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missorcas · a month ago
demon slayer NSFW headcanons
DISCLAIMER - All characters here are AGED UP to +18. Minors don’t interact with this post or my blog in general.
♡Tanjirou Kamado
We all know Tanjirou’s personality is sweet, compassionate, generous
It only makes sense that his personality stays the same between the sheets – Tanjirou loves to give, and always puts your pleasure before his own
Hunting down demons and training take up most of his time, and he was never really interested in girls before he met you
He wasn’t experienced at all at first, but enthusiastically saw his first sexual experiences as a great chance to grow and learn new things
He has amazing self control, but his eyes always give away his hunger
Communication is always open with him; he’s very careful, maybe sometimes even too careful, would never want to hurt you inadvertently
Very patient, loves taking his time with you. Doesn’t enjoy quickies that much because they don’t allow him to savour you the way he wants
Literally lets out a sigh of relief the moment your naked chests clash into each other after he undresses you
ADORES eating you out. Your scent drives him crazy, not to mention your taste
He can literally smell your arousal even when you’re fully clothed
He feels like he can finally let go when you touch him. He practically melts in your hands when your hand wraps around his cock
He’s not super vocal, but that means that when you finally draw a loud moan out of him, it’s incredibly satisfying
He’s not really into dirty talking either. The few times that he does that is because you ask him directly, he would feel horrible afterwards otherwise
Average sized, shaves down there because it gives him a feeling of cleanliness. Doesn’t have any preference on how you keep your body hair, but of course he can tell if you shaved by your smell
Naturally, he’s the sweetest after sex – he enjoys cuddling you to sleep, kissing you in the sweetest way, or carry you to a hot spring nearby so he can wash you
His favourite spot to cum is inside you, but he doesn’t mind your stomach if that isn’t possible
Inosuke Hashibira
Inexperienced, insecure at the beginning
Boy has the highest sex drive you’ve ever witnessed, especially in the early morning when everyone else is asleep
LOUD as fuck; loves making you scream as well, especially his name, but also loves slapping a hand onto your mouth and hearing your muffled moans.
Has a kink for fucking you when you’re still half dressed
Dirty talking comes to him naturally. “Dirty little fucker” is his favourite nickname for you
When you act like a brat, he acts annoyed, but secretly enjoys taming you. Boy loves a challenge
Really doesn’t hold back when it comes to touching your body, he’s literally palming every inch of you all the time. There’s no feeling he likes more than squeezing your thighs when he’s pounding into you
Adores quickies, would fuck you literally everywhere and anytime; definitely has a thing for risky sex and almost getting caught
Literally never used a condom in his life
Used to consider foreplay a waste of energy, but that was before he felt your mouth around his dick. Now face fucking you until he sees tears in your eyes is one of his favourite past times
Adores when you swallow, but also seeing your cute face decorated with his cum
Is there any other position other than doggy? He loves to just flip you over and mount you
Very into anal, would fuck you up the ass with no warning literally any time he could, but understands you need to relax and get ready first. His massive girth certainly doesn’t make things easier
Leaves a lot of marks, literally gets off the feeling of your nails digging into his back
Not ashamed to admit that he enjoys when you inflict a tiny amount of pain to him, just so he can put you back in place and show you who’s in charge afterwards
Very jealous, but doesn’t let it show. He’s too proud for that
Refuses to shave and definitely doesn’t ask you to, but doesn’t mind if you do. He not so secretly prefers it natural though
Kyojurou Rengoku
Just like in everyday life, he’s very loud and boisterous in bed. LOVES sex as much as fighting
Very experienced – which is not hard to believe, since people are swooning over him literally anywhere he goes. His warmth, combined with his looks, make him very attractive
He knows sex is part of a healthy life and masturbates regularly. Nudity is also very natural to him
Despite his high sex drive, he has amazing self-control – unless he’s eating you out. When he does, he often gets so turned on that he starts almost unconsciously grinding onto the mattress to get some release
Not jealous or possessive at all, to the point it gets frustrating sometime. He even secretly enjoys watching you innocently flirt with other people especially girls because he knows it’s good for your self-esteem
Literally worships you and your body, showers you with compliments and attention. Loves taking care of you in any way he can and fulfilling every single one of your needs to the best of his ability
He’s also got unbelievable stamina, would make love to you all night if you both didn’t need sleep
Really likes when you slip a finger into his ass and massage his prostate, gives him a different, overwhelming orgasm
His favourite place to have sex is a secret spot with hot springs not far from the Rengoku mansion, but a comfortable futon will do. Also enjoys fucking you against a wall
EYE CONTACT! His favourite positions are the ones that allow him to look at your face – he’s literally enamoured with how pleasured your facial expressions can get. Especially when you’re on top.
Enjoys when your dominant side comes out, doesn’t mind being tied up. To be honest he’s not really into bondage or being submissive, he just genuinely enjoys seeing you being confident
Ayyy I hope you enjoyed! It’s been a while since I posted something. Feedback is always welcome ♡
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sinreader · a month ago
Hollow / But Not Devoid
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise.
Also please prepare tissues especially for the end.
For as far as she could remember, the mask she wore had been a part of her since the day she was born. A lie to keep her mother from falling apart after she had lost what was most precious to her.
“I love you, my dear. No matter what, I will always take care of you.”
She remained silent at those words. The weight of her mask reminding her of how those words were nothing but lies once she removed it from her face.
“Now hold on tight,” her ‘mother’ whispered. “We’re going to our new home now.”
She never saw the village again ever since that night. Her new surroundings of the paradise her ‘mother’ spoke highly of contrasted greatly against their previous home. Every piece of décor seemed to be a work of art. The people who they lived together with going through a routine with smiles on their faces in the world known only as the Eternal Paradise.
To her, it was weird. The way they worshipped that one person and how they would do anything for their master twisted her stomach in discomfort. They reminded her too much of her ‘mother’. Speaking in a language too disturbing for her to go along with.
“Say hello to Douma-sama, dear.”
As a child, discomfort was normal in the face of strangers. However, something about the man standing before her immediately made her uneasy. Kaleidoscope-like eyes mirthfully looked down upon her.
“Hello there, my little lamb,” he spoke in a gentle, smooth voice. “Would you mind telling me your name?”
It was then she realised what had unsettled her. The smile stretched across his lips that everyone fawned over.
Hollow and devoid of what was natural.
“Little Lamb, where did you go?”
She had lost count of how many times she had to hide from Douma over the past few days. Ever since her first encounter with him, he had been constantly looking for her - to smother her in affection, to accompany him for a stroll or because he was simply bored. She could barely understand how a grown adult like him could behave so childishly. Always seeking her out as if she was his new playmate.
“Found you!”
She could only grimace behind her mask as soon as Douma caught her hiding behind a shoji wall. Picking her up from the engawa, his laughter morphed into contented hums as he held her close.
“Now what should we do since I won our little game of hide and seek?” He mused, lifting her up for their eyes to meet. “I know! What do we say we have a look at what’s behind this mask?”
That was when she started to struggle, which earned another laugh from Douma.
“It’s all right. I just want a little peek.”
And soon enough the mask was pulled away from her face. She prepared for the worst. The aftermath of what would happen once she felt the cooling sensation of air against her skin. However instead, Douma’s smile grew.
“Aaaah, how cute! You’re too cute, Little Lamb!” He squealed.
She blinked, unsure how to process the compliment as Douma hugged her tight, burying his nose into her hair. “So cute and warm. I could eat you on the spot!”
It was odd. How cold his chest was against her cheek. His words sounding a little too sinister as he took a deep breath of her scent.
“You smell nice.”
With all of her strength she pushed her hands and feet against Douma’s chest. His hold on her released as she fell back onto the floor.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I upset you?”
She ignored his teasing, picking up the mask to put it on once more.
“Why do wear that mask when you have such a cute face?” He questioned, smiling curiously at her. “Is it because of your mother?”
“She is not my mother.”
The quick reply caught Douma off guard. But soon his smile returned. “Is that so?”
Securing the mask back in place, she ran off once more.
“Ah, another round? Hehehe, then ready or not, here I come!”
He never asked about her ‘mother’ again ever since that day. In between his busy routine and the time she spent with that woman, her encounters with Douma became more frequent. But rather than the silly games he would make her play with him, he had requested more for her company. The small quiet times in which the both of them take a break from their chaotic lives for a moment of peace.
At first, he would convince her with small bowls of fruits and snacks. Then eventually it got to a point where he would simply pick her up and bring her to his room – much to the surprise of his followers. It was confusing. Why would he seek a child out for such comfort? There were plenty who he could rely on for something so simple.
“You’re not like them,” Douma once told her. “You don’t expect anything in return.”
She remained silent as he held her close. The gentle rhythm of his breathing added an odd tranquility to their shared moment. When she tried to leave, his hold proved to be too strong even while he was unconscious.
At that time, she remembered when she had managed to escape him once to the engawa in one of their games. His feet hesitant to step on the floor bathed in sunlight before he turned away, wondering out loud where his precious little lamb had ran off to.
“Are you sick?”
“You don’t come out when the sun is in the sky,” she innocently said, looking up to the myriad of colours in his eyes. “Is it because you don’t feel well during the day?”
Douma stared down at her. His expression being a combination of whimsical and amused. “Is my little lamb worried about me?”
She sensed him trying to hide behind the empty smile once more. Deciding not to press further, she tried something else instead.
“Oh? You want to take it off now? Well, that mask would certainly get in the way if you want to-”
Douma stopped in mid-sentence at the sudden pressure of lips upon his forehead. Moving back down to her original position, she slid the mask back on her face in embarrassment.
“…What was that, Little Lamb?” Douma asked.
“It’s a blessing,” she innocently reasoned. “My real mother said it would make anyone who was sick feel better.” She lifted her chin to meet his gaze again. “Do you feel better now, Douma-sama?”
In that tense silence, Douma did not say a word. The warmth on his forehead making his mind spin until he could not help but laugh.
“Douma… sama?”
Without missing another second, Douma pulled her back to his chest, turning her around for their eyes to meet.
“How can you be so adorable?”
For reasons she could not understand, her cheeks grew hot. Embarrassment causing her to try and wriggle out of Douma’s embrace. However this time her efforts proved futile at his newfound strength.
“I have decided!” He grinned. “From now on, you will-”
“Douma-sama, is my daughter with you?”
His laughter came to a stop as he finally sat up. “Yes, come in.”
Opening the door, the child’s ‘mother’ smiled upon seeing her. “My apologies for disturbing you, Douma-sama. I couldn’t find her in my room so I figured she must be with you.”
“It’s no problem.”
As she rose to her feet and walked towards her ‘mother’, she noticed the strange looks both Douma and her ‘mother’ exchanged. Their smiles hiding their true intentions. Almost as if they were snakes waiting for who would attack first.
“Come now, my dear. You made me so worried,” the woman cheerfully spoke as she picked up the child. “Say goodbye to Douma-sama.”
For the first time, she felt reluctant, sensing something horribly wrong with the atmosphere. Looking back to Douma, she hesitantly waved farewell. His smile being the last thing to burn in her mind as her mother hastily pulled her away.
It hurts.
“What did I tell you about taking off your mask?”
Pain struck her head, leaving her barely able to move.
“Who gave you the permission to leave while I was away?”
She wanted it to stop. Why wouldn’t she just stop?
“You’re supposed to be her! My child! Mine!”
She was not. That child… that child had already…
“You ungrateful child!”
“What are you doing?”
The entire room fell into silence. Douma stood before the woman that was supposedly the child’s mother. His stare now cold and empty against the crazed eyes of the woman.
“Douma… sama…”
“Did you do that to her?” He questioned.
“This is… this is not…”
“I asked you a question.” His voice dropped an octave lower. “Did you hurt her?”
At her silence, Douma headed towards the child lying crumpled on the tatami mat. Her eyes weakly opened despite the pain. “Dou… ma… sama?”
He hushed her softly, stroking her head. “It’s ok. I’m here.”
Her lips curled into a tiny smile before she finally lost consciousness. Placing a small kiss upon her bruised forehead, Douma slowly rose to his feet. His chest burned with what was akin to rage.
“A woman like you isn’t fit to care for her,” Douma spoke apathetically, turning to face the one responsible for the child’s pain. Lips curled into a sinister smile. “So why don’t you give her to me instead?”
“T-That’s… I would never!” The woman exclaimed angrily. “She’s all that I have. She’s my-”
“We both know that she isn’t really your child,” Douma mercilessly responded, opening his golden fan. “Your family bought her only to appease your madness, no? After you accidentally killed your real daughter?”
She started making incomprehensible noises, unable to grasp reality after being lost in her delusions for so long.
“You unfortunate woman. How about we send you to paradise now?” His fangs shone between his parted lips. “Where you will never hurt anyone again.”
When she came to, it was to the sound of chewing. Flesh torn off bones and wet slurps filling the silence within the room. Sitting up, she stared at Douma’s back. The smell of blood entering her nose as soon as she realised what he was feasting on.
“Ah… are you awake, Little Lamb?”
She stared at the half-eaten arm in his hands. Blood dripping from his pale lips and sharp fangs.
“Sorry, I thought you would be asleep for a little longer,” he chuckled. “Just give me a moment, I will be done with my meal soon.”
Recognising the bloody clothes left on the tatami mat, she asked, “Are you going to eat me too?”
He swallowed, pausing for a moment. “Will you run if I say yes?”
She contemplated. His eyes finally coming to meet hers as tears brimmed in her eyes. “I don’t… want to be eaten.”
He smiled. “And why is that?”
“Because if you eat me, I won’t be able to stay by your side!”
Douma’s lips parted in shock. The words struck at his chest sharply. Something unfamiliar bubbling inside his heart that was long thought to be dead.
“No! I want to stay with Douma-sama forever!” She cried. “I don’t want to leave you sick and alone!”
The arm he had been feasting on slipped from his grasp. Douma felt his entire form shake at the strange new emotion filling him from within. Pulling her into his arms, he started to cry while she bawled into his chest.
“How can you be so silly?” He tearfully spoke. “How can you be so…”
As he became overcome with the new emotion, Douma came to a realisation. She was the one causing him to feel this way. This foolish, little human who refused to leave an insatiable beast like him. And because of that, he knew now that he could never let her go.
