yomoya-girl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro illustration for the Demon Slayer Festival ❤️‍🔥
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yuzukahachimir · 4 months ago
Tanjiro is so sweet,he made Gyutaro shut up to make him stop yelling at his sister because will be the last time they were going to see each other....make me have the urge to cry
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And because he didn't feel all the bad things he said to her
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popposposts · 9 months ago
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owarinaki · 8 months ago
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Rengoku Family
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x0401x · 5 months ago
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cathianemelian · a month ago
Tumblr media
My favorite Hashira, Giyu Tomioka ! The one who reshaped fate by giving Tanjiro a chance.
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xi4ngling · 3 months ago
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cosmicn3ptune · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ꜰʟᴜꜰꜰʏ ʀᴇɴɢᴏᴋᴜ ʜᴄꜱ
- He bathes in very hot water,  meaning every time you two attempt to shower together you will feel like you’re burning to a crisp.
- An absolute gentleman. Flowers? Of course! Chocolate? Certainly! A fancy date? Why not!
- Will not hesitate to feed you with his chopsticks.
- His main goal is to make you smile and laugh. Mans would do anything to achieve that.
- His favorite movies to watch are cute kids movies and he’s not afraid to admit it. He has watched WALL-E about a million times no doubt.
- He adores going out and getting icecream. His go-to flavor is peach.
- His hugs are the best. Rengoku will lift you up, spin you around, and squeeze the air out of you. Literal definition of bear hugs.
- Oh the kisses.. So many kisses! 
- His kisses are soft and gentle, his hands usually caressing your cheek.
- Plays with your hair. He can’t braid to save his life but he tries his best.
- It’s hard for him to get jealous, he’s terrified of being too possessive (man I love him)
- Constant praise. Zero degrading. If you ask him to ever do that, he will certainly apologize after everything he says and asks if it’s too harsh.
- So oblivious, oh so oblivious
- “Kyojuro, do you want to do something tonight?”
- Constant “I love you”’s
- Loves loves loves Bearded Dragons
- He has like 8 of them
- Is always asking if you want to hold one
- Very touchy. Not in a sexual way, he just wants to constantly feel your warmth.
- His favorite way to carry you is bridal style. Just all the time for no reason.
- First one to confess. No comments about this.
- Got confused why you cringed when he stepped into the pool with socks on.
Oh my it’s so late I should really get some sleep. Hope you enjoyed sunshines!! <33
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o3o-aya · 5 months ago
@o3o-aya. Can you make head canons about akaza would treat his pregnant s/o during pregnancy and birth
Tumblr media
He didn’t even know he could get you pregnant.
When you told him he had that surprised pikachu face. 
He honestly just goes with it, he trusts you!
During your pregnancy he has no idea what to do but he’s very attentive towards you.
He gets you everything you want and craving! Only at night though.
He keeps you away from Douma. Far... Far away...
As your progress more he gets very overprotective.
Doesn’t let you set a foot outside of your home. He just wants you safe after all!
He loves pressing his face against your belly, feeling the baby move and kick, even hear their tiny heart beat!
Sometimes he gets reminded that he has to protect you and your baby from all sorts of demons.
Like Muzan... And *gag* Douma *gag*
Especially Douma. 
When the baby comes he’s panicking.
Pls help him he doesn’t know what to do.
You’re in labor and he’s clueless.
He tries to help you as much as he can.
You’re on your own when you have to push, he’s just holding your hand but he’s praising you!
He always knew that women were better, they could carry and push out a life!
And here you were, pushing out his baby.
He does everything he needs to do, he just wants to assure that you’re comfortable.
It seemed like forever until your baby came.
A sweet little girl, he couldn’t be happier honestly!
Now all he could do is hold you and his daughter close, vowing to make sure no harm came to the two of you.
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sakyicons · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
  ⠀ ⠀  ⠀ ◗  Like or reblog if you save/use.
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Tumblr media
Buena referencia
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kinm0kusei · 6 months ago
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Uzui Tenge the king of extravagance and parties
photos by- pinterest
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yuzukahachimir · 6 months ago
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They didn't need to do it so well
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popposposts · 11 months ago
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owarinaki · 8 months ago
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x0401x · 6 months ago
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cathianemelian · 7 months ago
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Sun Breathing
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laundrychute · 2 months ago
same personality HCS
with zenitsu, tanjiro, inosuke, and genya
warnings: language, violence,
AU: none
m/y/n: mispronounced name
~ you and tanjiro, two of the biggest sweethearts you could find in this dog-eat-dog world,
~ zenitsu dreads going fucking anywhere with the both of you, it immediately makes him feel like a third wheel, with the tooth-rotting sweetness and all
~ and tanjiro is glad to have a sane person on the team,
~ and someone he can relate to overall
~ and not to mention someone he loves?? and they love him back?!
~ from the minute the boy laid eyes on you his heart was sold, he belonged to you
~ and to his relief, you felt the same.
~ now you both carry the group when it comes to motivational stuff
~ one of the cutest couples since 1912
~ remember how i said in tanjiro's headcanon there would be tooth-rotting sweetness?
~ how about bone-rotting?
~ im serious, neither of you could go an hour without seeing each other, i may be exaggerating but..
~ marriage. now.
~ he would do literally anything for you
~ you're his goddess/god and he's yours
~ if you're both sent on a mission together, imagine two little kittens in a corner holding onto each other for dear life
~ yep, that's him and you, until zenitsu faints that is
~ oh lord save us all
~ if you thought one feral gremlin was too much, imagine 2 of them
~ dinner would be a disaster, hands on everyone's plates
~ he sees you as an equal to himself, so he doesn't bother trying to fight you, in fact he'd rather watch you fight
~ and it makes it more difficult for tanjiro to try to calm him down since you get him fired up on purpose, same goes for you sometimes
~ you both like to terrorize zenitsu, resulting in him crying or screaming something crude
~ despite how reckless you both are, tanjiro managed to explain the weird fuzzy feeling inosuke was getting every time he was around you, to which he responded "oh- hm... fuck it- M/Y/N!"
