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picking flowers then making them into flower crowns w nezuko, kanao, and kanae? 馃槉

Another adorable ask! Yay! ☺️

Also let’s hope this request cheers me up after today’s fiasco!

Making flower crowns with Nezuko Kamado, Kanao Tsuyuri and Kanae Kochou


Originally posted by waifubuki

Nezuko Kamado

  • The only time you can pick flowers with Nezuko is during the nightly hours. So you waited by Nezuko’s box, watching the sun set from the open window at the butterfly estate. When it finally got dark all around you, you knocked twice on Nexuko’s door. You heard a tiny bit of movement before the door was pushed open and Nezuko slowly crawled out of it. Nezuko looked around the room for a moment, taking in her surroundings before looking at you. You said hello to her and pointed at her to grab your hand. She grabbed it with no hesitation. You then started to walk with her outside where a bunch of flowers were
  • Instead of butterflies flying around, the only thing you saw were fireflies. The lite up a tiny amount of the darkness as they flied around the place. You walked Nezuko over to a patch of flowers and help guide her to sit down with you. You couldn’t see that well even though there were lanterns near. You looked around at the area you decided to sit in. Flowers were all around to see, some were Suitopi, Suisen, Kiku flowers. Of course there were plenty of more flowers but you couldn’t think of the names You looked carefully around you, decided which flowers you should pick out for Nezuko
  • You decided on going with the Kiku flowers. Even though they were big, you could still manage to make a flower crown for Nezuko. You told Nezuko to wait right there as you went to pick out that type of flower. Nezuko just watched you from the area she was sitting in and slightly tilted her head at the sight of you picking the Kiku flowers. After you were done, you sat right across from her, a small smile was plastered on your face as you tied the flower stems together. Nezuko looked down at what you were doing, slightly memorized at what you were doing. Nezuko slowly reached out one of her hands and put it on yours. You looked up at her and with a smile asked if she wanted to help. Nezuko slightly nodded at your comment and you guided Nezuko hands to help make the flower crown
  • After Nezuko and you were finished with the flower crown, you took a look at it. It was a bit messy but it still looked lovley. You slowly put the flower crown on Nezuko’s head. The flower crown flopped a bit on one side of her head, it being a bit too big for her. You laughed at this and commented on how cute she looked right now. You saw Nezuko touch the lopsided part of the flower crown. Then she looked at you made a muffled sound. The sound she made sounded happy which made you smile wide. You then asked if she wanted to show her brother, Tanjirou. Nezuko nodded her head at the sound of her brother’s name. You grabbed her hand and helped her from the ground. You felt Nezuko squeeze your hand tightly. You squeezed it back as you both when into the butterfly estate once more

Originally posted by mindmapissues

Kanao Tsuyuri

  • Kanao and you decided to have a picnic today. You two decided to get away from the butterfly estate and go to an open feild of land close to both of your homes. Flowers surrounded you both as you sat and drank some tea. It was a lovley day to be outside. A wide variety of bugs were all over the place. Some even decided to land on the cloth you both were sitting on. There was barley any breeze today, which made the warmth of the sun so much better. You looked around, seeing all the beautiful flowers around you until you got an idea. You put your tea down and told Kanao that when she’s finish, you both should make each other flower crowns. Kanao agreed with your idea and gave you a tiny smile as she took one last sip of her tea
  • You both got off of the cloth and walked around. You looked around to see what flowers would match Kanao’s normal look. You decided to pick some pick, purple and white flowers for her. Kanao was looking around, carefully decided what would look best on you. She wanted this flower crown to be perfect. Kanao looked at you for a moment, seeing you have a ton of flowers gathered in your hands. Then she looked down at her hands, not a single flower was picked up. Kanao thought that she should hurry. Then Kanao found the perfect patch of flowers that would look great with your hair. She picked each flower with care, making sure not to disturb any bugs near by
  • You both sat back down on the cloth and started to work. Both of you took your time with the flower crown, wanting it to be perfect for each other. The flutters of butterflies wings and the buzzing of the bees were all that was heard. Those noises didn’t stop you both from making the flower crown. You were the first to finish. You looked around at the flower crown you made, making sure there were no mistakes. You put in down on you lap and you decided to watch Kanao. Kanao was almost finished, she was adding a few touches to hers. After a few minutes, Kanao sat her flower crown down to. You asked her if she was finished, Kanao nodded her head and gave you a quiet yes for an answer
  • You both exchanged flower crowns. You took a long look at Kanao’s flower crown, it was honestly so beautiful. All the colors matched perfectly and they went well with your outfit. You put it on your head, the flower crown fit nicely. You gave Kanao a big smile and thanked her for the flower crown. She blushed a bit and stared down at the flower crown that you made her. You were a bit confused at why she didn’t put it on yet. It all made sense as you watched her take her butterfly ornament out of her hair, then she took out the side ponytail. You rarely see Kanao with her hair down so this was a blessing to your eyes. Kanao slowly put the flower crown on and secured it onto her head. Kanao gave you a small smile and thanked you for making this for her. You gave her a big smile and told her she looked amazing. Kanao blushed again at your words, looking down for a moment then looking up once more. She then told you that you looked gorgeous in your flower crown. Seeing the hint of redness on your cheeks was enough to know that you appreciated her comment

