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mintkims · a day ago
for you ・ ksj
Tumblr media
▷ㅤprompt: when seokjin defended you against those men, he was just doing his job. protecting you was his duty and you knew that. then why did seeing him hurt make you feel as if your heart was being torn apart?
Tumblr media
ㅤ●⠀listen to: For You ― BTS ㅤ●⠀fanfic aesthetic (by the very talented @diorkoo!) ㅤ●⠀fanfic inspired by this post (by @/babybatgi on twt.)
Tumblr media
▷ㅤpairings: kim seokjin x reader ▷ㅤgenre: mafia!au, angst, fluff ▷ㅤwords: 8.5k+ words ▷ㅤrating: teen (T) ▷ㅤwarnings: bodyguard!seokjin, mafia princess!reader, mentions of blood, fight scenes, violent scenes, mc has multiple breakdowns, yoongi does god's work and oh there's also an explosion :) ▷ㅤevents & mentions: written for amy's nuevo comienzo collab! thank you @tenderfrailty for letting me be a part of your collab <3 a bigger thank you to @playmetheclassics for beta reading turning my senseless drivel into an amazing fic! extra thanks to @taeshobipop and indigo for helping me out when i was stuck! i couldn't have done it without you guys <3
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Upon entering the large building, you had immediately captured his attention. The bright clothes you had stood out in contrast to the monochrome setting around you. You looked like a splash of vibrant colors on a blank canvas, unwittingly attracting everyone's attention.
The voluminous, soft strands of your hair bounced with every movement as they brushed against your cheeks. The newest addition to the gang smirked, sinful eyes roaming your figure.
"Who is she?"
"Her?" Yoongi raised his eyebrows, looking at you, then back to him when the male nodded.
"Kang Y/N." He smirked, observing the newcomer nod.
"I wouldn't even think about it, though."
"Why not?" The newbie looked up at Yoongi inquisitively, while the man couldn't help but chuckle. "Because here in the underground, you fight for girls like her. And when it comes to Kang Y/N, Kim Seokjin has never lost."
If there was anything, you hated more than your father's line of work was knowing people were on the receiving end because of you.
It wasn't easy being the daughter of one of the most feared mafia leaders on the planet. Not only were you exposed to situations no person should ever have to deal with at a very young age, but you had also grown accustomed to a lot of circumstances you shouldn't have to cope with.
From sobbing your eyes out every time you hear even the faintest sound of screams to watching your father shoot a bullet through a man's head without as much as flinching, you had come a long way.
Just because you had adapted to many of these things ― torture, death and injury ― didn't necessarily mean you were okay with it. You tried your best to avoid that side of your life actively. The side that people would immediately judge you for. The side that you could never escape from no matter how much you tried.
Unfortunately, that side that was going to be a part of you forever. As much as you hated it, you knew you were going to reach a point where your father would step down from his position (either willingly or not), and you were expected to take after him. Though he was aware of the feelings you had towards his line of work, your father truly loved you and did his best to make sure you could live life as easily as possible.
A lot of things changed for you during your lifetime.
You had changed locations at least eight times, ranging from different countries to going as far as different continents. You had changed ways of living, from luxurious houses to one-bedroom apartments in an attempt to remain inconspicuous.
You had even changed identities: names, appearances, and many forged documents.
But there was only one thing that remained constant in your life. One person never faltered or backed away from your side no matter what life threw at you. One person that didn't think twice before prioritizing you over himself.
And that person was none other than your protector.
Kim Seokjin.
Although details about his past were still unknown to you, his presence in your life was something you remembered even in the earlier periods of your life. See, there were several instances where you were separated from your family. Your mother had left your father and shortly died while you were only a toddler.
Every caretaker or butler was either replaced or removed altogether after you had come of age. Even your father, no matter how much he loved you, was separated from you at some point in your life for a large portion of time.
Yet Seokjin remained by your side, silently being there for you through it all.
Seokjin was a very unusual man.
Unusual, in the sense that his physical appeal greatly juxtaposed his personality. At first glance, he looked like one of the sweetest people you'd ever meet. Soft brown eyes, round cheeks, and pouty lips only accentuated his adorable appearance.
Seokjin was well built, tall and broad shoulders, with the body of a male model. Or boyfriend shaped as you'd often call it (not in front of him, though). He was the kind of guy that all people crushed on or imagined a life with no matter what gender or sexual preference. With his perfectly styled black hair that you'd always see him run his fingers through, he unknowingly stole everyone's attention when he'd walk into a room.
Seokjin's personality, on the other hand, completely contrasted his looks. If you'd take a closer glance into his eyes, you'd notice how blank they were; absolutely no emotion visible in those deep irises. Albeit his voice was smooth and melodious with a slightly rough undertone to it, you had barely heard him speak in your presence, the only messages being, 'your father wants to speak to you' or, 'your father instructed me to come with you' and so on.
Despite him being one of the only people permitted to address you with your name, you had rarely heard him use it.
Your relationship with him was strictly professional. He was merely a protector, a bodyguard if you will, who was instructed to stay by your side. Your feelings didn't stray beyond that barrier.
At least that's what you thought.
Until today.
Your window was curtained shut, the lack of light led you to stumble multiple times from the journey from your en-suite bathroom to your closet. Towel wrapped around your frame, you skipped through your room while attempting to avoid stepping or tripping over all the clothes and shoes strewn over the wooden floors.
Blindly pulling out a sweatshirt and the first pair of pants you could feel, you threw them on, hoping you didn't look like a disaster.
Thankfully it was the weekend, and you didn't have to attend university. Because exam season was approaching, a majority of your classes had been paused since most of your professors had already finished teaching their modules beforehand. You had nothing to do all day besides some extra notes you had to take and topics you needed to revise.
Fall was approaching, and the weather was gradually becoming chillier with every passing day, which only strengthened your desire to stay indoors at every chance you got.
Being the only daughter of Kang Hyunjoon, known worldwide by his alias Kamau, there were a lot of restrictions you had to deal with. Although not many people outside the immediate circle of your father's gang knew about your existence, you had to be careful of who you associated yourself with, where you went and how you presented yourself.
Every acquaintance or friend you had gone through severe background checks before you were allowed to meet with them.
Though you were generally an extroverted person who enjoyed meeting people and making new friends, the atmosphere you grew up in made you reserved and doubtful of others.
You were friendly, but you kept everyone around you at arm's length.
Slipping on a pair of fuzzy socks, you began shuffling through the mess on your bed in search of your phone.
Pulling the sheets and pillows to the side before throwing them on the floor altogether. Mumbling profanities under your breath, you shuffled through your room in search of the device when a harsh knock on the door startled you out of your headspace.
"Yes?" You spoke, voice slightly strained.
You heard a click before the door slowly swung open, Seokjin's head peering through as his gaze dropped to the floor respectfully.
"Your father wants to see you."
"Okay." You hummed. "I just need to find my phone first."
He glanced at you before slowly pushing the door open and making his way into the mess that was your room. You watched him stride towards your window before pulling the blinds apart, the motion causing bright beams of sunlight to lighten up the space.
A twinge of annoyance flitted across his features, plump lips pursing. You resisted the urge to hiss out an exaggerated 'I'm melting' when the harsh light hit your eyes, but you didn't want to displease him further. You had an entire day to while away in his presence. It was way too early for you to be irritating him.
Brown eyes scanned through the room before reaching forward and knocking a pile of clothes out of the way. You sighed in relief when the familiar screen of your phone, along with its ridiculous multicolored unicorn phone case, came into view.
"Thank you!" You grinned, skipping over and taking the phone from his grasp, trying to ignore the tingles that buzzed down your spine when your fingers brushed against his and masking the hitch in your breath with a fake cough. "Should we go now?"
You watched Seokjin's gaze drop to your outfit before his eyebrow quirked. He looked like he wanted to say something but was holding himself back. Nevertheless, he didn't protest and began walking out of the room with a soft 'okay'.
The car ride was silent save for the low hum of classical music that played through the speakers. Your fingers idly traced the seams of the backseat while Seokjin sat upfront and your father's designated chauffeur drove.
The vehicle smoothly navigated through the mostly empty streets since the public rarely used the route you were taking. You didn't bat an eye when the car stalled at the private checkpoint that was hidden from the public view as the men standing there scanned Seokjin and your driver's faces.
The heavy metal door slid open, revealing a dark and narrow pathway that would lead straight to the garage of your father's headquarters, where the second check would take place. Thankfully the men recognized you and Seokjin, silently letting you past the security.
"Wait right here." Seokjin rasped once you made it into the corridor of the headquarters, not giving you time to respond before making his way back out through the door.
You shrugged, pulling your phone out from your handbag as you switched the device on. Tapping on the device, you didn't notice the loud exchange of voices until you felt a looming presence behind you.
"Are you sure it's because of that? Or does nobody approach her because they aren't man enough? Hey! Let the lady decide!"
Your gaze snapped upwards, trying not to cringe at how close the unknown man was standing behind you. "Uh, can I help you?"
"Can you?" He retorted.
"I don't understand," you mumbled after a few moments of silence, taking a few steps back.
"Of course, you don't," the man laughed.
"See, the boys and I were wondering if there was a reason the men here don't make advances to you. Is it because of your daddy is the boss?" He asked, raising an eyebrow as his hand reached out towards your shoulder. "Or because ―"
"Get the fuck away from her." You heard a voice snarl from behind you before a dark wall stood between you and him, cutting the man out of view.
"Come on, man. We were talking!" You head the creep laugh. "Hey, girl ― tell your guard dog to back off."
"I don't care." Seokjin gritted. Your heart thudded in your chest, taking aback by the tone of his voice. His tone had dropped a few octaves, body towering over yours. He was so close you could smell the sweet scent of his cologne wafting off the coat he had on. "Back off."
"What is going on here?"
Immediately the tension in the air increased tenfold. Everyone watching over the scene unfolding had either scurried off or were too scared to move. Your gaze fell on your father, flanked by his second in command, who were making their way towards the three of you. "I asked you a question."
"He was bothering Y/N," Seokjin in replied, slightly shifting to the side so that he was face to face with your father. Instinctively, you had followed the movement, not realizing you had done it until your nose brushed against his back. The man in question stared back at your father silently, face giving nothing away.
"All newcomers were specially instructed about how they are to behave around my daughter." Your dad said, eerily calm. Eyes widening once his words registered, your lips parted in shock.
The gang members are given orders about how they were supposed to act around you?
How long has this been going on?
Was Seokjin given instructions too?
The last question made your chest ache. Maybe that's why he was so cold. Because he wasn't given a choice but to be around you.
Your mind was buzzing with different possibilities as each one left an even harsher pinch in your heart. Trying not to fall down the rabbit hole that was your thought process, you only managed to catch the last few words of what your dad said to both of them.
"... if this is how you're going to behave, then go ahead." The corner of your father's lips turned upwards. "Settle it like men."
Recognition flashed through both opposing parties' eyes as Seokjin stepped away from you. You watched their actions apprehensively as your father made his way to your side.
What were they doing?
Before the question could leave your lips, within the blink of an eye, Seokjin had hurled his fist into the man's face as you heard a sickening crunch from the latter. Blood spilled out of his nose as he lunged at Seokjin with his arms out in an attempt to wrap it around your protector's neck.
A scream tore through the air, and it took you a couple of seconds to register that it was yours. Disgust, anger, but mostly fear prickled through your veins, unsure of the purpose this situation served. Guilt was also one of the intense emotions you were feeling, knowing both men were getting hurt because of you.
Knowing Seokjin was getting hurt because of you.
Tears blurred your vision. You vaguely felt a hand wrap around your arm and pull you in the opposite direction. The tips of your fingers turned cold, intense feelings dissipating and leaving behind a numb sensation in your chest. Even when you were pulled around the corner, your vision was tunneled on Seokjin and the blood spilling from his mouth as he fought the man in the middle of the corridor.
The image continued to haunt you even after you had safely made your way to your father's office. Black dots clouded your vision while Yoongi sat you down. His lips moved, but you couldn't hear a thing. It felt like your head was underwater, and everything around you was moving in slow motion. It wasn't until you felt the soft fabric of the sofa under your fingers did you finally succumb to the darkness.
The next time you woke up, you were back in your room at home. Brushing the sleep out of your eyes, you slowly bought yourself to a sitting position and looked around the space you were in. Your room was spotless in contrast to the mess it was when you left. Slowly, the memories before you had passed out filtered through your mind.
There was an ache at the back of your head as you recalled the fire in Seokjin's eyes while he fought that man. You could imagine the snarl on his lips as he repeatedly punched him, mauling his face beyond recognition. It had been so easy to assume Seokjin wasn't like the people your father dealt with.
Seokjin had always been by your side, the softness in his voice not faltering in your presence. His behavior towards you was the epitome of patient ― never did he step out of line no matter how much of a hard time you'd give him.
It was too easy to forget that he, too, had a story.
A reason he was here.
Gaze turning towards the source of the noise, you gasped. "Seokjin?"
"Are you okay?" He frowned. You spotted a butterfly bandage across the bridge of his nose. What looked like purple bruises lined his cheek, the corner of his lip swollen.
"Yoongi said you passed out in your father's office yesterday." Seokjin said making your eyes widen.
"You've been out for a while." He hummed. "Your father was worried."
A thousand questions ran through your head ― yet you weren't sure where to start or if he would tell you the truth.
Not knowing what to say, you pursed your lips and looked down at your hands intertwined on your blanketed lap. You were still wearing the clothes you had on before, you noticed.
Just when he turned around to leave, you spoke.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine." he replied curtly.
"You didn't have to do that." You said, frustrated. Though you were already aware of his reply even before the words left your lips, you couldn't help but say it. It was just so wrong; him putting his life on the line for you.
"I'm your protector. It is my job."
Sighing, you gazed at the bandages worriedly. "Does it hurt?"
Seokjin's eyes glazed over, looking at you with an emotion you couldn't recognize. Was it warmth, perhaps? Pity? You weren't sure. All you knew was that nobody had ever looked at you that way before.
"It doesn't."
"It wasn't worth it." You huffed, looking away as you felt your vision blur with tears the longer you stared at it. Why were you getting emotional?
It was his job.
He chuckled, the rich sound making a shiver dip down your spine. Your breath hitched as his dark eyes continued to gaze at you with that unfamiliar emotion.
"It was."
The incident left a more profound impression on you than you could fathom. Just as how you were programmed to deal with mentally and emotionally demanding situations, you pushed the experience at the back of your mind and chose to busy yourself in other affairs hoping they would give you peace of mind. Your semester end tests were approaching, and you had a lot of last-minute assignments to complete, so you were cooped up in your room for the rest of the month.
Except for the maid who would deliver your meals and the periodic appearance of your father, you hadn't seen or interacted with anyone else. You would think about Seokjin from time to time, but the memory would trigger extreme feelings of guilt and confusion. Not to mention the unusual tug in your chest that you couldn't explain.
The only part of the encounter that you found remotely positive was that such an incident would never occur again. The experience made you highly uncomfortable, but since Seokjin stood up for you, nobody would think about cornering you ever again.
Oh, how wrong you were.
A couple of months had passed. Your father did his best to limit your exposure to the business. You were generally very uneasy when it came to the gang, but the fight only increased your distress tenfold.
Meanwhile, your relationship ― or lack thereof ― with Seokjin had shifted into something more incomprehensible. In contrast to the two-foot distance he'd keep in between you and himself, he would now make sure he was close enough that you could feel the warmth radiating off his body or the ghost of his hand on your lower back.
Every time he'd do that, you could feel electricity shoot up your spine, heart lurching in your chest. The times where his fingers would brush against your own when you would walk side-by-side made you want nothing more than to slip your hand into his.
You were so terrified of these budding feelings that you tried your best to avoid him as much as you could, including locking yourself in your room and pretending you didn't notice his shadow linger by your door before you'd go to bed.
At least that's who you thought it was when you heard a knock on your bedroom door one day. However, you were surprised to see the person behind it.
"Oh!" You gasped. "Yoongi. What are you doing here?"
"Your father requested me to drop you off at the base since some affiliates are coming over, and he doesn't want you in the house."
"And... where is Seokjin?"
Yoongi smirked. "Waiting for you in the car."
"Okay." You hesitated, slipping your coat on and making your way down to the garage.
Pausing near the entrance, your eyes widened upon seeing the black car waiting for you with its doors open. Seokjin sat in the back seat for the first time, wearing all black as he idly scrolled through his phone.
"Go on." You heard Yoongi chuckle behind you, snapping you out of your stupor. "We don't have all day."
Shuffling into the car and closing the door shut, you opted for keeping silent despite the many questions you had. Ultra aware of every slight movement Seokjin made, you didn't realize the car had already reached the base until he pushed the door open. It was hard to pay attention to the things around you when all of your thoughts were consumed by him. The way he blinked when he was confused. The way he would subtly purse his plump lips to stop himself from smiling. The way he would ―
A warm hand wrapped around your waist. You jumped at the contact, turning around and coming face to face ― well, face to chest ― with your protector.
"Yes?" You whimpered, enlarged orbs staring at the smooth fabric of his coat since you were too much of a wuss to make eye contact while standing so close to him. "W-What's wrong?"
He laughed quietly, the hand around your waist not faltering.
"You're going the wrong way."
Blood rushing to your face, neck and ears, you mumbled curses under your breath along with a huffed 'I knew that’ as you pulled away from him and stomped in the opposite direction.
"Still the wrong way!"
Curse that pretty face!
Trailing behind him with a pout, the two of you walked to the correct area where your father was waiting for you. He was on the phone when you walked in, speaking in a foreign dialect you were unaware of as you sat yourself down on the large leather couch tucked in the corner of the room. You picked up the book that had been discarded on the table, opting to flip through it while your father wrapped up business.
Despite your efforts, you were still hyperaware of Seokjin casually drifting in your direction and taking a seat across you.
And that's how you expected the rest of the day to go. But fate wasn't as kind to you as you'd hoped.
"The driver should come and drop you home around 8." Your dad informed, putting his mask on. "I have some ―"
The gang's third in command had walked through the doors of your father's study, alarm masking his face. Immediately Seokjin had risen from his seat near you, reflexively putting his body between the door and your line of sight. His shoulders relaxed slightly upon seeing the intruder but didn't move. Your father stood up from his desk, the chair scraping across the floor. You watched the exchange curiously, book in your hand long forgotten since the interruption.
"What's going on, Jimin?"
His anxious gaze dropped to you before turning back to your dad. "There's another... contender."
Your father scoffed, eyes narrowing. "Contender? For what?"
"For your daughter."
The air around the four of you froze, and you felt as if the wind had been knocked out of your lungs. Seokjin exchanged looks with your father before straightening his back and stepping forward. You didn't realize what you were doing until you grabbed a fistful of his coat sleeve, pulling him back.
"No! No... No please," your father gaped at you, shock lacking his features.
"Dad, no! No! Stop it!" You shrieked, pointing the finger at him. "This isn't necessary! Why can't you just kill that guy off?"
"Y/N..." Seokjin whispered, hands coming up to brush the tears off your cheeks. You didn't even realize you were crying. Gazing at his face from how close you two were standing, you could still notice the faded scars from the previous encounter—soft lines embedded in the bridge of his nose and on his right cheek. You could feel his fingers wrap around your clenched fist and gently unwrap your hand from his coat. "It's fine."
"Don't say that!" You hissed, turning away from him. "God, this is so fucked up."
You could vaguely hear the sound of footsteps retreating behind you before the door slammed shut.
"Y/N, look." Your dad sighed.
"This is all your fault!" You snarled, grabbing your bag from the floor. "I hate you!"
Ignoring his yells, you stormed through the door and made your way down the endless corridors, running as far as your feet would take you. With no particular destination in mind, you roamed through the silent halls while trying to ignore the pulsing void in your chest at the thought of Seokjin getting hurt because of you again.
The floor was empty for some reason, and although that confused you, you were too caught up in your thoughts to bother about it. Kicking open the red door at the end of the corridor, you opted for going down those stairs instead of taking the elevator on the opposite end of the floor, which required you to pass by your father's office.
The faded sounds of screaming got louder the further you went underground; cheers, as well as curses, made the walls shake from how deafening they were. Wiping the tears and sweat off your face with your sleeve, you shuffled towards the source of the noise.
A large silver door greeted you once you reached what looked like the basement. The walls down here weren't painted, unlike the ones above. You spotted dark stains on the floors and dust gathering on what looked like a broken fire extinguisher.
You pushed the hatch across the door with a nervous inhale, the metal entry creaking open ominously. The first thing you registered was the brassy stench of marijuana in the air. You coughed, hand coming up to cover your mouth as you stepped into the place, ignoring the warning alarms that were ringing in your head. A large throng of people were situated a few meters away, standing on their toes and cheering for something in the middle of the room. The bright white lights on the ceiling made you cringe.
Staggering towards the group, you glanced at where everyone seemed to be looking. You blinked a couple of times, gaze zeroing on the two men at the center. It took a few seconds for you to register who the bloodied man throwing punches to the nearly unconscious figure was, but when you did, you felt your breakfast crawl up your throat.
Seokjin was bleeding. Everywhere. From the red staining his torn shirt to it dripping down his hairline. You even spotted patches of blood on the floor. Slapping a hand over your mouth, you turned away, not realizing the grip someone had on your hand until you were bent over a trashcan, emptying your guts.
You felt someone pull your hair out of your face and pat your back as you heaved, white knuckles clutching the cold metal rim. Slowly raising your head, you dropped your shaking body on the concrete as you tried to even your breath. Wiping your mouth with the sleeve of your jacket, you met the unimpressed (and slightly disgusted) gaze Yoongi had on.
"You shouldn't have run away like that. Your father was worried."
You closed your eyes.
"I'm not your babysitter."
"I can't keep saving you from the dumb situations you throw yourself in." He glared, but you couldn't spot an ounce of heat in his eyes.
"Sorry." You grimaced. "And thank you."
A beat of silence passed. You tried not to squirm under Yoongi's gaze. It wasn't as if he was looking at you improperly; it was just that his eyes were so sharp and calculating that you felt exposed when he surveyed you.
"Why does it bother you so much?"
"Seokjin." He clarified. "Getting hurt."
Your eyes widened, a half-assed excuse on your lips but an eyebrow raise was all it took for you to dismiss the thought.
"I just don't want people getting hurt because of me."
"Feeling guilty and remorseful is understandable." He hummed thoughtfully. "But getting sick and passing out when seeing them bleed?"
"What are you implying?" You gulped, not wanting to hear the exact words that have been haunting you for days.
"You're in love with him."
It wasn't a question. It was a statement. You might not have known Min Yoongi personally, but you knew he wasn't a liar. He looked at you with a challenge in his eyes, daring you to disagree.
You couldn't.
"I know."
Seokjin sighed in relief, the cool ointment momentarily soothing the sting from his wounds. On the one hand, he was grateful for the alleviation since the constant tingle of pain was a distraction, yet on the other hand, the distraction itself was a little something he was thankful for since it diverted his mind from thinking about you.
Which was quite a feat since being around you 24/7 was his job.
It didn't help that he knew you like the back of his hand. Probably even better than your father did. He recognized every small movement, even a change in your breathing pattern. He was so accustomed to your presence that he welcomed the change in his feelings towards you with open arms.
It's kind of like that momentary peace felt when a person is drowning and finally succumbs to the water instead of fighting it.
Seokjin knew from the start that loving you was inevitable. He also knew that loving you would lead nowhere.
Until his traitorous heart leapt with hope the day, he looked into your eyes and spotted something much more than casual acknowledgement.
He saw frustration: at your father, at yourself and at the situation you were in because there was nothing you could do. He saw anger: how accepting everyone was and how accepting he was, with getting hurt. He saw sadness and loneliness too in the depths of your eyes, but most of all, Seokjin saw fear: not for yourself, but for him, when he put himself on the line for you.
Hope was a dangerous thing for a man like him.
Securing the bandage around his wrist with a clip, he re-checked his appearance in the floor-length mirror in his walk-in closet. He was informed of an essential gathering taking place at a remote location on the outskirts of Seoul. Your presence was required in the meeting, which is why he was tagging along too.
Your father had given special orders to him and the rest of the personal security tagging along. Something about the location made him antsy, which is why your dad resorted to doubling the guards and assigning both him and Yoongi to take care of you. As usual, you weren't informed of this and instead were given a vague warning to not roam around without Seokjin by your side.
"Ready?" Yoongi's gruff voice piped from the entrance of his room, followed by three knocks on the hardwood door.
"Come on, princess, we haven't got all day."
Seokjin rolled his eyes, responding with a short 'I'm coming' before leaving the room. Yoongi's eyes raked over his figure, giving him an approving nod as the duo made their way to your room. "Nice touch." The shorter male stated, glancing at the small blue handkerchief in his breast pocket as they rounded the corridor.
"Blue is Y/N's favorite color."
Seokjin kept quiet, trying to ignore how his ears burned at the comment.
"Y/N?" Yoongi knocked on your bedroom door. "We only have five minutes left, are you done?"
They could hear shuffling from the other side of the door before it was pulled open.
"Yeah, I'm done. We can go now."
Seokjin's breath hitched when you shuffled out of the room, hands holding a small clutch that matched your pretty blue dress. He loved those moments not just because of how soft and snug you looked but also because they reflected the most authentic version of you.
You rarely wore makeup or anything fancy around the house since it was impractical and made you uncomfortable, only opting for light creams and powders if needed.
Yet seeing you here, all dolled up in front of him, made his heart jolt in his chest.
Your eyes snapped to his, a pretty pink hue dusting the apples of your cheeks at Seokjin's intense gaze. Nervously picking on the stray threads of your sleeve, you tried not to squirm at how open you felt.
"Great!" Yoongi exclaimed a little too loudly, grabbing your attention. "Let's go."
You nodded, brushing past him and making your way down the all too familiar path that led to the basement. A car was waiting for you, as usual, the shiny exterior of the sleek black vehicle mirroring your reflection. Yoongi slipped into the front seat next to the driver as Seokjin joined you at the back.
"You... both look nice." Your face flushed as you corrected yourself immediately. Clearing your throat and looking away, you pretended not to notice the smirk and eye roll Yoongi shot you from the front seat.
"You look beautiful as well, Y/N." Seokjin replied softly, making your cheeks redden further.
The sky had significantly darkened as the car swerved onto a muddy path. We had left the city and were approaching the suburbs of Seoul, where one could only spot trees and greenery for miles. After ten minutes of cautiously driving on the bumpy road, the car came to a halt in the middle of a small clearing.
Heart pounding at the prospect of being alone in the middle of nowhere, you exited the vehicle after Yoongi and Seokjin, following them as they made their way through the shrubbery. You were surprised to notice a steel gateway with a group of men waiting in front of it, only a few feet away from where your car had halted.
Opening your clutch, you pulled out the small metal card that your father had handed you when he informed you of the gathering. Handing the silver card over to one of the men, he scanned it on a device before letting you pass through the doorway.
Both your guards did the same as the three of you carefully walked into the location. There was something you found unusual about the security of the place, but you couldn't put your finger on it. When you finally entered the space, Seokjin hovered close to you, bright lights momentarily blinding you.
Blinking a couple of times, you spotted your father across the room, speaking to a couple of familiar faces you remembered seeing around. Your father caught your gaze and beckoned you over with a smile.
Plastering a sweet smile on, you made your way into the party.
Your father was very particular about your involvement in the business, so there were only a handful of times where he would allow your presence in gatherings as such. When you did attend, your job was simple ― mingle selectively and keep the people you talk to at arm's length. Never give out personal details, and stay mindful of who you speak with. Either stay by your father's side or with your guards and never wander alone.
The guest list was carefully considered, you noted. All the people in the hall were ones you recognized. They were all present there, from top drug producers to CEOs of underground weapon manufacturing companies.
"The lounge is beautifully decorated Mr. Jun." You piped, as the host in question conversed with you.
"I spared no expense." He looked around with an unusual gleam in his eye that you barely caught before it disappeared. "Only the best, for the best."
"Makes sense." You chuckled, setting your glass down on the table near you. "Excuse me."
Jun nodded, giving you a long look before turning to initiate a conversation with the next group as you made your way to the bathrooms tucked in the corner down the hallway.
Dismissing the small group of women who immediately halted their conversation when you walked in, you turned on the faucet and slipped your hands under the water, letting it warm up your cold fingers.
"Umm, you're Y/N, right?"
"Yes?" glancing at the source of the voice through the mirror, you spotted a woman who looked about your age. She stood around three other women, who were also looking at you curiously.
"The man with you." She began. "Is that your bodyguard?"
Narrowing your eyes in confusion, your head tilted to the side.
"Yes, he is."
"Where did you get him?"
"Where did I get him?" You scoffed. "He's a person, not a pet."
Uncertainty flashed through her eyes. "I meant, what's his name?"
"That is none of your business." You replied shortly, grabbing a paper towel and wiping your hands. The women looked taken aback by your sharp tone as they hurried out of the bathroom. Rolling your eyes once they were gone, you tossed the used tissue in the dustbin and resorted to running your slightly damp fingers through your hair.
The unusual stroke of jealousy that pinched at your heart made you huff. Why were you acting so possessive over him? It wasn't like the two of you were dating. Tears pricked your eyes at the harsh reminder as you took a deep breath and touched up your makeup.
He is just your bodyguard.
"Y/N!" "We need to leave." Seokjin's panicked voice echoed through the empty space as the bathroom door slammed open.
"This is the women's room ―"
You gasped when he grabbed your elbow harshly. "We need to leave now."
"What even?" You panicked, seeing all the guests yelling and pulling out their weapons. "Oh my god."
It was almost as if a movie was playing in slow motion.
You saw a flash of Mr. Jun's figure at the top of the steps before Seokjin had pushed you on the floor, shielding you with his body. Groaning at the pain at the back of your head from hitting the marble floor, your lips parted in question when the loudest bang you've ever heard came from the far corner of the room.
The entire foundation shook at the explosion, momentarily deafening you before another similar bang hit, but closer to where you were.
A pained scream left Seokjin's lips as he crushed you against his chest, safeguarding you from the brunt of the blast. The ringing in your ears disoriented you, bleary eyes not being able to spot anything but dust and gravel swirling in the air. You blinked, but it felt like an eternity had passed since you opened your eyes. Figures were running around and screaming while most were on the floor unmoving. It wasn't until you felt the hold on you slacken minutely did you shift your head upwards, coming face to face with a barely conscious Seokjin. Your brain was screaming at you to do something, but your body wasn't complying.
One by one, the memories from the last few hours started to play through your mind like a tape recorder.
Dressing up for the party.
The car ride with Seokjin.
Talking to people.
The conversation in the bathroom.
Oh god, Seokjin.
Heart hammering in your chest, you unlocked his arms from around you with minimal difficulty and pushed him onto his side. A sharp pain shot up your spine when you got onto your knees, but you ignored it in favor of making sure he was okay.
Tears filled your waterline at the sight of all the blood smeared over the expanse of his back. A large cut dipped down his left shoulder blade and extended down to the bottom of his ribs. The sight was so graphic.
It looked like his entire back had been torn open from the explosion. Sobbing, you checked his pulse, not being able to focus on anything due to the ringing in your ears and the sound of screams from behind you. Your brain short-circuited, hands moving at their own accord as you tore off a large portion of your gown and attempted to press on the wound.
"Why?" You cried, watching his eyes weakly flutter open. "Why would you do something like that? Why didn't you run away?"
Cracked lips parted, coughing out blood.
"Y/N, Run,"
"No." Desperately trying to patch the injury up, you pulled him closer to your lap to shelter him from the falling debris.
"You're so stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid." Sniffling, you tried to keep yourself from panicking, but the sight of his blood soaking through the fabric and pooling on the floor beneath him was making you hysteric.
If he didn't receive medical attention immediately, you knew he wouldn't make it.
Red spilled through his lips as he weakly wrapped his arms around your waist. His skin was cold to the touch, face pale.
"Please just stay with me. Please, I'm begging you."
"Y/N..." He rasped, voice weak. "Thank you."
"For what?" You bawled. "Being the cause of your death? Seokjin I fucking mean it. If you die on me, I will never forgive you. You can't leave me, not you. Please not you..."
"I should have treated you better... I'm sorry." Seokjin groaned, tired eyes surveying you for ― what could be ― the last time.
"I love you..." You admitted, tears dripping down your face. Thumb wiping the blood off his mouth, you dipped down and placed a wobbly kiss on his forehead. Nose brushing against his own, you pressed your lips against his, trying to focus on the softness of the muscle instead of the metallic taste on your tongue. "I'm so sorry."
Three words sat on the tip of his tongue, threatening to break out. He needed you to know how he felt, but he didn't want to burden you with his feelings, knowing he wouldn't survive this. You deserved a life after he was gone, and the last thing he would ever wish was for you to spend the rest of your life bearing the brunt of his ill-fated confession.
A loud crash was heard from across the room as the locked doors had been broken down, multiple men rushing in and beginning to secure the area. You watched the light fade from his gaze, eyes flickering shut like a pair of hands pulled you away from his body.
You didn't have the strength left in you to protest; the image of Seokjin bloody and beaten up branded to your mind. It was your fault he was roped into this mess. If you didn't exist, he would probably be with his family, safe and sound. Away from the disaster that you were.
Black dots clouded your vision, and you succumbed to it without a fight, wishing you wouldn't open your eyes ever again.
As Hölderlin once said, "We are all mortals, born to suffer."
It was a harsh realization, knowing the feelings that seemed to mean nothing to you were ultimately the ones that impacted you the most.
It's ironic how you had never given much thought about death despite growing up in a risky environment. Sure, you had imagined multiple situations out of curiosity; being shot, kidnapped, arrested or killed in an accident. But none of them frightened you since the things you'd seen alive were much more damaging than death itself could be.
Your entire life flashed before your eyes. Every single horrible memory replayed before your eyes. Every caretaker. Every bodyguard. Every fight. Every injury. Every moment spent locked up in my room alone.
The time your mother walked out on you. The news of her death. Moving houses. Every new identity. Every location.
Meeting Seokjin.
Watching someone die. Watching someone get tortured for the first time.
It was too much for you, their cries and pleas echoing through your mind for days to the point of insanity. You thought it would be the end of you.
But it wasn't.
Life went on.
You fell in love.
You found Seokjin.
Seokjin was your safe place, your home. Although it wasn't the love story you imagined and you never got a chance to address your feelings properly, he made you feel safe. He made you feel protected ― something your father could rarely do. He might not have been verbal about it, but you knew he cared for you; the multiple times he openly chose your wellbeing over his was proof enough of the fact.
And then the last memory you had replayed through your mind. The fire. The blood. His eyes were glazing over—the immeasurable pain in your chest.
"She's been in a coma for days." You heard a voice say. It was as if your head was underwater, and you struggled to make sense of the words until after they reverberated through your head. "How are we supposed to tell her that her father is dead?"
You couldn't make sense of what was being said. The rational part of your brain felt trapped at how you couldn't move or react at all, while the more significant portion wanted nothing more than for everything to end. You had suffered way too much.
It felt like an eternity had passed when you were finally able to come to, the muscles in your fingers twitching as the noises around you sounded less drained. An irregular beeping was heard to your right as your breathing picked up from the sudden overwhelming rush of consciousness.
"Mr. Kang prepared for this situation before his death." You heard the same voice say from somewhere nearby. "Keep them safe while I wrap this up. I'm afraid it has all come to an end."
"She's waking up." A gruff voice said near your ear before you felt the warmth of a hand against your arm, something small and metallic near your chest. "Heart rate is spiking. Put her on breathing assistance."
Despite the soreness in your throat, you parted your cracked lips and voiced your thoughts.
"What... happened?"
"Miss Kang." The man checking your vitals grimaced. "Please relax."
"Who... are you?" You mumbled, not being able to recognize his face. He noticed the sudden change in your vitals, wide eyes turning to you. Panic filtered into your veins, muscles twitching in an attempt to take control of your body.
"I'm one of the unidentified followers in your father's gang; an emergency contact if you will." He informed, un-clipping the heart monitor from your pointer finger. "My name is Hans."
The revelation spiked even more anxiety, memories flooding through your mind. "Seok...jin - my dad... Tell me..."
He sighed, gaze pained. "There's no easy way to say this but Mr. Kang died instantly due to his proximity with the blast. The explosion was so huge it attracted attention from the police force. The central got involved, and we've been found out. Everybody is either dead or in prison. Your father had already prepared for this situation in advance, so you are currently at a small farm in Busan."
Tears pricked your eyes from the heavy news, heart jumping in your chest. The man noticed, flipping a few switches and checking your pulse. Because you had just woken up, your mind was moving in slow motion, and you weren't able to fully comprehend the impact of the situation.
"Are we," You croaked. "Going to jail?"
Since he was facing away from you, you could not notice the drop in his expression. Hans injected something into the bag, the clear liquid turning opaque with the medicine.
"No, we aren't." He pursed his lips. "The force has decided to stop the investigation once all the people in charge are found. In exchange for your safety, someone has decided to take the fall on your behalf. I haven't been informed as to who, but all I know is that none of us is allowed to enter Seoul ever again. I already have the documents to your new identity, and once you recover, we're supposed to move to our next destination."
Your vision blurred, muscles relaxing as he pulled the thin covers up to your shoulders. A sad smile tugged at his lips. "I'm sorry for your loss, but you have to rest for now. I'll explain more once you wake up."
And just like that, you drifted off.
[ E P I L O G U E ]
The prison cell was cold and empty.
Not to mention that winter was approaching in Seoul, and the weather dipped at least ten degrees, making the nights even colder with every passing day. When he'd put his hand against the brick walls, he could feel the chill radiating off the cement.
In times like this, Yoongi liked to think about the things in his life he was thankful for before he would go to sleep.
First, a roof over his head. People in the world struggled to have the same, and despite how much of a rocky life he'd lived, Yoongi was thankful for one thing that he wasn't robbed of ― necessities.
Second, being alive and healthy. It wasn't perfect in any way, and there were occasional instances where he felt under the weather, but he was thankful nonetheless.
Last, his family. Fingers slipping into the band of his sock, he pulled out a small circular locket he smuggled into the facility. Making sure there weren't any guards in the area, he flipped onto his side, shielding the small object from everyone's view except his.
He flipped the locket open, blurry image of his mother holding a newly birthed child greeting him.
Yoongi's mother had a tough life raising him. It was hard looking after a kid while trying to make ends meet. For a very long time, both mother and son spend days like machines, wandering without a purpose.
Until it finally came to them.
"Promise me, Yoongi, you'd do whatever it takes to protect her." He remembered his mother begging during her final days. "Take care of her when I'm gone. That is all I ask of you."
He watched the light fade from his mother's eyes, her cold dead hands clutching a sleeping baby girl in her arms. He didn't have time to dwell on the death of his mother, her words being the only thing echoing through his mind as he watched you sleep, unaware.
Slowly, he slipped his arms underneath your bundled form and cradled you to his chest, leaving the tiny house and never looking back.
From that day on, he did whatever it took.
Even if it meant taking lives and involving himself with the wrong kind of people, he did it. Even if it meant robbing homes or taking jobs he shouldn't think of so that you could be clothed and fed, he did it. Even if it meant killing an innocent child and manipulating the world's biggest mafia leader into getting a position that offered you safety, he did it.
Knowing you were happy, healthy, somewhere far away from harm, and further away from the truth was all he needed to be able to fall asleep in peace.
Tumblr media
note: and its done! thank you yoongi for doing the lord's work and getting me through this fic XD i couldn't have done it without him! i left the status of jin's alive-ness(?) ambiguous because i wasn't sure whether i wanted to keep him or kill him off XD (sorry!) [unfortunately for us all, there's not going to be a part two! i might make a smut drabble, later on if i feel like it but nothing for now :D] thank you for reading! don't forget to like and reblog if you enjoyed <3 have a wonderful day ~
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mintkims-reads · 7 hours ago
― 𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒉𝒍𝒚 𝒇𝒊𝒄-𝒓𝒆𝒄 ・ january, 2022
Tumblr media
welcome to another episode of ONYX IS EVADING HER IRL RESPOSIBILITIES AND IGNORING HER WIPS: AN ONGOING SAGA ! although i'm horrible at sticking to resolutions, i have (impulsively) decided to make a monthly fic rec post where i read 5 new fics + 5 gif/gfx creators and recommend them to all the poor people who unfortunately follow my blog :D but since this is my first time posting - i'm going to mention 5 extra fics that i absolutely love! so without further ado, let's get to it!
Tumblr media
●⠀and i take thee, beloved menace by @sor-vette
ㅤㅤ└➤ sora x onyx kim namjoon x reader | drabble | ? | 1.3k | c
forever #1 on my reading list because it was written by my favorite menace and wife because what's better than reading a spin off on our actual marriage
●⠀the art of craving pt.1 by @jayhopely
ㅤㅤ└➤ bts x reader | ongoing series | f2l | 15.3k | f / s
15k words of absolute filth (and yet she calls herself innocent 🙄) but the absolute best smut fic i have ever read on tumblr!!
●⠀the color of innocence by @geniusjjang
ㅤㅤ└➤ park jimin x reader | one-shot | a/b/o | 8.5k | a / s
jimin and oc's relationship escalating from friends to crushes to enemies then finally to lovers was all the content i needed today!
●⠀ruin you: positions by @taegularities
ㅤㅤ└➤ kim taehyung x reader x jeon jungkook | one-shot (but part of a series) | fwb, est. relationship | 6.1k | s
as the name suggests, this piece ruined me. domming jk and tae?! - rid really pulled this chapter out of my darkest fantasies!!
●⠀the crown that is ours by @taeshobipop
ㅤㅤ└➤ kim taehyung x reader | one-shot | arranged marriage!au | 13.2k | a / f / s
when i say i was hooked from start to finish - i mean it! i love royal aus so much and this fic was the perfect way to begin the year!
●⠀what to do when you've just been cheated on? by @1uvtae
ㅤㅤ└➤ kim taehyung x reader | one-shot | s2l | 17k | a / f / s
the whole concept of fuckboy!taehyung being this sweet soul underneath is just so cute! thank you for sharing this fic!
●⠀under the christmas tree by @diorkoo
ㅤㅤ└➤ kim taehyung x reader | one-shot | f2l | 3.8k | a / f
forever going to be in love with astra and taehyung's relationship progressing so sweetly! also where can i find such a nice friend like beth?!?!
●⠀still with me? by @magicalmarauder
ㅤㅤ└➤ jeon jungkook x reader | one-shot | boxer!au | 4k | a / f
although jungkook shouldn't have reacted that way, i'm glad the pair could resolve their differences! a very sweet read!
●⠀knight in distress by @jimilter
ㅤㅤ└➤ jeon jungkook x reader | one-shot drabble | chaebol!au | 2.5k | c / f / suggestive content
the first fic i read from ash's masterlist! even though she has thousands of better works on her account, himbo!jk from here will forever be my favorite!
●⠀i love you too by @smileyoongle
ㅤㅤ└➤ jeon jungkook x reader (ft. taehyung x reader) | one-shot | cheating!au | 6.8k | a / brief description of smut
being cheated on is possibly the worst feelings on the planet and the way they described the oc's pain - i could feel it all. very well written fic!
Tumblr media
is there even a question as to why annie is #1 on this list?! absolutely love all her graphics and she's the sweetest bean ever *ily bubs*!
i personally love both her gifs and writing but there's something about the gifs she makes that just *heart explodes into rainbows*
very aesthetic gifs <3 not sure what filter they use but they're so pleasing to the eye! especially this set is 100% my favorite!
words cannot describe how much i love seeing manny on my dash!! makes the most amazing content (do not listen to her bio!!)
i might not be sope biased but after seeing their gifs... *sorry taejin* you know a creator is really freaking great if they can change your bias line (0_0)
Tumblr media
for more recommendations, click here!
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bangtanintotheroom · 2 days ago
hi!! congrats on your milestone! i absolutely can't wait for your Jimin fic (if i were you, id do me too!!)
my request is 10 & 17! with Seokjin x
Thank you, thank you, I can't wait until I get to show you all IIWYIDMT (it's gon be a ride and a half hehe) Here's some Jinnie goodness! 😘
Tumblr media
• Pairing: Seokjin x (F)Reader
• Genre: Non Idol!AU, Established Relationship, Smut, Humor
• Rating: 18+
• Words: 1.5k
• Summary: Why couldn’t the two of you have just waited until you got home?
• Prompt(s): #10 and #17 (smut) “Next time we get into an argument, I’m reminding you that I took your virginity.”, “Do you want to come on my fingers or mouth?”
• Warnings/themes: petty squabbling, swearing, oral (f. receiving), fingering, making love in all the wrong places, Jin being a (lovable) nuisance, not-quite car sex
• Notes: Thank you to @lavienjin for the request! Not gonna lie, prompt #10 was giving me trouble but once I started typing, it flowed like water. I also couldn’t resist Jin being his silly self in such a high-risk situation 🤣 Cross-posted to AO3 as well.
Tumblr media
“Shit, Jin…shit!”
“Yah, be careful, you almost hit my nose!”
Your head whipped up to give him an incredulous look. “Are you kidding? You’re the one who got us into this situation in the first place!”
Jin huffed, his grip on your squirming hips tightening. “I said I was horny, I didn’t say we had to take care of it right now.”
You grumbled and pushed his head back down between your thighs. “Just shut up and keep going.”
What was supposed to be a simple date night with your boyfriend ended up with him eating you out in the parking lot in the backseat of his car. The date had started off with the usual; Seokjin picked you up with a bouquet of flowers in tow, you put them in a vase and left to come to this lovely family-owned restaurant and the two of you ate, drank and were merry. But then came the effects of the wine you two had, leading him to admit that he didn’t want the night to end right there. Those eyes he gave you expressed exactly what he was talking about. You couldn’t help but tease your boyfriend, despite the way your thighs pressed together at the look, asking him if he was horny. He had no shame as he replied with a confident ‘yes’.
He did have a point when he said you didn’t have to take care of this problem right now but your brain had shut down as you pinned him against the car door before kissing him fiercely. But it was also his fault as he scrambled to open the door before pushing you inside, pinning you down to the leather seats with his knee between your thighs.
“A-Ah…right there-”
Jin pulled his head up again to give you a smug smile. “Right where, love?”
“Seokjin, I swear to God…”
“I don’t think God would appreciate you swearing, especially when I’m between your legs like this.”
You growled at your boyfriend’s merciless teasing (you think you’d be used to his affinity for jokes in and out of the bedroom by now), reaching down to poke his forehead. “You’re insufferable. Next time we get into an argument, I’m reminding you that I took your virginity, got it?”
Jin gasped, his wet lips pouted. “Y/N, why would you do that?”
“Because you barely knew anything when we first started dating and now that you’ve got some knowledge in your head, you act like you’re the hottest thing since sliced bread!”
“Well, it’s working, isn’t it? You were drenched before I even got your panties off so don’t complain.” He emphasized this with a kiss to your clit that made you quiver.
“Mnh, you’re such a-”
The sound of voices and a car unlocking sounded right above your head, prompting you to stop yourself from telling him off. “…Jin, are there people going into the car right next to us?”
His head lifted up to see, eyes widening. “Oh crap, there are.”
“Damn!” You reached down and quickly pushed his head back down between your thighs, ignoring his muffled protest. “Stay down!”
You held your breath as the voices disappeared while doors slammed shut before an engine started up. The sound grew quieter until you couldn’t hear anything, letting out a sigh of relief before letting go of Jin’s hair.
“Hey, are you trying to kill me?!”
You looked up to see Jin giving you an offended look, his hair a bit tousled from its parted style. “Like you don’t know how to hold your breath down there.”
“You didn’t even give me a warning!”
A chuckle left as you tilted your head. “What happened to the knowledge I was talking about earlier? Was it a farce?”
Your taunting made his eyes narrow, taking your words as a challenge. He was ready to bite back with a retort until his head lifted once more, looking out the window again. Jin could see more and more people leaving the restaurant. The spots around them were going to keep opening up, leaving his own car with less coverage of what was going on inside. The last thing he needed was for the both of you to be arrested for public indecency (was it really public if you were inside your own vehicle?).
He just needed to speed this up.
You were surprised to see a serious look on his face now, a stark contrast to earlier. “Yeah?”
“Do you want to come on my fingers or mouth?”
You bit your lip. “I…whichever, I don’t care.”
“Good.” A gasp came out as he sat up and spread your left leg to rest on the back of the seat and your right further on the floorboard, your knee nearly hitting the back of the passenger seat. “I want to get you off before we get caught.”
A tremble went through you at how low his voice got, promising that he was going to see his words through. “Jin…”
“Shh, angel, just let me take care of you.”
All you could do was nod as his head lowered back down between your thighs, dark brown eyes still connected to yours as his tongue ran up and down the entire length of you before delving into every nook and cranny of your folds, making whimpers and whines fall from your lips. Just as you were about to beg him to give you more, his lips latched onto your throbbing clit, sucking hard enough to make you cry out (you prayed that no one was walking nearby at that moment). He began humming on and off as well, your thighs quaking as you fought the urge to bring them together. Jin must have picked up on it as he used his shoulder to press against your right leg and his left hand to hold your other leg, his fingers gently squeezing into the flesh of your thigh.
Once he saw that you were at a reasonable point of pleasure, he slid his right hand up to press a crooked finger against your entrance before pushing it in, letting your muscles pull him in all the way up to his knuckle.
“Shit, love…you want me that bad?”
You did your best to look annoyed but it was hard with how your nerves were alighted with bliss. “Of course I do, I’ve wanted you since you showed up on my goddamn doorstep, idiot.”
Seokjin chuckled, giving you a cheeky smile. “Well, I don’t blame you, I mean, look at me.”
“For fuck’s sake Jin, stop messing around and make me come already!”
“Fine, fine, fine. So needy.”
Before you could fire off another swear, he began thrusting his finger, causing your mouth to form into a moan instead. You chose to let it slide this time and lie back while he worked you up to the orgasm you so desired.
Eventually, he inserted a second finger, wasting no time in crooking it to rub against that sweet spot that made you croon for him. Jin could have given you another wisecrack at how you sounded but the sounds of cars leaving one by one brought him to his senses. There was no time for messing around.
Giving your thigh a grope as a warning, he began massaging firmly into the rough patch, twitching in his slacks at how you arched your back and choked on a gasp.
“O-Oh Jin-”
His full lips went back to giving your clit attention once more, alternating between butterfly kisses, tender licks and tame sucks. The combination of those plus his working fingers only pushed you closer and closer to the edge, your walls fluttering around him consistently. Your hand reached back down to hold him in place against you, mussing the strands up even further.
“J-Jinnie…I’m almost there…”
A hum was the only reply you received, pulling a buck of the hips from you. Now Seokjin amped up the pressure of his mouth, smiling against your slick skin at how you got a bit louder. Another minute passed before he started to feel you clamping down on his digits even harder, your hand flying up to cover the loud moan you let out as you hit your peak. He removed his lips to press kisses all over your quaking thigh until it stilled, still held up by one of his broad shoulders. Once you relaxed against the leather with a sigh, Jin gave your lower stomach a gentle pat.
“Better now?”
“Hmm…much better. Thanks honey.”
“Of course. I mean-” Those hamster cheeks came back. “I couldn’t hold back all that wonderful knowledge you gave me!”
The satiated expression on your face morphed into one of irritation. “Get your fingers out of me before I break them.”
“Yah, you can do that?! Have you been doing kegels lately?”
You were a split second away from going through with your threat before Seokjin quickly removed his fingers, laughing that unique laugh of his.
“Fuck you.”
He quieted down to a chuckle, lifting his wet fingers up to clean them off with his tongue (as annoyed as you were, you couldn’t fight the way your core clenched at the sight). When he was finished, he pressed that hand to your thigh, tongue flicking out over his reddened lips.
“Oh, don’t worry angel, I look forward to that when we get to my place.”
Tumblr media
©bangtanintotheroom, 2022. Crossposted to AO3. Do not repost to other sites or copy without permission.
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severely-mentally-ill · 20 hours ago
Ask and ye shall recieve. Subby Seokjin is my absolutely favorite delight. So... overstimulation till he cries. But good tears that end with heart eyes and him wanting to koala his domme girlfriend. Please no humiliation/degradation as I find it absolutely triggering no matter how it is written.
Basically I just really want to see a Pretty and Subby Seokjin ridden and then jerked off till he's a ruined, crying, but utterly in love mess. I like my smut with feelings.
Thank you in advance if you choose to do it. 🌹
Of course, jagi. (Just an FYI for the riding part, I myself do not enjoy receiving sexual pleasure because of my bottom dysphoria so I haven't really felt it the right way in a long time so I might be wrong when describing it) This is also kind of trash, I didn't really have that much time to write these past few weeks so I decided to get this little drabble out.
Tumblr media
♤♡◇ Always So Pretty ◇♡♤
Paring: Kim Seokjin x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Dom/sub dynamics, sub!Seokjin, dom!Reader, praise, protected sex, overstimulation, handjob, swearing, Noona kink?
English is not my first language, this is not proofread so beware grammar mistakes.
Tumblr media
You swear you were in heaven. The sounds he was making, mixed with the blissful feel of his cock hitting that one spot inside your cunt with every bounce— nothing seemed better.
Seokjin had a light grip on your waist as he throws his head back against the pillows, letting out the prettiest of whines and moans from the feel of your dripping walls wrapped around his throbbing cock.
"Noonaaa. . . Feels sooo good!" He whines out, followed by a moan. He was in utter bliss. He wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. Neither did you, for that matter.
You lean down, giving Seokjin a gentle kiss on his plush lips. He whines into the kiss, the new angle causing both of you to experience a new and much better type of pleasure.
Your orgasm was fast approaching, and you knew his was too. With the way his moans got shorter and more frequent, and with how his grip on your waist tightened a bit.
"Are you close, baby boy?" You ask, panting slightly. He quickly nods his head, turning his head to the other side.
"Yes! Yes, oh, please! Noona, please let me cum. Please~" You let out a breathy chuckle at his pleas. He was the cutest boy you've ever had seen.
"Alright, baby. Cum with me."
"Oh, thank you! Thank you. . ." He trails off as the knot in his stomach finally breaks, and a wave of pure euphoria washes over him. Just as he reaches his climax, you do as well. You still on top of Seokjin's cock as you feel the pleasure of your orgasm wash over you.
It was blissful, to say the least, for the both of you. However, it seemed to be much more for Seokjin. I mean, he was with the person he loved most in the world, and was being taken care of by her as well. How couldn't it have been one of the most blissful experience for him?
Once you had come down from your high, you arose off of your boyfriend, and moved so you sat on the bed next to him. You pull off the condom that was on his dick, and tossed it away into the trash. Seokjin continues to lay in place and pant as you do. However, he lets out a small whine when you wrap your hand around his cock and begin to slowly move it up and down. "Think you can handle a bit more, love?"
Seokjin quickly nodded. He wanted nothing more then to be good for you. He knew that you wouldn't do anything to him without his consent, so he knew he could stop you at any time and you wouldn't push.
You give him a smile and lean down to press a kiss to his lips, which he is quick to respond to. He whines into the kiss as your hand begins to speed up it's movements. He bucks his hips up in your hand as his hands reach up and gently grab the sides of your face. Seokjin turns his head to the side to deepen the kiss as your hand continues to speed up it's movements.
You pull away from him and grab one of his hands in your free one, bringing it up to your lips and placing a kiss onto his knuckles. "You're always so pretty, Seokjin. Did you know that? Always so pretty."
"Al-Always?" He whimpers out, squeezing his eyes shut as you give his cock a small squeeze. A single tear falls from his eye as his orgasm washes over him again.
"Always." You nod, smiling down at him as he opens his eyes again to look up at you. "You're also my good boy, who I love very much. Did you know that?"
Seokjin nods again, letting out a meek little whines as you begin moving your hand again. "Yes! I-I'm your-your g-good boy! I love you too, Noona. . ."
You smile down at him, giving his hand a gentle squeeze, which he returns. "Good boy."
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keisl0vergirl · 2 months ago
bts reacting to you being “cancelled” for ridiculous reasons
Tumblr media
pairings — bts x reader (separate)
genre — fluff, slight angst??
warnings — mentions of online hate
authors note — notice how twitter is a recurring theme in all of them? yeah.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin — Smiling at another member
this all started when jin went on vlive and showed the BTS of their recent music video
he invited you to join and of course, you said yes
when you got there jin was busy ranting about his makeup so you decided to let him be
taehyung was on his phone in the back and you went over to greet him
however, when you did you smiled
now it wasn’t anything special
just a normal smile . like :) not ;)
after finally getting jins attention, he showed you to the fans and gave you a hug
nothing out of the ordinary
but when you got home you checked your phone and saw your twitter was blowing up
apparently a fan made an innocent edit of your interaction with tae during the live
and it got blown out of proportion
now you were being accused of cheating on jin???
and with taehyung of all people???
you didn’t bother engaging in it so you turned off your phone and went about with your day
when dating someone as famous as jin, it wasn’t surprising to see this
however jin thought otherwise
he was furious
it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened
he raced over to your house expecting you to be in tears about the accusations and hate you were receiving
but when he burst through the door he saw you watching Netflix and eating some food you had just ordered
“jin?? what are you doing here? is something wrong?”
“aah, nothing is wrong.” he gave you a nervous smile
“uh okayy… do you want some?”
he joined you, also ignoring his phone
but don’t get it confused
he still posted a picture of you and him making cute faces on twitter and weverse
“MY love <333”
Min Yoongi — Walking away from paparazzi when you had something to do
with yoongi you had a private relationship for roughly 5 months before it was exposed
yoongi was mad about the weird comments you got
but they slowed down after a while
your personal life was invaded quite a bit but you didn’t mind
it was something you got used to rather quickly
but that didn’t mean you liked being on camera
even if it was one of the boys recording, you would try your hardest to stay out of the frame
making it clear that the recording life wasn’t for you
at all.
so when you came out of a store on your way to your mothers house and saw reporters and paparazzi outside…
you already knew what was going to happen
once they caught sight of you
they went feral
“miss y/n what do you have to say about BTS’s recent song?” “how’s your relationship with yoongi?” “did you hear about the rumours? yoongi was sighted getting cosy with another woman. do you have anything to say about it?”
of course you heard the rumours but there was nothing to be angry or upset about
you completely trusted yoongi and everyone knew he was head over heels for you
“u-uh… sorry but i have somewhere i need to be, im sorry” you smiled and scuffled off to your car
you could hear the distant shouts as you drove away
but you didn’t think anything of it
3 hours later and yoongi wouldn’t stop calling you
he wasn’t in the country so it was lowkey concerning
“hey, what’s up?” “you haven’t seen what they’re saying on twitter?” “what? no. you know i don’t use twitter.”
he sighed, shuffling heard from his line
“….why? is everything okay?”
“yeah. it’s just… people were saying some stuff about you running away from the reporters earlier.”
“don’t worry i have people dealing with it right now.” he grumbled
a smile printed itself on your lips, “it’s okay, honestly. as long as you’re good, im fine.”
there was a distant shout from the other side of the phone, something along the lines of practice and being late
“ah y/n i have to go but i’ll call you later. i love you.”
“i love you too, have fun.”
“will do.”
Jung Hoseok — Pranking him
something that kept you and hoseoks relationship exciting was the pranks you often pulled on one another
it was a war he started and wouldn’t let end
the pranks varied from feeding each other extremely salty foods to randomly making the water in the shower freezing cold
the last prank he pulled on you resulted in you having to give multiple flower stores large boxes of flowers
he had hired someone to drop off 10,000 roses in your house
a “romantic” gesture as he called it
you let it peacefully pass and moved on
until he began complaining about his hair dye washing out
you swear you could hear heaven singing
an opportunity handed directly to you
so you bought some pink hair dye and waited for him to leave the house, eventually mixing it in with his usual shampoo
said shampoo was conveniently purple so the colour difference wasn’t too noticeable
hoseok showered and boom.
came out looking pretty <33 with his new hair
he wasn’t particularly angry about it, more shocked that you managed to pull it off
but once the shock wore off, you could tell he loved it
it wasn’t the reaction you was initially going for but hey
seeing him cheesing made you cheese
“y/niee this is cuteeee”
he pulled out his phone and took selfies ready to showcase his new hairstyle to the world
deciding on twitter, he posted a selfie with the caption “my y/n pranked me ;(( #newhair<3 #ilookgood”
this wasn’t the first time your prank war was mentioned online, the topic coming up in a run!bts episode months ago
but when the fans saw what you did, they were livid
with the hashtags he added you would think people wouldn’t take it so seriously
but damn
you and hoseok didn’t take the hate personally
people always had something to say and blocking it out was easier than engaging in it
he wanted to post another tweet defending you but you told him no
silly comments weren’t going to ruin your one free day with your boyfriend
“hoseok, babe, trust me it’s not that bad. hate doesn’t affect me, never has and never will”
he stared at you with hearts in his eyes
everything you did was so admirable to him
“it’s my fault, i wanna help”
“you can help by making dinner while i find a movie for us to watch”
“yes ma’am” he gave you a heart warming smile and tight hug before scurrying off to the kitchen
Kim Namjoon — Calling out the people who were stalking you
now it may seem like you caused this
but really it wasn’t your fault
you were going about your day, as usual
then you noticed a group of girls look at their phones and point at you
it wasn’t odd, but it didn’t make it feel any better
they didn’t even care to whisper so you heard everything about they said
from being namjoons girlfriend to hoping to find out where you live incase namjoon, or anyone for that matter, was visiting you
walking on and praying they would lose sight of you, you continued doing what you was doing
but it was clear that they weren’t planning on letting you go
eventually you managed to get some help from a security guard who noticed them following you
instead of ignoring the issue
like always
you went to twitter to peacefully express your thoughts
“hey guys, i know you don’t mean anything bad by it but i’d really like it if people stopped following me when im doing personal things. it’s not a nice feeling to hear people talk about exposing my private life for no reason. again I’m not mad, but please stop <33.”
within minutes, your tweet blew up setting off a chain reaction of hate
“she goes out with someone famous and automatically thinks she’s famous🤣🤣. girl byeeee” 1.56K likes, 459 Retweets, 619 Replies
you groaned and moved on, not wanting to dwell on it for too long
namjoon was also unaware of what you posted until yoongi texted him the tweet
once he saw the replies, he was ready to pop off
but as the leader, he was always expected to keep a calm head and leave a good impression on people
so he called you, letting your calm demeanour replace the fury he previously felt
once he knew you weren’t hurt and made arrangements for you to stay at the dorms for a couple of days, he went to weverse to express his feelings
“Please respect Y/N’s privacy. I know you all want to meet her and get to know her but please respect her boundaries.”
of course many comments were deleted after namjoons post and you received more support than ever
Park Jimin — Being too busy to go on vlive
people always wondered how you and jimins relationship survived
it’s like your schedules were made to clash
when you have a free week, jimin would be on tour or busy with photoshoots/concerts. when he had a free week, you would be swarmed with work
it was like a match made in hell
but you somehow made it work
when the public found out about one of the most loved bts boys being in a relationship, they were in need of seeing who this person was
eventually they met you and things were alright
until jimins birthday rolled around
fans were pressuring you to join his birthday live
even after you said that you would be busy
now you didn’t say busy with work (because you were planning a getaway weekend for just you and jimin)
but the internet assumed otherwise
and of course, you were accused of pushing him to the side
one account even posted clips of you “prioritising” the other boys over him
like what??
you didn’t even know you were getting hate until you overheard the boys talking about you
“i don’t think she knows, i haven’t seen her look at her phone all day.” jungkook chuckled
“yeah she hasn’t seen it, we all know she would’ve went off if she did” jin smiled
“seen what?” you butted in, more confused than worried
“people are saying that you don’t really like jimin, you only want his fame and clout” namjoon cautiously mumbled
“hm, that’s nice” you walked away
“oh no”
you were ready to get your phone and fight fire with even hotter fire
but when you heard jimin mention you on his celebration vlive, you paused
“"are you upset that y/n was too busy with work to celebrate your birthday?" who said she was busy with work? she’s trying to plan a surprise for me and keep it a secret, but im smarter than her so i know everything” he giggled, knowing you would argue about his last comment
but hey, maybe you didn’t need to say anything after all
Kim Taehyung — Dying your hair and accidentally matching with another member
this had to be one of the weirdest experiences you’ve been through
it started when you woke up and got tired of your natural black hair, wanting something more exciting
after contemplating, you decided on a cute lighter brown
it had been a while since you saw the boys in person so this would be a nice surprise for them all
especially tae, he always got hyped when you changed your hair but this would be your first time dying it
after purchasing the dye, you carefully followed the instructions, being extra cautious when you got to your roots
but you succeeded and was pleased with the results
[type 1 : curly] [type2 : straight]
you left your natural hair in a puff, not applying any extra products as your head was still sensitive
you meet up with the guys and it’s safe to say that they were shocked
but in a good way
tae had screamed and chased you when he caught a glimpse of the new hair
he squeezed the life out of you once he caught up to you
even after he let everyone greet you, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you
basically hypnotised by your beauty
it was jungkook who first made the connection to you matching with hoseok
after joking about it you all disregarded the topic and tae took you to the side to take selfies with you
(ones he couldn’t stop looking at when he left the city for a couple of days)
he posted two on weverse (one of you two and one with everyone) and left it as that
until someone decided to zoom in and crop you next to hoseok, tweeting “they’re matching hair colours?? isn’t that a couple thing???”
the tweet gained a lot of traction because it came from a user with a relatively large following
eventually it was trending and almost everyone was talking about it
however the rumours didn’t last long considering everyone knew that you were taehyungs soulmate
but even that didn’t stop a flood of hate comments coming your way
it’s pretty clear that taehyung doesn’t have an issue with expressing his emotions about certain situations
his post on weverse said it all
Jeon Jungkook — Listening to a Kpop song from another band
jungkook decided to do quick vlive in his hotel when you were still in the room, chilling on his bed
he knew people missed talking to him so he was excited to talk to ARMY and see what was going on
it was a normal live, he would sometimes check on you to see if you needed anything but nothing too interesting
you were scrolling on tiktok with your airpods in, not wanting to impose too much
a tiktok with the song love shot by exo popped up and you quietly sang along in background, not realising that jungkook had turned his attention back to you
he smiled at your voice, “she has a pretty voice, right? she doesn’t like it when i say it but im sure she can’t ignore ARMY :)”
well people took notice in your voice
not specifically your voice but the song you were singing
apparently, singing a song from a band that was a rival to your boyfriend’s was a crime
the tweets came the second jk ended the live
one of the hate comments even came from an account that followed and posted exo
in all honesty it wasn’t that big of a deal, more ridiculous than angering
jungkook still took the time to get the tweets deleted and reported
as he should .
