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#kim taehyung x reader
1kook · 20 days ago
→ kim taehyung x (f) reader
Tumblr media
→ summary He is your guard and such has always been his place, one step behind you but never beside you. → warnings mentions of arranged marriages, annoying social structures, talk about being ‘owned’ by men, regency era, princess!oc, knight!taehyung, ridiculous use of formal speech -_-  → rating m (18+) due to one sex mention + future smut → genre angst, romance, historical (?), eventual smut → word count 4.3k
→ notes tough to write but I had fun!!! part one of two <3 lemme know if u see grammar mistakes... after a while I became immune sorry yall rippp
Of the four kingdoms that dominated this side of the globe, the northern kingdom found its place just over the mountain range that divided the continent in half. It was a quaint region, comfortably nestled between rolling hills and winding rivers, the bordering kingdoms having long since discarded any desire to conquer it, allowing for an era of peace to settle over the people. The fertile land it boasted was dominated by humble farmers, their success allowing for many towns and villages to pop up throughout the area.
At the heart of the kingdom was the illustrious capital, a city that bustled with the everyday scenarios of regal life; the ornate estates of many a noble family found their place here, the streets littered with high-end stores and cafes only the aristocratic could afford to splurge on. Not a single crackle could be found along the bricks that lined the square, nor was there ever a flowerbed out of place. The capital was as perfect as the royal family that resided in it.
Because of its lavish nature, it was only right that the largest and flashiest period of every year was celebrated here— the social season.
It began in the final stages of spring, just as the seedlings in the royal gardens began to blossom and bloom for the first time that year, and ran until the very end of the summer; just as the flowers began to decorate the gardens in all their beauty, so too did the young socialites of the kingdom, presenting the best versions of themselves as viable marriage candidates for the first time in their lives. They graced banquets and picnics across the city, avidly courting one another in hopes of securing a promising future that would not only satisfy their hearts, but their pockets as well. (It was no secret that the matters of financial stability and status played an even bigger role than something as fickle as love— no wealthy parent would ever dare think of marrying their child off into a significantly lesser house.)
As a princess of the kingdom, your participation in the season was by no means required; after all, you were of royal lineage, expected to marry someone of respectable standing. And for many past princesses, the dire need to keep your family name from being tarnished has always resulted in arranged marriages. Of course, you were neither the heir to the throne nor the only princess in the kingdom, so some liberties were allowed. The details of your courtship were nowhere near as heavily monitored as they were for your eldest brother, the Crown Prince, and after very little deliberation, your participation in the annual season was decided.
At the ripe age of twenty-two, after enduring two long weeks of forced conversation and uncomfortable waltzes, you are certain that there are better ways to spend your time than mingling with snooty aristocrats for an entire summer. And if there is one person who finds the events of the season as tedious and inconvenient as you, it is your personal knight, Sir Taehyung.
“Lord Han is approaching once more,” he warns, his voice but a quiet exhale against the shell of your ear. It sends a shiver down your spine, one you barely manage to suppress. The low timbre of his voice resonates deeply within you, causing your breathing to waver for the briefest moment as your eyes move to scan over the crowd. Just as Taehyung had said, the aforementioned lord is currently calculating his route through the dancing couples in hopes of bothering you once more, his previous poor attempt at wooing you apparently not enough to appease his ego. The mere sight is enough to wipe away any traces of the pleasant thrill Taehyung’s voice had sent through you, a frown decorating your features in its place.
You carefully set down your flute of champagne “Taehyung,” you say, never once letting your gaze leave the dance floor.
Without missing a beat, “yes, your highness,” he responds, always just behind you. “How may I assist you?”
Your outstretched hand is met with his, your satin-encased fingers coming to rest against the thick, white fabric of the gloves required of his uniform. “I’m feeling a bit dizzy,” you feign, “I believe I’m due for some fresh air now.”
“As you wish, your highness,” he concedes, bowing his head before giving your gloved hand a subtle squeeze. At the gesture, you find yourself finally looking his way, the slightest bit surprised.
Long ago, you had thought Taehyung to be as unreadable as the foreign texts that found their way into the royal library. He was, just as most knights are, trained into wearing a mask of indifference at all times, one that left no room for his emotions to peek through. For a knight, it’s an exceptional quality to have, but for a companion to a princess it can be rather uncomfortable. When you were first introduced to your new and first guard, you thought him boorish, dull. Despite standing in the same three meter radius to you at all times, he rarely responded to your inquiries, never looked at you more than he had to. He was at your side as it was his duty, not because he wanted to. And for an impressionable teenage girl, that knowledge stung.
It would take years of watching him, studying every inch of his features over books and behind pillars, until you were finally able to recognize the minute changes in his expression whenever you would speak. The corners of his lips would twitch with the ghost of a smile that never appeared, his jaw would tighten and relax, muscles simmering with unreleased anger. He thought you were funny, he was surprised by your sassiness, he became angry on your behalf. He looked at you and only you, and you did the same, desperate to catch slivers of his personality beneath the mask.
It was not much of a surprise when, during that time, a fondness for your knight blossomed in your chest, one that would only ever be indulged in the safety of your mind and never aloud. His eyes were dark and beautiful, making you freeze in place on the rare occasions he would meet your gaze through the thick lashes that framed them. Tall and lean, filling the seams of his uniform elegantly, perfectly. Strong and immovable, dripping in sweat as he sparred with his companions.
It was inevitable. You adored Taehyung.
Yet, at the end of each day, he was still nothing more than a knight. Although he may stand here tonight, handsome and at your side, warding off any man who so much as dares to look your way, it is his duty that compels him to do so. While Taehyung may converse with you today like it is nothing, offer quiet remarks in your stead, lighthearted jokes when you frown, you wonder how much of it is real. How much of it he means and how much is purely just to fill his role?
He doesn’t squeeze your hand a second time. He never does. (You never think he will.)
As you move away from your post near the entryway, you faintly hear your name called out. Lord Han, no doubt, is following after you just as Taehyung had said. He’s soon swallowed up by the dancing couples and mingling socialites, and the annoying tittering in your ear fades to nothing as you near the doors that lead out onto the vast garden just outside the ballroom. The guards stationed at the exit, keeping any drunken nobles in and any dangerous thieves out, are reluctant to let you through. But one stern look from Taehyung has them backing down, dutifully opening the doors for the two of you to slip through.
A night breeze brushes past you, slipping beneath the layers of your skirts to provide a cool relief from the heat and suffocation you felt inside. Taehyung keeps his grip on you until you reach the bottom step of the stone deck, and then, after one sneaky glance backwards, releases you. Immediately you yank your skirts up into your arms and make your way across the perfectly cut yard for the entrance of the maze that sits at the far back of the estate grounds. The wind feels cool against your ankles without the fabric of your clothing to interfere. “Princess,” Taehyung calls out, the buckles and medals on his uniform jingling as he follows after you. “You are still within viewing distance.”
Casting a glance his way, you find yourself grinning. “Not for long,” you laugh, the overwhelming weight of the expectations placed onto you fading away with each step you take, brushed away by the wind that kisses your cheeks. “What a beautiful night,” you exhale.
At the entrance of the maze, you allow yourself a reprieve, the air quickly rushing back into your lungs, skirts falling into place around you. Taehyung is there, always one step behind, to adjust the layers for you. From this far, the estate is smaller, less significant. Likewise, so are your worries. Your heart feels light, both from the running and the ease that surges through your veins, hand pressed against your rapidly rising and falling chest.
The night truly is beautiful, the sky freckled with thousands of glittering lights that feel close enough to graze with your fingertips. The refreshing scent of the garden and the maze wafts into the air, teasing your nose with the visions of an even lusher space, far away from this grand estate. Taehyung touches your arm, snapping you out of your daze. “Your highness,” he says, and without the feathery rhythm of the string quartet inside to compete with, his voice is all too loud, reaching into your soul and touching a very deep and intimate part within you. You can barely contain a shiver. “We cannot be out here for long.”
A frown crosses your features. “Why not?” you ask rather childishly, casting a glance back at the estate, the warm glow of the ballroom lights leaking out onto the stone deck. “There is no need to rush,” you tell him, turning towards the maze entrance instead.
Taehyung follows. “Your suitors may begin to wonder where you have disappeared off to,” he points out, the normally heavy footsteps of his leather boots reduced to nothing but rustling against the grass. Your footsteps are alike, and such a tiny realization excites you; when you are in the grass, away from the ball, it doesn’t matter that Taehyung wears the boots officially issued by the royal guard and you a set of exclusively commissioned heels. You sound the same, are the same, out here. “After all, they are here for you—“
Making an abrupt turn around a corner, you interrupt him with a quiet scoff. “They are here to claim a princess,” you correct, not once verifying his presence behind you because you have long since learned that Taehyung is always behind you, whether you can see him or not. “They are suitors for the princess, but not”— you cast a hollow smile his way —“for me.”
Taehyung is hot on your heels even then. “Are you not the princess, your highness?” he inquires, the barest hints of amusement curling around the ends of his words. (Was even that required of his knightly duties?) “Or have I been following after a fake this entire night?”
You roll your eyes, stretching out a hand to run along the immaculately trimmed leaves and branches of the hedges. “You know what I mean,” you mumble, eventually stopping at one of the many nooks that are mixed into the layout of this grand maze. “These men are simply after a title,” you emphasize, and after the last crunch of grass beneath his boot, the world falls silent once more. “They do not truly care about me, nor do they wish to.” Plucking a leaf from the hedges, you twirl it between two fingers. “That amount of adoration is a luxury I will never experience, truthfully,” you admit, “after all, once I become married I will only be transferred between men.”
Since he first appeared all those years ago, the majority of your memories with Taehyung consist of him standing behind you. He is your guard and such has always been his place, one step behind you but never beside you. Unless he is escorting you someplace or helping you down a set of steps, Taehyung rarely appears in front of you.
Today, there must be something in the air, in the night, that compels him to move around you. There’s a frown on his features, a sight you have never seen before, and it’s blatant appearance on his normally blank face is so astonishing, your entire world comes to a halt.
His eyes are darker up close, you realize, and it is as you find yourself falling victim to their hypnosis that you abruptly jolt away, your lost rationality flooding back into you all at once. In a feeble attempt to cover up whatever that was, you make a beeline for the stone gazebo that decorates the space. “Oh, life is a bore when it revolves around men,” you wail, falling dramatically against one of the pillars of the structure. Your knight, seemingly unaware of your slip up, lingers behind you; you pay him no mind, continuing your rant. “I am sophisticated!” you huff, hiking your skirts into your arms once more as you arrange them to sit comfortably. “Elegant! And charming on top of that.”
“You certainly are,” Taehyung comments, and you purposefully choose to neglect the thundering of your heart.
“I am more than worthy by myself!” you yell, not at Taehyung, not at anyone in particular. Maybe at the universe for allowing such inequalities to exist between people who, at their core, are all the same; you and the arrogant men whose only means of impressing you is by bragging about their assets. (You and Taehyung, who you think of every night from the comfort of your bed, outfitted in the finest silk slips, swaddled in the plushest comforters. All the while, Taehyung stands guard late into the night, stiffly posted just outside your bedroom door until he is relieved of his duties by another knight.) “What’s more, I am educated,” you snap, “more than most of these gentlemen here tonight.” Taehyung, who has by now resumed his position as your loyal knight, remains at the entrance to the nook, surveying the darkness for the presence of any unexpected guests. “What can a man possibly teach me that is not already written in a book, recorded by some scholar elsewhere?”
After witnessing your entire rant with nary an objection, you are thrown off by Taehyung’s voice when he decides to speak. “A lot, your highness,” he chimes in, and you snap your gaze back to him, gawking at his impudence. He doesn’t shy away from your steely stare, as it’s one he’s been leveled with many times over the years. Despite the moonlight painting his skin in ivory tones, you dare say you spot the traces of a flush along his cheekbones.
“And what exactly does ‘a lot’ mean, Sir Taehyung?” you frown, arms crossed over your chest.
He clears his throat, suddenly hesitant to elaborate. But he knows better than to remain silent, sparing a glance in your direction. “Well,” he says, briefly dropping his upright pose with his hands neatly behind his back to scratch at a nonexistent itch beneath his chin. If you didn’t know better, you’d assume he was nervous. “There are many things a husband can show his wife.”
Unimpressed, you urge him to carry on with the wave of your hand. “I am no more enlightened on this stance of yours now than I was twenty seconds ago,” you point out, only the slightest bit enraptured by the way the rosy tint on his cheeks remains, adamant on crawling down the pristine collar of his uniform. An unexpected development indeed. “If you are unable to elaborate, I will just continue to assume there is nothing a man can teach me that I would not be better off learning myself.”
Taehyung dawdles only for a second longer, before eventually pushing whatever hesitation he may have held aside to respond. “Pleasure, your highness,” he explains, voice never wavering. “Of the flesh, that is.”
Any snarky remark that may have rolled off the tip of your tongue disappears the second the last of his words linger in the air. The heat beneath your skin comes bubbling to the surface. “Pleasur— Taehyung,” you scold, though the authority in your voice and in your title wavers when he looks at you just so. Despite the hue on his cheeks, he does not stand down, holding your gaze with those same dark eyes that threaten to swallow you whole if you do not put an end to this right now. “That’s—“ you stammer, hand held against your chest as if one more word from him will dissolve you into a million tiny particles. “That’s quite… an inappropriate thing to say,” you settle, eyes wide when he steps away from his post. “To a noble lady. A princess, at that.”
He stops at the foot of the gazebo, one foot flat against the stone, the other still in the grass. “But you are not a princess,” he says quietly, head tilted to the side as he, you realize, drags that same mysterious gaze over you, your face, your chest, your skirts. Unconsciously, you find your legs pressing together. “Did you not say so yourself?”
Your skin burns, heart threatening to leap out of your chest when he raises his other foot, stepping fully onto the stone floor of the gazebo with you. Beneath the awning of the gazebo, the moonlight struggles to reach him, just barely outlining his figure; broad shoulders, long legs, dark chocolate hair that has been coaxed into a neat style. Still, a strand manages to escape the confines of the rest of his tresses, curving over his forehead and tickling his brow. “I— I am!” you stammer, fisting your skirts between sweaty palms as he takes one more calculating step your way. “I am your princess.”
Upon nearing you, he surprises you once more by dropping to one knee. “You are so much more,” he murmurs, coaxing your trembling hand away from your skirt if only to hold it in his. He squeezes once, twice. Your heart catches in your throat. “It is just as you say, your highness,” Taehyung sighs, “there is no man in this kingdom fit to lay beside you.” Unsure of the events unfolding before you, you find yourself numbly nodding along, nervousness building in your throat, warmth settling in your core. He raises your hand, pressing his lips against your satin-covered knuckles as his eyes flutter shut. “And yet, every night, I find myself wishing I was.”
You blank. “What?” you whisper.
The grip against you encourages you to turn your wrist, until your hand is delicately placed against the side of his face, thumb only a hair’s distance from his pink lower lip. “I am a fool to ever think myself worthy of you, but,” Taehyung mumbles, “I yearn for you like no other.”
Without meaning to, you yank your hand away from him, confusion clouding your senses as Taehyung’s words echo in your mind. He yearned for you. After all these years of sneaking glances at him during his training, during official royal meetings, wondering how a man as handsome and graceful as Taehyung was anything but a nobleman, he yearned for you.
Of all the people who came in and out of the palace, there are only two who truly knew you.
First, your personal maid who woke you up and helped you bathe, dress, and prepare for the day. She knew your schedule and your plans, knew which foods you hated and what shops you frequented.
Second, Sir Taehyung who stood guard by your side at nearly all hours of the day, only stepping out when you were dressing or asleep. Even then, he was always just right outside the door, dutifully watching over you. He’s seen you at your worst, more specifically, he’s seen you these last few weeks as you participated in the season; he’s watched you walk from suitor to suitor, the smile you plastered on your face feigned and painful, and he’s seen you with tears and frustration painted down your features, unhappy with the cage you were kept in.
If there is any one man who truly knew you, title aside, it was Taehyung. To know that that same man still found you desirable, despite the tears and the meltdowns, quite literally made you overheat. “Your highness?” he calls out softly, retracting his hand until his clenched fist is balanced delicately over his knee.
Shaking yourself of your tumbling thoughts, you turn your attention back on him and his dark eyes, his rosy cheeks. “You…” you mumble, still in shock over this turn of events. “You yearn for me?” you repeat, because even after all that thought, you still found it unbelievable. Or rather than unbelievable, you feared maybe you had misheard him and gone off on a tangent all on your own.
There to debunk your own doubts, Taehyung nods. “Very much so,” he confirms, and then smiles. It’s beautiful— he’s beautiful, and for some reason you find that frightening. The blood rushes to your cheeks, and you find yourself patting your gloved palms against them, as if it’ll somehow lessen the hammering of your heart, the clamoring in your mind.
“I’m unsure of what to say,” you murmur, suddenly feeling too bashful to look him in the eye, demurely turning your face away.
Before you, he chuckles, a rather perplexing response to your lack of response to his confession. “As expected,” he sighs wistfully. “There is no need for an answer, your highness. I am content knowing my feelings have, at the very least, reached you.” And then he pushes himself to his feet again, head tilted downwards as he looks at you with nothing but sheer and utter adoration in his gaze, filling you to the brim with all the emotions he’d bottled up for the past few years. It’s unsettling in the sense that it has never happened before. You don’t know how to feel now that Taehyung has so openly looked at you with hearts in his eyes. Every inch of you feels like it has been doused in oil, hastily lit aflame, and now you’re left to deal with the scorching fire.
Before you can think it through, your hand is instinctively shooting forward to catch his wrist. “Taehyung,” you choke out, eyes flickering over every inch of his face. His handsomeness comes off in waves, making it so that the rushing of blood within your body is amplified by the time it circulates through your head; you’re dizzy. “I, um.” The smile doesn’t leave Taehyung’s face as he gently removes your hand from his.
The wind that filters through the hedges allows for the appearance of goosebumps along your upper arms. Taehyung’s hair, loosened initially by the quick pace he’d adopted as he followed you earlier, is tousled even more, until a slew of dark strands messily curl over his forehead. “Your highness,” he says solemnly, and though he is beside you, you feel a thousand miles away. “I think it’s time you returned to the ball.”
A million concerns flitter by, from his behavior to his confession, and when Taehyung finally removes himself from beneath the gazebo, you find that none of them bubble to the surface. They continue to mix and broil in the depths of your mind, all too complex to unpack on their own yet reliant on one another. It’s like you cannot address one without circling back to another, and then another.
Taehyung, your acquiescent knight who seldom smiled or laughed until this day, has single-handedly warped your perception of your surroundings with a confession shared in the depths of your estate’s maze. It’s as confusing as the structure itself, filling your thoughts with loops and dead ends as you struggle to make sense of what has just occurred.
He liked you.
Taehyung liked you in a way you had never thought imaginable, he thought of you the same way you thought of him. Try as you might, the knowledge of such a fact competes with your previously established assumptions and makes it nearly impossible for you to accept. You had mulled over the same thought various times throughout the night, contemplated just how genuine Taehyung was beneath the layers of status and profession that separated the two of you— was he nice because he wanted to be, or because he had to be? did he spare you glimpses of his emotions because he wanted you to know him, or because he felt obligated to appease you, his princess? According to Taehyung, the answer to both inquiries was the former; he liked you as a person, not just as his princess.
So why weren’t you filled with glee at such a revelation? Why didn’t you jump into his arms upon hearing of his feelings for you?
You suspect it is because, somewhere inside of you, you have long since given up hope that Taehyung could ever be the lifelong love the social season called for you to secure. Taehyung was, after all, a knight. Your knight, on top of that, sworn to protect and serve you with his entire life. You have never been equals and, as you watch him assume his guarding stance from before, you realize you never will be. For as much as you adored Taehyung, you knew he could never stand beside you.
Copyright © 2021, 1kook on tumblr. absolutely NO reposts allowed.
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frozenmangosblog · 13 days ago
teaser; bedwars | kth (ft. jjk)
Tumblr media
— pairing; kim taehyung x reader x jeon jungkook
— summary; during a night of gaming jungkook comes across an arrogant gamer by the name of taehyung, who just so happens to have his hot girlfriend on display as his discord profile picture
— teaser word count; 1.1k
— genre; smut, college!au, crackfic, pwp, discord!au?
— teaser content and warnings; explicit language, taehyung being a proud boyfriend, jk and tae being frenemies, pure crackfic energy, taehyung having a picture of you with cum on your face as his pfp, taehyung def breaking discords tos, taehyung sending a video of you two getting it on to jungkook
— author’s note; this fic will be coming soon, comment "tag me" if you'd like to be tagged when the full fic comes out!
jungkook never anticipated being in a situation like this, where his boredom got him to the point of playing minecraft bedwars on a sunday night. no other games in his collection of many had been successful in satisfying him, so here he was, wearing a loose white shirt paired with just his boxers while battling thirteen year olds on minecraft.
his teammates and bed were long gone, now it was just him and ta3hyung_, the asshole who broke his bed two minutes ago. jungkook currently camped in yellow's base, they all died at the beginning of the match so it was merely just a pitstop. ta3hung_’s bed was thankfully taken by green, all jungkook had left to do was kill him and drown in glory. but jungkook had been so distracted with buying all necessary upgrades to battle that he hadn’t noticed taehyung already pearled his way to yellow’s base, diamond sword in his hands.
all it took was three simple swings and jungkook’s plans were destroyed. the gameover screen practically laughed in his face. in a fit of pure rage, jungkook attacked his keyboard with violent intent, sloppily typing a snarky comment and sending it without another thought given.
yourmomshot69: absolute tryhard.
jungkook sat in silence, not expecting any sort of response. he had been ready to move on, until this prick said something in return.
ta3hyung_: is that what you typically say when you lose?
the two gamers were automatically being transferred into another game of bedwars together, giving them spare time to argue some more. under any other circumstance jungkook would have let it go, but for some reason this specific player pissed him off to no end. he began typing,
yourmomshot69: stfu, i bet i can beat u at any other game, ur pick and we’ll play.
ta3hyung_: i’d like to see you try.
ta3hyung_: discord is taehyung#???? (don’t want to accidentally write out someones discord username lol).
ta3hyung_: i want to be calling while we play so i can hear your little baby rage.
yourmomshot69: i’m a grown adult i don’t rage (: but sure, i’d love to hear u cry
jungkook scoffed and ignored the last comment, closing out of minecraft before dragging his cursor towards the discord logo that was settled in his taskbar. once loaded, he clicked on ‘add friend’ and typed in the username that was given to him. feeling satisfied once discord notified him that his request had been sent. moments later his request was accepted.
that’s when he saw you. taehyung’s profile picture was you in just a large t-shirt that was too big for your body, and you’re staring at the camera with a sweet smile. something so seemingly innocent at first glance, until jungkook realizes you have cum all over your face, it’s such a filthy sight but the smile on your face is so suggestive and seductive.
jungkook was certain that you were one of the hottest girls he’d ever come across, even with cum dripping down your face. he had been so enthralled with staring that he hadn’t noticed taehyung sent him a message.
taehyung: what’s with you and the number 69? anyway, let’s play bitch.
the idea of proving this taehyung guy wrong was now the least of his priorities, jungkook needed to know whoever this girl was. he would kick this dudes ass later.
jungcock69: who’s the girl in ur pfp? she a pornstar or something?
taehyung: that’s my girlfriend. she’s hot, right?
there were a lot of things jungkook was, but an idiot wasn’t one of them. there was no way someone who played minecraft had been able to score someone as hot as you were. but, he wasn’t willing to give up until he at least had your snapchat. hell, he’d settle for your instagram if he had too.
jungcock69: funny joke.
jungcock69: seriously though what’s her username? does she have an onlyfans?
taehyung: not joking, she’s my girlfriend. want proof?
jungcock69: go ahead.
jungkook was still in denial, he laid back in his gaming chair and waited for whatever this taehyung person was going to send.
meanwhile in taehyung’s apartment, he is practically on his knees asking for permission to send “some annoying idiot” a video of him fucking your brains out to provide evidence that you’re his girlfriend. taehyung had always been so proud to show you off across all platforms on the internet. and many times he had asked if he could send these naughty pictures and videos he took of you two to people, simply just to brag over how perfect you were.
you never said no to these requests, you two had always been ones for fucking in public, and showing one another off with pride. hence why taehyung’s discord profile picture was so openly sexual, he had no shame in it.
“yeah, sure.” was your straightforward response to his question, he broke out into sinister giggles and quickly kissed your lips before returning to his computer to search his files for a certain video.
minutes had passed, jungkook was starting to suspect taehyung had nothing to send so he ran off in shame. the thought made jungkook snicker, but the all too familiar discord notification sound broke him out of his thoughts.
jungkook eagerly clicked the new chat from taehyung, opening it to see a video with the message ‘told you so’ attached to it. without a second thought he clicked play, his jaw nearly dropped in his lap at the sight.
there you were, the girl from the photo he had been so curious about, you were lying on your back with your legs sprawled out to reveal your pretty cunt that was being relentlessly pounded into by whoever was recording (he could only assume that it was taehyung). the sound of your breathy moans rang through jungkook’s headphones and directly into his ears. even on video your pussy seemed tight, and he was quickly mesmerized at the sight of taehyung’s cock disappearing into you with every thrust. he was now imagining it’s him that is fucking you, making you moan so sweetly.
god, the look on your face was enough to turn him on to the max. your eyes were closed, eyebrows scrunched together with your mouth open marginally. jungkook feels the fabric of his boxers tighten, and he instinctively grabs the outline of his bulge to ease the aching tension.  
suddenly, the video ended there. he was ready to click play again, his mouse already over the replay button. until he’s notified of another message from taehyung.
taehyung: try not to cream yourself bud, we have a game to play.
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aquaminwrites · 2 years ago
Paper Cranes | Kim Taehyung (M)
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Kim Taehyung x F!Reader
GENRE: Fluff, smut, angst. Non idol AU. College AU. Best friends to lovers. Slice of life.
WARNINGS: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex (stay safe!), so much fluff you might pass out
DESCRIPTION: It is said that if someone folds 1000 paper cranes, they will receive one wish. Kim Taehyung has been folding you paper cranes since he was six years old. He won’t tell you what he’s going to wish for once he reaches his goal, but even into your twenties, all you know is that he’s been wishing for the same thing every time.
You’re six years old when you receive your first paper crane from Kim Taehyung.
Your first year of elementary school is almost over—there’s only two months left until summer break, and you’ve been counting down the days until you are finally free to wake up as late as you want and play with your friends until the sun goes down.
That’s also why it strikes you as odd that there’s a new transfer student, his newly assigned seat right beside yours, being introduced to the class. His eyes are big and wide underneath a fringe of dark brown hair, and he’s cute in the way that all kids are cute—with rosy cheeks, big ears, and a shy demeanour that tells you that he would most likely rather have stayed at his previous school.
After a brief introduction of Hello, I’m Kim Taehyung, he shuffles over and takes his seat. He doesn’t really look at you, keeping his head down as he pulls his notebooks from his backpack. You see that the margins are covered in doodles, little cartoons and make-believe stories etched onto every far corner of the page.
You open your mouth to introduce yourself, but the sound of your teacher’s voice has you facing the blackboard once more. You try not to think too hard about the new boy sitting beside you, gently humming to himself as he doodles butterflies in an open meadow.
At recess, you’re playing with a few friends, doing cartwheels and rolling around on the grass. You’re giggling with your friend, Chaeyoung, when you hear a ruckus happening not too far away.
“Hey! Please, no, give it back!”
You glance over and see a group of three known playground bullies who have circled Taehyung, holding his notebook up above his head, so high that he can’t reach.
“What’s so special that’s in here, anyway?” One of the bullies taunts, as he starts to leaf through the pages. “This your diary or something?”
“Please, just give it back,” Taehyung begs, trying to jump up to grab his book.
Another bully places his hand on Taehyung’s chest and shoves him back, and the suddenness of the motion has the smaller boy falling and landing hard on his tailbone.
It’s when you see tears pricking his eyes that you begin to fume. You distantly hear Chaeyoung hissing at you to get back here, you’re gonna get in trouble! as you stomp your way over to the group of boys, ones that you know are in a grade higher than yours. So why are they picking on little kids anyway?.
“Hey,” you bark, tiny fists with white knuckles at your sides. “Leave him alone!”
The bully holding the book swivels in your direction and snorts. “Or what?”
Not one to back away from a challenge or a fight (to Chaeyoung’s dismay—you hear her groaning as she catches up with you), you defiantly stare him right in the eye before you wind back your foot and kick him in the shin—hard.
He yelps and drops the book, and you’re quick to snatch it back. “My big cousin is thirteen and he does judo,” you warn, venom dripping from your voice. “So I suggest you leave both of us alone if you know what’s good for you.”
Having recovered from the kick, the bully glares at you with flared nostrils, and he takes a step forward as if he’s ready to continue this fight. You just lift your chin and cross your arms over your chest, one eyebrow raised. When he sees that you’re not about to back down, he lets out a grunt and mutters, “Ain’t worth it. C’mon, guys.”
And just like that, they turn around and leave.
You hand the book wordlessly back to Taehyung with a trembling hand as Chaeyoung runs over and basically tackles you with a hug. The boy is still on the ground when he accepts the book from your grasp, looking up at you with shiny, doe eyes.
Chaeyoung can’t help but gush in her excitement. “You are so cool! And so tough! Wow! Wait—are you shaking?”
“Oh my gosh, Chae-Chae, I was so scared!” You wail, dramatically collapsing into your friend’s arms as the adrenaline bred from confrontation finally starts to slow. “I thought I was gonna get punched in the face for sure!”
Chaeyoung gasps. “You really think they would hit a girl?”
You roll your eyes. “Dummies with no brains will hit anyone.” You sigh and then turn to ask Taehyung if he’s alright, but when you glance over, he’s already gone. The only evidence that he’d been there in the first place was the patch matted grass where he landed from the fall.
After recess, you and Chaeyoung file back into your classroom, and you wander back over to your desk. To your surprise, there’s something resting atop it, though you had cleared it before going outside.
You get closer and notice that it’s a paper crane, folded with a ripped out page of a notebook that has doodles of butterflies in an open meadow on it. You glance at Taehyung, and he meets your eyes and offers up the tiniest of smiles.
“Is this for me?” You have to ask.
His smile widens, boxy and adorable. “I just wanted to say thank you.”
You cradle the paper sculpture in your hands and examine it carefully. Along the top of one of the wings, in surprisingly neat penmanship, he’d written, “Because you stuck up for me.”
“What they did to you was wrong,” you reply quietly, thumb running along one of the creases. “I hate bullies. I always have.”
Taehyung looks at you with something you can’t quite pinpoint dancing in his vision. After a beat, he gently says, “Don’t throw it away, promise?”
“I would never!” You gasp with mock-indignation. Taehyung just patiently waits for the response he wants to hear, his heart-shaped lips settling in a neutral line. You sigh, and then sincerely respond, “I promise.”
His boxy smile returns, and you can’t help but grin as well.
Maybe the new kid isn’t so bad after all.
You’re ten years old when you finally ask why he’s folding all those cranes.
It turns out that the Kim family had moved walking distance from your house. Their home is a little more isolated, with Taehyung’s parents owning a small strawberry farm with a decent amount of property. It’s ten minutes away by foot, and only a few minutes if you take your bike.
After that first meeting, you and Taehyung become the best of friends. He makes you laugh with his silly but innocent way of speaking, often acting out skits and things he’d seen on television for you because he knows it makes you giggle when you hear his girly falsetto.
It soon becomes routine for the two of you to go to and from school together, since your house is on Taehyung’s way. Every morning for the last four years, he’s either walked or biked to your house to pick you up. Sometimes when he shows up early, your mother ushers him inside for a post-breakfast snack. Other times, he brings your family baskets of strawberries from the farm, just because he knows how much you like them.
All the while, Taehyung still gifts you with paper cranes.
You think you’ve amassed around a hundred by now. Taehyung likes to make them for you on your birthday and special holidays, interspersed with random ones when he finds an interesting piece of paper he think you’d like, or even newspaper clippings, and his own doodles on lined paper. You keep every single one pressed flat and placed in a shoe box under your bed.
They’re all different sizes, and some of them were made with pieces of scrap paper. But they always have a message written on the wings, and you always cherish them because Taehyung took the time to make them for you.
On the day of your tenth birthday, you throw a party in your backyard. It’s the end of summer, just before school is meant to start up again, and you’re finally an age that has two numbers in it. You feel older, more mature.
And as an older, more mature version of yourself, in your pursuit of knowledge, you can’t help but ask Taehyung as he digs into a second slice of cake, “Why do you fold so many paper cranes?”
Taehyung’s eyes go wide, as if he thought you knew already. “You mean you haven’t heard of the legend?”
You narrow your eyes at him. Taehyung is a few months younger than you, so he’s still nine, a child.
Taehyung shovels more cake into his mouth while he speaks, clearly ignoring Chaeyoung’s look of both disgust and fascination from where she’s been snacking on popcorn not three feet away.
“They say that if you make a thousand paper cranes, you get one wish,” he says simply without offering up much else in terms of explanations.
You wait for a beat in case he’s just taking a dramatic pause, as he’s known to do. When he contentedly licks the icing off his fork, you can’t help but regard him curiously. “What are you wishing for?”
Taehyung only offers you a wink in reply. “If I tell you, it won’t come true.”
Taehyung ends up getting you a charm bracelet with your birthstone on it, as well as a charm with the letter “T” that dangles down from one of the beads. Your mother tells you later that night, after the party has cleared out, that Taehyung saved up all his allowance to buy that for you. She heard so from his mother. You feel warmth rise up to your cheeks as you think of your best friend and his kind, boxy smile and the ten paper cranes he’d neatly stuffed into an envelope in lieu of a card.
This time, the message on the wings says, “You’re finally double digits! Happy birthday! Love, your best friend, Tae-Tae.”
You’re thirteen when you start to look at him differently.
“You want me to what?”
You roll your eyes in an attempt to act flippant, though the hands worrying at the hem of your shirt give you away. “Come on, Tae, it isn’t that big of a deal.”
“Sorry,” he holds up his hand, his eyes still squinted in confusion. “But you want me to what? Why me? Why now?”
You groan, already embarrassed by the question you’d posed in the first place. At the insistence of him repeating your request, you fear you might actually spontaneously combust. The two of you are in your room, sitting on your bed, and Taehyung is staring at you as if you’ve grown a second head from the top of your shoulder.
“It’s just a kiss, Tae. I don’t want to start high school without having kissed anyone before. And you’re my best friend, I trust you.”
“Chaeyoung’s also your best friend,” Taehyung grumbles, his shoulders slumped as he glances anywhere but you. “Why don’t you just ask her?”
“I’m not attracted to her, you dummy,” you huff, arms crossed over your chest.
Taehyung, a budding flirt, cannot help but quip, “So, you’re saying that you find me attractive?”
You roll your eyes again so hard that you’re fairly certain that you just saw the back of your skull. “Don’t be stupid. Are you going to help me out or not? Because if not, I’ll ask Jimin or something, he probably wouldn’t ask as many dumb questions—”
“Jimin?” Taehyung gawks. “Fine, I’ll do it.”
You don’t know why, but you’re surprised when he agrees. You asked, after all. What had you expected? Taehyung is a lot of things, but he has never once let you down in the seven years you’ve been friends. The weight of the verbal contract starts to sit on your shoulders, not to mention the act in question that is about to take place. You wipe your damp palms against your shorts and scoot a little closer to Taehyung, who is staring intently at you with his big, beautiful brown eyes.
You’re so close to him now that you can feel the body heat he radiates. Your eyes scan all over his face, and you think to yourself that he’s grown up a lot since you met him all those years ago. He still hasn’t quite grown into his ears, and he still has the scrawny gangly quality that all early adolescents have in their limbs. But you suppose he’s objectively cute, and not a bad face to kiss for your first.
When you get close enough, you let your eyelids close and you tilt your head just slightly in anticipation. Taehyung meets you halfway, and you feel your heart hammering against your chest as soft, gentle lips press lightly to your own.
You’re expecting a quick peck, for it to happen and then be over. What you’re not expecting is for Taehyung’s hand to reach up and cup your cheek when he senses you trying to pull away, thumb grazing over your skin as you allow yourself to sink into him just a little more.
After a few seconds, Taehyung drops his hand from your jawline and you slowly pull apart. You instinctively run your tongue along your lower lip before nibbling on it slightly, too shy to look at Taehyung in the eye as he scratches the back of his head.
After a thick silence, full of something you can’t quite explain, Taehyung clears his throat.
“So, uh,” he begins, his voice cracking just slightly at the end. “Was it okay?”
You finally look at him, his eyes warm but also apprehensive. You can tell by the way the muscles in his shoulders bunch, and he curls inward as if to make himself smaller. You hate when he does that.
“It was perfect,” you say honestly, sending him the tiniest of smiles, if only so that his worried frown would go away. “Thank you, Tae. Really.”
He clears his throat. “Uh, yeah, no problem. Hey, look, I have to head back home, I promised my parents I’d help with some stuff on the farm tonight. So I’ll see you at school on Monday?”
You watch dumbly as Taehyung is already up and off your bed, straightening out his clothes before making a beeline for your bedroom door. You barely have the chance to say a proper goodbye before he makes himself scarce, slipping out of your room, barreling down the stairs, and out the front door.
Your hand rests upon the warm indent of where Taehyung had just been sitting moments before, and you furrow your eyebrows in an attempt to understand what just happened. You were the one that asked him if the two of you could kiss, so why do you feel so weird about it now? Why did Taehyung touch you like that, like he really wanted you to be in his arms?
You raise your fingertips to softly run along the edge of your lower lip as you replay the kiss in your mind. A thought threatens to weasel its way into your consciousness, but you shove it down and pretend as if the butterflies in your stomach are only a result of being kissed for the first time. You tell yourself it isn’t because of Kim Taehyung, and that you’ll see him at school on Monday and everything will go back to how it was.
Although, you find it harder and harder to keep those thoughts at bay when you discover the paper crane folded in your locker with a small, single heart etched onto one of the wings.
You’re seventeen when everything changes.
You and Taehyung pretend the kiss never happened. You never talk about it after, and part of you wonders if Taehyung wants to talk, but is just too shy or nervous to say anything. Either way, as soon as high school starts, there’s no time to think about such silly things as a preteen kiss.
Everything feels the same, but also different. Your friends start to worry about things like popularity, something that wasn’t that big of a deal just a few years ago. Friend groups split up and people move on to different cliques, girls start wearing tighter clothes and the hallway by the boy’s locker room always smells like cheap body spray.
The one constant in your life, though, is Taehyung.
The two of you share a good number of classes together, and you still walk to school side by side every day. You always sit together at lunch in the cafeteria, and are always speaking in stupid inside jokes that make your other friends roll their eyes at you. You know there are rumours about you and Taehyung, but both of you constantly squash them down.
But it does’t help that neither of you have dated over the past four years since entering proper adolescence. You both just tell people that you don’t have the time, or that you just haven’t met anyone worth being with. And besides, you’re happy with how things are. Why would you want them to change?
You’re best friends, and you always will be. That’s all.
You’re in your senior year and it’s right around the time that everyone is receiving their admission packages for university. You had worked really hard the year previous to get good grades, and you just hope and pray that it’s enough to warrant an acceptance to your dream school.
When your mother hands you a thick, large envelope with the university’s header in the upper corner, you practically rip it from her hands and tear into it right in front of her. Happy tears blur your vision as you squeal upon reading the first line.
Dear Y/N,
We are pleased to offer you early admission to Seoul National University…
The first person that you want to tell is Taehyung.
You grab your heavy winter coat, tug on your boots and mittens, and run as fast as you can down the street towards the Kim’s farm. It had snowed the night before, so it takes you a little longer than usual as your boots crunch through the freshly fallen tufts of white. Because Taehyung’s area is a little more rural, the plows have a harder time getting there to clear everything away. But you pay no mind, overjoyed at the news you can’t wait to share.
When you get to the house, you knock on the door before peering into the side window. You wave at Taehyung as he comes down the stairs, a look of surprise on his face at your sudden appearance.
“Hey,” he greets, opening the door for you. You step inside and he offers to take your coat. He’s grown tall, you realize, as he easily moves around you to hang your things in the hall closet before ushering you further into the warmth of his house.
“Are your parents home?” You query, poking your head around the corner into the empty living room.
“No, they had to go run some errands,” Taehyung shrugs. “Winter’s pretty slow for us here, anyway.” He leads you upstairs to his room, a place where you’ve been thousands of times, and he plops down on his bed as you take a seat next to him. “So to what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”
You try to ignore how Taehyung man-spreads across his duvet, and how thick his thighs have become since he started working out with that sophomore friend of his, Jungkook.
Finally, you blurt out with the biggest smile across your face, “I got in.”
Taehyung immediately sits up, pin-straight. “You did?”
Your smile somehow gets wider as pride and joy spread across his face. “I did.”
“Y/N!” He beams, jumping up and gathering you in his arms. “That’s amazing! You did it! I’m so fucking proud of you!”
You wrap your arms around his neck as his find your waist and you bask in the feeling of being held by your best friend. He’s always been so warm, and on a cold day like today, you welcome his embrace and his love for you.
Finally, you remember to stop thinking of yourself for five seconds and ask, “What about you?”
Taehyung suddenly goes still, and his grip on you tightens just slightly. “I…I’m not going.”
You pull away and look up at him. He’s dejected, eyes downcast and his face angled away from you as if he thinks you’ll be disappointed in him. You’re not, though. You never could be.
Sighing and running your hands along his shoulders in comfort, you say, “I’m sorry, Tae. I’m sure you got offers from other schools though, yeah? You worked just as hard as I did last year to get your grades up.”
“It’s not that,” Taehyung sighs, a crease forming between his brows. “I got in.”
You’re officially confused, taking a step back to purposely put yourself in his line of vision. “You got in? So what do you mean you’re not going? I thought the plan was that we were going to go to Seoul National University together.”
Taehyung exhales hard through his nose and scrunches his face, his eyes closing. It’s the face he gets when he’s overwhelmed with stress, unsure of how to articulate his words. You wait for him to be ready, smoothing out the collar of his sweater to keep yourself occupied. His hands grip tighter on your waist, and it takes you a second to realize that he’s still holding you.
“My parents need help with the farm,” he says quietly. “I declined my offer of admission.”
At those words, your heart breaks and your mind starts to race. Every thought you have at first is selfish—what will you do without Taehyung? The two of you have spent over a decade together, seeing each other damn near every day. Will your friendship survive the distance between Daegu and Seoul? The plan was to always stick together, to experience college milestones side by side.
You force yourself to push those thoughts aside so that you can focus on Taehyung. You know that SNU is his dream school, too. And not only did he get in, but he had to turn them down. You know that it wasn’t an easy decision for him to make, but he’s always been selfless like that—he’s always put you first and taken care of you, so it’s no surprise that he would do the same for his blood family.
“But it’s not forever, yeah?” You ask gently, brushing a strand of hair away from his eyes. “I’m sure that since you got in already, they can hold your admission until you’re ready.”
“Yeah, maybe,” he nods, but you can tell that he’s done talking about it. He doesn’t want to think of a reality where he’s stuck on his parents’ strawberry farm laying down fertilizer while you’re off in the big city making new friends and having new experiences. You see it in his eyes when he finally meets yours. He’s scared. Terrified of a future without you.
Always able to read his mind, you pull him in for another hug, nuzzling into his neck as you murmur, “You’re my best friend, Tae-Tae. Just because we won’t live down the street from each other anymore doesn’t mean I’m just going to forget about you.”
His inhale is shaky, and it takes all of your willpower not to cry, too. “Promise?”
You don’t know what possesses you, but you rise to your tip toes and press a soft kiss against his cheek. He whips his head to face you with wide eyes, but you just send him a tiny smile and reply, “I promise.”
The rest of senior year, you and Taehyung are practically inseparable—even more so than before. You find out that Chaeyoung also got into SNU, and the two of you manage to work it out so that you two can be roommates when you move into the dorms. You find solace that you at least won’t be completely alone in a different city, though your heart still hurts at the thought of Taehyung missing out on his opportunity.
The two of you spend as much time together as possible, almost as if the clock is ticking down on your friendship with your imminent move coming up. Summer is full of laughter and long nights by the river, reminiscing about simpler times when you were kids. When things didn’t seem so complicated, and distance was never an issue.
Your moving day rolls around faster than you could have ever anticipated. You’ve loaded the last of your things into the back of your parents’ van when you see Taehyung jogging down the street towards your house.
You’d texted him earlier that morning to let him know that you were leaving soon. Of course, he’d known that it was going to be today, but he still wanted to make sure he got to say goodbye to you before you drove to Seoul and out of his life.
When he reaches you, his eyes are misty and red and you’re sure you look just like him. It feels like the end of a chapter, like a pivotal moment where you’re stepping away from your childhood and moving into life as an adult.
Taehyung stops at your feet and just stares at you for a second, his eyes darting all over your face. You look up at him, doing the same, until a tear slips from the corner of your eye and then suddenly you’re sobbing into his chest and he’s holding you and whispering sweet nothings into your ear.
“You’re going to do great,” he promises, rubbing small circles on your back. “You’re going to make so many new friends, because it’s impossible for people not to love you. You’re going to become the city girl that I know you’ve always dreamed of being, and you’re going to make Seoul your bitch.”
You laugh at the last comment, pulling away to look at him again. “Thank you, Tae,” you hiccup.
He smiles, though it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “And you’ll call and FaceTime me all the time, right?”
You sniffle, giving a nod. “Of course.”
Taehyung reaches up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Promise?”
You exhale shakily, but meet his gaze head-on. “I promise.”
He looks down and something in his line of vision glints. He notices the charm bracelet on your wrist, and he can’t help but chuckle. “I can’t believe you still have that.”
“Of course I still have it,” you say with the tiniest hint of a smile. “It reminds me of you.”
You hear your mother calling you from the passenger’s seat of the van, ushering you that it’s a long drive and you need to leave now.
Taehyung clears his throat a few times, trying to be strong for the both of you. He takes your hands and presses something into your palm, and from the feel of it, you already know what it is. The paper crane in your hand makes you cry more, and Taehyung presses a kiss to your forehead.
“Go on, Y/N. Go find your future.”
Your lower lip trembles as you speak. “I don’t want to leave you.”
This time, when he smiles, the warmth is back in his eyes. “You’re not,” he swears. “We’re best friends, remember? Wherever you go, I won’t be far behind. Just wait for me, okay?”
You promise him again, because how could you not?
Once you’re in the car, you put your headphones on and select the playlist that Taehyung made you of all his favourite songs. It reminds you of him, anchors your heart in Daegu, where he remains on his parents’ farm until it’s his turn to pursue his dreams. You look at the crane that you hold like a precious gem in your palms, and the tears start welling up again as you read the message written on one of the wings.
“Don’t forget about me while you’re off at university. I know you’ll do great things.”
You’re nineteen when you meet Park Jinyoung.
You notice him immediately when you walk into one of your tutorials—an elective on music history that you take because you’ve heard that the professor gives great lectures.
Also, because Taehyung was the one who introduced music to you all those years ago, and you’ve grown to love it too. He also loves hearing about what you’ve learned in lecture when you do get the chance to talk, which, as the years go on, becomes less and less.
It’s no one’s fault, really. Distance makes things hard, as do the responsibilities that come along with being a university student. You have paper after paper due, and Taehyung tells you that he doesn’t want to bother you when you’re in the middle of your studies. Your schedules also just don’t align, with him still helping on the farm and having to be up at the crack of dawn and going to bed early, and with you opting for afternoon and evening classes so that you can get a little more shut eye to start your day.
He still mails you paper cranes every now and then. Not as often as he used to, but it still makes you smile when you get to add another one to your growing collection. You must have close to five or six hundred by now, and you’ve had to start a second shoebox to make sure everything fits.
But Park Jinyoung is different. And he’s here.
For one, he looks like a Disney prince. Like someone had pulled him from a designer fashion catalogue and plopped him in the middle of your tutorial. You’re nearly late, so the only remaining seat is next to him. He smiles shyly at you when you sit down, and you try to hide the blush dusting your cheeks behind the length of your hair.
You dig into your bag for your laptop and flip it open as your TA walks into the room, prepared to take notes. But then you check the battery on your computer and notice that there is definitely not enough of a charge to keep it alive for the duration of your class.
Cursing yourself for not charging it overnight, you notice that the man sitting beside you has the same model. You muster up all your courage, turn to him and ask, “I’m really sorry about this, and I’m usually not this unprepared, but do you happen to have a laptop charger I can borrow? We have the same one, so I figured—”
He smiles at you and your stomach does flips. “Of course.” He pulls the charger from his backpack and hands it to you, and you gratefully take it and plug in your computer. “I’m Jinyoung, by the way.”
“Y/N,” you introduce, shaking his offered hand.
“You know,” he says after a beat, a drawl in his voice that has a tiny hint of mischief in it. “Letting you borrow my charger is a pretty big favour, considering that we’re basically strangers. I think I might need some kind of repayment.”
You raise an eyebrow at him curiously. “Oh? Like what?”
“A cup of coffee,” he states. “After class?”
There’s no use in hiding your blush now. You smile, biting your lip. “I can do that.”
It doesn’t take long for Park Jinyoung to become your boyfriend. You and Chaeyoung move into the off-campus apartments after your freshman year, and it turns out that Jinyoung lives in the building next to yours. He’s as sweet as they come, the perfect, doting partner, someone that loves you and isn’t shy about it, either.
He holds your hand in public, guides you by the small of your back through large crowds, brings you flowers just because he feels like it, and proudly shows you off to his friends when you’ve hit the six month mark of your relationship.
His only thing is that he thinks the charm bracelet you’re wearing is weird. So he asks you to take it off. And so you do, and sits in your jewelry box, pretty much forgotten.
Things are good. Really, really good.
But of course, life always likes to throw curve balls your way.
One afternoon, you’re sitting on the couch with Jinyoung in his apartment, his arm wrapped around your shoulders as you watch some true crime documentary on Netflix after an early dinner. It’s just starting to get good when your phone rings on the coffee table, the loud buzzing startling you as you take a look at the screen.
You pick up and in a confused tone, answer with, “Mom?”
“Hi, sweetie,” she replies, sounding tired.
You sit up straight, suddenly on high alert. Your mother doesn’t really like phone calls, much prefers texts for some reason (she’s partial to emojis, and you almost regret downloading the keyboard onto her phone), so the fact that she’s calling at all is unusual.
“Is everything okay?”
She’s quiet for a second, and you can hear your pulse in your ears. Jinyoung pauses the movie and adjusts how he’s sitting so that he can fully face you. He gives you a curious look but you just shrug your shoulders helplessly.
Finally, your mother sighs and says, “Taehyung’s grandmother passed away two nights ago.”
You suddenly feel cold all over. Why are you only hearing about this now, from your mom of all people? Why hadn’t Taehyung told you himself? You try to think of the last time you spoke to him, and you realize that it’s been months. Ever since you and Jinyoung started dating, you’ve completely neglected him. And the realization that you promised you wouldn’t starts to weigh on you, and you’re crying before you know what’s happening.
“When’s the funeral?”
“Tomorrow,” she responds. You immediately stand up and swipe at your eyes, grabbing your coat from the front hall of Jinyoung’s apartment. He rises to his feet and pads after you, confusion plain as day on his face.
“I’m getting on the next bus,” you say. “See you soon.”
“What’s going on? Is everything alright?” Jinyoung asks in a minor panic as you grab your things and already have a hand on the doorknob.
“Family emergency,” you say, already weary. “Don’t worry. I’ll be back for class on Monday.” You rise to your tip toes and press a lingering kiss to his lips, to reassure him more than anything that you’re going to be okay. “Love you.”
“Love you too,” he murmurs against your mouth, stealing another peck. “Text me when you get to your parents’ house, okay?”
You nod. “Okay.”
You manage to catch a late bus to Daegu, and you make it home just before midnight. You text Taehyung to let him know you’re coming home, and you just get a heart emoji in response. You know how close Taehyung and his grandmother were. She practically raised him while his parents were busy making ends meet. She was always so kind and so warm, a precious soul who treated you like you were also her grandchild. She used to braid your hair and make you flower crowns when you were small, and the world is a little less bright without her.
It feels weird being back home. Since Seoul is so far, you don’t get to visit as often as you’d like. You really only make it home for the holidays, and even then, you don’t stay very long. But now that you’re here, everything seems so small. Everyone knows everyone else’s business, and it’s just not like that in the city. Everyone there is too busy focusing on achieving the next goal to worry about the trivialities of others. There it’s so loud, with cars and buses and drunken college students in the streets every weekend.
Here, it’s quiet. And in your neighbourhood too, it’s dark. Living on the border between rural farmland and suburbia means that there aren’t as many street lights to illuminate the roads. You haul your overnight bag over your shoulder and make your way up the driveway to your front door.
Your mom is there before you can even knock, pulling you into her arms in a tight hug. You can tell she’s been crying. Taehyung’s family is your family too, after all.
“You must be exhausted,” she says, kissing your crown. “Why don’t you wash up and get some rest?”
You can’t help but agree, your back stiff from sitting on a coach bus for three and a half hours. But once you’re all settled into your old room and lying in your childhood bed, you find yourself unable to fall asleep. You toss and turn for about fifteen minutes before you rest flat on your back and sigh loudly.
Turning your head, you see the framed photo of you and Taehyung from his birthday the year you turned eight. It was winter wonderland themed, and you and the other kids were allowed to make snow forts in the big field behind their house. The photo was of you and Taehyung cheek-to-cheek with rosy cheeks and noses from playing in the snow. It makes your heart ache thinking of the pain he must be in. So you send him a text.
[Sent 12:31am] Y/N: Hey. Can I call?
[Received 12:33am] Tae-Tae: Ok.
You tap the phone icon beside his name and wait as it rings. Taehyung picks up almost immediately, but he’s quiet on the other end.
You take the opportunity to speak first. “Hi.”
After a second, Taehyung responds, voice heavy with melancholy. “Hey.” He lets out a derisive laugh with no joy behind it whatsoever. “It’s good to hear your voice again. I was starting to think you forgot all about me.”
You don’t know how to address your absence in his life, and you don’t think you’re ready right this second to tell him about Jinyoung. So you deflect.
“How are you holding up, Tae-Tae?”
He’s quiet again, and you hate it when he gets like this. When he doesn’t know what to say, or how to process what he’s feeling aside from crushing despair, so he just stays quiet because he knows how much you hate to see or hear him cry.
Finally, he croaks out, “I’m not.”
You feel a tear slide from the corner of your eye down your cheek as you sit up in bed. “Do you want to talk about it?”
He laughs again, hollow and empty. “What would be the point? She’s gone.”
“I’m really sorry,” he cuts you off. “But I just…” He sighs hard on the other line and you play with a loose thread on your comforter as you wait for him to be ready. “Is it okay if we talk tomorrow? I just…have some stuff I want to say that I can’t do over the phone.”
You bite your lip, exhaustion just now beginning to settle into your bones. “Y-Yeah. Okay. Sure.”
“Okay,” he repeats, more to himself than anything. There’s another long stretch of silence, and then quietly, he adds, “I miss you.”
Miss. Not past tense. Present tense. His choice of words doesn’t escape your notice, and guilt starts to weigh heavily on you. Taehyung is supposed to be your best friend in the whole world, the person you’d spent every day with from ages six to seventeen. You love him, and he loves you, and you’re supposed to tell each other everything.
So why is it that he couldn’t tell you about his grandmother? And why is it that you feel like you can’t talk to him right now?
You realize you’ve gone quiet on your end and respond, “I miss you too, Tae. Try to get some rest, alright? I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you.”
He takes in a shaky breath and lets it out slow. “Okay. Goodnight.”
And then he hangs up.
The funeral takes place on a dreary Saturday. It isn’t raining, but it’s overcast. Taehyung stands with his family as he grips his mother’s hand. You stand with your own at their side, though you can’t quite see Taehyung when he’s flanked by both his parents. You hear him though, the quiet words of encouragement he sends to his mom, his voice thick as he works through the tightening of this throat to offer her comfort.
Other people in the neighbourhood, aside from just Taehyung’s family, also show up for the funeral. His grandmother was loved by many, and it at least warms your heart to know that she lived a long, happy life.
After the burial is over, Taehyung’s family hosts a reception at their home. You smooth out the fabric of your black dress after one of Taehyung’s cousins offers to take your coat. Gazing into the living room that is packed with friends and family, you try to spot Taehyung, but can’t seem to find him.
You wonder if maybe he’s in his room, just wanting to be away from all the noise for a second. You know that he wants to talk to you, to tell you something. But you can’t help but be a little worried, especially after how he’d ended the call last night. You know he’s hurting, and all you want to do is help.
So you slip past the crowd huddled around the refreshment table and tiptoe upstairs and down the hall, towards his bedroom.
You notice his door is slightly ajar, and he’s sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. You knock gently so as not to startle him, and he turns to look at you before rising to his feet.
He’s taller now, you notice. Broader too. He’s grown into his ears, his hair getting long with his fringe obscuring his eyes. His heart-shaped lips are pressed tightly together in a worried frown, and there’s a crease forming between his brows that you want to smooth out with the pad of your thumb. He looks…handsome. Different, but he’s still Taehyung. Your Taehyung.
You hate how breathless you sound as you say, “Hi.”
Taehyung doesn’t move at first. He just looks at you, eyes darting all over your face. He looks like he’s seen a ghost. You can’t stand the thick tension that settles between the two of you, so you boldly stride over to him and loop your arms around his middle, burying your face in his chest. He stiffens at your touch, but after a second, you finally feel him embrace you back.
You squeeze him a little tighter and that’s when the dam breaks.
“Fuck,” he whimpers, leaning his weight on you as you feel tears hitting your shoulder. You rub small circles against his back as he cries, his body wracked with sobs. You guide him back towards the bed and help him sit once his breathing evens out, and you fetch him some tissues from his desk so that he can blow his nose.
You sit beside him, still rubbing his back with your head on his shoulder. He doesn’t really make any move to touch you or hold your hand like he used to when you were kids and one of you was having a hard time. The thought of it makes your heart sink. Have you two really grown so far apart?
The silence is long and awkward. Something you’re not used to with Taehyung. But you suppose, it’s been two years since you’ve properly seen him in person. Even when you’d come home for winter break, things with your family are always so hectic that you never really get to see anyone outside of your extended relatives before you have to go back to school. There are so many things that are different now. You aren’t children and life stops for no one.
“How’s Jinyoung?”
You whip your head to face him, eyes wide. You never told Taehyung about him. Not for any particular reason, it just…never came up.
You swallow past the dryness in your throat. “How did you—”
“Your tagged photos on Instagram,” he replies quietly, staring at the floor. “I saw it last night before you called. And,” he notes, gesturing to your bare wrist. “You’re not wearing your bracelet anymore.”
Your hand immediately stills.
“Why didn’t…” He reaches up to pinch the bridge of his nose. You move your hand away from his back, settling it into your lap to nervously fiddle with your fingers. “Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?”
You search for words, but come up short. “I…”
“You what?” Taehyung spits. “You get your first boyfriend, and then what? I don’t exist anymore?”
It’s your turn to sigh. “Taehyung, you’re not being fair.”
“No, you know what, fuck that,” he seethes, getting up from the bed so that he can pace back and forth in front of you. You look up at him helplessly, wringing your wrists as he fists at his hair. “You promised me, Y/N. You fucking promised.”
You’ve made so many promises to Taehyung in the past that your brain short circuits trying to figure out which one he means. Frustrated, you challenge, “Promised what?”
You regret the words as soon as they leave your parted lips. Taehyung stops, his hands now hanging limply at his sides. His hair is a disheveled mess, and you swear you catch a glimpse of a falling tear as the light catches it on its way to the ground. When he answers, it’s barely above a whisper.
“That you’d wait for me.”
You feel your heart fall into your stomach, and you stand up, reaching for him. “Tae, I—”
He moves away from you, and you retract your hand as if you’d been burned. He reaches for something on his desk, and you can’t help the shaky exhale that leaves your lungs when you see that it’s another paper crane. This time, it’s made with black paper, and you can see the inscription done with silver ink.
“Here,” he mumbles, holding it out for you to take. “I made it for you yesterday when my mom told me you’d be coming back.”
You accept it, because how could you not? Wave after wave of guilt washes over you. It shouldn’t feel like this, you think, with Taehyung. This is your best friend in the whole world, the one you share everything with. Guilt isn’t something you should feel for having met someone, for accepting love from someone else. It isn’t fair that he’s making you feel guilty for being happy. For living your life. Nothing about anything makes sense anymore, and when you look back up, Taehyung is already halfway out the door.
“Tae,” you call out one last time. He turns, and his face doesn’t suit the sadness that mars it. You don’t know what to say, so you settle on, “I’m really sorry.”
He offers you a solemn half nod. “Thank you for coming. Grandma would have been happy to see you.”
And then he’s gone, leaving you in the solitude of his empty bedroom.
You look down at the paper crane, heavy in your palms. You read the words etched onto the wing and it makes you hate yourself just a little bit more.
“Thank you for not forgetting about me.”
You allow yourself just one minute to cry. One minute to face the fact that you feel like you’re losing the most important person in your life, and you don’t know what to do to fix things. You let yourself break down from the sadness of being all alone in a house that used to feel like an extension of your home. But now…it’s just a house. It’s just a house in a small town that has nothing left for you.
So after your sixty seconds are up, you muster up all your energy and do the only thing you can.
You go back to Seoul.
You’re twenty when the shift happens.
It’s also when things start to fall apart.
You haven’t spoken to Taehyung since his grandmother’s funeral. It’s been months. Your birthday came and went without a text from him, and it was the first time you cried yourself to sleep since you were in high school.
You feel like a piece of your soul has been ripped from your body. And what’s worse is that you know that if you were to give Taehyung a call, he would answer. Regardless of whatever fight you two are having, no matter how angry or frustrated or confused you are with how you feel, you know that if you need him, he will be there for you no matter what.
But you don’t call.
Because you’re scared.
Scared of what, you aren’t entirely sure. But after returning to Seoul from Daegu, something changed. You’d started isolating yourself more, focusing only on school and not spending time with any of your other friends or going out like you used to.
Jinyoung notices as well—notices that you don’t invite him over as often as you used to, that he needs to coax affection from you when you used to give it so openly. He definitely notices when you fake an orgasm just to be done with sex. Your mind has just been so preoccupied, and part of you had believed that being intimate with your boyfriend would snap you out of it.
But the entire time, your mind is elsewhere. And you don’t know how to ask him to stop, so you squeeze down on him and moan like you know he wants to hear, arching your back off the bed just so that he’ll hurry up and get off of you.
Once he’s finished, Jinyoung rolls back onto the mattress and stares at the ceiling. Your room is dead silent, save for the sound of the both of you catching your breaths. You take your blanket and tug it up so that it’s covering your nose and mouth, hoping that he won’t notice your obvious discomfort at just lying in bed beside him.
Jinyoung exhales hard through his nose. “You wanna tell me what’s on your mind?”
You bite your bottom lip so hard, you’re sure you’ve broken skin. “Nothing’s on my mind.”
“You’re a terrible liar,” Jinyoung remarks, sitting up and running a hand through his dark hair. He leans his elbows against his bent knees and stares off into the distance. “I know you’re in love with someone else.”
His remark shocks you so much that you sit up and scoot away from him, sheets clutched tight to your body. “What are you talking about?”
Jinyoung observes your body language and snorts, but it’s not one full of mirth. It sounds sad, like he’s finally coming to terms with something he’s been wrestling with for months.
“Even now,” he notes, lightly gesturing to your posture. “I just told you that I know you’re in love with another man, and instead of reassuring me and telling me that I’m crazy, you’re hiding. You’re hiding because you know I’m right.”
Your mouth feels so dry. You try to squeak out, “Jinyoung, that’s not true, I just—”
“Don’t,” he says with a tone of finality to it. He reaches down and grabs his boxers first, then slips out of your bed to gather the rest of his clothes. “I’m not stupid, Y/N. I know you’re not happy. Fuck, I’m not happy. And that’s not what a relationship is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be two people in love, not one person in love and the other pining over some guy from back in Daegu.”
Your blood runs cold. “W-what did you say?”
He exhales slowly, reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger. His face is scrunched in regret, as if he’s just revealed something he wasn’t supposed to know.
“When you came back from Daegu after you had that family emergency,” Jinyoung explains, “You seemed…different. Sadder. You wouldn’t talk to me about it, so I spoke to Chaeyoung. She told me about that friend of yours, Taehyung? The one who would always send you the paper cranes in the mail?” He chuckles derisively. “Best friends since age six. How am I supposed to compare to that?”
Your lower lip starts to tremble. By now, he’s fully dressed. “Jinyoung, you’re being unfair.”
He laughs again, louder this time. “I’m being unfair?” He scoffs. “You’re supposed to be my girlfriend. We’re supposed to be partners. If you’re having a hard time, you’re supposed to be able to come to me. I’m the one who has been here through everything, and yet I’m the one being tossed aside like I don’t matter.”
“But you do matter,” you insist, shifting to rise to your feet. Tears are blurring your vision now, but through the mist, you can see Jinyoung holding out a hand to stop you.
“I get it, you know,” he says, so quietly you almost miss it. “Really, I should have seen it coming. You used to talk about him all the time. Your friend from Daegu. You never told me his name because you wanted to protect me, right? Didn’t want me to know that you were only dating me so that you could get over him?”
You’re more confused than ever. “No, Jinyoung, that’s not it, you have it all wrong, I love you, I—”
“Please,” he cuts you off, voice strained. “Please just…let me talk, okay?”
You hiccup through a quiet sob as you hug your knees to your chest under the blanket. You nod. You can see in his eyes that he’s really hurting. And so if he needs to say his piece, you will let him. He deserves as much.
“I should have known right from the beginning when I found those boxes of paper cranes under your bed.”
Your heart stops dead in your chest and suddenly you’re furious. Wave after wave of confusion, anger, and betrayal wash over you as he continues to speak. Jinyoung was snooping around your things? Had he read all the messages that Taehyung had written for you over the years? Those were meant for the two of you only, not for anyone else.
You squeeze your eyes shut, trying to calm your mind. You want to scream at him. You want to tell him to get out, to leave, to never speak to you again. But then you open your eyes, and you see him standing by your bedroom door, eyes full of tears, heartbreak weighing his shoulders. And that’s when you know that you can’t.
As much hurt as you feel right now being confronted in this way, you know that Jinyoung is hurting even more. You don’t know exactly how long ago he found the cranes—he may have mentioned it, but you still can’t properly focus. You just know that the two of you aren’t meant to be. Maybe you were when you first met, and the two of you really were happy for the year and a half that you dated. But the space between you, both physical and metaphorical, is too great of a gap to conquer. And at this point, you don’t even know if you want to try.
And it’s the uncertainty that Jinyoung reads on your face clear as day.
“I’m going to go,” he says, placing a hand on the doorknob to your bedroom. “But we had a good run, yeah?”
A tear slips from your eye and rolls down your cheek. “The best.”
He shoots you a half smile before shoving his free hand into the pocket of his jeans. “Lock up after me, okay?”
You don’t shift to rise from the bed, but agree anyway. “Okay.”
And then you’re alone.
You slide your clothes back on, a simple tank top with an oversized hoodie and a pair of sweatpants. You make sure the front door to your apartment is locked, your fingers lightly grazing over the door handle where Jinyoung had been not moments earlier.
It’s hard to breathe in the silence. You feel your lungs starting to constrict, and then the tears start pouring out. You slide to the ground, back against the door as you cry into your sleeves. It takes you a minute to gather the strength to get up in search of your phone, but all you know is that right now, you’re not okay. Right now, you can’t be by yourself.
You’re dialling the number by muscle memory alone before pressing the device up to your ear. It rings once. Twice. Three times. And then—
His voice floods your ears and you let out a sigh of relief as it washes over you. It’s just your name, but when he says it, it sounds like music. You’ve missed his deep baritone so much over the past year that as soon as he speaks, you immediately break down again.
“Tae, I…I…”
“Where are you?” He immediately asks. You hear him shuffling, and the sound of car keys. “Are you at home?”
You sniffle, trying to calm your breathing. “Y-yeah.”
“Okay,” he says gently, and your heart clenches. You really don’t deserve a best friend like him. “I’m on my way.”
He hangs up before you get a chance to argue. You text him your address just in case he’s lost it, although you know that he probably knows it off by heart by now. You know that Taehyung is driving all the way from Daegu, so you curl up on the couch and decide to watch a movie to distract yourself while you wait. The movie plays, some chilling true crime documentary, and you jump slightly when you hear a knock on your front door.
Turning off the television, you scramble over and peer through the peephole.
It’s him.
You throw the door open and you’re breathless, looking up into the molten brown eyes that you hadn’t realized just how much you’ve missed. You just stare at him for a second, eyes searching his face, his brows furrowed in concern. He’s doing the same, taking you in, as if it’s the last time he’ll ever lay eyes upon you.
“Hi,” he says in a rush. You launch yourself into his arms at that, pressing your face to his chest and collapsing into a fit of sobs. Taehyung holds you steady, stronger arms than you remember leading you back into your apartment as he closes the door behind him with his foot.
He guides you to your couch and sits you down before you’re clinging to him again. You feel like an idiot for calling him and making him drive all the way down from Daegu just to comfort you through a break-up, but you suppose that’s the magic about Taehyung. You didn’t even have to ask, didn’t have to say anything other than his name and he was already on his way over.
Taehyung’s arm pulls you closer to his side, and you end up halfway in his lap with your head resting on his shoulder. Your nose brushes against the crook of his neck, and he stiffens for just a second before relaxing once more. He smells like cedar wood and cypress, a comforting smell that fills you with nostalgia.
After a few seconds, you squeak out, “I’m sorry, Tae-Tae.”
He glances down at you, and you can’t help but notice how close his face is to yours. “For what?”
“Making you come all the way here,” you say, moving away from him to give yourself a little distance. The rush of emotions filling you is too confusing—you blame it on the fact that you haven’t seen your best friend in about a year, and not the fact that he’s even broader and more chiseled than the last time you saw him.
Jinyoung’s words echo through your mind and you squeeze your eyes shut. You were just dumped by your boyfriend of over a year, how are you already thinking about someone else? You feel so conflicted, because you don’t want Jinyoung to be right. You don’t want to admit that somewhere deep down, over the course of your lives together, you started feeling something for Taehyung.
Who else would drive all the way down from Daegu to Seoul just to comfort you because he knew you couldn’t be alone? Who else would set aside whatever hurt he felt over the fight you had that made you not speak for a year, just to be by your side at this very moment? Who else does any of the things that Taehyung has ever done for you?
Your chest feels warm, and you know that Taehyung is watching you carefully. His arm is still around your shoulders, but it’s loose, and leaning more on the material of the couch than your body.
He fiddles for a second with the material of your sweater’s hood before letting out the tiniest chuckle through his nose. You turn to face him curiously, and his eyes are distant with thought.
When he notices you watching, he gestures to your clothes. “That’s my hoodie. I was wondering what happened to it.”
You look down at your sweater and swallow past the dryness in your throat. It is Taehyung’s, you realize. You had swiped it from his closet before leaving Daegu. It was your favourite hoodie of his, one that he always let you wear, even though it was his favourite as well. He always said it suited you better, so he just let you get away with it. You had brought it with you to Seoul so that you could bring a little piece of him with you, a small comfort in a difficult time of transition. You’d worn it so many times over the past few years that you forgot it was even his.
Taehyung looks around. “Is Chaeyoung home?”
You shake your head, using the sleeves to dry your eyes. “She’s at her boyfriend’s place tonight. Jinyoung was over, and…”
The implication is there, and you see hurt flash over Taehyung’s expression for just a fraction of a second. It’s there and gone so quick that you’re unsure if you actually saw it or not. You bring your knees to your chest and make yourself small on the couch. Taehyung notices and scoots closer, hand resting directly upon your shoulder as he brings you back into his warmth.
“It’s okay,” he says quietly. “You can talk to me.”
And so you do. You tell him about what happened with Jinyoung, leaving just a few details out. You tell him about how you knew that it was over with Jinyoung a long time ago, but just didn’t have the courage to end things. You tell him how much it hurt to realize you had fallen out of love with him when it was clear that he was still in love with you. He talks you through your breakup, lets you know that you’re an amazing person and the right guy will come along one day and sweep you off your feet in the way that you deserve. That you’ll be loved unconditionally, and that when it’s the right person, you’ll just know.
You look up at him then, and a silent moment passes between the two of you. Taehyung’s lips part gently, and you swear he’s getting closer. You feel drawn to him, like the pull of a magnet, but you know that this isn’t right. Jinyoung left only a few hours ago. And while you can’t ignore the way your heart hammers in your chest, you know that you can’t. Not right now.
“I’m tired,” you whisper before he can get any closer. “I think I need to go to sleep.”
Taehyung gives a quiet nod, but doesn’t look away from you for a second. You swallow, and decide to let yourself be selfish one more time.
“Come with me?”
Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice. You take him by the hand and lead him to your room, shuffling through your belongings to see if you have anything big enough for him to wear to bed. He’s already in a loose shirt, but his jeans pose more of an issue. You see a pair of Jinyoung’s sweats in one of your drawers, but the thought of giving those to Taehyung seems disrespectful to both of them.
“Hold on,” you say, before darting out of the room and towards Chaeyoung’s down the hall. Her boyfriend, Namjoon, is pretty tall and you know he’s left some clothes here before. You find a pair of pyjama pants in her closet and rush back to give them to Taehyung.
After he changes, the two of you slip under the covers. It isn’t the first time you’ve shared a bed together, but it’s the first time you’ve done so as adults. Taehyung turns to face you, and you do the same. You feel a tear slip from your eye, and Taehyung lifts his hand to brush it away with his thumb.
“Why are you crying?” He asks, voice deep and gentle.
“I don’t know,” you admit, scooting a little closer. “I missed you, Tae.”
He offers you a smile. “I missed you too, Y/N.” His hand moves from your face to rest along your waist, and you bite at your bottom lip to prevent any unwarranted sounds from escaping at his touch. But you don’t shy away from him either, letting him touch you, letting yourself be held by someone you care so much about and who you know just wants to protect you and keep you safe. “Get some sleep, yeah? We can go for pancakes in the morning.”
You smile at that, an ear to ear grin that has Taehyung smiling in turn. “Yeah?”
“Yeah,” he promises. He leans in and brushes a soft, barely-there kiss to your forehead, and you’re glad it’s dark in your room so he can’t see the blush that paints your cheeks. “Goodnight, Y/N.”
“Goodnight, Tae-Tae.”
You wake up the next morning feeling more rested than you have in ages. You move to sit up but realize that you can’t budge. You glance over to your side and see Taehyung fast asleep, his dark hair mussed and his cheeks puffy. He’s got a leg slung over yours and his arms hug your back to his chest, and he’s snoring just slightly as day breaks through your window.
You can’t help but smile and  allow yourself to sink back into his grasp for just a few more minutes.
Finally, the two of you get up and head over to your favourite hole in the wall diner for breakfast. Taehyung’s only been to Seoul a few times, so it’s a big deal for him to be in the city. He looks at everything with wide eyes and an even wider smile as you walk down the busy streets. You know that he wants to be here, wants to live an exciting life in the city with you nearby. You want that, too. You always have.
You get to the diner and you both order short stacks with way too many sugary add-ons. You’re digging into your breakfast when Taehyung says, “I’ve been meaning to tell you, I have a surprise.”
You crinkle your nose at the sight of him chewing with his mouth open. “Gross, Tae. What is it?”
He swallows with a roll of his eyes to get you to quit nagging, and it warms you to see that nothing has changed between the two of you. Finally, he announces, “I’m moving to Seoul.”
You nearly choke. “W-what?”
“My parents don’t need my help on the farm anymore,” he declares, and you can see that he’s practically vibrating with excitement. “I contacted the dean of admissions at SNU. You were right, they held onto my admission offer until I was ready. I’m moving here and starting work on my degree.”
After your brain finally processes the information, you lay your utensils down and slip into the opposite side of the booth where he’s sitting and hug him close.
“You’re moving here?”
“I’m moving here,” he affirms. And you feel your heart soar. The world is shifting, and you can’t help but feel like things are starting to move into place.
The two of you catch up over the rest of breakfast, and you offer to help Taehyung look for apartments while he’s here. He tells you that he still has to get back to Daegu, and that his parents are probably going to be worried if he doesn’t return soon. You promise to keep an eye out for listings for him anyway, and you can tell he’s just as excited to be getting out of Daegu as you were. Probably even more so, since he’s been trapped there even longer.
When he leaves, it’s with a bear hug and a promise to keep in touch, for real, this time. You both swear that you’ll never let anything like that tear your friendship apart again, and you tell him that you’ll count down the days until he moves to Seoul.
You get back to your apartment, and you feel lighter. Happy. You think to yourself that you should be sadder, more melancholy over your breakup, especially since you did love Jinyoung and the two of you were together for a long time. But as you tidy up your apartment a little before Chaeyoung comes home, your mind begins to wander.
You start to ask yourself if you were only with Jinyoung as a distraction, if he was right in that you were only using him to forget about someone else. And then once the distraction wasn’t working anymore, you stopped trying to pretend. You run a hand through your hair, wincing at the thought. You hope Jinyoung finds someone who will love him the way he deserves to be loved. He’s a good person, and he deserves a happy future with someone who will cherish him.
Once the common area is clean, you shuffle back into your room only to spot something on you desk. You let out the tiniest laugh at the sight. It’s a paper crane, made out of some scrap paper that Taehyung had no doubt found on your desk. You pick it up and look at the message written on the wing, something you haven’t done in over a year.
It’s longer than the other notes you’ve gotten from him, spanning over both wings, but then you realize that it’s a quote. You’ve heard him say it before, in quiet, contemplative moments. It brings a smile to your face as your eyes dance over the neat penmanship.
“Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.”
You chuckle to yourself before carefully pressing the crane flat and holding it close to your heart. Taehyung always did love quoting Van Gogh.
You’re twenty-one when you realize you’re in love with your best friend.
With Taehyung living in Seoul, it’s like nothing ever changed between the two of you. You hang out nearly every day, sleeping over at each other’s apartments a few times a week when it’s too late to walk home and neither one of you feel like spending money on a cab. Seeing him happy and thriving in the city brings you more joy that you can express. He takes up darkroom photography as a hobby, and you love looking through his contact sheets to pick your favourite shots.
The two of you are closer than ever. It’s confusing, feeling this way about Taehyung. But you can’t ignore how your heart feels when he’s nearby, how you get nervous around him when he looks into your eyes for a second too long. You tell yourself it’s nothing when you wake up with his arms around you, holding you like you’re lovers, and remind yourself that you’re just friends when he presses kisses to your forehead when you say you have a headache.
You may have been using that excuse a little more liberally than necessary in the recent past.
You’re in love with Taehyung. And admitting that to yourself is easier than you realize. It’s the fear of the unknown, of the possibility of rejection upon confession that has you waiting for the right moment to tell him.
Because how could you not? You two have never kept secrets from one another before, and you know that even if he doesn’t love you like you hope he does, you’ll find a way to work past it. You would rather tell him the truth and hurt for a little if he doesn’t reciprocate, than never tell him and keep more secrets from your best friend.
It’s the end of the year already, and everyone around you is abuzz with talks of New Year’s celebrations. But around this time, you never really think about New Year’s, if you’re being honest. You care more about the fact that it’s Taehyung’s birthday, and that you finally get to celebrate it with him in Seoul after so many years.
You manage to gather up your friends to throw him a surprise party in your apartment, which is where they’re all hiding, now. You and Taehyung had gone shopping for his birthday, and you had plans to go for dinner and drinks later. You tell him that you have to drop off your bags at home first, since you don’t want to bring all your stuff to the bar, and he agrees.
You open the door to your apartment and immediately slap your hand over your face when you see that your polite house guests have all taken off their shoes and left them along the front hall. You chuckle and take Taehyung by the hand, who is also biting back a smile, and lead him to where you both know your friends are attempting to hide.
With a flick of your finger, you switch on the lights. All of your friends jump out of their hiding places and scream, “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEHYUNG!”
He’s laughing so hard that his eyes have turned into crescent moons. Jimin emerges from the kitchen with a cake and lit candles, leading the singing when it comes time to shut the lights off again. Taehyung looks over at you with adoration in his eyes and you give him a one-armed hug.
“Make a wish,” you gesture to the cake. His eyes linger on you for a second longer before he turns and closes his eyes. He’s quiet for a few seconds, and then blows them out, getting all of them in one long breath.
Everyone cheers and claps before someone, presumably Yoongi, puts on some background music. It’s a chill hip-hop playlist that he curated a while ago that often plays when everyone gets together. If there’s one thing Yoongi is good at, it’s creating sonic atmospheres that fit every situation.
The party is in full swing. People in the kitchen are taking shots, a few of which you and Taehyung participate in, while others are in the living room either having nonsense conversations or playing Settlers of Catan. You notice Taehyung nursing a drink from the corner of the room, observing everyone quietly until he sees you watching him. You put your cup down and walk over to him, taking his free hand in yours and lacing your fingers together.
“I have a gift for you,” you whisper into his ear, needing to rise to your tip toes to do so. He turns to you with a grin and then gestures to the party.
“This wasn’t the gift?”
You laugh and shake your head, a warm and comfortable buzz humming through your veins. “Trust me. You’ll like this gift more.”
You sneak him away to your room, which you had expressed to your friends prior to their arrival was strictly off-limits (Chaeyoung graciously offered to use her room for everyone’s coats and bags). Once the door is closed and the two of you are alone, suddenly, you feel really nervous. Taehyung stands by your desk and his eyes dance over the little trinkets and things, as well as photos he’s taken that you’ve pinned to your wall.
While he’s distracted, you pick up the gift you bought him from under the table and hand it over. It’s in a bag with multicoloured tissues sticking out from the top, and he takes it from your hands with a boxy smile.
Moving the tissues aside, you see his face shift into a look of awe when he pulls the heavy book from the bag. He stares at the cover, holding the tome in his hands as he struggles to find words.
“It’s letters from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo,” you say, just to cut the tension. “I know how much you love him, and I read a few parts of it from a copy I found at the library a while back. I figured you would like it.”
“It’s perfect,” Taehyung breathes. “Thank you, Y/N. For…everything.”
“You’re welcome,” you reply, suddenly bashful. You look up at him and his eyes are on you, and he’s looking at you in a way that you can’t quite read. It’s now or never, you decide, and you take the book from his grasp and lay it on your desk. “I have something else for you. But you have to close your eyes.”
Taehyung cocks his head to the side but agrees, closing his eyes until they fall shut. Exhaling shakily, you take a step closer until you’re nearly toe-to-toe. You gently cup either side of his jaw and lift yourself up, pressing your lips against his. The kiss is soft and lasts only a few seconds, and when you pull away, you lean into his ear and whisper:
“I love you, Taehyung.”
You move to take a step back, bashfully looking away when you feel his arms loop around your waist and tug you flush against him. His lips are on yours again in a split second and you whimper against his mouth as he kisses you for all he’s worth. His hands are everywhere as your fingers tangle in his hair, both of you desperately trying to get closer and closer.
“Never thought I would get to do that again,” he jokes when he finally breaks away for oxygen. Then, as if he’s suddenly remembered something, he says, “I have a gift for you too.”
Your eyes automatically dart down to the growing bulge in his pants. He laughs and swats at your arm.
“Not that, you perv.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a paper crane, one made with paper that has little pink and red hearts all over it. He re-shapes it so that it stands up on its own and gives it to you, and you look up at him curiously before looking at the message.
Your heart nearly stops as you read the words.
“Because I love you.”
Tears are in your eyes as you repeat them. “You love me?”
Taehyung’s grip on you tightens, and he leans his forehead against yours. “I love you,” he affirms. “So much. And for so, so fucking long.”
You kiss him again at that. It’s slower this time, and now that you have both spoken your truths, there’s no need to rush. You’ve loved Taehyung your whole life, and you’ll continue to love him for the rest of it. You feel the back of your knees hit the edge of the bed and then you’re tumbling down, taking him with you. The length of his body is pressed flush to yours, his strong, lean thigh parting your legs as he slips his tongue in your mouth.
