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happy birthday angie (@okkottsus) 馃嵂馃尭馃崐馃А馃
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Uzui Tengen / The Sound Hashira / Demon Slayer Season 2 - Entertainment聽District Arc / Episode 02
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Seeing Daki/Ume walk away from the light and chance to be redeemed in death because being separated from her brother is worse than any hell they鈥檒l face together-
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Uzui & Wives馃拵 x Reader!Turned Demon~
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*Lays this out neatly and ducks back under my burrow* Just a small lil prompt for these four. Gawd I love them sm, glad they鈥檙e getting more attention in fanfiction realm as they should. Hope you enjoy peoples.~ inspo:@lazysimp
(Oh and about the newest episode-
*screams and cries into oblivion*)
Warnings: none really, hurt & comfort perhaps
Tumblr media
It wasn鈥檛 supposed to turn out this way. One of the most romantic and warm evenings of your life, morphed into a horrific nightmare.
You had been training under the retired hashira, Uzui Tengen, for quite a long time now. In that span of time you鈥檝e not only gotten to know him, but also the three beautiful women he deemed his wives.
Your infatuation with them was hopelessly apparent from the start, and no one could blame you. They were all of course ridiculously attractive with varying personalities to match. Over time they even opened up their home to you, as the friendship you all once knew began to shift into something more.
You were hesitant as to not disturb the bond they already shared, but one night returning from a perilous mission. In the heat of the moment, finally seeing their faces, hearing their voices filled with worry and compassion. One confession, to your astonishment, sparked another.
After a quick smirk and a 鈥淭ook you long enough.鈥 from Uzui. Words turned into heated embraces before you even knew it. Arms curled securely around bodies, lips colliding one with another. You couldn鈥檛 keep track anymore, becoming drunk off the feeling. Pure intimacy like no other, all thanks to four of most gorgeous people you鈥檝e ever known.
And so, on an evening you thought would end like any other, you were awestruck to come out having an entire group of partners who loved you just as you did them.
You couldn鈥檛 be happier.
All until now鈥
It was supposed to be a lovely evening. Flashy attire, delicious food, filled to the brim with laughter. An entire venue rented out by Uzui to celebrate that momentous occasion. Cleared out in an instant by an all too bold demon.
You acted quickly, protecting your lovers as all the instinct in your body shot off. Utilizing every ounce of training you were taught much to Uzui鈥檚 pride.
It was close, too close, but with one final breathe you annihilated the threat for good.
As you fell to your knees watching the monster fade away, Uzui, Hinatsuru, Suma, and Makio all ran to you assessing the damage.
Their dotting wasn鈥檛 unwelcome but you insisted you were fine. Until you felt it.
Earlier the demon had slashed you, but you shrugged it off as a minor injury. But your body..it started to feel hot and stiff as if something was awakening. With labored and wheezing breaths you clasped onto Uzui, shaking violently in a cold sweat.
Your heart felt like it was going to burst through your throat, even with your breathing form nothing could quell the discomfort turned agony.
鈥淵/N? Y/N what鈥檚 happened?!鈥 Uzui exclaimed concerned, grabbing the attention of the girls.
鈥淎re you hurt? Poor thing you鈥檙e shaking.鈥 Hinatsuru said as softly as ever.
鈥淥h no! What if they鈥檙e injured really bad, they could be dying!鈥 鈥淒on鈥檛 say stuff like that! Damn demons, we should鈥檝e helped when we had the chance.鈥 Suma and Makio chimed in.
You couldn鈥檛 hold on any longer, the only thing grounding you was the voices of your lovers. You were desperate. Slipping. Falling. Something else was taking over you. The nails you dug into Uzui arms sharpened, as he winced. Your teeth did the same, as your mouth ran dry. Vision blurring. You were scared. You knew what was happening, and you knew it was already too late.
You shove Uzui and jump away from the group. Making a dash for the surrounding trees to hide yourself. Knees buckling again as the transformation continued. All they could hear were your cries and whines to fight it off. But after a moment鈥verything went silent.
鈥淵/N?鈥 Hinatsuru spoke, being the first to walk to where you were.
She saw you crouched over鈥nmoving.
She came a bit closer, the ground under her feet creating a small noise alerting you.
In a second you turned your head, ravenous eyes and sharp pupils glowing in the moonlight. You growled lowly.
Hinatsuru gasped, but didn鈥檛 back down. She started to speak your name again but in a flash you tackled her to the ground.
She screamed out at the sudden force. The rest ran to her aid.
You snarled and roared, scratching and slashing at her as she struggled to hold you back. The sight of her blood only egging you on. You weren鈥檛 you anymore.
Swiftly Uzui shoved you off of her, as Suma and Makio dragged her back away from you.
With all his strength Uzui held you down. You thrashed and scratched at him like a wild animal. The girls looked on in horror, at a loss of what to do.
鈥淵ou three, a stick now!鈥 Uzui yelled back, snapping them out of their daze. Makio grabbed one from her side and tossed it to him.
He quickly shoved the piece of wood into your mouth. You screamed against the restriction. 鈥淗ey, Y/N look at me. Look at me!鈥 Uzui tried to grab your attention while you were subdued. The girls ran over understanding his intentions.
鈥淢e too! It鈥檚 us Y/N don鈥檛 you remember?鈥 鈥淐mon you got to snap out of this!鈥 Suma and Makio joined.
You continued to kick and squirm until you felt a presence above your head. Hinatsuru leaned down looking you in the eyes, you stared back deep down recognizing that soft glance.
She began to carefully caress you head, much to your surprise. As she continued, you became less sporadic focusing on her touch.
鈥淪hhhhh, your alright Y/N. You鈥檙e ok. Just please.鈥
Hinatsuru grabbed both sides of your face rubbing your cheeks softly, tears pricking in the corners of her eyes.