Tumblr media
© 2021 all rights reserved.
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hwangyeonjun · 2 months ago
what turns them on
[ txt version ]
Tumblr media
your glasses. it usually happens when both of you are at home after a long day of work or whatever and you just put on your glasses to read a book or something else. to him you look cute and hot at the same time and this man can’t keep it in his pants from that moment.
when you cook for him. seokjin likes to cook and he often makes you all kinds of delicious foods but there are times where you decide it’s time for you to stand in the kitchen and seeing you work so hard just so he could have a good meal, melts his heart and he gets veryy excited. 
Tumblr media
brutal honesty. if you straight up go to him and say “i want you” he will make sure you get whatever you want. he loves that you’re not afraid to tell what’s on your mind.
dirty jokes. he loves your sense of humour and those dirty little jokes you make. it usually happens when you’re all out with his or yours friends. while everyone is laughing at your joke he can’t help but gulp, his mind going somewhere else.
Tumblr media
dancing. he loves to dance himself so it’s no surprise that seeing his s/o dancing turns him on. even if you’re just messing around, swaying your hips while making dinner or whatever, he get’s so happy and wants to share his happiness in the bedroom.
eye rolling. if you’re having an argument and you roll your eyes at him, you can expect yourself to be thrown on the bed. get ready to get your back blown out by dominant and angry hoseok.
Tumblr media
cursing. this might sound strange but he sees you as sweet and innocent so hearing those dirty words come out of your mouth makes him feel some type of way.
lip biting. it usually happens when you concentrated, you unconsciously bite your lip and if namjoon notices is, he instantly wants to be the one biting your lip.
Tumblr media
flirting. and not necessary with him. like you could be flirting with someone who’s near you on purpose and he knows that. you’re pushing his buttons and both of you are curious of how far he can go. plus those little eye contacts you make with him while talking to another person and that little smirk playing on your mouth. yeah, he’s already planning how you’re going to pay for it.
your exposed neck. this might sound really dumb but he loves your neck. he loves to leave kisses and marks on it, to wrap his hand around it so whenever you put your hair up, exposing your neck completely, he’s losing control. bonus if you’re wearing a choker. 
Tumblr media
domesticity. it can be as simple as going grocery shopping together, talking about what colour sheets you want to buy or making dinner together. he can’t wait until you two will have your own family so these types of things turns him on, he wants to immediately drag you to the bedroom and start that family making right now.
kissing him mid sentence. there are times when you just can’t help yourself, he looks so kissable when talking about something especially if he gets really into it you just lean in and kiss him making him stop abruptly. his mind goes blank and the only thing on his mind from now on is you.
Tumblr media
neck kissing. or just kissing in general. jungkook is a sucker for your lips so as you soon as you start kissing there’s no turning back.
confidence. he loves when you wear whatever you want, say whatever you want. when you’re not afraid to take a step first in various situations. he’s so proud of you and seeing you in charge of yourself turns him on.
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yoonpobs · 6 months ago
with you | ksj | m
Tumblr media
marrying your childhood best friend was not the love story that most painted it to be. you knew that better than anyone else.
PAIRING. kim seokjin x reader
GENRE. marriage!au, divorce!au, childhood friends2lovers!au, angst, fluff, smut
WARNINGS. dilf jin, mentions of divorce (it's literally the plot😭), marriage problems, jin is kind of an asshole (who redeems himself!!!-ish), slight jealousy, soft sex, crying during sex, oral (f receiving), bigdick!jin, oc is a crybaby who tries not to cry 99.9% of this fic
WORDS. 22.1k
NOTE. it's here!!!!! I've been working on this fic for a while and im somewhat pleased with how it turned out!!!! i apologise for any errors/edit mistakes bc I run through it on my own so I may overlook some grammar issues etc ...
anywho, I hope you enjoy this fic!!!! as always - my asks are open to let me know how you felt about this fic <3
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“What is this?” he blinks.
“Divorce papers,” you say softly, smoothing out the surface while you avoid his eyes.
“You want,” he says slowly, eyebrows furrowing as he attempts to process your words. “You want a … divorce?”
You hate that he sounds so nonchalant like you weren’t mulling over this decision for the past three months as you found yourself losing hope in your marriage with each passing day. But for as long as you’ve known Jin, he’s always been like this. A little hard to understand, straightforward but never intentionally malicious. He just somehow ended up hurting people without him realising it.
“Yes,” you say.
“What about Jiho?”
The reminder of your son makes your heart drop to the pit of your stomach, but you were prepared for this question. In fact, your son was the only thing that made you hesitate your decision for another month because divorces were messy and even if Jiho was just four years old and probably too young to understand—he was perceptive and you didn’t want to put him through the taxing emotions of having his parents go through a divorce.
But you were exhausted of fighting alone and returning to a home that feels more isolating than welcoming.
“We’ll share custody,” you narrate the exact words you’ve been mulling over for the past few months, even if it breaks your heart to say them.
“What prompted this?” It hurts even more when Jin flips through the papers as he would with any other of his business contracts, and it’s a harsh reminder that your marriage was reaching an invincible expiry date that you wanted to ignore.
“We …” you hesitate, fingers clutching the fabric of your dress as you purse your lips. Was there a reason to justify your decision anymore, when you’ve fought tooth and nail for the past four months to be heard? To be seen as someone who wasn’t just his wife on paper but a person to be nurtured? You force yourself to look ahead, even when Jin raises an eyebrow at your silence. You settle for a soft response instead. “I think it’s for the best.”
Jin opens his mouth to say something but decides against it before he slides the papers towards him, and you half-expect him to sign it and tell you to leave. The thought only makes your heart shatter even more—because four years of marriage, a child—gone, just like that.
But he doesn’t. Instead, he offers you a curt nod with a look you can’t quite decipher.
“I’ll get back to you,” he says.
You blink, especially when he pushes himself off his desk and extends a hand towards you as if he’d expected you to grab it. The gesture doesn’t fit in with the context of the conversation, much less the emotions that thrash wildly in your heart.
“What are you doing?” you whisper.
“Lunch,” he says, “I haven’t had it with you in a while.”
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“That took a while,” Taehyung points out when you clamber back into your office.
“I had lunch,” you respond curtly as you hang your jacket on the coat hanger while you attempt to ease the pressing headache between your temples.
“Alone?” He raises a brow.
“With Jin.”
Taehyung’s eyes widen as you plop onto the empty seat next to him. Your son’s fidgeting in his lap as your assistant types away at his laptop, and you’re absolutely exhausted so you extend your arms towards Jiho, who immediately turns to you with a toothy grin and leaps off Taehyung’s lap.
“Hi baby,” you press a kiss to his cheek, immediately seeking warmth in your son’s chubby body.
“Hi mama,” he returns, pressing a plush cheek into your chest when you squeeze him.
You try to keep your tears at bay, even if it’s just having your son in your arms. He doesn’t know the day you had or the meal you shared with his father. The man you married and decided to have a child with. Jiho doesn’t know that it’s over—and it hurts. It hurts because he deserved a family filled with love.
“How did it go?” Taehyung asks tentatively, swirling in his chair until he’s facing you.
You know he’s concerned. He was probably the person that received the news with the most shock, granted he was currently the only person that knew besides Jin. Taehyung has been your assistant before you relocated to this larger office and before your business set its course, and even when you and Jin were just dating. So, he knows—he knows how hard you’ve tried and when you decided that it was over.
“He didn’t even try,” you croak, eyes fluttering shut as you attempt to level your breathing to not alarm your son, “Just took the papers and said he’d get back to me.”
“He didn’t sign it?” Taehyung asks in slight surprise.
“No,” you murmur, peering down to see your son fiddling with a ribbon that sticks out your dress, “I didn’t want to ask why.”
Taehyung purses his lips before he reaches out to squeeze your available hand. The gesture is enough to remind you of what you just did—the conversation you just had with Jin, and it’s enough for your entire facade to go crumbling again.
But you don’t cry because your son is unaware of the conflict that exists between you and his father, you don’t cry because one of you needed to be strong and it had to be you.
“I’m sorry.” His apology is sincere but frankly, useless. But you don’t tell him that even if that’s all that plagues your mind. You know Taehyung knows this too, but you suppose it’s the best either of you can offer right now.
“Don’t be,” you laugh humourlessly, “You’re not the one that failed in this marriage.”
“You didn’t fail, ____,” he says sternly, “It just—some things don’t work out.”
Your lips wobble again, looking up so your son doesn’t spot your tears.
“I thought we would,” you croak, “I tried. I tried—so hard. But it still wasn’t enough.”
Taehyung stays silent, and your son is mumbling something under his breath. When you peer down, his smile remains innocent and oblivious to the world that’s falling apart right in front of his eyes.
“Mama, look,” he squeals as he lifts up an arm that he’s somehow managed to scribble on, “Mama, daddy, me!”
Taehyung has to take Jiho when you excuse yourself to the bathroom.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“What do you mean he hasn’t signed it?” You hiss, holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you attempt to shove old documents into the shredder.
“He … hasn’t,” Jimin, Jin’s assistant, says lamely over the line as you feel your headache return.
“Jimin, you’re his assistant,” you remind him sternly, “It’s literally your job to make sure he gets shit done.”
“I know!” He exclaims before he’s sighing, “He’s just—he keeps putting it off. I really can’t do much, ____.”
You chuck the last bit of papers aside before you’re grabbing your phone from in-between your ear and shoulders before you’re leaning against a desk, pinching the bridge of your nose in irritation.
It’s been a week since you visited Jin at his office propositioning him with a divorce, yet, the papers remain vacant from his signature that solidified the termination of your legal union. You were more so irritated than hurt right now, purely because you wanted actual documents to present to your lawyer and your parents before you told them that you and Jin were getting a divorce.
It’s also been a week since Jin’s came home, and you’re partly thankful that he did that on his own because that was another painful conversation you weren’t quite ready to have. Not that he came home at an acceptable hour anyway. But it’s almost daunting at how the bed remains cool where he used to lay, even if he’d disappear hours before your awakening.
“Just,” you exhale, “Please get him to sign it, Jimin. I’m tired.”
You can hear some shuffling on the other end and you assume it’s him moving to another place with the way the office chatter gets distinctively quieter the longer time passes.
“Do you,” he starts, “do you really have to do this?”
You sigh, already bracing for his comment.
If Taehyung knew you and Jin before you got married, Jimin was the person that got the two of you together. The instigator that insisted that the feelings and mutual, and that the chance should be taken. You believed him ten years ago when you were younger and in high school, oblivious to what the future held. You wanted to resent him for how things out but you knew it was irrational. You would’ve fallen in love with Jin with or without Jimin’s intervention.
He was that easy to love.
The bitter reminder that the divorce seemed easy for him to accept, even without the signature, plagues your mind as you hear Jimin call your name once more.
“Do you think this was my first option?” you snap, and immediately the silence is tense. “I was backed into a corner, Jimin. There’s no point in Jin and I remaining married if—if nothing about our relationship feels like a marriage anymore.”
“What about Jiho?” he throws back the same question Jin posed at you when you first came to him with the divorce.
You grit your teeth, your heart inevitably clenching at the guilt that’s yet to subside. It only hurt more because you knew Jimin didn’t mean it to hurt you, but it did—it did because it wasn’t easy.
“I’m not taking him away from Jin,” you whisper, “I can’t—I would never do that.”
“You know that’s not what I meant,” Jimin says softly.
“I know,” you reply, equally as soft as your eyes dart to the ground, “I hate this, Jimin. I do. But I rather Jiho grow up with two parents who aren’t together than two parents who live together but not even talk.”
Jimin stays silent, and you know that he’s heavily contemplating his next set of words.
You beat him to it with a sigh.
“I’m sorry,” you mumble, “I didn’t mean to unload.”
“Please don’t apologise,” he says, “I just … have you tried speaking to Jin?”
You scoff bitterly at the suggestion, and you know that you shouldn’t be taking it out on Jimin, who’s both Jin’s assistant and your close friend—but the nudge to recall the times you’ve tried, tried so hard to patch things up by planning mini-dates that he rain checked more than enough times for you to want to try again—only leaves you feeling sour.
“He clearly doesn’t mind if he says he’ll get back to me,” you say bitterly.
“Have you considered that maybe he only said that because—”
At that moment, your intercom goes off and you briefly hear Taehyung’s static voice filter through the speaker.
“Hold on, Jimin,” you rush as you put your hand to the speaker to lean forward to press the intercom. “Tae?”
“You have an appointment,” he says slowly, and your eyebrows furrow at his odd tone.
“I do?” You say with a puzzled expression, “I don’t remember scheduling an appointment—”
“Well, this isn’t really an appointment,” he laughs tightly.
“Tae,” you frown, “What are you saying?”
“She’s already—”
And at impeccable timing, a rapt knock is delivered to your door as you further scrunch your eyebrows in confusion.
“Jimin, I need to go. I have a visitor,” you bring the phone back up to your ear as you begin heading towards the door.
“No worries,” he clips, “Take care, okay?” He says softly.
You mumble a word of gratitude before you’re hanging up, hand already reaching out to turn to the knob to greet your guest.
You’re still confused before you come face-to-face with them, but the moment the door opens as you plaster a smile to greet your guest—your grin immediately freezes as you spot the one person that you surely didn’t expect to visit your workplace on a weekend, let alone at all.
“E-Eomeonim,” you stutter, eyes briefing landing on Taehyung’s apologetic expression behind your guest's elegant posture.
“Myeoneuri,” she immediately beams, leaning forward to embrace you into a hug that you’re still too stunned to properly returned, and it’s not until she pulls back with furrowed brows that you return the gesture, still frozen in shock as you lean your head against her shoulder.
“What brings you here?” You ask, forcing a smile at the sudden grant of her presence as you shut the door behind you, immediately guiding her towards the empty couch as you head towards your cupboards to bring out the glasses for drinks.
“Ah,” she laughs, gently and polished as ever as you keep your head-trained over your shoulder to engage in eye contact as you pour her some water, “Can’t I visit my daughter-in-law?”
The term doesn’t fall on deaf ears and you force yourself to laugh, even if you know that the term wouldn’t be applicable for much longer. You feel like a fraud, inviting her into your office and offering her water as if you weren’t over at her son’s office a week ago with papers that would immediately terminate any relationship you had with him—or her. Legally, at least.
She was still your son's grandmother and overall, a lovely person.
You grew up with her right next to your house, being the second mother in your life especially when she used to house you on nights where your parents were out of town as you integrated with her two sons and their antics. She cooked for you and treated you like you were her own daughter. Those things didn’t go away just because you were divorcing Jin.
“Of course,” you smile softly as you pass her a glass with two hands, “It’s nice to see you.”
She chuckles politely before taking a sip and setting the glass onto the table, eyes travelling around your office as she takes in your interior.
She’s been here on a few occasions, but they’ve been sprawled out over the years so there have definitely been some changes from when she last came. She doesn’t visit often—to your office, at least—she never had a reason to. So it’s all the more startling and nerve-wracking when she appeared today, conveniently after you proposed a divorce she’s yet to know about.
“I was thinking about you,” she says softly, peering up through her lashes as you gulp, fingers shaking ever so slightly when you take a sip of your drink yourself.
“You’re always free to visit, eomeonim,” you return politely, bowing your head.
She scoffs playfully, waving you off as she leans backwards into your plush couch.
“Don’t be so stiff with me, ____,” she teases, “I’ve changed your diapers.”
You flush at the reminder, and it’s both in fondness and in relative hurt because your family and hers were tight-knit from the very beginning. Your mother and she were best friends even before the two of you were born, and it’s only natural that their children ended up becoming friends. It was always a running joke that they’d hope you and Jin would fall in love and marry—and when it happened, the both of them were ecstatic.
It wasn’t as if they planned it, but fate worked out funnily sometimes. Even when you dated other people in the midst of unsure feelings in high school, you always found yourself returning to Jin. Whether it be in the form of comfort, or a laugh, or just a shoulder to lean on—you always found yourself on the front of his porch, eagerly waiting for another moment with him.
“I know,” you sigh with a small smile, “It’s crazy how long it’s been.”
“Thirty-two years,” she reminds.
You exhale, remember that you were in fact thirty-two this year. The thought that settles is one that is intrusive and annoying, purely because you couldn’t go a moment without remembering the divorce. Your age is another bitter reminder that you’ve really hit the mark with it, essentially starting over when you and Jin promised each other forever.
You take another sip to keep your tears behind.
“Anyway,” she continues as she rests her eyes on you. Her gaze is concerned and you’re stuttering, wondering if you were that obvious—if your face held all your emotions or if she was just that observant. When she speaks, you brace yourself for the worst. “I’ve been trying to contact that son of mine but he keeps sending me to his darned assistant.”
You relax ever so slightly as your lips twitch in a smile.
“Jiminie?” You ask amusedly.
“When he’s getting in the way of talking to my son, he’s a darned assistant,” she huffs, crossing her arms across her chest as you laugh.
“Even now, they’re inseparable,” you comment mindlessly, remembering all the times they used to get into trouble together in high school.
“For the wrong reasons,” she sighs, “That’s why I’m here, actually.”
You raise a brow, “Oh?”
“Seokjung’s planning on proposing,” she informs with an excited grin as your eyes widen.
“Oh my God,” you breath, equally as pleased to hear the news, “Finally? I’m so happy for him and Ah-reum.”
Your mother-in-law sighs wistfully as she smiles tenderly at you, reaching a hand out to squeeze yours as her eyes turn solemn.
“I am too,” she says softly, “My two son’s—Gosh.”
Your hand stiffens under her touch, but you don’t make an effort to correct her. She looks far too happy and emotional at the thought itself that you don’t have the heart to ruin that dream for her. You swallow the lump in your throat and the visual of the divorce papers that plague your mind as you offer a weak smile that doesn’t quite reach your eyes.
“Yeah,” you say breathlessly, “I’m really happy for Seokjung.”
She nods, smiling at you before squeezing your hand again.
“I wanted to let you know myself,” she says, “I was meant to tell Jin but clearly, he’s caught up in whatever work he has,” she rolls her eyes before shooting you a pointed stare. “Make sure you make time for each other, even if he’s busy. That boy always drowns himself in work.”
Your face falls for a split second, but you immediately correct it when you realise the look of concern that marks her face.
You know her comment was made in good faith, she had no idea of your impending divorce … did she? But despite her voice mulling slightly under a whisper, you find that your heart betrays your blank face when it clenches. You should’ve made time for each other. Even if he was busy. You tried—and you failed.
“O-Of course,” you say, squeezing her hand in return.
“Make sure that the three of you spend time together,” she says softly, and you’re terrified that she knows when she mentions your son. “A relationship requires constant effort and dedication.”
“Of course,” you swallow, “I will.”
You hate yourself for lying to her, but you hope that she knows that you tried. That you really tried to pick up whatever that was lost—but some things would inevitably remain shattered.
“Tell Jin to take it easy,” she murmurs, “I worry for him sometimes.”
You nod your head mutely, agreeing silently.
“I’m”—she chokes, suddenly teary as your eyes widen in alarm—“I’m really glad that you have each other.”
It’s another blow that you receive, but force yourself to smile through.
“Eomeonim …” you say quietly, the guilt nabbing away at your heart.
She waves you off, laughing softly before she’s swabbing gently under her eyes to rid of the tears. And as always, she remains stunning as ever—the stark features of Jin apparent on her face, and the resemblance only makes your heart clench even further.
“Your mother and I would always joke about having our kids get married,” she reminisces as you smile tightly at her. “We never thought it would actually happen—but you and Jin …” she trails off with a fond smile, “It made sense. Like it was always meant to happen.”
You can’t take it anymore, but you weren’t allowed to pick your battles this time. You swallow the lump in your throat and hold her hand a little tighter as if an apology was worthy enough to be traced into the wrinkles of her palm. For now, this was all you could offer.
“Thank you, eomeonim,” you whisper, and it’s more than just the words she’s said, but how she’s treated you up until now. An apology also rests on your tongue, but that’s for a later date. When you and Jin no longer share the title of married.
“Don’t thank me,” she scoffs, “Thank you for making Jin’s life brighter. For bringing Jiho into this world.”
You swallow.
“Of course,” you smile, “He’s made mine too.”
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“You’re here,” Jimin blinks, opening the door to let you in as you give him a tight smile.
“I wish I wasn’t,” you mutter under your breath as the two of you walk side-by-side down a familiar hall.
“Listen—” he begins but you cut him off, already too tired to engage with him attempting to convince you otherwise on the divorce.
“I really can’t do this right now, Jimin,” you say quietly and he looks at you with an apologetic look that you ignore to save your heart from more tears. “I’m only here because Jin isn’t answering his mother’s damn calls.”
“He’s in the middle of an important business deal,” Jimin says weakly.
“When is he not?” You roll your eyes as you huff, feet clacking against the marble as you turn into a familiar corridor where your eyes rest on the plague with the name of your husband, a name that you’ve welcomed into your life and in your son's name—a name that you’ve grown up with. You push aside the ache in your heart as you reach towards the door to knock. “Listen, I know you’re his best friend and his assistant but … tell him to remember that his job isn’t the only important thing in his life, yeah?”
Jimin doesn’t say anything but waits with you, and you briefly hear the shuffling of feet from the other end. You can tell Jimin wants to say something with the way that he’s impatiently tapping his feet against the ground, and you don’t placate him like you usually do because you know that you weren’t ready to hear whatever he had to say.
The door swings open, and it isn’t Jin that you see. It’s—
“Isa,” you smile tightly.
“____,” she exclaims, immediately trotting over in her heels as she towers over you, arms wrapping you into a hug that you don’t expect. When she pulls away, you see her bright teeth in between her red lips. “You’re glowing! Are you pregnant?”
You shoot her a blank look, and you feel Jimin’s eyes widen.
“I’m not,” you say dryly.
“Oh,” she blinks, “Could’ve sworn you were,” she says off-handedly before she moves out the way, only for Jin to appear behind her with a vacant expression on his face, eyes immediately falling onto your unimpressed figure.
“____?” He furrows his eyebrows, “What are you doing here?”
You push past Isa, who you briefly see from the corner of your eye, press two rather friendly kisses onto your husband—well, soon to be ex-husbands—cheeks. She’s always done that, claiming that it was from her French roots even if you knew deep down that she had the hots for her husband. You don’t want to know why she’s here, appropriately right when you and Jin were in the middle of a divorce. Unless she’s representing him as his lawyer, you didn’t want to humour the thought.
“Your mother says you aren’t answering her,” you don’t spare him another glance, or Jimin, who is all but offering you a timid smile right before he shuts the door to the office, leaving you and Jin alone.
“I’ve been busy,” he replies.
“You couldn’t even just send a damn text to your own mother?” you ask irritatedly as you plop into a seat in front of his desk.
“I had Jimin do it,” he says with a frown.
You roll your eyes, bitter that you had to be here—bitter about the divorce—bitter about gorgeous Isa who just left his office. You were bitter about everything, and now you were here, with your soon-to-be ex-husband.
“Really, Jin,” you deadpan, “You couldn’t even spare two seconds to let your mom know that you were—I don’t know—alive?”
He sighs as if you were pointing out irrational facts and not attempting to get him to do things himself for once. To maintain relationships with people without a damn middleman. You were a victim once, and you sure as hell wouldn’t let his mom suffer the same painful fate as you did.
“It’s been hectic at the office,” he says curtly, “I did eventually get back to her.”
“Yeah,” you scoff, “After she visited me at my office.”
“She visited you?” he furrows his brows.
You roll your eyes, “It doesn’t matter. She told me that your brother is planning on proposing and she’s expecting us to be there at the engagement party.”
“I know,” he sighs, “I don’t think I can make it.”
You still.
“The investors planned for a meeting that same week and I—”
“He’s your brother,” you splutter in disbelief, rage slowly assimilating in your blood when Jin shoots you with another blank look that you’ve grown to resent, especially recently.
“I can’t do anything about the investors, ____,” he frowns.
“You’re the CEO!” you balk, “You call the shots. You literally make the rules. He’s getting engaged and you can’t even try to make it?”
His brows turn downwards at your harsh tone, but you were unbothered. The disbelief that marks your face is reflective of how your heart slowly burns in anger, the way that your fists clench by your side. Even now, as you attempt to knock some sense of rationality into Jin—you find yourself exhausted. It’s because—this—is familiar. It’s the same routine you found yourself fighting against, now only applied to his direct family. If you weren’t considered that.
“They’re flying in from the States,” he says pointedly.
“And that matters more than your brother because?” You scoff, narrowing your eyes at him, “Don’t be fucking selfish, Seokjin.”
You don’t think you’ve referred to him as his full name in years. Even before the two of you dated. You always called him Jin because it was more intimate that way. Only business associates that he was professional with called him Seokjin. It was an unspoken rule that Seokjin was the persona he adapted with people that he needed on his side, not people he wanted by his side.
You’re too busy seething to see the way his face drops ever so slightly, but he’s quick to correct himself when he purses his lips at you.
“I’m at crossroads, ____,” he snaps, “On one hand, it’s my brother who I’m going to disappoint, or—it’s the ten investors that are eager on investing in this company. I can’t win—and right now, I need them on my side.”
“I can’t believe that you actually need to choose who’s more important right now,” you laugh humourlessly, eyes meeting his for a split second as you frown. “It’s your family, Seokjin. It’ll always be your family. You choose your family—you—you choose the people you love.”
Your words are venomous and purposeful when you spit at him, immediately pushing yourself off the seat. Your words refer to more than his brother, or his mother. It’s personal—and it hurts. You didn’t want him to see you cry, you don’t think he’d care anyway.
“Wait,” he sighs, following you until he’s at your door, hand blocking you from leaving, “I …”
You turn around, eyes fluttering shut as you even out your breathing. When you open them, it’s intuitive for you to believe that you were able to read him, especially after a decade of being together—but you can’t. Your eyes are blurred with more than just your fatigue, but it’s disappointment too.
“What?” you sigh, “I don’t—I don’t care what you do Seokjin. But just know that when you’re closing whatever damned business deal you have for profits—your family is missing you.”
You turn to leave, not expecting him to do anything further than where you’ve left it at—but his hand reaches for your shoulder to stop you, your body tensing at his touch that you haven’t felt in a long time.
“I’ll,” he begins, nibbling on his lip when you raise a brow at him. It’s the most you’ve gotten out from him in a long time, but it’s not enough for you to read what the hell is going on in his mind. “I’ll be there.”
You roll your eyes, “Whatever. I’ll believe it when I see it happen.”
You go to push his hand off but his grip remains firm on your shoulder as he furrows his brows at you.
“We’ll go together,” he says.
You blink.
“I can go there myself,” you clip back curtly.
“They don’t know,” he blinks, “Right?”
He’s talking about the divorce.
Your body stills under his grip as you scowl.
“Of course they don’t,” you snap, “I won’t do that to your mom,” you say softly, “Not now.”
He doesn’t ask you to elaborate, even when your eyes turn sad as they dart to the floor.
“Then we’ll go together,” he says simply, “It’s easier that way.”
You don’t argue anymore because your mind just recalls the conversation you shared with his mother, the woman who’s simultaneously raised you along with your own mother. The woman you’ve shared fond memories with, and the woman whose heart you were inevitably going to break with the news of the divorce.
“Fine,” you sigh, finally shrugging off his hand as you turn towards the door to finally leave.
The door opens, and you’re already halfway out when his voice interrupts you.
“Your dress,” he says softly.
You stop, turning your head slowly as you raise a brow.
“… my dress?” You look down at your attire and you note that it’s a simple knee-length dress that you’ve had for years. It was strapless, but casual enough for you to wear on a daily basis—and definitely nothing noteworthy about it.
“You wore it during our honeymoon,” he states as your body locks at the mention of the memory.
You don’t even remember if you did—so you can’t confirm whether or not he was pulling your leg. But the look that Jin sends you is … you can’t quite put a word to it but it looks soft. Gentle, almost fond. But it goes as quick as it comes before he’s offering you a small smile.
“I don’t remember,” you say bluntly.
His face remains blank, even if there’s a slight drop at his lips.
“Well,” he clears his throat before he steps out of the way to make space for your departure, “You look beautiful.”
The compliment steals your breath away, not because he’s never said it before but because it’s unexpected. It’s unexpected because you were divorcing him, and you haven’t heard those words leave his lips in a long time—directed to you, at least. You’re breathless because your heart is ramming against your chest, and there’s a painful feeling lingering.
You also remember the woman that’s left his office. You know it’s irrational for you to feel this way when you were the one that suggested the divorce. But it’s only proof at his options, especially when he was … he was him.
It’s hope—but you’re not an idiot to allow yourself to burn twice.
“I,” you croak, shaking your head as you manage a tight nod, “Thank you.”
When you leave, you have to force your tears back—without sparing another glance at Jin. When Jimin passes by you, he knows well enough not to ask.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Have you got everything?” Taehyung asks, helping you with the bag filled with Jiho’s things as you snort at his overeagerness of getting you out of the office.
“Yes, Tae, I have,” you say with an amused grin. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you actually cared about my well-being.”
He gasps with a faux sense of offence as he places a hand on his chest, shooting you a look that you roll your eyes at.
“Of course I do!” He pouts, “My boss is getting the break she deserves,” he says before peering down to Jiho, who’s tiredly dozing off in your arms since it was in the wee hours of the morning, “But I’ll definitely miss this one.”
He pokes Jiho softly on the cheek but your son doesn’t even so budge. He’s exhausted, and you were too—but you were more used to staying up late packing last-minute than your son was so you brush his hair gently before placing a soft peck to the crown of his head.
You know Taehyung will miss Jiho, purely because you’ve been at the office more than your home through the past week. You couldn’t bear to return to a space that was void and only had the title of a home when it didn’t feel like it anymore. It was the most difficult explaining to Jiho, who sought his dad’s attention and you couldn’t give it to him. A business trip was the best you got.
“Thank you, by the way,” you smile gratefully at your assistant as the three of you are taken down to the lobby of your office via the lift.
“Don’t,” he says sternly as you giggle softly at his tone, “Thank you for leaving.”
“I knew it,” you narrow your eyes as you stick your tongue out at him. “You’re just happy that I’m gone.”
“It’s four days,” he reminds, “You need a longer break. You’ve been working non-stop.”
You know his jibe is stern despite his light tone, purely because he’s aware of your tendency to ignore your problems by overworking yourself. He’s seen you devote all your energy to reports and analysing data than acknowledge the impending shatter in your heart.
“That’s long enough,” you sigh, “Make sure you—”
“Yes,” he groans as the two of you finally reach the lobby, offering a polite smile toward the receptionist as he returns the gesture. “Did you forget that I’m your assistant? God forbid I’m incompetent.”
You sniff even if you don’t disagree. You didn’t hire him just because he was your friend, but because he’s proven himself over and over again on his capabilities, you needed someone that was lax enough to balance out your perfectionist tendencies but also precise with his work. Taehyung was the perfect mixture of that—so it made sense that he’s stuck with you since you first hired him.
“Call me if you need anything,” you remind as the two of you spot Jin’s car, a sleek range rover fit for the rather long travel. You let out an exhale at the prospect of being in a car with your own husband for the next four hours as you travel out to his family vacation home, but your son needed you—and he needed his dad, so you brace yourself.
“Yes,” he sighs, and you see Jin step out of the car, a t-shirt and sweats combo that you adored him in. You look away.
“Taehyung,” you hear Jin greet your assistant as the two males engage in a rather amicable bro-hug.
“Hey, hyung,” he smiles softly, “How are you?”
You busy yourself with making sure that Jiho’s head doesn’t slip off your shoulders, but you note that your son’s awake this time—sensing the presence of his father as he groggily flutters his eyes open to search for him.
“Could’ve been better,” Jin returns, though not unkindly as his eyes dart towards his son, eyes softening immediately when Jiho calls for him through a mumble.
“Daddy?” He mumbles, immediately shaking out of your grasp as he extends his arms to be held by Jin. You swallow, but you allow Jin to take him from you. He hasn’t seen your son in over a week, and you would never be the person that deprived him from his own blood.
“Jiho,” he whispers, “Tired, bud?”
Your son nods his head, immediately snuggling into the comfort of his father’s chest as you force yourself to look away, distracting your mind as you help Taehyung load your belongings into the boot of Jin’s car.
“Where were you?” Your son asks innocently, “Mama said trip.”
“Yeah,” Jin says breathlessly, eyes meeting yours for a split second as you look away. “Missed you so much.”
“We miss you too,” Jiho pouts, and you don’t correct him when he alludes to you either.
“You okay?” Taehyung whispers, hand clasping your shoulder as you blink away the heat behind your eyelids. It was too early to cry, and you’ve spent the past week crying at random intervals so you were tired of shedding tears.
“I’ll survive,” you smile tightly as Taehyung finally loads the last bag, closing the boot with a button before shuffling back to the curb where Jin continues to cradle your son in his arms.
You’ve known him before you could properly speak, and you intimately recognise the expression on his face. He looks … sad. And it’s the most emotion you’ve seen on his face ever since you approached him with the divorce. You know that the worst part of it all is that Jiho is caught in the crossfire, and what hurts the most is that you didn’t want him to be.
“Thank you,” Jin looks over to Taehyung before he reaches out to give him a semi-awkward hug due to the little boy in his arms. “For taking care of the both of them.”
You almost don’t catch it, but you do despite the hushed tone he takes. Your eyes dart to the ground before you head towards the door to the passenger seat, already too overwhelmed at the break of dawn.
You enter the car, taking a deep breath to even out your breathing and force your tears back. You hated yourself for crying so easily but you knew that it wasn’t just your crybaby tendencies, but it was the pent up emotions that you’ve suppressed for months resurfacing after months of repression. You catch the two men through the side-mirror in a rather intense conversation, though you don’t hear anything of what they’re saying. You know they’re not raising their voices because Jiho finds it peaceful enough to drift off into slumber.
When Taehyung catches your eyes through the side-mirror, he offers you a smile, one that you can’t quite read before he’s patting Jin on the back and giving him one last solemn look.
He’s quick to set Jiho at the backseat, fastening him in the booster seat and placing a soft pillow to support his neck. Your heart both grows fond and tighter when he places a soft kiss on your son’s forehead before carefully shutting the door, quickly entering the driver’s seat as he fastens himself in.
“There’s pineapple juice and gummies, by the way,” Jin breaks the silence as your eyes snap to his figure.
“I know you don’t like travelling without them,” he mentions while he simultaneously setting up the GPS.
“I—thank you,” you reply softly, eyes dropping to the middle console, and in fact, spotting your favourite brand of pineapple juice and gummies sitting comfortably, waiting for your consumption.
You swallow, deciding against digging in immediately.
“My phone’s already connected to the Bluetooth so you can play any song,” he tells you, “The password’s the same.”
Your breath hitches. His password, the one he’s kept since college even if you’ve berated him for it on multiple occasions because of how predictable it was. Your anniversary date, the day when he first asked you to be his girlfriend. Even after you got married, he never changed it to your wedding anniversary date because he didn’t need to. He was that sentimental, proposing to you on the same day as when he first asked you out.
God, what was he doing to your heart?
You don’t say anything when you reach for his phone, and it’s like the universe is dead-set on reminding you of all the memories you shared with him when you spot the picture at the back of his clear phone case.
A polaroid of the both of you on your wedding night, face smushed with cake as the two of you double over in laughter.
Don’t cry, you tell yourself.
You type in the password when Jin finally ignites the engine, pulling out of the lobby as you finally start your four-hour journey. When you scroll through his phone to find the music app, you’re also surprised to see a familiar playlist.
“You still listen to it?” you find yourself asking, despite your heart clenching again.
Jin looks over his shoulder to catch a glance at his phone that was in your hands to see what you were talking about before he nods.
“Yeah,” he shrugs, “I don’t really listen to anything else.”
It’s the playlist the two of you made when you were rather drunk one night during your marriage. A random playlist filled with songs that didn’t really go well together, from upbeat tracks to mellow ballads that have your heart weeping and to R&B songs that set the mood.
It’s the millionth time that you swallow your tears, and you know it’s not going to be the last. It’s because it’s been less than twenty minutes back in close vicinity with Jin when you’re reminded that your lives are both so intertwined with one another that every aspect of his and your lives have remainders of your essences. Whether it be the scarf you precariously spotted at the back of the seat you remember leaving, or whether it was the keychain that dangles from his rearview mirror—or the damn playlist.
It was everything, and it hurt that you had to let it go.
You play a song that’s in the middle. Safe. A quiet tune that filters through the speakers as you turn the volume lower so that it wouldn’t startle your son awake.
“If you get tired halfway just let me know and I can take over,” you inform him.
You’re surprised to hear Jin scoff with a shake of his head, though when you turn to look at him, there’s a small smile on his face.
“You’re a terrible driver, so no,” he laughs.
You gasp, squinting your eyes at him.
You’ve gotten … better. Though your better was still debatably worse than the average person, it was progress nevertheless!
“I won’t get us killed,” you hiss at him, pouting as you cross your arms across your chest, “Besides, I don’t trust myself to drive if you’re not around, anyway.”
You don’t realise what you said, or the implications behind it. But you think Jin does when he flicks his eyes over to you, staring softly as you blatantly miss it to continue pouting while you stare forward, grumbling about being a better driver as he can’t take his eyes off of you.
“Don’t worry,” he says so quietly that you almost miss it, “Get some rest. I’ll drive us.”
You open your mouth to argue but the look he gives you makes you clamp your mouth shut in defeat. In all the times you’ve travelled by car with Jin, you don’t think you’ve ever driven the both of you, or even when Jiho became an addition to the family, because Jin was always so insistent on doing the heavy loaded things.
It was something that both annoyed you, but you were grateful for. You knew when Jin offered to do stereotypically husband things such as carrying the groceries, building furniture or driving you everywhere—it never came from a place where he believed you couldn’t do it. He knew you could because whenever he wasn’t around you did those things yourself, and dare you say, even better than him (with the exception of the driving). It was because he wanted to do these things for you, to have you worry about nothing but just yourself, him and Jiho.
The thoughts plague your mind, and suddenly everything is bitter again. You almost deluded yourself into thinking that things were normal and this was a normal family trip. But it wasn’t. Because you were inevitably going to get divorced, once he signed those papers.
“Hey, Jin?” you call.
He hums noncommittally as you fiddle with your fingers.
“When are you going to sign the papers?”
The question stills in the tense air, and you don’t catch the way his shoulders lock into position at your question.
“Soon,” he says curtly.
You nod your head slowly, eyes drifting out the window as you keep your sigh to yourself.
Yeah, it’d be over soon.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“You’re going the wrong way.”
“I’m literally following the GPS,” he says dryly.
“Then the GPS is wrong,” you snap, “The service is horrible here—god—make a left.”
“I’m not going to be listening to a person who gets mixed up with East and West,” he deadpans.
“That was like—ages ago! I’ve changed!”
“Not taking the chance,” he snorts, going against your very orders of turning left as he makes a right, shooting you a smug look over his shoulder as you glare at him.
“Pull over, I’m driving because I clearly don’t remember taking this road the last time.”
“Roads change, ____,” he groans, “Infrastructure and public goods! It’s government-funded so our tax money damn well better be used for good.”
“Still,” you say petulantly, “You’ve been driving the entire time—it’s time to switch.”
“I never agreed to that,” he says pointedly as you hear your son humming along to the song, giggling every once in a while when you’d get particularly frustrated with Jin.
“You’re going to cramp,” you say.
“I won’t,” he sighs before looking over to you, then into your lap where the gummies lay. “How about you feed me instead?”
You still at the suggestion, the rather intimate one in fact. Though you’ve done this a million times before, bickering during road trips and feeding him—it feels different now. But you know your son is watching, even if he doesn’t understand the severity of the situation, and you didn’t want to throw him off.
“Keep your eyes on the road,” you grumble before pouring out some gummies into your hand and shoving it towards him.
His eyes briefly cast downwards before ignoring your hand, eyes returning to the road as you gawk at his blatant dismissal.
“Um, hello?” you say in disbelief, “Gummies?”
You wiggle your hand in front of his face but he’s still ignoring you, a somewhat smug expression on his face as you scowl even further.
“Do you want gummies or not?” You snap.
“I do,” he shrugs, “I asked you to feed me, didn’t I?”
You give him a bland look.
“They’re literally right there.”
“You know what feeding means, right?” he sighs dramatically, “You do that with Jiho. You know—feeding someone. Putting food in their mouth.”
“I’ll put something in your mouth all right,” you grit as he grins, “My fist.”
“Please,” he whines as you roll your eyes, “My hands are on the steering wheel. You’re always telling me to keep two hands on the wheel yet you’re making me feed myself?” He pouts and you can’t believe this is a thirty-five-year-old man that’s speaking. “That hardly seems—”
You’ve had enough of his complaints as you begrudgingly smack your hand towards his mouth, effectively feeding him a gummy as he nearly chokes while his eyes bulge out of his sockets.
“Ow!—what the f—?” you glare at him at his near slip up as he clears his throat, “That hurt.”
“Oh, really,” you hum blandly, “Would you like another?” You smile plastically at him as he pouts.
“Yes please, but spare my lips,” he mutters.
You roll your eyes but listen to him anyway. You didn’t want to startle him into swerving off the road so you feed him the next gummy gentler. But you’ve underestimated Jin’s ability to be exasperating as he ends up biting your finger in retaliation for your previous stunt.
“Ow!” you hiss, glaring at him as you go to flick his forehead.
All he does is snicker, even if he does manage to dodge your finger.
“Revenge,” he says childishly, sticking a tongue out at you.
“You’re so annoying,” you seethe.
“You love it,” he smiles over his shoulder—and you freeze.
He realises what he’s said only when he spots your frozen expression. He’s about to rectify the mistake and dissipate the tension that arose, but your son is intercepting before Jin can make the shot.
“Love!” he giggles, innocent and childlike, “Love mama and daddy.”
Your eyes filter to the back as you see your son giggling, cheeks bulged as he smiles widely at you. For a split second, you’re reminded of Jin when he was a toddler, with puffy cheeks and a cheeky grin as your eyes soften at him. He really did look like Jin, much to your initial disappointment when he looked more like Jin’s child than your own. Even if your parents and in-laws said that Jiho had your eyes.
“Love you, bubs,” you coo, reaching out to squeeze his chubby fingers as he smiles wider.
“Love you,” Jin replies as well, eyes soft when he catches his son’s expression through the rearview mirror.
“Say it!” he babbles, huffing as you raise a brow.
“Love you, Jiho—”
“No no no,” he harrumphs, cutely folding his arms across his chest as you attempt to figure out what his toddler mind was getting at. “Each other—mama and daddy.”
You get it soon enough, and your expression drops completely as you feel the anxiety rise in your throat.
You were getting a divorce. Your son had no idea. He asked you to declare your love to Jin. Why did you feel oddly targeted right now, by a four-year-old, no less!
“Jiho—” you laugh, attempting to distract him but your son is persistent.
“Mama,” he scolds with a frown and you curse yourself for giving him the one trait of your own that you couldn’t bear to deal with yourself, “Say.”
You glance over to Jin who’s already giving you a passing look, a rather earnest expression marring his face as you clear your throat. Suddenly, everything’s more intense, and all you can see is his face. There was a time where the two of you abused your I love you’s that it was the first thing you heard in the morning and the last thing you heard at night. So why was it so difficult now? Why was it difficult to tell a little white lie in front of your son?
Perhaps it’s because the love never disappeared, from your end at least. And maybe that’s why all of this is all the more painful.
Before your son can throw a tantrum at your silence, Jin is reaching over the console to grasp your hand in his in a familiar manner as he brings your knuckle up to his lips and presses a gentle kiss to it.
When your head turns to him with your eyes wide in shock, he doesn’t break eye contact even as you’re about to yell at him for not looking at the road.
“Love you,” he whispers, and you don’t know if Jiho had even heard it with how soft he’s said it, but you think he does because he stops whining.
All you can do is stare at him, especially at how earnestly the confession leaves his lips. But you remember that it’s fruitless to keep hope, to have your heart flutter at his low voice—because the divorce papers existed, and it’s the first time in a while that you’ve heard it, and it was only because your son demanded so.
You pull your hand away, albeit roughly as your eyes dart out the window to distract yourself, to suck up the tears again.
You’re looking away quick enough that you don’t catch the crestfallen expression on Jin’s face.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Jiho-yah,” Jin’s mother immediately runs up to your son rather than greet you or Jin as your son excitedly receives the hug, squeezing into his grandmother’s arms as he lifts him up.
“Halmeoni,” he giggles, “Miss you!”
Your face softens as you see the way Jin’s mother presses wet smooches on both of your son’s cheeks, accompanied slowly by your father-in-law, who’s far more mellowed down than his wife, as he greets you with a wide grin.
“Is this a way to greet your father-in-law?” He jokes when you simply smile at him as you roll your eyes at his light jibe.
“Come here,” you sigh playfully, opening your arms to embrace him as you feel the comfort of a familiar father figure.
“Yes, let’s ignore your actual son, right?” Jin snorts, huffing as he lugs your belongings onto the porch.
His mother’s ears perk up as she shoots him a stern glare that still doesn’t fail to have him cowering. Mother’s really are terrifying when they wanted to be.
“At least she responds to messages,” his mother narrows her eyes at him as Jin smiles meekly in response, probably regretting his words, “I know you’re grown but I’m still your mother—I’ll take you out of that damned company and put you under house arrest."
“Mom,” he exasperates, ears flushed as you snicker at him.
“House arrest?” Jiho repeats, confused.
You pick him up before pressing a kiss in between his brows to soothe the furrow.
“Daddy’s being dumb,” you explain.
“Gang up on me, all right,” Jin snorts, already heading towards the door to bring your stuff in.
His father pats him on the back before shooting him a pointed look.
“A word of advice son,” he murmurs with a low voice, “you’re never right. Your wife is.”
Jin sighs, and you can’t help the amused grin that makes its way onto your face. Even if he had referred to you as his wife—and you knew that it wouldn’t be the case for long, it feels nice to be with them again, even if your utopia would eventually get destroyed.
“The guest room on the second floor is for the kids,” his mother informs, “Jin’s cousins are bringing their children along as well so Jiho won’t be alone.”
You smile gratefully towards her as you guide Jiho towards the home, while the rest of them follow slowly behind.
When you enter, you’re immediately greeted by Jin’s older brother, another familiar figure that you’re grinning widely at as he enthusiastically extends his arms that you immediately jump into.
Jiho’s following close by, tiny figure wrapping around his uncle’s legs as Seokjung picks the little one up with ease.
“Ah, my favourite sister,” he coos playfully, pinching your cheek as you roll your eyes.
“Your only sister,” you correct pointedly.
He’s always referred to you as his sister, even before you married Jin—purely because he was there for you like an older brother was. Since he was two years older than Jin, meaning he was five years older than you, he always looked out for you and took care of you when you were children—and you were immensely grateful for that.
“Semantics,” he waves you off before pressing a kiss to Jiho’s cheek, “Missed you, buddy.”
“You too samchon,” Jiho quips back cheerfully, “Noona?”
He’s referring to Ah-reum, and Seokjung only grins wider.
“She’s coming in two days,” he informs in a hushed whisper, “I’m going to propose to her.”
Jiho tilts his head to the side cutely in confusion.
“Pro-propose?” He mumbles as you laugh softly, patting his head in fondness.
“I want to marry noona,” he whispers with a wink.
“Like—mama? Daddy?” he gasps.
“Like mama and daddy,” Seokjung nods as you swallow.
You look away, feeling like a fraud, especially when at that very moment, Jin brushes up against you with a gentle hand to the small of your back that you flinch at. The look he sends you is concerned, but you know it’s because of what his brother had said. Of course, it was, it couldn’t be anything else.
“Come Jiho,” you say softly, “Let’s get you into your room, yeah?”
He nods eagerly before you’re shooting Seokjung an apologetic smile.
“Hey,” he calls right as you turn, Jin close by your side. “Are you … are you okay?”
The question makes you freeze for a moment as you attempt to school your face and power through the grimace that almost appears.
“Of course,” you clip, “Don’t worry about me. You’ve got a girlfriend to propose to,” you say through a tight smile before squeezing his shoulder before you’re turning on your heel, face immediately dropping.
Jin almost chases after you, but he decides against it when you distract yourself by fiddling with the hem of your son’s pants. It was a habit of yours, finding solace in your son because he’d never do you or anyone wrong, though you could’ve been biased because you played a part in creating him and pushing him out of your vagina.
He wouldn’t do you wrong, you think as he mumbles about marriage under his breath. You really wished he wasn’t so curious.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“I forgot how big your family was,” you say a little breathlessly as you escape the fifth aunt of the hour asking about your life and work. That was fine, small talk was okay. Not asking when baby number two was coming along when you were divorcing their precious nephew.
“Sorry,” Jin winces, moving over so that you could plop onto the rattan chair, “it gets bigger every year because of the kids.”
You know that’s true because, for some reason, Jin’s family was as fertile as a fertility clinic. You were sure that they could single-handedly repopulate the human species if Thanos really did snap half the universe away. It’s also probably the reason why Jin managed to get you pregnant three months into your marriage, four years ago.
“Jiho’s trying to break up an argument between the twins,” you sigh when you tilt your head ever so slightly to catch a glimpse of your son helplessly standing in the middle of two older kids as they banter back and forth. Your son was too sweet for his own good, but it was also way too amusing to see his eyebrows furrow as he attempts to get their attention.
“Maybe we should tell our son to not waste his time doing impossible things,” he snorts.
“It’s good character development,” you reason, “It’ll teach him to acknowledge his potential.”
Jin shoots you a dry look before turning his head to the scene where the twins were now tugging at each other’s locks like they were in the tug of war as your son can only watch the scene unfold. You really should tell him that that wasn’t how you resolved conflict, even if their parents humourlessly stand by and allow it to happen.
“I’m not giving our son ammunition for his villain origin story,” he scoffs, “I’m going there—”
“Relax,” you stop him from moving any further with a gentle hand to his bicep out of habit, even if your brain stutters for a split second as you clear your throat, “Your mom’s got him.”
As you’d also like to call her, the heroine of the day, Jin’s mother picks up her grandson before cooing something that you can’t hear from how far you are. You’re thankful when she makes eye contact with you, offering a wink before she’s showing him off to her family members.
The sight makes your heart fond because everyone seemed to love Jiho, you really don’t blame them. You fell in love with Jiho before he was born and you would love him until you didn’t know love anymore. You never knew that being a mother would be this monumental for you, in fact, you never knew if you wanted children anyway.
But when things were … brighter. Jin was the only reason you needed. Then, you wouldn’t have wanted to do this parenting thing with anyone else. The bitter thought of co-parenting plagues your mind and the anxiety of attempting to explain the situation to your son doesn’t ease your nerves at all. Even thinking about telling Jin’s family has you feeling nauseous—you were the real villain. The heartbreaker of it all.
“It’s been a while,” he says, snapping you out of your thoughts as you blink up at him.
“It’s been a while since we,” he looks down to his cup before throwing back the last bit of orange juice in it, “Since we had a vacation.”
You snort, “I’d hardly call this a vacation. There are screaming kids and your brother is having ten mental breakdowns a day before the actual proposal.”
“I mean, I guess,” he shrugs, “We just haven’t had the time—to take one. This is nice.”
You don’t know what he’s implying but you know it makes your heart clench at the insinuation. You almost wanted to bitterly add that you tried to make time despite your own busy schedule. It was him that put it off. It was him that didn’t have the time.
“Yeah,” you say quietly, too tired to fight, “It is.”
“Why”—he hesitates for a second as his eyebrows furrow while you raise a brow at the sudden jerk of his tone—“why did you suggest—?”
Your head turns, and you recognise the voice before you see the approaching figure and you already feel sick to your stomach. Not because you knew what Jin was going to say before he was cut off, but because of the person that comes into your vision. You should’ve seen it coming, really, because this was Seokjung’s engagement party and it wouldn’t make sense if—
“Chahee?” Jin greets in confusion before he’s being pulled into a tight embrace.
“Don’t be a stranger,” she whines, “Weren’t you going to come to say hi?”
Your jaw ticks as you look away from the scene before you.
When there was you and Jin, there was also Chahee and Jin. They’ve never dated, though you knew that if the opportunity presented itself, she’d be the first person up in line anyway. But with every relationship, also came with relationship troubles and unfortunately for you, Chahee was the instigator for most of your relationship insecurities with Jin.
It’s because you weren’t the only person that was a constant in Jin’s life—she was too.
Of course, she’d be here, and of course, she’d still look at Jin with a determination to make him hers. Even if you’re here, face blank as you wait and see if she’d actually acknowledge you this time.
“I,” he swallows, eyes darting to you, fully aware of what her presence implies. But your head is trained to the side, pointedly ignoring it for the sake of your sanity. “I didn’t know you were coming.”
She scoffs as if he’s said something absurd, which in retrospect, he did—because clearly, she’d be here. Where he goes, she’ll try her best to be there.
“Of course, I am!” She chirps, “It’s Seokjung’s big day—and besides, I missed you.”
You nearly roll your eyes to the back of your head and the audacity of this fucking chick. Sure, you were divorcing him, but to everyone else—you were his wife. And you were very much still together, even if it felt like it’s ended months ago.
“It’s good to see you,” he smiles politely, not making much effort to pull away when she rubs at the back of his neck. You’d clock her if you weren’t civilised, but instead, you take a sip of your drink and hope it doesn’t end up in her face.
“You too,” she smiles flirtatiously before she decides to finally acknowledge you. You think it’s a new record. “____, you’re here.”
She sounds much less enthusiastic than before, and you don’t blame her—nor do you plaster a smile on your face. Instead, you tilt the drink up to her and nod your head, giving her a less than a satisfactory greeting. You couldn’t even bother clarifying the obvious because you were Seokjung’s sister-in-law, Jin’s wife; and the mother to the adorable boy who’s currently stealing the show. Silence was a pettier option.
Her fake smile drops when she realises that you weren’t bothered, and you’re glad she doesn’t attempt to be plastic with you anymore when you’re fully aware that she’d sleep with Jin if given the chance.
“What’s up with her?” You hear her mutter to him as you roll your eyes, pushing yourself up to leave the two of them alone.
Alarmed, Jin hastily grabs your arm before you can leave, “She’s—uh, not feeling well.”
“I’m feeling—”
“Acting up at a family event?” Chahee scoffs. You would seriously slap her.
“Listen—” you sigh.
“Pregnancy,” Jin blurts as you nearly stumble from how flabbergasted you are, “You know hormones—not easy.”
You would seriously slap him too.
“You’re … pregnant?” she says slowly, jaw slackening as you see her eyes darken.
“Don’t listen—”
“We need to get you indoors,” Jin smiles tightly, “The sun—yeah. Not good for the baby.”
Before you can even get another word in, Jin’s dragging you into the house as you yelp, spotting the last glare that Chahee sends you before she’s downing the alcoholic beverage in one-go and stomping off somewhere.
When you’re settled into a private corner in the kitchen, only then do you yank away your arm from Jin with a menacing glare.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” you snap.
“Look, I’m sorry,” he sighs, “She was—she’s crazy.”
“And you had to be crazy too?” you ask incredulously, “How the fuck would telling her that I’m pregnant solve anything?”
“It’s to get her to back off!” he hisses.
“If a baby would get her to back off then she would’ve done that when I was pregnant with Jiho,” you say dryly.
“I panicked, okay,” he exasperates.
You scowl.
“Well fix it,” you snap, “We’re getting divorced, Jin. Chahee’s going to run her mouth and if it gets to any of your family members then there’s no way we can break our split to them.”
You sound much more bitter than you’d anticipated, but who would sound neutral or happy when speaking about a divorce? With someone you still cared deeply about, no less. But you’re slightly surprised when you see Jin’s face harden at the reminder.
“Is that what you care about?” he blinks.
You give him a weird look before sighing, turning your back to him as you find yourself a glass to pour some water.
“Jin, it’s due time,” you sigh, “I don’t want to make this harder for your family—”
“For them,” he laughs humourlessly, “You’re thinking about how the divorce is going to be hard for them.”
You blink at his sharp tone.
“… yes?” you say slowly, “We grew up together, Jin. Obviously the divorce would crush them.”
“You”—he blinks—“you’re thinking about them but you didn’t for one second to wonder how I felt?”
You freeze.
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah,” he exhales with a tight chuckle, “You really decided that it was over by yourself, didn’t you?”
You don’t appreciate his tone, nor do you appreciate the accusation. Not when you’ve spent literal months and sleepless nights agonising over your decision while you mulled every possible solution, crying over the demise and when you finally decided to take that step forward. You don’t appreciate it—especially when you did your best.
“You didn’t say anything!” you seethe. “You never say anything! You took the damn papers and flipped through to them like it was one of your business contracts.” “How did you expect me to react?” he exclaims, throwing his hands into the air as his voice raises. “I was caught off-guard!"
You scoff, “Really? That’s your excuse?” You narrow your eyes at him as you jab a finger into his chest. “Don’t give me shit for not considering how you felt when you’ve given me no indication that you gave a shit about this marriage at all.”
“Of course I give a shit about this marriage!” He says in disbelief.
“Do you, Seokjin?” you say bitterly, and the name returns along with the drop in his expression. “You don’t. I don’t know what you feel about anything anymore. It’s stopped being a marriage a long time ago. The divorce would’ve come either way.” You finish in a whisper.
“And you decided that for us?” ye snaps.
“Yes, Seokjin, I did,” you sneer, “I decided for us because we don’t even talk anymore. Every time I try to reach out to you—I took ten steps backwards from where I started and I can’t do this anymore. I can’t continue feeling like a placeholder in this marriage instead of your wife.”
“You’re not—” his eyes soften as he reaches out to you while you flinch, eyes darting to the ground.
“Don’t,” you whisper harshly, “Don’t you dare comfort me now, Kim Seokjin. Not when it took the actual divorce for you to be apologetic.”
The kitchen is silent, and it’s deafening, especially when the outside chatter filters in through the slips of the divider. You know they can’t see you through the tinted windows, but it’s a stark contrast with how people are outside laughing while your marriage falls apart under the same roof.
“So that’s it?” he says softly, “Ten years of dating and four years of marriage?”
“Don’t you dare,” you repeat again, weaker, “I wanted this to work out more than anyone else.”
“Then why aren’t you fighting,” he hisses, stepping closer as he attempts to get you to look at him.
You can’t.
“I’ve been fighting,” you return vehemently, though your resolve is weak at best. “I’ve been fighting on my own for the past four months to save this marriage and you—you just …” your eyes flutter shut as you feel the first tear fall. You don’t want to look at him. “You didn’t fight, Seokjin. You were the one that did this to us.”
“____,” he calls your name.
You step away, furiously swiping under your eyes as you attempt to keep the last few bits of your tears back.
“No more burdens, Seokjin,” you smile sadly, “Stop making this harder than it has to be and sign the papers.”
“You should go look for Chahee,” you say softly, and you know your words are purposeful with its double-meaning.
You’re already excusing yourself to your room, the godforsaken room you were forced to share with Jin before you catch the way his face drops completely.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
It’s been radio silent between you and Jin ever since your conversation from yesterday, and you’re both thankful and frustrated. It’s proven difficult to maintain an amicable distance from him when you were meant to be in love and married, along with your son who’s none the wiser.
Seokjung’s nervously pacing back and forth in the living room, but it’s not because of how large his family is—or that he has an audience to please with his grand show. It’s the prospect of proposing to Ah-reum, even if he was madly in love with her.
Right now, he’s not listening to anyone, even his own mother, the same person that would play the level-headed role in situations like these. It’s almost concerning when he mutters incoherencies under his breath, a slip-of the tongue that revealed his fear and desire to leave.
Your eyes widen as you walk towards the anxious man, leaving Jiho with your father-in-law who only smiles at you gratefully.
“Hey,” you say softly, reaching out to clasp his shoulder as he nearly stumbles from being startled. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“It’s fine,” he exhales, rubbing a hand across his face before his eyes are nervously darting towards the door where Ah-reum could enter at any moment, according to his cousin, “God—I’m going to puke."
“You’re okay,” you reassure him gently, eyes searching for his as he nearly doubles over in anxiety, “You’re good.”
“Am I?” he chokes, “God, I haven’t felt this nervous ever since I had to submit my Master’s thesis.”
You snort, even if you pat his back affectionately.
“It’s normal to feel nervous,” you promise.
“Is it?” he says softly, “I love her—I do. But … but why does this feel so scary?”
You give him a small smile while he peers up at you with panicked eyes. Despite him being relatively older than you were, he looked very much like his younger self right now. Nerves and wide-eyes as he contemplates a decision that would very much change the course of his life.
“It’s because you love her you’re scared,” you explain, “Change will always feel scary, and proposing to Ah-reum is a huge change in your life. Nothing will make this easier, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Once you overcome that initial barrier, you’re going to thank yourself for taking that leap of faith.”
He groans, cradling his face into his hands as your eyes widen alarm, afraid if you said the wrong thing.
“You know,” he says suddenly, eyes darting up, “It’s a little reassuring to know that Jin went through this before I did.”
At the mention of his brother, your hand tenses on his shoulder—but you don’t think he notices. Or at least you hope he doesn’t.
“Way to throw your brother under the bus,” you chuckle.
“No, really,” he snorts, shaking his head fondly as if he was recalling those days. “You know, at first I thought it was too early for him to be proposing.”
Your eyes widen at the new set of information.
“Yeah,” he says breathlessly, “Don’t tell him I told you that, though. He’d kill me,” he says in a low whisper as you laugh, a little sadly purely because he didn’t have to worry about that. You weren’t even talking to Jin. “I knew the two of you were endgame—but getting married? That’s next-level commitment.”
“I mean,” you say bashfully, eyes darting to the ground.
“But now, looking back …” he trails off wistfully, “It made sense.”
He’s the second person who’s told you that within the span of the past week and you’re left more conflicted than ever. His words came during a time where you were contemplating on splitting up with Jin, so you have no idea what to feel, especially when you’ve convinced yourself that the divorce was the decision that made sense.
“Everyone keeps saying that,” you mumble.
Seokjung snorts, “Because it’s true. You ground each other, you know?” He murmurs with a smile, “I mean more so you to him,” he finishes as you giggle at his hushed whisper.
“I’m clearly the more level-headed one,” you say jokingly with a small smile.
“Yeah,” he agrees easily as the two of you share a laugh. “Early or late, the two of you are meant for each other.”
You ignore the way your heart pangs, the reminder that you once thought that was the case too until reality hit you hard.
“Maybe we did get married too early,” you mention quietly.
Seokjung raises a brow at your statement, and you realise the little slip-up too late as you purse your lips in a moment of panic.
“Are the two of you okay?” he asks with a concerned gaze, taking your hand into his.
You let out a shaky breath before smiling at him, the gesture not quite reaching your eyes.
“Don’t worry about us,” you tell him, “It’s your day.”
He frowns.
“Yeah, but you’re my sister and he’s my—”
“I’m fine,” you say curtly, realising your tone as his face drops before you sigh. “I—I am, really. Please don’t worry about us, okay? You’ve got a girlfriend to propose to.”
You nudge him on the shoulder to cock your head towards the door where you see his aunt frantically waving her arms, indicating that Ah-reum was near, and all retort that was about to leave his lips dies on his tongue as his eyes widen while he vigorously pats down his pants to search for the ring.
“God—fuck, shit godamnit,” he curses, fumbling ever so slightly as you giggle, squeezing his shoulder one last time before you’re shooting him a thumbs up along with a cheeky grin.
Good luck, you mouth—but he doesn’t see it.
The door opens and Ah-reum enters; Seokjung cries before he can get the words out but she knows. She knows because they’re in love.
You suppose love makes you know things. You look away because you’re starting to cry too, and when you do—you search for Jin on instinct, but he’s already looking at you.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Did daddy cry when proposing to mama?” Jiho asks Jin innocently when you’re close enough to catch it.
“No,” Jin says honestly, brushing a stray hair away from his face as Jiho snuggles into his chest. His sigh is clear as day. “Was too happy to cry."
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
“Hey,” you whisper, nudging Jin with your knuckles as he stirs in his sleep, groggily fluttering his eyes open as you shoot him an apologetic smile.
“Your back,” you say quietly, “Sleep on the bed.”
“I’m not sleeping yet,” you say before your eyes are darting to anywhere but the face you yearn to hold. “Just … please. It’d make me feel a lot better if you were sleeping on your own bed than on this couch.”
He doesn’t argue with you, likely too exhausted from the events of the day to find it in him to challenge you like usual. You’re thankful for the sense of normalcy, even if you’re still tiptoeing around him. Even if the remnants of your conversation is the reason why you’ve encountered yet another sleepless night.
You don’t tell him this because it’s been months since you’ve confided him. Telling him what was bothering you didn’t fit in the context of your situation right now, and besides—he was too tired. He needed to drive.