The moan that escapes your lips as he grinds into you is lewd and you have to remember that all of your friends are literally just down the hall. You try to be quiet but Taehyung is having none of that, his large hands playing with the hem of your shirt until he’s tugging it up and over your head.
His lips are everywhere, worshipping you with his mouth and tongue as he nips at the curve of your breast and maps out galaxies across your ribs and stomach. Under his questing fingers and insistent mouth, you feel like an absolute goddess. His touch is so reverent, so intoxicating, that you nearly cry out his name as he presses a kiss to your core through the denim of your jeans.
“F-fuck, Tae,” you whimper as he begins to slowly unzip your fly. “Please, I need you.”
“I have been waiting for years to hear you say that,” he admits, working the material down your legs. He drags your panties down too, and you sit up to unhook your bra. He’s still fully clothed, you realize, but there’s something so sexy about how he’s looking at you, crouched at the foot of your bed, your bare legs thrown haphazardly over his shoulders that you don’t protest just yet.
He presses a kiss to your inner thigh and you can’t help but shiver. The smirk he sends your way is devastating, and you feel yourself getting even wetter at the sight of him with his mouth so close to where you desire him the most.
“Keep your eyes on me, baby,” he murmurs before he’s flicking his tongue directly against your clit. You yelp, not expecting it when he closes his lips around your sensitive bud and alternates between sucking and flicking motions. Your thighs tighten around either side of his head until he pins them open, exposing you completely.
His eyes never leave yours as his tongue gets to work exploring you for the first time. He licks a stripe up your cunt, not too hard, but just enough so that you know he’s there. He pays extra attention to your clit, noticing just what makes your body sing and sigh so that he can do it again and again and again. You jolt slightly when you feel one of his fingers prodding at your entrance, and Taehyung kisses your mons gently.
“Really want to fuck you with my fingers,” he admits. “I’ve been dreaming of it for so long. Can I…?”
“Yes,” you gasp, fingers tangling in his hair. “Please, Tae, fuck—”
“So fucking beautiful,” Taehyung groans as he gathers your wetness on two of his fingers and starts to press them into you. You moan at the stretch, of the feeling of him touching you so intimately. You feel his knuckles slipping past your folds until his fingers are buried deep. Then he curls his fingers in a come hither motion and tugs gently on the front of your walls, and your eyes nearly roll to the back of your head. You slap your hand over your mouth as he rubs that spot over and over, lips and tongue back on your clit. You whimper and try to keep quiet, but the slick sound of Taehyung’s fingers fucking into you and his tongue lapping at your most sensitive area are just too much.
You feel yourself starting to shake, like that coil inside of you is about to snap. You can’t believe how well Taehyung knows your body already, how he can tell exactly what you need. You feel yourself teetering along the edge, and you gasp out that you’re close. Taehyung takes his free hand and fondles your breast, pinching at your nipple until you’re crying out.
“Come on my tongue,” he moans against your skin. “Come on my tongue and my fingers, come for me baby, c’mon, soak my face, I know you can do it—”
Your orgasm hits you so hard that you nearly scream. Hands fisting the sheets, you squeak out his name and buck your hips, grinding against his mouth as you come. His fingers keep working inside of you, as does his tongue on your clit, to prolong your pleasure for as long as possible. When the feeling starts to border on pain, you whimper and squirm away.
Taehyung kisses a wet trail up your stomach and between your breasts, stopping to lavish each nipple with attention as you impatiently tug at his shirt.
“Get naked,” you whine, gripping his sleeve. “This is torture.”
Taehyung smirks at you, purposely slowing down as he licks and suckles along your neck. “Baby, I haven’t showed you torture yet,” he purrs with an edge to his voice. You can feel how hard his cock is through his jeans, and the rough scratch of denim against your sensitive core is becoming too much.
You start to grind against him, aching for some kind of relief, and it’s your turn to grin when you see him squeezing his eyes shut.
“Fuck, you’re going to be the death of me,” he pants, sitting back on his haunches as he peels off his shirt. You get to work on his belt and his jeans, unable to stop yourself from staring when you see just how big he is. You look up at him with wide eyes and he laughs breathlessly. “You really know how to make a guy feel good, you know that?”
He moves to kick off his jeans and boxers, and then you’re finally both bare, both exposed and vulnerable for the first time. Taehyung places his hands on the bed and crawls over you, pressing his lips to yours to kiss you slowly. The kiss is gentle at first, and then becomes more insistent as he adds more pressure. His tongue on the seam of your mouth coaxes you to open up not only your lips, but your thighs as well. You part both for him as he settles himself against your heat.
Your thumbs massage gentle circles against his jaw as his tongue gently caresses yours. You hitch your leg over his hip and bring him closer, moaning quietly as you feel the underside of his cock brushing against your clit.
“Condom?” He asks, panting. You shake your head.
“I’m on the pill and I’m clean,” you say in a rush. “Just wanna feel you. I trust you.”
“M’clean, too,” he promises, dipping down to kiss you again. “Been waiting for this moment my whole life. I love you, Y/N. So much.”
“I love you too, Tae,” you murmur against his lips. You trail your hand down to grip his cock, hot and heavy in your palm. You take some of your slick and pump it along his shaft, and you love the groan that leaves his throat at the sensation. Then you guide the head of his cock to your soaking entrance, and he slowly pushes into you.
The stretch is immense, but not painful as he fills you inch by inch. This, you realize, this is how it’s supposed to feel when you’re with the right person. Taehyung fills you so completely, like the missing piece of a puzzle, and you whimper out his name once he’s reached the hilt.
You feel his hot breath against your neck as he just stays there for a minute, cock pressed deep into you, unmoving. It’s as if you’re both memorizing each other, this feeling of being so close and yet needing to be closer still. You squeeze your walls down on him just slightly and he chokes on a breath.
“Fuck,” he grunts. “We really were made for each other, huh?”
“Yeah,” you breathlessly agree, turning to kiss the corner of his mouth. “I feel it, too.”
He pulls out nearly all the way before thrusting back in, slowly, so that you can both savour the feeling. You sigh out his name and hook your legs around his waist, urging him to go deeper, harder.
Taehyung obliges, his lips never leaving yours as he braces his knees on the bed and one hand against your headboard, and starts to fuck you harder. The way he rolls his hips makes you dizzy, and you’re clawing at his back to pull him in even more. It’s so intoxicating, having him this close, bare skin against bare skin, offering up your rawest forms to one another. You feel his heartbeat against yours, pulsing in rhythm.
You whimper at his next deep thrust, one that has you shifting slightly up the bed. The pleasure is starting to overwhelm you. You’ve never felt more safe in anyone else’s arms, never felt more loved, more adored. Taehyung makes your heart soar, and the realization that you want to be with him forever brings tears to your eyes. You gasp out that you’re going to come, and his fingers are on your clit in an instant, somehow always knowing exactly what you need.
His name falls from your lips as you come, clenching down on his cock like a vice. He thrusts shallowly through your orgasm to prolong it as long as possible, his arms holding you as you quake and shiver from the aftershocks. Once you’ve come down, your eyes flutter open and you see Taehyung gazing down at you, his eyes full of wonder.
“You look so beautiful when you come,” he confesses, blush dusting his cheeks and chest. You laugh, a little breathless, and reach up to kiss him.
“Your turn to show me what you look like,” you purr against his lips. “Fill me up, Tae. I want to feel you, please…”
Not needing to be told twice, Taehyung adjusts the angle of his hips and starts fucking you harder, the blunt head of his cock pummelling against your g-spot. You feel that familiar heat starting to pool again, and you’re still shaking from the overstimulation. But Taehyung sees this and keeps doing it, keeps focusing on fucking your g-spot over and over until you’re moaning loudly and the bed frame is rattling against the wall.
“Come with me, baby,” Taehyung begs, lips and teeth on your neck. “I know you’ve got one more in you. Need you to come with me. I’m going to count you down, and then you’re gonna come on my cock. Okay?”
You feel your walls fluttering already, but you try to suppress your urge to come and weakly reply, “Okay.”
“Okay,” he pants, fucking you harder, the wet slap of his hips against yours obscenely filling the room. “We’re gonna come together in five.”
He maintains the same pace, but thrusts a little bit harder.
Harder still. It’s when his fingers land on your clit that you actually let out a scream.
You’re a mess as he fucks you faster, stapling your hips to the mattress with every thrust. You’re certain you’ll bruise after this, marks you’ll wear like badges of honour. But that’s for later. Right now, you need to come, and he’s stalling. You blink up at him and see that he’s watching you, making sure you’re paying attention.
“What number are we at, sweetheart?”
You shiver at the pet name, and manage to squeak out, “Two.”
“Mm, good girl,” he grunts as he buries his head into the crook of your neck and delivers another particularly hard thrust. He feels you shaking underneath him as he furiously rubs at your clit. He can see in your eyes your desperation, your need for him. But he wants to stall for just a second longer. Just a little bit longer—
“Tae,” you cry out, your throat dry. “P-please, I can’t h-hold it, I—”
Come, you hear him order. You feel like you’re floating. Like there’s nothing that exists in the universe except you and Taehyung, bathed in a beautiful white light as pleasure ripples through your bodies at the same time. It’s overwhelming, how good he feels, how intimate and right it feels to be with each other in this way. You cling to him, holding each other as you both reach euphoria in the safety of one another’s arms. You feel him filling you with thick ropes of come, marking you as his, and you take all that he has to give until you’ve both come down from your highs.
He lifts his head to look at you, gazing into your eyes before you pull him in for a kiss.
After he pulls away, Taehyung murmurs, “Thank you.”
“Hm?” You nuzzle your nose against his. “For what?”
He grins at you, big and boxy, and the sight alone makes you smile.
“For making my birthday wish come true.”
The two of you quietly clean up and get dressed once again, remembering that there’s a party just outside in the next room. Taehyung helps you straighten up your hair as best he can, though it still looks a little matted in the back. And you try to tame his hair as well, though your determined fingers had been keen knotting his locks. Once you both look somewhat presentable, you place your hand on the doorknob.
“Wait,” Taehyung says. You turn to face him, and he simply kisses you. You melt against him, so happy to finally be able to do this whenever you want. He pulls away and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” you respond, and give his hand a squeeze. You intertwine your fingers and open the door, stepping out to rejoin the party.
Chaeyoung is the first to notice when you come back and she literally screams when she sees the two of you.
“Finally! Oh my god, Namjoon, look, it finally happened!” Chaeyoung is still screaming, tugging on her boyfriend’s arm. Everyone then turns and sees the two of you holding hands looking bashful, along with the blossoming dark marks dotting your neck, and a chorus of cheers rings out through the room. You playfully glare at your friends that are blatantly exchanging money, and hide your face against Taehyung’s chest when Jimin and Jungkook come over to high-five you both.
“We have been waiting for this day since forever,” Jimin drawls, alcohol slurring his words slightly. “Kookie and I had a bet to see if you would get together before the end of the year, and you just made it with a day to spare. So now Jungkook owes me fifty bucks.”
“Two more sleeps!” Jungkook whines. “You lovebirds couldn’t wait for two more sleeps?”
“Regardless,” Jimin interjects. “Thank god it finally happened. I don’t think I could have waited much longer.”
“Hey,” Chaeyoung butts in, Namjoon watching her in amusement. “You don’t get to complain about waiting for those two idiots to get together. Did you know I was there when they met? And did you know that I figured out that Taehyungie had a crush on Y/N the second week that he joined our class?”
You look up at Taehyung in alarm. “You’ve liked me for that long?”
Taehyung blushes, suddenly bashful as he gives your hand a squeeze. “Yeah. Since the first day we met. Chaeyoungie figured it out and flat out asked me one day at recess. She had me cornered, so I had to tell her. But she promised she would keep it a secret. And, apparently to her credit, she has.”
“Damn right, I have, I’m a great friend,” she grumbles. “Even though it literally killed me to see you both not acting on your feelings for over a decade.”
“Enough about that,” you say hastily, waving your arms. “It’s Tae’s birthday. Did you want to open presents? I can get you a slice of cake.”
Taehyung just chuckles and nods at your obvious ploy to divert your friends’ attentions. “Sure. Let’s go open presents.”
“Can I also just say,” Jungkook declares, a shit-eating grin on his face. “I don’t know what was going on in there, but Tae, you deserve a high-five.”
You swat at your younger friend in dismay. “Jungkook!”
“You were pretty loud,” Chaeyoung admits with a shrug. Jimin nods pretty vigorously.
“Neither of you noticed when we turned up the volume on the music?”
Taehyung glances at you and scratches at the back of his neck. “Uh, no…we were…a little…preoccupied.”
You groan and slap your hand over your face. “Did everyone hear us?”
From across the room, Yoongi barks, “Yup.”
You’re about to hang your head in shame when Jimin lifts his cup. “I propose a toast!”
You and Taehyung are handed drinks, some fruit punch concoction that Seokjin mixed up. You all raise your cups as Jimin ponders what to say. Suddenly, he snaps his fingers, and beams at the two of you.
“To wishes coming true.”
You lean up and peck Taehyung on the cheek.
“To wishes coming true.”
You’re twenty-three when Taehyung folds his 1000th paper crane.
Being with Taehyung is like a dream come true. He really is unconditional with his love, and even when he simply looks at you, it makes your heart beat a little faster against your ribcage. He’s just so passionate and so open about his love for you, and being with him is incredible.
Not that it isn’t also without hardships. Every relationship falters from time to time. Angry words are exchanged, stubborn attitudes have gotten in the way of reason and logic and instead allowed for emotion and hurt to rule. But you always come back to one another, always talk it out. Because you both know that love is a choice, and that being in love and staying in love takes work. And so you both put in the work.
It doesn’t take you both long to decide that it’s time for the two of you to move in together.
And after months of planning, it’s moving day. It’s a day that’s been a long time coming. The two of you were already basically living together in Taehyung’s tiny bachelor apartment, but this new apartment is going to be the both of yours. A shared space for the two of you, one that you can make a home.
You’re unloading the last of the boxes from the truck into your new place, surveying the area with a sigh. You and Taehyung have already decided on what colours to paint the walls and what art to buy, so it’s just a matter of getting everything unpacked and sorted.
“Are there any more boxes left in the truck?” Taehyung asks, stretching out his spine with his arms raised above his head. You plop down on the couch and groan, shutting your eyes for just a second.
“That’s the last of it. Finally.” Cracking an eye open to peer at your boyfriend, you ask, “Did you want to start unpacking now?”
Taehyung shrugs, lifting the lid off a box that’s labelled Kitchen. “Might as well. We can unpack for a bit and then maybe go get something to eat in a few hours?”
You rise up to your feet, heading for your new bedroom. “Sounds like a plan. I’m going to make the bed and unpack our clothes, okay?”
He’s already trying to figure out the best place to put your drinking glasses, peering at each cabinet for what feels like the perfect spot. “Okay. I’ll come help you once I finish up in here.”
You make your way into your room, the bed having already been delivered and assembled prior to your actual moving day. You, being the more organized of the two of you, had scheduled your moving day so that it would be a little later in the month. That way, you and Taehyung were able to order your new furniture and assemble it without all the clutter of cardboard boxes getting in the way. Now, it was mostly just a matter of unpacking your essentials and decorating.
Unpacking goes relatively smoothly. You’re done organizing yours and Taehyung’s clothes, placing his silk button-ups on hangers so that they can be properly stored. There’s a pile of flattened cardboard boxes on the ground in the corner of the room, a symbol of your triumph and accomplishments. You’re feeling good, having found your second wind, and reach for another box.
When you lift the lid, you suddenly freeze. It’s the box you packed that has three shoe boxes in it, and you gingerly lift out each one, placing them down on your bed before doing away with the larger cardboard box. You take a seat at the edge of the bed and place one of the shoe boxes in your lap. You lift the lid and see all those paper cranes, made of different sizes and different kinds of paper.
You can’t help but smile, thinking about how Taehyung’s been getting back into the habit of making you paper cranes again recently. He had stopped for a while when you first started dating, maybe giving you one every few months, but as of late, he’s been making them more and more. And the messages he’s been writing on the wings have been for little things, nothing major or monumental like when you were kids.
You recall just last week, he made you one  that just read, “Because you made me the best coffee ever” after you bought a new Nespresso machine. Taehyung always did like celebrating the everyday moments, the ones that you would have probably overlooked. That’s one of the things that makes being with Taehyung so exciting, so wonderful. He makes every day seem like magic.
You’re just in the process of reading some of his old messages, the ones with messier penmanship that were crafted by a child, when you hear a throat clearing by your bedroom door. You look up and see Taehyung smiling at you, hands stuffed in his pockets.
“Kitchen’s mostly unpacked,” he states, wandering over to you. “What are you looking at?”
Gesturing to the boxes, you smile, “The cranes that you’ve made me over the years.” You scoot over to make room for Taehyung, who immediately takes a seat at your side, thighs touching as he loops one arm around your waist and rests his chin on your shoulder. Pecking you on the cheek, he gives a low whistle.
“That’s a lot,” he notes. “I can’t believe you kept all of them for all these years. When you see them all in one spot like this, it looks kinda crazy.”
His tone is bashful, almost a little embarrassed. You turn to face him, pressing a sweet, soft kiss against his lips. “It’s not crazy,” you promise. “It’s a beautiful, romantic gesture, and it’s made me so happy ever since we were kids. And it still makes me happy when I look at them. So there.”
Taehyung laughs at your tone of finality and nuzzles his nose against the crook of your neck. “Okay.”
You lean into his embrace, an automatic reflex at this point. You shuffle through the cranes until you find the one you’re looking for. You gasp when you see it, and you carefully pull it out. It’s old and worn, yellowing along the edges, but it’s the one. The one made from a ripped out piece of notebook paper, with butterflies drawn all over it, flying through an open meadow. Your eyes start to well up when you read the first message Taehyung ever wrote for you: “Because you stuck up for me.”
“The first one I ever made you,” Taehyung notes quietly, his arm tightening around your waist. “I remember that day so clearly. I remember when you came over and scared away those bullies, I thought you were an angel.”
You laugh at that, nudging him playfully. “Oh, come on. That can’t be true.”
“It is,” Taehyung insists. “You’ve meant so much to me since we were little kids, you know? And I’ve loved you ever since then. We’ve seen each other grow up, seen the best and worst parts of one another…” Taehyung sits up a little straighter and looks deep into your eyes as he says, “No one in the world knows me as well as you.”
You lift your hand to brush his fringe out of his eyes, lingering to softly caress his cheek as he leans into your touch. “The same goes for me,” you promise. And then you joke, “I feel like you know more about me than my mom does.”
He laughs at that. “Probably.” Taehyung suddenly goes quiet, his eyes focused on the boxes of paper cranes on the bed. “How many have I made for you?”
You ponder for a second. “A lot. Maybe around nine-hundred…”
“Nine hundred and ninety-nine,” he replies. “The one I gave you three days ago was number nine hundred and ninety-nine.”
You cock your head to the side. “Why did you ask if you already—”
Taehyung suddenly looks nervous. You see it in how his expression changes, how his shoulders curl inwards and how his foot taps anxiously against the ground.
“I love you,” he says, and it sounds like he’s saying it for the first time. He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out. “I love you, and I want you to have this.”
It’s a paper crane, one that he takes his time properly re-shaping so that it can stand on its own before laying it on the flat of his palm and extending it out to you.
“Number one thousand,” you remark with a smile, picking it up and holding it in your hands. You frown slightly, noticing that it’s heavier than it should be. It feels a little like something is inside of it, and you regard Taehyung curiously when you see that there’s no message on the wing like their usually is.
He bites at his lip slightly, and you feel your heartbeat drumming faster and faster.
“Open it.”
With shaking fingers, you carefully unfold the piece of paper until it’s flat in your hands. You look up at Taehyung, tears rolling down your cheeks, as he slips from the bed and takes your hand, lowering himself to one knee.
Taped to the inside of the paper is an engagement ring, along with the message, “Will you make my wish come true?”
You can barely see Taehyung through the tears, but you’ve never been happier. The way he’s looking at you now, open and honest, makes you even more sure of your answer.
“I know we’re young,” Taehyung says in a rush. “And I know we’re just moving in together now, and that I’m still only halfway done school. But we can always wait to get married, it doesn’t have to be anytime soon, I just needed to ask you because if I didn’t, I was going to explode, and I—”
“Yes,” you laugh, wiping hastily at your eyes. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”
Taehyung carefully removes the tape from the ring and slips it on your finger, his boxy smile practically blinding as he takes in the sight of you as his fiancée for the first time. Once the ring is securely on your finger, Taehyung kisses you, and it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. You quickly clear everything off the bed, albeit a little hastily, as Taehyung’s curious hands start to wander, and your clothes, one by one, hit the floor.
You take your time with one another, committing each other’s bodies to memory with your mouth and hands before Taehyung finally slides home and has you seeing stars. His touch is like fire, melting away any fears or insecurities about the future until all you can see and feel is him on you, inside of you, offering you forever and you gladly accept with an open heart.
Boxes are left abandoned for the echo of moans along the temporarily barren walls. You never do finish unpacking the rest of the apartment that night.
Instead you fall asleep, tangled in the arms of your soulmate, bare skin against bare skin. You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with Taehyung, though it wasn’t as if living without each other was ever going to be an option, anyway. Not with how the universe put the two of you together. Your best friend, your fiancé, and two years later once Taehyung gets his degree, your husband, and a few years after that, the father of your children.
You’ve never been loved so wholly, so completely, so unconditionally as you have with Taehyung. And while it might have taken him a thousand paper cranes to muster up the courage to propose, but you can’t help but think that he’s been making every single one of your wishes come true since he walked into your classroom in Daegu all those years ago.
You can’t wait for forever with him. So for now, you sleep, the brilliant diamond resting upon your ring finger full of promises of a bright, beautiful future with Taehyung by your side. Just as it was destined to be.
A/N: Finally, it’s done! I hope you liked it. I’ve never written in this kind of format before, so I hope it all made sense. Let me know what you think, and please share it if you enjoyed! Constructive feedback is always welcome :)
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pushin’ limits
⤑ pairing: kim taehyung x reader
⤑ genre: smut/humour + frenemies to lovers & roommates au
⤑ word count: 19k
⤑ warnings: explicit sexual content, descriptive dirty talk, oral (m&f), deepthroating, masturbation, fingering, overstimulation, mentions of alcohol consumption, some use of daddy kink, creampie, dom-ish!tae, (smudge bit of) pussy and ass spanking, degradation (slut calling), cum play, orgasm denial, edging, public sex, forced orgasms, unprotected sex (stay safe kids!), my sad excuse for humour (im so sorry omg), also a v excessively cocky & smug kth aHA, oh and lots and lots of sexual tension :))
⤑ summary: it’s why you shouldn’t have these feelings. this is taehyung—a man who refuses to be tied down into a relationship for reasons you haven’t figured out. it’s just who he is—how he works. and despite it all, that bud of feelings begins to grow
⤑ author’s note: posting for the second time cuz tumblr screwed me over asdfghjkl fml
Tumblr media
You need sleep—desperately.
More than anything you’ve ever needed in your life, you need sleep.
There is an ache in your legs that begins to burn and you realize how badly you need to lie down and recover from one of the worst days of your life. With every step you take, the overwhelming exhaustion in your bones continues to grow.
Had you known your new job would be demanding, you would have never listened to your best friend—that conniving son of a bitch—and taken it in the first place. You would have simply stuck to your old job, one where you weren’t being harassed every second of the day by rude customers and a fear monger boss.
It’s only been three months and you already regret the irrational decision you made to work there.
Stupid fucking café and it’s stupid open twenty-four fucking hours policy.
An exasperated sigh escapes your lips as you enter your shared apartment complex, relieved to finally be home as you throw your keys on the dish atop the entry cabinet.
Your surprised when you aren’t welcomed by a familiar pair of brown eyes accompanied by a body that is usually surrounded by an unhealthy amount of empty ramen cups with his ass glued onto the couch as he plays Overwatch longer than what one would deem normal.
Your eyes sweep across the living room, half expecting a towering figure to appear out of nowhere and pounce on you. But it never happens and you start to assume that for once in his Goddamn life, your roommate’s finally gone to sleep at a reasonable fucking hour.
Lucky for you too because you that meant wouldn’t have to go to sleep trying to block out the occasional proclamations of, “Take that, mother fucker!” or “Fuck, yeah!” that wakes you up at ungodly hours you’d much rather be sleeping through.
To say you’re impressed would be an understatement—!
Your hands go flying to your mouth as you muffle a gasp, heart leaping out of your chest as the barely audible sound.
As your heart reverts to its normal pace, your mind runs in circles debating on whether you should check it out or leave your roommate to deal with it. But just as you’re starting to realize the source of the sound, eyes widening in realization and cheeks flooding with heat—!
“O-oh my God, Taehyung!”
It’s sex.
You’re listening to the sound of sex.
You bite back a groan that lingers in the back of your throat, the last bit of your sanity completely gone as you purse your lips with the desire to yell. With a failed attempt to drown out the noise that bounces off the walls and around the apartment, you glare into the dark abyss.
Your roommate is a dead man.
Gritting your teeth, you walk towards your own room.
It completely slips your mind that it’s right across from Taehyung’s until you get closer. Your mind is clouded with the dozens of different things you’ll do to Taehyung if he starts another round in the middle of the night while you’re trying to sleep—because God knows he will with that stamina of his.
They’ll spend the whole night fucking like rabbits.
You groan, stopping a few feet away from your door.
Your eyes drift towards Taehyung’s room against your will and you have to bite back the whimper in your throat when you see that your suspicions are right; his door is wide fucking open. Glancing over to Taehyung’s exposed room, you catch a glimpse of post-sex intimacy that makes you want to gouge out your eyes, while simultaneously sending a rush of heat to your cheeks.
Kim Taehyung is a dead fucking man.
You’ve seen so much—too much, really—in the past few months, it’s a miracle you haven’t already gouged out your eyes.
You met each other through mutual friends, nothing more than acquaintances in each other’s lives until three months ago. He used to be the kid in your Monday morning class that was always, always surrounded by a herd of girls. Back then, you barely spoke to another aside from small greetings in brief passings.
However, an eviction notice, trip to a bar (turns out, it’s his favourite) and a few shots later you found yourself here; sharing an overpriced apartment with your campus fuckboy—as your friends claimed he was.
You don’t recall how you both came to the decision to become roomies. You both were too wasted to have remembered the explicit details, but you think it had something to do with the fact you knew how to cook and he lived off of microwavable meals and booze.
You never believed him when he said it until he tried baking pancakes one morning, almost setting the pan on fire in the process. It was like a match made in heaven—in his perspective anyway.
Fast forward a few months and here you are.
Now, you realize you somehow managed to become roommates with one of the most intolerable people on this planet. What was supposed to be a solution to all your I’m-about-to-be-homeless problems caused a million others.
Sure, you’re both friends, but that doesn’t stop Taehyung from pushing all your buttons until you were a cursing mess. Apparently, when it comes to you, pushing your buttons is his favourite thing to do.
And God does he know how to push your nerves.
While most girls were—are jealous that you’re sharing an apartment with Taehyung, you could name a hundred and one reasons why you envy the ones who do not.
And it does not help that he made it his personal goal to get you to sleep with him.
Until recently, he hadn’t noticed that you grew unfazed to his flirtatious antics. Sure, it made you a stuttering mess at first, but a month later and you were unfazed. It’s hard to be fazed when he uses the same lines on every girl he comes across; the words hold barely any meaning to you.
Unfortunate to you, Taehyung loves a challenge and you become his next one. And he’s doing a darn good job at winning.
Somehow—probably because he’s a walking God—you found yourself on your knees a few nights ago giving him the best blowjob of his life, according to him anyway. And somehow, he managed to convince you to let him make you come on his fingers in return. However, what was supposed to be one release became four and you found yourself passed out until noon the next day.
He’s been using every trick in the book to get you to sleep with him, since. Never crossing the line, but sure as hell threading near it.
With each passing day, he was finding ways to break through your exterior and into the beating muscle in your chest—and with each passing day, he came closer and closer to breaking your resolve completely.  
A loud thud! emits through the small apartment as your door slams shut. With a bit of your lower lip, you suppress the embarrassed groan that attempts to slip out of your mouth.
You run your fingers through your knotted hair, tugging at the ends in frustration. Your roommate is cuddling with a complete stranger and it brings an emotion you’d rather not be associated with embrace your heart; jealousy.
It’s a small wave, full of envy, but it’s there. And for a fleeting moment, it stays; your heart offering a home to an ugly green monster.
You dismiss it as you begin to discard your clothes.
You’re annoyed, you tell yourself as you kick off your pants. Another huff and your top is gone too, resting at the side of your foot. He’s been courting you for weeks but continues to sleep with other girls and that makes you sick to your stomach.
Even though you know this is Taehyung, a man who refuses to be tied down into a relationship for reasons you have yet to figure out—it irks you. You know that even if he courts one woman, he will still sleep with another; it’s just who he is—how he works.
It’s why you shouldn’t have these feelings—these uneasy feelings that fill up in your chest when you think of him.
The cool air nips at your skin. It sends shivers down your back as you walk around bare, grabbing the oversized t-shirt that you stole from Hoseok before you claimed it yours, the ends of it grazing your knees.
You sit on the edge of your bed, falling on top of your sheets with a soft thud as you look up at your ceiling.
Not long after, you feel a deep slumber beckons you with open arms.
And that’s when you hear it again.
A small thump at first that, too soon, is followed by a quiet thud.
You groan overtop of muffled moans that are distinct enough for you to easily identify who they belong to and it leaves you hot and bothered. And it’s not just because you haven’t had sex in months and as a result get turned on by the simplest of things (that is one of the reasons, though).
It’s because you hear him—the same him you’re trying to get out of your head right now, for your own sanity and sleep.
You shoot up from your bed, running your hands down your face as you remind yourself, “Happy thoughts, ___, happy thoughts.”
Dogs. Money. Your best friends. Food. Sex. Orgasms. Kim Taehyung. Taehyung’s smile. Taehyung’s swollen, bulging cock. Taehyung’s stupid fucking laugh. And—oh fuck.
“Fuck,” you mutter under your breath, aware of the knot forming in the pit of your stomach.
You try to push any and every thought of Taehyung and his mouth-watering, swollen cock pounding into your pussyso you could focus on more important things and not what it would feel like to have him fill you up to the brim—oh God.
You take in a sharp breath, repeating the words grams, puppies, baseball over and over until they’re the only thing on your mind.
It’s all a warning you, you think—to put an end to this problematic, purely physical crush of yours.
Whatever these emotions meant, Taehyung is nothing more than your roommate. He is just a piece of shit that you could do good straying away from—both romantically and sexually.
Unfortunate to you, the apartment is not soundproof and so noise travels very, very easily. Specifically speaking, the sounds of sex. It bounces off the walls and slips through the cracks of your door and right into your ears.
So there’s nothing you can do except attempt to sleep through it like you do through other nights because you’re not about to cock block your roommate—but then again, he does deserve it.
When you turn to face away from your door, throwing the covers over your head you cannot help but glare into the darkness.
Taehyung is so fucking dead.
Tumblr media
“Come on, sweetheart.”
The usual rush of warmth at the term of endearment doesn’t follow—not even the slight flutter of your heart and the thousand flowers that bloom in your stomach. Nothing but a storm is left in its wake and you’re plenty sure as to why.
“Not today, Kim,” you grumble as you exit the elevator. “You’re going to need a lot more than a simple apology to keep me from kicking your ass this time.”
When you’re met with no response, your brows pinch together, glancing over your shoulder to see what stopped him from retorting with a snarky remark like he had been this entire morning. You expect to see him rolling his eyes at you or something that isn’t him shamelessly eyeing your ass, tongue prodding the inside of his cheek.
You’re simultaneously turned on and angered as you see the carnal look in his eyes. You don’t know which emotion to listen too as you stop in your tracks to take in the appreciative look on his face as his eyes linger on the curve of your ass.
He takes notice of your lack of movement, eyes drifting to meet your stare. They light up with mischief as if he knows the effect he has on your body, specifically speaking the traitorous organ between your legs.
“You were staring at my ass.”
It wasn’t a question.
A shameless hum with a twitch of his lips. “Mhm.”
Your fingers come up to pinch the bridge of your nose.
“Kim Taehyung—!“
“Can you blame me,” he asks with a grin. “You have a really nice ass, babe.”
“I’m going to kill you.”
“Kinky.” He winks at you as he walks past you. You fist your hands, crossing your arms over your chest in an attempt to keep your anger at bay. “Didn’t know you were into that stuff, sweetheart.”
You whip around, stalking after him as you let out a breath of intangible nonsense.
“Listen here you overgrown fuck,” you spit out, catching his attention. He turns around at your words, cocking a brow as he waits for you to continue. You shove a finger into his chest, effectively pushing him an involuntary step back. “First off, I’m still pissed at you so I’d be careful at what comes out my mouth next if I were you, unless you really want me to retaliate for the shit you pulled last night—!”
Another step closer.
“—and second of all, incase your drunk ass forgot last night in-between eating all my food and fucking all night, it’s ___.  Not sweetheart or pumpkin or princess or whatever other stupid pet names you have in that head of yours—___. Really not that hard to say once you get the hang of it, babe.”
You stare him down even though he’s at least a head taller than you. He blinks at you, eyes a fraction larger than they were before. Soon his shock is replaced with amusement, lips curling into that stupid smirk and you don’t know if you want to slap him or kiss him or both.
His eyes flicker from your lips to your eyes and you realize how close the two of you are.
He leans down a fraction closer than you would consider comfortable, feeling his warm breath fan over your face.
Brown, chocolate eyes scan over your features, lingering on your lips more than you deem appropriate before they flicker back to meet your gaze. The amusement on his lips only deepens as he notices you gulp at the close proximity.
“You’re cute when you’re mad.”
And with that, he turns around and walks back to your shared complex leaving you behind to catch your breath. You didn't realize you were holding it until he began to walk away.
He would become the literal the death of you.
Taking in one last deep breath, you follow after his figure that slips past the door and into your cozy apartment.
You know exactly what he’s trying to do. And, unfortunately for you, it’s working to his favour because, despite being unfazed to his flirting, you cannot seem to control what happens in your pants. “Don’t think some flirting is going to get you out of this mess, Tae.” You follow after him into the kitchen.
The grocery bags rest on the counter, him leaning against it. He crosses his arms over his chest, head tilted as he watches you amusedly, your anger as clear as a cloudless sky despite his attempts to diminish it. He shoots you a sweet smile to feign innocence.
“I don’t know—!”
“Careful,” you cut him off with gritted teeth.
He contemplates for a moment longer before sighing in defeat as his shoulders drop.
“I’ve apologized and bought you three boxes of Cheerios.” He gestures to the bags on the countertop with a nod of his head. “Forgive me already, hm?”
Oh, in his fucking dreams.
Eyes once dancing in mischief are no longer the second they meet your glaring figure. He swallows thickly, clearing his throat as a small frown forms on his lips.
Late at night, long after you had finally fallen asleep, Taehyung had taken it upon himself to finish your favourite box of cereal.
Normally, this wouldn’t bother you—it’s not something uncommon. However, eating every crumb of edible food in your house is. Somehow, for reasons you cannot fathom, his black hole of a stomach managed to consume every edible thing in your apartment leaving you with absolutely nothing to fill your stomach in the morning.
He had left nothing but a single fucking crumb for you, placing the empty cardboard box back into the designated cupboard for you to chuck at him the following morning—and weren’t you upset when it didn’t leave a bruise.
You had barged into his room, hand on your hip as you flung the box square on his head, waking him up. In his half-awake state, the poor boy didn’t realize the trouble he was in, unsure as to why you were in his room screaming bloody murder.
You almost felt bad for waking him up the way you did. Keyword being almost.
Your cheeks warm at the memory.
After he had so very kindly pointed out with an appreciative smirk and dark eyes skimming over your bare legs, how endearing it was to see you first thing in the morning with nothing but an incredibly thin oversized shirt and underwear, you wished he kind of bled a little.
You’re not sorry at all for disrupting his sleep, even if he was up most of the night doing God knows who—and you mean that literally, you never caught the girls name.
It was as if they were fucking like there was no tomorrow, not a care in the world as to whether or not they kept anyone else awake. If the girl hadn’t left when she did, you’re sure you would have thrown them out onto the streets and yelled at them to go fuck like rabbits in the bushes.
“I would have, but it isn’t just about the food this time,” you start, running your fingers through your hair, frustratedly “Honestly, Tae, how many times do I need to repeat myself before you get it through your thick head? I don’t care if you have one night stands over, but I thought we established that when we brought over fuck buddies and et cetera, we’d keep our doors fucking shut.”
He scoffs. “I don’t know why you’re using ‘we’. I’m the only one out of us both who actively seeks pleasure on a regular basis.”
You narrow your eyes at him. “I have a fucking vibrator and a bunch of other toys that’ll actually leave me satisfied, thanks. I don’t need to waste my time pretending like I’m actually enjoying my night with some drunk idiot.”
It takes a second for the words to set in your head.
The severity of your sentence doesn’t hit you until you repeat it for the third time to yourself, eyes widening like a deer caught in the headlights as you hold Taehyung’s look. Although, he seems to be more amazed than flustered.
His tongue prods at his inner cheek again, eyes set on your own as a lopsided smirk graces his lips. The look in his eyes is uncharted territory for you and you’re not sure how to react when he pushes himself off of the counter and takes a dangerous step towards you.
Has he always been this intimidating?
“Hm,” he tongue laps over his lips, eyes never leaving yours. “You don’t think that’ll you’ll find someone to take care of your needs.”
“Don’t need to when I can take care of them myself.” Your words come out a little shaky from the trance he has you in and he takes another step closer. Your heart is about to jump out of your chest as you take a small step back. “But that’s beside the point—!”
“Is it?” He’s now only standing a foot away from you as he scoffs. “We both know I’m not about to listen to whatever bullshit comes out that pretty little mouth. Why don’t we put it to better use?”
His eyes roam over your body and you can see the desire pool in his eyes, leaving the suggestion hanging in the air.
He tilts his head, smirking. “You?”
You bite down on your lower lip when he finally closes the gap between you both.
You want to kiss him.
God’s, oh God’s, do you want to kiss him.
With tongue and teeth until your lungs start to burn and your head grows fuzzy. You want him so bad and he knows it—he knows it and he’s teasing you, using your desire to bend you against your will.
You haven’t kissed each other, not yet. Despite having done other intimate things, neither of you have initiated a kiss. As if sharing a kiss would be mean more than the things he’s already done to you.
“You’re really fucking annoying sometimes, you know that.” You’re glaring at him now, an amused smile on his lips.
He hums. “That so?”
“Guess I’ll just have to make up for all the times I’ve pissed you off.”
Everyday he manages to break through your walls a little more, and today he’s bulldozing right through them, and you let him.
“What did you have in mind exactly?” Your voice is soft as your eyes trail from his lips to his eyes.
He looks relieved with your question, pushing you back into the wall causing an audible gasp to leave your mouth.
“I could say I’m sorry, or...” His voice trails, fingers digging into the flesh of your waist. When you don’t push him back, he leans down, bringing his mouth to your neck, nipping at the unmarked skin. You have to swallow back your moan as you run your fingers through the hair on the nape of his neck, eyes fluttering shut at his ministrations. “I could take you to my room and show you how sorry I am.”
He leaves the truth behind his words as a promise in the air. Leaving it to you to determine the suggestiveness behind his words.
Big, red flashing lights go off in your head, but all you can see is him—all you want is him.
“And how do you plan on doing that?”
You’re breathless now and he hasn’t even kissed you. Yet, here you stand in front of him, ready to give him anything the moment he asks for it, knees giving out beneath you from the hot, open mouth kisses on your skin.
You’re wrapped around his pinky and he knows it.
He sucks on the expanse of your neck that elicits the sweetest of moans out your mouth.
He growls in response, “Show you how I can make you come harder and faster than your toys ever could.” A trail of soft and promising kisses from your neck up to your jaw. “I’d take my time teasing you like I am right now—like I did then.”
He pushes his hips hard against yours, pinning you between him and the wall.
You suppress your moan as you’re taken back to the night he made you come over and over until you were begging him to stop.
“Just let me take care of you, ___.” He coaxes you with a soft press of his lips against the corner of your lips. “I promise you won’t regret it.”
You feel heat rush to your core, a coil knotting in your stomach as you take in his words. You squeeze your thighs together to relieve some tension, if any. He notices the action and smirks, grinding himself against you with a roll of his hip.
And then you feel it—him.
You breathe. “Shit.”
“Convincing enough, yet?”
You’re about to succumb to his will but a sudden thought stops you and you pull out yourself out of whatever trance he has you in.
“God—fuck.” You rest your head against the wall behind you, closing your eyes. “You little shit, oh my God. Why do you have to be a walking sex symbol?”
Taehyung chuckles, lips grazing your collar bone as he nibbles on the skin there. “Just got lucky I guess.”
“We can’t fuck.”
He frowns, lifting his head to face you. “Why not?”
You narrow your eyes on him, ignoring the sheer attention your body craved from his own. “Because I said so—!”
“I want to be inside you, ___.” You choke on your words, hating how he knew what to say to shut you up. “I wanna be inside you so bad. And I know you feel what I feel. You’re probably dripping right now, soaking your panties all for me.” His eyes are dark, both with lust and frustration and you can feel the coil in your stomach tighten. “I know you want me, sweetheart. And you know I want you, more than anything—!”
“Tae, it’s too risky.”
“How so?”
“I don’t want to risk screwing our mediocre friendship.” It’s a lie and you know it, but you couldn’t think of anything else.
He gives you a pointed look, tongue prodding on his inner cheek. “You’re lying.”
“And you’re a shit,” you retort. “Anything else we wanna let out into the air while we’re at it.”
Taehyung would have cracked a smile at that if he weren’t frustrated at the situation you made for him.
“I’m willing to wait.” He grins at your stoic expression, his words catching you off guard. “Until you sort out whatever it is that’s worrying you, I’ll wait. And I’m not going to ask you to confide in me about it—just know that I’m going to wait.” Just as the corner of your lips start to lift, his face darkens by the slightest bit, to something that leaves you breathless. “And when you’re finally ready, you’ll be begging to have me and I will be more than happy to oblige.”
“W-what’s that supposed to mean?”
“When you finally let this happen, ___—us…” A pause. He leans down and places a kiss against your pulse. You shiver at the touch and he chuckles. “I’m going to ruin you.”
You’re going to go to hell and it’s going to be because of him.
“I’m holding you to that promise.”
He pulls away enough to look into your eyes, to find truth to your words and as if he sees something he likes, he smiles. A boyish grin curls on his lips as he steps away from you, his warmth going with him.
You can still see the desire in his eyes, but he opts for a wink. “You won’t be disappointed.”
Oh God, you think to yourself. He changes the dynamic of the conversation, taking the groceries out of the bag, muscles flexing with every movement and you think he does it intentionally. I’m really going to hell.
Tumblr media
“Excuse—the fuck.”
You wince at your best friend's tone, your head falling onto the counter. You don’t have to look up to know that a look of disbelief is coated on your best friends’ face.
It's been a little over a week since Taehyung's small declaration and you're already a fucking mess.
He's been keeping to his promise, refusing to make a move unless you do. Much to your surprise, he doesn't even say a word when you tease him day in and day out—even wearing the most provocative clothes you own just to get him to break, but nothing.
He only keeps to his promise.
The only reason you know he's affected by everything is the look in his eyes that leaves little to the imagination.
A look that holds so much promise—so much desire you know if you finally give in to him, he'd make you regret ever teasing him. Hell, you wish he would finally snap and bend you over the kitchen counter to have you scream his name.
He does little to tease you and yet you are a complete and utter mess for him.
Sexually and romantically.
While he's been withholding in one department, he's certainly made progress in another, without even realizing it. And that is exactly why you cannot risk sleeping with him. If you have a taste of a world with Taehyung, you will only want more.
More than he could ever offer because he is not one for relationships.
Taehyung is someone who enjoys one night stands and casual sex—a no strings attached kind of guy. You, on the other hand, want more than just a night.
You'd rather suffer being his roommate until these pesky feelings disappear—because they will disappear as long as Taehyung stops wedging himself into your freaking heart.
"It's been more than a week, ___," Yerin sneers from across the table.
You’re sure there is a distasteful look on her face, but you don’t lift your head to see it.
"I'm well aware of that, Yerin," you start, words muffled. "Good to know you've been practicing your counting lately. Maybe tomorrow you can practice some common sense—ow, fuck!"
You jerk up when a throbbing pain sets on your shin, hissing as you massage the skin.
Yerin scoffs with a roll of her eye, crossing her arms over her chest. But before she can respond with a snarky response, Hoseok beats her to it.
"I'd like to actually eat my food before you both cause a scene this time," he says, glaring at your both. "So try to keep the violence down a notch."
Yerin gives him a look but obliges nonetheless. "Explain to me why you aren't fucking Taehyung right now."
"All the men attracted to me are shit—including him."
Hoseok clicks his tongue at that, shaking his head. "Correction: all the men you’re attracted to are shit, except him."
"Listen here, you bitch—!"
“The man has a point, " Yerin says, cutting you off. "You have terrible fucking taste in men—for the most part, anyway. Taehyung’s exempted from this.”
You roll your eyes, taking a bite of the fries. "I don't see how Taehyung fits into the equation—!"
"He made you come four times on his fingers alone. Fingers, ___, fingers." You choke on your breath, coughing at the sudden outburst of information that catches you and Hoseok off guard. "Imagine what he could do if you let him use his dick."
Oh, believe me, you think, face heating. I have.
“I’m not into him,” you state matter of factly. “Therefore, there is nothing to discuss.”
“Except for your raging boner for him,” Hoseok mutters loud enough for you to hear.
"Alright, that's it!" But before you can continue with your threat—!
“You have a massive crush on him.”
“Do not.”
“Do too,” Hoseok hums in which you reply by kicking his leg under the table. “You little—!”
“And here I thought I would be the one to get us kicked out of the store,” Yerin says with a sigh. She takes another bite out of her pancake before continuing, “Behave. I actually like this place,; their food’s cheap.”
Hoseok shudders from across you, looking at Yerin in disgust. “Please refrain from talking with your mouth full, you pig. You’re making the whole store lose its appetite.”
Yerin simply swallows her food and sticks her tongue out as she makes a face at Hoseok to which he responds with an eye roll.
"Now, you," she points a butter knife in your direction and you swallow thickly. "What is keeping you from sleeping with the man of your dreams—and I mean that literally. Dream you has been getting more action than the real you, it's sad."
At her words, you groan inwardly and Hoseok snorts.
You rest the back of your head against your seat, frowning as you respond. "We both want different things, guys. Taehyung, he's—well, he's not a relationship type of guy. He's all about casual sex and no strings attached—the complete opposite of me.”
Hoseok snorts. "That's a lie considering the fact he's been courting you for weeks now."
"Because he doesn't know what I want," you start, feeling the reality of your words hit you. "He thinks he does, but he doesn’t."
"So you're going to run from whatever possible feelings you have stored for him instead," Yerin states more so than asks and you nod. "You don't even know how he feels—!"
"No," you start, effectively cutting her off. "We are not doing the what if's. All I need to do is get Taehyung washed out of my system and the only way to do that is to—!"
"Screw him—!"
"—avoid him," you stress on your words as you shoot Hosek a glare. "It’s been fun and games, but I need to move on."
"So no sex?" Yerin asks and you nod, to which she responds with a skeptical look. "You turn into Niagara Falls around him."
You glare at her. "Duly noted, thanks."
"You gave him a blowjob and he fingered you, there is no going back from this, babe," Hoseok states, eating the last bit of the fries. He points one in your direction before plopping it in his mouth, leaning onto the table. "You're going to fuck him one way or the other."
You deadpan. "You have absolutely no faith me."
"Not a single bit."
"Join the club," Yerin mutters and you shoot her a glare.
Slamming your fist against the table lightly you complain, brows pinched together. "I'm being serious, there is nothing romantic between me and Taehyung—!"
"Oh, no, we believe that," Yerin says, interrupting you. She's picking at her nails when she continues, "Knowing you, you'll avoid your feelings like the plague."
Hoseok finishes off her thought. "But because we know you, we're willing to place all our money that you'll sleep with him." When he catches your look of disbelief, he grins. "You love a good orgasm and he gave you four."
You open and close your mouth like a startled fish, trying to form a response and prove them wrong, but nothing comes to you and no words are formed. Looking back and forth between Hoseok and Yerin, realization dawns upon you and you let out an incredulous laugh.
You do love orgasms and having been in multiple relationships where your needs were barely ever met, Hoseok's argument made sense.
Taehyung is a giving partner or he is just really desperate to get up your pants. Whereas you had given him just one orgasm—one short bliss of release, he had given you four.
Four unimaginable, earth-shattering orgasms with his fingers alone.
How the hell have you not fucked him yet?
"I really am screwed up," you start, resting your head in your hands as you lean down into them, groaning. "How am I supposed to not sleep with someone like him? He gives me everything my exes couldn’t—orgasms!"
Hoseok answers, "Maybe if you fuck him he'll stick with you for the sex."
You give him an incredulous look. Yerin elbows him in the stomach, muttering curse words under her breath as she glares at Hosoek who only winces at the pain.
"For God's Sake," Yerin says before turning her attention towards you. "Sweetie, what Hoseok is trying to say is—!"
"Hoseok is saying you should just screw the man—!"
Another shove of her elbow. Another groan from him.
"—he might surprise you. And dare I say it, Taehyung makes you happy. You're a ray of sunshine around him, it's kind of nauseating, really and I'm kind of insulted that you’re never like that around us, but young love—!" Yerin shakes her head as if to get back on track. You snort, a small smile curling on your lips. "What I'm trying to say is he's good to you."
You frown. "But—!"
"It's worth it," she interrupts you. "I'm not saying date him or whatever, I'm just saying if you somehow stop avoiding your stupidly obvious feelings for him—!"
“I have none—!”
“—he might be worth the risk.”
Your silent for a beat, looking back and forth between Hoseok and Yerin. “I'm just—I don't want to be just another girl he screws," you sigh. "Feelings are so complicated, I should just die alone. Old, senile and grey with a herd of dogs.”
Hoseok speaks up. “You’re allergic to dogs.”
And with that you start bickering again, the topic at hand being forgotten as you move onto other things.
At some point, the conversation changed to Yerin’s love life, concerning a man you've come to know pretty well—Park Jimin. It just so happens to be that he’s Taehyung's best friend and drops by the apartment more often than he seems to stay over at his own.
With a sigh, you turn your focus back to the conversation at hand: Yerin demanding you join her on her cottage trip with Jimin and a few of his close friends to celebrate the end of another semester.
“—not taking no for an answer, I already know you’re doing nothing relevant this weekend.”
"And why would either of us go?" Hoseok asks, looking absolutely done with Yerin.
“I need you guys to be decent friends for once in your miserable lives and sell me out so Jimin's practically begging me to be his girlfriend by tomorrow ago.”
You both deadpan at her.
With a keen look, you’re the first to respond. “You might as well have told us to build a house out of string. There’s absolutely nothing about you that’s attractive.”
“Aside from my body,” Yerin starts unbothered, picking at the dirt in her nails. “And my face, and my great sense of humour, and my personality.”
Hoseok rolls his eyes. “Right, because you’re an absolute delight to be around.”
“See, you do have taste, Hobi.”
“Ever heard of sarcasm, love,” you retort ignoring the glare Yerin shoots you. “Plus, if you’re so sure there’s nothing irresistible about you—!”
“There’s not—!”
“—then why can’t you just ask him out, like any other normal person rather than dragging your two best friends for a weekend of impending doom.”
“Idiots,” Yerin sighs dramatically, resting her chin in the palm of her hand as she leans on the table. “I have idiots for friends.”
“Coming from the girl who passed anthropology with a solid 58 percent, that's funny,” Hoseok mutters as he takes a sip of his drink.
Yerin sighs, waving her hand dismissively in the air. “Alas, my dear friends, Jimin is as oblivious as ___ is to her feelings. I have tried every trick in the book—!”
You narrow your eyes on her, brows furrowed. “Hey!”
“Clearly, you haven’t tried asking him out,” Hoseok adds in with a look.
You let out a snort, taking a sip of your drink as Yerin continues on her dramatic speech, proceeding to ignore Hoseok’s snarky remarks.
“—but he hasn’t taken a hint yet.” She slams her head on the table and groans. “It’s a pity honestly. I could be banging his cute ass right now if he would just open his damn eyes.”
“I’m still not convinced,” Hoseok says, feigning a yawn. “And the booze just won’t do it this time.”
“I have plans already,” you start, “I’m going to catch up on Keeping with the Kardashian’s. Season finale is airing this weekend and I have no desire whatsoever to miss a second of—what the hell is that look for?”
“I just remembered,” she starts, eyes never leaving your face. Her lips curl into a smirk, amusement written all over her face. “Kwon Jieun’s coming over and a little birdy told me she’s got a thing going on for your cute roommate.”
Suddenly, Keeping up with the Kardashian’s doesn’t sound appealing anymore.
Yerin grins, knowing fully well she’s got you both where she wants. “Surprise!”
Hoseok lets out a low whistle eyes darting between you both. “Guess you’ll be seeing me this weekend.”
Tumblr media
The weekend comes by faster than you hoped.
You carpool with Taehyung and Jimin, arriving first because Jimin has to set up before everyone else arrives. Although, when you offer a helping hand, he simply tells you to get comfortable and leads you to the guest room you'll be sleeping in for the next two nights.
You’re reluctant at first but after some convincing and realizing there isn’t much to be done anyway, you slip into your bikini and head towards the lake.
Hours later and you’re quite surprised to find out that he only invited a few of his friends over rather than a whole herd of strangers. Although, you're not complaining—the fewer people the better.
Once soon as Yerin mentioned that Jieun would be tagging along, you were ready to lock yourself in your room and scream into the void. Unfortunately for you, Yerin happens to hate Jieun as much as you do, meaning there was no way she would let her get whatever or whoever she wants—which just so happens to be the same guy you're semi-crushing on.
Coincidence? You highly doubt it.
Although, you wouldn't be surprised if Jieun managed to ruin that for you, too. If she truly has taken a liking towards Taehyung, she'll be attached to him at the hip.
The very thought of it leaves an uneasy feeling in your chest, but you're sure that Taehyung wouldn't sleep with—!
"What are you thinking, ___," you start, sighing with a shake of your head. "He'll fuck anything that moves."
"Talking to yourself is a sign of insanity."
Your hands fly to your chest, heart racing.
Taehyung appears out of nowhere, approaching you from behind and successfully startling a screech out of you.
He’s covered head to toe with a coat of water, in nothing but his swimming trunks. Droplets trickling down the nape of his neck and travelling down his chest to the tense muscles in his abs—built from the hours spent at the gym, probably.
His hair is damp from the water but a mess from the dozens of times he’s thread his fingers through him, like now as he smiles down at your speechless figure.
You continue to admire his beauty, oblivious to the teasing glint in his eyes.
"Cat got your tongue?" He smirks. You snap out of your reverie, the heat rushing to your cheeks. "Who knew all I had to do to shut you up was walk around shirtless."
You scoff, "I'd throw you out myself if you walked around half-naked all day."
"I think you'd be too busy drooling to try." Before you could respond with a snarky retort, he continues, a bit breathless, "Though, I guess if you were walking around topless at home I'd shut up too."
Your brows raise at his proclamation but he keeps his trained on your chest, out and exposed in the two-piece swimsuit you had on. You bite down on the inside of your cheek to suppress the coy smile that threatened to curl on your lips.
A rush of confidence overwhelms you when you see Taehyung lick his lips before he returns your gaze.
With a cock of your brow and a twitch of your lip, you say, "You came up here just to get an eyeful of my chest."
His lips curl into a boyish grin. "Yup."
The usual rush of irritation doesn't follow and, instead, you let out a small laugh, shaking your head in disbelief.
"You're unbelievable."
His grin only grows and he winks. "Only for you."
Your traitorous heart misses a beat at his words and you feel parched despite the rational side of your brain reminding you this is Kim Taehyung—a massive fucking flirt. And yet, you still find yourself affected by his words, mind going blank as you blink.
“You gotta stop doing that, Tae,” you say breathlessly and he quirks a brow questioningly, tilting his head.
You see a hint of amusement flash through his eyes and it's all you need to know he's aware of what he's doing—toying with you just to see you squirm.
“Stop doing what?”
“Saying things that make me wanna—!” You immediately shut your mouth, gritting your teeth with a deep breath. His face gives nothing away except his growing confusion, but before he can question it, you correct yourself ignoring the spreading warmth on the high points of your cheeks. “Saying things like that.”
Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.
Taehyung’s lips twitch, the corners of his mouth lifting up, “What were you going to say before that?”
You’re unable to meet his gaze, muttering profanity under your breath as you fiddle with your fingers, an unconscious nervous habit that catches Taehyung’s eyes.
He bites the inside of his cheeks, trying to suppress the smile that grows on his lips at the sight of you squirming under his gaze.
He wonders what you were a few seconds away from saying before you, oh so rudely, cut yourself off.
Although he never gets to find out because—!
You know the owner of that voice, though, you wish you didn't.
You dread the seconds it takes you to look over your shoulder, aware of who you'll find walking towards you. And when your eyes land on a familiar vixen, you have to resist every urge to roll your eyes and gag.
"Jieun," Taehyung replies with just as much enthusiasm and you shoot him an incredulous look.
He doesn't catch it and you don't wait for him too as you start to turn on your heels. There is no way you'll stand and watch around as the two flirt with each other—you'd much rather gouge your own eyes out than be a witness to that.
"I'm going to go out for a swim," you start, catching Taehyung's attention and you see disappointment flash through his eyes. "Catch you later, Kim."
"___, wait—!" But you don't catch the rest of his sentence, Jieun's obnoxiously loud voice drowning his own.
You continue down the path to where Hoseok and Yerin were, obviously having watched your interaction with from the look of disappointment on Yerin's face. Hoseok urges you to turn around but you ignore him, shaking your head as you slip into the cool water, shivering as the liquid swallows your body whole.
Little did you know, had you turned around you'd catch Taehyung's eyes still trained on your frame as you join your best friends in the water, his attention barely on the girl beside him.
Tumblr media
The rest of the day passes by rather quickly, night arriving with a blink of your eyes.
For the most part, you had spent it drinking away with your friends, hardly catching sight of Taehyung since you had left him with Jieun. A part of you is convinced that they probably snuck off somewhere to hit it off, but another part of you hopes that that's not the case and Taehyung hasn't slept with your mortal enemy.
You push the thought aside and heave a sigh.
You're back at the cottage, watching everyone else from the patio as you dry your hair. From where you sit on the couch, you have a perfect view of the silver reflecting off the lake, moonlight cascading down with a romantic glow.
There's a cool night breeze that pricks at your skin and you're grateful for the oversized sweater that covers your top half—curtsey of Hoseok, although he's not aware of that yet. Albeit, your legs are still exposed to the cold air and you curse at yourself for not throwing on some leggings when you had the chance.
It's been a few minutes since you left the crowd, leaving your best friends behind. They were both sticking to their own agenda—specifically speaking Yerin and her quest to finally confess to Jimin.
You're not sure if her alcohol confidence lasted or not, but noting how you haven't caught sight of Jimin for a while now, you'd like to think that she had finally done it.
A laugh escapes you at the thought of it.
Something about the serenity from view in front of you lowers your guard and thought after thought starts to pour into your head. An outburst of emotions as soon as your mind travels to the thoughts of Taehyung.
You want to feel ashamed of yourself for the knot that often forms in the pit of your stomach at the sight of Taehyung doing sinful things—you have caught him in the act more than enough. Or whenever you catch him walking around with nothing but a towel hanging loosely on his waist, but you don’t.
“Mind if I sit with you?”
The voice of the man you’re thinking about snaps you from your reverie, looking up to find none other than Kim Taehyung hovering over you, a towel hanging around his neck and another bunched up in his hand.
“If I say yes will you leave?”
“I don’t know why I even bother,” you sigh as he gives you a cheeky smile.
He takes a seat beside you and suddenly, you’re hyper-aware of how close you two are. Your knees are barely brushing against each other but it’s enough to leave you on edge.
Bringing your knees to your chest, you wrap your arms around your legs and rest your chin on top, trying to remember the dozens of reasons why you don’t like Taehyung. But nothing comes to mind because all you can think is quite the opposite of what you prefer.
“What brings you here, Kim?” You ask, glancing at him out of the corner of your eyes.
Taehyung leans back with his eyes closed, one arm folded behind his head as the other rests on his stomach. “Avoiding that Jieun chick.”
With that you take a double take at him, eyes widening as you turn your head to face him dubiously. He lazily opens an eye, lips curling into a lopsided smile when he catches the look on your face.
“You’re avoiding her?” He nods his head, eyes closed once again, but the smile remains. “Why?”
He shrugs in response.
For a second you think that’s as much of an answer you’ll get, but then he says, “She is the bane of your existence—Hoseok told me.” Your brows only furrow more at his reply. “Plus, the enemy of my roomie is an enemy of mine.”
“How chivalrous of you,” you snort with a roll of your eyes. He hums in response and you cannot help but admire the taut muscles in his arms. “But seriously, you’re going not going to sleep with her? She’s been throwing herself at you all day.”
“What’s the point when I want you?”
Your breath gets caught in your throat and you stare at him stunned.
He meets your gaze with a sly grin, his eyes running down your bare legs, licking his lips. He doesn’t try to keep his appreciation subtle, a low hum emitting from the back of his throat.
“You’re such an ass,” you mutter under your breath.
“We all have to excel at something, right.”
“You’re lucky I’m able to tolerate your existence from time to time, Kim.”
Taehyung frowns, a hand going to rest atop his heart as he feigns astonishment. “I feel like that’s the closest you’ll ever get to saying you love me.”
You let out a soft laugh at that, shaking your head in disbelief as you meet his own that hold all the stars in the world in them as they glimmer with fondness as they gaze upon you.
You swallow the thickness lodged in your throat, pushing away the image of the affection in his eyes as you respond, “Indeed, that is. So don’t get your hopes up.”
He chuckles, “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
You give him the finger with a roll of your eyes to which he simply laughs, amused.
How easy it is to change the dynamic of a conversation with Taehyung, you’ll never understand. One second you’re ready to give in to your desires and the next you might find yourself laughing until tears start to form in your eyes.
The night goes on full of laughter and teasing comments.
Taehyung makes sure to keep you on edge, suggestive comments being thrown in when you least expect it only to laugh every time at how deeply it affects you. It irritates you to no end, but when you hear his mellifluous laugh you cannot help but join in yourself.
The bud of feelings in your chest gradually begins to grow with every second you spend with him.
There is nothing you can do to prevent it, that you have come to terms with. Rather, you embrace the feeling for a split second, a warmth like never before encompassing you and you start to wonder if maybe he feels it too.
“Alright, my turn,” you say, grinning. “First love.”
He cocks a brow. “First love?”
You nod and when he continues to ponder, the words slip from your lips before you can think twice. “You don’t date. I’ve never seen you flaunter over a girl or even keep one for more than a night. Excuse me if that makes me a little curious about your love life, considering you know most of mine.”
He rolls his eyes. “Not my fault vodka makes you talkative—!”
“Not the point, Tae.”
He grins when he catches your frown. “I’m just not the dating type. Relationships are just so complicated and messy, y’know? One night stands, they’re just so . . .”
“Easy,” you add and he nods his head, meeting your eyes with an indecipherable look. “Guess they are.”
Taehyung stays silent for a few moments and you think he doesn’t want the question. You decide to drop the topic and open your mouth to ask something else, but your eyes catch hold of a nostalgic smile forming on his lips, eyes distant as they gaze above.
“Once,” he starts, gaining your undivided attention. “I’ve been in love once, but we broke up a year ago. A mutual break-up; she wanted to see other people and I wanted to bang the chick in my art-history class.” He chuckles when he sees your expression fall blank. “I’m kidding––I’m not a jerk. We both just fell out of love and decided there was no point fighting for us.”
You deadpan. “You really are an asshole.”
“I prefer ‘being true to one’s self’.” A second ticks by before he asks, “What about you? No knight in shining armour?”
You groan at the question, shaking your head at the memory of your first love. “My knight in shining armour turned out to be an asshole wrapped in tinfoil.” He stays quiet and you continue, “Kwon Hyungsik. We dated for two years before we ended off with a messy break-up. Can’t even stand being in the same room as him anymore.”
“Kwon?” You nod. “By any chance, he’s not related to Jieun, is he?”
“He is,” you sigh, resting your back against the seat. “We never got off on the right foot––even came and told me I wasn’t even pretty and that her brother was an idiot for being with me.”
“She said what––!?”
“Don’t worry, I threw my hot cocoa on her before I flipped her off.”
He looks into your eyes now, so intensely it sends shivers down your back. They’re a sea full of wonders that you cannot help but drown in.
“If it’s any consolation, I think you’re pretty.” For a moment, it’s silent. You’re stunned by his words, having not expected that or the overwhelming warmth that tightens around your heart. “No, fuck that––you’re goddamn beautiful.”
Something comes over you, and in one quick motion you’re straddling his hips. Taehyung’s eyes widen, hands coming to your waist to steady you as your own rest on his stomach.
Your eyes are trained on your hands, slightly trembling as your fingers slowly trace the rigid muscles in the abdomen. You draw patterns up his body until they rest upon his chest, a shiver running down his back at your cool touch.
You bite down on your bottom lip, eyes flickering towards his own.
His face is a void of emotions as he watches you, awaiting your next move. However, you're not sure what your next move is, your body impulsively moving towards him out of sheer desire.
"You're not too shabby yourself," you finally say, breaking the silence. With a shaky breath, you continue, "Remember what you told me earlier this week?"
His hands trail down and rest atop of your thighs, fingers playing with the material of your underwear. A spark of electricity travels down your back, but don’t let it show—he's more than aware of the effect he has on you, no need to further emphasize that.
"I said a lot of things," he murmurs, eyes trained on your lips and you swear you catch him leaning towards you, closing the gap. "You're going to have to remind me."
"You said you'd ruin me."
His eyes snap back to yours and you feel his fingers dig into your skin. A dangerous look flashes through his eyes, warning you to tread carefully as if you don't already know what mess you're walking into.
"I have some memory."
You swallow as you keep your gaze trained on him. "You never told me how."
"Would you like to know, sweetheart?" He chuckles darkly as you nod, leaning in until his lips are right beside your ear, his warm breath sending shivers down your back. "I'd make you beg."
You close your eyes, letting out a deep breath as your body melts into his touch. "H-how?"
You can feel him smile against your ear before he leaves a trail of butterfly kisses against your skin, trailing down your neck before he sucks on the expanse of skin under your ear, eliciting a sweet moan from your lips.
“I’d kiss every inch of your skin, mark every bit of flesh as I make my way down your body.” You whimper as you arch your neck to give him more access to which he hums with approval. “Slowly—I’d go slow until you’re begging me to have a taste of your cunt. I’d use my tongue to lick every little drop of arousal from your pussy, make you come on my mouth over and over until you’re begging me to stop—mngh."
He lets out a strangled moan, resting his forehead against your shoulder as you grind against him, the tent in his pants growing beneath you. You, too, let out a breathy moan at the sensation that overcomes you, a coil forming in the pit of your stomach.
"Fuck," Taehyung breathes, leaning back to face you. His eyes gaze down to the sweater on you and he growls, tugging the material. "Off."
You don't have to be told twice, yanking the sweater off your body and gasping when the cool air pricks at your skin.
"Better?" You ask with a suggestive tilt of your head.
"Much better," he hums as he latches his lips onto your neck once again. "Now where were we," he begins as his fingers snap at your underwear. Before you can stop him, his hand sinks further south to cup your sex and you gasp when he presses a finger against you heat, a hiss leaving his lips when he feels how wet you are.
"Ngh, T-tae—!"
"I'd fuck you with my fingers," he continues, pressing harshly on the material of your underwear, your arousal coating his fingers. "Stretch your walls up to get ready for my cock. You remember, don't know? How good my fingers made you feel? How you kept asking for more like the greedy bitch you are?" He brings his fingers, slightly coated with your juices, to his mouth, a deep growl emitting from the back of his throat when he tastes you. "You taste so fucking good. Fuck, I'd make you come over my fingers and lick them clean."
"So do it," you say and he halts his movement for a second.
"Sure about that, sweetheart?"
You nod, groaning as your walls clench around nothing. "Yes, yes, fuck. Taehyung, please. N-need you so bad."
He smirks, taunting you. “In public? Where anyone could turn around and see me fucking you with my fingers? Where anyone can hear how good I make you feel?"
You almost forget that you’re out in the open where anyone could see you; a withering mess on top of him, but you throw all caution out the window, not caring anymore. There's no light on the patio, all anyone would see are the silhouettes of two bodies if they really concentrated.
"I don't care," you breathe, wanting to cry at the lack of attention. "Just w-want you."
He doesn't wait to be told again, groaning. "Up."
When you lift your lips off of him, he rips the underwear aside, but you don't care. Not when he begins teasing you, fingers trailing like along your wet slit. Your thighs tremble as he drags his fingers across, earning a shuddering breath from you.
"Don't tease."
"I don't think you're in a position to make rules," he purrs. "Besides, I'm getting back for all those times you teased me." His middle finger circles your entrance and your walls clench, aching for him to be buried deep within you. "You're such a fucking tease, you know that? Walking around like you don't know what you do to me. I'm going to make you regret it." Your eyes roll to the back of your head when his fingers finally slip into your cunt, clenching around him as you let out a loud moan. "So fucking tight—so fucking loud. You want someone to see you, don't you? Want the world to know you're grinding yourself against my fingers."
"Want the world to know how good you make me feel," you counter, smirking at him.
His face falls blank for a fifth of a second before he lets out a laugh. A smile grows on his lips as he leans down to your neck, nipping at the skin as you let a short laugh.
"You're going to be the death of me, sweetheart." His fingers start moving in you and you let out a moan when he presses his fingers against the sweet spot. He cocks a brow as he leans away, smirking, "Gotcha."
He prods on the spot again and you bite down on your lip to keep yourself quiet as stars form behind your lids. Your breathing becomes erratic as he continues to rub against your G-spot.
Finally, finally, you lean down and slam your lips against his, taking his face in your hands. He's surprised by the motion, momentarily stilling before he realizes the soft pressure against his lips is your own.
Your mind his a hazy mess from his ministration and his kisses, linking your arms behind his neck as the knot in your stomach tightens.
An appreciative hum emits from you as his fingers pick up the pace, tongue slipping into your warm cavern and lacing with your own. He tastes of alcohol and your arousal.
He kisses you tenderly and sweet, but there is desperation behind them. Your head is spinning with euphoria, ecstasy and lack of oxygen, but it doesn't matter—not when he's bringing you closer and closer to your release.
He pulls back first, a string of saliva connecting you before he places another firm kiss against your lips.
"Wanna make you come around my cock," he starts as he catches his breath. "Wanna see my cock buried deep inside your slick cunt. I’d stretch out your walls so good no other cock would be good enough for you—no other cock could ever fill you up like mine.”
His eyes are dark as they stay trained on your own. He presses his thumb against your clit and you throw your head back as ecstasy shoots through your body.
"Tae—ah, fuck. Taehyung," you moan just as he places hot kisses on the underside of your jaw. "Feel so good, ngh. Feels so good, baby."
"Yea," he replies, rubbing harsh circles on your clit. Your toes circle at the onslaught, unable to form words as he continues to pleasure you. "You close?"
You nod. "A-almost."
He groans, "God, I'm going to fuck you so good—make you regret ever teasing me, babe." You shudder, nails digging into his back as you feel you getting closer and closer. “And even after that you’re still going to be dripping for me like the dirty little slut you are—begging me to fuck you over and over again; you’ll be screaming my name all night long, sweetheart.”
His words help bring your further to your release, but just as you feel the coil about to snap, he pulls his fingers away with you, your orgasm going away with it. Just as you’re about to complain—!
“You didn’t think I’d let you come so easily, did you,” Taehyung taunts with a wolfish grin. His eyes glint with something that sends shivers down your back. “You don’t get to come until I tell you to, understood?”
You don’t need to be told twice. “Y-yea.”
“Good,” he grins. “Remember the safe word?”
You nod, licking your lips for what he has, the knot reforming at the thought of the long night ahead. “Flounder.”
“Good girl.” He smiles, leaning down to place a swift kiss on your lips.
One turns into several more until your melting against his body and you’re both lost in the feeling of each other. If you thought Taehyung was a good kisser before, you now realize that’s an understatement because he happens to be a great kisser.
You moan against his lips completely forgetting about everything else around you as all you can think about is how you want him, him, him.
His fingers soon begin their ministrations again and you don’t know how long he brings to edge before denying you again and again. It happens over and over until you lose count—until all you can think about is Taehyung and his name ends up being the only thing that rolls off your tongue.
Your top is thrown somewhere on the floor before he latches his lips on your perked nipples, sucking on the bud as you throw your head back in pleasure. You don’t bother trying to keep your lewd moans quiet, too lost in the pleasure he gives you to care.
He denies you of a release over and over until you cannot take it anymore, tears pricking the corner of your eyes from the delicious torture he forces upon you.
Your lips are trembling as they go to form the two syllable word, afraid he would edge you longer when you’re body couldn’t handle it. You're a withering mess on top of him, forehead resting on his shoulder and chest heaving at the onslaught from his fingers.
Spots form in your vision and you feel yourself nearing another orgasm. The pleasure builds in your body and just as you feel the coil about to snap—!
With that euphoric pleasure flares through your body, his thumb rubbing harsh circles on your clit as you ride out your orgasm. He whispers sweet nothings into your ears as you tremble on top of his body, coaxing you through an indescribable, mind-blowing release. A release so strong it almost knocks you out cold.
You lift your head from off his shoulder, his fingers slipping out your dripping cunt.
“Hate you,” you say, voice hoarse with your eyes narrowed on him. “Hate you so much.”
He chuckles, placing soft kisses on your swollen lips before he brings his coated fingers to his mouth, licking at your arousal, eyes never leaving yours. You feel a rush of heat to your face as you watch him lick his digits clean, sparks tingling in your stomach.
“Gave you one hell of an orgasm, though,” he replies, smug.
You palm the prominent tent in his trunks. “Let me return the favour.”
He shudders at your touch but doesn’t need to be told twice, the material being thrown onto the pile of your discarded clothes. Although, your attention is elsewhere, eyes taking in the sight of him as his length snaps against his waist.
His head is red and angry, veins travelling down the length of his cock and your mouth practically water at the sight. He runs a hand down his length, pumping himself and your hands itch to touch him yourself.
“Touch yourself,” Taehyung says, looking at your dripping cunt through his lashes. “Wanna see you fuck yourself on your fingers.”
You don’t have to be told twice, lowering your fingers down to your entrance and teasing yourself. You run your middle finger down your slit and let it swirl around the oversensitive bud, hissing at the honey-dipped bliss.
Dipping two fingers into your entrance, you let out a moan, keeping your eyes trained on him. Taehyung’s eyes flicker from your gaze to your fingers slipping into your cunt, and he groans, running his hand up and down his length.
“Add a third one,” he says, moaning. “Get your cunt ready for my cock, like a good slut.”
You listen to his request, slipping in a third finger and hissing at the burn.
His cheeks are coated with a warm fuchsia, lips parted as he looks at your cunt with a predatory gaze.
You grind your hips against your hand, letting out breathy moans as the heat rushes to your face at his scrutinizing gaze. He watches you with hunger in his eyes and a sudden desire to have him use you like a toy to seek his own pleasure overwhelms you.
“I wanna touch you,” you heave as you keep your eyes trained on his cock, itching to please him.
Taehyung smirks at that, removing his hand from his length. “Do you think you deserve it?” You nod too soon—too fast, he laughs at your eagerness. “Show me how badly you want my cock then, slut.”
You take your fingers out of your cunt and wrap it around his length, coating him with arousal. Taehyung moans at your touch, throwing his head back as you pumped his length. You lick your lips, shifting yourself off his lap until your kneeling on the floor bringing your mouth to his head.
You tease him, running your tongue up his length before you swirl the wet muscle against the head of his cock, humming at the taste of him. Taehyung groans at the feeling, eyes never leaving yours as you sink your head further down his cock, pumping the part of him that isn’t inside your mouth.
He grabs a fistful of your hair and keeps you in place before he starts fucking himself in your mouth. You choke, trying to adjust to the thickness of him in your mouth, tears pricking your eyes as he pleasures himself with your mouth.
He loses himself from the feeling of you until he feels you gag around his cock. He groans at the feeling, loosening his grip on your hair as he slowly lifts your from his length, chest heaving as he pulls back on top of him.
“So good,” he whispers, wiping the stray tears from your face. “Your so good, baby. Makes me wanna fuck your mouth senseless.”
He presses his lips firmly against yours and you hum against his lips, grinding your hips against his length. You can already feel yourself get needy at the feeling his length against your folds, but before you can act upon it—!
“Tsk,” Taehyung scolds lightly as he catches you trying to sink down on his cock. “So greedy for my cock now, aren’t we?”
“Mhm,” you hum in a daze, eyes lazily meeting his. “Want you inside me.”
Taehyung chuckles at that. “It’s not going to be that easy, sweetheart.” You furrow your eyes at that, mouth opening in protest. “Beg for it. Tell me how badly you want to be fucked by my cock.”
He smirks at the sight of your baffled expression.
“That’s not happening—!”
There’s a teasing pressure against your pussy that makes you gasp, eyes rolling back as your mouth hangs open. A soft whimper escapes from you as he adjusts his cock to rub against you, mixing his pre-cum with your juices.
“What was that?” He asks, smirking and you glare at him through your lashes. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be, love. I can give you everything you want if you just—” he leans down until his lips brush against your ear, his finger grazing over your sensitive clit and you hiss at the sensation, pushing your hips against his hands for more, “—beg.”
Again, you ignore his request but more so because he aligns his cock to prod against your cunt and you cannot focus on anything but your need to have him buried in you. You can feel the sudden weight in the pit of your stomach as you lick your lips. Taehyung lets out a little hiss, eyes on your barely touching sex.
Just as you start to lower your hips, Taehyung brings his hand down to smack against your ass, earning a yelp from you. His hand immediately goes back to knead the stinging flesh, massaging the pain away.
“So hungry for my cock,” Taehyung says as he takes a fistful of your ass. “You want something to fill you up so good, you forget your name, don’t you?”
“Yes,” you cry at the lack of attention on your sex. “Yes, God, Tae, please.”
“Please what?” He asks, lips curling because he knows he has you exactly where he wants. “Use your words, sweetheart.”
“Please fuck me,” you give in, frustrated as your walls clench around nothing. You’re hungry for more—body craving more of what he’s willing to offer; of the undeniable pleasure he would provide if you just gave in. “God, I want your cock—need it. Need you to fill me up, need you to fuck me—agh!” You moan, body going rigid against his as his head rubs against your swollen bud, fingers tweaking at your perked nipples. “Want you so bad, Tae. Have me however you want, I don’t care—mngh, fuck. Do whatever you want to me, I don’t fucking care.” You grind yourself against him, chest heaving as the pleasure builds up again. You can taste another orgasm, chasing after it with every roll of your hip. “Just fuck me, please, Tae, use me.”
“Hm,” he hums and you freeze already aware that it wasn’t enough for him but before he could respond—!
“I’ll be good, I swear,” you quickly add, desperate. “I’ll be so, so good. Please, fuck, Tae, I’ll be so good, promise. Just need you—only you.”
“Good girl,” he grins at your response, a small chuckle leaving his lips as he presses a chaste kiss against the corner of your lips. “You listen to me, okay? I’m in control tonight, alright, sweetheart? You don’t do anything unless I say so.” You nod and he slaps your cunt, causing you to squirm above him, but he keeps you in place, fingers digging into your waist. “Your words, sweetheart. I need you to use your words, remember.”
You reply, “You’re in control.”
“That’s my girl.” He rewards you with a kiss, softer but just as fast as the last. “Up.” In a quick motion, you raise your hips and he aligns himself against your entrance. He raises a brow at you, rather impressed at your self-control that barely hangs by a thread. “Alright, now, slowly, sink down on my cock.”
“Mhm,” you hum, fingers trailing up his chest. “Can I kiss you?”
“So obedient.” Taehyung trails his fingers over the curl of your ass, giving them a subtle squeeze before giving you a slight nod, eyes flickering from your soaking cunt to your lips. “I would miss your teasing if you weren’t so needy for my cock.”
You smirk at that, slowly lowering yourself on his length and clenching around him as you say, “Yes, Daddy.”
“Such a fucking tease,” Taehyung hisses, eyes narrow on you as his hand smacks down on your ass, the pain accompanied with pleasure.
It makes you a moaning mess—he makes you a moaning mess.
“Only for you, Daddy.”
Taehyung groans, pressing his lips harsh against yours, all tongue and teeth as he kisses you. A hand snakes around the back of your neck to deepen the kiss as you continue to lower yourself on him. He swallows your moans with his heated kisses. As he finally pulls back, the head of his cockburied deep within you, he takes you to the sky and shows you how the universe was formed.
Taehyung keeps his hands on your waist to keep you from moving, breathing heavily against you as he waits for you to adjust to his size.
He’s big—seven inches of glory causing a slight burn, accompanied by an abundance of pleasure. Your hot walls clench around his cock and a strangled moan escapes his lips as you open your eyes, finding his own closed as his head falls to your shoulder.
“Stop that,” Taehyung growls. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight, ah. If keep you do that I’m going to fucking blow my load.”
“Can’t have you do that, now can we,” you say with a groan. “I’m still waiting for you to keep your promise.” His eyes snap towards yours, dark and full of lust. A predator’s scowl on his lips and you only indulge it. “Want you to make me regret teasing you. Want you to ruin me, Daddy.”
“Fuck,” Taehyung groans, rolling his hips against you and you moan against his mouth an overwhelming pressure building in your stomach again. You adjust yourself to his girth, heaving against him as he lifts your chin to look at him. “You don’t call me Daddy until you’ve earned it, slut. Am I understood?”
You nod your head eagerly, licking your lips. “Yes.”
“Good,” he says, rolling his hips once more to elicit a lewd moan from you. “Anyways, when I fuck you for the first time, I want you screaming my name. So, don’t hold back on me tonight, sweetheart. I want you to be as loud as you can, alright?”
You furrow your brows at him. “But someone will hear—!”
“Should’ve thought about that before you sat on my cock,” Taehyung hums as if he doesn’t care for whether or not you get caught. He presses his lips against your throat, kissing down the column of your neck. “Everyone’s drunk, ___. It’s too dark to tell whether we’re naked or not, especially with the distance between us and the lake. They can’t even hear us from here, not with the waves crashing against the shore and that horrendous thing they call music.” You chuckle at that, running your fingers through his hair. “You can be as loud as you fucking want.”
“Hm, if we get caught you’re doing dishes for a week,” you reply as you roll your hips, earning a groan from him.
“If it means I can fuck you, I’ll do it for the next two.” Taehyung smacks your ass again and you let out a moan, forehead resting against his own. “You’re going to ride me like a good little slut and if I like what I see, maybe I’ll let you cum.”
He smirks at the baffled expression on your face. “Impress me, sweetheart.”
Heat rushes to your cheeks, but you listen. You lift your hips until his head is prodding at the entrance and then you fall back onto him as he simply watches your breasts move with the movement. A loud moan escapes from you and you don’t hold back, not caring who heard.
Not when you had other things on your mind.
All you can think about is Taehyung and how fucking good he feels inside you. You arch your back, pressing your chest against Taehyung’s, eyes rolling back every time you sink back down on him. With each thrust and roll of your hips, he rubs himself against the spot that leaves ecstasy running through your veins.
“You’re so, agh, hot like this,” Taehyung says, flicking a finger against your clit when you roll your hips against him. You can feel the pressure build in your stomach, the coil tightening with every brush against your sweet spot. “So fucking hungry for my cock, fuck. You’re such a fucking cock slut.”
“All for you,” you say, grinding against him, closing your eyes to focus on the sensation that builds in you.