“I won’t eat you,” Douma promised. “I won’t.”
For as long as he existed, he will ensure she stayed with him forever.
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dawn-writes7 · 8 months ago
Mornings with Kyoujurou
Summary: Waking up with your husband each day is a blessing and today is not any different.
Pairing: Kyoujurou Rengoku x F!Reader
Warnings: None, straight up fluff
Word count: 1,243
D/Ns: I just watched the Demon Slayer movie and a bitch is not okay.
Each morning spent with Kyoujurou Rengoku were blessings, each and every morning you would be plastered against his bare chest, his warm skin working better than any fire to keep you toasty. Sometimes it even got the point when you both slept naked it always ended with the blankets thrown off the bed because of the heat he produced.
This morning was no different, you slowly rose with the sun as it filtered into the room through the drawn curtains, your cheek smushed against your husband's chest, his breathing steady and calm. The routine had begun.
Lifting your head from his chest you slowly placed kisses all over his skin, working your way up to his neck, then his very defined jawline, and finally to his lips. “Kyou, it’s time to raise my love.”
He had been awake the whole time and you knew it. “Good morning my flame.” His voice was low, slow and deep. Very contrary to his normal voice, you wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Ready to start the day? The sun has risen, it is time to get your morning training started.” You ran your hand through his very messy hair, he always tried to keep it neat when he went to bed but it always ended up a mess.
“I am ready when you are.” He guided you to sit up still keeping your body pressed against his. “Shall you do my hair again today?” He asked in a small whisper as his lips connected with yours, slotting ever so perfectly between your lips.
You hummed into the kiss, morning breath meant nothing to the two of you in tender moments. It was a short lived kiss as per usual in the mornings. You quickly separated your lips and stood. Silently padding your way to the other end of the room you grabbed the hairbrush and hair tie that your husband loved to use, you made your way back and sat behind him.
His hair was thick and always so full, you loved it. His hum of satisfaction only added fuel to the fire that he had lit in your heart many years ago as you started to brush his messy hair. Expertly parting it how he loved, you created his pony tail and set everything else into place.
You placed two kisses on his shoulders, then you moved backwards a bit and watched him. His large arms stretching high above his head, he rolled each and every single muscle forcing the sleep out of his body, it was fascinating to see every muscle in his body.
“I will go through with my training, then we will have breakfast then a bath.” He stated as if this was the first time you two had gone through mornings like this, but you never minded.
“Sounds amazing Kyou. I will start on breakfast.” You let him pull you off the bed and into another kiss. “Hurry before it starts to get too warm out there.” You whispered as he kept kissing you, as if it was the air he needed to breathe.
“Just a few more kisses then I will.” He swallowed your laughs and protests with his lips. Honestly you didn’t know why you even tried to get him to do anything before he gave you at least 100 kisses.
Once he felt satisfied he released you from his grip allowing you to go cook breakfast, leaving you to cook, it was a very familiar routine. You started to cut up the fruit as you watched him in the yard doing his morning stretches, practicing his sword work, and to some points showing off his impressive muscles. He knew that you were watching as you cooked so he showed off more than usual.
“Kyou, food is ready!” You called out to him as you plated his enormous breakfast, the man sure ate a lot but given the endless energy he had it made sense.
He walked into the house and straight to the kitchen. “It smells tasty.” After giving you another hundred kisses he finally sat down with you and ate.
Mornings were always slow with him, even with the incredible speed and power your husband held he always took his mornings slow and steady. After you had eaten you quickly made your way down to the spring with the buckets for the bath.
When you came back your heart fluttered in your chest, he was standing in front of the sink washing the dishes. “You didn’t have to do that you know.”
“I am aware but you made breakfast and got the water for the bath so I thought I would take the chore off your hands.” He turned his head and smiled at you, the smile that you fell in love with the first time he had saved you from a demon.
You placed a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you my love. I’ll start the bath.” As you walked away from him he gave you a quick pinch on the butt. “Kyojurou!” You squealed as he laughed at you. Once you started the fire you quickly started the bath for the two of you.
After the temperature reached a comfortable level you started to undress yourself, completely oblivious to the man standing behind you watching every move you made. You only became aware of him when his arm hands cupped your breasts. “I love to see you like this.”
“What, naked?” You laughed as you felt the heat rushing to your cheeks and the tips of your ears.
“Yes, you are so beautiful and perfect like this. I love your body.” He placed a warm kiss on your cheek dragging you to the bath. “Come on.”
“Kyou you are still in your pants and underwear!” You shrieked as he lifted you into the air with ease, the warm water sent a shiver up your spine. You watched him as he undressed himself, slowly slipping into the bath behind you.
“The water is perfect as usual my love.” His strong arms wrapped around your waist pulling you close to him, you could practically feel every little rivet of his muscles as he breathed in and out. “Oh that reminds me, Uzui and his wifes want to have dinner with us tomorrow.”
You hummed leaning into him, breathing in tandem with him. “What should we make?”
“Anything that you make is amazing and very tasty.” He placed a kiss on the top of your head. “Would you like for me to go shopping with you for the meat?”
“If it won’t interrupt your work I would love to have you accompany me.” You pulled his arm off of you and placed your palm against his.
His laugh shook the tub. “I wish for them to at least get my hair but I want them to look like you. I can’t wait to have children with you.”
He placed his chin on your shoulder as he stared at your hands, his fingers bent a bit and topped yours. “So tiny. I wonder what our children would look like. Would they be small like you or will they go tall and large like me.”
“If they end up being a carbon copy of you I am going to be upset.” You pouted as you moved your hand up to intertwine your fingers.
“I can’t either Kyoujurou.” Every morning was spent like this, and you would never change a thing.
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densecloud · 10 months ago
cherry flavoured. / rengoku kyojuro x reader
Tumblr media
a/n: title is inspired by the song of the same name by the neighbourhood.
[office! au series]
Tumblr media
He’s gone.
There’s no trace of Kyojuro in the office at all — no good morning greeting, the scent of sweet potatoes, no golden locks with red tips poking out of his desk. His fortress of maneki-neko is left defenseless, with their leader yet to surface for the morning. It would be demanding to contact him this much after a few unreplied messages sent, an overstepping of boundaries, even. You fear that he may have disappeared into thin air for the day, and each corner searched leads to no avail. This fear brings impending dread about to replace his presence as a whole — because without him around, the day will fall flat with the sun hidden beneath the clouds.
Here you are in the pantry and walking in circles, going through countless of far-fetched possibilities. Is he stuck in traffic? Or stuck in the loo? No, his things aren’t here. What if he’s abducted — 
“[Name]! You’re looking for Rengoku-san?” A colleague hears you thinking out loud, startling you from jumping to conclusions this early in the morning. 
“Is he...?” 
“He’s called in sick today! Like, for the first time ever. I’m kinda surprised, but it must be really bad; don’t ya think?” You feel your stomach drop in an instant — Rengoku Kyojuro, the healthiest, liveliest person on Earth calling in sick? 
The Rengoku Kyojuro, who hasn’t been absent before for the entirety of his career?
The news leaves a weight on your lips.
The day rolled out as you had expected, with the distressing ringing of phone calls and chatter filling up the atmosphere, and was in dire need of his fiery voice permeating the air. Even his absence had an impact on the others, their heads buried into keyboards and screens, faces etched with the expression of nothingness. You were no exception, having an uneasiness rising up your chest and unable to be shaken off. There is a strange comfort in knowing that Kyojuro is around, with his whole being associated with warmth, the rising sun, and feelings of assurance... but today lacked it. 
Since when have you become so reliant on him? It can only make sense now, when they say that one cherishes more when people are no longer around, though the nagging feeling of wanting him surpasses the pre-requisites of mere reliance. You missed the crinkles of his eyes whenever he smiles, the top of his head sticking out to take peeks at you, and how he declares the deliciousness of lunch so candidly.
You suppose you’re head over heels for Kyojuro, and seconds without him feel like an eternity.
Fidgeting with your thumbs and lacking the bravery to take a step forward, you begin to wonder if this is a good idea after all. You’ve been to his place a bit too many times to share your interests, but his front door has never been so intimidating before. With your finger barely touching it, pressing the doorbell feels is akin to detonating a bomb — till you finally notice the door wide open, with golden orbs that fade to vermillion staring.
Flustered, you blurt out a stream of stutters. “R-Rengoku-san! Uh, I-I came to visit you!”
Kyojuro’s smile is faded, just like the break of dawn. He chuckles under his breath, but his eyes are darker and bleak. “Thank you, [Name]-san. Please, come in.” 
It feels like an invasion of privacy when you’re at his door unannounced this time, but with the paleness of his skin and sunken eyes, you can’t help but excuse yourself. 
“...I brought some things for you.” You settle the plastic bags on his coffee table, rummaging through the pile of items purchased earlier. Medicine, cooling pads, fruit jelly... “Have you been to the doctor’s yet?” 
Now buried in the thickest comforter, Kyojuro attempts to hide from the cold and shifts to take a look at you. “Ah, yes. The doc’ said it was the flu. I forgot that I ran out of some medical supplies and was about to head out again... You’re heaven sent.” 
You fight the growing blush at his comment while feeling the weight of his stare on your back, as if he had been anticipating for somebody. To take care of him, shower some affection... To your relief, those gentle eyes of his could never bear any malicious intent but instead welcomes you in his personal space. Meanwhile, Kyojuro is nothing but grateful that his comforter covers up his embarrassment, given his weakness of overexpressing emotions. Wishing that he had the flair like Tomioka to maintain a stoic exterior and cover up his feelings once in a while, today is no exception as he can only peek at you bashfully, cherishing your company and thinking it wouldn’t hurt to admire how lovely you looked right now. 
It would be bad for his heart, if you ever manage to witness how delighted he is to have you around. And with each minute you’re here, he begins to think that this fever isn’t going to fade away anytime soon.
Reminded of how curious he can be, you try to stifle a soft chuckle. “Are you hungry, Rengoku-san? I can prepare something for you, if you’d like.”
He deliberates, thinking it would be troublesome for you — but the growl coming from his stomach says otherwise. Covering his entire face with the comforter now, his voice is muffled, a little bit like the purring of a kitten. “Yes...”
You suppose you’re doomed.
Because at this rate, keeping your crush a secret wouldn’t be an easy feat as you had hoped for.
Kyojuro has never struggled so much when it came to communicating, not until today. 
Not until you stopped by his home.
Your cooking is exceptionally delicious, by leaps and bounds when he remembers his occasionally burnt sunny side up eggs for meals. He digs in heartily, reacting dramatically to the mouth-watering dishes to celebrate the revival of his energy levels. The chef, on the other hand, is exceptionally quiet, choosing to appreciate his good reviews and maintaining a smile with all her might. A slip of the tongue might land you in a dangerous position and ruin all you have with him, so you’re not going to take any chances. 
“I could eat your food forever!”
“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Rengoku-san.” 
“How was work today? Everything going well?”
“Work was good... Things are going well! Don’t worry about it!”
Kyojuro doesn’t remember you being this vague in your responses before, swearing that you’re usually more talkative and... natural. You spoke with such calmness while maintaining a smile — the one you’d use out of courtesy and during meetings with clients — leaving him puzzled in wonder. A discomfort in his chest begins to swell up as he struggles to create another conversation with fear of it going nowhere, the search being a mind-boggling process. 
After the washing of dishes, you prepare the medicine and a new cooling sheet for him. He’s buried once again in his bed, listening ever so attentively to your instructions and watching how you’d endearingly read the contents of the bottles. 
“Here’s the flu medicine, the cherry flavoured one,” you’re beaming, pouring the liquid carefully on a measuring spoon. “This reminds me of the fruit meds I had when I was a kid.”
“Open up,” you coo, the spoon drifting closer to Kyojuro and into his mouth. You’re content, having given the chance to coddle him for the first time, someone who always had so many responsibilities on his shoulders. Though, he would have never thought that being taken care of would ever feel this delightful, especially when he had to do so for everyone else his whole life. With your insistence, you wipe his skin so gingerly with a cold cloth, tempting him to hold your hands tight and never let you go. “[Name]-san, thank you...” 
“Don’t mention it,” you speak, revealing a smile. 
“...would it be alright if I impose on you for the rest of my medical leave?” It eventually fades away however, once you realise his fingers are wrapped gently around your arm. 
Letting go of his grip on you, his hand retreats to the covers as he criticises himself internally for his inappropriate actions. How could he do such a thing? Kyojuro laments himself. Misconduct has always been emphasised by him, the Human Resources employee who abided by rules word for word, but he’s overstepped his boundaries this time. This... he should have cleared things up upon noticing your discomfort. He should’ve known that he was demanding too much. 
This is a sticky situation, and Kyojuro wishes that he knew better. “I-I’m sorry! You must have been taken back by my unseemly requests...”
He can’t bear to watch the consequences of his imprudent actions, but the crinkling of your eyebrows keeps him on his toes. You’re deliberating, he observes, likely wanting to keep your response as polite as possible to end this off amicably. The quivering of your lips brings about the other possibility that he might have underestimated the gravity of the situation though, and dragged you into something deeper against your will.
Getting up from his bed, Kyojuro struggles to find the words to say. “[Name]-san, I-I...” Ideally, he’d comfort you with an embrace, but that would dig his grave further. “...please tell me how can I make it up to you!”
Despite all that, a chuckle from you confuses him, leaving him stunned at the expression of relief on your face. 
“I thought you’d never ask, Rengoku-san,” your voice is timid, embarrassed at your unusual confidence.
Well, you should’ve known that you were going to lose once you step foot into his home. That this place would’ve left you at the losing end, and you begin to admit your defeat, choosing to leave him with your trail of breadcrumbs. Placing his hands back to where they belonged, you watch his happiness creep up his face upon fully comprehending your actions. 
“Then, allow me to take care of you until you’ve recovered.”
