage to write a post of his own looking for advice.

Anyone else lose their partner during childbirth? Does it get easier? How do I deal with the grief while raising my daughter?

While scrolling through another group he joined, he got a notification. Clicking on the red 1, he seen someone commented on his post.

“It takes a while but it does get easier. Having family support and support of other dads definitely helps. I’m in Oakland, where are you?”

“I’m also in Oakland”

“I’m a single father to twin girls. 3 months old. It’s a struggle everyday but we manage”

“Damn. I’d love to pick your brain. I struggled to give my daughter a bath. Damn near dropped her in the tub. How do women make this look so fucking easy?”

“Lol, Let’s meet up and talk. I’m down”


Two days later, Erik and Imani met up with Sean from the Facebook group. Sean had two three month old daughters. Maya and Malia.

“Wussup bruh” Erik dapped him up.

“What’s good wit ya”

“……I don’t even want to think how difficult it’ll be to date again. Am I supposed to date again? Just doesn’t seem right. Me and my wife never had this conversation because we didn’t expect this…” Sean said as he rocked Maya in his arms.

“Is it bad that I don’t want to think about her? I want to move on so I can stop feeling so fucking sad all the time” Erik looked down at Imani who was in her stroller just looking around with her big grey eyes.

“Everybody deals with grief differently. I can’t tell you what’s bad but do what’s best for you and your daughter. Do you have support from your family or her family?”

“Nah” and Erik left it at that.

“Hm. Well I’m sorry to hear that. I think it’s important for black men to have positive influences from other black men. Being able to talk, support one another, encourage one another, especially being fathers, we have little ones looking up to us for direction. We have to be the leader and protect them. We have to be better than our parents were. I enjoyed being able to share my experiences with you. If you ever want to meet up again, chill, grab a drink cause god knows I be needing a fucking drink after the shit I deal with on the daily basis, let me know. There’s a group of us who go out and drink while three of the wives watch the kids”

“Shit I’m down. Thanks for hearing me out bruh. I actually feel a lot better. I thought I’d have to do this parenting shit on my own but it’s nice to know there’s other men out there who’s been through it and open to helping out lost brothers like me” Erik dapped him up and both men went their separate ways after exchanging phone numbers.

That night, Erik put Imani in her swing and sat it in the bathroom while he took a shower. Every time he would disappear from her view, she would start making snorting noises with her nose like a pig. He would peek his head out and say peekaboo and each time she would jump with a surprised look on her face. Erik thought it was hilarious.

“Aight mamas, it’s time for bed. Daddy is tired as hell” he laid up against the headboard and placed Imani on his chest. He pulled the comforter up over the both of them and he cut the light off. Imani wasn’t having that. She started squirming and kicking and crying.

“What I do!?” Erik cut the light back on and looked down at Imani who looked like her feelings were hurt. Face all red and eyes all watery. Erik picked her up and held her tightly against his chest as he walked her around the condo rocking her.

“Shh. Shh. Shh. It’s okay mamas” he kept trying to sooth her but it didn’t work. If anything, it made her jump each time she heard his deep raspy voice through his chest. Even when he tried to whisper to her she still jumped. Eyes all big like she was shocked.

Nothing worked. He tried feeding her. Changing her diaper. Removing a layer of clothes to cool her down but nothing worked. He laid back in bed with her on his bare chest.

“Oh shit! Duh!” He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed Goodnight moon. He turned on some Tupac to play softly in the background and dimmed the lights real low.

“…..goodnight Imani. I love you” he kissed her sleeping forehead and carefully swaddled her so he wouldn’t wake her.

@btitannaaa @dangerous-history

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Originally posted on Wattpad @Monique_bella

A/N: Book starts with 16 year old high school virgin Erik.

Chapter 1: La’Keisha

Warnings: language, slight smut



May 2004

Erik Stevens 16, grew up in Newark, New Jersey with his best friends Sterling 15, Frank 16 and Monaè 14. Erik lived in a foster home with parents who let him get away with whatever he wanted. To them, Erik was just a paycheck.

Erik met Sterling and Frank in high school. Erik loved basketball and played all the time. He joined the team and the three became inseparable. Frank used to have his older brother buy them four lokos and they would drink and play video games all night.

Erik had the biggest crush on a senior at his high school named La'Keisha. La'Keisha was 17 years old and a dancer on the school’s dance team. Erik found himself staring at her quite a bit. She was well developed and had a huge ass that all the guys talked about. One day after school La'Keisha was driving past Erik in her 2004 Acura.

“Hey Erik! Erik!” She yelled out her window.

Erik stopped and walked towards the car.


“Need a ride home?” She asked popping her gum.

“Sure? I guess”

“Then get in. Let’s go” she unlocked the door and Erik climbed in placing his backpack between his legs and putting his seatbelt on.

Milkshake by Kelis was playing in the background. La'Keishas long hot pink acrylic nails were wrapped around the gear shift.

“So where you live at?” She asked.

“Over on 2nd” Erik replied nonchalantly.

“How old are you Erik?”

“16. Why?”

“I notice how you be looking at me when I’m at dance practice. You kinda cute. You got a girl?”

Erik grins to himself.

“No. I’m single”

“You a virgin?”

“Umm. Yea” he admitted nervously as he rubbed his hands on his pants.

“That’s cute. How bad do you want to lose it?”

Erik looked over at her confused. Was she offering to take his virginity? If so, he would be the happiest 16 year old on the planet.

“I mean-I don’t know” Erik shrugged his shoulders.

“Let’s go to my house then. My mama is working a double tonight anyways”


After a 5 minute drive, they pulled up to La'Keisha’s house.

She cut the car off and climbed out. Erik followed behind her. His heart was beating out his chest. Today was the day he would lose his virginity. Sterling and Frank been lost there’s and he would finally be able to join their conversations about sex.

“Just follow me” she walked upstairs and Erik shut the front door and walked upstairs. They walked into her bedroom that was painted pink. Posters of Run DMC, Wu-Tang Clan, Fugees, Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child. She had stuffed animals on her bed that was covered in pink sheets.

Erik shut the door behind him and sat his backpack on the floor.

“Don’t be shy. I won’t bite” she winked.

She cut on My Boo by Usher and Alicia Keys. She stood in front of him and pulled her shirt off exposing her size D breast in her white push-up bra.

“Take your shirt off” she pulled at it. He pulled his shirt over his head leaving his two chains around his neck. One was a cross and one held his fathers ring. Both meant everything to him.

“Next is our pants” they both dropped their pants to the ground and looked at each other. Keisha stood in her matching white underwear and Erik stood in his Nike spandex boxers.

“What do you want to do?” She asked walking to her closet to pull a flavored condom from her personal stash.

“I don’t know” Erik shrugged but seeing Keisha naked made him hard. He didn’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing in this moment so he covered it with his hands.

“Lay back on the bed and I’ll give you head” she pushed him down on the bed. Erik heard Sterling and Frank talk about how good and sometimes bad the head they received was. Erik hoped this experience was good.

Keisha climbed in between his legs and removed her bra.

“Touch them if you want” Erik reached down and played with her nipple. It didn’t do anything for him but she seemed to like it.

“Lick you fingers and do it”

Erik licked his first two fingers and played with her nipples. She moaned and Eriks dick jumped.

“Try not to cum so fast” she giggled. Erik sat up on his elbows to watch her as her mouth sank down onto his length. He was amazed. Shocked. Speechless. So many emotions. This new sensations was one he could get used to. Even though she asked him not to cum fast, he couldn’t help himself and ended up coming on her mouth.

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry! Fuck” Erik was apologetic but Keisha didn’t mind. She laughed.

“It’s okay. I liked that” she admitted.

“Has a guy ever done that before?”

“No. Never. You’re the first”

“Oh. Wow. Well that felt amazing. Can you-can you do it again?” Eriks face was turning red.

“Sure Erik”

And she did. And he continued to be her first for the next 30 minutes.

“Since you loved that so much, you get to fuck me and let’s see how much you like it” she tossed him the condom. Erik knee how to wear a condom. He practiced plenty of times for this exact moment.

Keisha pulled her underwear off and laid on her back. Erik nervously climbed in between her legs. His breathing was fast and he was sweating.

“Erik. Calm down. Take your time. It’s only me” her words were soothing and Erik took a deep breath before sinking into her. He felt like he slipped and drowned and couldn’t find his way out.

“Fuck” Erik said thrusting into her.

“Damn little Erik. You got a big dick on you” she smirked. His ego was officially fed thanks to her.

“Shit. Thanks” he smiled.

After their first sexual encounter, Erik asked her out a few weeks later. She said yes and he took her to her senior prom.

They were happy together but unfortunately, Keisha graduated and went off to college.

“I miss you Keisha. How’s college?” Erik asked over the phone as he completed his AP Calculus homework.

“It’s great baby. I’m having fun but I miss you too. How’s school? You apply to any colleges?”

“Yea. I’m thinking about going to MIT for engineering”

“You’re leaving Jersey?”

“Maybe. I don’t know yet. I put in the application but we’ll see. I’m still waiting on my SAT scores to come in this week”

“You did great on them Erik. You know you did. You’re so smart. You’ll get into MIT”

“Thanks. I hope so”

“I love you Erik”

“I love you too beautiful”

That was the first time they said the L word. It wasn’t the last.

