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Please help me find this fic! I’ve been looking all day but I can’t find it!

So basically Tanjirou is Upper moon zero and he (in a way) looks after the other upper moons.

At the very beginning of the fic he meets Giyu who threatens to kill him and he’s just like “Do it.” But Akaza jumps in before Giyu can. Akaza both cares a lot for Tanjiro and doesn’t want Muzan killing him for letting Tanjiro die. Giyu is hella fucking confused because Tanjiro just lets him live as long as he doesn’t hurt Akaza.

The two take off back to the fortress and when they get there everyone else is there. Tanjiro doesn’t bow to Muzan because fuck him and everyone else calls favourtism. When Muzan takes off, Tanjiro is his super nice self and has everyone gathered around him. He feeds a couple of the demons his eyes and they all love him.

That’s all I remember and I can’t find it anywhere in my bloody history. Please help me find it! It’s on AO3 and I can’t remember the title or the summary for the life of me. I wanna re-read it because it was super interesting and I really liked it. So if you could??? Please!

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⋆ request:I cant get this idea out of my head and i cant write to save my life so i hope u can give it life,,,, inosuke with hanahaki disease,,,”

i saw this while in a call with my online friends,,, i literally stopped playing animal crossing new horizons with them just to come write this… oops?

⋆ summary: hashibira inosuke x gender neutral! reader he thought you loved him, but he guessed wrong

⋆ word count: 1,145 words

⋆  date posted: June 2nd, 2020

⋆ spoilers: none really

⋆ warnings: angst

⋆ image not mine ⋆


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