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#killmonger fic

A/N: Hey babies, I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and sound in the midst of this craziness. Here’s some cute shit to break up the monotony of quarantine. I’m still going to work unfortunately every day so this took a bit longer than I would have liked. Like, read, comment and reblog if you so choose to and thanks for stopping by! Wash your damn hands, babies!


Originally posted by godtsol

Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black Reader

“The global pandemic, COVID-19, or more commonly known as the Coronavirus has spread through the United States at an exponential rate. It is imperative that we as public officials, indebted to the citizens of California, take every precaution to prevent community spread and encourage safe practices. The city of Oakland will mandate a 14 day quarantine for the city limits and surrounding suburbs, beginning this weekend. Please make sure to get everything that you need to sustain you and your families for the time being and take care.”


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Erik “Killmonger” Stevens x Black!reader

warnings; The n-word, fluff, angst (only for a lil bit) 

summary; (this is a continuation of “his lil secret”) During Erik’s live-stream, you two decided on playing 21 questions, which turns into a time of remembrance. (this sounds like a hallmark movie-)

an; ya’ll done ate his lil secret UP- anyways, enjoy! <3 ALSO, a huuggee thank you to @ljstraightnochaser​ for giving me ideas! Couldn’t do this without you, boo!


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Let Me Tell You a Story

Synopsis: Reader finds out Erik has been hiding who he really is, so he tells her his story.

Warnings: Cursing



Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless

Erik had been gently rubbing your back as you laid next to him naked in his bed. The cool night air breezed over your body as the smooth white satin sheet did nothing to hide your form from him. The open window let in sounds from the calming Oakland night. Sirens rang out in the distance, but you knew nothing but peace and sleep until Erik shared a secret with you that almost made too much sense.

“You’re a what?” You sat up in your bed quickly holding the sheets tightly to your naked chest.

Erik’s eyes dropped down to follow the movement of your hands, a smirk made its way to his full lips.

“No point in hiding, baby girl. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Matter a fact you just showed me twenty minutes ago.” Erik bit his lip his grill peeking out through his smile made a move to remove the sheet from you and pull it over him.

“Don’t you do that right now. Don’t you dare change the fucking subject.” You grit your teeth and stared at him. This new revelation could change everything.

Your heart broke at the many times he lied to you. It tore into pieces when you realized how long he’d lied to you. Every moment of your relationship ship was flitting through your mind in quick succession. How much of it was a lie? How much of it was a game to him? You couldn’t believe that he managed to lie to you for so long. But you also knew you were in love with him. For so many months in the beginning all there was was him. Nothing but Erik, and the two of you were okay with that. However, from day one you stressed that honesty was very important to you and he threw all of that out the window. Would you be able to trust him again?

You pushed down the panic and tried to calm yourself down. The inky way you were going to get through this was if you tried to stay rational. You took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. “What did you just tell me?” You ask him to repeat himself. He sighed and rubbed his face tiredly.

“I didn’t think you were awake.” He replied, he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, his dark brown eyes watched you closely from under his long eyelashes.

“Oh yeah, well. I was.” You stare blankly at him. “Now tell me what the fuck you just said.” His jaw clenched in a way that showed he was biting his tongue.

“I said… My cousin is T’Challa Udaku.”

“The king of Wakanda?” You finished the most important part of the sentence.

“Yes. The very same.” He eyes you warily, his arms snap around you the moment you make a movement to get up.

“Let me go.” You murmur quietly. You were so angry! You didn’t want to be near him. It felt like you didn’t know the person sitting across from you anymore. Before you can get anywhere, he pulls you close and holds you tightly.

“No. Don’t leave me. Please.” His voice was quiet, but you could hear the anguish in it. Part of you felt for him. Whatever is going on must be weighing heavy on him, but it doesnt justify what he did. He buries his face into the side of your neck placing chaste kisses into your soft skin. It distracted you for a moment, but you managed to pull yourself back.

“Erik stop. You lied to me. For over a year. At what point were you going to trust me enough to tell me the truth about who you are?” You tried to pull out of his grasp to no avail. “God! You didn’t even want to tell me now! You just thought I was sleeping.”

He threw his hands up. “How was I supposed to tell you Y/N? Oh yeah, baby girl, I’m the unknown Prince of Wakanda.” He used a mocking tone.

You scoffed. “Yes! It could have been that fucking simple. Instead, you lied to my face. Day after day. Wait a second.” You turned around to face him suspicion clouding your judgment. “Is that where you disappeared to right before we made it official three months ago?!”

He bit his lip and looked away. His hold on you tighter than ever. That was all the answer you needed. There was nothing else to say.

Erik held his hand up, “Hear me out. Let me tell you the story before you decide to leave me.” You struggled again to remove yourself from him, harder than before. What good would a story do at this point? He couldn’t possibly have a valid explanation for lying to you all this time, especially about something so important.

“Why do you keep saying that? As if I shouldn’t be mad enough to pack my shit right now! A whole fucking year we been together. I accepted everything about you, even Killmonger. And you couldn’t trust me with this! You know I hate secrets. Jesus Erik. Let me go.”

Erik’s hold on you remained the same, his calm demeanor drove you up the wall.

“My name is Njadaka Udaku, and my uncle murdered my father and left his body for me to find. Left me, an 8 year old boy to fend for myself in Oakland California. Please let me tell you my story. I love you too much not to fight for you.”

You froze, in the entire 2 years that you knew him, he’d never said those words. You knew he did because of how he treated you. He always said he would show you his feelings but he wasn’t good with his words. Hell, he’d even told you his real first name but said that he preferred Erik, and you were happy to oblige. So, that wasn’t a shock and you were relieved that he hadn’t lied to you about that. He’d told you that he’d found his father’s dead body and suspected that his uncle had something to do with it. But, I love you, made you stop in your tracks. It made your heart race, it made tears swell. It made you so confused.

