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#kim mingyu
kpopco · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
can i have what he's having? 😳
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j-pping · 17 hours ago
winding down (with you)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mingyu x gn!reader
Genre: fluff, soft hours, skincare (is very important!!), no makeup face(s), this takes place on a worknight (important -- carving out even 30min of self-care on a weeknight is possible and can be nice, even if it’s late and you already f-ed up your sleep schedule. if it helps you relax and get better quality sleep right after, try it!), cuddly!gyu, comfort and soothing and healing, did i mention this fic is intended to take place on a worknight?
Description: You’re tired, he’s tired, the whole dang world is tired. But even after a long day, Mingyu helps you find some time to unwind, even if for a few stolen minutes.
WC: ~1400, unedited and written directly into a tumblr post in one sitting wow! been a while for me!
A/N: many thanks to @wonwoonlight ​ for a little bit of writerly encouragement (and a prompt!) that triggered some creative juices for me this evening. truly, community engagement within fanficdom is what powers us (or at least me) along. i’ve missed this kind of interaction so much and i think the stars aligned, because i was wanting some “soothing while you’re tired” comfort myself, and started playing In the SOOP 2, which is quite healing and ambient.
Anyway, my Aries men fixation continues, it seems. Please enjoy my second ever SVT fic and come say hi if you read this, I’d love to hear from y’all!
It takes a bit of willpower, but you lift a sweater-paw-ed arm up to rub gently at your nose, calming the slight itch of a sneeze you thought might be coming on. The nights have begun to get colder and the air a bit less humid. Coworkers have started to call in sick with colds brought on by the change in season, and you think the itch might be a sign that you’re also struggling to adjust.
You sigh and sink into the couch cushions a bit lower, pushing your feet further onto the ottoman. It’s a comfortable position, perhaps a little too comfortable and a little hard on your spine, but you don’t care. It’s been a long day, posture be damned. You know you have to get up in a few minutes when Mingyu’s done with the bathroom, but your bones are too exhausted; you only have enough energy to become one with the couch for now.
A few minutes later, Mingyu trudges into the living room, hair looking thoroughly ruffled behind the soft cloth hairband keeping his bangs free from his forehead. His skin looks glossy and clean, the result of several layered serums and his detailed skincare regimen. Still, with no layers of tinted makeup to hide the true textures and tones, he looks rested and calm, if a bit weary. A solid third of his right eyebrow is missing, him having wiped off the faint tint that usually finishes it’s shape, but it’s something you’ve always found endearing about his bare face. If anything, it makes him look more like the puppy he is.
He stops short, blocking your view of the television that you’re not really watching anyway. His gaze peers over your head towards the wall, where he notes the time. Then he glances back down at where you slump, in your hoodie and pj pants, melted into the sofa.
“Facemasks?” He asks, flashing a half-grin and revealing one sharp canine. From thin air he produces two floppy packages of disposable masks, waving them to make the plastic groan from the motion. “It’s been a long day.”
You nod, the motion ever so subtle beneath the hood of your sweater with all of your hair tucked in. Mingyu snorts at the image; to him you look like the end of a q-tip quivering back and forth.
“It’s been a long year,” you grumble from your cocoon, and he lets out a whole bark of laughter in reply. But he smiles kindly at you, reaching his other hand towards you with fingers splayed and palm facing down. He shakes his hand once, indicating that you should grab it. You oblige.
Mingyu pulls you up from the blob you just were, his capable arms not showing an ounce of struggle. If it weren’t the turn of the seasons - if it were a hot summer’s evening instead - he’d be wearing a tank top instead, which would have allowed you the visual pleasure of his muscles. But tonight he’s in an old long-sleeved shirt you swear he got for free years ago, so there’s no show for you this evening. Ah well.
Rather than let you trudge to the bathroom all by yourself, he turns his hand and laces his fingers through yours and tugs you back towards the bathroom.
As you wash your face more out of muscle memory than actual, active thought, he wordlessly hands you each step of your skincare routine. The little gesture is strangely a huge help - a weight off your shoulders, and one less thing to think about.
“How come you’re not so tired?” You ask him, pausing between words while you squeeze your eyes shut to avoid getting product or soap in your eyes and wipe off the suds. He passes you a face towel.
“I’m tired,” he admits with a huff of air, then takes the towel back from you to hand you your toner next. “But I’m not alone in this,” he adds, watching as you pat the product into your skin.
You hum, eyes unfocusing as you gaze listlessly at corner of the ceiling and let his words sink in. “You cooked all of our dinner,” you remark, pressing extra product into your neck. “And even a ramyun snack while we watched TV after.”
He shrugs, then hands you a serum. “You washed all the dishes I made, and wiped down the table.”
You sigh. “We should have ordered takeout; it’s rough to keep cooking every night after a full day of work, and then some.”
“We can order some tomorrow. Maybe fried chicken and beer?” He looks hopeful, with a slight smirk lifting at the corners of his mouth. You laugh slightly, now rubbing moisturizer into your tired skin and agreeing with his proposal.
“I’d like that,” you exhale, then survey your skin in the mirror before turning off the bathroom lights.
Mingyu follows you back to the living room where the television has been softly playing to no audience; he bypasses you with a last-ditch burst of energy and launches himself into the leather cushions of the couch. He opens his arms invitingly, though you raise an eyebrow at his suggestion. The couch is wide, of course; he made sure of that when you went to showrooms to purchase it (it needed to suit his height no matter how he sat on it). But even so, trying to crane your necks at the TV screen while lying on the couch sideways has never been easy.
“Come on,” he coaxes. “You weren’t even paying attention to it.”
You can’t argue with that. But you gesture for him to sit up first, and when he tries to pout, you shake the facemask packs he showed you earlier. Oh, right, says the expression on his face, before he scrambles up to his knees and offers you his face eagerly. He closes his eyes, letting you quietly marvel at the length of his eyelashes, and waits patiently as you open a package and smooth the fabric of the mask over his features. You chuckle a bit at the sight; he’d chosen animal-print masks for tonight, though you’ve always wondered why people found the print masks cute when the eye cutouts under a tiger or cat image sometimes looked worse than just wearing a plain mask.
“What did I get today?” He asks, the words coming out oddly as he tries to keep his facial muscles stiff.
“Bear,” you tell him, and Mingyu nods before catching himself and pressing the edges of the mask back over his face. Then he places a firm hand on your shoulder to make you sit on the couch, one leg hung over the edge with your foot on the floor and the other folded beneat you. He tears open the other bag and smooths a unicorn mask over your face.
“You look good,” he says, but a quiver in his voice betrays him. You reach around blindly for whever you left your phone, finding it between two couch cushions. Your front camera tells you you’re a horrific unicorn, so you mock-smack him on the shoulder for the blatant lie.
“This doesn’t look good at all,” you laugh, and he pulls you into his chest so you can both lie back on the couch. The television continues to play through the random YouTube Music playlist you put on earlier, but neither of you really care.
You watch as Mingyu sets a timer for fifteen minutes on his phone; as he locks his screen, you catch the time -- almost midnight, and well after your desired bedtime. You sigh, but settle into his arms nonetheless.
“Another workday tomorrow,” you yawn, feeling the mask shift over your muscles. Mingyu scoffs and (lightly) shoves the fabric back into place.
“We’ll sleep right after this,” he murmurs, fingers drumming out beats along your sweatered arm. “I might pass out before it’s time to take it off, anyway...” You can hear the fatigue in his voice and the yawn he wants to let out (they’re contagious, after all), and snuggle in closer.