“Nu-uh,” Taehyung says, his other hand smacking your ass. Your eyes fly open at that, body squirming away from his teasing hands. “Keep your eyes on me when you’re on my cock.”
You nod, looking at him as you roll your hips. He hisses as you clench around him in a vice grip.
“Fuck, feel so good in me,” you say, watching as his dick slipped in and out of your cunt. “Fill me up so good, ah, I didn’t even think you would fit.”
Taehyung visibly shudders at that before latching his lips on your perked nipple. The pleasure is becoming too much for you with his fingers on your clit and cock pressed against your sweet spot. His tongue laps around the perked bud on your breast, spare hand coming to knead the other before he swaps breasts.
You run your fingers through his hair, throwing your head back and arching your chest into his mouth. When he finally pulls back, there a string of saliva connecting your perked bud to his lips and you involuntarily clench against his length, grabbing his attention as he groans.
“You close, sweetheart,” he asks, bringing his lips to yours. You’re both lost in the pleasure of each other, his tongue lapping against yours and you hum in response. He brushes his lips against yours as he quickens his pace on your clit, “Come.”
“Mngh, Tae.”
“Come around my cock, sweetheart,” he says, pulling you closer and closer to another orgasm with his ministration on your body. “Want to feel you clench around my cock when you come.”
“Ngh, Tae, I can’t—I need—!” You’re heaving against him. The coil in your stomach is about to snap and you’re not sure if you’re body can handle an orgasm so soon. “I can’t come again.”
“You will.”
You whine, brows furrowing. “C-can’t.”
“You’re doing so good, baby,” he coaxes, noting how your movement was beginning to become more sloppy and slow. He rolls his hips against yours, pressing butterfly kisses on your shoulder. “Come around my cock like a good slut. You can do that for me, can’t you?”
“Tae,” a breath, “Ngh, fuck.”
With a final rub against your sweet spot, ecstasy spreads through your body and you ride out your high with white spots in your vision. Taehyung whispers sweet nothings into your ear as you lazily roll your hips against his, trying to help him reach get release despite the exhaustion in your bones.
“You’re such a good slut,” Taehyung says with a chuckle, pressing a sweet kiss to your lips as he brushes away the strands stuck to your skin. In a swift motion, he places your back against the mattress of the couch, keeping you connected the whole time. “Such a good slut for me.”
“Hm,” you hum as you wrap your legs against his waist, pressing him closer to you.
You gasp as you feel him go deeper in you and you roll your head back at the new sensation that builds in you as he slowly rocks his hips against yours. You clench around his cock with a vice grip as he halts his motions, buried deep inside you.
“Ngh—I cannot believe you kept this from me for three fucking months,” Taehyung groans, resting his forehead against your shoulder. “Worst—fuck—roommate.” Breath. “Ever.”
A small smile forms on your lips at his words but before you can retaliate with a response, his fingers are back on your clit and you let out a lewd moan as the overwhelming that pleasure spreads like a wildfire within you.
He places hot, open-mouth kisses along your neck, biting down on the expanse of skin just as his pace becomes brutal, your body jerking with every thrust.
“T-tae, ngh,” you mewl, running your nails down his back. “Feel s-so good—you feel so good.”
“Y-yea,” he says, resting a forearm beside you as he snaps his hips against yours.
You drag your nails down his back, arching your back.
He drags a hand down the length of your body, pinching the sensitive bud and causing you to whine.Taehyung growls as he rubs against your clit harshly, building an unwanted pressure in the pit of your stomach.
“You’re cunt’s taking my cock so well,” he moans, biting down on your shoulder. “God, agh, you’re taking me in so well. So fucking tight, you feel so good around me, baby. So, ah, so hot, you know that? Fuckin’ perfect for me.”
He lifts his head to bring his lips back to yours, kissing you deeply as he brings you both to your release. Your orgasm washes over you without warning and he helps you ride out every second of it on his cock. Your walls clench around him, pushing him to his own release as his hot, white seed comes spurting in you, some spilling out and down your thigh, as he rides out his high.
He falls limp atop of you, catching his breath and as do you, closing your eyes as your body relaxes beneath the weight and comfort of his. Soon, he slowly pulls out of you.
He leans down to press a soft kiss against your swollen lips. “You’re amazing.”
“You’re pussy whipped,” you snort in response, ignoring the lightness in your chest.
He chuckles in response, eyes travelling down to your cunt that still exposed to him. He licks his lips and takes two fingers to push the leaking cum in back inside you. You wince at the sensitivity, trying to squirm away from his touch, but he keeps you in place.
“Keep it in you,” he says as he finally takes his fingers away from your cunt. “Want you to be full of me when you walk out of here.”
You furrow your brows at him, glancing from your pussy and back to him. “It’s going to fall out.”
His leans down and places a short kiss on your lips before getting off the couch and retrieving your articles of clothing. You slip the sweater back on and fist the material of your bikini top and torn underwear.
“Make sure it doesn’t,” he simply responds as he helps you to your feet.
Your legs give out beneath you and you cling onto Taehyung’s arms before you send a glare at him. It doesn’t take a genius to know you’ll be waking up to sore legs and you couldn’t blame anyone but him for it.
Taehyung chuckles as he grabs a hold of you, making you rest your weight against him for support.
“And if it does,” you ask, cocking a brow.
Taehyung gives you a look that sends a rush of heat to your stomach and you gulp. “I’m not done with you yet, sweetheart.” His lips brush against the curve of your ear as he leans down to whisper, “I’m a man of my word, remember? You’re mine this entire night and you’ll do as I say.”
You nod your head weakly, pressing your thighs together. “You want me to keep it in me all night?”
“No, I want you to use it to fuck yourself.” Your eyes widen at the mouth falling agape, but no words flee. “You’re going to go back to your room and you’re going to use your fingers to fuck yourself using my cum and I’m going to watch you.”
Heat pools between your thighs and you press them together in fear of his cum falling out due to the new rush of arousal. The thought of him watching you as you got yourself off on his cum sounds like a dream, you're almost starting to believe you're in one.
Oddly enough, you are more than willing to give in to all his wants, an overwhelming urge to be good for him overcoming your senses—fair enough, too. He had made you come more times than you could count, you wished to make it even. And what better way than to give in to both your desires and spend the long night ahead with him.
Your nails dig into the muscle on his arms. "Then we better get going."
Taehyung tongue swipes his bottom lip, a wolfish grin curling on his lips. "I guess we should."
Tumblr media
When you awaken, the first thing you notice the overwhelming exhaustion that threatens to carry you back to sleep. A muffled groan escapes your lips as you stretch your limbs, legs sore from God knows what—!
Oh fuck.
You shuffle in your spot, confirming your suspicions when the sheets move against your bare skin; you’re naked from head to toe. Your eyes slowly open, rubbing the dirt out of them before you slowly start to rise, resting your elbows on the soft pillow behind you.
You had sex with Taehyung.
All your exhaustion fades away and your attention turns to the body resting beside you. You blink once as you stare at him.
As you recall everything from the previous night, the heat rises to your cheeks.
After you returned to your room, Taehyung and you found it near impossible to keep your hands off of each other. Like some sort of drug, you were both addicted to each other. You spent hours entangled together under the sheets, skin against skin as you brought each other to release over and over until the only words formed were each other’s names.
On cue, Taehyung begins to stir in his spot.
He stretches his arms and moves it against the sheets. A pout forms on his lips and you cannot help but let out a small laugh at the sight of it. Curiously you inch your hand closer to his. Your fingers brush against his lightly and he’s quick to grab a hold of it, the troubled expression on his face disappearing.
“You’re awake.” His voice is low and rough, catching you off in surprise. “Good-mornin', sweetheart.”
His stretches his arms above his head, yawning before he folds them behind his head.
Grinning at you, he says, “Nothing like months of unbridled hatred to make for the best sex you ever had, hm?”
Rolling your eyes, you scoff, “I can name a few guys that have done better.”
His eyes trail from your eyes to your lips and to your breasts and you feel uneasy under his stare. You don’t expect it when his arm trails over to your waist, letting his fingertips draw small patterns on your skin, as they slowly begin to lower down your body as he pulls you against him, eliciting an involuntary squeal.
He leans down towards you, your eyes growing wide as places a firm kiss on your lips that leaves your mind hazy and lips craving for more. And despite what your body wants, his kiss also gives you a taste of something that has never crossed your mind before.
When he pulls back his eyes are hooded and there a lazy smile on his face, one that steals the breath out of your lungs. He places a soft peck on your lips once again.
“I could get used to doing this,” he murmurs against your lips.
You almost fall for his antics until you feel him prodding against your thigh, snapping you out of your daze.
“Tae.” He hums in response as his lips trail down your neck. You giggle when he playfully bites down on your skin. “You need to stop.”
“Stop what?”
“Stop tryna screw me again,” you say, pushing him off of you so you could face him. He’s frowning at you and you let out another laugh. “I need to shower, I feel gross.”
“We can shower together. I’ll be good, promise.”
“Your boner says otherwise.”
He groans as he buries his face into your chest. “Just want you.”
Your fingers thread through the hair on the nape of his neck. “You had me last night.”
“Why are you trying to get rid of me so fast?”
“Why won’t you let me go?”
He presses a kiss against your chest, above your heart. “I told you; I just want you.”
“You just want to screw me.”
He shakes his head, protesting. “No, I want you.” You stay silent, blinking confusedly as he lifts himself up and sits beside you. “I like you, ___.”
A beat passes before you get up and do the same.
“You’re just pussy whipped.” Taehyung blinks as you get off the bed, scanning the floor for your clothes. You laugh his confession off, dismissing it as another one of your jokes. “Of course, you’re saying that because we’ve literally screwed six ways to Sunday and back—I’m basically a Goddess in your eyes.”
By the time your slip the hoodie on, Taehyung’s standing in front of you, brows furrowed. “You’re not listening to me. This—I—I’m not joking, ___. I like you a lot. I have for months now, way before that night.”
You look at him stunned. “I…”
His gaze softens as he cups your cheeks. “I want you, ___. And I mean that in an ‘I want to date your stupid ass’ kind of way. I want your smiles, your laughs, your kisses. I wanna be the reason you’re excited to wake up to a new day, I wanna be able to hold you and call you mine, I want the late night rides and the three am conversations, I want waking up to make breakfast together and the gaming marathons, I want everything with you; I want you.”
Your heart caves at the sight of Taehyung. He’s nervous, eyes searching your own for an answer, but he finds nothing. You were lost and confused, lips parted but no words forming.
“___?” He calls out your name in a whisper, worry taking over his features.
Suddenly everything is clear to you: the reason why your heart misses a beat everytime your eyes meet, why your body feels like it’s on fire wherever his fingers brush against you, how you render speechless at the sight of his smile that could quite literally outshine the sun—it all makes sense, but it’s not an answer you’re ready to face.
You like him.
Your breath hitches in your throat, and you push the delirious thought aside, but it doesn’t shake off as hard as you try. It’s impossible to feel such a thing. Simply impracticable. You repeat the two words—impossible, impractical—over and over until you realize that not a single part of you believes it. Because now that everything's out in the open you start to realize the man in front of you has somehow eased his way further and further into the depths of your heart, you didn’t realize it until it was too late.
“___,” he calls out again, dragging you out of your thoughts. His voice is laced with concern and there’s fear in his eyes—dejection, embarrassment, and the one that hurts you the most, regret. “Say something.”
“That’s not funny.” Those are the only words you can form, your heart pounding loudly in your ears and full of disbelief.
“What the—you think I’m joking?” You don’t respond and you can hear the disbelief in his voice. Taehyung takes a step back, hands dropping to his sides. “I’m not fucking joking right now, ___.”
“You don’t do relationships, Taehyung.” He is expression fades into nothing and you continue, “You told me yourself, relationships are messy and complicated. How the hell am I supposed to believe you when that’s how you feel?”
He’s quick with his response. “Because you make me want to try. You make me want to do messy and complicated—because with you it’s worth it. You’re worth it.” He cups your cheeks and forced you to look at him, desperate. “Give me one chance to prove it.”
You gulp, prying yourself out of his hold. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“Why are you pushing me away?” His voice is soft and soothing as if he’s trying to soothe the tense nerves in your body, but it only puts you more at edge.
You bite down on your lower lip, not meeting his gaze.
You shake your head. “It wouldn’t work, not when you and I want different things. I want a relationship, not some stupid fling.”
“You’re not a stupid fling to me. This—us, it was not a fling.” His fingers take hold of your own as he tugs on your lightly, prompting you to look at him. “We’re so much more than that and you know that. You’re trying to push me away, ___.”
You take a step back from him. “You can’t give me what I want, so just drop this okay?“
His brows are furrowed, lips opening to say something but he’s quick to stop himself. Letting out a deep breath, he runs his fingers through his hair.
He asks, “And what do you want?”
“I don’t—I don’t know, Tae,” you start, stuttering. “Someone that’ll be there when things get rough, a person I can rely on—someone that won’t leave me the second things get bad or once it gets too boring for them.”
You’re first met with silence.
When you look up, Taehyung looks like you’ve slapped him across the face. Your hands fly to your mouth, lips trembling as you try to find your voice—try to make things right, but the look on his face says that it’s too late for that.
“Is that honestly what you think of me?” And your heart breaks. “You don’t trust me.”
“That’s not what I’m saying—!”
He chuckles, scoffing. “Then what are you saying, sweetheart?”
“Last night was a mistake.” You’re lying to yourself and he knows. “It should have never happened.“
“Who are you trying to convince?” He asks. “Because it sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself a lot more then you’re trying to convince me.”
“You know what, you’re right; this was a mistake. I’m sorry I even thought you understood me—knew me,” he hisses, narrowing his eyes on you. “For a second, I really thought you knew me better than that but all you see me as is another frat boy.”
“That’s not true—!”
“That’s exactly it. You feel something for me and you won’t act on it because you don’t trust me.” You keep your mouth shut and Taehyung simply scoffs at that, turning his back to you as he slides his trunks back on. “I thought you knew me better than that, but I guess I was wrong about you.” You try to say something but he doesn’t let you. “You’re just like everyone else—can’t fucking see me for me.”
“That’s not true,” you repeat, tears pricking your eyes in frustration and pain.
“You’re so scared of getting your heart broken, ___, you don’t even realize you’re breaking mine.” And he sounds offended—hurt. You take a step forward, reaching out for him but he pulls back and you can feel your heart fall. Your eyes widen at that, stunned speechless. “You should leave.”
He turns his attention away from you and another part of you breaks. You don’t want to leave, but there is nothing you can say right now to mend both your hearts.
You nod your head feeling the tears sting the back of your eyes. “Yea.”
And with that, you leave the suffocating room, leaving Taehyung behind as you run out the door. He watches you where you left him, lost and confused with his heart falling to the ground as you leave. Your own slips through your fingers as the frightening truth finally processes through your thick and oblivious head.
You like him.
You like Kim Taehyung.
The world is crashing and burning before you and you’re being dragged along with it because you could not have possibly have developed feelings for him. But it stays, wrapping itself around your heart like a vine. You like Kim Taehyung more than you would wish to admit and the thought of it is absolutely, undeniably, terrifying.
Tumblr media
A week passes by since the incident; a week of pretending that night ever happened.
Taehyung barely stays at home now and the same goes to you. You leave long before he wakes up and return home without sharing a single word with him. He has even gotten into the habit of staying over at Jimin’s place for the last two nights.
You hated how it was becoming a routine and you knew it was only a matter of time before one of you moved out of the apartment. You hadn’t realized how badly you screwed over your relationship with him until you both stopped talking.
You’ve had a lot of time to think over everything—your feelings, that night, Taehyung—just everything.
You hoped that after a week, your thoughts would be clear of any doubt, your heart free from pain and you would be able to continue with your life after such a messy situation like the one you encountered with Taehyung. But all you could do for the past few days was think of him. His carob locks of hair you love running your fingers through; eyes full of mischief; soft, pink lips on yours that took your breath away—everything about him would run through your mind for every second of each day you’re apart.
It makes you regret pushing him away when he had done absolutely nothing wrong. But could anyone blame you for being cautious?
For some reason, even after all this time, you couldn’t comprehend that you, over the course of three months you developed feelings for Taehyung, who had snuck up from nowhere and slithered into the crevices of your heart, filling it like no other had. And it’s for that simple reason—like no other—that had you trembling with fear that morning. You’ve never met a boy who lit your entire universe with just a smile.
Although you haven’t comprehended such a thought, you have warmed your heart to it. You bask in the warm and fuzzy feeling that surrounds your chest.
But when your mind goes back to that morning, your heart breaks. It hurts to know that you’re the cause of it. It hurts more to avoid him, but you’re scared to face him—scared to discover what still remained between you two.
However, it hurts even more when Jimin calls your dumb ass out at three in the morning to fix what you had done to Taehyung because— “I’m fucking tired of seeing his pathetic ass sulk over the fact you won’t fucking talk to him, so get your ass out of bed and fix my best friend before I kick his whining ass out my flat.”
And so you do.
Tumblr media
Taehyung has suffered from rejection before, but never like this.
His heart feels like it’s being torn to two, grief hitting him in fierce waves and becoming worse as the days go on. The past week has been hell, restless nights where he’s left with replaying that morning over and over and wondering why everything went so wrong.
He’s lost his usual charisma and spunk, not as attentive with anything and he knows his behaviour is starting to bother Jimin, but he cannot do anything about it.
The look on your face when you pulled away from him is still a crystal clear image that plagues his thoughts.
With a huff, he starts to jam his thumbs onto the controller harder in frustration, the sounds of MarioKart hovering in the background as he tried to drown his thoughts away—thoughts of you.
Although, that becomes extremely hard when he sees you, in all your morning glory, standing at his door, teeth biting down on your bottom lip as your eyes flicker up to meet his because—holy shit that’s her.
Tumblr media
Your heart seizes and contracts at the sight of him, a familiar feeling of a thousand flowers blooming in your stomach taking over your senses. He looks as he always does at home, wearing a stained white-tee and grey sweatpants and still looks incredibly attractive in it.
“We need to talk,” you say, hesitantly.
He doesn’t say anything, sitting at the edge of his bed watching you in shock. You take his silence as a ‘yes’ and walk into his room, leaving the door open as you do.
You take a deep breath and speak first. “How are you?”
When he doesn’t elaborate, you frown. “Taehyung, I want to apologize.”
His response is just as bland as the first. “Shocking.”
“I never meant to hurt you,” you say, your voice as loud as a whisper. He still doesn’t say something and the silence begins to edge you. “Say something.”
“What do you want me to say, ___?” Taehyung sighs, running his fingers through his tufts of hair. “You’ve made it pretty clear that you don’t trust me—or even wanna be with me.”
You wince, body cringing at the memory of what you said. “I know I fucked up—!”
“That’s an understatement,” he scoffs.
“I’m sorry. Tae, I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean the things I said. I was an idiot—I am one, alright? I was scared. Scared because I didn’t want to become another girl you fucked—!”
Taehyung grits his teeth. “Is that really what you think of me? Some sleazy guy who goes around screwing everything that has a pulse?”
“Then what do you think of me, ___,” he snaps, the anger radiating off of him. “Because every time I bring this up, it seems like you see me as nothing more than a jerk.”
“You are more than that, Tae,” you begin. “You’re who I go to when I need someone to talk to someone. You’re the first person on my mind whenever I think of something stupid and irrelevant. You’re the guy who joins me on four A.M. walks because I can’t sleep—you’re the only fucking person on my mind twenty-four-seven, three-six-five.”
He stays silent, watching you as if he was trying to find the truth to your words.
When he doesn’t respond you continue, “I was scared because of what you said the night before. How was I supposed to believe you when you told me relationships weren’t your forte the night before?”
Taehyung stays quiet for a second before falls back against the mattress and lets out a sigh. “Because you aren’t just another girl. You—you’re… you mean so much more than that. I told you to give me a chance to prove it.”
You take a seat beside him. “How was one chance going to tell me you were serious?”
“You really do underestimate me, don’t you?” He asks, giving you a pointed look as he rests his weight on his elbows. “I know I have a reputation according to the campus, but that’s not everything to me. I wouldn’t hurt the one girl who means more to me than I can put in words.”
You cannot help the smile that forms on your lips. “And about relationships being messy?”
“I’m not going to lie and tell you I’ll be the perfect boyfriend because I won’t. I am bad at this relationship stuff and I might screw up, but I can guarantee you that I’ll always be there. You tell me what’s wrong and we can work on it. I’m not going to leave when the going gets rough.”
Your face falls at that. “I’m sorry for saying that you would.”
“Even if you don’t like me back, I thought we were at least friends,” he pauses and the pain is evident in his tone. You caused that, you think to yourself. You did that to him. “I thought you knew me.”
Your voice comes out in a whisper. “We are friends.”
“Sure have a funny way of showing it.”
“Give me a chance to prove it.” He cocks a brow and you continue, heart beating erratically. “Let me make it up to you. I’ll do anything.”
“Anything,” you promise.
Tumblr media
“I take it back,” you say, turning around to face Taehyung. He’s grinning as he holds the smoothie in his hands. “I cannot do that!”
He shakes his head and hands you the smoothie. “You can and you will.”
“Do you want my forgiveness or not?” That shuts you up and goddamn if it didn’t make him smile a little more. “Now, go and pour this over Jeongguk’s head.”
“He’s going to hate me.”
“One less guy I’ll have to compete with.”
“There is no competition,” you mutter as you turn around, “You’re the only one I want.”
It reaches Taehyung’s ears and he’s stunned at your words, unsure if he heard you right. But he doesn’t have the chance to ask because, by the time he’s registered what you’ve said, you’re running back to him.
And, unfortunate to the both of you, there’s an infuriated Jeongguk following behind you, eyes zeroed in on Taehyung. It doesn’t take you a second longer to grab a hold of his hand and run as if your life depended on it because it quite frankly did.
And at that moment, Taehyung thinks he’s found the one.
Tumblr media
By the time you finally outrun Jeongguk (a.k.a you’re hiding in the washroom), you’re completely out of breath.
Taehyung is unable to maintain his laughter as you rest against the tub. You throw him an incredulous look before you join in, trying to muffle the sound with your hands.
“Why did you make me do that,” you ask.
Taehyung gives you a smile as his laughter dies down. “I didn’t think you would. I thought you would have backed out. Honestly, I forgave you the second you said yes to doing it.” You deadpan at him and he laughs. “But it’s nice to know you’d piss off the dork for me. Safe to say, you’re completely forgiven.”
The statement brings relief through you. “Really?”
“Yea,” Taehyung chuckles, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “Friends again.”
You hesitate for a moment before you say it, “I don’t wanna be friends.” Before he can say anything, you continue, “I want more.”
Taehyung’s mouth opens and closes several times before he finally says, “Boyfriend-girlfriend?”
“Yea,” you say more confidently. A smile blooms on your face as you continue, “I want to date your stupid ass, too.”
You get your response with two heartbeats and a kiss.
Tumblr media
“You know,” Yerin begins as she takes a seat on the swings. “I forgot to ask how the sex with Taehyung was. Was he big?”
You hum. “Mhm.”
“And the sex?”
“I could die happy riding his dick.”
Yerin nods her head in approval. “He’s a keeper.”
Hoseok massages his forehead with two fingers, groaning, “Lord, what have I done to have been bestowed with best friends like them.”
“You were probably some saint in your past life,” you reply, snickering when Hoseok deadpans at you. “Don’t give me that look—you love us.”
“Not enough to endure this,” he sighs before bringing his attention back onto you. “Here’s the million dollar question,” a pause, “now that you’ve screwed him, are you gonna ask him out?”
“Uh… about that,” you start with a nervous laugh. “We’re kind of dating, it’s complicated, but we’ve been seeing each other for about a month now. And before you go off on me, the only reason I didn’t say anything sooner was because I didn’t want any outside attention on our relationship. We’re still trying to work through some things.”
Not even a full second of silence passes by before—!
“Bull-fucking-shit.” Hoseok gives you a pointed look and you gulp. “You’re just saying that because I lose fifty bucks to Yerin if you fucked—!”
You’re eyes widen at that, mouth falling agape at the information. “You guys made a bet?!”
“Nice one, Hoseok,” Yerin says, throwing him a glare, which he simply ignores as her mutters incoherent words under his breath. “It was a harmless bet.”
“For fuck’s sake, guys—!”
“We know you’ve been secretly dating behind our backs—you suck at keeping secrets,” Hoseok adds. “Although, I bet it would take you one more week before you finally told us. Yerin, on the other hand, did not,” Hoseok mutters the last bit with distaste. He crosses his arms over his chest with a huff, brows pinching together as he gives you a pointed look. “You couldn’t keep in your little secret quiet for just one more week, could you?”
You gave the two an incredulous look. “H-how did you find out?”
“Overheard you talking to him—!”
“Came to visit and heard you fucking from a mile away—!” Hoseok cuts himself off as he hears Yerin’s response, eyes going wide. “Oh right, the cover story…”
Yerin answers hesitantly. “Now, sweetie, before you throw this out of proportion—!”
They didn't need to be told twice.
Tumblr media
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Sugary Sweet
(Polyamory au) ( Bunny Hybrid! Reader x Tiger Hybrid! Taehyung x Cat Hybrid! Yoongi x Owner! Namjoon)
SUMMARY: Namjoon has a perfect life once he moves out of the city to a cabin alongside his two rescue hybrids, Yoongi and Taehyung. But then one night in the middle of the rainstorm they find you, a bunny hybrid, hiding in their chicken coop.  
WARNINGS: Anxiety attacks, Anxious! Namjoon, mentions of hybrid abandonment, hybrid mistreatment, Half of this is Domestic fluff, possessive behavior. 
W/C: 5,000 words of backstory you don't need + 5,000 words of pure fluff
Tumblr media
- Namjoon was not what you call a people person, not most days anyway. 
- Most of the time he preferred to sit at his desk in his little box of an apartment building and write away at his laptop, content only to leave if inspiration was failing him or if his need for caffeine overtook his anxiety. 
- Public places made him anxious, the clawing dread in his chest something he couldn’t shove down and live through, of course Namjoon was admittedly living in the middle of one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. But the feeling didn’t go away and leave him with age like it should have when he’d aged from being a shy school child into being a full-fledged adult with an anxiety disorder. 
- Instead mid twenties Namjoon sat down at his desk for almost a whole year and wrote a book. Of course it was successful, the fantasy and philosophical tidbits combined to an adventure story that captivated audiences. 
- His publishers tried to get him to go for photo ops and for interviews no matter how much they begged Namjoon even as his novel climbed on the bestseller list. He didn’t want to look like a bumbling idiot in front of cameras, all those eyes on him, just the thought of it made him feel like he was going to be sick.
- So Namjoon’s daily routine was this, he woke up at a time most people would consider lunch or even dinner, and wrote for a few hours. Then he would go  out for coffee at around 6 pm or so when everything wasn’t so crowded in his favorite coffee shop (that his best and only friend Jin owned, they’d only became friends with because back when Namjoon’s anxiety wasn’t so bad Namjoon used to write late night in Seokjin’s 24/hour coffee shop.)
- It’s an idea for his next book that makes him adopt a hybrid, because he’d never had one and Namjoon is always thorough in his research, and if he’s going to write about a hybrid character then he needs to know what it’s like to live with one. 
- The beginning of the process is surprisingly easy, but the next step, actually choosing one is the hardest. Namjoon looks in the room of bounding puppies and foxes and bears that are all playing and biting each other’s ears and Namjoon isn't comforted just overwhelmed. 
- Not able to choose Namjoon turns and walks down the hall, thinking that maybe this was a mistake, maybe he should just make the character in his book a human, maybe it was bad of him too want to get a hybrid for selfish reasons when in reality they where so close to people. 
- “Hey watch where you’re going!” a low grumpy voice says the second before Namjoon trips over a pair of stretched out legs. Namjoonfalls flat on his face barely managing to catch himself against the linoleum. He doesn’t even know how he manages to scratch his palms so bad. They make him hiss in pain as he picks himself up.
- “What the fuck! can’t you see anything with those glasses?” the person growls, dressed in all black baggy clothes, a round face with a hood pulled up over his head and a pair of headphones. “Apparently not” Namjoon says wiping his scraped hands on his jeans. One of the attendants comes crashing through the door. “I’m sorry mister! Did he hurt you at all?” Namjoon stutters out a no before they turn to small man that Namjoon tripped over.
- Namjoon is just about to apologize to him again before the attendant hisses almost lower than Namjoon can hear, “you where supposed to be in your pen Yoongi, making sure you didn’t bother the patrons. Now apologize.” Namjoon spies the electric prod through the attendants waste, the way his hand hovers on it and the way Yoongi shrinks into the back, no not the man- the hybrid, whose hands are covered by the large sweatshirt that sticks over his hands, and the black hood that covers lumps which must be ears of some sort.
- “I’m sorry” Yoongi says, his face downward. And Namjoon feels the protective instinct in him swell up. Thoughtlessly he reaches up and pushes back Yoongi’s hood, Yoongi flinches and Namjoon becomes even more displeased as he spies the small black cat ears that are poking out of the hybrids rumpled curly hair.
- “Actually, I was just talking to Yoongi about the possibility of adopting him when I tripped, we where just on our way to the office.” Yoongi’s eyes are wide as dinner plates alongside the attendants, his lips parted, his puffy tail swishing. No matter how hard they try to convince Namjoon to adopt “a more suitable companion.” 
- Namjoon won’t budge. Yoongi is going to be his hybrid. 
- Namjoon assures the facilities manager again and again that he knows the return policy and that this hybrid is the one he wants. The middle-aged woman goes on and on about how Yoongi is the most disobedient and disrespectful hybrid in the whole facility. But her whole speech about how horrible the hybrid next to him is just makes him want to adopt the other more. 
- Yoongi keeps his eyes downcast for the entirety of the meeting, With every negative word Yoongi shrinks a little bit more, his shoulders crumpling in on himself, it’s only when the woman leaves that he talks, “are you sure you still want me?”
- “You want to leave here right?” Namjoon answers. Yoongi sends a tentative glace in the direction of the corner of the room, and Namjoon spies a camera, it’s red eye blinking, recording their conversation . “Please.” Yoongi begs, low and almost a whisper. His eyes down at the floor. Namjoon’s hand comes up to rub against his ears and Yoongi flinches again.
- A 400,000 won adoption fee later and Yoongi is heading out of the adoption facility side by side with Namjoon. His belongings in a black backpack on his back. “It’s not much,” Namjoon says, when he flicks on the light to his pre-war apartment, the brick walls pained over with white and the old fashion fridge and steal sink filled with dishes that Namjoon meant to do this morning before leaving “But I hope it’s enough.”
- He probably should have cleaned up a little bit and now he finds himself shy over how Dingee his apartment looks with cobwebs in the arched ceilings, the piles of his rough draft on the small circular table by the window where Namjoon eats, the battered curtains drawn up close against the windows and the thread bear blue velvet couch that Namjoon falls asleep on editing 9 times out of ten. 
- Yoongi doesn’t make a sound one way or another, but Namjoon busies himself with dishes when he notices Yoongi’s eyes are filling with tears and prattles to Yoongi about his collection of take-out menus and that Yoongi can choose tonight. Yoongi’s not upset about the state of the apartment though- he’s so so happy, because this place is his, he’d never had his own space before.  
- Over the first few weeks of owning Yoongi, Namjoon starts to realize, Namjoon might not be a people person because he’s hybrid person. 
- Yoongi could be biting in his comments and harsh with his undertones but at the end of the day, he never curled up on Namjoon’s pull out couch to sleep, instead preferring to curl up around Namjoon’s thighs in Namjoon’s bed.
- Even if he pretended that he didn’t want cuddles when Namjoon would enter his room around bedtime and find the small hybrid curled up in the very middle of his bed watching some TV show on the TV propped up on his dresser. Even if the hybrid hissed at Namjoon when he initially tried to pet his ears, it was always around the third of 4th pass when Yoongi finally relaxed against Namjoon, the slow purring filling his bedroom. 
- Yoongi might bitrate and badger Namjoon for more cream in the fridge or laugh openly whenever Namjoon trips, but he always always always purrs when Namjoon shows him any sort of affection. The low rumbling making Namjoon smirk, and Yoongi blush as his eyes blink closed lazily. 
- After the first few weeks, once Yoongi gets comfortable Namjoon is sure that Yoongi is the most affectionate hybrid that he’s ever met. 
- Namjoon doesn’t realize how much the companionship is doing for his mental health, his anxiety, until they go out to the store one-day together. Usually he would never think about going to the store during the day, but Yoongi literally drags him away from the first draft of his novel and makes Namjoon go. 
- “I swear to god Joon if you live off of microwave meals forever you’re going to get an ulcer and die” he hisses when Namjoon tries to drag it out so that E-mart will be a little bit less crowded from people just getting off work. But Namjoon just smiles’, knowing the bickering is how Yoongi shows he cares. 
- They go to the store, and with Yoongi by his side Namjoon doesn’t get anxious at all. It’s a miracle really, and when Namjoon realizes it late one night when they’re walking through the crowded streets of Gangnam, feeling as at ease as he would in his own home. He would have gotten a hybrid much much sooner if he knew it would have had such a positive effect on his life, and as far as hybrids go…Namjoon can tell that Yoongi is special. 
- But then one day, Yoongi looses him in the crowd, there are too many faces, too many people moving at a brisk pace through the lit up streets of Myeongdong, food stalls advertise food with shouts that crowd out his mind, and then someone recognizes him from the cover on the back of his book and shouts his name and even more people turn and Namjoon can’t breath as someone takes out their phone and shoves a camera in his face the flash making white spots dance along with the black in his vision. 
- Yoongi’s hand is like a vice around his as he pulls Namjoon away towards the subway station. Namjoon curls into Yoongi’s shoulder and doesn’t look at a single person as he shakes through the end of the panic attack on the subway ride home. Listening only to Yoongi’s voice as it says low in his ear “we’re gonna be okay Namjoon- you’re okay, no ones looking at you, hell I won’t look at you if you don’t want me too.” 
- It takes a few weeks, and more than a few days with Yoongi curled up on the pull out couch and Namjoon’s bed, Namjoon’s head buried in Yoongi’s shoulder. Before Namjoon can even think about setting foot outside again. 
- And then the eventual question from Yoongi “if Seoul makes you so anxious- why don’t you just move?” 
- “Don’t you like the city?” Namjoon asks, by lew of an answer. Really Namjoon could move, he only meets with his publishers every few months and his editor, Jimin communicates with him mostly through email or Skype call. Namjoon could move to the countryside and out of Seoul. but Namjoon thought Yoongi had grown up in the city like himself, and that he would want to stay, “Not if it make you like this Joon.” Yoongi admits, his teeth gnawing on his lower lip as the hybrid looks up at him from beneath his lashes, concerned. 
- Namjoon searches for a house in the greater Seoul area and comes across a few good options, a modern loft in a residential neighborhood, but that doesn't have a yard, or a condo- which is right next to a park near a train station and this gorgeous little turn of the century cabin, with two stories and two bedrooms. His second novel peaks at number 2 on the best sellers list. “We need to get a car before we buy a house out there.” Namjoon realizes a few weeks after that- because as much as pictures are lovely he knows Yoongi needs to see the house in person. 
- They find a gently used car for sale on Facebook and Namjoon is just walking to pick It up in the theater district early one evening when he spies something.
- The red circus tent is being dismantled, half of the red and white spiral fabric hangs limp or gently flapping in the brisk wind. A lone workman operates a lift putting cages into the back of the truck.
- Namjoon walks by it slowly, eyeing the grubby body in the bottom of that crate. The sound of chains rattling as the hybrid inside pulls against the chains snags his attention.  The workman notices Namjoon looking and Namjoon shrinks, abashed to be caught staring. “Hey cut that out!” the man growls hitting a wrench against the side of the cage. The hybrid inside flinches back for a moment and stills before he starts pulling again. 
- Namjoon make eye contact with the pair of the most beautiful golden eyes that he’s ever seen; the boy is dirty, the striped tail that curls around his body protectively (for some form of comfort or warmth) is grubby brown when it should be orange. He’s probably a few years younger than Namjoon is. Namjoon spies curved orange ears sticking out the top of his head and reverses direction. 
- “Where are these hybrids going to go?“ he asks the workman, who looks down at him before he finishes loading the crate onto the truck and pulls away. Namjoon waits as he gets out of the lift and hops down.
- “The circus is shut down, this ones probably going to be euthanized, he’s the only rare-breed that couldn’t be auctioned off, while the domestic breeds will be sent to adoption agencies.”
- Namjoon peers into the container, and sees a gaggle of dog and cat hybrids that are huddled, each of their hands and feet bound, watching Namjoon with scared and hungry eyes. The tiger hybrid in the cage’s expression is desolate, he knows where he’s headed, but still his hands pull against the chains that fasten him to the bottom of the cage, unable to give up quite yet. 
- The money for the car in his pocket feels so heavy like it might bring Namjoon to the floor or tear a hole through his pocket. Namjoon makes a split second decision, fuck getting a car, “I’ll give you 5 million won right now if you give him to me.” 
- The delivery man looked at the wad of cash in Namjoon’s hands like he might not take it. “You know what you’re offering to do is extremely illegal.” Namjoon’s jaw was tense, he knows the laws about illegal adoptions, but he stares the workman down. The man sighs and takes the envelope, after a moment, glancing at the money inside, before he takes out his keys. Namjoon heaved a sigh of relief. 
- The hybrid had heard the entire conversation but still wasn’t saying anything, he skitters back against the wall when the man unlocks the front door of the cage, taking care to unlock the shackles around his ankles before stepping back.  
- Those golden eyes where stuck open blinking wildly. The boy shivering, his shoulders tense and his curved ears pinned back to his head as he curled his hands around the bars of the cage and hopped out of back of the truck. Namjoon saw a full body shiver run through him as his bare feet hit the floor. 
- The man undid the shackles around his wrists. The hybrid hissing and biting his lip when they rip away from the red skin, broken in the place around the ball of his wrist. 
- The hybrid can barely walk, let alone think about trying to escape as he goes from one captor to another. The man doesn’t look threatening but Taehyung knows you can never be sure.  His muscles are too tired to fight anymore to resist going with the man who looks well dressed, in a thick wool coat and a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. 
- Namjoon shocks Taehyung by pulling off that coat and tossing it over Taehyung’s bare shoulders, making him shrink further into himself before he clutches the jacket around his chest and lets Namjoon hook an arm underneath one of his as he sways at the rush of blood to his head, narrowly keeping him from falling over. “It’s okay. I’ve got you” Namjoon says as he starts to lead Taehyung back down the street in the direction of his apartment. 
- “I don’t like him, he take up so much room.” Yoongi whines after the third day, Taehyung is stretched out on Namjoon and Yoongi’s couch on his stomach his bushy tail waving lazily as he dozes, his fun now clean and a light orange color, his golden eyes closed to the world. 
- Taehyung even has stripes, slightly darker patches his skin that tan a little darker and quicker than the rest of him, he’s spent the last few days looking out the “portal” (that Yoongi continually corrected him where called “windows”), so the small ones on his face are the most noticeable. 
- When Namjoon had taken him home and taken a look at his injured wrists, he’d also gotten a look at the back of his thighs and back, scared from countless whippings that where fresh in a few places. It would be a few more days until he could lie on his back comfortably, and Namjoon had already bought the hybrid a can of scarring cream. (He even went to the store to buy it by himself, Yoongi was insanely proud. Even if the shock of Namjoon bringing home another hybrid instead of the car he was supposed to buy prevented him from saying it just yet.) 
- “He doesn’t have anywhere else to go Yoon, and I won’t put him out on the street.” Namjoon hushes from his desk in his bedroom. Aware that Taehyung can probably hear him. 
- Despite his upbringing, the tiger hybrid is anything but cold, though it did take a few days for his sunny personality to shine through the years of trained obedience reinforced by abuse. He’d broken a plate on his 5th night, and Namjoon had blanched when Taehyung had shrunk and pleaded, “please don’t beat me” in a hushed voice. 
- Namjoon had been overcome with guilt and horror at those 4 soft words.  And the hybrid had shook through his first hug ever as Namjoon had wrapped in him in his arms and tucked his orange head against his shoulder. Yoongi too- had folded himself against the hybrids back, and Taehyung had watched astounded as Yoongi scent marked him nuzzling into his shoulder and letting out a reassuring purr that made Namjoon melt.  
- Namjoon sat him down and tried to assure the hybrid that he wasn’t going to be treated that way here. Or ever again if Namjoon had anything to say about it.  After that incident, Yoongi lets Taehyung cuddle him whenever he wants- which is most of the time. 
- After the initial shyness melted away came the unassuming wonder at everything in the world, Taehyung had only ever seen the world outside of a metal cell or a large stage, and now he found the things that Yoongi and Namjoon overlooked exceeding endearing and excited. Taehyung tripped over his words, telling Namjoon about everything and everything that he had spied about the window out his apartment. 
- “You mean we have a mailman!? The same man who delivers mail to all of Seoul stops by our apartment building! Someone should give him a present for doing so much work!” Taehyung is so excited to learn about the most mundane of things that Namjoon can’t burst his bubble, even if Yoongi tries, his nonplused and realist side making an appearance no matter how Namjoon tries to discourage him from bursting the adorable bubble that is Kim Taehyung. 
- Taehyung Splashes in the water of Namjoon’s small bathtub with his large hands making Yoongi hiss when he tries to force the other hybrid to take a bath with him. Whining cutely when Namjoon clipped his nails (Namjoon was lucky that Taehyung didn’t actually have claws- it was just that the people at the circus had made him grow his nails out too look like them) and that endlessly boxy smile that lit up the entire apartment, even making Yoongi blush.
- Taehyung was so loveable, constantly throwing himself on top of Namjoon when he works, never even thinking about sleeping on the couch instead preferring to curl around Yoongi or the foot of Namjoon’s bed at night. 
- Yoongi is his favorite thing to cuddle, no matter how the other hybrid whined and pushed him away, complaining to Namjoon when the younger nibbled and licked at Yoongi’s ears in something similar to grooming. Yoongi yowls and swats at Taehyung when he calls Yoongi “cub” ignoring him for a whole day and almost reducing the younger hybrid to tears. After that Taehyung always calls him hyung. 
- With Taehyung they definitely need more space, and Tae looks so forlorn looking out of the window every chance he gets, his tail swishing behind him every time someone walks down the street below. Namjoon wishes he had a yard or someplace to let Taehyung burn off all of his energy, It’s been a struggle to get legal papers for the hybrid and until he does, Namjoon can’t let him go outside so much. 
- Namjoon expedites the process for moving them. Getting a car finally so that they can take trips with a realtor to the outskirts of Seoul. The cottage that Namjoon finally decides on is a cozy 2 story with 2 bedrooms, the master with it’s attached study making up the entire second floor, it’s got a nice balcony there too and a combined living room and kitchen on the ground floor. the patio doors open up from the kitchen onto an old brick semi-circle. 
-  The whole building is made for a view of the rolling forested hills that start at the edge of their property. The Realator even says there are trails there. Namjoon’s never been a nature person but maybe he could be. It’s a little older, with squeaky floorboards but a lot of chareter, Taehyung says he can fix it up (a nice thought, but Yoongi and Namjoon both cringe when they think about letting Taehyung near power tools) 
- Taehyung certainly loves it- especially when he spies the open back yard and the pond at the border of their property, traipsing through it and getting covered with mud Much to Yoongi’s disgust. 
- “I am not letting you cuddle me until you’ve had at least 2 baths Tae” he growls when Taehyung tries to drown the other with hugs. Namjoon can’t bring it in himself to refuse him as Taehyung hugs him in the yard getting his black slacks dirty. 
- Namjoon’s squeal of protest makes a muted clucking resonate from the side of the house. Taehyung’s ears perk up, his tail stilling. “No no no Tae-“ Namjoon says, dashing after him when he takes off. The realtor mentioned something about chickens, and Namjoon feels dread fill his stomach as he thinks about explaining to them that yeah my hybrid attacked one of your chickens but it’s not really his fault because it’s just in his instincts too want to chase after things that are small and prey sized. 
- Coming around the side of the house with Yoongi hot on his heels. How the hell Taehyung managed to fit his shoulders and his whole body through a tiny door Namjoon doesn’t know, but he’s sitting in the chicken coup with one of the hens forcefully restrained in his lap, the ripple of purring immediately halting Namjoon and Yoongi as Taehyung rubs his scent all over the chicken.  
- “Fluffy babies.”  Taehyung says, while he pets rougher than the chicken likes. The chicken squawks and tries to get away, very uncomfortable with Taehyung’s forceful show of affection but unable to escape his hands. “my fluffy babies.” 
- “Did you like the house?” the relator asks when they come back inside. After they bribed Taehyung with ice-cream to get out of the chicken coop. “We’ll take it” Yoongi smiles, his hand on the small of Taehyung’s back, their tails entwine behind their back, something Yoongi only allows when he’s been feeling particularly affectionate.
- Moving is easy when you’ve got two young hybrids to help pack everything away and shove it into a small moving van. Namjoon says goodbye to his old apartment and the city he grew up in with both of his hybrids chatting away in the back seat of his car. 
- The hills and forest behind the cottage are misty in the morning of late fall. One of the unrealized consequences of moving out of Seoul is that now they can’t eat out for every meal (though there is a pizza place and an panda express in town that they order from often enough) but Yoongi surprisingly becomes the de facto cook.
- The countryside is much better for Namjoon’s mental health than the city was, in the mornings; he looks out from the second story balcony and feels calmness settle into his bones. Sometimes Yoongi will join him, wrapping his arms around Namjoon’s waist and nuzzling his head between his shoulders. 
- “You stole my heater.” Yoongi complains when Namjoon finally turns around. Namjoon kisses the pout off of Yoongi’s face, making him gasp and grip the front of Namjoon’s shirt.
- “You still have your other one back there.” Namjoon nods at their bedroom. The king-sized bed- freshly purchased, and Taehyung starfished in the middle of it, laying on his stomach, his tail flicking in his sleep. “Yeah but that one snores worse than you do.” 
- Namjoon’s chuckle rouses Taehyung from sleep. And he blinks up at them wearily, making grabby hands in their direction and whining for them to keep cuddling him.  Neither Namjoon nor Yoongi can turn him down. 
- It’s not a surprise when Namjoon finds both of his hybrids kissing one morning, Yoongi hoisted up on the counter in the kitchen so that he’s taller than Taehyung for once. Taehyung’s hands wrapped in Yoongi’s thighs almost swallowing them. When they pull away, Yoongi is so flustered that he nearly combusts when he sees Taehyung smirking at Namjoon like the cat that got the cream. 
- One month in, a fox sneaks into Taehyung’s chicken coop and kills 2 out of the 10 chickens, including his favorite one, a caramel colored on that was the softest according to Tae. Taehyung cries about it for a week and then he goes on a hunt, scouring the forested hills behind their property for any sign of the fox, and crying more when he finds none.  
- Thunder and a rainstorm rage outside a week after Taehyung gives up the hunt.  Namjoon’s family sits cozy at their wooden table with the chipped edges, warm soup and fresh bread almost ready to be eaten, Taehyung is telling Namjoon animatedly about a website he found that would let them order chickens like can you even believe that you can get baby chicks through the mail, like what do they eat when they’re- 
- And suddenly Taehyung stops, going still in the listless predatory way he does sometimes, his ears tilt in the direction of his chicken coup. Tae’s ears pick up on some movement outside making him dash out the door in fear, forgetting his shoes. Feet splashing in the mud outside the patio door left open in his hurry. 
- Taehyung has much finer senses than Yoongi does, so its not surprising that Taehyung picked up on the disturbance before Yoongi. But the other still dashes after him, Namjoon pulls on his shoes less quick then the others grabbing a flashlight off the mantle. 
- The wind outside pushes rain in his face as Namjoon trots towards the chicken coup, “Namjoon!” Yoongi yells, his voice panicked “come quick!” Namjoon starts running, not bothering to pull up the hood to his jacket against the coming rain; Yoongi is holding Taehyung back as his low growl ripples threateningly like the thunder above them. 
- And then through the coop a small, tiny whimper. Namjoon grabs a hold of Taehyung and peers around him dropping his flashlight in shock at what he sees. 
- Yoongi manages to tear Taehyung out of the door as Namjoon crouches down. “Hey there- they’re no need to be afraid,” he says, making his voice low and honeyed. Stretching out his hand. 
- The bunny hybrid in front of his is impossibly small, pillowed among the fresh hay that Taehyung had put in there just a day ago, clad in clothes that are no where near warm enough for the weather and soaked to the bone.  
- You shake with a mixture of fear and cold, your bunny ears almost hidden with how they’re tucked close to your skull. “I didn’t mean to trespass- I’m sorry I- it’s just so cold outside and-” you cut off with a whimper hiding your face in your hands.
-  Namjoon feels movement behind him and its Tae who’d momentarily gotten out of Yoongi’s hold Tae’s looking at you like he’s more curious than worried but you whimper and shrink back into the corner. 
- And Namjoon is pushing them both away, “No! no- don’t worry about them.” Yoongi murmurs that he’ll take Tae inside, and you relax when they disappear from view. “I’m sorry about Tae he’s just a little overprotective of his ladies” as if sensing that you’re talking about them- the chickens around you coo and huff in their feathers. You peer out of your hands at the chickens. Who look at you interested- to them you must smell different from the other hybrid they’re accustomed to hanging around.  
- “This chicken coop is no place someone to spend the night” Namjoon says, straitening up slowly as to not startle you, his hand still outstretched, “especially in this weather, but my houses is far warmer.” You stair at Namjoon’s hand for a moment, and internally he coos when your nose and your ear twitches. 
- You gnaw on your lower lip, but then you reach out tentatively so that you can take his hand and he can pull you up to your full height. You don’t even have to stoop in the chicken coop, whereas Taehyung almost has to double over. 
- How can someone be so small, Namjoon wonders as he carefully leads you back inside. You almost bolt again, several times, especially when you see Tae and Yoongi peering at you from around the corner as Namjoon ushers you upstairs. You’re still shaking like a leaf when he settles you into a bath and leaves you to disrobe and warm up in peace, saying that there’s some stew waiting for you downstairs when you’re ready. Leaving some clean clothes outside your door. 
- “I don’t want either of you making her feel uncomfortable when she comes downstairs, she’s skittish, and she’s clearly been through a lot, I don't want her getting startled.” 
- “It’s probably because we’re predators” Yoongi notes, carefully picking the meat out of a portion of the stew he made leaving the vegetables, especially careful to give you most of the baked carrots. Taehyung whines at Yoongi’s words, “I swear I wouldn’t have like- attacked her or anything- I was just so surprised to find another hybrid on our property.” 
- “uhm Namjoon” a quiet voice- your voice says from the doorway, you’re only half in it, hiding from behind the edge to shield your body, even in Yoongi’s clothes the long sleeve shirts is almost falling off your shoulder, the pants tied tights around a tiny waist the little black cotton tail poking out the hole that was usually for Yoongi’s tail.
- Yoongi and Namjoon resist the urge to coo when you blush, Taehyung watches you with his golden eyes, his tail swishing back and forth quickly. “Here darling” Namjoon says, extending a hand which you take and sit at the table, sitting on your hands, your ears are still pushed back against your wet hair. Still pinned back. 
- By the time you’ve finished your stew you’re nearly asleep in the soup bowl, slumped in your chair asleep, tipping to your left into Yoongi who catches you almost barely. His hand comes up shakily, Shure you’re still partially awake when he combs his hands through your hair, feeling the silkiness of your black ears. twined through your hair, pink in the middle and black on the outside, they twitch, your nose mimicking them when your head falls against his shoulder. a little buzzing noise coming out of your throat, sounding something like contentment. 
- Yoongi resists the urge to purr. His hand stills on your forehead, his eyebrows knit together, “she feels a little warm.” He murmurs to Namjoon and Taehyung. 
- Yoongi carries you to onto the couch, which Namjoon has cast a sheet over, lying your head against the pillow where you barely stir as Taehyung throws their fluffiest blanket over you, your feet quirking to the side kicking a little as your ears perk up. 
- Namjoon rests his hand against your flushed cheeks, Yoongi is right, a fever is slowly starting to rise within you. 
- “I don’t wanna take medicine” you whine when Namjoon makes you take some the next morning, though you have to admit you don’t feel so good, the heat in your body makes you feel hazy and not all there as you let a predator, an actual predator cuddle up to your side, though Taehyung whines from the doorway, still watching you. Though admittedly he’d tried, and you’d almost jumped off of the couch before Namjoon stopped Taehyung with a raised hand. 
- You’re not exactly intimidated by the tiger hybrid still, but your first meeting wasn’t exactly glowing by any review- so you’re comfortable with him staying away for now. “Would some carrots make it better?” Yoongi plies, and you’re distracted momentarily, but you still won’t open your mouth to take Namjoon’s waiting spoon full of red liquid for your throat. 
- Yoongi’s fingers tickle your bunny tail and make you shout, giving Namjoon the perfect opportunity to shove the medicine in your mouth. You’re pouty and angry at all of them until Yoongi brings you carrots and some more munchies including strawberry ice cream that makes your ears flop and twitch happily.  
- Namjoon lets you stretch out across his lap as he pets your ears, by the end of the day you’re feeling better, not quite so hazy and you gush to him about how you didn’t know something could be so cute and yummy at the same time.
- Which of course Leeds Namjoon to buying you a light pink pullover and a white skirt as well as knee socks and a whole bunch of pastel clothing that you absolutely adore wearing. Even getting you a little bit of makeup because girls like that sort of thing don’t they? 
- Namjoon cannot resist spoiling all of you; he’s always sitting next to you and pulling you to lie against him, as well as hoisting your feet up in his lap to rub a lazy thumb across your shins. It takes you a little while to adjust to just how affectionate Namjoon and the others can be, but you begin to accept more of it. As spring warms to summer Namjoon finds himself taking the three of you out more often, into town and into the outskirts of the city. 
- Official adoption papers where easy to come by for you and Taehyung now that you where both out of the city where the laws where more harsh. Stray hybrids where often found out here and adopted as farm hands, it was easy to claim both you and Taehyung as adoptees. And Namjoon even got a tax right off. 
- He celebrates by taking the three of his hybrids out to the movies and dinner, and you all argue between which movie you should see, a mystery (Yoongi’s choice), an action thriller (Taehyung’s choice), and a romantic comedy (your choice.)
- It’s not surprising to Namjoon that they end up watching the romantic comedy. All you have to do is pout and Taehyung and Namjoon melt unable to resist you and the way your ears flop around your face, your eyes wide and almost tear-filled, your nose twitching cutely. 
- God they are so so whipped for you already it’s not even funny. 
- Yoongi is the only one who it take convincing, and he ends up pouting on the other side of Namjoon who holds your hand through all the sad parts while Taehyung practically wails on the other side of you, always a little sensitive. 
- “You’re all a bunch of crybabies.” Yoongi complains, but later you catch him holding onto your hand a little tighter, not wanting to let it go when you go to get fresh fruit parfaits afterword’s at the only all-night restaurant in town and you know the sad ending where the two love interests don’t end up together is weighing on him in a way he won’t express. 
- You’re still sleeping in the living room that night when Yoongi comes down and peels back the covers to slip underneath your little burrow of warmth to press his head against your neck and scent mark you, the usual way he greets you now. “Wanna come to the big bed tonight?” he asks, and you make a non-committal noise as he pulls you up. 
- In the main bedroom Taehyung is already asleep, but Namjoon is still writing more, his head against the headboard and his eyes tired, glasses pushed up on his face as he sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, making it stick up in all sorts of directions. 
- “Joonie you should go to sleep.” Yoongi says, “the writers block will be better in the morning” forcefully pushing Namjoon’s laptop closed “just one more second, need to save,” he says, barely casting you a glance as you go over to his side of the bed and tell him too scoot over while Yoongi peals back Taehyung’s arms and settles himself under the crook up his elbow. 
- Yoongi’s tail flicks as he watches Namjoon write a few more seconds. Finally leaning up to press a kiss to his lips and take the laptop out of his lap. “Alright alright” Namjoon says when his hybrid pulls away, his lips pink and damp and cute. “Bed now- I get it-“
- Namjoon runs a hand down your back next to him where you’re propped up on a pillow under your chest too look at him. Namjoon see’s the way you’re looking at him and know, knows what you’re thinking and what you want. After all how many goodnight kisses does Taehyung whine for on the regular? It took at least a dozen to get him to go to sleep that night without Yoongi in the bed even though he was bone tired from repairing the chicken coup today. 
- “Want a goodnight kiss sweetheart?” Your tail twitches happily as you nod, Namjoon leans one hand supporting himself on the other side of your head, his lips sweet and soft that make you sigh against the seem of his lips. 
- Yoongi would never say anything, but in that moment, he looks up at Tae and finds him watching you with something like longing in his eyes. But he doesn’t mention it ever, only holding onto the other hybrids shoulder and nuzzling further into him. 
- Yoongi looks up more vegetable heavy recipes for you, looking up online the correct balance and dietary needs of prey hybrids, as canine hybrids can basically eat like humans with no bad effects but you’ll get sick if you eat even half as much meat as Taehyung, Yoongi, and Namjoon do. 
- You feel a little guilty that sometimes Yoongi has to make you something entirely different when he cooks dinner offering to help him constantly.  You know how stressed it makes him when Taehyung asks for bulgogi and pad thai which Yoongi doesn’t even know how to make. And of course Taehyung is too adorable to turn down, but Yoongi simply can’t make all of that by himself. 
- So you help Yoongi in the kitchen sometimes, because Taehyung manages to cut himself almost consistently within the first 20 minutes of cooking every time. And after the last one needed stitches and had him licking at it for a few weeks, he has been officially banned from the kitchen. Whenever Namjoon tries Yoongi just straight up growls at him because he is not dealing with cleaning up after Namjoon. 
- And you guys have a fun doing it too, cooking is always better with a companion and though you’re not entirely hopeless Yoongi does enjoy teaching you how to cook, humming alongside you in the kitchen as he stirs some fishcake around with wooden chopsticks. 
- You express a desire to learn how to bake and not cook which Yoongi can't help with but agrees to try, and by the time you have the batter for the strawberry shortcake poured in the pan Yoongi’s black hair is almost grey with how much flower is in it. he obsessively grooms himself later that night, alongside you whose ears have turned similarly as powdery from hanging in your face like they do when you’re concentrating. 
- You giggle when Yoongi grooms them giving into his urge to care for you. These instincts regarding mates can be annoying for cat hybrids like Yoongi- who ignores his animal instincts as much as he can most of the time. 
- Yoongi thinks your ears are absolutely adorable when they hang in your face or when one of them lifts in the direction of whoever's talking when you’re concentrated like that. It’s almost like they have a life of their own
- You complain about them sometimes, pushing back your ears from your face when you get a little too focused on something and they block your vision. One morning you come down to find a pink scrunch on the table and ask Yoongi who blushes and stutters.
- “I got it for your ears because you don’t like the way rubber bands feel on your hair” Yoongi recalled that the other day when you went to the store and picked up hair ties, notifying Namjoon that rubber band just wouldn’t work. And that regular hair ties pinch your ears too much “ you know- so that they don’t get into your face when we cook or when you’re trying to do your makeup.” 
- You forget to put it on most of the time until you’re already doing something, because it does look a little goofy when you tie up your ears, your hands elbow deep in the dishes when you call Yoongi’s name and he swoops up your ears and fastens them together on top of your head with the pink scrunchie. 
- And then you start to lose it, Yoongi finds it under the couch and sighs, putting it on his own wrist where it lives when you’re not using it, always ready in case you ask for it. Namjoon smirks at him when he catches Yoongi looking at it one day and tugging at it with a little lovesick expression. “Stop looking at me like that” he growls, trying to disguise the flush on his cheeks. “It’s not my fault I’m the only one who can keep track of things in this house.” 
- Yup, Yoongi is definitely whipped for you. 
- Eventually you get good enough with makeup to try and beg Yoongi to let you put on him “hell no y/n, I’m like some fierce panther or something I am not letting you put me in bubble gum lipstick.” 
- “I could put some on!” Taehyung says, and you giggle a little and shyly put on some red on his lips, and when he leans over and kisses your cheek, making you startle and hop back, he grins when he sees the kiss mark he’s left. Which of course Leeds Taehyung to kissing you all over your face to leave little red marks, and then begging for you to apply more so that he can give Yoongi and Namjoon the same treatments.
- Taehyung wakes one morning early, gets out of bed because he knows its going to be a nice day and the chickens will probably need to be let out to mill about the back yard. And he descends the rickety stairs and find you already in the kitchen, drinking some tea and clacking away on the phone that Namjoon bought you last week.
- Taehyung gives you a small smile, staring at you with longing as he tells you good morning, your ears flick in his direction as you lift your head in his direction as you give him a small smile that makes his heart race. And Taehyung can’t bear it any longer, doesn’t want to stay away anymore, he’s been trying to give you enough space to get comfortable with him like Joonie said. 
- “Do y-you wanna come out and get the eggs with me today?” you take a sip of your earl grey tea, looking like you’re going to refuse and Taehyung wonders why he even bothered when he knew you weren’t ready when your ears perk up in interest, and you stand to put your teacup in the sink. 
- Taehyung stutters as he tells you their names, his too-big boots sloshing a little as you spread some seed around in the grass, making excited little noises every time they cluck, even mimicking the little noises Taehyung makes and giggling with him as he does this little call and response thing with his chickens.  
- “And now the best part” he grins, opening up the back of the coup to have access to the nests, “they’re still warm!” you cry in delight as Tae deposits two brown eggs into your hands and takes the rest that are there in his hands 3 in one hand and 2 in the other. 
- The big fluffy white chicken that’s too shy to let Taehyung get within a foot of her comes up next to you, pecking around your feet as you watch her in wonder. “She’s super shy I wouldn’t try to pet her” Taehyung warns, he himself had gotten pecked more than once.  You stoop down, the chicken gives you soft clucks as Taehyung pouts, and your smile soft and eyes wide in wonder as you she lets you pet her before fluffing her feathers and moving away. 
- “She never lets me do that!” he cries later when they’re inside, Yoongi clacking away on his computer and Namjoon upstairs writing. Yoongi’s ears flick in annoyance as he spies the way you’re no longer skirting around Taehyung like he has the plague or some very nasty infectious disease, “I can’t believe you got marshmallow to trust you! I feel betrayed!” 
- “Marshmallow did what now?” Namjoon says as he descends the stairs, still in his pajamas even though its nearly 2 in the afternoon his hair sticking up the way it does when his writers block is particularly bad. Of course all of them know the names of Taehyung’s chickens by now, given how much he talked about them.
- Taehyung launches into the story as you fold yourself against Yoongi on the couch, your body a line up against him, he purrs and nudges into your shoulder, tempting a lick against your cheek, which make you squeak. 
- “Stop that” you whine as Yoongi pulls you against his chest, lying his laptop on your lap instead of his but hooking his chin over the side of your shoulder so that he can still see it “Don’t lie and say you hate it,” which makes you pout but you accept his affection, your small cotton tail twitching against his thigh. 
- Seokjin comes to visit Namjoon’s new house and you’re entirely smitten with the gorgeous human, your ears shyly pinned to your head the entire time he’s here, smoothing out the giant sweater of Namjoon’s every few seconds and almost melting when Seokjin says “you have the best luck finding the most well behaved and beautiful hybrids.”
- Seokjin even reaches out and closes his hand around the base of your ear, drawing his hand away to feel the silky texture, “I have half a mind to take one for myself.” You squeak and blush and hide your face in Namjoon’s shoulder as both of them men chuckle.
- But Namjoon smiles as you perpetually hide behind him, “he’s just teasing you sweetheart,” Namjoon says as you shyly peer at Seokjin out of your protected place behind Namjoon’s chair. It feels kind of nice when you hide behind him, trusting your human to be your protector.
- It was easy for Namjoon to rely on Taehyung and Yoongi for most things, especially when it came to his anxiety, but to feel depended on in the way you depend on Namjoon makes his heart swell with this different kind of pride. You make Namjoon feel strong and protective. He pulls you to sit across his lap and lock his arms around you. You still hide your face in Namjoon’s neck, peering out at the other human every few seconds. 
- Yoongi and Taehyung boil though at Seokjin’s words, because no one is going to mess with your little unit even if they’re just joking, and Tae can’t believe that Namjoon’s human friend got to touch you like that, though a look from Yoongi stops Tae from growling at Seokjin. 
- Petty as always, Taehyung and Yoongi don’t let Seokjin pet them like usual before he leaves, instead he snuggles up to you screaming “Aish! You brats- you don’t know how to properly love your hyung!” Tae even steps forward like he’s going to do something when Seokjin presses a kiss too your cheek in goodbye, making you squeak and blush.
- That night Taehyung and Yoongi are a little bit possessive of you crowding you in-between the both of them on the couch while you watch movies, not letting you get up to make popcorn or for drinks. Taehyung even squeezes your shoulders in a relaxing back massage, smirking when you relax into his hands, tipping your head back, your ears relaxed at your size even when he nibbles a little at your ears. 
- Namjoon thinks it’s absolutely adorable how possessive his two hybrids are over you. 
- You and Namjoon go on walks in the mist in the early mornings sometimes when Taehyung and Yoongi take forever to wake up, with him by your side the woods don’t seem as scary as they did back when you lived in them.  
- Most of the time Namjoon will link his arm with yours and tell you in his low timbre about the fantasy worlds he imagines just behind the hills that you walk through. And it’s amazing how for Namjoon, it always seems like adventure is around the corner of the wooded path. 
- Living in the wilderness has been amazing for his productivity, writing, and imagination. He’s content to bounce his ideas off of you in your morning walks and not actually live through the adventures he dreams up. Namjoon finds you a surprisingly good beta reader as well and you absolutely swoon when he writes romance into his fantasy stories. 
- One day you read his draft and stomp up to his office and pout, your ears twitching agitated and your foot even stomping, “you can not leave a romance story this good at such a cliffhanger Namjoon! Your readers are going to hunt you down and slap you before I do!” Namjoon just grins and says with a wry smile, “I can tell you how the next book ends if it will make you feel better?” 
- Some mornings you don’t join Namjoon for his early walk, and on those you’ll wake up to soft bluebells or pink cosmos from the feilds lying on his pillow next to your head, or on one of the shelves in your closet, or in one of the brush containers by your makeup stash in the bathroom. 
- Sometime Taehyung will wake up early as well and join you- though in those times the conversation will often turn into a horror story retelling which will make you press closer too the two of them with every strange noise that greets you on your walk- which of course was Taehyung’s plan all along. 
- One day Taehyung goes into the shared master bedroom to find it in chaos every single blanket and pillow in the house alongside some of their clothes piled into a big puddle. He finds you sleeping in one of Taehyung’s red sweatshirt in the center of the nest. Your cream silk shorts poking out from underneath the hem, one of your socks pulled up your thigh and the other down around your ankle. 
- Taehyung huffs and crawls into the middle of the nest and wraps his arms around you. Nesting or burrowing is a regular enough behavior of rabbit hybrids that it doesn’t alarm Taehyung though you’ve never made one out of the bedroom before. 
- You wake up a little making sleepy noises and letting out the cutest little yawn, your black bunny ears twitching aggressively for a moment and then going totally still the next as he snuggles in next to you. You let Taehyung manhandle you across his chest and you’re vaguely aware of him purring and rubbing his chin around the top of your head.
- “You’re mine- my fluffy bunny.” He murmurs his voice a low growl as he scent marks you again and again until you’re bathed in the tiger’s rich spicy scent.
- You’re in and out of a haze sleeping in your little nest/fort thing that you’ve made but somewhere along the afternoon Yoongi joins in on the other side of you, rubbing at your shoulder too, crowded in between both of them and unbelievably warm. 
- Yoongi’s tail, always more dexterous than Tae’s thicker one curls around one of your legs, and there is one hand running endlessly over your ears, especially around the base of them, and another rubbing a hand down your back under your shirt, scratching a little lightly around the base of your tail. 
- And then the next time you come too in the haze of your nap you’re on your back, and you have one face resting on your stomach, Yoongi’s judging by the black hair that pushes against where the sweatshirt has ridden up, Yoongi’s arms wrapped around your waist. 
- But that’s not why you’ve woken up, your back arches and a sigh leaves your mouth as Tae nips along the edge of your jaw sometimes stopping to suck at the skin, his oral fixation that all hybrids tend to have acting up maybe, or maybe not, especially when you start to squirm he lets out a low growl. “Would you let me mark you, let me make you ours?” he grounds out his voice low and breathy. 
- Namjoon can only smile in amusement as he finally reaches his writers block for a day and comes in to find his bedroom torn apart and his three hybrids lounging in each others warmth, both your and Yoongi’s necks are a masterpiece of red and purple marks and Taehyung humming happily as he tries to snuggle closer to both of you.  Taehyung even has a few marks on his collarbones.  Your head pokes up at the noise, your ears at attention as Yoongi whines when you remove your neck from the reach of his mouth, 
- You smile sleepily up at him eyes closing slowly before you reach up, Namjoon entwines his fingers with yours slowly, his large hands dwarfing your small ones, until you tug him down with a little yelp on his part. 
- You get so many kisses on a daily basis. You get your good morning ones from Namjoon, usually tasting like coffee, and Kisses that are smiley and almost taste like a laugh when you pout from Namjoon, and slow relaxed kisses that happen in the hazy gray light of the living room when it’s gotten late enough to turn the lights on but no ones bothered yet.
- You get ones from Yoongi when you do something cute or just because he wants too (usually when you’re drinking your tea or smiling softly at something and he gets this burst of emotion that prompts him to stop whatever he’s doing and kiss your pink lips).
- And endless kisses from Tae- though both Namjoon and Yoongi are as much a victim of his kisses as well, whenever he bounds in from the outdoors, whenever someone does something particularly cute, like drop a mug or crash into the door without his glasses (Namjoon,) like pout and say something biting and grumpy (Yoongi) or when you do that little thing where you crunch your jaw happily around your food or excitedly run around one of the three of them in circles.
- That particular behavior has Namjoon smiling something soft and suspicious and even Yoongi starts to grin after a point. And it feels like the two of them have some secret inside joke that Taehyung’s not apart of when he sees it. 
- “What are you hiding from me- why did you look at Yoongi like that when Y/n started to do the circle thing.” Taehyung pouts one morning after it happens in the kitchen. 
- “We’re just happy Tae” Namjoon soothes, Taehyung’s head is lying across his lap in the office and the hybrid pouting lips tickling against his bare thigh. 
- “I looked up hybrid behavior on the internet a few weeks ago- you know because you and Yoongi are a little easier to read but Y/n has a few indecipherable behaviors- its actually really interesting from a genetic point of view why prey type hybrids tend to have more typically animal behaviors-“ 
- Taehyung lets Namjoon ramble on about some paper he read when he was doing research for his last book, straightening up to press a kiss to his lips that makes Namjoon stop and blush because an excited Namjoon is an absolutely adorable Namjoon and Taehyung always always always wants to kiss his boyfriends.
- “Oh just spit it out,” he says when Taehyung sees that adorable shy smile that Namjoon’s says, running his fingers through his kiss mused hair. 
- “The circling thing- it means she’s selecting us as her mates.”
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jamaisjoons · a year ago
lubricious ⤑ kth | m.
Tumblr media
lubricious adj:         ↳ characterised by lust // alt; having slippery quality
⟶ 𝑠𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑦:〝 in which taehyung spends far too much time with his camera, when really, he should be spending time with you. 〞established relationship au.
❥ 𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔: photographer!taehyung x reader
❥ 𝑔𝑒𝑛𝑟𝑒: smut ⋆ pwp
❥ 𝑤𝑜𝑟𝑑 𝑐𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑡: 9k
⟶ 𝑤𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠: taehyung has the ON neck tattoo, hard dom!Taehyung, big cock!taehyung sub!reader, needy brat!reader, reader has an exhibitionism kink, slight public sex/indecency, teasing, nipple play, masturbation: female, degradation - use of slut/whore, dirty talk, camera/photography sex, taking pictures of sexual actions, exhibitionism, voyeurism, pussy slapping, grinding, wet and messy sex, fingering, reader teased taehyung and he’s not letting her get away with it, edging/orgasm denial, orgasm control, cum eating, finger-licking/sucking, grinding, spanking, manhandling, pussy licking, ass eating/rimming, anal fingering, spitting, multiple orgasms, forced orgasms, overstimulation, unprotected sex, rough sex, riding, choking, scratching, multiple creampies, cumplay
➵ 𝑎/𝑛: y’all see that tag list? fucking wild - i’ve decided since i’m suffering this comeback, we ALL have to suffer this comeback 🤪. also don’t be fooled - it looks like there’s a plot but there’s like barely fucking any.
⇥ beta read by my wonderful loves @parksfilter​, @peekaboongi​, @honeymoonhobi​ and @shadowsremedy​ ♡
⏤ dedicated to @strawbxxymilk​ because i love you but also i need you to suffer with me
Tumblr media
With dull eyes, you stare out the window as you watch the people pass on the street below you. When your boyfriend of three years had said you were both taking a trip to Paris, you had imagined long walks down the lazy Parisian streets. You’d imagined breakfast in quaint little cafes, or late nights at the Eiffel Tower, or even just wandering through the various different museums that made their home in Paris. What you hadn’t imagined was this. You hadn’t imagined sitting in your whimsical Parisian apartment simply watching people while Taehyung indulged in his photography.
Though, in hindsight, you really should have known. He’s always like this when he starts a new project.
When Taehyung had first mentioned this trip, he’d failed to tell you that it was really a work thing. Your boyfriend is one of the top photographers in his field and he’d gotten a once in a lifetime chance to pursue photography in Paris. Of course, that meant moving to Paris for a month. It hadn’t been much of a decision for you - being the CEO of an editorial company had its perks: namely that you could work from home - and you’d never begrudge Taehyung his dream. Thus, the two of you’d caught the first plane out from Seoul and straight to Paris.
Sitting on the mattress by the windowsill, your elbow is propped onto your knee, head rested in your hands as you lazily stare at the people going by. A sudden squall of air blows, the chiffon curtains dancing indolently in the wind. Goosebumps prickle at your skin as the crisp gale kisses your flesh, your spine shuddering. Dressed in Taehyung’s white button-up, your panties, and nothing more, you’ve hardly got any real cover against the elements - not that you really care. Rather, your brain is more focused on the boredom that is slowly gnawing away at you. It’s been a whole week since you’ve been in Paris now and Taehyung has scarcely pulled away from his photography to spend time with you.
You don’t resent him for it. Really, you don’t. But you’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss your sweet, loving boyfriend. Nor would you be lying if you said you weren’t absolutely fucking horny. Taehyung had been out late recently, walking the quiet streets of Paris while looking for things to photograph. However, that had also meant that by the time the two of you got back home, Taehyung was far too tired to engage in any sexual activity. Which, of course, meant that you’d now gone a week without any real attention from your boyfriend.
The snapping of a shutter resounds through the air, the sound breaking your reverie and causing you to huff. After sucking in a deep breath, you loll your head back and chance a glance at your boyfriend. Like you, he’s dressed in very little: the broad expanse of his back exposed to your view as the dark denim of his jeans cling low on his waist. He’d been out earlier this morning, no doubt capturing more of Paris’ elegant landscapes.
Fevered eyes watching him, you stare, utterly fixated by the tattoo that graces his skin - over his neck and slightly down his shoulder blades. You also know that if he turns around, you’ll see the trails of thorns and branches continue over the front of his shoulder and pecs. Continuing your perusal of him, your eyes follow the contours of his body: from the smooth stretch of his back, his thin waist, all the way down to his shapely ass. Gulping, you imagine what lies under his jeans - and you know your boyfriend well enough to know he’s not wearing underwear. Throat going dry, you shift on the mattress you’re currently on, a short gasp hitching in your throat when your thighs rub against each other. God, you want him.
“Taehyung,” you call out, your voice coming out higher than usual. Your boyfriend only hums in response - but continues fiddling with the lens of the camera. “Taehyungie,” you whine once again, a pout forming on your face as he continues ignoring you. Put out by his blatant disregard, you let out a huff and take matters into your own hands.
Standing up on your feet, you softly pad over to him - ignoring the feel of the cold tile against your bare feet. Once you approach him, you snake your hands around his bare stomach, your hands resting low on his abdomen while you press soft kisses to the side of his back. Taehyung stills for a moment, before relaxing in your hold. Then, he continues snapping another shot of the display in front of him. Peering over his back, you huff when you see that he’s taking pictures of various knick-knacks he’s picked up from small vendors. You can’t deny that it’s an aesthetically pleasing display - but really? That’s what he’s choosing to photograph?
That last thought causes a sudden spark of brilliance, and your mind races at the epiphany. There is something better he could photograph. Once again you swallow thickly, your stomach flipping as your throat constricts. Just the thought of it has your veins burning with pleasure, heat searing through your core as liquid want pools between your thighs.
“Taehyungie, do you really want to photograph that?” you ask coyly. He halts for a moment, his head cocking to the side as he quirks his eyebrow at you.
“What else would I photograph?” he asks curiously. Biting your lip playfully, you look at him through the thick of your lashes. You have absolutely no doubt that lust is written clearly in the dark depths of your eyes.
“Hmmm,” you hum as if in thought.
Taehyung looks at you pointedly, both of you knowing that you’ve only really paused for effect. “Don’t be a brat, ____. You know what happens when you’re a brat,” Taehyung says lowly. The deep, gravelly baritone of his voice vibrates through the air and straight to your loins, spikes of hot lust causing your stomach to twist. Reflexively, you feel yourself grow wetter, the slight domineering tone sending shivers down your spine.
“You could take pictures of me,” you suggest breathlessly. Taehyung freezes for a moment, his asymmetrical eyelids widening in the slightest. You can practically feel his thought process, his mind running a mile a minute. For a second, you cheer victoriously - only to deflate when you see his eyes harden once again.
“Baby,” Taehyung sighs softly, “I have to put these photos on display in the gallery - and as beautiful as you are, I’d rather not have people seeing you like that,” Taehyung continues. Your lips pull into a pout and you let go of him before stomping your foot.
“Then don’t take pictures of me! Just spend some time with me,” you whine with a bounce. Taehyung huffs before regarding you with his dark, heavy eyes.
“Baby I’m sorry - but you know this is important. Displaying my photography at an art exhibition in Paris is a huge deal for me. Just give me a little while longer, and then we can do something? Okay?” Taehyung suggests before pressing a kiss to the side of your temple. Then, he’s going back to his display. A scowl forming on your face, you pout before loudly stalking towards the mattress.
Flopping onto it, you lie on your back and stare at the ceiling as you wonder what else you could do to get Taehyung’s attention on you. You had genuinely thought that he’d jump at the chance to photograph you - and you can’t deny that you want him to. Hell, the thought of Taehyung taking pictures of the two of you in the throes of pleasure only adds to the growing ache between your thighs. God, maybe you should just play with yourself, you think to yourself dryly. Then you freeze. That’s not a bad idea, you suppose.
Head tilting, you look at Taehyung’s back once again. Engrossed back into his photography, he once again pays you no mind. If this was under any other circumstances, you’d leave him alone - but it’s been a whole week since you last had him. It doesn’t sound like a lot - but you and Taehyung have a very active sex life. So, suddenly going from fucking at least twice a day - to not having him for a week - is slowly driving you insane. With another glance at him, you throw caution to the wind.
Your hands begin wandering down your body, feeling the soft curves and contours of your torso as you slowly trail your fingers towards your thighs. The pads of your fingertips brush against the cotton of your underwear, just above your clit - and you find yourself gasping at the stimulation. Eyes trained onto Taehyung the entire time, you note the way his shoulders tense - his fingers fumbling with the camera as he hears the breathy noise. A trill of pleasure runs up your arms at his reaction and you feel the temperature rise several degrees.
Hastily, you begin unbuttoning Taehyung’s large shirt, letting out a breath of relief when the cool wind kisses your flushed skin. Vaguely, you know you should close the window and curtains - the mattress is right beside them after all - but the thought of someone watching you sets your nerves ablaze. Another light gust of wind wafts through the window. Instantly, you shiver, your nipples hardening reflexively from the cool air. Feeling the buds twist to hardness, you relax further into the mattress before lazily tracing a finger around the pebbled peak.
Lightly, the tip of your finger circles your nipple, your nail catching on the bud and causing you to inadvertently tweak it. “Mmmm… Taehyung,” you groan, your eyes fluttering shut as you imagine it’s your boyfriend’s hands on you, rather than your own.
“What are you doing?” Taehyung growls out, turning around to look at you. He stops at the sight of you - your fingers lazily dancing against your breasts as you speed up your movements.
Opening your eyes, you cup your breasts, pushing them up and together as you flick your nipples with both your thumbs. Lust-filled gaze trained on Taehyung’s hard one, you simply shrug your shoulders; “if you won’t play with me, I’ll play with myself,” you reply.
Impulsively, you pinch one of the buds between your thumb and forefinger, before twisting it. Gasping under your own ministration, the slight painful twinge shoots a pike of heat straight to your core, you cunt flooded with your arousal. You’re so turned on right now, that you can feel your pussy pulse with every action, the cotton of your underwear sticking and unsticking to your nether lips.
“Stop it. I’m trying to work-” Taehyung growls out, only for you to cut him off.
“You could work with me. Are you sure you don’t wanna photograph me?” you ask huskily as you once again twist your nipple - the other one this time. Taehyung grunts, but doesn’t say anything. However, you see the shift in his eyes, dark desire pooling in them as his eyes follow every movement of your hands.
“What did I say about being a brat, ____?” Taehyung growls out. His tone is calm, his voice low - and to anyone else, he’d look completely unaffected. But not you. No, yousee the way his Adam’s apple bobs in his throat.
Snorting, you shrug once again. Trailing your hand from your breast, your fingers indolently drift down your stomach as they make their way to your clothed sex. With your body slowly heating up from your own actions, you no longer register the cool Parisian air from the open window. Fixated on Taehyung, your eyes sparkle with challenge as you lazily circle the rim of your belly button before continuing your descent. The entire time, you watch Taehyung - but his eyes are no longer on yours. Rather, they’re trained on your hands - mesmerised under their movements.
When your hand grazes your cotton panties, you waste no time. Without a second thought, you plunge your hand into your underwear, a whine emanating from your throat when you feel your hot, wet nether lips. The pads of your fingertips brush against your own clit, the bundle of nerves engorging under your actions as you lightly tease it. “It’s not like- oh,” you gasp, circling your fingernail around the throbbing bud, “you have time for me anyway,” you manage to choke out - finally responding to Taehyung’s question.
Driven insane by your own teasing attention, you ignore your boyfriend as you push your panties down your thighs and over your knees. Haphazardly, you throw them to the side, not caring where they land. Spreading your legs, your fingers trail across your dewy sex as you lightly play with your slit. A finger barely dips in between your folds, the digit lightly raking through before you pull it out. Thick strings of your arousal cling to your appendage, and you find yourself spreading it all over your clit, slickening the throbbing bud under your ministrations.
Vaguely, you hear Taehyung calling your name in warning - but in the hazy cloud of your desire, you barely register his voice. Biting your lip at the thrilling sensation, you roll your hips; grinding into your hand as you begin flicking your clit. A low groan slips from your lips when you press particularly hard, the friction causing hot stings of pleasure to run up your spine. Dipping your fingers further between your folds, you lightly trace your pulsating sex - shuddering when you feel your entrance instinctively clench around the tip of your finger.
Suddenly, you feel a presence looming over you; the hairs at the nape of your neck standing on edge. Once again, you open your eyes - when had they shut? - only to see your boyfriend standing over you. His face is passive, his plush lips set into a thin, grim line as he glares at you with his hard, domineering eyes. Momentarily, your eyes shift to the camera in his hands, your core twitching at the sight of it. Unable to help yourself anymore, and while staring into Taehyung’s lusty gaze, you plunge two fingers into yourself. The sudden action has you crying out wantonly, desire twisting your stomach into knots as you feel your walls spread around your digits.
“One last warning, Kitten. Stop. Now,” Taehyung growls. There’s nothing but authority present in his voice - but the tone of finality only has you whining in pleasure. Mouth dry - as if all your wetness has seeped from it and towards your aching cunt - you swallow thickly at his words. Nevertheless, you refuse to stop. If this is what it takes to get attention from your boyfriend, then so be it. Plunging your fingers deeper into you, you cry out when the pads of your fingertips scrape the soft, sweet spot inside you.
