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não eu tendo uma photo premium pra me dar bom dia todas as manhãs 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

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AN: As I’ve said before, if slowburn BTS werewolf AUs that have springlings of angst, smut, and fluff, this is the story for you! Other than that, please leave a like or comment so I know you’re enjoying the story!! The sections should start getting longer as I keep updating :)

Also! Let me know if you want to be on a tag list for this story!

Word Count: 8k

Warnings: General angst; mental health issues; soulmate themes if you squint: seriously if you aren’t into angst don’t read this bc :)))) it’s angsty

Posted: 16 Jan 2021

Tag List: @happynightmareprincess


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When YN woke up, swaddled in the softness of Jimin’s sweater, with Yoongi’s hoodie balled up in her arms, the teddy that Hobi got her resting next to her head, the light was streaming through the curtains. The scents of the three boys swirled around her in a way that was so familiar, so calming, that she almost forgot that she wasn’t still with them.

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Originally posted by bts-grammy

He was a wreck as he looked around the house, making sure that every last detail was perfect. He knew there wasn’t long left before you’d be home from work, and after carefully planning everything, he couldn’t stand back now in fear that there would be any last-minute mistakes.

“Tae, you don’t need to stress,” Namjoon assured him, noticing him pacing him pacing the room, “she’s going to love all of this.”

Taehyung nodded, letting go of a deep breath, “I just want everything to go perfectly for her, this is supposed to be a surprise. I don’t want anyone messing up now, but I have a bad feeling.”

“You just need to relax,” Yoongi chimed in, tying up one of the balloons, “knowing Y/N, she’ll be grateful for anything, big or small, she never expects too much.”

As far as you were aware, you’d be going home that night to a small dinner for the two of you, something casual and minimal to celebrate your birthday. You couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend your birthday with Taehyung.

But your day wasn’t going to just be with Taehyung, but as many members of your friends and family as he could find. He was desperate to give you the birthday of your dreams this year, bringing everyone that mattered the most to you together at your house.

“How long until she gets home?” Jin asked, as he taped up the banner to the ceiling of the living room.

“She usually texts as she leaves, but I’d say another half an hour,” Taehyung responded, glancing up at the clock just to be sure. “What happens if she leaves early though if work know it’s her birthday. I never thought about that.”

Once the banner was up, Jin came back down the ladder, wrapping his arms tightly around Taehyung for a moment to stop him stressing, encouraging him to relax. “You said yourself, she’ll text, and you can’t have possibly thought of every scenario. If she leaves early, we’ll just work a little bit faster, everything will still get done.”

“I just want it to be a surprise,” he frowned, brushing his hands frantically through his hair.

From the moment you walked out of the door that morning, Taehyung had been racing around to get everything sorted. He had the boys over at the crack of dawn to help him set up, however reluctant they were to be up so early on their day off.

“You really need to calm down otherwise you’ll be passed out on the floor when Y/N arrives,” Jungkook warned, coming up alongside him. “Just relax, it’s under control.”

Taehyung nodded, looking around once again. He knew he had nothing to worry about, just the fact that he’d been thoughtful enough to organise all of this for you would be enough to make you happy, you never expected much on your birthday.

“Shoot!” He heard Jimin yell, looking across at him.

“We’ve not got many confetti balloons, be careful,” Taehyung scolded, quickly kneeling down to pick up the mess from the burst balloon. “We need ten exactly, just concentrate a little more please, otherwise you’ll be the reason this goes wrong.”

Jimin’s eyes rolled, earning himself a glare from Taehyung. “Buddy, one less balloon isn’t going to be the end of the world, Y/N will be too busy with all of us to worry about a balloon.”

“I’m not risking it,” Taehyung argued back, “she’s always told me how much she loves these.”

Just as he finished speaking, he felt the vibration of his phone in his pocket, opening it up to see a text from you. “What’s happened?” Jimin asked, noticing his body tense up.

“She’ll be here in twenty minutes!” Taehyung yelled, throwing his phone back down. “Everyone just work hard, and it’ll all be worth it when Y/N gets here.”

Whilst everyone else continued working as calmly as they had done before your text, Taehyung continued to pace frantically around the room. His heart was pounding, desperate to make sure that even the finest of details were perfect for you.

“Does everyone remember where they are to hide?” He asked around the room once everything was put together, pushing people in all directions.

Having meticulously figured out the best places for people to hide three days prior, Taehyung put everyone in their positions, before running over to turn the light off.

It was a nervous wait for him as he peered out from behind the sofa, finally noticing the lights of your car pull up outside the house. He gripped tightly onto the back of the sofa, hearing your keys, and then your heels, and then finally the sound of the light switch flickering on.