Jin stumbles off the couch and you’re grateful that the room you were sharing had a couch inside, to begin with. You had no idea how to explain the fact that you and your husband weren’t sharing a bed to your in-laws, and you didn’t want to. It saved the hassle.
(Even if he’d take a part of you to sleep every night when he rests his head against the throw pillow than on the bed.)
He shuffles into the room, quietly shutting the door behind him to not wake anyone else up. The kids' room was a good distance away, but some of them had really acute hearing and he likely didn’t want to risk that. You didn’t need to spend another half an hour trying to get Jiho to sleep.
You sigh deeply, brushing a hand through your hair as your feet takes you towards the second-floor kitchen (and yes, Jin’s family was that wealthy to have a kitchen attached to each floor) as you prepare yourself a cup of hot milk. It’s a drink you’ve made over and over throughout the years, the same brand of carton milk always remains in the fridge—and you knew it was about the Kim’s had relatively picky eating habits.
It’s different this time because you’re making one instead of two, a lone cup that’s usually accompanied by another makes you sadder. It makes your heart hurt all over again and you’re exhausted. You’re drained but you can’t sleep because your body remains active due to the way that your mind runs miles.
You focus on the milk because maybe it’ll hurt less when you don’t think. But it doesn’t—because the stupid fucking milk only reminds you of him. The man in his room, snoozing away while you lose sleep all over again.
You’re momentarily absorbed in the way that the residue from the milk swirls in the cup to notice or hear the shuffling of feet beside you, but it’s too late because when you turn you nearly scream.
You’re surprised to see Jin’s mother standing there as you place a hand to your chest to ease your racing heart.
“I nearly screamed,” you confess, shaking your head as she smiles apologetically at you.
“I tend to do that,” she says, “My husband’s always telling me I move like I’m avoiding a footprint.”
You laugh at that, not disagreeing as you mindlessly stir your drink.
“It’s late, eomeonim,” you say with a concerned look, “Is everything okay?”
She gives you a kind smile before she looks over her shoulder.
“Heard something in the kitchen and woke up,” she tells you as your face grimaces in embarrassment, “Shall we head to the office to talk?”
You nod your head mutely, unsure on why she’s decided to stay away even if it nearly approaches two am, but you don’t argue with her. Instead, she guides you towards the study, a comfortable room where you can speak freely without worrying too much about waking others. Your thoughts run a lot more liberally in here, despite the ache in your chest.
You take a seat on the couch, noting that it’s changed. You haven’t been here in a while, yet it remained homey with a much-needed replacement.
“Are you okay?” you ask softly, “I’m sorry I woke you up.”
She waves you off.
“I couldn’t sleep anyway,” she says.
Your eyebrows furrow in concern. “Is there something wrong?”
She sighs, staring wistfully to the side as you see her throat move as she swallows. The longer the silence ensues, the antsier you grew. Was she okay? Did something happen to her? Is she—?
“You and Jin are getting a divorce.”
You nearly drop your glass as you spill some of the contents on your t-shirt, hissing at the stain. But you can’t even be bothered to reach for a tissue to clean at it when you’re looking up with a horrified expression to meet your mother-in-law's face.
“I—eomeonim—how?” you splutter, cheeks flushed in mortification.
“I overheard the two of you,” she says simply, “And Jin left his laptop open and I saw an email from Jimin regarding the papers.”
You don’t know what to say because you’re absolutely mortified. More importantly, you feel ashamed. Ashamed because she found out due to you and Jin’s shouting in the kitchen and his carelessness. Not from you yourself.
“I’m sorry,” you croak, emotions slowly overwhelming you as she looks at you with an unreadable expression.
“Why are you apologising, my sweet girl?” she says softly, immediately reaching out to you to wrap her arms around you as a mother would. And right now, she wasn’t your mother-in-law—but a woman who’s seen you grow alongside her own two children. You weren’t disappointing your mother-in-law but your second mother.
“I-I’m s-sorry,” you choke, tears immediately falling the tighter she holds you, “I-I’m s-so sorry. I-I tried—I didn’t—want to but—I-I’m sorry.”
Your words are slurred the harder you cry, pathetically shoving your face into her shoulder as she holds you. The dam breaks, unleashing the emotions you’ve held in for so long in the arms of a mother. She doesn’t say anything but brushes your hair, holding you a little tighter when your tears stain her nightgown.
You don’t know why you’re crying so hard. Maybe it’s because it seems all too real now, with Jin’s mother knowing. Her words only solidify the fact that your marriage was nearly over and you couldn’t do anything. The ghost of Jin’s words from a day earlier still remain clear to you, and maybe—it was really your fault.
You decided it was over.
“____,” she calls you softly as you continue to sniffle in her arms, frustrated at the fact that your tears weren’t stopping. “Look at me, dear.”
You force yourself to obey even if you can’t bear to, the humiliation of her finding out this way still tormenting you.
“I’m sorry, eom—”
“Please don’t say sorry,” she holds your face in her hands, forcing your puffy eyes to look at her.
“But it’s,” you choke, unable to look at her without wanting to cry. “It’s—my fault.”
“It’s not your fault,” she replies vehemently, swiping at your tears for you, “It’s not your fault.” She repeats in a softer tune.
“I wanted the divorce, eomeonim,” your lips wobble when you speak, words shakily escaping past your lips, “It’s all my fault.”
“I’m sorry,” she says instead as you nearly knock your forehead with hers at how fast you try to pull away, appalled that she was the one apologising.
“Why are you—?” your brows furrow in confusion when she holds onto you a little tighter.
“I’m not just Jin’s mother or your mother-in-law,” she says softly, “I’m a person and I see that you’re hurting. I’m apologising because you don’t deserve this.”
You swallow the lump in your throat as your eyes look up to the ceiling to stop your tears.
“I know mothers-in-law will side with their son,” she says, “But I won’t. Because Jin made a mistake and now you’re suffering because of him.”
“It’s not his fault,” you reply quietly.
You know that you blamed him earlier, but deep down—you could never blame Jin. You were the one that brought forward the divorce, and if you decided to keep fighting then maybe … maybe it wouldn’t hurt this much.
“I don’t know,” she sighs, “I don’t want to invalidate your feelings, that’s the last thing I want to do but …” she trails off as you stare at her expectantly, “I don’t know who he is without you, ____.”
You bite your lips to prevent yourself from crying again.
“Please don’t think of this as me trying to convince you to stay with him,” she begs, “If you’re unhappy, I rather you leave him than punish yourself.” You nod your head, eyes darting to your lap as she continues. “But I spoke to Jin.”
Your eyes immediately dart up in surprise as your eyes widen.
“Right after,” she continues softly, “I caught him before he went to bed and …” her eyes begin to water and you think you’re about to break again. “I haven’t seen him cry since your wedding day.”
Her confession knocks the wind out of you as you find yourself gasping, tears immediately leaving your eyes. The realisation that Jin cried, to his mother makes your heart clench. You knew that Jin wasn’t much of a crier himself—he didn’t even cry when Jiho was born. Nor was he the type to cry in front of his mother. He held his ego at a high level even if that irked you at times, so the news only makes you more devastated.
“I don’t know what he said to you per se,” she whispers, “But he loves you. He loves you so much—and that goddamn idiot doesn’t know how to do anything but work and I’m sorry for that. I shouldn’t be apologising on my son’s behalf but I want to. I want to because I love you as my daughter and I want to see you happy.”
“Eomeonim …” you croak, reaching your hand up to cover hers that lay on your face.
“Please, if you call me that I think I’m going to bawl,” she laughs quietly as you find yourself giggling along, despite the way it gets stuck in your throat. “My son is stupid. So stupid. Please—please talk to him. If it …” she swallows, “If it doesn’t work out—I’ll support you, either way. Just please, don’t leave whatever questions you have unanswered.”
You nod your head, chest feeling slightly lighter but burdened nevertheless.
“I will,” you say softly, “I promise.”
You walk her back to her room after, hugging her tightly at her door as she pushes past it, sniffling ever so slightly before retreating into the dark room.
You make your way quietly back to your room, mind weighed with different thoughts plaguing every crevice of your brain. You didn’t know what to make of her confession or statement. You wanted to believe her that Jin still loved you—but you didn’t know. You couldn’t know because you don’t remember the last time he held you, or maybe you did and it was months ago.
Your feet stop right in front of the door as you hesitate to reach for the knob. He was asleep, anyway. You decide to push, slowly turning as you slip into the dark room.
It wasn’t dark.
And Jin was awake.
He’s awake and sat in his bed, something resting on his lap as he uses the nightlight beside him to flip through it. He hears the intrusion as you stand, frozen, and his eyes lift to meet yours.
You think this is the first time in a while that you’ve seen him like this, in bed and comfortable with a slight puffiness to his eyes while his shirt remains wrinkled—the proof of his comfort. Your heart clenches because you missed this—missed returning to him in bed, soft and warm as you press against him.
And the dam breaks for the second time that night.
You don’t know what compels you to run to him, or allow him to hold you while you sob into his arms—but you do. You practically leap onto him, body curling pathetically into his side as he holds you like he’s afraid you’d slip away. He lets you cry your eyes out, he lets you cry until snot is unattractively running down your nose and staining his t-shirt. He lets you, because he hasn’t let you feel him for a long time.
You instantly melt into his hold, missing his warmth. And when your eyes briefly fall into his lap to get a glimpse of what he was staring at, you cry even harder.
Tumblr media
It was a banner you made for his twenty-ninth birthday, right after the two of you got married. Your then favourite pictures of Jin stained every surface of the banner, some edges wearing off due to age—and you remember each moment so vividly.
From taking a picture of him when he was taking a picture of you, to when he was making you breakfast in the morning, to his birthday as you smashed cake into his face, the flowers he got you when he broke your favourite cup, your fishing trip—everything. You remember it.
You sob harder, clutching onto his t-shirt as he tucks your face into the crook of his neck, pressing a soft kiss into your hair. You were so tired of crying but it was all you could do.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers after your sobs turn into tireless chokes, “I’m so sorry.”
“I hate you,” you cry, hitting his chest while he lets you, “Why are you so stupid.”
“I know,” he sighs, “I’m stupid. Hate me. Do anything you want to me.”
“I-I”—you croak, still slamming your fists into his chest weakly as you helplessly flutter your eyes shut—“I don’t hate you.” You finish quietly, your truth surfacing as you note that his eyes soften at your defeated tone.
Your emotions are everywhere and frankly, you can’t really think with how you’re pressed against his body like you never wanted him to let go. Right now, you didn’t. You wanted to be held, vulnerable and teary while he soothes you with his gentle touches.
You can’t stop the tears, way too overwhelmed to even process the fact that Jin doesn’t shift away one bit, hand clutching the back of your head as he rubs circles against your scalp. Who were you to pull away?
You sniffle pathetically before you pull away ever so slightly, flushed and embarrassed at the sudden loss of control over your emotions.
“Are you done?” he asks softly, referring to your tears as you pull away to swipe under your eyes.
“I don’t know,” you whisper, “I still feel like crying.”
“Then cry,” he replies gently, “I’ll be here to hold you.”
You want to hit him because his words only spur the tears on.
“I just wanted you,” you whisper, “I only wanted you …” your lips wobble when you look up at him.
“I’m sorry,” he repeats, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead, “I know sorry won’t erase the pain I’ve caused you but that’s all I can offer for now.”
“Why did you—why did you just”—you sniff pathetically—“why didn’t you fight me. Why didn’t you stop me.”
“I thought it would make you happy,” he pulls away, and you both know how absurd his excuse sounds but you’re too tired to fight. “I only wanted you to be happy.”
“You idiot,” you hiss through a clogged nose, “You would’ve made me happy.” You say softly. “I wanted to be happy with you.”
“You make me happy too,” he says softly into your hair.
You’re still angry, and you’re tired. But even if there were things you were unsure about, you missed being close to Jin more than anything.
“Your mom said you were stupid,” you murmur.
He laughs quietly, pulling you closer to his chest.
“I am,” he agrees.
The silence returns but it’s no longer as suffocating as the past few days have been. It’s more reflective than not and you’re thankful, even if your eyes are uncomfortably swollen—you allow yourself to be held. The weaker part of you is unable to say no to him.
“Why …” you begin softly, eyes looking up to already see him staring at you. “Why didn’t you sign the papers?”
He blinks at you for a while before he sighs, resting his chin atop your head.
“I didn’t want it to be real,” he says so softly you almost missed it. “I thought—I thought if I dragged it out then …”
“… it wouldn’t have happened?” You finish quietly.
He groans, frustrated as your eyebrows furrow at his sudden change in demeanour.
“I know it sounds pathetic,” he admits, “I was a coward, ____. I was stressed and overwhelmed and—suddenly … you wanted a divorce, I just”—he takes a deep breath to collect himself and you’re mildly alarmed to spot his glassy eyes—“I didn’t know what to do …”
“Why didn’t you talk to me?” you ask timidly, fingers gripping his shirt tightly. There was really no need for you to cling onto him, but you couldn’t do anything else right now. Especially when he returns the gesture.
“Would you believe me if I said it’s because I didn’t want to burden you?” he brushes your hair out of your face as his hand cradles your cheek, “I wanted to be the one you could rely on and … I didn’t know what to do.”
Your face crumbles when you note the sincerity behind his voice. Rationally, you knew that a relationship required communication but you knew Jin, and you knew that he always tried to plaster this mask to the world that depicted him as a reliable and unshakable fortress. All this time … he was struggling and so were you.
The realisation only makes you sadder, and you feel all the more horrible when you remember that you brought up the divorce in the midst of all of this.
“I’m sorry!” you wail, face burying into his chest as his eyes widen.
“_____—” he murmurs.
“No—I just,” you say frantically, rushing to get your words out, afraid if you’d forget as if he’d disappear. “I didn’t know—and I thought—I thought you didn’t … I thought we were—fuck. I’m so sorry, I just wanted you—I—”
You have no idea what you’re saying but Jin doesn’t look confused. He understands, and you know that because he shoots you a gentle smile before rubbing his thumb across your cheek.
“Please don’t apologise,” he whispers, forehead resting against yours as you blink away your tears. “I don’t blame you. I could never blame you.”
“But I …” you protest.
He shushes you with a kiss to your forehead and you instantly melt into his hold.
“You did what you thought would make you happy,” he tells you honestly, “There’s nothing wrong with that.”
“I asked for a divorce, Jin,” you exasperate.
“Are we?”
You blink, startled as you pull away, heart nearly shattering until he grabs you by the wrist.
“Hey, no,” he whispers, “That’s not what I meant,” he cups your face in his hands as your lips wobble all over again. God—you fucking despised being a crybaby. “Look at me.”
You do, and you see how tired he looks. How have you not noticed before? His cheeks look duller, and his dark circles are more apparent than ever. You just want to reach out to touch him.
And you do. Your hand shakily reaches out to caress his face in a way that you weren’t able to for the past few months. It’s almost like a new feeling, but your fingers find their way home relatively easy, tracing each pore and wrinkle, memorising his face to memory all over again.
“Are we getting a divorce, ____?” he repeats firmly, never breaking eye contact with you.
Your lip tremble.
“I don’t—” you warble, as he leans his forehead against yours again.
“Because I don’t want a divorce,” he says, and it’s the first time he’s explicitly admitted it.
“I don’t either,” you say weakly.
“I meant it when I said I want to be with you in sickness and in health,” he whispers earnestly, breath tickling your cheek, “And till death do us apart.”
“I’m sorry, Jin,” you say timidly, eyes darting to your lap.
“Don’t apologise to me,” he says sternly, not unkindly as your eyes flutter up. “Not when I’m the one that has an entire lifetime worth of apologies to give you.”
“I just …” you trail off softly, “I just want us to be okay.”
He’s still staring at you, and there’s a pained expression behind his eyes.
“Can I kiss you?”
His question stuns you, purely because you weren’t expecting it and because you’ve nearly forgotten what it felt like to have his lips pressed against yours, or even the nervous waver of his voice when he looks at you so earnestly that you can’t find the words to respond with. So, you settle for actions instead.
You nod your head mutely, heart ramming against your chest when he begins to lean in.
You don’t remember the last time he’s kissed you, or held you, or looked at you like this. There’s a dull ache in your chest when you recall the nights you’ve spent agonising over the downfall of your marriage, but Jin distracts you from your thoughts when his lips tickle over yours.
There’s no rush this time, even as your eyes are swollen while you flutter them shut. There’s no desperation to kiss you, and you aren’t desperate to be kissed either. It’s as if the both of you wanted to savour this moment—to remember what it feels like to have almost lost. It hurt—but it was necessary. A necessary reminder to you and to Jin that fighting was tiring but it was worth it.
When he finally presses his lips to yours, you nearly cry. You immediately melt into his hold, especially when he cradles your cheek with his palm and pulls you closer to his chest.
You kiss him with a mission to tell him how much you’ve yearned for this—for him. But you’re distracted when you feel something hot against your cheek.
It’s not your tears—it’s his.
You pull away, alarmed when you realise that Jin’s body is shaking.
“Jin?” zYou clutch his shoulders, eyes searching for his as he covers his face with his shoulder, effectively shielding his tears away from you.
“I-I’m sorry,” he chokes, furiously wiping his eyes with his shirt as your face falls.
“J-Jin, please don’t—” you say shakily, going to embrace him, but to your displeasure, he refuses, breathing deeply to collect himself.
You don’t think you’ve seen Jin this uncollected ever. Not even when he was crying during your wedding. His body shakes with the ferocity of his tears, the intensity of his breaths only causes his shoulders to heave up and down and all you can do is stare at him with sad eyes.
“I know an apology won’t fix anything,” he says vehemently, managing to get some of his words out as he peers up at you with red-rimmed eyes, “But I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you question this marriage—for—for not loving you the way you deserve.”
“Jin …” you say softly, reaching out to hold his hand as his own tears continue to fall from his eyes.
This time, it’s you who allows him to nuzzle his head into the crook of your shoulder as he sobs. It’s quieter than you, but no less painful.
“I was so scared,” he confesses, “I was terrified when you showed me the papers. I really thought—this is it. It’s over.”
You stay silent, biting your lip to stop your own tears from escaping when you recall the memory.
“I was so scared what would happen,” he croaks, “I thought I was going to lose you, forever. I thought—I thought I was going to lose Jiho.”
“I’d never do that to you,” you say shakily.
“I know,” he returns, “But I was the most afraid of who I was going to be without you.”
You look down at him when his eyes dart up, pained and sunken when he clutches your hands in his larger ones, squeezing your fingers in a way that you assume he hopes to translate his desperation. You feel it, and you squeeze back.
“You’re Kim Seokjin,” you murmur, rubbing your thumb across his chin.
“That’s just my name,” he scoffs, shaking his head, “I’m nothing without you.”
“That’s not—”
“You and Jiho were the only one’s that got me through each day, you know?” He murmurs as your heart clenches. “Every day, when another deal failed to follow through and ended up bringing losses—or when the stockholders went against me—I could only think of you and Jiho.”
You couldn’t stop the tears that return this time around, choking on your own sobs.
“I wanted so much to give you both the world that I,” he swallows, “That I got greedy—and I ended up … I ended up losing the both of you instead.”
“I’m here, Jin,” you say softly.
“I know I don’t deserve it yet,” he says quietly, “But please don’t leave me.”
You realise belatedly that even with the divorce, you could never have left him the way you thought you could.
You don’t answer him, instead—you provide your answer through your actions by kissing him. Harder than before but just as earnest. Both of your tears clash against your skins, but you can’t be bothered to care when he returns your kiss with an equal amount of desperation and affection.
“I love you,” he breathes into your mouth as you gasp. “I love you more than love itself.”
You want to hit him in the way he’s making you cry harder.
“I love”—you choke on your words when he presses a kiss to your jaw, his confession raw and honest—“God, I love you.”
“I’m going to spend the rest of my life loving you,” he says vehemently, kissing every inch of your face, your jaw and your neck as you cling onto his shirt desperately right before his dark eyes look up to catch your flushed expression. “Will you let me?”
“Yes—God—please,” you beg, pulling him closer to your body as he peppers open-mouth kisses down your sternum and across your chest.
“Can I love you tonight, ____?”
You nod your head desperately, heart fuller than it’s been in a long time. You know the consequences, and you couldn’t give a damn right now. You still needed to heal, and so did he—but when he holds you a little tighter, you know that neither of you was going anywhere.
“Love me,” you gasp, “Please, Jin.”
“I’ll love you,” he hisses, trailing down your neck, his words juxtaposing with the tenderness of his touch as his hands slip under your shirt. His touch is molten, especially when you’ve missed the feeling of having him like this—close, desperate and yours for the moment.
“I miss you,” you confess while he drags his fingers across your abdomen and rests right under your breasts. He looks up at you with soft eyes as you return them, eyes swollen. “I really miss you, Jin.”
He leans up to kiss you, hands multitasking as they cup your tits while you gasp into his mouth.
“I miss you,” he returns with a heartfelt tone, “I’ll never let this happen. Ever again.”
Now, all you can do is trust him, trust him and his words and that he’d take care of you. His hands tickle under your shirt but you can’t be bothered when he finally cups your breast with his large hands, gentle yet steadfast when he tweaks your peaked buds.
“O-Oh,” you gasp, head lulling back when his lips trail down to your neck, hands already helping you out of your shirt.
“Will you let me see you, beautiful?” he murmurs.
“Please,” you say breathlessly, lifting your arms up to ease the process.
You should’ve felt vulnerable, being more than just physically naked in front of him. But throughout the hurt and the pain, he’s never made you doubt yourself for once. It was as if you were held captive by him, even when your heart was slowly shattering. It’s also why when he gives you a once over with hunger behind his eyes, you don’t shy away. Instead, your back arches, giving him more than enough to see—to feel.
“I missed you,” he repeats, pressing a kiss to your nipple as you whimper, hands curling around his hair as his head dips lower, “Missed you—missed how gorgeous you looked like this.”
He tells you more by painting the truth on your breast, lavishing each bud with pert attention as you find yourself growing wetter in arousal. His tongue is hot against the cool air of the room, the juxtaposition of the temperatures only sending your head into short-circuiting.
“J-Jin please,” you breathe, staring down at him when his dark eyes lift up to meet yours. His stare is enough to have your thighs clenching together. “M-More.”
“Of course,” he croons, “I’ll give you everything you want.”
You mewl as his hands trace fluttering touches against your stomach before they’re reaching your mound. He doesn’t drag this out as he’d normally, the distant memories of your nights spent tangled together as he edged you till you were crying. No, this time—he’s gentle, he’s soft and careful with the way he handles you, spreading your legs as you pliantly obey, eyes fluttering with every move that he makes.
“So beautiful,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to the top of your mound as you whimper at the contact, needy in want. “I’m gonna eat this pretty pussy, hm?”
You nod your head in desperation, lifting your hips to aid him in the process of slipping off your pants along with your panties, baring your slicked pussy to his face. You catch a brief glimpse of his expression, especially when he unabashedly ogles your wetness with desire behind his eyes. You’re a little flustered since it’s been a while, so your legs naturally threaten to snap shut but Jin doesn’t let you get too far.
“Don’t hide from me,” he says quietly, eyes peering up at you as you can’t find it in you to respond with how your throat clamps shut. “Want to see you. Always do.”
Your heart tugs in your chest, but you aren’t able to dwell on the feeling for too long when Jin dives into your heat, tongue immediately flattening against your pussy as he tracks your wetness up your slit to where your engorged bud lies. Your back immediately arches while your hand finds purchase in his hair, grounding yourself at the way your stomach immediately heaves inwards at his ministrations.
Jin doesn’t relent, nor does he tease. He’s quick and precise with every flick of his appendage over your clit, rapidly swirling the bud in the way you like as he alternates between harsh sucks and tugging at the pearl, causing sobs of pleasure to leave your lips. It’s a product of how long you’ve been together and how he’s learned every pulse and shiver as a sign of your pleasure.
“Pleasepleaseplease,” you mewl, “D-Don’t stop.”
“You taste so good, love,” he moans into your pussy, the vibrations immediately causing your toes to curl as your head tilts backwards. “A pussy like yours should be eaten every day, yeah? As your husband—I should do that.”
When he calls himself your husband, you feel yourself whine in pleasure, the term causing fondness to bloom in your chest. You don’t know if he’s said it on purpose, but he doesn’t stop with his actions, instead, one of the hands that presses your stomach down to keep you in place reaches up to where your hand clutches his hair and brings it away.
“J-Jin,” you whine, hips bucking when he swirls his tongue over your clit, slowly while his eyes peer up to lock with yours.
The act is all too intimate, and your poor heart can barely take it with how sensitive you are all over, emotionally and physically. But Jin takes your flushed face as a good sign, and he ruins you all over when he intertwines your fingers together.
“Can feel you clenching,” he hums teasingly, “you going to come for me?”
You nod your head vigorously, fingers pressing tightly against his larger palm as he laughs into your pussy at your eagerness. Once he gets the confirmation for you, it’s like he was holding out the entire time despite him causing your legs to shiver by the side of his face.
This time, Jin presses his face tightly against your pussy as you squeal, louder than you expected as he flicks his tongue over your bud so rapidly that your mind is blank in pleasure, legs shaking uncontrollably as your body quivers in pleasure.
“Oh oh oh! J-Jin—fuck, I-I’m gonna—please let me cum, please please please,” you cry desperately, hips grinding against his face as he slurps your clit like he was parched.
“Come for me, beautiful. Wanna feel you drench my tongue,” he encourages you softly, yet his words send a wave of pleasure all across your body as you finally feel the last bit of your coil snap.
“J-Jin!” you sob, back arching as his large palm splays over your stomach to keep you rooted in position, forcing you to take all the pleasure he was giving you. Your legs shake by his face as he keeps his mouth open with his tongue out as you ride the aftershocks of your orgasm away.
“Fuck,” he hisses, pulling away with a parting kiss to your clit that as you jumping. “I missed this. Missed your pussy.”
“Miss you,” you mumble dazedly, your fingers carding through his hair as he peers up at you.
“Come here,” he whispers, inching up as he gently holds your cheek in his palm while you immediately lean into his touch.
While you lay on his bed, relatively boneless, Jin stares at you with devout affection, his eyes softening when he holds your gaze. His lips glisten with your wetness, mouth slightly parting while he rubs a thumb against your cheek.
“I love you,” he says quietly, “I really—I’m so in love with you.”
“Jin,” you say shyly, eyes darting away when he doesn’t look away.
“You’re the love of my life,” he divulges gently, leaning his forehead against yours as you take in every freckle that marks his skin, and the dulcet curve of his lips when he presses it against yours.
You can’t find a response that would indulge in what you truly felt, so you settle for reciprocating his kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck as you learn all about the way he feels all over again. You miss this, and you’d admit it over and over again—until he reminds you just how much of a home his touch was.
“I want you,” you whimper, pulling away to peer up to his dark eyes.
“Gotta be quiet, okay?” he murmurs as you nod obediently. “Need me to prep you? It’s been a while.”
Ever the gentleman and the considerate person he was, although you reckoned it was the most sensible option—you missed the feeling of having him feel you whole.
“No need,” you say, “Just—fuck me, please.”
He chuckles, leaning down to press hot kisses against your jaw and the nape of your neck as he uses his palms to spread your legs, feeling the way his hardened cock presses against your thigh. You take the time to card your fingers through his hair, gently pressing against his temple, then his cheek, and finally his bottom lip while you attempt to let your actions display what you feel.
As if Jin senses this, he leans up to press a soft kiss to your lips. One that’s both desperate and longing, a greeting from the past that blooms in the present.
“Ready?” he murmurs, fist clutching his cock while it prods against your quivering hole.
He swiftly removes his shirt, chucking it aside as he presses the tip against your quivering hole. You nod eagerly, wrapping your arms around his shoulder as he finally pushes through the first barrier. Your breath hitches, mostly because Jin wasn’t average-sized by any means. He grunts from above you, face contorted as he slowly inches his way in, careful to not hurt you.
Frankly, you were wet enough from your previous orgasm and how much your body craved him—but as you mentioned, he was big. But the pleasant burn of his girth stretching you out have you gasping, eyes peering up at him in desperation.
“M-More,” you whimper, hips chasing his as you encourage him to sheathe himself further into you.
“Are you sure?” he asks, lips pressed against your jaw as you nod.
“I’m good,” you assure him, pulling away just to shoot him a small smile that he returns.
Finally, he bottoms out, the last bit of his length in you as you whimper at the feeling of being so full, so whole. Jin remains still, to allow you a few seconds to adjust to having him in you. While you were desperate for more, you appreciated the gesture.
There’s something oddly intimate about having him in you but not moving at all. There’s no rush to thrust into you with hot pleasure and love, but just the comfort of having him here—with you. Your heart squeezes in fondness, mostly because you missed him. Missed having him so close to you and in your reach.
“Y-You can move,” you pant, hips already moving at their own accord as he groans from above you.
“God,” he sighs, “I missed you. Missed you so much.”
“I-I missed you too,” you say in between pants as he begins to thrust into you, pulling his cock out until the hilt before slamming back home.
It sends your body up the bed as you indulge in how good it feels. Both emotionally and physically. One of your hands clutches at his hair while he builds up his pace by occupying all the space in between your hot walls.
“Fuck,” he grunts, “You feel so—good.”
You nearly forgot how strong Jin was, and how effortlessly he was able to send white-hot pleasure coursing through your bloodstream with the way that his hips move. He’s relentless with his pounding, the squelches of your wetness echoing in the room with every single purposeful thrust, your gasps of pleasure tangled with the way the slap of his hips meet yours—it’s all too stimulating and it feels so good.
“Oh my God, J-Jin, fuck, oh,” you sob, clawing at his back when he speeds up his thrusts, the tip of his cockhead scraping against the spot within you that has your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
You feel so full, and your pussy is attempting to accommodate his thick and long length. Your clit is throbbing in want as your hand reaches down to deliver some reprieve, but before you can do anything meaningful—Jin’s slapping your hand away to replace it with his own, and a determined expression on his face.
“Fuck, this pussy’s so wet,” he hisses, rubbing vigorous figure eights on your swollen bud as your mouth falls open into a silent moan, “Would die for this pussy. Always.”
His words send your stomach clenching, paired with the way he doesn’t falter at all with the rhythm of his brutal thrusts.
“Oh oh—ngh, p-please—don’t stop oh my God you’re so fucking—good,” you scream, right before Jin captures your mouth with his lips, swallowing your moans.
“As much as I want to hear you, we’re not home,” he reminds you softly, eyes swirling with amusement as you flush a deeper shade of red, a chortled squeal caught in your throat when he emphasises his point with a particular thrust that has your chest jostling.
Yet, it’s not his cock that has you burning.
Your home. The home that hasn’t felt much like one.
“Ohhhh,” you wail, muffled by his lips, “Don’t stop oh my god, I’m gonna fucking cum again—shit.”
“Yeah, gonna cum for me again?” he eggs you on with a grunt, leaning his chest against yours as your sticky body meets while his hips continue working its way into your pussy. “God fuck, I’m so lucky—you’re so beautiful.
“J-Jin,” you mewl, your glassy eyes peering up at him as he returns. Somehow, he knows—he knows even if all you’ve uttered was his name.
“I got you, my love,” he says so ardently that you feel a tear fall, both in pleasure and in overwhelming love. “Look at me.”
You do, and Jin decides to intertwine the free hand that isn’t abusing your poor clit into blazing pleasure with your own, squeezing your hand. It just so happens to be his left hand, and you feel the familiar squeeze of his wedding ring against your empty finger.
The realisation that he never took it off only makes you cry harder.
“J-Jin, I-I’m—” you blubber through a moan, feeling the coil in your stomach grow tenfold when he rams into you at a speed and a sense of determination you’ve never felt before. “I—oh fuck—I’m going to—!”
“I love you,” he confesses, squeezing your hand as it lays by the side of your head. The heat grows, and you feel yourself grow light-headed when Jin leans in to press a hot kiss to your lips, his own grunts caught in between your teeth.
“I love—fuck, oh,” you struggle to form coherent words, not when your pussy clenches erratically around his length, your wetness dripping down his balls while he attempts to focus on battering your g-spot with a snipers precision.
“Cum for me,” he grunts, “Cum for me and look me in the eye. Wanna see how fucking gorgeous you look for me.”
You whimper, squeezing your eyes shut momentarily as more tears fall, and when you open them—you see a manic look in Jin’s gaze, paired with his own stray tear falling.
“I love you—I love you I love you I love you,” you chant frantically, cunt pulsing as your legs shake, “I-I’m cum—cumming—”
“Me too, love,” he murmurs, hips stuttering when you clench around him. “I love you so much. You’re the—best thing. I’m so fucking—lucky.”
His own words are slurred, and you feel the coil snap, your eyes trained only on his expression as you feel your orgasm overtake you with an acute force that has you nearly blanking out. You gush around his length, and that stimulates Jin’s own release, his cum painting your walls white with its heat as you shudder at the feeling of being so wholly full.
“Oh oh oh,” you mewl, clutching his hand tighter as you choke on your sobs of pleasure and tears. “Kiss me. Kiss me please.”
Your pleas are granted with a desperate kiss to your lips, your arms immediately wrapping around his shoulders while he shoves his cock further into you, plugging his cum as you whine into his open mouth. He releases loads of his cum into you that it threatens to slip past your swollen folds.
Jin kisses you, and you kiss him back. You don’t dare to let go and neither does he. The desperation between the two of you is an accumulation of nights spent apart, spent agonising the death of your relationship, the potential of a future without each other—the hypotheticals of what-ifs. You feel his ring against your jaw when he curls his hand around it to push himself deeper into your mouth.
“I love you,” he says again, and yet your heart flutters like it’s the first.
You pull away to catch your breath, forehead resting against his as you sniff the remaining of your tears away. A croaked laugh leaves your lips as Jin smiles softly at you, thumb rubbing against your cheek with immense tenderness and affection that you can’t do anything but lean into his touch.
He’s still in you, and yet—there’s no rush to move despite the cum that leaks out of your hole.
“I love you,” you echo.
“I’m sorry,” he tells you, regret staining his words as his eyes flutter shut. “I—I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness just yet—”
You stop him by pressing a kiss to his lips, soft. Pleading.
“We’ve got all the time to learn,” you say quietly, “Now, I just want you.”
He pauses for a second just to observe your face, to take in your earnest eyes as he sighs, both remorseful and thankful. Thankful that he’s met you, and thankful that you’re still here despite his shortcomings.
“I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you,” he says with a determined gaze as you smile softly at him.
“I’ll take your word on that,” you say with a giggle.
He pulls out of you as you wince, immediately feeling his cum drip out of you. You’re about to whine a complaint, but he interrupts any ripostes from your lips with another kiss.
You’re not complaining.
“And I’ll spend the rest of my life loving you,” he says as you flush at his words. “Being next to you. Learning with you. Growing with you. I want to do it all—only with you.”
You want to slap him. You do. It’s the only thing you can think of when you feel your tears burn behind your eyelids.
“God,” you sniff as he grins at you.
“You’re such a crybaby,” he teases, leaning over your body to pick up his t-shirt before he’s wiping at your folds.
You scowl, ready to nag his ear off for using his own shirt, but before you can do any damage, he’s chucking it aside once he deems you clean enough before he’s suffocating you with a death grip around your body.
“My baby,” he murmurs into your neck as you flush.
“Jiiiiiiin,” you whine, “I need to—I need to pee.”
“Let me carry you,” he immediately says, swooping your naked body up with his arms as you yelp.
“I’m not—I can walk!” you squeak.
“Don’t think so,” he smirks as you roll your eyes at him, your eyes still puffy from your tears. “Your legs are shaking.”
And shaking, they were. You knew that you had no way of walking to the bathroom without collapsing with how good Jin had fucked you previously. But you were prideful as you stick your nose up snootily, looking away when he leans in to kiss you.
“Does the queen not want to kiss her king?” he pouts childishly as you roll her eyes.
“More like a peasant,” you mutter.
You squeal when he threatens to tickle you, blowing a raspberry into your neck while your boisterous laughter echoes against the wall.
It’s late, and people were sleeping, but the way that Jin holds you so gently as you’ve remembered—makes you forget about reality, about everything else. You can only focus on him, the way he’s making you feel and the way you see your best friend, love of your life—and your husband—return to you.
“Hey,” he murmurs once you’re done peeing and draped over one of his large t-shirts as the two of you cuddle in bed.
“I love you,” he whispers, your eyes nearly drooping shut in fatigue.
“I love you too,” you say softly, snuggling into his chest as he holds you tighter.
“Once we go back …” he murmurs, “I want—I want us to go for couple therapy.”
You pause.
You look up at him, noticing his nervous expression as you smile. You wrap your fingers around him before brushing your thumb over his knuckles comfortingly.
“Okay,” you agree, “We will.”
“And … I want to take you out,” he says before clearing his throat. “On a date.”
“We’re married,” you giggle.
And it feels to good to believe it.
He rolls his eyes and you spot the slight flush on his cheeks.
“I know,” he says, “I missed going out with you.”
Your face softens before you sigh to yourself, happy.
“Me too,” you say.
“I love you,” he repeats again. You won’t ever get tired of hearing it.
You return it with a kiss, and finally, allow yourself a comfortable sleep after months.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
It’s both simultaneously all too hot and too cold when you arise from your slumber.
Your body aches in satisfaction from the events from last night, and you vividly remember the hot touches and long-awaited, teary-eyed confessions that were shared between you and your husband (and yes, your heart does bloom when you refer to Jin as his rightful position in your life rather than … that).
But the indent of where his body lays remains cool, as your body attempts to search for warmth that wasn’t the duvet absolutely suffocating you but in a touch of the love of your life. Still drowsy from sleep, you pat down on the mattress to find not what you were looking for, but a sick feeling of anxiety that stirs in your stomach.
The worst permeates your mind, and for a moment you’ve wondered if you dreamt it all—the reconciliation that promised retribution and a better future just a figment of your imagination and deepest desires. The mound between your thighs aches when you push yourself into an upright position, blinking as you attempt to search the room for his whereabouts.
Before your mind can continue to think the worst of the situation, the door creaks open—and Jin enters, face still slightly puffy from sleep but no less handsome than he’s always been. Your shoulders droop in relief, and just as you’re about to call to him—you note the third guest that joins you.
“Stole Jiho from the kids' room,” he whispers in consideration of your still snoozing son as he wraps himself around his father’s broad body.
“Thought you left,” you confess softly, making space when his knee pressed against the mattress, only for him to lay Jiho softly on the plush surface as he joins his son by his side.
“Never,” Jin says, reaching a hand to brush a stray hair away from your face before he reaches to hold your hand to press a gentle kiss on your knuckles.
At that moment, your son’s eyes slowly peer open, probably due to the fact that you and Jin were staring at him with full adoration. When he realises it’s just his parents, he grins, wide and with his bread cheeks before he lets out a giggle that has your heart soaring.
“Mama,” he smiles, chubby arms reaching out for a hug as you indulge in his affection. You lay back, pressing a kiss to his forehead as he snuggles into your warmth.
“Just wanted to hold the both of you,” Jin says as you rub gentle circles on Jiho’s back.
Your heart softens exponentially, free hand reaching out to Jin’s so that he’d wrap an arm around you and your son.
“Warm,” Jiho mumbles, pressed between the bodies of you and Jin’s love while the two of you stare, hopelessly and utterly in love with the person you’ve created—and each other.
“I love you, Jiho,” Jin whispers, hugging him impossibly tighter as your son smiles innocently.
“Love you!” he chirps back, eyes fluttering shut the more comfortable it gets for him.
As you run your fingers fondly through the strands of your son’s hair, Jin’s voice interrupts your love-dazed gaze with a soft confession, a record of the years you’ve known each other and the many more years you had to learn about each other.
“I love you,” he murmurs, leaning over to capture your lips in a kiss.
You smile even with the crust in your eyes, happy and content. You don’t respond because Jin’s already beginning to doze off, cheeks puffed and pressed against the pillow.
For a moment, you allow yourself to be selfish, to wallow in the love of your small family and the warmth that they gave you today, and every other day that was to come. You and Jin still had a long way to go before you could properly say things were okay, but the fact that either of you had given up, was more than enough to give you hope—to give you a vision of another thirty years, and more.
You’d do it all, with Jin.
────────────── ⋆✩⋆ ──────────────
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360iris · 22 days ago
Orchard House, Chapter 1: Fig + Cherry
Pairing: BTS, POLY!OT7 x Bunny Hybrid!Reader
Series Status: Ongoing, as of January 2nd, 2022
Summary: The one thing Kim Seokjin ever wished with his whole heart for, was to one day have a real family.
Warnings: She/her pronouns for reader insert, mature themes so reader’s discretion is advised.
Tumblr media
YEAR: August 2004
Kim Seokjin, Age: 12 / Kim Namjoon, Age: 10
Being the only child of a wealthy businessman and beauty queen who spent most of their time on flights in and out of the country, Seokjin spent the majority of his early childhood begging to be given a sibling to keep him company.
He’d decided at age four that no amount of nannies, maids or butlers were sufficient enough company to keep him happy in the absence of his parents. He longed for someone around his age to play games, sing and eat with.
His sole caregiver since birth, Migyung, was a kind and indulgent woman in her mid-sixties, who he had fondly come to consider as a surrogate mother, would often fall asleep the second they were alone and she’d settled into a chair- so playtime was doomed to be a solo pursuit from the very beginning.
On his twelfth summer, his mother, influenced by some foreign power unknown to him, bestowed him with a surprise.
Not the news of her rearing a child of course. This miracle presented itself as a boy, dressed in all white with an oversized and obnoxious, red bow draped around his neck.
The salt and pepper ears that seemed to shoot out of the top of his head, paired with a matching tail swishing apprehensively behind him, quickly piquing his interest.
“Surprise!” She cried out joyously, wearing a pleased smile that signified she was feeling quite proud of herself for organizing this. “You worked so hard on your grades this year, that I figured I’d talk to your father about getting you a gift! All A’s is no easy feat.
You used to plead with us to give you a little brother or sister, but you know mummy’s been far too busy for that. So your father suggested adopting a pet, and we found him! Isn’t he the cutest? His name is Namjoon.” She cooed, affectionately pinching the boy’s cheek. He didn’t make a sound or move. Instead he appeared to be gauging Seokjin’s reaction, as though he was sizing him up.
“He’s a Labrador Wolf. There are less than 10,000 of this kind in the world. They’re quite a commodity! I say, we lucked up with such a find.” She droned on, only halting when one of the butlers entered the room with a message of her manager being on hold.
After which, she quickly shooed the two boys out of the room with an abrupt and absentminded order to “go play now”.
Once in the hallway with the door to her parlor pushed firmly shut behind them, they stood in awkward silence. An air of unsureness muddling the space. 
Plucking up the courage, Seokjin cleared his throat. Looking up from his shoes to Namjoon’s face- only to find that the hybrid was already staring intently at him. Like he was awaiting orders, or some near-to-come punishment.
“Uhh, my name is Kim Seokjin. I was born in 1992.” He offers politely, anxiously fiddling with the ends of his shirt. He’d never interacted with a hybrid before, and the few he’d observed with subtle fascination during his parent’s dinner parties were far older than this one.
“I know.” The boy answered matter-of-factly, his voice even and thick. “I’m Kim Namjoon, born in 1994. It’s nice to meet you, Seokjin-hyung.”
Seokjin’s eyebrows rise at this. “Your family name is Kim as well?”
The hybrid tries to stifle the incredulous look that falls onto his face before he answers, “No. Those born into the adoption system aren’t assigned surnames in favor of receiving the name of the family, or person, who selects us.”
“Oh.” Seokjin returns his gaze to his shoes as he processes the somber information that was relayed to him in such a straightforward and frank manner. “I didn’t know that, I’m sorry.”
“Um… No need to be, hyung.” Namjoon answers after a beat of silent awe. It was the first time in his life that anyone, let alone a human, had apologized to him or even appeared sympathetic to his background.
“Right..” Seokjin replied, his attention diverting to the obtrusive, red brow that still hung around the younger boy’s neck.
“Well, let me be sorry about this at least. It must be unbelievably humiliating having to walk around with such a garish thing tied to you. I can’t imagine what they were thinking when they put this on you.”
“She said it’d make me look more like a present.” Namjoon recalls soberly, causing Seokjin to scoff as he carefully frees him of the ribbon. Haphazardly tossing it onto a random table in the hallway.
After another pause of silence, he speaks up with newfound interest. “Do you like video games, Namjoon-ah?”
Tumblr media
YEAR: February 2010
Kim Seokjin, Age: 18 / Kim Namjoon, Age: 16
In honor of Seokjin graduating high-school, his parents decided to host a formal dinner party. Though he struggled to understand how keeping the invite list reserved to only his father’s business partners, and mother’s work associates could possibly make him happy.
The occasion was quickly diminished to just another opportunity for them to encourage further business collaborations and social networking.
But he still pulled on the suit his mother and Migyung picked out for him. And helped Namjoon into a nice, customized two-piece made specially for hybrids. The pants featuring a tailored slot made just the right size for his tail to proudly slip through.
And as the night progressed, having a friend present to offer emotional support eased the suffocating pain that was appeasing rich A-listers with far too much time on their hands and an intense lack of self-awareness.
Or maybe it was empathy they lacked? They spoke on uncomfortable subjects, made unwarranted comments on one’s appearance and flitted about the room like costumed clowns.
Seokjin had come to hate nothing, and no one, more than the arrogant and entitled.
Just as he was finishing up his goodbyes for the evening, amazed at how he had somehow managed to get through the engagement with no major hiccups- he was suddenly ushered over to his father.
The older man’s face was expertly plastered with the smile he reserved primarily for charming those of similar, if not superior standing, into partnering with his corporation.
Dressed in an immaculate black suit and tie; the few strands of dark hair that had managed to slip free during the events of the night, fell forward and flowed effortlessly along his face, curling above his brow.
He looked the same as always. Proud, high-class and entirely in his element.
On his left stood a tall foreigner with gelled back blonde hair, his face littered with laugh lines. He appeared to be a young man of only twenty-seven. The two smugly exchanged hushed words before subsiding into loud cheers as he approached their cologne-soaked bubble.
“Seokjin! This is a work associate of mine from France.” He announced eagerly. Clasping a hand around his son’s shoulder and extending the other holding a champagne flute, towards said guest.
“Mr. Bernadotte and I have been corresponding for quite sometime now over video calls and he’s organized a present for you that I believe you’ll be quite pleased with.”
Offering the man a brief nod and smile, he allowed the two to continue to dominate the conversation. There weren’t many opportunities made for him to speak for himself at events like these.
“Yes! Your father has told me much about you. One of those things being that you’ll be moving to Seoul to begin university this year.”
“That is correct.” He confirmed, beginning to feel suspicious of the direction that the discussion was going in.
“Right. Well, he’s also told me that you were feeling rather sorry about having to leave your young, wolf hybrid alone during long school days- so we thought we’d offer a solution.” As he finishes his proposal, he turns and signals to one of the maids standing at attention.
Seokjin freezes in disbelief as a girl, no older than Namjoon, is ushered into the room and across the marble flooring.
Her small, white and pink ears shifting further upright as she is presented in front of him in a manner no different from how one would offer an extravagant gift basket, or congratulatory bouquet of flowers.
“Her name is Y/N, she’s a Blanc de Hotot. They’re considered a globally endangered species so it can be quite difficult to get your hands on one if you don’t have the right connections, but I pulled a few strings.
The breed originated in France, however she is especially unique- bred in The States but raised between the agency’s quarters in Paris and Seoul.
You’ll find her temperament to be gentle and friendly. She’s fluent in English, French and Korean; proving to be a very astute learner. 
And don’t let the fact that she’s a bunny dissuade you, she was thoroughly socialized around prey and predator hybrids alike.” He explained confidently. Caressing her shoulders proudly as if she were a prized trophy made of pure gold.
Sneaking a cautious glance over to his father, as Mr. Bernadotte continued his selling points, Seokjin finds that he is enthralled with the younger man’s spiel. Seemingly unphased by the fact that his son is being offered a living being, a little girl no less, from a complete stranger.
His expression bordered on intrigue as the gentleman says, “And if you’re interested in getting into the breeding market, you’ll be pleased to know that Rabbit Hybrids can reproduce year round, up to five times a year and as early as fourteen years of age. And miraculously enough, Y/n here just turned fifteen this year.”
Seokjin chokes back a pained grimace at the proposition, his skin becoming clammier the longer he stays engaged in the distasteful conversation.
Forcing out a smile and satisfactory word of appreciation, he’s finally granted his invitation to retire for the night, of which he accepts gratefully. 
Guiding the young hybrid through the crowd and wordlessly motioning to a stunned Namjoon to follow as they retreat to his wing of the house.
Tumblr media
Once the group is safe within the spacious confines of Seokjin’s suite, he guides the two hybrids to the dining table. Y/n sits down quietly as instructed, resting her hands softly in her lap.
“Okay.” Seokjin exhales deeply, suddenly feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of going from being responsible for two lives, to suddenly three. 
Though he never really had to “be responsible” for Namjoon. Their relationship had been as though they were friends on equal playing fields from day one, even amidst his parents- and an unfortunate portion of the world having a differing opinion. 
He was strongly against the “master-pet” dynamic elitists tried to push onto him and others with decent morals. 
Hybrids were originally just humans given a portion of animal DNA, the experiments conducted in the hopes of advancing the evolution of humans into a stronger and more superior form. 
However over time, due to widespread hate groups, fear mongering and campaigning, their animal sides were hyper-focused on by politicians and used to push them into a life of general servitude. 
And while there are corners of the world where hybrids can immigrate to live freely, there are still a multitude of restrictions placed onto them and the lives they are allowed to pursue.
As he looks over her, he finally notices the puffy pink dress and white ankle boots they’d clothed her in. Sighing heavily again as whatever tinge of caregiver instinct he had in him effectively kicks in.
Though it was unexpected, she was in his care now and he had the means to not only give her a certain quality of life, but also the guarantee of unwavering safety and protection that unfortunately, not many other hybrids were granted.
Moving to the mini fridge, he pulls out two mini milk glass bottles with straws and places one in front of each of them. It was Namjoon’s favorite brand of mango milk. The wolf bristles further as the cool glass is offered to the girl, though Seokjin fails to notice as he addresses her.
“Y/n. I’m sure you’re aware but my name is Kim Seokjin, and this is Namjoon.” He starts by first pointing to himself and then the other boy. She simply nods affirmatively, allowing him to continue without interjecting.
“I want you to consider me as your friend. Joon and I don’t really do the whole master/owner nonsense. From here on out, you’re allowed to be your own person. So don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and fears, okay?”
She takes some time to reflect on his words, her brows meeting in the middle cutely as she thinks and he guesses she was understandably feeling sceptical- as though maybe he was trying to set her up for failure. 
Everything he’d said went directly against the bulk of what prize hybrids were taught by their breeders. 
After a second she responds softly, “Okay, sir.” and he shakes his head with a chuckle.
“No need to call me sir. I’m not my father or that creep Bernadotte. Joon calls me Jin, how about you use that instead?” He offers hopefully, only to be met with a “Okay, Seokjin-ssi.” still addressing him in a formal manner.
“Ah- good enough!” He laughs airily, giving up for the time being. “It’s late so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to buy you your own clothes. In the meantime, you can borrow Namjoon’s. I’ll be back with them.”
Before leaving he coaxes her to try the drink while she waits, only receiving a polite nod and smile from the girl before he moves into the other room.
Watching his form disappear she turns to the boy seated across from her. 
She’d felt his gaze glued to her from the second she’d been brought out by staff and it only seemed to intensify the longer she stayed in his territory.
Normally prey hybrids would be petrified stiff with the prospect of being left with a predator- let alone a wolf, but she simply returned his stare unphased. 
Sliding her untouched glass of sweet milk towards him and offering only a small smile when a low growl bubbled up from his chest.
Sure he was offended when Jin offered up his snacks to her without asking like he usually would (which was a testament to how spoiled he’d become under the older boy’s care), but he felt even further annoyed by the way she gave it back without even trying it.
“I can’t digest milk very well.” She answered quietly, seemingly reading his thoughts before bringing her hand back to her lap. ”Well- at all really. I’m sure it’s yummy though.” Nodding her head towards his own glass that he’d drained almost immediately after it was placed onto the table.
She watches as his cheeks redden at the observation. Averting his eyes from hers before scooping up the drink and sliding the already empty glass in front of her, just as Jin rounds the corner. 
Throwing a quick glance her way, he catches the tiny smile of appreciation that graces her lips at the gesture and he vaguely wonders how someone could be so pretty.
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sunshinerainbowsbts · a month ago
All I Don't Want for Christmas Is You! | KSJ
Tumblr media
Pairing: Seokjin x Reader
Genre: smut, fluff, crack, holiday, enemies to lovers, Coworkers!AU
Rating: M (18+)
Warnings: swearing, drinking, kissing, fingering, oral sex (f receiving), spanking, choking, biting, dirty talking, orgasm delay, Jin has an enormous... ego, vaginal sex, a lot of terrible holiday puns
Word Count: 23.7K (I'M SO SORRY)
Disclaimers: NSFW, I don't own BTS - they just inspire me
Summary: The holidays are here! But instead of celebrating, you're trapped in a town called Christmas with your office nemesis, Seokjin Motherfucking Kim, and an unruly band of clients. Can you survive the trip and secure the promotion your boss has promised? Or will Jin take you down?
A/N: This was written for the @btswritingcafe's Holiday Fic Exchange. Happy holidays, Mai @jinpanman!! 🐧🎄🎅I've had SO much fun being your Secret Santa, and I hope you've had fun as well. In addition to writing you this little story (I'M SO SORRY AGAIN IT'S SO LONG), I also created a Spotify playlist to go along with it! I really hope you enjoy the goofy holiday movie I basically wrote here. It's like Hallmark After Dark. 😂
This is unbeta'd as usual. I'd love to know what you think, my inbox is always open! 💕
Tumblr media
“Please, take a seat,” your boss invited as you entered the cavernous space that was his office. Someone was already sitting in the other chair in front of his sleek black desk. You glared at the back of their head, recognizing them immediately.
Seokjin Kim. Why was he here?
If you compared your company, Beyond the Sound, to a rose, then Jin would definitely be the thorn. A big ol’ prick. As the other junior talent manager at your company, he drove you insane. Whereas you chose to use skill and knowledge and your relentless drive to achieve your goals, he preferred to coast along on his charm. And his considerable good looks.
As much as it physically hurt you to think nice thoughts about him, you couldn’t deny that he was one gorgeous man. Tall, with broad shoulders that tapered down to a small waist. Long, thick black hair that kissed the nape of his neck and fell into his eyes when he didn’t wear it swept off his face.
And that face. Dark, expressive eyes that crinkled merrily when he laughed, which happened a lot when he was schmoozing clients. Plush lips that puckered when he was displeased, which happened a lot when you were around. Cheekbones and a jawline to die for.
It was a fucking perfect face and you hated it.
You took a seat, crossing your legs demurely as your boss, Sejin, cleared his throat.
“I’m sure by now you’ve both heard the news. Irene is leaving us.”
Since it had been the only topic of conversation around the office for the last two days, you had in fact heard the news. Irene, the company’s hotshot manager, was leaving for greener pastures (aka more money from a larger management firm).
“She’s leaving us in a bit of a lurch, too. But the company’s loss is your gain,” he continued, leaning forward and folding his hands on his desk. “I think it’s time for a promotion.”
You sat up slightly, as did Jin.
“I’ve been more than pleased with the two of you and how you’ve served the company over the last year. You’re both in line to be promoted. But, there’s only one spot available - the one being vacated by Irene.” Sejin paused, letting his words sink in.
One spot. Two candidates. You glanced at Jin, only to realize he was already looking at you. Assessing. Narrowing your eyes, you turned back to your boss.
Sejin stood and looked out the floor length windows that made up the back wall of his office, clasping his hands behind his back as he surveyed the city below the high-rise. “I mentioned earlier that Irene is leaving us in a bit of a tight spot. The two of you are familiar with Euphoria, correct?”
Of course you knew Euphoria. They were one of the company’s biggest clients, an incredibly popular band from South Korea who had helped make Beyond the Sound into the powerhouse it was. Volatile didn’t begin to describe the band - they were the most chaotic group of artists you’d ever come into contact with since you’d started working in the music industry.
Well, okay, you personally hadn’t had much face-to-face interaction with them, beyond a quick hello at a party or industry event here and there, but you’d heard plenty of horror stories during your time working at Beyond the Sound.
The three members each had their own distinct idiosyncrasies that made them difficult to manage. Lead singer Park Jimin was an incredibly gifted vocalist and guitarist who hypnotized fans with his sexy shenanigans on stage. Unfortunately, this also led to a lot of offstage sexy shenanigans, and your company was usually scrambling to cover up any potential scandals caused by his various romantic entanglements.
The bassist/saxophonist/keyboardist Taehyung (just the one name, like he was Adele) was a renaissance man and a true artiste. Unfortunately, he took that second label extremely seriously, and was prone to flaking on public appearances or locking himself in his studio for days on end if he felt something or someone was interfering with his “vision.”
And then there was the drummer, Jeon Jungkook. Essentially the human version of Animal from the Muppets, he was loud, unruly, and prone to literally running amuck while the other two members were usually arguing.
They were exclusively Irene’s responsibility.
Sejin appeared to be waiting for an answer, so you and Jin both chirped, “Yes, sir.”
“Good. The band is releasing a holiday album this year - titled “Sleigh, What?!” - and in order to drum up publicity for it, they’re putting on an exclusive one-night-only concert, to be streamed around the world.”
Ah, so the rumors were true.
Euphoria reinvented themselves with every new album. Their first album was r&b-influenced boy band pop; the second, a punk rock fantasia; and their last, an ear-shattering mashup of screamo metal and EDM that left fans confused and led to a short-lived breakup followed by an immediate reunion. From what Sejin was saying, apparently they’d decided the best way to score a big comeback was with a collection of festive tunes. You’d heard whispers about the album through the office grapevine, but had chalked it up to a joke, assuming someone was mocking the band’s tendency to swing wildly from one genre to another.
Clearly, you’d been wrong.
“When and where is the concert?” Jin asked as you pulled out your phone to take notes. He arched a thick eyebrow, glancing at your phone, then tapped his temple, implying that he didn’t need to write anything down. Rolling your eyes, you waited for your boss to answer the question.
“Next month, the week before Christmas. And it’s being held in Christmas.”
“It’s… what?” Jin tipped his head as you paused in your typing.
“They’re putting on a concert in Christmas. As in the town about 1500 miles from here, in the Northeast. We struck a deal with the mayor - he’s letting us put on a show there to promote the album and his little middle-of-nowhere village gets major press for hosting one of the world’s hottest bands.”
You frowned as your thumbs tapped across your screen. “Wait a minute… I think I’ve heard of this town,” you stated, looking up from your notes. “It’s a real tourist trap, isn’t it? They have a Christmas-themed store that’s open year round, and all the mail stamped in the Post Office says “North Pole” on it, that kind of thing, right?”
Jin laughed. You winced, annoyed at his mirth. “Sounds like the setting for a Hallmark movie.”
Sejin nodded, returning to his desk. “Yes, and that’s exactly why we chose it. We really want to lean into the homespun holidays character of the place. The goal is for people to associate Euphoria with Christmas - both the town and the holiday - so that when the album drops, they’ll all buy it. Spread that magical cheer in their own houses with it.” He paused. “Or whatever. You get the idea.”
It was a cynical cash-grab, in other words. Just another day at the office.
“Everything has already been arranged - travel details, lodging, venue, an interview with that dreadful morning show Rise and Shine!, and so on. Irene has done her usual job of making sure everything is squared away down to the final letter.”
“So, what do you need me to do?” Jin asked.
You scowled before correcting him. “What do you need us to do, sir?”
Sejin smiled, but it seemed less comforting and more apologetic. “We need you to go to Christmas with the band. Both of you, together.”
If you’d had a piece of coal in your mouth, you would’ve produced a diamond from grinding your teeth so hard.
You didn’t want to go to this cheesy little town called Christmas, especially this close to the holidays, when the place would be swarming with crowds of sightseers. You didn’t want to have to babysit Euphoria and try to keep them from imploding yet again. But most of all, you absolutely did not want to be stuck in that tiny village supervising the band with Seokjin Motherfucking Kim.
What the hell did you do in a past life to deserve this?
“You’ll be responsible for ensuring that Euphoria makes it to all of their scheduled events. Especially the concert. Look, I’ll be frank.” He removed his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “If they miss the interview or the meet and greet we’ve arranged, it will be unfortunate, but not the end of the world. But they cannot miss this concert! We need this performance to revive their fanbase and boost their album onto the charts. If “Sleigh, What?!” tanks….” he trailed off, looking at you and Jin in turn. “Then Irene won’t be the only one leaving Beyond the Sound.’
Well, fuck. Basically, if you and Jin didn’t pull this off, one or both of you would be fired? Fantastic. Just the cherry on top of this crap sundae.
“No problem, boss,” Jin cooed, shooting Sejin a set of finger guns. You grimaced. How had this guy’s schtick not worn thin by now?
If your boss found Jin as corny as you did, he didn’t let on. Instead, he simply nodded. “I have the utmost faith in both of you to handle this situation. I know everything will run smoothly and according to plan under your supervision.” He glanced at the shiny, undoubtedly expensive watch that adorned his wrist. “Please reach out to Irene for your travel details and itineraries. She’ll have everything you need.”
You rose to your feet. “Thank you, sir.” Spinning, you swiftly stalked towards the door, Jin close on your heels.
“Looks like we’ll be spending Christmas together, Princess,” he drawled as his long legs quickly caught him up until he was walking by your side.
“No, we’ll be working together before Christmas, and how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?” you retorted, firing him a dirty look. He just grinned, holding the door open for you to exit your boss’s office. You didn’t bother to thank him, but that didn’t deter him from continuing to walk with you.
Jin had gifted you with that nickname during your very first week at work. One of the managers you were shadowing offered to buy the two of you lunch as a reward for a stressful day of training, handling a temperamental solo act. Fresh out of grad school, you were broke and more than appreciated a free meal. But you were a bit particular about your order and took a long time, and for some reason Jin decided that made you a princess.
So you were a woman who knew what you wanted and weren’t afraid to ask for it. Was that really such a bad thing?
The nickname drove you crazy. You weren’t a princess, some fairytale creature who would only have value in relation to the men in her life - the prince or the king. Fuck that noise. You stood on your own two feet and claimed your own victories.
Yet no matter how many times you asked him to stop, Jin refused to listen. Now, a year later, the pet name persisted, a constant reminder of how aggravating he was.
After a few minutes of walking briskly, trying but failing to shake Jin, you arrived at Irene’s office. Knocking on the door, a quiet voice called for you to enter.
If there were a pecking order at Beyond the Sound, Irene would stand at the top of the pack. She was everything you aspired to be - glamorous, perfectly put together, and fierce as hell. No one fucked with Irene. Not even Jin. He knew she’d rip him to shreds with her signature blood-red stiletto fingernails and not break a sweat. Or a perfectly manicured nail.
You really wished you knew her secrets.
“So, Sejin saddled you two with Euphoria duty, huh?” she inquired, gesturing for you both to take a seat.
“I’d say unfortunately yes, but you’ve been stuck with them for years, so it doesn’t feel right to complain,” you responded.
Irene smiled. “They’re not so bad if you keep them in hand. I advise you to set a firm line with them from the start.” She eyed the two of you carefully. “The guys can be very charming when they want to be. Don’t fall for it.”
She looked directly at you when she said that last statement, and you frowned. Was she suggesting…?
“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she keeps it professional,” Jin smirked. “No client/manager relations on my watch.”
“Excuse me, are you questioning my ethics?” you snapped, rounding on your coworker. “I certainly do not need you telling me how to do my job or - or monitoring my interactions with my clients!”
“Of course you don’t, Princess. Forgive me,” he apologized, but his grin belied his words. “But maybe I’ll just keep a sharp watch just in case.”
“I will email you all the info for the trip - flights, lodging, itineraries,” Irene ignored your sniping, as everyone in the office was long accustomed to the two of you squabbling. “Every day has been planned down to the last minute. All you have to do is make sure the band sticks to the schedule.”
“Easy peasy lemon squeezy,” Jin trilled, and you fought the urge to gag.
“Thank you, Irene,” you replied graciously. “Your hard work won’t go to waste, I assure you.”
Irene just smiled, a vicious grin that actually sent a shiver down your spine. “Oh, truly, I don’t care! By the end of the week, Euphoria will simply be an unpleasant memory for me. They’re your problem now!”
As you left her office, Jin snickered. “I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this trip even more now.”
You spun to look at him. “You know what I’m looking forward to? Getting the promotion.”
“Oh, you think it’s yours already?”
Stepping closer, you glowered up at him. “I know it is.”
“We’ll just see about that, Princess.” He winked, walking backwards as he headed towards his workspace. “Can’t wait to see you all bundled up for the chilly weather. Bet you look real cute in earmuffs.”
You clenched your fists so hard, your nails nearly drew blood. You couldn’t wait to kick that jerk’s ass. That promotion was yours.
As irritating as the nickname was, it wasn’t Jin calling you Princess that made you hate him.
It was the Nevamind incident.
A few months into your time with Beyond the Sound, the company tapped you to work with a recently signed artist, an up-and-coming rapper who went by the stage name Nevamind. He’d been building buzz online with a series of mix tapes featuring brilliant lyrics and ridiculous beats, and it would be your job to get him ready for his debut album release.
For several days and a few long nights, you threw your every waking moment into creating an action plan for the rapper. You wanted to show your boss that you were ready to handle managing on your own, so you worked your ass off to prepare.
Excited, you showed up to the first meeting with the artist feeling nervous, but ready to share your ideas.
Only to find Jin waiting to meet with Nevamind as well.