鈥淧lease come back to us.鈥 She whispered to you.
At that you felt something, as if a wave of calmness finally washed over you. In the midst of all the feral intensity you felt yourself come to, if only for a moment.
You could think, but any emotions you were able process were a mix between relief and anguish. You were different now, you let this happen, but they were still here for you. They stayed. All of them. They wanted to help you, be your refuge. Just like they always have. What were you supposed to do, what were you supposed to say?
You can鈥檛 say anything, you can鈥檛 speak. All that fell from your lips gazing on the people you cared for the most, was a long drawn out sob.
They all looked at you with pity, saddened this had happened feeling just as guilty. But all that mattered to them now was you, and letting you have this.
You continued to cry until your vision was fogged with tears. Hinatsuru continued to cradle your head as the Suma and Makio held onto each of your arms in a warm embrace. Uzui kept the stick firmly placed in your mouth but held your head gently as he did so.
After a moment your sobs became hiccups, and hiccups into small sniffles. You felt yourself become smaller in their holds, figuratively鈥nd literally!
You shrunk down to almost a child like size, much to the shock of your partners. Uzui picked you up gently and held you close to his chest as you buried yourself in it. Finally relaxing.
鈥淵/N鈥hat are we going to do?鈥 Hinatsuru asked standing to her feet and patting your head.
鈥淚 haven鈥檛 got a clue. But I know this.鈥 Uzui looked up at all three women. 鈥淲e keep our little slayer safe, and love them no less. They put their lives on the line for us tonight, and that makes them the most respectable human being to ever walk this earth. We鈥檒l figure this out together, but never forget that.鈥
鈥淥f course.鈥 Makio agreed with a smile. 鈥淚鈥檒l love Y/N forever, even if they鈥檙e a demon or anything else!鈥 Suma exclaimed right after.
Uzui smiled at the two, and then looked down back at you fast asleep. Hinatsuru held onto one of the arms he had you cradled in and spoke. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e still our Y/N, but is there really nothing we can do for them?鈥
鈥淚 think I know just who to ask.鈥 Uzui replied smirking at his wife. Hinatsuru understood and smiled back, wrapping her arms fully around her husband鈥檚 and leaning on his shoulder.
Makio and Suma looked on with small pouts until Uzui gestured for them to come over. They dashed and almost tackled the man in their embrace. Each holding onto any part of your small frame gently as well. Looking at you lovingly and attentively.
Under the moonlight you all stood, content for a moment but concern and worry never leaving them. In your rest you couldn鈥檛 ponder much, but the love and warmth radiating from them was overwhelming. You just couldn鈥檛 help but feel as if you were in the best hands.
You regretted what happened to you, you always will. But protecting these four was more than worth it, and their love and care was all you could ever ask for. They鈥檒l take care of you, as they always did when you had nowhere else to go. And with time, maybe even cure you. As long as you鈥檙e all together. That鈥檚 the most important thing.
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His dango..
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wanted to draw a wholesome boy instead of a bitchy boy so...rengoku
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饾悞饾悮饾惂饾悶饾惁饾悽 鉁 饾悳饾惃饾悳饾悿饾惏饾悮饾惈饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悹
饾惈饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惂饾悹/饾惏饾悮饾惈饾惂饾悽饾惂饾悹饾惉 鈻竛sfw, cockwarming, hints at breeding, belly bulge, hints at round two
Rubbing the bulge of Sanami鈥檚 cock in your lower belly as you ask,
鈥淪anemi how are you hard again?鈥 You shift on his hard cock, which had only been soft for fifteen minutes before the throbbing wettness has his cock growing again for round two. And you can feel his veiny cock twitch inside of you. And his cock head sits comfortably pressed against the back of your pussy.
鈥淛ust thinking about filling you up again. And how wet you were for me, drenching my balls as well as my cock with your sweet pussy. Wouldn鈥檛 you like that for me to stuff that pretty puffy pussy up again? You could let me show you how thankful I am for taking care of my throbbing cock. 鈥 He slips his large, rough hand between your legs. Which you have dangling off either side his musclar and scarred up thighs. You arch into his touch as you lean your head. Sanemi asks,
鈥淥r is she too sore for round two?鈥
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Hey sweets!
Would it be possible to have a Rengoku x pregnant reader headcannons?
Maybe like how he takes care of her and after the baby was born and how he helps her? I'm such a simp for this man >////<
Thank you!!
A/N: RENGOKUUUU Ugh I miss him :( I'm making this where he prevailed and won mugen train HUSH
Please enjoy~
"Kyojuro, calm down. I'm the one getting checked here after all" you put a hand over your husband's bouncing leg to try and calm him down.
"I know but I can't help but worry about you," he admitted still bouncing his leg. You had come to the butterfly mansion after feeling sick for almost two weeks. It has been nothing but nausea, hungry, and fatigue. Now Rengoku had finally brought you to Shinobu.
"Hello Y/N! After looking at all of your symptoms you seem to be just fine. Of course, I've brought some medicine.." she said casually
"What do you mean fine? What's the medicine for-" Kyojuro asked but was ignored
"Also some vitamins that will change with the trimester.." she continued as if no one spoke
"Shinobu!" you put a hand to her shoulder to get her attention "What do I need these for?"
"Oh your baby of course!" she smiled "Congratulations to you both!"
The room fell silent. You were pregnant? And why would she deliver the news like that?
"I...Shinobu can we have a minute, please?" you asked looking down in your lap.
"Oh, yes of course. Make sure you drink this with tea every night and I'm always here if anything is in need" she said taking her leave from the room and shutting the door.
