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mobpsychopass100 · 5 months ago
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Entertainment District Arc E:7 - Transformation
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nikailustracion · 4 months ago
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Omfg, I haven`t fucking cried this much in a very long time, and I know this is one of those scenes I will always cry whenever I watch it in the future.
What a great conclussion to this arc I can´t even begin to-
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cathianemelian · 8 months ago
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Demon Slayer is back !
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yuzukahachimir · 4 months ago
Tanjiro is so sweet,he made Gyutaro shut up to make him stop yelling at his sister because will be the last time they were going to see each other....make me have the urge to cry
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And because he didn't feel all the bad things he said to her
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sheluvsbaji · 6 months ago
Them genes stronger than a McDonald’s sprite💀
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one-cherry · 6 months ago
- The 9 Hashira -
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annie-jpg55 · 4 months ago
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I can’t believe the new season is almost over- it’s so good though it makes the pain worth it
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nicostiel · 4 months ago
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#villains my beloved
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𝐀𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐞 𝐕𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐚
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𝐃𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐒l𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫
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vampp1e · 6 months ago
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user @vampp1e is the 4th wife of uzui tengen (real) ‼️⁉️
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ethan45 · 6 months ago
─ 𝗞𝗶𝗺𝗲𝘁𝘀𝘂 𝗡𝗼 𝗬𝗮𝗶𝗯𝗮 [𝗦𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗱 𝘀𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗼𝗻]
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mobpsychopass100 · 6 months ago
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Entertainment District Arc EP:1 - Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui
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nikailustracion · 4 months ago
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I’m not even going to talk about the battle because I can’t even begin to describe the animation and how damn good it was, but this scene that I was already looking forward to is just a masterpiece, THE USE OF COLOURS, THE LIGHTNING, THE ATMOSPHERE?? They look like they literally are in hell.
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cathianemelian · 5 months ago
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"What do you take life for, exactly ?"
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yuzukahachimir · 6 months ago
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They didn't need to do it so well
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sjhanny2000 · 5 months ago
The Danger of Flamboyant Love (Part 5) Finale
Tumblr media
A/N: What's up folks? I'm so sorry for the lack of updating, a lot has been happening for like getting ready for student teaching, my brother getting COVID, etc. Anyway, with all the personal drama aside, I have finally written the last and sadly the final part of TDoFL. I hope you all enjoy it!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 I Part 5
Warning(s): Low self-esteem, mind manipulation, mentioned child neglect, angst, slight violence, neglect, emotional constipation, non-canon, sexual assualt, rape/non-con, minor character death, mentioned 18+, extreme fluff, misspellings, minors DO NOT READ!
The world of the living seemed to come and go for an immeasurable amount of time.
In the beginning, at moments of peace, as you lay submerged in the sea of darkness silent and exhausted, you could faintly hear voices echoing through the waters, gargled and unintelligible. You had no energy to follow the trail of ripples the cacophony of voices left upon the surface of the calm sea, too tired to think, let alone move. Time must have to come to pass and with its passing came bits of consciousness and strength, the whispers growing into muffled voices just within your reach. One time, you awoke to a voice you couldn’t name, though the name of its owner rested on the tip of your tongue.
“There’s nothing else I can do, Tengen-san; whether Y/N-san wakes up or not, it’s all up to them now. I suggest you get some sleep; this battle is going to be a long one.”
After that, the world beyond the water’s surface grew more exuberant, overflowing with voices and noises you could hear but not see. Vague colors flashed across the watery plain, soft pinks, blues, and yellows dancing against the obsidian waves in a beautiful sway between life and death.
“Y/N, we brought you your favorite things!”
“Nao-san helped us make you strawberry Daifuku, Y/N. They’re a little wonky but they taste great!”
“And I picked you some of those white camellias you love. Your little garden buddy showed me where they were hiding.”
These three feminine voices would talk for hours upon hours, never ceasing in their amiable chatter that always brought a smile to your face. You came to realize they were your wives with time, Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma gradually sounding as you remembered them. They made your heart swoon with love and fondness, soft giggles escaping your lips at the bickering that would break out between two of them and sighs of annoyance the third one would emit every so often. Yet, your wives’ voices had nothing on the deep one that haunted these dark waters, forever echoing in the ocean.