“You can’t,” you scold, but you know you might also do the same.
He smacks his lips as he wiggles himself into a more comfortable position on the couch, making sure you’re nestled between him and the cushions.
“We’ll make it through,” he mumbles sleepily. He resists the urge to bury his face into your neck; he can’t, anyway, because of the face mask. “Long days are nothing when I get to end them like this with you.” 
In the comfort of his embrace and the quiet glow of the television, you’re inclined to agree. For the moment, at least. Tomorrow morning you’ll be less convinced, but when Mingyu drags his disheveled self into the kitchen to boil water for your morning coffee, you think that maybe starting your days with him also helps make the long, exhausting hours a little more bearable.
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blu-joons · a day ago
Sunday Mornings ~ Kim Mingyu
Tumblr media
Your smile grew as you were welcomed into the morning by Mingyu looking across at you, adjusting the duvet so that it tucked you in nicely. It was a rare occasion for you to wake and still see him by your side, feeling his hand move across to rest against your hip, using it as leverage to pull himself forwards and press a kiss to the top of your head.
“Good morning,” he smiled as he pulled away, admiring the grin on your face.
Your head nodded back at him, “it is a good morning getting to wake up with you.”
There was a comfort in the bed that couldn’t quite be described when Mingyu was in the bed with you. Just his presence alone always helped you to feel settled and confident in starting your day the best possible way.
“Have you got any plans today?” You asked, moving your hand across to rest against his chest.
“Well, it’s Sunday, and I’ve got the day off,” Mingyu began to speak, “and so my plans are to spend the day doing absolutely nothing and just enjoy being with you for a change, at home.”
Your face lit up at the suggestion he had for your day, “that sounds like a dream of a day, there’s nothing better I could see us doing.”
Despite the break of light that came through your curtains, the two of you were still very much sleepy as the hand that rested against your hip moved around your frame to pull you into his side closer, allowing your head to settle against his chest.
“These are the mornings that I love the most,” Mingyu whispered from above you, pressing a kiss into your hairline gently. “There’s nothing that makes me happier than just being able to lay with you and talk to you, like most couples get to do.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath so that you could really make the most of having Mingyu laying by your side.
There was very little that Mingyu hated more than waking up in the mornings and seeing you fast asleep, knowing that he had to slide out of the bed and leave you. He wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around you, but instead he had to try and slide his arms out from your body and make sure that he didn’t stir you. When he did, he often left a note on his pillow, wishing that you had a good day and woke up with a smile.
Being able to wake up and see the smile on your face meant more to Mingyu though, strands of your hair had fallen in front of your face through the night, and no matter how much he wanted to ignore them, Mingyu just couldn’t.
“Stay still,” he whispered as he curved his hand to gently brush each individual strand, tucking them so that your hairline was perfectly straight at the top of your head.
You didn’t react as Mingyu did so, allowing him to sort you out. Little things that he did often left your heart full, whilst you were happy to just leave your hair to whatever it wanted to do, Mingyu was more than happy to fix it.
“Much better,” he giggled as your eyes opened back up, tilting your head so that you could look up at Mingyu, relieved to see that his own smile was wide too.
Once Mingyu had finished fixing your hair, he adjusted your pyjama top so that the material was no longer creased, adjusting the sleeves so that they sat perfectly against your skin before straightening your collar so that it was no longer twisted.
“You really are such a wriggler at night.”
You poked your tongue out at Mingyu as he teased, fighting the urge to ruffle your shirt back up again to get back at him. As much as you wanted to, having Mingyu there to care for you was something that you just couldn’t take for granted though.
“What do you think about laying here until at least midday?” Mingyu asked you, “I was thinking that even when we do get out of bed, we could just do absolutely nothing together.”
Your eyes lit up at Mingyu’s suggestion, “do you have any idea how many mornings I’ve spent laying in this bed only hoping that you would be able to lay here beside me.”
“I’m here now, and I’m going to make sure that I make the most of this morning with you.”
“I appreciate that,” you assured him, running your hand against his chest, down across the middle of the definition in his abs. “And this is your day off, so whatever you want to do is whatever I am happy to do too.”
There was a comfort between the two of you that the two of you adored as you spoke in hushed whispers, neither of you felt the need to be loud, to shout, instead you both just wanted to enjoy the moment of being together for a rare morning.
“Have I told you recently how much I love you?” Mingyu spoke as he caught your eyes and your smile, “I feel really lucky to be able to wake up beside you every morning.”
Your head shook at his sudden kindness, looking quizzically across at him as you tried to figure out what was going on. “You tell me that you love me every single day, you don’t need to tell me it anymore times, I don’t know what I’ll do.”
Mingyu chuckled back across at you, already being able to see a hint of red in your cheeks despite how dark the room was.
The effect that Mingyu had on you was one of his favourite things, whilst you loved to shy away and pretend that you were fine, just the look in your eyes, even in the dark, was usually enough to let him know that he was doing the right thing.
You tried to shake him off, but the pinch that Mingyu gave around your waist let you know that he had caught you. You buried your head against his chest, but Mingyu quickly moved his hand to cup the side of your face before you could hide.
“Don’t look at me right now.”
“I want to look at you,” Mingyu argued, smiling at the shy grin on your face, “nothing makes me happier than being able to look at you. My heart fluttered first thing this morning when I saw you laying beside me knowing that I’d get to spend the whole day with you.”
You tried to best to push past Mingyu’s hand, but his hold was too strong, continuing to expose your blushes to him.
The day was going to be enjoyable for you both, regardless of the things you had planned for it. Whether you went out and explored, or just decided to stay under the duvet and cuddle up to one another, just being with each other was something that neither of you were willing to take for granted.
“What do you say to napping for a while?” Mingyu asked, “I’m still pretty sleepy, and for once, I have no work to do.”
Your head nodded, already closing your eyes, “I love when you speak my language, sleep and you, my two favourite things.”
“I can’t wait for a lazy Sunday of nothing with you.”
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woozi · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ending fairy!mingyu ♡ rock with you ♡ 211022
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spoopy-boo · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mingyu and s.coups ending fairies @ music bank 211022
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jeonwonswoo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
VERNON, MINGYU, DOKYEOM, THE8 seventeen ‘rock with you’ official teaser #1
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svt-incorrect · a day ago
DK: group hug!
Svt: *grumbles about it being too hot but awkwardly tries to manoeuvre into a big hug*
Mingyu: who just took my wallet?
Hoshi, disappointed: ah, it's empty.
Hoshi: sorry, here, you can have it back.
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mingdata · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
211021 © min9yu_k
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gyunetwork · a day ago
Mingyu for smash. House
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hwikyeom · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
MINGYU WHY??????????????????!!!!!! 
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laetysss · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Halloween pack - Kim Mingyu  -  Choi San - Jeon Soyeon - Shin Ryujin (400*640)
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smileysuh · 3 months ago
Class Project : Mingyu & Wonwoo
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: You’re less than enthusiastic about being paired with notorious frat boys Mingyu and Wonwoo for a class project. They make it a point to change your opinion of them... by being the ultimate meanies.  ⇢ Pairing: frat Wonwoo & frat Mingyu x fem!reader ⇢ Genre: smut, comedy, (18+ please no minors) ⇢ Warnings: Mean Dom Wonwoo, unprotected sex, oral (m/f receiving), hand jobs, fingering, spanking, choking, biting, thigh riding, marks, dirty talk, too many pet names, some degradation, vouyerism, edging, making Mingyu read a class project while Wonwoo rails you-, etc... ⇢ Word Count: 9.2k ⇢ Tropes/AU’s: frat svt, bad boy svt, it’s kind of like a pre Anteric fic.  
