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One Shot

Synopsis: Its the middle of quarantine, you and your boyfriend are out of work. To fill the time, Erik plays Modern Warfare all day everyday.

Pairing: Gamer!Erik (is that a thing?) x FemaleReader (any race or body type)

Warnings: Language, Smut (Spanking, and aftercare)

A/N: Erik and reader have an understanding in their relationship and safe word during sex. Erik enjoys pushing her to her limit.

Shoutout to my fellow gamers! Wussup 😜


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Warnings: Language

A/N: This was just a quick imagine I threw together off the top of my head. It was meant to be short. (I’m bored with nothing to do so…) Don’t expect much out of this.


Erik pulled up to a beautiful mini mansion in a private neighborhood not too far from Y/N’s house. The lights were on and there were three luxury vehicles parked in the cobblestone driveway. Erik put his car in park and cut it off.

“Where are we? David’s sisters?” Y/N questioned. She was in awe of the beautiful house.

“Something like that”

“Erik…how would you even know where she lived?”

“Y/N, we been together too long for you to be this fucking stupid. I thought I taught you better” Erik shook his head.

“Excuse me!? I’m not stupid”

“You blind as a fucking bat then. You been away from me too long and you let feelings get in the way of everything. This house belongs to David. Those cars, they belong to David. He’s been lying to you. He’s married” Erik tossed a folder at her and she slowly opened it reading through the information and looking at the pictures.

“I-I don’t believe you…” she said under her breath.

“The proof is all in that folder. Don’t be stupid. How many times this nigga tell you he staying at his sisters? Sister don’t fucking exist. It’s his wife”

“How’d you get this?” She shut the folder and placed it on the dashboard.

“How you think?” He gave her a look.

“Erik, I specifically asked you NOT to check on the men I’m messing with!”

“Yea and I did. But now look! You sleeping with a married man” Erik laughed. He didn’t want to but he couldn’t help himself.

“What the hell is so funny!?” Y/N was still in disbelief. Her hands were shaking and her eyes watering.

“This entire situation. You defended this nigga just for him to lie to you for three years? How you ain’t know?”

“I wouldn’t be in this situation if you didn’t cheat on me…”

The car was silent briefly.

“You right. But you know I still love you. Whenever you done playing Dora the dick explorer, I’ll be right here”

“You and your hoes?”

“Nah. Smartass. Just me. Me and Jade” Erik leaned over to kiss Y/N on the cheek. They pulled away and looked each other in the eyes.

“You still love me?” She asked.

“You know I do. You’re the best thing, aside from Jade, that’s ever happened to me. You’re my first love”

“I still love you too Erik. So much. I miss you. I miss you holding me. I miss everything about you”

“What you miss the most?”

Y/N sucked her teeth and laughed.

“You already know”

“Say it then”

“That beautiful dick. I miss sitting on it. I miss cumming on it”

“Mhm. You ready to go knock this nigga out?” Erik asked pulling a gun from under his seat.

“Erik, please don’t start anything. Let me handle it okay? Please?”

“Well you better handle it or I will” he gave her another look.

“Erik. I got this. I promise” they both climbed out the car and Y/N took a deep breath before knocking. Erik covered the doorbell security camera with a piece of black electric tape.

“You sure you don’t want to go at it the old way? Fuck this nigga”

“No. We stopped that a long time ago. I’ll just break up with him and we can go”

“Pussy” he scoffed.

Y/N and Erik seen someone approach the front door.

“This bitch is fine as fuck. We might just do this my way” Erik pushed Y/N to the side. The woman opened the door in a robe.

“Can I-wait, aren’t you the man from the mall?” She asked confused.

“Yea, I am. I’m looking for David” Erik asked glancing into the house.

“He’s not here. He made a quick trip to San Francisco to visit his mom. He should be back in the morning”

“Cool. Well I have something for him” Erik lied.

“Okay? I can take it” she said.

“Erik—“ Y/N nudged him.

“It’s in the car. You can take it” Erik watched the woman closely.

“Yes that’s fine” she stepped out of the house and followed Erik to the car. Y/N rolled her eyes and put on a glove to shut the front door. She heard a small yell then a door slam. Walking back to the car, Erik waved her on quickly. She jumped into the car and they drove off as natural as possible.

“Erik! I said NO. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. All this nice shit you wear and these nice ass cars you drive. You want to just stop? You think I stopped after we broke up? Hell no. How you think I’m paying for you and Jade’s expensive lifestyle?”

“Erik. I have a good job now. I put that life behind me after we broke up” Y/N glanced in the back to see the woman gagged and her arms and legs tied together. Erik was always good with using rope.

“You a fuckin’ lie. So you wasn’t suckin’ and fuckin’ on your business trip?”

Y/N looked away shamefully.

“Exactly. You the same lil nasty bitch I met in college. You know what you want and you’ll do whatever to get it. But you know daddy will never pimp you out or let you do that shit. So what’s the real reason you broke up with me? Cause it’s not because I cheated. It’s because deep down inside, you a freaky hoe who don’t want to be tied down to one nigga. You want to suck some dick for some designer shoes and clothes. It’s cool. But you didn’t expect to fall in love with a fucking governor”

Y/N looked at him with a look of shock.