“Fine,” Taehyung hisses, “if you want to be a needy little slut, then so be it. Spread your legs,” Taehyung demands. Breath hitching at his words, your thighs immediately fall open further. Taehyung groans in appreciation, his eyes immediately falling to your slick, puffy cunt. “God, look at you. Such a wet, messy little whore,” comes Taehyung’s guttural groan. You feel him sink down to the mattress, his body positioned between your thighs.
Harshly, Taehyung pulls your hand away from your cunt, a low mewl leaving your mouth when you feel your fingers retreat. Cunt clenching around nothing, you desperately whine for Taehyung, the deep ache in your core growing as you push your hips towards him. All of a sudden, Taehyung’s hand comes down onto your cunt - hard. Jerking, your back arches off of the mattress, your eyes rolling into your skull as you both hear and feel the wet spank.
“Fuck- did you hear that? So fucking wet,” Taehyung growls out, his fingers rubbing through your folds. Slick, squelching sounds fill the air while Taehyung runs his fingers through your folds, subsequently coating his fingers in the thick strings of your arousal. He places two fingers on either side of your labia, before spreading your lips. You feel your folds part, the heady scent of your sex deepening in the air.
Taehyung groans at the sight of you: dripping and messy. Thin rivulets of your arousal trail down your lips, pooling onto the sheets and creating a puddle. Your thighs are slick, glistening in the natural light that streams from the open window and your cunt is swollen with need. Once again, Taehyung brings his hand down - directly on top of your clit this time - before watching as the engorged bud throbs. Bringing his camera back up to his face, he focuses the lens on your pussy and then, you hear the camera click.
Heart racing, ardent pleasure grips at your every vein as you hear the repeated sound of the camera shutter. “Taehyungie,” you cry out; need painted heavily in your voice. The whiny inclination causes Taehyung to spring into action. Before you know it, Taehyung is hovering over you, his hips between yours. Gasping at his sudden proximity, you barely have any time to think before he’s flipping you over.
All of a sudden, you find yourself on top of Taehyung. He’s laid out under you: his long, dark locks fanned out on the white pillowcases. He’s a picture of sin; staring up at you with his intense dark chocolate eyes; corners of his pink, plush lips pulled into a smirk and thick neck strained as he looks up at you. Swallowing thickly, you shift on his stomach - hissing when the taut, hard muscles of his abdomen brush against your sodden, naked folds.
Camera in one hand, Taehyung folds the other under his head before smirking up at you. “Come on then, kitten. Be a good little slut and get off for me,” Taehyung cooes. His voice is gentle - yet firm - and you can hear the slight twinge of dominance laced into it.
Shuddering on top of him, you flex your thighs and lift yourself off of his stomach. Hand twisting between your thighs, you keep your gaze on him while once again playing with yourself. Prolonged, needy groans escape your lips, your fingers easily finding your throbbing clit. Dancing sensually, you roll the hardened bud under two fingers - alternating between strumming it and pinching it between your thumb and forefinger. Simultaneously, while you work yourself over to your impending orgasm, Taehyung continues taking pictures.
When you move your hand, the ache inside your cunt growing too much to bear, Taehyung stops you. One hand on your wrist, he tuts at you, “no, I don’t think so Kitten. Onlyyour clit,” Taehyung orders. Needy whine slipping past your throat and helpless under his command, you know you can’t disobey him - even if you so desperately ache to be filled by something.
Pussy on fire, you clench and unclench uncontrollably on top of Taehyung. With your thighs on either side of his hips, Taehyung feels more than sees the imperceptible way your muscles lightly tremor. Lips pulled into a smirk, Taehyung moves the camera away for a moment - his mouth running dry at the scene in front of him. You’re completely soaked - so wet that thick, filmy strings of your arousal leak out of your cunt and onto his belly. It gathers in a puddle, dripping down his abdomen and soaking into the thick material of his jeans.
“Taehyung- oh god, I’m gonna cum,” you breathily mewl. Taehyung turns his attention from his stomach to your face. Mouth wide open, you gasp and mew in pleasure, your eyelids fluttering in tandem to your fingers. Unable to help himself, he picks up his camera once again - this time taking a picture of your face. Lust is clearly written over your visage, your features twisting into an expression of complete, unadulterated euphoria.
At this point, you’re so wired that you’re whimpering helplessly on top of him. Hips undulating, you roll your ass on top of him. When your nether lips brush against the hard, rough material of his jeans, you throw your head back and cry out in pleasure. Taehyung’s hands dart out once again, his long fingers gripping your hips as he brings you to a still.
“No!” you cry out, wiggling in his hold as you try to move once again. Taehyung simply tuts; and while holding your hips firmly in one hand, he uses his other to pull your hand away from your cunt. “No! Taehyung, no. No,” you protest, tears pooling in your eyes as you feel your impending orgasm begin to fade away. Through blurry eyes, you look down at your boyfriend and begin to struggle in his hold once again - desperate to cum.
Taehyung only smirks at you, his grip on your waist tightening - causing his fingers to dig into the flesh of your hips. “You’ll cum when I want you to cum. But right now, taste yourself,” Taehyung urges, a taunting inclination to his voice. He brings your hand in front of your face before pushing your slick covered fingers between your lips. Orgasm fading away, you groan in protest but do as he says. Flicking out your tongue, you begin to lick your fingers clean.
Dark eyes fixated on the way you suck your arousal off your own digits, Taehyung once again picks up his camera - snapping a shot of your half-lidded eyes, with your fingers deep inside your mouth. Once done, he places it down before gripping your hips again. Looking at him in confusion, you feel him begin to manoeuvre your body. Fingers tight on your pelvis, he pulls you down, so that you’re sitting on his stomach. The both of you hiss at the sudden movement, your eyes rolling back as you feel his hard muscles against your aching pussy; Taehyung grunting at the heat emanating from your cunt.
“You wanna cum, don’t you, Kitten?” Taehyung taunts, and swiftly you nod. Taehyung chuckles darkly, a wry lop-sided smile on his lips. “Then be a good little slut and cum,” Taehyung orders. Hope sparks in your eyes and you hastily pull your fingers from your mouth - only to have Taehyung tut in disappointment. “I didn’t say with your fingers, did I, Kitten? Make yourself cum like this- or you won’t cum for the rest of the day,” Taehyung growls out in warning.
Eyes widening, you whimper on top of him. Nevertheless, you begin moving your hips once again - grinding on top of him. You let out short gasps of pleasure - the friction of his jeans paired with the smoothness of his abdomen slowly driving you wild. Gyrating against his stomach, you leave broad trails of slick all over him - the waistband of his jeans thoroughly soaking in your wetness as you use its friction to help get you closer to the edge.
Once again, you feel your stomach begin to twist - the heat that had dulled returning with a vengeance. Violent tremors ricocheting through you, you drop on top of Taehyung. If he cares about - or minds - the sudden weight of you on him, Taehyung doesn’t say anything. Instead, he grips your hips tighter, helping you grind on him in a more frenzied manner. Arms braced on either side of him, your fingers curl into the white sheets and you use the new position to increase your efforts. Harder and harder, you grind on top of him, your hips swivelling sensuously as you gyrate your pussy against his lower abdomen and the hem of his jeans.
“Oh fuck- fuck,” you whimper out, your breath fanning the skin of his neck. Taehyung chuckles darkly, one of his hands reaching around to grip your ass. Cupping the soft flesh, he squeezes your ass before abruptly spanking it. You hiss at the sudden contact, a sharp sting of pain flaring across your ass.
“Fucking needy little whore. Look at you- you’re so fucking wet, you’ve soaked my jeans. Come on, baby. Be a good slut and cum on me,” Taehyung urges. Gasping for air, you push harder against him; shifting your weight to rub your clit against the button of his jeans. The hard material brushes repeatedly against your engorged, sensitive bundle of nerves causing tingles of heated pleasure to prickle at your skin.
With every movement, every writhing motion, you find yourself climbing higher and higher onto the precipice of your orgasm. Then, out of the blue, Taehyung slaps your ass again, a groan spilling from your throat. This time, he keeps his hand on your ass and his digits move to lightly brush the pads of his fingertips against your sopping wet folds. Previous stings of pain, mixed with the pleasure of Taehyung’s fingertips dancing across your sex, has you suddenly hurtling off the edge of your orgasm.
Toes curling, your thighs tremble violently on either side of Taehyung’s hips. You let out a strained scream, crying out Taehyung’s name as your orgasm rockets through you faster than you can process. Unrelenting, Taehyung’s hands move to grip at your hips before he continues to move you on top of him. Crying out louder, your eyes roll back into your skull and you begin whimpering out his name. Cunt rippling around nothing, your inner walls clench almost painfully - the ache to be filled returning with retribution.
Violently quaking, you cum all over Taehyung - your boyfriend groaning when the wet patch on his jeans grows wetter with your cum. You let the tide of your orgasm wash through you, carrying you along with its wave of bliss before drowning you in nothing but sheer, unadulterated ecstasy. Reduced to a sobbing, erratically shaking mess on top of your boyfriend, you heave for air - trying to catch your breath. Through it all, Taehyung continues moving your hips in a light, undulating fashion - drawing out your orgasm,
Eventually, however, the sensitivity in your clit becomes painful and you whine out his name. Your boyfriend only chuckles. “Don’t get too comfortable, Kitten. We’re not done yet,” Taehyung growls out - spanking your ass in emphasis. His voice is gentle - yet holds a darker twinge of dominance that has you shuddering in anticipation.
Slowly catching your breath, the hazy fog of your orgasm gradually fades away and you drift back to reality. Taking in a deep, shuddering breath, you pull yourself off of Taehyung. Lazy, satiated smile painted on your face, you grin down at your boyfriend. Your eyebrow quirking in a teasing manner, and eyes twinkling with mischief, you look at him challengingly.
“How sure of that are you? I've already cum- maybe I'm done," you ask. Taehyung simply smirks - and then he's flipping you over once again.
Landing on the mattress with a slight yelp, Taehyung grabs your hips before flipping you onto your front. Easily, he manoeuvres you so you're on your hands and knees. Gripping your thighs in his strong hands, Taehyung spreads your legs before pushing your ass in the air. All of a sudden, Taehyung spanks your ass, drawing out a hiss of pain from you as he watches in rapt fascination as your flesh jiggles.
"Oh, we're not done just yet, Kitten. I still need to punish you for being a needy, dirty little slut," Taehyung growls out. He bends over, his plush lips dragging along the cheek of your ass - and then, he bites down. Hard. The sudden action draws another hiss from you, your hips moving automatically to push your ass against his face. Seeing the wanton movement, Taehyung only chuckles darkly before pressing a soft kiss against the bite mark.
Shifting behind you, you feel Taehyung reach for his camera, your cunt clenching reflexively as you think of him capturing your salacious deeds. Taehyung ignores your interest, instead, keeping his attention on your cunt. He sucks in a deep breath - he'd thought you were wet before; but now? You're completely sodden. Cum drips from your lips, trailing down both your thighs and onto your sheets; your sex is swollen with need and your cunt clenches around nothing erratically - weeping to be filled up. Unable to help himself, Taehyung places one hand on your ass before spreading the cheek. With your ass and pussy on full display, Taehyung lets out a guttural groan and reaches for his camera before taking another picture.
Then, putting his camera down, Taehyung uses both hands to spread your ass before pressing forward. Boldly, he sticks his tongue out and then licks one, brazen line - all the way from your clit towards your core. His unexpected action causes you to cry out his name, your hips automatically bucking into his face. Corners of his lips twitching, Taehyung smirks before repeating the action. This time, he points his tongue, swirling it around the outline of your clit after lightly nipping the bud. Then, he drags it through your folds, gathering as much of your wetness onto his tongue as he can. Continuously, you drip onto his tongue, coating his taste buds in the thick of your arousal - until it's all he can taste. Swallowing thickly, Taehyung gulps your wetness down before trailing his tongue towards your entrance.
Once again, he points the appendage, this time tracing the ring of muscles that make up your cunt. His teasing action has your eyes rolling into the back of your skull, your fists twisting and curling into the sheets as you pull them towards you. Breath laboured, you whine and buck needily against Taehyung's mouth, desperate to feel his talented tongue inside you. However - this time, when Taehyung reaches your cunt, he doesn't move back down to your slit. No, instead, he trails it higher. Breath caught in your throat, your eyes widen when you feel his tongue trace over your asshole, his expert appendage swirling around the tight hole. Instinctively, your thighs twitch and despite the foreign sensation, a deep moan emanates from your throat.
Chuckling, "God, look at you. Does my filthy little slut like getting her ass eaten?" Taehyung asks; his voice dropping a few octaves. Warm breath fanning over your nether lips, the air wafts over your sodden sex and causes you to shudder. Your back arches and you push your ass further into Taehyung's face, groaning in pleasure at his dirty talk.
"Yes," you hiss out, drawing out the 's' syllable as you buck into his face once again. Laughing lowly, Taehyung's hands spread your ass wider before he attaches his lips to your pussy. Sucking hard, he draws more of your wetness into his mouth, lashing and lapping at your core as he gathers as much of your arousal as he can. When he's satisfied, he pulls away, before slowly dribbling the contents of his mouth onto your ass.
Eyes widening once again, you feel the mixture of spit and cum trail along your asshole and down your cunt. Slowly, the mixture runs down, slickening your asshole. Taehyung watches with rapt fascination, the tight ring of muscles twitching sporadically. He moves one hand from your cheek, the other spreading your right cheek farther. Dragging his pointer finger through the seam of your ass, he runs his finger through the messy mixture, lubricating his finger in the thick of it. Then, he slowly presses his forefinger against your asshole.
A gasp of shock mixed with pleasure resounds out of your throat as you feel the pressure against your ass. Lifting your head, you turn to look at Taehyung. Gently, he pushes a lubricious finger into your ass - aided by the makeshift lube - until it’s knuckle-deep in you before experimentally wriggling it. The foreign sensation has your eyes fluttering, the tight muscles of your ass twitching around his digit, and you find your head dropping back to the pillow.
"Oh fuck," you breathe out, tingles of pleasure running up and down your spine. Chuckling darkly, Taehyung twists his finger in you before slowly pulling it out; only to thrust it back in. This time, he pushes it in deeper, causing you to cry out in ecstasy. Taehyung notices the way your cunt twitches, your entrance pulsating in time to his thrusts. Shifting, he presses his lips against your cunt once again, plunging his tongue into your entrance without warning. Back arching in pleasure, you grind your face against him - the mixture of his finger in your ass and tongue buried in your pussy slowly driving you wild.
Taehyung whorls his tongue inside you, relishing in the way your tight inner walls clamp around him intermittently. Continuously, he flicks his tongue inside you, the appendage moving expertly as he lashes and laves your walls. Simultaneously, you feel him press a second finger into your back entrance. Your ass twitches slightly, your features twisting into a wince at the slight sting of the stretch - however, it only lasts a couple of moments before you're once against thrust into blissful pleasure. Hand moving from your ass, Taehyung twists it under you, his fingers playing with your clit.
Reeling from the onslaught of pleasure, your senses go haywire. Between Taehyung thrusting two fingers into your ass, his digits wriggling intermittently and the way his tongue thrusts into your core, licking and laving as he eats you out expertly to the way his talented fingers strum your clit, rolling the sensitive bud in tight, teasing motions; you have no relief. Every single one of his actions brings unimaginable amounts of pleasure to your body, blood searing your veins as your heart begins to thunder in your chest. White-hot spikes of pleasure flit over your skin, prickling your flesh with its searing heat.
All of a sudden, Taehyung pushes his fingers particularly deep before scissoring them and spreading the tight muscles of your ass. Instantly, you feel your muscles lock, liquid heat burning in the pits of your abdomen as you feel your second orgasm ricochet through you. Helpless under Taehyung's actions, your thighs violently quiver against his face, a high-pitched scream escaping your lips as you cry out his name. For a moment, you're so lost in pleasure, that you blackout - white spots clouding your vision. Through it all, however, Taehyung refuses to stop. Rather, he continues playing with your clit, his tongue thrusting quicker into you as he speeds up his fingers inside your ass.
"Oh god, Taehyung- I can't," you gasp out, struggling to breathe. Wriggling against his hold, you try to push him away, overstimulation gripping at every one of your nerves. Taehyung refuses, only doubling his effort. Fists gripping into the sheets, you sob under his ministrations.
"Isn't this what you wanted, Kitten? You sat and teased me like a needy little whore just because you wanted to cum. So, cum," Taehyung demands darkly. The low, gravelly baritone of his voice reverberates through your cunt, and as quick as the second orgasm, rolls in your third. Once again, you're plunged into unbridled ecstasy, even as waves of overstimulation grip at your nerves.
Eventually, Taehyung pulls away, retreating his fingers from you, but not before spanking your ass one last time. With a groan, you collapse on the bed, gasping for air as you try to satiate the burn in your lungs. Taking in the completely fucked out sight of you, Taehyung slowly flips you onto your back. A moan of protest emits from your throat, your muscles objecting the movement. Gently, Taehyung brushes your sweat-matted hair out of your face before crawling between your thighs. Automatically, you spread your legs, making room for him. Taehyung laughs lightly, ducking down and placing a tender kiss on your naked shoulder.
"Are you alright?" Taehyung asks, peppering another kiss to the corner of your jaw. Biting your lip, you nod. Against your better judgement, your hand moves down his body before slipping under the hem of his jeans. As suspected, your boyfriend's not wearing any boxers, and instantly, you come into contact with his hard, throbbing cock.
Gripping his thick girth, you pump his shaft in his hands before looking at him coyly. Taehyung hisses at your ministration, hips automatically bucking into your hand. He raises a strong brow, cocking his head in question. Swiftly, you retreat your hand before undoing the button of his jeans. Pushing his jeans down, your throat dries when his cock springs out. Just the sheer sight of it has your throat constricting as you imagine feeling him inside you. The thick bulbous cockhead weeps with cum, the angry trip glistening in the light of day. Coquettish smile on your face, you rake your nails down his shaft, causing Taehyung to shudder.
"Are you sure?" Taehyung asks as he looks you once over.
Humming noncommittally, "Hmmm. Wasn't someone supposed to teach me a lesson?" you taunt, your eyes sparkling with mischief. Taehyung stills for a moment, his eyes widening as he looks at you in shock. Then all of a sudden, a wry grin sprawls over his lips.
"As you wish, Kitten," Taehyung practically snarls. Without skipping a beat, Taehyung grabs your thighs before pushing your knees against your chest. You wince at the movement, your muscles straining - but Taehyung ignores you. Rather, he begins rubbing the length of his shaft through your soaked folds.
The hot, heavy weight of his cock rests on your cunt, Taehyung slowly running the length through your sex as he spreads your folds. Looking down, the two of you watch in rapt fascination as Taehyung's thick girth spreads your cunt. With every thrust, Taehyung's weepy cockhead drags against your clit, both of you shuddering. Precum leaks out of Taehyung, wetting your clit and adding to the sloppy mixture of cum and spit, still coating your cunt. When Taehyung's cock is completely coated - he pulls it away, both your mouths going dry at the thin threads of arousal that cling to his shaft.
"Gods, look at what a messy little slut you are. Gonna cum all over this pretty little cunt and make it messier," Taehyung growls out. That's the only warning you get, because the next thing you know, Taehyung is placing the head of his cock against your entrance before slamming into you.
Crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, your hands shoot and grip his broad shoulders. Fingernails digging into his flesh, both you and Taehyung hiss - Taehyung from the pain of your nails; and you from the transcendent way his thick, girthy cock splits your inner walls open. Winded from his first thrust, your walls clench erratically, rhythmically pulsating around the entire length of your boyfriend's cock. Taehyung groans at the sensation. Shifting, he moves on top of you and leans his weight against your shins, forcing your knees closer to your chest as he buries the entirety of his length into your velvet depths.
"Fuck- Taehyung," you groan. Swallowing thickly, you let out another deep mew - he's so deep, you can feel him at the back of your throat. Pressing one hand on your stomach, both of you moan at the feeling - your walls tightening around Taehyung.
"Feel that, Kitten? I'm gonna cum right here," Taehyung says, pushing down on your abdomen once again, "and then watch my cum drip out of your pretty little pussy," he continues with a growl. At his words, you find your eyes rolling back into your skull, your cunt walls reflexively clamping around his shaft in a vice-like grip. "Oh, you like that do you?" Taehyung asks - though, you know it's more of a statement. Finally adjusted to the feel of Taehyung's sheer girth inside you, you whine quietly before writhing against his hips.
Dark smirk playing on his lips, Taehyung's eyes glint. You barely register the change - because all of a sudden, he's pulling his cock out before snapping his hips. Twin moans resound in the air, Taehyung's hard thrust forcing your body further up the mattress. Without skipping a beat, Taehyung begins thrusting - pounding his cock as hard as he can into you. With your knees pressed against your chest, and Taehyung's weight on top of you, you have no choice but to take his cock.
Your boyfriend continues pounding into you from above, his relentless thrusts impaling his cock into you while simultaneously jerking you up and down the mattress. The rough material of his jeans scraps against the back of your thighs and your ass with every movement, the friction only adding to your pleasure. You don't know how he does it - but somehow, every single one of his movements is perfectly coordinated: his entire cock sinking into you, hitting every one of your pleasurable spots before dragging back out - only to repeat. Loud sounds of skin slapping, breathless gasping and cum-slicked thrusts fill the atmosphere; the air permeated with the thick scent of sweat and sex. Pushing your thighs harder, Taehyung surges in deeper all of a sudden, causing you to whine at the shift in angle. Now, with every thrust, he batters the back of your cervix; his cockhead scraping your g-spot every single time he impales his cock into you.
"Tae-Taehyung, deep-" you whimper out. Hearing the whiny inclination of your voice, Taehyung slows down - his fast and rough thrusts turning into deliberate, long ones. Somehow, against all logic, he feels even deeper this way - his slow pace allowing you to feel every single inch of his thick, throbbing shaft.
"Want me to stop?" Taehyung asks. Hastily, you shake your head, bucking your hips into him. God, if he stops now you'll burst out into tears. "No, I didn't think so. And you know why? Cause you're a filthy, cock-hungry slut. Aren't you, Kitten?" Taehyung asks. Gasping for air, you nod.
"Say it," Taehyung urges, punctuating his words with a thrust.
"I'm a cock-hungry slut," you mewl out. Taehyung groans when your cunt walls clamp, tightening around him as your pussy gushes wetness.
"God, you just- got so wet- and tight- fuck," Taehyung groans out. All of a sudden, his thrusts grow stilted.
Then, after his cock swells inside you, pulsating erratically, you feel the telltale liquid heat of Taehyung's cum spilling inside you, pooling deep inside your walls. However, instead of rolling off of you, Taehyung rolls the two of you. Your eyes widen when Taehyung pulls you on top of him again - his cock never leaving your depth. Legs straddled on either side of his narrow hips, your mouth forms an 'o' when you realise he's still hard inside you. Hands falling to your hips, Taehyung grips them tightly before picking you up off of him - only to bring you down harshly.
"Come on Kitten, ride me," Taehyung urges.
Sucking in a sharp breath, you brace your hands on Taehyung's strong chest. Then, using it as leverage, you slowly lift yourself off of his cock before bringing your ass back down onto it. Gradually, despite the ache of exhaustion in your muscles, you pick up speed - until you're bouncing your ass on his hips. Large hands grip your hips, his long fingers digging into the flesh and helping you move onto him. Each time he brings you down onto his cock, he snaps his hips - fucking his shaft deeper into you.
Once again, your movements are rough, fervent and laced with feverish desire. Your new position allows you to swivel your lips on top of him, both of you rolling your eyes when his cock hits all the right spots inside you. The telltale heat of pleasure begins twisting in the pits of your abdomen, your stomach knotting together as your skin prickles with goosebumps. But it's not enough - it's not enough that with every one of Taehyung's rough thrusts he presses his head against your sweet spot. It's not enough that you can feel every inch of his thick, girthy shaft - the veins and ridges adding to your mind-boggling pleasure. It's not enough that his cock is buried to the hilt inside you. You need more.
Curling your fingers on his chest, Taehyung hisses when your nails rake his skin - leaving angry red welts in their wake. You barely register the sound, instead, losing yourself in your own bliss as you grind your hips harder into him. Taehyung watches you from under, his own fingers curling tighter on your hips as he watches your face contort in pleasure. With fluttering, half-lidded eyes, your mouth slightly ajar as you moan out his name and skin glistening with sweat in the light of day, you’re a picture-perfect sight of pure, unadulterated lust and unbridled euphoria.
"Taehyung-," you wantonly gasp out his name while gyrating your clit against his pelvic bone.
You’re still wearing his shirt; although it’s completely unbuttoned and half slipping off your body, revealing your torso to him. Taehyung's gaze trails down your body - from the eroticism of your facial expression, to your pretty tits - bounding in large circles as you bounce your ass onto his hips; down your stomach and towards the aperture of your thighs. Biting his lips, Taehyung's throat constricts at the wet, messy sight that meets his gaze.
Wet sounds of skin slapping each other fill the air, Taehyung's cum leaking out of you and spluttering all over his lower abdomen and your thighs as he displaces it with his rough thrusts. His cum, mixed with your own, only aids you movements - allowing him to easily slip as deep as he can into your warm, silken walls. The mixture of fluid shimmers in the air, only adding to the sticky, sloppiness of your sex.
"Taehyung," you pant out his name again - your voice breathless and barely above a whisper. Brought out of his reverie, Taehyung gathers some of the mixtures of fluids onto his fingers before pushing his fingers between your thighs.
A low, throaty groan emanates from your lips when you feel him push two of his fingers into your cunt, slipping in with his cock as he stretches you out further. "Oh god," you whimper as you feel your walls stretch to their limit. However, Taehyung simply keeps pushing - until he's buried them to their hilt, the base of his palm pressing against your clit.
"Keep going, Kitten. Make yourself cum on my cock, like a good little slut," Taehyung urges. Like you, his voice is equally breathless - both of you grappling with exhaustion as you run on fumes. You feel Taehyung wriggle his fingers inside you - and when you cry out his name in pleasure - Taehyung knows he's found what he's looking for. Crooking his fingers at the knuckles, he pushes the pads of his fingertips against your g-spot and strokes it repeatedly.
The sudden addition of Taehyung's fingers fondling your sweet spot - paired with the way his cock pistons in and out you as the base of his palm grinds against your clit - has overwhelming pleasure wash over you. Goosebumps prickle at your skin, your walls beginning to pulsate rhythmically around his cock. Imperceptibly, your thighs begin quivering, and immediately, Taehyung knows you're on the brink of cumming.
In an instant, he flips you over, causing you to land on the mattress with a bounce. Giving you no room to think about it, he spreads your thighs once again before viciously pounding his cock into you. His rough thrusts cause your eyes to roll back into your skull, your hands shooting out to claw at his arms as he draws out your pleasure. One of Taehyung's hand's darts to your neck, wrapping around the column of your throat before he lightly begins squeezing.
"Cum," Taehyung demands.
Instantly, your vision blurs, white spots dancing in the air. Powerful waves of ecstasy ricochet through you, your nails digging into his arms as your thighs vehemently tremble on either side of his hips as you begin cumming. Throat dry, you strain to scream his name, your walls clenching tightly - erratically - around his pulsating shaft. You feel yourself begin to float, the high of your orgasm almost drowning your senses as you drift from reality - but then, Taehyung squeezes your neck marginally tighter - not enough to hurt, but just enough to cut off your oxygen supply. Gasping for air, his actions anchor you back to reality - even as bliss continues to sweep through every one of your senses. Contorting and writhing below Taehyung, you scream out his name - your walls clenching his shaft in a vice-like grip as you cum around his cock.
The tight feel of your velvety depths pulsing around his shaft has Taehyung roaring out your name. Unable to hold himself back any longer, Taehyung snaps his hips against you twice - and then he’s cumming once again. With a shudder, his balls clenching, he pushes as deep into you as is possible, before emptying himself. Rope after rope of his warm cum shoots into you, painting your inner walls white as he bathes them in his essence.
Mewling his name, you sigh in pleasure as you feel his cum inside you, warming you up from the inside out. Taehyung groans out your name, his cock pulsating inside you. Once he’s done, he slowly pulls out - however, instead of letting his cum leak out of you, he places his hand against your cunt before closing your legs.
“Hold yourself like this for me, baby. Keep my cum inside you,” Taehyung mutters, pressing a soft kiss on your knee cap. With a whine, you do as he says, keeping your knees shut. Through lazy, satiated eyes, you watch Taehyung reach for his camera before taking his place between your thighs once again.
“Okay spread them for me, baby,” Taehyung orders softly. Once again, you do as he says, a mewl emanating from your throat when you feel his cum begin to drip out of you. Taehyung groans at the sight - thin rivers of his semen dripping out your swollen, battered cunt, down your ass and onto the bed.
The sound of the lens shutter resounds through the air, a moan escaping your lips as your cunt clenches at the thought of Taehyung taking pictures of you. Taehyung chuckles when he watches your entrance clamp around nothing, another thick glob of his cum running out of you.
“You like me taking pictures of you messy cunt, baby?” Taehyung asks, his voice soft and playful. Mewling in response, you writhe your hips, displacing more of his cum. Taehyung chuckles at you, tilting his head and pressing a kiss to the soft flesh of your calf.
“Spread yourself for me, baby. Wanna see it all,” Taehyung urges. Lethargically, you trail one hand down to your sex and placing two fingers on either one of your folds, you spread them for your boyfriend. Taehyung groans at the sight - your cunt stained with his cum: some of it drips on your clit, some splattered on your folds, while most of it leaks out of your slightly gaping entrance.
Unable to help himself, Taehyung pushes two fingers into the mess. Wincing as his fingers enter you, you gasp at the oversensitivity - Taehyung pressing another kiss to your calf. You feel him slowly push his finger in and out of you, displacing more and more of his cum - each movement emphasised by the sound of his camera clicking.
For a while, you simply lie there, letting Taehyung play with the mess between your legs as you catch your breath. Your thighs twitch sporadically, the aftershocks of your orgasm still coursing through you while you lie in a blissful daze. Eventually, however, Taehyung places his camera back down. He kisses his way up your body, trailing his lips over your stomach; nuzzling the valley of your breasts before pressing a kiss to your lower jaw. Sliding next to you, Taehyung gathers you into his arms. Nose scrunching, you mutter a low ‘gross’ at the tacky feeling of your skin sticking together.
“I’m sorry,” Taehyung breathes out, his arm wrapping around your waist. Absentmindedly, you trace circles over his skin, humming in thought.
“I know your work is important Taehyung. And I know this is an incredible opportunity. But I have missed you,” you mumble. Taehyung’s arm clenches tighter, pulling you closer to him.
“I know- I’m sorry. I didn’t realise it’s been so long,” Taehyung replies. Once again you hum, shaking your head. You’re not particularly upset - you know how engrossed Taehyung gets into his work. “How about this? Let’s forget work today. Let’s go out and see Paris. Just you and me,” Taehyung suggests. Grinning, you bite your lip and look up at him.
“Really?” you ask and Taehyung’s eyes soften at the excitement in your eyes. Nodding, he tenderly brushes his lips against your forehead.
“Really. But first- we should probably shower. You smell like sweat and cum,” Taehyung deadpans, his nose scrunching. Eyes widening, you look at him in shock. Seeing your face, Taehyung bursts out into a fit of laughter, causing you to playfully smack him.
“And whose fault is that?” you ask, a slight pout curling on your lips. Taehyung grins once again, smacking another wet, sloppy kiss onto your forehead.
“Hmm, you’re the one who started it. Do you know how distracting it is when your girlfriend starts fingering herself? I had to cum twice to get over the thought. So, really, it’s all your fault,” Taehyung replies with a sage nod. Jaw dropping, you stare at him in shock.
Then, recovering, you snort in response, “I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer.”
Tumblr media
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jjungkookislife · 2 years ago
Four Months (M)
Tumblr media
ღ pairing: Model!Taehyung x Pregnant!Reader
 ღ genre: Smut, Bf!au, expectant parents au
ღ summary: Taehyung comes home to a wonderful surprise.
ღ wc: 5.1k
ღ warnings: impregnation kink, pregnancy kink, lactation kink, oral sex (f. giving and receiving), fingering (f. receiving), cursing, unprotected sex, cum play?, dirty talk, creampie, possessiveness (slight), spanking
ღ date: June 20, 2019
You paced back and forth, your hands tugging at the snug shirt you had decided to wear in anticipation of Taehyung’s imminent arrival. You weren’t sure what his response to your surprise would be, simply hinting at it over your last video chat before he boarded his flight from Milan to Seoul.  
“I have a surprise waiting for you when you get home,” you had told him, too eager to keep a secret from him. His brow had raised in confusion as he looked at you from the webcam on his laptop that sat on the desk of his hotel room. 
“You know you didn’t have to get me anything, baby. I’m more than capable of buying whatever it is I want. I do appreciate it though,” he had said, his smile tugging at his lips.
“It’s not something that can be bought, Tae. You’ll see when you get here.” you had smiled before wishing him a safe flight and ending the call soon after.
Four months. Four long months, Taehyung had been gone to deal with his fashion boutiques in various places across Europe, he had even picked up a few modeling jobs with Jungkook and Jimin. Taehyung didn’t bother to model much anymore. His main concern was designing and opening his new boutiques. He had poured his heart, soul, and money into these businesses, and from what he could tell, the profits were outstanding so far. Enough for him to come home while Namjoon and Jin handled his businesses in his absence. He had gone way too long without you. It was time to come home.
It was already a little past midnight, your heart thrumming in your chest furiously as you clutched onto the kitchen counter that overlooked the living room where you could see the front door. The apartment was silent except for your labored breathing, your thoughts swirling in your head at Taehyung's potential reactions to your surprise.  
You didn’t get to dwell on it much longer as you heard the familiar voices of Jungkook and Jimin approaching the apartment. Their voices only got louder as they opened the front door, both smiling as they saw you.
You took a step to go around the counter that you had been standing behind, a sheepish smile on your face, cheeks tinted pink.
“Hey, Y/n! We didn’t think you would be-” Jungkook stops as he sets his bag down by the door, eyes wide as he notices the swell of your abdomen.  
Jimin is behind him, yanking at his suitcase, too occupied to see what had caused the youngest to freeze by the door. Jimin huffs, shoving Jungkook to the side as he rolls his suitcase to the side, out of the way from the entrance. His glare fixated on Jungkook, cursing him out for standing in the doorway when he knew he had been trying to get the suitcase inside. Jungkook remains frozen solid, mouth agape with his beautiful brown eyes wide with shock.
Jimin furrows his brows in confusion as he studies his friend’s face, waving his hand in front of the young man but noticing he hasn’t even blinked.
“What are you staring at, Jungkook?” Jimin’s annoyed, anger clear in his tone as he shuts the front door then turns to you, a dazzling smile on his face.  
“Hi, Y/n! Sorry, we didn’t mean to wake you,” Jimin apologizes as he takes in your appearance, his eyes landing on your stomach before he, too, freezes beside Jungkook.
“Is, uh... Tae coming up?” You ask, your lip caught between your teeth as you switch your weight from foot to foot, your hands growing clammy at your sides.
“He’s... he’s looking for his AirPod in the car,” Jimin chokes out, his voice coming out forced from how dry his throat is. Both men are still staring at you in shock, wondering if Taehyung knew about this because he had not mentioned it to either of them. Jungkook is still full-on gaping at you, his mouth now closed as the door opens.
All eyes turn to Taehyung. He hasn’t noted the tense atmosphere, too focused on lifting his own suitcase over the doorstep, cursing to himself about his stupid AirPod as he lifts the suitcase and slides it past Jimin’s.
“Found my AirPod,” is the first thing Taehyung says, his smile turning to you as he shuts the door. He takes a look at Jimin and Jungkook, wondering why the two were just watching him as you forced yourself to smile.
“Hey, baby. I missed you so much. You didn’t have to wait up for us, you know?” Taehyung says as he crosses the distance between you, his eyes focused on yours. Jimin clears his throat, Taehyung turns to face him before looking back at you, his eyes taking in your full appearance. He notices the way your hand lays flat against your stomach, almost protectively.
“Surprise!” You murmur as you turn slightly to allow Taehyung to take in your rounded belly, his eyes widening as his eyebrows shoot up far into his forehead that his fringe conceals them. His breath caught in his throat. He doesn’t even notice Jimin ushering Jungkook out of the living room and toward their own respective bedrooms.
“” Taehyung is at a loss for words as his eyes remained glued to your stomach. Your second hand coming to rest on it as well as you wait for him to overcome the initial shock.  
“How?” He rasps. His throat feels insanely dry as he forces himself to make eye contact.
“Remember the night before you left?” You ask as your face burns at the memory, noting the way Taehyung nods stiffly.
“Please, baby? Just this once. I’m going to be gone for months and I just want to fill you with my cum before I go,” Taehyung whines as he slowed his hips, his index finger rubbing your clit in slow, teasing circles that had you digging your nails into his back.  
“Fine, fine! Fuck, just let me cum!” You had cried out, agreeing to let him fill you, knowing it would help you orgasm as well. Taehyung smiles, kissing your lips appreciatively as he sped up the movements of his hips. His deep grunts filling your ears as he pushed in deeper, savoring the feeling of your warm walls wrapped around him. He aches to fill you with his seed, ached to have you dripping with cum before he left you once again.  
Moans of your name fell from his lips, his grunts spurring you on as you called out his name repeatedly. You felt your body grow hot, his lips pressing urgent kisses to your neck as he pushed in harder, his hips withdrawing before pushing in again.    
“You’re going to look so good filled with my cum, baby. So fucking good,” he growled as you cried out his name as your orgasm overtook you with his words. Taehyung felt the spasms around his hard cock, groaning as his eyes shut.  
“That’s it, baby. Take my cock, let me fill you with my seed until you’re swollen with my child. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
“Yes, Tae! That’s all I’ve ever wanted! Knock me up, please! Tae!” Your begging has Taehyung fucking you harder, his hold on your hips almost painful as he revels in your words.
“Fuck! Fuck!” Taehyung growls, his hips stilling hand pushing his dark locks back as he keeps himself from cumming in you. “You fucking destroy me, Y/n.”
You smile smugly, pussy clenching around him as you beg him to fill you with his seed until you’re carrying his child. Taehyung curses. Your name groaned out deeply, sending shivers down your spine as his pace picks up, hips rolling and grinding against yours as your body burns with the urge to cum.
“I know you’re going to look beautiful with my child, our child growing inside you. Everyone will know you’re mine, baby. Your tits are gonna fill with milk for me and our baby. Won’t you love that? I can tell by the way your cunt is pulsing around me that you do? Does that turn you on, Y/n? Want my lips wrapped around your nipples while I suckle your breastmilk? Fuck, is that what my girl wants?”
“Yes!” you gasp, nails marking his back in crescents before dragging them down his muscular back. Taehyung chuckles, your body craving more of him as you beg him to fill you with cum, your head tilting to the side to expose the column of your throat to him. He licks a stripe from the base to your earlobe, teeth pulling at it making you whimper his name. Taehyung can’t take much more. The image of you pregnant with his child is overwhelming enough to push him towards the edge as he grunts with each powerful thrust he rewards you with, as you continue to ask him to get you pregnant. His head is fuzzy with desire, losing himself in the fantasy, wishing more than anything that it could become a reality as your moans of his name fills his ears, hips grinding into you, his balls slapping against your skin as you tangle your hands in his dark locks, lips swallowing each of his moans.
“Not gonna last,” he grunts as his hips stutter, body burning with heat as he loses himself to the pleasure.
You felt too fucking good; he wasn’t going to last much longer. He continued to thrust into you, murmuring sweet praises on your neck as he came with a deep, guttural moan of your name. You felt him fill you, moaning softly at the sensation before he pulled out of you to lie at your side.  
“You took your pill today, right?” Taehyung asked as he tried to regain his breath, making you chuckle.
“Shouldn’t you have asked that before you whined about letting you cum inside me?” You teased, making Taehyung flush red as he pulled you into his sweaty chest.
“I probably should have,” he muttered before pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Did you, though?”
“I did,” you assured him as he continued to press kisses onto your forehead.
“You were being a little whiny about filling me with cum,” you explained further, making Taehyung scoff.
“I wasn’t being whiny.”
“A little,” you laugh, making him pout in response as he closes the distance between you. He moves your hands out of the way, his own large ones resting on your stomach as he feels it for himself. Nothing is said as you place your hands over his, both gazes fixated on your stomach.  
It’s Taehyung who looks up first, making you raise your head to meet his gaze. Your breath caught in your throat as you notice his dark eyes filled with lust.
“Tae,” you whisper his name so softly it’s barely audible, but he catches it, regardless. His eyes are like molten tar, so dark and lustrous that you can’t look away from them. Taehyung says nothing as he takes your hand in his, carefully leading you to your shared bedroom where he shuts the door after the two of you are inside.  
You haven’t gotten a positive or negative response from him as you sit on the edge of the bed. His eyes trained on you and your child, your hand resting firmly on your bump. You eye Taehyung closely as he walks to you whilst removing his jacket to place on the desk chair in the room. He then proceeds to remove his shirt, leaving him in just the sweatpants he had worn on the plane. Despite being exhausted from his work and flight, he’s filled with too many emotions to go to bed.
Taehyung kneels in front of you between your legs, his hands on the bare skin that your sleep shorts don’t cover, but you lean back, resting your weight on the palm of your hand as Taehyung rubs his hands up and down your legs.
“Can I?” He asks apprehensively, motioning to the hem of your thin spaghetti strap shirt. You nod, curious to see what he is about to do as he moves your hand off your stomach to raise the thin, orange material over your torso and head before tossing it to the floor. He’s not surprised to see you’ve forgone a bra, your nipples hardening as they become exposed to the cool air of the room. 
You feel like a science experiment on display as he studies your frame. His hands are going upward from your thighs to rest on the bare skin of your stomach. Seeing it without the obstruction of your shirt makes it real for Taehyung as he feels your soft skin underneath his palms.
“My child,” you hear him murmur as he concentrated on feeling every inch of your stomach, your eyes trained on his hands as they carefully move on your torso. He doesn’t even notice the way your breasts have also changed in size in his absence. All that matters to him is your growing stomach.
“Tae, please say something,” you plead after a few more moments of this continues. Taehyung appears to come out of his trance as he looks upward at you, his boxy smile making you feel relieved.
“I’m just so amazed,” he states as he leans forward to press a kiss on your skin.
“Is this why you stopped stripping for me on video calls?” He laughs as his eyes twinkle in amusement, making you nod, cheeks tinted pink.
“I started showing not too long ago,” you admit as he kisses your belly a few more times.
“What have I missed so far?” He asks as he cautiously nuzzles his nose against your belly, waiting for your response.
“I found out about three weeks ago? I went to the doctor to get a refill on my pills and to see if I could change to a different one, because the one I was on would make me excessively nauseous. Before I could get a new prescription, they had me take a test and to my shock, it was positive,” you explain, making Taehyung nod as he releases you before he sits beside you.
“Anything else?” His hand is rubbing circles into your back, his bare chest pressing against your shoulders as he presses kisses onto your neck.  
“I had my first ultrasound as well,” you inform him, nudging him off of you to pull the sonogram pictures out of the nightstand drawer. You hand them to Taehyung, noting the way he blinks back his tears.  
“I missed so much,” he sighs dejectedly as he studies his baby in the picture.  
“I should have told you sooner, but you were already dealing with so much at work. I knew you were needed there, so I just waited,” you explain your reasoning and Taehyung understands you were doing what you thought was right.
“I’m sorry I missed your first trimester,” he apologizes genuinely as he carefully pulls you into his lap. His chin resting on your shoulder as he wraps his arms around you while holding the pictures.
“Do you know if we’re having a boy or a girl?” Taehyung asks with excitement in his tone, his eyes glittering beautifully.
“No, not yet. I have an appointment next week.”
“Do you want to know?” Taehyung quirks his brow, waiting for an answer.
“I think I do,” you admit, making him smile.
“Me too.”
Taehyung presses soft kisses on the column of your throat as he sets the sonogram pictures on the bed so his hands are free to rub your stomach.  
You moan when you feel him nip at your neck, his hands roaming upward to cup your breasts gently, not sure if they’ll cause you any discomfort. He’s pleased to hear you moan his name, his cock stirring beneath you.
“You know I’ve always wanted a family with you,” he groans as his hand kneads your breast, rolling your nipples between his fingers as you whimper at his actions.  
“I know,” you gasp as he bucks his hips, making you feel how hard you’ve made him.  
“Look at you, Y/n. Glowing so beautifully,” Taehyung murmurs against your shoulder as his lips plant kisses on them before he’s easing you off his lap.
“When I saw you earlier, I had to keep myself from getting hard until I confirmed it. You look so radiant and you’re all mine,” he smirks as he pulls his sweatpants down along with his boxers. You feel your arousal dampen your panties as you lick your lips, his smirks making you swoon as he wraps his hand around his cock.
“You look so fucking good,” he groans as he runs his hand up and down the curve of your stomach, his head lolling back, eyes shut as a guttural moan escapes his lips. You knew about his impregnation kink, which is why you were on the pill despite how much it turned you on as well. Now seeing how fucked out your boyfriend looked made you wish you had done this sooner, but all in all, you were pregnant because of your pill failing. After all, the pill wasn’t 100% effective.
“Get on the bed, Tae.” you rise from the bed, your hands flat on his chest, your lips trailing kisses from his chest up to his neck. Taehyung wraps his arms around you for a moment before his index finger is under your chin to tilt your head up to look up at him. Your eyes meet, your body pressed against his, making him curse when he feels the swell of your stomach press against his skin.
“You’re torturing me, babe. This is all I’ve ever wanted. Look at you!” Taehyung’s voice is deep, husky as his hand goes back to your stomach, his fingers delicately dancing on the flesh before his lips are on yours. You’re taken by surprise at first, but soon you’re kissing him back eagerly, his tongue caressing yours.
“Bed,” you tell him once again, making him pout as he does as he’s told. He strokes his cock languidly, his gaze fixated on you as you crawl onto the bed, your stomach on display for him when you kneel beside him instead of between his legs. His large hand is on your back, stroking the smooth skin before he spanks your ass lightly, making your head tilt back with a moan of his name rolling off your tongue. You can feel the slickness between your thighs, aching to be filled by his cock, but you relent, focused on him.
You move your hair over your left shoulder, your eyes meeting your boyfriend’s before you take hold of his cock, pushing his hand away as you teasingly lick the head, making him shudder with pleasure.
“Fuck, that feels so good. My hand can’t compare to you, baby,” Taehyung relaxes into the pillows, his lips parted as he moans when you slowly swirl your tongue around the head, your hand carefully stroking his cock while his eyes move to your stomach. His cock throbs in your mouth as you take him in deeper, his thighs clenching beneath your touch as you lean forward with your ass high in the air.
“Just like that, Y/n.”
You bob your head up and down, coating every inch of his thick cock with spit before you hollow your cheeks, making him grunt as you feel his hand rubbing your ass before spanking it now and then. You know you need to be careful, not wanting to accidentally throw up so you don’t take his cock as deep as you would normally. Taehyung smiles at you, his hand moving to rub your stomach before he leans forward, making you gag on his cock in surprise when you feel one of his fingers dip into your wet pussy. He pushes his finger in slowly, your back arching in response, your lips releasing his cock as you moan his name, thighs quivering as he pushes in a second finger.
“I couldn’t resist, Y/n. You look so hot,” Taehyung murmurs, eyes glazed as his tongue peeks out to lick his bottom lip as he eyes your body hungrily, your lips returning to his cock. The sound of your slurping fills the room as you work your mouth up and down his cock.
“Your turn, this night isn’t about me,” Taehyung’s voice is full of lust as he has you release his cock and helps you sit back into the pillows as carefully as he can. His lips meeting yours in a passionate kiss that leaves your head reeling and your arousal pooling between your thighs. Taehyung is careful as he kisses way down your body, his eyes focused on yours as he kisses your stomach, his tongue licking up the curve before pressing a feather-light kiss above your belly button.
This is everything you’d imagine it would be and seeing Taehyung between your thighs looking at you like you’re his favorite meal -which you are- is more than enough to have you keening as he takes your foot in his hand, pressing a kiss on the sole before kissing up your leg until he’s kissing your inner thigh, nipping gently at the flesh to make you squeal.
“Sorry,” he chuckles before moving closer to you, his lips pressing a kiss to your stomach before you feel two of his fingers teasing at your entrance, your thighs wanting to clench in anticipation but he stops you with a raised brow as he pushes in slowly making your eyes shut as your fingers become laced in his dark hair.
You hum in appreciation, your body relaxing under his touch as your free hand absentmindedly rubs your stomach, making Taehyung bite his lower lip as he watches you while his fingers curl inside you, his mouth lowering to taste you.  Your breath catches in your throat at the feel of his hot, wet tongue licking at your essence. Soft moans of his name leave your lips as you give his hair a tug before freeing him of your grasp. Your hand comes up to rub your nipple gently, while Taehyung licks your clit slowly, making your hips rise slightly. Your hand falls to your side, gripping the sheets as Taehyung swirls his tongue slowly before he’s easing your grip on the sheets to lace his fingers with yours. He gives your hand a squeeze before he languidly pushes his fingers in and out of you. He knows you probably haven’t touched yourself in a hot minute, despite the late-night video calls that ended up in him stripping naked and cumming over his hand as you moaned for him while you played with yourself, begging him to come home so he could fill you with cum. You always knew what to say to have him cumming profusely.
“So fucking tight, baby. Tell me, when was the last time you fucked yourself?”  Taehyung asks curiously as your pussy tightens around his slick fingers, not wanting to release him. If he wasn’t used to it, he’d think it was a tad painful.
“A month ago, before I found out,” you admit as you feel his lips return to your pussy, your body flushing with heat as you moan when he puts your legs over his shoulders gripping your thighs as he dives in deeper, the lewd noises he’s making is enough to have your face burn crimson as your moans fill the room, forgetting about Jimin and Jungkook being down the hall, no doubt hearing the two of you; not that you care.
Taehyung doesn’t answer, humming in acknowledgment of your answer as you feel his tongue licking up your essence, his eyes looking up and his cock throbbing when he sees your pregnant belly. He can’t wait any longer, he needs to be inside you.  
You’ve surprised him, so he hasn’t had time to look up what would be comfortable for you now that you’re pregnant. Had you told him while he was on the plane, he would have had time to research and keep himself occupied during the flight, but now he was wondering how he could fuck you without hurting you or his child.
You notice his hesitation, his eyes meeting yours with rose-tinted cheeks, “I don’t know what would make you comfortable.”
You smile, sitting up to press your lips to his, tasting your essence on his lips and tongue before you’re pushing him onto the bed to lie flat on his back. He looks apprehensive, his hands stroking your sides carefully, making you smile at his cuteness.
“I’m not going to break, Tae. We just can’t do missionary for a while.” you giggle, making him relax as you straddle him, your stomach making it hard to see what you’re doing as you take his cock in your hand. Taehyung watches you closely, his pupils blown wide as a whimper escapes him as you rub the head of his cock against your wet folds.  
“Fuck, that feels amazing!” his eyes flutter shut as he feels you slink down his cock, eyes opening when he feels your hands planted on his chest as you use him to push off. His lips meet yours, his hand weaving in your hair as he holds you close. He loves the feeling of you wrapped around him, his cock covered in your arousal as you take him and tighten around him. His lips are kissing at the column of your throat in between murmuring sweet praises.
Taehyung admires the change of your body, the iridescent glow to your skin, the sensitivity to his touch as his eye rake over your body. You’ve always been gorgeous in his eyes, but this is a whole new level to him.  
A drawn-out sigh leaves his lips before his teeth nibble on his bottom lip. His cock throbs as he sees you protectively cradling your stomach as you ride his cock, trying not to jostle yourself too much. He feels warm with adoration for you, your eyes downcast on your belly before you feel the heat of his piercing gaze.
“My queen, my love, mother of my child,” Taehyung murmurs as he strokes your cheek gently before he helps you switch positions. As much as he adores your beautiful face displaying your pleasure, he knows you grow tired despite wanting to continue to be on top.  
Taehyung is careful to place pillows beneath the swell of your stomach, asking repeatedly if you feel okay or if you want to stop because he will; his child is more important than his orgasm. You reassure him you’re fine repeatedly until he’s gripping your hips and aligning, his cock beading with pre-cum at your slit. He teases you a little before pushing his cock into you, his hand stroking your ass gently as he begins a slow pace.  
He grinds his hips into you, his index finger rubbing at your clit as he asks if you’re okay. You feel overwhelming good on his cock, clenching around him as you beg for more, his name rolling off your tongue like a sinful prayer that has his hips stuttering.  
“This is everything I’ve ever wanted. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.” Taehyung rolls his hips against yours as his hand pushes his sweaty hair back, trying to focus on the soft moans your lips are releasing.
“I’m close,” he grunts as he pushes in a little faster, his palm flat against your stomach while the other rubs at your clit. “You’ve gotta come with me, baby. I don’t know how long I can hold on.”
“Just a little more,” you cry out as you pant out his name, your hips meeting his as you feel your orgasm hit you.  
“Tae, fuck,” you whimper as pleasure consumes you while your boyfriend continues to fuck you through it. You call out his name to stop him, your pregnant body not able to take much more. Taehyung groans as he pulls out, your body rolling to the side until you’re sat up against the pillows once again.
“Can I?” Taehyung asks, biting his lip as you look up at him in confusion.
It’s not until his eyes land on your stomach that you notice his sheepish grin as he strokes his cock faster, licking his lips as he awaits your answer. Your cheeks flushed with heat as you adjust on the bed, nodding your head to give him the go-ahead.
“I love you, Y/n. Fuck!” He curses as his eyes flutter shut, jaw-dropping as he cums on your stomach, leaving you covered in viscous, white spurts of his seed. He’s breathing heavily, eyes slowly opening to milk the rest of his cum from his cock, not wanting to withhold any from you.  
“Fuck, that’s hot!” He exclaims as he admires the mess he’s made of you. Your hand rubbing it into your skin making Taehyung gulp, “I can’t go again right now, but give me twenty minutes.”
Your sweet giggles have him grinning at you, his lips kissing your temple before he rises out of bed to get you a towel to clean up with. His hands work diligently to wipe off any trace of his cum, kissing your tummy after before he helps you out of bed to clean up in the bathroom.
You return to bed with a smile, pulling the blanket up before you crawl beneath it with Taehyung. He wraps you up in his arms, one hand rubbing circles into the swell of your stomach, “I’m gonna be a dad.”
“A great dad,” you say as you place your hand over his on your stomach, noting the nervous aura surrounding him.
“Let’s have 6 kids instead of the 5 we wanted! No, no! Let’s have 10! No, 12!” Taehyung’s eyes sparkle with excitement while you stare at him wide-eyed in silence.
“If I had known you’d look this radiant, I would have gotten you pregnant the day I met you. You’re like a goddess, Y/n. Kink aside, you’re absolutely beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for carrying my child. I promise I’ll be the best father and partner you two could ever ask for,” Taehyung states confidently, his lips brushing against yours softly as he curls up to your side.
“I love you, Tae. So much,” you whisper as his hand rubs the curve of your stomach lazily before his eyes meet yours. “I love you, Y/n.”
Taehyung sits up slightly, his lips pressing a soft kiss on your stomach, “And I love you, too.”
Tumblr media
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camellia || (M)
Tumblr media
Y/N is a strong-willed herbalist who knows exactly what she wants; she also happens to make some really good tea. Taehyung is a kind but rebellious prince who doesn’t really know what he wants but he knows that the commoner girl who makes fantastic tea can’t be this damn cute.
pairing: prince!taehyung x herbalist!reader
word count: 8k
genre: FLUFF, eventual smut, prince au
warnings: two spoonfuls of sticky situations, a dash of mutual nervous blushing, three lumps of playful smirks, and just pinch of ‘I know we’re just friends but would it be weird if I held your hand?’ Also Yeontan is a horse in this.
A/N: Header created by me! Inspired by one of my favorite animes ever: Snow White with the Red Hair. Part 2 will have smut!
CHAPTERS: 01 | 02
“Did you hear anything?” Were the first words that left your mouth the moment your father entered the castle’s infirmary, where you had been patiently awaiting your his return. As the castle’s primary doctor, your father was a busy man, as you were coming to find out.
You had only just recently moved to live in the castle alongside him; the King had given you permission under the pretense that you would serve as your father’s apprentice. While you didn’t care much for modern medicine, you were far more interested in herbalism and natural remedies, you jumped at the chance to reunite with your father. When the royal family hired him years ago as their primary doctor, it was decided that you would stay back in the village and help continue running your family’s business.
Your father paused at your sudden appearance before sighing.
“No. You asked me just an hour ago.” The older man reminded you, rummaging through one of the many supply cabinets.
“A lot can occur in an hour.” You pointed out. You watched the back of your father’s head shake from side to side.
“His Majesty has far more pressing issues than giving you permission to plant your tea plant.” He explained exhaustedly, causing you to frown.
You had arrived at the castle completely awestruck at the grandeur of it all. The grass was green and ran as far as the eye could see, not a single blade out of place. Giant water fountains framed the landscape, adding to the regality of it all. You had noticed the greenhouse on your carriage ride up to the giant building but didn’t think to step foot into it until lunchtime arrived, when you were offered tea from a bag.
You grew up watching your mother making her own tea and had picked up the preference for homemade tea yourself. When you found the greenhouse empty of any of the plants you took interest in, you were quick to beg your father to speak to the King about it.
“It’s called Camellia sinensis and it isn’t just some tea plant. It has so many beneficial medicinal effects, you know this.” You countered, throwing him a pointed look. Your father stared back at you, returning the look.
“You look and sound so much like your mother right now, I hope you know.” He finally spoke, a small smile on his tired face.
At the mention of your mother, your expression softened.
“Anyway, I have another patient I have to attend to. Have you seen the medical tape?” Your father asked you, to which you replied that you hadn’t.
“Who is it this time?” You asked, not particularly interested in who it was your father was going to be attending to but wanting to make use of whatever time left you had with him.
Your father sighed, “The second prince of Clarines Kingdom, his royal highness, Prince Taehyung. That’s his full title anyway. I personally call the kid reckless.”
At the mention of your father treating one of the heads of nobility, your interest piqued. You didn’t know much about either of the two of the King’s sons, much less about the youngest one who apparently kept your father on his toes. But as far as you were concerned, all you needed to know was that he was a prince and that the King would listen to him.
“What’s wrong with him?” You asked, trying to sound nonchalant, an idea formulated in your head.
“Uh, some scratches to his neck and top of his shoulder. He fell from a tree– Seriously, where is that damn medical tape?” Your father huffed in annoyance, opening up another supply cabinet. 
Watching as your poor father struggled, your eyes scanned the room. They widened in surprise at the sight of the roll of medical tape perched obviously on top of a neighboring medical cabinet.
You glanced quickly at your father, whose back was facing you. He couldn’t see the medical tape from his position.
You bit down on your lip. 
Back at home, you often played with the children of the village as there weren’t many people your age. Children liked you, you had come to find. Chances were that you could convince the youngest prince to deliver your concerns about the greenhouse to the King.
If you could just stall your father for a little bit longer...
Tip-toeing towards the cabinet, you snatched the roll quickly before tucking it into the pocket of your coat, out of view from your father’s searching eyes.
“No clue. Father, I have to go.” You relayed hurriedly, making your way out of your father’s infirmary.
Your father glanced over at you for just a moment, sending you off with a nod, before turning back to the supplies.
“Try the nurse’s office, maybe.” You called out as an afterthought, before slipping out of the room entirely, hurriedly making your way to the kitchen, a roll of medical tape bouncing around in the fabric of your coat.
“Hello, I’m here!” You announced loudly as you re-entered the infirmary, eyes fixated on the tray you were trying to keep stable in between your hands.
Your father, who looked incredibly frustrated, looked up at you anxiously from his seat at his desk.
“The nurse’s office ran out of medical tape and the next shipment isn’t until– Wait, what is that?” Your father interrupted his own words at the sight of the tea tray in your hands.
“Just some things to make tea.” You told him innocently.
“For me?”
“For the prince.” You informed him, gripping onto each side of the tray tighter.
“For the prince?” Your father repeated, sounding confused.
“Yes. Green tea.”
“Green tea. For the prince?”
“Yes, father.”
“Why are you bringing the prince green tea?” He asked, eyeing you suspiciously.
“Because I want to help him!” You smiled cheerily, causing your father to frown. You sighed.
“Green tea has antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it’ll help with the prince’s recovery process.” You informed it, slightly annoyed that this was all taking so long. “Also, I found your medical tape.”
“What, where?!” You father gasped in relief.
“It’s in my pocket.” You told him, jutting out your hip as to show him which pocket of your coat held the tape. Rushing over, he slipped his hand into your coat, pulling out the missing tape.
“Y/N, why in the King’s name did you have the medical tape?”
“It’s a long story.” You dismissed quickly. “The point is that now you can go treat the prince now right? Let’s go!”
Your father narrowed his eyes at you.
“I’m not sure what you’re doing but I know you’re up to something.” He hummed accusingly.
You merely stared back at him, keeping your eyes wide and expression as innocent as you could muster.
“Fine. Let me grab some anti-bacterial and gauze and we’ll go.” He finally caved, moving to collect everything he needed, and you tried your best to fight off the satisfied grin that threatened to escape onto your face.
Your father and you walked down into a part of the castle that you had yet to see and given the amount of security appointed here, you had a feeling you weren’t ever meant to see this part of the castle.
These were the Royal Chambers, as your father had called it, right before he stressed to you how important it was for you to be on your best behavior. This was where members of the court and other nobility slept, including the King and, of course, the second prince of Clarines Kingdom, Prince Taehyung.
Your arms ached slightly from holding up the heavy tray. It was made of a dense metal, mirroring the also heavy teapot that you had borrowed from the kitchen. You were thankful for the metal, however, as it would keep the water you had poured into it hot for as long as you needed it.
Your father greeted nearly every guard, clearly familiar with almost all of them; you followed him silently as you watched him do so.
You didn’t know much about your father’s life, really. When you still lived in the village, he would send you letters ever so often, visiting whenever he could but it still wasn't enough to grasp onto what his life at the castle was really like. It felt strange it seem him so at ease here. This was his home. It was a somewhat somber reminder of just how alone you had become your last few years living in the village.
Your father reached an impressive white door, embellished with what you recognized as the royal family’s crest. You stared at it as your father spoke to the guard that stood beside the door.
“Y/N.” The voice of your father caught your attention and you tore your eyes away from the door.
“Your tag, miss?” The guard spoke to you, eyes scanning you up and down.
“Oh, sorry!” You exclaimed in realization, extending the tray out for your father to hold. Pausing for a moment, he dropped his bag of supplies before taking your tea tray into his hands.
With your hands now free, you reached into your shirt, pulling out the necklace that you kept hidden. 
Everyone who had any business in this castle, be it a servant or a visitor, was required to wear a tag; yours held your name attached to a long golden chain that often got in your way, so usually kept it tucked away into your clothing.
Extending the tag out for the guard to see, you watched as he peered down at it before nodding.
“Go ahead.” The guard spoke as he opened the door the impressive doors for you both. 
Your father and you shuffled for a moment; you retrieving your tray and him picking back up his supplies, before following the guard and stepping into the room. Your movements were cut short, however, as the guard held a hand out to still your motions.
“The doctor is here.” The guard announced out loud, to whom you could only assume was the prince.
“Let him in.” An unexpectedly low voice responded, causing you to frown. You glanced at your father in confusion but he was already making his way in, so you had no choice but to follow.
Your eyes widened in surprise as the room came into view. It wasn’t the size of the room or its impressive decor that had taken you by surprise though. Rather, it was the fully grown, shirtless young man that sat on the bed that had caught you off guard.
“Hello again, Doc.” The man grinned, setting you further into confusion.
This was the second prince of Clarines Kingdom, Prince Taehyung? This was the reckless kid that had fallen from a tree? 
You felt your face heat up as you turned your eyes away from him and his naked torso.
“Don’t you ‘Hello again, Doc’ me. What the hell were you doing in a tree, Taehyung?”
Your eyes widened at your father's tone and for a moment your eyes flickered towards the prince, curious as to what his response might be.
To your surprise and ultimate relief, the prince laughed, the sound almost melodic in nature.
“Just wanted a change of view.” He smirked, eyes attentively fixated on your father who had walked over to his bed, already beginning to sort through his supplies.
“Let me guess, this change of view was far from the castle grounds?” Your father pressed, sounding as if he already knew the answer.
“There’s nothing wrong with a little adventure.” Taehyung noted, flinching slightly as your father began to assess his shoulder.
“Yes, but there is a lot wrong with you running away from your guards and falling out of a tree.” Your father scolded causing Taehyung to sigh.
“You sound like my father.” He muttered, before looking away from the doctor, his wandering eyes falling on you.
For a moment you held each other’s stares, both set of eyes wide in unfamiliarity.
Heat crept up onto your cheeks as you realized just how handsome the prince was. His dark bangs were long and fell into his eyes slightly, but his curious gaze was far from hidden. Although it must have been a few seconds, his lingering stare became too much to bear and you turned your head away from him.
You were meant to be making tea for the prince, not gawking at him like he had two heads. Walking over to the nightstand by the bed, you set down your tray, beginning to make the prince a cup of tea.
“So, what’s the verdict?” Taehyung asked your father after clearing his throat, watching as the doctor inspected his wounds.
“Well, you’ll live this time, kid. You’ve definitely been through worse. Looks like it's just some scrapes and bruises. I doubt you’ll even scar.” Your father replied, moving to reach for the anti-bacterial cream.
“Damn.” Taehyung sighed sarcastically, causing the doctor to chuckle.
“How far did you get this time?” Your father asked, smearing the ointment onto the cut up flesh of the prince's shoulder and neck.
You felt bad for eavesdropping, but it wasn’t as if you had much of a choice considering your proximity. You continued to make your tea, your back facing the two men.
“Not very far. Barely made it into Tanbarun actually.” Taehyung spoke, referring to Clarines’ neighboring kingdom.
Biting down onto your lip, you turned around, a saucer and full teacup in your hand.
“Excuse me for interrupting...” You began, feeling awkward.
From the way your father had spoken about the prince, you had been expecting a kid. Maybe even a young teenager. All confidence in what you had set out to do had gone down the drain. You certainly weren’t expecting... him.
Taehyung turned his head towards you, eyes falling to the teacup you held extended towards him.
He was handsome— undeniably so. His hair and eyes were a dark chocolate color and despite the way he eyed you cautiously, you didn't sense any underlying hostility that nearly all set of eyes you had passed on the walk here had thrown your way.
You had never seen the prince before; you hadn't seen any of the royal family actually. You held a vague idea of what the King looked like but his two sons remained enigmas to you, and to many other villagers you knew.
You were told once that the royal family used to make appearances in the village during the summer and winter festivals, but after the Queen died, they went on to seclude themselves to the castle grounds, preferring to carry out royal duties in private. Even if you had seen the royal family once, you would’ve been far too young to remember them.
"This is my daughter, Y/N. She is studying underneath me.” Your father perked up, applying some gauze to the prince’s skin.
“Would you care for some tea, your highness?” You offered, gesturing towards the teacup in your hand.
“Tea?” The prince repeated, causing you to grow flustered.
“I-It’s green tea. Green tea has been shown to have many physiological benefits, like helping with cholesterol, weight loss– even reducing the risk of cancer. Specifically for your case, it’ll help with swelling and should help with your healing overall.” You rambled, spewing facts nervously.
To your surprise, Taehyung gave you a lopsided grin.
“Damn. You sure do know a lot about tea.”
You felt your heart skip a beat at the sight of the handsome boy smiling down at you. You looked down at your cup.
“I’m very interested in herbal medicine.” You muttered, feeling out of place and embarrassed.
Suddenly, the decorative cup and saucer that you held in your hand were taken from you. You looked up to see that Taehyung had taken it from you. You watched nervously, as he pressed the rim of the cup to his mouth, blowing slightly before taking a sip.
Taehyung’s eyebrows raised.
“Is it... not to your taste?” You called out cautiously when he said nothing. You had made it just like how your mother used to. Surely, it couldn't be horrible...
“No, no. It’s actually really good. Not that I was expecting it to be bad, but I’m not usually a fan of tea.” Taehyung responded, sounding earnest.
Your face all but lit up, “Really?”
Taehyung nodded at you with a smile before taking another sip. Your father had just finished up taping the gauze in place.
“If there is one thing Y/N does without fail, it is making good tea. She got that from her mother.” You father praised, causing your face to warm.
Suddenly, the guard that stood at the prince’s door walked in, gesturing towards the doctor as if he had to speak to him.
“Excuse me for a moment.” Your father bowed respectfully before making his way over to the guard.
To your surprise, Taehyung turned towards you eagerly.
“What’s in this? I hope you believe me when I say that this is the best tea I’ve ever had. I can see the leaves in it but it doesn’t taste overwhelming... leafy, for lack of a more intelligent word.” Taehyung told you, causing a small laugh to leave your lips.
“I made and boiled some lemon water and poured that onto the camellia leaves, before adding a touch of honey and some mint.” You explained enthusiastically causing the prince to laugh.
“Camellia leaves, huh.” He said, eyes fixated on said leaves in his cup.
Suddenly, why you had come to see the prince in the first place came to your mind. You bit down onto your lip, a habit you had developed some time ago whenever you were thinking.
“The plant is called Camellia sinensis. It’s actually where all tea comes from. I brought some leaves with me from the village before I came to stay here so I had some on me. I was kind of hoping that your greenhouse might grow it but I couldn’t find it.”
At your words, Taehyung’s face grew somewhat more serious.
“Really? I always thought our greenhouse had every kind of plant and flower you could imagine.” He told you quietly, sipping on his drink. Panicking at the shift in mood, you raised your hands up and waved them dismissively.
“It does! It’s wonderful! Really. I was... You know, I was just wondering if there was any way that it could be arranged for some Camellia plants to be planted. I actually have some seeds on me. I know the castle currently uses tea bags so it might seem unimportant but Camellia is really good for so many things, not just tea. There are many other plants that are used in herbal medicine that could be planted in the greenhouse as well actually–”
The sound of your father calling your name made you jump, and you turned towards the sound with a guilty expression. One look at your father’s face and you knew he had overheard you, thus exposing your entire reason for accompanying him to see the prince.
“Y/N, let’s not bother his highness any longer.” Your father told you politely, despite the scowl that he wore on his face.
“You,” the doctor began, turning towards the prince, “keep those cuts clean and dry. I’ll be back tomorrow morning to replace your gauze.”
Taehyung simply nodded in response.
“And you,” he said, turning towards you with a sigh. “say goodbye to the prince. We’re leaving.”
A small frown crept onto your face as you picked your tea tray back up.
“I’ll give the cup back to the maids when I’m done with it.” Taehyung told you before you could open your mouth to ask him to do just that. You nodded before bowing.
“Goodbye, your highness.” You told him politely, feeling deflated at how this entire outing had gone.
You walked back towards your father with your eyes on the floor, not wanting to meet his eyes.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, your highness.” Your father bowed before the guard helped the both of you out of Prince Taehyung’s room.
Your father once told you that you were strong headed to a fault, and you suppose right now was an example of that as here you were, kneeling into the dirt as you tried to secretly plant some camellia seeds someplace in the greenhouse that wouldn’t draw too much attention.
Two days had gone by since your pleading to the prince and your efforts had proven futile as no news regarding the possible new additions had come about. Ultimately, you chose to take matters into your own hands.
You didn’t have a shovel or any sort of permission for that matter, but neither stopped you, as you covered up the camellia seeds you had just planted with the excess soil you had, patting it down firmly.
“There.” You huffed, swiping away at the sweat that had collected on your forehead with the back of your dirt covered hand. You were wearing far too many layers to be gardening in the already warm greenhouse.
Just as you moved to pick yourself back up from the floor, the sound of the greenhouse’s screen door opening rang out, causing you to freeze in place.
Paralyzed to your spot, you listened as the unmistakable sound of footsteps entered.
“Dammit.” You whispered almost inaudibly before clenching your jaw shut. From your few days at the castle, you had deduced that hardly anyone ever entered the greenhouse.
Who could it be? Was it one of the people responsible for the greenhouse’s upkeeping? If it was, perhaps you had a chance to convince them to not rat you out as they would understand the importance of what it was you were doing.
Shifting slightly, you tried to look at the sudden intruder, trying your hardest not to shift any of the neighboring plants as the rustling would give away your location.
Peering through a particularly thick bush, you nearly exclaimed out loud at the sight of Prince Taehyung sitting down at one of the stone benches placed at the center of the greenhouse.
You scuttled back quietly, already beginning to chew on your lip.
What on earth was he doing here? And of all the people in this castle, why did one of the heads of the kingdom have to visit while you were mid-mission?
Maybe you could wait it out. Surely whatever business he had here wouldn’t take too long, right? But, God, you were warm and sweating and wanted out of this stuffy greenhouse as soon as possible.
Giving the prince one final glance, you decided that the risk of dehydration was too real for you to just sit here.
Your eyes flickered around you, planning an escape route. There was a fairly well-hidden path towards the greenhouse door, you noted. Actually opening and exiting through the door would be the biggest challenge, however, as it was in direct view of the sitting prince.
Speaking, he appeared to be sitting quietly, seemingly just admiring the surrounding foliage. Seriously, what was he doing here?
Shaking your head, you began to crawl forward. You couldn't think about what reason the prince might have for visiting; you had to focus on getting out of here without him noticing.
Your knees protested as you wriggled forward; the palms of your hands just as unhappy.
You were nearly at the door. Sure, your pride had taken a direct hit the moment you decided to creep on all fours like some sort of animal, but if you planned it well enough, you might just get out of here completely unnoticed–
You felt your heart drop into your stomach at the sound of your foot knocking over a nearby potted plant.
"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" You hissed, cringing physically at the loud sound.
Taehyung snapped his head towards where you lay, hidden behind some plants, just out of view.
Standing up in alarm, the prince wielded his sword, the sound of metal scraping against the sheath Taehyung wore around his waist causing your stomach to churn.
"Who’s here? Show yourself.” The prince's voice rang out clear and authoritative.
You flinched.
Pushing yourself off the floor, you poked up from behind the plants, your hands raised above your head sheepishly.
For a brief moment, Taehyung just stared at you, eyes unreadable as he peered in yours.
And then, incredibly, he began to laugh.
You stand there confused, hands still placed above your head.
"Y/N, right?" He greets you, eyes glimmering in amusement.
You blinked at him, unsure of what to make of the situation. Weren't you in trouble?
"Your Highness." You nod back politely, eyes unable to leave the sword that he had point directly at you.
Following your eyes, Taehyung let out an "Oh!" before putting his sword back into its holder.
"Sorry about that." He grinned apologetically, causing you to lower your arms back beside you.
He must not know that you had snuck into here and planted camellia seeds without permission. Maybe, you would actually get away with this.
Tucking your dirt cover hands behind you, you flashed the prince a smile.
"Forgive me for scaring you. I knocked over a plant as I was making my way towards the door." You explained.
"I see. And you crawling on your hands and knees is just a quirky thing you do as you exit rooms?" He bemused.
You shifted your weight awkwardly, clearing your throat, "Oh, hah, well no. I was actually hoping to sneak out without you seeing me."
At your words, Taehyung's face fell slightly. Your eyes widened as you realized how insulting that must have come out.
"I just didn't want to bother you, I mean! It wasn't as if I was hiding from you or anything." You told him, your hands waving in front of you frantically.
"Really? Because it sure seemed as if you specifically trying to avoiding me." Taehyung told you, an eyebrow tilting up in suspicion. "It's upsetting to think that you wouldn't want to say greet me and chat for a bit."
Crap. Damage control time.
"Of course not! Why would I want to avoid you? It's just that you looked so peaceful and deep in thought... I mean, of course, I would want to say hello and chat with you!" You lied enthusiastically, perhaps a little too forcibly.
Taehyung ran his eyes over your tense shoulders and the way your smile sat uncomfortably. Smirking, he takes a step towards you.
"Is that so?" He hummed.
You stared at him cautiously, "Yes."
"Well, then why don't we sit and chat now?" He suggested, catching you off guard.
"Oh, um, well actually–"
“In fact, would you like to go somewhere with me?” Taehyung grinned, a childlike glimmer in his eyes.
You bit down onto your lower lip. You didn't mean to hold a grudge, but the prince had very blatantly ignored your pleas for his help in adding plants to the royal greenhouse. You didn't really want to chat with him honestly, much less go anywhere with him.
"I would love to, your highness, but... you see... I can't. I'm, uh, busy." You told him awkwardly.
"Busy?" The prince cocked his head to the side.
"Yes, my... father needs my help. Doctor stuff, you know." You lied coolly, even throwing in a shrug for good measure.
"Oh, that's right. The Doc is your father." Taehyung nodded, causing you to smile.
"Right. I should probably head over to him now so..."
Taehyung smiled at you brightly, "Yes, of course. Be sure to tell him you snuck into the royal greenhouse and planted those tea plants of yours without the King’s permission."
You froze at his words.
"W-What?" You breathed.
The young prince looked at you, an innocent look on his face as he placed a finger upon his chin as if in contemplation, "Or maybe I should tell him..."
You fumbled silently for a response, completely taken aback at the prince's words. He knew?!
"Or... you could join me for an evening."  Taehyung offered smugly.
"Are you... blackmailing me?" You frowned in disbelief.
Here you were beginning to the prince was some clueless man that was nothing more than a pretty face. You should've known better than underestimate someone who somehow managed to slip out under the noses of royal guards.
"Sounds kind of ominous when you put it that way." The prince laughed sheepishly.
And to your surprise, he placed a hand against his torso and bowed.
You let out a small noise of surprise, looking around as if to make sure that the prince was really bowing at you.
"Forgive me, Y/N. I don't mean to use my position as prince to force you into anything." He spoke, still bent over.
"Wha– Your Highness?" You exclaimed, unsure of what was happening.
Taehyung stood up suddenly, meeting your eyes.
"I'd really like the chance to get to know you better. If you'd allow me that, of course."
Your mind was reeling. Get to know you better? 
But wait, did this mean he wasn't going to tell your father?
"Please?" He offered with a small smile.
From what you could gather, Taehyung was somewhat childish but otherwise seemed to harmless. He held no genuine malice in his tone and you felt as if you could trust him, but you still knew it would be in your best interest to say yes, in case he really did decide to tell your father.
Holding his eyes for a moment, you offer him a small smile.
"I supposed my father can wait a few more hours." You said before following the excited prince out of the greenhouse.
"Your Highness, please forgive me if this sounds rude but please tell me we're almost there." A laugh fell from the prince, and you could feel the low sound against your back, with Taehyung's chest pressed against it. "I take you don't like horses?" He mused. You shook your head, hands intertwined into the horse's mane as he began to trot, "Not horses. Falling off horses to my death is more so what I’m afraid of." Had you known that choosing to spend the afternoon with the prince meant having to hop onto his towering noble steed, you might have rethought your decision. Taehyung had led you towards the back of the castle grounds, trees waving past you as the castle slipped farther and farther from view. "Well, luckily for you, we have arrived." You felt as Taehyung pulled the reins back slightly, informing the stallion to slow down to a walk. "Whoa, Yeontan." Taehyung cooed, bringing the horse to full stop. Yeontan let out a deep fluttering exhale through his nose as he stilled his motions. "Oh, thank god." You all but sobbed, holding onto the horse tighter as Taehyung smoothly hopped off, leaving you alone on top of Yeontan. Hesitantly, you take Taehyung's extended hand into yours as you secure your foot into the stirrup and lower yourself down. Your feet hit the ground with a grateful thud, both of your hands gripped onto the prince as your knees wobbled slightly.
“We’ve only just arrived and I’ve already rendered you weak in the knees, haven’t I?” The prince teased, causing your eyes to widen and push him away.
“Very funny.” You replied, fighting off a smile.
Taehyung merely grinned at you before moving to tie Yeontan to the nearest tree.
You took this moment to look around at just exactly where the prince had taken you. From the ride over, you knew you weren’t too terribly deep into the woods. In fact, you were fairly certain you were still on the castle grounds.
The soft floor of the forest crunched as you took a step away from the prince, intrigued at the greenery that surrounded you. Spring was in full swing, as were the wildflowers that kissed your feet.
From above you, somewhere in a neighboring tree, rang out chirps from sort of bird.
“It’s so calm here.” You sighed, eyes still running over the scenery.
“Come on. This isn’t what I wanted to show you.” Taehyung beckoned, walking past you.
Glancing behind you, you saw Yeontan tied to the thick stem of an oak tree, head lowered as he ate at some shrubs.
Turning back around, you hurried after the walking prince, not wanting to lose sight of him.
You caught up with him easily, but kept a respectable distance between the two of you, too busy familiarizing yourself with the vegetation you walked past to walk beside him.
“Is that water?” You observed, noticing that sound of moving water that became more and more distinct as you walked.
“It is.” Taehyung hummed.
Your interest now piqued, you jogged forward to meet up with the prince’s pace, letting out a small breath of awe as the two of you reached a clearing between trees.
Laid out in front of you was a creek, adorned with clear and shimmering water. The stream moved its way through the arbitrarily placed rocks, causing a white foam to form as it led itself into a small pool of water. You could see straight to the bottom even from where you stood thanks to the water’s transparent nature.
“This is beautiful!” You gaped, unable to hide your amazement.
“Figured you’d like it.” Taehyung grinned, “It’s a much nicer place to wash up than the castle bathrooms if you ask me.”
You stared at the prince curiously.
You didn’t really understand Taehyung. You didn’t think you would ever meet a royal that didn’t care for the royal life. While you were certain that Taehyung wasn't a bad person, you still weren’t quite sure what to make of him.
From what you had gathered, Taehyung as a prince was irresponsible and reckless. He didn’t take his princely duties seriously; as a member of the royal family he had an obligation to his kingdom and he didn’t seem to be interested in doing anything to help it.
‘Or helping me.’ You thought to yourself glumly, remembering his blatant dismissal of your camellia plant plea.
Walking over to the pool of water, you kneeled down. You slipped the strap of the small messenger bag that you always carried with you over your head, setting it beside you.
Peering over the water, you were met by your soil stained reflection. Dipping your hands into the cool liquid, you began to wash off the dirt that clung onto you.
The fresh water felt amazing against your skin, and you brought up it up to your face gladly.
The sound of water being moved around beside you caught your attention, and you peered through the palms that you had rubbing against your face to see Taehyung making his way into the pool.
Your eyes widened, “Your Highness–”
Your words were cut off at the feeling of water spraying over you as Taehyung accidentally splashed you.
“Ah!” You cried out, suddenly wet.
Taehyung stood waist deep into the pool, staring at you with wide eyes.
“Sorry, I was trying to ward off a fish.” He apologized, a small chuckle tumbling through his pink lips.
You pressed your lips together but ultimately nodded at him. Thankfully, your cloak had caught most of the water. You shrugged it off your body, setting it aside.
“If there are fish in there than there are probably things that eat fish lurking there as well.” You warned.
“I like living my life on the edge.” He wiggled his eyebrows at you, and you would have laughed if you were slightly annoyed.
“You really should be more careful. You’re a prince. You can’t be this reckless all the time.”
At your words, the dark-haired man frowned.
“Do you not like me, Y/N?”
You were taken aback at the blunt question, and you struggled for a conclusive answer.
“To be quite honest, you disappointed me. I asked for your help and you did nothing. As a prince, I expected more I suppose.” You told him softly, once you finally collected your thoughts.
Taehyung stared back at you solemnly. You sat back onto the heels of your shoes.
“But I know you’re a decent person. Your love for nature and desire for more than material things tells me that. I think I just don’t understand you, your highness.”
For a moment, silence fell over the two of you, the sounds of the outdoors filling in the empty space.
Taehyung shifted from one leg onto another, causing the water around him to ripple.
“I’m sorry I didn’t help you. In all honesty, I didn’t think me voicing my thoughts about your wishes to the king would do much. I’m not exactly a voice that matters in my family.”