“What are you doing here?” you blurted out, staring at your coworker who had risen from his seat at the conference table, expecting the rapper to be the one walking through the door instead of you.
“I’m presenting to Nevamind, obviously. What are you doing here, Princess?” he responded with wide eyes.
“Uh, no, I’m the one doing the pitching! And don’t call me that!”
“Actually, you’re both pitching,” Sejin declared, entering the room behind you.
Apparently, there had been a misunderstanding. You weren’t assigned to help Nevamind, you were being asked to present your ideas to him. Along with Jin. Whomever the artist picked (with your boss’s input, of course) would become his manager.
This mix-up didn’t rattle you. No, if anything, this simply fueled you even more, now that it was literally a contest. Forget your anxiety - you were fired up, determined to win.
Jin sold his idea first. It was hardly a proposal - no slideshow, no binders showing statistics, just a measly single page handout. And him mostly talking off the cuff, flashing that killer smile, even throwing in a wink or two as he promised the moon to the rapper.
You were aghast at your coworker’s breezy attitude. Was that how he worked? Did he really care so little? He wasn’t just unprofessional, he was a total buffoon. It was all you could do not to laugh during the entire meeting, since your boss was also present.
Then it was your turn. Nevamind seemed to agree with the plan you painstakingly laid out with your multimedia presentation - interviews with some huge media outlets, a series of streaming episodes giving a behind-the-scenes look at the album’s completion, and then a major party to celebrate the release. You even got a bit of a flirty vibe from the rapper, but you quickly shut that down, wanting to maintain a firm boundary between work and pleasure. By the time you left, you were more than confident that Nevamind would be your first client.
Instead, a week later, that asshole was announced as the rapper’s manager. All your hard work went down the drain.
How on earth had that guy won? Flabbergasted, you turned to your coworkers for an explanation. Everyone had their theories - Nevamind preferred a male manager, or Jin blackmailed your boss for the job, and so on. The rumor mill churned, but you never got a satisfactory answer, and you stewed in your anger, knowing that your plan was the better choice.
Within a month, Nevamind had terminated his contract with Beyond the Sound. Jin managed to fuck it up somehow, and that just stoked the flames of your wrath.
At a happy hour gathering a week after Nevamind dumped your company, you found Jin sitting alone at the bar, looking slightly rumpled in his designer suit. Sliding onto a stool next to him, you ordered a drink before swiveling to face him.
“So. How’d you fuck it up, Jin?”
He didn’t reply, just shot you a glare.
“I still don’t understand how you even got the assignment in the first place. That proposal of yours was a joke.” Several whiskeys into your night, all the nasty things you’d been thinking about your coworker started to slip from your lips.
He set his gin and tonic on the bar and regarded you carefully. “I got the job because I’m good at what I do. Maybe managing isn’t all about statistics and powerpoint slides. Did you ever consider that?”
“Maybe not, but this job requires a hell of a lot more effort than what you give, Jin. I mean, that’s pretty evident considering your first client fired you within a month. Perhaps next time, you might try actually working?” You swirled your drink with the little stir stick, tapping it against the rim of the glass to emphasize your point.
Again, he leveled a long glance at you, taking his time before answering. “You know what? Believe what you want to. I’m sure you will no matter what I say. That seems to be how you operate.”
“Whatever,” you shot back. Not the most eloquent comeback, but you were too tipsy to care. “Just don’t expect it to happen again. You winning, I mean. That was a fluke. Next time, I’ll show you how it’s done.”
“Is that so?” He tossed back the rest of his drink, rising from his seat. “Then bring it on, Princess. Show me what you’ve got.”
“You can’t handle what I’ve got, Jin.” Wait, was that what you’d meant to say? Maybe not, but you were flustered by how close he stood to you, and whatever you’d intended to say had gotten lost in the ether.
You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t find Jin attractive. Even though he vexed you with everything he said and, well, everything he did, too, you still found yourself distracted by his stunning looks.
Your pulse began to race as he examined you with those dark eyes, wandering slowly over your frame. He towered over you as you peered up at him, and your breath hitched as he bent towards you.
“But I bet you wish I’d try, right?” he whispered, hot breath tickling your ear as he exhaled. You shuddered, and with a smirk he walked away, leaving you sitting alone, head spinning.
From that moment on, he shot to the top of your hit list. Seokjin Kim, enemy number one.
Three days, four nights. That was how long you’d be in Christmas. That was how long you’d have to suffer through this nightmarish work assignment with your nemesis. You could do this.
You chanted those words to yourself as the days flew by after your meeting with Sejin. Over and over again, repeating them until they became your mantra.
But now, sitting on the private jet, on your way to Christmas, you were starting to doubt. Just a little.
Introducing yourself to the band went better than you expected, given all the awful testimonies about the members that your coworkers had told. Each had politely greeted you and bowed.
Good to know they had some manners after all.
In the meantime, Jin strutted onto the plane looking like he’d just walked off the runway in Paris, wearing a gorgeous three-piece navy suit underneath a stunning long red and black plaid coat. The entire ensemble was Louis Vuitton, which you knew only because he wouldn’t stop yapping about how he’d had to show the boutique’s sales person his company ID because she didn’t believe him when he said he wasn’t a model.
Was it possible for a person’s eyes to roll right out of their head? You feared you might find out on this trip.
But seriously, who flew in a suit?
Not that Jin was the only one taking advantage of your travels to purchase a new wardrobe. Flying to the wintry northern half of the country meant you’d bought a few essentials - some cozy sweaters, wool skirts, thick tights and several pairs of boots (both dress and snow). You’d also splurged on a Burberry puffer coat and a pair of Gucci leather gloves, in matching black, to help keep you warm.
The perks of having a company card.
Once the plane took off, you’d intended on using the time to review the week’s itinerary as well as to set some ground rules with the band. But you might as well have tried to fly across the country by flapping your arms. You’d have had a better chance of accomplishing that.
“Guys, can we please focus?” you implored the group for the fifth time. No one responded. Jimin flirted with the flight attendant while Taehyung read an intimidatingly thick book on the history of jazz rock. Jungkook had completely tuned out, a giant pair of VR goggles on his handsome face as he played some game.
Meanwhile, Jin was sitting across from you, doing nothing to disguise his laughter at your struggle to get the band’s attention.
You scowled. “You know, this is important for you, too. Do I need to remind you what is at stake here?”
Jin sighed. “Oh, take a breath, Princess. Let them settle in a bit, then we’ll run through the schedule. They’re literally a captive audience.” He cocked his head, considering. “Although Jungkook is an experienced skydiver, so I wouldn’t put it past him to jump out the door at any moment. Though I hope the lack of parachutes would at least give him pause.”
“Fine.” Leaning back in your seat, you pulled out your phone to scroll through your notes. Jin leaned over to gawk at your screen. “Excuse me! Do you mind?”
“Just curious if you were actually going to relax. Doesn’t appear so,” he replied, flagging down the flight attendant. “Can I get a whiskey, neat? Thank you.” “Really? Drinking at this time of day?” It was only just past noon when you’d finally taken off. Jin shrugged. “I fly better when I’m a little tipsy. Plus, if you’re going to be this tightly wound, I’m going to need to be even looser. You’re giving me second-hand anxiety.”
“God forbid you be serious about your job for once,” you muttered under your breath.
The flight attendant brought Jin his drink and he smiled politely before giving you a scrutinizing look. “I’m perfectly serious about this job. I just have my own methods for getting results.” He winked, and you clicked your tongue in disgust. “What I want to know is, do you ever relax? Let your hair down, allow yourself to have a little fun while you’re working?”
“I have plenty of fun,” you sniffed, grabbing the pashmina shawl you’d stuffed into your carry-on and wrapping it around your shoulders. You always froze on flights. “But I don’t let it interfere with my responsibilities. The job comes first.”
“That’s where you and I differ, then. Fun comes first.”
“You mean, you come first,” you rejoined.
Jin smirked, and you realized you’d walked into a trap. “Oh no, it’s only fun for me if others come first. I always make sure of that.” He lowered his voice conspiratorially. “Every time.”
Cursing yourself for setting him up, you closed your eyes, letting your head fall back against the headrest of your plush leather seat, hoping he’d take the hint and stop talking. He did, but not before you heard him snickering to himself.
Three days, four nights. The clock was ticking.
The closest airport to your final destination was two hours away, so a chartered bus had been set up to transport you and the band. Most of their equipment and belongings had already been sent ahead of them, so a whole bus wasn’t technically necessary, but you appreciated having a little space.
Because the guys were driving you insane.
Halfway through the five hour flight, you’d awoken to the dulcet tones of Jimin and Taehyung arguing. As usual, Jin was useless, somehow sleeping through the loud curse words pinging around the cabin of the plane. You wondered how many glasses of whiskey it had taken to knock him out like that. Jungkook still had his headset on, but he was now pacing around playing some sort of dueling game that had him pretending to slice everyone in half with a joystick sword.
It turned out to be a fight about nothing - an argument over which movie to watch - but it was enough to give you a slight headache. Which did not bode well considering you were only slightly over two hours into your whole trip. But you stepped in and calmed them down, promising they could both watch whatever they wanted since they weren’t even sharing a screen, and then collapsed into your seat, hoping to rest. Discussing the week’s plans would have to wait until later, when your coworker would be more helpful. Or at least conscious.
On the bus, you took a seat near the front, frowning as Jin slid in beside you.
“Really?” you asked, gesturing wildly. “All these empty seats?”
“Yah, calm down, I just wanted to see if you wanted to go over the schedule now, while everyone’s still awake and quiet.”
That was actually a useful suggestion. Color you shocked.
“I suppose this would be the most opportune time,” you conceded, standing up to gaze at the members who had strewn themselves across seats scattered throughout the bus. Jin followed as you staggered down the aisle towards the band, the swaying of the bus making it difficult to walk a straight line.
“Uh-oh, here come Mom and Dad,” Jimin sniggered, legs dangling over the armrest of his seat. His pink hair hung in his face as yawned widely. “Are we in trouble again?”
Nope. You didn’t care for that one bit.
“I’ll thank you for addressing us both by name, Park,” you declared, and he quirked an eyebrow at your commanding tone, lips twisting into a smirk. His eyes ran up and down your figure as you stared him down.
“Yes, noona,” he purred, arching an eyebrow. Irene’s warning echoed in your ears.
You were going to have to tread carefully with this one.
Jin said nothing, seemingly content to let you run things, surprise surprise. You continued.
“I know you’ve all been given copies of this week’s schedule, one printed and included in your carry-ons and one emailed, but I thought we should run through it just to confirm that we’re all on the same page.”
No one answered. You plowed on.
“Tonight, we just need to settle in. The bed & breakfast we’re staying at has been completely booked by us, so we have the whole house to ourselves. It’s the,” you consulted your notes, “Blitzen Inn. The proprietors have assured us that we will have total privacy there, since it’s fairly out of the way.”
“Wait, we’re staying at a bed & breakfast, noona? Not a hotel?” Taehyung piped up, removing his gigantic headphones, shaking out his silvery-white locks.
“That is correct. Despite the tourist trap nature of this place, it’s a pretty small town, so they don’t have a lot of lodging options.” And most of the hotel rooms had been booked by the fans who would be attending the concert.
“So no room service? No on-call masseuses?” Taehyung pouted. “No free mini bottles of shampoo?”
“You’re a millionaire, Tae, you can buy all the shampoo you want,” Jin commented.
“But I like the little bottles.”
“Anyway. Tomorrow there is an early morning interview with Rise and Shine! You’ll be joined by the mayor for that as well, and the local newspaper will be there, taking photos. We’ll be at the venue for the taping, and then in the afternoon you’ll have time to rehearse. Thursday morning is more rehearsal time and then a fan signing event at Santa’s Workshop, a holiday-themed store that will be the first place to stock your album. And then of course Friday is the concert. Saturday morning, we’re back on the jet and heading home.” You glanced up. “Any questions?”
“Will they have little bottles of shampoo at the bed & breakfast?”
“Does anyone else have any other questions?”
Jungkook raised his hand.
“You don’t have to raise your hand, Jungkook. What’s your question?”
“Noona, how does it work, exactly? Do they serve us breakfast in bed?”
You turned to your coworker, who had stretched his long frame across two seats, cackling as he listened. “Do you want to help me out here?”
Jin sighed, sitting up. “Do you guys have any questions about the schedule? It’s not too packed, but it’s important that we stick to it very carefully.”
Three heads shook no.
“Great! Then just relax for a bit. We should be at the Blitzen Inn in about another ninety minutes or so.” Jin laid back, his tiny bit of effort completed for the day. He’d probably exhausted himself.
Sighing, you trekked back to the front of the bus, taking a window seat and slinging your legs onto the space next to you so as to prevent anyone (Jin) from sitting there.
“I think that went well.”
Apparently, he’d decided to sit right behind you. His face appeared over your shoulder, in the space between the back of your seat and the window.
You snorted. “Of course you do. You didn’t do anything.”
“I beg to differ.”
“Well, you did stay conscious for the whole discussion, so I suppose that’s something.”
His laughter made you grimace. You reminded yourself that you just had to put up with him for a few days. Once that promotion kicked in, hopefully you wouldn’t have to deal with his bullshit again.
You leaned against the window, staring at the scenery as the bus trundled along. It was certainly a different view than what you were used to, living on the west coast. Verdant mountains rolled across the horizon as the sun began to sink from view. Exhausted after a stressful flight, your eyes began to droop as the bus’s rhythmic bouncing lulled you to sleep.
The Blitzen Inn stood at the edge of town. Two rows of tall pine trees lined the winding road leading to the inn. The bus barely fit, but thankfully no other vehicles were approaching from the opposite direction.
Stretching, you took a moment to admire the house as the bus approached. A white two-story colonial with black shutters and a wraparound porch, decorated with hanging garlands and a large green wreath with a big red bow on the front door, it very much looked like something straight out of a holiday movie.
A garden took up one entire side of the house, though it had been turned over for winter. Around the other side of the house stood a large white gazebo, adorned with strands of white Christmas lights. Behind the house was nothing but trees, as the house was nestled against the border of a forest.
Green trees, green grass, green everywhere. How disappointing. The temperatures had been unusually warm in this region for this time of year, according to the weather reports you’d watched religiously in the week prior to leaving home. Having grown up in the land of sand and sun, you were hoping to see some snow on this trip. Just a little would do - enough to turn the land into a sea of white.
Ah, well. This was a business trip, and there was more than enough to focus on besides pining for snow.
The bus gradually rolled to a stop and you disembarked, boots crunching on gravel as you strolled towards the house. Your breath hung in the chilly night air, tiny puffs that dissipated as you walked, and you pulled your coat a little tighter around you. Once again, Jin nipped at your heels.
Two men waited by the door, a platinum blond who wore a blindingly bright smile and a smaller, slighter man with hair black as night who merely blinked languorously as you neared.
“Good evening,” the blond man greeted you, bowing slightly. “You must be Ms. _. Welcome to our home!”
You bowed in return. “Thank you.” You instructed him to call you by your first name. “This is my colleague, Seokjin Kim.”
“Call me Jin,” he said, bowing.
“I’m Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi, and this is my husband Yoongi,” the blond man introduced himself and the dark-haired man, who simply nodded.
You turned to introduce the band, but none of them had reached the porch yet. Jimin and Taehyung were standing in front of the bus, bickering about who would get to stay in the presidential suite (neither aware that the bed and breakfast did not have suites), and Jungkook was sitting in the gazebo, silently gazing up at the lights hanging above.
Huffing out a sigh, you gestured. “That’s Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook. They’ll be along in a minute.”
“No rush, they’re welcome to explore the grounds,” Hobi replied with another grin. “Why don’t we help you bring in your bags and then we’ll show you to your rooms? I’m sure after all that traveling, you’re about ready to crash.”
Luggage in hand, Hobi took you on a quick tour. Despite its large size, the interior of the house was incredibly cozy. There were six guest rooms upstairs, each with its own bath. Downstairs, there was a kitchen, dining room, another bathroom, sitting room, and library. The owners had a master suite down a hallway in the back.
You tried not to gawk, but it honestly felt like you were walking through an issue of Architectural Digest. Hardwood floors, wooden ceiling beams, and dark wood accents flowed throughout. All of the rooms downstairs had fireplaces, and the sitting room also included a baby grand piano tucked into the corner. The decor was an intriguing mix of antique and modern, from an exquisitely carved dining room table and chairs to a comfy couch straight out of a Swedish furniture catalog. And Christmas decorations had been stuffed into every available nook and cranny, with more poinsettias, wreaths, and Christmas trees than you’d ever seen in one house.
Walking through the house felt like touring Martha Stewart’s wet dream.
“How do we want to divide up the rooms?” Jin asked as you climbed the stairs.
“I don’t think it really matters, unless someone has a preference,” you responded. You followed Hobi to the end of the hall. “I'll take the first room down here.” Hobi nodded, carrying your bags inside for you.
“Then I’ll take the next,” Jin said. “Unless you’d prefer to share?”
What a stupid question. You stopped to gawk at him. “Why the fuck would I want to do that??”
Hobi returned to the other end of the hallway, where the band members were attempting to determine which room was the largest, despite multiple assurances that they were all the same size.
Jin leaned against the doorway of his room.
“Have you ever vacationed in this part of the country before during the winter?”
“Well,” his voice dropped low, “it gets awfully cold out here at night. You might want something to snuggle up to. Keep you warm.”
“And what, you’re offering yourself as an option?”
“If you’d like.”
You’d spent a lot of time working with this man, and most of it glaring at his handsome face in exasperation or disgust. He often gazed back at you with a cheeky twinkle in his eye. And there it was again.
But there was a tiny glimmer of something else, too. Something that made a slow heat crawl along your neck, despite the loathing that flowed through your veins.
Before you could even begin to envision his suggestion, you shut it down.
“That’s what blankets are for, Jin,” you sneered, opening the door to your room and slipping inside before he could reply.
Needing a few moments to yourself, you surveyed your room. A king-sized bed lay in the center of the room, covered in a fluffy stack of pillows and a plush down comforter. In the bathroom, you found a claw-footed tub, shower stall, and pedestal sink, and a soft white robe hung on the back of the door. Fresh white roses arranged in a slim vase greeted you on your nightstand.
The room would’ve been perfect for a relaxing vacation or romantic getaway. Too bad you were stuck on the work assignment from hell.
After freshening up a little, you rejoined the group downstairs. Everyone had gathered at the dining room table, which Yoongi had piled high with snacks - charcuterie boards overflowing with meats and cheeses, plates of crackers and toasted breads, and multiple platters of every Christmas cookie you could think of and even a few you didn’t recognize. You were more exhausted than hungry, so you nibbled on a gingerbread cookie while rehydrating.
“We received your itinerary,” Hobi informed you as he placed another platter of assorted cookies on the table. “Since you’re our only guests this week, we’ve adjusted our meal times to meet your needs.”
“Thank you, that’s wonderful,” you replied. “We appreciate your flexibility.”
“Of course. If there’s anything else we can do for you while you’re here, just let us know. Our home is your home.” He smiled and excused himself to join Yoongi in the kitchen.
The band chattered happily amongst themselves as they gorged on the delicious treats. You scrolled idly through your phone as Jin leaned across the table towards you.
“Care to join me for a nightcap? Hobi gave me a tour of the sitting room while you were upstairs and there’s a decanter of whiskey in there with my name on it.”
You glanced up. “A nightcap? Don’t you think you should get to bed so we can get a good start tomorrow? We have to be at the venue early for the interview.”
“Oh, come on, just one drink. It’s been a long day. Let go a little.” He waved his hand. “You know everything’s all set for tomorrow. But if it’ll ease your mind, we can still discuss the itinerary while we drink.”
Seokjin Kim, focusing on work for once? This you had to see.
“Fine. Just one.”
A pair of gorgeous red velvet couches sat on either side of the ornamental rug in front of the fireplace in the sitting room. Curling up on the corner of one, you tucked your legs underneath you as Jin played bartender with the decanter.
Handing you a tumbler, he lifted his in a toast. “To a successful trip.”
“To my promotion,” you countered with a grin.
“Okay, Princess, let’s just enjoy the drink, shall we?”
You dutifully clinked your glass against his, then brought it to your lips.
The delicious aroma washed over you as you swirled the brown liquor in your glass before taking your first sip. As the liquid coated your tongue, you held it there, savoring for a moment before swallowing.
“Mmm,” Jin hummed, inspecting his glass. “I think I need a bottle of this.” He smacked his lips obnoxiously.
Turning the glass around in your hands, you stared at the gentle sloshing of the liquor. “It’s sweeter than I typically prefer, but still has a bit of bite to it.”
Jin cocked an eyebrow. “You some kind of whiskey connoisseur?”
“Maybe,” you retorted, chin jutting out. “I’ve tasted enough to know what I like.”
Whatever dumb rejoinder was forming on Jin’s lips was interrupted by Mariah Carey.
🎵 All I want for Christmas is yoooooou 🎶
You cocked an eyebrow at his choice of ringtone.
“Tis the season,” he grinned, answering. “Go for Seokjin.”
Fuck, he even answered his phone like a tool.
“Hello, sir,” he suddenly sat bolt upright, glancing at you. “Yes, she’s here. Of course, one moment.” He set the phone between you on the couch.
“Okay, sir.”
“Good evening,” your boss’s voice boomed. “I assume there weren’t any problems with your flight?”
“No, sir,” you replied, frowning. Your boss wasn’t the type to micromanage, and he definitely wasn’t the type to phone just to exchange pleasantries. If he was calling, it meant he was extremely stressed about this album release.
“Good. The band isn’t giving you any trouble?”
“No, sir.”
“No issues with your travel or lodging arrangements?”
“No, sir.” You felt like a broken record, repeating yourself.
“Good, good. And everything is all set for tomorrow’s interview?”
Jin finally jumped in. “Everything is completely taken care of, sir. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. I give you my word that by the time you’re awake tomorrow, Euphoria’s Rise and Shine! Interview will be the top trending item on every social media platform.”
Stabbing the mute button on his phone, you turned to your coworker as your boss expressed how pleased he was to hear Jin’s response. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep!”
He clucked his tongue. “Have some faith, Princess. I know what I’m doing.” He unmuted the phone as Sejin began to wind down. “Thank you for checking in, sir. I really appreciate it. We’ll have Euphoria back in the number one spot by the time we touch down back home on Saturday!”
“Let’s hope so. That promotion is riding on it. For one of you, anyway.” As if you could forget. “Have a good evening.”
“You too, sir!” Jin pocketed his phone as he finished his whiskey.
“Holy shit, Jin, do you always have to kiss so much ass? How the fuck hasn’t Sejin gotten tired of your bullshit yet?”
“Are you jealous? I can kiss your ass too, if you want. Or anywhere else you’d like.” He puckered cartoonishly.
A gagging noise was your response, making him laugh. His stuttering windshield wiper giggle hit you like nails on a chalkboard.
You drained the last drop of your whiskey and stood. “Okay, I’m calling it. Good night, Jin.”
“Good night, Princess. Don’t forget - I’m just a wall away if you need me.”
You just rolled your eyes, dodging as he blew you a kiss. That ridiculous squawk of a giggle followed you up the stairs to your bedroom, where you closed the door with an exhausted sigh.
Saturday couldn’t arrive fast enough.
At five am on the dot, you tossed back the plush blankets on your ridiculously comfy bed and climbed out. Pausing by the window, you glanced out at the forest behind the house. Dawn was still several hours away, so the world outside was cloaked in darkness. Not an early riser by nature, you sighed, shuffling off to shower yourself awake.
To your complete lack of surprise, you were the first to arrive downstairs. Hobi sat at the dining room table, sipping on a mug of coffee, while Yoongi bustled back and forth from the kitchen, arms laden with plates of food - sausages, bacon, home fries, pancakes, basically any breakfast food you could think of, he brought out.
“Good morning,” Hobi beamed.
“Good morning.” Taking a seat, you smiled gratefully at Yoongi as he set a steaming mug of coffee in front of you. “Yoongi, you’ve outdone yourself. This is a veritable feast!”
“That’s my Yoongi,” Hobi cooed, pinching Yoongi’s cheek. “Always spoiling everyone.” Yoongi dipped his head in embarrassment, but not before you caught a little gummy smile lighting up his handsome face.
Feet pounded down the stairs, and Jungkook stuck his head into the dining room, purple hair bouncing. “Oh shit, that looks good!” he crowed, grabbing a plate and loading it with food. Jin arrived not long after, and followed suit. Jimin and Taehyung drifted down last, immediately digging into Yoongi’s banquet.
Jin was once again dressed to kill in another crisply tailored suit, this time in charcoal grey, a white tie expertly knotted at his throat. Meanwhile, you had dressed in a chunky oversized sweater and thick wool skirt with your knee-high boots, wanting to look stylish while staying warm at the concert venue.
And then there was the band.
Of the three, Jimin was the most casually dressed, if one could consider wearing a two thousand dollar red satin Saint Laurent jacket to be “casual.” Underneath, he wore a simple white t-shirt, with several long necklaces dangling on his chest, and black jeans. Taehyung appeared to be headed on a dreamy date, dressed in a blousy white top, slightly unbuttoned, with a black boutonniere and a black and white scarf tied loosely around his neck. And Jungkook’s tall frame was adorned in a sheer black top under a leopard print button up, completely unbuttoned, and obscenely tight leather pants.
Not exactly the best outfits for an interview about a holiday-themed album. You made a mental note to look into purchasing some ugly Christmas sweaters for the fan-meeting tomorrow - surely you could find those at Santa’s Workshop, right?
As everyone ate in comfortable silence, you cleared your throat.
“Morning, guys. We need to leave here no later than seven for the meet and greet with the mayor and the Rise and Shine! taping. Remember, this is live tv, and the local paper will be there to take photos as well. So please, no swearing and no rude gestures.” You stared directly at Jungkook, who nodded.
“Got it, Mom,” Jimin chirped as he reached for another stack of pancakes.
“Sorry, noona.”
Despite your months of experience working with the media, and despite the fact that you yourself were not going to be on tv, you were nervous as fuck as the band prepared for their interview. Tiny pinpricks of sweat began to bead on your forehead as you and Jin watched from the wings of the stage.
The venue for the big comeback concert was the town’s small community theatre space, a boxy room with a simple stage and approximately 200 seats in the audience. Beyond the Sound was clearly hoping for an intimate experience for the lucky ticket holders, all of whom were longtime Euphoria fan club members who had been randomly selected in a raffle.
Rise and Shine! had sent a single camera operator and one producer to oversee the remote interview, and they were hustling about, preparing for the live feed. The photographer from the local paper was sitting in the audience, waiting for the mayor to arrive so she could snap a few photos of him with the band. Meanwhile, the band members themselves were helping each other touch up their makeup. So you were left with only Jin to calm your nerves.
Naturally, he wasn't helping.
Instead of focusing on the scene in front of him, or helping you take your mind off of your anxiousness, Jin scrolled through his phone, giving off the appearance of a man who would rather be anywhere else in the world.
Well, honestly, so would you, but you had a fucking job to do, so you were going to make sure it went off without a hitch.
"Shouldn't the mayor be here by now?" you asked, glancing at your watch. In less than fifteen minutes, the irritatingly chipper hosts of the morning program would be streaming through the monitor in front of you as they asked Euphoria some blandly inane questions about their album. The mayor was supposed to participate in the conversation and really help sell the whole folksy angle your company was hoping to achieve.
“I’m sure he’s on his way. Just breathe, Princess.” Scroll, scroll, scroll.
“Stop. Calling. Me. That,” you spat through gritted teeth, as the door at the back of the theater suddenly slammed open.
“I’m here!” a voice yelled. As everyone watched, a tall, beefy man in a beanie and black peacoat dashed down the aisle towards the stage. He tripped over his own feet and you gasped, expecting him to faceplant, but he recovered and kept running.
Hand outstretched, he made a beeline for you and Jin. “I’m so sorry I’m late!” he huffed. “Hi, I’m Namjoon Kim, nice to meet you.”
“Mr. Mayor, it’s lovely to meet you,” You shook his hand. “Thank you for allowing us to hold our concert in your beautiful town!”
Jin snickered softly. If that ass kisser thought you were laying it on too thickly, then you definitely were overdoing it. Fighting the urge to stomp on his big clown feet, you smiled at the mayor as if you hadn’t heard anything.
“Oh, it’s our honor to host you! And please, call me Namjoon,” he smiled, shaking Jin’s hand in turn. “I was sad to hear that I wouldn’t get to meet Irene after all our correspondence. She seemed very… thorough.”
“Yeah, Irene never left anything to chance,” Jin laughed. “I can only imagine the novel-length emails she sent you.”
Another glance at your watch. Ten minutes. The band members had finished their touch-ups and were now… uh…
Where the hell had they gone?!
“Would you please excuse me?” you smiled at Namjoon, shot Jin a look, and left the two men standing there, discussing Irene’s Type A tendencies.
Wandering the backstage area of the theater, you hissed names like a balloon slowly leaking air. “Jimin? Taehyung? Jungkook! Where the hell are you??”
“Relax, noona.”
Stifling a scream, you whirled and found Jimin snickering behind you. “Fuck! Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to sneak up on a person?”
“I wasn’t sneaking, you just couldn’t hear me over the sound of your panicking,” he replied drolly. “Come on, they’re back here.”
You followed him into a small dressing room, where Taehyung and Jungkook were digging through racks of costumes.
“What are you -”
“Found one!” Jungkook interrupted you, proudly brandishing a Santa hat. “And look, here’s a pair of reindeer antlers, Jimin.” He tossed a headband at his bandmate.
“Perfect! What about Tae?”
Taehyung turned away from a mirror on the wall, where he had been inspecting his handsome visage. He tucked his long hair back, revealing a pair of elf ears.
You couldn’t help but laugh. “You guys look fantastic - very holiday appropriate! Now, why don’t you go get your mics and get ready for the countdown?”
Santa Jungkook and Elf Taehyung strolled out of the room. But Reindeer Jimin merely shook his head. “You really don’t have to worry about us, noona. We know what to do. How to hit our marks and spout the company lines.”
“I wasn’t worried!” you lied.
“Right. Of course not.” He trailed you back to the stage. “Why would you worry? It’s not like you haven’t heard a million nasty stories about us, right? About how difficult we are, how unprofessional, always needing tons of close handling. Nothing like that?”
You blinked, but didn’t reply, unsure what to say. The last thing you wanted to do was rile him up when they were mere seconds away from a live broadcast.
Jimin laughed derisively. “That’s what I thought.” He waved the producer over, patiently letting her mic him up. “I know what everyone at Beyond the Sound thinks of us, even though most of you never even met us.”
“I’m not sure what you’re referring to,” you fudged, trying to untangle yourself from this situation. “Beyond the Sound has always championed Euphoria. We’re doing everything we can to make sure you guys are taken care of, and to see that your comeback is a success.” You gave him a shaky smile. “We have your best interests at heart.”
“Ha!” he huffed, shaking his head. “Our best interests. If you say so, noona.”
He left you gawking as he joined his bandmates, introducing himself to the mayor. Four stools had been placed on the stage, in front of a simple snowy backdrop and a large fake Christmas tree. As they settled in, the producer waved her arm, indicating the countdown to being live had begun.
“You okay, Princess?” Jin whispered as you clenched and unclenched your fists, silently counting along with the producer.
“Of course,” you sniffed. “Everything’s fine.”
Jimin’s words had rattled you a little, but you weren’t about to tell Jin that.
“They’ve got this. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.”
The lights were off in the wings, and in the darkness, you could barely make out Jin’s profile. He looked completely relaxed, as usual.
“Will you stop saying that stupid phrase? It’s completely inane!”
Jin just honk laughed.
The interview went off without a hitch. Jimin was right - Euphoria were seasoned pros, and knew how to handle the press. The only slight hiccup came courtesy of the mayor. As he gestured to the venue space behind him, he nearly smacked Taehyung in the face. Taehyung spun to avoid his arm, which made Jimin guffaw, which led to him falling off his stool.
Could’ve been worse.
After lunch, the road crew showed up to set up for rehearsal. You sat in the audience and flipped through notes on your phone as the band practiced their setlist for the concert. Jin had folded himself into a seat in the row behind you, legs propped up, humming along to the music floating through the theater.
Euphoria’s new album was a mix of holiday standards like “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” and several original songs, including the one they were currently playing, nonsensically named “Claus I Said So!”
“Oh god,” Jin murmured, leaning forward to rest his arms on the back of the seat next to you. “This might be the worst Christmas song in the history of the world. How do they expect this to sell albums?”
You scowled at the sudden nearness of him. “They don’t. They expect us to sell them, remember?” He did have a point, though. The song was truly atrocious, the lyrics some vapid nonsense about how everyone had to do Santa’s bidding or there would be no Christmas this year. But all Santa kept telling everyone to do was to “rock!”
Mentally, you added earplugs to your list of items to bring to the concert.
“I’m honestly surprised they agreed to this album in the first place,” Jin admitted.
You stopped scrolling long enough to turn and look at him. “What do you mean?”
He shrugged. “I understand why they went along with the punk album. They do have legitimate musical talent and it was an opportunity to flex their skills. The screamo album took a lot of persuading from Irene, and I heard even Sejin had to cajole them a bit. But a holiday album?” He shook his head in disbelief. “Never thought they’d agree to it. Especially now that I’m hearing the songs they were given - could you imagine having to sing this crap with a straight face?”
“Literally what the fuck are you talking about?”
Euphoria were chameleons, constantly changing their look and their sound. But that was all them. Always their idea, always their music.
Wasn’t it?
Jin stared at you. “Oh, Princess, tell me you know.”
“I know what?” Your eyes narrowed.
“That Beyond the Sound is responsible for all of Euphoria’s crazy reinventions? The company plans out every album, from concept to songs?” His eyebrows shot up at your silence. “Oh no, you really thought they came up with all that crap?” He gestured at the stage. “Do they look like they want to be performing this tripe?”
The song ended, shifting into another original tune, “Don’t Be Elfish,” as you carefully examined the members on stage. Jimin’s eyes were as lifeless as a doll’s as he crooned into the microphone. Taehyung strummed his bass mindlessly, staring into space. Jungkook looked like an automaton, drumming mechanically.
They all seemed absolutely miserable.
Holy shit, how could you have missed this? All this time, thinking the band was full of chaotic wildlings who jumped from genre to genre on a whim, with no rhyme or reason. Assuming they were monsters that couldn’t be tamed.
And why had you thought these things? Because that’s what your company told you.
“Why what?”
You twisted in your seat to face him. “Why would they agree to this? To any of this?”
“Their contract. Beyond the Sound basically locked them into a terrible deal. Their original manager was… not a good guy.” He pursed his lips. “He made a hell of a lot of money off of them when they signed with Beyond the Sound, then split. Our company uses them as guinea pigs, trying to tap into new markets. The punk rock album got them a bunch of deals, but that last album didn’t net any new clients. Or fans.”
Well, shit. Maybe you needed to stop assuming so much based on what you heard around the office. That place seemed to be overflowing with lies.
Then again, how did you know that Jin wasn’t lying to you right now? Why should you trust him? He’d probably heard all this stuff through the rumor mill, too.
“That is… unfortunate. But at the end of the day, they signed on the dotted line. They agreed to this.” Even as the words left your lips, you doubted them slightly. But if you had to pick between listening to your employer or listening to your maddening coworker, you were choosing Beyond the Sound. “If they want those albums to sell, they’ll suck it up and sing those terrible songs.”
Were you imagining things or did Jin look disappointed with your response?
“Right. It’s all about the bottom line. Good thing you’re here to keep everything under control, Princess.” He leaned back again, out of sight.
But not out of mind, as his words kept tumbling through your head.
“This one’s for you, noona,” Jimin’s voice boomed over the sound system, interrupting your thoughts. You looked up to see him pointing at you, and the band launched into a slinky cover of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” Jimin’s smooth voice poured out of the speakers, but it wasn’t loud enough to cover Jin’s laughter behind you.
“Shut it, Jin!”
The band seemed beat by the time rehearsal ended. The ride back to the Blitzen Inn was quiet. You didn’t mind, because you were still trying to make sense of your conversations with Jimin and Jin.
But everyone perked up once they saw what a feast Yoongi had whipped up for dinner. Large slabs of meat, various types of potatoes and grilled vegetables, and freshly baked breads covered the dining room table. As everyone tucked in, Hobi played the gracious host, a role he was well suited to, asking questions and keeping the conversation rolling.
“So, this is your first time visiting the east coast in winter?” he inquired, pouring you some more wine.
“Mmmhmm. Any time I’ve been here before was during the summer.” You swirled your wine, letting it breathe. “I’m a little disappointed, honestly, that there’s no snow. I’ve never seen any.”
“Never?” Jin interjected, looking surprised. “None at all?”
You shook your head sadly.
“Not even at a ski resort or anything?”
“What exactly aren’t you grasping about never, Jin?”
“Well, I have some good news for you, then,” Hobi cut in with a smile. “They’re predicting we’ll get a little dusting tonight. Not much, but enough to cover the ground, at least.”
“It’s gonna snow?” Jungkook looked up from wolfing down his food. “When?”
“Later tonight. Again, it’s probably not going to amount to much, but at least you’ll get to finally see some,” Hobi said to you.
What a pleasant surprise. None of the weather channels you’d monitored prior to the trip had mentioned anything about snow. You didn’t care if it wasn’t going to amount to much - all you wanted to was to see those precious little snowflakes drifting down, just once. That would be more than enough.
“You know, snowy nights are perfect for cuddling by the fire,” Jimin informed you, sliding his chair closer. “Just picture it - you, me, a bottle of wine. Curled up on the couch, keeping each other warm. Doesn’t that sound nice?”
“What is this weird obsession with keeping me ‘warm’? Am I giving off hypothermic vibes?” you scoffed, taking a swig of wine.
Jin cackled as you held out your glass for more wine.
Dessert was yet another delicious extravaganza, this time a grand selection of little cakes. Yoongi truly did spoil his guests. Afterward, Jin retired to his room to “network,” which you assumed meant he was probably going to nap. The band took up residence in the library, crowding around the piano as they discussed some tweaks to the concert setlist. Hobi and Yoongi were in the kitchen cleaning, so you had the sitting room to yourself. You turned on a fluffy holiday movie, a guilty pleasure of yours, letting it play in the background as you answered some work emails.
It wasn’t until halfway through the movie - just as the confused protagonist was about to realize she might have feelings for the antagonizing male lead - that you caught something flickering in the fading evening light outside the window.
Quickly setting your work aside, you dashed out into the hallway, grabbing your puffer coat from the rack by the door. Others must’ve noticed the snow as well, judging by the excited shouts you heard behind you as you pulled the front door open.
The world outside was awash in white. Snowflakes tumbled through the air, gently coming to rest on the lawn. You walked through the yard, tempted to spin in circles like the lead of one of those silly holiday movies you loved to hate.
Aw, fuck it.
Arms outstretched, you twirled, giggling to yourself as you tilted your face towards the sky. Opening your mouth, you caught a few flakes, letting them melt away on your tongue.
Eventually, your wandering led you to the gazebo, where you sat on a bench under the Christmas lights, feeling a strange sense of peace. The world was hushed, a serene silence falling over everything. You weren’t sure how long you’d been sitting there when you heard Jin’s voice.
“Oh, I missed it.”
You shifted and saw Jin walking towards the gazebo. He shuffled forward to join you, wrapped in his red plaid coat again, with a navy scarf tied around his neck, a rosy glow on his cheeks as the night air nipped at his face.
“You haven’t missed anything. It’s been snowing for a while.”
“Yeah, but I wanted to see it start. There’s something really magical about those first flakes.”
“Is that so?” Standing, you propped yourself against one of the pillars holding the roof up, and turned your face to the sky to watch the snow, sighing happily. Not even his irksome presence could bother you right now.
He nodded, stepping a little closer. “I grew up in the north, you know. There’s this moment when the cold air gets so crisp, you can almost feel time slowing, like it’s starting to freeze, too. The world stills. And then the clouds themselves begin to fall, bit by bit, fluttering to the ground as tiny snowflakes.”
“Fuck, maybe you should be in PR instead of management. You’re really selling it,” you commented drily.
Jin smiled, huffing a soft laugh. “I’m just trying to explain how beautiful that moment is. I really wanted to experience it again. And I…” He trailed off, shaking his head.
“You what?” you prompted him.
He cleared his throat. “I wanted to see the first snow with you. To share it with you, since I know you’ve never experienced it before.”
You hadn’t realized how close he was standing until you caught his gaze, his eyes shimmering like the delicate flakes that danced around you. His tongue licked nervously at his plump lips as his face angled down towards yours.
He looked so handsome in the soft glow of the Christmas lights, you could almost forget how annoying he was.
“Well, that’s just too bad,” you murmured, stepping down from the gazebo onto the path back to the house.
“Did you enjoy it, at least?” he called out as you retreated.
“It was lovely,” you replied over your shoulder, not looking back.
Nearly everyone had drifted outside to admire the snowfall. Hobi and Yoongi cuddled on the porch swing as Jungkook perched on the edge of the steps, attempting to pack what little snow was on the ground into a snowball. You briefly considered bribing him to aim for Jin.
Meanwhile, Jimin leaned in the doorway. “Come watch the snow with me, noona,” he wheedled, batting his eyelashes. “Look.” He pointed to where a little green sprig dangled over the porch swing. “Want to take a turn after our hosts get up?”
You rolled your eyes. “Give it up, Park.”
“Aw, come on, you don’t want to sit under the mistletoe with me?” He pouted. Despite your best efforts, your gaze flitted to his luscious mouth briefly. You knew millions of his fans would die to be in your shoes at that moment.
If only you could switch with any one of them.
“Believe it or not, I don’t.” you remarked, sweeping past him into the house. Over your shoulder, you called out, “Besides, mistletoe is not romantic. It’s a parasite!”
“Don’t worry. He knows you’re not interested,” a deep voice rang out from the library as you passed by.
You wandered into the room to find Taehyung sitting at the baby grand, fingers gently coaxing a soft melody from the keys.
“What did you say?”
“Jimin.” His dark eyes assessed you as you took a seat in a plump armchair near the wall of books. “He knows. He’s just flirting for show.”
“Jimin? The world renowned player?” You frowned. “Flirting is his first language. What do you mean, it’s for ‘show’?”
“He’s acting. Playing the part written for him, to prevent the truth from getting out.”
You were lost. “And that is…?”
“He’s celibate.”
“Shut up!” You popped upright, stunned. “But… all those scandals! What about the flings, the one night stands?
“They never existed.” The key changed, shifting to minor. “All lies, dreamt up by Beyond the Sound, to deflect from the reality of the situation.”
“Why?” Once again, you found yourself struggling to understand. “Why would they fabricate such wild stories? Why hide the fact he’s celibate?”
Taehyung laughed mirthlessly. “To mold him into their desired image. Who wants a lead singer who’s abstinate? Euphoria needs a sexy star for fans to ooh and ahh over.”
Mulling his words, you fell silent, allowing Taehyung’s song to wash over you as you reflected. He was such a gifted pianist, and you mourned all the music he’d never been given the chance to play, being forced to perform Beyond the Sound’s dreck instead.
“Taehyung… when you were working on the punk album… why did you lock yourself in the studio for six days?”
If the sudden change in topic threw him, you wouldn’t know it. He continued to play as he answered. “I never did that. That’s when I flew back to Korea, to be with my family when my father was ill.” He dipped his head, striking the keys hard as the music swelled. “But we couldn’t have that getting out, could we? Wouldn’t exactly look like a tempermental artiste if it turned out that not only did I not write the album, but I spent the time I was supposed to be doing so at my ailing father’s bedside.”
Fuck, was anything you’d ever heard at work even remotely true?
“And what about Jungkook? I remember Irene comparing him to a wild animal, running untamed.”
He gave you a look. “You’ve seen him. He’s not some feral beast. He's… he’s a puppy. Too much energy, sure, but also full of boundless enthusiasm. And sweetness. He’d do anything for any of us, even our hosts if they asked.”
You ruminated for a moment. “Okay, so, basically, everything I know about Euphoria is a lie. But… why are you telling me all of this?” you asked.
He shrugged, fingers gently coaxing out quiet notes as the song began to diminuendo. “If I can be blunt?”
Waving your hand, you granted him permission.
“You don’t strike me as the next Irene. Or Sejin. You still have a soul.” He grinned sadly. “Don’t let Beyond the Sound take that from you.”
You blinked. Well, shit, you had told him he could be blunt.
The grandfather clock in the hallway struck ten.
“Don’t stay up too late, Taehyung,” you advised as you stood to leave. “Even if we don’t have an early start tomorrow, you should still get some rest.”
“Noted, noona.”
As you crossed the room, he called out your name, and you paused in the doorway.
“Maybe we’re not the only ones who deserve a second look.” His song ended, the last note sustaining as he turned to face you.
Okay, he was getting a little too personal now. But damn if he didn’t have perfect timing. Like a true artist.
With a curt nod, you walked away, heading for the quiet respite of your bed, and the blissful promise of sleep.
Snow. Everywhere you looked, as you stared out the window the next morning. The world was covered in white, shimmering in the cloud-filtered glow of the morning sun.
Bundling up in your robe, still dressed in your silky pajama set, you trudged downstairs and found Jin, Yoongi, and Hobi already gathered in the sitting room, watching the news. All were still in their pajamas as well. Jin was of course wearing a set of Louis Vuitton sleepwear. At this point, you assumed he’d just bought out the entire boutique.
“That’s right, Bob, as you can see here, we’re up to 13 inches and snow is still coming down! Looks like we might get that white Christmas after all!” the orange-hued weatherman yapped as he pointed to the screen behind him.
“Someone needs to lay off the self-tanner,” Jin snarked as Yoongi greeted you with a steaming mug of coffee. You were really going to miss the incredible service here when you returned home.
“Did he say 13 inches?” you inquired, blowing into your beverage.
Hobi nodded. “So far!”
Walking over to the windows, you peered outside. The road leading to the house was nowhere in sight. Yoongi joined you, munching on a biscuit held in one hand, the other clutching his coffee.
“At what time do they plow the road?”
Hobi and Yoongi laughed before they caught your expression.
“Oh, you’re serious?” Hobi blinked.
You frowned. “Sorry, lifelong beachtown resident here. I don’t know how it works when it snows. The city plows the roads, don’t they?” Leaving Yoongi at the window, you plopped down on the couch, grabbing a biscuit from a tray on the coffee table and slathering on some butter.
“Sure, they plow public roads. But we’re on a private road out here. So we’d have to plow it ourselves. And we don’t own anything that could do the job.” Yoongi explained. Almost 24 hours in their house and this was the first time you’d heard Yoongi actually speak.
“Plus, anyone who could do it for us is going to be busy today. And even if we could get the road plowed, the snow hasn’t actually stopped. So if you leave, you might end up snowed in somewhere else.” Hobi continued. “Or worse, you could get into a horrible accident on the slick roads.”
Jin sipped his coffee. “That all sounds terrible. Essentially, you’re saying we’re stuck here.” “For now, at least,” Hobi stated.
You and Jin exchanged a look. But before you could speak, a loud whoop sounded from upstairs. The two of you rushed to the doorway to see what was happening. “WOOOOOO! LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW!”
Jungkook stampeded down the stairs, clad in only a towel. His dark purple hair dripped puddles on the hardwood as he dashed barefoot to the front door, wrenching it open. “I’m gonna make snow angels!” he shouted as he sprinted outside.
“What just happened?” you asked, stunned.
“Am I seeing things or is he only wearing a towel?” Jin asked.
From his post at the window, Yoongi smirked. “Well, he was wearing a towel.”
The speed with which you snapped out of your trance and ran outside was nothing short of superhuman. “Jungkook, naked snow angels aren’t a thing!!”
By midday, the snowfall total was up to 18 inches. And there seemed to be no end in sight.
“I don’t understand,” you groused, still in your robe, still on the couch. “Aren’t these people supposed to be professionals? Don’t they make an entire career out of predicting this stuff? How did they not see this coming??”
Irene had done an incredible amount of legwork for the trip, including compiling initial weather reports and consulting almanacs to determine how close to the holiday the concert could occur without the threat of inclement weather. Once you’d taken over, you’d done the same, making sure to keep updated on any changes that could potentially derail the concert.
Not a single report had said anything about a freaking blizzard.
You mentally added meteorologists to your ever-growing list of enemies. It was practically a novel at this point.
Everyone was now gathered in the sitting room, all staring at the tv in surprise and dismay. Well, you were dismayed. Jungkook was thrilled, Taehyung and Jimin were a strange mix of concerned and excited, and Hobi and Yoongi were indifferent.
And Jin? He was relaxed as always.
“It is what it is,” Jin proclaimed sagely. You stopped glaring at the weatherman long enough to glare at him instead. “What? I’m just saying, we can’t do anything or go anywhere right now. Might as well make the best of it.”
“That’s the idea!” Hobi chirped, nudging his husband. “Yoongs, maybe we can whip up a special snow day dinner for everyone? Something to warm them and lift their spirits at the same time.”
Yoongi tipped his head, contemplating. “Let me see what I have to work with. Maybe some sort of stew? Of course, if we’re having stew, I’ll need to bake some sort of crusty bread to go with it…” He trailed off as he strolled into the kitchen.
“Perfect.” Hobi clapped his hands, rubbing them excitedly. “Until then, we have plenty to keep you entertained! In addition to books, there are puzzles and games in the library. And we have lots of extra winter gear on hand, in case anyone wants to go outside.”
“If anyone needs me, I’ll be napping.” Taehyung announced as he disappeared upstairs.
“You said there are puzzles in the library?” Jimin inquired, drawing a curious look from you. “Some people meditate. I do jigsaws, okay? They’re very calming.” He wandered off in search of his zen.
“Jungkook, have you ever made a snowman?”
Jungkook just looked at Hobi with wide eyes, who giggled and gestured for the drummer to follow him.
“Hey, do you hear that?” Jin cupped his hand behind his ear.
“I don’t hear anything.”
“Exactly! Isn’t it wonderful?” Jin grinned. “If this snow gets us out of babysitting for a few hours, then it can’t be that bad, can it?” He stretched and leaned back on the couch, flipping idly through the channels. “I think I’m just going to watch a movie. What about you?”
“Are you serious?” you sputtered incredulously. “What am I going to do? I’m going to do my job! Which is what you should be doing!”
Confusion twisted Jin’s pretty features. “What exactly am I supposed to do? Did you not just have the same conversation as the rest of us? We’re stuck here!”
“Just because our hosts don’t want to hire a plow doesn’t mean we should just give up! I refuse to believe we’re just housebound for the day. There has to be a way to get someone out here to dig us out!”
“The band will be fine if they can’t rehearse today. They’re pros.”
All you could think about was your boss’s threat about Irene not being the only one leaving Beyond the Sound. “Sure, that’s fine, but what about the fan signing event tonight? We need that support!”
Jin frowned, eyebrows drawing in tight. “Come on, you heard what Hobi and Yoongi said. The plows are going to be busy with public roads. And we shouldn’t go out there until the snow stops. Do you really want to spend the night at that Christmas shop if we end up snowed in?”
You threw up your hands. “No, of course not! But I can’t just sit here and do nothing. I’m not built that way.”
“Built what way?”
“Built like you!”
“Yah, what does that mean?” He blinked, sitting up.
“It means that I can’t just take it easy and smile and wink and expect everything to magically fall into place for me!” All the frustration that had been building as the snow fell was starting to bubble to the surface as your voice rose slightly. “If you can’t use your charms to get it done, then it’s not getting done! Meanwhile I work my ass off, because I actually give a damn about my job!”
“Again with the snide comments about me not taking things seriously! Is that really what you think of me?” Jin asked, jumping to his feet. “That I’m some lazy asshole who doesn’t give a shit?” “Well, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and shoots finger guns like a fucking lameass duck... ” Springing to your feet, you took a step forward as he stepped back. “Yes, that’s exactly what I think!”
At that moment, Yoongi walked into the room carrying a tray of cookies. Spotting the two of you circling the coffee table in an intense standoff, he smoothly executed a swift one-eighty degree turn, and walked back out of the room.
“Are you kidding me? I’m the only one here who cares!”
Laughing dismissively, you doubled over. “You? YOU? Come the fuck on!”
“Yes, me! Because I am the only one concerned about our clients!”
Red. Your vision literally turned red for a second as your blood boiled. “Excuse me?? How dare you insinuate that I don’t care about them!”
“It’s true!” he nearly shouted, gesturing wildly with his hands as he spoke. “You care about the job, sure - just the numbers! Ratings, views, sales. That’s it! That’s all you give a damn about! Meanwhile, I’m trying to ensure that our clients - the actual living breathing musicians we’re meant to serve, the people - are safe and sound and happy! Look at right now, for example - you really want to send them out there in this?” He waved his hand towards the window. “Why? Just so they can sell a few albums?”
“It’s not just a few albums, it’s also our jobs on the line,” you hissed.
Jin just shook his head. “Not to mention, they’ve told us how miserable they are with Beyond the Sound - don’t look so shocked, I know what they’ve said to you, because they’ve said it to me, too! But all you do is recite the company line to get them to shut up and do whatever is best for the numbers - not what is best for them!”
A loud voice hollered from upstairs. You and Jin drifted into the hallway to peer up the stairs at Taehyung, who leaned over the railing, looking pissed off in his plaid pajamas.
“Some people are trying to sleep! Either take this outside, or buy me some better ear plugs!”
Neither of you responded, locked in a fierce staring contest.
“Well?” You gestured in Taehyung’s direction. “Your client is not happy, Jin! Shouldn’t you do something about it?”
Jin glared at you. “Just tell me - are you planning on doing your oh-so-important work out of this room today?”
You blinked, confused at the abrupt shift. “Maybe? I haven’t decided yet, why?”
“Because,” he yelled over his shoulder as he stomped up the stairs, “I want to be wherever you are not!” He punctuated his sentence by slamming his bedroom door shut.
Jimin’s head poked out of the library doorway. He clicked his tongue disapprovingly. “Uh-oh, Mom and Dad are fighting. Looks like we’re getting two Christmases this year!”
“Shut it, Park!” you snapped, whirling and stalking back into the sitting room. Sinking onto the couch, you stared at the ceiling, wondering exactly when things had gone from potential nightmare to outright catastrophic disaster.
Despite you doing your best all afternoon to find one, there were no plows anywhere even remotely nearby who could dig you out. Which meant the fan-signing event at Santa’s Workshop had to be cancelled.
By the time dinner ended, you were starting to worry that the concert tomorrow might also suffer the same fate.
And that no matter how hard you tried, you weren’t going to pull off this assignment after all.
A long dram of your hot cocoa did little to settle your nerves, despite the large kick of peppermint schnapps Yoongi had generously added for you. This was your second mug, and you were still too keyed up to feel the effects of the liquor.
“At some point, it will stop snowing, right?” You asked the question half in jest, gazing out the window of the sitting room at the flakes that just kept falling and falling, but the tone of your voice betrayed your anxiety.
For once, you’d gotten your wish. The world outside was indeed a sea of white. Unfortunately, it seemed to be just as boundless as the ocean itself.
“Don’t worry,” Hobi said comfortingly, “it can’t snow forever.” He was lying on one of the velvet couches, still keeping an eye on the weather channel.
Jimin and Yoongi sat on the floor around the coffee table, assembling a jigsaw of a covered bridge together. Jungkook was draped across the other couch, lost in his VR headset again. You could hear Taehyung in the library, tickling the ivories and providing you with rather soothing background music.
Or it would have been soothing were you not wound so tightly that you were about to pop.
Jin had returned to his room as soon as the dishes were cleared from the dinner table. You were fine with that. Let the baby pout. After what he’d said to you, accusing you of only caring about numbers, you hoped you didn’t see his stupid face again for as long as possible.
Yoongi glanced up at his husband, idly flipping a puzzle piece over in his long fingers. “Remember that snowstorm two years ago? Snowed for almost 48 hours straight. I think that’s the longest I’ve ever seen.” You must’ve looked frightened at the prospect of the snow continuing for another day, because he hastily added, “But I’m sure that won’t be the case today. That was a freak storm, a fluke.”
“You mean, a fluke like an unexpected blizzard?” you squeaked.
Yoongi’s mouth set in a firm line. “This is why I usually don’t talk to our guests.”
Hobi rubbed his husband’s shoulder reassuringly. “It’s okay, dear.”
“If the concert’s cancelled, is it really the end of the world?” Jimin mused. “The album will drop no matter what. Our fans know it’s coming.”
You bit your lip, remembering Sejin’s words. “There’s a lot more riding on this than you know, Park,” you muttered under your breath, turning away from the others in the room to stare forlornly out the window.
As you watched the swirling eddies of snow drift past the window, something gnawed at you.
You’d always known Beyond the Sound was a greedy corporation, bent on dominating the charts and keeping the cash flowing in. You weren’t naive. Or at least, you hadn’t thought you were. But how had you missed the way your company was treating its clients? You truly thought they were being taken care of while Beyond the Sound rode their success all the way to the bank.
All the conversations you’d had in the past 24 hours left you unsettled, and had you wondering if you even wanted your promotion anymore. Yet you couldn’t stop thinking of it as already yours. Maybe if the concert got cancelled, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, as Jimin had said… even if you lost your job?
Damn, the schnapps must’ve been kicking in, if you were contemplating unemployment without batting an eye.
With a sigh, you wandered away from the window. It was funny how quickly you’d tired of that unending whiteness outside.
Hobi patted the space on the couch next to him and you took a seat.
“So now what?” you asked. “We just… sit here and keep waiting?”
“Yep.” Hobi ran his fingers through Yoongi’s hair as he leaned against his legs. You averted your gaze, trying to ignore the way your heart panged at the soft sight. It had been so long since someone had stroked your hair like that. “We hunker down and wait for it to pass. Eventually, we’ll have to dig ourselves out, and figure out the plow situation. But until the snow stops, there’s nothing for us to do, but eat, drink, and be merry!” He grinned, his sunny personality not dimmed in the slightest by the stressful situation unfolding around him.
What it must be like to be an optimist. Couldn’t be you.
“We’ll be fine, noona,” Jimin concurred, smiling reassuringly. “As long as the - “
The room was suddenly plunged into darkness. Total, complete blackness, almost smothering you. Your heart leapt into your throat.
“ - power doesn’t go out.”
Yoongi’s voice piped up. “You just had to say something about the power, didn’t you?”
An hour later, the electricity was still out. Candles placed around the sitting room provided weak illumination, shadows flickering as everyone settled in around the fireplace.
Well, everyone minus Jin, who remained in his room. Maybe he was sleeping through the blackout. Maybe he was still being a jerk. Those things weren’t mutually exclusive.
You’d finally shed your bathrobe, replacing it with the down comforter from your bed. Everyone else was similarly bundled in their bedding as you waited to find out what was going on outside.
A hand-cranked radio brought you bad news - the power was out for more than half the state, with no estimates of when it would return. Your hosts had some minor good news, in that they had a gas-powered generator, but it could only run for 12 hours max before it would need refilling. And that would be difficult to do if it kept snowing.
“We should reserve the generator to power the fridge and to keep the water from the well running,” Yoongi explained. “For now, I think it’s best we all hang out downstairs, where the fireplaces can help us stay warm.”
“What about Jin-hyung?” a pile of blankets on the floor asked. A purple-haired head poked out. “Should someone go get him?”
Everyone looked at you.
“Why me?” you bristled. “You all heard that asshole earlier. Fuck, I think the surrounding states heard him announce he doesn’t want to be anywhere near me!”
“Maybe this is a good chance to apologize,” Taehyung intoned, leveling a look in your direction. You shot back a glare, and he suddenly seemed to find the dancing flames in the fireplace very interesting.
Jimin wouldn’t meet your eye, and Jungkook dove back into his blankets. With a frustrated sigh, you arranged your comforter around yourself like a cape, and angrily stalked upstairs.
Armed with a flashlight, courtesy of Hobi, you exhaled loudly before knocking on Jin’s door.
“Jin? Are you awake?”
Silence. He was probably sleeping after all. Well, you tried, so maybe everyone could get off your back.
A muffled voice called out as you turned to leave. “What do you want?”
Just the sound of his voice made your teeth clench. “Everyone’s downstairs waiting for the power to come back. It’s warmer down there, with the fireplaces. You should come down too.”
No response.
“Jin, did you hear me? You shouldn’t stay upstairs right now.” You frowned. “Don’t freeze your ass off because you’re a stubborn - “
The door flew open, and your rant died on your lips as you were met by a very rumpled Jin, who’d clearly just woken up. His normally polished facade was missing. Instead, he looked very soft, eyes blinking sleepily, mouth yawning gently. He still wore his pajama pants, but he’d removed his top.
Your eyes swept over his broad chest and the curve of his biceps as he leaned his arm on the doorframe. He was more well-built than you’d ever imagined, a slight ripple of abs greeting you as you jerked your gaze away before it drifted too far south.
Not that you’d ever imagined him shirtless. Of course not.
Well, maybe when you’d first met, before he’d opened his mouth.
Suddenly incredibly conscious of where you were looking, you stared at his hair. Such majestic fluff, the shiny strands bouncing as he dragged a hand over his face, peering at you questioningly. You longed to run your fingers through it. It probably felt like silk.
Okay, no more schnapps for you.
“Stubborn what?”
You shook your head. “Nevermind. Look, just come down, okay? There’s no estimate on when the power will return, so we’re keeping warm by the fire.”
The gaze that swept over you was cold, appraising. “Nah. I’m fine here.”
Jin tried to close the door, but you stuck your foot in, blocking it. He kept pushing, and you shoved against the door, stumbling through the gap into his room.
“Hey! I’m trying to keep you from dying of hypothermia, you prick!” you snapped, yanking your blanket through the door as it swung shut. You set the flashlight on the floor, aiming it upward so that the room was dimly lit by the beam.
He just huffed out a noisy breath, flopping onto his bed. “Don’t be so dramatic. It’s not that cold.”
“Not yet, but it will be, the longer we go without the heating on.”
“Oh, now you’re an expert on how exposure works? Great. Let me just settle in for this lecture,” he grumbled, burying his face into his pillow.
You were cursed. That was the only explanation for why you were stuck with this giant manbaby, in an unexpected blizzard, during the most important week of your career.
And you were over it.
Tossing your blanket cape to the floor, you stalked across the room and jumped onto his bed, jostling him violently.
“What the fuck are you doing?” he yelped, rolling onto his back. You drew yourself up onto your knees, straddling his calves as you glared down at him.
“Clearly, you and I are never going to see eye-to-eye on how we work. That’s fine. We don’t have to be friends. I just need you to stop being a baby and come downstairs because I’m pretty sure I’m not getting that promotion if I return to work without you because you froze to death!”
Jin sat up quickly, knocking you off balance as his face suddenly came within inches of yours. “Yah, that promotion is mine, first of all! And secondly, I’m not going to freeze!”
“Why can’t you just do what I’m asking you to?” you snarled, poking him in the chest.
“Why can’t you just realize that maybe your way isn’t the only way!” he retorted, grabbing your hand.
“You drive me insane!”
His eyes flashed as he tugged on your hand, pulling you closer. “The feeling’s mutual, Princess!”
Before you could shout once again about that irritating nickname, his lips smashed against yours.
Despite the quickly chilling room around you, you were burning up, flames licking at your skin as Jin ran his hands down your back, holding you flush against him as your mouths fought for dominance. Biting, tongues colliding, grunting and sighing into one another.
Fuck, he was an incredible kisser. His plump lips felt like heaven as they tangoed viciously with yours. Why the fuck were you always fighting, when you could be doing this instead?
“I bet you’ve been dreaming about this, Princess,” he murmured, mouth gliding down your neck.
Oh, right, because he was a complete asshat.
“Hardly.” Your teeth found his earlobe and you nibbled sharply, making him gasp. “I’m only doing this so you’ll shut the fuck up for a moment and listen to me.”
He laughed, lips vibrating against your throat, and then it was your turn to gasp as he threw you onto your back, covering your body with his own.
The solid warmth of him did nothing to cool you down as he kissed you urgently. Hands roamed everywhere. Your fingers combed through his messy hair, and you belatedly noted that the strands were in fact as smooth as satin.
Jin’s lips trailed down your chest, over your shirt, and stopped at your waist. “I don’t suppose you’d want to take this off,” he said, jerking on the hem of your top, “considering we might turn into icicles at any second.”
Scowling, you shoved him away. “Shut the fuck up and undress me.” Less talking, more action. You didn’t want to think anymore.
You just wanted to feel.
Jin complied, ridding you of your pajamas in seconds. He let out an appreciative hum when he noticed that you wore nothing underneath, hands immediately flying to your breasts, caressing them. Urging you to lie back down, his mouth closed in until he captured a nipple between his teeth.
For several heavenly minutes, no words were spoken. The only sounds in the room were the wet noises of his mouth as he suckled at your tits, lavishing both with attention, and the sighs of satisfaction that spilled from your lips.
Eventually, you broke the spell. “Jin.”
“Mmm?” he hummed around your nipple. Dark eyes gazed at you, and you clenched at the heat you recognized in them.
It was the same blaze that burned in you.
“As nice as this is, can we move things along?” Your pussy ached terribly, dying for his touch.
He snorted, pulling off your tit with a pop. “You really can’t stop and enjoy yourself for very long, can you? Always down to business.”
You would’ve argued, but as he spoke, his hand sank between your legs, finding and stroking your clit. So instead, all that came out was, “Hnnnnnghhh,” as you bucked against him.
“Maybe I need to help you, huh? Show you how to relax.” He licked a line between your breasts, down your navel, towards where his slender fingers were now sliding through your folds. “Ah, so wet. Good. You’re gonna need to be soaking for me.”
“What does that - ohhhhh.”
