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#kim whalen
just-a-broadway-girl · a month ago
My Favorite Parts of the Honey Queen Talk-Back
all the Starkids 👏saying👏their👏pronouns👏
Mariah popping in for like two seconds and then panicking and leaving
Mariah then proceeding to embody the entire fandom and fangirl over Lauren for like a solid minute and a half
"Did you make that hat yourself, Jeff?” “Uh, my mother and father helped me out with that.”
“Craft Class”
everyone booing Jon when he entered the call
“Use the code ‘Craft Class’ for 100% off”
“He is canon stink.”
everything involved with the phrase “Dirty girl”
Curt and Kim being couple goals and him being an absolute tech nerd
“Are you in 8k?” “It’s 6k actually.” “Wait what”
Mariah fangirling over Angela and ranting about her IBS
Dylan, Jeff, and Joey all chiming in one after another because they forgot to say their pronouns
everyone being Matt Dahan stans
Bryce being a Starkid stan and fangirling over everyone 
“I think my sexuality IS that [music] video” - James Tolbert, 2021
the absolute SILENCE whenever a question was asked
“It was worth seeing you [Curt] in 6k”
Jae also being a huge Starkid fan 🥺
everyone plugging the album every three minutes
“iTunes will be president.”
Mariah saying she watched Black Friday while she was on tour 🥺
“Yeah sometimes I get type casted as these little theatre sluts”
“You guys can make your own series and then you’ll answer our questions” “...but if you uSE THE CODE CRAFT CLASS YOU GET 100%”
The Real Housewives of Hatchetfield
“They paid for this, Lauren.”
Someone telling Jeff to “drop the hair care routine” and then he DID for like FIVE MINUTES
“I am a Curly Girl Method subscriber”
“100% off use the code Curly Girl”
Dylan and Bryce know each other?? like they’ve met?? several times??
Joey fully getting ready to storm out when Bryce said her favorite Starkid show was Twisted
everyone losing their MINDS over the picture of Bryce and Dylan
“That’s an assault rifle. I play Fortnite, that’s an assault rifle.” - Mariah Rose Faith, 2021
everyone unanimously agreeing that Linda would be a member of the NRA
“Are you afraid River might become to powerful??”
the chaos of talking and ✌ and 🤟 until someone ended the stream
God I’ve missed these grown up theatre nerds
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dukes-holloway · a month ago
Rb if you think Liz from Clivesdale deserved better ✊😔
Tumblr media
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one-time-i-dreamt · 6 months ago
I was apparently in mortal danger and the fairies from Tinkerbell saved me and brought me to a desert fairy cottage safe house to live with my aunt who was Kim Whalen. I got to bake sourdough bread and chill with her cats.
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hey lang bros let us see kim whalen as a hatchetfield villain pls and thank you
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charlicpace · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FEMALE AWESOME MEME. ↳ [5/5] warriors ★ becky barnes, black friday.
when you shipped out i thought i’d wait for you, then i met stanley. at first he was so cool, he bought us booze and cigarettes. he had a car and his own apartment. we were kinda going together for about five months, when i’m at the lake with some friends. i’m flirting with some guy, you know, a little buzzed. then stanley’s car comes driving onto the beach. and he grabs this poor boy and he just beats the shit out of him. then he tells me to get in. after that, i didn’t go to any more parties. stanley was a bad, bad man. people think he left me for some woman in clivesdale. but that’s not the truth. last year, when your wife passed, i was thinking of going to the funeral. stanley said he’d rather see me dead than hanging around tom houston again. something about that.. woke something up inside of me. because when we went our separate ways, it was fine because it was us, but who was he to keep us apart? so that night i fought back. he chased me out of the house and into the woods. he was the one who brought the knife… it’s funny... stanley’s the one that made me go to nursing school. that’s why i knew where his femoral artery was. not sure if i hit it, but i left him out there. maybe he crawled somewhere for help, maybe he died in those woods. you say you killed your family? i hope i killed mine.
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rms-idiot · 4 months ago
If Becky "isn't as hot as she used to be" HOW HOT DID SHE USED TO BE???
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musicalsandfluff · a month ago
rewatching Virginity Rocks on repeat and noticed this gorgeous tidbit of cinematic masterpiece
Tumblr media
very subtle very tasteful
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ourleader-jemilla · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I still love music videos. Everyone should buy NT 2!
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shipwreckedcomedy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
For artsy kids, the Trousers are the ones you should consult They run a children's theater which is surely not a cult 🎭
Curt Mega & Kim Whalen are Eugene & Ramona Trousers
Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story | Now on Kickstarter! 💀
Photo by Eric Carroll Graphics by Corey Lubowich
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robinchirpsart · a month ago
Tumblr media
so who else did NOT have "Lumber-Axe is a secret supernatural love child" on their bingo card for the episode Abstinence Camp?
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shhhhimwatchingthis · 26 days ago
thinking about Miss. Holloway spending 4 hours telling Duke her entire life story despite knowing he won't remeber it. like she could have told him one thing, the memory part of The Deal would have kicked in, and she could have moved on. But she sat there and spent 4 hours telling him everything anyway.
just because he can't know doesn't mean she likes lying to him? because maybe just this once it will work? because it's him and he asked?
because she loves him
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