4 months later, Keisha came into town to visit her mom. Erik found out Keisha was in town through his best friend Monaè who just so happened to be friends with Keisha’s little sister Destiny.

“She’s in town? How you know?” Erik asked throwing his backpack over his shoulder.

Monaè shrugged.

“Destiny told me”

Erik rolled his eyes then walked straight from school to Keisha’s house. He knocked but no one answered. He knocked again and Destiny opened the door.

“Oh hey Erik..”

“Is Keisha here?”

“Yea she’s-” before she could finish, Erik rushed upstairs to Keisha’s room. Her door was shut but Erik heard that familiar box spring squeaking noise. He opened the door and seen Ray Donovan on top of her. They were having sex. Ray was a football player at Eriks school. Both Erik and Ray were seniors. Everyone knew Erik was dating college girl Keisha.

“Keisha? Are you serious!?” Erik was crushed.

“Erik! Get out!” She threw a teddy bear at him.

“Fuck you Keisha! I thought you loved me!?”

“Erik. I’m a girl and I have needs too. Now get out!”

“Don’t call me again! We’re done!”

Erik stormed out of the house and walked home. His heart was broken.

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A/N: Hey babies, I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and sound in the midst of this craziness. Here’s some cute shit to break up the monotony of quarantine. I’m still going to work unfortunately every day so this took a bit longer than I would have liked. Like, read, comment and reblog if you so choose to and thanks for stopping by! Wash your damn hands, babies!


Originally posted by godtsol

Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black Reader

“The global pandemic, COVID-19, or more commonly known as the Coronavirus has spread through the United States at an exponential rate. It is imperative that we as public officials, indebted to the citizens of California, take every precaution to prevent community spread and encourage safe practices. The city of Oakland will mandate a 14 day quarantine for the city limits and surrounding suburbs, beginning this weekend. Please make sure to get everything that you need to sustain you and your families for the time being and take care.”


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Warnings: Smut, fluff, quarantine bae

This is a short imagine, Enjoy!



Y/N walks into the Physical Therapy office with a glow that could put the sun to shame and a bright white smile that lit up her face like Christmas lights. She sanitized her hands at the front desk before walking further into the office, saying Goodmorning to Miss Kim who usually doesn’t speak but Y/N’s chipper attitude must have rubbed off on her. Y/N looks up and notices a sign posted on the desk window saying:

Please Wash Your Hands Before Checking In For Your Appointment!

“Let’s see if our patients actually abide by that today,” Y/N was thankful that the place was empty for now. All of the exam room curtains were drawn and the exercise equipment sat neatly in a corner. Y/N made it to the check in desk for appointments, walking around and dropping her purse on the empty chair beside her. Humming, Y/N takes off her windbreaker jacket, fluffing out her braid-out. She has on a scrub set with flowers on the top in pretty spring colors.

Y/N jumps straight into work, placing the clipboard for signing in at the top of the desk. There were medical files for the patients that were scheduled to come in today neatly piled in front of her. They were expecting at least 20 people. Some came for therapy because of a motor vehicle accident, others because of work related injuries. Sanitizing again, Y/N takes her seat, sighing because her legs felt like jello and her ankles reminded her of Bambi taking his first steps.

The reason for her happiness and muscle spasms is because of her man; Erik. Being home for the past two weeks meant two times the dick she was already receiving. She woke up with an attitude because he left the toilet seat up and basically used up all of her exfoliating scrub that she used for her pum-pum. In the middle of his snoring, Y/N barged back into the room, water dripping from her brown skin with her shower cap on her head. She picked up her pillow and started beating Erik out of his sleep….

Hour and a half ago:

“Get yo’ ass up!” Y/N yelled like a mad women while beating Erik with her pillow, “GET UP!”

Erik simply rolled over on his belly. All she could see now was his durag and muscular back.

“You think I’m playing,” Y/N yanked the covers from his body exposing his Under Armour briefs in navy blue. Y/N starts whipping Erik’s ass with her tiny hand. Erik’s hips start swiveling from side to side. He grunts angrily, his hand coming up and behind him to roughly smack her hand away.

“Erik GET UP! Why did you use up half of my exfoliating scrub?! I just bought this stuff and it ain’t cheap!”

“Girl…you waking me up out of my sleep because of some scrub?” Erik flips his body over to lay on his back. Rubbing his eyes, Erik mumbles to himself before completely sitting up. Bags under his eyes and a scowl on his face, Erik shakes his head at her, using all of his restraint to not grab Y/N up off her feet.

“That scrub, I spent my money on. I have to go to work I’m already frustrated that they have these offices open with this virus going around and here you go pissing me off further,” Y/N throws her hands up, ready to walk away but then she remembered the toilet seat, “And another thing, what’s your problem with closing the toilet? I don’t want my ass falling in the toilet, Erik.”

“Did you close it?” He asks with a glint in his eyes and a groggy voice.

“Yes, I did, what’s your point?”

“Then it shouldn’t be a big deal. You went pee-pee, get over it,” Erik fell back in bed, bringing the covers to his chin, “All loud for nothing I’m TIRED. Take that noise somewhere else.”

“Fucking asshole,” Y/N lifts her leg to the bed, kicking Erik hard. Erik sat up again, his pectorals jumping and his biceps flexed and ready to attack. Y/N stood her ground, unbothered with Erik’s wrathful expression.

“Kick me again. Gon’ head…”

“Erik, I don’t have time for this-“

“Oh, no, you do. The time you spent in here yelling at me your shower could have been finished. Just hurry up and get the fuck outta here so I can sleep.”

“Just know, I’m not making that baked Mac and cheese for you tonight!”

“You’re so simple acting! Damn,” Erik covers his head with a pillow. Things were silent for only two seconds before Erik removes the pillow from his face, sitting up in bed again. Fuming, Erik kicks the covers from his body like a child having a temper tantrum, getting out of the bed and heading toward the bathroom.

“See, look what you did, girl! Now I gotta piss!” Hot-tempered, Erik lifts the toilet seat Damn near breaking it, “I should take a shit too have this whole bathroom lit up while you’re in there!”

“Erik, DONT play with me. I don’t need to be smelling your toxic fumes,” Y/N was in the middle of cleaning her pussy, “Wait a minute…”

Y/N pulls the shower curtain back, peeking her head out with a disgusted look on her face. Erik simply laughs, a good hearty laugh with his hand clutching his chest.

“Did you just fart?” Y/N says while cover her nose.

“Duh, I ain’t shit on myself,” Erik flushes the toilet, going to the sink to wash his hands and brush his teeth, “finish washing up, funky butt.”

“I’m not the one with the funky ass, smelling like you ate a whole can of beans-“

“Aight, then scoot over I’m coming in-“

“NO!” Y/N shouts, “No, I don’t want you in here I’m still pissed with you.”

“Girl, get over that shit,” Erik takes off his briefs, “I’m getting in there fuck you talking bout.”

“UGHHH,” Y/N rinses her body off, trying to ignore Erik’s rock hard body pressed against hers.

Of course, Erik couldn’t help himself when his hand came down to smack Y/N’s ass, “Get loud on me again and ima fuck you up.”

“Erik move back and take a shower,” Y/N rolled her eyes, “When you going back to work?”

Erik howled, his laugh so loud in Y/N’s war she clinched.

“I’m getting on your nerves that much, Damn…you wasn’t saying all of that when I fucked you all those times.”

“I know, I’m still questioning my morals-“

“Then as soon as I do go back to work you’ll start acting up again apologizing in my ear about why you’re acting the way you are,” Erik leans down to speak into Y/N’s ear, “I’m sorry baby, I just miss the dick,” He says trying to mock her voice.

Y/N stood quiet, no response because she knew he was right. She wanted to be mad at him so much but that’s her baby. Erik smiles evilly at her reaching down to grab her chin, turning her head in an uncomfortable position since her back was turned to him.

“You dont acting up?”

“But I was never-“

“You done?” Erik repeats himself.


“Pass me my soap…get in that bedroom and arch your back I want some pussy.”

“Babe,” Y/N says with a pout.

“Take your lil ass in there!”

“Okay but why are you yelling?” Y/N was ready to give him more attitude but she changed her mind at high-speed when she saw the fiery look in his eyes. Y/N left the shower, not even bothering to dry off. She arched her body on the edge of the bed, little booty tooted in the air, cool air on her pussy.

“This nigga is about to destroy my whole body,” Y/N says to herself, waiting patiently with her chin resting on her folded arms, eyes studying the pattern of the sheets on their bed. Y/N couldn’t complain, she finally got Erik to be consistent after dealing with his “I don’t do relationships” mess. Consistency will get Y/N to give her pussy up whenever he said so. Consistency will get his dick sucked like it was dipped in chocolate.

Just when Y/N was daydreaming, the feeling of her pussy being licked from the back down knocked her senseless. Erik was enjoying his meal while jerking his dick. His noxious tongue thrashing almost stroked Y/N unconscious. He was eating her like he hadn’t eaten all quarantine. His belly would be gratefully filled with her syrupy essence.

Erik squeezes Y/N’s smaller yet round booty, before spitting on her pussy from the back, leaning back to admire his canvas, “I plan on smashing these lil cakes to smitherines, girl,” Erik went back to licking her up.

“Aight, bae, you gotta stop,” Y/N couldn’t handle his tongue so early in the morning. Her thighs started to close but Erik held them open while using the strength of his neck to eat her pussy.