Your eyes widened at Taehyung’s confession, not expecting such vulnerability.
“I brought that onto myself, however. As far as princes go, I’m a pretty shitty one. I avoid all my responsibilities and spend my time trying to run away from my nobility. I don’t know how to handle negotiations or policies like my father and brother do. Honestly, I can’t stand the thought of sitting in a stuffy office with a giant stack of paperwork to sort through. So I run away from it all. I know it’s selfish of me but I do it anyway.” Taehyung tucked his hands into is submerged pockets, a somber look on his face.
“When my mother was still alive, it was okay for me to go out into the kingdom, you know. I used to love whenever the festivals came around because she would let me slip away with a guard to explore and play with the other village children. When she died… well, my father stopped my family’s festival outings. We hardly leave the castle grounds actually. With my mother gone, my brother and I had to really take our princely roles seriously. There was fear that something might happen to my father as well and one of us might have to suddenly take the throne. We had to grow up.”
“I didn’t really think to consider what the Queen’s death meant for the royal family. I’m sorry.” You told him sincerely.
Taehyung shrugged, “Don’t be. We’re still royalty at the end of the day. We’ve got power and status and wealth. It’s fine.”
You frowned, suddenly flooded with perspective.
“It’s not.” You shook your head in disagreement. Taehyung stared at you curiously.
“You still lost a parent, and it sounds like you never got time to mourn that loss. Nobility or not, that’s a horrible thing to happen.”
Taehyung offered you a small smile, and you let out a breath.
“My mother died when I was young too.” You confessed, causing Taehyung’s eyes to widen.
“And that’s around the time my father put me to work at our pharmacy. It wasn’t incredibly taxing, of course; I helped collect plants and flowers. But, for the first time as a child, something was expected of me. My mother was always the caretaker, she was who I spent my days with. My father was the provider who worked all the time. He couldn’t leave me alone at home so he put me to work, where he could keep an eye on me. He left to work here when I was sixteen and left me to run the pharmacy with the help of our neighbor. I love my father, of course, but… I sometimes think I was robbed of my childhood, in a way.” You opened up.
Taehyung gave you a sympathetic look, his eyebrows furrowed.
“That’s… I feel the same way. My mother was the one to remind my father that my brother and I were both royalty and children. With her gone, it was like he forgot the latter part.”
You nodded at him. Who knew a prince and a village girl would have so much in common?
“Still… My kingdom deserves someone who will actually help them. They deserve a better prince than I am. I’m pretty useless.” Taehyung laughed bitterly.
Sympathy ran through you at his words. You understood the prince now; it wasn’t that he was irresponsible and reckless, it was that he was insecure and resentful. He sought happiness elsewhere because he couldn’t find it within the castle walls.
“You’re not useless, your highness.” You told him earnestly, “In fact, you can help your kingdom more than your brother and father can. When is the last time anyone in the royal family actually went out into it? You see things, you talk to your people; you can find out what you can do for them. Yes, you run away from your noble life but you love your kingdom; you’re constantly running to it. You could do so much good. You just need to believe in yourself.”
Taehyung stared at you in awe. You had said it with so much conviction– as if you believed in every word. And with the way you were looking at him, Taehyung could help but want to believe too.
“Has anyone ever told you that you might just be the best human being to walk this earth?” The prince said, wading further into the water.
You felt your face grow warm at the compliment but merely laughed in response.
“You’d definitely be the first.” You mused.
You watched as the young prince continued on into the pool. With the water now approaching his chest, you let out a gasp as a thought crossed your mind.
“Your Highness, wait! Don’t go any deeper! Your shoulder still isn’t healed.” You warned, jumping up to your feet.
Any foreign bacteria looming in the water could mean infection if it got into the cut flesh.
“Oh? Are you going to come and pull me out if I do?” He teased you by moving backward, deeper into the lake.
The sides of your mouth tugged upwards.
“Look like I might just have to.” You declared confidently, hands already moving to unbutton your shirt. Thankfully, you decided to wear an undershirt meaning that you wouldn’t have to ruin your blouse with creek water.
You threw your boots to the side as you stepped in, a giggle escaping your lips.
Taehyung watched you with a grin, arms extended out in front of him as if to protect himself from you.
“Come on, let’s go. My father won’t be pleased if you leave your outing with me with an infected flesh wound.” You splash the prince lightly, not enough to really hit him but enough for him to open his mouth in exaggerated disbelief.
You let yourself walk in until the water hit your waist, your skirt floating around you.
“Did you just splash me?” He asked, narrowing his eyes at you playfully.
You noted the way he took a step towards you.
You took a cautious step to the side, away from the approaching prince.
“Did I?” You challenged, raising an eyebrow at him.
You didn’t have a chance to process his response as the next thing you knew, a wave of water hit your face.
You let out a gasp in surprise, caught off guard by the splash.
Taehyung threw his head back in amusement as he laughed, the sound carried over to you through the water.
And just like that, a splash war erupted between the two of you. Laughs and moving bodies shifting the water as the two of you tried to dodge each other's advances.
You never thought you’d ever be here, waist deep in a creek, splashing the second prince of Clarines. The concept would have seemed far-fetched and nearly implausible to you just a few hours ago. You didn’t hold any grudge against the royal family, you had just assumed they were all far too busy to be able to enjoy ordinary moments like these. Especially with a commoner such as yourself.
Taehyung had moved forward to splash you again, and in a desperate to avoid the attack, you hopped backward blindly.
Your rushed decision proved to be a poor one as motion caused you to lose your footing, thanks to an uneven rock formation on the floor and you fell into the water.
You heard the prince yell out your name right as your head reemerged, coughing out some water that you had so gracefully inhaled.
You grimaced, your eyes falling to look at your leg through the water, a sharp pain plaguing your shin.
The water splashed around you as the prince hurried over to you.
“Are you alright?!” Taehyung asked through a panicked voice, eyes running over you to see if you were hurt.
“I think I cut my leg on something.” You told him bluntly. You had just moved your head up to meet the prince’s worried eyes when two arms wrapped around you, one around your waist and the other behind your knees.
You let out a noise of surprise as were lifted into the air and held against Taehyung’s chest.
“Shit, you’re bleeding a lot.” He frowned and you looked down at your exposed shin to see that you had indeed been cut, most likely against a jagged stone.
Taehyung immediately began to carry you out of the water and towards the shore.
Your arms wrapped against Taehyung’s neck automatically, in fear of being dropped.
“You don’t need to carry me, I can still walk!” You assured him nervously, face burning at the fact that the prince was carrying you in such a matter.
Taehyung ignored your pleas, not setting you down until the two of you were on land.
You let out a sigh as he released you and set you steady onto your feet, a trail of blood running down from the wound.
“I don’t think it’s that deep. Well... deep enough to need stitches. I’ll have to get my father to look at it but it’s more the bacteria in the water that concerns me.” You analyzed coolly, your calm nature in a hectic situation being a trait you had learned from your father.
“Pass me my blouse?” You asked the prince, who was staring at as if you would break at any moment.
Taehyung moved into action immediately, handing you over the white article of clothing.
Taking the shirt into both of your hands, you tugged at the fabric until it tore right down the middle.
So much for not ruining your blouse.
You tore another piece off the shirt off, leaving just a long strip of cloth in between your hands.
“This should stop the bleeding, along with any dirt or other foreign bodies from entering the wound.” You explained to the prince as you wrapped the cloth around your leg and tied it in place.
“There.” You declared. “Good as new.”
You held your leg out and twisted it around as if for emphasis. Taehyung looked at you as if still slightly unsure.
“Maybe but I’m still taking you to your father right now just to be sure.” He declared with authority. You sighed.
Your father wasn’t going to like that you had injured yourself, especially because of a situation Taehyung had led you into.
For the prince’s sake, you were going to make up a lie about how you hurt yourself.
Slipping on your boots, you and Taehyung began the walk back to where he had left Yeontan, who was most likely eager to go as well.
“Wait!” You called out as the two of you passed by a bush of yellow flowers. You had identified the species of plant as one of the many under the Calendula genus. You had taken note of it on your journey to the creek, and now you were grateful you had.
Taehyung paused in his steps, watching as you pulled a small glass jar out of your bag and walked over to the yellow flowers.
You began to collect a few, placing the flowers into the jar. You walk back over to the awaiting prince, a yellow flower in hand. Plucking the petals off, Taehyung looked at you in disbelief as you placed the petals into your mouth.
“Uh, what are you doing?” He asked, staring at you bewilderedly.
“Calendula is an edible flower. They’re great anti-inflammatories and they’re effective at fighting off bacteria. I don’t trust that water so I don’t want to risk anything. Want some?” You offered, a small grin on your lips knowing how strange he must have found all of this.
“Oh, I’m, uh, alright. Thank you, though.” Taehyung told you politely.
“I don’t usually eat them raw. I’m gonna bring some back with me and make some tea and a salve to apply onto my leg directly. Back in the village, I helped make all the topical creams and balms for our pharmacy. We don’t have a lot of premade ointments that my father has access to here so I had to make them myself. Hence the fascination with herbs and plants.” You recounted.
Taehyung’s eyes widened, “You’re pretty extraordinary, Y/N. A bit of odd for actually eating raw flowers but... extraordinary nonetheless.”
Pleased at his assessment of you, you sent him a grin before tucking your jar of Calendula petals back into your satchel.
“Thank you, your highness.” You responded pleasantly, head down as you fastened your bag shut.
“Tae.” The prince called out suddenly, causing you to turn to look at him.
Surprisingly, sprinkled over Taehyung’s cheeks was a light blush. You marveled at the sight before he quickly looked away from you, occupying himself with a random tree in the distance.
“You can call me Tae if you want. It’s fine if it's just you and I.” He muttered quietly.
Taehyung didn’t actually have many friends. It had been ages since he met someone near his age that he could talk to like this. The more time he spent with you the more he began to like you and less he began to like the honorific that prevented the two of you from speaking as equals.
Taehyung and his brother Seokjin, the first prince of Clarines, were the only royal children in the kingdom for a while, before the eventual fluctuation of cousins that would be born when Taehyung turned 14, but he had little interest in a bunch of screaming infants back then, much less in the bratty children they had now grown into today.
Taehyung had spent most of his time with his brother growing up, but because Seokjin was the future king of Clarines, he saw him less and less of him these past years. His brother was usually stuck inside doing paperwork or negotiations, so Taehyung took it upon himself to find company elsewhere, which had inevitably led to his recurring ploys of running away from the castle. Not many of his subjects were actually familiar with his face so it made for easy traveling and exploring. He’d get away with it more often if it weren't for his guards’ relentless effort to bring him back.
Your face too grew warm, not expecting such a request from the prince.
A shy grin fell onto your face as you watched the blushing prince. The sight was a refreshing change from the prince’s usually playful demeanor.
You hummed lightly, “Well then, Tae, thank you for this evening.”
Taehyung’s head snapped back onto you, slightly in awe at the way his name sounded coming from your mouth. 
“If it weren’t for me obtaining an injury, I'd say we should do it again sometime.” You admitted through a laugh.
Taehyung liked the way your smile met your eyes when you looked at him. It was nothing like the smiles that plagued him inside the castle walls; smiles that were obligatory and disingenuous.
A warm, lopsided grin found its way onto the handsome prince’s face and you felt your heart flutter slightly at the sight.
“I wouldn’t hold your breath, Y/N,” Taehyung teased, tucking his hands into his pockets, “something tells me you’ll be seeing more of me from now on.”
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ladyartemesia · 7 months ago
All I Want For Christmas is You
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Female Reader
Summary: When Park Jimin is unable to escort his precious sister through the gauntlet of corporate holiday galas, he blackmails his best friend Taehyung into being her chaperone. After all, who better to safeguard his headstrong sibling than a man who would never want her for himself? (She and Tae have spent the better part of a decade mutually disliking each other, and that’s putting it mildly.) Yet, even the best laid plans may go awry at Christmas and Kim Taehyung is about to discover that the girl he never wanted has become a temptation he cannot resist...
Genre: Comedy • Fluff  • Smut
Tropes: Brother’s Best Friend (Reader is Jimin’s Sister) • Enemies-to-Lovers
Collab: This work is part of the Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tropes Collab featuring original holiday themed works by @ppersonna • @xjoonchildx  • @underthejoon • @yeojaa​ • @untaemedqueen • and @snackhobi
Word Count: 17K (I know—I am shocked too honestly)
Rating: Explicit (18+)
Warnings: suggestive photographs • mention of accidentally being hit with a baseball • hints of jealousy and possessiveness • light tit slapping • explicit sexual content • m/f oral sex • consensual unprotected sex (shield it before you yield it y’all) • Viola’s mirror kink makes yet another appearance •
To @ppersonna​ (Lindy) @underthejoon​ (Fal) and @xjoonchildx​ (Ana) you guys are my heart. Your support, willingness to read (and re-read) and give honest feedback made this fic special. Your friendship is my daily dose of awesome. Truly, I love you.
To @untaemedqueen​ (D) all of the above applies to you, but I owe you a little something extra for the LITERAL HOURS you spent in the doc with me. This fic would not be here without you. You kept me moving. You inspired me. You were amazing. Thank you so very much. This story is lovingly dedicated to you. 
To @hobi-gif​ for being the most thorough and incredible beta reader and for having all the important girl chats with me. I think you learned more about my past than you wanted... Either way you made this story better and I am profoundly grateful for the hours of time you spent. I have removed all the Hope-No-No words in your honor. 
To @lemonjoonah​ as always, you knew EXACTLY what I needed to tweak to make this story work. (Gotta pass that Lemon Litmus Test or no dice lol.) My lovely soul twin. You’re a bloomin’ rockstar. 
Please Picture This Taehyung:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“No. Absolutely not.”
“Yes. Because you absolutely owe me.”
“Then send me a bill, not your unmanageable harpy of a sister.”
Jimin raised a single unimpressed brow. 
“Kim Taehyung. It was exactly five years ago today that I carried your drunken naked ass two miles in the rain after you set your clothes on fire and sprained your ankle at that Beta Phi party.” He paused dramatically. “Do you remember what you said to me that night? After I deleted several pictures off phones and paid off half the party to keep it out of the papers?”
The man in question shifted uncomfortably.
“That incident is a bit hazy in my memory. I’m not sure I recall—”
“Jiminie—you’re the best and I—I owe… you. I owe you the most, Jiminie. I do—I owe you a favor—one BIG favor—anything you ask… Even though... I actually like being naked. I don’t think we need clothes. We should all be naked. Everyone. Then there would be world peace.”
Taehyung’s jaw dropped. 
Jimin grinned, sliding his phone back into his pocket.
“Naturally. And I had it all ready to go—just in case you needed extra convincing.” He crossed his arms and fixed his best friend of nearly fifteen years with a triumphant smirk. “I’m calling in that favor today, Taehyung. Now are you a man of your word or not?”
Tumblr media
“He did WHAT?!”
Your mother winced. 
“Jimin was... uncomfortable leaving you alone for the holiday season. He normally accompanies you to the galas but this year—”
“This year I was going to go alone and finally build my reputation as an asset to this family!”
Park Soomin sighed as she watched her daughter pace fiercely around the living room of their luxury suite. 
“No one doubts that you’re an asset, but… in light of recent events...”
Rage and embarrassment flared up in your chest before you could stop them. 
“This is about Milo… isn’t it?”
The silence that greeted your statement was confirmation enough. 
“Are you ever going to trust me again?” you whispered. 
“Oh sweetheart... it isn’t you we don’t trust...”
Tears burned at the corner of your eyes, but you ruthlessly blinked them back. 
You would play along with their humiliating schemes. 
For now.
“So which one of Jimin’s Ivy League brat pack did he blackmail into babysitting me? 
For the first time in the entirety of the conversation, your mother looked truly nervous. 
“Kim Taehyung.”
You tripped over your own feet and face-planted into the sofa. 
Tumblr media
“Jungkook, I need to look into faking my own death. Nothing too over the top. Just a tasteful disappearance—”
The man in question could barely restrain his grin. 
“You don’t pay me nearly enough to deal with your mother in the event of your tragic demise and miraculous resurrection.”
“I could pay you more.”
“Or,” Jungkook replied with a heavy dose of judgment coloring his tone, “you could put on this ridiculous tie and stop trying to weasel out of it.”
“Sometimes I wonder why I pay you at all,” Taehyung growled, yanking the tie from the younger man’s grasp. “Clearly I’m not the one in charge.”
“Your words, sir, not mine. Now shall we go over the details and itinerary?”
If Jeon Jungkook wasn’t the best executive aide in the city (and one of his closest friends) Tae would have drop-kicked him right then and there.
“Could you at least try to look like you’re not enjoying this?”
“I’m sorry, sir. It was insensitive of me to ignore your suffering in this delicate time. The trauma of escorting a beautiful woman to a series of glorified buffets weighs heavily upon you.”
Taehyung tightened the tie so aggressively, he almost strangled himself.
“Beautiful woman?!” he wheezed. “We’re talking about the girl who showed up to our formal graduation party looking like she just escaped from Azkaban.”
Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek thoughtfully. 
“Tae… how long has it been since you’ve actually seen Ms. Park?” 
“Seen? Maybe three—four years.”
The heir-apparent of Kim Holdings avoided the public end of corporate culture like the plague, preferring to leave the requisite schmoozing to his personable cousin, Kim Seokjin. 
However, he had crossed paths with his adolescent nemesis in... other ways. 
Taehyung was romancing a lovely young socialite who suddenly ghosted him after someone told her that he wanted at least eight naturally-birthed children. 
Soon after, your favorite charity received an anonymous 30,000 dollar donation requesting that you be featured in the dunk tank for an upcoming benefit carnival and then the same anonymous patron paid for at least fifteen little league teams to attend. 
In retaliation, someone petitioned the National Aviary Society (chaired by a very influential senator’s wife that no one ever refused if they wanted their permits to go through) to make Taehyung the MC at their annual awards ceremony—knowing full well he was allergic to birds (not dangerously allergic—just enough to be miserable).  
Taehyung had sniffled and sneezed through approximately one hundred parrots, parakeets, and other assorted fowl until he was ready to commit murder. 
The last several years had been littered with similar incidents of the two of you taking thinly veiled potshots at one another. 
“I can’t imagine she’s changed very much,” Taehyung bit off absently. His mind was abruptly consumed by how he could get revenge for those demonic birds. 
He didn’t notice the smile creeping over Jungkook’s face. 
“No, sir. I’m sure she hasn’t changed at all.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung had only ever had the wind knocked out of him once before. 
He was Dionysia High School’s star pitcher for three seasons and during one particularly tense game against JY Prep, Lim Jaebeom whacked a line drive right into his solar plexus. 
That’s how it felt to look up and see you at the top of the stairs. 
In his head, you were still the mischievous imp from his childhood. Every prank he played was directed at the fierce little fiend with braids and braces who’d knocked him and his date into the university fountain while experimenting with her friend’s skateboard. 
But she was gone… and in her place was something far more dangerous. 
A woman. 
Silken fabric wrapped tightly over curves you definitely didn’t have four years ago. That wild hair had been tamed into shining waves and pinned elegantly at the nape of your neck. The wicked slit that traveled all the way up your thigh teased a smooth shapely leg that all but demanded the viewer fantasize about running their hand up the length of it. 
Suddenly it was very clear why Park Jimin wouldn’t let his sister venture into the corporate cesspool alone. 
Because the sight of you could make a man desperate. 
Betrayal—of all things—slowly crept over Taehyung as you descended toward him like some sort of angel floating down from the heavens. 
His mind went blank. Just watching the seductive shift of your hips as you swayed ever closer felt like a violation of his friendship with Jimin. He could feel the judgmental stares of an imaginary Bro-Code Council boring into him from on high. 
“I see you’ve recovered from your memorable tenure as the Aviary Society’s Master of Ceremonies.”
And just like that the brat was back. 
Taehyung breathed a hefty sigh of relief, secretly thrilled to be in familiar territory with you. 
“Naturally I was delighted to help Senator Mitchell’s wife. In fact, Mitchell’s office just fast tracked all my pending permit requests for the new year.” He tilted forward, coming into your space a bit. “I should really send you a thank you card.” 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you scowled, breezing past him like an indignant queen. 
Tae could practically see the steam pouring out of your ears. 
“Of course not,” he chuckled.
Tumblr media
The first gala of the holiday season was an extravagant annual affair hosted by Min Corp., a Seoul based investment firm that commanded billions in assets. This year, the theme of the event was the Joseon Dynasty and the entire ballroom had been gloriously transformed into a stunning celebration of the Min family’s royal heritage. 
Attendees were gifted their own traditional fan, each uniquely crafted by artisans from Damyang. Taehyung’s was all black with bold silver calligraphy while yours was a beautiful bamboo and silk piece decorated with pomegranate trees. 
You had already whacked three people with it by the time dinner was served. 
“It really is a pity these fell out of fashion,” you lamented. “They’re quite useful.”
“You are deranged,” Taehyung mumbled, massaging his temples in exasperation. 
“Nonsense. I only fanned those who deserved it.”
“He was staring at my rack for a solid minute.”
Taehyung could hardly blame the man, it was a battle he himself was losing after all, but Harkins was twice your age and married—therefore his ogling was in especially poor taste. 
“Okay... What about Kang?” 
“He was verbally abusing one of the waitstaff.” 
“Alright, fair enough, but why on earth would you go after sweet old Mrs. O’Malley?”
“She was about to grab your ass.”
Taehyung’s mouth dropped open.
“She’s eighty-five!”
“And still kickin’ apparently.” You shook your head in disgust. “As if I’d whack an eighty-five year-old woman for anything less than non-consensual touching.”
“I- I- mean—surely you must be mistaken,” he coughed. 
“Oh, there’s no mistake. That nasty old crone is a serial offender. She likes to play it off as dementia, but she’s as sharp as a tack. Last year she got a whole handful of Jimin. Honestly, I’d call the police on her, but the commissioner is her grandson so I doubt I’d get very far.”
Taehyung turned to the woman in question just in time to see her totter lecherously toward Jung Hoseok, fingers already twitching in anticipation. 
“Is nothing sacred?” he mused hollowly. 
You shrugged. 
“Many people who accumulate as much as our families have start believing that they are entitled to whatever strikes their fancy.” Your eyes met his with a hint of bemusement. “Surely you should be used to this sort of thing by now?”
“Yes, but I was hardly expecting it from little old ladies!”
The remainder of dinner was a terse affair where you pretended he didn’t exist for the entire meal and he in turn pretended that the spunky young heiress seated to his right was the most darling creature to ever walk the earth. By dessert she was ready to get married and you were ready to vomit. 
Afterward, Taehyung found himself quickly converted to your views on fan usefulness as you began strolling through the crowd intent on strengthening your family’s corporate ties. 
“Kim Taehyung,” you ground out through clenched teeth, “how am I supposed to do business if you keep stabbing everyone I speak to!”
“I don’t know what you’re implying. I’m simply not used to carrying one of these. I may have accidentally grazed a few overzealous individuals—”
“My last three conversations have been rudely disrupted by the blunt end of that accused fan.”
Taehyung crossed his arms smugly. 
“And what of it? Jimin sent me along to keep an eye on you and the gentlemen in question were hardly behaving themselves. No one has to put their hand in my back or lean that close to me when they’re talking business.” 
“That’s because no one wants to get that close to you,” you replied sweetly. “You’re gross.” 
A devastating grin slid slowly over his features as he leaned forward to whisper in your ear. 
“I can think of several women who might disagree.”
He just barely caught the hitch in your breath before- 
“Like who? Miss Blushes-and-Giggles from dinner?”
“Jealous?” Taehyung drawled cockily. 
“Only in your dreams, Kim.” Then, with a deliberate flick of your fan, you turned your back to him. “I’m headed for the ladies room. Do yourself a favor and don’t follow me in.”
Tumblr media
It was twenty minutes before Taehyung realized that you slipped out the back entrance of the restroom. 
It took another ten for him to locate you on the balcony flirting outrageously with Min Yoongi. 
The young heir of Min Corp. was just leaning closer to whisper sweet nothings in your ear when a black fan slid right in between the two of you. 
“Lovely weather we’re having,” Taehyung observed cheerfully. His eyes bounced between you and Yoongi with barely concealed fury and you let out a miserable groan. 
“Mr. Kim,” Yoongi cleared his throat significantly. “What an… unexpected surprise.”
Frustration clawed at your chest as your overbearing guardian nodded smugly in response. 
It was time to teach him—and Jimin—a lesson. 
“Yoongi,” you sighed, sliding your hand pointedly through the crook of his arm, “I’m not feeling at all well. Would you perhaps… escort me home?”
Taehyung suddenly looked as if he’d swallowed a live octopus. 
Yoongi grinned, clearly thrilled with the prospect of simultaneously spending more time with you and irritating Taehyung. 
“It would be my pleasure.”
Tumblr media
“Jimin is gonna kill me,” Taehyung grumbled as he watched Min Yoongi help you into the passenger seat of his Aston Martin. 
An ugly green feeling he refused to identify twisted sharply in his gut when you smiled coyly at the other man. 
“This is ridiculous,” he snarled to no one in particular before yanking his phone out of his pocket. 
Jungkook picked up on the second ring. 
“I need you to drive to Ms. Park’s apartment and tell me if she goes in alone or if Min Yoongi goes in with her.”
“You want me to what?!” 
“Just do it!” he snapped, downing an entire glass of champagne before signaling his own driver. 
Fifteen minutes later his phone vibrated from the car seat next to him. 
1 New Message from: Jungkook
Her building has four separate entrances. Which one do I watch? 
Taehyung could practically feel the vein pulsing in his forehead as he scrolled through his contacts. 
You picked up on the fourth ring. 
“Where are you?”
“Oh it’s you… Wait—how did you get this number?”
“Jimin. Obviously. Now please answer the question.”
“Oh a ‘please.’ Who knew you had manners?”
“Answer the question, Park. I’m tired.”
The distinct sound of a zipper unzipping carried through the speaker. 
“I’m at home, of course. Where else would I be? I just got here like a minute ago.”
He had a sudden vision of Min Yoongi helping you out of your dress. His grip on the phone tightened. 
“Are you alone?”
You snorted. 
“I don’t see how that is any of your business.”
Taehyung saw red. 
“I’m coming over.”
There was a loud crash and several colorful words in at least three different languages. 
“Wha- No! I’m trying to go to bed!”
“With who?!”
“With myself, you idiot!”
“Prove it!”
“Fine! I will!”
The line disconnected and Taehyung swore loudly. He was just about to direct the driver to your building when his phone went off again. 
1 New Message from: Park Gremlin 
He almost choked on his tongue. 
You were clearly in the middle of undressing and—in your irritation—probably hadn’t looked too carefully at the picture you sent.  
At first glance it was simply a shot of your empty room (presumably “proof” that you were alone) but you neglected to consider the floor-length mirror hanging in the far corner…
A mirror that showed you angrily holding up your phone with your gown pooled deliciously around your waist and the soft round swells of your breasts strapped into lacy red lingerie. 
You were exquisite. 
A fierce, hot sensation gripped him ruthlessly, and this time there was no mistaking it. 
Tumblr media
Your phone lit up on the bed where you tossed it after snapping a photo for your tightly-wound man nanny. 
1 New Message from: Kim Grinch 
I didn’t know you liked Van Gogh. 
Your head tilted in confusion. 
There was a Van Gogh print in your room, but he couldn’t have seen it because it was behind you when-
Oh NO.
You gasped, scrolling back up to confirm what deep down you already knew to be true. 
… You just sent Kim Taehyung a topless mirror selfie. 
Several miles away, smiling smugly in the backseat of his town car, Taehyung was sure he could almost hear you screaming. 
Tumblr media
“Good morning, sir. Which would you like first; the bad news or the worse news?”
Taehyung groaned from underneath his covers. 
“Don’t you ever knock? I could have a woman up here.”
“You’ve never brought a woman up here.”
“Is that the bad news?” Taehyung yawned. 
“No,” Jungkook tossed a small stack of newspapers and printed digital articles into his lap, “this is the bad news.”
Pictures of you, Min Yoongi, and even himself were splashed over the front pages of all of them. 
“The Park Angel?” 
“That’s what the media calls her... The public is rather fascinated with her actually.”
“Can’t imagine why,” Taehyung mumbled. 
“Of course not, sir. It’s a great mystery.”
As usual, Taehyung chose to ignore his aide’s lethal snark and pressed on to the matter at hand. 
“This is a flaming disaster.”
“Oh I don’t know. I really appreciated the picture of you staring on forlornly while she and Yoongi climbed into the Aston Martin. Takes a real gift to capture all that drama in a single frame.”
“Which one was that?!” 
Tae ran his hand down over his face in exasperation. 
“I’m surprised my mother hasn’t called.”
“She has. Twice.”
“I don’t suppose that’s the ‘worse news’ is it?”
“Of course it isn’t. I’m never that lucky.” He collapsed backwards into his pillows with a beleaguered huff. “Go ahead then. Tell me.”
“Park Jimin is on the line for you right now.”
Tumblr media
After a small eternity on the phone with Jimin (assuring him that NO Min Yoongi had not despoiled his precious sister and YES he would definitely do better next time), Taehyung was forced to attend an impromptu brunch with his mother. It took considerable effort, but he was eventually able to convince her that you were neither breaking his heart nor expecting his child. 
By the time he arrived to collect you for this evening’s event, Taehyung was already sick of hearing your name (he’d spoken it no less than three hundred times since Jungkook woke him this morning).
You were in much the same boat as Taehyung, having spent most of the afternoon pacifying Jimin and clearing up your own mother’s romantic delusions regarding the Min and Kim heirs respectively. 
Tonight’s gala was a Victorian Christmas Ball thrown by the National Literary Fund and the entire venue had been transformed into a Charles Dickens fever dream. 
Unlike the Min Gala (whose theme was guarded like a state secret every year) the Literary Fund’s tribute to A Christmas Carol was tradition and you were dressed accordingly in a custom corset gown with gorgeous detailing. 
Every second of effort it took to lace yourself into the monstrosity was worth the look on Taehyung’s face the moment you slipped off your cape. 
“Something wrong, Mr. Kim?”
Taehyung was desperately trying to look literally anywhere but your chest, where said corset was serving up your breasts like a debauched buffet. 
Jimin. Think of Jimin. Think of what Jimin will do to you. Think of how much trouble she’s caused-
He peeked again.
I would pay a million dollars to suck those tits. 
“Nothing at all,” his voice cracked. 
The itinerary for the evening included performances by a local children’s choir, a traditional waltz, and—of course—dinner.
You both managed to get along without snapping at each other during the choral performance, but as two of the largest donors to the Children’s Literacy Initiative, neither of you could escape being drawn into the waltz. 
The energetic socialite who Taehyung flirted with over dinner the previous night eventually lured him onto the floor while you graciously accepted an invitation from a lovely older gentleman who chaired the Fund’s event committee. 
For the first few movements, you were thoroughly enjoying yourself. Mr. Lee was charming, respectful, and still an excellent dancer despite his advanced age. It wasn’t until a familiar sound caught your attention that the lightness in your chest suddenly felt heavy...
Taehyung was laughing. 
You heard him do so many times over the years, and in each instance, the carefree magic of it never failed to make your heart flutter. 
But now he was smiling down at the pretty little heiress and laughing for her… and the flutter in your chest was accompanied by something else. 
Something that felt an awful lot like longing. 
“Does he know you look at him like that?” Mr. Lee asked quietly. 
Your eyes flew guiltily to his, but it was too late. The old man had caught a glimpse of the secret you buried deeply for more than a decade; so deeply, in fact, there were times you almost forgot it yourself...
“No,” you whispered, “he has no idea.” 
Tumblr media
Disaster struck at dinner. 
Taehyung quite liked dancing with the lovely Miss Something-or-Other. She was sweet and funny and (unlike with you) he wasn’t constantly torn between agitation and raging inappropriate lust in her presence. 
The cold shoulder you offered him when he took his seat seemed even more frigid than usual and he spent half the meal wondering what he’d done to earn your amplified disdain when suddenly—
Your hand smacked down on his wrist, seizing it in a vise-like grip. 
Taehyung nearly choked on his steak and was about to give you a searing set-down over your spontaneous grabby-ness when he noticed your expression. 
“What’s wrong?” he whispered, leaning forward in concern. 
“I-I need—” 
It looked as if you were in some sort of physical pain and Taehyung was rapidly becoming worried. 
“I need your help,” you finally managed to whimper and the next thing he knew, you were dragging him away from the table and into one of the secluded alcoves near the main entrance hall. 
“Is there anyone around? Can anyone see us?” The look on your face bordered on unhinged. 
“No. There’s no one. Park, are you okay? What’s going on I—”
“I need you to unlace my dress,” you hissed frantically. 
At that moment, a bomb could have gone off and Taehyung wouldn’t have blinked. 
You, however, were completely preoccupied with your own distress and therefore oblivious to his. 
“My earring broke during dinner and fell down there and now it’s stabbing me—”
Your eyes were beginning to tear. Taehyung remained frozen, still trying to figure out whether or not this was a lucid dream. 
“—it’s definitely pierced the skin and there’s a possibility I’m gonna start bleeding through the fabric—”
The mention of blood snapped him out of his daze somewhat. 
“A-Alright. Just turn around—brace yourself on that wall.”
You quickly did as you were told and Taehyung began to tug fruitlessly at the ties cross-crossing your back.
“Why won’t this—”
His fingers fumbled over the knots, desperately trying to loosen them, but they simply wouldn’t budge. 
“I can’t—I can’t get it. Whoever helped you into this thing made sure you weren’t getting out of it.” 
You whined in frustration and the earring shifted a bit in response. 
There was only one other way to fix this (and you would almost rather be in pain). 
“Taehyung I—” you turned to face him again, forcing your eyes shut before reluctantly doing what had to be done “... I need you to reach down the front of my dress and get it.”
He blinked. Twice. 
“I’m sorry—What did you just—”
“Please, Tae,” you whispered desperately, letting your lip tremble in a way he had never been able to resist, “it hurts…”
He gulped. 
His eyes dropped to the matter at hand.
This is fine. Everything’s fine. She’s in pain, right? You’re basically a doctor right now. You’re just going slide your hand in between the most mouthwatering pair of breasts you’ve ever seen and then—
Taehyung’s manic inner monologue was interrupted by the sound of his own moan. He immediately faked a coughing fit to cover it and prayed you hadn’t noticed. 
(You hadn’t. You were actively being stabbed.) 
“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” he muttered, curling his fingers over the scalloped edge of the bodice. 
You bit your lip, desperately trying to hold back any reaction, but when his knuckle brushed the pebbled tip of your nipple, you gasped. 
His hand stuttered, lingering a moment too long over the tight little peak as his gaze suddenly shot up to meet yours. Both of you had been studiously avoiding eye contact, yet now it was as if neither of you could look away. 
Taehyung wet his lips reflexively. 
“It’s too tight,” he whispered, “I need more leverage.” 
Then his arm wrapped over the curve of your lower back and he drew you tightly against him, anchoring your hips just enough to fully slip his hand between your body and the corset. 
You were so warm.
So soft...
“I can feel it,” he grunted, “but I can’t get a good grip on it.” 
His mouth pressed into a tight line as he leaned forward, bringing your back up against the wall. You let out a little squeak and his eyes darted briefly down to your mouth before he spoke again. 
“Hold on to me.”  
You nodded and wordlessly slid your arms around his waist.
If you concentrated hard enough, you could almost pretend that this wasn’t one of the most erotic moments of your life. 
You could almost pretend that it meant nothing. 
Your mind was spinning wildly, wondering what he was thinking, wondering if he noticed how strangely you were breathing or how hard your heart was beating...
“I’ve got it,” he murmured. Shivers shot down your spine at the dark timbre of his voice. 
He was so close. You could feel every word he spoke brushing softly against your skin. 
“On ‘three’ I’m going to pull it out… Are you ready?”
You drew in a final steadying breath. 
“Do it.”
He nodded. 
“One… Two… Three—”
Taehyung yanked his hand back and several things happened at once. 
Your breasts bounced almost entirely out of the corset. 
The decorative clasps on the front of your gown tangled with the buttons on his shirt and when he pulled back, three of them went flying off like stray bullets. 
And finally, the corset didn’t relinquish Taehyung’s hand quite quickly enough and, as a result, you toppled forward and crashed down on top of him, smashing your newly bare breasts to his newly bare chest. 
It could have been ten seconds or ten hours that passed by while the two of you lay there, breathing heavily in a pile of confused arousal when—
“... Is… everything alright here?”
You both looked up to find a thoroughly scandalized member of the waitstaff standing over you. 
Taehyung saw his life flash before his eyes—ending (of course) with Jimin murdering him for this. 
He gulped again. 
“I can explain.” 
Tumblr media
It was decided—for the sake of appearances—that you would both leave the venue (immediately) in separate vehicles. 
Taehyung dropped a cool three hundred in crisp bills on the unfortunate waiter in order to help him ‘forget’ whatever he may or may not have seen. 
Neither of you spoke another word to each other in the ten minutes it took to bribe all the appropriate parties, gather your coats, and call for two separate town cars. 
Something had happened when he touched you; a subtle shift in the precarious balance of your relationship that you both felt keenly, but could not possibly begin to define. 
Taehyung barely even remembered climbing into the back of a vehicle. His body was firing on auto-pilot after the sensory overload of the last half hour. It wasn’t until he was nearly home that he realized he was still holding onto your earring. 
His mind began to wander as he examined the troublesome bauble in his palm. It was a striking piece; deceptively complex and unexpectedly beautiful. 
Just like you.
He told himself that the heat pooling low in his belly was anger—that the strange anxiousness to be near you was simply a desire for retribution—that it was merely platonic curiosity that left his hands aching to explore the rest of your curves. 
… and pitifully transparent ones at that. 
Still, he clung to them desperately out of self-preservation. 
The gentle hum of his phone suddenly disturbed Taehyung’s silent contemplation. 
1 New Message from: Park Gremlin 
I made it home safely. 
Taehyung’s fingers were typing a reply before he could properly consider the consequence of his actions. 
To: Park Gremlin
I require proof… like last time. 
He nearly threw the phone the moment he sent it, running his hands down over his face in disbelief. 
You’re playing with fire, Kim Taehyung. 
And he was burning up already. He had no business sending you texts like that. Maybe you wouldn’t catch it. Maybe he could just-
The phone went off again and it was embarrassing how quickly he scrambled to open your response. 
His heart stuttered in his chest. His breathing ceased entirely-
And he knew—he knew—there was no coming back from this.
At first glance the photo was nearly identical to the shot you sent him last night. Same room, same angle… 
same mirror.
Yet this time, the reflection was quite different. 
The temptress in the glass wore nothing but that sinfully delicious corset and a pair of silky lace thigh highs, each accented with a green satin bow. 
He wanted to rip them off with his teeth. 
 “Oh Taehyung,” he whispered, as a dark wave primitive longing tore through him, “you are in so much trouble.”
Across town (buried beneath a pile of blankets) you were still struggling to process the boldness of your own actions when his response lit up your screen. 
1 New Message from: Kim Grinch
Green is my favorite color. 
Tumblr media
Taehyung awoke to a series of crashes and shouts echoing from the floor below him. 
Jungkook was already seated in the corner of the room reading a newspaper. 
“Good morning, sir,” he said without looking up. “Would you like the bad news or the worse news?”
Suddenly the french doors of his bedroom slammed open and one very irate Park Jimin stormed through. 
“I swear I should have seen this coming. The two of you have always been obsessed with each other, but I never imagined—”
Taehyung’s eyes widened guiltily. He quickly schooled his features into a confused glare. 
“Jimin, I’ve only been awake for fifteen seconds. What the hell are you talking about?!”
Another stack of newspapers hit his lap and this time the pictures were mostly of him with his shirt ripped halfway down his chest. 
He winced a bit at that last one. 
“You have ten seconds to explain before I start throwing things.”
Taehyung opened his mouth to do just that, but he was interrupted when his mother marched into the room waving the same articles that Jimin had just thrown at him. 
“KIM TAEHYUNG I raised you better than this! How could you!? That poor girl!”
“Mother!” he squeaked, yanking his blanket up over his chest like a frightened debutante. 
Jungkook began surreptitiously filming the whole debacle from the corner. 
“Indeed,” Jimin added darkly, crossing his arms over his chest, “how could you?”
Taehyung sighed heavily. 
“Is anyone else going to come charging into my bedroom?”
“Just answer me once and for all, is she pregnant?” 
“NO! Mother! Oh my—”
“Why does your mom think my little sister is pregnant?!”
Taehyung waved his arms wildly in exasperation. 
“My mom thinks everyone is pregnant! You know this!”
Jungkook could no longer contain his hysterical cackling. He very nearly fell off the chair trying to hold it all in. 
“Mr. Jeon,” Taehyung ground out irritably, “if it’s not too much trouble, could you please escort everyone out of my bedroom so I can get dressed!” 
Tumblr media
“So you see—I was basically like a doctor,” Taehyung finished emphatically. 
He spent the past twenty minutes explaining to the entire table (which now included both you and your mother) why it was necessary to shove his hand down the front of your dress. 
Park Soomin had shown up at his door looking for answers (and dragging you behind her like a sacrificial lamb) about three minutes after Jimin. 
You had taken one look at Jimin’s murderous expression and insisted that the situation be evaluated over breakfast at the cafe down the street (where there were lots of witnesses). 
Which was how you, Taehyung, Jimin, and both your mothers ended up discussing your cleavage over coffee in a public restaurant. 
Jimin was the first to break. It was a few snorts at first, but he was basically in tears by the end of it, wheezing about how he never doubted Taehyung for a second and holding on to his sides from laughing too hard. 
Taehyung’s gaze met yours for a brief, heated exchange. He conveniently forgot to mention your slightly-less-than-explainable ‘check-in’ texts, but their existence was palpable in the air between you. 
“I think I’ll take a walk,” you muttered, excusing yourself from the complicated atmosphere at the table. 
Taehyung’s eyes lingered on you a tad too long as you wandered away, a fact that wasn’t missed by either of your mothers.
“Just a few more events and you can go back to not seeing her at all,” Jimin chuckled, patting him on the back. 
“Yeah,” Taehyung answered with a tight smile. “That’s… great.”
Tumblr media
The cafe had a lovely little balcony area decorated with all sorts of comforting Christmas foliage. It was far more inviting than the awkward conversation and confusing stares you and Taehyung had been trading all morning. 
For the first time in the nearly fifteen years of your relationship (such as it was) you didn’t know where you stood with him… and it bothered you more than you cared to admit. 
Taehyung had always been important to you, whether you wanted him to be or not. He mattered—effortlessly—from the first moment you met him and continued to do so without regard for your sanity. 
Whatever was building between you now would almost certainly bring change… though what kind of change was anyone’s guess. 
It was hard to imagine the years ahead without the strange excitement he always brought to your life, but some things were simply out of your control…
“I never thought I’d see you here.”
A profoundly unpleasant feeling (something similar to falling through the ice on a frozen pond) overtook you. 
“Milo.” Even saying his name felt gross. You sighed. “What is so strange about seeing me here?”
The man in question blushed in a way you once found irresistible. 
“I looked for you everywhere. All your usual places—”
“I avoided them.”
I avoided you. 
Milo nodded. 
“I—I figured.” 
He took a step closer and you instinctively moved back. The hurt in his eyes was unmistakable, but you had long since become immune. 
“What are you doing?” you hissed angrily. “I thought I made myself clear the last time we spoke.”
“Yes, but—” his hand reached out to curl over your forearm and you recoiled, “you didn’t give me a chance to explain—”
“Excuse me.” 
You both turned to see Kim Taehyung with his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at Milo like he was a roach that crawled across his dinner plate. 
“Your mother sent me to come find you. She wants to leave.” 
You nodded and moved to pull away, but Milo’s grip tightened on your arm. 
“No—please if you just give me a minute—”
“That is enough,” Taehyung snarled, seizing the other man’s hand and forcibly removing it from your person. He angled his body between the two of you protectively. “I think it’s time for you to go.”
Milo’s eyes narrowed. 
“You’re Kim Taehyung. I read all about you in the papers this morning.” His lips twisted into an ugly sneer as he addressed you. “You really think you’re better off with him if that’s the way he treats you?”
Taehyung tensed menacingly beside you, but you laid a gentle hand on his arm to calm him. 
“None of that is any of your concern.” Your gaze rose to meet his defiantly. “Nothing about me is your concern anymore.”
Milo’s eyes fell to where your palm rested on the other man’s sleeve, noticing the way you both unconsciously leaned toward one another. 
“This isn’t over,” he muttered, storming off. 
After he was gone, you let out a breath you hadn’t known you were holding. 
“Thank you,” you whispered (though you couldn’t resist adding), “I could have handled it myself of course…”
Taehyung laughed. 
“Oh I know. I was at that party where you knocked out Tyler Jung for grabbing your ass.” 
You grinned. 
“I’d forgotten about that.”
“Well I’m sure Tyler hasn’t.” 
(He neglected to mention that he split Tyler’s lip behind the library the next day, just to make sure it was extra memorable for him.) 
“I wish I could forget about Milo.”
“... Are you still in love with him?” 
The words tasted like ash in his mouth. 
“No.” You smiled softly. “I’m not sure I was ever in love with him actually. It’s more—” you sighed, “—embarrassment… wounded pride.”
Taehyung tilted his head curiously and you found yourself continuing. 
“In the beginning, he was very playful and charming—and obviously handsome. He reminded me so much of—”
You cleared your throat. 
“Anyway… I was quite taken with him at first. I didn’t suspect any ulterior motives.” You shrugged, trying to hold back the unpleasant emotions that always threatened to overrun you in moments like this. “I just thought he liked me.”
Taehyung’s eyes filled with sympathy and understanding as you spoke. It felt oddly natural to open up to him this way. 
“Jimin is very protective of me—with good reason it turns out. He was suspicious of Milo and hired people to do some discreet digging.”
Your hands wrapped around your body for both warmth and comfort. 
“Milo’s family owns several companies, just like ours, but they’re all struggling. His father sent him to me hoping that he would eventually get compromising information… a sex tape or photographs—something of that nature. They intended to blackmail Jimin into doing business with them.”
Taehyung felt his jaw clench painfully. Fury, hot and profound, rolled through him. 
“I should kill him.”
You shook your head, amused in spite of yourself. 
“That’s exactly what Jimin said.”
“He has good instincts.”
“Scum like Milo aren’t worth it,” you chuckled. “He never got what he wanted… but I was still mortified. I felt like such a fool for believing him.”
“No,” Taehyung’s hands slid up to cup your shoulders, “it’s not foolish to believe that someone cared for you.”
It would be so easy to care for you. 
“Besides…” his eyes fell briefly to your lips as he searched for the right words, “I saw the way he looked at you and—even though he’s clearly a terrible person—I believe his feelings may have been genuine.”
You nodded. 
“That’s what he keeps trying to tell me—that he did have bad intentions, but ended up falling for me anyway.” You shook your head. “As If I could believe a word he says.”
The silence between you stretched comfortably. Taehyung sensed you had more to say, so he waited until you were ready to voice it. 
“I think that’s why I’m so sensitive about handling things on my own lately… and just now even. I want to prove to everyone—to myself—that I’m not a liability.”
“Hey,” he whispered, tipping your chin up till your gazes met, “no one thinks you’re a liability. And even if you are capable, no one should have to fight their own battles all the time—especially when they’re emotionally compromised…” His thumb gently brushed away the small tear that escaped down the curve of your cheek. “That’s the benefit of having people who care about you.”
“... Like you?” 
The words left you so softly, you could almost imagine they were still in your head where they likely should have stayed. 
Taehyung’s eyes widened in surprise. His gaze became even more intent and you ceased breathing altogether. After a moment his lips parted as if he was about to speak- 
“What’s going on, guys?”
You both jerked back at the sound of your brother’s voice. He was standing in the entrance to the balcony, gaze darting suspiciously between the two of you. 
Taehyung was a bit dazed, but you were always quicker on your feet. 
“I ran into Milo… Tae was calming me down.”
Jimin’s eyes hardened immediately. 
“Where is he?”
“Long gone,” you mumbled, ambling over to the familiar warmth of his arms. “I just want to go home.” 
Tumblr media
The Black and White Ball was one of the most coveted invitations of the holiday season. 
The dress code was quite strict (all black or all white—no exceptions) and it was one of the few events where people actually arrived in limousines. 
Taehyung loathed limousines. He felt absurdly pretentious pulling up to your building in such a gauche ride, but traditions and appearances meant too much in his world to simply disregard them. 
His ensemble for the evening was a beautifully tailored black suit with hand-stitched baroque detailing. Oddly, he found himself wondering what you would think of it... 
“You look like a vampire.”
Taehyung turned at the sound of your voice and was struck, yet again, by how incredibly beautiful you were. 
You had chosen to wear white, donning an exquisite gown with delicate pearl beading and a daring sweetheart neckline that molded perfectly to your frame. 
If he looked like a vampire, you were surely an angel. 
Angel or not, he couldn’t let that comment pass. 
“I think I’m offended.”
“I can’t imagine why. After all, loads of women are attracted to Nosferatu.”
Taehyung’s eyes narrowed. 
“There are so many sexy vampires in popular culture, but you just had to lump me in with the creepy bald one...”
You shrugged playfully. 
“I wouldn’t want you to think I was going soft.”
A wicked grin danced over your lips as you strolled past him regally—just as you had many times before... 
This time, however, he let his eyes linger a little longer on the view. 
Lord have mercy. 
“Of course not,” he coughed. 
Tumblr media
“You’re what?!”
You rolled your eyes.
Tonight had been going rather well. 
The two of you formed a mutual unspoken agreement to pretend that your last encounter on the balcony (and on the phone) had never happened and (despite the heated glances you occasionally traded) the bickering and playful banter characteristic of your relationship had all but returned to normal...
Until Taehyung learned of your participation in the evening’s main event. 
“I told you, I’m part of the date auction this year.”
“Does your brother know about this?!”
“I didn’t see any reason to bother him with it.” You were suddenly preoccupied with your nails. 
“Woman,” Taehyung sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, “are you trying to make my life difficult?”
“No, I’m just naturally gifted in that respect.”
You turned and began making your way to the front, but Taehyung was hot on your heels and clearly not ready to let the matter rest. 
“I cannot believe you’re actually going through with this! It’s not 1810, you know. We shouldn’t just auction off women for dates—”
“You’re absolutely right, Tae Tae.” You brushed a condescending pat over his cheek. “Nowadays we auction off the men too.”
Then you sauntered off to join the rest of the participating women—and men—backstage, leaving Taehyung to stew about the entire situation from the crowd. 
Tumblr media
“As you know, all proceeds from tonight’s auction go to fight childhood hunger right here in our city. For legal purposes, I must advise all bidders that you are only bidding on the company of the individual in question.”
Taehyung shook his head. “Jimin is probably going to kill me for this.”
“If you place the winning bid, then you and your date will receive two VIP tickets to the Governor's Winter Wonderland Gala which comes with a variety of amenities including; a luxury limousine service, one of the private and famously romantic Winter Wonderland dinner experiences—”
His eyes fluttered shut. “Jimin is definitely gonna kill me for this.” 
“—unlimited free drinks, ten complimentary tickets for each of the grand prize raffles, photos with the Governor and his family, along with many more surprises!”
Taehyung grabbed a champagne flute from a nearby waiter and downed it in one go. 
“And now for our first date of the evening! Mr. Jackson Wang!” 
Jackson went for a cool six grand because no one was brave enough to outbid his girlfriend. 
After him, the beautiful Manoban heiress and her handsome cousin Kim Namjoon went for twelve grand each.
Jung Hoseok started a frenzied bidding war between two young socialites and Mrs. O’Malley. He ended up going to the lovely Ms. Ana Fallon for a staggering twenty thousand dollars. 
Taehyung’s own cousin, Kim Seokjin, paid a jaw-dropping twenty-one thousand dollars for Lin Yuna, the young CEO of Lin Cosmetics. (Taehyung made a mental note to ask him about that later.) 
Then it was your turn. 
“The next lady on our list needs no introduction. The lovely Park Angel has graciously agreed to a date with one lucky bidder tonight! Who will it be? Do I hear ten thousand?”
“Ten thousand.”
Taehyung swung his head toward the first bidder and breathed a sigh of relief. 
Tam Martin, one of your best friends and very gay. 
“Eleven thousand.”
“Twelve thousand.”
“Sixteen thousand dollars.”
“Seventeen thousand.”
Taehyung was having trouble keeping up with all the bidders. His ears were starting to ring again and a strange unpleasant nausea was building in his stomach. 
“Twenty thousand.”
“Twenty-five thousand.”
“Thirty thousand!”
At the sound of the last bidder’s voice, you noticeably paled. Your eyes flew to Taehyung’s and immediately he knew exactly who it was. 
Before he could even react to the new information, another voice joined the fray. 
“Forty thousand.”
Min Yoongi smiled smugly from the other side of the room and even had the audacity to throw you a wink. 
You smiled shyly at the young heir’s boldness and Taehyung felt something downright unholy rise up in his chest. 
Milo was still bidding. 
“Fifty thousand dollars.”
Not her. 
“Sixty,” Yoongi countered.
She’s mine. 
Suddenly Taehyung was on his feet. 
“One hundred thousand dollars!” 
Tumblr media
The silence in the backseat of your limousine was deafening. 
Tension charged the air like an electric current as the significance of the last hour weighed heavily between you. 
The spacious luxury vehicle allowed you to sit facing one another. Taehyung’s eyes were focused on his hands, but you were looking at him—letting your mind run wild with speculation. 
And hope. 
Part of you was still there, on the stage, watching him stand up and bid a fortune for the pleasure of your company. 
His gaze was so fierce when he spoke, like an ancient emperor calling out his decree for the people to obey. 
You dreamed about him bidding on you when you signed up for the auction (even before Jimin bullied him into accompanying you). You let yourself imagine him speaking out again and again till the others stepped back—
Yet you never dared hope for it. 
However, the last several days marked an unexpected turning point in your relationship. 
For years, you and he were like magnets with a too-similar charge, but something had shifted irrevocably between you, and somehow your stubborn similarities became opposites that could not resist their attraction. 
Kim Taehyung was one of the wealthiest men in the city…
But he didn’t need to buy your heart. 
It had always been his, even if you didn’t want to admit it. 
He had claimed you tonight—and every single soul in that ballroom knew it. 
The next move was yours and you intended to make it. 
“Mmm,” you hissed a bit, bringing your hand to rest just below your breasts. 
Taehyung’s gaze flew up in concern. 
“Is everything alright?”
“Yes, it’s just that scratch from the earring,” your fingers rubbed gingerly at the spot, drawing his focus to it, “it still stings.”
“Oh… I—” he shook his head, “I didn’t realize it was that bad.”
“Do you want to see?” 
Taehyung’s eyes rose slowly to yours. 
You watched the subtle rise and fall of his chest as he considered your words. Anticipation vibrated through your blood like notes struck on a piano—
Then he nodded...
And you both were lost. 
Trembling fingers slid the zipper down the side of your gown. The dress itself was a marvel of physics designed to support you without the need for a bra. 
Taehyung drew in an impossibly deep breath as the fabric drifted to your waist, baring the perfect mounds of your breasts to him entirely. 
“Here,” you whispered, pointing to a small red mark just under the curve of your left one. 
He bit back a moan. 
“I—I see. That looks… painful.” His fingers dug into the seat beside him. “Is there anything I can do to help?” 
You nodded. 
“Kiss it better.”
Taehyung felt the air knock out of his lungs like a sucker punch. 
This must have been how Adam felt when Eve offered him the forbidden fruit all those millennia ago. 
He knew he shouldn’t—
but he could never deny you. 
“Of course.”
You watched as his tongue darted out to wet his lips. He looked like a man possessed and you reveled in the power of it. 
It was for you. 
He wanted you. 
Your back arched up the slightest bit, beckoning to him—offering him a taste of what he was so desperately craving. 
Touch me… please. 
Large palms landed on either side of your thighs, bracing him on the seat beneath you. The tip of his nose teased the delicate line of your collar bone and he swore violently under his breath. 
Then his lips were on your skin and your mind went blank. 
“Taehyung—“ you moaned. 
Hot open-mouthed kisses spread over the soft swell of your breast and you gasped— shuddering helplessly as a fierce wave of pleasure tore through you.
Sweet merciful heavens. 
Over the years you imagined a moment like this thousands of times in your head—only to discover now that you had pitifully underestimated both his passion and his skill. 
You had dreamed of a quiet fire—but he had unleashed an inferno. 
The lewd sounds of his mouth nipping and sucking at your tender flesh filled the small space around you as he poured himself into each obscene contact—stopping briefly to flick his tongue over the taunt peak of your nipple. You trembled breathlessly at the sharp snap of sensation, letting your head fall back against the seat as you buried your fingers in his soft curls. 
Finally his mouth fastened over the tiny scratch, and the kiss deepened. You knew what he was doing, what the result of his efforts would be—
He was marking you. 
And you wanted it. 
Oh how you wanted it. 
Suddenly the car took a sharp turn, causing Taehyung to lose his grip on the seat. His arms wrapped around your torso for balance, dragging you fully against him.
“Does it feel better, Angel?” he growled. 
You nodded frantically and he nipped at the underside of your breast. 
“Speak up.”  
“Yes, Taehyung,” you whimpered, “it feels so much better.” 
“Mmmm,” he hummed, brushing his mouth along the sensitive column of your neck. “Who knew you could be such a good girl?”
Then his hand came up to grip your chin, turning it so your lips were almost against his—
“Madame. We’ve arrived.”
The driver’s voice cut over your senses like a shard of ice. 
Taehyung jerked backward and immediately buried his face in his hands. 
Your fingers hastily yanked your dress up and you stumbled out of the car in a daze, letting your feet carry you forward until you collapsed on top of your bed. 
Did we just...
You hadn’t even begun to collect your thoughts when your phone buzzed from inside your purse. 
1 New Message from: Taehyung 🙄🥴🙈
I need to know you made it safely to your room. 
You grinned. 
Greedy boy. 
Back in the limousine, the boy in question was nervously tapping the corner of his phone against his chin as he waited for your reply. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Oh? But you saw me walk in… and I’m already in bed.
Taehyung growled in frustration. 
She would be a tease. 
To: Angel 🤬🥵😅
I tend to worry. Put my mind at ease. 
He shook his head. 
I have officially gone insane. 
The phone buzzed again. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Well… We can’t have that can we… 
Taehyung literally felt the whine tear out of him as he opened the picture. 
Your gorgeous body (the body he’d had his hands and mouth on for one glorious minute) was nestled decadently atop a pile of fluffy blue blankets and wrapped in nothing but a tiny silk robe. 
The neck gaped open just enough to show off the pretty red marks he left on the delectable curve of your breast. 
He groaned, biting down hard on his bottom lip.
To: Angel 🤬🥵😅
That's all I get after I made the pain go away? Good girls send real proof, Angel
The screen lit up again almost immediately. 
1 New Message from: Angel 🤬🥵😅
Guess I’m not such a good girl after all...
Tumblr media
Jimin came tearing through the Kim Manor front gate at precisely 7 AM—only to find Jungkook camped out at the entrance with several outdoor space heaters and a giant mug of hot chocolate.
“He told you not to let me in, didn’t he?”
Jungkook took a long satisfying sip of his cocoa. 
“I hope you don’t feel singled out, sir. I’m not allowed to let his mother in either.”
“I need to talk to him.”
“Of course, Mr. Park, let me just pull up his schedule—”
“I need to talk to him now.”
“I’m afraid Mr. Kim is booked solid for the morning.”
Jimin stomped his foot like a petulant child. 
“I know he’s up there.”
Jungkook grinned. 
“You’re welcome to climb the trellis and check. I promise not to stop you if you make it all the way up.”
“COME DOWN HERE AND FACE ME YOU COWARD!” Jimin shouted at the top of his lungs. 
Jungkook took another long pull of his drink. 
“Might I inquire as to the reason for your visit today, sir?”
“The reason for my visit,” Jimin yanked out his phone and angrily began typing into the search bar, “is that your boss paid ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for my sister at a date auction last night and I want to know what the hell is going on between them!”
The article Jimin pulled up (DEVILISH KIM TAEHYUNG BUYS HIMSELF A $100,000 ANGEL) featured an image of the two of you entering the Black and White Ball. Your head was thrown back in laughter and Taehyung was grinning down at you as if you’d personally hung all the stars in the sky for him. 
A genuine smile crept over Jungkook’s face as he studied the photograph. 
“That’s quite a headline.” He handed Jimin’s phone back. “Have you asked your sister about it?”
“No, I swung by earlier, but she wasn’t home so—” His eyes widened. “Oh my—is she—”
Jimin suddenly took off running for the trellis, and Jungkook scrambled out of his chair to chase him. 
He was already three feet off the ground when Jungkook yanked him back. 
“I thought you said I could climb the trellis!”
“Yes,” Jungkook wheezed, “but I didn’t think you’d actually do it!” That trellis is a hundred years old! A few more feet and I’d be scraping you off the antique brickwork!”
Jimin scowled and crossed his arms. 
“Are you by any chance open to bribes?”
“Normally yes, but Tae promised to double my Christmas bonus if I didn’t accept them today.”
Jimin continued to eye the trellis speculatively, clearly willing to take his chances. Jungkook sighed and rubbed his forehead. 
“Mr. Park, I promise you… He came home alone last night. In fact, they both returned earlier than usual because your sister had a 7 AM finance meeting.” He paused significantly to glance at his watch. “Which is probably where she is right now.”
“Oh… Well.”
Jungkook bit his lip to hold back a snort and Jimin’s eyes narrowed. 
“He has to come down eventually.”
“One would think.”
The young Park heir glanced toward Taehyung’s window again just in time to see the man in question dart back behind the curtains. 
Jimin made another jump for the trellis and this time Jungkook caught him in mid-air. 
“Sir, I’m sure it was just the maid!”
“It’s not the maid! I’d know that raggedy mop of his anywhere!”
Jungkook was out of breath at this point. Park Jimin might be small, but he was fierce. 
“Perhaps it’s best if you took a moment to collect yourself,” he grunted. “There’s a lovely new spa down the street and they sent Taehyung two free deluxe packages.”
Jimin stopped struggling. 
Five minutes later, Jungkook sighed deeply and fished his phone out of his back pocket. 
“He’s gone, sir.”
“Excellent work, Jungkook. I never doubted you for a second.”
“... However?”
“I had to give him your spa passes.”
Tumblr media
“Are you headed for a gala or the guillotine?”
Taehyung rolled his eyes. 
“I don’t pay extra for commentary.”
“It’s complimentary, sir.”
The Kim heir tugged absently at the material of his absurdly expensive evening wear. 
Why do these events always have to be so uncomfortable? 
“Seriously, Tae… you seem,” the young aide searched for the right words, “unusually tense.”
Taehyung’s mind flashed back to three nights ago when he had his mouth wrapped around your breast. 
“Not at all,” he coughed, loosening the collar of his shirt. 
Jungkook bit his lip.
“Is this about Ms. Park, sir?”
The cufflinks Taehyung was attempting to fasten suddenly went flying across the room and hit a lamp. 
Both men winced. 
“I think that was your grandmother’s.”
Taehyung sighed. 
“I admit there have been… some developments.”
Jungkook nodded nonchalantly, trying to disguise the fact that he was internally frothing at the mouth for details. 
“... Such as?”
Taehyung gulped. 
“It started out rather innocently I suppose…” he cleared his throat, “but there may have been some suggestive photographs.”
“There may have been? Are you not sure?”
Taehyung colored guiltily. 
“Do you need me to check for you, sir? I have an art history degree.”
“Absolutely not.”
Jungkook grinned. 
“That’s what I thought.”
Taehyung yanked his tie out of the younger man’s hand. 
“Things have… escalated a bit.”
“Escalated how?”
I licked her tit in the back of a limo.
It was everything Jungkook could do to maintain a straight face. 
“That’s… shocking.”
“Then why don’t you seem shocked?” Taehyung grumbled. 
A small smile played across Jungkook’s lips as he pointedly ignored the elder man’s observation.
“So what are you going to do, sir?”
Taehyung was silent for a long moment. 
“I honestly have no idea.”
Tumblr media
Watching you walk toward him was an experience.  
Taehyung wondered absently if this was how it would be from now on; if for the rest of his life just the sight of you would be enough to scatter his mind and his pulse and even the way he breathed. 
Your dress tonight was deadly. 
It was a decadent red satin halter that clung to every curve. The truly wicked detail, however, was a daring slit that ran the entire length of your leg. 
Taehyung was certain he was going to trip over his own tongue at some point if he looked directly at you for too long. 
Oh help. 
Memories of your previous encounter flooded his senses. Every second you were getting closer and he didn’t know what to do—what to say. 
So he didn’t say anything at all. 
Not a word when you reached the bottom of the stairs. Nothing but silence as he opened the door of the limo for you. More silence and no eye contact as he settled into the seat across from yours—
And you tolerated that for about three minutes. 
“I never thought I’d see the day when Kim Taehyung didn’t have a comment about something. Perhaps I should mark this down on my calendar.”
The words were lightly spoken, but you were shaking on the inside. The last time the two of you were alone together he had your dress around your waist and you were moaning his name. Now he wasn’t talking and you were torn between panic and irritation. 
Taehyung, however, latched onto your passive barb like a lifeline. 
“Is that a hint of sarcasm I hear from the benevolent Park Angel?” He grinned. “Surely not.”
“Red is not a particularly angelic color. Perhaps I’m feeling feisty today.”
Taehyung leaned back in his seat and indulged himself in a thorough examination of your outfit. The urge to run his hands over the satin-covered lines of your body was nearly unbearable. He curled his fingers into fists to keep them from doing just that. 
She is definitely trying to kill me. 
“Should I be worried?”
Now it was your turn to grin. 
“I guess we’ll find out.”
Tumblr media
The Governor’s Winter Wonderland Gala was by far the most extravagant event of the holiday season. Tickets cost a small fortune and sold out almost immediately. 
But it was well worth the price of admission.
Thousands of lights sparkled overhead as you made your way through the great hall of Governor Kim’s mansion. 
It was like stepping into a fairytale. 
Taehyung couldn’t take his eyes off you. The sheer wonder in your expression was breathtaking. 
You were breathtaking.  
“Governor Kim, it is such an honor to finally meet you.”
The Governor was a handsome man in his early fifties with a smile that was every bit as lethal as it had been twenty-five years ago. 
“The honor is all mine, Ms. Park. I trust my nephew is treating you well.”
Your eyes widened. 
Taehyung shrugged. 
“I don’t really talk about it much.” 
The Governor chuckled and you cleared your throat to cover your nervousness. 
“Yes, he’s been a very capable escort.”
“Is that so?” Governor Kim smiled charmingly. “Well if it doesn’t work out, my son Seokjin is still single—”
“Thank you, Uncle. It was lovely to see you as always.”
You squeaked as Taehyung placed his hand firmly on the curve of your back and practically dragged you away. 
The Governor just shook his head and laughed. 
“Oh kid, you’ve got it bad.”
Tumblr media
Everywhere you looked there was beauty. 
Whoever planned the gala this year had truly gone above and beyond. Surrounded on all sides by glittering trees and snowy vignettes, it was easy to be swept away in the festive magic of the evening. 
All in all (despite some initial awkwardness), you were having a fantastic time...
Until she showed up. 
“Kim Taehyung! Is that you?”
Every single hair on your body stood on end, but before you could determine the source of the shrill squealing, you found yourself being nudged aside by a blinding golden gown and some very high heels. 
“Aubrey,” Taehyung grunted as five-and-half feet of gorgeous wrapped herself around him like a clinging vine. “Long time no see.”
“Not since that vacation in Aspen,” she giggled. “We had quite a time, didn’t we Tae Tae!”
Suddenly you had the most unholy urge to slap the spray tan right off this woman. 
Instead, you plastered on a vibrant smile and placed your hand on Taehyung’s sleeve.
“Um. Excuse me, Tae Tae, perhaps you could introduce us?”
Taehyung looked as if he’d just been served raw fire ants for dinner. 
“Yes. Of course. This is—”
“Aubrey Alicia St. Valentine,” she interrupted with a smug little smirk. “Taehyung and I go way back.” Her expression grew just the slightest bit tighter. “And you are?”
“His date,” you deadpanned. 
“Aubrey,” Taehyung cleared his throat, “I’d like you to meet Ms. Park she’s—”
“Oh my goodness! You’re Jimin’s little sister aren't you!” Aubrey slapped her hand over his chest and he winced. “That is so precious of you to take her around like this!”
Your eyebrows raised right up into your hairline and Taehyung groaned. 
“Yes, he was kind enough to sign me out of the nursery for the evening.” You offered them both a painfully vacant nod. “If you’ll excuse me, I think I see one of my play-dates near the buffet.”
Then you turned on your heel and sauntered off without another word. 
Taehyung moved to follow you, but Aubrey curled her fingers into the crook of his arm and pulled him back. 
“Oh let her go, Tae. You and I have so much catching up to do.”
Taehyung pointedly removed her hand from his elbow. 
“Some other time perhaps.” 
Aubrey pouted prettily. 
“You’re not running off after her are you? She’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”
Taehyung crossed his arms and fixed her with a knowing look. 
“Funny... that’s not what you were implying a moment ago.”
“A moment ago I didn’t have you all to myself. Now I do.” She had the decency to blush. “Perhaps I got a bit jealous.”
“You don’t say.” His eyes continued to search the crowd for any sign of you. 
“It seems I had good reason to be,” she murmured quietly. 
“Aubrey... Listen I—”
She cut him off with a finger to his lips.
“Don’t bother Tae Tae. I’m petty, but I’ve never been pathetic.”
He grinned. 
The lady sighed and gave him a heated once over.
“What a shame.”
Then she strolled off with a rueful smile. 
Tumblr media
“You know what I don’t understand?”
You turn to find Min Yoongi leaning casually against a nearby column. He looked absurdly handsome as always, but his grin was just the slightest bit mischievous. 
“What don’t you understand, Mr. Min?”
The question was clearly a bait, but you were still fuming from your earlier encounter with Ms. St. Valentine and therefore desperately in need of a distraction. 
Yoongi pushed off the column and lazily made his way toward you.
“I don’t understand how a man pays a hundred thousand dollars for an evening with the most beautiful woman in the city, and then leaves her all by herself.” He leaned forward with a playful grin. “Perhaps you could enlighten me?”
Oh he’s good. 
You made a show of tapping your chin thoughtfully. 
“I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for that one.”
Yoongi sighed and shook his head. 
“Couldn’t be me.”
You laughed then. He really was a delightful man. In fact, if you still had your heart, you might have considered letting him take a shot at it. 
You tilted your head speculatively. 
Surely there was no need to brush away good company...
After all, no one else is interested in spending time with me. 
“Since my escort is otherwise occupied, perhaps you could join me for dinner?”
Yoongi held out his hand. 
“I’d be delighted.”
Tumblr media
Taehyung wandered around the mansion for nearly forty-five minutes looking for his date.  
Panic was just starting to build in his chest when he finally spotted you
—at his private dining table with Min Yoongi. 
It was everything he could do not to storm over and yank the other man out of his seat by the lapels. 
Alright, Angel. If this is the game you want to play… then let’s play. 
Taehyung felt his anger rise with every step, but he ruthlessly suppressed any sign of it and instead adopted a charming smile. 
“Min, I didn’t expect to find you here. What a… delightful surprise.”
Yoongi’s expression was just a shade too satisfied. Taehyung could already feel his blood pressure beginning to skyrocket. 
“Yes, Ms. Park believed that you were otherwise occupied and invited me to share the meal with her.”
“I see,” Taehyung practically snarled. “However,” his gaze landed heavily on you, “since I paid for this table, I hope you won’t mind if I join you as well?”
You avoided looking at him up to this point, but now you were choking on your wine
“Easy there, Angel,” Taehyung murmured as he pulled up a seat extremely close to yours—so close that your thighs were nearly touching. 
Oh boy. 
Over the next several minutes Yoongi continued to flirt openly and you continued to smile prettily and pretend Taehyung wasn’t there (which naturally infuriated him). 
You should have known he wouldn’t let you get away with such behavior so easily. 
This was Kim Taehyung, after all, and if there was anything that could be counted on when it came to your shared history, it was that one (or both) of you was always ready to escalate. 
You had just offered the young Min heir yet another flowery compliment when you felt Taehyung make his move. 
Two warm fingers slid under the silken slit of your dress, coming to rest possessively over the soft flesh of your inner thigh. 
You squeaked and nearly spat up your drink. 
Taehyung leaned forward in fake concern, wrapping his arm around you as if to offer aid. 
“Are you alright?”
His hand continued to move significantly beneath your gown, but his face was the picture of innocence. 
You glared. 
“Just fine, thank you.”
A slow grin crept across his features as he began to trace soft intimate patterns over your skin.  
On the other side of the table, Yoongi tilted his head in genuine solicitude. “Are you sure?”
You nodded sharply. 
Satisfied, he resumed speaking about whatever it was he’d been saying—though you couldn’t understand a word of it at this point because the torturous strokes Taehyung was leisurely drawing over your thighs were moving closer to your center with each passing second. 
Yet you made no move to stop him. 
You should have. 
You should have slapped his touch away—rebuked him for his boldness—
But you didn’t. 
So he just kept nodding and smiling while Yoongi spoke, even as his fingers teased you with the maddening persistence of a man who knew very well what he was doing. 
You gasped aloud when he finally brushed the pad of his thumb over the thin cotton of your panties. 
“Hmm?” he turned to you, seemingly surprised by your attention (it was—after all—the first time you’d addressed him since the beginning of the meal).
“Could you pass me the salt,” you sputtered (hoping to cover the fact that you moaned his name involuntarily). Unfortunately, Taehyung seemed wholly aware of your ruse, offering you the salt shaker with a superior smirk.
You seriously considered stabbing him with a fork. 
However, before you could carry out any bloodthirsty plans, he pressed his fingers directly over your clit and your eyes rolled back in your head
“Oh my g—” you bit your lip stubbornly, “this lamb is just so good.” 
Sweet mother of macaroons, he is too skilled at this. 
You shoveled another bite into your mouth to cover your whine as Taehyung began to rub tight little circles over your sweet spot. 
Across the table, Yoongi nodded in blissful unawareness. 
“Yes, I agree, the lamb is excellent—very tender.”
Taehyung took advantage of the momentary distraction to slip beneath the fabric of your undergarment. 
Your fork clattered to your plate and your hand came up to cover your mouth as he began running his fingers up and down your soaked slit.
It was everything you could do to hold back your depraved whimpering. 
“I can’t wait to taste it,” Taehyung replied, flicking your clit in a way that guaranteed he wasn’t referring to the lamb. 
At this point Yoongi seemed to notice you were in some sort of distress. He wiped his mouth with his napkin and leaned forward. 
“Ms. Park, are you well?”
Taehyung chose that moment to sink his finger into the welcoming heat of your pussy. 
“Yes,” you almost sobbed, “I’m-I’m very well—thank you.”
“Excellent,” Yoongi smiled as he rose to his feet. “If you’re feeling up to it, perhaps you could favor me with a dance?”
Several attendees were already making their way to the center of the floor and the orchestra was beginning to play.
Your entire body, however, was vibrating like a plucked harp string and Taehyung was still brushing back and forth against your clit, driving you toward a release that promised to be explosive. 
There was no way—simply no way—that you would be capable of hiding it. 
“Yes! I would love to dance with you,” you squeaked, grabbing hold of Taehyung’s wrist frantically. The feel of him pulling out of your sopping core was nearly enough to have you coming right there. 
Thankfully, Yoongi remained utterly oblivious to the debauchery unfolding beneath the table. He took your hand and helped you to your feet with an eager smile (and it was a good thing too because your legs were still shaking). 
When the two of you reached the dance floor, you turned back for the briefest instant—
just long enough to meet Taehyung’s heated gaze as his lips closed over the finger he buried in your cunt. 
Tumblr media
Emotions were a funny thing. 
They impacted your judgement, affected your body, altered your behavior… 
And occasionally eroded your common sense. 
Sitting alone in the corner of the Governor’s ballroom, Kim Taehyung found himself experiencing a full spectrum of emotional side-effects. 
His hands clenched as he watched Min Yoongi spin you around the floor. 
His heart pounded every time he caught a flash of your shapely leg peeking through the slit in your gown. 
His blood boiled when you threw your head back and laughed at something the other man said. 
It was difficult to pinpoint which emotion was to blame for each of these reactions. There were certainly a number of them boiling over in his subconscious. 
I didn’t even want to talk to Aubrey! How are you acting like anything she said was my fault?!
Why is challenging people to duels illegal? I would fight Min Yoongi at dawn. I would fight Min Yoongi now. 
You asked her to dance while my fingers were in her pussy. We are not the same. 
But perhaps the most persistent—the most overwhelming— emotion twisting through him was longing. 
You and Taehyung spent nearly four years apart, and he was so desperate to be near you—even then—that he resorted to childish pranks in order to remain a part of your life. 
He hadn’t recognized his actions or desires for what they were. He hadn’t realized what you meant to him...
But now, after spending the last several days with your hand on his arm and your laughter in his ear, he could no longer imagine spending another moment without you. 
Everything seemed to crystallize as he watched you laughing and dancing in the arms of another man. 
Uncertainty became clear. Complications became simple. 
And when he saw Min Yoongi’s hand slide dangerously close to the perfect swell of your backside—
Emotion became action.
“Mind if I cut in?”
It wasn’t a question really. Taehyung was already shouldering his rival out of the way and pulling you into his arms. 
“Taehyung,” you hissed, shooting the bewildered Yoongi an apologetic look over his shoulder, “what are you doing? This is so rude—”
“You’re absolutely right,” he agreed, sweeping you through the couples on the floor with practiced ease. “It is unpardonably rude to steal someone else’s date. He’s lucky all I did was steal you back.”
Your mouth dropped open. 
“Oh? So you finally remembered that I was your date?”
Taehyung’s grip on the curve of your waist became a shade rougher as he pulled you through the next turn. 
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“It means—” you stepped forward vigorously, nearly smashing your body into his, “—that you spent forty-five minutes with Aubrey Alicia St. Valentine when you were supposed to be having dinner with me!”
Taehyung growled and yanked you flush against him. 
“I spent forty-five minutes looking for you while you were giving away my table to Min Yoongi!”
The two of you sailed through the next several movements glaring at one another before you snapped again. 
“None of this would have happened if you had just told Aubrey St. Spray Tan that you were with me—”
“I did!”
“Instead, you let her call me a baby!”
“What let? Aubrey is a grown woman!”
“And—you stormed off before I could say anything, so how would you know what I let?”
“You didn’t come after me!”
“Yes actually I did—but she grabbed my arm!”
“Really? Well what else did she grab?”
Taehyung abruptly realized how silent everything around you had become. 
People were staring—and not even discreetly— just full on staring with their mouths hanging open. 
Well that’s great. 
Taehyung’s hand closed around yours and you suddenly found yourself being marched across the dance floor at a breakneck pace.
“What are you doing?”
“Continuing this discussion in private.”
“We can’t just go somewhere private in the Governor’s mansion!” you sputtered, struggling to keep up with his larger strides. 
“You mean in my uncle’s house? Yes—actually we can—and we will.”
Taehyung proved to be a man of his word, dragging you past two security guards and into the roped off section of the manor with nothing more than a nod. 
The residential wing of the Governor’s home was beautifully decorated with traditional Korean artistic touches—all of which you were unable to appreciate while Taehyung was speed walking you through the halls. 
After a surprising amount of turns and archways, he yanked open an ornate wooden door with the words Reflection Suite written on a plaque above it in beautiful calligraphy. 
You almost giggled when you got a look inside. 
On the surface it was a tastefully furnished guest room with a simple cherry wood desk and a cozy double bed set in an elegant matching frame.
The ceiling and one full wall were nothing but massive mirrors. 
Reflection suite indeed. 
The door slammed shut and Taehyung rounded on you with a stormy expression—though you weren’t waiting on him to fire the first volley.
“This is definitely going to get us in trouble.”
“I told you, I can go wherever I want in this house. It’s fine.”
“Then why did you take us here?”
“Because you were shouting—”
“I was shouting?! You were shouting I just—”
Suddenly your back was against the wall and Taehyung’s mouth was on yours. 
He hadn’t brought you here for this. When he grabbed your hand, he was only trying to get away from the crowds. He told himself that he needed privacy so you could talk—so he could clarify things. 
But the minute the door closed and you flared up again in all your magnificent rage, he was lost. 
He had to kiss you then. 
You were so lovely. So fierce. So wildly irresistible and he was too utterly smitten to fight the need to be near you—to be with you in every way that he could—for a single second more. 
The shock of Kim Taehyung pressing his lips to yours lasted about two full seconds—and then there was nothing but ravenous insatiable need. 
Everything was him. 
Everything was this—this sweet indescribable ignition of a desire that spanned years. You moaned eagerly against his mouth in wanton delight. After a decade of sparks, you were more than ready to burn. 
His name poured out of you like a prayer. You needed him everywhere and miraculously he seemed to understand—
Not that he was prepared to be polite about it. 
“Where’s that smart mouth now, Angel?” he growled, tangling his hands in your hair to expose the tender column of your throat. “Nothing to say?”
Your only answer was a desperate whine as he spread hot-open mouthed kisses down the soft skin of your neck all the way to your collarbone.
Now was not the time for patience. He would be tender with you later. You absolutely deserved soft sweet caresses and slow leisurely love making and he was absolutely going to give them to you—every day if you’d let him. 
But not today. 
The minute his mouth encountered the barrier of your dress, he gripped onto the sides and yanked it down to your waist.
“You knew just what you were doing in the back of that limo, you little brat,” he hissed, taking one swollen nipple into his mouth and tormenting it with his tongue.
“Tae-ahhh!” Your back arched involuntarily in ruthless pleasure. 
“I spent hours—days even—wanting to get my hands on these perfect tits.” He licked the other nipple obscenely, squeezing the soft mound till it bulged through his fingers. “And you offered me the barest taste with that coy little grin, knowing it wouldn’t be enough—” 
He reared back and landed a firm slap on both breasts and you screamed.
It was so so good. 
“Look at them now,” he murmured, “so swollen and needy and mine.”
If any other man had said those words, you would have cut his heart out with a butter knife. 
But you had always belonged to this man body and soul, and to hear him acknowledge it so primitively felt like the sweetest vindication. 
“Yes!” you sobbed.
The affirmation only inflamed him further. He teased and fondled the tender flesh till you were shaking.
Your fingers curled into the soft waves of his hair as he indulged himself. He looked so ridiculously good sucking your nipple, moaning lewdly with his eyes pressed shut in cathartic bliss. 
“This is all your fault, Angel,” he groaned. “You just don’t know how to behave.”
His hands gripped the curve of your backside, lifting you right off the floor and into his arms. Your mouths fused together heatedly as he carried you to the bed, and you giggled against him when his words finally processed. 
“You’ve been saying that for years.” 
“It’s been true for years,” he muttered, pulling one of your legs up around him so he could grind against your cunt while you kissed. 
Your fingers tugged at the buttons of his shirt, tearing them off when they didn’t unhook fast enough. You waited too long to be with him like this to care about anything other than the feel of his skin against your own.
“Impatient, are we?” he chuckled, bringing his lips around to nip at your ear. 
“You’re one to talk,” you shot back, yanking the ruined garment right off his shoulder just so you could sink your teeth into it. 
Taehyung moaned loudly, snapping his hips against yours with an involuntary jerk.
“You really are such a brat,” he hissed, fisting his hands in the satin length of your skirt. “Let’s see how fierce you are with my tongue in your pussy—”
His words were so filthy and raw, yet they stoked a frenzied need in your belly like nothing you had ever encountered. 
“This dress is evil,” he snarled, fumbling with the zipper for a moment before switching to a more destructive tactic. “It has tormented me all night and now it’s in my way.”
The stitching proved no match for his resolve, and—after a few vigorous tugs—he ripped it apart from the slit on up, leaving you covered in nothing but the thin cotton underwear he had breached earlier that evening. 
After disposing of your shredded gown, Taehyung paused for a moment just to take in the sight of you. 