Tumblr media
“So when do we want to study?” You ask, twirling your pencil and fighting the urge to pop a bubble with your gum - which you’ve been told is annoying - as you eye the two men sitting across from you.
They’re both looking at something Mingyu’s phone, and neither of the notorious frat boys react to your question. Mingyu giggles at something on his screen, and Wonwoo shoves his shoulder.
You sigh, done with their antics, and besides, you have a class to get to. “I’m free Friday-”
“We have a frat party on Friday.” Wonwoo breathes, still not looking at you, eyes continuing to scan Mingyu’s screen while he reads something that makes his friend giggle again. Of course he has selective hearing and can only respond to you when it’s to protect his precious plans for a party-
“But,” Mingyu says, looking up finally and flashing you a soft smile. You can see why all the girls bend over backwards for the tall photography major. “You could come to the frat before the party and we could study then.” He suggests, “you could even stay for the party if you want!”
You sigh, exchanging phone numbers and although you tentatively agree to stay for the party afterwards, you have no intention of actually following through.
You just want your project done.
Tumblr media
You’ve been invited to a few of the frat parties, in fact, you’re pretty sure the two guys you were just paired with know your best friend, Joshua, who - although you’re always seem to forget - is in a frat on campus. He’d met the frat president in September- some guy he calls Scoops? - through a friend in his art class, and Joshua had been hooked. Being accepted into the frat had been all too easy for a guy like Joshua.
Your frat bestie answers his phone on the second ring, bubbly voice making you take a deep breath, he always knows how to calm you down. “Hey! How was class?” he asks, and you can hear music playing softly behind him. You’ll always be shocked at his ability to study at all hours of the day. 
“It was fine. I got partnered up for a project with these two frat guys though-”
“Oh no.” Joshua laughs, he knows you have a love hate relationship with your university’s Greek System, “Do I know them?”
“I think so, I have their names somewhere, but one of them was like... really tall? The dude he was with was tall too, but-”
“Mingyu and Wonwoo.” Joshua spits the names out immediately.
You laugh, running a hand through your hair as you take your seat at your next class, pulling out your books. “Yeah, them. Are they nice?”
The line is quiet for a moment, your thoughtful best friend choosing his words carefully. “They're decent guys.” He says finally, “they share a room, and stay in there a lot, but Mingyu is a big partier.”
You’re not surprised that, out of the two men, Mingyu is the one with the obvious affinity for the frat life. Wonwoo had struck you as a little shy, even if he does try to protect himself with the ‘frat boy confidence shell’ and all black outfits complete with combat boots. 
“Well, I’ll be at the frat on Friday to study with them.”
“Are you coming to the party after?” Joshua asks, and you can hear the excitement in his voice. He’s gradually getting more used to his new group of guy friends, but you know he wants you to come party with him at least once. 
You sigh, toying with the idea of going to find some cute guy to make out with, if nothing else. “We’ll see.”
Tumblr media
Mingyu is already half drunk by the time you show up to work on your project, and you can’t help the frustration that bubbles under your skin. Wonwoo offers you a small smile that seems to say ‘sorry about him’ and you wonder if this is just what Mingyu is like on a daily basis... you have seen him drinking from a flask in class but you’d always just sort of assumed it was water or something- you’d never actually considered he was actually drinking mid seminar- but maybe you should set your bar a little lower.
The tall puppy frat boy even smells a little boozy, but when you pop a big chunk of pink bubblegum into your mouth, the taste quickly overcomes your senses, and soon Mingyu is asking for a piece, taking a seat and looking for direction.
The good thing is, Mingyu is eager to help wherever he can. He’s constantly moving, buzzing around the small room and doing any task you set him too. Wonwoo, in contrast, stays quite still, seated on his bed with his laptop out and big headphones that block him out from his buzzing roommate.
The grungy frat boy seems to have a good sense of what needs to be done, so you mostly stick with Mingyu, who offers you a spot on his bed across from Wonwoo’s. Mingyu plays the part of the DJ, distracting you every now and again when he asks for your opinion on a song you could really care less about... but giving him the task of finding good music shuts him up long enough for you to get large sections of reading done before the puppy is back up and eager for more commands.
You can hear the frat house starting to come alive at around eight, and you groan at how much time has passed with such little to show for it on your end (youve been sending things to Wonwoo and putting stuff on the google doc but Wonwoo’s the one making the script and putting together slides). The voices of frat boys are getting louder in the hallway outside that connects all the rooms of the live in boys. 
The door to Mingyu and Wonwoo’s room opens abruptly and two men stick their heads in. “Oh.” One says, eyes scanning the room. He’s familiar, you think he’s the frat president Joshua has told you about, “You have a girl over.” 
“A pretty girl.” The other smiles at you, “Hi, I’m Dino!” 
“Are you guys coming to the party?” The first guy asks, ignoring his friend’s flirtation. 
Mingyu, who is now at least 70% drunk - he’d spat out the bubble gum long ago in favour of beer, which he’d claimed tasted like cotton candy due to the mixing of wheat and hubba bubba - is quick to jump to his feet, “yes!” 
“Beer pong, be my partner?” The leader points at your tall class project partner and Mingyu practically bounces out of his skin.
“Yes!” Mingyu says loudly again, running to the door to join his friends. He stops just as he’s about to disappear from sight, pausing to look at you and Wonwoo, “unless-”
“Just go.” Wonwoo says, eyes still glued to his computer screen. 
“Should I stay?” Dino asks, smiling widely at you at the newly freed spot next to you on the bed, “I can fill in for Mingyu-”
“Not like he was doing much anyways.” Wonwoo mutters matter of factly, not bothering to read the situation - his frat brother flirting with you - with his eyes, and instead being blunt.
With a sigh of defeat, Dino goes to follow the other two who are already gone, closing the door behind him and shutting you in silence with Wonwoo.
The man, who is dressed in black sweats and a dark V-neck that fits him a bit too tightly on the shoulders, doesn’t say anything, and even as the music starts blasting downstairs, the two of you diligently work on your project. 
At around nine, Wonwoo stretches his arms over his head and checks the time. You’ve been at it for hours. “Are you hungry?” He asks you suddenly, pushing down his headphones and running a hand through his pretty curls. You notice for the first time that his nails are painted, chipped, but there’s still effort there, and although they’re as black as the rest of his outfit, they look good.
“A little.” You confess, swallowing thickly to enjoy what’s left of your last piece of gum, which you’d been trying to use as a dinner substitute- to no avail. You tear your eyes away from the man who is becoming prettier and prettier the lazier his attire gets- which shouldn’t be possible. 
“There’s a McDonalds down the street.” Wonwoo says, raising a hand to push his circular glasses up his nose. He’d put them on a little while ago, and now that you’re looking at his face instead of working, you can appreciate the way they show off his angular cheekbones and sharp jaw- “food sucks, but it’s food. Want to get out of here?” 
It’s funny to hear those words coming from at Frat boy who has you inside his room already. Very counterintuitive, and in that moment, you decide this particular frat boy isn’t so bad- especially since he did just spend something like three hours working hard... as far as you can tell.
Before you can answer, there’s a knock on Wonwoo’s door. “Come in!” he shouts, and your best friend is the next boy to pop his head into the small room, a smile on his face when he sees you.