“It’s quite unflamboyant of you, flower, keeping us waiting like this.”
He would always come when everything around you grew even darker, drops of silver plinking loudly against the inky waves from the voice so tender one would think it silk.
“Come back to us.”
“Please, Y/N, wake up!”
“You shouldn’t keep your spouses waiting, Y/N-san. You’re going to worry them into an early grave.”
“Mama, is Y/N-sama ever going to wake up?”
“Why did you go to that blasted village?! You know better than to go on your own so why?! Why did you do it?!”
At times, the cacophony of voices sounded so inviting, urging you in both words and essence to wake from what seemed to be an eternal slumber but the second you began to move towards the surface, tentacles of the deep would drag you down again.
Then, his voice appeared amongst the crashing waves, calm and soothing.
“Hello Y/N-san. It has been a while, has it not?”
You wanted to reply, to answer, to do anything but just lay there and listen like you have done for what feels like an eternity now. With nerves shivering at his simple presence, the ocean began to toss and turn in anxious anticipation. Oyakata-sama, why was he here of all places?
“Shinobu-san informed me that you have still yet to wake from your sleep, and your healing progress has stalled. Your condition has worried all of those who love you, especially those doting spouses of yours.”
Never in a million years did you want to worry anyone, let alone your spouses.
“What you endured at the hands of that demon, it is something that can prove to be overwhelming and near debilitating. The shame, pain, and anger that originates from such a trauma is one that an individual cannot ignore nor escape; all one can do is lean on their loved ones, taking each second a step at a time for as long as it takes to be able to stand on your own once again.”
Shame and guilt ate away at your conscience, the waters around you only growing darker with the emotions toiling within your body, waves slamming into one another with rumbles of thunder crashing above the water’s surface.
“I know that when the time is right, you will awaken from your slumber, Y/N-san, and when you do, your spouses and the others will be here to welcome you home.”
How could you face them after all that had happened? You had broken the rules and were captured by a demon, one that tortured and assaulted you without a care in the world, and when your spouses came to your rescue, you proceeded to break your promise to Tengen without restraint! Those vomit green eyes haunted the depths below you, their gravelly voice echoing through the murky waters, and you felt so disgusted with yourself, at moments you wished the slimy tentacles would drag you into the abyss below and never allow you to rise to the surface again.
Then one day, as your thoughts of deprecation swam around you in a growing vortex of shame, guilt, and anguish, Tengen’s voice broke through. You had heard him speak many times, always so calm and soothing like he always was with you. He calmed the waters without an inch of exertion, your remedy amongst the chaos of your mind.
“Hello, spirit flower.”
Tears flooded your (e/c) eyes as your gaze drew from the depths, sun shining brightly above you beyond the swirling walls of the vortex. No longer was his voice its determined and attention grabbing self, now sounding of defeat, an emotion you only heard from the Sound Hashira in moments of grieving remembrance late into the night when a particular nightmare reared its ugly head. Defeat and desperation poured onto the raging surface, silver tears intermixing with the ocean’s embrace, leaving behind scar-like trails as the colored droplets became one with your mindscape. Your heart ached, your mind screaming in need as you reached from the silvery trails with desperation of your own.
“The first snow of the season has fallen. You would have loved it flower, the dance the snowflakes put on was no short of glamorously perfect.”
The first snow of the season was always something you looked forward to, it officially signifying that your favorite time of the year had come. That, and it served as a reminder to you and your spouses that your wedding anniversary was near. It couldn’t be that time already, could it -?!
“Your wish came true this year, little lily. Snow on our anniversary. It’s-it’s a shame you’re not awake to see it for yourself.”
The tremor in his words, the shake of weakness, had you screaming aloud, clawing desperately for the surface in the neverending sea.
Tengen! Tengen please!
“Six weeks, two days, twenty-one hours, and thirty-nine seconds and counting. Six weeks, two days, twenty-one hours, and forty-three seconds we’ve been waiting to see your gorgeous eyes again, spirit flower. I’m not sure how much longer we can wait without going insane, love. Shinobu-san, she says there isn’t anything we can do to help you but there has to be, I refuse to believe there isn’t, I-!”
