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muzanswaifu · 21 days ago
Kokushibo x Fem! Reader Faceriding 18+
Tumblr media
Ask: Can I request for whenever you have the time female Y/N faceriding Kokushibo and squirting on his face after he begs her to?
800 words
Nsfw Warnings: Faceriding (duh), coercion, slight begging, squirting, Koku likes to eat pussy, the end
"I-I can't"
"You can." His voice was muffled.
His teeth grazed across you thigh with his assurance, his command. The mauve nails of his hands dug into the plushness of your backside, divets of red forming at the incisions. Yet you couldn't feel them. You could hardly even think about them at all when his tongue laved up the seam of your sex with malintent.
That was his way of begging - feeding you piece by piece of his carnal desire until you broke down into a desperate mess seeking your release. Words meant little to him, far outweighed by the severity of action in his mind. He was gentle in his pleas, dragging his long demon tongue side to side through your folds, basking in the taste of your arousal that you were so, so shy to give away. He was a noble man you know. Were you aware how much your rebellion offended him? You should've been screaming for him, bouncing on his tongue like your entire life depended on it, and even then, you could've been doing more. You could've tore at his mane, told him how well he pleased you, hell, you could've suffocated him with your bodice and it would've been nothing but a compliment to his skill. Yet, you ceased to do any of it, instead pulling away from his thorough petting with tears in your eyes and a quivering lip.
"I c-can't," you repeated, "it's too m-much." He frowned, displeased with your answer.
"Sit, woman."
With an effortless tug at your hips, you were fully-seated again, your weight set completely on the demon's awaiting mouth. You squirmed as he continued his avid work, his head waving side to side with his precision and his claws preventing any further escape on your part. He crept to the peak of your sex, taking your twitching bundle of nerves in his mouth and giving it a strong suck. You whined loudly, collapsing over his head entirely and clutching at his locks in a futile attempt to find balance, purchase, mercy. He bobbed his head under you, tugging at the delicate bead between his lips and making your eyes roll back into your brain. After letting you scream for what had to have been ages, he finally let go, releasing with a pop and snaking his tongue back between your lips. Your thighs shook around his head and pressed up against his face tightly. His eyes, the lower pair, were rolled shut, a result of drowned bliss. the other two pairs were both fixated on your face, taking in your dumbed expression, the one that had him ravenous for more.
He could tell you were getting close again, your previous orgasm ruined by your own failure to take what he gave you. He gave your backside a push, rocking your hips to and fro on his face and encouraging you to seek out your pleasure as much as he was. You shook hard, yet couldn't help but follow the guided motions. Each rock had your nerves curling like thread over a flame, coiling and coiling until each had gathered into a tight knot that was pulled at either end. The seconds became warmer, his hand coming around to press at the lower part of your belly where all your control lie. You sobbed as he pushed on it.
"M' gonna - hnnn - it feels l-like-" Feels like you're gonna pee. Kokushibo sucked your clit in and out of his mouth impatiently, wanting already to taste the fruit of his labor.
"You won't," he assured, "Just let go."
You whimpered at his promise, the knot in your belly too strained to bear. You weakly humped at his face, tears flowing freely down your cheeks, your cunt contracting in heady anticipation around his tongue that passed it over and over and over again.
"Let go." he told, called, pleaded. And you obeyed, tensing above him and shaking before going lax. Juices sprayed across his face, soaking his lips, chin, nose, everything. He eagerly lapped at it, keeping his mouth open wide for your sweet, delicious nectar to seep into. His tongue cleaned over you thoroughly, enough that every inch of your sex was left sopping with saliva. You cooed pathetically as he devoured you, as if your juices were meal enough to last him centuries.
He didn't beg. Not in his previous life. Not in this one. Begging was a sign of weakness and resign. Nothing was worth showing one's desperation - not money, power, or death.
But this? This scent of arousal and womanhood? This taste of sweetness and pleasure? This... you?
For this... he could make an exception.
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o3o-aya · 6 months ago
Hoi! How would Kokushibo, Doma and Akaza flirt/seduce their crush? (Take care, I Hope youre doing well!)
Ooo! :0
I also used a g/n reader, I hope you don’t mind :)
kjhgf also sorry it’s so short! I wanted it longer but my mind decided that it didn’t work-
Tumblr media
Mans is to old fashioned to actually do it the newer way-
So he does it the old fashioned way-
And he doesn’t even ask you out, he just asks if you want to get married-
And you’re like “???”