"...Y/N?" Rengoku called taking your hand in his own "Are you..alright? Whatever concerns you, I will always be here to care and support and take care of you." he said with a passionate tone
"I-I know Kyo...I just...are we ready for a child? Do you want children?" you asked. Even after being married for about 3 years, you feared the worst when this time came. What if he didn't want children? What if he thought they were only in the way? So many things could go south--however, all your doubts soon melt away when you saw the smile on his face
"Of course, I want children with the woman I love. Why would I ever think otherwise?" he gave you his famous smile as he pulled you into his side "I love you with every fiber of my being, my flame," he said nuzzling into your hair placing his large hand over your ere abdomen where your soon to be child was growing.
"Make sure you chew thoroughly, dear," Rengoku said as he fed you some sweet potato. You were within your third month and close to entering your second trimester. You were both very happy that you made it through the first trimester safely and with no complications. He of course was there throughout everything, night or day.
He held back your hair when you threw up. Massaged your head when it ached and comforted your worries. Just as he was every day he was an amazing husband to you. Every morning he'd kiss your head good morning and then one over your belly button while he said
"good morning little one." with a big grin.
It was known in the Rengoku family, that pregnant women would stare into a flame for about 2 hours every 7 days. This was to ensure the baby would be born with hair the color of a burning flame. Rengoku of course said you didn't have to do such a thing if you did not wish it.
However, you said, "Well it's your family, tradition and I don't think I would mind having another fire hair in my life" and so you would stare at a flame for 2 hours every 7 days. In turn, Rengoku would stay with you and feed you if it was that time of day.
Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu would come after missions to check on you and visit. Tanjiro was like a mini Kyojuro, not letting you do anything while pregnant. After all, he was the eldest and helped his mother each time. They were always a joy to see, and Rengoku loved to see the three of them doing well.
During your second trimester, your bump finally appeared more noticeably. Rengoku was absolutely in love with it! He was amazed about how your body was able to carry a life you made together. He loved to map out the outline of the bump and speak to your baby.
"My little flame, I love you more than you know. I hope you look as beautiful as your mother. She's also very kind, and intelligent, I mean she is growing you after all." he'd say to them "Whatever you wish to be in life I will always support and be there for you."
Senjuro was also very excited to become an uncle. Whenever Rengoku wasn't home he would be the one there to help you until he was back. Even his father was happy for a new addition to the family, even though he was as stoic as ever.
Ironically during your third trimester, you were waiting on your due date to approach. It just so happened to be on the day you were staring into the flame. You felt a sudden cramp in your lower abdomen and called for Kyojuro to come right away. Mans barged in like he was ready for war!
He carried you all the way to the infirmary and announced loudly-
"Y/N IS IN LABOR! OUR CHILD IS ABOUT TO BE BROUGHT INTO THE WORLD!" you couldn't laugh because of the pain. The midwives took you down to a room where everything was prepared for the baby. Usually, the men had to stay outside of the room but Rengoku argued and begged to be there with you. After about 10 minutes the nurse finally caved and let him in to be by your side. He held your hand, wiped your sweat, kissed your knuckles, and rested your head on his knees. He coached you through each contraction and push.
You were sweaty, tired, in pain, but...it was all worth it. A beautiful baby girl was laid on your chest after hours of hard labor. She was crying loudly but it was the most beautiful sound you've ever heard. Rengoku could only sit back and watch as you were cleaned up and the baby was cleaned and wrapped up.
Rengoku was at a loss for words "Y/N...I..I.." all he could do was let his tears fall as you held your baby close
"Kyo....Look at her, she's beautiful.."
"She truly is. Y/N....thank you so much. thank you for this gift" he said wrapping you both in his arms. He had a family...his family. One he would protect with his life and love with his heart and soul.
You both named her Homura Rengoku.
Nights were long....but more because you had to get Rengoku to sleep. He insisted to take "the night shift" to watch over her and keep her safe. Even though she was only a few inches from you.
"But what if she gets cold? Or hungry? Or-or maybe she gets scared of the dark, or what if-"
"Kyojuro, listen to me. She is fine. She's warm, she's safe, and if she gets hungry I'll feed her" you said urging him to lay down. He finally laid back down only for your sake.
During the day he would carry her whenever you needed a break or if you were feeling sleepy. However, he did remember he may be too loud for a newborn. He asked for his younger brother to come every now and then to teach him to be quieter, for her. He didn't want his daughter growing up with a father who always yelled, he didn't want to scare her. He made lots of progress too, he brought himself down to regular volume which sounded like whispering to him.
Your daughter was born with your eyes but the traditional Rengoku family hair. Which was quite rare since the majority of children born into the family were male. Having a female Rengoku with the hair trait was something new and something he sees as a true blessing.
"To tell you the truth," he said as he rubbed Homura's back as she laid on his chest, "I thought I would have died on that train. I thought I would never see you again. Yet here I am with you, and Homura. I look at her and I think about the world she could grow in. She鈥檚 going to be so beautiful and strong and smart. I just can鈥檛 thank you enough for what you鈥檝e given me. How could I ever thank you?"
"Oh, Kyojuro....you don't have to, you've already given me the best gifts I could ask for" you answer as you brush some of her hair back on his silky head.
"I couldn't agree more my love~"
I hope you enjoyed!
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(pt 2) of gyutaro x f! Reader
Here is part 1
Warnings: mention of physical assault, soft sex, nsfw, he a lil too eager so no prep for reader, kinda long LOL
- tonight was like any night, Gyutaro thought, he had hoped to see you giddy and happy as usual
- but tonight when he saw you, you covered your head with a long scarf...and looking around, almost as if you were looking out for someone
- "are you okay, pretty girl?"
- you turn around with tears in your eyes, and a fresh red imprint upon your soft cheek
- he was instantly angry, but he had to ask what happened
- "a client wanted me to touch him...but I said no. And he screamed out of no where and when everyone came rushing in, he said I tried to seduce him!"