One long finger slipped inside, crooking, dragging against your inner wall. Your eyes slipped shut in bliss.
Only to reopen in surprise as his mouth closed around your clit.
If you’d thought his lips felt amazing against your mouth, the sensation of him kissing that tiny bud was out of this world. His finger continued to slide inside you as he licked at your slit.
“More,” you demanded breathily, hands digging into the soft sheets of his bed. He was moving too slowly for your liking - wasn’t he burning up, too?
“Patience, Princess. I have to get you ready,” he insisted, slipping a second finger inside. You tossed your head back at the intrusion.
“What the… oh… the fuck do you mean, get me ready? I’m not a fucking virgin, dumbass.”
In response, Jin removed his hand, making you whimper at the loss. He jumped off of the bed and untied the drawstring on his pajama bottoms, letting them drop to the floor.
Holy fucking shit.
“Holy fucking shit,” you gasped, staring at the biggest cock you’d ever seen. Outside of porn, at least. No wonder he was always so confident, so sure of himself. It was easy to know you could always stand on your own two feet when you a third fucking leg to back you up.
He merely grinned, lazily stroking himself as he watched your reaction. “Like I said. I have to get you ready.”
That was going inside you? Fuck. “Well, then get back here and fucking get to work!”
“As you wish, Princess.” He climbed back onto the bed, once again settling between your legs.
“Jin, enough with the damn nicknaooohhhhh.” Your snipe turned into a moan as his fingers scissored you open. A third finger joined the fray and you were lost in rapture for a moment. Even though the stretch felt unusual, the way Jin pumped his hand made your toes curl.
His other hand splayed on your stomach, holding you in place no matter how much you squirmed. He lowered his head to nibble on your thighs, making you squeak, before his tongue plunged into your core.
“I could do this all night,” he professed, grinning mischievously. His chin was slick with your wetness. The sight was incredibly obscene and incredibly arousing. “Just lie here, tasting you, making you come undone on my fingers. Would you like that?”
“Nnnnnoooo,” you groaned, knowing that the way your body reacted to his touches told a different story.
He laughed, eyes crinkling with delight, fingers never ceasing. “I don’t believe you. As a matter of fact, I think I should do just that. Make you cum again and again. Show you how to enjoy yourself.” He licked his lips. “I know I’m enjoying you, that’s for damn sure.”
Part of you wanted to lie there and make him fulfill his threatened promises. But you could see his massive dick as it slapped against his stomach, and all you wanted was to go for a ride.
“Jin.” Somehow you managed to bite back a moan long enough to speak. “Either get me off right now or fuck me.”
“Again with the orders!” He sighed dramatically, rolling his eyes to the ceiling. “Fine. Have it your way, Princess.”
This time, when he pulled his hand away, you didn’t whimper. You full-on wailed.
His shoulders shook with laughter as he rummaged through his suitcase, searching for a condom. “I’m just doing what you told me! See, I’m listening! Isn’t that what you wanted?”
What you wanted was to kiss that stupid smirk right off his handsome face.
He knelt on the bed, making eye contact as he rolled the condom down his impressive length. You shuddered with anticipation, and a little apprehension. Sure, you weren’t a virgin, but none of the men you’d ever been with had been anywhere near as big as Jin.
As if he read your mind, Jin rubbed your thigh soothingly. “We’ll go slow, okay?”
You nodded.
Hovering over you, propped up on one elbow while lining himself up with the other hand, Jin dipped his head to kiss your neck. You tipped your head back, exposing more of your throat, and he took advantage of the slight distraction to slide in.
“Ohhhh.” He didn’t plunge all the way, just enough for you to feel a stretch. He wasn’t just long, he was also girthy, and the combination was intense.
“Okay?” he asked, lips tracing your ear.
He kept slowly sliding in, checking in with you, until he finally bottomed out. The feeling was unbelievable.
“Still doing all right?”
“I think I can feel you in the back of my throat.”
“And yet somehow, you keep talking.”
“Hey! I - “
He silenced you with a kiss. But it was different than before. Unhurried. As if he had all the time in the world and he intended to use every second.
And then he began to move.
You felt every inch of every stroke with your entire body, nerves alight with overwhelming pleasure. He slowly fucked you, hooking one arm under your thigh and bending it back until your knee pressed into your chest, opening you up even more to him.
He hit you so deep, you saw stars. Literal bursts of light with every thrust. Your nails scraped down his back as you clung to him, nearly out of your mind as you drowned in him. Nuzzling his face in your neck, he murmured how amazing you felt, how fucking tight you were, that you were doing so well, praising you as you writhed beneath him.
“Jin, fuck,” you cried out, fingers digging into his shoulders.
At first, you thought he was huffing for breath, but you quickly realized he was laughing.
“What do you think I’m doing, Princess?”
“Are you seriously cracking stupid jokes right now? Making yourself laugh?!” you grunted as his hips stopped moving while he cackled. “I thought you said it’s only fun for you if others cum first? I’m not fucking cumming yet!”
“Ah, you’re right, you’re not. I guess I should do something about that.”
“No, forget it, I’ll do it myself.” Frustrated, you pushed him away. He retreated to a sitting position, back against the headboard, and you crawled into his lap.
“You wanna ride this big cock?” he cooed.
“Shut the fuck up, Jin.” Obviously, yes, that is what you wanted to do.
“Whatever you want, Princess.” He smirked wickedly, tousled hair falling into his glimmering eyes.
That. Fucking. Name.
Positioning yourself above his large cock, you stared him dead in the eye as you impaled yourself, punctuating your words with every bounce of your hips.
“I fucking told you to stop!” bounce “Calling!” bounce “Me!” bounce “PRINCESS!”
You rode him like a woman possessed, hellbent on chasing your end. He hissed as your hips rolled, and tightened his arms around you.
“What should I call you, then? Hmm?” His lips brushed against your collarbone as he traced his way back to your breasts, tongue swirling circles in your skin as you arched into his hot mouth. “My queen? Sweetheart? Baby?”
A whine escaped your lips, high and needy, at that last word. You clapped a hand over your mouth, as if you could shove it back in, but it was too late. He’d heard.
“Oh, you like that? You want me to call you baby?” He suddenly lurched forward, and you found yourself on your back again. You mewled, and his tongue ran along your neck as he pumped away.
“Okay, baby, you got it.” Over and over, he buried himself deep inside you. His hands knotted in your hair, cradling your head. He kissed you breathless, tongue diving into your mouth and tangling with your own.
He felt so good, but you didn’t want to make love, you wanted him to fuck you and make you cum so hard you forgot your own name, so once again you shoved him away, and then swiftly flipped over, rising onto your hands and knees.
“Enough sweet talk,” you spat, glancing over your shoulder. “Are you going to make me cum or what?” You wiggled your ass.
Jin growled - audibly growled - and wrapped his large hands around your hips as he sank inside you again. You groaned at the change in angle, feeling his dick kiss your cervix, and began to pant as he pounded into you.
“Is this what my baby wants? Just a good, rough fuck?” Teeth sank into your shoulder, and you muffled a scream by pressing your face into a pillow. “Huh?”
You nodded, only to jump in shock as a hand swiftly smacked your ass. “Ah!”
“Use your words, baby,” he commanded. “I know you’re not shy. Tell me what you want.”
“Fuck, yes, give it to me hard,” you moaned.
He grunted, palm slapping your ass again, and you rolled your face to the side, swearing as the tempo of his rutting increased.
“Ah! Ah! Fuck!”
“You look so fucking good, all bent over for me.” Another smack landed on your cheek. “Always knew you would take this cock so well.”
“Stop talking!” you sneered, rubbing your clit furiously. “Just get me off!”
His fingers pinched your nipples and you yelped. “Still giving orders? Do I need to fuck you harder? Hold on, baby.”
There was no way he could possibly pound you any more furiously. And yet. He had you practically bouncing off the bed as he began to grunt harshly. Beyond words, all you could do was choke out strangled sobs as his hips slammed into you mercilessly.
“Is that what you need?”
“Ah! Yes!”
His strong hands flattened against your stomach, pulling you so your back was flush against his chest. He stilled for a moment, and you fought to catch your breath. You were a fucking mess, tongue lolling out of your mouth as you reclined against him, wanting more more more.
“Fuck, baby, you feel so good,” his husky voice rumbled in your ear. “I wanna feel this sweet cunt cum all over me. Are you ready?”
All you could do was moan.
“All right. Help me out.” He slid two fingers into your mouth. “Suck.”
You swirled your tongue over his long digits, keening as he slowly pulled his dick out and plunged back in again, thrusting into you so deeply, your eyes rolled back into your head. He hissed as your teeth grazed the rough skin of his fingers.
His other hand slid towards your throat.
“Want me to?” he whispered into your ear.
You nodded, then remembered how to speak. “Please!”
“If it’s too much, tap three times. Show me,” he rasped.
You tapped his arm once, twice, then a third time. Then you whined as his soaking fingers found your clit, rubbing the sensitive bead frantically.
Jin began to squeeze the sides of your throat, not enough to hurt, but enough to make you dizzy. His grip held you in place as he continued to snap his hips into you, all the while never stopping the way he strummed your clit.
Your head began to spin, from the lack of oxygen combined with the intense pleasure radiating from your core, where Jin’s thick cock and stroking fingers were too much, it was all too much, and you couldn’t take it, you couldn’t -
“Let go,” he ordered you, and his hand fell away from your neck.
You inhaled, blood rushing, eyes closing, legs collapsing as you shattered into a million pieces in Jin’s arms.
White-hot pulses of sheer ecstasy rolled through you as you climaxed with a loud cry. Jin held you up with one arm as he felt your walls tighten around him, and then he was cumming, face buried in your hair as he cursed a filthy string of obscenities.
Jin released his grip on your stomach, and you dropped onto the bed, exhausted, smothering your face into the pillow. He laid on his back next to you, his arm over his eyes as his chest heaved.
“You okay, baby?” A hand reached out, gently stroking your back as you tried to steady your breathing.
Oh fuck, he wasn’t going to want to cuddle now, was he? Your mind began to clear as your high abated, and the reality of what you’d just done hit you hard.
“I hope that was good for you, Jin, because it’s never happening again.” Throwing one leg over the edge of the bed, you tried to slip out, but a pair of arms wrapped around your waist, and you found yourself locked in his embrace instead.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you running off to, baby?”
You wriggled, trying to break free. How was he so strong? “I’m not running, we’re just done. And stop calling me baby. You don’t have to keep saying that, the moment’s passed.”
Jin spoke, voice a little more subdued than usual. “Right, the moment’s over. Back to business, then?”
He let go, and you rolled away. In no time, you were dressed, wrapping your comforter around yourself again. You grabbed the flashlight, and as the beam shifted, you caught sight of Jin’s face. Something you couldn’t identify shifted across it.
You blinked, and it was gone. The smooth facade was back in place as he looked at you.
“I’ll be down later. The cool air feels good right now.”
It did, but you still wanted to leave.
“Okay. We’ll save you a spot by the fire.”
A vague hum answered you as the door swung shut.
You awake feeling stiff the next morning, curled in a little ball. Stretching, you extended your legs over the edge of your bed, kicking your feet.
Oh shit, right, you didn’t sleep in your bed last night.
From your makeshift bed on the couch in the sitting room, you glanced down at where Jimin was sitting, rubbing his head.
“Sorry, Park,” you apologized. Wincing slightly, you sat up. You were very sore, but there was no way to stretch that out.
Jungkook was sprawled on the other couch, with Taehyung splayed on the floor below. Both were snoring lightly. You assumed Yoongi and Hobi were in their bedroom, since it had a fireplace of its own.
And there was Jin, curled up on the floor behind the couch.
You watched him sleep, contemplating. What if you hadn’t run away last night? Would it really have been so bad to wake up in those arms?
“Good morning,” Hobi called out as he entered the room. You put a finger to your mouth, pointing to the men still sleeping. He ducked his head slightly, and beckoned for you to follow him, pantomiming drinking to let you know there was coffee.
Wrapping yourself in your comforter like a human burrito, you wandered into the dining room, Jimin trailing close behind. There were already cinnamon rolls on the table, steaming hot, and mugs waiting for coffee.
“I don’t know if you noticed, but the electricity came back during the night,” Yoongi said, carrying a pot of coffee out of the kitchen.
That explained why you felt so warm in your blanket. The heat was on.
“And in other good news…” Hobi pointed at the window.
“It stopped snowing!” you cheered. You grabbed your mug to peek out the window. The snow was piled so high. There was probably no point in even bothering to ask about a plow coming, but you felt compelled to anyway. “We’re still not going anywhere today, are we?”
Hobi shook his head. “I’m sorry. I hate to say it, but I think you’re going to be stuck here a while longer.”
“So the concert is probably off,” Jimin said, pouring some sugar into his coffee.
You nodded. “I’m afraid so.”
“The concert’s off?” Jungkook asked as he stumbled into the room, yawning.
“Yeah. Concert’s off, power’s on, snow’s stopped. Have some coffee,” Jimin replied.
Before long, Taehyung wandered in, hair impressively fluffy from his slumber, and then Jin, once again clad in his full pajama set, taking the seat next to you. Word about the concert rippled around the table as Yoongi set out another ridiculous breakfast.
You tore into a second cinnamon roll, again lamenting that eventually you’d have to leave this place and Yoongi’s amazing meals behind, and were about to ask Hobi how he and Yoongi met when Jin cleared his throat.
“Hey.” He bent towards you, voice hushed. “Can we talk about last night?”
You stared at him, horrified. He wanted to talk about what you’d done, here? At the breakfast table? In front of everyone and your cinnamon roll?
“There’s nothing to talk about,” you whispered, sipping your coffee.
“Really?” Jin shot you a look. “You have no comment about what we did? Not even the way I choked you until you came on my big dick?”
Coffee shot into your nose as you inhaled sharply at his words. Hobi reached over and patted you on the back, trying to help you clear your lungs. You glared at Jin as you recovered.
“Watch what you say!” you hissed. “This isn’t the place or time!” You also wanted to ask if he was incapable of referring to his own dick without commenting on the size, but really didn’t want to be overheard.
“So where and when, then?”
“Nowhere and never!” Tossing your napkin on the table, you abruptly stood. “I’m going to go shower,” you announced to the table, and quickly strode away before Jin could respond, dragging your blanket behind you like a fuzzy tail.
Minutes after you’d retreated to the safety of your room, you lay on your bed, wrapped once again in your comforter. You knew you should shower, but you didn’t want to move. What you wanted, actually, was to become one with the bed. Just transform into a non-sentient pile of fluff and live out the rest of your days without having to think at all.
A knock came at the door. Jin called out your name. “Come on. Let me in.”
“Go away!” you shouted, fuming. “Can’t you take a hint? I don’t want to talk!”
“Fine. Then we won’t talk. Just open up.”
What the fuck did that mean? You opened the door to find him reclining against the doorframe on the other side.
Why was he always leaning over you? Staring down at you with those big brown eyes, those long lashes, that pretty pink mouth.
Yanking him by the collar of his shirt, you pulled him inside your room, slamming the door shut. He reacted lightning fast, spinning you around and pinning you against the door.
You glowered up at him, angry that he wouldn’t leave you alone. Angry at yourself for not wanting him to. Daring him silently to make the first move, because you’d be damned if you would.
He did.
Lips. On your mouth, your cheek, your ear. Like he was marking territory, claiming every inch of skin available. Sliding the neck of your pajama top over so he could kiss your collarbone, your shoulder.
“You don’t want to talk?” he huffed in the crook of your neck. “Fine. I can be quiet.” He lifted his head, lust blazing in his eyes. “But can you?”
His hand suddenly cupped between your legs, grinding his palm against your core. You keened at the friction. “Fuuuuck, Jin!”
“Shhhh,” he murmured, dropping to his knees. “No talking.”
He tugged your pajama bottoms to the ground. His hands roamed over your thighs, gently spreading your legs apart, goosebumps spreading over your skin at his touch.
“Jin,” you moaned, letting him move you as he wished. “I haven’t even showered since… since…”
“Since what?” he inquired, looking up at you. “Since we fucked? Do you want to talk about it?”
No, you didn’t want to. You shook your head.
“All right, then we’re not talking, period. So try to keep it quiet from now on.”
Your first instinct was to snap back, inform him that he of all people was in no position to tell you what to do.
Except, he was actually in the perfect position, kneeling below, gazing up at you with a dark look full of wicked promise.
Fuck, you’d do anything he wanted if he kept looking at you like that.
“Can you do that for me, baby?” One finger slid through your slick folds, grazing your clit. You whimpered, then immediately covered your mouth with your hand. “That’s better. Keep that hand there. Now, no more words,” Jin husked, and then suddenly his mouth was on your cunt.
The sounds his tongue made as he lapped at your wet heat were sinful, especially coupled with the tiny moans that escaped his hot mouth as he worked you over. You bit into your palm, trying your damnedest not to say a word.
But all you wanted to do was sing his praises as he worshipped you with his tongue.
You threaded your fingers through his glossy hair, tugging slightly, and he responded by groaning into your slit. The vibrations sent chills through you, and you repeated the action, pleased at how he moaned again.
One of his large hands wrapped around your ankle and pulled your leg up, letting it rest on his shoulder. You teetered slightly, a small gasp spilling out, but you managed to keep from yelping his name in surprise. His hands slid around to grab your ass, kneading the flesh as he made sure you were secured against him.
You released your palm, rubbing it with your other hand, trying to soothe the teeth marks you’d left in your own skin. His tongue danced over your clit, making your hips buck into his face.
You were doing just fine until he slipped two fingers inside and began to stroke.
“Jinnnnn,” you whined, hips jerking again.
He drew away, mouth and fingers abandoning you, and you looked down at him in horror.
“That sounded like a word,” he tutted, shaking his head. “I thought I told you not to speak?” He sat back on his heels, crossing his arms, as your leg dropped from his shoulder.
“I - I’m sorry,” you stammered, pussy absolutely throbbing. He wasn’t just going to leave you like this, was he? A half naked mess, literally quivering with need?
Did he want you to beg? You bristled at the thought... but fuck, you wanted to cum on his face more than anything. Who needs dignity when you have a man with a tongue like that?
He sighed. “Maybe I need to keep that mouth busy, huh?”
You nodded vigorously. Whatever it took to get those lips back on you.
He chuckled. “Okay, baby, let me help.” Standing, he slipped his hands down your thighs and lifted you into the air. You wrapped your legs around his waist, again fighting the urge to shout. He pressed you into the door, and covered your mouth with his own.
You felt delirious, humming into his kiss, bucking your hips against his hard cock as it rubbed against your core. How did he feel this good? This was Seokjin Motherfucking Kim! The most annoying man on the face of the planet!
He spun, carrying you to the bed, and set you gently on the edge. Then he stripped off his clothes, slowly, top first, then his pants, giving you an eyeful of his taut muscles and that giant cock again. Fuck, your mouth was practically watering as he stepped up to the bed, and…
“Uh, you don’t expect me to fit that whole thing in my mouth, do you?” you yelped, wide-eyed.
“Yah, come on!” Jin stopped his seductive approach and put his hands on his hips. “I’m trying to set a mood here!” He sulkily pulled his pajama pants back on, then flopped onto the bed, sighing dramatically.
Just like that, the moment was over.
“Well, sorry I ruined it,” you muttered, curling your legs under you. “It’s probably for the best, anyway. We don’t need to make any more mistakes.” A tiny feather lay on the bed, having escaped from the comforter, and you fiddled with it as you spoke.
“Is that what last night was to you? A mistake?”
You met his gaze. Fuck, did he have to look at you so earnestly? Where was that cocky expression of his that you loathed so much when you needed it?
“It was… a release. I think we just needed a good hate fuck to get it out of our systems so we can move on and finish the job.” You spun the feather in your hand, snorting. “If there’s even a job left for us at this point.”
“A hate fuck. I see.” Jin muttered softly. “Can I ask you something?”
“Sure. I may or may not answer, but you can definitely ask.”
He frowned. “When did you start hating me?”
You tilted your head. “Jin, I - “
“Is it because I call you Princess?”
Snorting, you made a face. “No, but that certainly doesn’t help.”
“Then it must be Nevamind. Right?”
Just hearing the name made you grit your teeth. You could deny it, but why bother? The truth wouldn’t be any more revealing than all the things you’d done last night. “Yeah, I was pissed when you got that job. But I’m over it now,” you lied.
“Do you want to know what really happened?”
“I know what happened. You charmed your way into the job.”
“Nevamind choose you.”
Your head snapped up. “What? Then why… how…?”
“Sejin came to see me after their meeting. He said Nevamind had picked you. But he also made some rather specific comments about how exactly he wanted your partnership to happen.”
Your eyes narrowed. “Comments like…”
“Like the exact positions he wanted you to, uh, work in. The jobs he wanted you to give. Do you understand what - “
“Yes, Jin, he wanted to fuck me, I get it!”
“Sejin said he was overruling the guy’s decision and assigning him to me. That’s why I got the job. Because there was no danger of him hitting on me.”
You leaned back against the headboard, contemplating his words. Obviously you’d always known that the job should have been yours, so finding out that it actually had been yours, for a whole five minutes, wasn’t as much of a shock as it could’ve been. But your anger flared at having been treated like you couldn’t handle the situation yourself.
Jin fluffed up your pile of pillows, lying on his side as he watched you digest everything.
“Was Sejin worried that Nevamind would attack me? Or did he think that I would sleep with a client?”
Jin laughed, a tired sound devoid of any joy. Or honking. “Neither. He was afraid of a lawsuit.”
“Yeah. He thought that if either scenario went down, one or both of you would end up suing the company, and he wanted to avoid that completely. He wasn’t worried about you - he just didn’t want you to get litigious.” He bitterly spat out the last sentence, as if it left a nasty taste in his mouth. “He said that me being Nevamind’s manager was less of a “statistical risk” to Beyond the Sound than you.”
What. The. Fuck.
You’d given your everything to Beyond the Sound in the last year, sacrificing your time, energy, and even personal relationships, all to make yourself the ideal employee and show your devotion to the company. Meanwhile, Sejin considered you a “statistical risk”? Holy shit, you were literally just a number to them.
Just like Euphoria.
Jin went on. “When Sejin told me all this, I realized nothing we do really matters to the company as long as we don’t hurt their bottom line. There was no reason to do anything other than bide my time, make some money, and build up my contacts, so that one day I can walk out of there and start my own management firm.”
“You want to open your own firm?” That was surprising. He’d never struck you as the type to have such big dreams.
“Yeah. Someday.” He pursed his lips, looking angry. “I should’ve done more. Should’ve told Sejin to shove it, that he had no right to treat his employees this way. To treat you like you were a liability instead of a person. That’s why I try so hard to make sure our clients are treated well, at least. That’s the one area where I do give a fuck.”
You believed him.
And you weren’t sure you could blame him for taking the job with Nevamind. Wouldn’t you have done the same in his shoes?
Of course you would’ve. Because you would’ve done anything to win. Even if the trophy turned out to be made of fool’s gold in the end.
Your head spun, mind reeling from everything he said. Absorbing all this info left you feeling drained. Completely defeated. You slid down the pillows, rolling onto your side to face Jin, but closed your eyes as you sighed despondently.
Gentle fingers glided lightly over your hair. You peeked through your lashes at Jin, who was watching you with concern.
“Sorry,” he muttered, lowering his hand, but you quickly grabbed it.
“Please don’t stop,” you quietly pleaded.
Instead, he pulled you into his arms.
Vulnerability wasn’t really your thing. A lifetime of fighting for what you wanted taught you to keep your guard up at all times. But lying there, your head on his broad chest, feeling so safe and warm, you felt your defenses start to slip. Jin began to stroke your hair again, and you closed your eyes, overwhelmed at the tenderness, begrudgingly acknowledging that it was… nice.
Really nice. You could get used to it.
“Still hate me?”
His pecs muffled the sound of your laughter. “Not as much as before.”
He snorted. “I appreciate your honesty.”
Lifting your head, you frowned. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about any of this?”
“Would you have listened?”
He had you there. “I mean, maybe not at first, but eventually. Probably. I think.”
“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey, the reason they picked me over you is because they knew Nevamind wouldn’t try to sleep with me’?”
“Yes. Maybe. I don’t know.” You paused. “But also, if he didn’t want to fuck you, that was definitely his loss.”
Jin stared at you. “Are you cracking jokes? In the middle of my serious confession?”
“I guess you’re rubbing off on me,” you quipped, grinning as he suddenly lunged at you, capturing your mouth with his. Too soon, he drew back, and you actually whimpered, making him smirk and kiss you again. But eventually, you needed air, and parted. “Do you still hate me?”
“Never did.” He traced a finger along your cheek. “I’ve always had a thing for you.”
“Oh yeah?” You propped your chin on his chest.
“Uh-huh. What’s not to like? You’re sexy, smart, confident, and a killer manager even if you get a little too focused on your work sometimes…” he trailed off, squeaky laughter filling the room as you shot him a nasty look. “I thought you knew, honestly.”
“How was I supposed to know?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe because I’ve been flirting with you for a whole year?”
“Wait, that was flirting?!”
It was his turn to glare as you giggled. He nipped at your bottom lip in retaliation, and you yelped. More making out ensued, to your utter delight, before he rolled you onto your side with a sigh.
“I bet they’ll have our desks packed up and cleared out by the time we return to the office, since we’ll no longer be employed by the time we get there.”
Ah, fuck, right. Since the concert wasn’t happening, Sejin was likely to follow through on his threat of termination. More than likely. He’d basically told the both of you that you’d be out on your asses if the album tanked, and with all the canceled events this week, you didn’t have high hopes that it’d do well.
“Fuck, this sucks,” you swore. “We’ll be unemployed and the poor band will have another flop on their hands. Beyond the Sound will probably punish them for that with another terrible genre mash-up for the next album, like polka rap or something.” You shuddered at the thought. “It’s too bad we couldn’t have pulled it off. Even though you would’ve lost that promotion to me.”
Jin’s eyes bugged out. “How many times do I have to tell you, that promotion w- “
You cut him off with a kiss, laughing against his mouth as he wrapped his arms around your waist and drew you close again. A few minutes later, you pushed him away as he blinked in surprise.
“Why are you pushing - “
“Shhhh!” You flapped your hand, shushing him, lost in thought. “I have an idea.”
“Is everything all set up?” you asked Jungkook as he dashed past you.
He halted, nodding. “Yeah, we’re almost ready.” He tugged at the collar of his sweater, an eyesore of a Christmas tree with shimmering LED lights and the words “Let’s Get Lit” embroidered across his chest.
“Fantastic. Is there anything you guys need from me?”
“Not at the moment, noona, thanks.” With a nod, he continued on his path, as Hobi exited the library.
“How’s it going in there?” you asked.
“Great! It’s coming along. Yoongi is going to bring us some snacks while we enjoy the show.” As Hobi spoke, Yoongi hustled by, carrying a tray loaded with cookies. You snagged a sugar cookie as he passed.
“Hobi, I’m really going to miss it here. The service is top notch. And these ugly sweaters are incredible! You have quite the collection,” you raved.
If you were a weaker woman, you would’ve wilted under the look Hobi shot you. “You think these atrocities are mine? Oh no no no. They all belong to Yoongi.”
Your eyes widened in glee. “Oh, that’s even better.”
Jin came bouncing down the stairs, a happy smile on his face. You couldn’t help but grin back, for a second, before you composed yourself. He stopped short at the bottom of the staircase, staring at you as your host wandered off.
“What the hell?” Jin pouted. “I’m offended, you look great in this ugly Christmas sweater. This is a scam.”
“Oh, because only you’re allowed to look great in one?” He was, indeed, pulling off the ridiculous “Resting Grinch Face” sweater he wore, despite the blindingly bright green and red colors - but he was Seokjin Motherfucking Kim, after all. It was a little snug on him, given that he was taller and broader than Yoongi, but if anything that just made him even hotter.
Neither of you had to wear the ugly sweaters you’d borrowed from your hosts, but you’d decided to do so out of solidarity for the band members. And also maybe you were kinda getting into the spirit of things. Just a little.
“No one is supposed to look good in these! That’s the whole point, they’re ugly!” He paused. “But you think I look good?”
“Fuck off, you know you’re handsome and look amazing even in the dumbest of sweaters.”
He grinned. “Okay, you’ve got me there. It’s impressive how sexy you make that hideous thing look.” He reached out and honked the fuzzy moose nose that jutted out of your sweater, which bore the words ‘Merry Christmoose!’
How were you supposed to act like a professional when Jin was making you giggle like a fool? All you wanted to do was pull him into a darkened corner and kiss him senseless.
But you had work to do. So you settled for gifting him a tiny peck on the cheek.
He held his hand to where your lips had landed. “Careful!” he gasped, sounding scandalized. “Someone might have seen that.”
You rolled your eyes. “ Okay, I’m already regretting this.”
“This what?” He followed you down the hall. “This, like you and me? Are we a thing?”
“The more you talk, the less we are,” you sang, unable to hide the laughter in your voice.
Before you crossed into the library, Jin grabbed your arm, spinning you around and into his embrace, stealing your breath away with his lips. You let yourself melt for a second, two, ten, before breaking away.
To your surprise, Yoongi was standing in the hallway, a wide grin on his face. “I just wanted to know if you’d like some peppermint schnapps in your hot cocoa again?”
So much for keeping things secret. Not that it really mattered, considering Yoongi wasn’t much of a talker. But you didn’t want to answer questions or have to put labels on whatever you and Jin were. Right now, all you wanted to do was see your idea through. Anything else could wait.
And yet it made you happy to think that maybe there could be something. Ugh, you were getting so soft, so fast. Better keep an eye on that.
“That’d be great, thanks,” Jin replied smoothly, hands still on your hips.
“Sure,” you croaked out. You didn’t normally drink while working, but fuck it. Tis the season, after all.
In the library, Taehyung sat at the piano while Jimin perched on a stool in front of the baby grand, tuning an acoustic guitar. Thankfully, Yoongi had a guitar on hand that Jimin could borrow.
Meanwhile, Jungkook played around with an electronic drum kit that he’d brought with him, fine tuning the settings. Jin and Hobi were futzing with the tripod, searching for the perfect spot to set up the camera.
Because damn it, the show must go on.
Sure, the in-person concert had to be cancelled. But that didn’t mean Euphoria couldn’t perform. All they needed were a few instruments and a camera to livestream it all.
Unfortunately, the tech crew who were supposed to stream the concert at the venue were also snowed in at their hotel, but a simple phone would do for the stripped-down concert you were imagining.
(As long as the Blitzen Inn’s internet didn’t conk out in the middle of streaming.)
This wasn’t about your job anymore. Fuck Beyond the Sound. This was about Euphoria, and letting the band show that they didn’t need weird gimmicks or wild concepts to sell albums - all they needed was the chance to shine. Just the three of them and a (mostly) acoustic set of holiday classics. The band was thrilled with your idea, and it made you happy to see them so happy.
Ugh. You were turning into a marshmallow.
The ugly Christmas sweaters had been Hobi’s suggestion, after you’d offhandedly mentioned that you hadn’t had the chance to buy them a proper holiday concert wardrobe. Jimin’s gingerbread man sweater read “I’m Baked” above the cookie’s visage, while Taehyung’s “Prosecc-ho-ho-ho” with a tipsy Santa Claus looked surprisingly chic - something you ascribed to the wearer and not the sweater itself.
The other furniture in the room had been pushed back so only the band and the fireplace would be in the shot. You stood behind the couch, watching Hobi adjust the phone being used for the recording. “Hobi, you don’t mind manning the camera for this?”
“You mean, do I mind turning the video on and clicking “record”? No, I don’t mind at all,” he grinned, running a hand through his hair. “I’m just happy to help! This is such a wonderful idea - a cozy little concert experience.”
“Yeah, we came up with a great plan, huh?” Jin piped up, sneaking up on your side. You felt the ghost of a hand brush down your back and fought to keep your face straight.
“What is this ‘we’? This was my idea!” you retorted, but failed to keep from smiling as you said it. Yoongi brought you both a mug of cocoa, then sank onto the couch for a front row seat.
“It’s about time,” Jin glanced at his watch. “You guys ready?”
“Let’s get it!” Jungkook chirped.
The fireplace crackled in the background as Hobi cued Jimin. The lead singer smiled at the camera, greeting the audience. “Good evening and happy holidays! Euphoria had to cancel our concert, thanks to a little snow. But we didn’t want to let all our fans down. We hope you don’t mind that it’s just the three of us tonight, and some of our favorite songs. Grab your cocoa, settle around the fireplace, and celebrate with us, as we bring you a little holiday cheer.”
He strummed his guitar, launching into a gorgeous rendition of “Winter Wonderland.” As the music swelled, Hobi and Yoongi relaxed on the couch, hand in hand. Humming along quietly, careful not to end up on the recording, you felt Jin’s hand gently wrap around your waist. Leaning against his side, feeling content, you decided to let go of your worries and enjoy the moment - the beautiful music, the cheerful atmosphere, and the gorgeous man by your side.
Jin dipped his head, mouth brushing your ear as he murmured, “You pulled it off, baby. Congrats.”
“I did, didn’t I?” you whispered, peering up at him, smirking. “I guess you deserve some credit, too. Why don’t you claim… 25%?”
“So generous,” he smiled, bending to sweep his lips against yours. “I’ll be sure to thank you when I get that promotion.”
His kiss silenced your protests as the band played on.
“Your eleven am appointment is here, ma’am,” your assistant’s voice filtered through the speaker as she buzzed you.
“Thank you, Seulgi. Go ahead and get them settled in the conference room and I’ll be right in.”
You stood and began gathering everything you would need for your meeting, just as Jin entered your office without knocking.
“Ready?” he asked.
“Yes, but how many times do I have to tell you to knock?” You frowned.
He grinned, crossing the room to tower over you. “Why, what might I see? You in a compromising situation with the boss?” His hand stroked your hip as he stepped closer. “Oh wait, that’s me.” “We’re partners. Stop trying to get me to call you my boss.”
After the success of the livestream, Euphoria’s holiday album shot straight to the top of the charts. You’d ended up having to stay an extra day in Christmas, until everything was plowed and it was safe to travel again. When you finally returned to your office, Sejin welcomed you and Jin with open arms, thrilled at how you’d helped shepherd Euphoria back to the number one spot. He’d then offered the promotion to you, stating he’d heard that the livestream had been your brilliant idea.
And you had promptly turned him down, putting in your two week notice.
Jin also quit, and together you established your own management firm, Worldwide Sound. Normally, making such a big leap would’ve taken a lot more time and effort, but you had an ace up your sleeves, signing a major band on your first day of business - Euphoria. Thanks to a savvy lawyer contact of Jin’s, the band got out of their horrific contract with Beyond the Sound and happily joined your firm as your first clients.
As much as the old you would’ve hated to admit it, you and Jin made a pretty great team. With your business expertise and his interpersonal skills, you were making a name for yourselves in the industry, all while making sure your clients knew that they were your number one priority.
Jin delicately removed all your belongings from your grasp, setting them back on your desk as he slid his arms around you. “You didn’t have any problems calling me ‘boss’ last night,” he purred as he tilted his mouth to slot against yours.
You allowed him to kiss you for exactly five seconds before you pushed him away lightly. “Okay, first of all, role playing does not count, and secondly, what happened to us not discussing our private life at work?” But there was no anger behind your words, just an unceasing fondness for your boyfriend as he gazed at you with a soft smile.
“You’re right, you’re right. Oh, but I did finalize our travel plans for Christmas, so we’re all set for this weekend.”
“Oh, good! I can’t wait to see Hobi and Yoongi again.” What better place to celebrate nearly a year of bliss with your boyfriend than at the little bed and breakfast that brought you together?
“Me too. Now come on, back to business, baby.”
You gave him a look.
“Sorry. Partner.” He held the door open for you, but you paused in the doorway to press a gentle kiss to his cheek.
“That’s better. But if you play your cards right and help me sign this deal,” you murmured, “tonight you can call me boss.”
“Yes, ma'am!”
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eight years – bts
Tumblr media
[warnings: ummm there’s angst oh and it’s bts ot7 x reader so yeah]
summary: in which they fall out of love | ceo!bts | part two
word count: 5,450
masterlist | bts reactions masterlist
It was as if time stopped for the seven men the moment you stepped into the room. All eyes were on you as you cascaded down the grand steps in the middle of the ballroom, unbeknownst to you, your beauty leaving everyone speechless.
You saw the stares and felt the heat rise to your cheeks, not knowing if the attention was good or bad, but regardless it took everything in you not to turn around and go back home.
You hated being the center of attention, but you knew you had to be here to represent your parents and their company. So as you got to the bottom of the steps, you went to look for your table, not letting the crowd of people get the chance to stare at you for too long.
The stained-glass-inspired dress trailed behind you and your black heels clicked against the marble floor as you made your way around the room, looking at the names on the tables.
"Y/N, you look amazing!"
The voice made you internally cringe and close your eyes, preparing yourself for a long night.
Lee Kyong, the only child to Lee Bae and Lee Ae-Cha, owners of Lee Restaurants, Inc., a Korean multi-brand restaurant operator headquartered in Seoul.
Kyong was determined and charming, he insists and doesn't give up which are good qualities to have when you're the heir to a multi-billion dollar empire. But these were annoying qualities for a person to have when you weren't interested in them and they sadly just couldn't get the hint.
The only times you'd see each other were at big events like these (galas, grand openings, etc.), being the spokesperson for your parents' companies. It was hard enough already being at the events and having to network, but then having someone follow you around like a lost puppy made it even worse.
But despite being annoyed, you always tried to be polite, not wanting to misrepresent your parents and the company they worked so hard to build.
"Hi, Lee Kyong. How are you?" You plastered on a smile as you turned to face him.
"Much better now. And you, Y/N? Still don't like galas despite being the most beautiful person here?"
"Still not a big fan," You shook your head. "I was just looking for my seat. I should probably find it before the big welcome speech."
"Oh, let me help you," Kyong suggested and started to turn away so he could lead you.
"Oh no, it's alright. Searching will help me... socialize."
Sure, it was a shitty excuse but you were already on edge because of the stares you received and you just wanted some space.
"Are you sure?"
"I'm positive. I'll see you around."
You continued looking for your seat and after a minute or two you started to think you should've let Kyong help you.
As you approached the table, you had a small pout on your lips because there wasn't a familiar face. You would usually sit with the Man and Hak families but found yourself surrounded by seven unfamiliar men.
You shrugged off the disappointment and felt yourself let out a breath of relief to have found your seat.
"Hi, I'm Y/L/N Y/N from Y/L/N Incorporated," You introduced yourself with a bashful smile.
"You're really pretty!"
Your eyes widened at the compliment and you let out a breathy chuckle.
"Thank you," You smiled and faced the man who said it. You almost melted at his cute puppy eyes and shy bunny smile. "You're pretty too."
You should've seen it coming really. The way they could barely even look at you or keep a conversation. You went from sleeping in the same bed to sleeping in separate rooms; them laying in their rooms and you falling asleep by yourself.
When you first started dating the men of Bangtan Enterprises, you couldn't believe you had gotten so lucky. You had never been so showered with attention and care.
You were receiving so many flowers, your house was starting to look like a flower shop. And the arrangements were huge, sometimes taller than you; sometimes you'd have to ask your neighbor for help moving them into the backyard.
On your first date, you received a box of fifty roses, nearly making you faint in surprise.
"Why are you crying, pretty girl?" Namjoon asked and reached up to wipe away your tears.
"I... no one's ever given me flowers before, let alone this many." You sniffled and stared down at the box of roses in awe. "They're so pretty. Thank you."
"Anything for you."
And on your second anniversary, you walked into your backyard to find huge arrangements of tulips spelling out "we love you." "I can't believe you guys did this!" You squealed while jumping up and down and clapping your hands. "I love them so much."
You turned and pulled the closest man in your arms, snuggling your face into his neck.
"We're glad you love them," Jin chuckled and rubbed your back gently.
"They're perfect. You guys are perfect. I-I don't know how I'll ever be able to prove how grateful I am for you guys. I love you all so much." You pulled away from his neck and moved to stand beside him, hiding your face in his chest. "Thank you for loving me."
"You say that like it's a chore," Hoseok shook his head and moved toward you and Jin. He took one of your hands into his and placed a gentle kiss on the back of your hand. "Loving you is as easy as breathing. And we'll never stop loving you."
Your heart melted at his words, tears welling up in your eyes out of sheer happiness.
It all slowed down. They started forgetting dates and started getting busy on days they usually had off. You weren't at the front of their minds anymore and you were hurting. You went from receiving an abundance of love to none at all and it was strange.
In the last year of your relationship, they had forgotten your anniversary and birthday. But you stayed despite your gut telling you it was over.
You convinced yourself they were just so busy with work that they had forgotten. But days passed after your eighth anniversary and they hadn't mentioned it at all, as if this wasn't a big day for eight years straight.
The dinner you made was cold by the time they came in and found you sleeping with your head down on the dining table.
And on your birthday, there were no compliments, no more flowers, gifts, declarations of love.
The gifts and flowers you could live without but them paying no attention to you, tore you to pieces and kept you up all night.
You'd toss and turn in your empty bed as they all laid together and slept peacefully like there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. Like forgetting that there was an eighth person in their relationship was normal.
So, to say you were shocked when they broke up with you was a lie.
It was a Tuesday night, your night to cook dinner, and you had just finished setting the table when they walked into your shared home.
"You guys are home right on time!" You clapped and walked over to greet them.
"Y/N, we should talk," Namjoon spoke with a grave tone, making your heart drop to your stomach.
This was it. The moment you had been trying to prevent for months by picking up all their slack to prove you were still in this relationship.
You'd leave work early to cook dinner because they hadn't cooked in weeks, claiming to be too busy with all their work projects. You'd avoid going on business trips because you wanted to spend time with your lovers while the rest of the office had the week off. Going to their offices and having lunch with them during your lunch break despite your offices being on completely opposite sides of town.
You still cared but all your efforts and silent pleas seemed to be falling onto deaf ears. They were already one foot out the door and the only thing keeping you there was your denial.
"Of course, what about?" You asked, looking at them while playing with your fingers, picking at your hangnails.
There was a long pause, an awkward one, since no one wanted to speak up and finally admit to breaking their promise.
For once, the tears welling up in your eyes because of them weren't happy ones. And because of that, you blinked them back, not wanting to let them see you cry.
"We don't think this is going to work out anymore," Jimin softly spoke, making you gulp.
There was no need to play dumb, you already knew what was happening, but it bought you some time. Even though they were breaking your heart piece by piece, you still wanted to soak in whatever time you had left with them, with the men you never stopped loving.
So you tilted your head slightly to the right and pouted your lips. "What do you mean?"
You knew it would be torture hearing the words out loud but if you finally heard them, you would finally be able to let them go and stop fighting for a dead relationship.
"We don't love you anymore, Y/N. We're not in love with you anymore. We haven't been for a while now," He slowly continued as if he were trying to break it down to a toddler.
You hadn't realized they had started calling you by your first name until now.
Ever since your first date they called you by a unique nickname that they had picked out for you. Seven different names for their special girl were all now replaced with "Y/N."
You can't put your finger on the first time you heard them call you by your name. It might've been weeks ago, maybe months ago, but you never noticed, too caught you in trying to play the perfect housewife.
You slowly nodded and looked down at your fiddling fingers. "Oh... okay. I understand."
There was another awkward pause but you were too caught up in trying not to break down and plead for them to love again to realize it. It took everything in you not to break down and beg that forgiveness despite not doing anything wrong. You were perfect, there was nothing wrong with you except for the fact that you just weren't enough for them anymore.
"We're really so sorry, Y/N. We never meant for it to be like this-"
You cut Yoongi off, not wanting to hear their apologies. You didn't deserve one and they didn't need to give you one. You weren't angry. Hurt? Yes but that wasn't their fault.
"No, it's not your fault. You don't choose who you fall in and out of love with," You shrugged. "And that's okay. No hard feelings, I guess. I'll... I'll be enough for someone else someday." You let out a quiet sigh before looking up at them with a neutral face. No smile, no tears, just numbness. It was as though a switch had flipped. "I'll go grab my things now if that's alright?"
"Y/N, you can stay until you find a new place. There's no rush," Taehyung tried to assure you with soft eyes and a guilt-filled voice.
But you just shook your head and shifted your eyes to the floor. "I've already overstayed my welcome. I don't want to push it anymore than I already have, but thank you."
You turned away from them and went upstairs to the bedroom you had previously resided in. You grabbed your suitcase from the closet and began packing all the things you bought for yourself, electing to leave anything they gave to you behind.
As you grabbed your phone charger from your nightstand you saw the white gold necklace Jimin had given you for your birthday five years ago.
"Oh Chim, this is too pretty," You gasped once you opened the black velvet box. "Is this my birthstone?"
"Yep and the heart is a locket, open it."
The silver heart-shaped locket sat to the right of the stone, just the sight making you smile. You set the box down on the dining table in front of you and gently opened the locket, smiling brightly at the pictures inside.
It was one picture of the eight of you on your first anniversary, split into two so that no one was left out. On the left side was you sitting on Jungkook's lap and Namjoon sitting next to you guys on the right and Jin next to him. And on the right side of the locket was the rest of the picture, Hoseok, Jimin, Yoongi, and Taehyung sitting next to each other in that order.
"I love it. Thank you so much. Now I can keep you guys with me at all times," You grinned and leaned over to peck his lips.
"I know you get anxious whenever one of us are away for too long or when you have to go on trips and you can't be with all of us. So this is just a way to make sure we're never apart." Your lip quivered as you looked up at him, ready to burst into tears. "Oh my little cry baby," He chuckled and kissed your forehead. "Everything you guys do is so thoughtful and planned out. No one has ever loved me like this before.”
"Well, you'll never have to worry about living like that again. You'll always be loved by us."
Next to the necklace was a polaroid of you and Yoongi while in the hotel bed during your trip to Boston. In the picture, you could see the necklace sitting on your chest, right where it belonged. Along with the necklace, you took this picture with you everywhere.
"Thank you for coming with me on this trip. It'll be a little boring and I'm sorry I took you away from work, I just really needed one of you guys here," You sighed as you sat down on the hotel bed, kicking your shoes off.
"Don't worry about it. We'd do anything to make you feel comfortable, Bug."
You nodded and gave him a small smile. "Yeah, I know. Thank you."
"Next time, Tae's going with you so I hope you're prepared for that big ball of energy," He chuckled and sat down on the bed beside you.
"I'm always ready to spend time with you all."
"I know you are, Buggy."
You shot off the bed and went to your backpack that sat on the nightstand. "I almost forgot, I brought my polaroid camera so we can capture our first solo trip together!" You went back to the bed and laid down on your back, pulling your boyfriend down with you. "Take a picture with me."
You lifted your arms so the picture would display the both of you. You closed your eyes and leaned your head against his giving the camera a toothless yet content smile.
You waited a second before taking the picture, letting Yoongi get ready. Once the picture was taken you opened your eyes and let your arms fall on your stomach.
When the picture was printed out, you took it and shook it so that you could see the picture of you and your lover.
"I hope I look good," You mumbled and waited for the photo to develop.
"You always look good, don't worry," Yoongi assured from beside you, making you smile. "See, perfect."
He was pointing to the picture in your hand and you giggled upon seeing his sweet, gummy smile.
"You're so cute, Yoongs."
"'m just a reflection of you."
You tore your eyes away from the picture and looked at the heels you had just worn a few hours prior.
The pair of shiny, black Louboutins that Taehyung bought you stared back at you, almost mocking you.
You remember how happy you were when Taehyung bought those shoes for you. You had always wanted them but they were always sold out and you were too focused on work to sit around for them to release.
"To what do I owe the pleasure," You teased as Taehyung walked into your office suspiciously, hands behind his back.
"Just here to drop off a little something that I bought you."
"Taehyung. What did I say?"
"Yeah yeah, no gifts but you need to see this one."
You sighed, giving up once he started giving you puppy eyes. "Alright. What is it?"
He smiled and walked over to you before pulling a box from behind his back and placing it on your desk.
"Taehyung... no way..."
"Yes, way. I know you've been wanting them so I got them."
You quickly opened the box and tore away the tissue paper that protected the shoes. "How did you even get these?"
He shook his head, making you frown. "I have my ways, Princess. That's all you need to know. But go ahead and try them on."
You licked and bit your bottom lip in an attempt to keep an excited squeal from spilling out your mouth, but you couldn't help it.
You let out a small squeal and giggled as you kicked your matte white heels off. Taehyung laughed at your reaction and watched as you slid your new heels on your feet.
"They're perfect!" You jumped up from your chair and started walking around your office.
"Are they comfortable?"
"Heck no! But they're Louboutins, everyone knows they're not comfortable."
Taehyung laughed and you finally removed your eyes from your feet and looked up at him. Your smile fell and you covered your face when you noticed he held his phone up, indicating he was recording you.
"Kim Taehyung!"
You remember the group chat cooing at that video for the rest of the week and Jungkook teasing you about being an adult and saying "heck."
As you walked into the walk-in closet, you tried to keep your eyes off the mirror, not wanting to see how disheveled you probably looked.
In the middle of the closet was an island where you guys kept all eight jewelry boxes. Yours was at the very end next to Jungkook's and you immediately spotted the two friendship bracelets you two had made out of boredom one day.
"Aren't they so cute? We went to the art supply store and picked up the beads and string and thought it would be cute," You rambled as you sat in Jungkook's lap, showing the others your bracelets.
"What do they say, Lovey?" He asked, wanting you to tell the boys. He rubbed your side, and looked up at you, his eyes full of interest and love, making you smile.
"Okay, so mine just says 'Bangtan,' but once Kookie and I made his, I didn't want to leave you guys out so I made six more." You stood from Jungkook's lap and reached into the back pocket of your jeans, pulling out the other six bracelets. "They all just have our initials. So Jungkook's says 'JJK' with a heart-shaped bead in the middle and then my initials. Jin's says 'KSJ,' Yoongi's says 'MYG,' and so on and so forth."
You giddily handed each of them their bracelets before going back to sit on Jungkook's lap and nuzzling into his neck.
"You're so thoughtful. Thank you, Sweets," Jin praised and put his bracelet on.
All the other boys praised the bracelets, claiming they'd cherish them forever, making your stomach fill with butterflies. Their kind words only made you shy and you felt heat rush to your cheeks as you pulled yourself closer into Jungkook.
"You should thank Kookie, too. It was his idea to make the bracelets and he bought the stuff even though I said I'd buy it."
The room filled with gratitude toward Jungkook, making you grin and pull away so you could kiss his cheek.
"Thank you, Kookie."
"You're welcome, Lovey."
You made sure you grabbed all the jewelry your parents had gifted you, carefully sorting through the box.
Once you finished with the jewelry, you moved onto your clothes in the dressers.
You each had two dressers to fill up and a clothing rack to hang things that didn't fit in the dresser. The closet was mainly for work clothes or fancy clothes for dates or other important events. And then in each bedroom, you had a dresser just for basic clothes to wear around the house or for running errands.
You had packed a majority of your things in the suitcases you had when you came across plane tickets to Bermuda.
December 24, 2019, was the departure date, six days before Taehyung's birthday.
Namjoon had bought the eight of you tickets to go to Bermuda for Christmas and Taehyung's birthday.
Everyone was so excited to go, but you never got to because Namjoon had suddenly come down with the flu and you refused to leave without him despite his encouragement.
"Joonbug, how are you feeling? I brought you some soup," You cooed as you walked into his room, your hands holding a tray.
"Much better. Thank you for taking care of me," He smiled and sat up, reaching to take the tray out of your hands.
You handed over the tray and gave him a small smile with a nod. "Of course, that's what fiancées are for."
"The best fiancée ever."
"Ugh, you're too sweet," You mumbled and got in the bed next to him, snuggling against his shoulder.
You didn't care if you were going to get sick, you wanted to cherish this time. Namjoon was always a sweetheart, always gentle and thoughtful. But a sick Namjoon was like regular Namjoon times 100. He was always rambling on about how grateful he was and how happy you make him and how much he loves you.
"Stop before you get sick," He chuckled and wiggled his shoulders to get you off.
"If I get sick, you'll take care of me right?"
He nodded and looked down at you before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. "I'll always take care of you."
That was two years ago, one year before all the wedding planning stopped. You should've noticed it then, how whenever you brought up the wedding everyone seemed uninterested. No one cared about the wedding anymore except for you and it was a devastating feeling. The scrapbook and planner that you used to pick up every day was somewhere in their home office, collecting dust.
You took a glance around the closet to make sure you weren't forgetting anything. Your eyes stopped at the mirror, no matter how hard to tried to fight it.
You were drained and you looked drained. Your eyes were surrounded by dark circles and your eyelids hung low as if you could fall asleep any minute. Your skin looked dry and like you didn't bother to take care of it, despite your consistent skincare routine. The only thing you could blame was the misery you felt deep inside.
As you turned to walk away, you remembered the last time you were in here with one of the boys.
You and Jin were getting ready for a brunch date when the feeling of insecurity suddenly struck.
Jin frowned as he watched you stare into the mirror with a look of discontent on your face.
"What's wrong, Sweets?" He asked as he walked behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, head resting on your right shoulder.
"Nothing, I just don't like this dress anymore," You shrugged and walked away from the mirror to pick out another dress.
"What? Why? You look stunning!"
"Well, I don't feel that way..."
"There are six other people downstairs that would agree with me."
You sighed and continued looking through your dresses. "It's nice to know that you guys think I look nice, I value your opinions. But, I want to think I look pretty. I want to impress myself, not just you guys."
He was silent for a minute before nodding and walking over to you, taking your hand. "I completely understand what you're saying. Sometimes it's not about the opinion of others but rather how you view yourself. But come look at yourself." He brought you over to the mirror and stood behind you. "You are the most beautiful person in the world, inside and out. You truly make my world go round. And I know you don't feel that way right now, but I hope you feel it soon and every day for the rest of your life."
"I love you so much, Jinnie," You sighed and leaned back into him.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder as he rocked your body back and forth along with his.
"I love you too, Sweets." You sharply turned from the mirror, not wanting to see yourself so drained. It kind of disgusted you to see how drained you let yourself get over seven men that could care less about you.
As you stepped out of the closet, dragging your suitcase behind you, you glanced down the hall to your previous room. You left the door open when you went to the closet, not feeling the need to shut it.
But as you stood down the hall, next to the staircase, you couldn't help but stare at the bed. The king-sized bed that used to hold you and your boys, was now empty. You made sure the bed was made, crisp, and clean like no one had even lived in it. The only proof that you were there was the small gifts you had left behind. The feelings you were trying to push away, rushed back, making your frown deepen and also making you wish that you had just shut the door.
You looked down the staircase, and though you couldn't see them, you couldn't help but frown. The house that had been silent for months, was full of chatter and quiet laughter as if you weren't there anymore. Before you went down the stairs, you made sure to force your frown away, not wanting them to see how disappointed and disheartened you were.
You took a deep breath and started down the stairs, suitcase in hand. The conversation between the seven men ceased once they heard your heels click on the first step and as you got closer, you could see their eyes on you, watching your every move.
"Let me help you-"
"No, I'm okay, I don't need your help," You shook your head, cutting Hoseok off. You wanted this to be over quickly, not wanting to forget anything so that you wouldn't have to see them ever again. "I've left all the things you guys have gotten me, so don't worry about me taking anything."
"You could've kept that stuff, they're gifts," Jimin spoke, frowning at your words.
"No need."
Your keychain sat at the top of your purse and you quickly pulled it out and stripped it of the house key and the key for the car Hoseok bought you. You placed both keys on the coffee table that separated you from them.
"Hoseok, remember you have the spare key to your car," You spoke calmly and pulled your purse close to your chest for some form of comfort.
"Y/N, the car is yours, it's in your name," He shook his head and took the car key off the table so he could hand it back to you.
As he reached his hand toward you, you took a step back, quickly glancing at his hand then back to his face.
"I don't think I like being blindfolded..." You mumbled.
Hoseok's hand was warm and steady against your shaky ones as he dragged you outside.
"Oh, it's not too bad. And I'm right here so you have nothing to worry about."
"Yeah, I know," You nodded and squeezed his hand.
"And you also know how much I hate your car."
"Hoseok, don't talk bad about Linda..." You playfully warned. He held your body upright as you stumbled due to him suddenly stopping. "Warn me next time, you know I'm not as coordinated as you."
He chuckled and moved to stand behind you so he could untie the blindfold. "Sorry."
"Did you get Linda washed or something? Why did you bring up my baby?"
"Because your 'baby,' is ancient-"
"She's not."
"And she barely runs. It worries all of us when you're driving that car. We don't want your car breaking down in the middle of the highway or the wrong neighborhood. The boys suggested it, but I'm the only one that went through with it."
"What are you talking about?" You sighed, confused by his rambling. He removed the blindfold instead of verbally answering you and you gasped at the sight in front of you. Where your silver 2008 Hyundai Tiburon, Linda, sat was a black 2021 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. "No fucking way, Hobi. Why... why did you- where's Linda?"
"Linda has passed on," He sighed dramatically and shook his head in feigned misery. "I know you have this weird connection to that car, but it was too dangerous for you to keep."
"It's not a weird connection. That was my first car. You know my parents made me work for everything I have, despite their success. I bought that car with my own, hard-earned money. That was my baby..."
Hoseok frowned as he moved to stand in front of you, taking your hands in his. "I understand, Doll, but you also need to realize your safety is more important than nostalgia."
You looked around him to see the car he bought you, taking in his words and concerns. "She's no Linda, but she is nice," You nodded.
"That's the spirit!"
You let your frown turn into a smile as you pulled Hoseok into your arms. "Thank you for caring about me."
"Always, Doll," He swore into your hair, his arms wrapped tightly around you. "So, what're you gonna name her?"
He pulled away and held you at an arm's length. "Like my name for you?"
"No! Like Dolly Parton."
You bit your lip as you thought about what you wanted to do.
You didn't want anything they gave you, it would just be a reminder of what you had and subsequently lost. You couldn't carry that burden every day. But you also didn't want to have any contact with them if you were to sign the title over to Hoseok.
"I'll sign the title over to you. My lawyer should be in contact with yours by the end of the week."
"I don't want any parts of you. Just keep the car, please." Your plea was quiet and shaky, not coming off as strong as you wanted to.
There was a long pause; they didn't know how to respond to your request. They didn't know how to respond to being rejected by you for the first time.
"How are you getting to wherever you're going?"
"My parents sent their driver. Any more questions?" You quipped and gave them a tight smile. After a moment of silence, you nodded and walked to the front door.
As you reached up to open the door, you spotted the ring on your left hand making your eyes go wide. Quickly your eyes filled with tears, but as soon as they came, they went away. You were still on a mission to keep a brave face.
You slid the huge diamond ring off your finger, not sure how you could forget it was there, and there was a sudden emptiness that wasn't there before. You knew once you gave the ring back, it was over and they knew that too.
As you walked back toward them, your eyes on the ring in your hand, you missed the looks of guilt and hesitation from each of them.
You sniffled as your set the ring next to the house key and watched your shaking hand go back to your side. "Can't forget that."
You walked back to the door, quickly opening it and getting ready to step out.
You were already out the door with your suitcase, there was nothing left to talk about. You were upstairs packing your suitcase and they were sitting around in the living room, no worries for you at all. They had time to speak to you.
Before whoever could continue, you cut them off, "don't forget dinner's on the table."
And shut the door behind you, not daring to look back.
Tumblr media
[AN: my first ot7 fic, I hope you all enjoyed. if you want to join my taglist, here’s the link to the info page]
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jeonygi · 3 months ago
mother knows best | index
Tumblr media
pairing ; ot7 x female reader (platonic), ot7 moms & female reader
summary ; being the only woman in a friend group with seven men automatically makes you the love interest in seven mothers’ wistful romantic stories. though your relationship with the guys remains completely platonic, the marriage fantasy their moms frequently project onto you and their sons has them coming up with all sorts of shenanigans to make you their daughter-in-law. mother knows best, you suppose.
warnings ; overbearing moms, attempts at humor, platonic
note ; oh to be the bangtan moms’ favorite <33
Tumblr media
drabble 1 ; sunday lunch
drabble 2 ; of quail eggs and perms
drabble 3 ; of hair styles and scissors
drabble 4 ; of tangerines and dumplings
drabble 5 ; mafia game
drabble 6 ; code red
drabble 7 ; father knows best
drabble 8 ; a solemn day
drabble 9 ; of ferris wheels and pomeranians
drabble 10
Tumblr media
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seokjinsonlyone · 2 months ago
this how i think it’d go if you wanted to steal they clothes
you were both shedders
when it came time to sleep you were doing it in as little clothing as possible
there was a singular intermingled pile of clothing on the side of your bed whenever you decided to call it quits for the night
outside of the bed, however, you were a very cold natured person. you were shaking and shivering whenever the temperature dropped below 70
so you were exceptionally glad you were blessed with an absolute mammoth of a man to stay by your side when morning rolled around
most days you awoke before him so you’d carefully and quietly hobble out of bed and grab whichever top he thrust off the previous night
today’s selection was a grey hoodie and when you threw it over your body you felt tingles run up your spine. it was so soft and warm it felt like you were being hugged by an alpaca.
you were by no means a morning person but the comfort you got from the hoodie had you feeling like the beginning of a mary j blige song. he was never getting it back.
you made your way to the kitchen to make yourself your morning coffee and then sat on the couch switching between aimlessly staring out the window and messing around on your phone.
you don’t know how long you’d been spaced out when joon came out some time later still half naked. “cute,” he muttered taking in your appearance. sweater paws in full effect, legs brought up to your chest tucked underneath the hoodie as well.
“right?” you straightened your legs out setting your cup down and beckoning him into your arms. it took no time for him to accept the invitation, head immediately finding purchase on your chest, arms wrapping around your body. “i’m keeping this.”
“i- you- yeah. okay,” he accepted, quickly realizing this wasn’t the battle he wanted to fight. you really did look cute. and he’s pretty sure there was a stain on it somewhere anyway.
“jiiiiiinnn,” you whined, “come oooon.”
“i’m serious, get in.”
“do i look like jimin? both of us ain’t fitting in that jacket.”
“jimin’s bigger than you”
“no he’s taller than me but i could snap him in half.” he sputtered out a laugh. “well maybe not bc he’s actually quite muscular but i still weigh more than him.”
“you’re wasting time just hop in.”
“noooo it’s not gonna work. i’m eye level with your nipples how imma have my arms in your sleeves and walk. why can’t you just give me your jacket?” you pouted.
“i told you to bring one!”
“it was gonna ruin the fit and i didn’t feel like holding it! and i didn’t know the temperature was going to drop like this!!!”
“well that’s your fault isn’t it?” he laughed, wrapping his arms around you.
you jutted your lip out even further running your hands up in down your arms, cuddling into his chest trying to seek out any warmth you could get. “but this is what you’re here for. boyfriends are supposed to give their girlfriends their jacket when it’s cold.”
“but i hate the cold.”
“so you telling me you hate the cold more than you love me?”
“a little bit.”
you couldn’t help the cackle that escaped you at his honesty. it was one of the main reasons why you stuck around. “well then can you bring the car to me while i wait inside, please? because honestly these heels got uncomfortable 2 hours ago and i didn’t wanna walk anyway.”
“i told you you probably shouldn’t wear those too. you don’t listen to me.”
“🥺 i wanted to look pretty for you.”
“and you do but you know i don’t mind. you don’t have to go through all that.”
you stood on your tippy toes to press a chaste kiss to his lips. “yes i do. beyoncé said pretty hurts.”
“wasn’t that song a criticism on beauty standards?”
“that’s not the point. now please go get the car before i pass away.”
you were sitting on the couch, feet propped on the coffee table when he approached you.
you look up from your phone to see him holding a sweatshirt out to you. you look between him and the garment confusedly. “what you want me to do with that?”
“take it.”
“come on,” he whined, shaking the sweatshirt in front of you.
you grabbed it, still unsure of his intentions. “now what?”
he sucked his teeth. “i know it’s a trend for guys to give their girls their clothes so i’m giving this to you now,” he explained, attempting to be nonchalant.
your lips quirked up immediately. he was so full of it. the only trends he cared about were in music and even then he still had a propensity for doing whatever he wanted. “oh so you’re giving this to me because it’s a trend?”
“i know you were gonna ask for something at some point, so i’m just getting it out the way now,” he answered from the kitchen, face in the fridge.
he came back with two beers, placing one in your hand. “so this has nothing to do with the guy from the ice cream shop asking me out?”
he huffed not even trying to deny it. “i was standing right next to you.”
you giggled. “you were standing in front of me 😭 your back was facing me. he couldn’t have possibly known.”
“whatever just wear it.”
“is this your way of marking your territory?”
“i’m not a dog and you’re not territory.” you raised an eyebrow. “it’s more of a hint.”
you rolled your eyes. you don’t know why he couldn’t just admit to his slight possessiveness. it was cute. you accepted the top regardless and changed the topic. “you know there’s like a million animals that mark their territory right?”
it was that time of year again
the time when it was sweater weather in the morning and flip flop weather in the afternoon
and unfortunately for you when you left the house the day before it was on the flip flop side of the spectrum and you 100% did not intend to stay the night at your boyfriend’s
but you know how it goes one thing led to another and now the skirt that you left the house in yesterday was not cutting it in the morning’s chill
hobi was still asleep without a care in the world hair sticking up in every direction. you were gonna buy him a bonnet.
you walked over and straddled him, hands running up and down his bare chest. when that didn’t rouse him you leant over and pressed kisses over all his face until you felt him take hold of your hips, hands roaming your thighs. “what’s all this then?”
“a wake up call.”
“a wake up call? 😏”
“not like that. i have work in 2 hours.”
“2 hours? that’s plenty of time,” he countered, sliding his hands up and squeezing your butt.