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dumbdemonslayertexts · 6 months ago
Stupid Lies and a Kiss: Preview
Pairing: Tengen Uzui x black!fem oc or reader
Warnings: recreational drug use, dry humping
Tumblr media
it was kind of out of nowhere when he suddenly commands her to ''come here.''
she sees his cheeks hollow, noting the allure of his profile, especially with him so close. the man's cockiness grated on her nerves, but tengen was undoubtedly sexy... hell, he was irritatingly sexy. his knowing it was just icing on the insufferable bastard cake that was his personality. still, it was a great portion of his charm, and it would be a lie to say she didn't enjoy his company. when the joint is free from his lips, asia is left to melt as she watches his mouth blow a neatly executed smoke ring. 
"what for..?"
she doesn't get an answer. instead, after he placed the smoke back into his mouth, she gets a massive arm around her back, and the other reaching to grip an impatient hold around her hip. she's yanked into his lap without a word. the next moment that registers, she sees how he's slipped down lower on the couch... and feels an unexpectedly formed semi-erection being thrust into her-- slow and hard, dragging against her clothed cunt in a deep curl underneath her. unsuspecting, she peeps out her surprise... and the noise she makes sounds far too much like a whimper for her liking. what the fuck are you doing? ...she means to ask him--to at least give translation of it through her glare if the words couldn't come out (and they absolutely would not). he's not moved at all. his eyes are boring into hers, hungry and aroused, making her want to squirm just as she feels the head of his dick poking through his sweatpants. he locks her firmly against his pelvis, so she has no choice but to sit on him and ride each wave of his hips. fuck, his hips have his cock so well aimed... in no time he's got her pussy open, even behind the wet barrier of her panties, so that she feels his hard bulb rubbing heavily up her slit and down again. and so that they both feel her beginning to soak a spot into his pants in the process. asia trembles, not knowing that he reads every bit of the struggle casting over her face to not give in to how fucking good he's stimulating her... to keep herself from grinding her pussy down against him to amplify every part of his movements. she has to lift her hips before he hits perfectly at her clit, so she won't beg for him right there. 
''that's what for.'' he answers, passing the joint to her. tengen takes pleasure in watching her lips wrap around it--  even more at knowing that his were just on that same spot. that's right, princess... taste me on it til you're high as a damn kite. ''you're annoying with all the stupid questions you ask.'' his hands slip their way up the curves of her parted thighs, until his fingertips breeze past the hem if his hoodie and he can squeeze at their softest point. ''but you fit so damned nicely here on me.'' 
"fuck you."
he breathed out a chuckle, ''at least we're on the same page.''
"oh, so that's what you're trying to get down to?"
''what else?'' he asked, ''and why not, i feel good. you're sexy and you're making me hard,'' his ruby gaze lowers to the moist little jewel awaiting him underneath his borrowed clothing, and suddenly the need to lick his lips is unavoidable. ''why not let me blow your mind while you're here... and blow your back out while i'm at it.''
"you just swear you've got it like that, it's so funny to me," asia drones before hitting a long drag, making the end of the spliff lazily glow a bright orange. uzui smirks, watching her exhale the smoke from those sweet glossy lips.
''you're sitting pretty on the best dick you'll ever get in this life, princess. that's a flamboyant guarantee.''
Tumblr media
end preview
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the-lady-writes-what · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
13 Nights of Kinktober is live! If you enjoy Tengen Uzui or Demon Slayer or vampires, follow the link below!
October 19: Tengen Uzui & Wives--The Vampire King and his Wives
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caniscreamintoanabyss · 24 days ago
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Moderate violence.
𝐀/𝐍: Not-so-big worda re intentional because I don’t think Inosuke would use them. Giyu uses he/they. Shinobu uses they/them.
 My mind is fuzzy. My feet are dangling from the floor, moving from side to side. My whole body hurts, and I want to sleep. I want to close my eyes. What happened? Oh, right! That bastard! Thinking he can run away from me! Me, Inosuke Hashibira, king of the mountains! I strain myself, kicking my feet and moving around in the rope, but I can’t get out.
“Shit…” I curse. I move in the ropes again, but they’re holding me back. Damn Slayer! I’ll show him a piece of my mind when I see him again!
“Hey! There’s someone over here! We should help him!” Someone calls to my left. Soon after, two people come into view.
“Is that a human?” One of them asks. They circle around me, poking at my mask.
“Hey, hey, hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”  I yell, swinging my feet at the person who poked my mask.
“Woah, so it is alive!”  The one that wasn’t kicked says.
“Hey, hey, hey! Let me down! I need to see Kentaro!!”  I yell again. My voice sounds weird and my throat hurts.
“Kentaro? Who is that?” One of them says.
“I don’t know. Let’s take him to Kocho-sama so she can deal with him.”  The second one answers.
“Hey, hey! Take me to Gonpako! I need to see him!”
“Hey, calm down already! We’re trying to help you!”
“The King of the Mountains doesn’t need help! Now untie me!”
“Okay, okay! We’ll untie you! Now stop struggling!”
 The first one moves behind me, hands trying away at the knots.
“What the…” They angrily say. “These ropes are too tight!”  The grunt, and pull at the knots. “Come on, just get loose already!” They let go, and my body sways.
“Hey! I told you to untie these, not fall!” I yell.
“Well I’m sorry, these ropes are… too…”
 Someone appears right in front of me, and the two mask-wearing people bow.
“T-Tomioka-san!” Both of them say.
“Tomioka-san, we were just trying to help this boar get untied! Is there anything we can help you with?” The one in front of me asks. The man who just appeared wordlessly comes right behind me and unties my ropes. I fall flat onto the floor.
“Go down the mountain. You’ll see Tanjiro there.”
 Hey, I recognize that voice! It’s the guy who tied me up! “You!” I yell, pointing my finger at them. “You’re the one who tied me up! Fight me! Fight me right now!”
“I have no time to fight you.” The slayer says. “You need to go down the mountain now.” They sound annoyed.
“I’m not going to do that until you fight me-!”
 The guy harshly pushes my face to the ground. Pain explodes from my nose to the rest of my face. I lift my head from the ground, holding my now broken nose. “What the hell was that for-!” I start to yell, but I get interrupted.
“Ara ara, Tomioka-san. I didn’t know you had more accomplices.”
 A new person blurrily comes into view, sword hitting with… Tokino’s? Is it Tokino? Tangerine pushes the butterfly back and grabs me by the waist, traveling down the mountain.
“Hey, what the hell is going on?!” I yell-ask. “If you think you can just carry me, Hashibira-“
 Half-and-half drops me and draws their sword, blocking the butterfly’s thrust. The latter jumps back and raises their sword in front of their head.
“Kocho, if you keep doing this, I won’t hesitate to use force.” Half-and-half orders. Kurta, the butterfly person, doesn’t say anything, only leaping forward and thrusting their sword six times.
 Sixfold Thrust.
  Tomino dodges every thrust and twists their own body, cutting everything in their path.
 Sixth Form: Whirlpool.
 Kanto jumps out of the way- are they floating?- and lightly lands on their feet. Then, they jump into the air and swing their sword down onto Tomioka.
 Butterfly Dance: Caprice.
 Tsunami counters with a form of their own, stepping behind Coco and swings at their neck.
 First Form: Water Surface Slash.
 Konto crouches and turns around, thrusting upwards to Tomi’s chin. They step backwards, only to be tripped. Kanao thrusts forwards to Kou’s head, but the latter brings out his sword for a block, then pushes Choji back. Omi launches himself forward, and aims for a swing at Kocho’s neck.
 First Form: Water Surface Slash.
 A crow cries from above. Ocho stops in their tracks. Taking the opportunity, Oka grabs me and runs off. Surprisingly, the butterfly person isn’t chasing us. A long while passes, and we finally reach the foot of the mountain. There’s someone sitting there, holding another person- no, a demon.
“Inosuke!” It’s Aki. He attempts to stand up, but he can’t.
“Katana!” I yell. Miku releases me, and I run to where my friend is. “Are you alright?! You look messed up!” Kyouka gives me a thumbs up. “I have a few wounds, but they’ll heal in time.” He answers. I feel Tomioka’s presence behind me. “We have to get going now. I don’t know when Kocho will come back. Tanjiro, I’ll carry you and your sister. Inosuke, you can walk on your own, right?”
“Wait just a moment here!” I yell, turning to Todoroki. “Just what exactly is happening?! Explain it to me!”
“Well, Inosuke…” Tootsie roll starts. “We’re running away from the corps because I’m carrying a demon with me.”
“We’ve betrayed the corps. If we’re caught, we’ll die.” Tokaka finishes.
 A demon sister?
 We’re going to die if we get caught?
“Wh- I don’t understand what you mean by that! Explain it more clearly! I already knew Kentaro was carrying a demon with him, but- I…”
 I fall to the ground, falling asleep.
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thatringboy · 5 months ago
For the people in the KNY fandom who write the demon slayers fighting and doing cool demon slayer stuff, do you guys get up and act out what they do while fighting or is that just me?
Like I have to choreograph Gyomei’s crazy Stone Breathing techniques ahead of time and then write his actions down, otherwise I get a weird feeling about the scene. I can’t be the only person who nerds out on seeing how the different techniques would play out in my writing and in real life, right?
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bbygenya · 11 months ago
aftermath 🔥
Tumblr media
fandom: demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba
pairing: kyoujurou x reader
ratings: g for g(ood lord what have I written)eneral audiences
warnings: feelings :) 
word count: 1604
summary: just some overindulgent fluff with kyoujurou after muzan got his ass beat :)
a/n: i’m a rengoku simp (are you really surprised?) honestly I love this man with my whole chest
plus he still be alive in my heart so he’s alive after the big boss battle 😤
Tumblr media
Your eyes trace his form as he swings the wooden sword almost expertly. Training even on an off day—nothing unusual from the Flame Pillar himself. You hope to one day be as strong as him, even though you can barely keep up with him now as it is. It’s entirely too peaceful nowadays, yet there’s still a few threats to be eliminated. The big fight had left the Pillars battered and bruised, missing a few pieces of themself in the process. You’re thankful though; thankful that Kyoujurou prevailed with minor injuries—other than losing his eye and being left with a weaker respiratory system from the wound Akaza had blessed him with.
He was still strong, still training as if the demon lord was about to walk up the walkway of the Rengoku estate. 
Yet, you can’t will yourself to convince him to stop. Training had been ingrained in him for so long, that it would probably take a while before he’s ready to lay down his sword. You think it shouldn’t be much longer; the modern era is quickly catching up with the world around you, so you’re almost sure it won’t be much longer then. 
“Is big brother still practicing?” Senjurou comes over then, sitting beside you to watch the other man swing his sword. You lean back on your hands, nodding. 
“Mhm. Old habits die hard, so I can see why,” you explain with the ghost of a smile at your lips. Senjurou nods, understanding. It’s truly going to take a while before he relaxes into the new normal. Shifting, you adjust yourself. Wincing from the soreness of your limbs as you adjust your casted leg to where it’s a bit more comfortable. In the final battle, your leg had been mangled to the point where you were sure you’d lose it, yet Shinobu and the girls at the Butterfly Mansion were sure to patch you right up and get you in the process of healing. Noticing your mild discomfort, the boy makes a noise, turning to you. 
“Are you okay? Does it hurt?” He questions, concerned. You smile, shaking your head at him. 
“It’s fine, Senjurou, really. Just adjusting to get a bit more comfortable,” you assure him. You try to mask the discomfort in your expression as best you can, wanting to shield the boy from having to deal with it, deal with you, but like his brother he’s stupidly perceptive in a way that makes you want to puff your cheeks out and huff childishly. Damn these Rengoku brothers. 
The look in his eyes tells you he doesn’t believe you, but he does nod. “Maybe you need a pillow for your leg then?” he suggests. You can’t deny him, he looks so determined!, so you sigh and smile at him. 
“Sure. Mind fetching one for me?”
The boy’s eyes brighten as he bobs his head in a nod, shifting to stand.
“Okay! Be right back!” he hurries off to fetch said pillow, and for a moment you watch him. Wondering what it’s like to be normal. You’ve been training to be a demon slayer since you were a preteen and now you wonder what life would’ve been like had you not been one? Not that Senjurou had it easier, but he hasn’t seen the same things you’ve seen. He hasn’t had to watch comrades get mauled and devoured by demons. He’s lucky he won’t ever have to, either. 
“You know, it’s not good to lie to children,”
Kyoujurou’s voice startles you, causing you to jump a little (wasn’t he just practicing?) and the surprise you show makes him chuckle. Moving to sit beside you, leaning in to press a kiss to your temple gently. 
“That’s not very nice [y/n],” he chides playfully, reaching for the water pouch he’d brought with him at the beginning of this little training session. Usually, he practices in the dojo, but today he’d decided to entertain you in the front yard. How sweet of him. You roll your eyes playfully at him, unable to not smile in his presence, then you allow your head to rest gently on his shoulder. His arm was still healing from the Akaza fight as well, and he’d regretfully had to sit the main boss battle out. He hadn’t been too happy about it, but he knew he would’ve been more of a crutch than a help. Though it had taken place months after the Infinity Train incident, the extent of his injuries kept him out for quite a while. And honestly, you wonder if that’s what drives him to train even though there’s no need to anymore.
Honestly, from what you’ve heard, he’s not the only pillar who still trains daily.
“I’m sorry, I’ll apologize,” you hum, though you know it won’t do much good. Senjurou knew you were lying and simply played along. For a moment you sigh, basking in the warmth of the moment. Your mind isn’t on demons, or fighting. Moreso on your boyfriend, and finally being able to settle down and start a family with him. It’s nice to pretend as if you two were normal from the get go, but your wounds say otherwise. As do the nightmares that plague you both. It’s going to take a while for your mentalities to settle enough to try to figure out what “normal” is, but you’re sure it won’t be too hard.
“I’m back!” Senjurou joins you two, pillow in hand as he moves to set it gently underneath your wrapped leg. Patting it for good measure but sits on the other side of you, hands in his lap as he watches both you and Kyoujurou and smiles happily. He’s thankful that his brother is alive, and is thankful that you’re here with them as well and it shows.
“Thank you Senjurou, that feels a lot better,” it really does; the softness of the pillow is very welcomed. Beside you, Kyoujurou shifts a little to get comfortable, glancing over at his brother for a moment and seems to get an idea. 