Cause like- he wants to what? 
Marry you?
That’s... You didn’t even know how to feel about that!
You felt flattered but you told him that you wanted to get to know him better before making an quick decisions! 
He was hesitate to agree but he did anyways.
He doesn’t care as long as you belong to him.
His plan worked! And now he had you! :D
Tumblr media
See- See this one- 
He’s a bastard, he’s so obsessed with you!
He’s got it engraved in his head that he’s already with you.
Expect to be lavish with expensive gifts and clothing.
You’re hella confused until he calls you a nickname, then you’re even more confused!
But you just continue letting him be.
Douma is always calling you, trying to woo or seduce you.
It gets to the point where you’re uncomfortable-
He does NOT get the hint-
The only reason you say yes to him is to get him off your back.
He is very happy, he spoils you so it isn’t so bad.
Tumblr media
You gotta be hella strong to get his attention so I imagine you’re a demon slayer.
His way of flirting is asking if you want to fight him for all eternity-
He wants you to know he cares so he’ll bring you flowers, candy, and demand you fight him. You know, the usual stuff-
After a while, you get charmed with this strange demon man.
And you finally accept his offer.
surprised Pikachu face Akaza
He’s shocked but happy! 
When you finally become a demon, this mother fucker never leaves your side.
Lucky you
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kokushibouwife · 4 months ago
i got a man, but i want you —♡
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1-800-fa1ryl4nd · 8 days ago
hi !!
please go follow @ciiberangel !! she's a great writer - her old acc ( by the same name ) got deactivated by some weird tumblr glitch a few days ago.
she writes for many fandoms like kny, hxh, death note, encanto, etc !! if these fandoms are in your interests, i definitely encourage going to her account and leaving requests and love !!
some of her old works that got deleted and you might recognize were :
- pervert! enmu using you on the train !!
- coach! kokushibou fucking his student !!
- giving head to akaza in a public restroom !!
- gyutaro makes you hump his pillow !!
- bruno catching his s/o toying with herself !!
- yan! uvogin punishing his hostage !! ( smut )
so, yeah !! go follow her and give her the support she deserves after that loss, thanx !!
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i-need-sleeps-blog · 5 months ago
Rengoku: Yo is Douma sleeping or dead?
Akaza: Hopefully dead, I hated their guts.
Kokushibu: Yeah, so did I.
Douma: Okay first of all, fuck you
Kokushibu: Why are Rengoku and Akaza sitting with their backs to each other?
Douma: They had a fight.
Kokushibu: Then why are they holding hands?
Douma: They get sad when they fight. In
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equizona · 23 days ago
hola hello! can I make a request? Yandere Douma, Kokushibo and Gyuutaro, all separately, who fought a really strong female demon slayer But she loses the battle and they decide to "keep" her Thank you!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
— STARRING: Kokushibou, Douma
— NOTE: I don't write for Gyuutarou! Keep in mind to check my list of characters, linked with the pinned post on my blog! But here are the other two.
— WARNINGS: Yandere content ahead! Heavy themes of cannibalism.
Tumblr media
It isn't often he comes across anyone who is anywhere near his level. Heck, he hasn't met a single demon slayer (other than his brother) able to match his pace. He won, of course. But he is very impressed. It would be a waste to end you so quickly, wouldn't it?
He isn't kind. Not at all. You were a challenge, and that is not something he can let go. He needs some manner to get stronger. And you're the closest he is to that. He has no feelings for you. You're just a means for him to improve.
He doesn't really bother getting you human food. But he needs you at full strength. He'll force you to eat humans. And if you refuse? Well, he isn't above forcing you to eat them. And if you're especially misbehaving, he will hunt down either your trainer or any other slayer (or other people) you care about and he will make you eat them while they're still alive.
He will make you fight with him. And he will accept you to go full out, he will do the same. Your only chance of escape would be to somehow beat him in a battle. But let's face it, what are the odds of that?
He will, eventually, turn you into a demon. If you start getting weak, or if you're getting old. He's going to make you one of the strongest demons alive. But he's always going to be stronger.
He'll use you to make sure of that.
Tumblr media
You're going to be like Kotoha.
It would be a waste of him to eat someone so stunning. Someone so impressive. No, he is going to keep you. He treats you more like a pet, than anything. And he expects you to behave like one, in a way.