Your legs kicked wildly below you with effort, pants escaping your lips. Loud bubbles of your scream carried upwards, inches from your fingertips.
“Our girls, Y/N, they aren’t well. Suma is truly inconsolable, no one has been able to stop her tears, and Makio has become worse than she has ever been with her temper. Hinatsuru, even a stranger can see the weight she has placed on her shoulders, doing her best to keep all of us standing while she suffers from within. Our world was so quiet without you, spirit flower, lifeless. You gave myself and the girls fresh new colors in which to paint our lives in, vibrant yet smooth. I have sat here every night, day after agonizing day, praying to anything that can listen that you will wake up and yet here you are and here I am, alive and undeserving of the life I’m living as you lay helpless in a bed you didn’t make!”
Tengen was punishing himself for your misdeeds, your stupid failures, and it angered you to hear how poorly the Hashira was treating himself. Fresh tears fell down your face, but these were different from the ones of before; these were ones of determined rage. Everything within you ached as the molten heat of your anger grew, your husband’s emotions striking against the unruly sea without abandon, roughly jostling your body about the vortex and furthering your fury. Thunder roared with his words, lightning streaking menacingly across the dark night sky. The vortex was dissipating with every emotionally heavy word, withering away with a vicious cry as you paddled upwards, fire fueling your veins with determination. You fought against the currents, against the waves as they deep below the water’s surface, against the shame and guilt eating at your heart. Your spouses needed you, there was no time for self pity.
The barrier between you and the world beyond was so goddamn close, mere inches away now, you couldn’t give up, not now, not after all they had done for you!
“I failed to protect you when you needed it most and for that I am sorry, my spirit flower-.”
Your fingertips scraped across waves’ bottoms, lungs screaming with exertion and vision blurry with exhaustion. Kami please!
“I’m a horrible excuse for a Sound Hashira, let alone a husband!”
A sudden burst of energy skyrocketed through your boiling veins and suddenly, with a gasp of need, you were above the surface.
In a flash of blinding light, you felt the ocean disappear from beneath, something soft and plushy cradling you like your mother had done when you were a child. Far in the distance, you could hear birds chirping, voices echoing just out of your reach. You urged to open your eyes to see where you were, urgent to find your hurting husband, but it felt as if heavy weights had been placed upon them. Inwardly you let out a groan as you willed your body to move, to do something but lay there like a helpless child! Much to your excited relief, the fingers of your left hand gave way to your command and you felt the air leave your lungs at feeling them curl around calloused fingers you knew so well. There was a loud thud at your side, another large hand urgently coming to cradle your tiny one with such love and care, the still air of your surroundings sweeping around you at the sudden action.
With another internal grunt, you shoved against the weights on your eyelids once more and abruptly, without warning, they gave way. You were immediately met with a symphony of blurred colors, disorienting your already sluggish mind as you tried to come to terms that you were finally awake.
Tiredly, you blinked away the fog obscuring your vision, and the moment your (e/c) eyes landed on fuchsia ones swarming with relief and cautious wonder, you felt all your fears and worries melt away in a flash of loving warmth. Tengen looked worse for wear, dark bags under his eyes and his massive shoulders slumped with exhaustion, but to you he looked perfect.
You did your best to form a small on what you came to determine were chapped lips, voice scratchy and weak from misuse. “I for one am proud to call you my husband, Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui.”
He was on you without wasting another second, thick arms carefully but wonderfully wrapping around your tired frame, his warm and all encompassing body dwarfing yours as Tengen held you against his chest.
One hand came to cradle your heavy head in his calloused palm as the other found its way to your upper back, voice straining with unspoken emotion. “Flower.”
“It’ll take more than what that demon dished out to kill one of the gorgeous wives of the Sound Hashira.” You weakly grinned into the shinobi’s shoulder, tears brimming your eyes as your husband pulled away, fuchsia irises searching your face in conflicted wonder. “I’m so sorry for worrying all of you, husband. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have left the estate-!”
Before you could continue further, smooth and passionate lips smashed into yours, Tengen somehow pulled you closer to him as your kiss deepened with the locking of your lips and you melted into his touch.
