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#kim seungmin
incorrectskzquotes · 14 hours ago
Seungmin: Exercise is so important for a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I do yoga everyday.
Minho: You can't just do corpse pose for an hour.
Seungmin, lying face down: Watch me.
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icecreamstraykids · 2 days ago
Chan: favorite horror movie?
Lee Know: Saw
Changbin: Annabelle
Seungmin: It
Jeongin: High School Musical
Stray Kids:
Jeongin: after watching it, i spent all my high school days terrified that the entire school would start singing something and i‘d be the only one who didn’t know the lyrics
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imagine-a-life-like-this · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
True Soulmate - Stray Kids Soulmate AU Series Masterlist
Here you will find all 8 soulmate stories. Each story is set in its own universe; meaning none of the stories are connected. You don’t need to read all of them to understand the others. These will be my first social media imagines so they honestly might suck, but I really hope you enjoy them! 
Bang Chan’s will be released first, after that I’m not sure. I’m currently writing all of them at the same time as ideas come to me. Chan’s is completely written hence why his is being posted first. If there’s any you want to see next, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!
Song For You - Bang Chan
Soul Link - Every song your soulmate sings, you can hear.
Synopsis - Chan honestly believed he didn’t have a soulmate; still he wrote a song for a girl he wasn’t sure existed. A song she heard over and over in her mind. When he heard her singing a familiar song to herself, he was convinced she broke into his studio. How else could she know the song he never released?
Release - December 1, 2021 (subject to change depending on my schedule)
Dance With Me - Lee Minho
Soul Link - You share the same talents as your soulmate.
Synopsis - Lee Know is a famous dancer with a special talent for cooking. Ln Yn is a famous chef with a special talent for dancing. At the opening of her restaurant, their worlds collide for the first time. And it certainly won’t be the last.
Release - TBD
Lost And Found - Seo Changbin
Soul Link - Everything you lose ends up in your soulmates possession.
Synopsis - Changbin has always made sure to keep track of all his things, not wanting to burden his soulmate with all his stuff. A courtesy his soulmate doesn’t seem to have. One night at a party, he runs into a girl wearing the exact sweater he seemed to misplace earlier that day. She must have stolen it; Changbin doesn’t lose anything.
Release - TBD
All I Know Is Your Name - Hwang Hyunjin
Soul Link - Name of your soulmate is tattooed on your wrist.
Synopsis - Hyunjin has been waiting for the day he meets his soulmate, but she couldn’t care less. She wanted nothing to do with Hwang Hyunjin, her heart beating for one man and one man only; an anonymous online friend.
Release - TBD
Love Sketched On Skin - Han Jisung
Soul Link - Everything you write on yourself appears on your soulmate.
Synopsis - Jisung would always draw on his arms; small pictures to get him through the day or messages of things he can’t forget. He had no idea someone else could see everything he wrote until he found small words of encouragement before a big performance. 
Release - TBD
Falling In Love - Lee Felix
Soul Link - All your injuries appear on your soulmate.
Synopsis - His friends all knew him as a clumsy guy, but the bruises on his skin seemed excessive. Her friends all saw her as a clumsy person, but she was hiding a dark secret. 
Release - TBD
Lie To Me - Kim Seungmin
Soul Link - You are unable to lie to your soulmate.
Synopsis - Kim Seungmin has harbored a (not so) small crush on his best friend, and that’s why his other friends believe he can never lie to her. There’s no way she could possibly be his soulmate. Seungmin refuses to believe she could ever love him and instead watches as she falls for someone else.
Release - TBD
Countdown To Love - Yang Jeongin
Soul Link - Timer goes off when you meet your soulmate.
Synopsis - The timer on his wrist seemed to take forever to go off. So long that Jeongin forgot it was even there, until he feels a buzzing on his wrist and comes face to face with the girl who was to be the love of his life. There’s only one problem; she’s the one girl in the world that’s off limits to Yang Jeongin.
Release - TBD
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incorrectskzquotes · 23 hours ago
Seungmin: what are you doing?
Jeongin: Stays want to know what our concept is this time. I'm just going to let them know that it's private information until November 29.
Seungmin, looking at what Jeongin is typing:...
Seungmin: that just says 'fuck around and find out' in italics.
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narsicen · a day ago
College au!—stray kids edition! (part 2)
A/N note: not much to say here but maknae line!!! enjoy the read! don’t forget to like and reblog if you enjoyed this work! and requesting au’s like this is open for all! 
check out the first part in my college au m.list!
Pairing: Skz (maknae line) x GN! y/n
word count: around.. 2-4 k per headcanon i believe sorry its long 🥲
genre: FLUFF
warning: slight mentions of alcohol (about two or three head canons mentions it but it’s not too much!), and mentions food
Tumblr media
Han Jisung
hi i luv u
ahem anyway
so i get the feeling hes probs that guy you know what hes prolly doing like hes predictable but you literally can not find him ever
like hes so predicatably unpredictable
SO yall met first when you were buying some soju and like idk beer or something (kids do not do this) for a party you’re hosting in your department and before checking out you see him just feet propped on the side of the cash register, him leaned back on his chair throwing a plastic toy ball thats supposed to be a stress reliever that you found out the store was also selling, it was a small store, not too much customers go there so he gets to laze around most of the time AND get paid!
so you saw him right, and he was just so in his world that he didnt notice you waiting at the counter, till you cleared your throat while putting the basket on the table
he nearly died, he said
he kinda lost balance while trying to lift his feet of the counter to scan ur things, like he fell backwards due to his haste but fortunately he hit a sturdy stand behind him, and slightly bonked his head, it wasnt too bad, you tipped over the counter to see if he was okay but before you could catch him defeated on the floor, he sprung up and with a pained smile he started spanning your things and giving you your reciept and all that
but while he was typing the amounts you noticed how he rubs the back of his head every now and then and you can’t help but feel bad
you went into a tiny thinking state as he scanned your items like you went: .>. hmmm…
and you had a tiny light bulb just flicker open in your head and you went to the back of the store, jisung was caught by surprise and he tried to ask where you were going but you just flew all the way to the back (LMAOOOO)
But he just stood there looking at the bottles and cans you wanted to buy ad he nearly choked, like the hell you prolly bought all their supply
And so he was kinda concerned and wanted to ask you about it when you get back, he wasn’t much of a drinker sometimes but he loves to party, when he has the adrenaline, i feel like yeah he would chug a months worth of alcohol or sum
But he generally doesn’t like it, idk he’s just kinda weird okay
You came back with a frozen ice cream it was those power cap ice creams, the ones in the bottles and you rip off the cap to eat it, yeah those, it was frozen SOLID and you added it in your pile of goodies, and he cluelessly scanned it and updated your receipt, you then payed him and then offered him the ice cream treat with a sweet smile (omg ily)
And he was about to ask about the heap of alcohol you were buying and you two kind of clashed two ideas together it went like
Jisung: hey uhm- oh-
You: here this is for you- oh what were you saying..?