Y/N’s hand found the top of Erik’s head. She mushes him away, her body slacken. Erik hit her ass for moving his head away, “Ima give you a nasty ass slow kiss when I’m finished so you can taste how good this pussy taste…don’t mush me again, Y/N.”

“Fuck!” Y/N didn’t listen, her body twisting and her hand swiping the air. Erik was purposefully scooting his head away while torturing her clit with his sucking.

“Okay, ZADDY SHIT!” Y/N tried to stay still but the way he was slurping all over her pussy made that unfeasible, “SHIT! I wanna tap out…”

“Uh-uh,” Erik wasn’t letting go.

“Okay…okay…fuckkkkkkkk…let go of my clit MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! GODDD!!!!”

Y/N started shaking, crying, squealing. Erik’s hands wrapped around her thighs, keeping her in place so he could continue sucking the life out of her clit. When she was finished feeding Erik her cum, Erik’s wet face reappears.

“Got you out of your lil mood, didn’t I?” Erik and his hard ten inches were ready to impale Y/N’s dripping cunt, “Come on girl, toot that ass up I’m tryna get in there.”

“Daddy just shut up and fuck me now because I know I’m not gonna be able to walk after this-“

“Then toot that motherfucking ass UP. You know the drill, get in position.”

Y/N arched her back more, breathing slow as she waited with anticipation. Erik didn’t warn her when he was about to stuff his dick inside of her pussy when he was trying to punish her. Squeezing her hands into fists, Y/N waited as her pussy convulsed.


Erik purposely waited for her to speak so that he could put all of him inside of her. Y/N’s entire body crawled away from him, his dick leaving her pussy. Erik grabbed her ankles, pulling her back with force. Y/N was slapping Erik’s hands away but he was stronger. Each time she tried to crawl away Erik would drag her back like she was a damn doll.

“Where you going? Don’t run,” Erik held Y/N’s hips in place his dick back inside of her pussy like it never left. Maybe it was because it was early in the morning but she couldn’t take his back shots. His dick was constantly stroking her G spot and he was so deep that Y/N could feel it in her chest. Y/N was talking mad shit so now Erik had to show out in her pussy. Erik was beating up Y/N’s pussy. Long, hard, and deep strokes. Erik leans forward, one of his hands on her head while his hips stroked her pussy at a tempo Y/N knew was meant for her to be made an example of.

“Okay,” Y/N felt herself read to cum already. Erik’s hand on her head to hold her in place was so deathly Y/N kept her mouth shut the rest of the time. Her lips trembled and her eyes leaves hot tears from the way he bruised her G spot.

“Stay crying for big dick but wanna run from it,” Erik says calling her out, “You don’t get to run this is what you ask for.”

Y/N wanted to say she didn’t ask for this but her body was saying other wise. The intensity of the sensation was so overwhelming she didn’t care that he ordered her to arch her back. Now, her pussy was creaming. Erik was juicing her peach. She felt the wettest out of all the times they had sex. Maybe it was because he was the angriest he’s ever been. Maybe Y/N should act like a brat or a bitch more for him to fuck her like this.

“Lil booty freak taking Daddy beating this nut deep inside your pussy from the back…laying there letting Daddy take this pussy…Lil ass like it when Daddy bring this pussy back hard on this dick, huh?”

“Oh my God-“

“Just keep still while I drill this nut deep…fuckkkkkk…I can see now yo’ ass Gon’ end up with a baby growing in you with all this fucking. Can’t even count how many times my nut been up in this tight ass pussy.”

“Daddy, oh my God-“

“I don’t care either I’m nutting all in this pussy-“

“Unh, shittttt…fuck me!”

“I got you-“

“Take this sweet little pussy-“

“I’m taking my sweet little pussy”

Y/N screamed.

“Got that pussy hitting right with that ass matching these strokes…ahhhh fuck, hold still I’m about to nut….

“Wassup itty-bitty!”

Y/N sat up nice and tall after being brought out of her daydream. Clarence, one of the other Physical Therapists was nibbling on an orange while standing next to her. He peeked over her shoulder, seeing if she was occupied with something since he called her like five times.

“You Aight over here?”

“…yeah,” Y/N looked over the desk to find two patients waiting to be seen, “Did they just come in?”

“Yeah, a little after I did.”

Y/N noticed both patients. One was a middle aged women who was involved in a pedestrian accident with a car. She was jogging when a car backed up and hit her. The other patient was a young women around early 20’s who had severe back pains from a bus accident.

“I like your scrubs,” Clarence says while studying the floral patterns.

“Thanks,” Y/N gives Clarence a smile. Clarence smiles back, sure to show off his dimples just like her man except Clarence doesn’t have deep dimples. He’s 6’0, and from Ghana. All of the ladies loved Clarence. Y/N knew that he was feeling her even when she told him on multiple occasions that she has a man. His persistence wouldn’t let up.


Things were steady and getting the patients in and out was a breeze. Y/N’s belly was currently growling and she instantly wished she’d at least brought in a snack to hold her over. Y/N planned on buying lunch from a carry out within the shopping center of the office. It was the perfect time to go grab something to eat before patients start piling up again. Clarence is currently wiping down a room that was recently used.

“Still with that boyfriend, Y/N?” He asks casually while spraying down an exam table. He asked her like he wanted to know what the weather was like. Y/N dreaded the day he would ask her that again.

“Yes, Clarence,” Y/N chuckles, “And I don’t plan on leaving him.”

“Why hasn’t he put a ring on your finger yet? It’s hard to find good girls like you. What is waiting on?”

“There is no rush,” Y/N grabs a pen to finish writing information into a patients report. Just before she could close her file, Y/N’s phone vibrated. Glancing at it, Y/N could see that Erik was currently sending her texts.

I’m bored

Well do something productive like reading a book instead of playing video games.

Just when Y/N flips her phone over so she could go back to work, another text comes through, most likely from Erik again.

I’m about to call you.

Before Y/N could tell him anything otherwise Erik was FaceTiming her. Y/N rolls her brown eyes before answering the FaceTime. Clarence was talking to another coworker of there’s so Y/N didn’t need to worry about anyone eavesdropping. Y/N answers the FaceTime, her heart fluttering because of the dick down Erik gave her before work. Staring at the screen, Erik was still in his sleep wear with a durag on his head. His controller was in his lap and from the pout on his lips and the puppy dog eyes Y/N could tell that being cooped up in the house and away from Y/N for at least three more hours is killing him.

Ooooh, I like you’re hair, Miss lady, can I pull it from behind?”

Y/N looked around her to make sure no one heard it, “Yes, You can ZADDY. Just as long as you’re gentle this time around. I like tender love and care too.”

“So you rather go oooh and ahhhh then Unh and Fuck when you’re crying and drooling and begging to cum-“

“Erik, SHHHHHH,” Y/N tried not to laugh, “Babe, it may be dead at this place right now but I am on the clock.”

“My bad, ma-“

“Itty-bitty, lets go get some lunch,” Clarence stood at the desk like a patient waiting to be checked in. She hadn’t heard his footsteps and honestly she wished she did.

“…Who?” Erik says through the FaceTime, his face all scrunched up with confusion.

“Is that the boyfriend?” Clarence brings his face into the camera, “sup’ boyfriend, I’m Clarence.”

Erik was stone faced looking at Terrence. Y/N was holding her breath, unable to look at her phone because she knew her man was pissed off.

“Who is itty-bitty?” Erik finally says. Clarence caught wind of his abrasive tone, backing away from the camera, “Just a nickname, brother, my fault.”

“Only nigga giving my girl a nickname is me.”

Y/N cleared her throat loudly, “Okay, babe! I’ll talk to you when I get home, okay? Love you,” Y/N gave Erik smooches, not sticking around to hear him argue before hanging up.

“Damn, yo’ man is nothing but a hot- head-“

“And you don’t know when to sit back. I was on the phone with my man, if I wanted your attention, I could have gotten it.”

“Chill, itty-bitty,” Clarence was tickled by how bothered Erik was, “Shit, he ain’t playing about you is he?”

Y/N flat out ignores Clarence, standing up from the desk and grabbing her bag. While Clarence laughed and joked about Erik Y/N pumped hand sanitizer into her hand before walking off. In her scrub top pocket her phone was going off the hook. Y/N knew not to ignore his constant texts. Y/N pulled out her phone, her heart in her throat

Do I gotta come up there?

Who the fuck is that nigga?

Don’t let no other nigga put his face in your phone again. That’s disrespectful.

Y/N answer my texts. Do I gotta come up there?

The fuck is itty bitty? I don’t like that shit.

Panicky, Y/N calls Erik before exiting the office.

“Babe?” Y/N says with caution.

“Don’t babe me. Who the fuck is Clarence?”

“My coworker-“

“Where are you?”

Y/N chewed on her bottom lip nervously, “Erik…why?”

“Because I’m coming up there. And what’s up with this itty bitty shit? You let him call you that?”

“I don’t he just does it-“

“You need to correct that nigga, matter of fact-“

Y/N could hear Erik moving around in the background, probably putting on his jordans uncaring of the fact that he was wearing loose fitted basketball shorts with his dick swinging.

“Babe, I know you’re not coming up here to my job,” Y/N says with a shaky voice, “Babe stay home.”

“Nah, I’m coming up there. He gon’ need physical therapy once I’m done breaking his goddamn limbs don’t nobody fuck with mines.”