- "did he hurt you like that?"
- the tears in your eyes spill, "no" you sniffle, "mother (of the manor) punished me... After that I ran out of the house... "
- Gyutaro clenches his fist for a moment, only to soften them for you
- he reaches out to touch your red cheek
- his cold hand felt good on your face
- "do you remember what he was wearing?" He asked gently
- you didn't think of it much when you said the clients name and what he was wearing, you were so entranced by him touching you... Something he hadn't done by his own will until tonight
- the fall breeze made you shiver, no matter how covered up you were
- "you should go back inside," Gyutaro pulls your scarf more snuggly around your face, "you're going to get sick staying out like this"
- you didn't want to go, if only summer time was forever, then maybe Gyutaro and you would be like this every night. Listening to the people while hiding inside the alleyway, talking about nonsense
- you wipe your nose and nod, but you knew this was his way of showing that he cared about you
- you said your good byes, and just like that, he vanished into the night
- the next few weeks, it had became quiet in the manor, the mother of the house had suddenly vanished, and the reoccurring client hadn't stopped by ever since that incident
- but Gyutaro hadn't made an appearance either, until tonight
- you were up late, laying in your futon
- it was your first day off in a month, and you finally had a chance to sleep at night, but you just couldn't
- you wanted to see Gyutaro so badly
- the window violently slid open, letting the cold air into your room
- you get up from your futon angrily "when are they going to fix these damn windows??!!"
- you slam the window shut and put the wooden stick back into its place, hoping it wouldn't falter again
- "y'know that's going to make it even harder for me to get in"
- your breath left your lungs as you quickly turn around, just to see your precious Gyutaro looming in the corner of your room
- there he was. His pale grey skin being warmed ever so lightly from the red and orange hues of the lanterns outside.
- "where....where did you go?" You sounded so sad to his ears
- he rubbed the back of his neck, "I had some business to take care of, but I'm back. I wanted to see you" he let his green hair dangle in front of his face, to hide his 馃憖馃拫 embarrassment
- he didn't expect you to wear so little, just a simple single colored robe. He usually saw you all dolled up with hair done and a bit of blush on your lips and cheeks
- but seeing you in the privacy of your own room, your naturally beautiful features almost made you look... vulnerable
- yes, he wanted to see you. After seeing you...he had a sudden hunger for touching you
- you walk towards him, and touch his shoulder, melting him under your warm touch
- "I missed you, Gyutaro..." You say shyly, taking his hand into yours
- your other hand makes its way up to his face, and pulls his hair to the side, "is it okay if I kiss you?" You ask
- yes yES YESS finaLLY
- he nods and leans in a little too eager, but his lips meeting yours is the best thing to happen in his life time
- his lips were a little chapped, thankfully you put on a little bit extra lip balm before bed.
- the single kiss was short lived, as you two pulled back from one another
- both of you blushing !!!
- you didn't want the night to end... Neither did he. It was the first time you two had been alone privately. Not standing in the shadows between buildings
- "Gyutaro..." You finally say
- he gulps because he's so nervous, a pretty girl like you holding his hand, dressed not very modestly, let alone just kissed
- "should we...should we run away together?"
- the question stayed in the air for a moment, before he shook his head no
- "I can't..." gyutaro whispers, "I have to take care of my little sister" as much as he wanted, he couldn't
- "oh!" You wave your hand in the air, "of course, I'm sorry. That was irrational of me. I mean if we did, it would be hard to get funds, and a place to stay" you try to laugh it off, you couldn't compete with family, but damn :/// a gurl can wish
- and you haven't even talked about this before, you felt guilty just asking him out of no where
- Gyutaro gently graps your arm with his hand, and pulls you in closer
- his arms envelop you into a hug, his skin cold from the outside world, warming like soft wax
- you smell so good, he thought, the shampoo he had Daki give you matched you so well
- you were so soft, softer than he every imagined
-without knowing it, his hands traveled from your waist to just under your booty
- he wants to feel all of you, all over, see you all over, smell you all over
- taste you, all over
- your whimper snaps him out of his own trance, "Gyutaro," you whisper in his ear, making him gasp, "let's continue in the futon, okay?"
- he gulps when he realizes where his hands were on your body, but all he could do was nod, and have you lead him to your futon
- there, he laid in your futon, smell intoxicating him more than ever
- but then you climb on top of him, your hips wrapping around his, your robe opening every so widely to have him peek at your supple, tender thighs
- his cock twitched in his pants, and that's when he realized... You weren't wearing any undergarments
- the twitch of his member made your hole pulsate, fuck it felt so good to finally feel him, under you hard as a rock nonetheless
- "is this okay?" You adjust yourself slightly on his hips, making his dick twitch more, "am I too heavy?"
- Gyutaro eyelids hang low, almost drunk off the friction alone "not at all, pretty girl..." He rests his hands on your hips, slyly pulling your robe just a bit farther back so he can see your bare pussy on his clothed dick
- the sight almost took him tf out
- he did NOT expect a neatly kept hair patch on your pubic, let alone a growing wet spot underneath (from his precum or your's, he couldn't tell)
- "Gyutaro..." You moan
- he looked up at you, and he was thanking muzan-sama for chosing him to live this long
- you looked so ravishing under the lantern lights
- the sleeve of your robe fell over your shoulder as you slowly rutted against his hard member
- please, he begged, please don't let this ever end
- you lean over him and capture his lips, a deeper kiss this time. Sucking on his bottom lip hoping he got the hint that you want him, only him
- your hips continue to rut against his pants, as your tongue dances with his
- sooner or later your continuous movements pushed his pants down...and you were met with his tip at your soaking wet entrance
- he moans quietly at the direct contact, you were so fucking soft everywhere that it almost hurt him
- you release the kiss, and sit up, your full weight on his cock as you unfasten your robe tie
- "I don't - I don't think we'll need this for long" you giggle
- finally Gyutaro saw your breasts bare, and now you were completely naked on top of him. Your hole pulsating against his cock, ready to devour him for the taking
- how could someone so beautiful want someone like him?