Jisung: haha- i - uh nothing, you should have your ice cream back you paid for it,,,,
You: oh no i bought this for you! You hit your head pretty hard so it can act as an ice pack for now then eat it when its slightly melted!
Jisung: ///// oh okay.. thanks //////
Like idk he took one look at you before and was like “okay”
But then now after his head injury subsided he looked at you and was like “oh my gosh” and just thought you looked so pretty/handsome/beautiful
And you had an awkward moment where he was just staring at you while you tried to offer the ice cream to him and yeah but he snapped out of it and took the ice cream, sheepishly smiled at you and bid you goodbye as you brought your stuff out and after you realized u were gonna be late
He started sulking for a few days because he thought you guys wouldn’t meet again, and gah dang that’s true
LMAO you guys didn’t meet till like idk a few months later, it was nearing the end of the college semester, turns out you study right at his university!!
He took up literature, don’t ask why, he just LOVES writing about whatever goes in his head, he doesn’t think he’s that good at anything and that sucks bc he’s like everything but yk
So yeah and he just wants a little of everything, he took up literature also because weirdly enough, he likes to read, like his personality is so off and u wouldn’t think he likes reading but he enjoys reading books sometimes like with fantasy and Greek mythology and all that shiz
And that’s incredible,, so yeah he helps writing lyrics for Chan!!! His senior!!! And his first best friend!!! (Fun fact jisung was Chan’s first “stray kid” btw *cries*) so yeah a team! And he learned rapping from his best bud changbin, he actually met changbin because he bumped into a rlly buff dude in Chan’s studio and yeah they met, he looks up to them so even if he bullies them but jisung says and i quote “i bully you guys lovingly!”
Actually bestie jisung met you again when y’all were abt to graduate like it was a month or two till he graduates and you about to start your degree!!! You took up law and that’s so cool because he saw you in a heap of books in the library and he was there being all cool or with saying “he’s gonna study like a mad pro” since he had like 10 books in hand and then he saw you and he was like “wow that’s a shiz ton of books, lemme go there” and he went there,
You were so messed up behind those walls of books like you were crying, eating, reading, writing, ironing, fencing, driving behind those books
A legend
And he sat beside you then caught glimpse of you and was like “wait a DANG MiNUTE-“ and aggressively bore holes into the side of ur head and you just had to weirdly look at him, then he went (IN HIS HEADD NOT TO YOU OUT OF PANIC HKDFKJHDF)
“/////oh uhm//////sorry- i just,,,/////“
He never forgot ur smile and how pretty/handsome/beautiful you looked that day
And he just has that icky feeling he calls “butter insects” I don’t need to explain that, anyway so yeah he was so close to shouting like “ITS YOU” but you swiftly covered his mouth and he had a mufffled out like scream of some sort and you could have sword you were praying the librarian doesn’t march over there and kick u out
You had your 3rd warning awhile ago and one last warning you’re going to be reading books on the street, but anyway so yeah that happened and you recognized him like an hour later when y’all brushed it off and studied then you turned to him and went “YO-“ but slapped your own hand on your mouth bc yeah
And he got freaked out a little but giggled silently, and it was clear you weren’t in ur head then so he brushed it off
And so he was going to leave because he has another part time job in a few hours and so he asked to borrow your pen and you were hesitant bc that pen was your savior this whole year and he nodded happily at you like he wasn’t even threaten and shiz and you eventually gave it to him, he wrote sum and slipped it towards you before quickly getting his things and leaving
You read the note and then nearly cried
He took your pen
In exchange for an ice cream “hang out”
You were gonna cry bc his note was so nice but you also wanted to cry bc bro he took your pen
It wrote btw: “hey so we can’t talk freely here and that’s sad :( so,,,, how about an ice cream hang out later? Around 11 pm? Unless you’re passed out of course, just come to the front of my department building! I’ll take your pen so you have to come, see you there ! :D’
And he didn’t place what his department is or what he’s even taking up, and you panicked abt it later on, like you nearly punched a window
So you were in your room, it was 8 pm and you just had your dinner, was fine till you were preparing early for your “hang out” and you checked where the venue is and your eyes popped out, it wasn’t stated and you were about to cry again
Well not really cry more like scream, then your bestie room mate was like “can you shut up omg” and you were explaining to them your crisis and they went ._.”oh he’s actually from the lit. Department” and you went: “w-“ like you didn’t expect that and they went “yeah i know shocking..” and y’all just sat there for a moment of revelation HJEAHFIDFHI BYE NO BUT THEN YOUR ROOMMATE THEN STARTED TEASING YOU FOR THE NOTE AND TOLD YOU TO GO GET YOUR PEN THATS RIGHT NOT “GO GET YOUR MANS” ITS “GO GET YOUR PEN”
We Stan btw
Then yeah you were there at his department and it was like 11:40 and you thought of just walking to the bookstore and get you another pen and go home and just stop hoping for him to show up, then someone approached you looking like a dead person, Chan came your way lol, he was tired and Jisung spam called him to tell you he was late bc he fell asleep and you nearly kicked Chan in the face bc he looked like a ghost with a black hoodie on and it was dark so it looked like some floating head or something idk
And after a while of telling you to calm the hell down he told you jisung fell asleep and that he was rushing here right now and you nodded and apologized to Chan for your misunderstanding awhile ago, and then when Chan brushed it off and left for his dorm Jisung was speed running to you and collapsed on the floor, like he was out of breath and just dead from running like a few blocks to his building, he lives in the dorm farthest from his building since he signed up late for getting dorm rooms bc his parents kicked him out and told him they refused to have a giant baby in their home
So yeah, but he stood back up after a while and smiled at you with the biggest smile he could give you right now, and you two couldn’t help but laugh at literally everything you guys went through, and during the ice cream hang out you guys started warming up to each other and it was great, you guys were rlly close and he bluffed how he didn’t have your pen
But as he was dropping you off at your dorm he shoved the pen into your hoodie pocket and then said a quick goodbye and ran for his dorm
And you being clueless as hell, tried to tell him to be safe and goodbye he left already so you were left there with the pen in your pocket
There was another note and it said “hey! Wanna go out on another ice cream date?” And you just smiled so hard that night you didn’t regret giving him your pen back in the library.