He won't outright tell you that you're eating humans, just like he doesn't tell anyone else at his Cult that they're eating their friends and family. No, he'll sit there watching you eat with everyone else, taking joy that you're eating those you love. There is something that thrills him about that.
He expects you to worship him.
He's already proved how much better he is, compared to you, through your battle? Why must you refuse? Does he have to force you to get on your knees for him?
If you worship a God.. Not anymore. If he catches you worshipping anything other than him? You are going to have a problem. Why won't you submit to him? He's done so much for you already?
He isn't going to turn you into a demon. But he is going to actively make your life as long as it possibly can be. Isn't this exciting? You get to spend your entire life with him.
Tumblr media
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ellsugu · a month ago
hiii !! <3 i recently read the fic you wrote about douma having a clingy child and i loved it! i was wondering if you could do something similar for kokushibo? if you write for him that is
A/N: very OOC Kokushibo lololol, hope that’s alright. Again keep the requests coming!
Tumblr media
He was in quite a deep predicament.
A child, he’d sighted her leaning on the outside of a hut he had eaten the family members from, cuddled up into a small ball, she was most definitly human, no demon blood caught his senses.
‘Was she apart of the family?’
‘Probably not’
This poor part of the town was known for being the hotspot to leave children, if unwanted. From infants to teens, they all ended up in the same spot. It’d be stranger if she was apart of a family, those were rare.
Her hair was seemingly infected, things and mites crawling from underneath the haired surface, knees battered from the terrain, people, and the weathers, a tattered dusty pink dress draped over the malnourished figure. Not a good sight for a child that seems she’s barely over five.
With a slow stance, Kokushibo walked towards the small child’s physique. Upon reaching just within arms length, the girl faltered and flinched at the sudden shadow bellowing above her. She rushed to get behind the small hut, tripping I’m the process. Nevertheless she continued to put all the strength she had to standing up. A pity full sight.
“Child” A silk baritone voice spoke out to her. Adjusting her view to craning her neck up to the tall demonic man. Her lips began to quiver, body slightly shaking. He let out an sigh, it seemed like it was waiting to be released.
He stalked closer and closer towards the now weeping little girl, incandescent cries coming out of her frail body, one could wonder how a girl could release such bloodcurdled yelps. As his hands cradled the thin form, she went limp in his arms, he hasn’t done anything, how did she already die?
Oh, she fell asleep. . .
Alas her eyes opened to warm lighting, the sturdy mats under her body, notified her that the town of dirt and cries were long gone. Her senses now filled with neatly placed furniture, traditional futon bedding’s, the smell of fern, and the faint footsteps drawing closer and closer towards the room she inhabited.
Suddenly the sliding doors of the room gently opened, revealing a demon with 6 eyes, long flowing hair, and a neutrally set facial emotion, leaving no emotion to be seen.
“How are you?”
“Uh…” nothing came out, you tried to reply you really did.
“Dont force yourself to respond, stay here and rest” and with those final words, he left the little girl alone once again. Throughout the day, no sights of the strange demonic man was present.
Night fell across the seen horizon.
You built up enough courage and strength to climb out of the comfortable sheetings, and slowly make your way to the long hallways of the place. Eventually reaching a bigger set of doors, you try to slide them open, to no avail. Until the doors slide open for you, and your face meets with the tatami floor.
Staring up at the strange demon man, a meek “Hello?” was all you could muster.
“Hello” his response cold as usual.
Silence yet again.
“Where am I?”
“A much better place than the rundown storage you called home” although his words seemed like they were to be interpreted as cold, you sensed warmth and small signs of care entitled within them.
“Well, where are we?”
Again met with comforting silence.
“You ask a lot for a barely surviving little girl” he had picked you up, holding you alift by your legs, as your sights were met with the strange six eyes he possessed.
“Dont worry I wouldn’t risk my own health by eating you, you can stay here for as long as you need. Then if it is what you want, your welcome to leave”
“I don’t wanna…” your head dug into his shoulder, as he sat down, seated in front of a look dark wooden table, on the table were incense and dried flowers. It gave off a lovely aroma, a uncertain breeze had started to waft the smell across the large adorned room.
“Hm” his final response. Leaving you with a familiar quietness, it wasn’t bad, not at all.
Your days passed in the large house, your only companion, being the demon you found whos name was, Kokushibo. He became some what of a gaurdian to you, bringing you changes of clothing, sweets, multitudes of food, and trinkets to entertain yourself while in his absence.