- you remove yourself from his hips, and make yourself comfortable between his legs
- Gyutaro raises and eye brow, were we finished already?
- "I might not be good at this" you tuck your hair behind your ear, and slip your finger tips under the hem of his pants, making him gasp
- you pull them down far enough to let his cock free, seeing him like this, flustered under your touch, was so satisfying
- he was lengthy, the base of cock was thick and tapered slightly when reaching the purple-tinted tip. Veins were apparent all over his shaft
- you licked your lips as you grab him, pulling him closer and closer to your lips
- he lets his mouth gape open as his watches himself enter your soft mouth, your tongue swiping across his sensitive tip as you taste his essense
- he wriggles his hips, wanting more of your mouth, wanting to be deeper inside you, in one place or another
- you can only take him half way, to your dismay, but no matter, you will swallow him whole soon enough
- Gyutaro whimpers under your touch, it felt so good being in your warm mouth, though, he'd much rather your mouth be on his
- you lift your head, letting his cock go from your mouth "can I... Can I go further?" You say, practically begging
- wasn't really fair with your lust drunk eyes, and you fisting his cock with your slippery saliva
- Gyutaro, awkward as he is, only nodded
-you smile, climb your way up his body until your eyes met his
- he saw your pupils dilate, like a predator about to devour their prey
- Gyutaro sits up and puts his hand around your neck, tight enough to feel your pulse
-he presses his lips against yours and kisses you frantically, feeling you smile in the kiss
- "there's my pretty boy..." You moan in his mouth
- oh
- maybe...maybe he's into being praised... 馃憖
- Gyutaro felt his tip oozing with precum, and you were right there, so close
- he pulls back from the kiss and leans into your ear "pretty girl..." He whispers, "I need you, right now"
- he grabs your hips and lines himself to your entrance
- slowly, slowly, painfully, easing himself inside you, the ring of muscle resisting him momentarily
- you're holding your breath, you can feel his shape, his hot warmth, his love
-and Gyutaro is gripping your hips so tightly, almost as if he's afraid you'd flee if he let you go
- his hips finally meet yours, he is buried deep, deep inside you, stretching you so good that tears begin to peck at the ends of your lashes
- your shiny doe eyes only added to the fire inside him
- Gyutaro lifts you off his cock bit by bit, savoring the texture inside you, only to slam you back down into him
- you yelp! Much to your surprise
- he grins, exposing his sharp pointed teeth, "you like that?"
- you nod, closing your eyes shut as you wrap your arms around him for stability
-his teeth gently nibble at your neck as he continues this aching pace, slowly pulling out, then slamming back in
- Gyutaro is in complete bliss atm
- you moaning, gasping, whimpering into his ear, gripping onto him because he feels so good inside of you
- You reach your peek quicker than you expected, and you cum right when he slams into you
- your ring of muscle pulsates around him, and that was it for him too
- he pushes you down as far as you can go on his dick, and holds you there while you ride your orgasm out, and he burns your insides white hot
- both of you are heavily breathing, sticky feeling but oh so satisfied
- you loosen your grip around him, and pull away, meeting his green eyes no longer filled with lust
- "y/n" he says quietly, "will you stay here, with me?"
- you smile, again, pulling his hair away from his face, "I'd be with you forever, Gyutaro."
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(//鈻//) -聽Uzui Tengen / Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc (Y奴kaku Hen) / Episode 09
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鈽哢pper Rank Six - Daki鈽
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Tumblr media
饟垐 鉂 SOFT SPOT. 鈾 鉂 藦 藦 gyutarou shabana
Tumblr media
鉁 warnings . fem reader , fingering , sex in a public setting ( but you both are alone ) , shy gyutarou , handjob . little drabble .
鉁 word count . 1.6k
鉁 kream'z note .釔 i love him, i do ): both reader and gyu鈥 are nineteen ( 19 ) in this. minors do not interact ! feedback & reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
鈥渄oes this really feel that good?鈥
gyutarou slants his head to the right as if doing that could give him a better look of your little pussy gurgling around the nimble breadth of his middle finger.
he hovers over where you lay across the fleece and cotton padding forged from dozens of blankets and cushions he had packed and laid across the cargo bed of his old, mint blue 1972 chevrolet luv. the paint is chipped around the bumper, quarter panels, and sunroof and the entire car chirrs as if groaning in pain underneath the both of your conjoined weight if either of you happen to move a certain way and take your entire body mass with you, but against you opening your heavy eyes and catching gyutarou鈥檚 pretty face 鈥 framed around an ink blue canvas speckled with glittering dots of sapphire, gold, and silver 鈥 you find that the two hour drive here to this hilltop view was worth it.