Dhjkhkjd did you see what jisung did there?????? He said awhile ago “ice cream hangout” but now he said date and then he said again so he kinda considered this a date </3
As the law student u are, you caught up onto that but you didn’t wanna overthink so you just face planted into ur bed, screamed then flail your limbs all around
You just had so much fun and it was so nice to be with him, like you were glad you chose To go to the date than slave away reading a bunch of manuscripts and stuff
Soon y’all started DAtINgGGgGg and he asked you out with the same ice cream you bought him but he kinda dramatically proposed with the cap of the ice cream since it had a loop, and that was a moment you’ll never forget
And I don’t think you’ll ever forget any moment with him
He would always sneak into your dorm room at night so you keep your window unlocked at times, and he comes with snacks and an extra big jacket on for cuddles and to give you the love you need for the day </3
He eventually realized he wanted to be with you instead of just slaving about in a part time job he decided to accept his professors’ invitation to get into graduate school or to get a degree or something, so he ended up studying in the same univ as you again for a few more years. Believe it or not he’s actually a star student in his department, he loves writing and his ideas just overflow him sometimes and he puts it on paper so it ends up being cool and admirable
And whenever you lose words in your essay reports, he gotchu, he tells u all these other words you can use and you just admire him like you two studying on the dining table and he just looks at you like “what?”and you’re like “omg you’re so——- amazing..,,,,,,,,,” HKJJFHADFH
You guys eventually bought a house together to live in together!!!!!!!! While studying together you rlly found it an inconvenience when you’re far away and you’re both so tired sometimes you just want each other to be there to hug and cuddle and shiz
He always just drags you away from your work bc you’re going to short circuit and blow up, and you being mad is the last thing he wants to see before dying
And you appreciate that sm bc bro no one likes the feeling of being burnt out, and sometimes you’re so stubborn he would pull your chair out and just pick you up
Then bring you to the couch and just lie on top of you to trap you from getting up hkjahdfkjahdfkj and he’s a big sucker for when you give him little pecks when you’re both cuddling </3 like he loves that smmm and then he returns the favor by giving you a kiss on the nose
You guys always have ice cream dates for your anniversary
Like. It’s your guy’s trADEMARk
BuT YESSSSS nothing but a loving couple that does done the dumbest shiz together!
And soon enough you both thought to yourselves that you wouldn’t want anything more than each other, a nice home and some ice cream. </3
Y’all get a room before i bust my eyes
So like you both love eating, but you guys dont have like a chef or something and neither of you have a shiz ton of money to just buy a buffet so ..
And wanna know what y’all cook
Burnt food
Well actually there’s days it turns out GREAT and thErEs only a PARTiAL burnt part
So some days if Jisung is a little tired, he usually just helps you out and gives you suggestions, sometimes even calling chan to help since his s/o likes cooking (yes this is in the same universe guys shocking) AND YEAH BUt sometimes chan gives poor descriptions on the tips and you guys accidentally add too much baking powder and just messing up your pancakes 💔
But it’s always fun and games while you two cook ! Like you guys LOVE to just tease each other during those times, hug each other randomly, throw a bunch of ingredients at each other or even just bantering (in a playful manner) how to cook eggs at the right temp.
Like the time you two messed up the pancakes you guys just made a disgusted face after the second bite then looked at each other and laughed together about all the mess you made and then your food wasn’t even good
And when you’re tired, he lets you hug him and just rest your head on his shoulder/back while he tries to cook
Keyword: tries
He would end up messing up a side of the dish and then just gives you the good part so you don’t have to think he messed up a part when he was being all cocky in the making of the meal
‘I can TOTALLY do it like I’m a master chef don’t worry’
‘Are you sure I can help you..-‘
‘No I got this.. I’m sure of it
‘Okay… if you say so’
Then after at the dinner table you see that there’s some parts of his that literally is burnt and he pushes it aside and he’s have less to eat and you looked at him after u caught him pushing his food to the sides to avoid them
‘.. just say it’
‘I told you so’
WHAJIWOWN but then in the end you gave him some of yours and you two just laughed at the situation, but deep down you love that he still puts all the effort he can to give you something good and that’s enough for you to just love him more.
“So,,,,, ice cream date?”
“Ice cream date”
Tumblr media
Lee Felix
He took up an architecture course and he’s starting his first year (wooo!!! You’re doing great sweetie) and you as a pre-med student who is also about to start your course, you both end up bumping into each other, he actually like fell on you or something like he was riding his bike to school but weirdly enough someone decide to get in the way and he had to swerve and he kinda lost balance and boom you were also there and he fell onto you.
So he wasn’t hurt so much, but you were tho, you had a few scratches and a wound on your elbow, your knee was slightly scraped but luckily it didn’t bleed, you were in iMMEnSE pAin, there was literally a wound on your elbow, prolly had some tiny rocks= in it or something and the pavement was BURnIng HOT
And when he stood up he helped you up ofc and he did his best to apologize to you a bunch of times while listening to his apologies and explanation you just dusted yourself off and smiled at him before reassuring him it was fine, he offered to walk you to the clinic or something and he wouldn’t budge when you tried to say no
So he walked you to the clinic
He regrets his choice of walking you as he does not know what to say to you or do
And he only realized he doesn’t know where the clinic is and you two had to go around the campus twice
Let’s just say you were glad it was still early and eventually you reached the clinic (WOOOOO GO Y/N AND FELIX) and the nurse looked at you and was like “dang with happened to you its so early the hell” and while the nurse was getting the ointment and shiz and the nurse told you guys to sit down after Felix explained what happened
Your brain replayed everything that happened in the span of like idk an hour and you just glanced at the boy next to you and you can’t help but giggle softly and he looks at you with a confused face, and you thanked him for at least trying his best to get you here and all yk even if he broke your skin
And he was like waving his hands in a X formation while saying its fine and that its the best he could do to make it up to you and you thought he was rlly cute <3 aside from his voice which was extremely low for his face, you found that intriguing about him and the freckles on his face was definitely one of the highlights of your day
And as soon as the nurse came back you two weren’t as tense and awkward anymore, maybe you two just wanted to get that off your chests and yeaHHHH after the nurse got you working and patched up you offered to walk him to his lecture hall but you didn’t know where it was and you only realized that when he asked if you knew where it was
And you just went ._. ,,,,,, and just stared at the schedule he showed you JDKFJKDJFHKADJFH PLS YOU TWO ARE SO DORKY IM GONNA CRY </3 and so he started chuckling at your expression which clearly showed you weren’t an architecture student obv and he didn’t mind going around the campus later to find his lecture halls, you joined him in laughing as well and soon enough you two sorta realized like “hey they aren’t so bad after all” and Felix went “well.. since we are both new,,,,,, what department are you in,,,,,,,,,?” Kids i want you to know that it must’ve prolly been like asking for their numbers but it rlly isn’t like that, you two are just a lil shy and hesitant that’s why.
