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#kimetsu no yaiba

Originally posted by purarupu

AN: I’m reading through the manga… and I can’t believe the story’s almost over ;.; 

I’m trying to make this manga spoiler free. There will be mentions about things from the first season, though, so spoilers for the anime.

I was going to add Kanao and Genya in here, but that would be difficult without major spoilers ;.;

Premise: Reader is a Mizunoto (around that rank), just like the Kamaboko Squad. They initially interacted with Tanjiro during the Final Selection, fighting alongside him against the Hand Demon. After passing the Final Selection, they travel alone for a while until they bump into the Kamaboko Squad at the Inn. They’ve been together since :P

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Since I’m bored, I kinda feel like drawing these dorky dads and also because I haven’t properly introduce them.


Introducing, Aoyanagi Hideyuki, The light Pillar and Aoyanagi Hidemasa, The Shadow Pillar. At least that’s what they are 12 years ago. (Or it could be 24 in total since Hideyuki became a pillar at age 16 and Hidemasa at age 14).

Hideyuki is the father of Hiromi and Hiromitsu and the current head of the Aoyanagi family, he have a friendly and albeit reckless demeanor which is a polar opposite of his younger brother.

Hidemasa is Nobuyuki’s father who had all too serious, cold, unapproachable and grumpy demeanor, but he’s also fussy and can be really whiny when he needs to, his personality might be the result of him being mentally and physically abused by his own father.

Well they have an interesting personality clash and knack for troubles, so I might draw them quite often, if not, occasionally.

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Hello! I read ur rules and do you think it would be possible to do a poly request: reader, zenitsu and tanjirou crushing and start dating each other? The reader is a bit shy at first but when you get to know them, they love pda, a bit 2 much selfless and loves funny things! I have fluff in my mind but if u put angst its ok too; i wrote a lot here to try to help 2 b clear but i hope its not too exigent!!! ;=; Its ok if u cant tho!!

Tanjiro x Reader x Zenitsu

This is my first EVER poly request (and I’ve had multiple writing blogs over the years) so I hope this is okay especially for someone who’s monogamous 💜

  • Both Tanjiro and Zenitsu would fall for someone with those qualities
  • Tanjiro does the best with someone who’s on the shyer side because he’s not the loudest himself
  • He understands you and will slowly, at your own pace, encourage you to open up to him
  • He makes you feel safe and it’s easy to trust someone like him
  • Zenitsu on the other hand can come off a bit strong, especially if he’s initially attracted to you
  • Tanjiro is quick to correct his behavior because although he’s into you he’s not gonna try to outdo Zenitsu by letting him be a fool and stress you out
  • You’re initially drawn to them because their both funny in the way that they don’t know their funny
  • As much as Zenitsu wants to impress you on his own he can see Tanjiro helping as a wingman
  • Tanjiro is a bit bent about the whole situation because he values his friendship with Zenitsu but also the growing relationship with you
  • That’s when he tells Zenitsu about his feelings for you as well and how they agree to try and make this work if you’re down
  • Zenitsu saw something special in Tanjiro after they started spending time together but it takes him a while to get over the hurdle that his future may not just be a wife
  • Tanjiro doesn’t see this new type of relationship as a big deal, he likes who he likes and is pretty go with the flow about it
  • Tanjiro likes to test your comfort with PDA and ease into it
  • Zenitsu is once again the opposite of that and immediately is touching on you both
  • When Tanjiro sees that you’re both open to it he jumps on in
  • Tanjiros cluelessness is hilarious to you and Zenitsu, although the latter is more likely to correct his counterpart quicker
  • When it’s harmless, Zenitsu being dramatic is fun for you and Tanjiro, although once again the calmer boyfriend is quick to straighten him out
  • When it comes to you being selfless they team up to keep you safe
  • They both love your kindness but are well aware that someone could take advantage of you or that you could get hurt defending them
  • It not only makes the relationship stronger when you all figure out how to work together but your battle dynamics improve as well
  • Overall it’s a very healthy relationship
  • Tanjiro and you adjust to it well and after some jealousy from Zenitsu in the beginning (that gets cured with some loving words and cuddles) it progresses smoothly
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