“Erik, chill-“

“I call you nicknames, Y/N. I can tell that nigga was peeking so he could see what his competition looking like. Then, you’re there with him for 8 hours…all close to you, smelling how sweet you smell, making you smile, listening to your voice…”

“Erik, are you jealous of Clarence?”

“Jealous? Of that nigga? TEH,” Erik could be heard closing a door, “I’m not jealous, I’m territorial. Jealous is when you want something that’s not yours. Territorial is protecting what’s already yours.”

Y/N stood quiet, a smile fighting to form on her lips.

“My babe, is my babe. Therefore, don’t look, touch, wink, wave, stare, flirt, compliment, hold, anything that’s my job.”

“Babe, pleaseeeee don’t come up here because I know how you can get. Don’t be so upset about this fuck Clarence-“

“The reason I get mad is because I know exactly what they’re trying to do, I’m a man, I know. It’s not because I don’t trust you…I’m on my way.”


“I’ll see you when I get there.”


Y/N was reluctant to go back inside her job now. She only lived ten minutes away if she drove. Erik is a reckless driver who weaves in and out of lanes. He would probably do 70 MPH to get to her job. Y/N decided to wait for him instead of going back inside so she could bribe him with a shrimp cheese steak sub and save Clarence from an ass whipping.


Pulling up in an all black Mercedes-AMG in the hood was a risky thing to do but that was the least of Erik’s worries.

“Nah, let me put this heat away,” Erik places his chrome gold pistol in the glove department. He didn’t want to make Clarence shit himself and Erik didn’t use his gun for play. It’s not like he didn’t think about doing it though. Erik is very protective over Y/N. Still pissed off, Erik gets out of his SUV, securing it afterwards and pocketing his keys. The thought of Clarence all close to his girl calling her a nickname had Erik’s blood boiling over.

Sure enough, Erik did leave the house in a pair of black basketball shorts with his dick free. His crisp white T-shirt, gold chains, and black durag has all the hood girls that were leaving the hair store doing a double-take when he walked by. Y/N is still standing outside of her job, a male security for the shopping center talking her head off. When she spotted her boyfriend’s usual bop in her peripheral, Y/N lifted her back from the wall, a big beautiful smile on her face to distract Erik because he couldn’t resist her smile.

“Hey babe,” Y/N called out to him, the security dude looking towards the direction of who Y/N was referring to. Erik and him locked eyes. Erik squinted his with suspicion, ready to call out the security but he got the hint before Erik could even say anything.

“Aight, sweetheart, you be safe out here,” He walks away before Erik even approached. Of course, Erik’s anger piqued when he saw another man talking to Y/N. Finally within her space, Erik gave the security dude one final death look before looking down at his girl.

“Niggas getting real comfortable around you, I can understand, because you’re fine ass fuck but I don’t like this shit. Looks like I gotta beat the shit out of every nigga up here in this goddamn shopping center-“

“Erik…baby…daddy,” Y/N made her voice all sultry and low, blinking her lashes at him. She rubs his chest, talking to her in that low sweet voice that had him hard and ready to fuck in minutes.

“Don’t do that, I’m mad right now…Why are you waiting for me outside? I wanted to make a grand entrance into your job. That nigga wanna put his face in my girl phone let’s see if he try that shit now,” Erik doubles back to open the door to enter the Physical Theray Office but Y/N stops him.

Y/N rolls her eyes, “I was just about to head to lunch, want something to eat?”

Erik’s eyes swept over Y/N’s work attire, “Nah, I wanna meet Clarence…let go of me, girl.”

“Baby,” Y/N made her voice soft again, “You’d rather pick a fight with someone I don’t give two fucks about than spend time with me? I can get you a foot long shrimp cheese steak with everything and some fries with hot sauce and ketchup.”

Erik rolls his eyes, bringing his left hand to rub his belly, “I am hungry. Didn’t eat since this morning.”

“Let’s go then-“

“Itty- what’s up?” Clarences exited the office with another coworker, some new young girl who did clerical work. Y/N was sure that Clarence was fucking the girl with the way she was pressed up against his back giving him googly eyes. That itty didn’t fall on deaf ears. Erik was in full on attack mode before Y/N could even stop him.

“Clarence, right?” Erik approaches him, “You got a problem with staying in your lane, bruh. I’m sure my girl told you already that she got a man. Now…I came all the way up here to put my hands on you but I ain’t even about to do that,” Erik turns, grabbing Y/N, “This girl right here, she’s mines. Whatever goes down at work she’ll tell me, and then I’ll pull up and put my hands on you…do you understand what I’m saying Clarence? So this is a warning. Figured I should come up here so you know I’m serious.”

“Man,” Clarence laughs in Erik’s face. Y/N could tell by the way his hands shook that he was scared to death of Erik. Clarence wanted to appear unbothered while the young girl behind him watched, “You wasted your time coming all the way up here. That’s yours, cool, I don’t want no problems.”

“You got a habit of laughing at shit that ain’t funny.”

Y/N knew that Clarence was provoking Erik. People within the shopping center started paying attention to them and now Y/N was afraid that Erik will end up bashing Clarence’s face in.

“Erik, the food, remember?” Y/N wrapped her arm around Erik’s bicep, “Let’s go,” she was up on her tiptoes, placing a soft kiss to Erik’s cheek.

“Remember what I said-“

Clarence cuts Erik off, “No need to repeat yourself over and over-“

“I’ll repeat myself however many time I need to…this lame ass nigga man-“

“Lame?! I’m not the one out here acting a fool over a chick who ain’t even all that-“

Erik’s first cocked back swiftly. Y/N didn’t see it coming. Frozen with fear Y/N covered her mouth in shock. Clarence stumbled and flinched, hands coming up in surrender.

“Look at you, weak as fuck,” Erik’s fist was centimeters away from hitting Clarence. Erik wanted to shake Clarence up. If he wanted to hit him, he could have stomped all over him until he was a bloody pulp but the thought of Y/N’s job being jeopardized stopped him. Clarence peeked at Erik through his fingers, slowly backing away before straightening his body.

“I would have bloodied you up but my girl needs her job. Doesn’t mean if I see you I won’t fuck you up. Don’t you ever disrespect my girl like that. I bet you learned your lesson today, didn’t you?”

Y/N shared a look with the young girl she worked with, noticing how turned off she was when Clarence cowarded away. She wrenched her eyes away, yanking on Erik’s arm to get his attention.

“Babe, I think he heard you, let’s go before some shit pops off.”

“…I’m coming, baby girl,” intensely, Erik gives Clarence one final look before wrapping his arm around Y/N’s shoulder, “Aight Clarence, I hope you and your child have a good rest of your day.”


“Nah, that laughing shit got me hot, then this nigga had the nerve to get big on me…kiss me before I turn around and put his ass in the ground, he don’t know, I’m really a cold-blooded killer.”

Y/N grabs his chin to make him look at her before they walked inside of the carry out. Erik was being stubborn, trying to look everywhere else but at her face. Clarence and the young clerical worker were too busy flirting and avoiding coming anywhere near Y/N and Erik.

“Aye, you missed me?”

Erik kisses his teeth, “what you think?”

“Nah, I want you to tell me,” Y/N wrapped her arms around Erik’s waist.

Erik’s lips twisted up to fight a smile. The outraged look in his eyes seemed to clear and now they were affectionate and soft like Y/N loved.

“…yeah, I missed you.”

“Okay. If you missed me then let’s enjoy lunch and then I can clock out early and we can go home. I don’t want you all worked up over this bullshit. He ain’t got all of this, you do.”

“Damn right I do,” Erik pulled Y/N closer to his body, his hands coming down and around to grab her ass, “all of this is mines-“

“Okay, baby,” Y/N didn’t want to get Erik too worked up since they were in public. Y/N slipped away from his firm grip to open the door. When she walked in, there was a Latino couple with N-95 masks on. Y/N and Erik sanitized there hands with some wipes that she carried with her everywhere before walking towards the front to order food.

“Miss Y/N! How are you? Same thing as usual?”

“Hello Mr. Dean,” Y/N avoided touching any surfaces and Erik lingered behind her, “Yes same thing for me, a shrimp salad sandwich and for him he’ll have a shrimp cheese steak with fries.”

“Foot long or half?”

“Foot long, and can you add extra cheese and lettuce to that please?” Erik says over Y/N’s shoulder.

“Of course, anything else?

“Two kiwi strawberry Mistic’s for me, how about you baby girl?”

“I’ll just have water I’m not in the mood for anything sweet.”

“Yeah, cuz you’re already sweet enough,” Erik bites his lip all tantalizing while his hands caresses her butt.”

“Daddy, chill, wait until we get home-“

“You mean wait until we get in the car?

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Chapter 4



3 years later

Today was your graduation. It’s been a long time coming but you were happy to finally be done with school. In a few days you would be turning 22. You would be moving to Oakland, California to work at the Wakanda Outreach Center. It worked out perfectly because your parents decided to permanently reside in California and you were so happy. They would also be at your graduation today thank god because their flight kept getting pushed back.

You and Nolan broke up after he graduated. He ended up getting high and dying in a car crash a few months after. As for Morgan, you and her stopped being friends after you found out she was sleeping with Nolan behind your back.