He wasn’t perfect but at least you were now certain that he somewhat cared for you. Their were moments where he would show care and compassion, you treasured those the most. It’s not like you’d ever leave his side, but it didn’t hurt to cling to him everytime he came back home.
You met with some of his demonic kind, Douma, specifically. He gave you candy and treats, yet Kokushibo denied him more time with you, he didn’t see it fit for you, a frail child with no reason to be around deadly demons in the first place, to associate yourslef further with an unstable demon.
You only needed him anyway. To this day he still doesn’t know why he braught you with him. You didn’t stand out, and had no defining features. But you just seemed to helpless and pitiful.
He would never let you go out on your own, he’s quite paranoid about your well being, so leaving you with Douma is not an option.
You were a family, I’m not sure if it’s good, but it’s a family nonetheless.
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kegiora · 2 months ago
demon slayer spoilers
Tumblr media
"i'm sorry, my sweet sweet baby" there you were, holding you limp son in your arms, cradling him even though he was cold. He was dead and it was your fault, it wasn't it was that demon fault who decided to come and hurt you and your son while your husband Michikatsu was out. If he left some weapon to kill the demon then your son would still be alive, running around the house with a big smile on his face and coming into your room to sleep with you during winter
"i'm sorry, mommy will give you a proper burial and will inform everyone the best i can." you put your son down on the bloody hard floor and went to go find a shovel, once you found the shovel you started to dig
it took you two hours for you to get done but it was worth it, the sun is still down and you have enough time to bury your son and write a letter to the city informing everyone of what happened
going inside your house you didn't enjoy how quiet it was, you were so used to hearing little happy laughs from your son when he was playing with his toys or when he had a friend or a cousin over, now it's gone and it's that demon fault
grabbing his blanket and his favorite toy for your son and wrapping the blanket around him and carrying his body to his grave was hard, it's always hard for a mother to let their children go when they're dead, especially at a young age
once you were done with his burial you went back inside and cleaned the house and proceeded to write your letter for everyone and telling them what had happened with that demon
Greetings everyone to who is reading this i am Y/N Tsugikuni, Michikatsu Tsugikuni wife, sadly Michikatsu is out when this event had happened but i wanted to say that our son, Kai Tsugikuni was killed due to a break in at our home and i survived, i gave my son a proper burial in our backyard with his blanket and a favorite toy of his, i said my prayers and will be leaving this town for a while, i can't promise if i'll come back and stay for sure but i'll visit once in a while. -sincerely, Y/N Tsugikuni
grabbing the letter and walking down to the city felt long and tiring. the city was empty and quiet finding the post office and leaving the mail in the box outside you started on your journey on surviving in this damn world
you weren't dumb no, naïve at some points yes but most definitely not stupid you knew that there were demons in this world, demons that eat people in order to survive and will eat anyone without a care in the world to get attention from him
the man that every demon looks up to and seeks for his praise to make him one of his strongest underlings, Muzan Kibutsuji the very man who's blood is now mixing with yours
there's also people out seeking for him, looking to kill him for all the lives he took, revenge, oe simply due to the fact they get a large amount of money if they do find him and kill him
those are demon slayers your brother in law Yoriichi Tsugikuni job, killing demons to keep this god forsaken world safe from evil and getting better reputation and money from it
you weren't going to become a demon slayer in your human life or now, when you were forced to marry Michikatsu your mother told you your job as a woman, keep the kids in check and make sure the house is clean, cooking for the whole house and never talk back to your husband
you hated those stupid rules, never being able to talk back because everyone in the city will find out no matter how quiet you are about it
with your son now dead and losing contact with your family you didn't know what to do, trying to find a human at midnight was hard because everybody is asleep in their nice comfy beds dreaming
so you had a few options, find a family that lives in the woods would take a long time considering how far away a house might be and if the husband knows about demons or not
finding an abandoned house and praying that they have some clean clothes for women and are your size is also rare, abandoned houses are always dusty with bugs and theirs practically nothing in them
or simply finding some teenagers wandering around in the woods for fun, and not knowing that demons exist. Bingo there we're teenagers mostly boys who look to be around 16 with a latern and making jokes with eachother
acting like you just escaped from a serial killer would be smart due to the bloods on your clothes and you being barefoot would also help them think that you were in your house when it happened so you didn't have enough time to grab some shoes
you started running to the boys and made some fake tears come down your face, grabbing the boys attention they started to move the latern around and once the light landed on you they came to help
"miss?? are you okay!?" the boy with the dark green hair asked, he was nice looking you'll admit but he's to young for you "yea, why are you covered in blood and barefooted?" another one asked, he had black hair but had heterochromia, his eyes were beautiful, one dark blue and the other one gray
"i was running away, it killed my son!" it's not a lie it did kill your son but left you alone because it thought you was dead
"ma'am we can help by talking you to our city, its not far from here" the heterochromia boy said, his eyes were so soft- kind eyes with a pure soul with no intentions of hurting anyone
there were two other boys in the back one had black hair, and the other one had white hair, the boy with the black hair was muscular and looked mean while the other one was shaking - scared and standing close by the muscular boy
"maybe we can take her back to mom?" the boy next to him nodded in agreement with a huff "if we're gonna take her back to mom then we'll have to hurry up, she might be freezing cold" how considerate
"well, let's go Mrs.?.." "Y/N is fine"
this is really good?? i might make a part two
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i-lick-vaginas · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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xiaqo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
kimetsu no yaiba icons pt.2
give credits
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xiann19 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Demons universe!