“You’re still here!” Joshua exclaims, “I saw Mingyu doing a keg stand and thought maybe you’d left already.” He enters the room, waving to Wonwoo, who casts his eyes down at the screen an effort to give you a little privacy, headphones staying around his neck.
“No, we’re still working.” You tell him, groaning and stretching your arms over your head, toying with the idea of closing your laptop.
“What about Mingyu?” Joshua asks, collapsing onto the bed next to you.
"You know how he is, he’ll do the actual speaking part of the presentation,” Wonwoo says, “So he’s still sort of carrying his weight.”
Joshua nods, looking you up and down, “You’re not really dressed to party Pipsqueak.”
You groan at the name he’d given you years ago.
“I am, it’s just under this hoodie.” You close your laptop, feeling done, and stand up, lifting your hoodie to show off the shirt you have underneath.
Joshua inspects you with the eye of a friend, nodding, “Sexy.” He says, earning a choked sound from Wonwoo who hides his expression with a hand, pretending to be reading something on his screen. “Tell her she looks good!” Joshua grins at the frat boy’s reaction.
“She looks good.” Wonwoo says blankly, not looking up at you.
“But?” you ask, knowing there’s a ‘but’ on the end of his sentence. 
Wonwoo sighs, then he also gets rid of his laptop, standing and heading to Mingyu’s side of the room. He opens a drawer and pulls out a bunch of clothing that obviously belongs to women.
“Why does Mingyu have a crop top and all of these panties-” Joshua’s voice trails of as he realizes they’re in the drawer dedicated to things Mingyu’s conquests have left behind, he lets go of the tiger print thong he’d picked up.
“This.” Wonwoo pulls out a black shirt, “It will be nicer on you than the girl who owned it originally anyways. In fact, you should take anything in here you want.” He runs a hand through his flouncy dark curls. “You can change here, I’ll head out and join the party. You can leave stuff here and the door will lock when you leave.” 
Wonwoo quickly exits the room, which leaves you alone with your best friend, who holds the shirt out to you. “What did you do to him to make him so weird?” Joshua asks as you take off your hoodie and your shirt. You’ve been friends with the LA raised man for so long, changing in front of each other is meaningless now.
“What do you mean?” You ask, tugging the fabric over your head.
Joshua shrugs, “he just feels off.”
“Maybe he’s tired.” you shrug, smoothing the shirt down before searching for a mirror, which you find in the corner, half covered by a large puffer jacket you think you’ve seen Mingyu wear in the winter time- you might not love the guy, but with a face like that, well, it’s hard to miss him.
Wonwoo was right about the shirt, though, it looks stunning on you.
“So, who are you dressing up for, Wonwoo or Mingyu?” Joshua teases, coming to stand next to you and nudge you with his shoulder. 
You laugh at his words and the two of you leave the room together, but try as you might, you can’t shake Joshua’s words. Not as the two of you grab drinks, nor as the two of you dance and Joshua points out guys who are looking at you- You try to help him with a few girls instead, and soon, Joshua pairs off with a pretty brunette, which leaves you alone.
You need to find Wonwoo or Mingyu to get access to their room and your stuff. Mingyu is easy enough to spot in the crowd. He’s so tall and loud that your eyes find him before your brain has even really registered you’re looking.
The photography major is at the beer pong table, Wonwoo - his ever constant shadow - by his side. When you approach them, you touch Wonwoo first, which draws his pretty, dark eyes to you, all the more magnified by his glasses.
“Are you leaving?” he asks, reaching into his pocket for his key so he can just give it to you to go retrieve your things and save himself the trip back up the stairs.
“She’s not leaving,” Mingyu’s hands reach out and he pulls you to be standing between them. You feel very small next to the two six foot plus frat boys. “She’s playing on our team. Group Project forever!”
A few bystanders, who look as drunk as Mingyu, raised their glasses to cheer on your new trio. Wonwoo is smiling next to you at Mingyu’s antics, and he trusts you can get yourself out of this situation if you really want to.
Mingyu hands you a pingpong ball, and then, without even asking, he moves to stand behind you, hands settling on your hips, “aim for the middle cup.” He whispers into your ear, breath sending a shiver through your body as it caresses the sensitive skin of your neck. 
The tall man waits behind you, unmoving, as you line up your shot and take it.
The ball sinks into the middle cup and Mingyu immediately erupts into a celebration, turning you around so he can grab you. His arms wrap around your middle and he lifts you a good foot or so off the ground, spinning you around until you’re almost dizzy, if not from the motion, then from the acceptance and the aesthetic that has washed over you at being celebrated for your beer pong skills with a gorgeous frat boy-
When Mingyu sets you down, he looks at you for the first real time, hands still on your hips to keep you just away from his chest. “Hey! This is Cindy’s shirt!” he says, eyes dipping down and his fingers picking at the material.
“Wonwoo said I could wear it-”
“You look amazing!” Mingyu tells you, and you realize he had no intention of chastising you for having found your way into his hook up lost and found.
He can’t believe how good you look, can’t believe his usually foolproof skill of having x-ray imagination vision didn’t set him off to your attractiveness.
Well, you have his attention now. 
A ball lands in a cup on your side of the table and it draws Mingyu’s attention. While he’d been looking at you, his friends on the other side of the table had taken a trick shot and it had gone in, meaning he has to drink twice. 
“Stop being so distracted!” One of the men on the other side of the table yells at him. You notice a tiger sticker on the frat boy’s phone as he slides it into his pocket.
The man next to him is grinning, “Mingyu, talk to the pretty girl as much as you want,” he shouts, “It will make beating you go faster!”
“You’re not going to beat us!” Mingyu yells back, then turns to you and Wonwoo, “we can’t let Hoshi and DK beat us.” he says seriously, then he holds up a pingpong ball to you, “Kiss it for good luck.”
You sigh and do as you’re told, leaning in to kiss the ball. “You too.” Mingyu thrusts his hand out towards Wonwoo next, and after an exasperated eye roll, Wonwoo also follows through.
Mingyu turns to face his opponents. 
Next to you, Wonwoo says loudly, “Oh shit, who let Seungkwan get on a table again?”
Both of the men across from you turn around, looking for this ‘Seungkwan’ who, from Wonwoo’s sly expression, you know is not, in fact, on a table. With their backs turned, Mingyu does a trick shot just like the other team had, and like them, he sinks it.
“Your turn to double drink.” Mingyu announces proudly, his arm thrown over your shoulders to celebrate his own success. 
Wonwoo gets the ball next, and you note the way he unfolds his arms from over his chest to throw. His form is impeccable, and he sinks his shot too, leaving the other team with just one cup left.
Both Hoshi and DK miss their shots, and the ball goes to Mingyu again. He rubs it between his hands, then presents it to you, “kiss.” He states.
Again, both you and Wonwoo follow the instruction, watching with your breaths held as Mingyu makes his throw.
It sinks cleanly into the cup.
You’re not prepared for Mingyu’s celebration dance this time, which he kicks off by leaning down and simply throwing you over his shoulder. A screech leaves your lips as people make way for the massive man, who starts to move and spin, prompting you to hold him tightly. “Mingyu let me down!” you yell, but you can’t help the laugh in your voice.
Even you have to admit this is fun.
“We won!” Mingyu shouts back, ignoring you as he parades through the house. 
Everyone is looking at you being carried through the building, and it’s the frat president who finally comes up to say, “Mingyu, put the pretty girl down.”
You wonder why everyone is referring to you as ‘pretty girl’, maybe it’s a frat house thing. You don’t really mind. Your skin feels on fire from embarrassment but also something else. 