鈥渦-uh huh.鈥 your nod is slow, your glossy lips are popped open around a permanent gasp it seems like, and bubbling tears line the white drawn along your waterline.
gyutarou inhales a quivering breath inside of his nose, leisurely drawing his entire arm back an inch until his dull fingernail is simply pressing against the tight puckered entrance of your pussy before wedging it back inside.
hollow sandwich containers and the empty wicker basket you had carefully packed full of heart shaped snacks and fruits topple and knock against the metal sides of the bed when he adjusts himself more on his haunches so that he鈥檚 no longer above you, but inclining himself back to simply . . admire you.
you paint a pretty picture for him with the top, lettuce hemming of your long, flowy sundress pushed haphazardly down neath the fluffy meat of your tits to allow your little hands free reign to grip and squeeze on them when gyutarou casually crooks his finger upwards. by all accounts, it appears that he touches something you like because your eyes cross and your little fingers pinch the stout nubs of your nipples between your knuckles while you release this cute, tiny 鈥渉ah!鈥 sound.
sharp - eyed, alert, attentive 鈥 gyutarou isn鈥檛 anything if he isn鈥檛 observant. within the short eight months of you both knowing one another, he鈥檚 already memorized your favorite coffee order, perfume, specific love language, and pet peeves. he knows that when you look at him and give a little pout before speaking, whether that at all be subconscious or purposefully, you鈥檙e either frustrated with something or sleepy. he knows that when you grow shy, your entire body seems to coward and fold into itself until he鈥檚 carefully coaxing you back open like a blossoming rose 鈥 knows that when you grow silent and your eyes take on this misty glaze while he鈥檚 talking, you鈥檙e not really listening . . . 鈥 鈥榤 sorry, 鈥榯arou,鈥 you always mewl. 鈥 can鈥檛 help it. you鈥檙e so pretty. 鈥
鈥測ou can add鈥斺 your voice is vented over hiccupy gasps of sweet bliss. 鈥溾 can add another finger . . please? p-please 鈥榯arou?鈥
he shifts again 鈥 spreads his long legs wider to somehow lower himself to be even closer to you. reluctance is read on his face before you hear it in his voice 鈥 gentle and subdued, 鈥. . . are you sure?鈥
you find that there鈥檚 a certain way he likes to talk to you as opposed to ume. while he gives her delicate, drawn out coo鈥檚, mumbles, and hums, as if speaking to a frightened kitten, he seems to always be a little more quiet with you. you鈥檝e recognized that he speaks more slowly, too . . as if trying to choose each word carefully before he says it.
鈥渕hm,鈥 one of your hand reaches out to grip onto the faded denim of the jeans he wears. you look up at him through a laminate of tears shining across your eyes and there鈥檚 an unspoken, all-consuming emotion swimming within the bottomless black of your pupils that he catches inside of them, too. he鈥檚 pretty sure that the same one lies within his.
with that, albeit unhurriedly, he glides his index finger inside of you right along his middle. his cock plumpens up even fatter in his jeans at the sensation of tight, wet heat that immediately welcomes him with a firm squeeze.
in all honesty, gyutarou wants to cry.
to have someone as pretty as you 鈥 as caring, good hearted, unflawed, and warm as you in his life makes him almost thinks that this can鈥檛 possibly be true. 鈥 wanna make you feel good, 鈥 you had murmured thirty minutes ago while the apples of your cheeks kindled with a warm flame. 鈥 鈥榮 all i wanna do. you deserve it, gyutarou. 鈥
when his slow momentum advances to a more steady beat, the squelch and bubbling sound of your wet cunt thanking its intrusion gets louder. gyutarou鈥檚 amazed when a thick band of cream starts to pack at his knuckles. 鈥渋s it good?鈥 he鈥檚 licking his lips, staring at the little swollen bulb of your hardened clit peeking from its hood. 鈥渇eels good, no?鈥
your eyes are vaulting up into the back of your head as you grab the backs of your thighs to hold yourself open. 鈥渟-so good 鈥 little faster, 鈥榯arou,鈥 the second half of his name tips off into a whimpery whine when he instantly gains a quicker pace. 鈥渏-jus鈥 like that, oh my god.鈥
his cock hurts. it鈥檚 pressing up against the thin cotton of his briefs into the sharp metal of his zipper and he鈥檚 been trying to ignore it this whole time, but when you unconsciously start to roll your hips to somehow bounce yourself on his fingers, he quickly unbuttons his jeans with one hand to slip it out and squeeze himself by the base to keep from cumming all over himself like the virgin he is.
鈥渕akin鈥 me feel so good, baby,鈥 you鈥檙e mewling and pouting, making gyutarou feel so good with just those simple words. 鈥渢hank you. t-thank you, 鈥榯arou.鈥
god, he鈥檚 going to cum.
this is going to be embarrassing.
he squeezes his fingers tighter until the angry red tip of his dick starts to flush to a more needy purple. his eyes catch on your clit again 鈥 so little yet so pretty. he wants to see you touch it 鈥 doesn鈥檛 know if he can because he hasn鈥檛 asked you yet and he can鈥檛 help but flinch at that sharp tinge of greed that sparks his chest when he murmurs, 鈥渃an you,鈥 he quickly swallows what feels like a boatload of saliva that seems to have gathered in his mouth before it drops down his chin. 鈥渃an you rub it f鈥檓e?鈥
he can鈥檛 help but feel like he鈥檚 disturbing you when you have to sluggishly open your heavy eyes to understand what he means. 鈥渙h,鈥 if anything, his words quickly go inside of one ear and out the other when you catch an eyeful of his cock, nestled beneath his tight fist. 鈥. . i-if i rub yours, can you rub mine?鈥
a wispy, raven black curl falls into widened eyes as his mouth forms a small 鈥榦.鈥 his fingers have stopped moving and the grip on his cock has slackened, leaving the heavy thing slowly bobbing in the air. he鈥檚 thick and a good six and a half inches, and you can tell he鈥檚 hard 鈥 maybe the hardest he鈥檚 ever been in his life, but because of how fat it is, it still bows and hangs like a thick hook. 鈥渁re you sure?鈥
you smile and lift yourself up then lean back on one of your palms. 鈥 鈥榤 sure.鈥
it鈥檚 cute how dumb you both get at the feel of the other鈥檚 touch. gyutarou gives a strangled, little moan when he feels your thumb rub at that tender patch of nerves right underneath his leaky cockhead and is surprised to hear you give a similar sound when his thumb starts to twirl at your clit and his fingers start to thrust in and out of you again. 鈥測ou鈥檙e so,鈥 gyutarou鈥檚 pale cheeks go a little red but he wants you to know. 鈥渟-so pretty . . a-and you feel so fucking,鈥 his eyes roll back and his voice goes shaky and a little bit more deep when you start to rotate your wrist as you stroke his cock a little faster. 鈥渟o fucking good.鈥
he thinks he feels you grow wetter. your breathing鈥檚 mingled between one another鈥檚. you have him and he has you. the squelching of your sopping wet pussy interweaves beautifully with the squishing sound of his cum dripping across your knuckles and between the tight spaces of your fingers. 鈥 鈥榤 gonna cum,鈥 you whimper and pull him closer to you by his hoodie. 鈥渕ake me cum, 鈥榯arou.鈥
you鈥檙e filthy and he鈥檚 fucking disgusting. he grinds his hips into the tight ring your fist gives his cock as his fingers hook upwards again to touch that tender, little palette of nerves nestled deep inside of you. tears blur his vision as his orgasm hits simultaneously with yours, sending you both into a fit of moans and gasps for breath. 鈥渙h fuck,鈥 he鈥檚 mewling and trying to get his locked joints to relax. 鈥渇-fuck . . fuck.鈥
your forehead falls onto one of his collarbones as you pant and lift your hand to watch strings of creamy, clear cum roll down your fingers to the dip in your palm. the fog in gyutarou鈥檚 head disperses, allowing him to recognize that he needed to pull his own fingers from the inside of you.