“What a perfect little angel,” he taunted playfully, snapping the band of your lingerie against your hips with a cocky grin. 
Then he brushed his nose right up against the sopping fabric and inhaled deeply. “You smell just like heaven,” he growled before licking you right through the cloth, “and you taste even better.”
The sensations twisting through your body were merciless. You needed more or you were going to shake apart. 
“Taehyung please,” you whined, pressing against him shamelessly.
“Oh a please?” he chuckled, throwing your own words from the first night back at you. “Who knew you had manners?”
You would have screamed in frustration, but he cut you off with an open mouthed kiss right over the wettest part of your panties.
“Perhaps I can make a good girl of you yet,” he chuckled, as you opened yourself wider to encourage him. 
You nodded frantically, letting out another moan when he yanked the flimsy little scrap of lace down your legs—smearing a line of arousal over your thighs.
“So messy,” he tsked, tapping his finger right above your knee where the naughty little streak ended. “What am I going to do with you?” 
Then he pressed his tongue over the shiny trail of slick and licked it right off. 
You gasped loudly and his lascivious smirk was almost beautiful enough to make up for all of the shameless teasing. 
"You want my mouth, pretty Angel?” he whispered, letting the words brush maddeningly against your folds. “You want me to feed on this sweet little cunt?”
Every cell in your body cried out for release. He already edged you under the table at dinner and now he was determined to unravel you entirely. You would say anything—do anything. 
"Please—" you whispered.
"Please who?" 
Normally you met his arrogance with a cutting riposte, but an entire evening of methodical torment had left you beyond desperate. 
"Please Taehyung,” you begged needily. 
He grinned. 
“That’s right, Angel. Kim Taehyung. Not Min Yoongi or any other pathetic trust fund prick that’s panting for a taste of this pussy.” His eyes fastened on yours significantly. “You belong to me.”
Then his tongue licked a flat stripe over your glistening slit and you sagged onto the bed in relief—only to be thrown back into oblivion when his lips closed over your clit. 
Your body arched involuntarily as a ruthless wave of pleasure tore through you. Your eyes and mouth flew open in a silent scream and it was in that moment you remembered exactly where you were. 
Underneath a giant mirror. 
The passionate woman staring down at you was nearly unrecognizable. Her body was littered with her lover’s marks. Her hands gripped feverishly into the sheets beneath her—-
And Kim Taehyung was kneeling between her thighs, suckling on her weeping cunt with obscene satisfaction. 
It was the sexiest thing you had ever seen in your life. 
Your hands reached down to tangle in his hair, using it for leverage as you ground against his face. 
Then suddenly his grip on your legs tightened and his tongue plunged roughly into your trembling core. 
“Tae—ahh oh my—I can’t—”
The sensation was so intense that your hips bucked violently. You could not keep still. You were charging towards an explosion and your body was shaking itself apart. 
The noises tearing from you were incoherent. Everything around you focused in on the juncture of your thighs where Taehyung was licking inside of you again and again until—
You shattered. 
And the force of it nearly bent your back in half. 
Delirious sobs poured from your lips as he worked you through it, letting the obscene flood of your cum soak his face. 
The sight of him slowly lapping at the release between your folds, was unspeakably erotic. He ran his hands in soothing circles over your skin while you twitched and fluttered back down from your high. 
Then he was kissing you again. 
It was softer this time, but you felt truly depraved—and instantly obsessed—with the taste of yourself in his mouth—on his skin.
You could barely understand this ravenous hunger. You’d just found relief, yet you were already reaching for more. 
Your hands snaked down and wrapped around his still covered cock and he hissed in ragged pleasure. 
“So eager,” he gasped, as you pushed him back against the headboard—but you didn’t have time to bother with his teasing.
You were gonna blow Kim Taehyung into space. 
He bit his lip when you yanked down his pants and boxers together, freeing his arousal with stunning efficiency. 
It was almost unfair to discover that his cock was every bit as beautiful as he was.
“Of course,” you muttered. 
The sultry smirk he shot you in return had your cunt flooding all over again.
“You think Min Yoongi has a cock like mine?”
“I don’t think about Min Yoongi’s cock,” you retorted, wrapping your hand around his length, “you’ve always been the biggest dick I’ve ever met.” 
“I knew you thought about my dick,” he groaned as you began to work up and down the swollen shaft. 
After a moment, his hand slid over your chin to grip your hair, drawing you forward till your lips were almost touching. 
“I wonder what this pretty mouth can do,” he whispered. 
You gasped against him and he smiled. 
“Do you know how often I pictured your lips around my cock, Angel?”
You mewled shamelessly and he growled, cupping your cheek as your hands continued to service him. 
“Do you know how often I imagined this perfect throat stuffed full of my cum?” 
His palm slid down to lightly grip the soft flesh of your neck and you shuddered against him with a needy whimper. 
“I know you could suck me so good, Angel. I’ve wanted it for so so long...”
Your mouth actually watered with anticipation. 
The desire to be good for him—to give him whatever he asked for—consumed you. 
Taehyung let his head fall back against the headboard with a groan at the first brush of your lips along his shaft. His hips rutted involuntarily as your tongue wrapped around the tip and you hummed with pleasure at his enthusiastic response. 
After a moment you slid him into the welcoming heat of your mouth, taking him in as far as you could in one stroke. His jaw dropped open and his entire body jerked forward. 
“Yes, that’s it, Angel—feels so good.”
His praise was addictive. 
You loved that you could bring him to this. You loved to see the haughty Kim Taehyung coming apart as you sucked him. 
It made you feel beautiful—powerful even—and you reveled in every second of it. 
Your eyes were starting to tear. His length began to throb and pulse against your tongue and you knew he was close—so close you could almost taste him—
Yet suddenly he was pulling you back and you whined pitifully at the loss. 
Taehyung chuckled, dragging you toward him till your dripping core slid across his cock.
“I’m not coming before I get inside that pretty little pussy,” he swore, working your hips over his sex till it was drenched in arousal. 
The crass words filled you with the fiercest, most incredible want and you clenched reflexively against him in response. 
“Is that what you want?” Taehyung whispered as he bore you back into the mattress, pinning both your wrists above your head. “You want me to fill your empty little cunt?”
You did. 
You wanted it so so bad. 
Taehyung gently lowered himself closer to you, resting his forehead intimately against yours as he lined up his cock at your entrance. 
“Are you sure, Angel? Because there’s no going back after this... If you give yourself to me, then you’re mine—and I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep you.”
“Taehyung, you idiot,”—a tender smile spread over your face as you wrapped your arms around his neck—“... I’ve always been yours.”
He swore violently—letting the slight tremble in his voice betray just how deeply your words affected him. 
Then his fingers tightened on the soft flesh of your hip and he filled you to the hilt with one delicious thrust. 
There was a moment—the smallest space in time—where your eyes locked together and everything seemed to suspend; a strange perfect calm before a monumental storm. 
Then your world caught fire. 
Taehyung drove himself into you with passionate fury, letting years of denial fuel the insatiable rhythm of his strokes. 
Every time he told himself no. Every time he held himself back—
Every bit of it burned away as you screamed his name. 
The feel of him was indescribable. 
You imagined it too many times to count, yet your dreams fell pitifully short of the visceral reality. 
He was bloomin’ magnificent. 
Your fingers clawed up and down his back, desperate to hold on to something while he pounded into your g-spot like an animal. 
“This tiny cunt is the tightest thing I’ve ever had around my cock,” he gasped and you whined needily at his praise. “Like it was made for me—” his hand came up to grip your breast, “like you were made for me.”
Taehyung’s need seemed to amplify with every whimper and moan that fell from your lips. The feelings you sparked in him were fierce and unapologetically primitive.
He would go to war for you—build a fortress for you—fight a dragon if one dared come close. 
You were his. 
And he felt like a savage every time you cried out for more. 
Suddenly an unexpected movement in his periphery caught his attention.
He’d been so consumed with the extraordinary rush of claiming you that he’d forgotten—
This guest room was thirty-five percent mirrors. 
And now… he couldn’t look away. 
The sight of your bodies tangling together in headless bliss played out before him like a scene from his most debauched and forbidden fantasies. His reflection grinned back at him in fascinated ecstasy while his beloved nemesis lost herself in the pleasure of his cock.
Something dark and wild began to burn in his chest as he studied the lovers in the glass. 
“Look at you, Angel,” he whispered softly, “you really are perfect.”
Then he pulled out of your core and you whined bitterly in protest, chasing his body to rid yourself of the sudden unacceptable emptiness. 
“Still so needy,” he taunted, gripping your hips and flipping you on your stomach before you could even think to protest.
“I want you to watch that pretty angel in the mirror come on my cock,” he groaned, plunging back into you from behind. 
The new angle was somehow impossibly deeper and your body shook as another wave of pleasure overtook it. 
Your fingers clawed into the mattress for purchase as he pistoned into your trembling mound. 
Only Kim Taehyung could rail you like a whore while he worshiped you like a queen. 
He gave you a moment to adjust before drawing your body back against his chest. His arm wrapped over your stomach as he slowly eased your legs apart, unfolding the lewd tableau of your bodies joined together for the voyeuristic gaze of the glass.   
“Look at yourself, Angel,” he growled, mesmerized by the way your breasts bounced with every thrust. “Look at how well you're taking me.” 
Then his fingers slid down to rub your clit and you screamed. 
“Tae! Ah-ahh!”
The pleasure building within you now was violent. You were coiling too tightly, too fast—
“That’s right Angel. Take it all.”
Your eyes locked with his in the mirror for the briefest instant.
And then you flew apart. 
Taehyung threw his head back with a carnal moan as you clamped down around him. His body was hurtling toward its own release with reckless speed. 
“I’m close,” he panted, “where can I come?”
“Come inside me please,” you begged, and Taehyung’s eyes widened in frenzied lust. 
“That’s what you want? Huh?” his thrusts became rougher as he chased his relief, “You want me to fill this puffy little pussy with my cum?”
“Yes, I want it so bad—“ you sobbed. 
“Sweet Angel,” he groaned, gripping at your breasts as he pulled you tighter against him. 
Then he met your gaze in the mirror again. 
“I want everything with you; a home—a family—your body in my arms every morning when I wake up—” his voice trembled, “I want it all.” 
The raw vulnerability in his eyes nearly broke you.
“Tae,” you gasped softly, too overcome with joy to manage anything else. 
His mouth pressed hungrily against the curve of your shoulder. You could feel his cock throbbing in your core as he bent you forward, pounding into your sex with exquisite precision. 
"Stay with me, Angel,” he whispered. His thrusts became erratic as he neared his high. “I don’t want to live without you anymore.”
The glorious thrill of his words tore over your senses with euphoric brutality. Your walls tightened greedily around his cock and the taunt cord of pleasure finally snapped. 
He came with a broken groan, flooding the welcoming heat of your womb with his release. 
Tumblr media
The sound of his name being shouted by the absolute last person in the world whose voice he wanted to hear woke Taehyung from a dead sleep.  
His eyes widened in panic as he began yanking pillows and covers from all over the bed in a frenzied attempt to hide—
The doors to his bedroom flew open with a resounding crash. 
“Jimin,” he squeaked, trying to look as casual as possible next to a giant pile of bedding. “What uh—what brings you here at—” his eyes darted to the clock on the wall, “—7:30 in the morning?”
Then he frowned. 
“And how the hell did you get past Jungkook?”
Jimin’s murderous expression broke momentarily to allow for a smug grin. 
Kendra Jackson was Jimin’s executive aide. She was fierce, capable, intelligent—
And insanely gorgeous. 
Taehyung groaned. 
Poor Jungkookie never stood a chance. 
To the surprise of absolutely no one, yet another newspaper landed on Taehyung’s lap.
Underneath the headline was a picture of you and Taehyung (dressed in clothes you stole from Jin’s childhood bedroom) kissing passionately against the side entrance of the Governor’s mansion. 
One of your legs was wrapped around his waist and he was clearly grabbing your ass. 
“Ah… well you see the camera distorts everything from this angle—and-and the lighting is bad so it’s not really what it looks like—”
“Is that so? Cause it looks like you’ve got your tongue down my baby sister’s throat!”
“Okay—okay,” Taehyung massaged his forehead nervously, “so maybe it’s sort of what it looks like but—”
“I’ll kill you.”
“No wait—” he held up his hands to delay an already advancing Jimin. 
“Why should I wait?!”
“—I trusted you with the most important person in the world to me—”
“The situation is just not that simple.” 
“—and you grabbed her ass in public!”
“Admittedly not my finest hour.”
“So you tell me right now—”
“But you don’t understand it’s—”
“—Why the hell would I wait?!”
For a moment there was absolute silence. 
Then your head popped out from the massive pile of bedding. 
Jimin’s mouth fell open. 
Taehyung groaned again. 
“As usual, your timing is impeccable.”
You rolled your eyes, ignoring his comment.
“Are you really in love with me?”
“Of course I’m in love with you! What part of I want you to have my children did you not understand?!” 
“I think I’m gonna be sick,” Jimin choked. 
“That’s not the same thing!”
“It is for me!”
A radiant smile lit up your face. 
“I’m in love with you too.”
Taehyung’s expression softened. 
“Angel I—”
Then you were kissing and Jimin swung around with a horrified shout.
“Oh! No no no—Come on!”
He stumbled out of the room, hands firmly clamped over his eyes. 
“This is not over, Kim Taehyung!” the scandalized young Park heir howled in exasperation… but there was a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. 
Back in the bedroom, Taehyung shook his head at Jimin’s ridiculous caterwauling. 
“No, it’s not over,” he laughed, pulling you deeper into the comfort of his arms. “It’s only just begun.”
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. 
This baby took FOR-EVER to write. I started it in November and literally worked on it a little every day. 
If you enjoyed it— even just a tiny bit—please consider taking a moment to leave me some feedback. It is so incredibly uplifting and rewarding to hear reader thoughts and reactions to my work.
I promise to treasure every word like gold. It took a lot to bring this story to life. Your kind words would mean the world to me.
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jungshookz · 2 years ago
stuck with you || [roommate!taehyung]
Tumblr media
❥ pairing: kim taehyung x reader
❥ genre: university!au, enemies-to-lovers, fratboy!tae??, comedy that’ll either make you chuckle out loud or roll your eyes and snoRT or maybe u won’t laugh that’s cool too, domestic fluff because i want to go grocery shopping with tae toO (but also fluff in general!!), smutty smut so make sure to read this with your phone’s brightness lowered all the dang way, hi @ librarian!namjoon!!! fratboy!jungkook is also in here 
❥ wordcount: 37k if ur reading this on mobile get rekt
❥ summary: kim taehyung becoming your new roommate is definitely up there on the list of the worst things that have ever happened to you. 
❥ note: it’s finally here! this is my biGGEst fic to date and all i’m going to say is get comfortable and maybe get a snack because you, my friend, are about to read a whole ass novel and embark on a rollercoaster of a fiC. hopefully this was worth the wait!! i didn’t think i was capable of writing so much and my fingers are about to fall off but it was totaLLY worth it!!!! there’s kind of a 10 things i hate about you vibe if u squint and also most of the dumB things tae does in this fic were inspired by my ex-roommate so i hope she never finds this lol but also everyone say thank u to her for inspiring roommate!tae! i hope u guys love/hate him just as much as i do! happy reading!! 
pst if u wanna talk to y/n or tae (or even applicant #8 if ur brave enough) ((you’ll get it soon)) u know what to do ;-)
(gif isn’t mine!)
(((and the read more function iS there but most of the time it doesn’t work on mobile :// i am sorry don’t attack me by sending passive-aggressive anon messages)))
“what do you mean you’re moving out?!”
namjoon can safely say that he’s never seen such pure, unadulterated rage simmering in your eyes
some apple juice dribbles out from your straw as your grip tightens around your juice box
he swallows nervously and tugs at his collar
is it just him or is it getting kind of hot in here
“i-i mean, you know, i… i don’t really know how else to explain it..,., i’m moVing out.,.”
it’s a good thing he decided to break it to you while you guys were in a public space because he knows what you’re capable of
all he’s going to say is that there are witnesses everywhere so you probably shouldn’t hurt him right now
“who are you going to be living with?” you huff and lean forward a little “i’ll kill them.”
“i’ll be living by myself…,.,” namjoon smiles sheepishly “…please don’t kill me” he adds meekly
“no promises.” you mutter grumpily and take a sip of juice
you knEW there was a reason why namjoon gave you two cookies instead of one today
he was trying to butter you up!!!!!
that smooth bastard
a moment of silence goes by
you groan and immediately slump down on the table and namjoon jumps slightly
“namjOON why didn’t you tell me earlier??”
“i’m sorry!!!!!! i’ll make it up to you somehow!!!!” he reaches across the table to pat your head “and i’ll pay my share of the rent for this month so you don’t have to worry about the power going out!”
“that’s not the poinT, joon! the point is in first year we promised we’d live with each other until we graduated and you’re pulling out of the deal a yEAR earlier-“
“i will very gladly help you find a new roommate! i know you haTe meeting new people so i will happily sit by your side as we meet all the candidates. look, i already put an ad up for you and a bunch of people already messaged me saying that they were interested!”
“but i don’t want a new roommate.” you grumble and prop an elbow up on the table before resting your cheek against your fist “who’s going to pack my lunches for me now?”
“is that the only reason why you’ve kept me around for so long?” namjoon teases lightly and reaches across to pinch your cheek “c’mon, it’s not going to be all that bad! part of university life is opening yourself up to new people and all that!”
namjoon frowns slightly when you don’t respond
there’s a little divot in between your brows and the smallest of pouts on your mouth anD your eyes are getting a little glossy so he can’t help but feel a little bad
it’s not that he’s sick of living with you
it’s just that.,,. he feels like third year is a good time to get his own place!
he’s loVed living with you and it’s not like he’s never going to see you again!!!!! he’ll just see you less!!
besides the fact that you two literally live together you guys practically see each other every day on campus because you always have lunch together (except for wednesdays and the occasional friday when namjoon has lectures/tutorial sessions that bleed into lunch time)
not to mention you’re always welcome to come and hang out at his new bachelor pad
namjoon purses his lips before letting out a sigh “say, how about this? i’ll continue to pack your lunches two times a week, how does that sound?”
you slurp up the rest of your juice and namjoon reaches over to yank the straw out of your mouth when he notices you starting to chew on it (you always start chewing on your straws when you’re stressed about something)
“are we still going to hang out on the weekends and stuff?”
“of course! and you can come hang out with me at the library after classes and we can walk to the bus stop together and then go our separate ways”
namjoon probably shouldn’t have thrown in that last bit but oh well
you let out a sigh “pack my lunches three times a week and you have yourself a deal.”
namjoon sticks his hand out and you give him a firm shake and follow it up with a fist bump before ending it by wrapping your pinky around his (when u guys came up with this handshake he was the one who added that last part)
“so -“ you raise a brow “let’s figure out who i’m going to be replacing you with.”
namjoon gives you a warning look
and so, it begins
the hunt for your new roommate
this should be easy!
a lot of people have contacted namjoon through his ad showing interest in the apartment and namjoon did you the favour of organising all the names onto one long list
namjoon actually took care of a lot of the details so all you have to do is sit there and talk to people
and you love talking to people!!!
you have a long day ahead of you but if it ends in you getting a new roommate you’ll be satisfied
luckily it’s a sunday and you don’t usually have plans on sunday
you even put out snacks and drinks for them on the coffee table to show how amazing of a roommate you’ll be (but also you put it out mainly because you know you’re going to become peckish halfway through the day)
“so, what are some of your hobbies?” you smile lightly and lean back against the couch
katie (she’s suPEr duper nice and you have a good feeling about her and she’s literally the firSt person you’re interviewing) grins excitedly before clapping her hands together and turning around to unzip her backpack
your brows knit together in confusion when you hear the slight tinkering of glass coming from her bag
and then she unzips it fully and shows you what’s inside
“you have a bag of… empty mason jars…?” you trail off and tilt your head
why in the world would she collect empty mason jars
maybe she… sells mason jars?
either way it’s kind of odd but as long as she’s not hurting anyone it’s whatever
you can deal with a mason jar hoarder
“yep!” katie sighs and taps the side of the jar gently “i collect sounds.”
you blink owlishly at her and the whole time she keeps a faT smile on her face
“you collect- i’m sorry, i don’t think i follow-”
“do you like harry styles? i went to his concert last summer.”
you’re not sure how harry styles relates to mason jars but
“oh yeah, i love harry styles, he’s very easy on the eyes and his songs are-“ she pulls out a mason jar and turns it so that you can look at the label on the front “…does that say harry styles concert?”  
“this memory is vEry special to me so i don’t usually open it, but i quite like you, so i’ll share some of this with you-“ she leans forward and untwists the cap before lifting it juSt a little bit
“oh, jesus.” namjoon mutters to himself
namjoon raises a brow when he sees you lean in a little
you have goT to be kidding
you cannot seriously be falling for this  
“ya hear that?????” she squeals and closes the jar before tucking it back into her bag “when i get angry i just listen to my sounds and they bring me to my happy place.” she sighs and cradles another jar to her chest
you squint your eyes to read the label
the label on it says-  
my goD that jar is labelled ‘grandma’s funeral’
what sound would even come out of that jar?? the sound of her family soBBing??
“o-oh! that’s… great. it’s good to have… hobbies.” your knuckles tighten around the clipboard and you swallow thickly
it turns out katie is on a one way train to crazy town
“…we’ll let you know!”
the next guy
you’re definitely a fan of
probably even more than katie before you found out she was kind of veRy crazy
in fact
you like him so much that you’re allowing him to stay and chat for longer since the next person texted namjoon and said they were going to be a little late
his name is bukjoon which is a name you’ve never really heard before but the most important thing here is that he seems like a sweet guy anD he seems like a great roommate
he fits into your life perfectly and you’re honestly ready to just hand him a pen so that he can sign the lease
namjoon, on the other hand
namjoon doesn’t like the vibes from this guy because he’s eErily similar to him and he doesn’t know how you’re not picking that up
also he brought homemade chocolate chip cookies shaped like stars and you’ve already eaten like half the batch and namjoon doesn’t like that you haven’t touched the finger sandwiches that he made for you
“just to double check… your- your name is bukjoon. kim bukjoon?” namjoon tilts his head slightly before looking down at the list of names again
“yep!” the other male smiles brightly at namjoon before turning to look at you “now, a little bit about me as a potential roommate… i love cooking, cleaning, doing laundry - that includes ironing, steaming - i love all of it!”
you gasp
“that totally works out because usually namjoon takes care of the cooking and the cleaning and the laundry! i help take out the trash so-“
“oh, great! i hate taking out the trash.” bukjoon laughs lightly and namjoon narrows his eyes when he spots the faintest of dimples embedded in his cheeks
what in the freSH hell is this
he trails his eyes over bukjoon’s crisp button up tucked into a pair of slacks
his sensible dress shoes glint slightly from the lights and namjoon looks down at his own pair of dress shoes
he isn’t going to lie
he feels slightly threatened right now
“also, i’m a total nature documentary freak-“
“oh my god, that’s so perfect! i love watching nature documentaries and i think you’ll make a great replacement for nam-“
“you know whAT-“ namjoon looks bukjoon dead in the eye as he aggressively scratches out his name on the clipboard “we’ll let you know.” he smiles cooly and tilts his head “…you can leave now.”
and bukjoon can take his damn star-shaped cookies with him for aLL namjoon cares
now, this guy…  
to say the least,,.
is very, very creepy (he didn’t even write his name down on the sign up sheet - he wrote down ‘applicant #8’)
“so…” you clear your throat after a full minute of silence (you asked him how his day was going so far and he just glared at you in response) “are you a student or do you wo-“
“i work.”
“cool! what kind of job-“
“i’m an embalmer.”
…what the heck is embalming
“an embalmer- sorry, what’s an embalmer?” you furrow your brows and lean forward a little bit
“i preserve corpses. would you like to know more about how to embalm bodies?”
okay ur not saying that’s a little weird
but uh
that’s a liTTle weird
“not particu-“
“there’s a lot of work that goes into it. for example, i have to embalm arteries as well after completely draining the blood from the heart.”
wait what
“how about you tell us about how you’d be as a potential roommate for y/n?” namjoon clears his throat and gives applicant #8 a polite smile
“i keep things very clean. very neat. i go to bed quite late. i do not usually invite guests over. i am quiet. please respect my privacy. do not go into my room. especially at night.”
you nod in agreement “yes, of course, i would never want to invade-“
“also, if the police ever call you, it would be best if you just pretended that you’ve never heard of me.”
you swallow thickly and scoot a little closer to namjoon
namjoon reaches over and holds his arm out over you as if the both of you are preparing for this guy to just whiP a knife out and stab your eyes out
applicant #8 looks around before staring at you dead in the eye
you smile uneasily and wrap an arm around namjoon’s bicep “hey, that’s… funny! that’s a funny joke-“
“i see dead people.”
“wE will let you know!” both you and namjoon exclaim simultaneously
“i don’t know how much longer i can do this.” you groan and flop your arm over your eyes as you slump back against the couch
“you better buCk up because we’re only halfway through with the list.” namjoon looks over at the front door when the doorbell rings
you give your cheeks a couple pats to wake yourself up
you can do this
you just have to get through a handful of people and then you’ll be done
namjoon squeezes his own cheeks because they’re so soRe from smiling politely all day
he plasters another smile on his face as he opens the door
“hi, you must be-“
“before we get started, you need to know a couple of things about me.” she pushes past namjoon and plops herself down on the couch
you and namjoon exchange glances and joon shrugs before closing the door
“well…” you clear your throat and cross your legs “that is what we’re here for, so-“
“firstly, i’m going to need to rearrange all of this furniture after moving in. the feng shui in here is way off.” she scrunches her nose up before digging through her huGe suede mary poppins looking bag
“i don’t know a lot about feng shui but i’d be happy to rearrange the furniture if you-“
“i’m in touch with my inner chi. are you?” she raises a brow and pulls out a tuft of sage and a lighter “the energy here is… dark. i’ll cleanse this place for you.”
“that’s really not- well, actually, the last guy in here was kind of creepy so maybe the sage is a good idea.” the sage immediately starts smoking as soon as she lights it and she gets up and starts pacing around the living room “i, uh, i don’t know a lot about my inner chi either, so…”
“yeah, that’s pretty obvious.” she snorts and waves the stick around
you could do without the attitude but so far she seems harmless
“…is that going to set off the fire alarm?”
“i’ll go and open the balcony doors.” namjoon murmurs and points to the balcony windows before getting up off the couch
“i need to be in the privacy of this apartment for at least five hours a day because i like to take the time to meditate alone and i don’t want you to disturb my crystals.”
“you don’t want me to disturb your crystals…?”
“they charge in the sun to regenerate energy so i’ll need you out of the apartment from… 12 to 5. crystals are good for my energy and my soul.”
jesus christ
that’s IT
you’ve had ENOUGH
“i’m going to need you out of my apartment right now before i shove those crystals up your-“
“we’ll let you know!” namjoon slaps a hand over your mouth before you get to finish threatening her
“well… what do you think?” namjoon shuts the door behind him after escorting the crazy sage lady out (she was upset that she wasted her tuft of sage at a place she definitely wasn’t going to be living in and you’re pretty sure she tried casting a curse over the apartment but namjoon kicked her out before she had a chance to do that) “that was everyone…”
“you’re kidding me. that was everyone?” you frown and look over the list of names that have all been crossed out
“i mean… we met twenty eight candidates today… that’s a lot of people!” namjoon purses his lips and taps his pencil against the clipboard “just to let you know, that bukjoon guy was my least favourite-“
“i liked him! he was really nice-“
“he wasn’T-“
“he was-!”
“look, i have to go because i took the late night shift at the library-“ namjoon checks the time on his watch and winces slightly “shit, i’m going to be late!” he hands you his clipboard before picking his backpack up off the couch and unzipping it to check if he has everything “dinner’s in the fridge, don’t open the door for strangers - definitely don’t open the door for that embalmer guy if he comes back - if you turn the stove on please remember to turn it off… i’ll be back by midnight!” he smiles brightly and swings his backpack over his shoulder
“see you later, alligator” you hum and set the clipboard aside before making yourself comfortable on the couch
“in a while, crocodile!”
you purse your lips in thought as you flick through all the new movies and shows on netflix
you could binge watch friends for like the tenth time
maybe watch that new murder mystery movie?
you definitely don’t want to watch a horror movie alone because you get the feeling that applicant #8 is going to pop out of nowhere and slit your throat with a dull knife
oOh you can watch that new nature docuseries
surprisingly those nature documentaries aren’t as boring as you thought they were
you can thank namjoon for your newfound love for nature documentaries
you nod to yourself and turn the volume up before pulling the throw blanket up to your chin
time to watch tv until your eyes roll out of your skull!!!
“nothing symbolises our relationship with the high seas better than the blue whale…”
it’s about 10:30 now
namjoon left for work at around 5
the pasta casserole that namjoon made for you sits on the coffee table half eaten and with a fork stabbed into it
an open bag of tortilla chips and some guacamole also sit abandoned on the table
you’re pretty sure you ate like a family sized serving of pasta but you know what
sometimes it just be like dat!!
you’re also pretty sure namjoon would’ve scolded you for not using a plate and instead eating straight out of the pan but he’s not here so touGH luck
you’re on episode five-and-a-half of the docuseries (each episode is about an hour long) and unsurprisingly your eyes are starting to get a bit fuzzy because of how long you’ve been staring at the screen
which is why you took a break from your binge to take a shower just to give your eyes a break
you left the episode playing because it always creeps you out when the apartment is completely silent and you’re home alone
so now you’re sitting on the arm of the couch with your hair wrapped up in a towel and a toothbrush shoved into your mouth
“weighing 200 tons and 30 metres long, these are the largest animals ever to have existed…” you brows knit together in fascination when a blue whale swims across the screen
wowIE those things are huge
you reach down to scratch at the side of your bare thigh before continuing to brush your teeth
you’re so enthralled with the whale on the screen that it takes you a couple seconds to register that someone’s knocking on the front door
you turn to look at the door and feel a little bit of pAnic rise within you when you hear them knock again
you don’t know if you should quickly run to the bathroom to spit your toothpaste out or just open the door with a frothy mouth
it’s probably namjoon
he always forgets his house keys!!!
“i’m comingph, i’m comingph!” you reach up to wipe at the toothpaste beginning to dribble out of your mouth as you make your way to the door
you shove your toothbrush into the side of your mouth before reaching down for the handle
“did yvou pheriously forget your keyphs again-?!” you open the door expecting to see namjoon standing there with a sheepish smile on his face but-
“…you’re not namvjoon.”
oh good god
you have no idea who this person is but whoever he is he’s making you sweAT
he’s wearing a plain white tee tucked into a pair of distressed blue jeans and he has a comfy looking black and white flannel draped over him as well
obviously dyed honey brown hair peeks out from underneath his beanie
two black studs in his ears
“sorry to let you down.” he smirks lightly and his tongue pokes out to swipe over his bottom lip
he has the kind of face that you would describe as rather boyish and handsome
very chiseled as well
and that voice
oh, that voice
it’s slow and deep and it feels like you’re wading through warm honey
it hits you that you literally don’t have any shorts on and you instinctively tug your (namjoon’s) shirt down in a pathetic attempt to cover up a little more
you pull your toothbrush out of your mouth and pRay that you don’t accidentally spit on this veRy attractive stranger and you reach up to wipe your mouth with the back of your hand
you have half a mind to just swallow the mouthful of toothpaste but that’s just nasty yo
so you kind of manoeuvre the toothpaste to one side of your mouth so that you can speak normally
“can i help u?” you clear your throat
he pulls a flyer out from his back pocket and you recognise that it’s the roommate flyer namjoon made
“you still looking for a roommate?”
“who… wants to know?” you clear your throat and keep your eyes trained on the flyer
“i’m taehyung. kim taehyung.”
cool so he introduces himself like james bond
“my friends call me tae.”  
“well, taehyung, it’s nice to meet you. i’m y/n y/l/n. …my friends call me… y/n…” you stick your hand out for him to shake and turn your head discreetly to look over your shoulder
the living room is a mESS
you turn back to face him “…could you give me a minute?”
taehyung doesn’t get a chance to respond before you’re shuTTing the door in his face
the next minute spent is the most chaotic minute you’ve ever experienced in your entire life
you turn the volume down on the tv and for a secOnd you can’t help but wonder if taehyung is going to judge you based on what you’re watching on netflix
maybe you should turn the tv off??
nO no you’re overthinking it just leave it on
you put the bag of chips and the tub of guac on the empty side of the casserole dish before rushing to the kitchen and shoving everyThing into the fridge
you spit the toothpaste out into the sink and quickly rinse your mouth out before tossing your toothbrush aside
it would probably be a good idea to leave your hair up in a towel otherwise your wet hair is going to make you look like a drowned rat
is it too late to slap on some makeup??? maybe cover up the pimple on your forehead or drAw some damn eyebrows on????
taehyung raises a brow when he hears a loud thump from inside the apartment
you nearly trip over yourself as you hop back to the front door while slipping a pair of pyjama shorts on
jesus chRISt
you check yourself out in the mirror hanging on the wall next to the coatrack
this is as presentable as you’re going to get
“everything okay?” taehyung laughs lightly when you open the door sliGhtly out of breath
“everything’s perfect!” you nod enthusiastically “come on in” you step aside to let taehyung in and you let out a breath as you shut the door behind you
just take it easy
be cool
be cool!!
you’re super cool
cooler than a dang cucumber that’s how cool you are
“pretty nice place you got here…” taehyung hums as he looks around and makes his way to the couch
“thank you! make yourself comfortable… do you want some tea, or coffee, or… i have a couple juice boxes in the fridge if you’re into that?” you scratch the back of your neck and gesture towards the kitchen
“a juice box sounds nice!” he smiles and plops himself down on the couch and smooths his hand over the soft fabric
you nod and head to the kitchen but turn to glance at him over your shoulder briefly “so, taehyung, tell me about yourself!”
“well, i’m a third-year student, i’m majoring in business and economics, minoring in art history, uh… oh, sorry i came by unannounced, by the way! i meant to sign up for a slot but i completely forgot and i figured it’d be alright to swing by briefly just to talk to you-“
“it’s totally fine! no big deal” you step out from the kitchen with two boxes of juice in your hands and you hand one to taehyung before sitting down next to him “as you saw i was just getting ready for bed but it’s honestly no biggie”
he punctures the hole with the straw before taking a sip
“tell me about your previous living situations” you cross your legs and turn to face him
taehyung tucks one leg under the other and turns to face you a little more
“well, i used to live in a… house, with a couple of other guys, but uh, i just thought it’d be a good idea to find a place with less people, you know? sharing a washroom with four other guys gets rough sometimes.” he snorts lightly and takes another sip of juice
“hm, that’s a fair point. i mean, if you lived here you would have to share a washroom with me but i’m a loT cleaner than four guys.” your eyes flicker to the tv for a second
you’ve always been awful at maintaining eye contact and there’s nO way you’re going to be able to hold taehyung’s gaze for more than five seconds without breaking into a cold sweat
“yeah, i don’t think i have to worry about you pissing all over the floors.” taehyung teases and shakes his head “but, a little bit more about myself as a roommate since that’s what i’m here for - i’m pretty chill, so i don’t think you have a lot you need to worry about. y’know, i try to keep things neat, try to keep things quiet and respectful and all that. you don’t have to worry about me bugging you or anything because i usually just keep to myself - it won’t even feel like you have a roommate!” he jokes before clearing his throat “is there anything that you… want to share with me?”
“well, let me think…” you purse your lips in thought and shift slightly “i think it’s super important that household chores are split evenly so like… if you finish the milk then yoU should be responsible for buying a brand new carton of milk at the supermarket! i actually have a chore chart stuck on the fridge so that we can see who’s in charge of what for the week.”
you falter slightly
does the whole chore chart thing make u sound dorky
to be fair the chore chart was namjoon’s idea so he’S the dork in this situation but there’s no time to expLAIN
QUICK change the subject and make yourself sound like leSS of a freak
“uh, paying the bills on time is always a good thing! so… as long as you have money for me at the end of each month it’ll keep me from nagging you - noT that i’m like constantly going to be nagging you if you moved in with me but you know-“
taehyung lets himself space out for a moment as you continue to babble on and on
from what he can gather you seem like a decent person
a little bit of a doofus but still a decent person
you’re not bad to look at either
there’s something oddly endearing about you but he can’t quite figure it out yet
he nods and smiles and continues to pretend like he’s listening to you when in reality he’s singing that new taylor swift song in his head
all he has to do is play along and work his charm so that he can weasel his way into this apartment
are you still talking about the chore chart?
he has to admit
you seem like you’re a little uptight about certain things but honestly he just needs a place to live for the next year so he’ll have to find a way to deal with it
“you can go over the rules when i officially move in, how does that sound?” taehyung reaches out and places his hand over yours and you feel your cheeks flush slightly at the sudden initiation of c o n t a c t
“oh! uh, well, there’s a whole list of people that are also looking to move in so i can’t just…”
this is why you can’t do these things alone
if namjoon was here he would know exactly what to do
he’d probably tell the applicant that he’ll keep in touch and let him know but it seems like taehyung is taking advantage of the fact that you are alone..,., and defenceless.,,..
taehyung is noT leaving without knowing that he’s going to be your new roommate
“i’d like to move in as soon as possible, if that’s okay with you.”
“i, um, well, the lease expires this thursday and namjoon’s moving out on friday-“
“great! i can totally do friday.” taehyung chirps and sets his empty juice box down on the coffee table
your eyes widen when you realise that he’s talking as if you agreed to let him move in which is something you definitely did noT do yet
“moving in will be easy because i only have a couple of boxes of stuff anyway.” he hums and scoots a little closer to you until his knee bumps up against yours
“i-i, uH, you see, the thing is..,,.” you laugh uneasily and put your own juice box down “i still need to think about-“
“i personally think we’d make great roommates, don’t you, darling?” he hums and reaches over to tuck a strand of hair back into your towel with his pinky and you swallow thickly
for some reason you feel like you’re not allowed to say no to him
you already hate saying no to people but you feel like you really reaLLY can’t say no to taehyung
it feels like everything is happening too quickly
what would namjoon do
u know what
just say: ’i’ll let you know’
saY IT
“…i’ll see you on thursday, y/l/n!” taehyung chirps happily as he steps into the elevator
he pokes his head out to give you one last wave and you let out a nervous laugh before shooting him a thumbs up
you close the door and reach up to scratch your head  
what just happened
what just haPPEneD
“…what just happened?” you breathe out and press your hands against your reddening cheeks
what just happened was that yoU just found your new roommate
goodbye kim namjoon
hello kim taehyung
you feel like you need to take another shower to shake yourself out of the funk that kim taehyung has put you in
“oh, by the way!!!! i don’t know how i completely forgot to tell you this but - i found a roommate!” you smile excitedly as you and joon take a seat at your usual lunch table
“oh!!!!!! that’s great!!!” namjoon grins while polishing his apple on his sweater vest “what’s his name?” he falters and narrows his eyes at you “…it better noT be buk-“
“taehyung! kim taehyung? something like that.” you shrug and take your baggie of baby carrots and cucumbers out of your lunch box
namjoon packed ur lunch for you :~)
“kim taehyung? kim… taehyung…” namjoon furrows his brows
that name sounds oddly familiar and he doesn’t know why
“i think you’ll really like him! he’s super polite and very charming and-“
“oh! kim taehyung!” namjoon’s eyes light up for a second when he remembers the face to the name
and then you can point out the moment the light dies in his eyes
uh oh
that doesn’t seem good
“oh. kim taehyung…” he lets out a breath “huh. i didn’t think you… would get along with someone like him.”
“what are you talking about?” you knit your brows together in confusion
namjoon presses his lips together and shrugs
“you really haven’t heard about kim taehyung? at all?”
you shake your head
“all i’m going to say is one time he came into the library with his frAT-bro friends - they were all very obviously drunk out of their minds - and he used the copier machine to make copies of his bare ass before plastering it around the library.” namjoon raises a brow before shuddering “i still get nightmares about it. i can’t touch the copier machine without disinfecting it three times beforehand.”
you wince
that doesn’t seem like someone you’d want to be roomies with
“maybe we’re thinking of different kim taehyungs?” you offer meekly and crunch down on a carrot
“mm… no. i’m sure we’re talking about the exact same one. super deep voice - one that would be good for narrating a nature doc or one of those asmr videos on youtube - dyed brown hair - i think i saw him walking around with like, eLmo red hair once - are we talking about the same one?”
“…okay, we’re talking about the same one.” you swallow your bite and suck some hummus off your thumb “well, you said he was drunk! people do silly things all the time when they’re drunk. you know, like that time you got super wasted and wouldn’t let me leave your room until i sat down and read the entire dictionary as your bedtime story.”
“what are you two squabbling about without us?” you jump when hoseok and jin suddenly appear with their lunches
hoseok slides in next to you and steals the baby carrot pinched in between your fingers before popping it into his mouth
“y/n’s new roommate is kim taehyung.” namjoon deadpans and hoseok and jin immediately exchange glances
“oh boy”
“bold choice”
“wha- am i the only one who doesn’T know about kim taehyung??” you exasperate and steal one of hobi’s fries in retaliation
he smacks your hand immediately and you scowl
“he’s a playboy - and that’s coming from me.” jin raises a brow and namjoon nods in agreement
“so what? what he does in his personal life doesn’t matter to me.”
“it’ll matter when he starts bringing girls home and the only thing you’ll be able to hear is obnoxious moaning aND the headboard knocking against the wall.” hobi snorts
“well, if it gets out of hand i’m sure he’ll tone it down after i talk to him about it.” you grumble and push your lunch box away a liTTle more aggressively than intended
“as if kim taehyung is going to listen to you - you’re about as intimidating as a baby lamb, y/n.”
you hate it when the guys treat you as if you’re a helpless little baby
you can make decisions on your own!!!!!
even if this was a bad decision it doesn’t matter because the point is yoU made this decision all by yourself and that’s something that’s super important to you
you don’t need to rely on anyone else!!!!!
with that being said
you’ve completely lost your appetite
you feel sick to your stomach
you can’t help but feel like you just made a fatAL mistake
the boys are acting like you signed a deal with the devil and you’re starting to believe you actually did
“how do you guys know so much about him anyway??”
“finish your lunch or else you’ll get cranky later-“ namjoon pushes your lunch box back towards you and raises a brow and you huff before digging out your sandwich
“i’m very good at eavesdropping.” jin points out “also, he’s usually at all the parties i’m at. aLso i hung out with him a couple times at those parties - he’s a friendly guy, don’t get me wrong, and i’m sure all it took to convince you to let him become your roommate was him looking at you with those chocolatey brown puppy dog eyes - but you, my friend… you’re fucked.”
“i am not fucked!”
“he’s friends with…” hobi trails off and drums his fingers against the table “what are their names again?”
“park jimin and jeon jungkook.” jin’s always been a walking encyclopaedia of campus gossip which is proving to be very useful at this time “they’re all basically the exact same person. sleeping around, causing trouble, being dickheads in general… one time i got hit in the back of my head with jungkook’s football and i didn’t even get a sorry-”
“you just said he was a friendly guy!!!” you don’t mean to interrupt jin in the middle of his fun little story but you just need to know what you signed yourself up for
“yeah, he’s friendly when he wants something from you, duh. he’s a dickhead the rest of the time.”
o god
taehyung definitely wanted something from u
he wanted the apartment from you
does this mean he’s going to become an asshole now??
what have you DONE
“…i’m sure it’ll be fine, though!” hobi smiles and pats your shoulder gently “…you gonna finish your sandwich or what?”
thursday rolls around muCh sooner than you would’ve liked
after your many, maNy conversations with jin (you sat him down and forced him to tell you eveRything that he’s ever heard about taehyung) you have come to the conclusion that kim taehyung is not who he presented himself to be and the next year of your life is going to be a living nightmare
he sleeps around a lot (which is totally fine with you like that’S not the thing you have a problem with) = loud sex is going to keep you up!!!!
he’s messy = you’re neat-ish!!!!
he’s a night owl = you’re a morning person-ish!!!!
he’s loud = you’re quiet-ish!!!!
he likes to throw parties = you hate parties!!!! you hAte the idea of having a group of strangers chilling out in your apartment getting their grubby straNGer hands all over your couch and your tv and youR food and youR juice boxes
“please don’t leave me.” you whimper and tighten your grip around namjoon’s arm before propping your chin up on his shoulder
most of namjoon’s stuff is already at his apartment but he came back to pick up one last box of his belongings but he feels like he should’ve just abandoned his sweaters
because you won’t let him leave and he needs to gO because he’s roasting a chicken in his oven!!!!!!  
“you’ll be fine, relax.”
“can’t you stay here til he comes?”
“my apartment’s going to burn down if i don’t leave now. look, i’m only a ten minute walk away, if you’re overwhelmed, you’re welcome to come and spend the night.”
you purse your lips in thought and wrinkle your nose
“maybe i should just move in with you-“
“absolutely noT you are not moving in with me-“ namjoon reaches over and thwacks your forehead so that you let go of his arm “good luck - i’ll text you later!”
damn it
taehyung swings by an hour and a bit later with a bright, boxy smile on his face ready to move on into namjoon’s room
you had to give yourself a mini pep talk before opening the door for him with a forced smile
you asked him if he needed any help bringing anything up but he insisted on taking care of everything himself because he didn’t want to be a bother to you which definitely surprised you
you also offered to help him unpack his boxes but he told you to take it easy and just watch some tv or something (“why don’t you watch one of those animal documentaries you like so much?”)
maybe jin was wrong about him!!
you shouldn’t believe rumours so quickly!!
you were silly to get all scared and panicky
you gave him a quick tour even though there’s not a lot to the apartment
his bedroom is next to yours
the bathroom is down the hallway
the kitchen is there
this is the living room
the laundry room is on the 10th floor and you keep a little baggie of quarters in the chest by the front door
“taehyung?” you knock on his door before poking your head into the room
he already has a couple posters up on the wall so it seems like he’s settling in pretty nicely
taehyung lets out a quiet breath and rolls his eyes when he hears your voice
you can’t go like 20 minutes without bugging him and he gets that you’re just trying to be friendly and helpful but like
you really need to relax
he’s in the middle of hanging some shirts up in his closet and he forces a smile onto his face before turns to look at you “hey! what’s up?”
“i have a little housewarming gift for you!” you pull a little potted plant out from behind your back before stepping into his room “it’s a baby peace lily!” you hold it up for him to look at “it was actually supposed to go to namjoon but i forgot that i already gave him a little cactus for his desk so… i thought maybe you’d like something to spruce up your room!”
taehyung looks at the tiny plant in your hands
that’s kind of nice of you
it’s not that he doesn’t like you or anything because you do seem nice
you’re just on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to him in terms of personalities (and from what he can tell, social status)
which isN’t a big deal but
he’s just not used to you
your smile falters for a second and you look over at him with wide eyes “noT that your room isn’t alreAdy spruced up but i just thought that maybe-“
“thank you very much, i love it already.” taehyung laughs lightly and walks over to you before plucking it out of your hands “i don’t have any gifts for you because i didn’t think i…” he sets the plant down on the window sill and brushes his fingers over the leaves before glancing at you “-needed to give you anything…”
he smiles sheepishly and scurries over to his bed for his backpack
he unzips it quickly and spills the contents of it out onto his bed
“oh god, don’t worry about it, you definitely didn’t have to get anything for me, i just-“
“ah! here we go.” taehyung grins as he pulls a brand new pack of gum out of the mounTain of loose papers and pens
he stands up before handing it to you with both hands and bowing a little “a fresh pack of gum for my wonderful new roommate. it’s my favourite flavour - strawberry!”
you laugh lightly and take it from him
you think you’re going to get along really well with kim taehyung
he’s not bad!!!
not bad at all
now that namjoon no longer lives here you’ve taken it upon yourself to become the ‘captain’ of the apartment
this basically means you’re in charge of eveRything because you feel like taehyung isn’t exactly the leader type
the thing is
every morning after you got up namjoon would already have the apartment cleaned up from the night before
the pillows would be fluffed and arranged neatly; the throw blanket folded up and sitting on the sofa chair
the blinds would be pulled up to let the sunlight in (and he usually opens the balcony doors just a crack to let some fresh air in)
the coffee table dusted and free of greasy fingerprints or watermarks
the coffee machine turned on and churning away
the plants out on the balcony are watered (he took the bonsai and left you the daisies)
the dishes on the drying rack put away from the night before
namjoon did a loT now that you think about it
you never really realised how much he did around this place until now
now that.,.,,. he’s not ur roommate anymore.,,..
it still huRTS
you thought it would be easy to fall into your new schedule but you fell asleep on the couch in the middle of fluffing the pillows and you ended up taking a 20 minute snooze
you woke up when you rolled over and fell on the floor with a thuMp lol
you rub at your bleary eyes as you shuffle over to the blinds
it’s 7am so the sun is just starting to peek out and say hello
you let out a yawn as you pull the string and the blinds go up slowly
one thing that you’ll always love about living all the way up on the 21st floor is the beautiful view of the city skyline
you see all the highways intertwining with each other and all the tiny cars going here and there
and of course the view of the ocean!!
no wonder namjoon liked to get up so early
the peace and tranquillity of watching the city beginning to wake up is actually pretty pleasant  
you let out a happy sigh before pushing the one of the balcony door handles down and opening it just a little-
“what do you think you’re doing?”
“jEsus-“ you practically jump ten feet into the air when your new roommate makes himself known
you whip around and almost jump again when you realise that taehyung is literally riGht behind you
“how did you get here so quietly??” you mumble before shaking your head and moving to open the other set of blinds so that you can open the other balcony door
you yank the blinds up and taehyung groans and squints at the sudden onslaught of liGht
“when you do it like that it’s sO LOUd”
you clench your jar and turn to face him before putting a hand on your hip
“well, how else am i supposed to open it??”
taehyung shoves you aside and pulls the string again so that the blinds roll back down
he turns to give you a pointed look before sHOVING his hand right in between the shutters and pushing the handle down to open the door “like that.”
“but- buT then you bend the shutters and- sEE SEE look you dented it!!!!” you push him aside to at least tRy and bend the shutters back into place and scowl to yourself when you see the little dent even after you straightened it out
“so what? if you have to open the balcony doors every morning you should do it like that because a) you don’T have to open the blinds and hurt your eyes so early in the morning, and b) you won’t wake me up from all the ruckus!” taehyung states as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world
“i’ll take your suggestion into consideration next time, thank you” you smile through gritted teeth and follow him to the kitchen
taehyung opens up the fridge and pulls out the carton of apple juice
he unscrews the lid of the apple juice carton and you’re about to ask him if he knows where you put the cups but thEN he starts chuGGing out of it like an uncultured sWINE and you literally fEEL your heart stop
that is so nASTY
he lets out a satisfied ‘ah~’ before putting it back into the fridge
“anyways, now that i’m up,” he slams the fridge door shut and turns to face you with a bright smile “you gonna make breakfast for us or what? because i am starving!”
you know what
you think you’re getting used to sharing a washroom with taehyung
it’s actually not that bad besiDes the fact that he occasionally forgets to put the toilet seat back down but u know what it’s totally fine it’s not a big deal
all you’re saying is that joonie never forgot to put the toilet seat down because he’s very courteous and knows that in the morning when you’re half asleep you’re not going to remember to put the seat down-
“chRist-“ you gasp in shock when your ass basically falls riGHt into the toilet bowl and you reach out next to press a hand against the wall while the other grips at the countertop
you let out a groan and get up before quickly turning to put the seat down
but yes
as you were saying
it’s really not that bad sharing a washroom with taehyung
you flush the toilet before pushing the shower curtain aside to turn the tap on
you hum to yourself and pull your shirt off before tossing it into the hamper
you just have to get used to the fact that taehyung isn’t like namjoon
your brows furrow when you reach under the tap to check the temperature of the water
,.,.why is it still.,,. cold
it doesn’t take this long for the water to get hot
you poke your tongue into your cheek when something crosses your mind
taehyung must’ve used up all the hot water
your grip on the edge of the bathtub tightens until your knuckles turn white
no problem!
a cold shower will certainly wake you up for sure!!!!  
and you remember namjoon mentioning something about how cold showers help with your metabolism or something like that so maybe you should be thanking taehyung for using up all the hot water like a selfish pRICK-  
“no problem, we’re all good…” you mutter to yourself and pull the little knob on top of the tap so that the water will go to the showerhead-
you yELP when you’re suddenly blasted with icy cold water and you immediately wrap your arms around yourself in a pathetic attempt to keep yourself warm
oh my goD
o-o-o-okay this is going to be the f-f-fastest shower you’ve ever taken in your e-e-entire life because you’re pretty sure that if you spend another f-f-five minutes in here you’re going to get h-h-hypothermia
you shiver as you pick up the bottle of shampoo and-
oh you are k-k-k-kiDDING
you don’t have any shampOO LEFT
you bought this two weeks ago!!!!! how the hell did you use it all up???????
you clench your jaw when it hits you onCe again
k i m
t a e h y u n g
this shampoo is expensive too!!! it’s goat milk shampoo and it makes your hair smell suPer good and feel silky soft  
no wonder he smelled oddly familiar the other night
you jump when you hear knocking on the bathroom door
you push the curtain aside aggressively “what????”
“i need to take a piss!!!! hurry it up in there!!”
you resist the urge to huRL the empty shampoo bottle at the door
anyone who knows you knows that sundays have always been your favourite day of the week
sunday is the perfect day to just relax and unwind from the whole week aND saturday
plus you and namjoon sometimes go to brunch on sunday so that’s another reason why you look forward to sundays so much
you don’t have any plans today which means you have all the time in the world to just chill out and-
“oh. my. god.” your jaw drops in pure shOCK when you walk into the kitchen
it looks like a tornado blew through the kitchen while you were sleeping  
hoW did this happen????
the kitchen was completely spotless yesterday!!!!!!
you know that because you literally spent like 2 hours cleaning the kitchen last night!!!!!!!!
you were on your hands and knEES scrubbing at the kitchen tiles until each one of them were smooth and polished!!!!
but now??
the garbage bin isn’t closed all the way because it’s literally overflowing with traSH and there’s a banana peel hanging out over the edge
there’s a whole mouNTAIN of dirty dishes and mugs in the sink
you just stepped on a sticky spot and you don’t even want to know what dried up there
and the fridg-
you feel a shiver tingle up your spine at the thought of all of your food going to waste because of a warm fridge
you immediately rush over and open the fridge door all the way to see if-
“oh nOnOnOnonoooOooo-“ you reach forward to press the back of your knuckles against the carton of milk and curse to yourself when you realise that it’s literally room temperature
you don’t know how long the fridge has been opened but you know that it’s probably not safe to eat whatever’s in there
everything in the fridge is spoilt as far as you’re concerned
even your overpriced honey-cinnamon greek yogurt that you literally bought two days ago
you’re going to have to dump everything out
what a waste of money!!!!!! now you have to go grocery shopping today and replenish all the food!!!!!!
you should wake tae up and ask him to chip in for the grocery fees
“i can’t get over how comfortable that mattress is…” you turn to look when a sleepy taehyung steps into the kitchen
“what the hell happened??” you exasperate as you grab another garbage bag from the cupboards and shake it open “when i went to bed last night the kitchen was spotless because i cleaned it but i come in this morning and it looks like someone hosted like thrEE frat parties in here all at once-“
“y/l/n, cchhiiiilllll.” taehyung yawns and stretches his limbs out before reaching up to rub at his eyes “i just brought all my dishes and my trash to the kitchen a couple hours after you went to bed, it’s not a big deal.”
he’s right
it’s not a big deal
as long as he takes out the trash and washes his own dishes it’s not a big deal
“this is… it’s a lot of trash and a lot of dirty dishes…” you mutter as you take a look around
“it’s only like five days worth of trash and dishes - it’s not that much.” taehyung nudges you aside so that he can look into the fridge “…where’s all the food?”
“in the garbage bag.” you step aside to gesture to the veRy full garbage bag behind you “the fridge was open when i came down and everything in there was warm so i’m throwing everything out.”
“you’re- oh my goD you’re literally wasting so much money right now-“
“most of the things in there were mine anyways so it’s not that big-“
“you threw out that honey-cinnamon yogurt?? i was almost done eating that!!!” taehyung frowns and shoots a glare in your direction
your eyelid twitches
he’s been helping himself to your organic vegan yogurt hUH
and he was ‘almost done eating’ it??
you bought it tWo days ago and it’s a huge thing of yogurt which means he must’ve really reALLY been helping himself to it
“hey, so when are you going to go grocery shopping?” tae closes the fridge before nudging you aside again to get to the sink
and at first you think he’s going to get a head start on those dirty dishes but theN-
you feel a wire inside of your brain short circuit almost immEdiately when taehyung uses a wet paper towel to wipe the rim of a dirty cup before turning your coffee machine on and placing the dirty cup under the nozzles
you remind yourself to never accept a cup of coffee from him
it’s totally not a big deal
some people have certain quirks that you’ll never understand but that certainly doesn’t mean that they’re not nice and that you can’t get along with them
“well… i wasn’t going to go until thursday but considering the fact that the fridge is literally empty i guess i’m going today-“
“great, because i have a list of things that i’m gonna need you to pick up for me.” taehyung sighs and plucks an apple out from the fruit bowl
you furrow your brows immediately
“well, you could always come with me-“
“nah, i’m not good at it.” he takes a giAnt bite of his apple
“…you’re not good at- how can you not be good at grocery shopping-?“
“wait, does this mean you threw out the creamer, too?? now i have to drink black coffee?? dude, groSS” taehyung whines and wrinkles his nose at the fresh cup of coffee he just brewed for himself
“…just give me your stupid list.”
if you had a dollar for every time taehyung irritated you, you would honestly be a billionaire at this point
not even a billionaire
you would be a triLLionaire
“would it kill you to do the dishes sometime?” you wipe your damp hands down on the back of your leggings as you step out of the kitchen and into the living room
taehyung is currently lazing on the couch helping himself to a bag of chips while scrolling through his phone
“you know what, it actually would.” taehyung glances up at you “i’m like super duper 100% deathly allergic to dish soap. frankly, i’m offended you even asked.” he pops a chip into his mouth
crunch crunch crunch
you clench your jaw in frustration
for a second you can’t help but wonder what it’d feel like to drive your fist right into the middle of that pretty little face
“ooookay, if you can’t do the dishes, then you can help me take out the trash.”
taehyung sighs and shakes his head “no can do, buddy. i’m also allergic to garbage bags.”
woW what a friCKin coincidence
“…you can do the laundry!” you clap your hands together before placing them on your hips
your foot starts to tap against the floor impatiently when taehyung bring a chip to his mouth slowly and bites it in half
a couple crumbs fall onto his chest and he brushes them onto the floor
he clears his throat  
“detergent falls into the same category as dish soap-“  
“you know what? forget i asked! forget it!” you lauGh and raise your hands in defence before walking away “i give uP! i frickin GIVE UP-“
taehyung jumps when he hears your bedroom door slam shut
he shrugs and pops another chip into his mouth
namjoon, jin, and hobi aLL think that you’re not getting along with taehyung
and even though that is a very true statement
your natural instinct is to prove them wrong
“we’re getting along just fine, thank you very much for your concern.” you adjust your backpack strap before shaking your head “he’s actually super great, contrary to your guys’ belief. he’s a wonderful roommate! i love taehyung!”
the way you’re speaking almost sounds like you’re trying to convince yourSelf that you love taehyung
and you’ve never really been good at persuading people
namjoon can’t help but roll his eyes
you’re already very stubborn and he haTes dealing with you when you get like this
he doesn’t understand why you can’t just admit that taehyung is a horrible roommate!!!!
“i mean, sure, he’s a little messy, but who isn’t? it’s totally not a big-“
“hey, check it out!” namjoon interrupts your little speech about how amazing taehyung is as a roommate to point over by the vending machines “why don’t you go and say hi to your super duper wonderful angel of a roommate?”
you swallow thickly when you follow namjoon’s line of sight
that’s taehyung alright
you’d recognise that beanie anywhere
it looks like he’s with a group of his friends
you see him pull a plastic baggie of quarters out of his backpack
hey look at that!
that’s nice of him
he’s treating his friends to some snacks
wait a second
you feel one of your veins buST open when it hits you
is that.,,.,. is that the lauNDRY MONEY
he’s using the laundry money to pay for snacks and drinks???!??!
“you know, i don’t know if that’s a good idea!” you clear your throat when you feel the boys slowly nudging you towards his direction
hobi literally has his hands pushing against your lower back while namjoon has his fingers wrapped around your wrist
“he looks like he’s in the middle of a very riveting conversation and i wouldn’t want to-“
“kim TAEHYUNG-“ hobi screeches before plopping down on the bench and gesturing for namjoon and seokjin to duck down as well
you panic and you’re about to sit down too but it’s too late
taehyung turns around to understandably find whoever it was who just screamed out his name in the middle of the cafeteria and immediately locks gazes with you
oh god
okay just say hi
“hi taehyung!” you smile brightly and wave at him a liTtle too enthusiastically
jin immediately grabs your hand and pulls it down because your wrist is going to pop off if you wave any harder
a normal person would wave back when they’re being waved to
unfortunately for you taehyung is not a normal person
taehyung raises a brow before snorting gently and turning back to his group of friends “as i was saying…“
your jaw drops slightly
what the hell was that
namjoon kisses his teeth and shakes his head
he’s about to hit you with the faTTest ‘I Told You So’ of all time
“it’s a fun little game we play.” you sit down quickly and smooth out your skirt
you can feel your cheeks growing red at the complete mortification of the situation
“you guys wouldn’t understand.” you clear your throat and laugh lightly “he’s so silly!”
namjoon frowns and turns to look at taehyung over his shoulder for a second
you are one of the moSt important people in his life and he hates that you’re being treated like shit
“you still think we believe you when you tell us that you like him?” he sighs while wiping his apple on his shirt
“…just eat your lunch.”
you’re starting to think that you’re incapable of noT thinking about taehyung
you don’t get it!!!
maybe it’s because you have this innate need to be liked and when you realised that taehyung might noT like you that much your brain was like well,.,,. now i’m going to keep thinking about why he doesn’t like us.,,.,.
even when you’re asleep it sounds like your brain won’t stop repeating the words ‘oh my god, taehyung, oh my god, taehyung-‘
“oh my god, tae, fuck yes-“
oh my god
your eyes pop wide open and you stare into the darkness
maybe you just imagined it
that was just your imagination and it definitely wasn’t-
“yes, right there, fuck me with your huge-“
“oh god, yes, i’m cumming, you’re gonna make me- ah!”
you feel your entire face burning up as you try to suppress your own screams by flipping over and shoving your face into your pillow
this is a nightmare
also this is a schOOL night so they have no business getting it on when all of you have classes tomorrow
and just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse
you hear the headboard beginning to smack against the wall and- “oh my god, tae-!”
and you nearly start crying
“oh my god, tae...” you whimper to yourself and feel a shiver go up your spine
you yank the covers up over your head and curl up into a ball
you didn’t even know he snuck a girl home!!!!
how did he do that so quietly!!!!!!
when you wake up the next morning you’re not sure if the entire night was some sort of weird fever dream or not
you finally fell asleep at like three in the morning because thaT’s when the screaming and the bed-rocking died down
and then you woke up early because you’re pretty sure taehyung woke his pal up with his head in between her legs (“tae, your tongue feels so-!“)
she’s very communicative which is key in a relationship so hopefully things work out between the two of them!!1!!
you blink down at your bowl of cereal and watch as the now-soggy cheerios float around your spoon
you.,,. don’t have an appetite this morning which is very rare because you’re aLways in the mood to eat
“hi! you must be tae’s roommate!” your spoon clatters against the side of your porcelain bowl when taehyung’s lady friend pops out of nowhere
jesus chRist
she was quiEt
she’s dressed in what appears to be one of taehyung’s tattered t-shirts (the same one he was wearing when he left the apartment yesterday morning) and you allow yourself to stare at the hickies decorating her neck and collarbone as she reaches up to pull the shirt up slightly
you’re tempted to offer her a pair of shorts or something because homegirl’s ass is fully out right now (she’s wearing a g-string which is basically noTHING)
“this is the part where you introduce yourself, y/l/n.” taehyung pops up behind her and raises a brow at you
you reach up to wipe away the milk that’s driBBling down your chin and you reach out to shake her hand “hi! yes, i’m the roommate… i’m y/n.”
“i’m soo-young, but you can call me joy if you’d like…” she’s a little preoccupied because she keeps looking over your shoulder at tae who’s currently drinking out of the orange juice carton like an animal
joy, huh?
very fitting considering she was screaming of joy last night anD this morning
“well, it’s very nice to meet you, joy.” you push yourself up off the counter before spinning around and promptly grabbing the carton from taehyung’s grubby hands “can i offer you anything? we have cereal, instant oatmeal, frozen waffles and bagels…” you hum and pull a cup from the cupboards before pouring a glass of juice for tae
side note
if you ever need to make a little money in the future maybe you can open up some kind of bed and breakfast thing
taehyung can take care of the bed part and you can do the breakfast part lol
anyways back to it
you hand the clean glass to him with a little glare and he smirks before accepting it and taking a small sip
“of course, i’ll toast the bagel for you… unless you eat frozen bagels?” you joke and put the orange juice back into the fridge before standing back up and leaning against the fridge door “we have cream cheese, oR i make this really good cinnamon butter that i’d be happy to share with you”
joy’s eyes widen before she looks over at taehyung
“uh, i… actually, i was thinking that tae and i could go out for breakfast or somet-“
“i’m gonna go take a shower.” taehyung chirps and hands you the empty glass before moving to head out of the kitchen
“maybe we can take a shower together! save some water?” joy offers shyly and grabs onto taehyung’s wrist
bless her heart
his eyes flicker down to where she’s gripping him and he shakes her off gently “um, we’re trying to conserve hot water so… maybe you should wait til you get back to your place. by the way - would you mind tossing the shirt into the hamper after you change? thanks, sweetheart.” he clicks his tongue and gives her a heaRTy pat on the shoulder  
you mouth a quiet ‘yikes’ to yourself when taehyung leaves the kitchen and joy looks like a puppy who’s just been kicked in the face
her entire face is red and she looks like she’s about to start crying
it’s not greAT of taehyung to brush her off like that but according to your knowledge taehyung is a one night stand kind of guy so.,.,,
you really hope she doesn’t start crying because you never know how to comfort people and ur not about to start now
you clear your throat as joy looks down at the shirt she’s wearing and picks at a loose thread on it  “…how about i smear extra cream cheese on your bagel for you?”  
“bye! thanks for putting the shirt in the hamper…” you offer joy a sheepish smile and watch as she steps into the elevator before you close the front door
she didn’t want the bagel even after you toasted it anD put extra cream cheese on it
she definitely wasn’t as joyful as she was when she first came out of tae’s room reeKing of sex
...okay it was funny the first two times but now ur just beating a dead horse
you were about to offer her some clothes for her taxi ride back home because if you were in this situation you would rather be dressed in a hoodie and leggings instead of a tight mini-dress and six inch platform heels at 9 in the morning buT uh
that would give her an excuse to come back and you get the feeling that taehyung doesn’t want her to come back
“taehyung?” you give the bathroom door a couple knocks before taking a step back “i toasted a bagel for joy but she didn’t seem to have an appetite so do you want to split it-“
the bathroom door swiNGs open and you flinch slightly at the onslaught of heat and steam that comes out from it
and then time seems to slow down
taehyung steps out of the washroom with a towel hanging loosely around his hips and a smaller one hanging around his neck
h-holy.,,., holy shIT
smooth, glistening caramel skin with the warm bathroom lights illuminated behind him like a halo
droplets of water practically cascading down the ridges of his broad chest and the faint ridges of his abs and woW that’s a v-line for suRE
you swallow dryly and look up to see taehyung staring right back at you with the coCkiest of smirks on his face
“oh, god, i’m sorry-“ you immediately spin around so that you’re facing the other way and you feel your face starting to heat up  
“it’s all good.” taehyung chuckles lightly “what were you saying about a bagel?”
“i, uh, i was wondering if you wanted to split a bagel because-” you turn to look at him over your shoulder and your eyes widen when you realise he’s standing a loT closer to you as he dries his hair “-b-because joy didn’t seem to want it-“
“yeah, i’m down. lemme put some sweatpants on and i’ll join you in the kitchen.” taehyung puRPosely brushes past you and you catch a whiff of his musky aftershave
you feel your knees grow weak when you see his back muscles flex slightly as he walks down the hall to his bedroom
“head’s up!” he turns around quickly and tosses the smaller towel at you and luCkily your reflexes are fast enough to catch it before it hits your face
you shake yourself out of it quiCkly and pat your hot cheeks
“…wait, are you putting a shirt on too or are you just coming in sweatpants-“
tae’s white towel fLIes out from his room before the door slams shut
“so… joy seems like a nice girl.” you drum your fingers against the side of your mug before taking a sip of coffee (it’s coLD now but you’ll drink it anyways)
“mm.” taehyung murmurs and takes another monster bite of his bagel
“are you… planning to call her or text her or-“
“you shouldn’t have let her weAr your clothes if you’re not going to call her again-“
“she put it on herself and she already knew this was going to be a one time thing” taehyung glances up at you from his phone before giving you an expression that screams ‘duH’ “plus, it’s none of your business.”
you scoff at taehyung and raise a brow “it becomes my business when the vigorous and veRY loud sex happens in my apartment and i’m going to be the one the landlord contacts when we get noise complaints.”
“it’s our apartment”
“my name is on the lease. it’s mine. you’re renting from me.”
taehyung pokes his tongue into his cheek before setting his phone down harshly “what do you want from me, huh? it’s not my fault she was so loud. i can’t help that i’m so good with my-“
“i want you to keep things respectful because you are noT the only occupant of this apartment. keep your sexcapades at a decEnt volume! gag your next friend for all i care!! i was going to sleep in but i had to get up early because someone was moaning up a storm-”
“again, not my fault- it seems to me that someone needs to get laid because you’re waY too uptight and it’s obvious you’re kind of a prude-“
“i am noT a-“ you let out a breath of frustration before shaking your head and turning around “you know what, i’m going to go and get ready to head out!” the mug nearly shatters from the sheer force of you setting it down in the sink
you should’ve said yes to bukjoon
you should’ve!!!!!!
you let out a sigh as you stare blankly out the window
where is bukjoon?
what’s he doing now?
you miss him
you just let him sliP through your fingers
sure, you would have to had face the fiery wrath of namjoon but the guy’s about as intimidating as a baby penguin so that wouldn’t have been too hard to deal with
speaking of namjoon
you’re looking forward to the lunch that namjoon packed for you today!!  
you managed to calm yourself down a little after your chat with taehyung this morning and now all you can think about is how greAt today is going to be
your outfit is cute
your hair isn’t frizzy
your makeup looks nice and deWy just the way you like it
and one of your lectures got cancelled today so you get to come home a little earlier!
a classic namjoon lunch (specifically personalised and created for (1) y/n y/ln) includes the following items:
1x smooth peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich with no crust
he avoids chunky peanut butter because he knows that you have sensitive gums aND you don’t want peanut bits all up in your teeth after you’re done eating
he used to shape them like hearts but one time you opened your lunch box (yes, namjoon even got you a tin lunch box) in front of hoseok and jin and they immediately started teasing you and asking you what other shapes mama namjoon could do
namjoon wasn’t the least bit embarrassed because he loVes preparing lunch for you but you were traumatised and from that moment on you requested that namjoon simply slice off the crusts and leave it at that
1x baggie of baby carrots and baby cucumbers
1x little pot of hummus
1x homemade chocolate chip cookie that’s always the size of your palm never bigger never smaller
1x carton of either banana/chocolate milk oR apple/orange/pineapple-strawberry juice
you take the box out of the fridge and-
your brows immediately furrow
why does the box feel so light
you give it a little shake
it certainly doesn’t sound like there’s little baggie of baby carrots and cucumbers waiting for you to devour them
your heart sinks to your stomach and your eyes actually begin to water when you open up the box to see that all that’s in there are a couple empty plastic baggies and some breadcrumbs
you swallow thickly
“hey, when are you doing the laundry?” taehyung pops into the kitchen and perks up when he sees you with the lunch box “oh, the bagel wasn’t enough for me and i noticed that the food in that box was the only other decent thing to eat. if i didn’t eat that i would’ve starved to death. by the way, there was a note in the lunch box and it seemed like it was for you but honestly… who’s to say?” taehyung tosses a crumpled up note at you and you catch it before uncrumpling it and-
‘i know you asked for no more heart shaped sandwiches but i bought a new cookie cutter and i just had to use it. see you later today! -joon’
this son of a biTCH
“also, who has the time to shape sandwich bread into-“
“what do you mean ‘who’s to say’???? this was obVIOUSly for me!!!!” you feel your eyes glazing over even moRe purely out of frustration with taehyung and his eyes widen “i’m the only other person who lives in this apartment and if this lunch box doesn’t belong to you then obviously it’s meant for mE you IDIOT”
“jesus, y/l/n, calm down! it’s just food!!” taehyung furrows his brows before scoffing “here, i’ll give you $20 for lunch.” he rummages through his pockets and pulls out a couple of bills
you look at the bills before looking at him and shaking your head
“you’re a dick.” you sniffle as you dump the plastic baggies into the recycling bin
“…what, do you need more lunch money? how much do you eat??”
“that is not the point!”
“okay, $30 for lunch! god, take all my money, why don’t you??”
as time goes on you begin to realise that kim taehyung is truly an asshole
there’s no better word to describe him than an asshole
he’s an inconsiderate, arrogant, uncaring, selfish, complete asshole of a man and you don’t know what you did to deserve this
you really don’t!
he doesn’t care about you at all
in fact
he treats you as if you were his personal maid or something
you’re always picking up after him and you’re always cleaning up his messes anD you’re always escorting his lady friends out of the door the morning after with a to-go cup of coffee and half a bagel
you don’t havE to do all these things for him but you do!!!
you say you’re only continuing to do all these things for taehyung because you’re a nice roommate but according to namjoon you’re a-
“pushover. a complete pushover!” namjoon pauses to glance at you over his shoulder as you trail behind him and his book cart
he hands you a book and you slide it into place
“i am not a pushover!!”
he turns around with a thiCk dictionary in his hands and starts flipping through it
you scoff and place a hand on your hip as you watch him slide his finger down the page
“what are you doin-“
“pushover: noun.” he clears his throat and adjusts his glasses “an opponent who is easy to defeat or a victim who is capable of no effective resistance. someone unable to resist an attraction or appeal; a sucker.”
you see what he’s doing here
you raise a brow and snort “can you use it in a sentence?”  
namjoon claps the dictionary shut before sliding it into the shelf
he leans against the cart and crosses his arms before reaching up to stroke his chin in mock thought
“ah! i’ve got it.” he smiles sweetly at you “y/n is a pushover when it comes to taehyung, and she’ll do anything for him with a snap of his fingers-“
“alRight alright i get it-“
“synonyms for pushover include but are not limited to the following: doormat, weakling, wimp-“
“fine! fine, i’m a little bit of a pushover. it’s not that bad!”  
namjoon turns around and starts wheeling his cart down to the next shelf “a little bit of a pushover? oh, please. what are you doing after you help me out here?”
“going grocery shopping.”
“uh-huh. and what’s on the top of your grocery list? check the list on your phone.”
“i don’t see how this is going to help prove your theory that i’m a pushover-“
“just do it.”
you pull your phone out of your pocket and open your notes app before tapping on the grocery list
the first thing you typed was-
“…’peanut butter cups for taehyung’.” you mutter lowly and scratch the back of your neck
“yep. not honey-cinnamon yogurt, not bagels, not cinnamon toast crunch - peanut butter cups for taehyung. i said it before, and i’ll say it again - you, my friend, are one bIG pushover.”
“pushover. i am not a pushover.” you mutter to yourself as the elevator starts taking you up to your floor
you hug the bag of groceries to your chest tighter to keep it from slipping
“i’m just being a nice person! just because i do things for him whenever he asks me to do things doesn’t mean i’m a pushover. if anything, i’m a… i’m a pullunder! i’m a biG OL pullunder!!!”
you step out of the elevator and make your way down the hallway to the apartment
you’re not a pushover no matter what namjoon says!!
even though the first thing you looked for was taehyung’s peanut butter cups the moment you stepped into the grocery store does noT mean that you are a pushover  
“hey they didn’t have the peanut butter cups that you like so much but i got these- oH GOD SORRY” you squeak and slam the front door and immediately feel a chunk of your soul leave your body
because you fully just walked in on tae really REALLy getting it on with someone on the couch
how does this keep haPPENING
why does he have to have so much sex!!!!!!!
you fluffed the pillows so nicely this morning
you’re not particularly sure what to do now
are you allowed to go in
are you supposed to wait out here until they’re done
maybe you can go down to the lobby and just wait there
you should probably send tae a text and tell him to just let you know when he’s done
oR maybe you should go in there and tell them to go to the beDroom and finish up because you were really wanting to vacuum the living room today
you jump in surprise when the door swings open violently to reveal a very frustrated looking tae along with a very half-naked tae
he has your throw blanket wrapped loosely around his waist and your cheeks immediately flush
he’s an asshole but it would be inhumane of you to noT check out the faint outline of his six pack
“ever heard of knocking?!” he snarls at you and anY physical attraction to him at this moment immediately fizzles away
you gawk at him
“knock- i live here-!”
you’re about to pick up the grocery bag and shoVe past him to get into the apartment when suddenly he steps aside to let his guest out
“call me later?” she gets up on her tip-toes to give tae a kiss on the cheek and he hums in response
why.., does she look so familiar
your brows knit together as you diG through your brain
what the
you immediately pale when it hits you
rose???????? sweet little rose??? from your history class????? the one with the colour-coded notes and the glittery pens????? sweet little rose from your history class the one with the colour-coded notes and the glittery pens bent over the arm of the couch while tae dRILLS-
“bye y/n! see you monday” rose smiles sweetly at you and muster a smile before stepping aside so that she can make her way to the elevators
you wait for the faint ding of the lifts before you open your mouth to speak but tae beats you to the chase
“i was going to get at least three more orgasms out of her but someone had to come home and ruin the fun” taehyung sighs as he turns to head back in the apartment
“well i’m sorry i live here” you grumble and bend down to pick up the groceries “and three orgasms sounds positively draining”
“of course you would say that, you prude” taehyung tosses the pillows back on the couch
you huff and resist the urge to drop the groceries just so you can kick his ass
“you wanna help me put the groceries in the fridge?” you grunt and kick the door shut behind you
“nah, you can handle it”
“..,.oh, okay! uh, as i was saying, i didn’t find the peanut butter cups that you like so much but i did find these-”
“leave them in my room. i’m gonna take a shower!” tae chirps and slams his bathroom door shut
he opens it up again and pokes his head through “by the way - i’m having a couple people over tonight so it’d be suuuuPer cool if you could like.,.., not be here when that happens.”
“what about if i just stay in my room-“
“thanks, roomie!”
you let out a breath as you stare at the bathroom door before shaking your head disappointedly
how did you get stuck with a prick like that
what did you do in your past life to deserve this?????
you turn to inspect the dishevelled state of the couch
you are going to have to disinfect the entire couch
maybe burn it
maybe just buy a new couch???
you honestly don’t even know how one person can have so much sex with so many different people
you’re all for having a healthy sex life and you fully support someone having multiple sex partners if you’re that kind of person but this is ridiculous
you can’t help but wonder if tae’s had sex on every surface in the apartment
…that explains the handprints on the balcony doors  
“i hate him! he’s driving me crazy and i have to live with him for the next year.” you groan quietly and pinch the bridge of your nose
“so just drive hiM crazy right back”
“how am i supposed to do that?”
“what does he hate the most?”
you purse your lips in thought and make a face
“…not getting laid every weekend?”
namjoon pauses and gives a little shrug
“touché - but, no. he hates you the most. at least, it seems like he hates you the most.”
“gee, thanks-“
“i’m serious! from what i’ve heard - and what i’ve seen - you guys boTh despise each other, so just hang around him 24/7 and you’ll drive hiM equally as crazy!”
“aren’t you the one telling me not to fight fire with fire whenever i get into sticky situations?”
“this is a special situation.” namjoon clears his throat and adjusts his glasses “didn’t you say he was throwing a party?”
“he’s not throwing a party, he’s just hanging out with his friends and they’re all chilling at the apartment. that’s why i’m hanging out with you at the library instead of being in the comfort of my own apartment.” you snort
“oh my god, you dumbass. ‘having a few people over’ almost always translates to ‘i’m throwing a party’. even i know that!” namjoon scowls and reaches over to flick your forehead
you scowl and reach up to rub at the sore spot “taehyung wouldn’t throw a party without consulting me about it first” you huff stubbornly and lean back against the wheely chair
“wow. the midterm exams really made your brain cells disintegrate, didn’t they? you don’t think there’s an inkling of a chance that as you’re sitting here with me, kim taehyung isn’t taking advantage of the fact that he has a very spacey apartment all to himself?”
“you know what, namjoon? i really don’t think so. i think you’re just making an assumption based off perceptions of-“
“there might be people bumping uglies on your bed right now.”  
you immediately pale
“…yeah, so i’ll see you later!” you squeak and bend down to grab your bag
“yep, that’s what i thought.” namjoon snorts and watches as you make a mad dash out of the doors
taehyung is typically a very carefree guy when it comes to throwing parties
he kind of just goes with the flow and doesn’t let anyone harsh his mellow
he doesn’t care if people have sex in his room as long as they keep it clean and fasT and they don’t do it on his bed
he doesn’t care if the cops come and tell him to keep the noise levels down because he knows he has the ability to charm his way out of a charge
but one thing that he definitely cares about?
there’s no way in hell he’s going to let you ruin his party
so imagine his surprise when he walks out from the kitchen to see you asking people to ‘please use the coasters that i’ve provided for you!’
“what the hell are you doing here???” taehyung hisses and grabs you by the arm before pulling you out of the apartment and into the hallway
“what does it look like i’m doing? i’m joining the party!” you grin before pointing to the door “it seems like everyone’s having fun in there!! also, it looks like there are at least twenty people in our apartment and i only have enough juice boxes in the fridge for like six people, which is unfortunate. anyways-“ you’re about to step into the apartment but taehyung reaches out and wraps his fingers around your wrist to hold you back
“you have to leave. i thought you were hanging out with..,,. what’s his name.,., four-eyes tonight?”
“who? namjoon?”
“yeah, four-eyes.”
“namjoon was busy tonight and i didn’t have any work to do so i figured i’d stop by at the obvious party that’s happening in my apartment. what happened to ‘having a couple of friends over’?”
“our apartment.” taehyung corrects you and pulls you back again when you make a move to walk in again
“debatable statement.”
“look, just go and hang out with your friends, alright?” he exasperates “come back in a couple of hours.”
“no!” you frown and let out a huff
“get ouT of here!” he points towards the elevators
“no!!! do you not want me here? is that it??”
taehyung clamps his mouth shut before pursing his lips
you immediately gawk at him
why doesn’t he want you at his party??? you’re not thAt lame
you’re super fun at parties!!!
sure your dance moves aren’t that impressive but you can get jiggy widdit once you get a couple drinks in your system
“why not!!! that’s totally unfair!!!”
you’re aware that you’re acting like a petulant child right now but it’s not fAIR that taehyung doesn’t want you at his party with his friends
you don’t care if he’s ashamed of you even though that’s what it feels like and you can’t help but feel sliGhtly offended
you just want to make sure nobody breaks anything or sets anything on fire
anD you want to make sure that, as namjoon so delicately put it, nobody’s bumping uglies on your bed  
“fine!” taehyung grumbles and gestures towards the door
it seems like you’re not going to take no for an answer so he’ll just have to deal with you staying at the party “you wanna hang out at my party? be my guest. but don’t come running to me like a scared little deer when you realise that you don’t fit in when it comes to these social situations.”