“Senjurou! Could you go grab those snacks Kanroji-san sent us?” he questions. “I would go, but I’m a bit worn out from training,” he admits sheepishly, cheeks a little pink. It frustrates him to know that his stamina isn’t the same; at the cost of his life he’d ben injured in such a way that had really impacted him in such a way that in the first few months it was hard. It was so hard, but he’s slowly adjusting to the changes. You’re quite the help with that, and his motivation to keep going at it. Though he’d just gotten back from fetching the pillow, at the mention of snacks, he perks. 
“Okay! I’ll be right back!” he shoots up and jogs off, causing both you and Kyoujurou to laugh gently. How cute—he’s just like Kyoujurou sometimes, you think to yourself.
An arm wraps around your waist and you lean into it, allowing yourself to be gently pulled closer. Kyoujurou tips his head to brush his nose against the crown of your head, sighing as he buries himself into the sweet scent of your [scent] hair, finding comfort in it. He too is surprised he’s still alive, but thanks the gods everyday they allowed him to continue living with you, happily. You don’t mind this and in fact you turn a little, carefully of your leg, to snuggle into his side, which doesn’t help how he nearly pulls you into his lap, simply wanting to hold you and have you close to him. 
“I know I haven’t really talked about it, but when I fought that demon on the train, I was so scared,” he says, voice soft for once. He very rarely speaks softly—he’s such a loud man sometimes you find yourself wanting to smack your hand over his pretty mouth—so when he does lower his voice like this, you’re inclined to listen. “I was scared I’d never see you again, never see my father or Senjurou either. I really thought,” he sighs softly, tightening his hold on you. “I really thought when I saw my mother that it was over. I wanted to go with her but. . .at the same time, I wanted to stay here with you all as well. It was really hard, debating over where I should go, but she’s the one who told me that my time here wasn’t finished,” you know this yourself. When they’d gotten to Kyoujurou, he’d bled out so much that he needed multiple blood transfusions. He was in a coma for weeks, and you’re sure at one point he did die. And hearing this confirms it. Your eyes water thinking of how lonely you would’ve been had he not here, of how quiet the Rengoku estate would be had his loud laughter ceased to fill the halls. It would’ve been so hard to move on without him, so you’re very thankful his mother helped him come back to you. He must sense you’re on the verge of tears, because he pulls back to look down at you, tilting your chin up so that you’re both looking each other in the eye. 
“Ah, darling please don’t cry,” he sounds almost pained to know that you’re upset—or that you seem upset. The tears fall, but he’s quick to wipe them away. You sniffle, feeling pitiful for a moment. 
“Sorry. I’m just really happy you came back,” you say, voice cracking. He finds himself smiling despite the fact that you’re crying, and ducks down to press a gentle kiss to your lips. 
“Me too.”
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mevb · 2 months ago
I may be without you, but my life is full of joy
Tumblr media
The cicadas hummed their songs on that warm August evening. The wind drove dust and leaves along the road, birds diluted the silence with wonderful verses. A girl with hairs gathered in a tail was walking along the road, holding in her hand a small bag with some things that she bought while she was in the city located on her way.
Her soft brown hair was covered with a straw hat. The silence surrounding her was cut by a loud, friendly voice "Whom do I see!" the girl looked up from under her hat, a man with orange-yellow hair and a bright smile appeared before her gaze. He was dressed in black clothes with a bright red shirt over it. The girl smiled back, "Hello Rengoku-san!" A pillar of fire bowed before the girl, in response to her bow. "Good afternoon, Soyama-kun!" he jokingly turned to the girl.
"Did you come to visit your parents?" he asked "Yes! Today is ... Anniversary" the girl lowered her eyes again, memories filled with pain, fear and nightmares flooded her. Today was the anniversary of her parents' death. On this day, many years ago, Hakuji and Koyuki Soyama died at the hands of bloodthirsty demons. The only survivor that day was their daughter, Miyuki Soyama. Saved from the demons thanks to Kyojiro Rengoku, she became one of the demon slayers and began to practice snow breathing to take revenge and protect people. Protect them from the horror that happened to her once.
Tears were about to pour down the girl's cheeks, but she could not show weakness. Not today. She must show her parents and her savior that her life was filled with goodness and happiness.
"In that case, I won't hold you back," Rengoku's voice rang out. "I was just at their grave. I'm sure they'll be happy to see you." the girl looked up and smiled again, "Thank you. Well, perhaps I'll go. Goodbye" the swordsmen said goodbye to each other and went in different directions.
After walking a few more meters, Miyuki saw the cemetery gate. She walked through the rows of gravestones, trying not to look at them. During her life, she had a chance to see many deaths. She was afraid that if she looked at the tombstone, she might accidentally stumble upon the name of a person whom she could not save sometime in the past. As a demon slayer, she went a hard way, but she never regreted her choice, she always strove only forward, this was what her father taught her. She tried to help all people who, in her opinion, could still be saved, as her mother always told her. Thanks to all these qualities, she managed to save many lives, but by no means all.
Seeing the familiar tombstones, the girl quickened her pace. Soon, she saw a couple of named stones. The inscriptions on them read "Hakuji and Koyuki Soyama rest here. Loving husband, wife, father and mother."
Approaching them, Miyuki knelt down and bowed in greeting. "Mom, Dad, I'm glad that nothing bothers you," the girl smiled and unfolded her bag. From there she took out some sweets and put them on the graves. "You're probably wondering how I'm doing."
Miyuki put the rest of the candy into her bag and took a more comfortable position, "Where to start? Exactly! Recently, a very strange guy came to us, his sister turned into a demon, but she can resist in front of human flesh. And he constantly wears her on his back, in some drawer. " the girl leaned back and leaned on her hands "Not only are these two strange in themselves, so two more weirdos came with them. The always crying guy who sticks to girls. Dad, if you knew how he pisses me off. And the boar guy, this apparently just a wild psycho "
Miyuki continued to tell her parents about everything that had happened lately, almost without stopping. She wanted to tell them as much as possible, because who knows when she can come here again. And will she come here at all alive.
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spicyfoodboi · a year ago
Mine a bit weird, but can I request your top four picks of the pillars with an S/O who always getting lost and was assign Aoi to lead them EVERYWHERE. (Like Zoro from One Piece for an example.) Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.
the lost will always be found
genre: random
A giyuu tomioka, kyojuro rengoku and sanemi shinazugawa x reader
A/n: Hey guys! This will be one of the last demon slayer requests! It's sad but I just don't see the spark in the fandom anymore. Even though I met most of my pinoy writer friends on the fandom, I'm going to have to drop writing for kny to give way to haikyuu. This change is coming very soon. Love you all 💖😘😊
Giyuu tomioka
Tumblr media
He would be very patient with you.
He likes things to be straight to the point so he would also be very annoyed.
"come on (y/n). Just stay by me and hold onto my hand."
"I know giyuu. It's just so hard to lose focus."
He also has his crow to keep careful watch in the air just in case you do stray away from the normal path.
Aoi was also a big help.
She would get mad about it sure but she knows giyuu can handle taking care of you.
But if giyuu isn't there, jeebus you are a mess.
One minute, you were there.
She turns away for one second poof! You are gone.
She would call up tomioka to look for you.
In under 5 minutes, he finds you in the middle of the woods or somewhere remote.
That's how much he knows you.
Kyojuro rengoku
Tumblr media
He Had everything planned out.
He has a plan in any situation and that includes when you get lost.
He would first ask the nearest people if they've seen you walk past them.
He would describe your appearance as if you are a goddess getting lost.
"have you seen a girl with luscious (h/c) hair and a wonderful face and shape?"
Yes, He'll ask people that same phrase until he finds you.
When he does find you, he will hold your hand tightly so you wouldn't get lost again.
Aoi knows she could depend on rengoku to find you.
Hell, he'll usually do all the work to look for you so aoi could at least take a break.
Would thank aoi every time she needs to babysit you.
He knows how hard it is to lose sight of you.
Sanemi shinazugawa
Tumblr media
 He would have something for you.
He doesn't have the energy to look for you.
So he would prevent it before it even happens.
You know those child leashes parents use on their kids when they're being rowdy?
Yeah, he has a custom one made out of old, trusty rope.
He would tie that rope around your waist and hold onto it tightly when you guys are out and about.
It's not like you complain.
He would hand aoi the rope when he needs to do something.
Aoi would also get advice from sanemi and tie that very rope to a tree.
Just as long as you’re entertained, you don't care that the end of your rope is tied to a tree.
 I have a bunch more kny requests but those will be the last of them before the big switch. Hopefully, you guys understand! Requests are still open for bnha and soon haikyuu! Thank you for the fandom and the wonderful requests you guys sent! Love you all 😘😊❤
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missorcas · 6 days ago
Demon Slayer NSFW headcanons - part II
♡  Tengen Uzui
God of festivals? Maybe. Deity between the sheets? For sure. Tengen doesn’t let anyone leave his bed without having given them at least two orgasms
Despite the obvious worship kink, in bed he actually focuses more on the other person, treating them like royalty and making them feel extra confident
Not really into degradation or quickies - Tengen loves spoiling himself and his partner, so he’s more the kind of person that will start the night with wine and a nice dinner, maybe a bubble bath... anything sumptuous, and then get into business
He still loves being begged - being called daddy gets him lust drunk, but truth be told it’s the physical cues that he finds most flattering. Verbal praise is nice to hear, but it’s his partner’s facial expressions and moans that really make his head spin
Has a navel piercing; the jewellery matches the diamonds dangling from his headband
Has definitely thought about getting his dick pierced too, but rejected the idea immediately after learning that he should have practiced abstinence for minimum two months
Massive length and girth, to the point of being intimidating. Cleanly trimmed
Infinite stamina thanks to his Hashira training - loves tantric sex when he has the time
When he’s out of his Sound Pillar uniform he looks even prettier, but he just feels stronger and more confident when he’s dolled up with makeup, nail polish, and hair all done
Willing to try everything at least once, definitely a switch if the situation calls for it
Loves being tied up! Rope marks remind him of what you’ve done to him the night before and arouse him at the most inappropriate times. Does not hide them – in fact he loves receiving awkward looks and questions, even more telling the whole story and seeing the horrified expression plastered on the face of the person who dared to ask
Unsurprisingly, he’s very vocal in bed. His moans have been object of complaint from his neighbors, other Hashiras, literally anyone who wasn’t involved in sexual activity with him but had the ill luck of being in a 100 metres radius while he was enjoying himself
This man literally studies the kamasutra in his spare time. Butter churner? Piece of cake. Mating press? A cinch. Upside down sex? Hell yeah.
PET NAMES! Kitten is probably his favourite, but he’ll also go with Dollface, Angel, and many more ;)
3 wives, many girlfriends, countless lovers. Tengen’s marriage is very open – who is he to deny his wives some harmless fun while he’s away for months during missions?
Boob guy, as you might have guessed. One of the perks of his polyamorous relationship is that more often than not he gets to wake up with at least one pair of tits smashed in his face, and definitely doesn’t mind having more than three pairs within hand reach
Will spank enthusiastically prior consent except with Aoi apparently, loves the thought of his partners going around with his handprints on their asscheeks hidden underneath their clothes like a signature
LOVES receiving oral, especially by more than one people at once.
♡ Giyuu Tomioka
Boy looks cold and aloof from the outside, but underneath the thick façade he’s just incredibly fragile
He acts rather avoidant, and seems absolutely incapable of showing affection or any emotion
Did not get the slightest hint of you taking an interest in him in the beginning - literally just saw you as a valuable ally with whom he’d really enjoy training, but nothing else
Unsurprisingly, you initiated your first kiss – he was obviously in shock at first, but quickly relaxed and grabbed your waist gently to pull you closer
PDA? No way in hell. It took him a while to warm up to physical forms of affection, but after the first time you slid into his bed at night, cuddling came pretty natural to him as long as no one is around
Your first nights in the same futon were spent just kissing and falling asleep one next to the other, with you clinging to his back like a baby monkey – it was cute at first, but after a while you realized your body craved more
When you agreed on having sex for the first time, his breath was shaking, but as soon as your fingers brushed his erection from over his clothes he literally melted in your hands
You could feel him silently begging for you to touch him more deeply, skin to skin, and even muttered a soft “please” in your ear in the hope your hand would actually plunge in his underwear and grab him
His hips bucked against you, his hardness grinding against your palm, and you just knew what to do
His eyes literally roll to the back of his head when he penetrates you - he usually lets out a few groans and buries his face in your neck, only to pound you mercilessly until he’s out of breath
He’s not super vocal, but will show his appreciation by emitting muffled grunts, biting your neck and just huffing against your skin, clearly holding himself back from moaning loudly
Very protective – the boy has had his fair share of trauma, will never allow anything to happen to you. He doesn’t sleep well when you’re far away from him, he can only relax when he’s feeling you snuggled up against him.
♡  Sanemi Shinazugawa
Unsurprisingly, Sanemi is a sadistic fuck, although he’d never hurt their partner without consent
Really easy to rile up, he’s basically a brat tamer with a very bad temper
Sex is, like fighting, just another way to get some relief from anger. He’ll chill out for a whopping 0.3 seconds after being finished
Very much into edging, will take you painfully close and then just deny your orgasm a few times until you’re basically begging him with tears in your eyes. Can’t stand being teased in return
Needless to say, most of the time you piss him off on purpose so he will fuck you senseless :) he knows you’re doing it on purpose, and equally enjoys it
Has a thing for choking, very much into breath play
Too focused on chasing his own release sometimes, but will go multiple rounds without batting an eye until you’re satisfied
Swearwords, curses, degradation – you name it, he’s into it, sometimes even too much
Adores the sight of you kneeling in front of him, begging to let you suck him off
Definitely an ass guy - loves fucking you from behind while he’s standing and you’re bent in front of him so he can have a good view of your ass bouncing against his pelvis. Will grab and spank to his pleasure
The fucking showoff will get instantly naked the moment he sniffs the most remote possibility of intercourse. Used to tear off your clothes with zero fucks given for your garments as well, but after an accident involving very expensive lingerie that resulted in his left shoulder being almost dislocated he’s a little more careful
Loves fucking in front of a mirror, finds his own muscular reflection very entertaining
Likes the thrill of sex in public spaces, but to be fair getting caught wouldn’t even bother him. Doesn’t mind an audience
Wearing a skirt with nothing underneath really does numbers on him, and when you make him aware you’re just basically just plainly asking for it
He’ll let you mark him with scratches and bites, doesn’t mind adding more scars to the collection. As for your body, he will leave visible marks on you with 0% remorse.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second part of my Demon Slayer headcanons – reposted because I was dumb enough to use the wrong tags that resulted in my post being shadowbanned. Enjoy – and remember that my requests are open! ♡
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sinreader · 12 days ago
Flame to a Butterfly
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise.