And you went “,,,,,,,I’m just some pre-med student,,,,,nothing special,,,,,” and he went >:O WYM MAN THATS COOL kinda vibe like he always admired people that voluntarily chose to help others, he always wanted to do that, that’s why he’s being an architect he wants to build houses and shiz for the better of everyone and everything if possible.
So yEAh anywaY and you just said that being a doctor was always your dream as a kid so that’s why you’re here right now and he went ‘ :o … omg rlly? That’s so COOL! My dream as a kid was to be a vet actually,,,,,,” like he just started talking about his childhood dream and you just </3 softened like this guy with the deepest voice that broke the ground has such a sweet personality and has the most BEAUTIFUL SOUL
And you forever wanted to protect him, annnnnnnddddd that day you guys realized you were gonna be late just chatting so you guys kinda just said “cya later!” And was excited to see each other tomorrow or at lunch but realized u guys dont even know your names ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or your phone numbers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Stupid fudging dinosaurs
But i still love you two okay
So YEAH that happened and you guys were rlly bummed out by the thought of it and the realization that you guys might never meet again with all your mixed up schedules and all, its like a 0.3% chance you’ll bump into each other again, like its impossible
Lol you guys were that 0.3% tho
So you guys met again at a party in one of the architecture students’ dorms, someone rumored their dorms are so big and spacious it might as well consider as a house that’s why they throw the most parties out of all the students in the univ. and when you entered the place omg it was blinding like you coulda sworn someone swung their bootie in your face like they were so into the party you wanted to leave already JKDBJKSDJKDSJK LMADOADO
But turNS oUT the student WHo tHREW tHE pArTy was FELix’s RooMaTE, and of ALL THE ODDS, you’ve been to countless parties but the first party thrown by an architecture student happened to be felix’s roomie, now if that ain’t the 0.3% in the gigantic campus in Harvard or sum shiz with university you guys are in.
And sooooo you were actually just holding a red cup and just going from a bunch of games to dancing a bit to just standing in the corner
You didn’t like to drink and you think you’ve had enough from losing a few rounds in beer pong but you won majority of the games there so you didn’t have to drink as much
And eventually you just stood in the corner-ish near the food and drinks table, you actually didn’t like to party as much, your friends do tho and they always convince you to go so here you are, and somehow the blonde dude beside you was asking if he could reach over to get some drinks since you were kinda blocking the way, and you apologized till you recognized the voice, he had longer hair so it kinda covered his face, but when he stood up straight after getting the drinks you guys like- had eye contact and you realized the Felix before with brown hair suddenly had blonde and it was longer now and his voice somehow got a little deeper
What a glow up
And you two jut stood there in shock while some one was like screaming their heads off in the background, and Felix’s friend wobbled over and slung a arm around his shoulder and slurred his question on why Felix was taking so long, so that broke off your eye contact and all, Felix like diverted his friend to turn to thee other side and told him that he got the drinks anyway for his group, you averted your eyes but you could have sworn you caught a glimpse of Felix glancing back at you
So Felix eventually caught your attention when he was glancing at you from over his shoulder and then he quickly pointed to the front door at the exact moment his friend nearly tipped forward, Felix hooked his hand over his friend as he did so, smooth move there
And you nodded your head subtly before making your way to your friend to tell them that you just needed some fresh air and handed them your cup, they ended up chugging what was left in your cup, you couldn’t careless anyway. SO you went out the front door right, avoiding all the people and then you just waited outside in the hallway for about 30 mins and then he popped out with a little grin
You somehow subconsciously smiled back in a cheery way, and you two were back to being slightly awkward </3 so he tried to initiate the conversation
“,,,,,so,, are you still a med student,,?” It was like after a year or so..? Since your last meeting so you just nodded your head and told him updates about your life, then you guys just went silent for a while then after that you both said “,,, hey look I’m sorry we haven’t been in contact-,,” and then you stopped midway and laughed together
Omg you guys- *punching the air*
The silence wasn’t so awkward and you were just glad to meet your “friend” again
“,,, actually i don’t think wwe know each other’s names yes,,,, haha,,” Felix was like rubbing his arm a bit like he was still the same boy who asked you about your department all shy and shiz
And you went “,,,ooohh,,, yeah,,, my bad,,, Y/N, my name is L/N Y/N, what’s yours?” You got enough courage to start it from there and he looked at your outstretched hand that initiated that you wanted to shake his hand, and he had the goofiest grin every like </3??? And then he gladly took your hand and just went
“I’m Felix, Lee Felix” and YOU HAD THE BIGGEST BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR STOMACH?? HEJFHDHFKJSDHFJHDFJKH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OMG STOP THIS IS A WHOLE NOVEL CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE YALL. ANd uHM yEAH so THAT hAPPENED and you eventually exchanged numbers and he walked you to your dorm </3 and when you had to go inside to your dormitory you both got sad a bit like </3 just got reunited and finally know more about my friend and now we have to leave each other again </3
But yk you decided something and took your phone out and typed a bunch of things on the spot, and Felix just watched you curiously from a safe distance tho, he didn’t wanna be nosy, then you turned your phone off and sent him a sweet smile his way then bid him goodbye the moment you heard the small *ding* in his pocket and went inside
And he hastily said bye as well since you rushed it a bit then smiled at your departing back and then checked his phone
“Y/N 😵‍💫: Lets get to know each other better? I’m free tomorrow, if you dont have any lectures,,, wanna go eat at the new cafe downtown? I heard they have pretty good hangover food there, if you have a hangover tomorrow,,, i can take you there, my department building is here (department building number and shiz)” AND HE GOT THE BIGGEST FLIPPING BUTTERFLIES IN HIS STOMACH NOW AND HE COULDNT CONTAIN HIS SMILE HE WAS SO READY TO JOG BACK TO HIS DORM AND CHUG A WHOLE BARREL OR SUM SO HE GETS A HANGOVER
But he wasn’t too extreme Dw guys, he did get a hang over tho, it was pretty bad for his alcohol tolerance, it was pretty bad, and so y’all went on a date ☺️ to that cute cafe downtown and it was one of the best investments Felix ever made like the food there??? HEAVENLY??? It was even better bc YOU WERE THERE??? He was literally on cloud 9
When you guys ended up dating in your sophomore years, it was so- FLUFFY??? Like he would pick you up at your department building and if you’re late, he’ll pick u up at the library bc that’s where you always go after a few lectures and shiz and he would give you the warmest hug ?????? Ever??????? And you just melt in his arms after a rough day?????/and you just love him?????????