“oh, please.” you snort and push the door open
almost immediately you feel the bass from the music pumping through your veins “i’m going to fit right in with your gang of- hEY feET oFF the coffee table-!“
taehyung lets out a breath and sends out a quick prayer hoPing you won’t be the cause of the death of his party and his social life in general
you’ve been to a couple of house parties before with namjoon and hobi and jin
usually you just hang out in the corner of the room with some unidentifiable drink in your hand while you scroll through your phone while hobi and jin are debating over something dumb like ‘do pigeons truly have feelings?’
this is a brand new situation for you
you’ve never been alone at a party
you’re almost always glued to namjoon’s side and you just have to give him a tug on the wrist to let him know you’re ready to get the heCk out of here
and as much as you want to leave you can’T because you made a big deal out of taehyung not wanting you at the party so if you leave now it’s just not going to look good for you
and you don’t know why but it feels like the number of people have increased tenfold because it feels like you’re in a can of sardines right now
of course
you want to prove to taehyung that you can be super cool so you’ve tried to be a little more lax with everyone
but that hasn’t stopped you from scolding somebody who was very happily helping them-self to the peanut butter chocolate ice cream in the freezer
you don’t know how you slipped into a party straight out of those cheesy high school movies but here u are
playing seven minutes in heaven
to say the least
you’re.,,. uncomfortable
you didn’t even play this game in high school for crying out loud
also it’s not the 70s anymore why would anyone still be interested in playing seven minutes in heaven
you inspect your nails uninterestedly as taehyung digs his hand through the bowl of names
he had everyone write their names down and put them in the bowl and he foRced you to come play because when he found you you were lecturing somebody on the consequences of mixing alcohol and weed (“do you know how quickly you can become dehydrated with this combination???”)
taehyung feels a sense of relief when he pulls out the slip of paper with your name scribbled down on it
thank god
if he can’t get rid of you for the whole night at least he can get rid of you for seven minutes
“y/n! you’re up.” he smiles brightly when he sees the sheer look of panic wash over your face
good >:-)
taehyung falters when he unfolds the next slip of paper to see that it’s,.,.,. his name that’s scribbled on it
he doesn’t want to play seven minutes in heaven with u
no offence
“hey, look at that! jungkook, you’re y/n’s partner!” taehyung cheers and shoves the slip of paper back into the bowl
jungkook nods before getting up off the ground and you immediately curse to yourself
it’s not that you don’t want to be paired up with jungkook
it’s just that he’s so intimidatingly preTTy and you get very nervous around pretty people
first impressions are important and you get the feeling that you’re going to find a way to make a fool out of yourself as per usuAL
you don’t know the guy at all
you’ve seen him a couple times around campus throwing a frisbee around with his pals
one time you saw him in line at starbucks but other than that
absolutely nothing
of course you don’t have any time to panic and ask if it’s too late to back out because the next thing you know the two of you get ushered towards the front door before getting shoved riGht into the closet
it looks like taehyung cleaned out the closet specifically for this game
you’ll have to ask him later where he shoved everything
you clear your throat and look up at the flickering light in the closet before looking over at jungkook who is aLso avoiding your gaze
“i’m y/n, by the way.”
taehyung already told him that
this is already going downhill and it’s barely been ten seconds
“i’m jungkook.” he smiles politely and sticks his hand out awkwardly for you to shake
it’s awfully cozy in here
he’s about the length of your elbow to the tip of your middle finger away from you which seemS like an appropriate distance away but when ur shoved into a tiny closet it’s very, very close
“you’re taehyung’s roommate, right?”
“yep! and you’re taehyung’s… friend?”
“eh, i guess so. we’re just part of the same fraternity but i don’t actually know him too well.” jungkook shrugs “we lived together last year but i kinda kept to myself.”
“oh yeah! i remember him mentioning something about living with like four other guys…”
“it gets messy” he laughs lightly “do you get along with him?”
“well, we have our good days, i suppose. he uses my shampoo-“
“no way, he used to use my shampoo too!!!!”
you immediately snort and roll your eyes playfully “i just don’t get why he can’t go out and get his own damn bottle!”
“exactly!!!!!” jungkook gasps in exciTement because he’s finally being given a chance to rant about taehyung
he accidentally raMs his elbow into the wall and lets out a groan before crumpling over
oh oUCH
“are you okay????” you immediately burst into giggles and reach over to give the top of his head a gentle pat
“whyYyYY are you laughing at me??” he whines and rubs at his sore elbow
it’s weird
you thought jungkook was just a carbon copy of taehyung
and for the first time ever
you’re pretty happy that you were mistaken
seven minutes goes by fAr too quickly for your liking because the next thing you know taehyung’s banging on the closet door and telling you guys to ‘get your asses out here’
“i’m sorry about... you know, not actually following the rules of seven minutes in heaven” you smile sheepishly and scratch the back of your neck
“technically, the players get to spent seven minutes doing whatever they want with each other and i just wanted to get to know you a little better, so i think we played the game right.” jungkook teases lightly
he reaches out for the doorknob but pauses and turns to look at you again “by the way, i… would you maybe want to hang out sometime? grab some coffee or something?”
your brows raise in surprise
your cheeks warm immediately and you let out a soft chuckle “i, uh, yeah! i would love to grab some coffee with you sometime. maybe after we get out of this closet i can give you my number?”
jungkook beams at you and nods happily “yeah, that’d be-“
all of a sudden the closet door swings open and you instinctively take a step away from jungkook when you see taehyung standing there looking less than happy
“the game is called seven minutes in heaven, not teN minutes in heaven.” he steps aside to let the two of you out and you can’t help but roll your eyes
for someone who accused you of being a buzzkill muLtiple times he’s certainly doing a good job at being one right now
taehyung can’t help but narrow his eyes a little when he notices you and jungkook exchanging shy glances as you guys sit back down in the circle
“i’m baaaack!” your keys jingle as you shove them back into your backpack
you’re genuinely surprised that you didn’t walk in on tae fucking the lights out of someone on the couch
you were expecting to see a pair of someone’s boobs or a flash of his dick but it’s a pleasant feeling to be able to walk into your own apartment and not want to completely bleach your eyeballs
“you would not believe how packed the bus was because it’s tuesday and you wouldn’t think that the bus would be super jammed on a tuesday night but obviously-“
“i’m going to need you to shut up before i throw my books at you” taehyung raises his pencil in your direction but keeps his eyes glued on his laptop
he’s sitting crosslegged on the ground and he’s surrounded by loose papers and open books
his laptop is on the coffee table and it looks like he had a whole bag of m&ms for dinner which cannOT be good for you
he has the tv turned on but the volume’s really low
“wow, alright mr. grumpy…” you raise your hands in defence before bending down to untie your laces “what are you doing?”
“none of your business.” taehyung mutters in response and lets out a huff of frustration
side note
you’ve never seen him wear these rectangular framed glasses before
his hair is frizzy and slightly damp from a shower most likely
he’s in a white and blue stripey pyjama set
you’ve never seen him look so.,,.., dare you say it,.,,.. so boyfriend material-y before
so warm n snuggly n cozy
it really sucks
the fact that he looks like that and then once he opens his mouth all the attraction just fadEs away in a millisecond
god really has it out for you doesn’t He
“fine, sorry i asked…” you can’t help but feel a little dejected every time taehyung shuts you down like that
you’re just being a nice person!!
taehyung falters and pokes his tongue into his cheek when he glances at you and sees you hanging your jacket up on the coat rack quietly
ur just minding your own business
,.,.ok he feels a little bad for being rude to u all the time
he doesn’t know why he’s so mean to you
you guys have been roommates for a couple of months already and every time he’s mean to you you never fight back
in fact you usually just flash him a smile and then wander off and leave him alone
“i’m just…” taehyung sighs and leans back against the bottom of the couch “i’m taking this dumb art history class and i have a presentation in a couple of days that’s worth 25% of my final grade that i haven’t worked on yet.”
you narrow your eyes at him “that… i can’t feel bad for you because you did that to yourself. you should’ve started earlier!”
okay now he knows why he’s so mean to you all the time
it’s because you’re a bratty little know-it-all
taehyung shoots a glare in your direction and you shrug
well it’s truE
“would it kill you to stop being such a smartass all the time? you always think that you’re right and that everyone else is wrong-”
“because most of the time i am right and everyone else is wrong.”
“jesus- you know what, whatever. just leave me alone, y/l/n.” taehyung grumbles and brings his attention back to his laptop
“what are you doing?” taehyung furrows his brows in confusion when you suddenly plop yourself down across from him and pull your laptop out of your backpack
“i’m going to help you, that’s what i’m doing.”
“do you even know anything about mesopotamian art?”
“nope” you pop the ‘p’ before raising a brow “but i’m going to research the heCk out of it and we’re going to make a bombass presentation and you, good sir, are going to ace it.”
“i don’t get it. why are you helping me?” taehyung narrows his eyes at you and you give him a warm smile in response
“because this is me being nice. don’t question it. now share your google presentation with me!”
believe it or not
you actually think that making presentations are pretty fun
you get to choose the pretty fonts and the colourful backgrounds and if you’re really wanting to spice things up you can always add in those funky transitions
of course taehyung has a certain minimalistic aesthetic to his slides so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to infect it with your multicoloured block letters
the two of you have been working for about an hour and a half and you have to say it’s been a pretty productive hour and a half
taehyung said that his presentation has to be 10 minutes long which really isn’t thaT long if you think about it but the difficult part about it is that you have to jam as mUch relevant information as possible into it
thankfully he already did some research so you guys didn’t have to start completely from scratch
of course you chipped in and did some research on your own as well that you thought would contribute greatly to the overall quality of his presentation
but picking and choosing what to cut out and what to put in is surprisingly taking a lot more time than you thought it would
it’s been relatively silent
all that can be heard is the tv is playing softly in the background along with your guys’ fingers on tapping away at the keyboard and the occasional flip of a page or scribble of a pencil
your eyes flicker over to taehyung over the top of your laptop
he has his necklace trapped in between his teeth as his fingers fly across the keyboard
there’s a divot in between his brows and for a brief second you can’t help but think that his concentrating face is actually pretty cute
wait wat
u didn’t say that
taehyung glances up at you and you quickly look back down at your laptop screen
a soft smile twitches at the corner of his mouth
you’re cute when you’re not running your mouth and constantly telling him what to do  
you took a quick break earlier to change out of your clothes so now you’re in a pair of shorts and a comfy looking sweatshirt
also you had to pull out your reading glasses because it felt like your contacts were starting to dry out anD your eyes were starting to get fuzzy from staring at the screen for so long
and taehyung didn’t think he had a thing for girls with glasses but.,,.,. he might have a thing for girls with glasses
wait wat
he didn’t say that
you’re chewing on the back of your pen as you scroll through an article when all of a sudden your tummy lets out a little grumble
it makes sense considering the fact you haven’t eaten in like nine hours
“i’m going to order some takeout for us because a bag of m&ms does not equate a proper meal” you get up off the ground and stretch your sore limbs out before heading towards the kitchen
taehyung glances up at you briefly (your butt looks cute in those shorts) before shaking his head “nah, i’m good. you can go ahead and order-“
“orange chicken, broccoli beef and vegetable chow mein without celery and with extra bell peppers, right?” you poke your head out from the kitchen with your phone sandwiched in between your ear and your shoulder
“wha- um, yeah. how did you know-“
“great! also, could i get an extra order of egg rolls-“
you know his order by heart which is funny because he happens to know that your usual order is sweet and sour pork, honey-walnut shrimp, and fried rice with extra green onions
wait what
taehyung brows knit together in confusion
how’d he know that
what the heCk
from: jungkook - ok what about this one: if i could rearrange the alphabet i’d put ‘u’ and ‘i’ together
to: jungkook - bOo i give that one 2/10 points
from: jungkook - your standards are too high, woman!!!!!! what are u doing now?
to: jungkook - eating dinner. guess what’s on the menu?
from: jungkook - what’s on the menu
to: jungkook - me-n-u
from: jungkook - omg ur so lame u literally just stoLE my pickup line i’m giving you -2/10 points
you giggle softly as you type in your response
you and jungkook have been texting back and forth since taehyung’s party a couple of weeks ago
he’s super sweet anD super funny and he just has that boyish charm about him that makes you squeAL if you think about it for too long
all you know is that ur kinda sorta maybe wrapped around his pinky and you’ve only gone out for coffee with him once
he pulled your chair out for you!!! you guys split a slice of carrot cake!!! he even feD you a bite!!!! and after coffee you guys just wandered around campus and it was just super nice talking to him!!! he draped his jacket around your shoulders to keep you warm!!! you like him a lot and he makes your heart go boom-boom!!!
“hey - for one of your pieces of shrimp, i bet you that i can catapult one of my pieces of chicken right into your mouth.” you look up from your phone to see taehyung grinning at you
he wiggles his brows and you look down at your little dish of shrimp
you guys are taking a dinner break and you thought the entire dinner would go by with nO words being exchanged between you two but this is a good sign because taehyung initiated a conversation
you should take advantage of this!!! this is your winDow of oppoRtunity!!!!!
you set your phone down and raise a brow “you drive a hard bargain, kim.” you sit back a little and open your mouth expectantly and tae rubs his hands together excitedly  
he places a piece of chicken on the spoon and clears his throat
he pokes his tongue out in concentration and flicks his wrist forward quickly
your eyes widen in excitement when it actually lands in your mouth and you make sure to chew and swallow before sticking your arms up in the air in viCtory “it worKed!!!!! i guess that means you get one of my shrimps - which i will aLso be catapulting into your mouth”
you place the overly saucy piece of shrimp on your spoon before quickly flicking it anD-
“oh shiT” you laugh when it hits tae’s forehead before plopping down onto the table
“you did that on purpose!” he groans playfully and reaches up to wipe the sauce off his forehead with a napkin
“i did not!!! i just have terrible aim!!!”
taehyung pops the shrimp into his mouth and hums happily
this is definitely a muCh better dinner than a bag of m&ms
“aw, they only gave us one fortune cookie!” you push your bottom lip out in a pout as you rummage through the plastic bag in hopes of finding another fortune cookie “it looks like we’re going to have to split this one…”
you unwrap the cookie before holding it out for tae
he grips the other side and-
the fortune is stuck in taehyung’s portion of the cookie and his eyes lighT up in excitement
“it’s probably going to say something stupid like how you have to look inside yourself to find the true meaning of life” he snorts and pulls the slip of paper out
“either that or something like ‘you’re going to die in 24 hours’” you raise a brow and inspect your half of the cookie before popping it into your mouth
that cut into your gums a little bit
tae unfolds it and gives it a quick read
‘☺ the love of your life is right in front of your eyes ☺’
his dark brows knit together once he reads it and his eyes slowly trail up from the slip of paper to right across from him to where you’re sitting
oh boy
“well?” you swallow your bite and reach up to wipe your mouth with the back of your hand “what does it say?”
tae doesn’t know why he’s nervous to tell you what it says
his eyes widen in panic when you reach out to take it from him and he quickly smacks your hand away
“ow!!!!” you scowl and cradle your hand “what was that for??”
“it’s my fortune!! if you read it… it won’t come true!!”
“that’s literally not how it works-“
“dinner break is over! let’s get back to work” tae tucks the fortune into his breast pocket before popping the cookie into his mouth and dusting his hands off
“fine, you weirdo.” you roll your eyes playfully as you start cleaning up the empty takeout boxes
‘the love of your life is right in front of your eyes’
he watches as you hum to yourself and tie the straps of the flimsy plastic bag together before getting up to toss it away
tae snorts quietly and shakes his head
love of my life my aSS
it’s not a big deal
fortune cookies are stupid anyways
“-and with that being said, it is clear that the geographic division of the area is reflected in the history of its cultural development from the earliest civilisations.” you mouth the words along with tae as he finishes up his presentation
you immediately start applauding after his concluding statement and tae smiles brightly
“yes!!!!! that was so good!!!” you laugh lightly when tae bows and blows kisses into the audience (aka just you)
you let out a yawn before reaching up to rub at your bleary eyes “now that we’re done with your presentation we should probably get some shut-eye.” you let out anoTher yawn as you check the time on your laptop
jeez louiSe
it’s 5:14am
the two of you have to get up at 8 and you’re definitely not looking forward to that
“goodnight, tae!” you turn to glance at tae over your shoulder as you step out of the washroom
the two of you decided to do your nighttime routine together just to save some time
you pause when you get to your bedroom and furrow your brows “or… good morning? good-might? goodnighting?”
“you’re delirious. go to bed.” tae snorts and waves you off as he turns off the bathroom light “thanks again, y/n”
“anytime, tae”
your door closes and the light flickers off
taehyung stares at your bedroom door for a couple for seconds
“you’re not so bad, y/l/n.” he mutters to himself with a smile before walking into his bedroom and closing the door “you’re not bad at all.”
oooOOh boy
you’ve never felt so drained in your entire life
you let out a yawn as you make your way to the kitchen before rubbing at your sore jaw with a scowl
that was a big yawn and you were [this] close to getting lockjaw
you hit your snooze button a couple of times this morning  
you’re exhAusted from staying up all night helping tae with his presentation but you need to get some food in your system before you head out for the day
your nose twitches when you smell,,…,. burning.,.,,. why,,.., why do you smell burning.,,..,
your heart immediately starts to race as you quicken your pace
did you leave something in the oven last night??
you didn’t usE the oven last night
maybe taehyung left something on???
jEsus of course he left something on
he’s going to set this place on fire and-
“hey, i was wondering when you were going to get up! you’re usually halfway through a bowl of cereal by this time.”
needless to say
you are nothing short of shOCKed when you see tae with a tea towel slung over his shoulder padding around the kitchen as if this was a normal thing for him
what is going on
he pulls a stool out for you and nudges you over so that you take a seat
oh god
is this what a stroke feels like?
are you.,., literally having a stroke right now?
“sorry about the burning smell. i guess the crumbs in the toaster were starting to clog up the thing so when i popped your bagel into it and turned it on all the crumbs starting getting burnt… but your bagel made it out alive!” taehyung smiles and sets your bagel down in front of you
one side is smeared with cream cheese and the other is smeared with your homemade cinnamon butter
just the way you like it
“what?” you blink owlishly at taehyung and he raises the coffee pot in his hand
“…coffee? one cream two sugars, right?”
“right, yeah. uh, yes please. thank you.” you smile meekly and taehyung nods before pouring some coffee into your mug
you lean over a little to glance at the sink
all the dishes are drying on the drying rack
there are no dirty dishes in the sink
the counters are spotless and polished
and you’re pretty sure you can smell some floral air freshener in here
“here you go-“ taehyung hands you your mug before pointing to the fridge “also, i, um, packed lunch for you today-“
you figured it out
you know why he’s being so nice to you
you’re a genius!!!!
“-to make up for that one time i ate it and you almost cried over it-“
“what did you break?” you interrupt taehyung and he raises a brow at your accusatory tone
“what are you talking about?”
“what… did you break? did you damage something? is that why you’re being so nice? so that later on when you tell me you like kicked a hole through your wall or something i won’t be able to get mad at you because you made breakfast for me anD packed lunch for me…”
“i didn’t break anything, y/n. calm down.” taehyung snorts and shakes his head as he takes a bite of his own bagel
he swallows his bite
“i just wanted to say thank you for helping me yesterday.” he shrugs and walks over to take a seat on the stool next to you
you swiVel around so that you can face him
taehyung does the same
since you two are sitting so close together that means his knee is sandwiched in between yours
“you wanted to thank me… that’s it?”
“there’s no ulterior motive?”
he purses his lips and shakes his head “not that i can think of.”
“…so you’re not going to throw some sneaky party or anything-“
“y/n, this is me trying to be nice. don’t question it.” taehyung reaches over to pinch your cheek before giving your knee a gentle pat “now, c’mon! eat up!”
tae knew that the presentation was coming up soon
but now that he’s literally about to present it he feels like time went by waY too quickly
he doesn’t know if he’s been so nervous in his entire life
he knows it’s just a 10 minute presentation but he hates, absolutely dreAds giving presentations
especially solo presentations!!! in front of like 200+ people!!!!!
he needs to stress-chew on some gum
nothing like good ol strawberry flavoured gum to calm his nerves
he unzips his backpack and shoves his arm into it
his brows knit together in confusion when his fingers brush over a foreign object in his backpack
he pulls out what appears to be a little stack of flashcards held together with a ribbon
there’s a little sticky note on the top of the stack and tae flips it upside right to read it
tae: these might come in handy! good luck today - i know you can do it. - y/n ☺
you made presentation flashcards for him
when did you even put these in his bag?
when did you find time to make these for him??
taehyung pulls the ribbon off and flicks through the flashcards briefly
you wrote down every single one of the important points down on the cards
you really did that for him
“kim taehyung?”
taehyung swallows thickly when he hears his name being called
he clears his throat after making his way to the front of the room
his lips pull up into a friendly smile and he stares into the ocean of people “today, i’m going to be talking about the history of mesopotamian art in relation to its cultural development…”
it’s weird
the one thing calming him down isn’t the strawberry gum
it’s the thought of you
the presentation is actually going fairly well
tae nearly dropped his flashcards at one point but thank god he didn’t because that would have been a nightmare to have to reorganise
but yes
so far so good
he’s actually about to wrap up the presentation which is giving him a great sense of relief because he’s pretty sure he’s going to have a nervous breakdown if he stands up here for any longer than 10 minutes
“-and with that being said-“ taehyung freezes when he suddenly sees you sitting all the way in the back of the lecture hall
what the heck
what are you doing here?
he haTes that he feels his heart skip a beat when you give him a little wave and a thumbs up
he clears his throat and offers the prof a sheepish smile before continuing on and tapping his spacebar to get to the final slide “-uh, it is clear that the geographic division of the area is reflected in the history of its cultural development from the earliest civilisations. thank you.”
he lets out a breath of relief when the audience breaks into scattered applause
and unsurprisingly you stand up and bounce up and down excitedly aND clap the moSt enthusiastically before giving a little ‘woohoo!!!!!’
you are such a dork
…he loves it
the first thing taehyung sees when he leaves the lecture hall is your smiling face
he’s about to ask you what the heCk you’re doing here but he doesn’t get a chance to because-
“hey, you! you did so well!!!!” you squeal excitedly and pull tae down for a quick congratulatory hug
his eyes widen in surprise but he finds himself hugging you back almost instinctively
he wraps an arm around your waist tightly and can’t help but wonder why his first instinct isn’T to shove you away and tell you to cut it out
“i… literally couldn’t have done it without you but- what are you even doing here? don’t you have class right now?”
“i would not miss your mesopotamian art history presentation for the world, my friend. of course i had to come and support you!” you give his arm a playful punch before checking the time on your watch “i actually have… three minutes to get to my next class so i have to go but i’ll see you at home?”
“yeah, yeah. i’ll… see you at home.”
taehyung smiles softly when he sees your backpack bouncing up and down from your frantic movements as you scurry towards the exit
that was really nice of you actually
you didn’t have to come and watch him do his presentation but you did
that was very nice of you
he blinks twice
son of a bitch
it’s not.,.. possible
taehyung stares blankly ahead before furrowing his brows and reaching up to scratch the back of his neck
there’s no way he’s harbouring feelings for you
you’re y/n!!!!
you’re his dorKy ass roommate who he would never hang out with if it weren’t for the fact that you guys lived together
you’re y/n
you’re y/n who snorts when you laugh too hard at one of his jokes
you’re y/n whose idea of fun is watching a nature documentary about dolphins or sitting on the couch doing crossword puzzles
you’re y/n who’s always asking him if he wants a snack or one of your juice boxes or if he needs any help with his work
you’re y/n who uses a wooden spoon as a guitar as you bounce around the kitchen jamming out suPer hard while making dinner (he’s never going to let you live that one down)
you’re y/n who stayed up til 5 in the morning helping him with his presentation even thought you literally didn’t need to do that
you’re y/n and taehyung is 99.9% sure that he likes you much more than a roommate or a friend should
he swallows thickly
o god
he likes you
“…seriously?!” taehyung groans loudly and smiles sheepishly when the people around him give him weird looks
and so
as seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days and days turn into weeks
you find that you become a lot closer to tae than you thought was possible
it turns out that when he’s not being a complete dick he’s actually a very sweet and caring guy
he always holds the door open for you when you guys come home together (his classes end earlier than yours so he just waits til you get off class so you guys can catch the bus together)
he’s always offering to make you a cup of coffee or a little fruit salad whenever you’re busy studying because he knows you get peckish when you’re working hard
not to mention
you can’t remember the last time you had to toast an extra bagel for one of his special friends
you can’t remember the last time you nagged him to take the trash out or wash the dishes or do the laundry
you can’t remember the last time he did something that irritated the heck out of you
most of the things that he does nowadays make you smile and laugh and just feel all waRm and cozy inside
it just took a little bit of time but you knew that eventuaLLy you guys would get along
you truly are living your best life
taehyung doesn’t know how you managed to convince him to watch another one of your dumb nature documentaries (it miGht have something to do with the fact that he definitely has a super big crush on you) but to be honest it’s really not as boring as he thought it would be
“wait, i don’t get it.” tae shakes his head before glancing at you for a brief second “seahorses are monogamous? are there seahorse weddings?? can seahorses get married????”  
“mm, yeah” you hum absentmindedly before popping a kernel of popcorn into your mouth
“for real???”
you reach over to pat tae’s hand gently as a gentle reminder to shut the fuck up or i’ll cut u and it looks like you’re waY too wrapped up in the nature doc because you don’t pull your hand away
“seahorses mate for life, and when they travel, they hold each others’ tails…” tae’s eyes flicker down to your hand resting on top of his and he lets out a little sigh
he kind of wants to ʰᵒˡᵈ ʸᵒᵘʳ ʰᵃⁿᵈ
he turns to look at you again and feels his heart skip a beat
you’re not even doing anything but you’re still so cute
he honestly doesn’t know what he’s going to do because this is truly the first time he’s ever felt this way towards someone BUT mushy feelings are suPer duper lame so there’s that
he turns to look back at the tv
“do you think i would win in a fight against a beaver? i think i could take a beaver any day.” tae mutters through a mouthful of popcorn
he keeps his eyes glued on the screen but nudges your side with his elbow “hey, i asked you a question-“ all of a sudden you’re slumping over and your head drops onto his shoulder
he freezes almost immediately and turns slowly to look down at you
you fell asleep
what time is it?
you guys have watched like four episodes of this docuseries so he can assume that it’s already pretty late
he puts the bowl of popcorn down before glancing around for his phone
he curses quietly when he sees that it’s on the coffee table but it’s just out of reach
you know when your dog or cat falls asleep on your lap
taehyung thinks that this is kind of like that
except instead of his cute dog it’s his cute roommate and he doesn’t have the heart to wake you up because you look pretty comfortable
he’ll just let you snooze for a little while longer and then he’ll wake you up so that the two of you can go to your rooms
no biggie!
he lets out a little yawn
it wouldn’t kill him to take a little snooze as well riGht
n…o….. b…i…g….g…i…e….
tae’s brows furrow in discomfort when he tries to flip over onto his other side
why,,.,. can’t he move
he sniffles and reaches up to rub at his nose before wrapping his arm back around his pillow
why does his pillow feel so firm all of a sudden
tae gives his pillow a gentle squeeze
it’s like soft and firm at the same time
he peels one eye open just to check-
oh jESUS
he jolts in surprise when he realises that he’s not in his room and he’s not cuddling up to his pillow
he’s still on the couch with you and you guys are definitely snuggled up together and he was definitely groping your ass three seconds ago
his thigh is tucked in between your legs
you’re using his bicep as a pillow which explains why he couldn’t move his arm earlier
he’s sure that his heart is going to bust out of his chest because
hi there
u look very cute when you’re asleep
your cheeks are warm n rosy (presumably from being wrapped up in tae’s arms all night) and your hair is a little mussed up
and your face is smooshed against his bicep which is adorable
the tip of his nose bumps against yours and he feels his cheeks flush red at how close the two of you are
he’d only have to move like an inch to kiss u
you grumble something under your breath as you stir and suddenly you’re changing positions and turning around so that your back is pressed against tae’s chest
tae keeps his free arm lifted so that he doesn’t accidentally grope you again or anything lol
to his complete and uTter surprise
you reach up and grab tae’s arm before wrapping it around yourself and tae feels his heart beating a mile a minute
you’re so soft and warm and you smell so sweet and it wouldn’t hurt to just.,., doze here with you for a little while longer
taehyung can’t help but nuzzle into the back of your neck before pulling you closer and wrapping his arm tighter around you
just a little while longer
it’s about an hour later when you peel open your cruSty eyes
you let out a soft yawn and wince at the light streaming in through the blinds
you must’ve fallen asleep on the couch yesterday night
…why does your blanket feel like an arm
you glance down and your eyes widen in surprise when you see what is inDeed an arm wrapped tightly around your waist
oh my god
you’re cuddling with taehyung
“tae-“ you tap his arm and wiggle around in his grip-
what the
what is that?
there’s something hard pressing into your bum
it kind of feels like-
“oh my goD tae-“ you shove his arm away before rolling off the couch with a thuMp and tae shoOts up from the couch from all the commotion
“wha- what’S happening what’s happening-“ his voice is significantly deeper and raspier considering he was sleeping very peacefully like a second ago but you can barely think about that because-
“gO take care of your thING you freAK-“
tae immediately looks down and-
his face flushes bright red and he grabs a pillow to cover himself
“i can’t HELP IT oh my god you’re such a pruDE-“
to say the least
this has been a very chaotic start to the morning
“cinnamon toast crunch…” you mutter to yourself as you look over the grocery list in your hands
usually you take care of the groceries and tae just pays you back for half of them but for some reason he insisted on tagging along with you today
but you’re starting to regret your decision of letting him come with you because going grocery shopping with tae is like going grocery shopping with a five year old
“y/n, check it out! a two for one deal on m&m’s!!!!!” you look over your shoulder to see tae looking vEry excited at being in the candy aisle
you let out a sigh and shake your head before pointing to the piece of paper in your hand
“we don’t need m&m’s, it’s not on the grocery list that i meticulously curated-“
“head’s up!” you immediately duck when tae suddenly huRLS two bags of m&ms over your head and right into the cart
“tae! you could’ve hit me!!!!”
“but i didn’t”
“but you couLD have”
“…but i didn’t!” he chirps and nudges you aside a little so that the both of you can push the cart
tae’s eyes flicker down to where you’re both gripping the handlebar and he moves his hand a little closer so that his pinky is pressed right up against yours
and surprisingly enough
you don’t flinch or move your hand
tae turns his head to hide the giddy smile on his face
“you’re going to get us kicked out of the store if you keep goofing around like that, you know”
“they can’t kick us out - who else is going to buy their insanely overpriced organic vegan honey-cinnamon yogurt?” tae picks the tub of yogurt up and inspects it before putting it back down “i don’t know who else would be crazy enough to spend $18 on yogurt.”
“you’re the one who eats half a tub in a sitting so it looks like i’m not the only crazy one here.” your eyes scan over the shelves and they light up when you spot your favourite cereal calling out your name
“why can’t we get froot loops instead?” tae purses his lips as you chuck the box into the cart
“because froot loops are gross and they’re full of artificial flavours and weird preservatives-”
“cinnamon toast crunch is like a having a bowl of diabetes in the morning-“
“there’s 2.1 grams of fibre in it sO-“
“but froot loops are multicoloured!!!!!”
it’s funny
the two of you are bickering like a married couple and tae can’t help but feel some sort of odd satisfaction from that
“tae, did you get the orange juice with pulp or without pulp??” you glance over your shoulder to see tae at the ice cream freezers
“without pulp!”
you hear the faint slam of the freezer door but you don’t think too much about it as you unzip your wallet to find your rewards card
you turn to look at him again
“and are the bagels-“
“yes, i got one bag of cinnamon-raisin and one bag of plain bagels, don’t worry-“
“here you go-“ you hand your rewards card over to the cashier with a smile and she scans it before handing it back to you
you continue to place the groceries onto the conveyer belt but you look up for a second when you notice the lady stopped scanning your things
she pauses for a moment as her eyes flicker from you to tae (who is coming back with a tub of ice cream behind his back)
you’re about to ask her if your card didn’t work or something but then-
“you two make a very cute couple.” she murmurs discreetly and your entire face immediately flames up at the comment
“who, me and him?“ you laugh lightly and shake your head “trust me, we’re-“ your eyes widen in surprise when taheyung’s arms suddenly snake around your waist from behind “what are you-“
“thank you very much, i think we make a cute couple too.” he presses his cheek against yours before not so subtly sliding a pint of ice cream onto the conveyer belt “but let me tell you, susan… if i was a couple years older, i think we’d make a much cuter couple.”
you resist the urge to roll your eyes because there’s no way someone would fall for a line as cheesy as that
susan immediately bursts into giggles “oh, you’re awful!”
apparently you were very wrong about that
“he really is” you snort and nudge your elbow into his stomach to try and get him to release you but he only tightens his grip around you “also, put the ice cream back because we’re already way over our budget-“
“aw, c’mon, baby… won’t you buy a tub of ice cream for your darling boyfriend?” tae pouts and nudges his nose into your reddening cheek
you literally don’T know why he’s doing this and you also don’t know why you haven’t pushed him away and knocked him over the head for acting all crazy
“cut it out, you weirdo. put the ice cream back-“
“you know what? the ice cream is on me. you two are just too adorable!” susan swipes the tub over the scanner before sliding it into the bag and you and tae exchange glances
he was only acting all cutesy to try to convince you to buy the ice cream but it looks like it worked on susan instead
either way he’s happy!!
tae pinches your side to get your attention
“you think if we make out in front of her she’ll give us the groceries for free?”
,.,..oh my god
“i’m really glad you decided to help me out with folding the laundry because-“
“check it out - i’m a fruit fly!!”
you look over to see that tae has one of your bras strapped around his head so that the cups are facing upwards and your cheeks immediately grow pink when you see him bouncing around the living room like a big ol dummy
“jesus- tae, nO” you groan and toss the shirt you’re in the middle of folding aside before holding your hand out “give it to me!!”
the two of you are standing at opposite ends of the couch and you can practically hear the cowboy showdown music in your head
“you’re going to have to rip it away from my cold… dead… bODY-“ taehyung breaks into a sprint and you immediately do the same
when he sprints past the laundry basket full of freshly dried undergarments he digs his grubbY hand into it and pulls out a-
“hey, you should wear something like this around the apartment more often.” tae gawks at the verY thin vERY lacy burgundy thong hanging around his finger “instead of those dumb fruit panties-“
“get over here so i can kiCK your ASS-“
he starts cackling when you begin to chase him around the room again only this time you’re hurling balled up socks at his head  
“and… checkmate.” taehyung knocks namjoon’s chess piece out of the way before picking it up and placing it on his side of the table
namjoon furrows his brows and tilts his head as he looks down at the chessboard
what in the world
“that- you can’t do that. your move didn’t make any sense.”
tae purses his lips and looks down at the board
“…yeah, i don’t actually know how to play chess.” taehyung chirps “i don’t even know what checkmate means”
namjoon snorts
“okay!” tae turns around and leans against the front counter when you return clutching a book to your chest “i finally found the book that i was looking for so i’m ready to go when you are!”
“i just won a game of chess against namjoon” tae points out with a bright smile and namjoon squaWks in offence
“you did noT-“
“i said checkmate so that means i won”
“that literally- get out of my library.” namjoon deadpans and points towards the door
he takes chess very seriously and he will not be riDICULED in his library!!!!!!!!
“-all i’m saying is that we didn’t have to come all the way to the library for some dumb book that you could’ve easily bought online-“
“i like holding a physical copy of a book when i’m reading!! plus, i told you you didn’t have to come with me” you nod in acknowledgement when tae holds the door open for you “why thank you, good sir”
“no problem dweeb”  
you immediately stop in your tracks when you notice the thunderclouds in the sky and the drizzling of rain
you didn’t know it was going to rain today
you didn’t bring an umbrella out!!!!!
“oh, shoot… it looks like we’re just going to have to wait out the storm and then head home…” you purse your lips as you look up at the dark clouds
you stick your hand out from underneath the canopy and let out a sigh as a couple fAT droplets splatter down on your palm
tae sticks his hand out and lets out a hum “don’t be ridiculous!” he scoffs “here, you’re going to use my jacket as an umbrella-“ tae takes his jacket off and drapes it around you so that it’s covering you  
“but you’re going to get wet?” you pull it up slightly to make sure that it’s going to keep your hair from getting wet
“that’s where you’re wrong, y/l/n. you’re going to be my umbrella-“ tae squats down in front of you and you immediately let out a snort
no way
no way!!!!
“if you’re implying that you piggyback me the rest of the way home you’re crazy” you shake your head and resist the urge to kiCk his ass and knock him over “you’ll drop me!!!!”
tae looks back at you with a raised brow
“i’m not going to drop you, i promise!! come on!!! riDE ME”
you gawk and lean over to slap a hand over tae’s mouth when a couple of people exiting the library give you guys weird looks
you laugh nervously and give them a thumbs up
it looks like you don’t have a choice
“if you drop me, i’ll kill you.” you grumble as you hop up onto tae’s back and hold the jacket out so that the both of you are somewhat shielded
you yelp when he stands up straight and bounces you slightly to adjust you
he squeezes the underside of your thighs playfully
“not if i kill u first, nerd”
you don’t know why
but you feel like the vibe with jungkook tonight is a little different
usually when you guys hang out (you’ve hung out a couple times already but this is the first time you’ve been in such an intimate and private environment) are always wrapped up in playful banter but.,.,. tonight is just.,.,. different
it’s not a big deal but
you don’t know how else to describe it
you invited him over for dinner and a movie and just to hang out in general
and you’re in the middle of choosing another movie to watch buT you guys can’t decide on whether you should go with captain america or iron man first
“this is the hardest decision i think i’ve ever had to make in my entire life.” you frown before pursing your lips in thought
“i honestly don’t care because i’ve watched these movies like ten times each.” jungkook snorts and scoots a little closer to you as you continue to flick through the choices
you let out a little sigh of frustration
choosing a damn movie should noT be this difficult
“just choose something. anything.” jungkook says a liTtle more aggressively than intended
you turn to glance at you and he flashes you a smile and shifts closer until the side of his thigh is pressed up right against yours
“i mean, i’m biased because captain america is my favourite but if you wanna watch iron man i-!” jungkook hooks a finger under your chin and turns your head before pressing his lips against yours to shut you up and you know what
it woRks
you didn’t think this was going to happen but you’re not complaining
you pull away quickly and gesture to the tv “w-we haven’t chosen a-“
“shush” jungkook pulls you back down and you twitch when you feel his hands slide down your back
your eyes flutter shut and your grip loosens around the remote and jungkook pulls it from your hand before tossing it onto the sofa chair blindly
you’re so lost in jungkook that you don’t even hear the front door opening
“oh, so you get to do it on the couch but i don’t?”
you pull away agAin and jungkook lets out a little huff before resting his head back against the couch
“tae! i didn’t… think you would be home so-“
“no way.” taehyung gawks when he sees who you’re straddling “jeon jungkook??? seriously????” he snorts as he kicks his shoes off “i mean, i knew you had low standards, but i didn’t think they were this low.”
“kim, nice to see you too.” jungkook mutters sarcastically and clenches his jaw
tae rolls his eyes almost immediately
“looks like someone still doesn’t know how to take a damn joke”
you clear your throat
it seems like there’s a little bit of tension in the air
maybe it’s time to break that tension with a jokE
“so like do you guys only address other people by their surnames or-“
“how do you two know each other anyways?” tae keeps his glare on jungkook
you let out a sigh and crawl off of jungkook because it lookS like you’re not going to be getting any more alone time with him anytime soon
“we met at the sneaky party that you threw.” you prop your elbow up on the top of the couch and lean against your fist before tucking one of your legs under the other “remember? you made us play seven minutes in heaven and-“
god damnit
tae wants to punch himself in the face
“oh, rigghhhttt.”
he should’ve gone in there with you instead of setting you up with jungkook
this is his owN fault
if he hadn’t invited jungkook in the first place then you wouldn’t have met him and you wouldn’t be making out with him in the middle of your guys’ living room
or maybe this is your fault!!!
if yOU didn’t come home that night then you wouldn’t have met him and you wouldn’t be making out with him in the middle of your guys’ living room
“well, don’t worry about me! you guys keep doing your thing.” taehyung smiles sweetly before disappearing towards the bedrooms
you wait to hear the faint click of his door closing aaaanndd-
“now… where were we?” jungkook tugs on your wrist and you smile shyly before moving back to your original position
as nice as it is making out with jungkook on your couch you can’t help but think about what taehyung has up his sleeve
because there was something about his smile that didn’t sit right with-
“oh, jesus-“ you pull away from jungkook in surprise when taehyung suddenly pops out from the hallway with the vacuum cleaner
“don’t mind me! y/n sheds a LOT so i’m just cleaning up all of her hair!!” taehyung rolls the vacuum underneath jungkook’s legs before whistling a happy tune to himself “just wanna make this experience as comfortable as possible for you two lovebirds!”
“do you have to do this now???” jungkook groans and taehyung pauses before reaching down to turn the vacuum off
“you’re right! i won’t do this now-“
“-god, thank you-“
“i’ll get to it after you leave! what are we watching, folks??” jungkook purses his lips in frustration when taehyung wiggles his way in between you and him
he retracts his arm down from the couch slowly
“you know what, i should probably leave…” jungkook glances over at you with a small smile “maybe i can come back when… you know.”
“yeah, that’s probably for the best…” you laugh uneasily
this is only slighTly embarrassing
“aw, come on! the more the merrier!” tae pushes his bottom lip out in a childish pout “how could you say no to iron man??”
“i have some things to do anyway. it was good seeing you, kim.” jungkook pats his knee before getting up off the couch
“mm… i can’t say the same.” tae shrugs and brings his attention back to the screen
you can’t help but roll your eyes at how immature he’s being and you get up from the couch as well “i’ll walk you to the door, jungkook-“
“he’s perfectly capable of walking to the door by himself- oW” tae hisses when you reach down and pinch his ear to shut him up
“so… i’ll see you around?” jungkook smiles shyly and scratches the back of his neck after he gets his shoes on
“mhm!” you nod and reach over to pinch a piece of fluff off his shirt before getting up on your tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek “i’ll text ya”
taehyung turns his head and watches you and jungkook talking to each other by the front door
he takes his bottom lip in between his teeth and chews on it anxiously
this sucks
do you like jungkook?
obviouSly you do because you were sucking his face off when he walked in here
this sucks >:-(
you’re super lame anyway so it’s not a huge loss
he can just.,.,,. he can just find someone else
tae looks away quickly when he sees you giving jungkook a kiss on the cheek
that’s not fair
how come u won’t kiss him on the cheek
he deserves cheek kisses as muCh as jungkook
maybe he was dumb to think that he had a chance with you
either that or he realised faR too late that he has feelings for you
the loved-up smile immediately drops from your face the moment jungkook disappears into the elevators and you shut the front door
“i think i’m going to take a little snooze. all that vacuuming tuckered me ouT” taehyung lets out a yawn and gets up off the couch
your body seems like it’s on autopilot mode as you practically stoRm down the hallway and follow him to his room
he’s craZy if he thinks you’re going to let him get away with doing what he just did
“by the way, since i did the vacuuming today, it’s only fair that you do it for the next month - don’t you think so?”
“what the hell was that?” you snAp as you cross your arms “you totally sabotaged my date with jungkook!”
taehyung plops down on his bed and leans back against the headboard before pulling his phone out “i have no idea what you’re talking about”
“we were having a really nice time together-“
“yeah, it sure looked like you were enjoying yourself considering you were practically sucking his face off-“
“and you just swoOp in and start vacuuming???? and-“
“you know what, y/l/n? take it up with the complaint department of kim taehyung.”
you pause
what the hell is he talking about
“wh- what are you talking about?”
“you heard me. call the complaint department.” taehyung raises his phone and wiggles it
you’ll play along with whatever stupid game this is
you dial tae’s number and bring your phone up to your ear all while maintaining eye contact with tae who looks vEry smug at the moment
taehyung’s phone buzzes in his hand
he clears his throat and hits the answer button before bringing it up to his ear
“hello! this is kim taehyung headquarters, you’re speaking to secretary kim taehyung. how may i be of service today?” he greets brightly and flashes you a bright smile and a thumbs up
you have literally never felt so ridiculous in your entire life  
you let out a quiet breath to calm yourself down
just play along!!! just play aloNG  
“i… i would like to file a complaint about kim taehyung tO the kim taehyung complaint department!”
“great, can i get a name?”
“y/n y/l/n.” you can’t believe you’re taking this phone call seriously
taehyung leans back against his headboard and crosses one ankle over the other
“alright, miss y/l/n. i’ll connect you to the kim taehyung complaint department right now. i’m going to put you on hold now, if that’s okay?”
“taehyung, you’re wasting my TIME-“
taehyung literally puts you on hoLD and tosses his phone aside and you scoff when your phone starts playing an overly-cheerful piano version of twinkle twinkle little star  
you glance over at tae
he pokes his tongue into his cheek uninterestedly as he inspects his nails  
“…taehyung, i swear to god-“  
“shush!“ taehyung holds a finger out to shut you up “you don’t want to miss your call, do you?”
“jesus christ.” you mutter and pinch the bridge of your nose
this is ridiculous
taehyung picks his phone back up
he clears his throat
“hello! this is the kim taehyung complaint department of kim taehyung headquarters. you’re speaking to head manager kim taehyung. how may i be of service today?”
you roll your eyes before shaking your head
“okAy now that you’re finally giving me a chance to talk about-“
“oOh, sorry!” taehyung winces “my lunch break just started. you know how it is.” he pushes his bottom lip out in a mocking pout before trailing his pointer finger down from his eye to his cheek “try calling again in an hour! byeeeeee.” taehyung hangs uP on you before tossing his phone aside
he looks over at you and raises a brow “…any success with the hotline?”
he drives you CRAZY
you don’t know what happened!!!
he’s been so sweet to you for like a month and now it’s like the taehyung you met five months ago
and now he’s calling you y/l/n again and he’s making snide comments and being ruDe and wow
you should’ve known it wasn’t going to last forever
bAck to normal
this sucks
you honest to god don’t know what happened
if he’s going to be a stubborn prick there’s nothing you can do about it
taehyung lets out a breath once you close his door
and he can’t help but think:
maybe this is a wake up call
you hanging with jungkook and all
maYbe this is god’s way of telling him to make a move otherwise he’s going to regret it
he’s liked you for nearly a month and he literally hasn’t done anything about it so mAYbe this was a swift kick to his ass telling him to man up and dO something
“yeah.” taehyung whispers to himself
…he’s going to tell you that he likes you!!!!
and he’s going to do it as soon as possible
it’s been about a week and a bit since your faiLure of a date with jungkook
he hasn’t made a move to reach out to you which is kind of odd
you diD leave him a text message but he never got back to you and you didn’t want to be that person who double-texted and just radiated desperation  so you didn’t do anything else
maybe he was just weirded out by tae or something
speaking of tae
you pull your phone out of your pocket when you feel it buzzing and you bring it up to your ear
“where do we keep all those takeout menus?” you hear some clattering on the other end of the line and you safely assume that tae’s going through all the drawers
“in the-“
“oh, never mind! i found them. okay, see you soon… raccoon!”
you snort and roll your eyes
taehyung noticed that you and namjoon always said see you later alligator and in a while crocodile to each other instead of saying goodbye and he wanted to be a part of it too buT namjoon was like if you still the alligator thing from me i will give you a million paper cuts
so he came up with an alternative and that was see you soon..,.,. raccoon
it’s cute that he tried
“toodle-loo kangaroO” you hum before hanging up and slipping your phone back into your pocket
“y/n!” you turn to glance over your shoulder and you feel your heart beginning to race almost immEdiately when you see jungkook jogging towards you
oh god
what are you wearing today
you look down
jeans and… is this tae’s sweatshirt?????
he must’ve mixed your guys’ laundry up agAin
“hey!” you smile brightly and wipe your sweaTy palms down on your jeans
you don’t know why you’re so nervous all of a sudden
you’ve literally had his tongue in your mouth before so
okay ew
“hey, i was hoping to bump into you! i’m sorry i haven’t texted you all week, i’ve been like, super busy.”
you’re far too infatuated with jungkook’s pretty brown eyes to notice that he smirks and nods in acknowledgement at another girl behind you
“oh! um, no, don’t worry about it.” you laugh nervously “look, i’m really sorry about what happened the last time we hung out… i didn’t think tae would be so… y’know…” you trail off awkwardly and scratch the back of your neck
“it’s totally fine, don’t worry about it!” jungkook shakes his head and smiles brightly at you “that’s actually why i wanted to talk to you… would you maybe be interested in a makeup date? i don’t want to seem too eager but… are you free tonight? maybe we can pick up from where we left off…?” he hums, reaching over to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear
you flush almost immediately
he wants to hang out toniGht
you need at least two to three business days to prepare when you make plans with someone
oH but it’s jungkook.,,.,.
“uh, yeah! yes, i’m super free tonight. i mean, not like, not that like i didn’t have plans or anything but-”
“great! i’ll come and pick you up at your place around… 7 o’clock?”
it looks like you officially have plans tonight
here’s the thing
taehyung has decided that tonight is the night
tonight is the night where he’s going to tell you that he might have a teensy crush on you and he’s just hoping it’ll work out
he’s never really had to.,,. confess to someone before considering he’s usually the one being confessed to
so this is a whole new game for him
he’s sure it’ll be fine though!!
he made sure to vacuum and dust the apartment and just make everything a lot neater before you got back
he timed it perfectly so that the pizza would get here ten minutes before you got home so that when you guys dig in you won’t burn the roof of your mouths with hoT cheese
he even picked up a bouquet of roses for you just because he felt like that would be something you’d like!!
and now he’s busy lighting candles because he wants everything to be perfect for you
tae perks up when he hears the front door slam shut and the faint jingling of your keys
you’re home!!!!!!
he nearly trips over himself as he rushes out from the kitchen
he glances over his shoulder at his romantic setup just to double check that he didn’t accidentally light anything on fire lol
“hey!” he greets a liTTle too enthusiastically before clearing his throat
keep it casual
“i mean… hey.” his voice deepens a little bit but his boxy grin returns to his face when you look over at him “there’s an extra large pizza sitting on the table with our names on it anD i even ordered that garlic aioli you like so much-“
“did we plan something tonight?” you furrow your brows in confusion and wrack through your brain to see if you remember making dinner plans with tae or not
usually you remember these types of things
taehyung falters before pointing at the tv over his shoulder “uh, well, no, we didn’t plan anything but i thought that maybe we could have some dinner and maybe watch another one of those nature documentaries again!”
if he’s lucky maybe you’ll fall asleep midway through the documentary which will result in an accidental-but-totally-on-purpose snuggle on the couch again
you look over at the tv and notice that he’s already turned netflix on
your favourite candle is burning away on the coffee table
there’s a bowl of warm, buttery popcorn (your favourite) mixed with mini peanut butter cups (his favourite)
that’s awfully nice of tae
you feel a twingE of guilt knowing that you’re about to shut him down because you already have plans
but you’re sure he’ll understand
“that’s super nice of you and all but i actually already have plans…” you smile sheepishly and scratch your temple
the bright smile starts to fade from tae’s face and he purses his lips slightly “oh…”
that’s kind of a bummer
he really wanted to spend the night with you
tonight was supposed to be the night after all
“maybe another time! you can invite some of your pals over and hang with them! no parties, though. i’m serious.” you tease and press your hand against tae’s chest to lean against him as you take your shoes off
“right, yeah…” tae reaches up to place his hand over yours and his heart is beating so hard he’s sure you can feel it “are you… going out with namjoon or something?”
“nope - i’m going out with jungkook!”
ur what
taehyung swallows thickly
what do u mean ur going out with jungkook
“considering the fact that you kinda ruined the last date i had with him - he asked me today if i wanted to go out for dinner tonight and i said yes!” you squeal excitedly and give his chest a pat before brushing past him to go to your bedroom
“why… why would you say yes?” tae blurts out
“why wouldn’t i say yes?” you raise a brow at tae before heading over to your closet and starting to rifle through your options “it was kind of a last minute thing so i don’t have a lot of time to get ready but luckily i know jusT what to wear…”
“but like… i ordered a pizza for us?” taehyung doesn’t know why he’s so nervous all of a sudden
“uh-huh - could you turn around for a second? i need to change.”
he wants to ask you to cancel ur plans and hang out with him
he ordered a pizZA for the two of you to share!!!!
he just doesn’t like that you’re hanging out with jungkook because he knoWs there’s a mutual attraction between the two of you and he doesn’t liKE THAT
not to mention
jungkook is a one night stand kind of guy and he’s probably going to bail on you after getting into your pants
the only reason why he’s still spending time with you is because you haven’t had sex with him yet and jungkook isn’t a quitter
taehyung only knows all of this because he lived with the guy last year for crying out loud
jeon jungkook is a young man of many talents and one of them is playing the ‘i’m not like other guys :-)’ card very, veRy well
“tae? could you help me?” taehyung is snapped out of his thoughts by your soft voice and he-
oh wow
god you’re pretty
you’re wearing a baby blue mini dress patterned with little daisies
you reach up to tug at one of the sleeves before turning around and gesturing to the zipper in the back
“oh, uh, yeah.” he steps towards you and you pull your hair aside
taehyung clears his throat as he pulls your zipper up slowly
his eyes flicker up to yours in the mirror
“you look… good. you look really pretty.”
the shyest of smiles tug at the corner of your mouth and you mutter a little ‘thank u’
tae can’t help but wish that you were dressing up for a date with him instead of a date with someone else
“i’ll see you later, tae!”
taehyung lets out a breath as he hears the door slam shut
looks like it’s just dinner for one tonight
he leans over and blows out the candle
you rub your hands together and shiver as you step out of the building
you hop down the stairs happily
it’s definitely a little chilly tonight but you’re not going to let that dampen the mooD
maybe you should’ve brought a cardigan with you
you still have time to go up and get it
but then again, jungkook’ll probably be here soon so you’ll be in the warmth of his heated car in no time
you just have to wait for a little bit!
you sit down on the steps and pick a piece of lint off your dress
and so, you wait
and you wait
and you wait
and you wait and you wait and you wait until you’ve been sitting on the steps for two whole hours
jungkook hasn’t texted
he hasn’t called
you’ve heard absolutely nothing from him
the only reason why you haven’t gone back up to the apartment is because you’re paranoid that if jungkook comes and you’re uP there then he’ll think that you’RE the one who bailed and you definitely don’t want that-
you nearly drop your phone when it starts buzzing in your hand and you don’t know whether to feel angry or relieved to see jungkook’s number on the screen
“hello?” you clear your throat and wrap your arms tighter around yourself
jesus it’s coLd
“y/n, i am so sorry… i completely forgot about dinner tonight… can we reschedule?”
“n-no, it’s okay, it happens to all of us!” you shake your head as you push yourself up off the stairs “i didn’t think i would be so easily forgotten considering the fact that you asked me like four hours ago but-“
you freeze when you hear the sound of someone else’s soft giggle and a faint ‘who’s that, kookie?’ in the background and you immediately pale
is he
is he seriously with someone else right now
“sorry, were you saying something? i think you got cut off.”
you poke your tongue into your cheek and let out a scoff
“…go fuck yourself, kookie.”
you hang up on him before he has the chance to respond and shove your phone back into your purse
what a jerk!!!!!
you waited two hours for him!!! and it tuRns out he was with someone else the entiRE friggin time
you feel so stupid
the entire elevator ride back up to the apartment you’re thinking of a hundred different ways to castrate jeon jungkook
you would love to just drive your fist riGHT into that absurdly-toned stomach
put some high heels on and jump all over his muscular thighs
maybe even-
“you’re back much earlier than i expected.”
you close the door behind you and double lock it
tae is sitting on the couch still watching the nature docuseries
and it looks like he finished most of the popcorn and peanut-butter cups himself
taehyung furrows his brows as he checks the time on his phone “it’s only-“
“he didn’t come. he forgot about dinner.” you force a smile on your face as you bend down to untie your shoelaces
taehyung frowns
uh oh
“…but you’ve been gone for two hours-“
“because i was waiting outside on the sidewalk-“
“well why didn’t you just come back up-“
“because he said he would pick me up outside, and i didn’t want him to think i bailed on him or anything if i wasn’t waiting for him downstairs.” your voice wavers slightly as you yank your hair down from your high ponytail
taehyung can see that you’re visibly upset and it makes hiM mad that jungkook flaked on his date with you
but at the same time it makes him mad that you said yes to going out with jungkook instead of hanging out with him!!!
he doesn’t know what to think!!!
maybe it’s because he’s eaten like 100 mini peanut butter cups and feels suPer jittery but he’s just vEry confused and frustrated about a lot of things but one thing that he knows for sure is that he likes u a lot and he’s hurt because yoU chose jungkook over him
and he knows that you’re not obligated to hang out with him anD he supposes it’s not fair of him to act so selfishly considering the fact that you don’t know about his feelings for you but stiLL
he’s allowed to wallow in a pool of self-pity for as long as he likes!!!!  
“i’m not surprised he bailed on you.” taehyung mutters to himself and turns the volume up on the tv
you immediately stop in your tracks
oh boy
if you weren’t upset a second ago you’re definitely upset now
you drop your purse to the floor before storming over and grabbing the remote from him and promptly turning the tv off
“hey, i was watching that!” taehyung snaps and reaches over to grab the remote back from you “give it back-“
“why are you such an asshole?!” you hiss and toss the remote aside “for the last couple of months, i’ve been nothing but a wonderful roommate! i cook, i clean, i buy the groceries, i make sure the bills are always paid on time so that you can enjoy your hot lava showers, i do the laundry, i even iron your stupid bandanas for you because i don’t want you walking around with crinkly ass bandanas on your head - and you have repaid me with absolutely nothing!” tears of anger sting at your eyes and you reach up to wipe them away aggressively
taehyung gets up from the couch “jesus, y/n, take it easy-“
“all you do is sit on your ass all day and whine and complain and make mean comments and push me around and leave your shiT everywhere a-and constantly bring girls home and i hate you! i absolutely, 100% hate you with every fibre of my being and i want you out of my goddamn apartment by the end of tomorrow night. i want you out!”
taehyung’s eyes widen in surprise
first of all
“you don’t hate me.” taehyung shakes his head and gets up from the couch
“i do. i do hate you. like, a lot.” you mumble and cross your arms
he’s quiet for a second and he clenches his jaw  
“fine, here’s what we’re going to do.”
you furrow your brows in confusion as tae pushes the couch to the side of the room before proceeding to push the coffee table to the side as well so that the centre of the living room is bare
“what the hell are you doing??”
“you stand by the front door,” taehyung points towards the door “and i’ll stand way over there by the balcony doors. from this point, there are approximately twelve steps away from both the front door and the balcony doors, so it’s fair. every time you list one reason as to why you hate me, you take a step forward.”
you immediately scoff
“oh, please. i can list a hundred reasons as to why i hate you.“
“however!” taehyung raises a finger to shut you up “if i can defend myself against you, i can take a step forward as well. if i get to the centre of the room before you, i get to stay. if you get to the centre before i do, then i’ll leave.”
“what do you mean defend yourself?? that hardly seems fair-”
“hey, i’m giving you the chance to kick me out. don’t you want to take that chance since you obviously hate me, y/n?” he seethes and clenches his fists at his sides
“you know what? fine. i have a vEry detailed list of reasons why i hate you in my notes app and i’m glad that i finally get to share it with you” you pull your phone out and open up the document
(you made this document within the first month of him moving in but you haven’t actually opened it in a long time so it’s kinDa empty so it looks like you’re going to have to improvise)
taehyung snorts and rolls his eyes as he leans back against the balcony doors “you’re not doing a very good job at hiding your crazy, y/l/n.”
there he goes again with anoTher snarky comment
you are sO ready to win this fight and kick kim taehyung out of your apartment
you ignore his remark and clear your throat before taking one step forward “reason #1: you constantly use my shampoo. it’s my shampoo!!! i bought it with my own money aNd it’s on my side of the tub!!”
“how dare you?” taehyung scoffs “i’m helping you by using your shampoo.”
what the hell is he even talking about
“what- please, enliGhten me.” you snort “how are you helping me by using up all of my shampoo?”
“see, the thing is - you use too much conditioner. i’m a very observant person, and i’ve noticed that since you use too much conditioner every time you wash your hair, you’re always having to buy a new bottle of conditioner way, waY before you’ve finished using up the shampoo. so i’m just helping out by using up all the shampoo so that the ratio of shampoo to conditioner is always consistent! if you think about it, i’m actually helping you out.”
taehyung takes a step forward and you gawk at him before shaking your head “that is noT fair-“
“hey, i defended myself and i backed myself up with good reasons. next reason!”
“fine!” you take another step forward and look at the list on your phone again “you always, always leave your dirty dishes in the sink and you never wash them which means i end up having to take care of them for you. have you noticed i never leave any of my dirty dishes in the sink?”
“you know, you’re right about that.” taehyung lets out a sigh and crosses his arms “…however, the problem with your statement is that you don’t give me the chance to take care of my dirty dishes in the sink. i leave them there for one minute and the next thing i know, when i walk back into the kitchen, you’re already there scrubbing away at the dishes. i don’t wash my dishes because you won’t let me. you’re right! you never leave any of your dirty dishes in the sink because you always eat takeout - do you realise you’re contributing to the plastic waste pollution that is already greatly impacting our planet? do you hate the earth, y/n? is that it? you like watching nature documentaries yet you don’t seem to care about our planet…”
“i-i don’t hate the earth!!!! i love the earth!!!!” you stammer over your words at the sudden accusation of you wanting to watch the world burn
“say that to the fAT bag of plastic straws in the kitchen cabinet. i highly suggest you invest in a reusable metal straw, like me.”
okay it’s fine you still have plenty of things to complain about
“you drink juice straight out of the carton!”
“i drink the juice out of the carton because you constantly complain about me having dirty dishes. if i drink out of the carton, i won’t have to use a cup, which results in less dirty dishes. you’re welcome.”
“you consTAntly leave the toilet seat up”
“actually, you constantly leave the toilet seat down.”
“whenever you bring your special friends over you guys are always too loud aNd it always sounds like goats screeCHING”
taehyung holds a finger out and takes another step forward
oh you have goT to be kidding
“you haven’t-“
“have you ever heard me?”
you falter for a second
he hasn’t brought a girl around in a while but you remember that when he would bring them over usually you’d just hear,.,. the girl
thinking about it now you don’t know if you’ve ever heard taehyung moaning obnoxiously
“the ladies are the ones making the goat noises, not me - so you can’t blame me here because i’m not the one making the sounds.” taehyung laughs lightly and the smug smile drops from your face when he takes a step forward
oh my god
this game is impossible
you’re never going to win
you’re never going to get rid of him
taehyung totaLLy rigged the entire thing
you hate him!!!!
“i hate you.” you take a giAnt step forward
taehyung raises a brow
so that’s how you’re going to play it
“i hate you more.” he does the same
“i hate you most!” you take another step forward
“i hate you mostest!”
“i hate you… x100!!!!”
“i hate you infinity!!!”
and now
you’re both standing toe to toe nose to nose in the middle of the living room and taehyung raises a brow at you as if daring you to make a move
you want nothing more than to wipe that cocky smirk off his face
and he wants nothing more than to continue to push your buttons and piss you off
the sound of your phone clattering to the ground might as well be a starter gunshot
the two of you practically lunge at each other and your mouths smear together clumsily
your teeth bump together with scraping kisses but honestly you can’t bring yourself to care
there’s something sweet about the way his lips taste
…it’s that damn strawberry gum he’s always chewing on
you feel tae’s hands slide down from your waist and skim over your bum briefly before he’s wrapping his fingers around the underside of your thighs and hoisting you up in one swift movement
you let out a gasp of surprise before winding your arms around tae’s neck instinctively “jesUs tae give a girl a warning next time-“
“next time?” he jokes and your cheeks flush at the implication that this is going to happen again sometime in the future
luckily the bedroom isn’t far from the living room because tae’s low-key afraid he’s going to drop you at some point
“u know what i mean”
“no, i don’t think i do- also, we’re fucking in my room because i’m the one with the condoms-“
“how do you know i don’t have condoms???”
“…you ever think about becoming a comedian?”
you roll your eyes before leaning down and covering his mouth with yours
“hey, i just realised i didn’t get the chance to tell you about all the things that i despise about you!” the mattress bounces underneath your weight as tae plops you down on it
you let out a huff and reach up to brush a couple strands of hair away from your face
“impossible because i’m literally perfect in every single way possible-“
“you wanna know what i hate about you?” tae cuts you off and parts your legs before crawling over you “you watch rilakkuma and you are an aDULt-”
you gawk immediately and resist the urge to smack him on the side of his head “says the one who watches naRUtO-“
“and not to mention i hate your stupid fruit-printed panties-“ taehyung growls and grinds down against your centre as he nips down your neck
you instinctively arch your back against him before letting out a snort “they’re cute and comFORtabLE-“
“if you’re going to walk around the apartment with no shorts on, at least wear something a little lacier.” he rolls his eyes as he pulls away from you and hops off so that he’s standing at the foot of the bed
you shuffle up to settle your head back against the pillows “oh, fuck you”
before you get a chance to get comfortable tae’s grabbing your ankles then pulling you back down so that your legs are dangling off the end of the mattress
your eyes widen when he suddenly appears above you
“trust me, i’m about to.” he leans down to give you a quick kiss before pulling away and you unconsciously let out a whimper
taehyung lowers to his knees and pushes your dress up until it’s crumpled up around your waist
of course your panties have peaches on them  
fitting, considering the fact he’s going to be eating your peach in a minute
“oh, i also hate that you watch nature documentaries instead of shitty reality television shows like the reST of us-“ he grumbles and yanks your panties off before tossing them aside
you instinctively squeeze your legs together and taehyung reaches up to grip onto your kneecaps
“you know, i don’t know why you have to be so judgemental about eveRYthing that i do!! like so what if i watch rilakkuma and documentaries about sharks and- namjoon was actually the one who introduced me to nature docs in the first place because he said that cartoons would rot my brain so if you’re looking to put the blame on someone i personally would hiGHly suggest that- oH“ you yelp in surprise when tae suddenly fuLLy spreads your legs in one swift movement
he looks up at you from in between your legs and his fingers dig into the soft flesh of your thigh when he feels you wanting to cloSe them again
“are you going to shut up and let me go down on you or what?”
it doesn’t take you very long to discover what soo-young, or joy, was so damn happy about
your back arches and your lashes flutter in disbelief when you feel tae gliding his tongue in between your folds in quick, deep strokes
you don’t really want to give him the satisfaction of hearing you moan because of him but goD he’s making it really hard to not moan
your fingers grip tightly at the bedsheets and you nearly bite your bottom lip off when taehyung’s the one who lets out a throaty groan
“a-ah-“ this is the first loud moan he’s been able to pull from you and you feel the curve of his mouth as he smiles against you
“where do you think you’re going?” you let out a little yelp of surprise when taehyung wraps his arms around your thighs and pulls you down so that he can get even deeper
“tae- oh my god-“ you’re practically blubbering at this point and taehyung is very satisfied knowing about his effect on you
your knuckles feel creaky from clutching at the bedsheets so tightly but somehow you manage to pry one hand off before you’re tangling your fingers into tae’s honey brown locks and giving him a little tug of encouragement
the strands of hair feel awfully soft between your fingers and you’re reminded for a brief second that it’s because he’s using your organic shampoo and condition-
“don’T stop, oh my god, don’t stop-“ you accidentally give him a particularly rough yank when he suckles harder and flicks his tongue rapidly over your nerves
you can feel your muscles starting to get tighter
your abdomen starting to clench and unclench
and that familiar warmth growing in your stomach
the tingly feeling from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers
you’re almost there
getting closer and closer to cloud nine
and just when you’re literally a second away from exploding-
your eyes pop open when tae suddenly pulls away and your body twitches in response to being so close yet so far  
“wait, wha-“ you prop yourself up on your elbows
your dress is drooping off one shoulder and you gawk at tae when it seems like he’s not going to get back down there anytime soon “what are you doing?? i was literally about to-“
“if you’re going to cum-“ tae gets back up onto his knees before tugging his shirt off in one swift movement
he tilts his head and offers you a smirk when he notices your eyes wandering
“-you might as well do it around my cock.”  
it doesn’t take very long for the two of you to prep for the main course
in fact it kind of seems like a competition as the both of you riP your clothes off  
you’re pretty sure you broke a thread or two on your dress but it’s fine
“you ready?” there’s a playful glint in tae’s eyes as he rips the foil package open with his teeth
you resist the urge to roll your eyes as you settle back against the fluffy pillows
“are you ready?” you challenge with a raised brow
christ almighty
he likes you but you’re reaLLy getting on his nerves
“i cannot wait to fuck the brattiness out of you” tae grumbles more to himself than to you
you knew tae was packing even beFore you got to see it up close and personal (like all those times he’d walk around the apartment wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants) but it still doesn’t fail to surprise you looking at it now
he’s an impressive size, to say the least
tae glances at you for a second as if to gauge your reaction as he rolls the condom onto his length smoothly
the way you spread your legs for him the moment he gets the condom on is definitely a good sign
tae settles in between your legs and leans down to give you an (unexpectedly sweet) kiss as he presses against your entrance
he immediately notices the way your brows pinch together in discomfort
it hAs been a while after all
“you alright?” he asks softly as you envelope him in your arms
“don’t get all soft on me now, kim” you tease and brush some hair out of his eyes
he snorts
“trust me, i’m the opposite of that-“
your mouth falls open in a silent gasp when tae slides in smoothly with no resistance at aLL from your walls
he did a really good job warming you up that’S for sure
you dig your nails into his shoulders when he drives forward hard and he swoops down to catch your lips in a kiss
“jesus, you’re tight-“ he huffs when he feels you clench around him
you whimper breathlessly while pulling his broad, muscled shoulders closer and bucking your hips up towards him
“do you hate me now, hm?” tae growls lowly as he hitches one of your legs up to his hip and continues to piston into you
“i, nngh, i h-hate you s-so much-“ you’re practically sobbing with pleasure and taehyung is most definitely going to keep this memory in his spank bank for future use heyO
he’s going so mind-blowingly hard he’s sure that he’s going to break the bed
his breathing is raggedly in time with every push into you
he groans and throws his head back when he feels himself getting closer n closer to the edge
he never thought it was possible to feel this good
god is a woman yes She IS
your head digs back against the plush pillows and tae lowers his body so that he’s resting on his forearms
his sticky chest is practically crushed against yours as he continues to drive you into the bed and you can’t help but let yourself indulge in the feeling of his muscles rippling underneath your fingertips
“you don’t- fuck, you don’t hate me, admit it-“
“jesus tae of course i don- god, h-harder,” you hiccup and dig your nails into his back so hard that you’re positive you’re drawing a little bit of blood “please-“
if there’s one thing that taehyung knows he’s super good at
it’s taunting you
and he’ll never forgive himself if he lets this window of opportunity close on him
“please, who?” he taunts you with hot breaths against your ear “say my name-“
“f-fuck you-“
“jesus, fuck, say my fucking name-“ his hand slips in between your legs and you twitch when he starts rubbing quick circles over your clit “let everybody know who’s making you feel this good-“ taehyung groans and buries his face into the crook of your neck
“tae- oh my god, taehyung-!” you cry out sharply and immediately tighten around the next powerful push he delivers inside of you
your orgasm shockwaves through you as you pulse hard around him
you can practically hear your blood roaring in your ears as he continues to fuck you through your orgasm
speaking of orgasms
tae’s thrusts are starting to get jerky and uneven and you can tell by the way his nails dig into the soft flesh of your hips that he’s close
“so fucking tight-“ tae stiffens and rams into you one last time before his orgasm practically explodes from the centre of him and into the condom
his lips part and he lets out a low moan of satisfaction before going slack on top of you
you’re nothing but light twitches and whimpers as taehyung pulls out of you gently
you feel him pressing soft kisses to your shoulders and you reach up to stroke your hand over his damp locks before he’s rolling off of you with a gasp
you just
you and tae just
y’all really did that
the realisation that the two of you just had sex seems to hit the both of you at the same time
tae clears his throat
“so.” you repeat quietly
you prop yourself up on your elbows and turn to look over at him
“you can keep living here, i was just… pent-up anger, you know how it builds.”
“oh, yeah, i get it.” tae clears his throat as he sits up to toss the soiled condom away
you lie back down and let out a breath
would it be weird for you to stay
is he not asking you to leave because he’s just being polite
o god
maybe you should go back to your room
you lift the covers off gingerly and sit up as your eyes flicker about to search for your dress “i should probably-“
tae reaches out quickly and wraps his fingers around your wrist
you turn to look at him
he looks dewy in the warm glow of the bedside lamp (but also because he’s kinda sweAty)
his cheeks are rosy and his hair is mussed and he has blotches of red dotted along his neck and if you look hard enough you’re able to make out the faint crescent moon marks embedded in his bicep (you really need to cut ur nails soon)
he’s so cute
“you- uh, you can stay if you want to… you didn’t get a chance to put your fresh bedsheets on anyway”
his heart skips a beat when you nod and curl back under the covers with him
a moment of silence goes by
tae turns over onto his side so that he’s facing you
“do you actually hate me?” he murmurs and reaches over to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear
you hum
“i could never.”
he smiles happily before flipping over onto his back
he doesn’t know if now would be a good time to tell you about how he feels about you
the comfortable silence is nice and also he’s still a little anxious about how you’re going to respond
he doesn’t want to ruin this bubble that you guys are in right now
so maybe it’d be better to tell you tomorrow
he’ll do it tomorrow
as you’re lying there in the dark, the thought of ‘do i like taehyung?’ crosses your mind
and there’s really only one answer to that question
there’s a reason why you weren’t all that hurt when jungkook didn’t show up
there’s a reason why the entire time you were waiting for jungkook to pick you up, the only thing you were thinking about was how you definitely bailed on tae and how much fun a pizza and documentary night would’ve been with him
there’s a reason why you let him join in on your supEr private air-guitar concerts in the kitchen that only namjoon has been able to experience
there’s a reason why you don’t mind all the teasing and the hair-pulling
there’s a reason
why you don’t get mad at him when he wakes you up in the morning by whacking you with a pillow before bouncing up and down on your bed like a maniac
why you don’t roll your eyes when he complains about there not being any yogurt left or when you eat the last piece of orange chicken or when you insist on watching another episode of ‘our earth’ before going to bed and he responds by calling you a nerd
there’s a reason why you feel like this unintentional hookup was actually intentional this whole damn time
there’s a reason why you agreed to stay with him instead of going to your room which is literally ten steps away
oh, god. i like taehyung.
taehyung wakes up the next morning in a cold, empty bed
he props himself up and rubs his hand over his face to wake himself up a little bit
his eyes flicker over your side of the bed
the pillow still has a dip in it from where your head was and-
yep of courSe you left a couple stands of hair behind lol
he turns to check the time on his phone and thaT’s when he notices the pink sticky note stuck to the pole of his bedside lamp
he squints a little because his eyes are still a little bleary with sleep
but once the note comes into his focus and he gets a chance to read it
his heart drops to his stomach
‘taehyung - i think that was a mistake.’
here’s the thing
you’re not just stressing out a little bit
you weren’t even this nervous when you were studying for finals!!!!!
you’re stressing out a LOTtle bit because now that you’ve had the entire day to think about it
you’re 110% sure that you have a crush on kim taehyung
and you have no fuNKing idea what the heck you’re supposed to do now
tell him that you like him??? what if he doesn’t like you back?? he’s still going to be your roommate even if he doesn’t like you back and things will never be the same again because you’re always going to have that elephant in the room you’ll be tip-toeing around and it’s just going to be a biG ol mess
but what if you don’t tell him that you like him?? then things will go back to normal except you guys will just never talk about the fact that his p was inside of your v and you’re probably going to have to deal with him bringing girls over again which is something that would honestly probably break your already weAK heart
but if you really think about it
at the end of the day, you’re always going home to taehyung
taehyung is your home.
“sometimes you just have to be willing to take a chance, you know?” namjoon shrugs as he flips a pen in between his fingers “otherwise you’re going to spend the rest of your life wondering to yourself, ‘what if i…?’”
you let out a little huff and lean down to press your face against the counter
sometimes you feel like namjoon was some kind of wise old owl in his past life
or maybe because he just reads a lot of philosophy books
he spends a lot of time in the library after all
“i don’t know, joonie… it’s not that easy, you know?” you sigh and shake your head “what happens if he doesn’t feel-“
namjoon literally shrieKs and ducks down when the library doors suddenly swing open violently
your eyes widen when you see taehyung storm in looking like he’s about to kill someone
he looks around frantically before locking gazes with you
it looks like the person he’s about to kill is you
“what the hell do you mean by ‘i think that was a mistake?’”
oh boy
you swallow thickly
“it either was a mistake or it wasn’T a mistake! you can’t think you made a mistake! you make a mistake, or you don’t make a mistake! there’s no in between, y/n!” he exasperates as he stomps over to you
you flash the people around the front counter a sheepish smile before looking at a veRy angry tae
you clear your throat
“hello to you too, roomie.”
“oh don’T give me that roomie bullshit right now, y/l/n.” he snaps and fixes the strap of his backpack “i think we need to talk.”
nice reference
how clever of him
the cheeky boy
“i… don’t know if we have anything we need to talk about…” you shrug innocently before turning to lean back against the counter
if that’s how you’re going to do things then tae will happily play along
“oh? we don’t?” he raises a brow before poking his tongue into the inside of his cheek
he scoffs and crosses his arms before looking you dead in the eye
“okay, fine. we don’t have to talk about the red scratch marks down my back left by your nails due to our mind-blowing sex last night because they’re kindA starting to sting and i was hoping we could go to the pharmacy and pick up some ointment for them… we also don’t have to talk about how you practically went cross-eyed when i did that thing with my tongue where-“
“okAY so it looks like we do have a couple things to talk about after all!!!!!” your voice cracks and namjoon gives you that look that you knOw is the ‘you have a lot of explaining to do’ face
it kind of makes him look constipated but that’s not the point
the most private place you could find in the shortest amount of time was behind the library
there’s a faint smell of garbage since this is where the dumpsters are but it seems like neither one of you care
“what is the matter with you??” you hiss and cross your arms
“what’s the matter with me?” tae scoffs “what’s the matter with yOU??”  
you resist the urge to roll your eyes
“look, i’m sure whatever you want to talk about can wait til we get back to the apartment-“
“where were you in the morning?” tae interrupts you and raises a brow
the thing is
this morning when you woke up and realised that you still had feelings for taehyung and it wasn’t just a post-orgasm hormonal thing you kind of freaked out
so naturally you just… left
you just needed some time to think
anD you needed to hunt namjoon down because he always gives the best advice
you didn’t think it’d be such a big deal
in fact you’re not even sure why taehyung is fussing so much over it
“what- what are you talking about?”
“i don’t know how else to state the question. where were you this morning?”
“…i was… look, taehyung, i-“
“how do you think it makes me feel when you promised you would stay with me and i-i wake up completely alone and instead of seeing you the first thing i see is a stupid sticky note with-“ he raises his hands to do air quotes “-taehyung, i think that was a mistake?????”
“i can see why that would make you upset but i really think it’d be best if we just forgot about what we did and simply moved on-“
“oh my god, you are so stuBBo- you know what, i actually didn’t get the chance to finish going through the list of things that i hate about you, so i think now is the perfect chance to finish telling you aLL about it” tae laughs coldly and your brows knit together in confusion
“i don’t know if that’s very relevant right now-“
“you wanna know what the biggest thing i hate about you is?”
oh god
here we go
“what? my apparent inability to differentiate between making a mistake and-“
“i hate how much i like you.” tae interrupts you and your eyes widen at the sudden confession “i like everything about you, y/n. i like seeing how happy you get when you’re watching an episode of rilakkuma or when we’re having a nature documentary marathon. i like your stupid fruit-printed panties and i’m pretty sure my heart went into overdrive when i saw your dumb peach ones last night.” tae rolls his eyes playfully, “i like you, and i’m like 97% sure that you like me back, but you’re just too stubborn to admit it! i just- you are so fruStrating and usually i can tell if someone likes me back but it’s like i can’t even tell with you!!!!!” he scoffs and flaiLs his arms around before starting to pace around in front of you “jesus, y/l/n, i like you, and i wanna hold your hand, and i wanna kiss your stupid face after you wake up and before you go to bed, and i want you to wear my sweatshirts not because it was accidentally mixed into your laundry basket but just because you like wearing my clothes, and i wanna go grocery shopping with you and see how many tubs of ice cream we can get for free-“
you’re barely paying attention to what taehyung’s saying because:
taehyung likes you
and you like him
the realisation makes a soft smile appear on your face and you feel your heart skip a beat
taehyung likes you!!!!
and you like him!!!!
you guys like each other!!!!!
oh my god!!!!!
oH My gOD!!!!!!
“and you know what, even if you don’t like me back i don’t regret telling you about my feelings because i feel good knowing that it’s off my chest-“
“tae-“ you clear your throat and tae holds a hand out as if to tell you to shUT it
“-and at the end of the day we’re still going to be roommates which is finE with me like if you don’t like me in that way i guess i’ll have to get used to rejection but-“
“-i just wanna know!!!! i just wanna know what’s going on in that duMb ol head of yours because one minute you’re cuddled up to me and the next you’re acting like i’m crawling with germs oR one minute you’re calling me tae-tae and feeding me chicken because i’m too lazy to feed myself and the next minute you-“
“kim taehyung!!!!!!!”
“what?!” tae stops in his tracks and whiPs around to face you
he’s surprised to see that you’re looking at him with the softest smile on your face
there’s a little twinkle in your eye as you take a step towards him
“i think… this is the part where you’re supposed to kiss me.”
the frown fades from tae’s face
wait what
you want him to kiss you?
does this mean…
well now he feels a little silly
you should’ve saiD something before he went off on his angry rant about how much he haTes that he likes you
taehyung clears his throat “…sorry, what was that?”
you let out a sigh and roll your eyes before reaching out and grabbing onto the collar of tae’s t-shirt and pulling him towards you
your nervous happiness transitions to a giddy excitement as you press your lips against his
this kiss is definitely veRy different compared the one you shared last night
more sweet
more loving
your guys’ mouths meld together so perfectly it almost seems like you guys were made for each other and damNit you can taste that obnoxiously sweet strawberry gum on his lips
tae’s arm snakes around your waist and his palm presses against your jaw as he tilts your head up
you feel like you could float up to the sky like a balloon if it weren’t for his grip on you
his lips are insistent and he parts for a brief second before going back in for another kiss
he tilts his head a bit juSt so he can press a tiny bit harder and you giggle when his nose nudges against yours
it feels like sparkles are just blinking everYwhere around the two of you
tae smiles softly as he pulls away and up this close you’re able to see the golden flecks in his brown irises twinkling like little tiny stars
“does this mean i can drink straight out of the orange juice carton now?” tae hums and brushes a strand of your hair back gently
you purse your lips in thought
“…we’re going to have to talk about that one.”
so yeah
out of all the people in the world to get stuck with
kim taehyung really isn’t all that bad.
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v-hope · 2 years ago
Break up prank gone wrong
Pairings: Min Yoongi / Kim Taehyung / Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Fluff, crack, slight angst ig
Request: "Can you do jungkook , Taehyung and Yoongi When they pranked y/n they should break up , and the prank goes wrong 😂 something similar thank u ♥️"
A/N: Idk if this is what you had in mind but I hope you like it! 💕
Update: You can find Jin, Hobi, Joon and Jimin's part in my masterlist.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
“She would freak out if I ever told her that” Yoongi said with his eyebrows furrowed.
After having been getting ready for over half an hour to go on stage, the seven of them had grown quite bored, which is why they were currently playing a game of dares.
Yoongi's dare? Telling you, his long term girlfriend who was waiting for him on the couch by the other side of the room, that he wanted to break up.
Now, he refused to do it at first, but when his members started to tease him about how whipped he was for you… he felt the need to prove them wrong. He could do just one little thing that would slightly upset you, right? It wasn't like he would break your heart and, on the brightside, he would try to fight against his pretty obvious soft spot for you.
“Um… Y/N?” he mumbled nervously as he reached your side.
Your eyes went instantly from your phone to him, letting him know you were listening.
Giving a quick glance back to his six-people-audience, he bit his lip before looking back to you. “I want to break up”.