Erik. The night you went to his place to get your items from him, after confessing your love for him. He said he loved you too and the next few weeks were filled with lust and passionate sex. Unfortunately after he graduated and left for the Navy, you lost touch and he went off the grid. You couldn’t contact him and he didn’t contact you. It hurt you but you couldn’t let it bother you. Except it did bother you because a few months later you found out you were pregnant and it was definitely Eriks baby because you didn’t use a condom those last few weeks. Instead of adoption or an abortion, you decided to keep the baby. You were having a little girl. You were happy and ready to raise your daughter. You documented the entire pregnancy with pictures and videos of your belly. You even told your parents who weren’t thrilled and not happy with the fact that you couldn’t tell Erik. You reassured them that as soon as you could reach him, everything would be okay. But nothing after that was okay. Month 7 of your pregnancy, your little girl, Mila, wasn’t kicking anymore. You waited all day for her to kick but she didn’t. It wasn’t until day 2 that you felt like something was wrong. Seeing as you’ve never been pregnant before, this was all new to you. You decided to go to the hospital where they informed you that Mila got her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Heartbroken, you went into a downward spiral. Drinking every night, sleeping around, skipping class. You almost didn’t graduate but you pulled yourself out of that hole.

After graduation, your parents took lots of pictures and took you out to eat. Your apartment was already packed up and everything was sent to your house in Oakland. Your cousin Jason was going to be moving to California with your family. You didn’t have siblings but Jason was like an older brother to you. He was extremely protective and he looked out for you.

“So J, where will you be working in Cali?” You ask with a mouth full of food.

“I’m being transferred to your job actually. I’ll be head of communications. Well, I’ll be working under someone but yea. I’m excited. Plus staff members get vacations to Wakanda. Sounds good to me” he says.

“So we’ll be working together? Dope! I can’t wait”

“So is your fiancée moving too?” Dad asked.

“Yea where is she?” You ask.

“She’s already in California. Staying with her parents right now while we look for a house”

“Use our realtor. I’m sure you’ll find a house quick” mom says.

“Thanks Auntie. I appreciate it” Jason says.


The four of you fly to California and land at Oakland International Airport. Catching an Uber to your parents house in Sherman Oaks, you chill over there for a while before heading to your place.

After unpacking some stuff, you decided to head to Ralph’s to do some grocery shopping.

You climb out your Benz and grab a cart walking inside. You have a list of items you need. One being a pack of organic tampons because Aunt Flo decided to show up earlier than you anticipated. As you read your list and walked down an aisle, your cart is bumped by another lady’s who has a little boy in her cart. He was so adorable.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention” she apologized. She had an islander accent but you couldn’t pin point it.

“No it’s okay. Don’t worry about it” you say.

“I’m surviving on no sleep. My son here has been keeping me up all night” she laughs.

“He is the cutest” you smile at the boy.

“Thank you. He gets his looks from his daddy unfortunately”

“Don’t they all” you laugh remembering how Mila looked like Erik when you got a 3D scan done. It made you mad that she would look like him but at least you would have had a reminder of him.

“Yea they really do” she agrees.

“I’m Y/N” you introduce yourself.

“I’m Tamara and this is Kody. He’s 2”

“He’s the cutest. It was nice meeting you” you say before grabbing your box of cereal.

“You ready to check out baby?”

That voice. So familiar that it makes you jump and instantly your adrenaline drops causing your heart to race. You begin to shake and afraid to turn around.

“Yes baby. Sorry. I had to apologize to this lady, I nearly ran her over with my cart” Tamara laughs. You and Erik meet eyes. He looked completely different now.

Hair grown out again, a full thick beard and mustache. He looked like he got bigger. Muscles showing through his white T-shirt. Neither of them wore a ring so they must not be married.

“E-Erik?” You say confused.

“Wussup Y/N”

“You two know each other?” Tamara asks.

“Yea. We went to college together” Erik says.

“Oh. MIT. You live in California now?” She asks.

“Yes. Just landed today…”

“Oh that’s right, you just graduated” Erik says.

“Yup..” you look away quickly feeling the tears coming. You had a right to cry. Before he left, he made you promises that he didn’t keep.

“Shit and you just turned 22. Y/N, I’m sorry, I wanted to come see you walk but I was busy” Erik said.

“You don’t owe me shit Erik. It was nice meeting you Tamara and Kody. Bye” you pushed your cart away from them. Completely abandoning it and walking to your car fast. You struggle to find your keys through your tears and drop to the ground crying. You feel hands on your back and turn to see it’s Erik.

“Come here” he pulls you into a tight bear hug and the two of you stand there silently, besides your crying, for a while before you pull away.

“Here” he hands you your cart items. You look up at him confused. “I paid for them. Quit looking at me like that”

“You didn’t have to do that. I have my own money and you have a kid to….to take care of” you wipe your eyes.

“We’ll be good. You want this shit or not?”

You take the bags and throw them in your trunk.

“Thanks” you say.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I really wanted to tell you in person but I couldn’t find the words. How do I tell my long distant girlfriend that I got another girl pregnant? I’m sorry….I’m sorry I didn’t call you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there at your graduation. Tamara is jealous and I’m not trying to ruin our relationship”

“It’s whatever Erik…” you felt the tears coming again. Your chest hurt and your heart was broken all over again. You climb into your car crying then pull out a sonogram photo from your purse.

“Here” you hand it to him and roll up your window and drive away leaving him standing there looking at the photo.

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Short: Dad (Erik) Pt. 1

Originally posted on Wattpad

Warnings: cursing, angst



Imagine being the daughter of Killmonger. Life would have to be difficult. And it was for 15 year old Amber Stevens. Erik was super strict and had his hands full dealing with his spoiled ass daughter and equally spoiled ass wife. They both got on his last nerve.

“Baaabe!” His wife Tameka called out to him from their luxury en suite.

“Wussup baby?” Erik said from the desk in their master bedroom. He was sitting at his desk cleaning his guns. He had a mission coming up in a few days and had to get shit ready for that and make sure his family would be straight. They had 2 full grown German shepherds and 2 Dobermans. Erik had the dogs trained to protect the two most important women in his life. His wife Tameka knew how to shoot and he took their daughter to the range so she knew how. If anyone tried anything with his family, they would be met with weapons and 4 mean ass dogs.

“What are we doing for Ambers 16th birthday? You know it’s coming up and you’ll be gone”

“Talk to me in here Tam. I’m not about to be yelling back and forth”

His wife walked into the bedroom naked and dripping wet. Her hair was slicked down her back and her curves were calling out to him.


“You like this?” She turned around and popped her ass for him to see.

“See, fuck around and watch you end up pregnant again. I’m not even fucking playing”

“Is that a promise or a threat?” She walked over to him with her hips swaying.

“Both. Fuck you mean” he slapped her ass repeatedly making it jiggle.

“Mmm. I love you daddy” she kissed his juicy lips.

“I love you more baby” he played with her ass.

Erik looked over at the clock and seen it was 10:30.

“Get your robe on. You know Amber will be in here soon to say goodnight” Erik slapped his wife’s voluptuous ass before she climbed off him to put on her shea butter and silk robe.

Right on cue, Amber knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Erik yelled out.

Amber opened the door and all 4 dogs ran in ahead of her jumping on the bed. They knew better.

“Get the fuck off the bed!” Erik yelled. All the dogs jumped off the bed and laid on the floor.

“Wussup baby girl?” Erik said to Amber.

“Dad…winter formal is coming up and I want to go with Vince” she sat in the middle of the bed crisscrossed.

“Who the fuck is Vince!?”

“Dad, my boyfriend..” she rolled her eyes.

Erik gave her a serious look then busted out laughing. Tameka walked out the bathroom to make sure everything was okay. She sat on her side of the bed and climbed under the covers.

“You ain’t got no goddamn boyfriend. Who told you that shit?” His voice went back to serious Erik.

Amber looked between her mom and dad.

“Baby, I told her it was okay” Tameka said. Erik shot her a pissed off look.

“And you ain’t think to tell me first! I’m her fucking dad, and you ain’t no single mom!”

“Calm down”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! You making decisions without telling me! What kind of fucked up shit is that?”

Amber was used to her parents bickering. And by parents, her dad. He had a temper and it definitely showed. Her mom was laid back but her dad HAD to be in control of everything.

“I don’t know who this Vince nigga is but he ain’t yo goddamn boyfriend! Break up with him”


“Don’t dad me. Break up with him or I’ll do it for you”

Amber got up and stormed out their bedroom slamming the door shut.



Erik proceeded to get up but his wife climbed on top of him.

“STOP! You’re doing too much baby. She’s almost 16. Let her date. Let her have fun. You did. I did. What’s the issue?”

“Yea and look at my rap sheet. How many women I been with. The nasty shit I did, they did. I didn’t give a fuck if it was somebody’s daughter! They was just easy bitches with good pussy. So Tameka, tell me something, if I thought that even at a young age, what you think niggas like Vince think about my fucking daughter!? Nah. I’ll kill a lil nigga for looking my daughters way. I don’t play when it comes to my princess!” Eriks heart was beating fast. He was seething.

“Baby. Calm down. It’s okay” she was rubbing his chest. Her fingers stroking his keloid scars.

“How the fuck you know! Giving her permission and shit without me knowing. That’s fucked up Tam!” He pontes his finger in her face.