And he came clean during your relationship that he used to regret asking you to let him walk you to the clinic but bRo nOW hES LIKE SO THANKFUL AND he wasn’t even subtle abt it, and you can’t help but giggle at him and he just went >/////< i told you my secrets why are you laughing at me,,,, and you just gave him a sweet peck on the lips and he would just fall in love with you like he would literally, he does this dramatic cartoon move where when he’s flustered then you give him a small peck on the lips he just acts like he’s falling backwards from how lovestruck he is and that’s just a thing between you two </3
ESKIMO KISSES WHILE YOU GUYS ARE CUDDLING, i can never express my love for Eskimo kisses, its just so cute stop???? But yeAh when you’re at his dorm and his roommate is off partying you guys cuddle on the couch ad you guys just give each other Eskimo kisses from time to time then idk just fall asleep in each other’s arms till dinner time then go cook something together </3
He doesn’t rlly know how to cook he just knows how to bake (that’s kinda his specialty) so he had to call up Minho, who he met whole the first time he went to the cafeteria and he couldn’t get anything for lunch since his pocket money was too small </3 and Minho saw him and literally adopted him (in his heart haha… </3 ) but on the outside he just went up to Felix and handed him a browning and a ham and cheese sandwich and then told Felix to eat well before walking away </3
and he always gives Minho an extra brownie for like being his first best friend in college or something </333333???
(Though he gives you the most brownies tho labor JHSdkjhskhH)
and Minho tried to send you guys a recipe list and it ends up with Felix watching the pan closely and you had to pull him away so he doesnt burn his eyes, but when you guys step away fro a split second thO- your food was bURninG.
And Felix just looked at the burnt food on the counter with a :O…. Kinda shocked expression and you go like ‘at least we tried..?’ And with a little laugh to it and he ends up looking at you with his :O face and then starts laughing when you started to giggle at his face expression </3 then you decided to bake instead while waiting for your take out to eat and then build lego houses together or something after
And he mentioned about planning to build your guys’ homE oUT OF lEGO ???? <<///////333333
I’m just saying if you dont marry him i will marry him /j
“So… wanna get take out instead?”
“And then build lego houses after we bake some brownies?”
“You know me so well”
Tumblr media
Kim Seungmin
I want y’all to FUDGING KNOW THiS SEUNGmiN EXisTs! (Aka the love of your life) (my life too </3)
So …
Childhood best friends to lovers?
Yes. Yes just yes.
SO LIKE you bOTH did not want to go to separate colleges and your standards tho are so different from each other so if you were to pick, you’d probably be like all the way across the whole city and if he were to pick he’d prolly be nearer to home or abroad, even with your different coursES.
He’s in law and you’re in mAnAgmENT engineering
And management engineering actually has a portion where you had to study business lAW
And when you first heard that you went >:O ! >:D JOKES ON YOU I HAVE A BEST FRIEND IN LAW
But you ended up crying in the library and he was waiting for you to finish. Like it was so awkward but like- that shiz is hard you had to memorize a bunch of cap and then you had to go through the prOCESs of it and stuff omg you could have sworn a part of your brain shriveled up and went into a coma.
Ties your hair up for you (if you have long hair)
Will make you have apple hair if you have short hair tho
I think he would lOVE to style your hair randomly kjvjdbfujefbuohebu like when you guys just trying to study in his or your dorm and he just stands up and goes to make some weird looking pigtails on u
Also keyword : trying, you would goof off and bug him from his studies and he’d have to tell u off to make you study
Literally an adult trying to contain a child HJDHIKJHDEIJFH
Stop you guys actually take SO LONG to date oh my gosh
Its cuz he’s like the perfect guy on campus that everyone actually is jealous of, like as a law student he is not SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE THAT, LIKE HES TOO PRETTY IM TELLING YALL.
Some dark sorcery i tell you, and like you being you never really came clean about your feelings to yourself
Like you just can’t imagine yourself with him till you started trespassing that part in your mind, like you were ‘curious’ and you just couldn’t stop yourself, and this is where we are rn, you weren’t even close to hiding that fact LIKE HE HAD TO DRAG IT OUT OF YOU AND YOU WERE SHAMELESSLY TRYING TO KEEP THE ACT UP
It went like
“You like someone don’t you?”
“,,,,,uhm duh like everyone does, you wouldn’t know that since you hate everyone ,,,,,,, or something,,,”
“ is it me?”
“,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WHat lmaO noooooooo,,”
Yeah basically HKJFHJKHSD
Worse days of your life tho bc you never admitted it that time and he kept coming out of no where to hit u with the “do you like me? You like me don’t you?” Or something like that and you just can’t admit it so easily like that LIKE DO YOU KNOW HOW EMBARRASSING THAT”D BE???
Not only that, he has feelings for his ex, yeah i know lmao cry a river y/n JKJJKJJK IM SO SORRY DONT DO THAT
You knew that tho and that really hindered you every time you wanted to call him and just admit it, you’re scared he’d just date you to get over his feelings for his ex or just idk out of pity or he just didn’t want to reject you, OR just getting hurt trying to convince yourself that he loves you back.
And you preferred not to hurt yourself more whenever he gives those glances to his ex that passes by or something or the way he kinda looks like he longed to be with them more than he would with you. That’s so hard to deal with esp when he’s supposed to be with you and wish more of you not them
LIKE YOURE JUST NOT READY FOR THAt and he’s also not the type to like reassure you verbally and stuff yk i feel like he’s the type to display those with the stares or the glances he’d give you
Or the smiles he shows you and stuff, and LBR he prolly smiles the most at you than smiling at the memories he had with his ex, and thATs gOt To KEEP THE BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR sTOmach IF YOU KNEW
Omg no the moment you knew that he went out of his shell to choose you and not his ex when he took the courage to let you deal with your feelings for a while on your own and he gave you some space to think, like he didnt make it awkward to hinder you and your friendship then after awhile he took the time and the effort to confess to you first lIKE HE BEEN THiNKING ABOUT YOU TOO </3 and his feelings for you YKKKkKKKK its like i said before i feel like Seungmin wOULD rarely confess and say his mind like that, like he’d keep it in until he’s really sure about it or he wants others to know about it
And for him to just conFeSs TO YoU like tHAt likE- hMM-
Omg no bc when you guys became official you guys couldn’t get over the awkward giggly stage KJDHFKJSHDKJHSDHH AAAAAAA like the night he confessed and when you guys just sat on the couch of his dorm and stayed quiet for a moment then when you two accidentally made eye contact you two couldn’t cONtAIN tHE gIGGLES
Ugh I can’t keep on hurting myself like this wth
I actually think he would randomly call you at night and just rant about his professors that dumped a load of unnecessary work on him since he’s probably part of the student council too
And you’d literally just leave him on speaker while you try to cope with waking up at 4 in the morning to him ranting
You usually just keep quiet so he lets it all out then when he’s done you would move topics like
‘… so wanna get coffee?’