“Happy birthday!” He yelled, jumping out from behind the sofa, as one by one faces popped out from around the room. You stumbled back in shock as you looked at everyone, letting go of a loud gasp as Taehyung walked around and appeared by your side.

“What’s all this?” You asked, feeling his arm wrap around you, letting you take it all in.

You couldn’t believe what was before you as you looked at the hundreds of decorations that filled the room, and all the people that were in your home. Straight away you noticed the boys, your friends, a few members of your family, and colleagues of yours from work who’d told you they needed to leave work early for an important meeting.

Your arms wrapped tightly around his frame, pressing a kiss gently to his cheek. “I wanted to give you the perfect birthday party, because you deserve to be celebrated on your day, you always worry about others, and not yourself.”

“I don’t even know what to say, this is all so beautiful.”

“I had a lot of help,” he chuckled, as the boys all came up to greet you, “I couldn’t have done it without these idiots helping me.”

“But you guys are so busy with work, I was happy just to do nothing today,” you tried to argue, but their heads all shook, refusing to listen to you.

Each of them knew how important celebrating your birthday was to Taehyung, which was why all of them were so willing to give up their day and give him the helping hand he needed.

“Come take a look around, there’s more around the house,” Taehyung grinned.

Each room you stepped in, he struggled to contain his excitement as he showed you more of the decorations he’d put up, making sure that the whole house was full.

“You didn’t have to do all of this,” you whispered into his ear as you walked back into the living room, “I would have been happy doing nothing at all. You must be exhausted doing all of this, just for me.”

“I told you, you deserve a birthday to remember, did you really think I wouldn’t help you celebrate properly?” He asked.

Your head shook, resting your hand against his cheek, “I hope you know that when your birthday comes around, I’m not going to hold back.”

“You always make a huge fuss of my birthday, just being with you for my birthday is always enough for me.”

You smiled softly in his direction, as Hobi pressed play on the stereo, “this really is going to be a birthday I’ll never forget, and it means so much to me. Thank you for all of this Tae, you really don’t know how appreciative I am of it all.”

“Just enjoy it, and remember, this is all for you.”

“I will, thank you.”


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summary: there were rules that had to be followed: no one could know about you two, there was no ‘getting to know each other,’ and there was absolutely no emotional attachment allowed. if this could be done, there should be no complications. but somehow, the rules always get bended.

pairing: reader x fuckboy!kth

genre: college au | fluff, angst, smut

words: 3.1k

chapter warnings: cussing, angst, flirting, alcohol consumption, intoxication, a different side of taehyung?

notes: i’d say this has about 5 more chapters left before i wrap it up! ENJOY!

tags: @soulstaes@apollukee@imluckybitches@btsis7okay@ppangiiroo@gee-nee@enchantaeduniverse@miinoongi@thedarkwinterrose​ @levrantae@somewhereofftheglobe@jwlmnbt​ (pls msg me if you would like to be added to the taglist!)

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“Y/N.” The individual groans from the other side of the door. “Open up.” You feel like you recognize the voice, so you head to the door and peep through the hole to make sure. As soon as you open the door, he stumbles into your apartment, drunk as can ever be.

“What the fuck, Taehyung?”

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In the recent RUN BTS episode, Kim Taehyung was seen wearing the Gucci Denim Jacket gifted to him by @KIMTAEHYUNGBAR_ on his birthday in 2017.

Source: KTH_Facts

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When good looks and personality runs in the blood …

Kim Taehyung may be an international pop-star , but off-stage, he shares his love for his mother, father and two siblings and Yeontan of course.

Taehyung’s parents were very supportive, but Tae was raised by his grandmother, for almost half of his life (about 14 years.) His grandmother was one of the closest people to V, until she passed away.

V remains close to his parents. They were the ones who gave him permission and encouragement to audition to be a K-pop idol.

V shared that his biggest musical influence was his father.

Source: Cheatsheet

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January Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings Announced.

The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for individual boy group members.


rose to second place in this month’s rankings with a brand reputation index of 6,305,855, marking a 13.56 percent rise in his score since December.

Congratulations Kim Taehyung!

Source: Soompi

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🐯: ARMY going to win 1st row concert tickets? Here, 70% background 30% person.

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Originally posted by jjks

The room was pitch black as you walked into the studio, the faint glow of the outside was the only thing that gave you the sign that Taehyung was in his studio. You could see how exhausted he was as he slumped in his chair, barely able to look at the screen of his computer any further.

Slowly, you turned the handle down and crept into the room, but still he jumped. As he turned around to look at you, he couldn’t help but softly smile, making room for you to sit beside him.

Your attention was drawn straight to the redness in his cheeks from what had clearly been an emotional day for him. “Are you doing alright?” You tentatively questioned, even though the answer was most definitely clear to you.

His head shook gently, looking away from your eyes. “You came exactly when I needed you, like an angel,” he whispered, “it’s been so quiet in here, all I can hear is my sighs, at least now I get to hear another voice too.”