“Yea. A governor. He lied to you Y/N. So are you done trying to play house? You ready to take this nigga for all he got?”

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Part II

A/N: Hey babies, I really hope y’all are being safe in these uncertain times. Here is more cuteness. It’s a bit long, but I have ground that I wanna cover and this is what will make sure everything gets touched on. Happy reading!!


Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black Reader

The Present..

Anxiety has fully set in as the class reunion was underway. Wiping your hands on the sleek fabric of your little black dress, you frantically check in on the headset with your team at their designated stations in the auditorium. Leah manned the bar, Terri held down the games corner, Janiece at the food table and Renee acted as sentry at the DJ booth. Eyes were everywhere to anticipate your guests’ every need, while you were at the entrance, greeting everyone who arrived ready to get a blast from the past.

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Imagine Pt.3

Warnings: Language

*Tagging in comments since my internet sucks ass today.


“Yo! I’m talkin’ to you nigga! Why the fuck you showing up at my crib without my permission?” Erik put his gun into his waistband and waited for David to respond.

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❝falling for me❞ - jessica garvey finds something alluring in the determined erik stevens  (coming soon)

❝kiss it better❞ - the last thing erik steven expected was to fall for kori adams, his childhood best friend (coming soon)

❝crush❞ - vanessa turner spends the night with the elusive erik steven after an almost botched mission (coming soon)

❝naked❞ - the last thing lola needed was her leaked nudes to fall into erik steven’s lap (coming soon)

❝softest place on earth❞ - tatiana porter has soft skin erik stevens wants to feel under his rough hands (coming soon)

❝love on the brain❞ - erik stevens can’t keep kaia monroe out of his mind (coming soon)

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**This is a conclusion, therefore it’s not long. I’m sorry!

Warnings: Language

Pairing; Erik x Black!FemaleReader

A/N: I don’t own the images used!

S/N: OMG! I found this picture of this baby and had to share because 1. He’s adorable 2. I feel like Erik would dress his son like this.

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Warnings; Language, Smut, Angst

Pairing; Erik x Black!Female Reader

A/N; I don’t own any images used! They are for aesthetics/visualization only

Musical Inspiration; No Options - Justine Skye 💕


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This chapter contains mostly flashbacks/backstory. Hopefully you understand them/the timeline. (Typos?) 

Warnings; Language

Pairing: a Erik x Black!Female Reader
A/N: The next chapter will focus on Italy and hopefully there will only be one chapter after that to end this request. I loved writing this ❤️

Musical Inspiration: I Remember - Keyshia Cole 😭


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Okay so I need opinions ladies

I’m gonna write out this new fic and then I’m gonna update an old imagine. That’s what I’m gonna start doing for now on. Writing a new fic then updating an old one.

Here are all the old fics that I want to do new parts for lol. From this list, depending on what is most popular, let me know which one you want to read first then I will start from there. Thank you🥰🥰

Threesome with Erik, her boyfriend and Reader

Nasty ass college Erik and his little mama (there are already four parts to this)

Reader is shy and a Virgin and erik makes her his sub

Porn Star Erik

Erik asks plus size reader on a date for the first time

Erik and Reader dealing with their 16 year old daughter

David Kane (Yahya) x Erik killmonger (MBJ) x OC threesome

Erik’s Brest friends little sis has a crush on him and Erik walks in on her leaving the shower

Based off of Cardi B saying “fat girls have the wettest pussy” (might be a threesome we’ll see)

Readers dad is a mob boss and she has a huge crush on the enemy: Erik Killmonger

Erik’s bestie takes him to a heels class where she dances to Beyoncé-Rocket

Threesome fic between Erik, his wife, and a stripper

Rapper Erik and Reader is a huge fan ( there are already two parts to this)

Office Bae Erik (there are already three parts to this)

Reader is a best-selling author and she writes an erotic book dedicated to her past lovers

Erik’s girl finally tells him that she is bisexual and Erik makes it his mission to help her hit on women and this leads to them choosing a women to have a threesome with

Actress Reader and Actor Erik (this already has two parts to it)

Crazy, boy next door, YOU Erik (this already has two parts to it)

Sugary Daddy Erik (this already has two parts to it)

Erik convinces the Reader that he can make her cum multiple times

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His hand squeezed your shoulder, pulling you back away from your cousin. T'challa knew too well you would have gone even further than you already did if he wasn’t there to stop you. He loves you, of course, but he didn’t always love that temper of yours. When Erik burst through the doors, demanding his throne, demanding your home, he knew you would have rone anything to stop him, even things that would have put you in serious danger. It wasn’t worth it, and he’d tell you. It’s not worth the fight. You never did know when not to pick your battles. He’d figure something out. You, and him, and the rest of your family. Come up with a plan that made sure everyone’s safety was ensured, that kicked Erik out of your home once and for all. Until then, there was nothing you could do other than to bow your heads to your new king and back away. Things like this took time, but you had never had that kind of patience…

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