Because I thought Rengoku Kyoujuro deserved better, I tried to write an AU scenario of what if he survived the battle with Akaza. But my brain also decided to twist it into something insane and now I'm wondering why everything I touch becomes scary and spicy.
Enjoy the story!
When there is a flame, there is always its shadow. That was how you think when it comes to the Flame Hashira. Despite how he always carried a smile, there was a sense that something else weighed upon his shoulders. You had learned of that after his brother came to visit him in the Butterfly Mansion. His tearful cries upon seeing his older sibling lying unconscious on the bed echoed in the back of your mind till this day.
After a battle with an Upper Moon demon, Rengoku Kyoujuro went into a coma. His injuries had been treated by Shinobu, however his body needed some time to recover on its own. Having experience in caring for the unconscious patients during their recovery, you had been assigned to watch over the Flame Hashira while the others took care of those who accompanied him on that mission. His younger brother, Senjuro often visited him, leading to long conversations about what they would do together when Kyoujuro was not away on his duties.
He was a kind and caring brother who loved his family. That was what you managed to grasp from the way Senjuro talked about him. But you always noticed the strain in Senjuro’s mood when the topic of their parents came up.
“You’re always welcome to talk to me about anything, all right?”
You had meant it as a way to comfort him. But instead Senjuro stared at you in shock before becoming an emotional mess in front of you as you tried to dry his tears. That convinced you to do your best to help Kyojuro recover while acting as Senjuro’s emotional support. From cleaning Kyoujuro’s body to changing his bandages - you did everything without complaint. Senjuro in return would bring some homemade snacks for the both of you to share every time he visited.
“Brother, she is a really nice person.”
You had not meant to eavesdrop on Senjuro. Having been slightly late to see him and his brother since new patients have arrived.
“She recently tried making your favourite roasted sweet potatoes after I told her the recipe,” Senjuro spoke to his unconscious brother softly. “And it turned out even better than how I made it.”
You wondered if you should return later, moving to properly close the sliding door.
“I can see now why you like her so much.”
Your entire body stood rooted to the ground.
“You always talked about her every time you came home, so I knew she had to be someone wonderful. Was Mother just like her too? Kind and gentle?”
You were unsure how to react to what you just heard. Your own hand barely gripping the handle of the sliding door as Senjuro went on. “If she is, then I hope you would marry her soon. You said before you would bring her home as your bride once the both of you were ready. I have informed Father. I think maybe she might be the one to-”
He suddenly stopped, turning around slowly to the door. Swearing under your breath at how you closed the door too loudly, you started walking away when you heard the sliding door abruptly open. Senjuro called your name, hurriedly catching up to you.
“Please, wait!” 
You turned to face Senjuro, perturbed by his sudden desperate expression. “Senjuro…”
“B-Brother wanted to tell you after he came back from his mission. He said the two of you had only became lovers recently, so he wanted to wait until you were-”
“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to keep it a secret from you. But Brother-”
You gripped onto both of Senjuro’s shoulders, giving him a serious look.
“Senjuro that’s not it. Your brother and I…” You pursed your lips at his confused stare. “We are not lovers.”
Senjuro had not returned to the Butterfly Mansion since then. You could barely blame him, unable to even process what he told you. Aside from supposedly being in a relationship with Kyoujuro, the both of you had been seeing each other often. The way Senjuro described his older brother’s ‘relationship’ with you sounded more like that of what could only be accomplished if you and Kyojurou had been intimate lovers. Almost inseparable when in reality your only conversation with him had involved the exchange of glances and simple greetings. You rarely saw him after that. Only catching glimpses of him when he dropped by to talk with Shinobu or accompany the other demon slayers who required medical attention.
So how did he manage to delude himself into thinking the both of you were so close?
You sighed wearily to yourself, returning to your task at hand. Shinobu had been kind enough to assign someone else to take over caring for Kyoujuro after you informed her of your situation. Yet, you could not deny the strange sense of foreboding filling your head each time you walked past his room. As if Kyoujuro would burst out of the room and chase after you with a look of utter madness.
He can’t do anything to you now.
You told yourself that to calm your nerves, walking past the sliding door to his room when suddenly it opened - revealing Shinobu stepping out into the corridor.
“Ah, just in time. I was going to look for you,” she said, addressing you by your name. “There is a slight emergency and I unfortunately have to trouble you with keeping an eye on Rengoku-san for a moment.”
You turned to her with a bewildered look. “Eh? But I thought-”
“I know and I’m sorry but that person is in need of medical attention and there is no one else who can take over now,” Shinobu apologetically explained. “It won’t take long. I will be back once it’s done.”
Reluctantly, you agreed. Shinobu thanked you quickly, rushing to her next patient. Hesitantly, you approached the sliding door, opening to find Kyoujuro on his bed. Taking a deep breath, you proceeded to bring a nearby chair to sit next to the bed. Your quiet gaze resting upon Kyoujuro’s peaceful expression. His chest rising up and down, as if he was but in a deep slumber.
“Did you hear? Someone got injured last night.”
A conversation outside began in soft whispers behind the sliding door. Your ears perked upon hearing them mention a name.
“That guy… he was the one who was taking care of the Flame Hashira, no?”
You could barely sleep after hearing about what happened. The person who took over caring for Kyoujuro was found barely alive in the forest outside the Butterfly Mansion. His own limbs covered in cuts and bruises, leading to Shinobu having to perform emergency treatment as soon as he was brought in by those who found him. That very knowledge left you worried and afraid. Tossing and turning on your bed, you eventually left your room to get some water. Quenching your thirst and quickly hurrying back to your room when you sensed something else within the dark corridors.
It was eerily quiet. Everyone else had already retired for the night.
Clenching tightly onto the lantern’s handle, you mustered your courage and turned to the direction of your room. Assuring yourself that what you were sensing was because of the lack of rest. Not the presence of something else following behind you. Not the stare of someone’s eyes burning onto the back of your skull.
You had never closed the door to your room so quickly before. Instantly putting out the flame within the lantern, you climbed onto your bed and slipped the blanket over your head. Squeezing your eyes shut and hoping that you would be safe.
You would be safe.
You would be safe.
As long as you remained hidden you would be-
You froze.
The sliding door to your room opened slowly. Someone closed it carefully upon entering. Their footsteps sauntering towards the bed. You were scared, utterly in fear of what would happen next. When suddenly the blanket was pulled off of you.
You remained still. Pretending to be asleep in hopes that whoever intruded into your room would leave you alone. But instead you felt the caress of a rough, calloused hand. Fingers stroking your hair softly before lifting a lock of your hair. The deep intake of breath caused you to clench your fingers onto your pillow.
Suddenly, you felt the edge of your bed sink. The weight of another person joins you on the bed, along with their arms around your shoulders. You were practically shaking at this point. However the intruder mistook it for your body feeling cold, turning you around to lay you on your side and pulled you into a tight, warm embrace. The person sharing your bed called you by your name in a soft, loving whisper. And before you knew it, a pair of lips enveloped yours.
Your eyes opened wide at the sudden kiss. Immediately, you began to struggle against the intruder’s hold. Pressing against the muscular chest which caused the intruder to wince.
“Ahaha, I would appreciate it if you would be gentle there. I’m still recovering, after all.”
You stared at the young man with a bandaged eye laying next to you. The trickle of moonlight from the window revealed long, wild hair and an eye resembling the colours of a burning flame.
“Ren… goku-san?” You whispered in surprise.
The corner of his lips curled into a warm smile. His own mouth searched for yours again, muffling your surprised gasp. “R-Rengoku-san, wha-”
“Ah, it feels good to hear your voice again,” Kyoujuro whispered with a warm gaze full of love. “But I would prefer if you called me Kyoujuro instead.”
His strength despite his injuries surprised you. Keeping you close to him within the confined space of your bed with both arms.
“Hey… won’t you say it after I have worked hard to return to your side?” Hot breath fanned over your lips under Kyoujuro’s half-lidded gaze. “Come on, say it.”
Your cheeks burned hot at his sudden request. But you remembered the reality of your situation. Fluster eventually replaced with newfound seriousness and fear.
“Rengoku-sa-” He gave you a look which made you uneasy. “I-I mean, K-Kyoujuro… how long have you been awake for?”
“... Long enough.” 
You flinched at Kyoujuro nuzzling against your nose. “But I couldn’t wait anymore. Not when I was so close to losing you forever.”
Realising the depths of his insanity, you tried to pry the Flame Hashira’s arms off you.
“Kyoujuro, please let me go,” you pleaded.
He raised a brow in confusion. “Why?”
“We can’t do this. You and I… we are not lovers,” you reasoned. “I only did what was expected of me as my duty to my patients. I’m not-”
“Was that what that person told you?”
You stared at him in bewilderment. Dread filling your stomach as Kyoujuro gently embraced you.
“It’s ok. I took care of him last night,” he assured. “He won’t get in our way again.”
Realising what Kyoujuro meant, you started shaking in fear. His soft coos leaving you more afraid of what he would do next. Delusion morphing his loving gaze into one of sickly desire.
“It must have been hard on you. Working tirelessly to care for me while waiting for me,” Kyoujuro spoke to you in a frighteningly sweet tone. His hand sliding down your shoulder and past your stomach. “Let me make it up to you.”
Your breath hitched at his hand sneaking under the waistband of your pants. Suddenly, his fingers began to tease a spot between your thighs. Before you could protest, Kyoujuro slid his tongue into your mouth. Your cries muffled by the searing kiss while he teased your core. Moaning against your mouth, Kyoujuro worked his fingers past your underwear and eventually slipped them in between your folds. Your legs squirming at the jolt of pleasure forming between your legs. Heat warming your cheeks under Kyoujurou’s sensual touch.
“You’re so warm inside,” he groaned, feeling your core clench around his fingers. “I can’t wait to taste you.”
At his tongue dominating your own, you felt your will to struggle weaken. The pleasure becoming too much for you to resist. His fingers thrust in and out of you patiently. And you almost cried once his thumb started to play with your clit.
“So cute,” Kyoujuro breathed, separating from your lips to watch you fall apart on his hand alone. “Are you almost there, my dear? Go ahead.”
It was almost horrifying. How you came to your own release at his command. A whine was all you could muster upon spilling your essence onto his fingers. Kyoujuro watched with fascination as you desperately clung onto him to catch your breath.
“So good. So very good. I’m so proud of you, my love,” he praised.
Slipping his fingers out of your core, Kyoujuro brought his fingers to lick at your essence, taking his time to savour your flavour with a groan.
“Delicious,” Kyoujuro whispered lustfully.
As your eyelids grew heavy, he carefully gathered you back into his arms. Kyoujuro sighed in content, relishing in how you melt in his embrace.
“I can’t wait to bring you home as my wife.”
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dawn-writes7 · 3 months ago
Trust is in the name
Pairing: Sanemi Shiazugawa x F!Reader
Summary: Your boyfriend has been on edge for weeks, and now he knows why.
Warnings: NSFW 18+ only, knife play, sweet sweet love making, manhandling, a bit of brat taming, swearing, unprotected sex (again, wrap it before you tap it kids).
Word Count: 1,523
Dawn's notes: Part 2 for Kinktober! I tried real hard to think of a kink that Sanemi would have and this is the only thing I could come up with,
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
For weeks now Sanemi had been on high alert, he suspected it was because of a demon nearby the house he shared with you, his precious girlfriend, yet he couldn’t even sniff out the damn thing. What was even worse is the fall festival was in the next day-
“Sanemi!” Your voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “You are going to pace a hole into my freshly washed floors!” 
His head whipped over to where you were standing, your yokata hugging tight on your body from cleaning the full house, a wrap holding your hair back and a very pissed off look on your face. “Something is off! I can’t tell what but something is not sitting right!” 
“What is not sitting right is you messing up my house!” You stomped your way over to him grabbing his left earlobe pulling it hard. “Stop it now!” 
He was at your will, even as strong and powerful he was he knew that fighting with you was a bad idea, you had retired from being a Hashira because your parents were sick and the Master let you leave to take care of them. 
"What is with you lately Nemi? You've been acting weird all month." You raised an eyebrow as you questioned him. You had been sweet and kind to leave him be for this long but he always caught your worried glances and sighs as he circled the entire town for the 8th time that day. "Could it be Genya? We haven't heard from him in about a week."
He shook his head, sure he was worried about his little brother but that was a different feeling in his chest than what he was feeling now. "No, Himejima says he is fine. I don't get it either so I'm not sure what it could be." 
You stood there silently for longer than he was comfortable with. "Darling?" 
You slowly lifted your head to look him in the eyes. "I think it was me that has been throwing you off." 
What? His mind was completely blank. How could you be throwing him off? You were, in all definitions of the word, perfect. You may not see it but he knew you were. "Hah?" 
He saw the way you shrunk in on yourself a bit. "Oh god, I'm sorry Nemi! I didn't know!" 
"Okay my love, I need you to explain why you think it's your fault because I am honestly at a loss." He tilted his head as he watched you cover your face with your hands. 
"Stay right there and don't move! I was hoping to save this for your birthday but fuck it." You quickly retreated away from his arms and into what he could only presume was your shared bedroom. 
He waited patiently bouncing on the balls of his feet waiting to hear the sounds of your footsteps returning to him. He was growing impatient so he quickly made his way into the bedroom. "Okay what the hell are you hiding?" 
You were standing on your side of the room holding a beautiful green box that you held with slightly shaky hands. "I bought you a gift that I thought we could use it more...intimately than what it was designed for." 