“Baby you can’t monitor every little thing she does. She’s a teenager”

“Oh I can’t? Bet” he pushed Tameka off and walked out his room towards Ambers room. He was about to knock when he heard something. He knew his ears were deceiving him. Cause if what he was hearing was correct, somebody was getting shot. TO-NIGHT

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Warnings: Cursing, smut

Chapter 2



A few days later, you knock on Erik’s door and he lets you in. His entire place smells of weed and you notice he’s shirtless with low hanging grey Nike sweats showing the infamous ‘V’ shape and chiseled chest and abs.  PS4 controller in one hand, bud in the other. You look him up and down biting your bottom lip.

“Yo ass been over here everyday” he laughed at you.

“I be bored. That’s why” you flop down on his sofa and pull out a book.

“Yea Aight. I got company coming over in an hour” he says sitting next to you continuing his game of COD Zombies.


“Yea. And that company got pussy so imma need you to leave”

“Oh…okay. I’ll go ahead and leave now” you pack up your stuff and get up to leave. Erik doesn’t say anything and you head back home.



You up? - E

You look at the text message and roll your eyes.

I know yo ass up. Let me come over - E

No. I’m sleep - You

Bull. I’m almost there - E

Please don’t. I’m exhausted - You

You were afraid he would come over but he didn’t which upset you. You wanted him to come over anyways. You decided to get dressed and drive over to his place. After parking and climbing out the car, you walk up to his door and knock. He answers it with eyes bloodshot red. He was clearly high and drunk.

“You okay?” You ask.

“Straight. Why you here?” He pokes his head out the door and looks around.

“I thought you were coming over but you never did”

“You asked me not to”

“I know but I expected you to still come over”


You push past him and step into his living room. Feeling bold, you walked over to his glass of Hennessy and take a drink then take a hit of his blunt. He watches you and smiles before slamming his door shut and joining you on the couch.

“How was your company?” You ask secretly hoping it was trash.

“Trash. Girl couldn’t suck dick to save her life so I passed on fucking her. Kicked her ass out then chilled here alone. I was trying to hang with you but I guess you was mad at a nigga” he laughed.

“Yea you right I was mad. You kicked me out for wack head and you didn’t even hit. Pathetic”

“Get cho ass over here girl” he pulled you close to him and you laid up against his chest as he smoked. One hand was wrapped around your waist and the other hand he used to smoke with. The way his large hand gripped your waist made your pussy swell with butterflies. You weren’t together, never had sex let alone a kiss and yet he made you feel safe and you wanted him to ruin you. Strip away the ounce of innocence you had left.

So who makes the first move?

As you made yourself comfortable on Erik, you have two choices, well three. Choice one, place his hand down your shorts. Choice two, you could finger yourself in front of him but that’ll mean you have to look at him. Choice three, do nothing and remain platonic. Decisions decisions. This was tough because it was hard to read Erik. Did he like you? Find you attractive? He never said anything about it to you. Never complimented you and that made you feel conflicted. Equal parts upset and jealous because he was complimenting other girls to fuck them. What makes them so special?

You decide to go with choice one. Putting his hand down your shorts. You were soaked and sticky.

“Aye, lay between my legs” he said in his deep raspy voice. It caught you off guard that he wanted to readjust on the couch. You sit up and  he slides his legs on the couch, he pulls you back into his lap and you feel his rapid heartbeat through his chest. You also feel his dick through his sweats and the way it was hitting your lower back made you nervous. You wanted to be stuffed with that? No way it would fit.  

You breath to calm yourself down some. Now or never hoe.

You take his free hand and play with his large thick chubby fingers before inserting two in your mouth sucking on them. Erik doesn’t say anything and you can’t see his face, thank god. You pull his hand towards your shorts and place his hand on your pussy. He takes over and inserts two fingers. Erik let’s out a hiss as he enters your wetness.

“Fuck Y/N. What you tryna get into tonight? You wet as fuck” his voice deep and in your ear.

“I want you to fuck me”

“Oh you want me to fuck this tight lil pussy? Cause shit, I’ll do it. I’ll turn yo ass out having you feigning for a nigga” his voice turned you on so much.

“Yes fuck me”

“Manners baby girl. Ask me the right way. I know yo parents taught you better than that”

“Please fuck me” you whine.

“Turn around and look at me”

You shake your head no.

“Why not?”

“Because…I don’t want you to kick me out for trash sex…”

Erik laughed.

“What you talking about? You can’t fuck?”

You shake your head no again.

“Why not? What can’t you do?”

“Everything…” you finally turn around to look at him. He pulls you close before rubbing your jaw with his thumb and forefinger.

“I’m a virgin…”

“Oh…damn. And you want me…..You want me to take your virginity?”

“Yea. I trust you”

“I got you baby girl. I’ll take care of you. I promise” he kissed under your chin.


“Lay back on my chest. We’ll start with me fingering you to get you warmed up”

You lay onto his chest your heart racing. He pulls your shirt off over your head and tosses it to the floor. Your exposed D cup breast lay there nipples getting hard from the cool air. Erik licks his fingers before grabbing your erect nipples and twisting and twirling them in his fingers. You let out a soft moan mistakenly and close your mouth.

“Tell daddy how good this feels. You don’t got to be quiet with me. I wanna hear yo sexy ass moan”

You open your mouth moans escaping your lips.

“Fuck daddy. You’re making me so wet. This feels so good” you moan.

Erik continues playing with your nipples and he leans down to kiss your neck. You can’t help but to give in to becoming a needy moaning mess. Unraveling in front of Erik. Stranger turned friend turned friends with benefits?

“You ready for me to play in that tight pussy?” He asks.

“Please daddy” you beg.

He stops playing with your nipples and pulls you so you’re facing him.  He takes in your naked body and licks his lips. He takes one nipple into his mouth while playing with the other. He goes between the two pleasuring you. By now there’s a puddle between your thick thighs. You felt your stickiness on your inner thigh and wanted Erik there. He pushes you onto your back on the couch and pulls your shorts off with your panties giving him the perfect view of your swollen and sensitive puss. You craved his touch and wanted him to put it on you.  

He spit on his fingers before playing with the outside of your precious honeypot. You bite your lip in anticipation. He plants kisses all over and you moan. Without warning he shoves his two fingers into your tight wetness letting cuss words fall from his lips.

“Goddamn baby. I can’t wait to get all up in this shit. Fuck” his eyes were focused on your pussy.

“Pretty lil pussy. You got a pretty pussy on you girl. It’s like a new fucking car. I can’t wait to break this shit in. I just know imma be in this shit all the time”

Erik was knuckle deep up in you and it felt so good. He kept hitting something in you that made you feel weak and submissive.

“That’s your gspot baby” he says. “Let’s get a nut out of you. I wanna see that pussy cream on my fingers. Just let go and trust me. Cum on my fingers baby”

He rubs at your gspot softly before picking up the pace and showing no mercy.

“Ffffuckkk daddy!” You moan.

“Let that shit go! Quit holding back and cum on these fingers bitch”

You release all over his fingers. Panting hard, you look down to see the mess you made on Erik. His hand and fingers covered in a sticky mess. He brings his fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean.

“Daddy?” You moan out.

“Pussy sweet as candy baby. That shit taste good. I want more”

He inserts three fingers now and massages the inside of your pussy making you squirm. He goes right back to your gspot teasing you.

“Wait-Erik! I have to pee. Get off”

But he doesn’t. In fact, he stares you in your eyes and gives you a sly smile as he fingers you faster. You try getting up but his other hand pushes your chest down and holds you in place.

“Stop fuckin’ moving and take this shit! If you can’t take three fingers, you won’t survive my dick”

He continues to finger you and lick your clit making it stiff and sensitive. You couldn’t take the pleasure he was giving you with his experienced mouth. He then sucks on each of your lips and laps them up making them nice and juicy. He removes his fingers and inserts his tongue deep inside you going to town eating and licking you up good, pinching your clit over and over with his manicured thumb and forefinger when suddenly you feel a liquid pour out of you. Caught up in the moment, you moan and scream as loud as you can and your body convulses. Erik takes his fingers and licks them like a dessert then proceeds to clean up your huge mess with his tongue. His tongue brushing back over your sensitive clit making you push his head away.

“Ha. Yo ass is a squirter. This shit is gonna be fun” he laughed. “Oh and you’re having an orgasm if you didn’t already know. Once your pussy stops throbbing I’ll fuck you. I don’t want to overstimulate yo virgin ass” he kissed your lower stomach and thighs. You moan some more making Eriks dick jump.

“Let me get in that pussy baby. You ready?” He asks rubbing his hard dick through his sweats.

“Yes daddy but go slow. I’m scared” you bite your lip nervously.

“You scared? Yo ass show’s up to my crib at 2am knowing damn well that you wanted this big dick and now you scared” he laughed. “You’ll be aight”

He grabs a condom from his wallet on the table and pulls his dick out. You watch in amazement at how it just naturally falls. All big, veiny and meaty. He was thick and looking at it made your mouth water. He ripped the condom open and rolled it on. It looked like his dick was getting harder and longer.

“Umm…how big are you?” You pointed to his dick. He shrugs.

“I don’t know. I don’t measure my dick but if you want to then be my guest”

He starts rubbing your pussy making you leak on his couch.

“Daddy…” you lick your lips.

He lines up at your entrance and slaps his thick meat on your wetness then rubs it over the condom.

“Just breath and you’ll be aight. If you tense up, it’ll hurt baby girl”

“Okay” you say timidly.

He gets on his knees in front of you and pushes your legs out in a split form then smirks.