“You love me?” You turned to him a tear running down your cheek. His fingers swooping in to catch it.

“I do. I love you so much. And I never said anything before because it didn’t matter. I wasn’t recognized as a prince, because no one knew how my father died. But things have changed, my cousins are trying to right wrongs and make a change, and they want my help, officially as Prince Njadaka Udaku. Let me tell you what happened when I went to Wakanda, hell-bent on revenge. Let me tell you how love from you and my cousins kept me alive.”

Somehow you found yourself nodding. Still a bit pained that he lied to you, you wanted to know the truth. And you knew his pain needed healing, his story needed hearing. You kissed him softly, tasting your tears and his as your lips intertwined. He spoke softly against your lips.

“Let me tell you a story princess.”

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How would erik react to his child coming out as gay?

Erik reacting to his child coming out gay 🌈 💜 💙 💖

  • Erik’s son has been struggling to tell him that he is gay for as long as he could remember
  • He’s so used to his father being this ladies man and all of his cousins and uncles are the same way.
  • They ask Erik’s son when is he going to get a girlfriend? He’s sixteen and doesn’t really talk about girls nor does he have that secret stash of porn.
  • He’s also a football player. Erik wanted him to get into basketball but his son enjoyed football better. That’s where he realized he was gay. Erik’s son befriended a new kid from school who was on his team and they clicked.
  • Erik’s son would hang out with the kid at his house, stay up and play video games, go hang out at the skate park after school because Erik’s son enjoys skateboarding. The kids parents and Erik’s parents became friends as well.
  • The kid who’s friends with Erik’s son gets all this attention from chicks and Erik’s son could understand why. He’s very handsome. Every time he comes around Erik’s son gets butterflies and he can’t help but wish the kid would look at him like he looks at other girls.
  • The day Erik’s son tells him is the same day that the kid surprises his son by kissing him in the gym locker room after practice. The first time a guy ever kissed him. It took his breath away. He felt so complete in that very moment. The world around him and it’s corrupt way of thinking wouldn’t rain down on him anymore.
  • He wasn’t ashamed
  • He really liked this new friend and possibly new boyfriend
  • All of this will work itself out if he could tell Erik and finally open up to everyone. The kid he’s friends with wants the same thing. They share a heartfelt moment while hugging eachother. Tears flow as they express that they want acceptance and they are tired of living a lie
  • Erik’s son gets picked up by Erik and he asks his father if they could go to the little league football field close to their home so he could talk to him and toss the ball back and forth. Erik says:

“Yeah, King, we can do that. Did something happen in school that you’re not telling me about?” King is his sons name.

“Nah, I just want to talk.” King looked down at his hands nervously, “I just want to talk with my Dad.”

“Okay,” Erik looks back at him through the rear view mirror, “You know we can always do that, son, talk to me about anything, okay?”

“Yeah dad,” King gave Erik a reassuring smile, “I know.”

  • Both of them arrive to the field. It’s a little windy outside but the sun shines and it gave King some hope. King sits his things down on the bleachers before grabbing his signed football from an Oakland Raiders player. Erik helps pull his sons longer dreads back so they wouldn’t get into his face while they toss.

“We gotta get you over to your Auntie Tonya because you have hella new growth that needs to be re-dreaded. There, better?”

“Yep,” King smiles up at his dad from tying his cleats.

“Cool, lets do this.”

  • They toss the ball back and forth, the distance between them increasing to throw the ball higher and longer. This gave King some time to reflect on what he was about to tell his father and how his life would change now at the age of 16.

“Aight, bring it in,” Erik grabs his son to playfully put him in a head lock. Both of them laugh before settling on the bleachers. They drink some Gatorade in silence for a second before King turned to his dad.

“Dad. Um…I have to tell you something and I don’t want you to freak out, okay?” King’s voice shook a little so he cleared his throat to calm himself.

“Okay.” Erik said while staring at his son, his everything. They one he had when he was just a child himself but that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals.

“Um…Dad…um…I’m-I’m gay.” King closed his eyes, looking away from Erik. It was silent. Kings leg shook as he waited for his dad to yell at him and tell him he should be liking girls. King wipes his eyes with the collar of his shirt, sniffling too.


King sniffles, turning back around to his dad but not actually looking at him.

“King. I love you. All of you. Always. I…I sort of had a feeling but I wanted you to tell me. I’m glad you did because…because I didn’t want you to feel alone in this. So many people feel alone and they can’t open up to their loved ones. I don’t want that to be the case with me and you. Your my world, boy, I’ll die for you. I will never be ashamed of who you are. You are MY SON. Gay or not you are my son. I love you, King, I love you for finally wanting to be you. Don’t hide yourself because of these motherfuckers out here. Just know, Dad got your back.”

King looked up at his father through wet lashes. He had a feeling. He respected his father even more for not asking him of pressuring him to tell him. King knew that telling his father was the first step in his coming out.

“Dad…I’m scared.”

Erik clenched his jaw before reaching over to grab the back of King’s head, pulling him closer to plant a kiss to his forehead.

“Don’t be, you have your father’s protection. And your mothers. She’s looking down on you and she’s proud of you. I love you, boy, it’s okay. We’re okay.”

“But…what if they don’t accept me?”

  • Erik knew the answer to that question. He knows how awful the world can be. This is not just his sons journey but his as well. Erik wouldn’t anything happen to his son. He will fight.

“Then fuck them. Fuck everyone else’s opinion. People will have something to say, King. It’s human nature. But who gives a fuck about them? Have pride. That’s what matters. Fuck those problematic people,” Erik wipes his sons face, “Hey, I love you.”

“I love you too, Dad,” King wrapped his arms around his father, crying into his shoulder, “Thank you for making this part easier for me.”

“Always. I will always support my son.”

  • King finally came out as gay and there were a few assholes at school but for the most part his friends and family accepted him. King had thought the worse. He told his father about how he likes his friend and Erik gave him advice.
  • Erik was supportive, loving, and all around a great father to King. He saw a strength in his son that reminded him of how he once was. He knew his son was going to be okay.
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The Reader getting jealous because their baby girl favors Erik more than her.

