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#kimetsu no yaiba
magicmooshka · 2 days ago
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kny memes to celebrate season 2 next week! (I say this but we all know that I’ll be swamped with finals then)
the last one is based on the comment section of a reel i saw lol
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vilithshaven · a day ago
hmmmm, how do you think the characters of genshin ( perhaps ye old fashioned disasterous duos kaeya and diluc and zhongli and childe ) would react to a reader from demon slayer? they're a powerful breath user and all but they're just so, so tired of fighting and watching everyone around them die. extra points if said reader had their own 'a demon ruined my childhood and career' backstory because i'm a sucker for angst and comfort.
Genshin w/ KNY!Reader // ft. Diluc & Kaeya, Zhongli & Childe
Tumblr media
I'm a sucker for crossovers, you hit my weak spot.
Sorry if this isn't so good lol but I hope you enjoy anyways~
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It was at the bar that the duo met them, walking in like a stray animal. Their clothing was tattered, hair mangled and clear wounds from a battle littered their form.
Kaeya raised an eyebrow at the stranger and took a sip of wine, they wandered around before walking up the bar table and sitting down next to him.
His suspicion only grew as they stayed silent, even after Diluc had asked them what they'd like. Clearing his throat he introduced himself and held a hand out.
He noted the bruised and callused hand they shook with his. Familiar calluses that he could recognize anywhere, wielding a sword himself.
Diluc only sighed and gave them water, telling Kaeya to leave the stranger alone. Though they may be suspicious, he would not deny a stranger service and let his brother bug them.
Kaeya, of course, ignored Diluc completely and chatted with the stranger, trying to get them to talk. A sly smirk plastered across his lips the entire time.
The stranger downed the entire glass of water before speaking up. At first they stayed vague, making the captain only more suspicious. Until he had asked about their sword, seeing as how it was strapped to them.
The stranger hesitated to answer before spilling out their occupation.
" A Demon Slayer? You say demons are real?" Kaeya asked.
Honestly he could not believe it, it sounded far fetched. Besides, as someone who carefully keeps intel of everything in and out of Mondstat, he's sure there would have been some talk of demons.
As they continued their conversation, Diluc listened. His heart started aching as they told their backstory, what demons had done to their family. What the monsters took from them.
Both men could tell that they were exhausted, not just physically. It became clear that this was the first time they had been able to get all of this off their chest as they seemed to be relieved afterwards, their shoulders no longer bearing to the ground.
Kaeya believed them after everything they told, it was hard not to. Not even Fischl could make up such a thing. He has an easy eye for liars, but he could only sense sincerity from them.
As the bar started to grow empty, Diluc leaned on the bar top getting the stranger's attention.
"These breathing styles are a way to slay demons? Is it possible to learn?" He was curious. If a demon by chance steps into Mondstat, he'd have to know how to take it down.
The stranger brought their sword up to the table and unsheathed it, showing a slight glow coming from the blade. They informed the two that it was made out of special material in order to cut demons, and that they did not know where to obtain this material.
The men stayed silent before each coming to a different conclusion.
Diluc decided to learn under them, he gathered it was indeed possible to learn this technique, just extremely difficult. Their story and nearly broken composure staked his determination. He would not allow another person to go through such a thing, something they both had gone through. He may not be the best person to comfort them, but he hoped they would feel less a burden if the had someone by their side.
Kaeya on the other hand, stroked his chin before questioning more. He wanted to know more about Hashiras and demons, about their time, about anything and everything. He wanted to know them inside and out. He tried to reason to himself that all the questioning is to make sure they're not a threat, but even he knew that had long been established. Perhaps this person peaked his curiosity enough to spend all day together, or perhaps Kaeya doesn't want to admit anything else to himself.
As the days passed, Diluc offered them a room in the winery as exchange for training. Their sessions going well despite being quite tough on the man. He held a new respect for them being able to master such a difficult technique, learning that it is used for more than just fighting.
Kaeya would often visit the two, snatch the slayer away and take them out to tour around the city. They both quickly grew a bond as they talked for hours upon hours comparing their two worlds.
No one knows if they will be able to return to their world, but for now they didn't mind.
Zhongli blew on his hot tea before taking a sip out of the cup, the soothing flavor coating his throat making him sigh in delight as he placed it back down.
His table partner looked at him weirdly, wondering how one can enjoy tea so much to physically express it. Then again Childe shouldn't say much considering his lust for battle.
But today they had a new dining partner, a stranger they had met on the street. One who wandered around aimlessly, their clothing and weapon catching the Harbinger's attention.
Zhongli had tried to stop him, but his own curiosity got the best of him as well. In all his thousands years of being on this earth, he had never seen such a stranger that truly peaked his interest.
The stranger was very hesitant to join the two, understandable by Childe's almost threatening smile towards them. His usual lust for a battle seeping through his words, wanting to know what the stranger could do.
Childe persisted them until they joined, realizing the man wouldn't give up and leave. The stranger was exhausted, both men could see that. And they both knew it wasn't physically as they seem to be just fine. But the aura they carry around them seems so beaten down and broken that Childe almost felt bad about bothering them.
