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“The View” is currently trending at top of Twitter after Donald Trump Jr. went on the show and got heated right away.

DT’s son appearance on the show ended in a downfall and right away heated with back and forth while speaking to Joy Behar, Sunny Houstin and Whoopi Goldberg and having former FOX News Kimberly Guilfoyle at her side.

Via TMZ:

Trump Jr. turned the tables … first on Joy by calling her out for allegedly wearing blackface. Joy took offense to the accusation and denied it. FWIW, Joy admitted in 2016 she had dressed as a “beautiful African woman” at a Halloween party when she was 29, and yes … it involved makeup “a little bit darker than my skin.”

Junior emphasized his point that “we’ve all done things that we regret” … by going after Whoopi for defending disgraced director Roman Polanski amid rape allegations. Back in 2009, Whoopi said whatever Polanski’s guilty of wasn’t “rape-rape.”

Trump Jr.’s appearance was also pretty rocky outside the studio – protesters surrounded him on his way in and out. Things heated up when some of the protesters surrounded his SUV … slamming the President’s son for his big game hunting.

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Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are both in attendance to watch great UFC fights and their bigger supporter Colby Covington.

TMZ Sports first posted the pics.

Via TMZ Sports:

Sources connected to the event tell TMZ Sports that Don, Eric and their brood – which appears to include Don’s GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle and at least one kid – arrived Saturday around 10 AM PT … an hour after the first fights kicked off at 9 AM.

Kinda interesting if you think about it – that means the Trumps are going to presumably stick around for a bit until the Covington/Lawler fight at noon … which makes for a jam-packed day of Octagon action. Five matches have already been decided, so you gotta imagine the Trump crew caught at least two of them, so far.

It also looks like ESPN followed through on their plan to not keep the famous family off camera – despite backlash it may or may not spark. They’re all getting a healthy amount of screen time at the moment on TV, which we were told was expected ahead of the event.

As you know, the UFC is made up of pretty diverse fighters … and with their pops being labeled a racist of late, the Trump boys’ inclusion in this event was expected to be a powder keg of sorts.

No issues so far though, from the crowd or otherwise … hopefully it stays that way.





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Kimberly Guilfoyle

Watching Trump Campaign Advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle on CNN without sound… is … mmmmh…

Okay…. the way Trumpian-women dress, their hair and make-up is so… the aesthetic… the body-language…

How to phrase this without sounding like a tit?

Let me put it like this:

She looks like someone out of a Rtl2-“documentary”. The one they show after the water-shed.

To a german this aesthetic does not scream conservative. More “russian-born third wife of a upper-level managment- guy in the dock for tax-fraud” than “I am here to represent a conservative president who would like conservatives to vote for him”.

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Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle proudly expressed their right to bear arms during another trip to Montana.

The Second Amendment-loving couple appealed to their fandom by posting pix from a shooting excursion with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., over the weekend. They both shared the same photo of the men holding guns with the former Fox News reporter in the middle, and then they put up additional shots of the president’s son holding and using his weapon.

View this post on Instagram

Great time in Montana this weekend with Leader @repkevinmccarthy and @kimberlyguilfoyle. We had a lot of fun shooting some clays, catching some fish, and doing some politics. We need to keep the house in November… get to work and get your friends out. #montana #shooting #fishing #politics

A post shared by Donald Trump Jr. (@donaldjtrumpjr) on Oct 8, 2018 at 4:53pm PDT

Guilfoyle, who is now working for pro-Trump super-PAC America First Policies, noted that she would have been shooting things up too — quipping that she’d be showing her boyfriend how things were done — but, alas, she’s recovering from hand surgery. (She recently injured her hand playing trampoline dodgeball with her son and Don Jr.’s kids.)

As you can imagine, the comments are on fire. The couple definitely have their fans — and fans who love their gun pix (’merica!). But the majority of the comments are by people making fun of them — for their politics, for Junior’s love of shooting things, and for Guilfoyle’s shooting outfit. (“Kimberly, you look out of place, all made up like that out in the fields. Get real, girl,” said one. Guilfoyle was happy to share her outfit credits either way: “Leggings by Varley.”)

Photo: Kimberly Guilfoyle via Instagram

The weekend wasn’t all glamour shots with guns and trout in Big Sky Country, however. They were also “doing some politics,” according to Trump Jr. That meant attending the Ravalli County Republican Central Committee’s “Make Montana Great Again” event in Hamilton and taking turns addressing the crowd alongside Greg Gianforte and Matt Rosendale, who are both running for office in the state. (McCarthy is up for reelection in California.)

This trip to Montana seemed better than a recent one to Bozeman, when a local bar and grill refused to host a campaign event by Trump Jr.

Trump Jr., whose next divorce court hearing is Nov. 27, and Guilfoyle have been very open about their romance, but it doesn’t seem like they’re taking the next step anytime soon. After denying early engagement reports, he recently made an awkward joke to reporters about how he didn’t want to give Guilfoyle any expensive ideas — about rings — after he hit a diamond-shaped bull’s-eye at a recent political fundraiser.

Read more from Yahoo Entertainment:

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Liberal #1: “Isn’t that a good looking couple? She’s attractive and he’s handsome.”

Liberal #2: “Don’t you know who they are?”

Liberal #1: “No idea. Who are they? Hollywood stars?”

Liberal #2: “No! The gal is Kimberly Guilfoyle. She used to work at Fox News. The guy is Donald Trump Jr. Trump’s son. They’re dating.”

Liberal #1: “You’re kidding!”

Liberal #2: “No! I wouldn’t kid about something like that.”

Liberal #1: “On second thought. That’s a disgusting looking couple. She looks like a hooker and he’s just a vile looking jerk.”

Liberal #2: “You know? I can’t get over Hillary losing like that…”

Liberal #1: “It’s been almost two years now.”

Liberal #2: “I know. I know. But it seems like just yesterday…”

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