“Lil flexible ass”

He slowly pushes his way in. You immediately feel full down there and tense up.

“Aye, what I say? Yo ass about to rip my dick off and I’m barely in there”


“I only got the head in girl”

You breath out and close your eyes. He starts over by pulling out then entering back in. You continue breathing and he’s almost all the way in.

“You good?” He asks.

“Yea. I mean it hurts a little bit though”

“The pain will be over soon enough” he leans forward and kisses your neck. The last bit of him is in and he looks at you.

“That’s all of it. You ready?” He asks.


He pulls out seeing blood on the condom.

“See, you not a virgin no more. Congratulations”

You smile at him and he starts a rhythm of fucking you. Holding your thighs down with his strong hands, he thrusts into you all the way then back out again making you gasp and moan.

“Fuck baby. This fucking pussy….shit” Erik moans out.

“Play with those big ass titties baby. I wanna see you suck on em”

You lick your fingers and roll your hard nipples in your fingers. Erik bites his lip watching you.

“Good girl. Keep doing that shit” he slaps your ass hard.

“Daddy, your big dick feels so good inside me. I don’t want you to leave” you pout.

“You got me for another week and a half. I got you. Imma wear that ass out every fuckin’ day ma”

He continues fucking you with grace. You notice him biting his bottom lip showing off his gold bottom grill.

“Oh daddy….uhhhh….your stretching me out…..uhhhh… feels so fucking good”

“Turn over and let me get this shit from behind” he pulls out and you see all your mess on him. Your freak meter went up and you bend down to suck it all off. Erik grips the back of your head and let’s you do your thing.

“Take the condom off and suck me like that” his voice was demanding but also desperate. Company didn’t satisfy him and he needed to nut desperately.

You take the condom off and take all of him in your mouth. Spit running out the sides of your mouth, eyes watering and jaw locked. You wonder in this moment how girls do this successfully. You lick his head with your tongue doing some made up tricks you figured he’d like and when you look up, his eyes are closed and mouth slightly parted.

Damn. He was really enjoying it.

“Can daddy cum in this tight mouth of yours? Please baby?” He says pushing your messy hair out your eyes so he can look at you.

“Mhmm” you moan still slurping all over his dick. He takes both of his hands and place them on the side of your head. Without a warning, he fucks your throat at an uncomfortable but sexy speed. His dominance turned you on and made you wet. You took one hand to play in your pussy and the other hand to play with your nipple.

“Who said you can play in my pussy?” Erik asked referring to your pussy as his.

“I can’t help it. I want you inside me. I want you to make me cum again” you whine.

“You’ll cum when I tell you too, now take those fingers out before I spank yo ass” he said through his teeth. You remove your fingers and he continues thrusting into your mouth until you feel him swell up in your mouth.

“Ahhh shit….fuck baby….here I come. You ready for all this cum? It’s a lot too cause I ain’t bust a nut in a minute” he bit his bottom lip again and smirked. You nod your head yes and he winks at you. After a few more powerful thrusts, you feel his cum hit the back of your throat and you try to pull away but he holds your head in place with his hands and you make eye contact. Your eyes big and innocent and his eyes full of mischief. After emptying himself in your throat he pulls out and sits back on the couch lighting up another blunt. You sit there speechless and he didn’t finish fucking you yet.

“Just give me a second. I’ll fuck you in a minute” he says bringing the blunt to his lips. He drank another glass of Hennessy and grabbed another condom from his wallet. You grab his blunt and the two of you keep it in rotation before it’s gone.

“Tilt your head back” he says. “And open your mouth”

You do as he says and he picks up the bottle of Hennessy bringing it to your mouth.

“Don’t choke”

Your eyes widen and you see the devilish look in his dark eyes.

He holds your chin with his left hand while he begins to pour Hennessy into your mouth with his right. After filling up your mouth, he lets go of your chin and you swallow.

You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and start laughing.

“You’re crazy” you say.

“You ain’t seen crazy yet” he says.

He rolls the condom on and for the next couple of hours, the amazing sex the two of you had seemed to happen in slow motion. Between the liquor and weed, you were both extremely drunk and very high. It definitely made the sex much more better. You finally loosened up and Erik broke you out your shell. When he said he would turn you out, he meant that shit. You were a slut for him. And you were definitely feigning over him. Almost like he was your boyfriend except he wasn’t. The only thing you wanted after 5 straight days of shacking up and fucking, getting high and drinking, was him. You didn’t want to leave and he didn’t make you.


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Shoutout to all the fan fiction writers for continuous new content. We’re all facing challenging times right now. Thank you for sharing your amazing work that keeps our minds at bay, and away from depressing headlines. You guys are truly appreciated. Sending positivity and love to each and every one of you.


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Not every Princess gets a knight in shining armour. Some get tyrants who care about few things more than warring and whoreing. Husband and Wife are only titles that don’t quell affairs and love and hate are two sides of the same coin.


Fey had enjoyed her first truly fun day in as long as she could remember since being in the dale. She seldom stopped laughing. It had been her and four at first — he’d been in the great library looking over a book three times his size.

“Erik needs help and since you’re being a bad wife, I’m looking for extra strategies” the insolent overgrown child says without looking up from the papers.

“Because you know everything” Fey comments sitting beside her youngest brother.

“I know more than you”

Yeah?” Fey smiles and he hands her a scroll written in a foreign scribe.

“It says” He says proudly. “That is we divert the stream from the violet springs, soak the ashes and then wet the gardens for the net three days the plants will take root again” Fey stands placing the scroll down to make sense of the drawings before looking at her brother in shock.

“Erik doesn’t need war plans, he’s fought them for longer than you’ve drawn breath” Fey comments picking him up with ease despite his protest. “And what do you know of a bad wife?” She asks tickling him.

“I said you’re a bad wife, not that you don’t love him” Fey sits back stunned at the Childs eyes — he missed nothing and had a knowingness to his innocence. “Come on let me bring this to the council then lets get my nephews so we can start on the garden.” He smiled running towards the council only to have some of men frustrated at Erik forcing them to stomach the presence of a child among them.

“My King” Fey and Four had bowed before fining Cassius and three with Eriks sons and heading to the gardens. Its an hour before they were all laughing and slipping and falling in the mud like swine planting seeds and digging holes to enable germination. The guards stood at attention perplexed at first before the infectiousness of their happiness enlisted their help.

Fey could feel peace again, balance and what it is like to live again while having a loving family.

Fey swallows getting stares as she and her army of mud men and boys trail into the castle. The whispers wait till she’s passed until the boys laughter resumes spreading smiles throughout the palace. They are given to their attendants who wash them, fey is cleaned herself by bess who is unamused with the places she’s gotten mud in as she brushes out her hair.

“You’re a Queen not an animal” she chastises. “Good god, look at those fingernails. Fey!” She shouts starting a manicure.

“Bess” Fey giggles and its been so long Bess freezes looking at the woman she’d raised from birth and loved as much as she would have loved her own children.

“That smile could change the world” she says.

“I’ll make sure to use it net time you start fussing” Fey winks as her body is dried and clean garments fit for a queen are placed onto her.

“Where are you off to now”

“My bed”

“The king has been in council since sunrise, his queen may be able to relieve him of his duties as she was frolicking”

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Welcome to Social Distancing Sessions: brought to you by one sentence prompts and my refusal to do actual work from home. 

This one comes from the mind of the BP Librarian herself, @chaneajoyyy​.


1151 words.

Reader is Black. If you enjoy my writing, please comment and reblog.

“I don’t trust the government,” you mused as you scrolled on your phone. Your timeline was littered with hastily written articles on the novel coronavirus. Your eyebrows knit together in irritation when you came across a White House press conference where they assured the American people that they “had it all under control” while dodging every legitimate question from the reporters present. 

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t,” Erik Stevens confirmed, kissing your bare shoulder as punctuation. “Only trust your gut.”

Your gut had told you that this was going to be a bigger deal than officials let on. Even your limited medical knowledge was enough of a warning that this untamed virus would spread fast with the American healthcare system woefully unprepared to handle it. And if there was one thing you could always count on, it was that American people were too fucking stubborn and frankly stupid to take any legitimate steps to stop the spread.

You were in an incredibly lucky position that you could work from home before it was mandated. You had elected to do just that. You’d marched to the grocery store a week early and calmly stocked up on groceries; things you could freeze or had a long shelf life, along with your usual items. Your boyfriend Erik had tagged along, an amused smirk on his face the entire time.

“Look at my little survivalist! Going for the sardines,” he’d jested.

“You make fun of me for liking these, but now is my moment!” you’d declared. You felt no guilt while cleaning out the shelf full of salty, canned fish. No one buys them anyways. At least you weren’t losing your mind over toilet paper. One pack would do unless something with the sardines went horribly wrong.

Erik had insisted that you buy some “normal” snacks that wouldn’t stink up the house, and you’d agreed. Sometimes you just need some Oreos or cheesy puffs.

It had been eight days since that final grocery trip and things were going well in your apartment. Erik and you got along famously and had thus far avoided cabin fever. Between work meetings on Skype, daily walks, dance offs, Netflix, and fantastic sex, you were set. The two of you were coming down from the height of ecstasy when your current conversation over mistrust of the government began.

“Is it sick that seeing Trumplestiltskin’s orange face makes me want Cheetos?” you turned to ask Erik. He cringed at the name.