“Why’ve you been crying Tae? Where’s your smile gone?” You asked of him, using the back of your hand to wipe underneath his eyes, “have you been in here all along whilst the boys have been happy together in the living room?”

“I don’t deserve happiness.”

“What are you on about?”

He looked back to your eyes for a moment of sincerity, “everything I touch recently falls apart, nothing I work on becomes a success. I don’t know when I started failing, maybe I got too comfortable doing what I love and now all the voices are coming back to me and reminding me to never settle. All of it just makes me feel so uneasy.”

You nodded and listened closely to every word he said, moving your hand over his once you’d dried his tears. You’d never seen him so emotional before but watching him now, you could clearly see that he really was on the brink of falling.

“You’re letting yourself get consumed by nonsense Tae,” you assured him, “I know you probably feel like you’re all by yourself, but I promise you aren’t. You just need to escape all this darkness you’re surrounding yourself with.”

“I just want to be happy again, the Taehyung that I used to be,” he admitted to you, “every time I try it’s just a grey space that surrounds me filled with loneliness.”

His hand reached out and rested against your shoulder, the chill in it was enough to send a small shiver down your spine. The tips of his fingers were blue with anxieties as he reached out to you in the hope you’d hold on.

“Just take a breath,” you encouraged of him as you spotted how quickly his chest rose and fell, “you just need to take a moment and remember where you are. Put your feet back on the ground and I promise you’ll feel a bit better.”

“You shouldn’t be here with me; I don’t deserve to have you look after me.”

Words failed you as your head only shook, he was clueless to how much you wanted to be there for him, and how deserving he was of having you.

His body felt numb to everything that was going on around him, he knew you were there, but he was so scared to have you beside him at the same time.

“It’s all well and good you sitting here telling me things they will get better, but I really don’t know if it will, all I know is that I do really need you. I’ve walked this path too long by myself, but now that I’m in the studio everything seems so much worse.”

“It’ll get better.”

His heart was conflicted with every moment that passed, he hated burdening you with all of his problems, but he needed you right beside him too.

“I’m constantly hitting a brick wall recently, one hurdle after the other comes at me like a rhino that I can’t step aside from.”

“You’ve just got to keep looking for the positives Taehyung, you’ve hit hurdles like this before and you’ve always got through them, you just need to give it all time.”

Each hurdle he hit felt like it was getting bigger and bigger every time he stepped forwards. He knew you were right, but hearing you speak so brightly and excitedly about the future felt like such a long way off for him at this time.

“Most people in the city, even in the world know who I am,” he spoke, laying out against your shoulder, “but sometimes I still feel like I’m all alone.”

“You’re never alone with me, you know that Taehyung.”

On his best days, he knew he was surrounded by love, but on his lowest he truly felt as if he was all alone. The long walks he took in the winter were the only things accompanying him as he tried to find the solutions to his troubles.

“Hold my hands,” you instructed, intertwining your fingers tightly with his. “Just take your time and feel, recognise all the feelings they have for you.”

They were much warmer than his were, he could feel the support and the comfort your hold had, it was reassuring to him to be able to hold you so close.

“I forgot what it felt like to embrace the hold of another human being,” he whispered.

The grip he held on your hands was tighter than he had ever done before, but you didn’t mind too much. You were desperate for him to soak up as much of your presence as he could just in case, he felt himself slip away again.

“Of everything in the world, you’re the only bit of colour that can brighten my day.”

“Even on your darkest days when it rains and pours, I’ll always be there for you. No day is ever going to be perfect, but if we have each other, we’ll find a way through it.”

“You’re right,” he murmured, “my hands are so cold, but yours are making them so warm. If that doesn’t tell you how much I need you then nothing ever will.”

You nodded, pressing your lips to the top of his head as he laid into you, slowly you watched as the dark colours of his body were replaced by ones of a much lighter shade.

“Why don’t we get out of the studio for a while and bring a bit of life back into you. Maybe we could go for a walk, it might be a lot brighter than the last time you went out, especially if you know that you have me by your side.”

“I think that’s exactly what I need,” he admitted, “I’ve spent too long facing the negative path by myself, I need something to pull me off of it to something more positive.”

“How do you feel now? Is there a small part of you feeling better?”

“A huge part of me is feeling better, just for having you. It’ll probably take me a little time to feel back to myself again, but eventually I’ll be singing and smiling again,” he assured you, standing himself up from his chair. “Are you ready to head out?”

Your head nodded, “as long as you’re ready, then I’m ready too.”

“It’s about time I saw the city.”

“Exactly, and I know the city is waiting for you too.”


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How could I know

One day I’d wake up feeling more

But I had already reached the shore

Guess we were ships in the night

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