Mingyu finally sets you down, and you’re not shocked when Wonwoo’s there to steady you, having followed his friends' motions through the crowd. Mingyu still has a destination in mind though, even now that you’re not on his shoulder. He grabs your hand to continue dragging you, mind obviously fixed on a destination.
“Where are we going?” You ask.
“To the room to study!” Mingyu announces. 
You flash a look at Wonwoo who just shrugs, a smile on his face as the two of you begin climbing the stairs to the second floor. “You want to study right now?” You ask, confused at the man who has a firm grip on your hand as he pulls you after him.
“I have to do my part.” Mingyu insists, which makes no sense to you, seeing as his part is the actual presenting of your work, and you’re not even done setting it up yet.
The puppy frat boy is tipsy, that much is obvious. Mingyu’s words aren’t entirely coherent, but you trust him and Wonwoo as you’re once more shut into their room. 
“Mingyu-ah.” Wonwoo’s voice is stern and low, even despite the affectionate nickname, something you’re not used to. The taller man doesn’t even look up as he moves through the room, producing a bottle of rum from seemingly nowhere. 
“What’s he doing?” You ask, able to pick up on the fact that something in the room is a little odd.
“He has this weird ritual-” Wonwoo begins to explain, but he’s cut off by Mingyu throwing a pillow at him.
“Let me woo her in peace!” 
“Oh god.” Wonwoo groans, stepping so his shoulder is just brushing yours, “I’m sorry about this.” The flouncy haired man says to you, and before you can get him to clarify what he means, the light in the room is changing to pretty blue hues from a line of light tiles on the wall, and then Mingyu has both your hands in his.
“You’re really pretty.” He says, beaming down at you, “I’m sorry I’m not much help with studying, but I promise I’ll do better.”
“It’s fine,” you tell him as he leads you over to sit on his bed.
“Use your words Mingyu, she’s not just some girl from downstairs.” Wonwoo’s voice once again makes your skin tingle, especially due to the context, which is getting spicier and spicier with each passing moment. 
“You look so good.” Mingyu groans, surprising you when he gets onto the floor instead of next to you on the bed. He sits on his knees in front of you, looking up at you with big eyes, “I want-” He swallows thickly and licks his lips, hand reaching out to tug at the cuff of your jeans. His fingers brush by your ankle and that brief contact makes you suck in a breath. 
“Words.” Wonwoo says again.
“I want,” Mingyu says with vigour again, “please give me a taste?”
A taste. 
You’d heard rumours that the guys in this frat can be a bit... different from other frats. You’ve heard that threesomes aren't uncommon, and that they’re genuinely good guys who care about female pleasure. But you’d never imagined yourself to ever be in a situation like this.
“Please?” Mingyu says again, inching forward so he can massage your calves with large, warm hands, and rest his chin on your knee, teeth nipping at the denim teasingly as he blinks up at you with puppy dog eyes.
You look up at Wonwoo, who is watching, and has moved to sit on a gaming chair on his side of the room. He’s sitting comfortably, thighs spread and looking beautiful in black sweats- chest all broad. He doesn’t say anything, and you know that this isn’t the first time they’ve done this sort of thing with a girl. 
Now you’re wondering if Wonwoo is going to do anything, or if he’s just going to watch. 
“Try kissing her first, Gyu.” Wonwoo suggests, arms crossing over his chest and making his biceps bulge deliciously. You swallow thickly at the dominance Wonwoo’s exhibiting. You’d been so busy studying earlier you hadn’t thought much about their dynamic, but regardless, they’re breaking any preconceived notion you had.
“But I’m hungry.” Mingyu wines, once again biting into your knee gently before peaking up at you for a reaction. 
Wonwoo sighs at the whiney drunk man, then he stands up, approaching the bed and holding a hand out for you.
You make the decision to trust them both, to see where this night goes, and you take his hand.
Wonwoo pulls you to your feet. He’s good at reading people, and he can tell you’ve resigned yourself to him and Mingyu. He wastes no time kissing you, hands moving to your hips to pull you closer, as gently as possible, although he wants to dig in and devour you whole- he continues ignoring Mingyu on the floor.
Wonwoo’s lips are soft, but his grip quickly changes, his passion getting the better of him. Fingers dig into your skin as he deepens the kiss. His tongue slides against yours and one of his hands cups the back of your head, prompting you to let out a moan as he sucks on your bottom lip. 
Wonwoo’s thigh presses up between your legs and his hand on your hip forces you down a little, adding pressure to your core. Your jean seam is in just the right place, and your clit flutters with pleasure at the wonderful feeling Wonwoo is providing with his strong thigh.
You feel a body move behind yours, Mingyu finally standing from his spot on the floor. The shirt you’re wearing exposes your shoulders, and Mingyu’s lips soon place open mouthed kisses there. His large palms move up your arms and then land on your shoulders. You feel the cold band of a ring on his pinky, and realize Wonwoo has a matching one on the hand gripping your face.
One of Mingyu’s hands slides down again, smoothing flat against your tummy. Then it dips farther, slowly, enough for you to stop him if he’s not what you want.
But you don’t make him stop.
Wonwoo’s thigh disappears from between your legs, and Mingyu’s hand places it. First he just cups your heat, feeling how warm you are and letting out a groan as he continues to press sloppy kisses to your skin. Then Mingyu tries to shove his hand down the front of your jeans, skipping the button and zipper all together.
The overly eager, puppy frat boy lets out a wine or annoyance, low in his throat when your jeans inhibit his access to you, and Wonwoo sighs against your lips, releasing you so he can unbutton your jeans for the man behind you. 
Mingyu’s fingers find your hips instead, and he pushes your jeans down just enough to be able to slide his digits past the band of your panties before slipping them through your pussy lips to collect the juices there. 
“So wet.” Mingyu groans against your neck, the new place he’s decided to worship with his mouth while his fingers explore you.
You rut against his hand, his attention moves to your clit, which he rubs gently, fingers slicked by your own wetness. You gasp into Wonwoo’s mouth, reaching to grab at his curls and pull- only for Wonwoo to tear his lips just out of your reach, dark eyes assessing you. 
“She’s ready for you now.” He concludes, speaking to the man behind you.
“Finally.” Mingyu pulls his hand from your pants and throws you onto the bed, tearing your jeans off before his greedy hands reach for your panties, “Off?” he asks, eyes full of concern when he looks up at you.
You nod, biting your lip between your teeth and lifting your hips to make things easier for Mingyu. The cool air of their room greats your heated core when the frat boy removes your pants and pushes your legs open, dragging you to the edge of the bed.
He licks his lips, eyes glued to the meal that awaits him. Mingyu’s breathing is off, and he almost looks like he’s in a trance. The moment hangs thickly in the air, anticipation, before the tall man dives into his work. 
Mingyu’s hands are on your thighs, keeping you spread while his entire mouth goes to work. His tongue dips into your entrance, nose bumping against your clit.
When you moan, reaching down to grab at Mingyu’s hair, the frat boy lets out a growl that sends shivers running through your body. His plump lips skillfully wrap around your clit and your hips move to escape, only to be held down by his large, strong hands.
The slurping sounds coming from Mingyu’s mouth on your pussy are obscene, to say the least, and before you even know what’s happening, your entire body is pulsing with pleasure as the man between your legs devours your orgasm, showing little intention of stopping until there are nearly tears in your eyes and your pushing his head away from the pleasure coursing through your body, radiating out of your core and the man all but worshipping you there-
Mingyu finally relents, pulling away slowly, eyes glazed. He stands up and looks down at your wrecked form, all from his mouth alone. 