“no it’s not 😭 i don’t have any clothes here so i gotta get ready at home.”
he sat up and began kissing up your neck but he was still half asleep and blissfully pliant so he went down easily when you pushed him back down. “focus hobert. i need pants it’s cold outside.”
“uhhh… my sweatpants are in the bottom left drawer”
you scrambled off him. if you didn’t get a move on you were gonna be late.
he caught your hand and brought it to his lips before you could fully exit the bed. you looked down at him. “you’ll come back when you get off? 🥺”
“mhm.” you tried pulling your hand back so you could hurry up and go, but he kept a hold.
“can i have a kiss before you go?”
you obliged leaning down intending to keep it brief and chaste but hobi’s hand that was holding yours moved to the back of your neck and he kissed you with much more gusto than you thought he had in his drowsy state
you pulled back panting, resolve to leave slightly crumbled. “still wanna go to work?” he asked smirking.
you curled your lips at him turning to pull on the sweats. “goodbyyyyeeee hobi.”
he was back asleep before you made it out the door.
“so i walk up-“
you pause looking into the camera. “hi. so i walk up to a few of the-“
“how are you?”
you smack your lips at his second interruption. “fine. so i walk up to a few of the stylists and they-“
“that’s good.”
“baby you got to let me speak.”
“you’re the one who facetimed me as if we were already in the middle of a conversation, “he giggled.
you rolled your eyes. you knew he was doing that to just to get on your nerves. “there’s no need for formalities. we literally saw each other like an hour and a half ago. remember? when you got off work and left me to continue doing mine? sound familiar?”
you pursed your lips. “anyway. so i walk up to a few of the stylists bc you know they ain’t doing nothing fr fr. just shooting the breeze so i slide in. and i’m like hey where y’all be keeping the fits? and they’re like what fits? and i’m like THE fits.” you pause and look at jimin waiting expectantly.
“you have to interject intermittently to let me know you’re still with me.”
“you just got all huffy with me for interjecting.”
“you weren’t interjecting. you were interrupting.”
he rolled his eyes. “yes i’m here. i’m with you. the fits.”
“right. the fits. you know like all the famous ones. the red carpet looks and music video ones and so on and so forth. so you know me having the connections that i do-“
“yes. that’s me. i’m the connection.”
“that was an interruption not an interjection.”
“i love you.”
“and i, you. anyway they take me and i’m telling you it’s prime real estate like the memories. i’m proper losing it and guess what i come across?”
you prop your camera up and away so you could show him the garment on your body. “isn’t it cute???!?!”
“ahhh that’s the jacket i wore for DNA right?”
“Yes! and for your performance on the AMAs! and you let that one buff reporter try it on 🥵”
“i’m gonna act like i didn’t hear the last sentence.”
“whatever helps you sleep at night. anyway so i ask them like what plans they have for this baby and they’re like absolutely none and i’m like so it’s just sitting here in storage and they’re like pretty much and i’m like 👁👁 so……… you know my boyfriend jimin right? and they’re like of course and i’m like can i have it? and they’re like they gotta check. so they went and checked and they were like if you wanted you could have it. so i’m asking you do you want this for me to have???🥺”
he laughed incredulously. “i feel like there’s several points in this conversation where you could’ve been nicer to me if it was gonna end up here.”
“must i grovel at your feet for a jacket?” you ask with your hands on your hips before coming closer to the camera. “besides don’t i look cute in it 🥺 and wouldn’t i look soooo good if this was the only thing i was in? 🥰”
he choked on his spit. “you fight dirty.”
“all is fair in love and war.”
“you can take it but when i see it i want it to be the only thing you’re wearing as advertised.”
“anything for you, baby.”
the thing about taehyung is that he was easily defeated or at least he was in the kitchen.
he was picky. he didn’t always want take out. sometimes he wanted a home cooked meal but no matter how hard he tried him and cooking just ain’t get along
so left to his own devices he’d err on the side of not eating and that was something you just could not have
so a couple times a week you’d go over to his and make him a few meals made sure he had enough side dishes to last him
honestly you didn’t mind it he always took care of you so you made sure to take care of him in return it also earned you a few brownie points with his mother. a win win situation but that didn’t mean you couldn’t tease him about it
“so what do i get for doing all this?” you asked while slicing pork.
he walked over to you from his spot behind the island, wrapping his arms around your middle and resting his head on your shoulder. “my love and affection.”
“i can’t take that to the bank kim. i need something quantifiable.”
he pressed a kiss on the junction between your neck and collar bone. “like what?”
“one of your gucci cardigans.”
he breathed out a laugh. “to be honest i’d give you one regardless.”
“😨 forreal?” you were kidding about the whole situation but if he was going to give you one, you would happily accept.
“of course. what’s mine is yours.” he nuzzled his face into your neck.
“then where’s the credit card?” you joked once more.
“pick a day and i’ll take you out. whatever you want on me”
“😳😨🥺 babe?” you set the knife down, quickly washing your hands and turning in his hold. you brought you draped your arms around his shoulders, fingers lightly carding through the strands at the base of his neck, before bringing his face down and resting his forehead against yours, simply breathing each other in.
he knew you weren’t with him for his money. if that’s all you wanted from him you would’ve been long gone by now. and you weren’t. you were still by his side. in his kitchen. cooking for him. he loved you. you were it for him. so he could give up a sweater or two. would give you the world if you asked. “yeah?”
you knew that you two were serious. you’d had several conversations about your relationship, but sometimes it still shocked you when he decided to show and tell you how he felt about you. you couldn’t believe it and right about now you were ready to burst at the seams at the sudden seriousness he took your jesting with. you had to diffuse the sudden tension. “run me my check.”
“ayo kook!”
“yeah?” he shouted back.
you rolled your eyes. “come here, please!”
you couldn’t see it but he rolled his eyes too getting up from his spot on the couch to come to you. “what’s up?”
“i’m looking for a shirt,” you stated continuing your rifling through his clothing.
“why are you looking for one of your shirts on my side of the closet?”
“because i’m not looking for one of my shirts obviously.”
“why are you looking for one of my shirts then?”
you ignored him, still absentmindedly shuffling through his items. “where’s that one that i like?”
he snorted. “you like a lot of my clothes.”
“that’s bc you dress to impress me.”
which wasn’t necessarily true but it wasn’t a lie either. you were his baby. he wanted to look good for you. “sure. now which one? could you use actual adjectives this time.”
“the brown one,” you huffed, “with the skeletal system.”
he draped his arms over your shoulders, shuffling you both out of the closet and toward his chest.
you had a feeling it would be in there but he had everything perfectly folded and you knew he’d kill you if you messed it up.
“this the one?” he dangled the shirt from his fingers. you nodded. “baby, this is very oversized on me. you’re gonna drown in it.”
“i’m gonna wear it as a dress,” you corrected. “i’ve got a belt and everything. it’s gonna look good. trust me.”
“i trust you,” he said as he began peppering kisses down the side of your neck that made you question if you really wanted to leave the house tonight.
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hollyhomburg · 3 months ago
Before I Leave You (Pt.17)
(Omegaverse au, Mafia au, Bts x Reader)
Summary: Things are often clearer the day after but if anything Taehyung only feels more confused about where she stands with you.
Pairing: Beta! Yoongi, Omega! Reader, Omega! Jungkook, Omega! Seokjin, Alpha! Namjoon, Alpha! Hoseok, Alpha! Taehyung, Alpha! Jimin,
Tags: fluff, hurt/comfort, nesting, scent marking, omegaspace, heavily implied little space, a tiny bit of sexual content but not much, mentions of heat/rut cycles, seizure mention, medical conditions, possessive characters, trans! taehyung.
W/c: 10.0k
A/n: Things in my life have been kind of hard recently, I’m sorry the gaps are getting so large between chapters, Next chapter will be the sexual content. I know I keep saying that but it’s a promise this time! this chapter kinda feels not ready to post but I didn’t want to wait for another week!
Previous Part - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Jungkook has another seizure the day after you and Tae stay up. Whether it happened in the middle of the night while he was sleeping or maybe when he woke up sometime through the morning no one’s quite sure. 
They’re particularly tricky to catch when they happen that way- when the fever blur of Jungkook's subconscious gives way to a different kind of sensation, dream to seizure and seizure to dream and back again- all without waking.
Taehyung is a little thankful honestly and maybe that makes her a selfish asshole that she has this to contend with when she blinks awake, rather than thinking about what happened last night or the secret that lingers known by the two of you now.
An oppressive heavyweight that somehow- doesn't suffocate, like a blanket or a hug and not like a cage. A secret known by two people isn’t much of a secret at all. 
Jungkook doesn't stir from his carefully crafted half-circle, holding his bones like he's feeling their brittleness. He has the kind of half there lucidity and laconicism that they’ve all come to anticipate from his days post-seizure. The rest of the pack a buzz around the nest, Tae the last one to wake up.
Their coffees grow cold on the bedside table and Jimin’s arms are vice like around Jungkook’s middle. Cuddled into him from behind like the strength corded in his arms will be enough to make his omega safe.
“Did anyone wake up? did anyone notice anything at all” Namjoon asks, nearly forgetting to be quiet or else risk aggravating Jungkook’s panging headache.
The tense lilt to his voice betrays his hidden urgency as Jungkook keeps his eyes screwed as tight as possible. He’s tried to explain it to them countless times- the dizzy not quiet there feeling that fills his body after the seizures. Kind of similar to how it feels when you put on glasses with a prescription that’s not quite your own, only over your whole body.
Jungkook having seizures while asleep isn’t exactly normal- and it’s worrying, none of them know how long the seizure lasted and if it’s cause for concern. If his neurons are bursting apart at the seams, torn apart by something as simple as electronegativity.
Namjoon has dragged them to the hospital after a seizure like this on more than a few occasions but they never have been enough to warrant an overnight stay.  The pungent coffee liquor scent of the pack alpha’s displeasure stinks up the nest room until Jin pushes him out and in the direction of the shower. His scent will only aggravate Jungkook's nose and He’s barely started getting ready for work even though he has to be at the hospital in less than an hour.
A look at the clock says shit- Tae’s gonna be late if she doesn’t move soon either. but she transfixed by Jungkook’s head buried in the pillows. The way his soft curls fall over his face, too boyish to really be grown yet. Something in Tae’s heart gives a painful twinge.
The only people who can reliably mediate their scents into something not grating are Jin and Taehyung. Hobi’s already been kicked out of the nest it the thick smell of burning sugar is anything to go by. Jimin's treading on thin ice, the vanilla getting a smoky and pungent scent. louder and cacophonous alpha- angry alpha and distressed alpha meant to shock omegas system tell them to run and hide- tell them that some danger is near that-
“I’m fine Taetae” Jungkook’s voice is so weak, so exhausted from where he lies, Tae pulls himself closer too, trying to enswathe their omega to hopefully soothe him. Tae might be so tired and still half asleep that he can’t form his mouth into words but comforting kookie he could do in his sleep.
Taehyung occupies a more even position in the pack, dead set in the middle. neither takes his role as pup or Hyung seriously enough- except in times like this. He and Jin exchange a pregnant look and Tae senses the tremor in him, the barely controlled emotion hovering just below the surface.
Tae leans down, pressing a soft kiss against Jungkook’s curled fingers, “Sorry bunny lovely.” If anything happened to Jungkook Taehyung doesn’t know what she and the rest would do.
“Are you rearranging Koo’s schedule?” Jin nods cradling Jungkook’s phone in his hand and typing furiously. While Jimin rubs soothing circles down Jungkook’s back that any other morning would make Jungkook purr. Their youngest just covers his face from the little amount of light in the room to try and alleviate the pounding no doubt assaulting his cranium.
To Tae’s credit, when you walk in (with Yoongi carefully in toe) she does try not to look. Like staring would give something away about what transpired last night. She barely manages to act like nothing’s wrong- like nothing’s different.
Someone must have gotten up and told you what happened because both of you talk in a quiet hush, murmuring to each other softly until Jungkook gives a frustrated huff, kicking off the two hot blankets at his feet, “I'm post-seizure not post-death you can just talk to me you know.”
Jungkook tries not to sound annoyed as he flops back onto his back, opening himself up and turning his quite lethal puppy eyes on their beta. His body gives a treacherous shiver at the movement. Yoongi has never followed a call quicker, flopping down on the nest and pulling himself up and into Jungkook’s arms.
He kisses him softly on the forehead, crooning a quiet, “Sorry pup- just worried about you.” Yoongi’s concern bleeds into it, unable to tease him like usual when he’s so vulnerable. Jimin's so endeared he doesn't even look bothered that Yoongi strong-armed him out of the way. But maybe that's just because they both know that Yoongi's scent is the only thing that can help Jungkook after a seizure like that.
“Here- take my side Hyung,” Jimin and Yoongi rearrange themselves around Jungkook, who nuzzles into Yoongi like his scent is what he’s been waiting for, the trembling in his shoulders eases instantaneously, the magic of pheromones that only Yoongi can provide. Whatever effects it has on Jungkook’s symptoms, it must feel pretty good because he goes from tense to utterly pliant- like a puppet with its strings cut in just about two seconds.
They will no doubt be on Koo duty today, but it’s not like the rest of them wouldn’t love to stay home and look after their youngest. “I have to get ready for work” Tae unfortunately confesses. Hobi, Namjoon, and Jin are already tumbling through the room in various stages of undress. 
Hobi kicks his clothes across the floor, the frustration in his bones something Tae is intimately familiar with. All of the alphas know the distress that comes with it- leaving one of their pack mates vulnerable and alone when they’re so clearly needing comfort and protecting. 
Usually, Tae doesn’t feel his instincts as much, but today is different for some reason and Tae can’t shake it. It sucks, but they do have to go to work, and they’d take days off for this if they thought Jungkook needed them too.
He Doesn’t like feeling smothered, Jimin and Yoongi and you will be enough. 
But there are other things to fixate on; You don’t look upset that your mate is cuddling someone else, a small smile playing on your face as you lean against the doorframe watching Yoongi comfort their youngest. 
Tae almost wants to apologize for Jungkook’s boldness; Scenting another Person’s mate without their permission is considered a high offense. Tae considers himself good at reading people and it would be normal for you to get angry if you were like any other possessive mate but you’re not; there's not a hint of displeasure hidden in your face.
Taehyung lingers leaning opposite you in the doorway cautiously scenting the air for any sign of your discomfort from you but there isn’t any. Not your scent nor any hidden tenseness in your frame that betrays any sort of discomfort. If anything, you look like you might head back to bed, comfortable and sleepy enough that you lean up against the doorframe a little too heavily.
Jin drops a kiss on your forehead then Taehyung’s when he stumbles past, “I swear if anyone breaks their routine today, I’m going to absolutely have a fit, just a warning.”  
His button-down is completely undone displaying the generous line of his chest. not quite abs but not much more than a thin layer of fat over his body that has always made Jin simply delicious to the alphas, the omegas, and anyone who might dare to look at him. The first prickling’s of want stir in Tae’s gut, but she shakes it off
Really- what’s gotten into her this morning, everything feels disjointed and off- like someone turned the exposure up. 
“Go back to bed honey, we’ve got kookie.” You make a noise and offer Jin a sip of your coffee, which he takes making a face at the amount of sugar in it. 
“You sure? There isn’t anything I can make for him that will make him better?” your voice is so quiet, kind of strangled, you’re not non-verbal but you easily could be. 
Jin and Tae shake their heads sadly. Even Jungkook himself lets out a sad huff from the bed, “no- I’m just grumpy. It’s okay.”
Your thumb is hooked through a coffee cup (this pun mug reads: “I’m bear-ly awake,” with the image of a bear at an office desk). Tae lingers, pausing in the doorway to stare down at you, a hairs breath closer than she might have stood yesterday. Your smile conjures up images of flower petals and makeup brushes when You take a sip of your coffee, looking up at her with a smile that’s probably as sweet as your coffee, raising a single eyebrow.  
“Good morning?” you say, more of a question than a real greeting. Tae’s mouth is dry, words tangling and none of them the ones she wants to say, thank you for last night or hey do you want to do that again? can we curl up in each other and make a home out of these delicate bones?
But instead she blurts “you didn’t let me pick a mug for you today.” 
“You looked tired, they let you sleep,” let is maybe a little too gracious on your part, the others were probably so worried about Jungkook and distracted to wake him. As the clock sits now, Tae has barely enough time to get ready for work.
But she lingers in the doorway with you, doesn’t more to go get coffee of her own, just stands and watches the pack. how fluffy Hoseok’s hair gets when he runs a brush through it. You watch Jin hang the rest of his work outfit on the back of the door and decent, upon their shared skincare routine pile with a muted vigor. While Jimin and Yoongi encircle Jungkook at the centre of the nest. The pup carefully cradled between them and soothed with soft words- a special kind of music just out of earshot. 
But Taehyung watches you more than he watches the others. The way you sway softly, the curl of your lips over your coffee mug- everything. maybe that’s how he notices when you freeze, eyes fixating on something. 
You have not been granted the ability to control your scent like the others- just like Hoseok and Namjoon it bursts from you like a wave. Maybe it’s the damage to your mating mark but either way, it sours but then flickers back to life, a thick blanket of cake, not quite vanilla but a warmth that nearly makes a growl build in her throat. 
Good- you smell so good- better than usual or maybe it’s just the dial of Tae’s senses that have been turned up because of Jungkook. 
Tae looks behind you, craning his neck and trying to figure out what exactly you’re looking at it, what piqued your interest in the way that has you smelling as sweet as an omega in heat. but it’s just Jin- sitting in their little half closet at the little desk vanity dotting his face with sunscreen, the only things in that little half closet are shoes and-  
The three boxes of sex toys stacked in the back, unmistakable. A little askew it’s hard to tell the last time they might have been used as they certainly weren’t used by tae. Jin is silhouetted in front of them, dabbing a moisturizer while a fluffy headband complete with puppy ears holds back his already blow-dried bangs.
If you had a sensitive nose, you might even be able to scent the undercurrent of arousal that coats the outside like Tae can. They’re airtight boxes so no lingering smell of arousal on the toys themselves can escape, But the others still touch the boxes when they’re aroused and thats enough to leave traces. 
The heat rising to your cheeks is unmistakable as is your sweetening scent, complimenting the scents in the room. The kind of smell that literally takes alphas by the balls when it comes from an omega because their every instinct is primed to be aware of it- to notice it.  
Before you can dart away as Tae’s sure you want to, Namjoon tries to fit between the two of you. He smells a lot better now that he’s had the chance to shower off the smell of his misery. His hair is sticking up everywhere in damp spikes. 
“Sorry” you back up against Tae to make room for him to slip past. Tae tries to press himself up as close to the wall to avoid you having to touch him but you lean, your warm body and your scent pressing up against his front. Tae almost wants to whine- a sound that definitely would read more ‘hormonal pup’ than 'in control alpha.’
But before any incidental rubbing can take place Tae watches your pack alpha pause and sniff the air. Pack alphas naturally have more sensitive senses, can smell things at a deeper level. Namjoon senses are primed to be aware of his pack-mates weather they’re in distress, anger, or happiness- even the kind you would rather he not notice. 
A month ago- Namjoon might not have been able to scent you this way but now- his pupils dilate honing in. “You both smell different are you- “ 
Luckily Namjoon is as thick as a stack of medical textbooks when it comes to things like this. Tae slings his arms around your waist, steering you away from Joon who thankfully has an injured pup to attend to. “Come to the kitchen with me! if I can’t choose your cup then you’ve got to choose mine!” Tae interjects, quickly steering you away, hand flexing as your hip moves underneath it, all but picking you up and carrying you away.
As you leave Tae swears, he can feel the tangible silence in the room and a quiet “you idiot” spoken from Jungkook.
You and Tae stand apart in the hallway, her hands leaving your waist like she’s suddenly realized she’s touching you without any real need too, and suddenly bothered by the idea that she might need to have a reason. “Sorry,” he says, though part of him isn’t sure what he’s apologizing for- manhandling you maybe (or while women handling)
Your pj’s are just as endearing now as they were last night, maybe more now that Tae notices the way they hang off of you- miss buttoned. The legs are so long that they have the possibility of tripping you. Something in her that is learned from Namjoon or Jin itches to correct it. Tae dismisses the urge and while she fucks around with the refrigerator you pick her out a mug. Small and pink with little silver flowers doodled along the sides and on the rim. 
Tae is going to be late for work and Jin doesn’t have the time to mess around with her hair today. Maybe last night gave Tae a little bit of a buffer because it feels like her clothes aren't on her somehow, some bit of that dysphoria that she's able to ignore due to the sheer weight of everything else today. Sometimes- there is simply too much going on for Tae to feel dysphoric.
It’s tough to say why but somehow Tae ends up leaving the house before she can talk to you; before he can say anything at all about the makeup last night or anything that might be better than “hey you look cute in your pj’s” and more along the lines of “hey- want to do anything tonight?”
But every time Tae closes her eyes, he sees a different face staring back at her- her own, the way she looked from last night for a split second.
The day is flush with stacking books and cute little hellos from the different patrons of Tae’s library. The little kids’ intent on raiding the picture book section are her favorite. Sometimes they forget their manners but Tae doesn’t mind when the loud squeals punctuate the usual quiet. A few older people who want to use the public library’s shitty WIFI file in as usual and a few college kids as well, tugging along double coffees and thick textbooks. Tae doesn't envy them.
Most of his day is quiet, filled with the hum and whisper of stories and his own bleeding concern for their youngest that colors the edge of every new task a little darker, a little more urgent. Because the sooner the workday ends the sooner she can get back home to Jungkook.
Jimin and Yoongi keep the group chats updated with the youngest’s condition and cute photos of kookie (all photos of kookie are cute photos). one photo in particular of Jungkook snuggled down and sipping at some decaffeinated tea in between you and Jimin makes Tae kick her feet underneath the front desk and swallow back her happy squeal. Tae makes it her lock screen after a moment of deliberation. Each update is greeted by its usual flurry of messages from the others, sweet encouragements, and lengthy texts from Jin and Hobi.
Halfway through the day, a new number gets added- and he knows it’s yours by the string of heart emojis that you send through, not your name or anything else.
Tae can’t help but check her phone every few minutes for updates about Jungkook (more texts from you too- though she pretends she’s not looking for those). He’s sure the other two alphas and Jin must be going likewise crazy. 
It’s always hard to leave when it's so clear that one of their packmates needs their help. Let alone Jungkook who would love to pretend like he’s invincible and powerful and capable all of the time- and let the reality of the situation slip away in favor of the fantasy that he’s as healthy as any of them.
They wouldn’t dare burst his bubble; his spirit is more important at times. Mental health cannot be sacrificed for the sake of the physical.
There are countless other things to occupy Tae's mind besides the dysphoria today so maybe she should be thankful.  During her lunch break, she eyes the medical texts in the backroom (the ones that the medical students usually grab around exam season are kept out of reach by virtue of them being expensive). 
At lunchtime, she lingers over the edition on mating marks before she thinks better of it and goes back to re-reading her favorite series. But she finds it hard to concentrate. The passages that usually have her swooning drifting by like advertisements; nothing to linger over and certainly not worth remembering.
She has so many questions- ones that you might not want to answer. How many more secrets will Tae have to proffer up before she understands the truth of you and Yoongi? How can you be so cavalier and normal about the whole mating thing?
Though maybe Tae's preconceived notions about what it means to be mated are getting in the way here. it’s product of how mating is displayed in the media; how many countless love stories has she read where the happy ending went one on one with a bite? How many times had she fantasized and fingered the spot on her neck late at night thinking about Jimin’s mouth? How his crooked front teeth might look immortalized forever on her skin?
They’ve talked about it briefly on and off over the years, after having loved each other for nearly a decade it was bound to come up more than a few times. But it’s Something that Tae hasn't legitimately thought about since before Yoongi left.
It’s not that alphas can’t wear each other’s marks, it's just that after Jimin and Taehyung became Jimin and Taehyung and Jungkook the idea of any pairing off and excluding whoever might remain became unconscionable.
And soon after that, they'd found each other a part of a pack and it became less about the two of them and more about how their love could be carefully nurtured within the careful confines of Namjoon and Jin's arms. But if you and Yoongi are paired off that means that there are an even number of mouths to go around and perhaps an even number of bites- that leave Jin and Namjoon, Hoseok and Jungkook, and Tae and Jimin.
After a while Tae lies her head down on the books In front of her, closing her eyes and willing away the possibilities dancing in her mind. Because it’s no use wondering at maybes and what if’s for right now.
This is usually how the seizure day’s go; Jungkook always spends the first few hours getting quiet and tiny before a burst of energy seems to settle under his skin, demanding to be released. Too much energy in his little body to work off and no work to do. So eventually, the news comes through that Jungkook has progressed past the half nauseous feeling and is now feeling itchy.
Canceling his classes doesn't mean he can't work it off, especially supervised. Tae breathes a sigh of relief when the group chats updates with a photo of Jimin and Jungkook in their gym clothes walking into Jungkook's gym right before he leaves at 3:30. With the playful caption of “don’t worry! I’m pup sitting,” from his soulmate, which is greeted with a few tired-looking faced emojis from Jungkook and a few gushes from the rest.
Hobi sunshine baby (3:34): come home so we can actually sit on you.
Jin baby (3:35): gross
Unknown number (3:35): gross
Tae stifles a giggle behind her hand, then saves your contact in her phone as “flower baby”. 
By the time she leaves and gets home the high sun makes her suit stuffy and uncomfortable. Itchy in a way that the dysphoria sometimes does too although Tae is 90% sure it's just the fact that she decided to wear her wool suit coat and not her cotton one today. Tae’s skin feels like a live wire, she finds her pace quickening when the roofline comes into view.
She hasn’t had much time to think about last night, maybe she’s pushed it away in her head a little out of necessity. Maybe the wound of dysphoria doesn't bleed unless you pick at it and Tae hadn’t had much of a reason to today.
Tae can hear the purrs from outside the door, before he even sets foot in your home.
Yoongi’s blond head bobs at the sound of the door opening and closing. “Hey” he says, so quiet he might as well be whispering. Though it sounds less like the word and more like I love you, it always sounds that way when it comes from Yoongi’s mouth. Your purring redoubles, louder when you smell Tae, though you don't look up to say hi.
the scent of baked goods lingers in the house, not just from your scent gland either. A tray of perfect looking tarts gleam with red insides on the centre island- strawberry or raspberry filling gleaming at the centre. And ah- you must have stress baked today. 
Tae puts his bag down, finds a place for his keys, and shucks off his uncomfortable jacket. Only then does she approach the couch, slowly, careful not to startle you.
You and Yoongi are the only one’s home. Pillowed on the couch in a pool of honey-yellow light. You’re pressed all along his side as close as two people can be without literally being one. A blanket that was probably covering you at one point piled around the two of you in the barest suggestion of a nest.
Tae has been learning, he spots the way your nose is rolling into your mate's tummy, rumbly omega purrs that erupt from you un contained and unrestrained in the presence of just Yoongi, just your mate.
Ah- your eyes are dilated, he should have known just from the strength of your purrs and not just the fact that you hadn't said anything when he walked in, you're in omegaspace. Though it's not unheard of for an omega to fall into it outside of their nest- It’s a little strange that you didn't snap out of it when he walked in the door. You must trust Tae an offal lot if you're willing to let down your walls like this right now.
Her eyes linger on you and how you're playing with the hem of Yoongi's shirt, hands needing it in the way that a cat would knead a pillow. Until Yoongi clears his throat “we’re home alone, now, if you want to ask.”
A high-pitched wine builds in your throat which is quickly remedied by a little attention to your scent gland from Yoongi’s hands. Your brain is a rush with ‘good good good,’ and ‘mate mate mate’ their words sound like you’re hearing them from underwater.
All you can smell in the air in Yoongi- marshmallow chocolaty goodness, and a thick intoxicating perfume that has you licking and lapping at your mates skin. He tastes like them a little, but only a tiny bit- like he laid in the place that that scent did last night. 
You whine hoping it will draw the alpha closer so you can smell it directly from the source. you are spiraling down, your brain reduced to one syllable words and the shear sensitivity of your body. You feel everything- every bit of Yoongi’s skin pressed to yours.
You feel when the couch depresses under the alpha’s knees, does she always smell this good? Or is it just today?
Tae can’t help but notice the way your hand curls over Yoongi’s hip. Now that She knows the mark is there, she can’t ignore it. the blanket is a careful barrier between you and Yoongi and Tae. The tv is a pleasant afterthought, but Yoongi turns it down.
You smile up at Tae, your Purrs increasing in volume but then you press your face back into Yoongi’s hip, hiding from the light. Something about Tae's face that makes the cotton bounds of your mind go all gooey pink- like melting cotton candy.
And ah- Tae hasn't seen you this deep in omega space before, you quite literally hide yourself under Yoongi’s shirt when Tae peers over to get a better look at you. Tae gets the feeling that while you’re physically present, you might be a little too far down to really partake in the conversation. So deep down that everything feels fluffy and soft and silken. But neither of them wouldn’t dare try to draw you out of it.
She can’t help it, it’s biology that makes her heart squeeze like this- the cute aggression that says to bite and nip and claim. Her muscles twitching from resisting the urge to heave you up and get you seated in Tae’s lap instead of your mates. Tae takes several steadying breaths through her mouth so that your scent won’t make her do exactly that.
Tae tugs on a lock of your hair in hello, Just a little bit. You lean your head back to smile up at her. Pulling yourself more firmly into Yoongi's lap to get just a little closer to Tae. Yoongi's hand slides under your shirt and your hip drumming his fingers against your taught stomach. You twitch, hips splaying, like a puppy would when getting their tummy rubbed. 
She’s seen the touches of omega space around your consciousness but never a haze this thick.
it’s that that makes Tae realize that whatever the story here- it won't really hurt. if you’re this comfortable at the prospect of sharing it- then there isn’t any reason to be afraid of your bond, to be afraid of being rude or overstepping boundaries. 
You and Yoongi- it’s an undeniable fact now. You will be together until the day he dies and It doesn’t scare him like it might have before. There's no use arguing over facts after all. It’s not like Tae could change the course of history even if she wanted to.
An omega in omega space is a delicate thing, even more, delicate with your mate crouched a little protectively over you. So Tae keeps her voice low when she speaks. “Tell me why- tell me why you’ve got her mark.”
Yoongi tips his head back against the couch, lets it rest there, and hums. Tae knows he’s wondering where he should start. He lets Yoongi muse at it for a while and when his eyes are open there is a darkness there. An uneasiness that says he’s picking and choosing how much to reveal right now.
Tae wishes he wouldn’t, wishes that Yoongi would just spit out whatever’s bothering him. would let it go so that it didn’t weigh on him anymore. let me take the weight, tae wants to beg, let me hold onto whatever weights you so you can be lighter than air my love. 
Yoongi has always been good at speaking Tae's language, since the beginning when their courtship was all about bargained for stories and shared enthusiasms. They might not be as blatantly affectionate or romantic as the others are but Tae and Yoongi have always loved each other in their own special way.
“You know how in some of your stories there are bad guys that are unequivocally bad, no sort of redemption possible?” 
Of course, she knows stories like that although she never liked them, Tae was always more a fan of the villains that never ended up being villains at all. The morally grey ones that you slowly grew to love as the story grew longer. (Yoongi isn't asking but if he did Tae would have said that villains like that help nurture self-sympathy in the reader, because there is nothing more compelling than a villian that resembles you.)
“The mark is redemption that I never deserved; I’m still trying to deserve it- even now.” Tae almost chokes. And while usually, the overly flowery words would work on him- now this doesn't.
“That’s not- tell me specifics Yoongi. please- I want to understand” Yoongi sighs, looking down at you. You're purring and slowly rubbing your face into his belly again. Lost to the world and ignoring their conversation.
Yoongi reaches down and turns your head, you blink owlishly a strangled whine breaking but Yoongi’s fingers at your lips soothes you. The mark looks violent the more Tae looks at it. Being bitten like that- by two people- Tae can't imagine what that feels like.
“He never completed the bond with her, even though he bit her, she never bit him back. It was only- minutes after that I bit her to save her, to make sure the other mark didn’t eat away at her.”
Tae watches the way that Yoongi’s hands shake. His voice breaks like he still can't forget the betrayal. Sometimes Tae wonders if Yoongi Mourns that in the quiet of his own head. From the sound of it, Yoongi’s brother was a monster; but Tae hopes Yoongi knows that he's not an orphan just because he's dead- he has them, forever and always. no matter what happens and no matter this.
“She would have gone crazy, and I couldn’t let it happen, I couldn’t. not after she sacrificed herself to let me come home. I couldn’t just leave her there.” Yoongi isn’t crying, but he is curled around you.
There is more to this story here, but Tae remembers what Yoongi had said the other night, the story he told the others then. Your ex-husband, half-mates death is a little too suspiciously timed for Tae’s liking but neither of you look like killers. So Tae lets the though slide away, because no- none of the people that She loves are killers, that she’s sure of. Somehow she feels like she’d know if they where. 
He can’t imagine why Yoongi didn’t tell them the whole truth then as It would have been so much easier if he had. But there is only one reason why he might not have, a reason that Tae is slowly becoming painfully aware of with every moment that Yoongi’s scent fades from chocolate gooeyness to rainstorm fluff.
The reason why he suddenly holds onto you so hard yet gently. Like the memory of almost losing you is too much for his body to handle. The fear and anguish taking hold in his little body like it’s that day again, He is ridged one moment, crouched over you like his body can shield you from the truth.  
Yoongi feels guilty about what happened and from the looks of it- it’s eating him up inside, consuming his better judgment with a frightening vigor. You grow frantic in your scenting, like there isn’t enough of your scent to go around. A high-pitched whine building as you nuzzle into his wrist, curling your knees around him. Your eyes closed but Tae has a feeling you'd be able to find Yoongi blind.
Tae doesn’t know what makes him reach forward and thread his fingers into your hair but you relax again at the harsh contact, his own gentle cinnamon spiking as if to greet your own. “It’s okay honey, Yoongi’s not upset at you.”
Yoongi sits back and watches the two of you interact. Tae has never taken any sort of a dominant role in their pack, content to fluctuate. She’s dead in the middle of the pack hierarchy because there has always been someone more submissive or more dominant than her. Mot quite at the bottom but modal- like Yoongi himself but-
Fuck, her gums ache with the urge to nip and bite the right side of your neck an unmarked call. The urge to ease you back into that soft headspace, not the blinking awake distress, pretty kissable lips moving around words that finally take root once you’ve figured out how to speak again.
“Should be” Your words are still all slurred soft, like they spent too much time bouncing around the inside of your head until they fluttered out. you fail to blink away the haze settling for ducking your head low at Tae's eye contact. Something about her eyes makes you shy and flustered in a way you aren't around your mate. ‘alpha’ your instincts sing, ‘my alpha’
If you were Jungkook, he would lean forward to nip at your scent glad, anything to settle you. But as of right now- Tae can only look and want. Hushing you with a low hum, pressing your head closer to Yoongi’s wrist. Your whole body goes a little limp when he finally manages to mediate his scent back to its usual soft chocolate. Tae makes an approving noise in her throat. “There you go pup.”
Tae sighs- she’s never been a fan of arguing, but something ticks in her jaw. “You need to talk to Namjoon- you need to tell him- he could help- there has to be something that modern medicine could do.” her voice has the same level of desperation she feels whenever Jungkook talks about how it feels to have his seizures. 
The horrifying reality that for all this love that they share the rest of them are fairly powerless to help Jungkook even on a good day. They can’t just make Jungkook better with kisses and cuddles.
You and Yoongi can’t just fix your fucked up mating marks with good old love and rest, no matter how hard you might try. 
Yoongi shrugs and Tae can already tell that he’s not going for it, trying to dismiss Tae’s concerns as easy as that. He and Joon can be like that sometimes, as standoffish and plucky with each other as they are in love. Each one unwilling to admit how much they need the other.  (If you weighed the words that lay unsaid between them and the weight of their shared hearts, which side would come out on top?)
“We do fine on our own, the first few months were the worst but now-” Yoongi’s voice goes all quiet, “now I don’t have to just keep her alive.” Tae's whole body goes rigid. Yoongi hasn't told them much of what it was like in those months between your hell and when Jimin found Yoongi in h-mart. She doesn't know if she should be shocked or have expected that but either way, her alpha instincts are going haywire.
huh- Trans or not- woman or man- it appears that the instincts are still insatiable. In fact- they seem to be elevated today. Making Tae tug herself closer to you, get a hand on your shoulder  at Yoongi’s confession because- no- Tae’s alpha instincts won’t let you be so far apart for another minute, especially with your mate talking like that.  
You purr shallowly as Yoongi strokes down your mating mark, cupping the back of your neck it reverberates in Tae's fingers. You’re so far down in omega space that Tae’s sure you won’t be able to muse on their conversation until later. “I was so worried of you hating her for my mistake, I think that’s why I’m so scared of telling you all the truth”
you nuzzle into tae’s hands, nose following her thumb until you reach the scent gland at the inside of her wrist, sending an electric zing up her arm. 
"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response because it's that idiotic," Yoongi laughs, at that seems to jog you from your stupor, you pull yourself up a little more to be fully in his lap though you struggle. tugging at the front of Yoongi's shirt to get him closer. 
he shushes you again, manipulating your body to sit up against his, legs framing his hips. in any other setting it might be too private or too sexual but it's oddly- almost nurturing. the way that Yoongi cradles you against his front. You fumble with the front of his shirt like your hands are too fluffy or fuzzy to properly grasp it.
Alphas don't really enter into alpha space like omegas do- but Tae hopes it feels good. You deserve to feel good and safe and protected for a while. You seem to have scented something from Tae- a little bit of displeasure or something because you turn your face to look at her, pupils still dilated, cheek resting against Yoongi's shoulder. 
“Not mad? Not mad at us?” Tae’s sour scent is pungent in the closet space, but she shakes her head,
“I’m not angry at you sweetheart.”  Tae just aches thinking of the two of you, all alone in this house with your souls torn apart and trying to knit It back together with love. Two people who might never have been bound so close if it weren’t for the circumstances.
She clings to the two of you like a second skin. Your purrs deepen, no hint of the whines just thick and cuddly omega pheromones filling the room with unbelievable warmth. God, she can taste you on the back of her tongue when she breathes in deep. She hopes the deep lungfuls of air she breathes don't sound too greedy. It’s all she can do to keep her breathing even and steady and not gasping.
You send a dopey smile in Tae’s direction, Snuggling back into Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi doesn't look affected beyond his fond smile- Tae wishes she felt the same but it’s taking every ounce of herself control to hold herself back from scooping you out of your mates arms and placing you in her own lap. 
You tuck your knees up and Tae’s hand falls onto your skin, stroking gently down the back of your neck. You are soft to the touch- the faint baby hairs on the back of your neck like velvet-
You make everything else around you feel squishy and new too- even if it’s broken. tae’s lungs have never felt better, she honestly couldn’t feel dysphoric right now if she even tried. something about you is just a balm to it. you make it so much better- tae’s half convinced it could be magic. The jagged pieces of Yoongi's guilt and Tae's netted and barely-held together trust are all left irrelevant as you cuddle between them. 
You’re all a little broken sometimes and though Tae knows this and would never dismiss the pain but she can't help but think that This might be getting better- you might be getting better little bit by little bit. 
she's not foolish enough to think everything good will always stick- but for right now things don't feel so bad for once. The weight of emotional instability and everything that might be wrong is not threatening for tonight. Not here in your puddle of sunlight full of the scent of cake, chocolate, and cinnamon. Gooey and warm like fried hotteok. 
In a rare moment of bravery, Tae leans in close to peck a kiss along your forehead and she hopes you know it's a thank you for last night. if you can give Tae that softness, then she can give you that now. Especially since Yoongi's babying seems to be working on you so well.  
You squeak in surprise and indignation, cute pink lips parting. And Tae kisses your skin again just to hear that noise and make you more flustered. Yoongi smirks, and says nothing about the blush doubtlessly coating tae's cheeks. if she had longer hair she'd be able to hide behind it.
You make a whining noise and they get your meaning- used to registering sounds that are not words and attributing meaning to them. They press closer, firmer, Yoongi’s hands going hard over your shoulders to squeeze comfortingly. And it’s a beautiful thing when you lift your head- the fringe of his hair caught on your forehead just to look back at tae. 
“you really like Tae Tae huh sweetheart?” Yoongi teases. And honestly Tae isn’t expecting you to speak again but-
“Tae Tae the pretties and the cutest and she’s-“ your words are slurred, eyelashes fluttering but Yoongi hushes you, barely not catching the freezing of Tae’s hands. The cold fear curdling the enjoyment in her stomach. Luckily Yoongi only seems to have eye for his mate and not Tae.
“She’s so delirious, I promise, she literally just says everything on her mind when she’s like this.” Tae hums, but keeps rubbing at your shoulders after a moment to avoid suspicion. If you’re like this now- Tae wonders if you ever fall into omega space on one of your bad days- and what it looks like if you talk during then.
Eventually Tae and Yoongi lapse into a quiet silence, at peace with their thoughts, nothing much but the sound of a distant lawn mower and the hum of the train on the tracks a few blocks down and your purring, sweet and lulling. Tae’s cheeks feel warm.
Yoongi doesn’t look suspicious about the accidental pronoun slip up, but tae is too curious for her own good. “Don’t you want to know, don’t you wanna know why she made you tell me?” 
Yoongi shakes his head, “I don’t think I need to; I trust her.” Mates trust each other in a different way than non-mates do. Tae wonders what it's like- wonders how that feels to be wound so close to someone you forget where they end and you begin.
Tae sighs, “When are you going to tell the others?”
Yoongi shakes his head, “eventually? soon? when they find out on their own? take your pick.” You lean back at their words, even sat in Yoongi’s lap- you still look so tiny, at eye level with him, but only barely.
“Kiss?” you ask, hands fisted childlike in the front of Yoongi’s shirt, eyes on your lap like you honestly think your mate would deny you.
“Sure pup,” it’s sweet to see the way that the kiss rounds away Yoongi’s rough edges- casting away memories of that time and banishing the last of the saltiness from Yoongi’s scent.
Tae can’t stop the happy rush of pheromones as she smooths over your back either, grab Yoongi’s hand where it rests to lace them together- a careful lock to keep you safe and in their protective bundle.
Tae's instincts continue to go haywire, the other alphas should be here, need help to guard you, where are they? Tae’s chest puffs out a little- it’s okay, she can do a good enough job until they return, she’s got you. A part of her that is more alpha than the rest settles in satisfaction as tae blinks lazily up at Yoongi, whose looking at Tae like she just slapped him across his face. "What?" 
"Nothing" the beta swallows, "you just look really kissable right now," Yoongi shrugs, trying to minimize the way that his whole face is bright red, always needing to cut his sweetness with a little bit of assholery now and then.  "now you know the way to my heart is through her so- be an alpha about it."
Tae grins at the teasing "I wasn't doing it for you, if you Wanna kiss me you're gonna have to do it yourself beta," the word could never be derogatory but Yoongi has always been able to bring out all hidden sides of Tae- including the cocky ones.
You shift in Yoongi's lap, and if the friction is doing something to the beta or to you neither of you show it. Your pupils are blown when you put up at Tae and oh- she's a goner, isn't she? looking suddenly more awake at the process of kisses,
“Kiss?” it's not surprising that that's the word you've chosen to fixate on. but your words are softer and more unsure, like you’re ready for Tae to decline your offer. Tae's feral growl as she lunges forward makes you giggle, shrieking as she peppers kiss after kiss along the highest part of your cheek. 
Hand fluttering on her wrist as Tae's big hands cup your face. Maybe this is why she was made so big; so that she can properly hold you, your face fits perfectly between her large hands. Tae's body feels alive with a new purpose as you giggle and melt, a true puppy pile on top of both of them.
Until she tilts her face and gets her hand on the back of your neck, steadying you so you can't squirm away and blows hard against the skin of your shoulders. A loud ripple raspberry like the kind Tae used to give his little cousins before he left home. You bark out a giggle that is like nothing Tae’s ever heard- unrestrained and bubbling like little kids should be. You thrash under the ticklish feeling. Deliciously sweet prey unable to escape their hold.
You squirm happily, giggles and more giggles blooming across the room to fill the house with sounds of happiness for once. Yoongi smiles and laughs at your over-the-top reaction too- his fingers digging into your sensitive sides. 
They are merciless, and by the time they finally relent, you're sprawled across Tae's lap. Chest heaving, hair over your face messy and ruffled, but absolutely a happy puppy lump. “Meanies!” 
Tae is breathless with this feeling, fondness, but also something more. A kind of watchfulness that is as hungry as a beast would be in winter. In that moment- Tae is both a gentle protector and a monster. The kind that waits to protect and hunt the delicate form in front of her.  
God, is this how Jimin feels all the time? so at mercy to his instincts that they seem to shadow his thoughts and coat the back of his tongue like an aftertaste? It’s just you and Jungkook today that have Tae feeling this way, and being alone with just you and Yoongi- she’s sure of it.
The rest of the afternoon goes something like this the three of you heaped on the couch, your little scenting ritual that eventually grows to include Tae, nuzzling into her delicately peachy tummy. The kind of plushness that encourages a bite or a hickey.
Not that you're brave enough even in omega space to mark Tae like that. She doesn't seem to mind your prodding and possessive whines. She just smells so good, cinnamon and spice, strong and earthy in a way that just- shuts off part of your brain.  
Tae and Yoongi talk softly while you play with their hands, kissing each one with little exaggerated “mwah!” noises that make their hearts swell with love. Yoongi and Tae watch the light in the main room change, sitting side by side with you in the middle like a piano to be played by their fingertips. The joy of touching just to be touched, to redefine your body in the terms of their fingertips.
And by the time the three of you are out of the nearest square of yellow afternoon light, you’re blinking a little clearer, not quite completely there but more lucid than before. 
Before long the sound of the others pulling into the driveway from work disturbs your peace, and you lift your head from Tae's lap leaving her feeling strangely bereft- she hadn't even gotten you to sit in her arms properly- all this time and she hadn't been brave enough to pull you up and closer- and it feels like the possibility of that is drifting firmly away. Something in Tae's chest gives a painful squeeze. 
Namjoon and Jin are their usual bundle of carefully controlled affection and the impervious wall of their combined scents, talking with a familiar hush that instantly makes Tae relax. The crinkle of the shopping bags between them makes their words near unintelligible.  
“Hey guys, how was work?” while it might seem too usual or too routine for Yoongi to ask such basic questions- maybe the fact of the matter is that they all wish they could be around each other at every moment. That they never had to be parted. Yoongi always wants to know what they got up to when they were out of sight. Maybe it reminds him of other times- the whole moths of their lives that he wasn't privy to.
Your hair is a little cow-licked when you lift your head interrupting Namjoon’s next words, and Jin- Jin knows that dopy smile, that haze- is intimately aware of how good it feels-
“Jinnie!” you chirp, eyes still half-closed and oh, he’s never kicked off his shoes quicker. Your purring redoubles when he cups your cheeks, bringing them in to nuzzle close. Sniffing near your scent gland your chin. You smell so happy, like Yoongi and Tae too- there are few things more comforting or enthralling than the smell of a happy pup.
He turns to Tae wide-eyed “what did you do?” equal parts worried and happy. “she was just- like this when I came home so Yoongi and I snuggled her.” You are a lump, a happy lump and slowly trying to pull yourself over to Jin and over the edge of the couch, not that your limbs seem to be cooperating.
“no-no no” Namjoon has the good sense to lunge forward and stop you from do doubt falling over the edge. Tae’s hand fists on your hips, pulling you back and making sure you stay put. No climbing over things for you when you’re so dizzy happy.
“Pup” Jin cautions, moving around the couch to pulling you up with a gentle but firm pressure. Something in Tae settles, sending a look at Namjoon as he watches you move against jin, his own pheromones filling the room. Allowing Tae to relax but also starting a subtle itch down his back. like tae needs to keep Namjoon in his peripherals. 
"Thank god- I needed to pee," Yoongi says, darting away after a quick peck to your temple. "Yoonie" you pout, watching his retreating form with a sad expression, Tae has no doubt you're clingy enough to literally fallow your mate anywhere right now.
An omega whine is a call for all alphas near and far to descend upon them. A low pitch that lights a fire under their asses like none other. A whine and chirp that builds slowly, heart-wrenching and lonely, akin to a lone wolf's call. “shit- joon-” 
To your credit- your scent even sours a little, Namjoon and Tae literally couldn't keep themselves in place if they tried, not even Hoseok who’s just arrived home  red conversed feet suddenly thudding with a wooden clang against the deck, wrenching open the door as hard as he can. "what's wrong! What's happened?"
But nothing has- except you relaxing back against tae’s chest. shoved in between Namjoon and Tae. even jin has his hand on you, shoulders curving inward, pulse hammering. hoseok deflates, digging his palm into his eyes, “Jesus-” 
Only then, nose pressed to Namjoon's chest does a clarity seem to snap into place in your eyes. "Hello pup" he grins down at you, and you're out of his arms as quickly as you jumped into them. Turning and burying your face into Jin's chest as Tae and Namjoon try not to smother you. 
“Someone sedate me” you groan, Much to their amusement.
Spending time with them has gotten easier and easier, and it gets even better when everyone gets home. Everyone tries their best not to smother Jungkook whose looking good as new smelling like sweat and honey goodness. 
“God- it smells so good in here” he groans when he kicks off his shoes, Jimin close behind with empty water bottles and a foam roller. And Jungkook and Jimin join the Frey and panic of putting together dinner and doing the other tasks.
Namjoon does a near-perfect job of reigning in his more controlling instincts. It's a near-perfect job, but before dinner part of his jaw ticks when he sees Hoseok playfully gripping Jungkook around the waist, Jimin too- Those two have long worked out their antsieness and their lingering worry over Jk's condition, but Namjoon hasn't. Still feels the urge to protect and care for him probably aggravated by your state. 
you're still offaly starry-eyed, following Jin around the kitchen, bouncing from packmate to packmate hugging and touching and making puppy eyes at anyone who might listen. it will be a little while before you fully come back to yourself, but the alphas watch you with a quiet reverence. 
“Did you really have to go out today?” his words are more akin to a whine. Namjoon might be the only one Jungkook allows to show concern after days like this.
“I swear I'm fine guys, could I do this if I wasn’t?” you let out a little cry as Jungkook suddenly reaches down, gripping you under your thighs and effortlessly placing you on the countertops. Looking back at them with a silly little smirk, like lifting you will show them. it does have the added benefit of making you flustered “that doesn't count- y/n’s so tiny.”
Jungkook handles that reply by heaving Jimin up there too, turning to face Joon with a shit eating grin. 
And suddenly you’re knocking knees with him, They’re all feeling a little playful this morning, the stress of yesterday burned off. Jimin is feeling playful today, puppies and a boyish grace that they all seem to have at certain times overtaking him, Jimin wiggles his eyebrows, aiming for seductive and barely falling short.  
He looks better this morning. Not quite as unsteady or dizzy. None of the pack mates check on him with worried glances. They know that Jungkook doesn't like to feel smothered or too delicate during the days after his seizures.
“Your ass is on my countertop.”
“Our countertop” you correct, you’re squirming a little against the feeling of Jin’s hands. Holding onto your waist, though he can’t really tell if you’re squirming closer or farther.  
Seokjin leans against the countertop heavy-lidded eyes dancing with the challenge. You’re not going to get him to call you good pup by acting that way, but then again- maybe you don’t want to be called good today.  
Yoongi sets the heaviest pot on the range and Seokjin’s hands finds its way to his waist “did she eat anything today?”
“m’right here.”
Seokjin’s eyes are teasing, yet serious. “I didn’t ask you pup,” and oh- you’re melting under his stern gaze, can barely process it as Yoongi says no- no you haven’t. you don’t know why but you kind of like it when they talk about you like that- not like you’re not there but like- like you’re something to be taken care of. you shiver, and you can tell by the brief look Yoongi gives you over jin’s shoulder that he’s going to make you unpack that later, that a lot of whats being done right now won’t go untalked about. Your mate is a watchful- ever present protector. 
And then Jin is ordering someone to bring you those jam tarts you made and strawberry sweetness is bursting along your tongue, prodded forward by Jin’s fingers. Being fed by him makes you spiral down; you’re sinking and sinking quick. lapping at his fingertips when the tart is all eaten up. 
His words a compliment to the general clamor, Hoseok’s and Jungkook horsing around, Namjoon cutting himself one in half and feeding the other slice to Tae talking about desert before dinner. “There you go pup; I know omega space takes a lot out of a person- trust me.” Jin knows from experience. He sucks air through his teeth, “Especially with someone new.”
Tae is curled close to Namjoon, not quite touching him but still. They talk- probably about some story that a patient told today or other tales of woe. But you shake your head, because no- it wasn’t like that- Tae was probably your favorite part of today.
But you pout, hard and in a way that makes Jin want to smother you with kisses.
“What’s wrong pup” you whine, looking at him and hoping that for once you don’t have to say what you want- that Jin will just know You didn’t get enough kisses today- it feels stupid to admit it, but Yoongi had kissed you maybe half a dozen times and Jinnie only twice and Taetae’s face kisses felt nice too but- you feel a little pouty.
Jin sighs and strong arms his way between your thighs. “It’s okay pup- I’ve got you.” Of course, Jin knows, Jin always knows what his pups want. Kissing jin has become one of your favorite pastimes, but next to you on the counter top, Jimin makes a noise, half needy and half in approval. 
Jin makes a snickering noise before Jimin growls, pulling the older omega down onto him. Jimin might be the alpha of the two of them but he’s still smaller and seated next to you. Two of Jin’s pup’s where he can see them and touch them and kiss them to his hearts content (now if only he could wrangle the other 5). 
Jimin hums, his hand on your thigh, just your lower just above your knee. And when you pull back his eyes are heavy lidded, he smells good, the warmth from his burning muscles making his scent warmer, reading more vanilla latte than just plain vanilla. maybe it was Jimin and Jungkook this morning that set you up for Omegaspace in the first place. it feels full circle now. 
it’s intimate, but its also not- the whole back is here and Jimin is looking at you like that- like he’s half thankful you where here today and half Focused in. “you smell like tae and Yoongi” he purrs. 
But he lingers, his hand sliding up to fiddle with yours. you have almost the same size hands though Jimin’s are a little rougher than yours. Rougher- but just as warm. “Can I-” Jimin’s chest heaves uneasy his very breath shaky. 
He’s not shy often, but with you he knows he has to be careful- Jin kisses you all the time for christ sake, and after him just kissing Jin and Jin kissing you, its like you’ve kissed indirectly already- so why does it feel like he’s asking for something big. 
“Can I do that too?” you squirm, but Jin is right there, and so is the rest of the pack, they’ll keep you safe- and it’s Minnie, Minnie who always treats you with so much gentleness, always acts like your safety is his chief concern. Maybe you struggle to feel safe, but it always feels better with Jimin there. 
And maybe you aren’t totally unafraid of this- but you knew what can of worms you opened when you and Jin started being open with your affection. Maybe you can blame this on your lingering omegaspace.  
for some reason, you look behind jimin at tae, she’s deep in conversation with namjoon, the pack alpha cradling his arm. jimin draws your attention back to him with a hand on your chin, “you’ve got a little- here”
There is a little bit of jam on your lip, and instead of telling you about it, Jimin leans in and licks it off, light and with a little flick of wet. your eyes fluttered closed and you become keenly aware of how he’s leaning over you, hand on one side of your hip, your head up against the cabinet. Plush lips pressing into yours a mouth that licks in and teeth that nip, scraping the sweetness from your skin. It’s good- it feels natural and normal.
somehow your hand ends up on Jimin’s heart, not pushing him away just feeling it as it flutters, happily like a bird, pulling away but not quite. he has freckles, you can’t remember if you never noticed before. “good?” he asks, a smirk playing on the edge of his lips, you don’t know what you look like, or what you smell like- if you’re wanting this too much- if its a turn off or if it’s anything. your brain is a happy soup of omegan impulses and skattered thoughts. 
You’ve never kissed someone thats made you feel so hazy. you couldn’t string a full Sentance together right now if you tried. 
 Your whine is high pitched and surprised, a breathless “alpha,” spoken more against Jimin’s lips than not, as he slots his lips against yours again and-
Taehyung's growl is not the quiet kind, it’s so loud it might as well be a snarl, more animal than human. 
it’s not the kind that speaks of a hidden threat or a coy playfulness like the earlier playful grumbles. this growl has an edge that could cut glass- the kind of sound you should never make directed at a pack mate, reserved only for enimies. 
This is not only primal- this is possessive. Possessive in a way that only your mate should be with you. But all Tae’s knows is that it seemed too loud- too loud to be coming from anywhere but her chest. She’s shocked to press her hand there and find her whole body shaking.
Namjoon's hand falls on the back of Taehyung's neck, not quite a scruff but not-not one, the growl gets cut off abruptly. The room spins, a feeling like she's half dizzy and half high. and the red angry haze of the moment snaps back and everyone freezes, Yoongi with the pot, jin standing with the knife, Jungkook and hobi rough housing, and you and minnie, pulling back, looking devastated. 
Tae- tae growled at Minnie of all people. 
You, Seokjin, and Jungkook are a mess of omega pheromones, sweetening with every second. Sour to sweet to sour again in a dizzying cycle. Afraid eyes directed at Tae. Does no one realize how sweet it is? How maddening? It feels like Tae is losing her mind, she can't smell anything beyond your sweetness at the back of his throat- the part of his brain that usually processes the olfactory information cut off from the rest of himself.
He's gasping, trying to smell the others- smell Jimin too- but all he can smell is the omegas. black spots dance in his vision and Namjoon quite literally has to hold him up- embarrassment wars with fear and a feeling of Thankfulness because thank God for pack alphas, Teahyung would be sprawled out on her ass or lunging at Jimin. If it weren't for Namjoon's arms around him- holding him up as much as he's holding him back.  
The worst part is Jimin looking at him, a little heartbroken. Because-
Because the sound was directed at him- not directed at you. Alpha- you’d called for your alpha and Tae had answered it. Taehyung has never growled at Jimin like that- not when they were pups or at the beginning of their relationship when they were still trying to figure out who the dominant one was between them.
Tae feels like he’s going to start crying at how upset Jimin looks to hear a sound of such outright aggression and hatred from one of his pack mates. And Tae scrambles to recorrect it, bearing his neck in Jimin’s direction- a clear apology. 
"Sorry I don't know what came over me- what happened- I-" Tae is lost for words, Namjoon’s hands feel like fire as one circles Tae’s neck and the other stays locked around her middle. “I’m sorry” she actually is crying, big fat tears that drip down her chin.
Namjoon's hand slides down Taehyung's neck to her steadily enflamed scent gland, a little tender to the touch. Even though Namjoon is another alpha- the contact makes her keen. Which isn't normal at all. Makes you and Seokjin and the rest of the pack look at Tae with increasing concern.
Jimin darts over at that- distressed at hearing that kind of noise from Tae- Tae who never vocalizes like the rest of the first the growl and now this.  Tae feels like she's been punched in the gut when Jimin presses his nose to his soulmate's scent gland taking a deep breath, staggering back because thank god- thank god he’s not mad. 
she honestly doesn’t know what that was- one second Jimin was a threat- and the next he was the only person in the room Tae wanted close. He feels all up and down, his emotions cut up in little bit sized pieces that are too small to tell where they came from.  
Something is wrong- something is really wrong. Tae can tell that Jimin is rolling the scent around in his head, his lungs, his tongue after he leans in to take a sniff at his inflamed scent gland. It could be you in Omega space, it could have been Jungkook this morning- hell it could be just the change in season but it’s not. Jimin’s eyes are unreadable, swimming with- is that humor? When he pulls back.
"What's wrong Minnie? What's going on?"
"Tae" Jimin's voice is a full-on croon, a little chiding as he leans in again to lick up Tae's scent gland, drinking him down fully. Tae’s scent glad is so sensitive that he lets out a pitched up ‘ah’ at the contact. Bearing his neck for Jimin again.
That solidifies it- Tae smells so good, tastes thick and heady. Cinnamon apple pie and pumpkin spice, comfort, and heat on the back of your tongue, like a choked off moan.
"Oh Tae- you're in pre-rut sweetheart."
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pinkcherrybombs · a month ago
✨How Much It would Cost Me to Babysit Each BTS Member ✨
So I saw this trend on Tik-Tok and thought it would be perfect as a headcanon! This was so much fun to make, feedbacks always appreciated! (also this is a re-upload bc I accidentally deleted the first one💀)
Tumblr media
Price: $120/hour (plus an extra $30 every time he asks if I have games on my phone)
• Will want to try some extreme sporting indoor household parkour challenge he saw on YouTube “for fun”
• The only one on this list that I’m truly scared of
• Is gonna force me to watch him play video games, and then witness his rage quits which are like full mental breakdowns
• He’ll throw hands if I let him know that I’ve only watched one marvel movie
• Will also throw hands if I tell him that I think I have better thighs then Namjoon
• Honestly tho if I distract him with exercise activities or banana milk, we’ll be solid
• His toe socks are enough to make me quit babysitting all together
• 100% is gonna attempt to steal my food off my plate tho after eating his
• Is going to make every single thing into a competition, from who eats the fastest , to who can rinse their hands off after the quickest. But it’s a one sided competition that only he knows is going on, which makes this 10x more awkward
• Probs will fall asleep in some weird ass position like upside down on the couch. The type to snap his eyes open all serial killer like if you even whisper his name or check if he’s breathing
• Will randomly add me to a video game match after babysitting, then will call me if I decline and yell at me
• I 100% see him being the type to like randomly do a WWE wrestling choke hold- body slam combo and then laugh as if it was nothing while I’m wheezing on the floor
Tumblr media
Price: $80/hour
• Will be the type to play hide and seek without telling me, so I’d just be freaking out thinking he’s lost for hours
• This man will bark at me. End of discussion
• Probs has some secret furry memorabilia that he keeps hidden under his bed, but will pull it out and ask if I can play it with him
• 100% will teach me how to take nice monochromatic photos, even going as far as to let me use his camera
• He’s gonna blast Jazz music through his speakers and critic me on my classical music knowledge
• Will make me cry, by chasing me around in the furry costume I mentioned before. And then will laugh when my ass trips and falls
• Is gonna teach me Korean swear words and tell me it’s formal ways to introduce myself
• Will try and teach me different vape tricks, but might silently judge if I start coughing from his 80-nic
• Falls asleep on the floor, no clue how he got there. Might growl if I try and put a blanket on him, so I’ll probably just chill on my phone and wait till he wakes up (at a safe distance)
• Is going to convince me to buy one of his paintings, thus taking all the money I earned back
Tumblr media
Price: $65/hour
• I’ll be confused if he’s trying to flirt with me or not for majority of the time
• This man's level of physical affection will drive me crazy, will literally wrap himself around my leg while I’m trying to walk
• I don’t know how and I don’t know why but we will throw hands at some point , probs because I call him my short king
• Will sass me to the point I’ll genuinely have to reconsider all my life decisions , and self esteem
• Honestly the one I’ll get along with most on the list tho, I feel like he’s knows all the tea about everyone
• 100% will physically tap his mouth shut after the first twenty minutes
• Competition to see who has a fatter ass( he’d obviously win)
• Will definitely break something expensive and brush it under the rug then blame me after for it
• The type to have a twelve step skincare routine and will literally gag if I tell him it’s not necessary
• I’ll need at least 2 Tylenol’s and a solid 36 hours of sleep to recover at babysitting him
Tumblr media
Price: $20/hour (plus an extra $10 every time he breaks something)
• Damage deposit ahead of time for any property broken
• Also damage deposit for emotional distress after this man completely outsmarts me in literally every subject
• Majority of the time will be spent with either him explaining philosophical ideas he’s read in books or care instructions for his plants
• Will throw hands when I jokingly say I might accidentally kill his plants. Key word being jokingly
• We’re gonna spend a minimum 3 hours looking for his airpods
• Probs will get into a insightful debate about aliens and the meaning of life, is definitely not gonna make me feel stupid if I say something dumb
• He’ll definitely help me with my homework, I might even owe him back some money by the end for tutoring me
• Is gonna be the most responsible one out of the bunch to actually prepare himself for bed. Do a proper skincare routine before playing some light rain sounds and knocking out
•Can’t cook for shit tho, and will probably destroy the kitchen if I’m not looking
• We're starting a book club, he gets first pick!