Honestly, was he even trying?
“No” you simply stated, going back to focus on your phone.
Yoongi frowned – already hearing his friends' laughs from behind.
“What do you mean ‘no’?” he questioned. “I'm telling you I want to break up with you”.
“And I'm telling you we won't”.
His jaw fell, allowing you to know just how indignated he was. Anyway, it was not like he had actually wanted to break up with you, so what was even the point on keep the prank going?
“O-okay then…” he scratched the back of his ear, looking back to the boys in disbelief.
“She definitely freaked out, hyung” Jeongguk chuckled as soon as Yoongi was back to their side.
“Next thing you know, you're never able to get rid of her and end up getting married”.
Jimin's words made Yoongi smile shyly as he shook his head – that idea not bothering him in the slightest.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung
“I feel like this isn't working… it would be best if we broke up”.
Now, any other time, your heart would have dropped because of the words that had just abandoned your boyfriend's mouth. The look on his face was just so sincere, so convincing, you would have fallen for it in a heartbeat…
If it weren't for Hoseok and his huge mouth, that had blurted out the prank Taehyung was planning to pull on you.
So instead of being hurt, freaking out even because of a possible break up with the person you loved the most, you decided to react by letting out a sigh of relief.
“Oh, thank God” your hand went to your chest, showing him the weight that had just been lifted from off your shoulders.
Taehyung stared at you blankly – his mouth falling slightly open. What was happening?
“I've wanted to break up with you for a while now but I couldn't bring myself to do it” you laughed lightly.
Funny how it was his heart the one dropping now.
The lost puppy eyes he stared at you with almost made you drop your act right there and then.
“You're kidding, right?” he mumbled.
You shook your head no. “We’re good though, right? We can still be friends” you smiled sweetly.
Taehyung remained silent for a few seconds, feeling his heart go uneasy. This could not be real.
“I was just joking...” he admitted, sounding almost broken.
“Oh...” you shifted in your place, “well, then this is really awkward because I was not...”
“Y/N, this isn't funny”.
That was it for you.
“But you pulling this kind of prank on me is?” you raised one of your eyebrows.
And then it hit him. A prank. You were just pranking him back.
“Oh, thank God” he repeated your previous words, grabbing your hand and pulling you into his embrace before you could storm out.
Never again in his life would he try to mess with you.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jeongguk
“IU looked so cute today” you heard Jeongguk gush about her for the third time during your ride back home from the Awards Show you had just been at.
You nodded once again, because… fuck off, she did, and you had no problem accepting that.
“I mean, she just… ugh” he threw his head back, resting it on the backseat.
You giggled at his fanboy ways. However, your amusement was soon erased the second he looked seriously at you, taking in your every faction before saying:
“Okay, I know this is very sudden and shitty, but I want to break up”.
Your eyes immediately moved from the window to lock with his.
“Excuse me?” you cocked one of your eyebrows.
“I want to have my shot with her. Did you see the way she was looking at me today?”
A look into his eyes was all you needed to know he was not being serious. Come on, he loved you and would never do such thing to you.
But two could play this game.
And you were such a fangirl yourself for one of the idols that had attended the event that evening – one you had actually had the pleasure to meet that night, which is why…
“And you couldn't have told me that two hours ago when I was talking to Jaehyun?” you scolded him. This time you were the one throwing your head back in feigned frustration.
Jeongguk stared at you like both his mind and heart had just stopped functioning.
You turned your head in his direction, giving him a grin that let him know you were joking, too.
“Ah, baby” he whined, resting his head on your shoulder, “don't do this to me”.
“I'm just saying” you begun, softly playing with his hair, “I think you could go get IU and I could do the same with Jae”.
You did not just–
“And I think you won't be allowed anywhere near Jae anymore”.
Tumblr media
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chateautae · 6 months ago
maybe i do | kth. masterlist
Tumblr media
➵ summary :  maybe you love each other, maybe you don’t. when a deal between your fathers leaves you forcefully wedding kim taehyung, arguably seoul’s most powerful CEO, you’re prepared for a loveless marriage of eternal regret and unhappiness. but maybe, it doesn’t turn out that way after all.
↳  part of the high-class series!
➵ pairing : taehyung x reader
➵ genre :  arranged marriage!au, ceo!tae, s2l!au, eventual smut, fluff, angst
➵ rating : 18+
➵ warnings : swearing, mentions of alcohol consumption, mentions of anxiety, mentions of confrontative violence (with other characters, not each other), lots of feels concerning forced marriage, a bad ex (reader’s), mentions of bad sexual experiences with ex (consensual, just bad sex), explicit sexual content, oral (m. and f. receiving), unprotected sex, penetrative sex (chapters have their own warnings!)
➵ a/n : thank you so much for all the support on this series! i couldn’t be more grateful ♡
➵ playlist : sweet night by v! the lyrics fit this series perfectly 🥺
Tumblr media
↠  chapter one : “my forever’s falling down” (11k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter two : “on my pillow, can’t get me tired”  (10k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter three : “the window opened one time with you and me”  (17k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter four : “feels like a river’s rushing through my mind”  (16k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter five : “would it be alright, if i pulled you closer?”  (17k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter six : “my heart is pounding tonight”  (25k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter seven : “i’m wondering if you’d want me now”  (22k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter eight : “i still hope the door is open”  (38k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter nine : “i wanna ask you, if this is all just in my head?”  (32k)
Tumblr media
↠ [bonus!] chapter nine. five : “you are too good to be true” (6k)
Tumblr media
↠ chapter ten : “how could i know, one day i’d wake up feeling more?” (36k)
Tumblr media
 ↠ chapter eleven : “i’m wondering, are you my bestfriend?”  (34k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter twelve : “sharing my fragile truth” (50k)
Tumblr media
↠  chapter thirteen : “i had already reached the shore” coming soon!
Tumblr media
↠  chapter fourteen : “we were ships in the night”
Tumblr media
↠  epilogue : “a sweet night” 
Tumblr media
faq : when do you update?
randomly! i used to produce a chapter every week or so, though with school and work things got busy :(  i do work on my updates everyday though ! i also get very active on my blog and inform everyone before a release, so you don’t have to worry 🥺
what’s the timeline of the mid!couple’s relationship?
what’s domestic/at home mid!tae like? 
what happened to the camera?
how are real-life taehyung and mid!taehyung alike?
what do mrs. choi and seo’s schedule look like?
what did mrs. choi and seo do during the events of chapter 8?
what was taehyung’s mindset during the events of chapter 7?
Tumblr media
extras : 
➵  announcement!
➵ the vote! how should chapter 10 be released?
➵ a poem from mid!tae 💌
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kinktae · 2 years ago
camellia || pt. 2 (M)
Tumblr media
Y/N is a strong-willed herbalist who knows exactly what she wants; she also happens to make some really good tea. Taehyung is a kind but rebellious prince who doesn’t really know what he wants but he knows that the commoner girl who makes fantastic tea can’t be this damn cute.
pairing: prince!taehyung x herbalist!reader
word count: 10k
genre: fluff, smut, prince au
warnings: the smut scene was meant to be a cute one but somehow it turned filthy and I accidentally made Tae into a raging dom oops
A/N: Header created by me! Inspired by one of my favorite animes ever: Snow White with the Red Hair. 
CHAPTERS: 01 | 02
Prince Taehyung was never a tea person. So imagine the castle staff's surprise when he began to request homemade tea every night from to room.
You remembered the first time a maid came and found you about the prince's request for your tea. You nodded politely back at her, but couldn't help the smile that crept onto your face.
Even when you arrived at the prince's door, tray in hand, your smile still didn't let up.
Night after night you made Taehyung tea, sitting at the foot of his bed as he always managed to convince you to stay and chat for a while. Taehyung spoke to you about anything and everything; he liked the way you spoke bluntly and didn't shrink yourself around him. Even when the tea was gone and the initial conversation had died, he'd find new things to talk about, no matter how unimportant, just because he liked the sound of your voice.
“What?” You asked one night, noticing that Taehyung had been staring at you for the past few minutes.
“Nothing. I just really like hearing you talk is all.” Taehyung confessed softly, causing you to glance down at your empty teacup, unable to meet his sincere eyes.
It was the small conversations like that one that would linger on your mind as you made your way down the castle halls, a soft tune falling from your lips.
You were grateful for your friendship with the prince; you had been at the castle for two months now and had yet to make many friends if any at all. 
Taehyung had been the one to encourage you as you took the palace pharmacist entrance exam, which would ensure your spot in the castle. You passed with flying colors, and soon enough you found yourself in the position of court herbalist, a title held by only two other people in the palace, both of which you enjoyed working beside, even if neither was near your age.
Every day you worked diligently, spending hours in the greenhouse, notebook in hand as you took notice of any plants that weren't thriving or growing at expected rates. While it wasn't quite the herbal medicine you wanted to practice, you were grateful for whatever work you could get, as measuring stem diameter was still far more of interest to you than stitching up open wounds.
Although not surprised, your father wasn't entirely thrilled that you had taken up an herbalist position over a medicine one, so you had made it a point to do everything you did with enthusiasm with hopes that you could make him proud nevertheless.
"Have you seen the royal tea girl walking around lately?"
An unfamiliar voice swept out in front of you, the words catching you off guard as you halted your steps. Your eyebrows furrowed as you took silent steps forward, peering cautiously around the corner.
"Oh, poor thing, she's filthy."
Your stomach dropped as you watched a group of four women standing in a semi-circle, talking amongst themselves. You hadn’t seen them before, their faces albeit beautiful were unfamiliar. It was clear from their attire that they were noblewoman of some sort.
"Seriously, what does she do all day? Roll around in dirt?" A woman of golden hair scoffed, her curls bouncing slightly as she shook her head lightly.
"I could never imagine having to crawl through dirt all day. I know she's a commoner but has she really no shame as to parade around like that? I wouldn't be caught dead walking amongst royals with soil on my face!" Another spoke, her tan complexion complimenting the white of her teeth.
A round of cruel laugh fell over the group.
You should turn around. You should stop listening and turn around.
You placed a hand against the wall you were hiding against, fingers falling on top of the gold molding that decorated the inside of the palace walls.
"She's lucky her father is the head doctor. It’s the only reason she’s here, you know. She would've been thrown out the moment she started tracking dirt into the castle with those horrid boots of hers if it weren’t for him." The blonde spoke again through a laugh.
Taking a step back, you pulled your eyes away from the women. Your face burned and insides churned as you began to walk away.
You had never overheard anyone speak so ill of you so freely like that before. Is that what everyone at the castle thought of you? That you were nothing more than some dirt covered royal tea girl?
A voice called out from behind you, causing you to turn around mid-step.
"Fancy seeing you here." Taehyung grinned, having had just emerged from a room you had passed by.
"Oh, your highness. Forgive me, I didn't see you." You breathed out, not expecting to see the prince now of all people.
"Tae." He corrected.
You glanced around to make sure that the two of you were alone, "Sorry. Tae."
"Are you okay?" Taehyung frowned at your flustered state.
"Yes, why do you ask?"
"You're shaking."
You blinked at his words, swallowing dryly. He was right; your anxiety was off the charts. Did Taehyung think of you in the way those women spoke about you? You could hardly think clearly, all you knew was that you wanted to get as far away from everyone as soon as possible.
"I just..." You began, crossing your arms over your chest. "I overheard something I shouldn't have."
At your words, Taehyung's face fell, a glimmer of concern gracing his warm eyes. Immediately, regret flooded you. You shouldn't bother him with something as trivial as some women not liking you. The prince had far more pressing issues to worry about, you were sure.
"Actually, nevermind. I don't want to bother you. It's really not that important–"
"Y/N." Taehyung cut you off pointedly. "You can talk to me."
You pressed your lips together, eyes flickering away from his worried ones.
"There were some women talking amongst them themselves about me. How my clothes are always dirty–"
"You work with plants. You're an herbalist." Taehyung defended, an angry look on his face.
You let out a sigh, "Only because my father is the head doctor."
Taehyung blinked at you, obviously bewilderedly.
"They said the only reason I'm here is because of my father. And honestly, Tae, they're right." You continued, voice breaking slightly as you spoke, your emotions catching up with you.
"What? Come on, you know that's not true." The prince reasoned causing you to shake your head.
"It is true!" You exclaimed, eyes watering.
"I don't belong here! I mean, I've always known that. I'm not poised or refined, not to mention I've been here for two months and every guard still looks at me as if I'm some threat to the crown. Even the cooking staff, every time I walk into the kitchen they look at me like I'm some peasant girl who is going to steal silverware or something!"
Tears fell freely down your cheeks but you couldn't stop your upset rambling
"And it's not like I'm doing anything useful here? I take inventory of plants. That's all I do! That's not helping anyone like I want to. The best thing I contribute to this castle is making stupid god damn tea."
At the sound of a broken sob leaving your lips, Taehyung pulled you into him, wrapping his arms around you.
You hardly had time to be embarrassed at his gesture as you buried your face into his chest. You weren't expecting this wave of emotions, but as Taehyung held you, you felt an overwhelming amount of catharsis fall over you.
You weren't a vulnerable person by any means, you'd rather internalize any insecurities you faced and deal with them privately. So to voice them out loud Taehyung had you feeling outrageously fragile.
Taehyung's hands wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you back. He ran a thumb over a wet cheek, beckoning you to meet his eyes.
"Even if your father got you here, it's you and your knowledge that passed that entrance exam and kept you here. Not him."
You opened your mouth to respond but the prince shushed you.
"I'm sorry the staff hasn't been kind to you. We haven't seen a new face in the palace in years, as you can probably tell by the lack of people our age. They're wary of you, and I'm sorry if they aren't treating you fairly." Taehyung took a breath as if trying to compose his thoughts.
"As for those women, were they staff or were they of nobility?"
You sniffed lightly, "Nobility. Or at least, they were dressed as if they were."
Taehyung scrunched up his nose in distaste, causing your curiosity to pique.
"Countesses." He scowled. "Some of them wives of Earls of neighboring kingdoms. Some of them of Counts. All of them wretched."
Your eyes widened at Taehyung's openly verbal disdain for the countesses. You suppose seeing as he outranked them, he could speak freely against them.
"They come to stay every once and a while. It's meant to encourage friendly relations between kingdoms but if you ask me they just come to pretend that they're more important than they actually are." Taehyung admitted causing a small giggle to escape your lips.
Taehyung stared at you fondly for a moment before speaking again.
"They gossip because they're bored and have nothing better to do. You are more than worthy of a to be here. Certainly more worthy than they are. Being born into nobility doesn't warrant significance. It's what you do with your nobility that matters. Otherwise, your title is meaningless."
For a moment, the two of you stared at each other, once again hit with the realization that despite everything that differentiated the two of you, at the end of the day, you were both more alike then you were different.
A smirk crept up onto the prince’s mouth.
“Are you busy? Would you want to go back to your village with me?”
You paused for a moment, staring back at the prince confusedly.
"Wha– Do you mean right now?" You blinked.
Taehyung nodded back at you enthusiastically.
"If you haven't anything else today, of course. I haven't spent much time there if I'm honest. Who better to give me a tour than someone who actually knows the area and the people? It's time to do something with my title. And I'd love it if you helped me."
Taehyung's words were so sincere and earnest that you found yourself growing warm under his excited stare.
"Of course, I'll help you. I'm done for the day, I just need to change into some clean clothes–"
"Great! I'll meet you at the stables in fifteen minutes?" He asked, sounding hurried.
You grinned, "Alright, see you then."
It was on your ride back to your village, after Taehyung had lead Yeontan through a hidden path away from the castle that the prince finally confessed that he was meant to be attending a meeting later today. You were quick to scold him in light of his confession but couldn't argue with his defense that going out to see if he could help his people was a good alternative for the routine meeting the heads of royalty and staff usually had.
Unsurprisingly, traveling by horse still hadn't become easier since your first time on Yeontan two months ago. You held on as steadily as you could without hurting the horse or the prince, but you couldn't help but let out a small noise of fear every time Yeontan sped up to a canter, your body bouncing in rhythm to his movements.
Even as you reached your hometown, having had finally stopped at the local stables, with both feet on the ground, you still found yourself weak in the knees.
Taehyung had just finished speaking to the stableman about arranging Yeontan to stay here for the day as a royal horse would draw too much attention anywhere else and headed over to where you stood leaning against the wooden fence, looking weary.
"Why the long face?" He joked as he reached you, causing you to roll your eyes.
"Horse joke. Funny." You mused dryly as you retied your cloak tighter around your neck.
The prince gave you a cheeky grin as he reached for his own cloak, mimicking your actions.
"You really don't like riding horses, do you?"
"It's not my favorite activity." You admitted, beginning to lead the dark haired man into town.
"Really? I would've never guessed by your petrified squeals mid-ride and inability to stand immediately after." Taehyung smirked as he walked beside you.
You shoved your shoulder into his lightly causing him to laugh.
"You know, I could teach you how to ride if you'd like." He offered, causing you to turn to face him.
"Really? Wait... Are you sure that's a good idea?" You contemplated, flashing Taehyung a skeptical look.
He shrugged, "The reason you're scared of falling is a lack of trust in the horse and a lack of trust in yourself. Learning how to ride should help with that."
You let out a hum, stepping over a tree branch that was laid out in front of your path.
"I mean, yes. I'd love to at least try! Only if it isn't a bother, of course."
"Sure. I've got plenty of time to spare. It's not like I do much as prince anyway." Taehyung reminded you, somewhat bitterly.
You offered him a sympathetic smile, "That all changes today."
Taehyung and you were taking a more discrete way into the village. As a little girl, you used to take this path often, as it offered a more scenic route back home. You were a fan of nature from the start after all.
"I hear people." Taehyung said after a while, the two of you having had been walking in comfortable silence.
You could hear the excited chatter of your village's people from not too far ahead. And as the two of you walked out onto the pavement of the town you once called home, you couldn't help but smile.
"They're preparing for the summer festival!" You told Taehyung excitedly, eyes running over the busying bodies.
Women and men alike all brushed past one another, arms carrying brightly colors fabrics and other miscellaneous decorations. Children marched behind their parents happily, hands swinging at their sides in time to whatever song laid in their heads.
Taehyung said nothing, eyes wide as he took in the busy market and its people, trailing behind you as you walked.
You were headed toward your family’s old pharmacy. Back when both your family worked there, it served as both a clinic and pharmacy; your mother mainly in charge of pharmacy while your father also worked part-time treating injuries. When your mother passed away, your father reached out your family friend, Dhruv, to help out, along with putting you to work. With both you and your father now working at the castle, the pharmacy had fallen ownership to Dhruv and his family.
“It isn’t that much longer until we reach–”
You turned to speak to Taehyung, only to realize he wasn’t beside you.
You halted your steps, turning around in alarm, lifting up onto your toes to search for the prince’s dark locks.
Your eyes flickered back in forth in panic before they locked onto Taehyung’s concerned ones, standing a few feet back. You opened your mouth to call his name out in relief, but stopped yourself, realizing that even if no one knew what the prince looked like, screaming out his name in the middle of a busy market still probably wasn’t the smartest of ideas.
“Thought I lost you there for a second.” You sighed once Taehyung was in earshot.
“Sorry! I got distracted by everything that’s going on.” He apologized with a lopsided grin as he finally reached you.
You rolled your eyes, a small smirk on your lips, “Gosh, you’re like an excited little kid. You’d better shape up or I’ll make you hold my hand.”
At your words, Taehyung’s eyes widened in surprise, “Hold your hand?”
Immediately, you realized how what you had just said could be misconstrued. You let out a nervous laugh, arms waving in front of you dismissively.
"N-Not in a romantic sense, of course! I just meant so you wouldn't keep falling behind. It’s what mothers do with children that wander! I– Sorry, that was a really stupid joke, just pretend like I didn't say anything–"
Your rambling was cut off by the feeling of Taehyung's large hand intertwining with yours, leaving you speechless.
“I don’t mind if you don’t." He grinned lopsidedly, squeezing his warm hand around yours.
A small noise of agreement left your throat as you turned away from the prince's twinkling eyes. Your face burned and your heart raced. He had taken it so easily, it threw you entirely off guard, and just to occupy your muddled mind, you began to point out the different shops and sellers of the market. Taehyung listened and responded attentively, for which you were grateful. Anything to keep his mind off how clammy your hand was with his holding it.
“Dhruv!” You exclaimed excitedly as you stepped into the pharmacy, hand slipping from Taehyung’s.
The familiar man perked up at the sound of your voice, eyes widening in surprise as he took you in.
“Hey, look who came back!” Dhruv mused to himself, slipping out from behind the counter to wrap you up in a hug.
For the two years you lived in the village without your father, Dhruv had served as a father figure to you, helping you adjust to life on your own, not to mention helping you with boy troubles when your father couldn’t.
Taehyung watched in curiosity, leaning back against a wall by the pharmacy front door.
“You back for good?” Dhruv asked as the two of you pulled apart, causing you to laugh.
“Not quite. I came back to buy some seeds.”
The man and you continued to talk as he made his way back behind the counter, taking your order as he asked you questions about your new castle life.
“And who is Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome that you came in with?” Dhruv asked you, eyes flickering behind you. You looked over your shoulder to see Taehyung looking slightly out of place as if he wasn’t sure what to do.
“Come over here.” You beckoned him through a laugh.
Taehyung flashed you a sheepish look, moving to walk over to you.
“Forgive me, I didn’t want to interrupt the reunion.” He apologized, offering a charming smile.
“Nonsense! I’m tired of Y/N’s old face anyway, new faces are much more exciting.” Dhruv chuckled causing you to let out an offended laugh.
“It’s nice to meet you. I’m… Tae.” The prince introduced after slight deliberation. Dhruv made no reaction towards the nickname, clearly not connecting the stranger Tae as the prince Taehyung.
“Dhruv.” The pharmacist greeted.
Dhruv turned towards you, “Well, I’d offer you some of your favorite tea like we used to have every morning but I’m afraid there’s been a bit of a water shortage throughout the village lately.”
At his words, both you and Taehyung perked up in interest.
“Water shortage? We’ve never had a water shortage before have we?” You asked, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Oh, it’s been a while since the last one. Been about a month now.”  The man sighed.
You could feel Taehyung physically tense at his words.
“Ah, no worries though. We just gotta get through the summer and things should go back to normal I think. Why don’t I run back and get you those seeds you asked for. On the house, of course.”
You let out a noise in surprise, “Oh please, Dhruv, no. Let me pay you–”
“Hush. You’re like family to me at this point. Besides I’m already moving so you can’t fight it.” The man mused, slipping into the back of the store with a wave.
“That man, I swear.” You shook your head with a huff.
“Twenty four.” Taehyung muttered to himself, causing you to look over at him.
Taehyung met your eyes, a small frown on his lips.
“If my family knew about this I would’ve heard about the water shortage by now. We have twenty-four fountains at the palace that spew water 24/7. I’ve been doing nothing while a whole village of my people has been going on thirsty. We don’t need that water, they do…” Taehyung gesturing towards where Dhruv had disappeared.
Taking in Taehyung’s bothered expression, you placed a hand onto his cheek as you offered him a sympathetic look in an effort to comfort him.
“That’s not your fault and you know it’s not. If the royal family didn’t know then there was no way you could have known.” You cooed softly.
Taehyung’s eyes met yours gently as he placed his hand over yours gratefully.
“Here we are!” Dhruv reemerged from the storage room, causing Taehyung and you to jump apart.
Taehyung’s face red and your voice shaking from being caught in such an intimate gesture, you accepted the seeds from Dhruv, thanking him profusely after he once again refused your money.
The three of you made small talk for a few minutes before Dhruv walked over towards another customer that had walked in. For a moment, Taehyung and you stood in front of the counter silently, as you looked down at what you were just given.
At the feeling of eyes aimed in his direction, Taehyung looked over to the pharmacy’s window only to see a man standing outside it, eyeing Y/N unabashedly.
"Y/N," Taehyung began lowly, causing you to look up at him, "there is a man staring at you from outside as if he's seen a ghost."
You turn towards the window in confusion, only to see the familiar face of your former lover.
"Oh shit." You breathed, looking away quickly.
"Who is he?" Taehyung pondered.
"My ex-boyfriend."
The chime of the door opening caused you to curse as it meant he had entered to greet you.
“Y/N!” The familiar voice called out, causing you to look up and greet the young man with a sheepish smile.
“Jungkook! How are you?” You greeted back, walking over to him.
Taehyung stayed leaning against the counter, eyeing the man called Jungkook skeptically, even more so when he wrapped his arms around you.
“I haven’t seen you in forever. I heard you’re living at the castle now?” Jungkook said as he broke the embrace.
“I am.” You nodded politely.
“I had to find out through Dhruv, you know. I came over here one day and he said you left.”
You flinched at his words, knowing that he would bring that up, “Ah, well. It all happened so suddenly. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.”
In all honesty, you had made it a point not to tell Jungkook goodbye. Although the break up was somewhat clean, it was quite apparent that Jungkook still harbored feelings for you as he never left you alone. You wanted to avoid the dramatic reaction from him to the news of you leaving to live at the castle.
“So you’re working for your father then? That’s fantastic.” He enthused.
“Oh, well, no.” You told him.
“Oh? What, did you not cut it out as a nurse?” Jungkook joked, causing you to frown slightly.
There wasn’t anything wrong with Jungkook really. You broke up with him simply because you realized you really didn’t harbor any romantic feelings towards him. His constant dismissal in your interest for herbology certainly did help with the breakup, however. He, like your father, always tried to encourage you into going into medicine, despite your constant reminders that you much rather study herbalism rather than anatomy.
“No, actually, I have no interest in becoming a nurse. I work as a court herbalist.” You corrected him politely albeit with a slight edge to your tone.
Having had sensed some tension between your and Jungkook’s interaction, Taehyung made his way over to you.
You jumped slightly as a hand intertwined itself with yours, but you relaxed as you realized it was just Taehyung.
“Hello. I don’t believe we’ve met.” Taehyung interjected boldly, causing Jungkook’s expression to harden slightly.
“No, I don’t believe we have.” Jungkook replied dryly, eyes flickering towards your intertwined hands momentarily.
“I’m Tae.”
“Jungkook.” The younger man nodded back. "Are you two–"
"Together? Yes." Taehyung cut Jungkook off, flashing him a smile that didn't meet his eyes.
"Oh," Jungkook responded, noticeably uncomfortable, "do you live at the palace, too?"
Taehyung nodded easily, "I do."
"Ah, so that's how you two met then. Are you an… herbalist as well?"
You turned to look at Taehyung, also curious as to what he might reply.
Taehyung held your eyes for a split second before turning back to Jungkook.
"I work under the prince actually." He lied smoothly.
"Damn. I couldn't imagine waiting on someone's beck and call. Much less some stuck-up prince."
"Oh yeah, it's awful. He's a real asshole." Taehyung mused, causing you to snort.
Taehyung and you shared a knowing look, finding humor in the entire situation.
Jungkook nodded as if he figured as much before offering Taehyung a tight-lipped smile.
"Well, I'm sure Y/N is trying to show you all around the village so I won't keep you both any longer." Jungkook cleared his throat. "It was good to see you again, Y/N."
"Likewise." You told him with a small smile.
Jungkook turned towards Taehyung and after an awkward beat of silence, offered him a polite nod before slipping out of the pharmacy.
Taehyung's eyes narrowed immediately, "I don't like him."
You let out a laugh.
"Jungkook is harmless. Kind of insufferable, but mainly harmless."
"Any chance you have some sort of natural laxative on you that'll make him shit himself for days that we can offer him before we head back?"
"Sorry to disappoint, but I don't make it a habit to carry poisons around with me." You rolled your eyes, a grin present.
"Shame." Taehyung teased, brushing his shoulder into yours jokingly.
Consequently, the prince’s eyes fall onto his hand, and his cheeks pinked as he realized he was still holding your hand. He let go immediately.
"Sorry." He apologized, clearing his throat awkwardly.
Holding your hand felt oddly natural and up until now, he had forgotten entirely that your hand was in his.
To his surprise, you bit down onto your lip, moving to take his hand into yours.
"Don't be. After all, we’re together, remember?” You teased, referring to how Taehyung had lied about you and him being a couple to ward off Jungkook. “I have a feeling we're going to have to use that cover more than once today."
Taehyung felt a weird feeling of elation run through him. He liked the idea that he could hold your hand freely, if only for today.
Instead of expressing that, however, he raised an eyebrow up dramatically.
"How many exes do you have?" He accused, jokingly.
You rolled your eyes.
"That’s not what I meant. Couples attract less attention, you know. Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable. You saw how Jungkook quickly left after he saw us holding hands." You told him.
"Hmm. I suppose you have a point." He offered, before throwing you a skeptical glare. "You still didn't answer my question."
You gave him a pointed look, despite the fact that the sides of your mouth tugged upwards.
"Come on." You sang, tugging your boyfriend for the day out the door.
The sun had just begun to set on your small town; just as well as you and Taehyung had grown tired from your afternoon adventure. You had taken him everywhere you thought he might enjoy: the springs, the farmhouse, the local theatre, your old house. And as the two of you walked down the cobbled stone of the now significantly less crowded market, you reminisced on your day and planned your next journey.
“We could go to Tanbarun next!” Taehyung offered excitedly. “There’s an elderly lady who always offers me bread and milk whenever she sees me.”
“I’ve never been to Tanbarun.” You confessed, excited at the prospect of traveling out of your small village.
To your surprise, Taehyung grabbed your hand and spun you around, causing you to let out an elated giggle.
“They’ve got the best gardens, Y/N. I can’t wait for you to see them, you’ll drool all over yourself.” The prince teased, clearly in a playful mood.
You rolled your eyes at what he was suggesting.
“While the thought of new plants and flowers excite me, I will not be drooling.” You defended, as you walked past two men that were headed in the opposite direction of you and Taehyung.
“...royal guard.”
The words flew past your ears so fleetingly that you almost swore you had imagined it, but you turned towards the conversing men that had walked past you regardless.
“What’s wrong?” Taehyung’s voice rang out from behind you, confused as to why you had turned around.
“I think they said something about seeing a royal guard?” You told him, eyeing the backs of the men as they walked.
“What?” Taehyung’s turned back at the direction the men had come from.
You didn’t even have the chance to turn around to see what the prince was referring to when his hand found yours and he began to tug you forward, back down the way you had just come from.
“Woah– What’s happened?” You exclaimed, causing Taehyung to sent you a panicked ‘We have to go.’
You struggled to keep up with his pace and didn’t even register the sound of horse feet trailing somewhere behind you.
Glancing over your shoulder, you let out at a gasp at the sight of a royal guard perched upon a white horse, the royal family’s crest printed on the side of the horse rug. The horse trotted forward as the guard’s eyes rolled over the market, clearly haven’t seen Taehyung yet.
The guards were no doubt sent out for him by now, his absence at the meeting serving as proof of his disappearance.
You turned back around, heart pounding. You didn’t want Taehyung to get in trouble; you shouldn’t have agreed to sneak out with him in the first place, the least you could do is help him get back home unnoticed.
“There!” You pointed towards the small alleyway just up ahead to the right of you. If you remembered correctly, there was a dumpster tucked away that you both could hide behind. It wasn’t an ideal situation but it was the only one you could come up with given your circumstances.
You pull Taehyung into the alleyway by the hand and nearly curse again once you saw that the small alleyway was not only a dead end but was empty of anything you could possibly hide behind.
Heart in your throat, you poked your head out to view the main road.
“Dammit, dammit, dammit.” You chanted at the sight of the royal guard only a couple feet away.
You bit down onto your lip.
It was pointless; the guard was going to peer into the alleyway and see Taehyung and you standing here helplessly.
“Y/N, it’s okay. This is my problem, not yours. I’ll tell them I made you go with me.” The prince told you, eyebrows furrowed.
If Taehyung was trying to comfort you, it was pointless as the sound of a horse just seconds away from approaching had all your attention.
Suddenly, an idea entered your mind and before you could think to second guess it, you yanked Taehyung’s hood over his head and pulled him into you, your lips finding his.
Taehyung froze in place, a small noise of surprise erupting from the back of his throat.
You pressed your eyes shut, focusing on what you could hear. At the sound of the guard beside you, you wrapped an arm around his neck, hoping to imitate a couple intertwined in an intimate embrace.
Taehyung placed a hand on your waist, still completely dumbfounded, and at the sound of the guard riding past the two of you, you finally pull away.
Your eyes meet Taehyung’s immediately. They mirrored yours; wide and in disbelief, as if neither of you could believe what you had just done.
“I…I just remembered how public displays of affection make people uncomfortable. Um, my thought process was that if he saw us kissing and couldn’t see who you were then he’d just look away and keep going.” You rambled, voice shaking slightly as what you had done finally hit you. “S-Sorry.”
Taehyung just nodded at you silently, muttering a small thank you as his entire face turned bright red.
The journey back to the castle was a painful one, both unable to take your mind off the unexpected kiss. Awkward attempts of small talk plagued the ride back and you wanted to bury yourself into the ground.
When you finally arrived back at the castle and exchanged your uncomfortable goodbyes, you nearly ran towards your room, burying your face into your pillow as you replayed the moment over and over, crippling embarrassment overtaking you.
And when nighttime finally rolled around and Taehyung requested tea, you sent a maid over in your place, choosing to avoid the very face that was burned etched permanently into your mind.
A week had passed since you last spoke to the prince. You had managed to avoid him for the most part, still unable to face him after what you had pulled back in the village. You threw yourself into work, the distraction serving as solace for your flustered heart.
It wasn’t until after your kiss did you realize you held feelings for Taehyung. Speaking to him, holding his hand, everything felt natural when you were with him. He made you feel good about yourself and you wanted so deeply for him to feel the same way about himself. You believed in him blindly and you couldn’t even focus on how foolish you were to fall for a prince with the memory of his lips against yours still haunting you.
You let out a frustrated sigh, your footsteps echoing across the corridor as you walked across it.
You were in a terrible mood; word of your excursion with the prince had somehow made it way across the castle, and you had once again overheard those nasty Countesses speaking about you.
“Did you hear what she’s done now?”
“She took Prince Taehyung back to her village on some secret rendezvous.”
“Not just the royal tea girl is she? Now she’s become the prince’s royal bed warmer.”
Their condescending tones lingered on your mind and you grew angrier as time went by. You had walked away before you heard anymore, but the damage was done. You had taken Taehyung out to the village so that he could learn about one of the places in his kingdom so that he could help it. Not that the Countesses would care about that. It didn’t matter what you did, the people of this castle would always look down on you.
A hand wrapping around your wrist pulled you from your thoughts, and you turned around to meet Taehyung’s worried eyes.
He had been on his way to the royal infirmary to speak to your father when he saw you walking. He had called your name multiple times, but the distracted look on your face told him you hadn’t even registered his calls.
He knew you had been avoiding him, no doubt in response to feeling embarrassment over what happened in that alleyway. But a week had passed and he couldn’t go another day without speaking to you. If he had done something to upset you, then he wanted to fix it.
“What?” You snapped, too caught up in your anger to watch your tone.
“Woah… I just wanted to say hello. We haven’t spoken in a week…” Taehyung defended, raising his arms up as if to show he meant no harm. “Is something wrong?”
You let out a breath. You didn’t want to talk to Taehyung if you were being honest. You were too annoyed by what the countesses had said to think about your shared kiss, but it was still frustrating to see the face of the man you liked, knowing he didn’t like you back.
“Nothing.” You huffed, “Just some snarky comment made by the Countesses. Again.”
“What did they say?”
You stared at him for a moment, contemplating whether or not to tell him.
You let out a scoff as you replayed their conversation in your head.
“They assumed I was… They called me your royal bed warmer.” You said with a deep frown, your anger bubbling within you with every word you spoke.
Taehyung’s eyes widened in surprise, “The royal what?”
“Apparently you and I going out to see your kingdom constitutes into me whoring it out for you.” You huffed.
“For nobility, they sure aren't ladylike.” Taehyung joked, hoping to make you laugh. It proved pointless, however, as your sour mood didn't ease up.
“They're so contradictory. They always stress that I’m the royal tea girl, that I'm just some commoner. If that's the case then what business does a prince have sleeping with me?” You exclaimed with a flail of your arms.
“Y/N.” The prince tried.
“I get that they’re in the court but what do they gain from kicking me down? I’m already below them in rank, which is so important to them as it's all they talk about. Bunch of royal bitches!”
“Y/N, relax.” Taehyung laughed, causing you to scowl.
“I am relaxed!” You snapped, crossing your arms over your chest.
Taehyung took a step towards you, eyes fixated on the unrelenting pout you wore.
“Why do you care what they think anyway?” He inquired, his hands pulling at your crossed arms.
Your arms fell to your sides and your eyes widened as Taehyung’s large hands ran down the lengths of your arms before intertwining his hands with yours.
“I-I don’t.” You countered, voice high as his sudden gesture caught you off guard. Your eyes flickered to focus on the wall behind Taehyung, away from the prince’s unwavering stare.
“Really? Kind of sounds like you do.” He teased and you could hear the smirk he wore just by his tone. Your eyes snapped back to meet his.
“Why do you care if I care? You’re meant to be on my side.” You pouted despite knowing how childish you sounded.
Taehyung raised his eyebrows in amusement, dragging a thumb over the top of one of the hands he held.
“Am I?”
“Y-Yes. It’s what friends do.” Your voice felt weak. Having Taehyung this close to you, touching you as if it was something as casual as breathing was laboring your own.
And as if your heart wasn’t struggling enough to pump oxygen throughout your body, it nearly stopped all together the moment Taehyung leaned into you.
Wait... was he going to kiss you?!
A single thump of your heart was the last thing you heard before you pressed your eyes shut, your body shrinking slightly.
“I thought you were just my bed warmer.” Taehyung’s warm voice purred into your ear, causing your eyes to fling open in surprise.
You pulled your hands back from Taehyung’s grip, pressing them against the laughing prince’s chest and you pushed him away from you.
You let out a small noise of disdain, hands clutched against your chest. Your heart ran a mile a minute, and you couldn’t come up with a reply if you wanted to.
“I’m sorry.” Taehyung laughed, clearly amused at your reaction.
You turned your burning face away from the giggling prince, hardly hearing his boisterous laughs through the sound of your heart pounding in your ears.
You thought he was going to kiss you. Of course, he wasn’t going to kiss you. Why would he want to kiss you?
Embarrassment sunk into you as you realized how foolish you were to think that Taehyung might like you like that.
You turned on your heel, quickly walking away from the dark-haired prince.
“Y/N? Woah, I’m sorry. I was just teasing.” You heard Taehyung say, accompanied quickly by footsteps behind you.
“It wasn’t funny.” You deadpanned, continuing forwards, tears forming in your eyes. You heard Taehyung freeze, his footsteps silencing as he stood in place silently, watching you walk away.
As embarrassed as you were, it was the fact that you had wanted Taehyung to kiss you that hurt. It was foolish– you were foolish. Falling for a prince when you were no more than a servant was so incredibly stupid. You didn’t know how you had let it happen, but you knew that you knew better.
You made your way to your room, cheeks wet from your tears. You swiped them away angrily. ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈
"Father, do you have any band-aids on you before I go bother the nurses?" You started, slipping into your father's office.
You took a seat on his desk, a habit of yours he didn't appreciate very much.
Your father let out a sigh, looking up from the newspaper he had been reading before you barged into his office.
"White medicine cabinet, third drawer." He told you from his seat, eyeing the area of his desk you were perched upon as if to tell you to get up.
"Thank you!" You sang, hopping down onto your feet.
You were in a great mood today. Your last exchange with Taehyung was two days ago and had left you feeling sad and trapped within the palace, where you could run into him at any moment.
So this morning, you took it upon yourself to travel back into the village, this time to shop and spend time with the people there you cared about. Your mood was instantly lifted, the sun was out and warmed your skin deliciously, and it had really put things into perspective for you.
Everything you were upset about, the kiss, the Countesses, Taehyung, none of that couldn't be overlooked. The kiss would eventually become something you'd look back on and laugh at. The Countesses didn't take away from the fact that you were still at the royal castle studying under brilliant herbalists and you were working in a field you loved.
And as for the heart-wrenching feelings towards the prince that you carried... well, you could at least be grateful for the relationship you had with him, even if it was solely platonic.
Well, being that the two of you were even still friends that is...
Pulling the drawer open, you pulled out a band-aid. As pathetic as it sounded, you had accidentally given yourself a stupidly deep paper cut. Thankfully, you had some anti-bacterial cream on you when it happened, but seeing as you were going to need to use your hands the remainder of the day, you wanted to cover the wound.
As you wrapped it around your finger, you couldn't help but notice that the one medical bed your father's office held was hidden by the privacy curtains that hung around it.
You frowned.
"Why are the curtains drawn together?" You inquired.
As far as you know, the curtains were only used whenever someone was using the bed and being examined. But seeing as your father was sat at his desk reading a newspaper, you were fairly certain that wasn't the case.
"Oh... No reason." Your father told you, his tone entirely unconvincing.
You hummed, holding your father's eyes challengingly.
"Leave it." He warned as if reading your mind.
"Too late, my curiosity has been piqued." You shrugged moving toward the curtain.
A pair of panicked eyes met yours as you pulled back the white material of the curtain.
"Tae?" You said out loud, your head tilting in confusion.
"Doc," Taehyung whined, head turning towards your father, "what happened to not letting anyone know I was here?"
The doctor merely shrugged, "Not my fault I have the world's most inquisitive daughter."
"This is a good thing. Y/N told me the two of you are friends, she can keep you company and keep watch as I go and get some dinner." He continued, standing up from his chair.
At your father's words, you cringed slightly. You didn't need Taehyung knowing you spoke about him to your father.
You could feel Taehyung staring at you, and you made it a point not to look at him.
"You don't mind, do you?" Your father asked, causing you to open your mouth to speak, only to shut it again.
Ideally, no you didn't want to be left alone with Taehyung, but you supposed it was about time to make amends with him.
"Of course not."
Your father gave you a grateful nod, "I leave him in your capable hands then."
And with that, Taehyung and you were left alone. Silence ran over you both for few moments before you cleared your throat.
"Why are you hiding in my father's office?" You began, hoping to strike up a conversation.
Taehyung flashed you a guilty look, "There are some people here that my father wants me to meet so I begged your father to let me hide here instead."
"I thought you weren't going to avoid your prince duties?" You teased lightly.
He scrunched up his nose at you.
"More like avoiding my father's poor attempts of matchmaking." Taehyung huffed, causing your heart to pang slightly. You smiled despite it.
“You look nice– Your hair, I mean.” He clarified quickly, in case it made you uncomfortable. Your hair was pulled back into braids and he could see the pretty flowers that had been intertwined into them. You looked beautiful. Your skin looked radiant from a day out in the sun and your lips wore some kind of pink tint he hadn’t seen you wear before.
You offered him a small smile.
“Oh. Thank you. Some girls in the village did it for me.” You explained, rubbing your thumb
Taehyung gave an impressed nod.
“I heard what you did. Getting the king to agree to cut off the water that fed the castle ground fountains and redirecting it to the village, I mean. The villagers told me and they're all very grateful to you.” You continued, biting down onto your lip. Taehyung’s eyes fell to your mouth for just a moment before he looked back up to flash you a smile.
“I would’ve never been able to help them if it weren’t for you.” He told you earnestly and you couldn’t help but return his smile back at him.
Suddenly his smile dropped, a serious expression coming over him.
“I miss you.” He spoke through a blush, catching you off guard.
“Tae–” You began.
“I miss talking to you and spending time with you. I miss you getting all flustered when I tease you and I miss being able to make you laugh. I miss the way you have to take a few moments to recover every time you ride Yeontan because you don’t handle heights well. I miss seeing you covered in dirt almost every time I see you. I miss having you by my side.” Taehyung took a shaky breath, wiping his sweaty palms onto his pants. “Also... I suck at making tea.”
You knew he was being sincere and candid, but his last words took you by surprise and before you knew it you were laughing. Taehyung stared at you cautiously, unsure of what to make of your response.
“I’m... sorry.” You apologized through laughter, feeling bad for laughing at him but god, he was so endearing.
“I really put my feelings out there, you know. You laughing at me is incredibly ego damaging.” Taehyung huffed before a chuckle of his own broke through his lips.
And for a lovely moment, the two of you stood together laughing, the happy atmosphere almost tangible.
“I missed you too.” You told him shyly causing Taehyung’s heart to skip a beat.
Taehyung grinned, “Any chance you know of a ‘Thank god we're friends again' tea that you’d be willing to share with me tonight?”
You stared at the prince for a moment. The way he smiled up at you from his seat took your breath away still, just like it always did. His smile felt like the summer and it warmed you from head to toe.
You let yourself bask in it for a few seconds longer before grinning mischievously at him.
“It just so happens I do.”
"Of all the tea's you've made me, this has to be my favorite." Taehyung told you, taking another sip from his cup before grimacing slightly.
You laughed at his gesture, contrasting with his words. You felt slightly tipsy, a consequence of the alcohol you had mixed in with the chamomile tea.
"I'm serious!" He defended causing you to roll your eyes.
"Mixing the alcohol with tea was kind of a spur of the moment decision. Just say you hate it like I do."
“Hey, I happen to like gin. It tastes like Christmas trees.” Taehyung grinned. You raised an eyebrow, laughing softly.
“Have you eaten a Christmas tree before?” You inquired, grabbing both of your teacups off the bed and placing it onto the tea tray you had placed on Taehyung’s nightstand. You weren't going to force him to drink any more of the atrocious concoction, you decide as you grab the bottle of gin you had brought with you. You handed him the bottle.
“No.” He shrugged, taking a swig of gin. He handed you back the bottle eagerly, bringing a hand to wipe at his mouth.
You took your own sip, grimacing slightly as the alcohol made it’s way down your throat.
The familiar feeling of Taehyung's stare burning against your skin washed over you.
"You're doing that thing again."
"What thing?" He blinked at you.
"The thing where you stare at me wordlessly." You reminded him.
Taehyung shrugged, "I like looking at you. Looking at you is like looking at everything that is good and right in the world."
"Wha– Are you drunk?" You laughed, taken aback at his words.
"Getting there." He confessed through a cheesy smile.
It was strange. How on paper an irresponsible prince and a headstrong herbalist seemed like an odd match, but sat on Taehyung's bed, exchanging gin induced laughter, it all seemed to make perfect sense to you.
“Mm,” Taehyung said suddenly, a hand resting on his cheek.
“Everything okay?” You asked, blinking curiously.
“I'm warm.” He said.
You frowned, “Bad warm?”
"No. Drunk warm."
"Oh, yes! Gin will make you warm.” You nodded. “Tea, too!”
You had reached the point where conversations hardly held anything of substance, not that either minded.
“Are you warm?” Taehyung inquired out loud, almost as if to himself.
Before you could think to respond, one of his hands found your face, his palm cupping your cheek.
“You feel hot, Y/N.” Taehyung exclaimed with wide eyes.
Your heart skipped a beat, as your feelings for Taehyung suddenly hit you once again. Your eyes fell to the bed you both sat on, his large hand caressing your cheek not helping you out temperature wise.
“You were warm that day, too.” Taehyung hummed, causing you to look up at him in confusion.
“Huh?” You responded intelligently, unable to think past the feeling of his thumb stroking your cheek.
“The day you kissed me. You were warm that day too.”
All words left your throat. Your heart was beating so loudly that you feared Taehyung might be able to hear it if he listened closely enough.
And to your surprise, Taehyung leaned into you, before pausing in front of your face, embarrassingly close. The hand that was once on your cheek fell down to your neck loosely as he moved.
“Tae?” You questioned. You weren't sure if it was the alcohol or Taehyung’s proximity but you felt dizzy and flushed.
No response came from the prince as his mouth found yours, the soft warm flesh of his lips stilling you.
You placed a hand against Taehyung's thigh, holding onto the limb to steady you.
"Sorry." He apologized as his mouth broke away from yours, only to kiss you again.
A small noise left the back of your throat in response, reeling in the feeling. But before you could think to deepen the kiss, Taehyung pulled away.
“I miss you. But I don't miss being just friends. Fuck, it isn’t enough anymore.” He breathed. Leaning over, he pressed an opened mouth kiss onto your neck.
You let out a gasp, hands reaching out to grip onto the sides of his shirt.
His mouth was gentle, showering your exposed flesh with adoring kisses.
There was so much you wanted to say, yet you struggled to formulate a single word as he pressed his hot tongue against your neck.
Taehyung could hear your pounding heart against his mouth and the small whine you let out only spurred him on more.
“Hot.” Was all you could muster up as a response. Taehyung pulled away from your neck in confusion.
“Y-Your tongue, I mean. It’s hot.” You muttered embarrassedly, not meaning to cause Taehyung to stop.
“Bad hot?” Taehyung said with a tilt of his head, mimicking the question you had asked him just a few minutes ago.
You shook your head ‘no’ rapidly, eager to fix the mistake you had made. Your reservations lowered by the alcohol in your system and with the memory of Taehyung’s tongue spurring you on, you pressed your mouth to the prince’s.
Taehyung was quick to push you back onto the length of his bed, situating himself in between your legs.
His tongue found yours finally and you almost moaned at the feeling. It moved against yours sinfully and you knew you were ruined, wrapping your legs around his hips, inviting him to roll them into you.
“Wait, wait,” Taehyung said through a heavy breath, having had broken the kiss. You frowned at his words, choosing instead to run your fingers through his dark hair that you liked so much and bring his mouth back onto yours.
Taehyung let out a growl, hand finding your jaw as he gave in to your desires and kissed you the way you wanted him to. His teeth had found purchase onto your swollen bottom lip when he pulled away once more.
You let out a whine. You didn't mean to be this needy but you couldn't help it now that the two of you had gotten this far. You lifted your head to kiss him once again, but this time Taehyung lifted entirely off you, sitting back on his heels, your legs on either side of him.
“No, baby, this isn’t how I want to have you. I don’t want to fuck you in some drunken spur of the moment thing.” He shook his head as if to clear it.
You couldn’t help but pout at his words.
“Don’t look at me like that.” He sighed.
“Like what?” You sulked.
“Like I’m some sort of monster for denying you sex.”
You tut your tongue, “‘It’s ‘cause you are.”
And then Taehyung leaned over and kissed you, not because he intended to fuck you, but because you were so damn cute that he would lose his damn mind if he didn’t.
You took advantage of his moment of weakness, wrapping an arm around him to pull him into you so you could deepen the kiss.
Taehyung let out a dark chuckle at your feeble attempts to seduce him. He broke the kiss, his hand coming up to fiddle with the button of your blouse.
"Hmm,” he hummed lowly, “you’re desperate for my cock, aren’t you?”
It was as if some sort of switch had been flipped, the usually light-hearted prince's aura suddenly grown dominant and commanding.
You let out a small groan at his words, taken aback by how much your body had reacted to his words.
Taehyung didn’t miss your reaction, however, his eyes darkening as they peered down at you through his dark bangs.
“Take your shirt off.” He demanded, his tone authoritative.
You complied quickly, your underwear dampening embarrassingly at his shift in mood.
At the sight of your pretty white bra, Taehyung visibly shifted, his cock growing increasingly uncomfortable tucked away in his clothes.
“So fucking beautiful.” He sighed, voice low and smooth, fingertips trailing down the outer side of one of your thighs.
“Please touch me.” You whimpered, causing Taehyung’s eyes to snap back onto your face, a smirk pulling at his lips.
“Who knew my pretty little girl was such a pretty little slut?”
“Tae…” You protested, unable to meet his eyes for any longer.
“I know, baby. I know.” He cooed, as his leaned over and pulled your bra up over your breasts.
A soft noise slipped through your lips as his wrapped his around your soft bud, his hot tongue taking its time to torture it. His other hand found your other breast, thumb rolling over the nipple in a pattern at mimicked his tongue.
Unable to hold back for any longer, you rolled your hips up to his, and to your utter relief, he met your motions, his hard cock pressing against your drenched center deliciously.
“Oh, fuck.” You purred as he rutted himself against your panty clad clit, causing you to grip onto his back, trying desperately not to dig your nails into him.
Your nipple was released with a soft ‘pop’ and before you could register what had happened, Taehyung ran his hot tongue along the side of your neck.
“Wanna fuck you so bad. Fuck, I bet you feel amazing.”
“P-Please.” You begged, a low whine emerging from the base of your throat, your hips still meeting every rut of Taehyung’s desperately. It was bliss but it was momentary and all you could think about was what it would feel like to have his hot, thick cock sinking into you and rocking into you with the same ardor he held now.
Taehyung took the skin of your neck between his teeth, letting out a noise of disapproval.
“Oh, you’re not getting my cock, baby. No matter how much you need and beg for it.”
Your eyes widened. He wasn’t going to fuck you?
God, you could burst into tears right now. He had you so wound up and you couldn't even fathom not getting the release you so desperately needed.
“Spread your legs for me.” Taehyung said, pressing a final kiss against the base your neck.
Face warm, you complied, pulling your legs apart.
You could feel the fabric that was slick with your arousal move against your most intimate area slightly as you moved, and you bit down onto your bottom lip from letting out an embarrassing noise.
Taehyung was quick to move, running two fingers down the length of your inner thigh.
You flinched as he ran his fingers across the wet fabric of your panties, pressing into the fabric in a way that had you bucking your hips up.
"Fuck, no teasing." You cried, pressing your eyes shut as his thumb found your aching clit.
His mouth had once again found your breast as if he wasn't able to get enough of you.
And when he finally slipped his hand into your panties, you couldn't stop the whimper that rolled off your tongue.
His long digits toyed with your wet center, his middle finger teasing your entrance.
"You're fucking soaked. You need my fingers fucking into you? Don’t you?"
He was cruel. Even if he wasn't going fuck you like you wanted, he wanted to hear you beg for him. He liked the idea that you were dependent on him, that he was the only one who could give you what you wanted.
"Yes, god, yes I need your fingers!" You cried out, unable to register your embarrassment thanks to the feeling of Taehyung's long finger sinking into you.
Your hips moved on their own according, meeting Taehyung's motions messily.
You had assumed Taehyung was well versed when it came to affairs of the sexual kind. He was constantly escaping into the arms of his kingdom, there had to be more than a couple of instances where those arms became more than just figurative ones. So for him to be seen in his element during this kind of activity didn’t surprise you.
But this was ridiculous; he read your body like a damn book, rolling his fingers deep and hard into you only to pull back when you grew too close to your release.
High pitched whines and profanities left your mouth and you could feel your sanity slipping away as Taehyung edged you mercilessly.
Every time you opened your mouth to protest, he silenced you with his own mouth, kissing you hotly and nulling your thoughts.
His thumb rolled over your clit, the sensation nearly pushing you to the edge, but once again, he pulled away just before you could cum.
"Tae, please. No more. I can't– I need to cum." You sobbed, thighs and voice trembling.
Taehyung pressed a kiss down on your chest, enjoying the obscene sounds that came from where he was finger fucking you.
His eyes met you teary ones, "Hmm, I'll let you cum under one condition."
"God, anything!" You hissed, a loud moan escaping you.
"Go out with me." He smirked, adding in another finger.
You nearly asked Taehyung to repeat himself, unable to believe what he had just said. Was he joking?
At the feeling of Taehyung his fingers up inside you, your back arched, breath robbed from you momentarily.
"Are you, ah fuck, serious?" You frowned, hand wrapping around the wrist of that hand that was the source of your agony. You wanted to punch him. If agreeing to go out with him was what you need in order for him to let you cum than you would have agreed to it yesterday.
"Mhm." He mused.
"Tae–" Your response cut off by a moan. "Fuck... yes, I'll go out with you."
Taehyung's thumb once again found your poor abused clit, not holding back in pressure like he had been before. He spared you no warning, his fingers once again curling up into you in a way that had you choking on your own sob. Your mouth fell ajar slightly as your eyes shut, your release finally blinding you.
You came with Taehyung's name on your tongue, small sounds of sobs following as you legs quivering in the aftermath of your release.
Once your orgasm had let down, you let out a hollow breath, blinking harshly as your vision returned to you spottily.
You had never cum that hard and you were still trying to make sense of it all; you hardly registered the sound of Taehyung trying to comfort you.
"Are you okay? Was that okay?" Taehyung asked you again as he pressed multiple chaste kisses to your cheek.
You attempted to pull yourself up onto your elbows, still breathing hard.
"You're a little shit." You finally spoke, sending an exhausted glare Taehyung's way.
Taehyung let out a laugh as he kissed you lightly.
You sighed at the feeling, and despite the turmoil you had just gone through, you found yourself trying to deepen the kiss, thoroughly addicted to the taste of him.
"Hold on." He chuckled, breaking the kiss. "I was serious earlier. I don't want this to be a spur of the moment thing. Forgiving me for the old-fashioned, but I am a prince and I should be courting you before I do something like that again. And I want you to agree because you want to, not just because the situation calls for it but because you like me. Because I like you, Y/N. A lot."
You couldn't help but fawn over the suddenly blushing prince, a complete contrast to the Taehyung that held you from your orgasm just moments ago.
"I like you, too." You confessed shyly.
A brilliant smile fell across Taehyung's face at your words, causing your heart to soar.
"So, you'll go out with me?" He questioned excitedly.
You giggled, "Yes, I'll go out with you."
"Oh, thank god. Guess that means I can stop pretending to like tea now."
You let out a surprise scoff, "Excuse you!"
Taehyung flashed you a cheeky grin as he moved to push you back against the bed, muttering an apology as he kissed you once again, a smile on both your faces.
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hobiorbit · 2 years ago
sugar sugar, honey honey (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing: min yoongi x reader, kim taehyung x reader, min yoongi x kim taehyung warnings: threesomes, dirty talk, abo dynamics, knotting, impregnation kink? summary: in which omega/omega relationships are looked down upon, and taehyung is happy to take care of both you and your boyfriend.
Two omegas are not supposed to love each other.
This kind of love goes against not only all biological norms, but societal norms as well. Omega-omega couples are looked down upon an disapproved of.
In spite of all of this, you did not care. And neither did your omegan boyfriend, Yoongi. Being in a relationship with another was hard, with the constant backlash you got, but you wouldn’t have it any other way
Even now, sitting next to your boyfriend in the lecture hall with alphas and betas alike sending you looks of discomfort of disgust, you felt happy. Happy from just being so close to him, feeling entirely safe.
“That’ll be all for today. Remember that your papers are due next Tuesday, everyone.” Your professor said suddenly, sitting down at his desk and paying no mind to the students now exiting the hall. You and Yoongi got up hastily, trying to leave the room as soon as you could to avoid trouble.
He shoved his laptop into his bag and grabbed your hand, weaving the both of you through multiple seats as you got closer to the door. You were about to walk out when a alpha behind you made a crude comment, his alpha friends giggling with him.
“If you ever need a heat partner, I’m here. Omegan dudes aren’t meant for fucking, they’re supposed to be fucked. Didn’t you know that, princess?” He said, his scent clouding your senses as your face morphed into disgust. Yoongi grunted in anger, and you knew he was getting ready to pick a fight.
“Let’s just go.” You whispered softly, leaning closer to him as he took a deep breath, calming down before nodding. He didn’t speak as you quickly walked away, and you knew that not only was Yoongi angry, but insecure as well.
When you finally got to the courtyard, you allowed yourself to breathe in the scent of nature. Immediately, you could feel relaxation seep through your veins. “Yoonie,” You sighed, pouting at him. His gaze was still hard, and you knew he was battling his emotions internally.
“What, sweetheart?” He asked you, trying to keep the usual calm and soft voice he used when talking to you, but you could hear the gruff undertone caused by his anger. Yoongi wasn’t like most omegas, and it was easy to see. His behavior easily reflected that of a beta or even an alpha, and sometimes you’d even forget about his status until his heat came around.
“Don’t listen to them…” You softly responded, clenching his hand in your usual genuine fashion. Your words made a soft smile appear on his lips as he turned to look at you, admiring every single one of your features.
He leaned down to press a soft kiss onto your lips, one that had you deflating and sighing into him. Yoongi never failed to take your breath away, and even though you weren’t a fan of the attention you got from the PDA, you still allowed him to do it every time.
“You’re so cute.” He told you as he detached himself from your lips, smirking at your shy face. Covering your face with your free hand, you allowed him to walk you in the direction of your apartment.
Little did you know, an infatuated alpha had watched your display, and he walked away wondering why his heart was beating so fast.
“Those knotheads have no idea how to treat an omega. I can fuck you better than they could ever dream of.” Yoongi whispered into the heat of your neck, licking over your scent gland and nibbling at it, causing you to keen and buck your hips up into him.
“Isn’t that right, baby? Your omega boyfriend makes you feel better than any alpha, right?” Yoongi asked you, lifting your shirt up your chest and pulling your bra down to tend to your nipples. You whimpered shyly, and nodded. He leaned down to nip at you, causing you to jolt in surprise.
“Answer with your words, Y/N.” Yoongi reprimanded you. “Yes Yoongi, you do it better. Always do.” You mewled, putting a hand over your mouth as he continued his assault on your nipples, lathering them with his tongue as your whole continued to become wet with slick, filling the room with the scent of your arousal. Yoongi loved it.
“Please, Yoonie,” You whined, showing him your neck as you writhed below him. Your words set a fire in the other omega’s stomach, filling him with the need to fill you up and take care of you.
He leaned down to scent at your neck. In these moments his omegan nature showed completely, the need for closeness and genuine love peeking out through his special actions. You moved your head upward, baring yourself to him as he scented you, kissing and licking at your neck.
“You’ve got it, baby.” Yoongi muttered when he thought you smelled enough like his soft scent of linen and cloves. You opened your thighs to him, exposing your heat, feeling far too gone to even feel a bit shy. Yoongi loved teasing you to that point, loved to see you unabashedly giving into the throes of pleasure he was willing to give to you.
Yoongi leaned down, flattening his tongue over your wet cunt and flicking the tip of his tongue over your clit. You keened, bucking your hips up into his touch as a way of begging for more. He smiled at you from your mound, almond eyes narrowing into slits as he continued his abrasive assault on your pussy. He tongued at you, never fully giving you what you wanted, enjoying the way you writhed around while trying to get as much pleasure he would lend you.
“Yoonie- please, oh god, fill me up.” You whined, tears flooding your eyes. Yoongi shushed you, taking a hand and sliding it down the side of your body in a gesture of comfort. Nonetheless, he got onto his knees, pulling down at his boxers, allowing his erection to spring free.
While his stature definitely was not very alpha like, Yoongi never failed to satisfy you. Never in your life had you found yourself wishing for something Yoongi didn’t have. Even in moments like these, where some people were convinced only an alpha could excel, Yoongi managed to take stereotypes and stomp on them.
He sheathed himself inside you quickly and harshly, knocking the air from from your lungs. Your mouth opened as short, quick moans left your lips, in time with Yoongi’s quick thrusts. On days he managed to tease you the most he tended to lose a bit of control, fucking you fast and hard.
You could never complain, managing to take it as sounds of pleasure fell from your lips, head tossed back as he continued his assault. Yoongi was grunting, bending over your body and mouthing at your neck as he fucked you.
“So fucking good for me. You’re so beautiful, I love you.” Yoongi moaned into your ear, bringing a hand down to rub at your clit as he tried to get you closer to your release. Your arms were wrapped around his shoulders, legs spread wide to accommodate the body in between them.
“I love you, Yoonie,” You whimpered into his ear, panting as you felt yourself reaching your high. You clenched around his cock erratically, whimpering as you came. Yoongi grunted in your ear, following along not too far behind you. When you’d both ridden out your highs, Yoongi rolled you over, pressing his face into your neck and wrapping his arms tightly around your body.
Even in your tired, sex induced haze, you pat your boyfriend’s head and ran your fingers through his hair. “Don’t listen to those alphas… You do everything they can do and more.” You whispered, knowing exactly what was on his mind. Yoongi nosed at your neck, drinking your scent in. “I know, sweetheart. Just wish I could protect you and myself the way some of them can. It’s okay, we make it work.” Yoongi assured you, closing his eyes as he allowed himself to bask in your presence, already on his way to sleep.
You didn’t bother saying anything else, knowing that even though you hated it, Yoongi was right. Other people’s opinions and societal stigmas were always going to plague your relationship- and that was alright. You loved Yoongi, and he loved you.
“Are you okay? You look pale.” Jungkook asked Taehyung. Taehyung looked at the other, effectively having forgotten his daydream. He nodded, thought Jungkook could tell Taehyung was thinking about something pretty concerning.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Taehyung sighed, throwing his head back on his old, plush couch. Jungkook stared him down from his spot on their recliner, his unofficial-official claimed spot in their shared apartment. “You’re a horrible liar.” The younger stated. Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Yeah? And you’re noisy.” He rubuttled. Jungkook pouted.
“What’s so troubling to you that you can’t even tell your dear old roommate? I won’t judge.” Jungkook stated, shrugging his shoulders. Taehyung contemplated his words for a moment, before speaking slowly.
“What do you think about two omegas in a relationship?” Taehyung asked. The question seemed to catch the beta off guard, as his eyes widened and he coughed.
“I’m not one to judge other people’s preferences. I’m sure it’d be tough and all, considering everyone’s opinions on omegas. It’d probably just get worse if they were in a relationship together. Why?” Jungkook asked the alpha. Taehyung shrugged.
“I just… Saw two omegas kiss today. N-not that I was spying or anything! It just struck me as odd. I know omegan relationships existed, I’ve just never seen any.” taehyung explained, clasping his hands together.
Jungkook observed his friend, a sly smile on his face. “Is Taehyungie getting greedy, wanting two alphas? Leave some for the betas. It’s hard enough to score anyone as it is.” Jungkook complained, though his words were all in good fun. Taehyung scoffed at the younger’s notion. He’d barely seen you or Yoongi- there was no way he had a crush on either of you. Just wanted you guys to be safe, like any decent alpha.
“Whatever. I don’t even know their names, never even seen ‘em before. I just… thought about how hard it’d be to be in a relationship like that.” Taehyung said. Jungkook nodded in understanding. “Yeah, I’d be worried too. I hope they have an alpha friend or something- to keep an eye on them.” Jungkook states. Taehyung nodded absentmindedly, hoping the best for the two omegas he’d seen in passing.
“Hey, now that you brought it up, I think I know who you’re talking about. Well, at least one person. His name’s Min Yoongi, and he’s a junior I think. He’s an omega and he’s dating a girl in my grade- Her name’s Y/N, I think.” Jungkook said thoughtfully, gnawing on his bottom lip.
Taehyung’s eyes lit up at the aspect of receiving new information. “Really? How do you know them?” Taehyung asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion. Jungkook laughed shyly. “Saying I know either of them is a longshot. Yoongi is friends with Namjoon hyung. I’ve heard of Y/N cause she’s in my grade, but apparently she’s pretty shy so ‘s hard to get to know her.” Jungkook explained. Your shy face flashed through Taehyung’s mind, your wide eyes looking up at Yoongi after he’d stolen a kiss from you. Shy was definitely a word that could describe you.
Yoongi, however- if it weren’t for his scent, Taehyung would’ve mistaken him for a beta. Maybe even an alpha. But his softer omegan scent and pheromones were definitely his downfall, outing his status to anyone who could smell him. That didn’t make him any less threatening, that was for sure.
“It’s hard to believe that guy’s an omega. He’s scary.” Taehyung said matter of factly. Jungkook snorted. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. Namjoon hyung likes him, so he can’t be that bad. Probably just a bit standoffish or whatever, but nice when you get to know ‘im.” Jungkook thought aloud.
It was very rare that Yoongi didn’t make full recovery after being taunted by some alphas. It would usually take him a day- two at most. And yet here he was, a full week later, sulking over the offhanded comments alphas had made to you.
Of course, Yoongi didn’t mention it, but due to your nature you had no problems picking up on his discomfort.
It made you sad that no matter what you said or did, you couldn’t seem to get him to shake off whatever thoughts were clouding his head. Before, you were convinced that Yoongi knew he was all you could ever need. Now, you weren’t so sure. It hurt that you hadn’t made him secure in his position as your boyfriend.
As you walked to your lecture together, you held his hand extra tightly, and walked closer to him that usual. You could tell he was inhaling your scent diligently, something that didn’t come as a surprise. Yoongi had always used you as his little stress reliever, not that you ever minded. You took pride in the fact that just your scent alone could calm the other omega down.
You kept looking at him from the corner of your eye, peeking up to see his face, only to see his usual frown he tended to unknowingly wear in public. Some would say it made him quite unapproachable, and you just found it absolutely adorable, with his plush lips pouting outward- making you want to give him a kiss. Not that you would. Public affection had never been your thing.
So you two walked in silence as you occupied yourself with observing your school’s courtyard. Spring had finally began to throttle fully, and trees along with other plants had fully bloomed.
Your lecture hall had been unusually full considering the time you arrived. You and Yoongi tended to arrive the same time every day, wanting to get your usual seats. However, it seemed like multiple other people had the same idea- and as much as you were perturbed by it, your usual seats had been taken.
Not only that, but there weren’t any spots with two seats open for you and your boyfriend. You frowned at the sight in front of you, searching frantically for a place that you and Yoongi could sit down. Yoongi squeezed your hand, sensing your distress. He pointed at an open seat.
“Go sit there, baby. I’ll sit in the one behind you so I can keep an eye on you.” Yoongi murmured into your ear, not looking at your face because he knew you were pouting. He wasn’t happy with how the day unfolded either, but he figured this would be the best bet. You sighed but nodded, timidly gripping your shoulder straps and walking over to the seat.
On your right was a beta girl, seemingly nice enough. She hadn’t bothered to greet you but she’d sent you a smile in passing before turning to speak with her omegan friend.
On your right was something you were much more worried about. He was an alpha, no doubt, his scent of sandalwood almost stuffing your nose as if it were tangible. He had shaggy, ash blonde hair and wore a delicate, long earring accompanied with what looked to be a comfortable but fashionable outfit.
You sat down, looking over your shoulder at Yoongi only for him to nod at you. His seat seemed far less alarming. From the looks of it he sat between two betas, both of which who looked to be extremely kind. Turning back around, you accidentally locked eyes with the alpha beside you.
His gaze was not cold, but it was sharp. Not in a purposefully intimidating way, but in a way that made him seem like all of his attention was on you- like it had been for a while. It made your heart beat faster and for some reason you didn’t look away, almost frozen in place until he spoke to you, breaking you out of your trance.
“Hello. I haven’t seen you in here before. My name’s Taehyung.” He spoke easily. His voice was smooth and low, almost rumbling through your ears as you received every word. You mulled over each of the syllables he spoke in your head, almost encoding them delicately within your mind, having no intentions of forgetting the way he sounded.
“Hi… I uh, I usually don’t sit here, it’s just… Everyone seemed to get here a little earlier today, I guess,” You mumbled, laughing softly in embarrassment. You could feel your hands warming, a sign of how flustered you were becoming from the alpha beside you. Never had someone of his status had such an effect on you. You usually tended to stay away from alphas due to their somewhat genetically predisposed abrasive natures, something you couldn’t say you were too fond of.
“But it’s nice to meet you, um, Taehyung. I’m Y/N.” You spoke finally. Part of you wanted to mention Yoongi, behind you, but you felt it would’ve made the conversation awkward even though you could feel his gaze burning into you. It made you sweat.
Taehyung gave you a gentle, almost seductive smile. Everything about him seemed to be sensual. From the way he looked to the way he spoke to the way he moved, everything was slow and steady but so very encapsulating. If it weren’t for your professor signalling class was beginning, you might’ve tried to speak with him all day.
Throughout your lecture, Taehyung had given you small tips on how to write your notes, as well as drawing funny things and giving you small messages on the pad of sticky notes he’d brought along with them. You received his attention easily, allowing yourself small giggles here and there to show your appreciation for his actions.
Yoongi watched you from behind the entire time, the teacher’s words proving to be nothing but background noise for his feelings of jealousy and anger. Who was this alpha all over you? It was clear you’d never met before, and yet here he was, all over you, as if you didn’t already have a boyfriend.
Except, for all the alpha knew, you didn’t have a boyfriend. Just a close, omegan friend- because who in their right mind would automatically assume that an omega was taken by another omega? This only fuelled Yoongi’s feelings of inferiority that had been blooming ever since the week before.
What made things worse was how Yoongi could see you were clearly enjoying the alpha, paying no mind to his flirtatious or overly friendly nature. Either you didn’t notice it, or you took it in stride. Yoongi just hoped you were oblivious.
When class was finally over, Yoongi sighed a breath of relief. He weaved his way out of the table he was sitting at, avoiding the overly friendly beta that had been sitting next to him. Yoongi’s eyes were on you, travelling down and over to where you stood, still in the alpha’s clutches. Not that you really seemed to mind, you were listening to him intently.
“Are you ready?” Yoongi said, tone much colder than he intended. The alpha in front of you looked up in surprise, before an enthusiastic smile overtook his lips. “You must be Yoongi! Good to meet you, man.” Taehyung said thoughtfully, thrusting his hand out toward Yoongi for your boyfriend to shake. Yoongi stared at it for a moment before awkwardly taking it, shaking it slowly. You tried not to giggle at the other omega’s actions.
“Nice to meet you, uh…” Yoongi paused, waiting for Taehyung to tell him his name. Taehyung nodded and retracted his hand. “Taehyung. Y/N here was telling me all about you, you know. My friends and I are actually heading out to lunch after this, did you two want to come?” Yoongi’s eyes widened, wondering just how friendly this guy could get. Just about all the students had filtered out of the lecture hall now, leaving just your tiny group along with a couple other people.
Yoongi saw you begin to nod, but he decided he’d need a bit more information before going to lunch with an unknown alpha- who most likely had unknown alpha friends.
“Who’re your friends?” Yoongi inquired. Taehyung hummed, and if he was offended by Yoongi’s words he didn’t show it. “Ah, this guy named Namjoon, another guy named Hoseok, his friend Jin, my roommate Jungkook… And I think my friend Jimin might be able to make it too.” Taehyung said happily. Your eyes widened at the mention of Jungkook, a friendly beta in your year. You’d hardly ever talked to him but if you did, you were sure you would’ve been best of friends by now.
“I know Jungkook.” you piped up, looking to Yoongi more than anything, hoping that he would at least find solace in the fact that you wouldn’t be surrounded by complete strangers. Taehyung cocked his head to the side and smiled. “So you’re in the same grade as him! Kookie is great, he can just be a lot sometimes. Loves to annoy his hyungs.” Taehyung said, an appreciative smile on his face.
“I haven’t seen Namjoon in a while. I guess we can go.” Yoongi relented, hoping he wouldn’t regret this decision. How could he say no to you, when you were clearly excited to go? Your shy nature had definitely inhibited you in multiple ways, so whenever someone actually invited you out it was like a godsend. Yoongi refused to ruin that for you because he was jealous- and insecure.
Taehyung clapped his hands and bounced on his feet, clearly showing his excitement. “Really? Great! I’m sure my friends will love you guys. Do you just want to ride with me or did you plan on driving yourself? I can always text the address.” Taehyung said.
You looked to the floor sheepishly. “Neither Yoongi or I drive, so… We’d really appreciate it if you wanted to give us a ride.” You spoke, feeling yourself heat up about having to admit that you didn’t drive. It was scary!
“No problem at all! I’d love to drive you guys. We’re sorta meeting soon so… Wanna go?” Taehyung asked with wide eyes, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder to signal to the door. You and Yoongi nodded, you a bit more excitedly than the latter.
Yoongi had taken it upon himself to call shotgun on the way to the restaurant. You really didn’t have any problems with it, opting to lean back and stare out the window while you let Taehyung’s phenomenal taste in music flood your ears. In that moment, you decided life was good.
Taehyung ended parking at a local ramen shop, claiming they had the best food and service he’d ever received. You hardly registered his words, already excited for some good, warm food with your boyfriend and your new friend. Yoongi grabbed your hand as soon as you got out of the car, leading you into the restaurant behind Taehyung.
It seemed like his friends were already there, sitting at a large table in the corner with three open seats for the missing guests. You followed everyone older, sitting between Yoongi and a very smiley man. Only when you were given your menus did Yoongi let go of your hand.
“What’s your name, cutie? I’m Hoseok.” The smiley man, who you now identified as an alpha, said from next to you. You smiled shyly, eyes widening at the nickname he used for you. Yoongi sucked some air in through his teeth before looking around to see if anyone had caught his display of irritation. If they did, they didn’t show it.
“Nice to meet you, Hoseok… I’m Y/N and this is Yoongi.” You introduced yourself and Yoongi next to you, who leaned over to make eye contact with Hoseok. Hoseok hardly seemed threatened by Yoongi’s face, leaning forward to get closer to him, effectively coming in contact with you.
“Hi Yoongi, nice to meet ya!” Hoseok said, closing his eyes and giving Yoongi a wide smile. Yoongi nodded stiffly. “Ditto.” He nodded, turning toward Taehyung who was on his right, cringing at his friend’s behavior.
“Hoseok is a bit out of the lines, if you will. He means no harm, I promise. He just likes everyone.” Taehyung whispered to Yoongi, breath fanning across Yoongi’s lips due to how close the alpha was. He smelled like mint. The omega realized he didn’t mind if the alpha decided to get even closer, and when the realization hit him he leaned back. “It’s all good. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t anything by it.” Yoongi said coolly.
Taehyung faltered for a moment, peeking at Yoongi’s lips before licking at his own and turning away. Yoongi felt appalled for a moment, letting his hand search for your thigh under the table for comfort.
You looked at him in curiosity. He refused to meet your gaze even though he knew you were looking.
The man across from you caught your gaze, smiling. Despite his somewhat omegan appearance- fluffy hair, puffy lips, kind eyes- he was by all means an alpha. You wondered just how many alpha friends Taehyung had. You knew Omegas were the least common group in society- but even then, it was rare to not know even a couple.
“Hi, Y/N. I’m Jimin. Taehyungie makes friends everywhere he goes, doesn’t he? So, what’s your major?” The man, Jimin, asked kindly. You laughed at his statement- wondering just how many times Taehyung had quickly made friends only to bring them into different outings he already had with the current group. Even though you barely knew him, it seemed very plausible.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I currently don’t have a decided major, mostly just floating around and testing the waters. I’m a fan of the arts, though! Space is cool too- Yoongi and I met Taehyung in our astronomy class.” You nodded your head to the omega beside you and the alpha beside him. Jimin tilted his head thoughtfully, sending a sly smile to Yoongi, who had been observing Taehyung’s side profile. Your boyfriend puffed his cheeks out in embarrassment and mild annoyance.
“Astrology, huh? You like it?” The beta beside Jimin- Jungkook, as you knew- asked both you and Yoongi. You gave a shrug and a smile. “It’s definitely interesting sometimes. Although, it does bring out some existential crises.” Jungkook laughed at your statement, nodding. “That’s exactly why I didn’t take the class!” He exclaimed. You nodded, leaning into Yoongi.
“It’s not so bad once you get over it. Becomes sorta normal.” Yoongi said, trying to put both of you at ease. He’d witnessed you have minor freak outs in class whenever your professor said something particularly alarming more than enough times.
“How’s music theory going, Yoongi?” A man with glasses on the other side of Jimin asked your boyfriend. You cocked your head to the side in confusion before piecing together that this must be Namjoon, the man Yoongi had known prior.
A deep sigh left the other omega’s lips at the reminder of his class. “I love it, I really do. It’s just a lot of work. A devastating amount.” Yoongi said, nodding along with his own words. Namjoon hummed. “I hear you. The information is great, everything else is a complete drag.” Namjoon said in agreement.
Yoongi was about to respond when the waitress came over, a pretty beta girl. Jungkook shied away from where she stood between he and Jimin, even though she hadn’t even glanced at him.
“I come bearing gifts!” She joked, signalling to the tray of food she’d brought along with her. She busied herself with setting down the multitude of bowls down in front of everyone, sweetly asking if anyone needed anything else before strutting away.
“Geeze, Jungkook, make yourself more obvious why don’t you.” The oldest, Jin, piped up after seeing Jungkook watch the waitress’ every step until she was out of sight. The younger flushed a rosy color, eyes darting to you in panic. You offered him a nice smile as a way to calm him down.
“Sh-shut up, hyung! Don’t embarrass me like that!” Jungkook said indignantly, bringing his mouth down to stuff it full of noddles as a way to avoid any more conversation. Jin laughed and shook his head, eating his own food.
“Thank you guys for coming with me. I know it was short notice and all, but I hope you had as much fun as I did.” Taehyung said warmly as all three of you walked back to his car. You smiled happily, as Yoongi nodded.
“I had a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting us out, Taehyung.” You said politely. “Likewise. I’m usually not a fan of last second stuff like that but… It was nice.” Yoongi admitted. You smiled, wanting to kiss his puffy cheeks. Usually, you didn’t go so long without some sort of affection, but due to your last minute lunch things didn’t advance as they usually did.
Taehyung turned back to you, smiling so widely his mouth took shape of a rectangle. “I’m glad to hear it! You know, I’d love to hang out again sometime. Maybe study for astronomy together, or just go out for lunch again. Only if you guys want to, though.” Taehyung said, scratching at the back of his neck.
You almost agreed immediately, but faltered, looking up at Yoongi. He bit his lip and stared down at you, before releasing air through his nostrils and nodding. “I don’t see why not.” Yoongi said nonchalantly. Taehyung clapped his hands, dropping himself into the driver’s seat of his car as he waited for the two of you to get in. He dug around in his pocket and thrust out his phone to you.
“Why don’t you put your number in then? You can do both, or one. Just so I can get ahold of you guys.” Taehyung offered. Yoongi caught how Taehyung hadn’t given his phone to him, despite him being the one sat in the front seat. You fiddled around with Taehyung’s phone for a second before unlocking it and inputting your number, your contact name identifiable by the cute emojis you’d put beside it. Then you worked on putting Yoongi’s in before setting it on the center console, not wanting to bother Taehyung while he was driving.
“All done.” You said cutely, fiddling with the hem of the skirt that laid against your legs. Yoongi smiled at your mannerisms, the image of your face enough to make him happy. Taehyung didn’t miss this, happy that he was able to see at least one genuine smile from Yoongi that day. He definitely did have a hard exterior, but he wasn’t bad at all. Just shy in a different way.
“Do you guys live on or off campus? Just so I know where to drop you off.” Taehyung piped up.
“We live in an apartment off campus.” Yoongi answered, rambling off your shared address as Taehyung tweaked his route accordingly. With the soft purr of Taehyung’s engine accompanied by the food in your stomach, you quickly found your eyelids getting heavy. Silently, you hoped you’d get home soon so you didn’t have to face the embarrassment of falling asleep in Taehyung’s car.
Unfortunately, hope isn’t necessarily enough sometimes. Because the next thing you knew, you were waking up in Taehyung’s arms as he carried you with ease while Yoongi led him to your apartment door.
Sensing your change in state, Taehyung looked down at you and smiled fondly.
“What’s up, sleepyhead?” He asked you cutely, causing Yoongi to look back at the scene with wide eyes. You were very obviously still trying to wake up, blinking the sleep away and yawning in Taehyung’s arms. “Hi.” You said in a cute, small voice as you rubbed at your eyes, causing Taehyung to coo at you. He couldn’t help it, you were absolutely adorable.
“Erm, thanks for carrying her. She can get super tired sometimes.” Yoongi broke the small moment the two of you were having, feeling negativity crawling up his spine. There was no doubt Taehyung could smell Yoongi’s change in scent, getting the idea. He followed after Yoongi into your shared apartment, taking in the space as Yoongi led him to the couch, where he sat you down.
The place was very obviously your own, even if he hadn’t known you for very long. From looks alone everything reflected both of your personalities, colors and decorations suiting to both of your tastes. Not only this, but both scents were thick and palpable, making Taehyung lick his lips. Surely, other alphas were jealous of your relationship- two no doubt sought after omegas taking each other into their arms. As empowering as it was, it also made Taehyung wonder if he’d ever get a chance to be with someone as cool as either of you.
“I’ll see you guys later. Text me, alright? I had a fun time today.” Taehyung smiled widely, making eye contact with both you and Yoongi before seeing himself out. Yoongi observed as you stared after the alpha, eyes glazed over as you lost yourself in your thoughts.
Yoongi felt as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders as he left. He’d experienced too many emotions and now he would sit and contem