All the blood drained from his head and went straight to his dick, he could feel the tent in his boxers tightening as you approached him holding out the box. He was surprised he had his brain functioning enough to take the box from your hands. 
He took in a deep as he delicately removed the ribbon that was tied to keep the box shut, lifting the lid his eyes winded seeing the beautiful ornate Tanto folding knife. "How the hell did you afford this?" 
The smile on your face made his stomach feel funny as you watched him unfold the knife and inspect it. "I still receive payment for being a demon slayer, and I had a lot of savings from when my parents passed. I had it custom made for your birthday."  
Completely forgetting what you had meant being your previous comment about the knife he pulled you in for a quick but deep kiss. "I love you." 
The kiss you gave back left much to be desired as he felt your hands wander down his open yukata to the tie holding it. "Would you like to put it to the test right now?" 
And the ever eternal feeling of the need to be inside you was back in the forefront of his mind. "You don't like this one very much right?" 
You had a history of buying yourself the bare minimum and going above and beyond for him, he would be sure to repay you tenfold after this. "No, it's old and I don't think it flatters me anymore." 
"You're right, it doesn't flatter you anymore. Do you trust me?" Of course he needed to make sure, you had given him a blade and permission to use it against you but he had to reassure himself that you trusted him. 
"Sanemi, I put my life in your hands." You closed the distance between the two of you, causing him to drop the box that had held his gift. 
He placed a quick kiss to the top of your head as he expertly flicked the knife open and brought it to the back of the wrap that held your clothing together. 
His body sang in response to the small whimper you gave him as you placed hot open mouth kisses to his neck and exposed chest, he tried to feel bad for the poor seamstress that put your outfit together but he didn't really care at this point. 
Quickly, he moved you to be laying on the bed. 
The way you stared at him made him want to throw away this entire idea of using the knife against you and ravish you then and there but you wanted this, you asked him to do this. You trusted him. 
Putting the sharp edge of the blade under your clothing then quickly cut up to reveal your beautiful body underneath the stray threads. His hands worked quickly to pull the ruined clothing away from his sight. 
Your breath hitched as you felt the cold steel run up the inside of your thigh, of course he was using the blunt end to avoid any possible injuries but the way goosebumps followed his path up and up made his head dizzy with pleasure. 
"I'll need to buy you new clothing." He murmured as the tip of the blade got caught on the bottom of your underwear. He knew he had to be extra careful now, your bra was next to go. 
Swiftly readjusting his grip on the handle of the blade, his other hand held your hips down on the opposite side. The sound of fabric ripping saw you arching your body into the cold blade. Panic set in his stomach seeing this but you trusted him enough to not cut you, and trust was in the name for foreplay. 
He ripped the tattered clothes off your body and stared at you panting beneath him, skin warm to the touch and goosebumps littering your skin where he dragged the tip on his knife. "You know I love you right?"
The smile that pulled your lips up brought a flutter to his heart. "I am so in love with you Nemi." 
He dragged the tip of the blade up your toso and caught it under your old bra, angling the blade so he wouldn't cut you; he yanked the blade up and watched as your beautiful breasts spilled out of the ruined bra. It made his cock twitch and strain in his boxers as he quickly put the knife on the bedside table and tore his clothing off, he needed to be inside your sweet folds, now. 
Gripping the base of his cock, he swiped the head between your folds holding back his groan of pleasure as the head caught your clit which made you twitch and squirm underneath him. 
"That's a good girl, just how I like you." He chuckled darkly as he gently slapped his swollen red tip against your clit. 
Your whines only made him do it again. "Nemi, I need you now." 
He shook his head as he moved down a bit and started pushing the tip in. His entire body shook as he felt that beautiful and blissful squeeze of your walls fluttering around him. 
He had died and gone to heaven, and he was going to take you there with him. Grabbing your legs he moved them to rest them against his shoulders before he swiftly sheathed himself fully inside you as his teeth dug into your calf. 
Your moan and his melted together as he pulled out to the tip then rammed back in fully. 
He never wanted to leave this place, in between your legs whether that be sexually or if he was just holding you. You were his and he was going to make sure you and your neighbors know that.
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densecloud · 10 months ago
i’m coming for you. / kibutsuji muzan x reader
Tumblr media
warnings: violence, gore, death and unintentionally suggestive stuff. synopsis: you are as delicate as a butterfly, one to be crushed by his very own hands. a/n: this takes place during his first few decades of being a demon. inspired by the song hangin’ by bastille.
Tumblr media
How unfortunate. 
It is rare for the notorious Kibutsuji Muzan, first of all demons to ever feel a tinge of sympathy. The mere emotion itself is foreign to him, unworthy of him. Such feelings are only meant to weaken the individual, soften their hearts and let their guard down. He cannot afford to sympathise, neither is he able to. His prey can never escape from the grasp of his hands, and this has been ingrained in him since he became a demon. Under his watch, no human shall be let off because of insignificant emotions. They should be grateful that they are alive, that the creator of the demon race is granting them more time to live. For it is a blessing to stay alive, especially when the grim reaper is merciless and does not discriminate.
You are an exception, however.
How unfortunate, Muzan thinks, when he takes a look at your bright pools of eyes filled with such kindness. When he can’t help but feel pity for you, because you will end up like the other humans who crossed paths with him — mere bodies, lifeless and cold.
Instead, you are warm just like his weakness, the very sun that would engulf him whole and cause him to disintegrate without a trace. He recalls how your face beamed like rays of sunlight against his skin the first time you met him, if he could even comprehend and explain how repulsed he felt. You are like no other, each interaction with you tainting his callous soul, making him feel as if he’s caught on fire.
Despite all that, why did he find himself drawn to you in the first place?
>;     It couldn’t be your compassion, Muzan deliberated to himself before. 
The way you kindly surrendered to him one fine night left him with disgust, as you welcomed him wholeheartedly into your hut. His menacing, plum red eyes attempted to instil fear like a knife to your gut, but to no avail when you looked at him tenderly. The audacity of the first human to face the strongest being without a drop of panic ruffled his feathers, and encouraged him further to cave into hunger. He has done this many times, and it was all the same. Relishing off the screams of his prey, he found his meals more delicious when they were driven to a corner, tears flowing down their cheeks and terror etched on their faces. They would beg for their lives, for somebody to save them; and it never worked. But compared to the usual human, your response was an insult, openly defying the power he had over your race. 
“It must be cold outside... Do you want to come in and have a cup of tea? And please close the door lightly, I just got it fixed weeks ago.”
He didn’t know how to respond to such a bold request, it being the first time he’s dealt with a human wanting to die so eagerly. Hesitating for once, Muzan wondered if he should have dived into your body and ended your life there and then. His eyes drifted down your figure while deep in thought, picking on which body part to start from. 
“I have the fire started,” you spoke again, this time with your attention fixed on the growing fire. “The water is almost ready.”
Humouring you seemed like a good idea, with Muzan imagining how you’d pray for help upon his unforeseen attack, as he’d settle on diving his teeth deep into your shoulder. The steps he took were feline-like and almost noiseless, trying hard not to intimidate you. With the rumbling in the beast’s belly, watching you brew the sencha was a taxing task. He should have known better with the countless deaths he’s caused, to conduct himself at all times and control the watering of his mouth. He isn’t like the other demons he’s created, those barbarians who salivate at the sight of flesh; but with the suspense he’s created around you narrowing in and ready to devour you, he had to use every fibre of his being to control himself.
Playing along with your antics, he received the teacup with blood on his hands, successfully abstaining from snapping your wrists off.
“I suppose you’re from the city. Where were you headed to?” You asked, before blowing on the surface of the hot liquid.
“...to my grandmother’s,” Muzan replied briefly. “I got lost along the way.”
“You must’ve wanted to surprise her.” There was a curve to your lips. “But it is late and dangerous, the demons may attack you if you are found. Even we are not safe right now.”
Pretending to take a sip of tea, he anticipated panic caused by sudden realisation. “...though it would seem as improper, it would be best if I put you up for the night.” 
The expression on your face was nothing he had expected, as he observed how you broke eye contact bashfully and turned your sight to the fire. This entire conversation was nothing he had expected, with the demon looking forward to despair, screams and blood in its place. There was bitterness on his tongue, but it wasn’t from the tea. In fact, he didn’t drink a sip at all, for such a lowly beverage to diminish his appetite. Muzan was silent, pondering if it was something you said that made him stop dead in his tracks. 
>;       It was already ridiculous enough for him to act civil with his prey, but like an itch he couldn’t scratch, there was an unfavourable feeling in his... conscience. Something that he believed was destroyed long ago with every human cell in his body.
The insatiable hunger was overwhelming, however, nudging him to make a move. Yet all Muzan remembered was him leaving without a word, heading hastily into the darkness and never wanting to return.
Little did he know, he was already a moth to your flame; one that found himself compelled to come back, even when it was illogical of him. You were unpleasant to say the least, constantly haunting the back of his mind, held captive behind his eyelids when he’s all alone. Figuring you and your purpose out was a pain, and he could never forget the wrenching in his gut. It eventually dawned on him that it would be wise of him to return, given how you were openly giving up on death’s door; even having a casual conversation with the devil incarnate. 
Killing you should be a piece of cake, and it would have been cowardly of him to back out like that.
Muzan made it a point to kill you with his very own hands, no matter what measures it took.
Even so, the next visit had left him stunned, with your face lit up before hiding it in embarrassment. Assuming it must have been your poor choice of words driving him off before, you apologised profusely, denying him another chance for him to consume you whole. The same bitter taste had risen up his throat, as he uncharacteristically stuttered a string of words to assure you that all was fine, when it was not. The pure happiness of yours that was hung out afterwards for him to witness, was another reason for the consecutive visit. That smug grin was prevalent, as if taunting him for his setback. Maybe you’re not trying hard enough, he interpreted it as such initially, wanting to wipe that smirk off your face. Though it all clicked one day, making him realise that as much as he was craving for a taste of you, you had your fair share of desires.
“I’m glad you’ve been coming over again... It gets lonely sometimes.” You muttered while preparing the firewood, thinking that it wasn’t loud enough for him to hear.
“Why is that so?” He asked with faux curiosity, eyes trailing over every action made. 
Startled, you held a brief silence and attempted to find the words to say. 
“I... I’ve been living alone since I was a child, and I have no family that I know of. I thought I’d be spending the days all by myself for the rest of my life,” you gave him a fond look, “but I am glad to have been wrong.” 
Your nose crinkled along with your smile. 
“...thank you, for coming back.”
His eyes widened at your words. You must have been terribly unwary to be grateful towards somebody like him, who was patiently waiting for the perfect moment to end your life. To express your gratitude over tentative company might just prove how gullible you were, to trust a stranger with malevolence towards the world. 
It only irritated him, how he had intended to betray that smile of yours.
Even when his tracks routed back to your hut for the days to come, seemingly for the sake of trying desperately to devour you with all his might, there was one thing you could do right; which was to surprise him with every visit. You would tell him about how the flowers bloomed so beautifully in the day, how the sunlight glistened against the morning dew. Yet, you mentioned how you had a penchant for the night, holding an appreciation for the midnight breeze despite the underlying dangers of the darkness. And like a fool waiting for his arrival, you had a pot of tea on the fire every night, which he discovered while surveilling you from the window. 
The demon was always waiting for the opportunity to strike — there were plenty, but his intrigue for you had somehow become of a bigger priority of his. Muzan had been waiting, but you never pried about his purpose of lingering around, his name and the occasional bloodstain on his attire. There was nothing for him to hide when it came to you, when appreciation was all you had.
You simply hoped that he knew of it. 
The tea you brewed eventually began to leave a sweet taste in his mouth. Each goodbye from his lips wasn’t meant to signify the end, but in anticipation of meeting you again. 
And soon enough, it was no longer due to his guilty conscience. 
>;      After seven nights, Muzan believes he’s found his answer. 
You were slowly making him incapable of his biology, driving him into creeping madness. For each visit he made, Muzan would hunt for more humans to satiate his thirst for chaos and blood. He would hold back from the fleeting touch of your skin against his, each time you passed him the teacup. The warmth from your fingers was intoxicating, boiling even. Nevertheless, he somehow resisted the idea of having this warmth in his stomach. Like how he did for the other demons, having you plague his mind was enough.
Having you slowly thaw his cold and calculating self was enough. 
You were unrelenting and irresistible, drawing him back even when he knew you were the worst. Muzan detested you for that, his fingernails digging deeper into his palms as the nights passed. 
He finds his answer on the very night blood flowed from his hands. A perfect opportunity to attack, presented to the demon generously.
Like the spillage of crimson, the tatami mats were soaked with tea, while you appeared lifeless on the ground. Lurking in the darkness, he watches your chest heave, fingers clutching on your kimono for dear life. Erratic breathing reminds him of his past self, so frail and sickly, defenceless to what fate had in store for him with a light push. Recalling times of the past — it is unmistakably something he would do under your offensive spell. A hand stretched out to him lures him in, rushing to your side. Feigning distress, he cradles your body ever so delicately. You were cold, yet burning to the touch as he runs his thumb over your porcelain skin. He would prefer a human without such flaws, but you were interesting enough to make up for it. Perhaps he should indulge you further for his own interests, toy with your undying faith in him until your last breath. 
It will be swift; Muzan is confident of it. He will promise you a quick, painless death. 
“I’m sorry,” you sob, tears prickling your eyes and to his satisfaction. “For this to happen before you came...” Fragile hands wrap his wrists weakly while you peered through his soul. 
“I’m glad that our time together lasted longer than expected... I have no regrets knowing a demon before my death.”
His sharp eyes meet yours, so unassuming and vulnerable. Glazed with tears that blur your vision, you can only have unrealistic hopes of facing a pained expression. 
Nails dragging across your cheek, Muzan feels nothing but pity for you. To him, you were supposed to be screaming at the top of your lungs that very night. Choking on your blood and gasping for air, trying hard to wriggle out of his grip while his nails crushed your neck. Or slashed across the chest, your innards ripped from your body afterwards and red smeared all over his lips. To him, you were supposed to be dead a week ago in his hands. Knowing full well of what he was, expressing plain distress from impending death. Countless scenarios of your death had played in his brain, and he finds you pitiful for being in the dark this whole time. 