Tumblr media
• Just Dance will be on for literally hours
• Will genuinely throw hands with me if we don’t get mega superstar ON EVERY SINGLE SONG
• His energy levels high key intimidate me, I know for a fact I won’t be able to keep up
• Probably will let me have aux and sing along to whatever music I play, maybe even teach me to the rap for daydream
• FASHION SHOWS, dude his closet is so incredible, will be the type to let me leave with a souvenir
• I just know he gives good pep talks, like whatever’s on my mind he’ll sit and talk about with me. Babysitting will turn into a makeshift therapy session
• If he’s in a good mood might let me paint his nails matching colours with mine
• Old school Disney movies for sure, especially with chocolate chip cookies. I’m envisioning Hercules, Mulan and the Princess and the Frog , he likes his soulful soundtracks
• The type to fall asleep on the couch during the Disney movie marathon, but will pout if I try to turn off the screen. Will for sure snuggle into his blanket like an adorable little bean
• Were scheduled for dance lessons next week, which means I’m basically means I’m giving the $15 I earned back to him
Tumblr media
Price: $10/hour
• Easiest one to babysit off the list , no doubt about it
• The ten dollars is literally just to cover food and drinks, no actual payment is needed for my boy yoongles
• The type to sit me down and show me what track he’s been working on , maybe even ask for input if he’s stuck
• This man’s a literal angel, I know for a fact he will try his best not to laugh at my horrible attempts of rapping Daechwita
• Worst part probably would be if I disturbed him while he was napping or working, definitely would be a little worried when homeboy turns silent and gives me that death stare
• Will steal my phone to play piano tiles
• The longest rants about capitalism and government corruption, like full university style professor lectures
• Will be prepared to fight me if I even dare mention my plan to kidnap and marry Hobi
• Probably will fall asleep in some random spot in the housw, so I’ll bring him a blanket and some water so that at least he’s somewhat comfy in whatever weird position he passes out in
• Wouldn’t hesitate to babysit him again, or even just hang out whenever
Tumblr media
Price: $25/hour
• I already know we’re gonna have a roast off over who’s the prettiest and my ego will get hurt multiple times by this man when I lose
• Probably will try to teach me the Super Tuna dance, and then judge me if I fucked up the choreo , will force us to do it on repeat until it’s satisfactory
• Definitely will offer to help cook and will make incredible food which is super sweet and helpful
• Will sass the shit out of me, especially if I do something he doesn’t like or tell him no
•Dad jokes from start to finish, every 5 minutes on a loop
• Will throw RJ at me full force if I say anything to piss him off, and then be more concerned if RJ is hurt then if I am
• 100% will be the type to pull the “let me do it” for every little thing even though I’m supposed to be the one babysitting him
• If I cook will say my ramens dry and likely fake throw up, dramatic ass
• At the end of the night I will definitely end up tucking him in, while he protests that he’s a grown man and doesn’t need to be tucked in. (But the whole time he’s stuttering with red ears because he secretly loves being taken care of)
• All in all a wonderful experience, he’s already organizing a fishing trip for the summer
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 4 months ago
double dare, m | ksj, knj
pairing(s): seokjin x reader x namjoon — also yoongi x reader, implied ot7 x reader
summary: Kim Seokjin calls to issue a challenge. A (double) dare, if you will. He says you can't take two dicks at once. Kim Namjoon, his roommate, argues that you can. Well, you never back down from a dare, especially when it involves Seokjin and Namjoon.
warnings: rated M (18+) for language, low-key horny crack + chaotic energy; smut (fem reader, doggy, threesome, slight D/s dynamics, mild restraint, nipple play, finger sucking, fingering, double penetration); non-idol!AU - ot7 x sex friend!reader, focusing on Seokjin and Namjoon in this one :D (cough with some Yoongi)
'journey (to the dick)' au aka you as the main character in harem hentai and BTS is your (horny af) harem
“What? Ah, f-fuck!”
“I need you to get over here. There is a particular matter that needs to be discussed,” came the very serious, no-nonsense tone from your phone, speaking rather sternly for someone who called you three times in a row and forced you to answer in the middle of your, ahem, dick appointment.
You were holding the phone in one hand and your other was on the bed, fingers clutching the sheets, jerked forward periodically with firm, hard thrusts.
Someone was shouting behind the one on the phone.
“I told hyung that you could take dick in both holes and he doesn’t believe me!”
You immediately recognized that deep, sultry voice in the background. Still, you needed to address the accusation first.
“Kim Seokjin,” you panted. “What the fuck?”
You could hear his exaggerated eye roll. Well, you couldn’t, but you could, you know?
“Namjoon thinks you can take dick in the pussy and the ass at the same time,” Seokjin spat as if that was utter bullshit. “And that’s just not possible.”
Smack! “Why–” Smack! “Would–” Smack! “You–” Smack! “Think–” Smack! “I couldn’t – mmm, fuck, yes right theeere, fuck, so deep and so hard, ugh, you’re so good…”
Seokjin continued like you weren’t in the middle of getting fucked right that very second.
“Because, okay, you could take some small dick, sure, but us? Us? Come on, you totally couldn’t.”
“That was absolutely absurd of you to say so, Kim Seokjin,” you snapped, your words curling into a lustful moan as a firm hand pushed the small of your back down, forcing you to your elbow, leisurely spanking your ass hard with his open palm, keeping you on the edge, so close to hitting your peak but not quite there, thrusting steady but rough.
The headboard was hammering the wall at the same deliberate pace.
The neighbor who lived on the other side of the wall was cursing again.
“Are you both going to be home?” you gasped out, all of your muscles tensing. Almost…
Seokjin snorted. “Pfft, obviously, we are human beings who sleep, you know–”
“We’ll see about that.”
You hung up on him.
“I gotta go.”
Surprisingly, the deep, husky voice behind you actually responded.
“After this one.”
“You asshole, you are holding out – a-ah, wait, oooooooh, fuck!”
"I took a shower, Yoongi helped me clean all my bits, I dried my hair, went back home to put on a fresh dress and you're fucking ASLEEP, KIM SEOKJIN, WHAT THE FUCK?!"
“Zzzzzzz – guh!”
Total chaos as you threw yourself onto Kim Seokjin’s lap, disturbing the perfect image of self-proclaimed Worldwide Handsome laying on the couch covered with a fluffy white blanket and squishy alpaca plush with a red neck scarf tucked in his inner arm, grabbing said plush and smacking him with it repeatedly as Seokjin lost his shit, flailing about and throwing his arms over his head, wailing at you to stop. His roommate, Kim Namjoon, was unabashedly cackling like a lunatic behind you.
“You–” FWOOP! “Bossy–” FLOOP! “Pillow–” BOOP! “Princess!”
“Namjoon, h-help!”
“Hell no,” Namjoon snorted in laughter. “I’m having a great time watching.”
“First you doubt me, then you fall asleep on me, what’s next, you–”
Seokjin grabbed both your wrists, thinking he had won, already cheering for himself, only for you to plant your tits right onto his handsome face, his nose jammed right into your cleavage because of the sweetheart neckline of your red lace dress, hot breath warming your chest, brown eyes wide, grip on your wrists lessening in his shock. You yanked your hands out and clutched his head, sinking your fingers into his black hair, violently muffling his half-squeal, half-moan with your breasts, blaringly obvious that you weren’t wearing a bra because your prominent nipples were already hard and creating stiff peaks under the fabric, poking him incessantly in the cheeks.
You gasped as another pair of strong hands grabbed your forearms and made you release Seokjin’s head, forcing them up and your back to arch. A deep voice dipped down to caress your ear, not paying attention to Seokjin who did not detach himself from your tits.
He was making the most of it while you were distracted.
“Woah there, what do you think you’re doing?” Namjoon drawled, grip tightening, bending your arms back, elbows up, pressing your wrists to your upper back. “That’s not a punishment.”
You tried to breathe but Namjoon’s heavenly deep voice was taking your breath away.
“You know what punishments are.”
He pressed your head back, leaving your arms the way they were, and Namjoon’s sultry eyes appeared, half-lidded brown orbs completely visible because he had cut his hair very short now, dark gray-brown and spiked up, cocking an eyebrow at you. You whimpered at his gaze, suddenly feeling hotness on the curve of your breast, lips pressed to one of your nipples, and then wetness closing in, sucking you through lace and satin, the short flared skirt rising because of your spread thighs, but there was too much fabric between you and Seokjin’s hardness, the blanket and pajama pants and boxer briefs, so frustrating, about to lower your head to rectify that, but Namjoon’s palm pressed into your chin, fingers closing in around your cheeks, immobile.
“Where do you think you’re looking?”
Every time Namjoon smirked, one of his dimples peeked out at you. Ugh, so sexy.
“I… I’m s-supposed to be punishing Seokjinnie…” you gasped out, feeling said man’s teeth nicking at your nipple through your dress, his large hands closing in on your waist, pulling you closer, causing you to bend back more, unable to escape Namjoon’s grip and gaze.
Namjoon tilted his head, amused. “Yeah? Were you so, so mad that hyung wasn’t awake so you could show off how well you can take it in both holes?”
You didn’t want to whine and be pathetic, but Seokjin’s mouth and hands were all over your breasts and waist, pinching you through your clothes and sucking on the hard nubs, rushes of pleasure clouding your head and making you forget your defiance, remembering all the things Namjoon liked, like when you were so drunk on sex that you just gave into him, now whimpering and opening your mouth, your tongue sliding out, feeling him shift his palm, Namjoon’s finger leisurely tracing your lips. Your tongue followed, licking the pads of his fingers, rolling your body into Seokjin’s mouth, wanting to grab his shoulders but not letting yourself do so because Namjoon hadn’t allowed you to do so yet.
He liked you bad, but he also liked you obedient.
“W… Want it…”
You felt Namjoon’s other hand tangle in your hair, fingers molding to your scalp, sliding two of his long fingers into your mouth and making you suck on them, your eyelids fluttering as he fucked your mouth with his fingers, rubbing your tongue, pushing your arms down, your name growled by that deep, deep voice.
“Look at me.”
You fixated your eyes on Namjoon’s stern expression, shuddering as you felt Seokjin push the sleeves of your dress down, scooping out your breasts, moaning as his lips touched your skin, hot tongue teasing your hard nipples and you couldn’t tell him to do more or less, trapped by Namjoon’s fingers in your mouth and his hand in your hair, tugging at it lightly so you sucked his fingers like a cock, vision hazing out at the helplessness of it all.
Voluntary helplessness, to be clear.
“You want it? You had Yoongi-hyung fucking you earlier and now you want more? So dirty and so insatiable,” Namjoon taunted, not meaning it of course, because how could he mean it when he too wanted it all, knew you were insatiable and loved it as much as the rest of them, addicted to the feeling you gave him, pushing your head down, fingers still in your mouth. Seokjin raised his head, black hair, large brown eyes, pink lips lush and full and gorgeous, meeting the image of fingers sliding in and out of your glossy lips, your eyes glassy and reflected in his.
Namjoon pushed his fingers apart, opening your mouth.
Your tongue lolled out, swiping around his knuckle, staring into Seokjin’s eyes.
“F… Fuck…”
The oldest was dirty-minded but resistant in showing it, clenching his jaw, weakening as your fingers danced up his arms and you moaned his name messily between Namjoon’s long wet digits, tits pushed up by the neckline of your dress straining under them, knowing your sensuality was irresistible and infectious, placing your hands on his broad shoulders, pulling him closer.
“I still… don’t think you can take us both at once…” he breathed, staring into your eyes.
You smirked, Namjoon’s fingers sliding out, saliva smearing onto your chin, the taste of his skin on your tongue.
“Only one way to find out.”
And you leaned in and kissed those perfect lips, soft and passionate kiss, wrapping your arms around him, fingers splaying over his back and in his hair, his name trapped in the kiss, sudden hardness pressing to your back, breaking the first kiss and turning your head to be trapped in another, full lips commanding the lip-lock, two different hands on your breasts, Seokjin and Namjoon toying with them, the rush of pleasure only just beginning.
“Whose face am I looking at?”
“Obviously mine,” Seokjin scoffed. “Do you even have to ask?”
You gasped. “But Namjoon is so handsome.”
Seokjin rolled his eyes. “Yeah, but you want him to make you look at him, so that completely defeats the purpose of being forced when the default is you facing him.”
“Also, hyung thinks he’s the most handsome,” Namjoon chuckled, tugging your dress off, kisses across your chest as it left your body, hands travelling to push your panties down.
“No,” Seokjin choked, affronted as you moaned and gripped Namjoon’s shoulders, enjoying his powerful grip. “I am not that self-centered. I just happen to like how I look very much. Namjoon is very handsome, capable, and intelligent.”
“Thanks, hyung.”
Namjoon shoved a finger inside your wetness, making you stumble into the sofa, raising your leg to place it against Seokjin’s naked thigh, almost falling if it wasn’t for your ass being suddenly grabbed by Seokjin’s firm hands.
“You are still clumsy, Namjoon,” Seokjin sighed, lowering you slightly to look over your shoulder.
You reached back and held onto the sofa, Namjoon’s mouth on your nipple and his finger in your soaked pussy, thrusting deeply to match his swiping tongue, maddeningly slow but rough, so dangerous, losing your mind at the leisurely pace, trying to buck your hips to get more but Seokjin’s hands were preventing you.
You heard the oldest huff and make a disapproving tongue click.
“Not like that. She likes it faster than that.”
Namjoon knew that. Obviously.
Your eyes widened.
He smirked around your nipple as one of Seokjin’s hands left your ass.
“Seok– oh, fuuuck!”
You gasped as you felt another finger enter your dripping pussy, another finger of a different hand, stretching your walls and a different pace, faster, your eyes rolling back, head hitting Seokjin’s shoulder, but either he didn’t notice or didn’t care, your moans in his ear, Namjoon matching the rhythm, oh, shit, they were fingering you together, Seokjin from between your legs from behind and Namjoon from the front, the backs of their hands slick with your juices, Seokjin’s other hand still squeezing one ass cheek and Namjoon’s other hand on your waist, his mouth on your breasts.
“Come on, I know you’re close,” Seokjin muttered, exhaling hard. “I can feel your pussy sucking me in, asking for dick already.”
He was not normally one for dirty talk, but sometimes Seokjin let himself got lost in the lust, lost in the moment of your throbbing walls and shaking body, moans of their names tumbling from your lips, filling up their living room with obscenity and depravity, thrusting in unison, loud and wet and heavy breathing blending with your sound, pushed to the edge, thighs tensing, electricity flashing throughout your nerves.
“Namjoon, Seokjin, fuck!”
Wet squelch, sweet gush of your juices soaking their hands, your eyes rolling back, yelping as Namjoon’s hand retreated and Seokjin stuffed another finger in you. You didn’t need to say it, one glance at Namjoon and he could see it, harder, hyung, she can take it, gasping as Seokjin obeyed and Namjoon's wet fingers pressed onto your throbbing clit, wild howl at the contact, sparks of sensitivity because it was right after your orgasm, heat at your neck from Seokjin’s cheeks, his teeth finding your shoulder, biting it, maybe from his realization of how crazy this moment was or in the heated moment of wanting to feed you even more pleasure, but the sharp unexpected pain only hiked your moans, Namjoon rubbing your clit as Seokjin shoved his fingers into you hard and fast, the angle a little awkward but there was so much going on that it didn’t matter, already there once again, obsessed with the overabundance of ecstasy, I’m cumming, fuck, Namjoon, Seokjin, a-ah, clit engorged and pulsing strongly to Namjoon’s punishing touch, words jumbled and woven with breathless cries, orgasm crashing down and soaking Seokjin’s hand once more, thick and sweet and honey-like, viscous juices clinging to your inner thighs, painted with your high.
Namjoon leaned in, silencing your shuddering gasps with his mouth, deep kisses and swirling tongue dazing you, aftershocks flinching through your torso as he pressed his fingertips to your jerking core, lowering you from the crashing waves, whispering darkly against your lips.
“We haven’t even started.”
Releasing you, and you were already turning around, meeting Seokjin’s gaze and his panting smile, kissing it, sighing contentedly in his touch, just something about those lips and his large frame surrounding you, something about the way he shivered when you sucked his breath away and drank it, almost innocent, but not that innocent, because the second your wandering hand found the condom on the sofa and pressed it into his palm, his lips curved into a teasing grin, nipping at yours.
“Already?” he teased.
You reached between you and him, fingers ghosting his length, smirking at Seokjin’s gasp, gazing at him under your lashes.
“You get hard from kisses, Seokjinnie.”
“I – gah, d-don’t…”
But he didn’t mean it, of course not, because he was humping your hand that was closing around his hot, hardening cock, stroking him slowly from base to tip, spreading the pre-cum over the sensitive head, his jaw clenching at the feeling, desire and need clouding his eyes, pupils blown-out, ripping open the foil packet, heavier exhales, staring into your eyes.
“You want to look at me that bad, huh?” he breathed against your lips, fishing for it.
You gave it to him, exactly what he wanted.
“Mhm, Seokjin, I want to look at your handsome, perfect face while you fuck my pussy and Namjoon fucks my ass.”
He sucked in a breath, caught in his throat.
“You’re crazy, but so, so hot.”
Eh, you’ll take it.
You moved your hand and he rolled the condom down, yelping as you captured his lips again, addicted to his kiss and his soft cries, his hand and your hand guiding his stiff cock to your quivering pussy, already saturated with slickness, spread knees and lowering body, sinking down onto him, moaning into his mouth and he moaned into your throat, suffocating each other with your noises, rolling your hips and breaking the kiss, both of your faces pointed to heaven with the true heaven between your connected hips, pleasure at being filled and doing the filling, his hands on your ass to push you down.
“Hyung, spread her ass,” Namjoon ordered behind you.
You pitched forward slightly, wrapping your arms around Seokjin’s shoulders, gasping as you felt him tug outwards, sinking his fingers into your softness, your lips pressed to his cheek, his sweet voice murmuring your name, filling you with warmth despite being exposed so vulnerably.
You inhaled deeply, breathing in Seokjin’s clean scent.
Then you flexed your asshole, tightening and relaxing the ring of muscle.
“Fuck, that’s so sexy.”
You gazed at him in your periphery, eyes widening as you realized Namjoon too was naked now, muscular body towering behind you, flicking open a bottle of lube and spreading it over his fingers, rubbing them together as they became shiny and slippery, catching your interested expression.
He smirked, dimple on display. “Ready?”
“I’ve been ready since I walked in the door, Namjoon,” you smirked back, enamored with his seductive dark brown eyes.
He chuckled.
“Nah, you were ready the second Seokjin challenged you and said you couldn’t do it.”
Oops, he got ya.
You gasped hotly, feeling his fingers press up against your tight hole, tracing circles and teasing you, pushing into your ass in the opposing rhythm of Seokjin’s rocking hips, your hold on Seokjin’s shoulders tightening, hearing him gasp with you, watching two Namjoon’s fingers dip in and snake into the tightness, both of them inhaling sharply at the sound, wet squelch and your wanton cry, your hips rocking into it, pleasure shimmering all over.
“T-That’s still not a dick,” Seokjin managed to get out, still stubborn but mixed with awe regardless.
“Gotta stretch her out,” Namjoon chuckled. “Don’t wanna hurt our good girl, right?”
Well, if you weren’t in euphoria before, you definitely were there now.
“N… Namjoon-ah…”
“Shh, I got you, just enjoy.”
You arched your back a little more, Seokjin sliding down to accommodate, slowly thrusting and gasping at the sensation, turning to him and intense kisses, needing to occupy your mouth, fullness in your ass and your pussy, whimpering as your felt Namjoon’s fingers flex, nudging your muscles to relax, core throbbing, clenching around Seokjin’s stiff length instead, so good, oh, yes, it was so good, his kisses and slapping your hips down, wanting more, already chasing more, intoxicated by the feeling of both your holes being filled.
You heard the bottle of lube fall to the floor and the slick sound of hand on hardness.
Shivers up and down your spine.
“Say it.”
You broke Seokjin’s kiss, gasping.
“Tell us that you want it,” Namjoon growled.
Drunk on the idea, commanded by lust.
“P-Please, Namjoon…” you breathed, eyes hazy and half-lidded, staring at Seokjin. “Want you to fuck my ass as Seokjin fucks my pussy. Want you two to ruin me.”
The brown eyes beneath you widened, mouthing, you’re crazy.
You grinned, Namjoon’s fingers buried in your ass.
“Told you, hyung.”
His fingers pulled out, pushing the small of your back down with his palm. One a second to mourn the loss and then your eyes widened, the thick head of Namjoon’s cock pressed against your ass.
Wait, maybe you should have asked if Namjoon could be in your puss–
Too late.
“Oh, f-fuck!”
You clutched Seokjin’s shoulders, digging your nails into him as slowly, carefully, Namjoon’s girth entered your tight, tight hole, still tight even through he worked you up and stretched you out, the lube helping him slip inside, your mind going blank, realizing that maybe you went over your head a little, but too far to turn back and, to be honest, you didn’t want to turn back, the fullness already too good to regret it, gasping as Namjoon gripped your hips, holding you completely still as he bottomed out, hot breath on your shoulder blades.
Your mind wasn’t so blank that you forgot to speak.
“Still…” you panted, slowly grinning at Seokjin’s shocked and stunned face, his jaw dropped as he felt and witnessed it. “Think it’s impossible for me to take dick in both holes?”
“Y-Y-You…” he sputtered, choking a little as Namjoon began to move, his scrambled words mixing with your lustful moans. “Are absurd.”
It was almost too much, but Namjoon did not let you command the pace, instead firmly keeping you in one spot as he nudged Seokjin to move, guiding you both expertly, groaning when you pulsated around the two dicks, able to feel the reverberations from the closeness, body to body to body, trembling from the overwhelming sensation, Seokjin thrusting up from below, his handsome face tense, panting with effort.
“Oh, fuck… it’s so tight… fuck, I can feel it, I can feel his dick fucking your ass, that’s so weird…”
You weren’t quite sure what he expected to feel. What did Seokjin originally think he was getting into when he called you? He was the one who had been touting their superior size! What did he think it would feel like–?!
“A-Ah, y-yes, there, like that, oh f-fuck, like thaaaaaaat…”
You forgot about questioning Seokjin’s brain, refocusing on the feeling of the consistent thrusting and depth of the two cocks, an almost melodic rhythm and substantial fullness. There was a sweet spot, right, oh, there, Namjoon’s hand flat against your back, his deep grunts of effort paired with each smack of hips to ass and Seokjin’s crotch to yours.
Oh, huh, were those loud, pitched moans resonating off the apartment walls you? But the ecstasy too high, too real, too good, so good that you seemed to forget that it was already very late at night.
Surely their neighbors would complain – was that part of your brand now? oops – but it seemed that neither Seokjin or Namjoon noticed or cared, pants and moans and groans and chasing carnal pleasure, irrational, wild, heads thrown back, lashes fluttering and lost in bliss, stuffing your tight, wet heat from both holes, kissing Seokjin sloppily before turning your head to make out with Namjoon, his teeth trapping your tongue and sucking on it, gargled moan and shaking body at the mercy of his iron grip, snapping back to Seokjin’s pillowy lips, juxtaposition of hard and soft, crashing pleasure and coiled constriction, letting go, orgasm overtaking you in shudders, not realizing you had been so close, their names falling from your throat between fucked-out, loud, blissful cries.
“Seokjin… Namjoon…”
Couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do anything but peak in that gratifying elation, shivers up and down your spine, the lower half of your body throbbing and trembling, chin lowering only to witness Seokjin shutting his eyes and clenching his jaw, groaning out your name as he shot into the condom, jerking cock twitching inside you, vibrating front to back, no, that was Namjoon’s low hiss of your name, his fingernails digging in your hips he shot into your ass, your eyes snapping open, thick spurts of his orgasm so strong that you could feel his cock twitching deep inside, your pulse roaring in your ears, chest heaving, struggling for breath.
Feeling far too proud that they both came with you.
Namjoon’s sweaty chest hit your back, sandwiching you between that big body and Seokjin’s broad shoulders. Seokjin looked to be two seconds away from passing out from the ecstasy of orgasm.
“Don’t… question me… again,” you snickered, panting heavily.
Seokjin mumbled and shrugged, incoherent.
“I think he’s saying you could do this, but not the reverse of him in the ass and me in the pussy,” Namjoon clarified, kissing your shoulders with an amused chuckle.
“What?!” you roared.
“That’s n-not…!”
“We still have unfinished business.”
“Yoongi, I just got DP’ed last night. Have mercy.”
Kisses on your neck, lowering the strap of your bra, wrapping his arms around you, purring your name.
“I guess you can buy me dinner and we can watch a movie instead.”
“I have to buy?!”
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persphonesorchid · 4 months ago
Rings - Boxer!Seokjin x Reader
Tumblr media
Notes: HELLO! Oh my god, I know I said this was gonna be posted weeks ago, but I had so many things to fix and then so much to add in. But now it's finally here! And I'm literally sO excited to share it with you guys! I hope you guys like it! Requested by anon, hope you like it dove! Humongous shout out to @jinpanman for helping me out with this, and reading my terrible first draft! I literally owe her my kidney right now lmaooo. Love ya, doll! Have fun reading you guys, and let me know what you think!! 「 ──────── 」 Summary: All Jin knew was the ropes of a boxing ring, the pain of broken limbs. He grew up in this life, making a name for himself, the path that his father had carved out for him. He knew nothing of a gentle touch and soft whispers and a sweet girl who had no business around the likes of him. Genre: Fluff (?), Angst, Smut. Boxer!Au Word count: 17.7k (remember when I said Hearing Voices was the longest thing I'll ever write?? Lmaooo) Warnings: Description of violence, mentions of blood. Smoking, Smut, dry humping, unprotected sex (wrap it up, kids!), Oral m receiving. Swearing. 〘◊❒◊❒◊❒◊❒〙 "It's way too loud in here." Yoongi groans as he sits down in the usual booth, tossing his leather jacket on the table with a frown. Seokjin goes to comment that he always says that. Anywhere that's not the quiet, peaceful solitude of his apartment was too loud for him, and that he should suck it up, because it isn't very often they get to hangout in a place that's not the Boxing Gym. Namjoon slides in behind him with a smile, eyes turning into crescent moons and dimples coming out of hiding. Seokjin barely pays them mind as he sits opposite them, his eyes scanning the length of the bar to find a distracted Hoseok not ordering drinks like he said he was going to do. He sighs quietly, but allows him his moment with the pretty blonde stranger he was chatting up. Seokjin notices the way he already has her wrapped around his finger, with the way she covers her smile with a hand, the other resting against his chest as he flirted with everything he had. He catches sight of the bartender Jimin, a chipper younger man, sending a smile that reaches his eyes before his lips move. His blonde hair looks pink in the low red lighting of the bar's neon bulbs, and he sends him a wave, one that Seokjin returns tiredly with an equally tired smile. Yoongi and Namjoon are talking about something in quiet voices, the elder of the two stopping to look around when he notices Hoseok's prolonged absence. He spots him in the same position that Seokjin had and rolls his eyes, never subtle in his actions or hiding how he feels. What he gives is what you get with Min Yoongi.
"Alright, we've lost him." He says, shaking his head, and Seokjin offers to retrieve the drinks, and Hoseok. He approaches the bar first, catching Hoseok's double take and his sheepish smile that Seokjin waves off with a shake of his head. In all honesty, Seokjin wouldn't have minded if the man ditched their small group for the company of the girl he was talking to. It's been a rough couple of months for Hosesok, with him ending things badly with his girlfriend of two years for infidelity on her part - he was glad that Hoseok was finally feeling up to trying something again - even if it was only one night of indulgence. Hoseok sends him a grateful smile, turning back to his new companion to continue their conversation. "Jin! The usual?" Jimin spots him, coming over and leaning close, dark eyebrows raised with a question he technically didn't have to ask. He's been a frequent at this hole-in-the-wall bar long enough for Jimin to memorize his order and have it ready as soon as he walked in. He's always asked, though, just to be sure of his preference for the night and for the sake of his friends that he came with. He rolls up the sleeves of his dress shirt, crucifix earrings dangling as he tilts his head, waiting for an answer. "Make it three this time, Jimin." He says, leaning close to the bar
too, so Jimin could hear him over the music. He feels the buzz of his phone in his jeans pocket, and spots the visage of Hoseok leaving with the girl and throwing a thumbs up his way just out of the corner of his eye. Seokjin taps his fingers against the wooden top of the bar counter, eyeing the fading bruises on his knuckles with disdain and a bitter taste in his mouth. A small cut that splits through the arch of his brow throbs lightly with his thoughts, barely healed, still fresh and irritated. Jimin returns with three tumblers of whiskey in hand not long after. "We'll be here for a while." "I'll put it on your tab, then. Let me know if you need anything else!" Jimin waves him off with a bright smile, shuffling away to deal with a man waving him over. It was a busy night, and Seokjin wonders how Jimin manages working by himself bustling around like a bee. Seokjin had barely turned around when someone bumps into him, his fast reflexes kick in, and he raises the drinks to avoid spilling on himself. He couldn't help the glare he sends the man's way. He looks to be about Jimin's age and too drunk to stand straight, if the girl next to him practically holding up his weight was anything to go by. "Taehyung, for heaven's sake!" You peek around him, looking less than pleased - clearly done with his antics for the night and look up at Seokjin with wide eyes, "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I didn't see you. Did you spill your drinks? I can buy them back -" "It's fine, don't worry about it," Seokjin offers the second tired smile for the night. He would have called you cute - with your floral printed blouse and blue jeans cuffed at the ankles - if he wasn't so irritated and this Taehyung fellow was looking like he was going to be sick. And Seokjin would be damned if that boy throws up on him. You begin to protest, shifting Taehyung's weight against you, the boy letting out a string of incomprehensible words that are slurred and jumbled, but Seokjin shrugs, tilting his head, "Really, no harm done." He leaves you, just as you ask Jimin for a bottle of water to sober up your friend, and he carefully makes his way back to his booth. Yoongi eyes him curiously when he sits down, dark eyes sharp and calculating, and Namjoon asks after Hoseok. Before Seokjin could reply to Namjoon, Yoongi cuts in. "What was that about?" He asks, pulling his tumbler to him, the ice cubes clinking together softly. He cocks a brow, waving a hand at a nearby girl who was now giving her friend an earful. "Nothing, the guy just bumped into me, drunk off his ass." "Kids these days," Namjoon mumbles and Yoongi snorts into his drink, turning his head to face him. "Compared to me and Jin, you are a kid." "I'm twenty-five!" "Still a kid," Yoongi snarks, and quietly they chat about things that don't involve work and Seokjin was glad for the distraction. Remembering Namjoon’s previous question, he tells them that Hoseok left with someone and Yoongi nods, "At least one of us is getting some." His eyes wander as their voices fade and muddle together and he finds you at the bar rolling your eyes as you rub circles into your friend's back, looking like a mother scolding her child. "--right, Jin?" Seokjin turns his head so quickly it could've given him whiplash. He isn't sure if he had been caught staring, but Yoongi's barely hidden smirk left little to be desired and Seokjin feels heat climbing up his neck. Namjoon and Yoongi had clearly been in a heated discussion, half of it he missed, and Seokjin nods dumbly without knowing what he just agreed to. Namjoon slumps in his seat with a pout, looking much like a kid in that moment and Yoongi's smirk widens into a smile of gums and teeth, the apples of his cheeks softening the sharp edges of his eyes as they crease with a breathy laugh. He was clearly the victor of their debate and Seokjin can't help the chuckle that leaves him. "Oh, don't look now. That girl's coming over here," Seokjin perks up at Yoongi's words. He turns his head out of curiosity just in time to see you place three unopened beers on
their table. The dark bottles are already sweating in the warm air of the packed bar, running down the sides to soak into the wood of the table. "Hi, sorry my idiot friend bumped into you," You smile sweetly and Seokjin wonders briefly what a girl like you was doing in a bar like this. You look severely out of place with your shy smile and a rosy tint to your cheeks as you wipe your hands on the material of your jeans. You smell like peaches and cream and nice, above the heady scent of smoke and alcohol that surrounded the place. Seokjin can't actually ignore the fact that you called Taehyung your friend, the knowledge has him internally smiling. Something kicks against his leg causing him to wince and reach down to rub the sore spot. He catches Yoongi staring at him. Get it together, he seems to be saying. Seokjin realises that he was staring, kind of awestruck and stupid, and heat races to his ears and neck for the second time that night. Seokjin clears his throat, "Thanks, but I told you it was fine." "I didn't feel okay with it. Don't worry, Tae paid for them," Your soft laugh has Seokjin's stomach turning over and he frowns, quickly covering it with a smile so you won't misinterpret. He’s hyper aware of Yoongi and Namjoon staring between the both of you, though Namjoon is focused more on your pretty smile and Seokjin thanks you again. He watches you leave, walking back to your spot next to Taehyung who was slumped against the bar and he turns a sharp gaze to Yoongi. "What was that for?" "You were totally blowing it." Yoongi states, draining his glass and reaching for a beer. "Pretty girl says a few words and you're gaping like a fish." Seokjin scowls, eyes finding you again, though unwillingly, like he was just drawn to your form and deflates a bit in his seat as a man dressed in black approaches you. He wraps an arm around your waist and you smile the same smile you'd given him earlier. With a scowl, he looks away and focuses on his drink. 「 ──────── 」 "I had the wildest night bro. The things Venessa did with her tongue." Seokjin was really trying to focus. He pauses to fix Hoseok with a blank stare as he tries once again to regale him and Yoongi with last nights activities. He'd come in this morning wearing the same clothes from last night with a pep in step and the brightest smile they've seen in months, announcingthat he'd shower there. Now out of his jeans and tee-shirt combo, he'd stolen a pair of grey sweats from Yoongi and the spare tee-shirt that Seokjin kept in his locker that hung off a little on his lean frame. "We really don't want to know Hobi," Yoongi drawls, pulling a face. He was sitting on one of the chairs in the audience side, feet up on the thick rubber barricade, sipping on an iced americano. "Focus on what you're doing. We don't wanna hear about your sexcapades." Yoongi hides his blonde hair under a black cap, and Seokjin doesn't miss the way he duckes his head to hide his smile. He knows the man would rather combust than let the world know he was happy for his friend finally ending his pity party; residential tsundere, Yoongi was. Hoseok huffs, rolling his eyes as he straightens his stance. Seokjin takes a moment to roll the sleeves of his thin sports hoodie back up his arms, bouncing on the balls of his feet. He waits for Hoseok to put his hands back up and when he does, Seokjin starts punching at the focus pads with his closed fist. "You guys are so lame," Hoseok complains. The doors on the other side of the ring opens and in strolls Namjoon, looking much better than he did last night, considering that he got himself completely plastered and hanging off Yoongi. He kept the door open with a foot, talking to someone behind him. Seokjin spots a familiar black hoodie as the person comes through the doorway, and you trailing behind them looking a little bored and confused. Seokjin's fist misses Hoseok's palm completely, almost hitting him right in the face. "Dude!" Hoseok was just able to dodge, backing up a couple steps, watching him as though
he'd just seen his life flash before his eyes. And he may have well had, Seokjin wouldn't want to get hit by himself either. Yoongi's laugh reaches his ears, but Seokjin was well distracted, stripping off his red boxing gloves to stretch his sweating fingers. Hoseok was still eyeing him wearily as he takes the focus pads off and reaches for his water bottle at the ring post. Seokjin watches the boy you trail behind with some sort of feeling in his chest, the same sort of disdain he felt the night before. He’s tall, almost reaching Namjoon's height, wavy hair that curled at the ends and hung over his doe eyes. He was clearly athletic, the way his clothes clung to the defined muscles of his arms and legs told him as much. He seems young enough for the curiosity of a child to still be in his eyes as they dart around at everything to take it all in. Seokjin frowns slightly. Namjoon didn't say anything about bringing in someone new. He would usually discuss such things with him; his father owned this place after all. In that moment, between one thought and the next, Seokjin suddenly remembers something his mother would say: Speak of the devil, and he will appear. The doors Namjoon came through swings open once more, and Seokjin feels the muscle of his neck and shoulders bunch tightly at the sight of his father walking in. It was rare to see Kim Chi-won descend from his lofty office to mingle with the commoners, all slicked back salt-and-pepper hair, shining leather shoes and grey suit fresh from the dry cleaners. He greets Namjoon first with a smile and a slap on the back, nodding at everyone else like his own son wasn't standing metres away. "You must be Jeon. A pleasure to meet you my boy," Seokjin rolls his eyes at his father's over-friendly tone as he shakes the boy's hand. No one was unaffected by the tension in the room, and Jeon gives a tight smile and a nod. "We're always happy to receive new talents around here." This boy must be special for the big man himself to come and greet him, and Seokjin feels mild jealousy over the attention this newcomer is getting. When was the last time his father had ever spoken two words to him that wasn't about a match or telling him he needed to train harder to stay on top? Ever since he turned sixteen, he'd stopped treating him like his son, and more like the other men who'd come in looking for their shot at fame through blood and violence. Seokjin had grown up watching his father boxing, mostly through reruns on the TV when his mother had gone to sleep. He remembers sitting too close to the small TV in the even smaller living room, stuffing his face with popped corn and wincing at every blow his father would receive. He was the best of the best in his time, quick on his feet and his fist cracking like thunder on a stormy day. He remembers cheering loudly when his father won the heavyweight championship and waking his mother by jumping on her bed screaming, "Daddy did it! He did it!" He thought that he had to follow in his father's footsteps, and he was so excited when his father brought him to see his first match. That's where he met Namjoon, the son of his father's closest friend. Though they both sat in an office to watch the live screening instead of being a part of the screaming crowd down below,, it wasn't any less exciting to Seokjin. He remembers when his father taught him how to throw his first punch, and how proud he was that he earned his father’s approval. It’s all he ever wanted. He realised, however, when won his first championship match - the youngest to ever do so at eighteen - that underneath all the adrenaline and the excitement, it wasn't. He realised later, when his father had gotten an injury that kept him out of the ring, and his connection with the Gym's manager at that time landed him in the piles of money he now swaddled in. His father was only living off of the fame and the money that he brought to the table. Seokjin only ever wanted to make his father proud, to be the best like he was. It didn't matter that he'd run himself down training
harder than anyone else, moving like lightning in the ring. He wanted to see the smile his father gave him that time he threw his first punch and maybe a “well done, son, you did good”. When Seokjin lost his first match, he didn't get the comfort that he was looking for from his father. He didn't get the “you can't win them all” speech when he sat in his office under the white fluorescent bulbs. He instead got a cold, hard look from the man he looked up to, and no more than, "You need to train harder if you want to stay on top." So Seokjin trained harder still, day in and day out until it made him sick. He remembers how mad Namjoon was when he found him passed out in the training room, the earful he got when he woke up in the hospital and Namjoon looking like he was about to blow steam from his ears. Yoongi wasn't pleased, calmer than Namjoon in his reprimand, but no less upset. It would have looked funny to some, to see two men younger than him telling him off as though he was the youngest between them. But they cared so much, and monitored his training to make sure he didn't push himself too hard. Seokjin catches Hoseok's eye. It was no secret that Seokjin and his father didn't see eye-to-eye on the best days. Even Hoseok knew this and he's only been at the Boxing Gym for a year. Seokjin sighs, ducking under the rope and out of the ring, detesting the fact that he had to pass right by his father to get out. "Training hard?" Seokjin would have liked a better greeting than that, but he's so used to it now that the words went through his ears. He spots Jeon watching him with sparkling eyes, but ignores the boy as he faces his father. "Yes, sir." His father smiles, a tight uncomfortable expression that looks too rehearsed to be natural. The same smile he'd give to flashing cameras on the busiest of Friday nights. "Good lad. I expect you to be ready for that match next week." Seokjin clenches his jaw, forcing a smile, and he spots Namjoon barely shaking his head at him. "Of course, sir." He leaves it at that, turning to walk quickly to the doors. He just wants out. 「 ──────── 」 "Wasn't he cool!?" You're too tired for this. "Uh, which one? The stiff in the suit?" Jeongguk promptly smacks your arm, rolling his eyes, "No...I mean yeah he was kind of cool. But I'm talking about his son! Did you know that he was the youngest boxer ever to win the heavyweight championship?" "Yes, Guk. You've told me a million times," You roll your eyes at him now, fishing your keys from the pocket of your jeans. You've been on the receiving end of his fanboy rambles for years, you've learnt to let it go through one ear and out the next. You think the training was necessary, now that Jeongguk had finally wormed his way into the Boxing Gym and you just know that now that he'd be seeing his idol every day, it was only going to get worse. "I'm so jealous that you actually shared words with him last night! And you're treating it like it's no big deal!" He bounces on his heels, fidgeting restlessly as he waits for you to open the door. "That's because it isn't you dork! He's just a person." Before you can slot the key into the lock, the door to your apartment swings open and a grinning Taehyung immediately bombards Jeongguk with questions. "How'd it go? Did you get in? Did you see Seokjin??" Over their loud excited chatter and the both of them squealing like teenage girls, you hear the jingle of keys down the hall, and looking around Jeongguk's large frame you see your neighbor, Jimin, unlocking his door. He offers a tired wave and his best smile. He hadn't even changed out of his uniform, which was all sorts of rumpled. You'd left him working at the bar last night when Jeongguk had come to get you and Taehyung, and you hope he doesn't have classes today. "Can you two get inside?" You push Taehyung back by his shoulders, Jeongguk trails behind you, still talking a mile a minute. You really hadn't planned on doing anything today other than relaxing, as you didn't have any classes. You were
woken by the very loud knocking on your bedroom door, and a very excited Jeongguk behind your door begging you to come with him to the Boxing Gym. Taehyung was originally supposed to go with him. They’d agreed to that when Jeongguk told you he'd be training there last week, but Taehyung had drank too much last night - even after you'd reminded him of his lightweight self - and was too hungover to move. "Did you eat the soup I made you Tae?" You ask, wandering into the kitchen to get a bottle of water. Still hearing their mind-numbing conversation about boxing techniques and Jeongguk's schedule for the coming week. Honestly, you didn't really like the thought of him getting into boxing. As much as you would support his dream all the way, you hate the fact that he'd spend most of his days in a ring getting bloodied up. Not even knowing they always have a medic on site prevents you from worrying. "Yes mom," You roll your eyes at Taehyung's reply, muttering under your breath. You walk into the living room, catching just the end of Taehyung and Jeongguk's conversation. "Y/n thinks she's all cool, but I saw her making heart eyes at Seokjin." Jeongguk is sprawled out on the couch, and smirks at you when you enter the room, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You gawk at him for a moment, and you swear your soul leaves you as Taehyung raises his dark eyebrows at you. "She almost tripped when she saw him this morning," Jeongguk adds. "I did not you brat!" You contemplate hurling the bottle of water at Jeongguk's head, but knowing that he would catch it before it does any damage takes all the satisfaction out of it. "I didn't see the ledge in the doorway that's all!" You felt heat flush your cheeks despite yourself, and huff as you fold your arms. "At least I wasn't the one looking at him all starry-eyed." "I have my reasons! Don't turn this on me!" You feel good at the pink flush that rises to his cheeks and Taehyung's deep laugh. Jeongguk may be a nuisance, but he isn't a liar. You had indeed been watching Seokjin this morning, but can anyone blame you? When you saw him last night, you were honestly too worried about Taehyung to be distracted by him and his broad shoulders and dark hair. You'd gotten a good eyeful this morning, and you were thankful that he'd barely paid you mind, giving you the chance to look at him properly. "I'm going to bed," You hastily mutter, turning on your heel to petter down the hall to your room. "Okay, but we're celebrating later!" 「 ──────── 」 It’s been a good couple of days, and Seokjin is glad to say he hasn't seen his father since that new kid came in. A kid he still knows nothing about despite Seokjin's constant asking. Namjoon's lips are sealed tighter than an envelope. He refuses to tell him anything about him, saying that he should talk to the boy himself instead of badgering him about it. That little shit. He shuts the door to the Gym, the jingling of his keys a loud sound in the near empty street at this late hour, grumbling to himself as he locks up.
Kids these days, no respect for their eld- "You okay?" A hand lands on Seokjin's shoulder, and he drops his key chain, screaming loud enough that anyone else would think he was being murdered. He spins on his heel to find Yoongi, with a smirk that said he finally caught him, clearly amused by his reaction. Seokjin had been avoiding Yoongi for days, but he was unable to after they locked up the Gym for the night. He thought he'd gone home already - he was always one of the first people to leave once the threat of anyone getting hurt was no longer present. He couldn't shake the man even as he walks familiar dark streets towards the bar he likes, and Yoongi waits until they sit down and have drinks in their hands before he asks again. Seokjin grunts, watching the amber liquid in his glass when he swirls it, "M'fine." Yoongi raises a brow, clearly convinced. "Sure you are." The man sighs, crossing his arms over his chest as he leans back, "C'mon, Jin. Talk to me." "I just wished things weren't the way they were." Seokjin murmurs. "Things aren't easy, Yoongi. Nothing I do matters to him, no matter how much I try to prove myself it's always the same. I just..." The man sighs, feeling a weight on his chest that just grows heavier the longer he tries to ignore it. It's been festering for years, a sort of hollow pain that grew with him since he was sixteen that now seems to wrap around his throat and squeeze. Seokjin briefly wonders just how long he can stay in the bar and drink as much as he could before he'd be thrown out. He knows he can’t though, not under Yoongi's ever watchful gaze, who would stop him the second he's deemed he's gone far enough. Seokjin feels like he's drowning, weighed down by the constant expectations and no life raft to keep him above the water. He would gladly sink, if given the chance, but he knows well that he wouldn't allow himself that chance, because despite everything, Seokjin made it to where he is with all his hard work. But how was that enough? He was tired of it, and he says as much to Yoongi, who only sits and listens, never once cutting him off. He’s tired of having to push through every day, fighting even when he isn't in the ring. He’s tired of his father's constant, blatant disregard of his efforts to do right by his name. Tired of being pushed aside after a match and the money comes in, treated less than a son by the man that raised him. The only thing he cares about was how well he did in the ring and the next match. Seokjin isn't even sure he'd stick around that long for his upcoming match on Friday night, some title match he can't care less about now. "I want out." Seokjin says after a while, after nursing his drink for a quiet moment, "I can't do this shit anymore." He’s sure his father wouldn't care less. He would do just as fine with any of the other guys. He was tired of the blood and nursing broken bones and bruised knuckles, of having to be in the hospital if things were a little too rough for his body to handle. If he keeps this up he'll probably die before he gets the chance to follow through and book it. Yoongi nods in understanding, his eyes dark but not judging as he watches his friend spiral downwards. His glass has long been emptied during Seokjin's rambles, and when he glances at the other man's downcast expression he decides he'll need another soon. "You really should," Yoongi drawls, and though his face is set into a practiced state of boredom, the tiny furrow of his brows and the tapping of his finger against the hardwood countertop gives away his concern. "Namjoon would have a fit though." "Namjoon can kiss my ass," Seokjin leans back against the soft cushion of the booth, a harsh exhale of air leaving his nose. "My health is more important than some stupid title that I'd lose anyway." "Don't downplay yourself Jin, you're the best out there. Though, I agree with you. You barely made it out of that match last week." Yoongi motions at his bandaged hand and the cut that split through his perfect brow. He leans forward, nudging his empty whiskey
glass aside with a finger. The dim lighting of the bar casts shadows across his face, sharpening his soft features, and the slight pout on his bottom lip looks a little less thoughtful. "Look, I won't tell Namjoon. You deserve the right to get out, but you should bring it up with him yourself." Seokjin flexes his fingers under the tight wraps of the white bandage. "What about that new kid?" He feels the need to change the topic, swerving it away from focusing on him too much. "He's good, talks about you a lot too. I saw him today, he was talking to Namjoon. I think his name's Jeongguk?" Seokjin spies the small quirk of Yoongi's mouth, and the glint in his eyes that promises something, and he prepares himself for whatever it was. "He's quite the fan, you should've stuck around to meet him today. The girl was pretty cute too, looking at you all doe eyed when you left." By the narrowing of his eyes, Seokjin knows that Yoongi’s teasing, and trying to get a reaction from him. He can tell that Yoongi was trying his best here, and he appreciates the man's efforts to leave the conversation on the bulletin board. He's well aware of Jeongguk's starstruck expression every time they'd cross paths, the boy was quick to smile and wave at him, always excited to see him even though Seokjin hadn't shared more than a friendly wave with him. He's even once caught the end of a conversation between him and Hoseok. It was more one sided than anything, with Jeongguk asking a million and one questions but barely giving Hobi a chance to get his answers in. You were there, as you always were, Jeongguk was never seen without you. Mind well and properly distracted now, as his thoughts were now filled with you. You'd come with Jeongguk every time the boy graced the Boxing Gym with his presence, always trailing behind, looking a little lost, if not bored with the whole ordeal. Seokjin had tried to stay clear of you, despite his initial impression of you when he'd met you at this very bar a couple of nights before. He was alright looking at you from afar, but he tended to reign in his gaze once Jeongguk was in the same place as you. He wasn't blind to the jokes you two would share or the lingering touches and they way you'd seen to stick close to him as well as you're able. Or the day before when the rain beating against the concrete outside had made the gym a little more cold than was appreciated, and you'd almost drowned in Jeongguk's black hoodie when he swaddled you in it. Seokjin would have probably spoken to you by now, but the fear of tying up his tongue in a grab for words would usually make him keep to himself. That and the fact that Jeongguk was always near. The nature of your relationship with the boy shouldn't bother him as much as it does, honestly, it isn't his business and he has no right to feel that sting of jealousy when he sees you together. You two honestly seem too close to be anything but simply friends. "Isn't she with Jeongguk?" Seokjin drains his glass, thankful for the smooth glide, the burn of the alcohol barely there. He tilts his head as Yoongi watches him strangely for a quiet moment before he scoffs. "What?" Seokjin asks, confused. "Nothing, nothing." Yoongi waves him off, but the look in his eyes tells Seokjin it was more than just nothing, though he can't grasp onto the meaning behind Yoongi's gaze. "You should talk to her though. She's really nice and way quieter than Jeon. Kid asks a thousand questions at a time." Yoongi eyes his empty glass, poking at it restlessly with a frown. "Yesterday, he asked me if it's possible to be dismembered belly flopping into a body of water from a really high cliff. I told him that I could show him and he didn't talk to me for the rest of the day, which was rude." Seokjin laughs lightly, keeping to himself that Yoongi won't be saying that given time. He remembers how Yoongi thought Hoseok was too talkative - too easily excited - when they first met, because how could anyone be that damn cheerful? Yoongi complained about it often, but Hoseok grew on him and the
two of them are now as thick as thieves. Yoongi bids Seokjin goodnight after another hour of talking and winding down, and a promise to see each other in two days - with tomorrow and the day after being his days off - before they went their separate ways down the street. Seokjin doesn't live too far from the Boxing Gym. It’s a good twenty minutes away that makes for a nice jog early in the morning. He decided to stay close to his place of work, and he'd bought a moderately sized house a couple of years ago. Quite a few people wondered why he didn't just live in a bigger place, something fancier. He did have the means to do so, but Seokjin had always clung to his humble beginnings and kept his head down. He wouldn't want to live in a place that seemed too big to be comfortable, and screamed 'hey, I've got lots of money come rob me!'. He likes his little place just fine. He had it refurbished when he bought it, replaced the roof and had the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom completely redone to suit his needs. Hadn't done much with it since except a paint job every now and then. He also likes it because just across the street is a 24hr convenience store that opened last year, which he now stands outside of, tapping his chin and wondering if instant ramen would be bad for his diet. He shrugs, not really caring as much as he used to before as he walks through the automatic doors. He immediately feels like turning around and bolting across the street though, spotting a familiar head of dark hair and athletic build leaning against the front counter. He’s accompanied by that Taehyung guy from the bar, who’s mid conversation with whoever is managing the store for the night shift. Thankfully, Seokjin manages to make it behind one of the tall shelves without being seen, looking around for the instant ramen while taking peeks over the top of the shelves to see if Jeongguk and his friend have left yet. "You honestly should've let me take this shift," Taehyung says, the depth of his voice honestly surprises Seokjin, this being the first time he's heard him when he's not stumbling drunk. "Tae, I told you it's fine." Seokjin peaks over the shelf at the sound of your voice, seeing you sitting behind the counter rolling your eyes. "You have classes in the morning. I'll be home before you and Guk leave okay? Now you two should get home, it's getting late." Seokjin hears a sigh, but he isn't sure which one of you it came from, before they wish you goodnight and Taehyung shouts that you should call him if you need anything from outside. Seokjin finally finds his ramen, cursing the size of this place while picking up some other snacks to munch on. He approaches the front desk, smiling apologetically at the way you flinch when you spot him. Clearly you hadn't seen him come in. "Oh! Hi there," You greet politely, smiling in the sweet way you had that night in the bar. For a moment, Seokjin finds himself floored by the beauty of you, in the bright florescent lights of the convenience store, oversized white hoodie sleeves rolled up your slender arms. He expected you to at least look a bit starstruck like Jeongguk would look at him, like how everyone else would look at him once they realised who he was. Your gaze is casual, like a friend he's known forever, and he musters a small, awkward wave. "Hi," He gently places his things on the counter, sliding them into your reach and your fingers brush his when you take them. He doesn't miss the flush to your cheeks then, or the way you bite your bottom lip to hide your smile. "You're working alone?" There's usually two people working during the night, as far as Seokjin could remember. He doesn't remember seeing you here, ever. There was usually a young boy working part time here that he's made friends with. The last time he saw Jeongin, he was stressing over his finals. You must be new working here, Seokjin surmises as he watches you struggle with the scanner. "Yeah, there's usually someone else here but Jeongin had to leave early..." You finally get the scanner to work, the machine
letting out a loud beep in the quietness of the store. Seokjin's eyes dart around at the street outside and can't help but worry. "I can keep you company?" You promptly drop the pack of instant ramen you were holding, hands frantically reaching for it to cover up your slip. Your eyes meet his, surprised, a breathy chuckle leaving you. "N-no, that's alright... I'm fine here on my own," Your cheeks flush again, and Seokjin finds himself smiling at the sight; you're cute. "But thank you though, Seokjin." He tries to be less surprised at the revelation of you knowing his name, honestly he shouldn't be at all, being who he is. But he can't help the slight parting of his lips as his name rolls off your tongue. He likes the way it sounds coming from you and wonders if it would be weird if he asked you to say it again before he stops himself. Yes, that would be weird, Jin. "Are you sure? The streets are pretty empty this late...and you're here alone." "I'm sure," You smile, putting his stuff into a bag for him. "I'll call Tae or Jeongguk if anything." Right... Jeongguk. And there was that sting of jealousy again at the mention of the boy's name that Seokjin should not be allowed to feel. He nods, relenting as he pays with his card, but can't help himself from asking. "I thought he would've stayed. Not a very good boyfriend is he?" You make a face, handing him the bag, "Who? Jeongguk? Ew. He's like my pesky little brother." Seokjin tries not to show how giddy he feels, hiding his smile by ducking his head and taking interest in the white tiles floor. You shake your head, grumbling to yourself about something, "Well if you're sure," He says, teetering nervously on his feet. "But if you're not, you could always just text me and I'll come over," He plucks a pen from the little cup by your hand, writing his number on the receipt you gave him before sliding it back to you. "That was smooth," You comment, smirking at him. And that's how it began. The weeks go by quickly, and Seokjin tries his best to keep up with you on a daily basis. Whether it’s a simple text to ask about your day, or dropping by on your shift in the convenience store unannounced. Though he stopped doing that in particular when he went in one morning and was met with Taehyung behind the counter. He'd regarded Seokjin with narrowed eyes and a knowing smirk, asking if he was looking for you. Of course, Jeongguk had caught on as well and cornered him in the Boxing Gym's training room, offering to spot him even though Seokjin knew the boy was up to something. He'd spoken to him a couple of times by then, after Jeongguk had calmed himself enough to get a sentence out and stopped looking at Seokjin like he'd done something life changing. Seokjin had more or less taken Jeongguk under his wing, overseeing his training sessions alongside Hobi, preparing him for his debut match coming in a couple of weeks. The boy had talent, that much Seokjin could see, and they'd built their relationship around his passion for boxing. He no longer feels the pang of jealousy when he sees you both together when you come by the Boxing Gym, after learning that you, Jeongguk and Taehyung are roommates and see each other as nothing more than very close friends. "So you and Y/n, huh?" Jeongguk asks, a serious expression locking his jaw, making him look agitated. His eyes are on the focus pads on Seokjin's palms, and they flicker to Seokjin's briefly. "Not that I mind or anything..." Seokjin raises a brow, "I'm sensing a but in there." "It's nothing to worry about," Jeongguk takes a breath, dropping his hands to swing at his sides lamely. He brings one up to brush away the hair that fell into his eyes, "She's like a sister to me, and I just don't want her to get hurt. I've seen her hurt over a guy before and I don't want her going through that again. I'll kick your ass if I ever catch her upset over you." The look in his dark eyes makes Seokjin believe he was very serious about what he was saying, and he feels the need to ease his worries. "Guk," Seokjin sighs, he
pulls the focus pads off, tossing them to the ground to stretch his fingers, "Look man, I can't promise you that she won't get hurt. Sometimes things don't work out the way people want them to. Right now, we're just friends, we're... we're just waiting to see where things go, alright? The only thing I can promise is that I can try my best not to, even if what's between us doesn't go anywhere." Jeongguk watches him for a long moment, the silence stretching between them, looking as though he was searching for a lie in his words. His mouth in a firm line before nods, seemingly satisfied. "Okay, I'm holding you to that."
The days continue to stretch on then, and one day Seokjin steals you from your shift, bribing Taehyung to cover for you while you were gone with the promise of lunch. He takes you on a little tour of his house, and treats you to lunch of home-made jajangmyeon. And when he watches you standing in the guest bedroom he'd turned into a study, looking at his accolades and year's old newspaper clippings. The soft glow of the lamps he keeps there casts shadows on your features, he watches the way you tug at the sleeve endings of the sweater that was too big on you, a motion he realised was your nervousness acting. You seem lost in your own thoughts, bottom lip tucked between your teeth as you read the article of his first title match, your eyes finding his with a small smile. He realises that what he told Jeongguk about you just being friends was slowly inching its way out a window. He'd liked you a lot since he first saw you at the bar, but he'd thought that the life he led was a little rough for someone like you. All he knew was fighting, the blood and the violence that came hand in hand with his day to day. You, on the other hand, were soft hearted and sweet. He remembers the way you paled when you came to the Boxing Gym one Friday night, seeing him just after his last match with blood coming out of his nose, a sprained wrist, and a fresh bruise around his left eye, swelling and purple. You completely froze up at the sight of him. Yoongi had to constantly remind him to keep his head tilted back while he wrapped his wrist tightly, at the same time trying to reassure you that he was fine. You expressed your dislike for the sport sometime after that, while Seokjin was allowed time off for his wrist to heal. You weren't much for the fighting, or seeing someone you cared for get hurt and you told him as much as you continued your routine of sneaking over to his place to hang out. It may seem just a tad obsessive, with the way you seem to consume Seokjin's every thought and the way that he takes it in stride. He wants to be more to you, he wants to hold your hand and ease your every worry, and that he realised when he caught you doing your homework at the end of your evening shift. Laptop on the counter, your hair looking like you'd just rolled out of bed, a pencil behind your ear and your lip between your teeth out of habit. Taehyung was begging you to take a break from it, to wrap it up and head home and practically sprinted to Seokjin when he stepped through the automatic doors. "You're a godsend. She won't take a damn break!" Taehyung gives Seokjin a pained look, crossing his arms over a red hoodie he's seen you in before. "Can you just - get her to relax a bit? She looks like her head's about to explode over there." So Seokjin did just that, pulled you away from your work - ignoring your protests - and over to his place for a drink. He wasn't sure what happened then, if it was the whiskey or the way you just seemed so soft curled up at the end of his couch, your hair down but still in its state of organised chaos. He didn't question the change of clothes you had in your bag, but the cotton shorts only rides higher up your thigh with the way you shift and Seokjin has a hard time concentrating on the movie he'd put on. At first he was talking to you, trying to keep his mind off of the way the too big tee shirt you wore slipped off your shoulder, exposing your skin to his wandering eyes. He grips the glass in his hand a little too tightly when you shift closer to him, your thigh presses against his jean clad one and he could feel the warmth of your skin. He doesn't realised just how close you'd gotten to him until he turns his head to ask you something and you were right there. "Can I kiss you?" He asks before he can stop himself, flushing under the soft glow of the tv. He panicks internally, looking to backtrack, but his tongue was all tied up and you were kissing him first. It starts innocently enough, two glasses of whiskey now forgotten on the glass coffee table, with Seokjin kissing you softly, a hand on your
hip, gripping tighter than it had some minutes before. His other hand occupies your hair, getting tangled in the locks briefly when you straddle him, Seokjin groaning when your teeth tugs at his bottom lip. The action causes his hips to shift upwards, lips leaving yours to kiss lightly at your jaw until he reaches your pulse beating furiously underneath your warm skin and sucks a bruise there, your breathless moan causing him to pause. "Are you sure this is okay?" Seokjin leans back, breathing heavily, tucking wayward hair behind your ear, fingers rubbing gently at your jaw as he waits for your answer. Your nod did little to satisfy, and his brows lowered as he clicked his tongue against his teeth, "Your words, sweet girl. I need you to say it." You look at him with pretty doe eyes, soft in the way that they observe him, but filled with something much darker, and Seokjin finds himself caving before you even speak. But he's a patient man, and he continues to rub mindless circles into the skin of your waist above the band of your shorts while he waits. He frowns after a while, when he catches the nervous motion of your teeth nibbling on your bottom lip. "Y/n," Gently, he cards his fingers through your hair in an attempt to soothe. "We don't have to." "No, I want to...it's just..." Your brow furrows, and you look down at your hands that are placed flat against his chest with an expression that has Seokjin pulling back. He doesn't want to rush anything, and most importantly, doesn't want to force you into anything or make you feel like you have to go through with something you don't want. "What is it?" Seokjin whispers into the space between you both, his fingers gently grasping your own, thumb rubbing against the back of your hand. There was a certain bashfulness to your timid smile, a flush brushing your cheeks that Seokjin could see even in the dim lighting of his living room. Your eyes meet his for a brief moment before darting away. "I'm just not... experienced really," You admit softly, eyes closed tight, and Seokjin is surprised, tilting his head slightly. "...You've never...?" "I have. But it was just once..." "Okay, that's okay. Do you wanna stop?" Seokjin ducks his head to meet your gaze, smiling gently. "We can stop." "I don't wanna stop." You still seem too unsure for Seokjin's liking, but he chuckles at the eagerness of your fingers tugging at his shirt. "Okay, how about.." He catches your hands with one of his, pulling you closer with his other arm around your waist, lips meeting yours with a fleeting kiss. His hand on your hip again, gently guiding your movement as he raised his hips slightly to press directly against your heated core. The bulge in his jeans is straining enough to be just a bit uncomfortable, but he doesn't want to rush. He wants to make sure that you’re comfortable, breath stuttering in his chest at your moan. "We'll just do this, yeah?" He busies his mouth against your neck at your affirmative nod, muttering praises into your skin, leaving his mark with his teeth. Kissing you again, his tongue meeting yours and he groans, matching the rolling of your hips with his own. "F-fuck." Seokjin pants, full lips parted as he gasps. Your smaller hand grip his wrist, the wrist of the hand that guides the movement of your hips over his clothed erection. His eyes trail up your form, taking in the light sheen of sweat that clings to your skin, your kiss swollen lips parted in a moan and a desperate whisper of his name that has him raising his hips. Bruises line your neck and chest like stars in a midnight sky, just above the low dip of the tee-shirt that belonged to one of your roommates. You lean back, your ass resting on his thighs as your fingers fumble against the leather of his belt and Seokjin is quick to stop you. He takes your hand in his, bringing it to his lips to press a kiss in apology, "Not tonight, pretty girl." He ignores your pout and the soft whine that leaves you, pulling you forward, your core flushed with his hard-on. Seokjin knows just how well you can
feel him through the soft cotton of your shorts, and his hand finds purchase against the heated skin of your waist. The fingers of his other hand wrap gently around the back of your neck, pulling you downward into a kiss of heat and tongue, and you resume the smooth rock you'd started before against the rough material of his jeans. His kisses trail your jaw, nipping lightly at the skin with blunt teeth, "Just this, okay? Is that okay?" He feels your nod, and he smiles against your skin and sucks against your flesh in a way that has your hips stuttering and a moan leaving you. He abandons his grip in favour of wrapping his arm around you, pulling your body flush against his as he thrust upwards losing his rhythm as his end neared.