Warnings: FLUFF, short.


“Look at mommy’s sour ass face, Oria, Look.”

Erik held his five pounds, eight ounces baby up like she was a ball of fur, turning her around to look at her mommy who was currently mugging Erik. Oria Stevens opened her eyes just a little, her black irises showing before closing her eyes again. Oria’s lips made a sucking motion and her tiny fingers clenched into a fist.

Erik, please,” Y/N grabs Oria from his arms while giving him an aggravating look, “Oria favors me too.”

“Where?” Erik presses.

“She just does she’s my baby too, Erik, my baby shares my features don’t do that.”

“I’m just trying to understand why you are still upset about what everyone said in the hospital-HEY PRETTY GIRL!! DADDY’S BINKY BALL!!”

Erik called her BINKY Ball because she was always curled up into the fetal position whenever she rested and she loved her pacifier to death. Oria knew when it wasn’t in her mouth correctly. Still sleeping, she would twist it back the way it’s supposed to be and you couldn’t get that pacifier out of her mouth if you tried. Erik greeted her with deep dimples and a silly face. Oria gave him a gummy smile while showcasing her dimples as well. Erik pokes them, causing his little princess to babble a little.

Y/N watched them both interact and wished she had her phone nearby to record. Now Erik was using the tips of his fingers to smooth Oria’s thick head of hair down. She was so hairy that she gave Y/N heart burn during her pregnancy. The doctors had to cut hair from around Oria’s neck because she wasn’t breathing properly. Y/N didn’t find out until later that evening and she was honestly grateful because if she would have known at the moment all hell would break loose.

“You didn’t answer my question, baby. Why are you still so bothered by what your family said in the hospital?”

Y/N kisses her teeth, “Because every one of their asses were saying how Oria has your- ouch,” Oria scratched Y/N’s cleavage while opening and closing her mouth. Drool drizzled down her chin and on Y/N’s spaghetti strap shirt, “They said that Oria has you eyes, your nose, your dimples, your full lips. Nothing about what mommy gave her-“

“Like I said, my genes are strong,” Erik looked down and watched Oria plant her lips over Y/N’s left breasts through her shirt, “feed my daughter. You see she’s hungry for some titty milk.”

“Shut up, Erik,” Y/N pulled down the front of her top, her heavy milk filled left breast flopping out. Y/N cradled Oria’s head while bringing her to her breast to drink her milk. Y/N looked over at Erik. He had a mesmerized look in his eyes as he watched with a slight smile on his face.

“That’s just beautiful,” Erik spoke with amazement.

“Miss Oria is hungry,” Y/N rubbed the back of Oria’s head before pulling her sleeping baby from her breast. That’s all that Oria does is sleep, sit quietly watch you intently, and smile wide to show off her deep dimples. Erik said he was just like that when he was a baby. Not one thing Oria did reminded Y/N of what she did when she was a baby. Y/N was the baby her mother had to push out of the kitchen while she was in her walker because she couldn’t stay away from the hot stove and the cabinets with pots and pans. Y/N was a cry baby and she couldn’t sleep if she was in her own crib. Oria can sleep in her own crib just fine. She only cried if she was hungry or if she was around someone who gave off bad energy.

“Me and Oria need to have a Mommy-Daughter day away from Daddy because Daddy is rubbing off on her too much. No room for Mommy at all.”

“Stop acting like that,” Erik placed Y/N’s breast back in her top, “You are home with her right now you’ll have plenty of time.”

“Yeah, changing diapers, watching her sleep, feeding her greedy ass, and trying to keep myself awake enough to pay attention, ughhhhh,” Y/N grabs Oria’s hand to rub, “she’s so soft.”

“How about you two come see me for lunch tomorrow? We can eat at that new Habachi restaurant.”

“Nah, so we can be out in public and all the women walk up to our table talking about how cute Binky Ball is and how much she looks like her father. Mm mm, NOPE.”

“What are you tripping over the most? The fact that other women come up to us saying how cute our daughter is, which she IS, or that you’re jealous because she looks more like me and not you? Be happy she’s ours. Be happy she looks like Daddy because Daddy looks good, don’t he?”

“Did you really just say be glad she’s ours? What makes you think I’m not? I’m just getting tired of everybody talking about how much she looks like you like I didn’t carry her greedy, kicking butt for 9 months-“

“Chill. You’re too hyped up over this, baby-“

“And Daddy is good looking and my baby got it good too but damn her Mommy is a bad bitch.”

Erik smiles, “She definitely is.”

“We BOTH made a beautiful black baby girl.”

“YES.” Erik spoke with a firm tone. Y/N shut her mouth, closing her eyes with a shake of her head.

“I’m silly, aren’t I?”

“Nah, just a brat who likes attention.”

Oria stirred in Y/N’s arms. Y/N got up from the couch, Erik slapping her much thicker ass and watching her walk over to Oria’s swing chair that played lullabies. He loved looking at the way Y/N’s hips spread more and the tiny stretch marks on her lower belly. She swaddled Oria before walking back to the couch. Y/N sat down on Erik’s lap, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Sorry for being so mad, Daddy.”

“Don’t do it again. Believe it or not, Oria has your ears.”

“My ears?! They poke out like an elf though!”

Erik chuckled while clutching his chest.

“I can’t stand you!” Y/N punches him.

“Did you notice the strawberry birthmark on her belly?”

Y/N pondered for a moment, “Yeah, right next to her outie belly button-“

She stopped talking, beaming down at Erik with her wide mocha eyes twinkling, “She has the same birthmark as me! In the same place!”

“See,” Erik pulled Y/N’s legs around so she can straddle him. He really just wanted to wrap his arms around her waist. All that baby weight on her felt good sitting over his crotch, “Now tell me she don’t favor you again and watch I give mommy an ass whipping to remember.”