After a few blissful moments, your flamboyant husband pulled away with watery eyes, hands coming to lovingly cup your cheeks. “None of that matters now; all that matters is that you’re alive and well. That’s all I could ever ask of you, spirit flower.”
“Tengen! What’s going on-?!”
The two of you turned to look at the room’s doorway in the far corner of the room, only to see the shocked faces of your three wives, tears instantly pooling in Suma’s shimmering orbs as she let out a cry.
Your teary wife was upon you in seconds, arms wrapping around your neck in a constrictive squeeze, sobbing into the fabric of your clothes. “We were so afraid you were never going to wake up, Y/N! WAAAAAHHHHH!”
“Get off her you idiot! She’s still recovering!” In all her abrasive fashion, Makio came stomping over to where the three of you were situated and expertly freeing you from your sobbing wife from your person.
She dumped your crying sister wife in the nearby chair and turned her attention to you with teary eyes of her own, pointing an accusatory finger at your person. “And you! Don’t you ever scare us like that again! If you do, I’ll never forgive you!”
You outstretched your arms to the two toned kunoichi, giving her a welcoming grin. “I missed you too, Makio.”
Her tough crumbled within the tremble of her bottom lip, your wife collapsing into your chest with a quiet sob. “Never do something so stupid ever again!”
Suma crawled back over, clinging to you with a steel grip on your waist, and all you could was hold the pair of them close to your bosom as you cried tears of your own. Once all the tears began to cease, your watery gaze fell upon your last wife, Hinatsuru standing so quiet and hesitant in the bedroom doorway.
“Hinatsuru.” The feeling of her name on your tongue tasted sweet as candy but bitter as lemons, caution taking hold of your heart at seeing her distant behavior. “Hina-chan.”
“I-I can’t. I can’t do this.” She shook her head and pulled away, tears forming on her thick eyelashes.
A sob of desperation ripped its way out of your chest, avidly reaching out to the kunoichi as Tengen and the girls held you back. “Hina’! Hina’ please!”
Hinatsuru paused in her movements, an indescribable mix of emotions in her violet irises, and the tense silence that formed between the two of you was shattered by the finality in Tengen’s voice. “This isn’t a dream, Hinatsuru. Come over here.”
The kunoichi shifted her peering eyes from you to your husband and back and much to your delight, Hinatsuru began to shuffle over to your waiting form.
As she came within your reach, lip trembling and pure need in pools of glinting purple, all you could do was cry and hold out your arms in hopes she would even grace you with a simple touch. “Hina!”
“You’re awake, you’re awake.” Your weeping form seemed to break away the remaining resolve within her, your beautiful wife wrapping her warm and loving arms around you and never letting go, something wetting the collar of your neck.
Tengen enveloped the four of you with ease, somehow managing to fit you and your wives in muscled lap, a fond grin on his handsome face. “Look at all of you, displaying such dramatic and exuberant displays of love and affection! My beautiful and strong wives.”
The four of you only cried harder at your shared husband’s words, something that instantly sent the man into a wordless panic as he stared at his four wives with his mouth agape in uncertainty. Moments passed and tears dried up, leaving you sniffling in the arms of your spouses and the scene could not be any perfect. After so long, the five of you were finally together again, safe and sound, and it was all one in your position could ask for. Your hands drifted to the soft fabric of your comforter, the flamboyant yet soothing patterns of your now finished masterpiece draped over your waist-.
A gasp of surprise left you as your observations intertwined with reality, taking hold of your handiwork. “The comforter!”
“Nao-san and Nana-san showed it to us a few days after we brought you here.” Hinatsuru gave you a smile of loving fondness, sadness dwelling in your body language. “Ayame-san and the others assisted us in finishing it in time for our anniversary, just like you wanted.”
In awe, you drift your fingers across the plush and soothing landscape of the blanket, tears brimming in your eyes at seeing your masterpiece finished. So many days of toiling away at it, fingers pricked and frustrations rising, you had put your heart and soul into this piece.
“You-you used the fabrics Ayame-san gave me! How did you find them?!” Your gaze snapped to your spouses’ faces, differing facial expressions on each of their faces.
Suma, in her excitement to answer, pressed down on Makio’s head with a cry, suffocating the other kunoichi against the fabric of the comforter as she steadily thrummed with annoyance. “Oh, I found it when we were looking for you! Tengen-sama had Ayame-san hold it to keep it safe!”