Then he licks his lips.
“You beat your record.” Wonwoo says, and you glance at him. He’s seated in his chair again, phone out, where he must have a timer-
“Really? I didn’t notice.” Mingyu can’t tear his eyes off of your body and he continues to lick his lips as if he’s just has the best meal in his life, “she tastes so fucking good.”
“I bet.” Wonwoo’s tone is low, and it sends another wave of pleasure coursing through you while you wait to see what they’ll do next. “What are you thinking, Gyu?”
“You know what I’m thinking.” The taller man retorts, biting into his lower lip as his hands reach for you.
“Then do it.” 
So Wonwoo must be just a watcher-
“But remember gorgeous, after he’s done with you, I’m next.” The curly haired man leans back into his chair, elbows resting on the cushioned arms, which makes his chest look so much bigger than it ever has before- “and I have to get you back for chewing pink bubblegum the whole fucking time we studied.”
Mingyu lets out a groaning sound, hand reaching for the back of his shirt, which he tears off to reveal the body of a guy who should be in front of a camera, not behind it. His hands go for his jeans, unbuttoning them- then he looks up at you and frowns, “take your top of gorgeous, I’ve been wondering what your tits look like since the first day.”
You grab at a pillow and toss it at him, hating the cheesy line and laughing. Mingyu easily grabs the pillow out of the air and dives onto the bed, all but attacking your legs with kisses and working his way up to your mouth. He’s so big, and he makes you laugh even as his large frame pushes you into the bed, adjusting you so you’re propped against the pillows and actually - surprisingly - very comfortable.
He kisses at the cleavage your shirt reveals, teeth nipping at the fabric, a silent command for it to come off again. You push your chest off the bed so you can wiggle your hands under yourself for your bra- this action pushes your boobs even more into Mingyu’s face and be groans, only for his hand to slip under you and easily undo your bra clasp. Then he tears everything off of you, pressing his lips against yours while his hands move to grope your tits, earning a moan from you while you wrap your legs around his waist, urging him to grind down against you harder.
One of Mingyu’s hands grabs at the side of your face, thumb under your jaw and he prompts your mouth open with his own, slipping his tongue against yours. 
He hadn’t bothered to take his jeans fully off, but they’re down to his bum, and you can feel him pressing against the front of his briefs.
You slips your hands down to the waist band of his pants and push at them, forcing them down more, “fuck me, Mingyu.” You groan, nipping at his lip and opening your eyes to look up at him.
He takes a shuddery breath, then nods, pressing his forehead against yours so he can look down, wiggling free of his pants and grabbing the base of his cock to align himself with you. You grab at his strong back, rubbing your nose against his as you wait for him to push into you.
“Fuck.” Mingyu’s voice is low and he presses his lips to yours, sliding into you fully with one push that has your nails digging into his shoulder blades and your toes curling. 
You can’t even respond, too overcome by him. When his lips move to your neck and he begins to thrust into you, you find yourself tilting your head to the right, and your eyes open to look at Wonwoo.
You expect to have him watching you, but he isn’t. Wonwoo’s eyes are down on his phone, which he’s holding sideways and looks to be playing a game. He has his glasses on, and the light from the screen illuminates his angular face in the dim light of the room. You think Wonwoo must have control of the colours now, with bluetooth, because they’re darker blues now.
Wonwoo looks up at you, and then he winks, and you can’t help but moan, turning away to press your own kisses against Mingyu’s neck. The man, who is literally fucking you into the mattress, seems to have a sweet spot under his ear, and when you find it, you begin sucking on it.
Mingyu’s hands grab at the pillow next to your head, his hips rutting into your harder, making the entire bed rock.
“Fuck, you’re so tight-” Mingyu groans, moving his mouth to your neck to press sloppy kisses there, “can I mark you? Please?”
You grab at his hair, tugging gently, “mark me.” you whisper into his ear before suckling on the lobe, which makes Mingyu groan.
“Just one mark though.” Wonwoo’s voice cuts through the scene, “don’t want her looking completely ravaged when we present our project.”
“But marks are so pretty.” Mingyu argues half-heartedly, diving into his task to suck a hickey into your skin a moment later. 
You’re not sure where to focus while Mingyu presses you down into the bed, his hips working you closer and closer to orgasm while he leaves his mark on your neck, something to remember him by. 
“Mingyu-” you groan his name and before you can tell him you’re going to cum, he smashes his lips to yours, effectively shutting you up. He must be able to tell you’re teetering on the edge because he thrusts into you even harder, tossing you over and into bliss. You hold onto his shoulders, gasping into his mouth as he kisses you like his life depends on it, his own orgasm triggered just moments after your own.
When his hips come to a stop, you find yourself petting Mingyu’s hair from his face and blinking up at him. He’s so pretty, skin flushed even in the bluish light, lips swollen from kissing-
The light shifts from blue to pink, and your eyes move to Wonwoo, who stands from his gaming chair and tosses his phone onto his own bed, cracking his neck… then his fingers-
“You’re in for it.” Mingyu laughs, pressing a kiss to your neck before rolling off of you. Your eyes follow the gorgeous man who pulls up his jeans- and then a hand grabs your jaw and you’re forced to look at Wonwoo.
He’s shirtless now, and you can’t believe his body- he’s been hiding this under shirts and leather? His shoulders are, well, perfect, and his waist is small, leading in to the black sweats that are going to be all too easy to tear off-
Metal bites into your skin as he squishes up your face, grinning at you, “look at you, not such a good student anymore, huh?”
“I’m still a quick learner.” you tell him, eyes darting down to his lips.
Wonwoo lets out a hum low in his chest, “I bet you are, kitten. Now flip over, ass up, and Mingyu’s gonna do the presentation for us.”
“What?” you and Mingyu both ask in shock, and Wonwoo just laughs, grabbing your foot and dragging you roughly down the bed.
“You gonna flip for me gorgeous? Or do i have to toss you around myself?” Wonwoo asks.
You quickly get onto all fours, positioning yourself looking at Mingyu as Wonwoo settles onto the bed behind you, his hands finding your ass and smoothing down to your waist then back up. “The project is on my laptop.” Wonwoo tells his friend, “on the bed.”
Mingyu groans and lets out a sigh, going to sit down on Wonwoo’s bed. He’s in his blue jeans, shirtless, and he looks beautiful, running a hand through his hair as he gets comfortable. Then he clears his voice, “Hi, I’m Mingyu and today we’ll be talking to you guys about-”
Wonwoo lands a smack on your ass and Mingyu chokes up on his words, his eyes looking up at you as he swallows thickly. “You skipped our parts Gyu.”
“Assumed you were both busy.”
“Start again.” 
Mingyu groans, “Hi, I’m Mingyu,”
“I’m Wonwoo.” The man behind you says, his voice low and gorgeous as his hands smooth over your ass again, the calm before another hit.
“And I’m-” another smack that makes you whimper, “Y/N.”
“And today we’ll be talking to you guys about the use of colour in Van Gogh.” Mingyu pauses, “are you seriously going to make me read the whole thing?”
Wonwoo chuckles behind you, “it’s a ten minute presentation, i think our kitten can be edged that long without breaking, don’t you?” another smack to your ass that makes you mewl. “Besides, we need to see if we need to cut anything, cuz it might go longer than ten.”