“I promise, I won’t say it any more,” She held up her pinky before wrapping it around his pinky, “I swear.”

“Good girl,” Erik kissed Y/N’s neck before pulling on the front of her top, “Can I get some of mama’s milk now?”

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Erik Killmonger x Reader

Warnings: None 

Part 2/2 - I may or may not do a part III to this. I have some other stuff I wanna write. But thanks so much for reading. excuse any typos. I wrote this while wine drunk. :)


Erik has kept his eyes on you. When you went to work, the gym, the grocery store. How do you think he knew when you made it back to your apartment with the flowers? When you found out about his ‘side piece,’ he felt… foolish. He knew he messed up. He knew you weren’t the type to sit around and cry about stuff. You gave yourself maybe an hour after he left that night to cry your eyes out and you pulled yourself together. You didn’t chase people. You spent a bulk of your existence doing that and that’s not who you were anymore. You would move on because that’s what life did. Time kept going regardless and you vowed to do the same.

You were sitting at your favorite table at your favorite coffee shop. You had your headphones in, completely zoned out trying to finish up your latest blog. A cup appeared on your table and when you looked up, the person standing there took your breath. She was taller in person. The high pony she sported really brought her round face. You could see your reflection in the gloss on her lips. She looked nervous. You sat silently, glaring up at her waiting for her to say something.

“Um,” she started, “I think you know who I am. Can we talk?”

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Erik Stevens x Black OC (Phoenix

A/N: I wanted this to be out like last week but my anxiety has had me out of it. We have reached the second phase of this story. Bare with me, some good will come.

Warnings: Mention of Abortion


Ten months… the greatest ten months of Phoenix’s life. Her career had taken a weird, but successful turn. She and Coby had transitioned into their group, Blue Wolf, and they were preparing to release their first self titled mixtape. They went into this with the goal of being two dope producers but since Erik and Ava seemed to always be in the studio complimenting their vocal talents, they decided to give it go and release their own music.

Speaking of Erik, he and Phoenix were attached at the hip. If you saw one, you saw the other. He’d be at every studio session. She’d tag along with him to hang at TJ’s house. If they weren’t sleeping in Phoenix’s bed together, they’d be up in Erik’s penthouse. The only time they’d ever be apart was when Phoenix had meetings with Alyssa (and brunch with her friends) or Erik was away on a mission. You couldn’t separate these two. They learned everything possible about each other. Besides TJ, Phoenix was the only one to ever know every single detail about Erik. She was the only woman he trusted. Despite it all, she accepted him and she still seen the light in him. He treated her like a queen. Phoenix was in denial, but she was spoiled to bits by Erik. She never needed or wanted for anything. Erik knew she could provide for herself, but he did it anyways. As quiet as it’s kept, Phoenix spoiled him too. She never came back from a shopping day with her girls without something for him. Everything was the perfect amount of amazing just for them.

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Pairing: Erik x reader

Summary: Erik gets reminded why you’re perfect for him

Warnings: None. Fluff and implied smut.

A/N: See if you can catch my Megan the Stallion lyric in here.

A/N: Also, this is a quick little something I whipped up today, so it may not be the best! Please comment or reblog an tell me your favorite part.


Originally posted by highladyofasgard

It was your friend, Tasha’s annual end of the summer barbecue. There was good music, good food, and niggas being loud over games like uno, dominoes, and spades. And usually you were having the time of your life, but you were in a sour ass mood this year.

The cause of your attitude was Avery and Monica, the nigga who cheated on your friend Marilynn and the bitch he did it with. You promised Marilynn that you were whooping both they asses on sight, but she didn’t want to ruin the party, so she made you promise to chill out.

Her and Erik were the only reasons you were showing restraint. Erik couldn’t stand Avery from the beginning, but he knew you had to respect Marilynn’s wishes, so he always kept a hand on you, just in case you were about to stray away. And you were especially thankful for that, because Avery and Monica didn’t give a fuck about how their pda was affecting Marilynn and you were real close from giving the beat down.

“Just give me the go ahead and I’ll fuck them up. You know Erik’s been showing me a couple of new moves. I bet neither one will able to lay a finger on me,” you whispered into Marilynn’s ear while Avery was kissing up on Monica while he played spades.

Marilynn chuckled and pulled you into a hug. “I love you, but you don’t need to do that. He’s Tasha’s cousin and I’m not trying to mess up the good vibes. You know this is probably be the last big get together we’ll have before everyone becomes swamped with work again.”

This is why you were so upset. Marilynn was a literal sweetheart and for some ain’t shit nigga to treat her like that rubbed you the wrong way. “Okay, whatever, but I’m still mean mugging those bitches for the rest of the night.”

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Erik Stevens x Black OC (Phoenix)

Word Count: Idk. 5k… I think.

A/N: I didn’t want this chapter to be too long, so it’ll be broken up into two parts. | Song lyrics referenced are not my own. They are from Mila J x Friend Zone. ** Major S/O to my good sis @liyahshaeking​ for helping me figure out how I wanted to start this and proofreading this for me. You are a Gem! and reminder: this is my side blog and all further chapters and other fics will be posted from this page. 


Erik’s face beamed with joy as he looked at his phone. Phoenix had just sent him a mirror video, showing off her bright, red bikini. She whips her box braids off of her shoulder, revealing a familiar gold chain around her neck. Music was playing in the background and just before the video ends, Erik spots one of her friends dancing behind her, photobombing her video. Without a second thought, he saved the video before playing it again, making sure the sound isn’t on. But that wasn’t enough for him. He needed to see more of her. He bit his lip as he shamelessly goes right to Phoenix’s instagram. Ironically, she had just uploaded a group picture with all of her friends on the beach. Each of them looking perfectly tanned as they glowed under the sun. They were cute, Erik could admit that. But his baby girl was the cutest. He used his chubby thumbs to zoom in right on her. The smile she wore, made his heart flutter. She was happy. Her being happy, made him happy. Just as he was about to tap her profile picture to get caught up with her story, a voice brought him back into reality.