Feel free to save! 🎃
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kokushibouwife · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
黒死牟 you're coming back and it's the end of the world, we're starting over and i love you darling 🌙
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lady-muzan-supremacy · 4 months ago
i was looking through @cricketsjunk ‘s post (fucking hilarious shit) and there was one about if demons can die from wisteria
i present to you my 4 am crack shit with y/n, the demon slayer vs muzan, the one they fell for
- im not making you
- im really not
- i can see that
• FUCK THIS I CANT DO IT *yeets sword to the side*
kokushibou: *nonchalantly* ow my foot
- great job you just impaled his foot
• *rubs wisteria on his foot*
- *witnessing this chaos*
kokushibou was then covered head to toe in what can only be described as hairy demon cysts. let this be a lesson to all you young demon slayers out there with a soft spot for a certain demon-
rubbing wisteria on their wounds does not help
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curse-of-orion · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
an edit I made of the floating castle movie, I don't regret anything ♥️♥️
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sassysaxsolo · 4 months ago
Hi! I'm new to the fandom and I opened a scenario/imagine blog to share and partake in content about Demons! I was wondering if you could give me a shot out?! That would be great! Thanks!
Absolutely! I checked out your blog it looks very interesting! I saw the headcannons on where some demon parts don't look like a regular humans.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Your gonna wanna elaborate on that one.
(Forgive my dirty mind, I've effectively dodged horny jail for a long time.)
Tumblr media
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slayerdoodles · a month ago
Heyo tsugukos
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some drawings I did
1: Dragon shifter Kyojuro and rider Akaza
2: my chimera Vladimir
3: cow Kokushibo (human)
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lsheenalba · 2 months ago
kokushibo anime girl pose
Thank you for the cursed idea. The whole fandom will come for my neck now
Tumblr media
Not only you get Anime girl pose, you get Monika pose + cute uwu outfit. Kinda sussy that he has a sword behind him-
Feel free to send cursed requests yall
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rae-aizen · 4 months ago
I hope you're having a good day, could you do some headcanons for any of the demons of demon slayer as cat/s?
Tumblr media
thank you for your request. i hope you like it. <3
since you've not specified the character i'll write about much character as the pic limit let me.
Tumblr media
the demons from kimetsu no yaiba as cats
Tumblr media
douma is your friendly, clingy and affectionate cat.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
an adorable kitten with blond fur, somewhat playful and quite possessive with his owner. douma wants your attention to always be on him, and on no one or anything else.
kokushibo is your typical black cat who is totally calm and not very affectionate.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it isn't that he's a bad cat, on the contrary he's one of the best you could have. but sometimes it seems that he doesn't care about your existence.
akaza is a cat that, despite being friendly with his owner, is always ready to fight with any other being that approaches his territory or dares to challenge him.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
surely the neighbors have had to draw the attention of his owner several times thanks to the fights that the feline mounts.
Tumblr media
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laurwantschaos · 2 months ago
Ya know what guys, fuck it. I have decided to work on a Kokushibo smut while I’m working on one of Obamitsu. I may just drop a few spoliers. This is also a nice little reminder that this blog is 18+ 🤪
The one that I’m now working on has over 1,500 words. 
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maxilimamwellmorn · 3 months ago
Random thing I just saw on the internet
Tumblr media
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