~ literally asked you to be his queen/king
~ this would be a rather interesting relationship
~ shy couple awe
~ you definitely dote on each other all the time, like zenitsu, but calmer
~ at first he didn't know how to handle you being around him 25/8 after you both started dating, he would be in a constant state of red
~ after he got used to you he'd probably start cuddling you to death at night
~ you cannot escape.
~despite both of you being shy AF around the opposite gender, tanjiro finally pushed you to confess
~once you did he responded by not responding and instead sat still for like 30 seconds before mumbling yes
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cosmicn3ptune · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
- He claims to not be much of a cuddler, yet he always somehow ends up snuggling up to you.
- His love language is words of affirmation so expect constant cheerleading from him. Just know it means he loves you!!
- Every time you two walk by a pet store he always is rushing to go inside and see the dogs, (As much as he hates to admit it.)
- Big time tsundere!! 
- He’s definitely the possessive type of boyfriend though he’s trying his best to limit his jealousy. He loves you so much he’s simply terrified of losing you.
- Make/give him ohagi and you guys are getting married the next day.
- His biggest dream is to build a peaceful future with you, complete with a few fluffy dogs. (Maybe a more than a few..)
- He once made an entire depression playlist because you went to spend the weekend at your family/friend’s house.
- He hates to admit the fact he is incredibly clingy. He refuses to go anywhere without holding your hand.
- I don’t know why, but I feel like he’s terrified of the ocean and HAS to be accompanied by someone if he goes in it.
- A side hobby of his is tutoring kids - despite the fact he seems to hate them, he really does have a soft spot for children.
- He was shy to open up about his family at first but he eventually felt like you had the right to know. That night was filled with lots of tears. (And resulting in cuddles)
- He doesn’t mind it if you borrow his clothes. In fact, he insists you do.
- He fights geese head on.
Hope you like these sunshines! I am back from my trip (Which I may or may not have forgotten to share about.) I hope to upload more now that I am back!! Keep in mind I am currently open with requests :)))
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o3o-aya · 4 months ago
Please, yandere Doma who kept a female demon slayer as pet! he loves to dress her up in cute clothes, give her baths and feed her, he also shows her to the other demons like she's a real pet, much to her displeasure. thank u!
hello beautiful anon.... I will very much do this for you :)
Tumblr media
You weren’t even supposed to be fighting an uppermoon... You were supposed to be fighting a newly turned turned demon.
You had just passed final selection and this was your first mission, you were both nervous and excited.
But your excitement and nervousness took advantage of your fighting skills and the demon almost got you.
But you were saved... At least you thought you were...
Douma smiled as he tied your hair up. “There you are my flower... You look beautiful with your hair down but... This way.. I can see your face much clear.” He said as he grabbed your cheek and made you turn your head.
You looked at him before drifting your eyes down, you couldn’t do anything... You were weak and if you tried to fight him... It would be useless.
“Now... Let’s get you changed out of this wrinkled kimono...” Douma said he began to undress you.
You flinched as your arms came up and wrapped around your body. 
“Now now my flower..~” Douma cooed as he grabbed your wrists and pulled your arms from your body. “No need to be shy... We’re passed this phase..~” He said as he admired every mark he made on your body.
“How does f/c sound? I know it’s your favorite.” He said as he cupped your warm face in his cold ones, causing you to shiver.
“We’re going on a very important trip... So it’s important that you look your best.” Douma said as he began to dress you.
Then again... He always wanted you to look good.
He always dressed you up, maked you up, did your hair, and accessoried you all he wanted.
A trip...? Why was he taking you on some stupid trip? He usually liked to keep you here locked in his room, where he could easily get a hold of you when he wanted or needed. 
You were just.. Confused...
Your eyes could only widen in your horror as you glanced around, your eyes meeting the eyes of uppermoon 3... 
This... This was the trip he was so excited for!? Was he getting you all dolled up so that the 12 kizuki could eat you!
“Douma... What is this.. Who is she..?” You heard the basketball man ask.
“She’s my flower!” Douma said as he kept you close to him. “I saved her.. So she’s repaying me... In many ways.” He said as he grip tightened on you.
“We just so happy! Your welcome to the wedding if you wish!” Douma said as he patted your head.
Wedding...? What wedding was he going on about?! 
“No...” You whispered before your slapped his hand away. “NO!” You cried out as Douma stared at you. 
“Do keep that human quiet if you insist on having it here..” You heard a voice say, you slowly turned your head.
Crimson eyes meeting yours, his aura was different... His was much more deadly then that of the uppermoons... Who was this...?
“Of course master! She’s just nervous is all!” Douma said happily before giving you a look of warning.
As the meeting ended, Douma simply tossed you onto the floor of what he called your shared bedroom.
“Flowers don’t talk now..” Douma said he grabbed your hair and held you up as your cried out in pain.
 “Especially not there...” He said as he tossed you back onto the ground.
You just cried as your curled up into a ball, why did this have to happen to you...?
“Oh my poor flower...” Douma said as he kneeled down and looked at your ruined makeup.
“You were scared weren’t you...? A weak little thing like you surrounded by powerful demons..~” Douma said as he smiled, sitting you up as he began to wipe your face with a rag.
“Dear me... Your makeup has been ruined...” Douma said as he grabbed the makeup compact.
“Fortunately for you... I have a new technique from the west I want to see you in!” He said as he smiled. “We can fix your hair later...”
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