“Damn, E! She’s cute.”

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The dull morning sky was soon cloaked in light as the sun made her grand appearance. Blankets of orange and pink illuminated the sky, casting an ethereal glow through the large bay window of O’Shea’s bedroom. The soft, sensual sound of Ari Lennox’s voice could be heard faintly in the background, the perfect soundtrack to the lovemaking that was taking place. O’Shea panted softly as Erik lazily thrust into her, slowly and deliberately, making sure she felt each stroke. Her hair was a messy halo around her face as she gazed up at him, eyes blown in pleasure. Her vocal cords had been silenced some time after Erik choked her and told her that she was his and his only. One of his hands was currently fisted in her coils while the other gripped her headboard, anchoring his position above her. Her nails dug deep into the skin of his back, a sting that hurt so good as Erik’s hips snapped into her, grazing her g-spot with deadly precision.

“What’s my name, Princess?” he whispered against the shell of her ear before pulling on her earlobe softly with his teeth. She choked out a soft whimper as her walls repeatedly clenched and released around him.

“You cummin’ again, ma? You ‘bout to coat Daddy’s dick with that sweet cream again?” Her nails dug deeper into his back as she felt that familiar tingle building in the pit of her belly.

“Give it to me, baby,” he groaned, prolonging his release until she came undone again. She chewed her bottom lip, opening her eyes to finally look up at him. The sight took her breath away. His dreads were a mess atop his head and his bottom lip was between his teeth revealing his golden canines. The sunlight gave him a golden glow, one that made him look more like a God than a man. The sight brought tears to her eyes.

“What’s my name, Princess? You doing more whimpering than talking. Tell me who owns this pussy. Tell me who Daddy is..”

The theme song to Game of Thrones pulled O’Shea from her slumber.

“Son of a bitch!” she screamed as she rolled out of bed and stomped angrily to her alter, muttering nonsense as she lit her goddess candle. The black and gold statue of Bast stared back at her, almost teasingly as she lit her white sage and cleansed her bedroom as well as herself.

“If you’re not gonna manifest him as my man, keep him out of my dreams,” she spat before praying and asking for forgiveness for her foolish words. She knew better than to disrespect her goddess and set out some honey and chocolate as peace offerings. Once she finished her morning prayer ritual, she showered and headed to the shop. Today was the day Erik was to return home and she needed to get through her day as quickly as possible if she wanted to see him. Per his request, she had refrained from calling or texting him and in her opinion had done well in not thinking about him in general until two nights ago. That’s when he began manifesting in her dreams, each time they were either having sex or he was professing his love to her. She took those as positive signs, but currently their situation was still very much one-sided. She wondered what he’d have for her when they were finally face to face. Would this meeting end in goodbye? Had she gone through this whole come to Jesus meeting for nothing? She shook her head softly to rid herself of negative thoughts. It had been a long week and no matter how things would play out on the relationship front, she missed her friend and was happy that he was back.


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Chapter 9: Rather Be With You

A College AU

Texas Southern University (Houston,Tx)

Ship: Chiron Harris x Erik Stevens

Warning(s): none


It’s been about 2 ½ weeks into Erik’s initiation process and Chi’s can’t help but miss him. He keeps himself occupied with track conditioning and hanging out with his friends, but his mind always wanders back to Erik.

He looks forward to the random times they’re able to see each other and the early morning/late-night phone calls to keep Erik up. And although he loves talking to him whenever he can, he hates how tired Erik sounds every time they talk. “I wish they would let you rest.”

“I know. Shit, but it’ll be worth it soon, baby boy”

“I know,” Chi sighs dejectedly, “I just miss you.”

“I miss you too. We still get to see each other in class though.” Erik tries to cheer Chi up a little, “I’ll come over tomorrow night if I’m free for a little bit,” which makes Chi smile a bit.

“Thank you for staying up with me this whole time” Erik yawns and rubs his eyes.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else.” And he meant it. Being with Erik, whether it was in person or over the phone, made Chi inexplicably happy.

Before either of them can say anything else, Erik’s dean calls him away, “I gotta go, baby boy.”
Chi sighs as he and Erik say their goodbyes and hang up.

“These next few weeks need to go by faster” Chi mumbles to himself as he closes his eyes to go to sleep.

Unfortunately, the two don’t have their shared class the next day, but Erik facetimes Chi while in the locker room waiting for practice to begin.

Running on 4 hours of sleep and a can of Monster, he tries to look wide awake and well-rested so Chi won’t worry. Of course, it doesn’t work and Chi notices anyway. One of the perks of being a quiet person is learning to be very perceptive.

“Are you good to play this week?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry, I got this.” Erik’s not the only one whose exhaustion is noticed.“What’s wrong with Chance?”

“Same shit” Erik looks to his teammate and line brother, “I gotta go,” Erik rushes off of the phone,” I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye,” Chi whispers dejectedly as the telltale beeps of an ended facetime call comes from his phone. Chi is not only missing him, but he’s worried, too. He can tell that Erik’s exhausted and he wants this whole thing to be over.

After practice, Chi waits on Erik to say something about coming over, but he never does. Chi’s worry is mixed with disappointment. In reality, Erik fell asleep during his small window of free time after doing some homework.

Chi goes to sleep early, trying to forget about what happened and how Erik’s accidental ghosting reminds him of many nights with Sean. The next morning, Erik texts him.

My bad for not coming over, I ended up doing some homework and fell asleep right after practice. I’ll make it up to you. I promise

Chi knows that Erik isn’t one for empty promises, so he feels significantly better about the whole situation.

The final days go by and Chi’s more than over it. He hates barely seeing Erik.  The same goes for Erik, but he knows this is something he wants, so he won’t quit. Erik’s determination is one of the things Chi loves about him so Chi attempts to look at the glass half full, thinking of how accomplished Erik will feel after this whole process is over and done with.