鈥 鈥榤 sorry,鈥 you hear him whispering soon after. 鈥渋鈥檓 sorry. i-i鈥檓 sorry.鈥
gyutarou watches you lift your head so that your chin is pressed right over his heart. his head is bowed and the position leaves your lips only a few inches apart. 鈥渨hy鈥檙e you apologizing?鈥 you question him softly.
gyutarou doesn鈥檛 know. he just feels like he should.
鈥渇elt good for you, yeah?鈥
he nods as his eyes close.
鈥済ood,鈥 you smile. 鈥渕ade me feel good, too.鈥
and when you kiss him, he melts.
Tumblr media
tagz .釔 鈥 @the-princess-button , @nagiluvr , @potatochic2003 , @sweetbnny , @tonaken , @monirei , @conniesbbymama , @hellavile , @emomanswhore !
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chapter 132
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For You I鈥檒l Endure, Kyojuro
Tumblr media
Rengoku x Reader Angst to lighter ending
Pregnant reader
Aggressive behavior mentioned
You winced as you hear Shinjuro shout from his room. You were in the main area cleaning sake off the wooden floor while still dressed in your slayer uniform. Your Floral pattern haori was folded neatly on the floor in the corner of the room to avoid getting the smell of sake attached to it. Your hair draped over your right shoulder swaying in unison with your right arm scrubbing counter clockwise on the ground.
鈥淗-here! Let me help you, (Y/n)!鈥
Senjuro quickly kneels down to grab the rag in your hand. You pull away gently with an empty smile. Glossy lips curled up softly and (f/c) flowers in your hair moving as you shake your head no. Warm (e/c) eyes staring into Senjuro鈥檚 own red and yellow ones.
鈥淵ou do so much already on your own, Senjuro. This is nothing. Please, its no trouble at all.鈥
Your soft voice fades as you look back down and continue scrubbing with that empty smile breaking into a frown with every swipe of the rag. You begin to think about what happened earlier when you returned with glassy eyes.
Upon your arrival to the estate you noticed Shinjuro slumped over on the wall. Senjuro was at his side with hands held up ready to steady his father should he begin to fall. He shoved Senjuro away from him and continued into the main area. He finally stumbles. Before he could meet with the ground you rush under him, left hand supporting his chest while the other held on to his waist. Seeing you struggle under his father鈥檚 weight, Senjuro runs to help you hold up his father. The smell of sake overwhelms your nose as Shinjuro breaths.聽
鈥淭sk...let go!鈥
Shinjuro violently snatches away from the both of you. In doing so he drops his jar and Sake spilled into a pool on the floor near your feet. Shinjuro鈥檚 eyes burn a glare into yours before he reaches down to grab it. He looks back at you with that same glare. Senjuro grabs the back of your haori tightly while staring up at his father.
鈥淲hy are you here?!鈥
You jump a little.
鈥淜yojuro is gone! He鈥檚 dead, do you hear me?! There鈥檚 no reason for you to come around anymore. Get out!鈥
You look down into the sake on the floor with a dishearten expression. Your misty eyes staring back at you in the reflection. You didn鈥檛 move, just squeezed your eyes shut as he began to walk away.
鈥淲e have no use for another weak pillar who鈥檚 just going to get themselves killed as well.鈥
And with that he left the two of you there. Saying nothing you move in closer to wrap an arm around Senjuro.
Coming to the Rengoku estate every time it was the same thing. Senjuro tending to the house with a worried expression. Shinjuro drunkenly shouting about how weak and worthless you and Kyojuro were. That being a pillar didn鈥檛 mean anything and just got his son killed. That his death was meaningless. Those words stung. To hear a father speak of his son in such a way made you angry and hurt. You鈥檇 often spend nights in Kyojuro鈥檚 room sobbing into the blankets because of it. More so because of what he said about Kyojuro than yourself.聽The same damn thing.
You often thought about how much of this Kyojuro put up with. He was always so happy, so bold and brave. Never seemed to let anything bother him. When you would visit with Kyojuro it wasn鈥檛 too different. His father would continue to diminish his accomplishments, shout insults and drink. Kyojuro never looked sad, never argued back with his father or showed any sign of sadness. He always held his head up high with determination.