“I would’ve never enlisted if I knew that blimp of a man would have been elected,” he groaned.

You slid your naked body out from the sex soaked sheets and padded to the kitchen on the hunt for snacks. You grabbed your salty indulgence of choice and opened the bag to find it empty. 

“What the hell?” you murmured. You tried to remember if you had already eaten them already, searching through your memory of the last few days, but came up with nothing. Other than initially opening them, you definitely had not eaten the rest of the Cheetos. 

In a quarantine situation, that left no other culprit than Erik.

You stormed back in to the bedroom, gripping the emptied bag in your hand. You didn’t fuck around about your snacks. This nigga had the audacity to eat them and put the empty bag back on the counter. You were going to let him have it.

Erik giggled at his phone screen, not noticing the anger on your face.

“Babe, did you see that people are saying they’re making everyone stay inside so they can replace the batteries in pigeons? And that the 5G networks are what’s actually making people sick?”

“What the fuck, Erik?” you announced.

“I know!” he guffawed, not looking up. “These conspiracy theories are sending me.”

“You ate my snacks?” you accused him, finally getting Erik’s attention. “That’s not cool. We both bought our own stuff.”

Erik looked up at you in confusion. You’d given him no warning that you were ready to fight.

“Uh… no.”

“Nah. You did. I bet you’re hiding shit too!” You stomped back in to the kitchen, determined to find proof. Erik followed you, unsure of what you were on about.

You began to open the cupboards one by one, slamming them closed when you didn’t come across any hidden Takis or Chessman cookies.

 “Mind telling me what this is about?” Erik inquired, leaning against the bedroom doorframe.

“This!” you rounded on him, shoving the empty Cheetos bag in his hands. “I can’t believe this!” 

Erik inspected the bag carefully as you ranted about trust and rationing. His eyebrows lifted as he found the problem.

“Uh, babe,” he interjected coolly. 

“WHAT?” you yelled, just reaching the precipice of your rant.

Erik turned the bag upside down and pointed at a small hole at the bottom. You looked at it closely. It wasn’t a rip or a tear. It had been chewed through. 

“You have a mouse.”

You shrieked and pulled back.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! What do we do?”

Your cat had been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, staring at the stove, but you figured it was one of those weird things cats just do. You’d never seen or heard any evidence of mice. You kept your apartment clean. You definitely didn’t want exterminators coming in when you were trying to socially distance yourself. This timing couldn’t be any worse.

You looked to your cat, now camped at the foot of the bed.

“You knew about this and didn’t say anything?!”

Erik braced the edges of the stove and pulled. The unit detached from the wall easily and Erik bent down. He illuminated the wall with his phone and hummed to himself.

“Mice really are some smart motherfuckers. Looks like they haven’t been here long, but they sure like Cheetos.” 

You gagged. 

Erik stood and turned to you.

“I can have my buddy here to handle this in an hour. In the meantime, let’s check the rest of our provisions.” 

You nodded, itching to pick up your cleaning products.

“Isn’t there something you’d like to say to me?” Erik probed as the two of your sorted through your bounty. You looked at him quizzically.

“Something that begins with ‘I’m sorry, Erik…’?” he said languidly.

You scoffed. 

“I’m sorry, Erik. I shouldn’t have yelled at you. You didn’t eat my Cheetos,” you apologized lowly, guilt in your voice. You pushed out your lower lip, silently trying to convince him that you couldn’t be held accountable for your actions when it came to food.

He chuckled, gold fanged teeth flashing. He reached forward to hug you, having already received a confirmation text from his exterminator friend.

“I can’t say the Teddy Grahams are safe though,” he joked, eliciting a small slap on the pectoral from you.

“If someone’s going to be in this house, I need to put on clothes!” you yelped. “And a mask!”

Erik rolled his eyes.


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Hopefully, people are recovering from the last update (Chp 27/Part 27), heh heh!

I will be splitting up the last chapter into three smaller ones and make “Wet Sugar” 30 complete chapters just like my other BBBTF books. I want to get the updates up faster, and the best way to do it is to break up this next sequence into three smaller chunks, as in 4-5,000 words each. I was going to do one long conclusion, but I didn’t want to have to take two weeks to get it out. Better to go smaller with faster updates.

Being under quarantine has made me productive which I am happy about. I can keep my mind in a Black Panther world instead of brooding over the real-life mess we all have to deal with. I have finally been able to sleep and rest and relax after losing my job because of the pandemic. This government better hand out that cash to those of us being forced to stay home and not work. The folks who do have to work (especially the grocery stores, gas, trash, etc) need combat pay and triple raises. 

I will use this time to reenergize and write and get lots of needed personal healing time. For me, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise because of the stress I was having at work. A closed door always leads to another opening somewhere else. I will use this locked up time well.

Look out for the next update soon! 

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Extra dom Erik/ punishment mode Erik. He has rules that he and his sub established and she slips up

Warnings: Smut, spanking, degrading, nasty talk, edging, orgasm deprivation.

Smh…this right here…I am super horny, super wet… ughhhhh! I always get turned in with my writing but for some reason this particular one has me ruined. This is for my girl @blktinkerbell and it is dedicated to her 💖 I love you and I hope I fulfilled your desires.


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Part I

Warnings: Smut, Dom Kink

Pairing: Erik x OC/Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Summary: Processing a break up can be hard, especially as the perfect woman to an ungrateful asshole. Healing from heartbreak Elle finds herself finding comfort in Erik’s company but he’s offering more than just kind words as a consolation. Oh, and Erik’s the ungrateful asshole ex’s cousin.

Bayyyyyyyybeeee I’m hot just like an oven, I need some lovin’

“Honestly Elle whats wrong with you? He cheated so what if you fuck his cousin? At this point I encourage it cause you’re interrupting my me time with your lonely ass” Her bestie says over face time getting an annoyed eye-roll in response. There was something about Erik that Elle couldn’t shake. The little details of decor in the house, how kind he’d been, how he’d seriously just given her such a nice place, for free and with no strings attached. He was mindfucking her, literally. He was there in almost every idle thought.

“Put yourself out of misery and just do it”

“You’re giving me bad advice” Elle shout’s continuing to cook when she hear’s footsteps. “Hello?” She ask’s bracing herself until Erik rounds the corner.

“Hey sorry to bother you, I just need something” He comments looking at his phone and somewhere else. Its disappointing when he doesn’t make an effort to give her further acknowledgement disappearing down a corridor.

“Look at you all pouty like a puppy” Reese whispers making Elle rush to her earpods - “come on you deserve to be fucked and good by someone who knows how” Reese says sending Elle into full blush. Only her best friend could repurpose romantic lines from movies to get her all worked up.

“Shut up Reese, I’ll call you back”

“When you do I want full details, offer him some food - balls empty, belly full” Reese winks over the phone before Elle hangs up heading back to the pot of food and stirring.  Elle continues with her culinary delights even after she hears footsteps and feels Eriks eyes canvassing her body, her hair tucked neatly into a low bun as she cooks in a short house dress.

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Does Erik whoop his kids when they’re bad?💀


I personally think that he doesn’t whip them. I think he might pop them a little nothing too threatening but enough to let them know that they need to chill out and he’s tired of repeating himself

  • “Aye, didn’t I tell you to stop walking out the door behind me? What if you get hurt? Don’t make me pop your legs, boy.”
  • “You want me to pop your lips, watch your mouth. We ain’t teach you to talk like that.”
  • *pops butt* Nah, get yo’ little ass back in the room. Time out until I feel like you deserve it.

He would also mainly scold his kids or give them a look.

  • “Aye, little mama, you want me to take that tablet? Stop acting up.”
  • “Boy, stop hitting yo’ sister. She’s a girl, you don’t hit girls. Baby girl, hit him back. See? Don’t feel good does it? Stop doing it”
  • “Stop talking like a baby you’re four years old now, use big boy/ big girl words.”
  • “Listen, go to bed, boy. The door is open, I’m right out here, ain’t no monster coming to get you. When you close your eyes what color do you see? Black, right? Exactly, it’s the same thing. And you got your night light on too.”
  • “Girl, you’re too spoiled.”
  • No Oreo cookies. No ice cream. None of that. You keep acting up in school with Miss. Daniels. I ain’t teach you that
  • “You better chill out, boy. Me and your mommy are not your friends. You don’t hit us. Remember that.”

But at the same time he doesn’t stay mad for long. Erik is a big softy with his kids. They cry and cry and he comes right back letting them get away with it

  • “Ared, here,” *gives back tablet* “you gotta stop being bad. You’re birthday is coming up, Princess. Daddy don’t like taking away your fun but you gotta stop acting up.
  • “Boy, cut that crying out,” crouches down to wipe his sons face* “It’s just a game. You ain’t gon’ alway win. I ain’t teach you to be a sore loser.”
  • “C’ mere,” *grabs daughter, sitting her on his lap* “Daddy loves you, okay? I don’t like being mean to you but at the same time I want you to behave. You’re my sunshine, I love you, okay?”
  • “She just looked at me with those big brown eyes and I let her little ass out of time out,” *shakes head* “she’s my weakness, babe,”
  • “Okay, I’m not upset with you anymore. Let’s go and get your hair cut and we can get ice cream when we’re finished.”
  • “I just bought you those Jordan’s and look at you, got them all scuffed up, *stares at his sons innocent face* “You lucky I have a soft spot for you. Come on, let’s go get another pair.”
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