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Summary: Erik struggles with his Wakanda goals and the absence of Yani, while she, in turn, copes with the lack of support from her job and her daughter’s father…

Mature audience only. NSFW.

Looks like this series is going to be longer than 6 parts. Lol, I knew it, just like “Say Less”, I think I can wrap it up in 6, but the characters said “Nope.” I’ll say 9 now, and see where I can tie things up in a neat bow. Which is never really neat with Erik tbh.

Back to the next update….

“But baby
Don’t get it twisted
You was just another nigga on the hit list
Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch
Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage
Fuck your white horse and a carriage
Bet you never could imagine
Never told you you could have it

You needed me
You needed me
To feel a little more, and give a little less
Know you hate to confess
But baby ooh, you needed me…”

Rihanna- “Needed Me”

Yani didn’t arrive at the compound Friday morning.

Erik hung around the pool for most of the day waiting to see if she would show up. He didn’t pester Leona about where she was, but every time he heard footsteps coming down the walkway, or voices below the pool, he was up and about looking for any signs of her. 


He replayed his contact with her the day before.

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Chapter 8: He Needs Me

A College AU

Texas Southern University (Houston,Tx)

Ship: Chiron Harris x Erik Stevens

Warning(s): none


Things were finally back to normal. Chi and Erik are sitting next to each other in their sociology class once again, both eating breakfast that Erik got for them. Erik remembered to get two apple juices instead of one this time.

Chi’s bashfulness seemingly fades over time, exchanging more and more of those longing glances with Erik throughout the class.

Erik notices every glance Chi makes, smiling to himself each time. They’re joking around with each other and Erik gets to see Chi’s personality a little bit more. Before class is over, the professor reminds the class of an exam next week. Erik takes this opportunity to ask Chiron on another date. It’s not too soon, he thinks, Right?

“I have a class right after this, but maybe after that?”

Erik agrees, suggesting that they meet at a coffee shop near campus.

We can do that cute shit like in the movies.

They meet by a bench near a building close to the edge of campus, greeting with a small peck, which almost makes Chi blush. As they walk, their hands keep brushing until Erik grabs Chi’s hand, smirking at him as they walk. 

They make small talk, flirting back and forth. Erik notices that the more they talk, the bolder Chi gets. It shocks Erik, but he likes it. As they’re talking and getting to know each other more, things seem to fall together naturally and you’d think they’ve known each other for years from overhearing their conversation. 

They finally get to the coffee shop where Erik orders a black coffee while Chi orders a soy chai latte. I guess he has a sweet tooth. Erik nods silently to himself, Noted.

They pick up their drinks and sit down and continue talking. Erik loads his black coffee with enough sugar to kickstart diabetes. I knew he had a sweet tooth Chi muses. 

They get so lost in conversation that they almost forget the whole reason that they’re there: to study. Chi the one that gets them on track by being the first one to take out his textbook first and Erik quickly follows.

Their study session lasts for about an hour and a half before Chance walks in with his girlfriend. Erik looks up when he hears “I see you E!” Chi just smiles up at him, shaking his head.

When they approach the 3 hour mark, they wrap up their study date and decide to head home. Walking to their cars, they begrudgingly part with a goodbye kiss and go their separate ways. The next day they spend apart, but still keep in touch through text. Chi offers to bring Erik breakfast to class next time.


Chi spends the next day with Kendall, telling her about him and Erik. She immediately facetimes Bryson so he can hear too.

“So,” Kendall begins,  “y’all good now?” Chi just nods “Yeah” with a smile that can’t be wiped off of his face, “we’re good.”

“So what’s next with you two?”

“I don’t know, we’ll see, but I think this is gonna be good. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited.”

“I’m happy for you. It feels so good to see you smiling again” Kendall gets up to hug him.

Bryson chimes in “Yeah man, it’s good to see you happy. I’m glad you talked to him so I ain’t have to fight you.”

“He asked me out on another date soon,” Chi announces, smiling thinking about their phone convo from a few nights ago, “to a concert.”

“Oh shit, whose concert?” Kendall asks as she lets him go and sits back down.

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Act Up

This fic was requested by my boo @princessstevens & inspired by the following:



“Fellow associate..”

“You really acting like that over some damn juice?”

“It wasn’t just any juice, it was my Martinelli’s. You know how I feel about my Martinelli’s.”

It was true, Erik indeed knew how you felt about your Martinelli’s which is why you couldn’t figure out for the life of you why he thought drinking your last bottle was a good idea. Especially while Mother Nature was ravaging your insides. You’d been ignoring all of his attempts to call or come by for the last three days and he’d had enough. He was gonna do whatever needed to be done to get back on your good side again.


You sat curled up on the couch eating your Talenti sea salt caramel truffle gelato while Up played on the tv. It was your favorite movie and you almost always cried when you watched it, much to Erik’s disdain. He always complained that you were childish for loving the movie so much, but he always played it when you were upset. As soon as the movie ended, the entire apartment went dark and a spotlight lit up the center of the room illuminating Erik’s massive frame.

“What the hell?” You thought out loud. Soon the sounds of The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson blared through the speakers. Erik danced around in a black wife beater and basketball shorts, and a gold satin durag that matched your bonnet. Before you could inquire further, he began singing very loud and off-key.

“You knock me off of my feet now baby, hoo!” he sang, mimicking the intro from the music video, causing you to raise an eyebrow in confusion.

Hey pretty baby with the high heels on // you give me fever like I’ve never, ever known // You’re just a product of loveliness // I like the groove of your walk, your, talk, your dress //

You fought hard to contain your smirk, but you had to admit that he looked absolutely adorable. He continued dancing around the couch, doing Michael’s signature kick and spin and even did a moonwalk across the front of the couch. You were a giggling mess.