He finds you pitiful for giving up before he did.
His eyebrows say otherwise as they furrow in vexation instead, frustrated with how unbecoming he’s become; being all fascinated with something insignificant that is you. Maybe it’s because you knew he was a demon this whole time, but did not treat him as such. 
Maybe it’s because you gave him the life he’s always craved for, and you offered the last measly days of your life to do so.
How unfortunate of you, to be unable to escape unscathed. To be the unluckiest person alive, having him of all beings stand by you before your final moments.
How unfortunate of you, to have your blood fill his veins.
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dumbdemonslayertexts · 7 months ago
demon slayer
Tumblr media
K Y O J U R O   R E N G O K U
Second(ish) Time Around: one shot
kyojuro notices his girlfriend’s emotional responses after the premiere of his most recent film, mugen train. once it’s on home media, they share a moment 
Tumblr media
Random Excerpts from Black Girl Time Travel au: chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3
a young woman is thrown back into the kimetsu no yaiba canon and finds herself attached to the flame hashira (inconsecutive)
Tumblr media
Long Distance Sugar: preview | chapter one
sabito is away for work. distance and time make him miss his sugar baby, and he calls her for some much needed attention. (18+)
Tumblr media
T E N G E N   U Z U I
Stupid Lies and a Kiss: preview | chapter 1
tengen has a longtime highschool connection that extends to college years. a celebratory smoke to kick off spring break alleviates some very longheld sexual tension between them. (inconsecutive) (18+)
Tumblr media
O B A N A I   I G U R O
Don’t Say Her Name: preview | chapter 1 | chapter 2
obanai makes an unlikely friend in an international university student, they make arrangements to feel less frustrated about their respective crushes (inconsecutive) (18+)
Tumblr media
G I Y U U  T O M I O K A
Washing Giyuu’s Hair (anon request): one-shot(?)
giyuu returns home to you, and you dedicate a spontaneous evening of pampering for him that ends up in unexpected intimacy (18+)
Taste of the Bloodline: chapter 1
kokushibou happens upon the distant offspring of a long fabled warrior in japan. both he and akaza take interest.
Tumblr media
Taste of the Bloodline: chapter 1
kokushibou happens upon the distant offspring of a long fabled warrior in japan. both he and akaza take interest.
Tumblr media
↳ tomioka won’t help | sabito gets flamed | rengoku is fluffy
↳ sabito got fans | makomo is not feeling it | uzui & shinazugawa are messy
↳ tomioka learns settings | iguro needs a second | sabito is salty
↳ tokito wants the smoke | shinazugawa is annoyed | rengoku is popular
Tumblr media
▫ sabito and makomo as hashira
▫ gyomei treating himself with you (18+)
▫ muzan jackson , douma bowie
▫ how the hashira slow whine
▫ tengen with a black gf
▫ demon slayer characters & their black gf installing/taking down protective styles
▫ giyuu, akaza, tengen, douma, and gyuutaro getting touchy (18+)
▫ obanai, zenitsu, giyuu failing to surprise you
▫ dates with the pillar boys: edition 1 | edition 2 (coming soon)
▫ drunk sabito on fb
▫ hashira sex services: part 1 | part 2 (coming soon) (18+)
▫ drunk kyo tweet (courtesy of @thehouseofmaple​ 💖)
▫ slayer boys (short) reaction to winning video game against demons
Tumblr media
starting a family with gyomei
gyutaro having a crush on you
obanai with a crush on you
doing nails with tengen
muzan with a sugary sweet sadistic lover (18+)
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dudeandduchess · a year ago
Sanemi x F!Reader: Letters (Fluff, SFW Scenario)
Summary: Sanemi buckles down to get to doing his secret nighttime pastime of reading the numerous love letters that his wife had written for him before they even met. Soft Sanemi makes an appearance once more. Note: From this idea. A little something that I got inspired to write after finding my own ‘pre-meeting’ love letters for my own future husband. Enjoy, bbys. Also, the year in this one is 1922, and both Sanemi and his wife are 22.  Word Count: 2,457
As quietly as he could, Sanemi sat upright on the Western-styled bed, reaching over to the bedside table so he could turn on the small gas lamp that he had begun to keep there ever since he had gotten married.
Six months ago, he wouldn’t have bothered to keep something that he knew he wouldn’t need to use at all so close to him but— ever since (Y/n) had officially moved in— he had found himself getting up whenever he was sure that she had fallen asleep; not to do something nefarious, but to go through the small chest of love letters that his wife had given him on their wedding day.
He had to admit that he had been so surprised to have received such a personal and heartfelt gift— which she had been working on since she was sixteen. It was way before the year they had met, but she told him that she had been waiting for him for all of her life, and had been saving forever for him.
Sanemi almost broke down in tears when she shyly admitted that to him.
His lips quirked up into a small smile, as his eyes sought out his wife’s slumbering figure in the orange-tinted light. The glimmer of the flame cast an almost-ethereal glow upon (Y/n) and, he couldn’t help it, he reached out to her and gently brushed the backs of his fingers against her right cheek; relishing in the softness of her skin against his battle-roughened hand.
With his heart feeling much lighter than usual, he retracted his hand from her, and leaned down to get the small and ornate chest that he had stowed beneath his side of the bed. He then set it on his lap, opening the lid and quickly flipping past the opened envelopes to pick out two letters.
The first one being his favorite letter— the first one she’d ever written— and the second one being one of the latter entries that he hadn’t had the chance to read yet. Judging by the look of the crisp envelopes that remained in the box, he still had around twenty more unopened letters to read.
Once he had set the letters he wanted to read in-between him and his wife, the Wind Hashira quietly closed the lid on the chest and tucked it back under the bed; secretly excited to get to read (Y/n)’s letters to him once more.
Not getting to read them was one of the reasons why he didn’t like going on long missions, and taking one of them with him was out of the question— since he didn’t want to ruin them. And with the way that his duties worked, they were bound to get ruined one way or another.
And so, not bothering to tamp down the smile that made its way onto his lips once more, he picked up the mildly-worn and already-opened letter— leaning back against the wall behind him to get into a more comfortable position.
Doing so made his wife stir lightly, and quietly grunt in mild annoyance at the disturbance, so he ceased all movement— as well as his breathing— to keep her from waking up. It wasn’t that he didn’t want her to see her reading the letters, but it was his reactions that he didn’t want her seeing.
Because, frankly, they were embarrassing.
Gingerly, after he had looked over to make sure that she was sound asleep again, he picked up the opened letter between them and checked the date on the back of it.
January 2, 1916
The silver-haired man traced the dried ink with the pad of his right thumb, before flipping the envelope over and taking the letter that was inside.
He could feel his chest feeling even lighter at the sight of the familiar letter. It showed signs of light wear and tear, as he always read it before picking up where he had left off after the last letter; so he was extremely careful with it as he opened it up.
Instantly, his eyes landed on his wife’s neat penmanship, and he let his body relax even further while he read through the letter that he practically had memorized at that point.
Dear Husband of Mine,
It feels so awkward even writing that but, hopefully, I’ll get used to writing it as I do this more and more.
What should I even talk about in this? Should I tell you about my day? Should I ask how your day was? It feels really, really stupid to do this… but since I’m of marrying age— and have been for a while— this is all I can do to show you that I’m waiting for you.
What’s taking you so long to get to me?
I’m seeing all of my friends getting married and living such happy lives with their husbands, and I know that I shouldn’t be jealous of them… but I really can’t wait to meet you.
You could have an extra toe, and you would still be my perfect husband.
Sanemi chuckled at that line, then lightly shook his head as he caught sight of the scars that marred his hands— and almost his entire body. (Y/n) never failed to tell him how much she loved him, especially the scars that he found so unsightly; and it always served to make his heart feel a little fuller.
Just like it was at that moment, and he placed his left hand over his chest and gently rubbed the area where his heart was— in an effort to calm himself down.
I always wonder how we would meet. Would it be a sweet meeting? A casual one? Or just a seemingly-boring one that would change my life forever?
Would you like me right away? Or would you dislike me? What would you think of me? Those are always the questions that go around in my head. Am I crazy for thinking such things? Maybe.
So I hope you’re prepared to be with this crazy woman forever. Don’t worry though, I’ll make you everything that you like to eat to make up for all the craziness that I’m going to put you through.
What would your hair color be? Will it be a crazy color, or will it be plain like mine? And your eyes… you have me imagining so many possibilities for what you would look like, but each and every image that I have of you just makes me even more impatient to meet you.
So please, hurry up and come to me already.
I need all the love and cuddles from you.
With All My Love,
Your Wife
He hadn’t even realized that he was smiling after he was done reading the letter; and when he did, he ran a hand over his face to make the sappy expression go away— only for his smile to widen into a flustered grin.
And slowly, he turned his head to face his wife’s sleeping figure— with her hands resting right by her head and chest— and lifted his right hand to brush her hair out of her face. “You don’t have to wait anymore, crazy woman. I’m here now.”
When her face scrunched up at his touch, he quickly pulled his hand away and bit down on his bottom lip to silence the laugh that wanted to bubble free from his lips; since she had let out such an irate huff that reminded him of a wild boar.
To think that (Y/n) could be such the perfect lady when she was awake, and such a grouch when she was asleep had him biting down even harder on his bottom lip— because he wanted nothing more than to laugh at that moment.
With a quiet sigh, the Hashira picked up the letter that he had yet to open— and made quick work of the wax seal that kept it closed. He then flipped the envelope over to check the date it was written, and quirked an eyebrow when he sensed something familiar about the date.
March 18, 1920
The date was well after he and (Y/n) had met and, if he remembered correctly, it was after they had become a couple. Hell, he would always remember that day— because it was New Year’s Day of 1920 and he had bumped into her at the temple.
It was a hasty confession, but he had chased after her when she left before him, and had just blurted out his feelings for her while people milled around them as if he hadn’t just bared his heart to her.
To that day, his memory of that moment still made him blush— as evidenced by the red tint that tinged his cheeks and ears.
However, he shook his flustered feelings off in favor of fishing the letter from its confines.
The page had yellowed with a bit of age, but it still looked crisp and new— which Sanemi paid little mind to as he opened it up. But when his eyes landed on the greeting on the page, he just… stopped.
Sanemi felt as if the entire world outside of him and (Y/n) had ceased to exist, just as tears pooled in his eyes. He tried to blink them away— even tilting his head back to keep them at bay— but failed miserably as the first one fell; only to be followed by another, and another.
No matter how hard he tried to wipe his tears away with the back of his right hand, they wouldn’t stop coming— so he had given up trying to hide them and, instead, just went on to re-reading the words that (Y/n) had written down years ago.
Dear Husband o Sanemi,
He knew that such simple words shouldn’t have affected him the way they did, but he couldn’t help but succumb to his own feelings. Because, the letter that he was reading at that moment wasn’t for a generic someone that (Y/n) was imagining to be her husband— but for him.
Instead of the usual ‘Dear Husband of Mine’ opening that she could have written, she had written down his name; signifying that when she had written the letter, there was a part of her that was sure that she wanted him to be her husband.
And if that couldn’t make even the toughest and most callous of men cry, then he didn’t know what would.
Idly, he turned to (Y/n) once more and halfheartedly scowled at her through his tears, “Look at what you do to me. Fuck.”
A hefty sigh passed his lips at that, and he turned his attention back to the letter in his right hand; absorbing every word that was written on the page, and biting down harder and harder on his bottom lip the further that he got into the letter; if only to silence the sobs that wanted to escape his mouth.
You’re probably surprised that I used a name instead of my usual greeting. But… I just know that it’s you I’ve been waiting for all this time.
My first date with you just got done. You were such a gentleman, and so unexpectedly warm that it made my heart flutter whenever you spoke. And when you held my hand… I almost melted on the spot.
You took me to the river tonight after we ate dinner, and we watched the fireflies by the riverbank. It was so silent at first, but it wasn’t awkward at all… it was comfortable.
I only realized now that I already miss you; and it’s only been our first date. What more when it’s our fiftieth? Maybe I won’t ever want to let you go. I’m done sleeping by myself in such a cold bed.
You’re everything that I could ever want in a man, and so much more than I could have ever dreamed of. Your letters are always curt and polite, but you’re so different in person; I just hope that I can get to know and love you even more.
I’m not even embarrassed to admit that you make me feel… so warm and loved. Being with you feels like coming home after a long and tiring journey; like a warm hug on the coldest of winter days, and like the first bout of rain after a really hot summer.
Some would say that it’s too early to ‘put all of my eggs in a basket’, but I just know that it’s you that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I know you’ll most likely be busy with being a Demon Slayer and all, but I hope you’ll find time to come to me whenever you need someone there for you.
I want to be the person that you rely on. I want to be the one who stands beside you and supports you through everything. I want… to build a life with you.
I want to have everything with you, Sanemi; all the fights, all the tears, all the happiness… just… everything. I just hope that you want the same with me.
I’ll love you forever.
With All My Love, Your (Y/n)
With shaky hands, he folded the letter back up and tucked it inside the envelope— merely basking in the warmth that he felt from (Y/n)’s words from years before. And, gingerly, he put the envelopes inside the top drawer of his bedside table; before blowing out the lamp next to him.
Tears still kept dripping down his face, but he paid them no mind as he laid back down next to his wife— braving her possible protests and wrapping his arms around her so he could pull her into his chest.
“Sanemi?” The young woman asked, her voice completely thick with sleep and her eyes still shut with sleep.
“Sorry for waking you up, baby,” He answered softly, all while trying to hide the fact that he still had tears rolling down his cheeks. Thankfully, (Y/n) was too sleepy to notice, and had merely snuggled closer to his chest. “Go back to sleep.”
“Mm-kay,” She answered groggily, then added, “Love you.”
That brought a flustered smile to Sanemi’s lips once more, and he squeezed his wife even tighter in his arms before pressing his lips to the top of her head. “I love you, too. Forever.”
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devilshideout · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𓆩❦𓆪 “I can't stand the way that you aren't mine yet, darlin'.. So do me a favor and love me back, will you?”
Tumblr media
-`‚ Masterlist!!