"Fuck, oh fuck." Seokjin grunts, as the warm heat of his orgasm flares and soaks the front of his jeans, and you’re quick to follow, stilling above him briefly before you shudder. A moan of his name and Seokjin preses kisses into your skin, his hand rubbing mindless circles against the bare skin of your hip. 「 ──────── 」 "You seem chipper," Namjoon comments one afternoon, finding Seokjin lounging in the training room, trading his trainers for combat boots. He watches him for a moment, hands on his hips and eyebrows raised, "got a date or something?" Yoongi pokes his head into the room, eyes curious as he watches the both of them. His bag was already slung over his shoulder, ready to leave, "Who's got a date?" Hoseok was just behind, peeking into the room as well, "Jin's got a date? My maaan! Is it Jeongguk's friend?" His hair is still wet from the shower he'd taken, moving around Yoongi to plop himself down on the bench next to Seokjin, heart shaped smile wide on his lips. "We're just getting dinner, no big deal." Seokjin deflects, putting a hand up to silence the teasing that he knows is coming. The boys never give him a break. "That's a pretty big deal if you ask me," Namjoon says smiling, wiggling his eyebrows, "How long have you guys been talking now?" "Just some months," Seokjin rises from his perch on the bench to stretch, catching the smirks on Yoongi's and Namjoon's face. "Ah, they grow up so fast," Hoseok wipes his eyes, dramatically, "Just yesterday he was a floundering mess, and now look, they're going out for dinner." "Shut up." Seokjin looks at the watch on his wrist, grimacing, he's gonna be late if he stands here chatting with his friends. "I'm gonna go." "I'll walk you out," Yoongi says, giving Seokjin a look, sending a wave to the others, "See you guys tomorrow." Seokjin and Yoongi walk from the training room, in a somewhat tense silence Seokjin isn't used to from the man. He knows Yoongi has something to say, he doesn't know what he was waiting for to start. They pass by other boxers in the halls, greetings never ending as they acknowledge Seokjin in passing. Once outside, Seokjin catches Yoongi's sigh and he looks at him, "What is it?" "You talked to your old man yet? Or Namjoon?" The shorter man asks, glancing at him with a raised brow. "No, I haven't. It's a hard topic to bring up, you know." Seokjin feels his shoulders tense, "I haven't seen my father in a while either." Yoongi nods silently, index finger rubbing against his bottom lip, eyes thoughtful for a moment. "You should get it done soon." He stops at the bus stop, hitching his bag a little higher on his shoulder, "You got a match next Friday, right? You should bring it up before then." The bus turns from down the street and Yoongi pat's Seokjin on the shoulder, "See ya, have fun with your date." Seokjin stayed with Yoongi until he got on the bus, waving wildly at him when he found a seat next to a window. Yoongi glances at him and looks away at his frantic motion as the bus started moving again, and Seokjin could tell the man was playing his "I have no idea who that person is" card. Seokjin drops his hand once the bus turned down the next corner, shoving it into the pocket of his jacket as he mulls over Yoongi's words. He should bring it up sooner rather than later, time's only ticking away and he wants it to be over and done with. It isn't easy to approach his father with this sort of thing, he could already tell that conversation isn't going to go well once he gathers up the courage to have it. Namjoon was another story. Seokjin's been avoiding telling him as much as he could, quick to change the subject whenever Namjoon asked if something was bothering him. He wasn't sure how that would blow over, but right now, he didn't want the thought to linger in his mind for too long, not when he had a date in a half hour. It wasn't his first date with you of course, there were a few others: Watching trash TV shows after cooking dinner together, taking walks in the park not too far from
his place. Impromptu study dates, and him pulling you way from your books when you couldn't stare at the words any longer. This would be your first official date and Seokjin feels nervous even as he waited just outside your apartment complex, sitting in his car that he rarely used and feeling warm even though the AC was on full blast. He checks his watch for the fifth time, he was early and he hopes you won't mind. Should he go up and wait? He's only been to your apartment once or twice, the first time begin when he'd met Taehyung properly, who was desperate to erase his first impression of stumbling drunkard. Seokjin was checking his watch again, watching the seconds tick by as he taps his fingers against the staring wheel. He was startled by a tapping on the glass next to his head, turning to find a smiling Taehyung waving at him through the black tinted window. "Hey! You're early," Taehyung says once Seokjin rolled the glass down, and Seokjin offers a nervous laugh that sounded a little weird to his own ears and clears his throat. "Y/n'll be down in a second, she's just getting a pep talk." "A pep talk?" Seokjin's brows furrow, could you be having second thoughts? Shit, did he rush into this by asking you out? "She's just nervous, Guk's calming her down." Taehyung says smiling still, and then he turns serious, the sudden shift in his attitude sets Seokjin on edge and he blinks owlishly up at the younger man. There was a noticeable clench to his his jaw, the motion of his eyebrows lowering makes him look more pissed off than anything as he leans down a bit, narrowing his eyes. "I know that Guk already gave you the talk, so I'm not going to bother. You better be serious about her or I'll do more than kick your ass." "Hey! Stop that!" Taehyung straightens, peering over the top of the car, smile back on his lips in the blink of an eye. Seokjin turns and looks through the passenger side window, just in time to see you put your hands on your hips and narrow your eyes at Taehyung. The man himself steps away from the car, hands up in surrender. "Not doing anything! Just telling Jin that you should be back early cause you got morning classes." Taehyung smiles innocently, moving around the idling car to open the door for you, "Be safe you two!" You send him off with a smack to his arm, rolling your eyes as you got in the car. Seokjin only just took in what you're wearing: a navy blue summer dress that ended just above your knees, converse highs that matched and a faded denim jacket covered your arms. Seokjin eyes the whisps of your hair that's come out of the up-do and curled against your neck, and he tucks his fingers into his palm in an attempt to stop himself from playing with the strands. Your scent invaded his scenes after, peaches and cream, and a floral smell that he'd always caught on you. You smile shyly at him, gloss tinted lips tugging slightly at the corners as you buckled in and offered a soft greeting, "Hi," "Hi," Seokjin echos, feeling giddy and like a teenager going on his first date. Honestly, he should be calmer, considering this wasn't the first time you were alone with him, but he can't help it! You just look all sweet trying to avoid his gaze and tugging on the sleeve of your jacket, Seokjin couldn't help but chuckle, but he felt at ease, knowing that you were just as nervous as he was. As he drove, it didn't take long for the nervous atmosphere to dissipate and leave both him and you filling the silence with chatter. The radio plays softly, and Seokjin hums along, navigating the streets with ease. About fifteen minutes into the drive, he was holding your hand, chuckling at the flush on your cheeks. You both were way beyond holding hands to be shy about anything, but Seokjin couldn't help the racing of his heart or the thought that his hand might be sweating. "Where are we going?" Comes your soft voice, eyes darting around at the streets that were no doubt unfamiliar to you. Seokjin throws a wink your way just to see you blush and look away, "Is this the part where you tell me
you're a vampire and kill me?" "Now that you mentioned it, my favourite blood type is B-positive," Seokjin laughs at his own joke, all squeaky and high, amidst your tinkling laugh. He shakes his head, dark hair tickling his eyelashes, he sends a wink your way just to see you flush and taps a finger against his nose, "It's a surprise." Seokjin probably could've taken you for a nice dinner in an upscale restaurant where they charge too much for too little, but seeing your eyes light up and a beaming smile was worth it. The smell of cotton candy and a ton of other smells Seokjin couldn't possibly decipher immediately bombards his senses, and the chatter of so many people wasn't enough to drown out the sound of crashing waves. Seokjin leads you around mostly, his hand only leaving yours to allow you to eat the sickeningly sweet caramelized nuts you bought. Content enough to just simply walk around and take in the sights, Seokjin ignores the slim paper wristband that granted you access to any ride and game stall until you both got sick of it. He was happy enough to watch the glow of the fairy lights strung around the edges of the broad walk and the many booths reflect in your eyes. Idle chatter about rigged carnival games and terrible jokes filled any silence that dared to settle as Seokjin swings your conjoined hands between you. You both stop at the edge of the broad walk, where the ocean went on for miles, under the glow of the Ferris wheel. Seokjin traces patterns against your palm, allowing the feeling of your soft skin be his distraction. "Are you okay?" You ask, tilting your head at him, staring with curious doe eyes that just made Seokjin want to smother you with a million kisses. A light breeze blows, your hair dancing with it, and Seokjin didn't miss the chance to tuck it behind your ear. "Sorry," He murmurs, eyes now cast on the horizon far away like his mind in that moment, "There's a lot on my mind right now." You hum, "Wanna talk about it?" You turn your hand in his, the soft squeeze you gave was a comfort, "Might make you feel better..." Seokjin huffs a soft laugh, drowned out by the carnival and the ocean's dance. He shakes his head though, not wanting to put a damper on the calm mood that settled around you both with his issues. He sighs, looking up at the cloudless night sky, just able to make out the twinkle of stars far away, "It's their last night here, so there's gonna be fireworks...we could watch from up there?" He motions at the Ferris wheel. Your shoulders drop a bit, but you smile, and if you were disappointed by his dismissal to let you in, you didn't show it. Simply squeezing his hand in yours and nodding as though you already knew that he'd bring it up on his own eventually. 「 ──────── 」 "You're leaving?!" Namjoon was quicker in processing Seokjin's words than Hobi and Jeongguk, who sits on the floor of the training room with equally shocked expressions. Yoongi stands by the door Seokjin insisted he kept locked so no one would come in, arms crossed and leaning against the wall looking tense. "Jin-" "Relax, Joon. Let him talk." Yoongi says, putting up a hand in an attempt to placate. Seokjin sends him a grateful glance, and he sighs, running a hand through his hair, "Yeah, I'm leaving." Namjoon looks more than a little ruffled, running a hand through his hair, "Can I talk to you?" the younger man casts a glance around the room. "Alone?" The door unlocks with a click, and the boys filed out after Yoongi. Namjoon paces for a while, and Seokjin can do nothing but watch. He knew Namjoon wouldn't take it very well, and he knew there'd have to be a good couple words on his path to calm him down. Namjoon hadn't wanted in on this business, Seokjin knows that. The only reason he agreed to become his manager was because they're friends, and he's sure his father put in a few convincing words to rope him in. "Is there a reason? I mean...of course there's a reason, I just...Jin you're the reason I'm here, the only reason. You can't just-" "Joon,"
Seokjin cuts him off with a hand on his shoulder, squeezing a little, "I'll be straight with you; I'm tired okay? I'm tired of all of this. The fighting, my father... I'm tired and I just want out." "... Well, if you're leaving then I'm going too." He seems so sure of himself, a determined look in his brown eyes. Seokjin goes to protest, snapping his mouth shut when Namjoon puts up a hand. "I followed you in, so I'm following you out." The door opens again and Yoongi pokes his head in, "All good?" At the men's nod he claps his hands together, "Alright. Let's go talk to the big man then." 「 ──────── 」 Seokjin takes a breath, looking back at Namjoon and Yoongi who were kind enough to walk with him to his father's office. They stand a little ways behind him, Namjoon making a shooing motion with his hand and Yoongi giving him a close-lipped smile and a thumbs up. "We'll wait here, alright?" Seokjin nods at Yoongi's words, and before he can give his nerves a chance to fester any longer, he pushes the door open. His father sits behind his mahogany desk, signing some paperwork or another, looking up at his entrance over dark framed glasses. "Seokjin, what brings you here?" "I wanted to talk. It's important." His father fixes him with narrowed eyes, leaning back into his leather chair, waving a hand at the seats in front of the desk. Seokjin feels a little stiff, walking towards the chair and sitting down, it feels a little too soft for his liking, making him even more uncomfortable. The air is tense as they do nothing but stare at each other for a long while, and Seokjin feels that all familiar tension bunching the muscles of his shoulders tight. "Go on, I don't have all night." Seokjin white knuckles the handle of the chair he sits in, jaw clenching as he sighs a harsh breath through his nose. This is exactly why he didn't want to do this, his father's coldness towards him was off-putting at any time. "I'm leaving." He decides to go straight to the point, and feels the sweet satisfaction when his father pales just the slightest bit, the pen slipping from his grip to hit the table noisily. "You're leaving?" Chi-won stares at him for a while, a laugh leaving him that had Seokjin furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. "Do you think you could just up and leave? After everything I've sacrificed for you?" "Don't." Seokjin raises a hand, shaking his head, "Don't say that like you've done shit for me in the past eleven years." His hand shakes, the nerves he felt earlier swiftly turning into anger at his father's words. "You wanna talk about sacrifice? I have done everything! I'm the one working my ass off every damn night, putting my fucking life on the line just so you could sit there in that chair acting all high and mighty." "Watch your tone, boy." "No. You know what? Fuck you. And fuck this. I'm not just gonna sit here and let you look down on me and treat me like I'm dirt under your damn shoe." Seokjin felt tears brimming his eyes despite the anger he felt running rampant, it feels good to finally put his foot down. His heart is pounding in his ears, heat flushing his skin as he stands up, "I'm tired of this bullshit. I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do about it." By the time he was done, Seokjin was breathing hard, and his father was just watching him. Looking eerily calm in his seat, he takes his glasses off, placing them down gently. "Alright, Seokjin." The way his father says his name made his chest hurt, a sort of hollow pain that came with the knowledge that his father never actually cared about him. "You want out? Fine." He leans back into his chair, too relaxed for the situation, and Seokjin knows that something was coming. "You can leave. But on my terms. I own you, boy, don't forget that." Chi-won says, smiling like that cat that got the cream, and Seokjin knows that he'd lost this part of the battle already. "What terms? What do you want?" Seokjin deflates just a bit, but his anger didn't dissipate. "Friday night. You beat my guy and you can
leave. It's that simple." 「 ──────── 」 Seokjin stands at the back door to the Boxing Gym, smoke curling from his lips as he glared at the ground under his feet. It was a habit he'd sworn to leave behind him, after the punching bag had became a reliable source to release his frustrations on. But he's wound so tightly, a coil of spring unable to unravel the last twenty minutes of his argument with his father playing reruns in his mind. He hold the cigarette to his lips, frowning at the bitter taste of it and the lightheadedness that came with the second pull. The metal door to his left creaks open, and Yoongi steps out, raising his eyebrows at him. "I thought you gave that up." He states, pushing the door closed with a hand. He was frowning, but didn't tug it from his fingers like he did when he caught him the first time three months ago. He leans against the damp wall, sighing as he looked at him, "I'm assuming it didn't go well?" "What'd you think?" Seokjin didn't mean to snap, but Yoongi didn't seem to mind his tone. He sighs, smoke on the exit of his breath, "He wants me to fight. Make a grand exit or something like that. I can't leave if I don't win." "Shit," Yoongi mutters, his frown deepening, "Are you gonna go through with it?" "I don't have a choice, he's got my hands tied." Seokjin flicks the half finished cigarette to the ground, stepping on it. He runs a hand through his hair, "I don't know who it's gonna be either." He felt sick, an unease twisting his stomach into knots too tight to even begin to unravel anytime soon. He knew that it wasn't going to go over well, not with the way that his father is, he was expecting some kind of backlash, but not this. Now he's riding on one thing alone; winning that match is his only ticket out of this place and he wasn't sure if he could. "Hey." Yoongi's hand was a comforting weight on his shoulder, enough to ground him and take him out of his head. He sees the concern in Yoongi's eyes, and felt it in the way his hand tightens it's grip, "You'll be alright, we're all here for you if anything happens." 「 ──────── 」 In the days that follow, Seokjin was an anxious mess. He stayed out of the Boxing Gym for the sake of his own sanity. It was currently Thursday, and Seokjin sat in a cafe across from you, bouncing his leg nervously under the table. Things were going well between the both of you, something Seokjin was immensely grateful for; he didn't need the added stress. You looked sleepy, chin proped in your palm and eyes dipping closed ever so often. Seokjin felt bad, knowing that your tiredness stemmed from him keeping you up late when he finally spilled his worries to you. You've been nothing but supportive, telling him to trust himself and go through with it if it's what he really wanted. He couldn't help but feel the weight of tomorrow night already weighing him down, the pressure almost too much. It was difficult to not think about it even as he tried, trying to ground himself to the moment with the feeling of your smaller hand in his. Tried his best to focus on the purpling mark barely hidden by the collar of his tee-shirt that swallowed your form, slipping off your shoulder every time you made a move to drink from your still steaming cup of hot chocolate. Seokjin was glad that you were there with him, offering a certain comfort he couldn't get from his closet friends. "You look worried," Your fingers tap against his palm, his eyes drawn to the motion. Quietly, he flips your hands over and traces the lines he found and use it as his much needed distraction from the large, dark cloud that loomed between the passing hours."It'll be okay, Jin." "Only if I win..." Seokjin mutters, sighing as he leans back against the softness of the chair. "Even if you don't, it'll be okay, yeah?" You squeeze his hand gently, "You'll just have to try again. Tae and I are coming, Jimin too, and Guk and the guys would be there. We'll all be right there, okay?" When Friday night rolled around, Seokjin was
more than a little nervous. His father had sent word that he was on his way out, only if he could beat whoever he puts against him in the ring. The Boxing Gym was packed tonight - everyone came to see if he would win or fail the last match of his career -, Seokjin wasn't sure he's seen this much people since his first title match. The excitement that floated around only served to put him on edge. He bounces nervously on the balls of his feet, standing in the back stage office, watching Jeongguk go up against a man twice his size on the large TV mounted on the wall. Seokjin tried to calm himself down, letting the memory of his younger self sitting in this very room so many years ago with Namjoon flood his mind. The man himself sat on the hard plastic chair, eyes glued to Jeongguk's movements, though, Seokjin could see his worry in the way he rubbed his hands against his thighs restlessly. "He'll lose if he isn't quick enough." Hoseok mumbles, coming into the room, standing next to Seokjin with his hands on his hips. He stares at the live broadcast screening, small frown on his lips, "I think he'll be okay though, just needs to watch his footing..." Hoseok's words trail off as he winced - Jeongguk had just narrowly avoided a right hook. He suddenly spins on his heel to face Seokjin, "Oh right! I came in here for a reason." His hand lands on Seokjin's shoulder, a little roughly, his gaze serious, "Before I say anything, your girl and her friends are here." "I'll let them in." Namjoon stands, waving Hoseok off as he moves to the door himself. He pulls the black door, and Seokjin could just make out the top of Taehyung's head beyond Namjoon's frame. You greet Namjoon with a smile and a friendly pat on the arm before coming in. Taehyung and Jimin following behind looking a bit awestruck and wide-eyed. Seokjin opens his arm for a hug at your approach, shuffling backwards a bit as you quickly stepped into it. Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows behind you, smiling as he not so sneakily sends him a wink before slipping away to the vending machine in the corner of the room. "How're you feeling?" You question was muffled by his sweatshirt, hands fisting the material at his waist. You pull back slightly, chin pressed against his chest as you look up at him, "Doing okay?" "Just nervous, but I'm okay. Thanks for coming," Seokjin smiles, feeling the tension leave his body as you clung to him and he sighs softly, leaning down with the intention to kiss you. Though, he stops short, well aware of the eight pairs of eyes on you both. His eyes dart up to find Hoseok and Namjoon staring at him fondly, and Jimin bashfully looking at the floor when his eyes met his, as though he's been caught seeing something he shouldn't. Your soft laugh reach his ears, and you press an innocent kiss to his cheek. "Okay!" Hoseok says loudly, clapping his hands together, startling Seokjin a bit. Everyone turns to face him, curious and listening, "Firstly, Jin, I need you to calm down. I can feel how tense you are from here. Guk's match is almost over, and when you go out there, don't think about it being your last match too much okay? You'll only be distracted, and that's the last thing you need tonight. You're an all-rounder, so anyone Chi-won puts against you shouldn't be too hard to beat. Just keep a level head and you'll be fine." Seokjin nods along to Hobi's words, the nervousness he's only just gotten rid of returning tenfold as the ringing of the bell sounded loudly. He felt as though his heart was about to burst out of his chest with the speed it's going at, and he tried his best to breathe. He's not felt this nervous about a match in a while, and he remembers why he hated the gut wrenching feeling eating away at him as he watched Jungkook step under the ropes of the ring. "Good luck," You whisper, your hand giving his a gentle squeeze before letting go and moving away. Seokjin sucks in a breath, releasing it harshly through his nose and nods resolutely to himself, "Alright, let's get this over with." He leaves the room with Namjoon
following behind, determined to spend the duration of his match on the outskirts of the ring despite Seokjin's protests. The people lining the corridors moves past him in a blur, some of them wishing him luck, and some only acknowledging him with a wave of their hands. He needed to keep a level head, like Hoseok said, even though he's going into this match with his eyes covered and hands tied, he needed to focus. So everyone's words passes through his ears without so much as an afterthought, Seokjin's mind only occupied with focusing on his breathing and attempting not to throw up even though he could feel the bile racing it's way up his throat. "Jin!" Pulled out of his head, Seokjin finds Jeongguk jogging towards him and Namjoon. He skids to a stop before them, sweat glistening chest still heaving, a purpling bruise decorated his jaw, but Seokjin was sure he wasn't feeling the pain of it just yet. No doubt he was still running high on adrenaline from his match. "Nice work out there, Guk. You did good," Jeongguk's chest puffs up, unable to hide his pride at Seokjin's praise. "Thanks," He smiles, eyes bright, "Good luck out there, I know you'll win." Seokjin couldn't help but think differently, despite everyone's encouraging words - words that were meant to give him confidence. He felt pressured, with everyone's eyes on him, everyone's high expectations, and feeling worse still, knowing that the entire city was watching. He takes a breath, startling slightly when Namjoon's hand lands on his shoulder, he nods his thanks at Jeongguk, giving a smile he hoped wasn't as forced as it felt. "I'll see you after," Jeongguk smiles at him, stepping past him and Namjoon. When he leaves, Seokjin sighs loudly, earning Namjoon's concerned glance. They walk further down the hall, the presence of others dwindling more and more the closer they got to the door. He could hear his match being announced, his opponent unnamed, and the loud screams of the crowd. Seokjin closes his eyes for a moment, dragging his bottom lip between his teeth, Hoseok's words playing on his mind. "Yoongi and I will be right there, just take it easy okay?" Namjoon was staring at the door, worry evident in the furrow of his brow and the sigh that leaves him. The doors are pulled open and Seokjin is almost blinded by the lights, the screams of the crowd only grows as he and Namjoon make their way to the ring. Yoongi was off to the side, dressed in all white, the red band around his forearm standing out against it. He gives a little nod of his head, eyes soft as he watched on. Seokjin pulls his sweatshirt over his head and passes it to Namjoon, feeling a little less nervous now as he took another deep breath. "Good luck." Namjoon says, patting his shoulder as he steps off to the side near Yoongi. Seokjin enters the ring, ducking under the red ropes and moving to stand in the neutral zone, trying his best to ignore the camera crew buzzing near the edges. The announcers words filter through his ears as he waits for the doors on the other end to open. When they do, Seokjin wasn't surprised to realise that he didn't recognize the man approaching the ring with his father. Chi-won's presence didn't elicit much reaction, only looking like a father here to support his son's final match, but Seokjin knew better. The dark look in his eyes spoke only to him as Chi-won kept eye contact and Seokjin refused to be the first one to back down. His opponent enters the ring, and Chi-won walks over to the table where the officials sat, and it was only then that he looked away. Seokjin eyes his opponent, a tree of a man that smirked when their eyes met. His name finally given, but Seokjin was barely paying attention to it, his only focus was winning the match. The referee stands between the both of them, motioning them closer, they shake hands as the referee went over the dos and don'ts, and reminded them of the illegal blows. The man's grip was tight, squeezing Seokjin's hand almost painfully before he releases and they step back to the neutral zone. Seokjin fishes
his mouth guard out of the pocket of his shorts, slotting the hard piece of plastic between his teeth. He straps his red boxing gloves on, making sure that the laces were tight and the velcro straps secured as his opponent did the same. The bell rings. Seokjin shifts backwards as his opponent lunches at him, ducking under his swinging fist. The man turns quickly on his feet, black glove connecting with Seokjin's jaw. Seokjin staggers back a moment, shaking his head and squeezing his eyes tight as they cross, a high pitched ringing staring in his right ear. He could taste copper in his mouth where his teeth met his tongue. The man didn't give Seokjin time to catch his bearings, fists moving in rapid strikes and Seokjin could only shield his face with his forearms. He takes quick steps backwards to the corner of the ring, where the man was forced to back off when the referee came between them. Seokjin shakes his arms, a dull ache settling, nothing he wasn't used to. The match was off to a bad start with him already on the defense, he needed to turn it around fast. The man was quick on his feet, but Seokjin was faster, he just needed to get an opening. The two circle eachother for a moment, the man's mouth moving but his words unheard over the crowd. Seokjin makes the first move, aiming for the man's side, he barely registers the dull shock that ran through his hand from the impact his other hand coming up to catch the underside of his chin. Seokjin misses the fist that come flying towards him, no time to step back when it hits his temple, other fist connecting with his cheek. The man steps away as the referee yells, hands up as he backs off, and Seokjin could barely see straight. "That's illegal!" Yoongi yells, Namjoon trying in vain to stop him from moving from his spot, grabbing his arm and tugging him backwards. "That asshole--" By the time the second round was over, Seokjin could feel the way his limbs ached. He could feel himself slowing down as he ran out of energy. His opponent wasn't doing much better, mouth guard missing and blood dripping from his busted lip. He could see his father just off to the side, the smirk he wore daunting. Seokjin's ears were ringing so loudly he could barely hear a thing, it was clear to him, and probably everyone watching, that his opponent was trying his best to damage him. His head ached with a harsh trob at his temple, and Seokjin was quick enough to avoid a hit at the back of his neck. The old wound that split his brow was open and bleeding, though he couldn't feel it over his headache. Seokjin bounces on spot, squeezing his eyes shut only for the minute he was allowed. The deafing roar of the Boxing Gym did little to settle the ringing of his ears. Blood was dripping into his eye and he could bearly hear Namjoon shouting something to someone - he has no idea where his mouth guard had gone. The match was stopped briefly, his opponent, stalking in the neutral zone of the ring, looking a little too eager for Seokjin's taste. Someone enters the ring, ducking between the ropes at the referees persistence, hurrying over to him with a first aid kit. Through the sweat and the blood dripping into his eyes, he could just barely make out the form of Yoongi, squating in front of him and the bright shine of a light in his eyes. Yoongi's words were muddled, and Seokjin felt as though his head was under water, but he doubt he would have heard him even if his ears weren't ringing right now. "Jin! Can you continue the match?" Namjoon's voice was suddenly loud in his ear, and Yoongi was making quick work of the gash in his eyebrow that he'd somehow manage to acquire. He nods, a little dazed - the world had only just stopped spinning for him - and he got to his feet, ignoring the worried glance that Yoongi shared with his manager. A new mouth guard was pressed firmly into his palm, and he took a deep breath in and a calm exhale. He could do this; it's the last round. All he has to do is knock out his opponent. Shouldn't be too hard, but the man has proven that he could take
a hit, if the previous round was anything to go by. If Seokjin wasn't too busy trying to shake off the beginnings of the concussion he knew would follow after that blow he took to the head, he'd be impressed. Yoongi gives him a pat on the shoulder, and ducks back out of the ring, standing next to Namjoon who looked perplexed and unconvinced as Seokjin gave a thumbs up to the referee. The match began again, and Seokjin and his opponent circled eachother for a brief second, taunting words slipping through the man's mouth guard, muffled and threating. He barely had time to slip backward as the man threw a fist forward, just grazing Seokjin's nose. He could barely see straight, it was a wonder he didn't stumble, and in his state, he was on the defensive. He wondered how far the timer's gone, if the minutes were ticking by as slowly as he presieved them, Seokjin shook his head slightly, the action sending a ricocheting pain around his skull that had him nauseous; he needed to stay focus or he'll risk this win. He could just spot Namjoon's worried expression, his position as his manager allowing him only so much, and Yoongi was biting at the nail of his thumb, nerves evident in the action. Seokjin jabs a fist forward, wincing slightly at the numbness of his hand inside the glove, just managing to distract his opponent enough for him to bring the other upward, connecting with the underside of his jaw with the speed that he was well known for. The man teethered backward, tilting and falling backwards by the blow and Seokjin counted the seconds as the referee approaches to make the count. With just a few seconds left on the timer, Seokjin breathes a sigh of relief as his opponent was unable to stand to continue. There was the unsavoury tatse of copper in his mouth, and the ache in his head that only rose with the sound of the bell and the cheers of the crowd. Seokjin's arm was raised, the man wincing at the action, as he was declared the victor. He could feel his father's dark stare boring into the back of his head, but Seokjin's head felt heavy, the start of a headache already promising to split it in two. He still heard everything as though his head was under water - screams of the audience muddled - and the smile he gave to the flashing cameras felt more like a grimace. Yoongi was in the ring moments after, doing his job with a scowl as he checks over Seokjin's unconscious opponent. The taps against his bruised cheek heavier than they should be, prying the man's eyes open to check. He was over to Seokjin's side in seconds, leading him under the ropes. He saw his father stand, hands clenched at his sides, the ticking of his jaw not subtle enough to hide. Seokjin knows that he wanted to say something, that he wanted to do more than stand where he was, but their reactions to eachother would better be done behind closed doors, away from public scrutiny. So, Seokjin did the next best thing, and bowed respectfully, taking a ragged breath as the bruise on his side protested. Namjoon helps him straighten, a pained expression on his own face as he looks him over. Yoongi begrudgingly stays behind, overseeing the medical team as they attended to the still unconscious man in the ring. He makes a circle motion with his finger, silently letting them both know that they'd see him after. Namjoon leads Seokjin carefully back to the back stage doors, with the man himself making sure that he didn't trip over his own feet. "How's your head?" Namjoon asks, voice low as Seokjin squints at the harsh lighting. He tried his best to not let the still buzzing crowd get to him, the people's voices loud to his ears as they trickled out of the Boxing Gym for the night. "Just about ready to pop. I'm pretty sure I have a concussion." Seokjin's words were slurred, as though he'd drank more than he could handle. His tongue felt heavy in his mouth, and he already dreads the aching of his limbs he could feel under the sparks of adrenaline. They make it through the door, Namjoon stilling as he almost rams right into Hoseok. Smiling bright
enough to rival the sun, Hoseok bounces on spot, excitement rolling off him in waves. Seokjin didn't have time to prepare himself for his shouting. "YOU DID IT!" Seokjin winces at the volume of his voice, squinting at Hoseok as he wiggled his arms about in some sort of weird victory dance. "Dude, inside voices only." Yoongi squeezes past Namjoon, shuffling him and Seokjin forward a bit as he pulls the double doors wide open. "And you guys can't stand here, they're bringing that asshole through." Sure enough, the medical team was coming through the door, gurney between them. As they passed Hoseok whistles, patting Seokjin on the shoulder, "Did a number on him huh?" The chuckle that leaves Seokjin was pained, his side aching on his exhale. He was half expecting to lose the match, he thought he was done for with the hit to his temple. The pain was worth it he supposed, with his freedom now in his grasp, finally able to shake lose the chains that weighed him down. He smiled despite the pain in his jaw, reaching over to pat Hoseok's cheek, a soft look in his eyes. "Woah, don't look at me like that." Hoseok teases, swatting at Seokjin's hand lightly, "That's kinda gay, bro." The four share a laugh, feeling light at heart as they crowd the backstage doorway, speaking softly while being mindful of Seokjin's headache. They were joined not much later by the other boys, being led by you who smiled so brightly Seokjin thought he just might go blind untop of everything else. Plans were made for a celebratory dinner at Seokjin's place for later, and Namjoon left, saying that he had to pack up this things to leave as well. Jeongguk was practically bouncing off the walls in his excitement, almost vibrating in place as he told Seokjin about everything he found cool about his match. The man himself chuckles, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you to his side. "You doing okay?" Your words were whispered, breath warm against his chest, as you look up at him, squinting a bit. Seokjin nods, his hand squeezing gently at your hip when he smiled. He finally felt as though he could breathe, head now above the water he was sinking in, though the feeling was a tad bitter, as things were still left undone. The small group of four slowly made their way down the hall, Hoseok and Jeongguk talking animatedly a couple steps ahead, and Seokjin and You lingering behind, soft words between you both. "You sure you're okay? You look a bit woozy," You like at his stomach, making Seokjin chuckle and gently swat at your hand. He leans down a bit, lips pressing against your temple briefly. "I'll let Yoongi check me over before we leave, okay?" You seem pleased with his answer, nodding with a smile. 「 ──────── 」 Seokjin's hair was still damp when he was halfway through shoving his spare clothes into his bag, little droplets dangling off the ends of his dark hair. His locker now empty, name tag gripped tightly in his hand after he'd pulled it from the slot in the door. Almost quiet footsteps reach his ears, and he turns, half ready to tell Namjoon that he was ready to leave. "I'm comin- Oh." His father stood at the door, looking older than he'd seen him in years, a sort of sadness in his eyes as he watched him. Seokjin knew he'd come to him on his own, and he watches Chi-won expectantly as he shouldered his bag, eyebrow raised slightly. "I suppose I should congratulate you." His father kept the distance between them wide, hand still on the door's handle. Seokjin tightens his hold on his bag strap, chest feeling tight. The revelation that he's won, that he was just a couple minutes shy of leaving this place behind had him a bit winded. Everything he's worked hard for is now being placed behind him and he's closing off this part of his book. "I wish you the best of luck out there." "Thank you." Seokjin mutters, quietly as his brows furrow slightly. He breathes in a soft breathe, looking around at the dangling florescent lights and the white tiles beneath his feet for the last time. His father still
hovered at the door, mouth set in a firm line as though he was having an internal battle with his thoughts. Seokjin deeming the conversation over, he makes his way to the door, brushing by his father who stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. "You..." He trailed off, strong brows furrowed as he struggled, "You did good kid." Seokjin couldn't stop the surprised sound that left him or the tears that spring to his tired eyes, hearing the words he'd longed to hear for years fall from his father's lips. He didn't know what to say to him, mouth opening for a minute before it snaps shut. He wanted to ask why, after all this time he chooses now, when he was on his way out to say such a thing. "Thanks...Dad." His father nods, a little sadly Seokjin notices, and he takes his hand, giving a soft squeeze. "I'll keep in touch." 「 ──────── 」 Seokjin walks around you, his hand brushing yours as he places the opened bottle of wine and what was left of it in his fridge. Once the boys had left, Seokjin noticed the quiet of his house without the loud sound of Hoseok's laugh or Taehyung and Jeongguk bickering over who got the last of the grilled pork. Seokjin had been feeling light all night, weight finally lifted off his shoulders, surrounded by the people he held close to his heart, and you, closer still. He didn't want to think too much, headache eased but still present, as he swayed you slightly, standing behind you as you washed the dishes. Your soft giggle reaches his ears when his lips pressed against your neck, hands gripping your hips and squeezing gently. Your head drops back against his shoulder, a sigh leaving you, "You're distracting." Seokjin hums noncommittally, mouth sucking light bruises against your flesh, "This dress is distracting," And it was, soft blue cotton clinging to your form, swaying with your every movement and Seokjin had caught himself staring at your legs halfway through dinner. He leans over you, shutting off the tap and ignoring your little groan as he spun you around. "I wanna finish washing those, you know." Even as you said this, you made no move to stop him as he kisses you, tongue finding yours instantly. "Why do those when you could be doing me?" Seokjin whines, pulling away from you, his forehead resting against yours. He tugs at the end of your skirt lightly, hand straying, sliding up your thigh. He pulls you away from the sink, walking backwards and almost tripping, much to his embarrassment. You laugh, taking his hand and leading the way instead. He watches the way your hips sway enticingly, tongue darting out to wet his lips. When you got to his bedroom, Seokjin had you up against the door, legs around his waist, his hand in your hair as he tugged. He groans against your neck, pressing his straining bulge against your core, hissing through his teeth at your moan. He pulls away from you, setting you on your feet, "Fuck, take that off." His fingers fumble with the zipper at the back of your dress, tugging it down so you could step out of it. He swears softly at the sight of you, staring up at him with heavy-lidded eyes, kiss swollen bottom lip caught between your teeth. He kisses you softly, gently, a hand cupping your cheek, the other, making it's way under the waistband of your panties. He groans at the wetness he found there, fingers sliding easily against your folds, smirking at the way your hips buck forward, your moan a plea against his lips. "Eager, pretty girl?" Seokjin hums, teeth nipping at your earlobe just as his fingers slipped inside your heat. Your mouth sucks at his pulse, soft moans making his knees weak and his cock throb in his jeans. You pulled away first, and Seokjin watches with a heavy gaze as you sink to your knees, his hand finding your hair when your fingers unbuttoned his jeans. He drags his bottom lip through his teeth, watching you pull his cock out, he sighs at your touch, fingers trailing lightly up his shaft to the leaking red tip. Pink tongue darting out for a taste and Seokjin groans, grip in your hair
tightening a little, "Don't tease." Your warm breath ghosting over the head of his cock had him twitching in your grip, your lips wrapping around him a second later. "Shit." Seokjin braces his weight against the door, palm against it as your head bobbed between his legs, and Seokjin knew he wouldn't last long in the heat of your mouth as you hollowed your cheeks and sucked harder. Hips jerking forward when you swallowed around him and he squeezes his eyes shut, feeling tingles running up his spine and the way his stomach tensed. "Fu-- stop. Baby stop." You pull away with a giggle as his chest heaved and he counts to ten, trying his damnedest not to bust his load right then. His groan a little high pitched when you flicked your tongue against him, thighs tensing up. He pulls you up by your arms, shuffling awkwardly to his bed with his jeans constricting his movement. He shucks them off, legs tangling in his haste, the view of you blocked momentarily as he pulled his shirt over his head. Missing you sliddling your underwear off to throw on the floor. You scoot up the bed when Seokjin crowds your space, pressing kisses and bruises against the soft skin of your chest. Rutting his hips forward, dragging his cock against your slick folds. You fingers tangle in his hair, chest rising and falling quickly. Seokjin smirks, his bottom lip already red and swollen, found its way between his teeth as his eyes left yours to look at the mess he's made of you. With his thumb he kept his cock in place, hips rolling in a slow, torturous pace and your eyes fluttered close when the head of his cock brushed your clit. "Fuck, Jin ple--" Your words trailed off as Seokjin finally pushed in, taking his time to savour the feel of your walls fluttering around him. His lips parts, releasing a moan that had you clenching tightly and him cursing. Seokjin sets a slow pace, it was more of a slow grind than measured thrusts. His hands trailing up to grip your hips, bottom lip held prisoner between his teeth as he savoured the feel. He leans down, pressing a firm kiss to your swollen lips, stopping his movements briefly. "You ready?" He whispers, his mouth an inch away from yours, large hand now gripping your thigh. You nod as eagerly as you could without knocking your forehead against his. Seokjin kisses you again, gently nipping at your bottom lip, before he leans back and sets a punishing pace. He watches your eyes roll back, fingers curling into the dark sheets, a moan of name had him gripping your thighs harder. "Oh fuck, yes baby girl. Fuck, yeah say my name like that." He groans, hips snapping against yours, you hiccup a moan, the sound broken in two by Seokjin's thrust. He could feel you squeezing so tightly around him, the pitch of your moans rising in his ears. You're whimpering, sweet, needy moans against his lips, fingers tight in his hair, your hips meeting his thrusts halfway. He slots his hand between you, fingers rubbing in quick circles against your clit, grunting when your pussy clenched. "Wanna come, sweet girl? Hmm?" "Y-yeah," You bite down on your bottom lip, thighs squeezing tightly around his waist. Seokjin groans, chasing his high with you, not bothering with the sweat that dripping into his eyes, hand gripping your hip hard enough to bruise. You suck in a sharp breath, high pitched moan following as your body tensed and shuddered, walls tightening. "That's it -- Fuck, yes. Good girl. Fuck." Seokjin couldn't keep his pace, thrusting hard and deep, whispered warning a precursor to his end. He barely manages to get the words out before he stilled, painting your insides with his cum. His arm beside your head struggles to hold his weight as he trembled above you. He milked his cock with a few lazy, shallow thrusts, leaning down to press kisses to wherever he could reach. "I love you," He murmurs against your skin as your run your fingers through his damp hair, words repeated back softly with a light laugh. Seokjin laid half awake later that night, contented with the way everything had fallen into place like a
puzzle. With your warm body pressed against his side, light snores leaving your parted lips as you shifted an mumbled nonsense in your sleep. He holds you a little tighter, closing his eyes with a tired sigh and a kiss against your hair. 「 ──────── 」 Tags: @astormunchar , @allhobbitstoisengard , @fangirl125reader , @triviafics-main , @jinpanman , @imluckybitches , @eren-fall , @che-er-ful , @yslkook, @rooo-tah , @thisisn0tal0vest0ry
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— divided and multiplied | ksj
Tumblr media
↬ pairing: seokjin x f!reader
↬ genre: smut, fluff, pwp
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🍒 au type ꒱ idol au, established relationship + there’s a surprise ;)
↬ rating & word count: 18+ ; ~1.1k
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🍒 summary ꒱ on his birthday, Seokjin finds out that you divided and multiplied.
↬ warnings: profanities, explicit sexual content → soft dom!ksj, sub!reader, cock warming, big d*ck!seokjin, dirty talk, pet names, praising, unprotected sex, cream-pie — this is a work of fiction and doesn’t represent seokjin in any way!
↬ masterlist
˗ˏˋ꒰ 🍒 a/n ꒱ surprise? i know i’m on a hiatus and i said that i won’t be able to post anything because of my exams, but here we are! this is a sequel to ‘You’ — which happens to be my first bts fic to be posted on any platform. it’s unedited and a bit messy, but i hope you enjoy this domestic and wholesome piece ♥︎
Tumblr media
The euphony of breathy whimpers, paired up with the occasional deep moans echo through the expanse of the dimly lit bedroom. It’s quite hard to spot the tangle of limbs hiding under the thick, protective layers of blanket, but it’s certainly not impossible. Not when one can clearly make out the subtle movements if they pay attention.
“Jinnie, move, please,” your whine is desperate, inner walls squeezing his impressive girth buried all the way inside you. After being away from you for a week, it’s understandable why he has the urge to be as intimate as possible. But you’re getting impatient.
Seokjin drops a chaste kiss on your forehead, leaning down to whisper against the skin of your exposed neck, “Wait a bit more, jagi, I just missed you so much.”
“I– I missed you too, so much.” A shaky sigh escapes you, cunt pulsating with need around his cock.
Seokjin mutters a curse under his breath. “Fuck, your little pussy only craves to get ruined, doesn’t it?”
“Jinnie!” your voice is somewhere between a gasp and a moan. He draws back his hips, easily sliding out before he thrusts back inside, causing you to moan wantonly. His lips are guided on the soft flesh of your cleavage, sucking, licking and biting.
Seokjin falters for a moment when your nails start digging into his wide shoulders, recovering quickly to keep up the moderate pace he has created. “You are so good to me, baby, always.” He cradles your figure in his arms and groans.
“I love you, Seokjinnie. I love you so much,” you pant heavily, pressing your lips against his fervently. He complies, deepening the kiss as his balls start slapping against your ass with each thrust.
“Jagi, you’re taking me so well. I love you too, my moonlight. Can’t believe how perfect you are.” Seokjin mutters huskily, hips purposefully grinding on your swollen clit. The stimulation makes you shudder and he notices immediately.
“So sensitive already, fuck. I can’t imagine what will happen a couple months later.” You mewl at his words, left hand gently cupping his face as you stare at him with pure adoration.
“I want to come, please. I love you.”
“Fuck,” Jin growls, the tip of his cock kissing your g-spot and cervix with a powerful thrust. Eyes watering from the overwhelming euphoria, you scream his name, hurtling towards the edge.
“Just like that, you’re amazing.” His calloused thumb finds your clit. Your body goes rigid when he starts rubbing it in tight circles.
“I’m— I’m so close!” you squeal. Seokjin hums, kissing you hard on the mouth, tongue molding with yours. Catching both of you off-guard, the added sensation triggers your release.
“Shit, ____.” He moans, your pussy clenching around him deliciously. Burying his face in the crook of your neck, he pushes forward to meet his own orgasm.
“You’re gonna milk me dry, hm? Squeezing me so tight. Fuck.” Jin rasps, giving a few more sloppy thrusts before finishing. His milky white load shoots inside you, coaxing a whine from your lips.
The sound of heavy breathing fills the atmosphere, his forehead resting against yours as you try to catch your breath in unison. He has pushed the heap of blankets covering you two aside, the cool night air a contrast against your sweaty and heated skin.
Once recovered, Seokjin gently pulls out despite your whines of protest. He heads straight to the bathroom and cleans himself thoroughly, taking a warm bowl of water and a washcloth. Making sure that the temperature is not too high, he re-enters the bedroom. He notices how you’ve curled yourself up in a cocoon, and he shakes his head.
“C’mon, jagi, let me clean you up at least.” He nudges your side in a gentle manner. Receiving no response from your end, he decides to take matters in his own hands.
“Just a bit more… yeah! Good girl.” Seokjin pushes you until you’re laying on your back, legs spreading for him. He grunts at the sight of your filled cunt, dabbing the washcloth around your inner thighs to clean out the slick first.
He takes his sweet time with you, making sure that you’re completely clean and handing you a glass of water before he dresses you up in your pajamas.
“Thank you for coming here, jagi. I’m so glad to have you in my arms right now. Can’t imagine how empty today would have been without your presence.” Jin mumbles, kissing the crown of your head once you’re back inside the comfort of blankets and his embrace.
“Of course, Jinnie. I wouldn’t miss your birthday for anything. And… I thought that today would be the perfect occasion to surprise you with the news.”
A goofy grin adorns his face, his large hand covering your stomach. “Yeah, we divided and multiplied. I’m the happiest man on the Earth right now!”
Your face scrunches up in confusion. “Wait… what?”
Seokjin chuckles at your lost state. “We divided and multiplied! You know that joke? It goes like this, ‘Add the bed, minus the clothes, divide legs and multiply’!”
Your cheeks heat up from embarrassment.
Groaning, you hide your face in his chest, playfully hitting his arm. “Why are you like this?”
“Why am I like what?” Jin’s hearty laugh makes you melt, and you sigh.
“You know what.” You pout at him.
“Stop acting like you hate it! One: you suck at acting, two: we both know you fell in love with me because of my humour.”
You grumble, trying to push him away. But Seokjin catches your wrists, holding them close to his heart. “No, but for real, I want you to know that I couldn’t possibly be happier at this moment. You’ve always been one of the main reasons why I wake up everyday and try to give it my all. And the fact that there’s another reason now budding inside you… it just, makes me beyond grateful. I can’t wait to meet our baby. Thank you so much, jagi. For everything. I love you.”
Eyes cloudy with tears, you pull him into your warmth. “I love you too, Jinnie. More than you’ll ever know. I know the baby will be just like you growing up. Just praying that there won’t be any complications.”
Seokjin rubs your back, whispering, “Everything will be okay, I promise. And I bet! I can’t wait to pass all my tricks to the next generation. It’ll be so glorious.”
You giggle, hand finding your stomach to hold it. He joins in with his trademark chuckle, cupping your face to give you a gentle peck.
Gosh, words aren’t enough to describe how much you love this man.
Tumblr media
💌 end notes: thank you so much for reading! i do hope that you enjoyed reading this 🥰! comments, reblogs and feedback is always appreciated <3 let me know that you thought!
to be entirely honest, i wasn’t planning on posting anything because of the massive amount of pressure i’m under right now due to my upcoming exams. but... the heart wants what it wants, i guess 😭? this is quite emotional for me because i remember, exactly an year ago, how terrified i was of posting ‘You’ :(
i won’t make it long, but thank you so much to everyone who’s been a part of my journey 💝! it wasn’t easy, i’ve felt like giving up numerous times, yet i’m here today :( it makes me feel proud of myself! i love you all so much, thank you once again <3 happy Seokjinnie day!
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bts reaction when their s/o doesn’t like his kinks
requested? yes.
Tumblr media
there are times when jin gets too overwhelmed with his job and you’re the only one who can help him ease the tension but you never minded it. it was fun and hot, seeing him all frustrated and just fucking the shit out of you like you’re his personal slave and then later showering you with kisses and praises.
he also never goes overboard, as he knows your limits and he would never try to do something you’re uncomfortable with on purpose. so when he was fucking into you from behind, you were shocked to say at least when you felt his hand grab your hair and pull towards him harshly.
jin was so caught up in the moment, that he didn’t even notice his actions himself until you loudly said his name, making him snap out of it. “shit, what happened?” he quickly turned you around so he could look at you.
“don’t pull my hair please, it hurts” you rubbed the back of your head, grimacing at him.
“oh fuck, i’m sorry. i didn’t even realise it. i’m so so sorry”
Tumblr media
“you’re such a good little slut for me” yoongi grunted and your whole body froze on top of him.
“what did you just call me?” you looked down at him, his eyes wide open from your tone.
“i..i-“ he stuttered looking around the room, not knowing what to say.
“please, don’t even degrade me ever again” you frowned but quickly smiled at him to ease the tension.
“i’m sorry” yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you completely on top of him, wrapping his arms around your head before kissing the top of your head. “i didn’t know” 
“it’s okay” you giggled. “but i swear to god if i ever hear those words coming from your mouth again i won’t hesitate to slap you”
“ohh, kinky”
Tumblr media
no matter how long you know hoseok for, he always manages to surprise you with something new. usually it’s nothing bad, even the opposite but when you felt his hand going higher up your skirt while the two of you were sitting in the restaurant side by side, your eyes almost popped out of your face.
you immediately looked at him with wide eyes and he shot you a smirk, making you anxiously look around. he didn’t stop until his fingers dipped inside of your panties.
you grabbed his wrist to stop him from going further. “what are you doing?” you hissed through your teeth.
hobi leaned so his lips were near your ear. “let’s have a little fun”
you quickly shook your head and completely removed his hand from you. “i’m not doing this in public”
your face was serious and he instantly realised that you’re not playing around and he seriously made you uncomfortable. he felt bad for making you feel this way. “i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable”
Tumblr media
“call me daddy” he grunted in your ear, making your eyes go wide at his words.
“no, no, no” you quickly tapped his chest and he stopped abruptly with a scared look on his face. namjoon immediately pulled out and hugged you. 
“i’m sorry, did i hurt you? why didn’t you say anything sooner?” he started blabbering which only made you laugh.
“no, it’s okay but i will never call you daddy” you stated and namjoon’s head shot back up from your neck. he opened his mouth and let out a quite ‘ahh’.
“shit, i’m sorry” he laughed embarrassed at himself.
Tumblr media
as soon as the blindfold was put on your eyes you felt strange but decided to stay quiet for a while, hoping that you might like it eventually.
but as time passed, you felt more and more uncomfortable, finding yourself unable to even feel the pleasure from jimin. having one of your senses blocked made you anxious.
“jimin, jimin, park jimin” you called him out, immediately gaining his attention when he noticed the tone in your voice.
“are you okay? did i hurt you?”
you just shook your head and pulled your arms away from his hold before ripping the blindfold off your eyes. as soon as you saw jimin’s face, you relaxed. “i didn’t like it” you admitted. 
jimin smiled, realising that tonight’s fun is over, at least for now, he wrapped his arms around your waist, cuddling you to his chest. “you should have said something earlier. i’m sorry”
Tumblr media
taehyung always talked about wanting to have kids and you found it cute until he actually wanted to do something about it. it’s not the first time you had unprotected sex and even though you’re on the pill, he would always pull out until one day, when you both were near your high, he started whispering in your ear how he’s going to fuck a baby into you.
you immediately stopped him. “i don’t like this”
“but you’re on the pill, it’s okay”
“there’s still a possibility and these words... turns me off, i feel strange please don’t ever say that to me”
at first taehyung felt hurt because he thought that it means you don’t see a future with him but after you sat down and talked it out he understood you and promised to keep those words to himself.
Tumblr media
you and jungkook liked to experiment a bit in bed, usually it ended up in both of you liking or hating something. there are also some things that are immediately off limits for at least one of you and it was never a problem.
but jungkook decided to try one more thing without talking with you beforehand. he thought it might be more exciting or it might bring more pleasure.
so when he was fucking you into the mattress, you felt his hand sneak around your throat as he squeezed the sides of it. your eyes shot open as you flinched and instantly grabbed his arm. “no”
he was quick to pull away from you and placed his palms on each of your cheeks. “i’m sorry, was that too much?” he asked concerned.
“yeah a bit, it was suffocating” you admitted.
“i’m sorry, i should have asked first”
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Orchard House, Chapter 2: Mango
Pairing: BTS, POLY!OT7 x Bunny Hybrid!Reader
Series Status: Ongoing, as of 01.07.22
Summary: Squad Kim advertises for a roommate.
Warnings: She/her pronouns for reader insert, reader discretion is always advised.
BTS Masterlist / Chapter 1, Fig + Cherry
Tumblr media
YEAR: August 2012
Jin: 20 / Namjoon: 19 / Y/n: 18 / Jung Hoseok: 19
“20yo male seeking clean and hybrid-friendly roommate. $1350/month [bills included] with $300 security deposit for four bedroom- two bath condominium located in Central Seoul” read the posting on the app.
And while Hoseok was highly aware that the amount asked for exceeded his budget by a whopping $650, the pictures of the unit immediately had him sold.
The room that would be his was bigger than the entirety of his current studio apartment, he’d even get his own bathroom! Of which looked newly built and filled to the brim with modern furnishings.
Not to mention the view he would have of the city- plus the additional protection that came from moving into a gated community?
If anything, the listing was strangely a steal. Most people in the landlord’s position would focus on appealing to unknowing foreigners and charge twice the amount this guy was asking for.
He must be loaded, or just off his rocker if he isn’t starting the rent off at $2300 at the very least for a spot like that. Hoseok thinks amazed, but nonetheless grateful.
Looking over his accounting book, he would definitely have to carve a large chunk out of his savings to even afford the place for a month. But he’d make it work.
He could pick up extra shifts at the bar. And then see if any of his regular clients from the studio wanted to schedule additional sessions. He could make it work.
Sure- he’d have to settle for surviving on rice, ramen, cheap meat and vegetables for who knows how long, but he’d been meaning to go on a diet for a while now. This could work.
With a single tap of the screen, he’d been able to send over all the necessary, upfront information to the lister.
Clicking the sleep button, he sets the phone down with a sigh, nearly jumping out of his skin as it gives a sudden jolt and buzz.
(uarmyhope): thekimzzz replied to your inquiry. 3:54AM
Sliding open the notification, the message offers a humble thanks for considering their listing. As well as, directions to the complex, along with a wide assortment of dates and times for an in-person interview and showing.
Having the day off later today, he chooses an after lunch slot and collapses into bed, too tired to shower for the time being.
Tumblr media
Hoseok thanked his lucky stars that he’d decided to give himself extra time, from the train being 15 minutes late, to him wandering the neighborhood confused on where the entrance was- he finally made it past the gate with 30 minutes to spare.
Now he just had to figure out how to get past the keypad and actually into the building itself.
He hadn’t realized how much trouble rich people went through just to lay down. How many restaurants even bothered delivering to a maze like this?
Opening the EasyFind app, he rereads the directions for what feels like the millionth time, racking his brain over the procedure of steps.
“Do I use the QR code first? If so, how do I even-“ He wonders aloud, shifting his weight from foot to foot in mild desperation.
“Did you forget your keycard?” He hears a soft voice ask from behind him, turning to find two pairs of eyes… and ears?
“Um-“ He stutters, not sure where he should look exactly.
He’d had minimal experience with hybrids, seeing as they were often reserved for those who had deep enough pockets. The few he had encountered over the years usually acted as mute assistants to the rich guests that frequented his places of work.
Though he supposed he would become more accustomed to seeing them during everyday life if he was to start frequenting higher budget areas of the city.
“I don’t live here- um, yet? I’m here for an appointment, but I can’t seem to figure out the guest keypad…” Upon hearing the first half, the bigger hybrid shifts in front of his companion.
Blocking the girl from view with his towering figure, his eyes are cool and analytical. Was he what they called an alpha?
“An appointment. With what unit, if you don’t mind me asking?” He speaks calmly, voice thick and oddly soothing?
Here he was, being stared down by a giant wolf, and all he could find himself thinking about was how handsome this stranger is.
This was the big, bad wolf Red Riding Hood’s story was about, yet he wasn’t afraid. There was no fear or uneasy feelings- just an alluring air drifting about them.
“Um. I don’t mind actually. I’ve been walking around aimlessly for half an hour now, so help would be greatly appreciated. 9294 was the number I was given.” Hoseok answers, looking back at the app and then flipping his hand to show the boy the screen.
The hybrid reads the words briefly, his expression remaining stoic as he nods. “We can guide you there. It’s on the 17th floor.”
Redirecting his attention away from Hoseok, he turns around. Seemingly only to offer his available hand to the girl wordlessly- the other preoccupied with grasping a plastic bag full of convenience store snacks.
Hoseok watches as she quickly accepts his invitation, tugging him along with her over to the sensor by the door. Waving her wrist past it with an eager, but elegant swipe, the glass gives a sharp click before it pushes open inwardly.
A sleek, rose gold charm bracelet glints in the sunlight as her hand returns to her side.
In hopes of appearing more sophisticated than he currently felt, he holds back a deep noise of amazement. Obediently following behind as the bunny hybrid sweetly beckons him forward with a simple tilt of her head and gentle, “This way, please.”
She happily leads them to the elevators, pressing the hall call button and stepping aside so he could enter first.
Maybe if he wasn’t so flustered by the wolf’s silent charm and the demure way she looked up at him all doe-eyed when she spoke- he probably would have noticed that number 17 was the only button pressed.
Instead he misses the second wave of her wrist over the touch screen inside the lift, admittedly captivated by the pair.
“It’s a really nice building, I think you’ll like it.” She smiles, eyes drifting from his apparel to his face, seemingly appraising his appearance.
Namjoon subtly smirks, his gaze fixed on the doors but still clocking how Y/n managed to have the poor guy wrapped around her finger in a matter of minutes.
“Well, I.. I think so too.” He simultaneously coughs and laughs nervously, kicking himself mentally for suddenly acting like such a dork.
It’s not like he was a stranger to women flirting, or even sex for that matter- so what had him so flustered? Every ounce of game he had in his body suddenly vanished into thin air.
Before he can think on it any longer however, the elevator dings. The contraption coming to a smooth halt and the metal doors glide open. Though instead of displaying a typical apartment hallway, it reveals a single entrance.
The numbers 9294 are unmistakable on the plaque next to the front door.
He gapes, stunned silent and feet stuck to the floor.
Feeling fingers ghost across his hand, he looks down. The girl- he still didn’t know their names, was looking at him expectantly.
“This is it.” She speaks in her usual dulcet tone, the pads of her fingers just barely brushing against his skin and even in a state of shock, he registers how good it feels.
You have to get laid soon because this is pathetic, Jung Hoseok. He groans mentally. Are you fifteen again?
He follows them into the foyer mindlessly, his brain still not quite working until the wolf hybrid presses his thumb against a black screen and the door to the unit unlocks.
Hoseok watches as they push inside and begin slipping off their shoes, tucking them into cubbies in the hallway before turning to him in question.
“Wait. So you two-“ He starts just as the pieces were beginning to fall into place, only to be interrupted by a raised voice from further inside.
“Yah! You two are going to get it! I've been calling you nonstop for the past 5 minutes! And don’t say your phone died, I know you ignored me on purpose. I told you we have an interview coming up- where have you been!” Jin shouts as he rounds the corner. His phone in one hand, house slipper in the other, meanwhile one foot is bare against the cool flooring.
Both human men pause at seeing the other, Jin dropping the shoe and quietly slipping it back on while maintaining eye contact like a deer in headlights.
Joon shakes his head, walking past him and into the living room. “We found your interviewee outside clueless on how to even get past the main door. I told you to simplify the instructions but you wouldn’t listen.”
“Mhm.” Y/n confirms, still patiently waiting for Hoseok at the door.
Walking in apprehensively, she closes the door behind him before practically skipping over to the man. Lacing her fingers with his and it clicks yet again that this must be their owner and his potential landlord.
“They offered to show me to my destination. I wasn’t aware they belonged to you though.” He finally speaks up, giving an apologetic ninety degree bow. “My name is Jung Hoseok. I placed my application last night.”
“Ah, it’s okay! No need for all that!” Jin waves his hands anxiously. “Come inside, Hoseok-ssi. We can talk more once we’re seated.”
As he follows, the bunny hybrid hangs behind to walk in step with him, a guilty look settling over her delicate features.
“I’m sorry I didn’t say anything once we realized who you were. Joon likes to be cautious around strangers- especially when we aren't with Jin, so it’s usually better if I go along with him. He just wants to make sure we're safe.” She explains wringing her hands.
Taking a moment, he smiles. “Water under the bridge.” The response was so simple and yet the decisiveness of it caused her face to glow with delight.
“My name is Y/n.”
Biting her bottom lip, she attempts to conceal a pleased grin as he repeats it faintly before offering a gentle, “It was a pleasure making your acquaintance, Y/n.”
Basking in his kindness, she happily slips away from his side as they make it to the next room. Tenderly brushing the pads of her fingers against his hand as she passes.
Tumblr media
“Hoseok.” Y/n whines droozily, her fingers tightly clasping the tail-end of his shirt as he sat on the bed packing his work bag. “You promised I could go to the dance studio with you today.”
“That was before you slept past all four of your alarms and my attempts to get you up sooner. I can’t be late for my appointments and you’re still in your pajamas. It’s already 9:05am, meaning I leave in fifteen minutes.”
She rolled out from under the covers clumsily, her hair a wild mess and sleep still in her eyes.
“I can be ready!” She exclaimed excitedly, rushing out of his room hurriedly before haphazardly bolting back- “I can be ready! Don’t leave me, okay!?”
“That makes it fourteen minutes.” He announces teasingly, throwing a glance to his watch and laughing heartily as she gives a squeak before darting back out.
A loud “I can do it, Hobi!” resounding from down the hall.
Though she and Namjoon had their own rooms, they hardly slept in them alone, if at all.
Happy and well-attended hybrids often preferred being as close to their owner/s as possible. So it had become a nightly tradition years ago for the both of them to snuggle up amongst themselves and Jin, limbs sprawled out and entangled comfortably.
Personal space quickly dissolved into a foreign concept between the trio.
Over the span of the six months that Hoseok had been existing amongst them, he adjusted rather rapidly to their way of living. They found that he suited them perfectly.
Being the same age as Namjoon offered a special bond for the two boys, a new brand of connection that the hybrid hadn’t been able to experience before.
Jin felt the same- with Hoseok things were just easy.
During his life, he was so accustomed to putting on an act in front of others. His birthright demanded absolute perfection, but this was the first time he felt seen for who he truly was by another human and he cherished every moment.
A subtle rattle and sharp, metal scrap came from the walk-in closet, coaxing him awake. Opening his eyes to find the door ajar and a shadow darting frantically about.
In favor of inspecting the mostly silent commotion, Jin slips out of bed and paddles toward the opening. The sight of Y/n scurrying around and almost falling face first while in the process of pulling a pair of white track pants over her underwear caused him to abruptly chuckle.
The girl’s head whipped around in alarm, furred ears darting upwards before abruptly relaxing once she’d registered it was him.
“Jin- You’re supposed to be asleep, you scared me!” She whispered, shrugging on the matching jacket and zipping it over a lace pink bralette.
“I was, before someone rudely woke me up by deciding to ransack the closet.” He hummed, walking forward and tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.
He’d been trying to break her habit of nibbling on her bottom lip, but had had very little improvement so far. Brushing his thumb over it, he gently coaxes it from her teeth, watching carefully as her breath hitches.
A little attention was all it took for her eyes to glaze over with expectation. And admittedly he found it adorable, but it was yet another habit he’d been trying to discourage.
Pulling away, he tries to ignore the disappointment that washes over her features before she forces it down and shifts her attention off of him.
Slipping past him, she subconsciously sinks her teeth back into the plush softness of her lip. Her brows furrowed as she subtly worried the flesh.
“Hoseok’s taking me to work with him today so tell Joon not to wait up?” She asks quietly over her shoulder, clasping the door frame.
“Of course.” He answers mirroring her volume as a regrettably tense air settles between them. She nods once, lingering for just a second at the threshold before exiting the room.
His chest feeling strangely heavy even as he lets out a sigh.
Tumblr media
For the entirety of their commute to the studio, Hoseok paws over whether or not he should address the blanket of melancholy that had come to rest over Y/n.
The moment she came back all dressed and ready to go, he’d noticed her shift in moods.
During the short amount of time he’d known her, she tended to be very good at communicating when things bothered her. Always relaying her honest opinions, asking others theirs and eager to find solutions that would make everyone happy with the outcome.
When he looked closer, it seemed to be something she worked very hard at. But when put into practice, her conflict resolution skills never failed to appear effortless. She could deescalate even the pettiest of arguments between the boys with only a handful of words.
She’d say something when she was ready. And with this in mind, he settled on doing what he did best- being attentive and present until she decided she wanted his help.
The work day was as taxing as always, flitting from one private session to the next- taking a short break for lunch and getting right back to it again.
Y/n helped when she could, lending a hand here and there, but she mostly just offered moral support.
The older women, no matter their backgrounds, would often coo over her- lightly pinching her cheeks and patting her head affectionately as their scheduled times with Hoseok concluded.
She delighted in their attention and praise of what “a diligent worker and quick learner” she was when it came to memorizing the procedures and steps.
She particularly excelled during “Mommy/Toddler Time”, which was a fun portion of the afternoon where new mothers got to socialize with others like themselves, while encouraging their children to learn basic stretches and movements.
Under the guiding hand of their mothers, she allowed them to gently pet her ears. The simple wonder that sparked in their eyes as their tiny fingers caressed the snowy fur incited pure joy and warmth in her heart.
Once everyone had said their goodbyes for the day, leaving the spare dance room a quiet oasis for the first time since early that morning, she laughed as Hoseok sank to the floor with an over-exaggerated sigh of relief.
Plopping down next to him, they shared a smile. The day was done, all they needed to do was clean up the loose ends and head home.
At the thought of going home, her smile falters. Remembering how things had been left with Jin made her uneasy.
Cupping her hand, Hoseok doesn’t speak, instead offering a subtle invitation.
Looking down at where they touch, she sighs, the initial sadness refreshing in her brain.
“Have you heard? That bunnies tend to take rejection pretty hard?” Voice soft and eyes downcast, she rests her head against the mirrored wall. “I don’t know what it is about us specifically, but we’re affected so deeply by social bonds that even our physical health can diminish as a result.”
“Did something happen before we left the house?” He asks worriedly, leaning closer to better gauge her reaction.
Biting down on her bottom lip, she squeezes her eyes shut tightly, a few tears streaking across her cheeks as they flutter closed.
“No.” She answers shakily. “I know in actuality it was nothing, but because of who- what I am, it felt like everything.
I’ve never been ashamed of my species. I’m proud to be a bunny, but we feel things so intensely. Sometimes I feel like the smallest thing could wash me away. Every strong emotion racks through me, it’s frightening. Debilitating almost.
I wish-“
“That things could be different?” He finishes her sentence. Eyes so clear and resolute that it felt like she could pour anything into them. Any amount of fear, worry or doubt and there would still be room for more of her.
“You must think I sound whiny.” She sniffs, weakly attempting to laugh dryly, but it comes out as just a puff of air.
“I don’t.” He replies without even having to think about it. “I think that you’re strong, kind and full of so much love that at times, that feeling morphs into pain.
I won’t pretend to fully know the depth of your struggle, but I do believe that what you see as weakness- is also one of your greatest strengths.
Your intensity is admirable, and there are so many people out in the world who would benefit from getting to experience even a second of that love. Just like I have. And how I’m sure Namjoon and Seokjin-hyung have as well.”
She gives a broken whimper, before fully launching into his arms. Burying her face into his neck and nosing at the base of it.
Wrapping her arms around him, her fingers curl into his shirt. Soft and muffled words reverberating against his shoulder as he held her.
Tumblr media
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