The way you make me feel // You really turn me on // You knock me off my feet now baby // My lonely days are gone //

He contined singing until the track changed. Your eyes widened once you realized what it was.

“Uh-oh, I’m about to fuck it up now bae,” he says as the beat dropped.

Ay, big ole freak // Big booty, big ole treat // Baby made me wait for the pussy // But I hit it til she big ole skeet // Ay, feet on the bed // She fucked me up in the head // She sucked it and looked in my eyes // Then the next day she left me on read

“I knew you were secretly a hot girl,” you tease as he moved closer to you, giving you a strip tease as he rapped the song.

“I’m a City Boy,” he corrected, causing you to laugh harder.

Baby lemme rub, lemme rub on ya // Can I get a lil love, a lil love from ya // Ya body addictive, ya driving me crazy // But don’t think you gone run from him

You cackled then, completely unable to contain yourself when he started twerking in front of you.

“Ok, ok, I forgive you,” you said between pecks to his lips.

“Thank you Princess,” he said kissing back. “I bought you some more juice and ice cream too.” You squealed, hugging him tightly.

“Yeah, I know. You love a nigga now. Come on let’s watch that punk ass movie again.”

“Ok but after this last song.” Erik grinned wide as the intro played, remembering the way y’all would tag team the intro. You started first.

“Real ass bitch, give a fuck bout a nigga..” Erik rolled his eyes, but came in right on cue.

“Big Birkin bag, hold 5, 6 figures..” You smiled, bending over in front of him.

“Stripes on my ass so he call this pussy Tigger..”

“You damn right I do,” Erik agreed before finishing. “Fuckin’ on a scammin’ ass rich ass nigga!” Instead of finishing the movie, the two of you laughed and danced with one another as song after song played from your Hot Girl Summer playlist.

“You better be glad I love your bratty ass,” he said kissing your forehead.

“I love you too, Daka.”

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Can you please write an erik imagine when he teaches the reader a little Xhosa. Thank you 💖

Okay sooooo I’m not exactly sure if this was what you were looking for buuuut here you go!

Definitely softboi! Erik! Well just a tad 😭💕

Anyways here yah go! Hope you like! ….


The spine chilling shiver had woken you up in the middle of the night. It was cold, colder than normal which meant one thing… your boyfriend was gone. His thick muscular Fran was your natural heater so of course him missing would not only mess up your sleep but have you out here freezing your ass off. You rolled over facing the right side of your shared bed realizing your theory was correct and he in fact was missing.

“Erik?” You hummed as you exited out the bedroom into the hallway. You could here muffled sounds of someone talking and balls of paper crumbling. “Babe?” You called out again stepping onto the cold hardwood of the living room.

You finally found him with his back facing you hunched over in the black leather chair. You could tell how tense and frustrated he was about something just from looking at his position. Coming behind him, you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders laying your chin on top of his unruly dreads. “Babe, what’s going on?”

Erik sat there silent as you held him in your embrace. They only thing that could be heard was the combination of each others breathing. You felt bad especially because you didn’t know what to do for your man. He was upset and you weren’t sure why. Making your way towards the front, you viewed everything in Erik’s space. ‘You should’ve known.’ You thought as you looked down at the loose paper, pens and most importantly the infamous black letter notebook. Wakanda. Did you hate Wakanda? No. It was a beautiful place from what Erik had told you, but you did hate what it brought out of Erik at times. “Erik, I thought we talked about this.” You sighed. “I thought you and T’challa were working on the relationship and you were okay with-“

Erik held his thick fingers up silencing you automatically before you could fully go into your rant. “It’s not for revenge, Y/N. You know I gave that up months ago.” The calmness in Erik’s voice made you shiver and rub your round pregnant belly. You knew she was what kept Erik level headed when it came to the subject of Wakanda. “I don’t need the fucking revenge.” You heard a breath release from his nostrils. “At least not yet.” “Come here.” He spoke softly but with such command your feet move quicker than your mind had to process what he had said to you.

You sat comfortably in Erik’s lap as he turned the pages of the leather book. This was the first time Erik had shared it with you. But you understood considering this was one of the last memories of his father so Erik was overprotective of the notebook itself. Of course when he wasn’t around your curiosity had allowed you to peek inside but after awhile of looking you didn’t understand anything so you would normally get frustrated and close it up.

“I know you’ve been interested, Princess.” His hooded eyes looked lazily up at you. “And I know you’ve been looking inside.”

You couldn’t say a thing because he was right. You didn’t even want to know how he knew about you quick peeks but this was Erik and he knew every damn thing you did. “Will you teach me IsiXhosa?” You questioned looking down at him. “For the baby.” You quickly added since he decided state instead of giving you an answer.

The corners of Erik’s lips turned upward into a slight smirk before he nodded his head. “Umntwana.”


“Umntwana.” You watched Erik’s lips as he broke the word down to you. “For the baby.”

You smiled at him. “Teach us more.”

“Andikwazi ukulinda ukumhlangabeza.” Erik had caressed you stomach with the back of his two fingers.

“You love the baby?” You questioned confused by his foreign statement.

“Of course, princess.” He chuckled. “But I said I couldn’t wait to her.”

Your vision became cloudy as you watch him admire your pregnant belly. Fuck these damn hormones.

“Awukwazi ukuba ndiyakuthanda kangakanani, princess.” The sentence had rolled off Erik’s tongue with ease as he used the pad of his thumb to wipe away the spilled tears.

“Erik, what does that mean?” You chuckled snuggling against your boyfriend to keep from crying more although you knew the water works were coming.

“Figure it out, Y/N.” He chuckled as he handed the leather book to you with the IsiXhosa and English terms. “I’ll wait.”

“You’re an ass.” You mumbled looking down at his precious leather book for answers. “But we love you.”