“She and the others told us just how long you've been working on this little project of yours, so we decided to add our own blood, sweat, and tears.” Tengen wore a prideful smirk on his painted face, playfulness in those vibrant lakes of fuchsia. “What’s a comforter meant for covering all of us if we don’t all pitch in our own flashy styles and flamboyant efforts?”
The comforter swamped you, spilling over both sides of your bed in a sea of color and designs, clashing against one another perfectly. There were five sections, one for each of you, and any person could easily identify which one belonged to, if they knew the group of you of course.
Suma’s section started off the comforter all the way on the far left end, backdrop blue as the summer sky and white lilies daintily decorating the edges of the soft pink borders of the fabric. Alabaster clouds decorated the center, having been added with tender care and a smile on your painted lips as you worked to ensure they had been the exact shapes of that precious day. It served to tell the story of your and Suma’s first moment of bonding, snowy figures of a rabbit, bird, and onigiri resting against the sky’s surface. Suma had been the most timid when it came to your admittance into their marriage, not having nerves of there being a fourth wife but rather one she didn’t know or had least met in passing during her childhood. The two of you danced around each other for nearly two weeks before the teary kunoichi caught you cloud watching one cool winter afternoon, anxiously playing with her fingers as she asked you what figures you were seeing. Just as nervous, you had chosen to play along, pointing shyly to the cloud shaped like a rabbit, timid and well practiced polite smile in place, and everything seemed to fall in place from there, laughter breaking out between the pair of you as you cloud watched the day away.
Makio’s piece was attached to the right of Suma’s section, its borders a dark brown like a picture frame and the interior a reddish peony color. Small patches of light brown littered the bottom of the pinkish-red landscape, accompanied by tall stalks of alluring and healthy stalks of sunflowers standing within a field. Bonding with Makio at the beginning of your marriage was probably one of the most nerve-wracking moments in your entire existence; the kunoichi, first of all, hadn't been pleased with your arrival, shouting at Tengen for what seemed like hours as the man simply watched her in uncertain silence. She refused to spend time with you, to talk to you even without a stern glare and a biting tone, and you were left uncomfortable and unsure whether the two of you would ever get along, your relationships with others already taking root. It wasn’t until summer that Makio finally warmed up to you, her harsh attitude thawing with the hot weather one day as you weaved new baskets for the Demon Slayers Corps. near the sunflower patch you had planted a few months before. You hadn’t even noticed the woman’s presence until she demanded to know what you were, effectively scaring you half to death as you jumped in fright, tripping over the small stool you had been perched on. Much to your surprise, Makio caught you midfall, eyes wide in worry as she held you firmly in her muscled arms, a sunflower coming to rest on your head at the angle she was holding you at. She had awkwardly apologized after, worrying whether you were alright, and all you could do in that moment was cut off the sunflower you had touched during the incident and present it to her with a shy smile, telling her there were no hard feelings.
In the middle of the comforter sat Tengen’s part, the background a lively and bright magenta with flowers whose petals were as golden as the sun and its stem a forest green, symbolizing the yellow camellias your husband had gifted you with when you first arrived at the estate. You had been missing your mother’s camellias terribly, yearning to see them again, and the Sound Hashira came to you a few days later after you had informed him of your plight, a camellia bush in tow. It had been one of the first times you felt love for your husband, cheeks rosy with surprised shyness and voice failing you as tears poured down your cheeks, fingers tracing the soft petals of the camellias. In thanks, you planted the camellias within sight of your shared bedroom’s door and added others colors that symbolized your four spouses, wanting to show the Hashira that you considered the estate home with the ex-shinobi and ex-kunoichi. The man had given you one of his brightest smiles when you showed him the small camellia garden the next day, praising you for your color choices with a booming voice.