𑁍┊Here's my masterlist; anime's and the stories in it will be linked here. (Soon.)
➥ Haikyuu!!
➥ Jujutsu Kaisen
➥ Kuroko no Basuke
➥ Shingeki no Kyojin
➥ Kimetsu no Yaiba
➥ Tokyo Revengers
➥ Hunter × Hunter
➥ One Piece
Tumblr media
𑁍┊I'll be writing NSFW, Slight!NSFW, and SFW stories; fluff, angst, and smut are my main genre's while Haikyuu!! is my main anime.
Tumblr media
© devilshideout 2021.
Tumblr media
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thatringboy · 5 months ago
Chapter 12, “The Strength of Will”, is out now!
Summary:  When young Nezuko returns from a trip into town to find her family dead and her older brother a demon, she swears revenge against the monster who committed the crime and sets off on a journey like no one has ever seen. 
(Aka, a KNY role swap AU that swaps every character and even some locations, not just the main characters)
Word Count: 35,093
Warnings: Canon Typical Violence, Death, Blood, Cannibalism, slight Gore
Feel free to come check it out!
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bbygenya · 12 months ago
cyber sex pt.2 🌪
Tumblr media
fandom: demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba
pairing: modern!sanemi x reader
ratings: m for m(utual mastubation)ature :)
warnings: none
word count: 2787
summary: listening to a popular song, you get a devilish idea for your dear old boyfriend
a/n: ma’am spare some digital coochie for a poor beggar—
also this isn’t that great (its my first kny fic as I mentioned earlier so pls be nice 🥺) read part 1 here!
Tumblr media
“Let’s have video sex.”
He pauses for a moment, wondering what to say, how to act. This was out of the blue. “You sure? We don’t ha-”
“Oh my god, shut up,” you sigh, rolling your eyes. “Do you want to get off or what?” you ask, giving him a pointed look through the camera. You can see his cheeks roast a downy pink color as he averts his eyes, but leans back in his chair with a smug look on his face. 
“It’s that damn song, isn’t it? You really like listening to freaky shit don’t you [y/n]?”
You open your mouth to say something, but then it closes when you realize that he has a point. Sure, you’d picked the song out of pure coincidence that day, but you can’t deny you do like sexy songs. They make you think of Sanemi, especially the more explicit ones. It wasn’t like you two listened to songs when you had sex, but you do find yourself a little aroused when you listen to the “freaky shit” he’s talking about. So what if you thought about getting off with him over camera a few times after that shared experience? It’s not your fault—your sex drive wasn’t nearly as high before you got with him, and it’s like Sanemi has managed to unlock something in you that you hadn’t known was there, and of course he was proud as hell of being able to do it. Something about corrupting you really got him fired up, and both of you are acutely aware of it. 
“Well,” you mumble, suddenly shy. He leans back towards the camera, scooting up in his chair to see you better. Eyelids drooping as he looks you over, admiring how you’d been so bold to blurt out that the two of you should have video sex, yet now you were all shy. It’s cute. 
“If you want, I can just come over and fuck you—”
“No! I mean,” you chew at your lip and sigh. “I just don’t know. . . how this works. . .” you admit, toying with the hem of your oversized shirt, avoiding eye contact. Sure, the whole concept of getting off together was nice, but when you really thought about it, you weren’t even sure how to initiate it. Sex in person was easy; there’s kissing, touching—all that. Yet this? You can’t for the life of you figure out how this works. Sanemi is quiet for a moment, and you steal a glance at him to see what he’s so quiet for. 
“Well how about this,” he says, a few moments later. You raise a brow, curious. “How about you start by playing with your tits, yeah? Let me see how you touch ‘em when I’m not there with you.” He doesn’t even hesitate, the words coming out of his mouth with ease. As if he’s done this before. You try not to think about that and instead you’re more hyper focused on his words, staring down at your hands. 
“Do you want me to take my shirt off?”
“Yeah. You’re not wearing a bra, are you?”
You shyly nod. Of course you weren’t wearing a bra—you’re at home! Hell, you rarely wear bras to begin with; especially with him. 
“Okay. Shirt off then.”
You take a moment to regulate your breathing, then your shaky hands reach down, grasping at the hem of your shirt and you start to pull it over your head. In the back of your mind, you can hear the lyrics of the infamous song playing in the back of your mind. 
I wanna touch on you, 
You see me in my room.
Wish you were here right now, 
All of the things I’d do
As you toss your shirt aside, you shake your hair out, running your fingers through it and arching your back subconsciously as you go. From the other side, you hear Sanemi take a shaky breath.
“Fuck, you look so good,” he praises, which of course makes your cheeks redden a little more, but you’re encouraged by this. Literally, all you’ve done was take your shirt off, and he’s already enjoying it. 
“You said you wanted me to touch myself right? Play with my tits?” you question, playing coy. It feels so weird, allowing your fingers to brush over your lower stomach, tickling along your ribcage as your eyes watch your boyfriend’s reactions, seeing how the dark violet of his irises darken even more as he stares at you. Enraptured by the little show you’re giving him, even though it’s shy. It’s still undeniably sexy to him, and you can tell he’s enjoying it. Your fingers move a little shakily, from nerves, but you’re emboldened by his intense stare. Emboldened enough to gently grasp at your breasts, squeezing them and letting out a soft groan as you do so. Brushing your thumb over your nipples to tweak them to harden, lips parting as you squeeze your legs together. Having his eyes so intently on you like this is. . . .embarrassing, but oddly arousing. He’s quiet, taking everything in, and you can see how he swallows thickly at the sight. You giggle at this, which causes his eyes to dart up to yours. 
“Enjoying the show, Sane?”
“What the fuck do you expect,” he grits, strained. You hum to yourself lightly as you continue to toy with your breasts. 
“You should touch yourself too,” your voice is soft, but you figure it would be nice to watch him as well. “I don’t want to be the only one doing anything, I don’t think that’s how it works,” you add with a giggle, pitching into a soft moan as you pinch at your right nipple, pleasure shooting down your spine. They’re hard now, almost painfully so, and you have to cross your legs a little more. 
Sanemi moves, cursing under his breath and grabs his phone and laptop, transporting you to somewhere else. You squeak, immediately grabbing your computer and standing, holding it so it only has your face in the frame. “Sanemi! Don’t just wave me around, what if Genya sees?” you yelp, embarrassed. He gives you a hard look. “I’d just have to claw his eyes out myself. No way in hell I’m letting him see you like that, {y/n],” he grumbles, passing through the living room—had he really not been in his room this whole time?—and continues. 
“O-oh aniki! He-”
“Don’t fucking talk to me right now Genya I’m fucking busy,” he shuts the dark haired boy down quickly, and you can feel the way Genya wilts in confusion, and you almost laugh. It seems maybe you should move too, and so you decide to move over to your bed, sitting down with your laptop as Sanemi moves about to his bedroom, eager waiting for his return. The little moment of him moving to get more comfortable and private warms your heart—he’s always so protective of people seeing you in such a state honestly it’s kind of cute—and it helps you relax. This wasn’t a big deal. It’s just you and Sanemi; he’ll enjoy whatever you give him when it comes to your body. So you lean back on your pillow, laptop on your chest as you rub your smooth legs together, humming to yourself as he continues. Finally getting to his room, you hear him shut and lock the door, then finally he looks at you again as he moves to sit in a chair he keeps in his room, though sets his laptop on his desk, sitting away from it so you can see him better. 
“It’s about time. Were you really gonna let me fuck myself while you sat in the open for people to see?” You taunt, enjoying how he looks at you as if he’d strangle you. Riling him up was so easy. 
“Ha ha, you talk a lot of shit about getting seen [y/n]. What, don’t tell me you want someone to see you?” he questions, and your cheeks warm. Honestly, you’ve never really thought about exhibitionism or even voyeurism, yet you can’t help but feel the pit of your stomach twitch at the thought of someone catching you two. The thrill of doing something so lewd is exciting, you realize, and maybe he’s a bit right. 
“So? What if I say yeah?” you question, shifting so that you’re sitting up now, moving to where your legs are spread apart as you nestle your laptop between them. On the bed, where he can see you like this. He sucks in a breath, shifting in his chair as he eyes you. His reaction says it all, causing you to smirk. “What? You want someone to see me?” you question, playfully though. You trail your hands down over your thighs, eyes on him as he watches your movements, then you smile at  him. 
“I didn’t think you’d entertain the idea of someone seeing me like this,” you taunt. He can’t help but glare at you. Of course not, but the idea of showing that you’re his is a different story. Why share what was his and his only? He was serious about you—you were his and his only. 
“Panties off,” is all he says, voice full of lead and gravel as he struggles. When you glance at him, you can see the bulge tenting in his jeans and it takes everything in you not to grin. 
“Impatient much,” you tsk, though you do as asked. Shifting to grasp at the waistband, you slither the fabric down your creamy legs, tossing them over off the side of your bed. Humming, you part your legs a little more, letting him get a clear view of how wet you’d gotten from just playing with your breasts with his eyes on you. Your hands slip down, closer to your inner thighs to ghost over your heat. From the other side, you can hear a soft fuck, as well as the sound of clothes, rustling.
“Damn, I’m so tempted to just come over and fuck you stupid,” and you’re so tempted to let him, but you frown, glancing at him. 
“No. Well, not yet at least,” you’re set on this! You’d worked up to this point and here he was, cock out and stroking it as he watches you with a hazy, hard stare. You shiver a little, though lean your head back against the pillows. Propped up so he can see everything. “Wanna finish first,” you mumble, struggling to hold out for your own self, tempted to just dive your fingers in. But instead, you allow your middle and ring finger to ghost over the dampness of your folds, mewling softly at the motion. You’re sensitive from arousal, and he has a front-row seat to witness all of it. 
“Fuck, baby,” he growls, the grip he has on his cock tightening. As he strokes up, his thumb collects the precum beading at the head, slathering it over his shaft a bit sloppily, but his eyes remain trained on your glistening core through the screen. “Look at that slutty pussy. All wet for what? You’re enjoying getting off for me that much?” he taunts, and you whine in the back of your throat from it. Goddamn his dirty mouth. But it’s true; you are enjoying it. There was nothing like being the cause of your boyfriend’s pleasure, and it excites you to be able to do so. “S-Sanemi,” you breathe shakily, fingers getting a little bolder and slipping between your slickness, brushing over your clit jerkily. You twitch, wheezing. Since when were so you damn sensitive?
“Look at you,” he croons. His voice sounds sweet, but there’s a jagged ruggedness to it. You can hear the faint sound of him jerking off, and when you crane your head a little you can see how his hand grips his swollen cock, tugging at it quickly but at a pace that—hopefully—going to keep himself from cumming too quickly. And honestly, even if he did he’s sure he’d get hard again at the sight of you right now. Legs spread, trying not to overindulge yourself with pleasure despite wanting to. “Your slutty pussy. You want my cock that bad?” he questions, and you moan in response, legs squirming as you try to rub at your nub a little faster. “Goddamn, when we finish I’m coming over to fuck you like you want. Just like you like it,” he huffs. All you can do is nod, closing your eyes and leaning your head back as you speed up. Your fingers move swiftly, the same fingers on your clit moving to slip inside your wet cunt with a squelching noise that’s loud enough for him to hear. Your noises increase in volume, thumb brushing against your clit and pressing against it, then rubs over it again. Trying to match the way you withdraw your fingers and shove them back in. Trying to do it like Sanemi does it, but your fingers are too thin and small to fit all the way. Frustrated, your eyes water as you huff. 
“S-sane, I can’t reach,” you pant, whining as you try again and again and fail, but on the bright side you’re giving him quite the show, watching your slick dribble out of you soaked pussy to the point where he feels like he’s about to jump through the screen. You’re too damn sexy like this! Maybe agreeing to this wasn’t a good idea; he doesn’t think he could handle it if you two had to actually do this because one of you wasn't able to see the other. Not that he’s overly attached or anything, but he doesn’t think he could handle this on a regular basis. Hell, he’s barely handling it now. His self control is wavering by the minute, the only thing helping it being his amusement at the fact that your small fingers can’t pleasure you like he can. Like he will, when the two of you finish. 
“Needy slut,” his words burn a fire in your loins and you twitch, thumb moving quicker. You withdraw your fingers fully to focus instead on furiously rubbing your clit, figuring he’d come over and finger you properly. You can’t even do it on your own now that you have him. It’s like he knows how to hit those spots perfectly, and it’s entirely unfair that he can do that. “Can’t even fuck yourself without me? Fucking pathetic,” he continues, watching how you abuse your own pearl which excites him further. He’s so close.
And so are you, based on the way your back starts arching. You can feel your bedsheets soaking under your ass from the way you leak, and the wet, sloshing noises continue yet you can’t even feel embarrassed. Right now you’re drowning in pleasure, and Sanemi keeps going, verbally berating you and turning you on in such a way you almost cry out. It’s like he’s there; growling these same words into your ear, into your skin. Burning his possession into you as well as the intensity of his gaze that you can feel as the cord tightens within you, on the verge of snapping as your climax approaches. 
He cums first, thick ropes of white painting his hand, dripping onto the floor between where he sits. Ragged breaths escaping his parted lips. He looks away for a moment in his own haze, but then remembers you and jerks his eyes back up to you to watch as you come undone mere moments later, back arching beautifully as you cry out his name, calling for him even as your body trembles with the waves of your orgasm. It’s quite the sight, and he can’t lie—he’s feeling himself harden yet again. 
When you come down from your high, you lay on your bed, giggling. Glancing down at the computer screen tiredly, catching Sanemi getting up jerkily to clean his hand, but in the process is zipping his jeans back up and looking around for his shoes. You blink slowly. Where was he going?
“Baby, where are you going?”
“Don’t play dumb [y/n], I’m coming to finish what you started,” he shoots a look at you through the screen and you laugh, laying starfished in bed for a bit longer before reaching down for your laptop, grabbing it and holding it to where you can see him better as he grabs his phone. 
“Okay, well hurry up then,” you grin, rolling onto your stomach. He has a key to get in, so you figure you don’t have to get up. 
Besides, you think it’s best for you to get into position and wait on him anyway. 
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