Like he’s not screaming he’s just speaking in bold, and so yeah 4 am coffee runs :))) and him just semi doing his student council work while waiting for his drink
And after that you’d eventually drag him to your dorm to make him sleep on the couch or something because he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in like weeks, </3 he’d definitely want to cuddle you but is too shy to admit it so he’d kinda knock on your bedroom door and just blink twice at you when you open it
You get the signal and go cuddle him anyway <3
On days like when he’s on a break or something like summer break and stuff, your schedules don’t usually align so either one of you went on a leave or is on a break and the other is still slaving away at school
So when he was on his break, he became a house husband like idk yk instead of house wife, it’s house husband, you’re not married but like every time you come home, your home is like spARKLY CLEAN, there’s fOOD ON THE TABLE AND YOUR BED IS MADE.
There’s days you’d see him in a pink apron, something like your mom would wear and you can’t help but laugh
💀 I’m so sorry
Anyway, he may not look like it, but I feel like he makes good food, like it’s tASTY and you can’t believe this guy actually cooks, like look at him, he looks like the type to MAKE someone cook for him like he’s moving a finger for NOBODY
lol you’re nobody tho<3
There’s day’s he’d be with his family at home and you’d guys have to face time EVERYDAY it’s mandatory, well unless it’s rlly important that they have to skip it,
When you guys call at least once a day, it gets awkward since you basically told each other everything and anything and that makes you two break into giggles and <3 he’d give you that smile similar to the gif up there, <3
I feel like he has a dog
Like I feel like he has a family dog you never knew about
Until he passed by it when you guys were face timing and he went to pat the doggo
And you went
“.. yeah.. what’s wrong?”
And you’d ask him to focus on the dog
It’s a golden retriever 💔 and you would gosh all over it, I feel like it’s like a puppy still, like not too old not too young, and you’d call it seungmo jr. sometimes
💔 do not touch me
And he went: .. oh .. uhm.. yeah-
“O M G”
And you were shocked bc his mom snatched the phone from him and started talking to u like there’s no tomorrow, I feel like seungmo’s mom is like the polar opposite of him sometimes
She invited you to come over and seungmin replied that you were probably super busy and all but you butt in saying you could come anytime, and seungmin was looking at you, mouth slightly agape and his mom just cheered a little
And when he got to his room, he asked why you said that and it was specifically like nearly the week of your exams soon and all, and you brushed it off saying you could handle it (you couldn’t handle it) and that you were fine on your own (you weren’t)
He only agreed with you since he trusted your judgement and you just sorta teared up inside, like knowing you’d cram the whole next week
Basically when you were at the family dinner or something you realized that the amount of baby pictures seungmin’s parents had of their kids were so much that even seungmin didn’t know of, and you were HONORED to see them
After a whole night of a pinch of embarrassment for him and a spoonful of blackmail for you, he decided to walk you back to the campus which wasn’t too far
You guys hooked arms while walking together in a comfortable silence and he apologized for his family’s behavior
And you brushed it off saying it was fine and that you had fun especially with all the stuff you learned about him through his family.
💔 just a buttload of teasing from you which made him flustered, in the end when he dropped you off, he gave you a small kiss on the cheek and then pushed you inside, and he just ran away back home, he’s a shy shy boy with PDA okay </3
When you guys go back to school together after his break, he’d probably hand you some flowers and be rubbing the back of his neck and softly say his excuse that his mom told him to give you some nice flowers (his mom didn’t say that)
Nah bc he’s like the center of like half the campus, he’s the star student in the law department and he’s an important person in the student council, so when he was seen giving you the flowers WOOOOOOO like some people started questioning you if you were really dating him, THE KIM SEUNGMIN. And you were like “????? I thought y’all knew that” LMAOOOOOOO
But yeah and when word started to go around, it reached him, and he thought you’d be uncomfortable with people knowing it and now you’re under the label of being his partner so he went STRAIGHT TO U after classes and his extra meetings and he had a talk with you about it and you felt a lil’ warm inside because it kinda meant that he thought about your feelings first and shiz and wanted to do his best to make YOU comfortable in this relationship
Where is a Kim Seungmin is he on amazon? Ill buy him, take my money
So like yeah honestly i feel like even after like 5 years or something you guys will never get over the slight awkward feeling (like its not bad its just you two are a little too shy and that makes you two giggle a lot) and the little butterflies you two get every now and then <3
“,,,,,,, The dog’s name is actually mong”
“STOP YOUR NICKNAME IS SEUNGMO ITS LIKE MEANT TO BE, HI SEUNGMO MONG JR. *waving enthusiastically at the camera*”
“,,,,,,,,,,, *sighs but still smiles and tolerates you*”
Tumblr media
Yang Jeongin
So… you guys are literally the “boy/girl next door” trope together
Like I’m not kidding you’re neighbors
You guys never had a dorm, you both were forced to live in the same house you two grew up in even if it was like 40 or even an hour drive to the university
You guys met WAYYYYYYY LONG BEFORE like you guys used to be fetuses and your parents were best friends and eventually just made you two play date buddies, and you grew up together like literally, every event his family celebrated, your family was there and every event your family celebrated, his family was there, AND YOU GUYS WENT TO THE SAME MIDDLE AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS AND NOW YOURE BOTHH STUDYING IN THE SAME COLLEGE
Heres the twist tho, you guys are in the same course
In the SAME CLASS well majority of them are the same, its not like you two hated each other tho, its just you two are so sick of each other already it’s like seeing your siblings everyday but worse than that, you have the choice not to see that person and you end up still bumping into them
I feel like you guys purposely ignore each other at school like in the hallways and what not because yooooo… that’s kinda fudgin awkward like- like no hard feelings and all you both sorta silently agreed its fine, but when you guys have to meet up for like batch assemblies or like family occasions, you two are alright with spending time together.
I feel like the first time you two found out you were in the same class and shiz you two kinda kept glaring all week but when the other turned to look, the other would just smile and no signs of glaring but it’d happen again when they turn their backs.
But soon you guys accepted the fact that, maybe you’re just fated to be be together for all of your life or well in the present time
Like you’d go to talk about the project and it’d go like this
“,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, soo,, wanna go to my house for the project or do I go to yours?”
“ Jeong,,,,,,,, i think it doesnt rlly matter,, we live next door to each other, and i eventually have to eat at your place on Wednesdays”
Guess what day it was????? Wednesday !