Kanae Kochou

  • You were sitting down on your bed, reading a book and waiting for the time to go by. As you were reading, you heard mutiple knocks on your door and a voice saying if they can come in. You immediately knew who it was, and you happily said that they could come it. You watched as your girlfriend, Kanae opened the door with a simple on her face and asked you if you were busy. You sat you book on your bedside table and told her that you weren’t. She gave you a smile and asked if you wanted to go on a walk with her. You agreed, you never wanted to pass up the chance to spend time with Kanae. She reached out her hand and grabbed one of yours. She lead you away from the butterfly estate, into the outside world
  • You walked by Kanae side, still holding hands, talking about many different topics. You both walked on a path. The path was slight covered in grass, a few flowers were here and there. Kanae looked all around, one of Kanae favorite things to do with you was to be outside. Then Kanae suddenly stopped, her face looking to a certain area. You asked her if everything was alright. She responded quickly, saying everything was fine and she just saw something breathtaking. She looked over to you and asked if you wanted to make flower crowns with her. You said that you would love to make flower crowns with her. She gave you a big smile as she start to quickly walk over to the flowers that she spotted, you were behind her, slightly being dragged by her. It was like Kanae was on a mission and if she didn’t pick the flowers soon, they would all magically disappear from this world
  • She looked all around, seeing what flowers would look best. Kanae did a tiny gasp whenever she found a pretty flower. It was honestly so cute whenever she did the tiny gasp that you couldn’t help but smile. You watched Kanae pick up a whole bunch of flowers, it honestly looked more than what both of you needed. You asked her about this and she mentioned that she would bring some flowers home for the rest of the girls. Kanae was definitely one of the most generous people in the world and wanting to make everyone happy. As you were in mid thought about your girlfriend, she sat you down. Then sat down right next to you and handed you some flowers for you to make a flower crown. You thanked her and got working. Kanae stared at you for a moment, thinking about how lucky she was to have you in her life before she got working
  • After a bit, you two were finished with your flower crowns. Kanae flower crown looked a lot better than yours. There were such detail in her flower crown and you asked if she’s been practicing. Kanae told you that she used to make flowers crowns with Shinobu when she was a child. After she was done speaking, she took her flower crown and put it on your head. You were confused as why she would do this, since you made yourself one. Kanae took you look of confusion as a hint to tell you why she had just done that. Kanae told you the flower crown she made would look better on you than her. You didn’t know what to say to this comment, instead you put your flower crown that you made on top of her head, saying that she derseved one as well. Kanae thanks you for the flower crown and gave you a little peck on the lips. Then she took you by your hand and started to lead you back home, saying that you and her had to help Shinobu and the others make their flower crowns
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Saben, un comentario me puso a pensar sobre el poder que tiene Nezuko xDDD

Y es que, ella no ha comido ningún tipo de carne por más de dos años, y aún así fue capaz de “transformarse”, lidiar con una luna demoníaca (Daki), y también con los clones de Hantengu, todo esto sin probar nada de carne humana, entonces, aquí es donde me preguntó, de dónde pudo sacar todo ese poder?, Habrá sido que ser una Kamado haya tenido que ver?… Porque Tamayo era una demonio que vivía de sangre humana (y ella no era de pelear, más bien usar su sangre, al igual que Yushiro, creo) no me puedo explicar del todo bien de dónde sacó tanto “poder”

Aunque si me imagino porque conquistó el sol (esto ya es más “tonto”(?)) Y es que Muzan asesinó personas, las devoró, como castigo jamás podría estar a la luz del día

Y Nezuko jamás lastimó a nadie, en cambio los protegió, se le fue perdonado el hecho de ser un demonio, y se le permitió poder caminar bajo el sol

Meme bonito dejó<3

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