Yet here they all are, sitting at a nearby restaurant, dining with unfamiliar food for both the stranger and Childe, who is still having a hard time using his chopsticks.
At least the stranger knew how to use them, only making Zhongli the more curious. They didn't look like they were from Inazuma or Liyue, are they perhaps a traveler and picked up the skill along the way?
Childe gave a frustrated sigh, slamming his chopsticks onto the table and giving up on using the utensil. He looked at his food disappointingly, not really knowing how to approach it now.
Zhongli, being used to this, was about to call over a waiter to give the harbinger a different utensil. But before he could even raise a hand, the stranger had gotten up and went over the Childe's side.
They grabbed his hands and his chopsticks, putting them in his and then holding his hands on top to guide him.
Childe gave an embarrassed grin towards the stranger as they easily guided him through the process of grabbing a piece out of his dish. After a few times he had gotten the hang of it, still being a bit clumsy but at least he's able to hold the chopsticks properly now which was good enough for him.
Zhongli was surprised by their actions, to boldly go up to him like that even after seeing his threatening smile earlier.
As they all dined quietly, Childe had wolfed down his food and leaned across the table towards the stranger.
"Can you use that sword?" He pointed out, the same smile from earlier appearing across his face.
The stranger stayed silent and nodded their head after seemingly thinking for a moment. Childe's grin only grew as he grabbed the collar of their clothing and dragging them forward. They gasped in shock before slamming him down to onto the table, the blunt sheath of their blade going across his neck with a slight pressure down.
Childe was shocked at how fast they defended themselves, they were highly skilled if they had such fast reaction timing. His grin was evident as he looked up to them and grabbed the sheath across his neck, lifting it away and using it to pull them towards him.
"We need to battle, come on. Fight me" His blood lust seeped through making the stranger tense up.
Zhongli was impressed they did not stagger back like most did, the tense stance and grip on their sword showed clear training of someone who fought many battles in their life. Now he knew why they seemed so broken down, a warrior tired of fighting.
The Archon cleared his throat disrupting the two.
"May I ask a few questions?"
The stranger turned towards him and nodded, pushing Childe back into his seat. They sat back down leaning their sword onto the table and waited. Childe frowned before doing the same, wanting to ask his own questions.
Zhongli began his questioning with the basic's such as where they are from, their name, how they wield a sword and more. But their answers were not as simple, claiming they are a Demon Slayer, they come from a land that both men have never heard of before, how they fight with a 'Breathing Style' which made Childe perk up.
The Archon knew very well how all sorts of monsters could exist so the notion of man eating demons was not surprising. Though he has never heard of Hashiras or their corporation before, and as they spoke about their land it didn't seem like they even had visions. This only grew his interest causing further questioning, flustering the poor foreigner.
Childe, on the other hand, hyper focused on their fighting techniques, he asked about their battles with demons, their training, the different breath styles. It was like watching a child on Christmas with how his face lit up.
The poor demon slayer was pretty much interrogated for hours by the two men, even after they all left the diner.
Unsurprisingly it seemed the two had taken a liking towards them, Childe coming up to them day after day begging for a duel. Eventually he got a little training session where he witnessed first hand of their abilities. Now they have to convince him to try and not find demons to fight first hand.
Zhongli had gotten along with them very well, his questioning never really stopping but they did not mind as they got to talk about all things from their world, their late family, friends, their backstory. It became clear why they were so exhausted, after being through so much.
It was a strange dynamic between these three as they walked through the lands of Liyue, but they made peace. Maybe one day if they return to their world, they can tell the others about Teyvat.
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animepopheart · 16 hours ago
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★ 【キャロット】 「 胡蝶しのぶ 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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themisslili · a day ago
When u r a multifandom simp 😶
Guys, what's your 2D husbandos? Tell me... I'm gonna let one in white for u put the ones that you are married with
Im gonna start with...
@dracul-vadomni @jnnibot @sassysaxsolo @justheretoaskandread @that-one-weeb-buts-its-the-main
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Uzui Tengen + random text posts
I'm so excited for S2 😖👌
Other random text posts memes: Tomioka Giyuu/Douma/Upper Moons/Hashira
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aloilmokka · 2 days ago
Zenitsu: The moon is beautiful tonight.
Nezuko: It sure is.
Tanjiro: Should we tell them it's just a tortilla you threw on the window?
Inosuke: Shh.
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silverynight · 20 hours ago
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I love this scene because Kyojuro is like "look at me Tanjirou! I'm strong, I can take care of you!" And he just met him for the second time in that train.
He's basically telling Tanjirou "I like you, stay with me!" while posing to make himself look cool in front of his boy. ❤️🔥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then he keeps showing Tanjirou he's serious about wanting him to become his tsuguko because he's constantly making sure he's alright and giving him advice so Tanjirou can become a hashira someday. 😭❤️
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lastdr3am3r445 · 2 days ago
A creator I follow on Twitter said that their red flag was that they liked characters with certain brows…
And I’m like… bestie… 😭 don’t call me out like that…
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