Hinatsuru’s piece was settled to the right of Suma’s, various shades of purple swirling to the center where the black outline of a tall and well endowed sakura tree stood, sakuras raining down onto the ocean of lavender, lilac, and violet currents. The most composed of the three kunoichi had been the first to break through your walls upon your arrival to the Uzui estate, Hinatsuru greeting with a kind and knowing smile, taking your tender hand in her callously worn one. She had been the first to learn of your love for plant life, treating you to walks around the estate and beyond, in turn introducing you to the butterfly girls as you toured the Butterfly Estate. The girls had been so excited to show you the collection of flower petals they had collected in the past spring season, talking over one another as they presented you and Hinatsuru with the dried and pressed petals with prideful glee. When they came to the page holding a sakura flower, you were in quiet awe, so excited to see one out of season that it had you rambling off with fun facts as the four others in the room listened in with shocked attention. Your serene wife eventually led you away from the girls off the grounds of the Butterfly Estate and just as the two of you reached the gateway of your own shared home, the woman placed a grounding but gentle hand on your shoulder, stooping you in your tracks. Much to your delight, as you turned to look at her, you saw the sakura blossom you had been admiring earlier resting in her palms, an eager grin on her beautiful face. Ever since that day, whenever sakura season came around, the two of you would gather a few here and there and press them in a notebook Tengen had happily provided you for the activity.
Finally, at the far right end was the part you had left unfinished when you left for the village so many days ago. You nearly sobbed at the sight of it, scrambling to bring the soft fabric fully into view with shaking hands and teary eyes, heart racing a mile a second. There, on top of a beautiful collage of the scrap pieces you had chosen at Ayame-san’s, was a sparkling cutout of a spider lily, the flower you had come to love during your time at the estate. It signified so many things, love, dedication, and loyalty, a flower that Oyakata-sama himself gifted you the first time you had the honor of meeting him and his wonderful family. Tengen had informed at some point in the first year of your marriage of your love to work within a garden and in the outdoors and the man had been quite insistent on gifting the treasured plant to you much to your awe. Most importantly, it worked as a symbol of your marriage, red as passion and resilient as your love for one another. The love you would cherish for the rest of your waking days.
“I-I don’t know what to say.” A knot of emotion grew in your throat as your heart poured with love, clutching the precious comforter to your chest. “It-it’s so beautiful!”
“We were so afraid you weren’t gonna like it!”
Suma was shoved away by a seething Makio, the more brazen of the two women promptly moving to hit the sobbing kunoichi with a shout. “Don’t tell her stuff like that you idiot!”
“You didn’t leave behind any hints at what you had planned so we chose to improvise.” Hinatsuru came to settle beside you with a fond smile on her face, stealing your right hand from the comforter and gently intertwining her fingers with yours.
Tengen brushed aside a few stray locks in your field of vision, voice so tender and full of admiration that it had you blushing like a fool. “It was the least we could do, considering you did most of the hard work for us, spirit flower. This has to be the most stylish piece of bedding I’ve ever seen! Others will be jealous of it if they could see it!”
You hid your burning face in your palms with an embarrassed squeak, praying that they would stop with all the heartfelt compliments.
The three wives laughed at your reaction, Hinatsuru squeezing your hand in all fairness as they laughed.
“Now, now ladies, enough of that.” Tree trunks arms of muscle wrapped around you, pulling you away from the kunoichi and smushing you carefully against Tengen’s boulder of a chest in a protective cradle. “Leave our little spirit flower alone. Can’t you see how flustered she is?”
Playful pools of fuchsia met your (e/c) ones, your husband planting a loving kiss on your forehead. “I apologize, my flamboyant rose, our girls can be quite a handful when they haven’t had the loving touch of their wife for as long as they have.”
Squealing in total and utter embarrassment, you shoved your face into Tengen’s neck with a pitiful whine. “TENGEN!”
“Well, I can see that you’re alive and well, Y/N-san.”
Your blush only grew worse as Shinobu-san’s voice echoed from the bedroom doorway, slathered in playful mockery.
“Tengen-san, if you would put my patient down before she dies of complete embarrassment, that would be much appreciated!”
The man did as she ordered, carefully settling you once again in his lap. “We were just merely teasing her, that’s all, Shinobu-san. No harm, no foul.”
“I’ll be the judge of that.” The Insect Hashira set her sights onto your small form, a kind smile perched on her lips. “It’s good to see you awake Y/N-san! I won’t sugarcoat things, you had all of us worried there for a while. You’re quite lucky to be alive right now.”