So you had to go to his to eat with his family and all then go to his room to do the project together, ITS SO AWKWARD BC ITS LIKE YOU GUYS COMMUNICATE WITHOUT ACTUALLY SPEAKING, AND YOU GUYS JUST START DOING IT ON YOUR OWN OR SOMETHING, I mean maybe not awkward for you or him but if i were there, omg stop ill be so awkward just trying to write half an essay about the importance of learning for kids or something 
so there was actually this time you guys met together on christmas like it wasnt really what you two wanted but yk your families decided to celebrate it together, and it was a whole party with all the random relatives together and the little baby cousins running everywhere
you and Jeongin were part of the major deputies in guarding the baby cousins like you two had to sit near or in the playpen of the kids ALL NIGHT LONG, and you couldnt even greet each other since at least one kid would randomly try to eat a metal toy car
then one of the older cousins took over the duty for a bit so you two could breathe and like get out of the crusty playpen, and you two had like no like friends or like you guys weren’t exactly close with your other cousins sooo you two ended up just chatting outside the house on the porch with your hot chocolates </3
and you know that myth or like belief that the person you’re with when the first snowfall happens like you two are meant to stay in each other’s lives for a long time or something
guess what, when you guys were joking together, snow started to fall  HDJFSKHFGJS and not only that, when you two looked to admire the snow i feel like the two of you kinda glanced to the other, its kinda like a ritual at this point since this happens like nearly every year, maybe you two are meant to be in each other’s lives for a long time, like idk the universe is saying something but we just can’t FIGURE IT OUT!!!
What a coincidence
Anyway so that’s happen and when you two catch each other looking at yk each other, you’d share a small laugh together and then you two give each other a knowing look then count down to 5 before you point behind your shoulders to the door then a bunch of kids start screaming and a few loud chatters with the muffled out words of “its snowing!” And “Look at the snow outside!!” Behind the door and then you guys start chuckling and giggling together again
Stop, hold my tears rn
ALSOOOO i feel like your guys’ windows like to ur rooms are facing each other, so every now and then if you guys get bored its not hard to just throw little paper balls to the other’s window and talk KJSHHKJHSDISIOI but that rarely happens now, since you’re both very busy but I CAN PROUDLY SAY THAT YOU GUYS PROBABLY CHECK TO SEE IF THE OTHER IS OKAY LIKE JUST LOOKING THROUGH THEIR WINDOW TO SEE THE OTHER AND YK MAKE SURE THEY ARENT BAWLING THEIR EYES OUT OR SOMETHIG WHEN YOU GUYS GET HOME
Nah bc the awkward flustered random unintentional eye contact you guys have made throughout your lives, yeahhhhhhh its not like it taints your relationship AT ALL its just like idk you guys kinda get rlly flustered and weak yk when you just look in their eyes but you guys will never say that to each other lol <3
I feel like none of you would confess first
LIKE HEAR ME OUT, you seem like you just wanna go with the flow since jeongin is the type of guy you won’t understand with his like body language he’s just someone who’s hard to read sometimes, and then jeongin is just the type to keep it inside for the sake of not wanting to lose you as a friend, like no matter how much he may seem like he’s pushing you away, he really treasures you, its just the feelings that make it extra hard for him <3
Honestly feel like either one of you confessed to the other when you were drunk
Actually i feel like you said it to him when you’re drunk at a gathering with your friend groups which had mutuals so they arranged a eat out or something and you two were there, then yk you got drunk from your weak tolerance for alcohol and I just have a rlly big gut feeling that jeongin does not like to drink simply bc it tastes like cap
So he kinda had to bring you home since the rest knows you’re neighbors <3
You were a MESS, he’d try to get some water from a convenient store and then when he comes out you’re on the floor trying to sleep, thinking that’s your bed. A mess, and you had drool like just a bit down your chin. And he had a hard time chasing you all around the streets so you dont get hurt. And you did kinda trip, but dont worry he’s there and you had tough knees <3 you only got a scratch :D
So i feel like you were trying to walk straight on your own and he was like reaching for you back and forth hesitantly since you always looked like you were going to trip and fall. And you probably just blurted out like
“Jeong as weird as it sounds but its true ! ,,,,,,,,, i think I’ve,,,liked you for a time now,,, actually a long time before,,,,,”
And he stood there like “:D,,,,, I’m sorry what”
And when you finished that, you kinda got rlly drained and fell on him, hedfkjshdkfjhs we love clumsy y/n
But uhm yeah you did that and you were kinda half asleep,,,,,,??? No one rlly knew but you still replied to his questions so probably yeah you were awake, anyway, he was thinking for a while about your “confession” and it just wasn’t sitting right with him, even if he finally got the dream he’s been hoping that’d happen to him, this wasn’t the dream he wanted. Like not exactly
“,,,, do you mean that?”
“My feelings? My confession? Yeah of course, they’re mine,,, and I know ,,, them” you spoke like that btw JKHKHS you were just having the time of your life being half knocked out with alcohol that your voice wasn’t consistent.
And you, even if you were drunk, you didnt wanna push him, i feel like you’d still have that conscience at the back of your head still telling you that, even if this is him or not, pushing an answer from him or them is not the right thing to do, being drunk is not an excuse. He was awfully quiet during the walk thru the neighborhood to your homes and you liked that you didnt have to fight for warmth when Jeongin had an arm just drenched on your shoulders to keep you from falling and for him to assure you that you weren’t off trying to fit in a sewer hole but you, nonetheless, tried to embrace the opportunity so you don’t freeze your butt off
KJHSFHSKHS i honestly feel like you wouldn’t remember it in the morning JDHFHDSKJFH and Jeongin would prOBS get kinda mad at you for it, like he would have thought the next day you could clarify that you meant it and he’d confess too and shiz but nah you went “:D what do you mean? what happened last night,,?”
And he just ._. ,,,,, bro
He actually ignored you for a while like give him a week or something, though it was a lot for you since now all you saw when you looked out your window was a curtain over his window and he did not wanna talk to you like he kept conversations as small as they could get. And you just kinda “</3”
Long story short you guys started dating after a few pebbles to his window to talk to him and a bunch of attempts of trying to get a text from him at least, you had to try to convince him you meant that confession, even if he was the youngest in skz not only that, it also would mean that he hasn’t had a lot of crushes, or relationships so he didn’t wanna get hurt or lose you as a friend if you only meant it as a joke.
The couple that takes too much pictures for their own good LIKE ALWAYS TAKING PICTURES OF YOURSELVES OR OF EACH OTHER
We aren’t complaining tho <3 and you guys aren’t too much on PDA or something like that hekfjhskdfks like cuddling and kisses are super scarce in your relationship like it wasn’t that you guys were awkward with each other, its kinda like you guys couldn’t understand or get it through that you’re in a relationship, not like in a bad way, kinda like you guys were just too awestruck with the idea
And after a year or so, that’s when you guys trIED to cuddle like hugs has a rlly big place in your relationship since its the only thing you two call affection, before. It was awkward when u guys tried it first HKJDHFKH like you’d accidentally poke his side and he’s start laughing and try to get you off of him, or he would accidentally hit your back with his elbow and you’d be in pain for a few minutes LMAOOOOOOOOO you guys actually fell off the couch a bunch of times lbr.