You wish you could do the same. Some times you wish you could bring yourself to fight back when Shinjuro violently shoves you away from him when you鈥檇 try to help him up. When he鈥檇 grab your arm tightly dragging you out of the estate and tossing you to the ground not caring for the tears that ran down your face. When he spat curses and threats at you. Every thing you did was rewarded not with thanks or praises, but with harsh words, thrown items and aggressive behavior. You took it though. With blank eyes and an aching heart you took it. You took it because you wouldn鈥檛 dare leave young Senjuro to take the brunt of it. Oh, how you wanted to leave, but you wouldn鈥檛 be able to live with yourself if you abandoned him. For him and Kyojuro, you would endure.
You often found yourself winded. Between constantly battling demons and receiving the harsh treatment given to you, you were drained. Your stomach cramps have gotten worse. You knew you were making the baby suffer. You would burst into tears because of it. You found out you were pregnant during a check up at the butterfly estate. 3 weeks before Kyojuro left for his mission involving the Mugen Train. You were going to tell him. You wanted to surprise him. You feared the news would distract him during the mission. You would wait until after.
Senjuro would sometimes find you slumped over the wall, a table or Kyojuro鈥檚 futon holding your belly. He would instantly drop to your side and lay his hand on your back. He鈥檇 offer to bring you something warm to drink and eat. You would brush it off as just being a bit tired and tell him there鈥檚 nothing to worry about. You wanted to tell him. You wanted to tell Shinjuro. You were afraid. You wanted to announce you were carrying Rengoku Kyojuro鈥檚 child, but wanted to wait until the environment was more welcoming.
You were thankful for how caring Senjuro was towards you. When you weren鈥檛 feeling well or when his father was being cruel to you Senjuro was always there. He was always there. As you were for him. Ready with kind words and any kind physical gesture. His hand holding yours, a hug, standing shoulder to shoulder, helping you off the floor, not leaving your side. You were grateful for him, but also saddened. You were the one who was supposed to look after him and his father. When you buried your fiance you silently promised him while holding Senjuro, tears overflowing that you would look after them both no matter how hard it became.
As time passes your belly begin to swell. You wear thicker robes to conceal yourself. You happily help Senjuro with his tasks through out the estate. Folding clothes, sweeping the rooms, fluffing and making up the futons, cooking and preparing food for the 3 (4) of you. You walk on eggshells but you try to force out the feeling of sadness and fear for the baby鈥檚 sake. Today would be the day you tell them.
As you make your way down the hall, you take cautious steps. Shinjuro still drank from time to time but he was less hostile and aggressive. You wondered for a second was it during the night you heard him crying. He had finally showed another emotion other than irritation and anger. You sigh as you kneel down before Shinjuro鈥檚 room, sliding the door open and lowering into a bow.
鈥淟ord Rengoku, dinner is ready.鈥
You look nervously at the ground too intimidated to meet his gaze you felt on the top of your head. You jumped a bit at the sound of his voice.
鈥淐ome. Please sit.鈥
Your eyes grow wide as you look up at him. He didn鈥檛 look at you as if your presence disgust him. His eyes were genuine, soft. You stood up and walked slowly into the room. You sat just before him on your knees, not meeting his gaze. Your eyes, though staring at the floor, shined with the sunset. You weren鈥檛 sure what was going on. You tensed up not knowing what to expect. You calmed your pounding heart. Took a silent deep breath and steeled yourself for what was to come.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry...鈥
Your eyes met his. Wide and full of shock. Those weren鈥檛 the words you expected to hear. Not from him. This had to be a hallucination. A trick of some kind.
鈥淚鈥檝e treated you shamefully. No words can ever take away the pain I caused you, Senjuro and even Kyojuro.鈥
Tears started welling up in your (e/c) eyes threatening to fall any moment. Shinjuro was apologizing to you. The man who had treated you so badly and spoke so ill of his eldest son, your late fiance, was apologizing. You were frozen there for a few seconds trapped to your thoughts. Memories and images of your beloved Kyojuro rushed through you mind, followed by the events after his death.
As if to bring you back to reality, Shinjuro placed a hand on your trembling shoulder.
鈥淚 know i don鈥檛 deserve it, but I pray with time you鈥檒l be able to forgive me.鈥
His eyes were half lidded but sincere. You clasp your hand to your glossy lips before lowering down, tears spilling over. The whimpers you try to stifle force their way through your fingers as your eyes clamp tight. Your brows tremble and one hand balls into a fist on the floor before you. You feel a large hand rest on your head as you cry. All the emotions and tears you held back the last few weeks pouring over.
You try to choke out the words 鈥淚 forgive you.鈥 while crying into your palms. Senjuro who came to check on you two was standing on the other side of the door with tears trailing his cheeks. A tiny smile and a hopeful flutter in his heart as you and his father make amends. You try to collect yourself. Finally lifting yourself up to meet his gaze again as his hand moves from your head down your face, his thumb wiping your tears away.
You felt the stress from earlier fall off your shoulders. The fear you felt, the anxiety and uneasiness you held all melted under his kind touch. You smiled softly sitting straight up grabbing his hand and resting them in both of yours on your lap.
鈥淚 forgive you.鈥
You say softly as you smile at him. Your cheeks shown with a small shade of pink as you shift on your knees a little, thinking about his and Senjuro鈥檚 reaction to the news you mustered the courage to give them in the next few hours.
This was my first fanfic ever. I鈥檓 hoping I used the correct terms and descriptions. Sorry if its horrible but I hope you all enjoy!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm sad that it's only AU.
BUT I have many more plans for them!
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Tumblr media
this took VERY LONG but i absolutely adore this new illustration from gotouge so i had to colour it
feel free to use but please credit me
Tumblr media
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