“I’m sorry to have worried you all so much, please forgive me. I should have been stronger-” Doing your best to give the older woman a bow of repentance, your messy hair fell in a curtain over your eyes and face full of shame.
Large and calloused fingers came to cup your chin mid sentence, once again forcing you to look at your husband whose playful looks had been replaced with serious ones as he effectively cut you off. He never broke eye contact as he spoke, stern and unyielding as the trees of the forests. “Enough of that unrighteous and hideous trash talk. I don’t want to hear you down talking of yourself like that anymore. Do you understand?”
Ever the obedient and submissive individual, you gave a nod of affirmation, fresh blush growing on your cheeks. “Yes, husband.”
Shinobu-san seemed to have shown the display, shooting you a comforting grin as she crossed her arms over her small chest. “I’m glad someone is able to talk some sense into you, Y/N-san. What you went through isn’t easy, especially due to your lack of training. Few civilians escape from such a crafty demon like you did.”
You began to tremble at the mention of that monster, shaking slightly in Tengen’s hold as the wives swiftly surrounded the two of you with kind smiles, Suma tearing up again. “Shinobu-san’s right, Y/N! If it were me, I would have died!”
“You are so trong, and so beautiful.” Hinatsuru wiped away the tears you didn’t realize were falling, violent irises gentle and loving. “We’re so proud of you.”
“That’s right! Not everyone can say their civie wife escaped a high level demon on her own!” Makio chimed, a crazed smirk growing on her face.
“Like I told you before, spirit flower.” Your attention fell upon your husband, soaking in his gentle and caring movements and speech. “All that matters is that you’re alive and well, nothing more, nothing less.”
How did you come to deserve such a loving and devoted husband, let alone three wives as well?
“With all the semantics out of way, I need to examine your partner here, you four.” The Insect Hashira placed her hands impatiently on her hips, stern and meaning business as usual.
Giving the woman a sheepish smile, you curled into Tengen’s chest with a pout. “Can they stay, Shinobu-san, please?”
She let out an impatient sigh at your request, eye twitching in frustration. “Fine, but only one of them can stay; having six people in a small room such as this will only hinder my exam.”
Hinatsuru, ever the leader of your three wives, stood to her feet and placed a hand on Suma and Makio’s shoulders. “We’ll go, Nao-san and the others are properly wondering why we’re not back yet and we don’t want to worry them.”
She gave you a chaste kiss on the lips, soft and loving. “Behave for Shinobu-san.”
Giggling, you relished the feeling of her kiss. “I will, now go!”
Your other two wives, gave you kisses of their own, Makio puffing out her cheeks in firm defiance. “You better take it easy while we’re gone, ya hear me?”
“I promise, ‘Kio.” You pressed your lips against the curve of your right cheek, blushing all the while.
In a flash of movement and limbs, Suma was wrapping her arms around you once more, crying into your stomach. “I wanna stay with Y/N!”
Suma continued to cry as your two other wives began to drag her away, bawling madly against their restraints. “Noooo, I don’t want to go! WAHHHHH!”
Carefully, and with Tengen’s gentle assistance, you leaned forward and kissed her forehead, gifting her with a loving smile of your own. “I’ll see you in just a little bit Suma, I promise.”
The kunoichi continued to cry as Hinatsuru and Makio pulled her towards the door, much to your own distress. It always hurt to see your wife cry, even if she was just being dramatic sometimes.
Just as they came to the doorway, Makio froze, fixing Shinobu-san with a stern glare. “We’re counting on you to take care of our wife, Shinobu-san. Do everything you can to help her.”
All Shinobu-san offered in return was an innocent smile. “I always do.”
With that, the three kunoichi disappeared from view and after a few moments, the wails dissipated, leaving you, Tengen, and Shinobu-san to the task at hand. You settled into your loving husband’s arms, a lazy smile grew on your lips as you basked in all the attention and affection your spouses had been showering you in. As you laid there, you knew without a doubt that all four of them loved you just as much as you loved them and that no matter what, the danger of flamboyant love would always be worth it.
This marks the end of the story, my loves. Thank you for all the support you guys have given me over the past few months, it is greatly appreciated! I do plan on writing more on Tengen and the Wives so don't worry! Love you all and hope you're well!
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