Mingyu groans, settling more in his seat and taking a breath so he can read, “for this presentation,” you suck in a breath when two fingers slide into you unexpectedly, cold rings teasing just at your entrance before Wonwoo pulls them away and pushes in again, “we’ll be, uh,” Mingyu can’t decide if he wants to look up at you or at the computer, “we’ll be looking at three of Van Gogh’s most famous-”
“Correct ‘looking at’ to ‘analyzing’.” Wonwoo says from behind you, crooking his fingers up against your gspot, “it sounds better.”
Mingyu groans loudly, and then you hear aggressive typing, “Van Gogh’s most famous paintings-”
“Speak the whole sentence again.” Wonwoo’s free hand lands a smack to your ass that makes you groan, grabbing at the fabric of the bed and bunching it into fists as the frat boy’s fingers work you up.
“And today we’ll be talking to you guys about the use of colour in Van Gogh. For this presentation, we’ll be analyzing three of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings.” Mingyu reads, sounding exasperated. 
“Speak slower.” Wonwoo interrupts again, “and emphasize ‘most’.” 
“If you think you’re so much better than me, you read it.” Mingyu rolls his eyes.
“Today,” Wonwoo’s thumb comes to find your clit and you whimper, “we’ll be talking to the class about the use of colour in Van Gogh’s work-”
“Wonwoo-” you groan his name, able to feel your orgasm rising.
“Don’t cum, and don’t interrupt me.” Wonwoo lands a smack to your ass that has you hiding your face in your blankets and biting down on your lower lip to distract yourself. “For this presentation,” your class project partner continues, “we’ve chosen to analyze three of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, and discuss the ways in which colour adds to deeper meaning.”
“Wow that actually sounded really good.” Mingyu says in shock, sitting up and typing something, “Did you come up with that on the spot? That’s better than what’s actually written here-”
“Is not.” The man behind you scoffs, crooking his fingers up to your g spot again and letting up on your clit.
“No, please don’t stop-” you whimper, turning to look back at Wonwoo only for a hand to grab the back of your head and shove you down.
“I told you I was going to edge you princess, so no whining.” Wonwoo lets go of your head to smack your ass again, then his fingers continue their pace inside of you, only slower. 
You groan and Mingyu snickers, “Sorry gorgeous, he’s pretty strict about his rules and his sex plans.”
“She’s not complaining though.” Wonwoo’s thumb makes lazy circles on your clit and you can’t believe how good he is at keeping you on edge- giving you just enough to make you bunch the sheets in your hands, but not enough to cum.
“So are you going to keep reading? Or make this last even longer for her?” Wonwoo asks from behind you, and you immediately lift your head to lock eyes with Mingyu, a silent plea. 
“Are you sure you can’t just fuck her while i read?” Mingyu whines. He must be able to all but feel your pain. 
“Who said i wasn’t going to fuck her Gyu? She’s just not allowed to cum.” 
“Then fucking do it!” you groan, unable to help yourself.
You’re not shocked at the harsh slap that you receive on your ass, but you are taken aback by the chuckle that comes with it. 
“Brat.” Wonwoo says, but the word doesn’t sound as derogatory as it could. In fact, he sounds fond of you. 
“Please fuck me, Wonwoo?” you ask, putting on your sweetest voice and pushing your ass back against him. 
The man behind you lets out a low humming sound, “You really want it?”
“If you two keep dirty talking I won't be able to read.” Mingyu says loudly, shifting in his seat, “and this is really hot.”
“You can come join as long as you don’t cum until I say you both can.” Wonwoo responds, and no sooner are his words out than Mingyu is tossing the laptop to the side and bounding over to the bed again. “You also only get her hand, her pretty sounds belong to me.”
Mingyu groans loudly, but his hands still go to his top button, “you’re so mean.”  
“Do you want to go back over there and read the whole project while I fuck the shit out of our good little kitten?” Another smack, and Wonwoo squeezes your ass roughly for good measure, making you moan, blinking up at Mingyu with ‘fuck me’ eyes. 
“God no.” Mingyu says, pushing his pants down, “but her hands won’t even-”
“Shut up.” Wonwoo pushes into you and you let out a muffled groan, pushing your fair into the mattress. You’d not been expecting Wonwoo to give in to you, to actually fuck you- and as he pushes his cock into you, you realize maybe this isn’t a reward but a punishment- because how the fuck are you going to not cum like this-
Wonwoo’s hand finds your lower back and he applies pressure, making you arch yourself more, which causes his cock to slide against a particularly delightful spot inside your core that has you whimpering. 
“There it is, that spot again.” Wonwoo chuckles behind you, grabbing at your waist roughly, “Think you can hold it if I keep doing this?”
He thrusts shallowly into you, rubbing your g spot repeatedly.
“Are you going to give Gyu some attention baby, or am i too much for you?” Wonwoo’s fingers dig into your hips and you moan, lifting your head and looking up at the man you’ve been neglecting.
“I’ll distract you from this meanie.” Mingyu tells you, “but fuck what he said, if you wanna suck on me like a pretty fucking lollipop, then you should. I’ve had enough of your bubblegum anyways. Besides, something tells me you’re good at sucking on things.”
You’re wrapping your lips around the head of Mingyu’s cock to prove a point the moment he’s done speaking, and he lets out a low chuckle, groaning and reaching down to pet the hair from your face. 
Wonwoo thrusts into you harshly, sending you more onto Mingyu’s cock, and all three of you groan when you gag slightly, having not expected the sudden push from the man behind you. Wonwoo seems intent on keeping your attention on him, even whilst you suck off his best friend, and it’s driving you wild.
You close your eyes and try to focus on Mingyu, to focus on something that will stop you from cumming before you’re allowed to- but every rough thrust from Wonwoo has you whimpering and gurgling around Mingyu’s length. 
Wonwoo lands another smack to your ass, “I wonder if you’ll still be able to feel these on Monday in class.” Wonwoo says, “should I leave a pretty bruise for you, sweetheart? Would you like that? Being reminded of us fucking the shit out of you every time you sit down?”
You pull off of Mingyu, gasping and nodding, rubbing your head against the tall man’s thigh as you let out a strangled “yes, please Wonwoo-”
Another smack and you’re whimpering, toes curling, pussy clenching around Wonwoo.
“We should let her cum.” Mingyu says from above you.
“We should, should we?” Wonwoo chuckles, grabbing a rough fistfuls of your ass, then his tone takes a condescending dip, “are you close again, Gyu?”
“She’s really good at sucking.”
“I bet she is.” Wonwoo’s hands smooth from your ass to your waist and then your back, only for the frat boy to roughly grab a fistful of your hair and haul you up so your back is to his chest, “too bad I only told you that you could have her hand and you disobeyed me.” 
You know Wonwoo must be glaring at Mingyu over your shoulder, even as he presses soft kisses there, one of his hands moving down to your clit. 
“So you can either have her hands, like I offered, or make yourself cum.” Wonwoo says simply, rutting into you in this kneeling position and squeezing your body tightly to his, a sensation that makes it harder to breathe and has your skin tingling with pleasure.
Mingyu pouts at you, his eyes scanning your fucked out form, and he groans, but you watch his large hand wrap around his cock, which is still slick from your mouth, and begin to stroke. “Fucking hate you sometimes.” Mingyu says to the man behind you.
Wonwoo simply laughs, rubbing your clit harder, “I'm the reason you’re even passing three of your classes, asshole.”
“Doesn’t mean i have to like you.” Mingyu groans, reaching for your face so he can bring his lips to yours, moving closer on the bed. As his tongue invades your mouth and he sucks on your lower lip, tilting your head up with the hand that’s cupping your jaw, you reach between your bodies for his cock, eager to please.