Just a whole lot of first times with each other, like first real date and shiz first cuddle, first kiss KHKdHSDKHK ugh and I’m convinced he would probably told himself that he wouldnt want how his first kiss or first cuddle went and he wouldnt wanna imagine someone else in your place or something LIKE I jUST GET THE FEELING HE’D TREASURE THAT A LOT WITH HIS FIRST RELATIONSHIP AND SHIZZZ </3 girl i swear
Like he’s not the best in expressing his love either like he’s either monotonous abt it or rlly low key abt it that you can’t even tell its his way of saying ily
I feel like he would always either leave you something for lunch or breakfast, little flowers here and there and a whole bunch of snacks, little good morning and good night texts and when you have a presentation or something he’d give you a good luck from the back of the lecture hall and you just </3 giggle at him </3
He would deffo walk you home i mean like duh but i also feel like he’d bring you wherever you want at like 3 in the morning just text him and he’ll be at ur door </3
Honestly would look at you like his world LIKE YOU PUT THE STARS IN THE SKY
</3 he would prolly think nicknames suck but then wanted to call you babe later on </3
LMAOIAOIAOD but honestly I FEEL LIKE WHEN YOU TELL YOUR FAM THAT YOURE DATING SOMEONE, THEY ALL WENT “>:O WHO IS THE PERSON” and like strangled you till u told them HJHSFHS (not fr tho, we dont do that here)
And when they realized it was Jeongin, the neighbor’s son that they spend Christmas with every year and shiz
And they were happy that it wasn’t someone they couldn’t trust, they knew Jeongin and that he wouldnt wanna hurt you, he wouldnt wanna tear your feelings apart so they had faith in him </3 and that he would definitely treasure you for a long time. They were just so glad you guys found each other in a way yk </3
Probably the “regulars” in a dog cafe, and you guys always study together there and then play with the dogs </3 and then you guys helped name one doggo there </3
You guys named the dog “bubbles” because she’s got tiny curls that kinda looks like bubbles and you told him that this dog could kinda be your guy’s child (even tho you treat all the dogs there like your children)
“We can’t bring bubbles home, she lives here”
“But this is basically my child! OUR child!”
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bangchanbabygurl · a day ago
Dangerous Woman (K. Seungmin)
Tumblr media
Member: Seungmin
Request: No
Genre: Smut, Catholic School/College AU,
WARNINGS: Saint & Sinner, Dom Seungmin, dom&sub, explicit language, corruption kink, fingering, & public sexual intercourse.
Feeling the urge to kiss him and have him to myself was merely impossible considering that this isn’t a public college, it was a college run by a Catholic church my parents thought that t it was a brilliant idea to send their ‘rebel, bratty, and unladylike’ daughter to a catholic college to learn the word of God and ways to be a proper young lady. A sigh left my lips as my eyes fell back onto the book, “You know it’s rude to stare at people without a word,” Seungmin said I glanced at him. “Sorry, I was busy thinking.” I spoke softly since we were in the library, Seungmin closed the book he was reading. “Thinking about what?” He asked, I bite down my bottom lip. I look at him “Nothing important…just wondering why my parents sent me to this college and not a public one.” I said closing my book, he chuckles. “Isn’t obvious? You were being a bad girl,” Seungmin said softly, I glanced down at the book clenching my thighs together as his words sent tingles down my core.
“You did received thirty spanks from Ms. Williams, so that’s makes you a bad girl.” Seungmin said with a smirk, I rolled my eyes at his statement remembering the awful events from two weeks ago. “Don’t start, it felt illegal and wrong,” I whispered softly as the Librarian hushed us, Seungmin let’s out a quiet chuckle. “Besides I didn’t know that s e x was a forbidden topic,” I whispered mouthing the word as well. “Mhm…” he hummed shaking his head, a sigh left my lips. Walking down the aisle of history my heart was beating crazily fast and Seungmin was to blame for it, my face was burning up. You couldn’t blame me for being curious of the sexual inter courses my friends have told about, my mother never liked the idea of having my mind being ruined by sex or drugs. I have been feeling strange emotions, emotions I’ve never knew could feel amazing.
“What are you thinking about?” His voice sent chills down my spine, turning around to face him. Seungmin was close dangerously close to me, my breath hitched in my throat. The book in my hand slipping, “Cat’s got your tongue…” he whispered with a smirk plastered on his lips. A low gasp left my lips as he pressed the book against my core, the exciting feeling rushed through me. “What…what are you doing?” I whispered, filled with excitement yet fear of getting caught by the librarian meant expelling the both of us. Seungmin placed the book back on the shelf, his lips were pressed against mine. Mused to his taste my lips craved for more, my hands entwined with his sweater. My back pressed against the shelf, this was dangerous for the two of us. Getting caught would get us in deep trouble with our parents, the school, and the church.
My eyes widen feeling his hand slide under my skirt, pulling away from the kiss. I grabbed his hand, a burning sensation twisted and turned like a tornado in the pit of my stomach. My chest fell heavily feeing embarrassed of never being touched before, “Have you never been touched before?” He whispered perplexed by his words I simply shook my head. “No…” I mumbled, but my body craved for the slightest touch of affection. “I can stop if you feel uncomfortable…” he whispered, my hair covered me from embarrassment. “I’ve never experienced anything in the lines of sexual attraction, but that doesn’t mean I want you to stop,” I mumbled feeling my cheeks turning a crimson red, “Well then you’re gonna have to be quiet unless you want to get caught,” Seungmin whispered in my ear as his hand slipped inside my panties. I bite down on my bottom lip, the feeling of being touch felt so amazing.
His lips touched the skin of my exposed neck, a whimper escaped my lips. My hand quickly clasped my mouth in shock, the pleasant sensation grew stronger as Seungmin’s middle finger and ring finger slowly insert inside me. The pleasure was something I’ve never experienced, and god did it feel so good. Muffled mewls and moans filled the aisle, I bite down on my blouse preventing us from getting caught. The burning sensation in my stomach was growing uncontrollably, I felt the need to release whatever was in me. I threw my head back as his fingers continued to make me feel amazing, my hands gripped his sweater tightly. A muffled gasp left my lips as my hips relaxed, my chest fell heavily. Letting go of my blouse, my breath was staggered. Catching my breath Seungmin placed his swollen lips onto mine, it was slow yet loving. Something about him made me feel like a saint who thinks sinning is okay, more like a dangerous woman.
I placed my book bag on the sink blushing as I reminisce about what happened in library, wetting the small cloth I walked inside the stall. Feeling at ease that the only witnesses were God and Lucifer.
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Tumblr media
⚠️ TW: Flashing images ⚠️
⚡⚡⚡ Thunderous ⚡⚡⚡
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