✨✨✨✨✨ IsiXhosa Translations ✨✨✨✨✨

Umntwana: for the baby

Andikwazi ukulinda ukumhlangabeza : I cant wait to meet her

awukwazi ukuba ndiyakuthanda kangakanani, princess : you don’t know how much I love you, princess

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On The Run


Erik Killmonger x Reader

A/N: hope you guys like it!

You and Erik had been dating for about three years. You knew all about Erik and his ways but that didn’t stop you from being with him. Both of you had similar upbringings and could relate to each other more than the people you surrounded yourself with. Before you and Erik started dating he warned you about the way he lived and even gave you a chance to back out but you had nothing to lose so you stayed with him. You were never involved in what Erik was doing but you always knew what was going on. Everything from drug dealing to stealing that was how Erik made his money. You on the other hand worked at a club in town. You liked working there but you wanted something more.

When you got home from work Erik told you he wanted to talk to you. He asked you if you could help him with a job that he was doing because the person he was supposed to a job with got caught up and ended up in jail so he had to go to plan b. “Erik no you know I can’t do that.” You tell him. “Chill it’s not what you think I just need you to have a few of the girls at the club to dance a party.” He said calmly. “Who’s party?” You ask. “I don’t know some old rich white dudes. Someone I know works for one of them and says dude and his friends are loaded so why not.” Erik says. “He’s having a little something tomorrow and my guy told him that he could get him girls so that’s why I’m asking you.” He continues to say. “That’s it just asking the girls to show up. I don’t have to do anything else?” You ask Erik. “I might need you to go with them so you can scope out the inside of the house and help us get in. But don’t tell them other bitches what’s going on I don’t need them knowing about this.” Erik asks you. “You sure about this?” You ask Erik as he gets up to get something to drink. “Don’t worry I have everything already planned out I just need you to do your part.” He says walking back to you. “Alright I’ll see what I can do.” You tell him.

The next day at the club you spent most off your shift asking the girls you worked with if they would do the party a few of them couldn’t because they had to work at the club but you still had about five girls that were down. You told them you’d let them know the rest of the info once you found out and then called Erik to let him know that you got some girls to help out.

A few days later years you and the girls were preparing to go to the party you were suppose to at. You called Erik and told him y’all were on you way and you’d call once you got there. When you get there you and the rest of the girls are greeted by older white men as they say around drinking and smoking weed and cigars. As the girls get settled you sneak off to look through the house to see if they had anything worth taking. You find a safe and a few other items that looked like they were worth something and went to the bathroom to call Erik. While on the phone with Erik you hear your name being called. “Y/N you alright?” The voice said. You open the door to see that it was Chrissy your best friend and one of they only girls you trusted at the club. “Yeah I’m good I just had to use the bathroom.” You tell her as you two walk back to the party.

A few minutes later as you sat on some guys lap watching couple of girls dance you look up and see four men with guns run in telling everyone to sit down two of the men stayed back while the other two left to check the rest of the house. As the two men told you and the girls to get dress and leave you noticed neither of them were Erik so you knew he went to check the other parts of the house. Which you thought was smart since everyone at the club knew Erik. As you and the girls grab your things the two guys start taking money and jewelry from the older men. They they start tying the men up they tell the girls and you to leave. You get into the car the girls panicked and were trying to figure out what they should do. As you arrived to your destination you and the girls choose to not talk about or tell anyone what happened. Since y’all were let go they figured that it wasn’t their place to get involved. Knowing how much trouble you and Erik would’ve gotten into you were relieved that the girls decided to let it go and move on.

You go home and realize Erik still hadn’t made it back. About an hour later Erik comes home, you go check on him. “What the fuck happened? Erik please tell me you didn’t kill anyone.” You ask him. “Nah just scared them a little bit.” He laughs as he takes a duffle bag and dumps it on the bed. Money, jewelry and guns all fell from the bag and you picked up a ring and tried it on. “That looks nice on you, keep it.” He says looking at your hand. After Erik inspected everything in the bag he came to the conclusion that everything he had was worth over a million dollars. “We can do so much with this baby. We can finally get the fuck out of here.” Erik says kissing you. “Does this mean you’re done with all this?” You ask Erik. “I don’t know but I do want to start over, somewhere new without all this bullshit.” Erik says looking at you.


You go back to work and notice police talking to some of the girls that were at the party the night before. You tried to make yourself look busy when one of the officers came up to you and asked to talk to you. You tell the officer what happened leaving out you and Erik’s involvement and the officer leaves. As you thought about how they knew to come to the club Chrissy tells you that one of the girls told the guys from the party where she worked that why the cops showed up. You stood in the back getting ready to call Erik when one of the girls comes up to you. “This shit wouldn’t be happening if you hadn’t had us at that party last night.” She said getting in your face. “What the fuck are you talking about you agreeed to go it’s not like I forced you so I don’t know why you’re mad at me.” You yell back. She gets in your face again as you push her away and the two of you start to fight. Chrissy breaks it up and you go out side to talk to Chrissy.

You go home and tell Erik about what happened at the club with the police. He told you that you two needed to get off of town soon. “I think one of the dudes I work with is a criminal informant, we’re gonna have to leave sooner than I thought baby.” He tells you. “We can do one more hit and be done. We can get the fuck out of here.” He says aggressively. “How soon do we have to leave?” You ask. “Within the week we just have to do this one job and go.” Erik says.


At the club you sat talking to one of the bartenders when you see a cop walk in. You go to the back and sneak out the exit as you start walking to your car you see the cop come out the entrance. Knowing there was no way you’d make to to your car without being stopped you run. As you ran the cop chased behind you, since she was alone you knew you had a better chance of getting away. She continued to run after you telling you to stop repeatedly until she took out her gun and start to shoot at you. With every shot she missed and she suddenly stopped and watched at you continued to run. Since you were probably being followed you go the hideout that Erik had just for situations like this. You called Erik and told him to met you and you’d explain everything. As you made your way to the hideout you open the door and see Erik sitting at a table waiting for you. “We gotta get the fuck out of here now.” You tell him.

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