Mingyu relents easily, and you begin stroking him, only to have his hand wrap around yours, squeezing and showing you the pace he wants. Mingyu leaves a pained groan against your lips when you submissively bend to his needs, applying more pressure to his cock. 
“Fuck, i’m gonna cum.” Mingyu says, pressing sloppy kisses against your mouth and threading his fingers in your hair, tugging and shooting pain through your body that only heightens your pleasure.
“She is too.” Wonwoo says from behind you, switching the direction of his rubbing of your clit, which makes you whimper, reaching to steady yourself against Mingyu with your free hand, using his massive chest as a steady anchor. “Isn’t that right, kitten?”
Wonwoo’s lips find your neck and you whimper, “please? Can I cum?”
You whimper at the word, opening your eyes to look at Mingyu, who wraps his hand around your throat, triggering your orgasm. Your walls tighten around Wonwoo, squeezing him as pleasure surges through your body, and neither man relents of their actions, Mingyu gripping your neck even tighter.
“Fuck.” Wonwoo growls, “rub her clit, Gyu.” He removes his hand from your entrance, gripping your waist roughly instead. With both hands holding you, he can thrust into you even harder, his cock ramming into that sweet spot inside of you and making you nearly scream. 
Mingyu lets go of your throat and you slump forward, resting your forehead against his shoulder while he reaches between your bodies and takes over for both of you, finding your clit and his own cock, brushing your hand to the side. 
Your legs shake at the pressure Mingyu applies to your clit while Wonwoo ruts into you from behind, fingers digging into your hips.
“Fuck!” Wonwoo says again, and you can feel him cumming inside of you, his own forehead resting against the back of your neck. You reach behind yourself, grabbing at his hair and tugging, which prompts him to move his mouth to your shoulder, biting into your flesh and sending shivers of pleasurable pain tingling through you.
You feel something warm hit your stomach, and you open your eyes to see Mingyu also cumming. His lower lip is caught between his teeth, his pretty skin flushed a beautiful shade of pink while he works himself through his orgasm, painting your abdomen with his cum.
The three of you are a moaning mess, working you way through your highs only to slowly relent with your motions when you’re all nearly done. Wonwoo’s biting turns into soft kisses that pepper your shoulders, and when Mingyu’s done cumming, he collapses back onto the bed, pulling up his jeans, readjusting himself and then reaching for his discarded shirt next to the bed. He tosses it at you but it’s Wonwoo who catches it, immediately moving it to rub your stomach clean of his friend’s cum.
Wonwoo’s still buried inside of you, and it feels nice to be embraced by him while he takes care of you like this. You lean back into his warmth, resting your head on his shoulder and turning to look at his side profile.
“Hmm?” He hums, able to feel you looking at him.
“Just thinking.” 
“About what.” Mingyu asks, still trying to catch his breath as he lays on the bed and looks at the ceiling, running a hand through his dark hair.
“The colours you’re both leaving on me and what they mean.” You say simply, giggling when Wonwoo groans and pushes you down, making you land on Mingyu’s chest, who immediately cuddles you close.
“The bruises Wonwoo left mean he likes you.” Mingyu coos, “and that sounds horrible, but you know what i’m saying- They’re love bites and bruises.”
“And the white Mingyu used means he’s a non committal slut who just allows anyone into his life, so be careful darling.” Wonwoo says, pulling his black sweatpants back up and then heading to his desk, where he retrieves his pretty, circular glasses.
“A non committal slut.” Mingyu scoffs, but he doesn’t actually argue with the label. 
There’s a knock at the door before anyone can say anything else, and a moment later “Y/N, I know you’re in there.” 
It’s Joshua’s voice, and the idea that your best friend may have just heard you get your back blown out by two of his frat brothers is too much for you to take. You bury yourself in Mingyu’s warm chest and he laughs, cradling you.
“What do you want, Joshie?” Wonwoo calls, still minding his own business by his desk, and when you peek over at him, you see he’s rolling a joint.
“You’re hogging my best friend.” Comes Joshua’s annoyed sounded response.
Wonwoo chuckles and heads to the door. He turns to make sure Mingyu has covered your body with a blanket before opening the door and bringing his freshly rolled joint up to his lips and licking the tab, sealing it. Wonwoo’s shirtless, and there are some marks on his skin from where you’d clawed at him- you hadn’t even realized you’d done enough to leave marks, and your skin heats. You hide close to Mingyu while Wonwoo talks to Joshua.
“We’ll be out in five and can go smoke out by the fire.” Wonwoo says.
“Ok, but it’s getting cooler out, so one of you better make sure my best friend doesn’t catch a cold.” 
“Are you really speaking to me like this in my own room?” You can hear the smirk on Wonwoo’s voice, and when you peek up at the two men by the door, you see that it’s all fun and games, teasing. Very different from how Wonwoo speaks to Mingyu.
Joshua rolls his eyes and laughs, shoving Wonwoo’s shoulder before leaving you to the company of your two classmates. 
“So when do we want to study next?” Mingyu asks, pressing his lips to the crown of your head as he looks at Wonwoo, who lumbers over to his desk to grab more joints and a lighter.
“We’re done with the project though.” You point out.
“Baby, when I say study, you know I don't really mean study.” Mingyu chuckles, shifting you so you’re laying half on top of him, his brown eyes studying you. 
“We have frat parties every Friday, you’re always welcome to come study with us then.” Wonwoo says, and you take a moment to appreciate the way his bare back looks, with strong shoulders narrowing in on his little waist and his sweatpants that hang a tad too low-
“Next Friday!?” Mingyu sits up suddenly, causing you to fall off of him so he can turn and look at Wonwoo, “I know you like to play games with ‘not chasing girls’ but this is why you’ll never have a girlfriend. You leave whole week gaps between dates.”
“This isn’t even a date.” Wonwoo turns his head slightly and you can see him grinning. “Besides, when was the last time you had a girlfriend for longer than a week anyways?”
Mingyu shuts his mouth.
“That’s what I thought. Look princess,” Wonwoo turns to look at you, leaning back against his desk, “this could be a one time thing, and that’s fine, but if you’re really needy in a week, we’ll fuck you again, and maybe Mingyu will actually have some manners. Sound good?”
You nod, blinking at the man who reaches down and grabs your clothes off the floor, tossing them at you. “Get dressed, then the two of you can come join me and Joshie at the fire. Or not. Up to you.” He places his joint between his lips, “but i don’t give seconds to girls who talk back to me.” He winks at you and you feel your skin flush with embarrassment and pleasure. 
Wonwoo picks up a black hoodie and shrugs it on, pulling up the hood until all you can see of his body is his pretty face, his bouncy curls, circular glasses, and the sleek, perfectly rolled joint that’s still snug between his lips.
“And if you don’t come outside,” Wonwoo says as he reaches the door, “it was good seeing you tonight, kitten.”
With that, Wonwoo leaves, and Mingyu pulls you close the moment it’s just the two of you. “Sorry about him.” Mingyu says, “he’s a big meanie.”
You allow the tall frat boy to hug you close, his fingers brushing up and down your arm. You let out a sigh, enjoying the duality that the two men provided. “I don’t mind.” you tell him.
Mingyu stays quiet for a few seconds, and you listen to the steady beat of his heart. “Should we go outside?” He asks. 
“Up to you.” You shrug.
Mingyu takes a moment to think about it, then he rolls the two of you, slotting between your legs and looking down at your form as he pushes you into the bed, leaning in so his lips are just brushing yours as he says; “i think i want you for myself just a little longer.”
And you have no qualms with it.
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