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Demon Slayer Season 2 Ep 7 a summary:
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen // ep 1 ♡
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Tanjiro : What's your life motto ?
Rengoku : Single and ready to mingle !
Giyuu : Bi and ready to die.
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Can we see Uzui having a Tsukugo (she's black) who wears a Hannya mask (which she has never shown to anyone) and Uzui tries to use her ''authority'' to see her face?
Yesh yesh I can do that-
I had to do research wsdfg-
Tumblr media
When he takes you up as a Tsukugo he figured you would take off the mask for training.
Doesn’t happen and now he’s upset because he wants to see dat face!
at least you were polite and respectful towards him and his wives.
His wives loved you actually!
They were so interested about you and your culture!
They love to comb your hair, they think it’s so beautiful!
They always invited you for tea after you trained. 
He anticipated you to take off the mask while drinking tea but N O P E.
You managed to magically drink it without somehow lifting your mask.
His wives didn’t mind, but Uzui did!
He wanted to see what face lingered under the mask before he remembered....
He was your superior! He could just tell you to take it off and you had to!
He couldn’t do now because he would embarrass you in front of his wives-
He didn’t want that!
The next time you were training with him, you were surprised when he stopped the training.
But then he suddenly demanded you take off the mask.
You said no-
and then he said something about not seeing well during training-
It turns into a big argument actually.
You somehow magically manage to face palm so hard- that your mask broke in face.
Leaving a confused you and a shocked Uzui.
He’s starting to feel a bit self conscious about his own looks-
And it hurts his ego.
But you’re mad cause your mask broke and your face his showing!
He’s not, he’s not mad at all!
In fact he’s happy!! 
he may or may not ask you to be his fourth wife a few times
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The Danger of Flamboyant Love (Part 3)
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey everyone! Part 3 is upon us! Sorry it's taken so long to get this up; college is currently kicking my ass and finals are steadily creeping up on me lol. I hope you enjoy this next part of TDoFL! Just guessing at this point with a vague plan in mind, this mini-series will probably be around 4, if not 5 parts! We won't know until it happens!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Warning(s): Low self-esteem, mind manipulation, mentioned child neglect, angst, slight violence, neglect, emotional constipation, non-canon
Springtime at the estate was always one of the busiest parts of the year for you. There were many matters that needed attending to, such as planting the new year’s crops and airing out the house amidst all the spring cleaning that needed to be done within and around it. The task of preparing both the land and your home would have been daunting if not for the kakushi and local villagers offering their time and assistance, something you deeply appreciate. Hinatsuru, Makio, Tengen and Suma did their best in supplying their own efforts between missions, though they usually left a task unfinished more often than not. You took pride in ensuring the estate upheld the flamboyant standards your husband required, adding in little changes along the way of course (not everything needed to be blindingly shiny like the Sound Hashira believed).
Rising before the sun began its ascent into the sky, you would swiftly dressed in your outfit for the day, typically a well worn yukata that could withstand all the hard labor you would endure throughout the day. Much to your servants distress, you would take to the kitchen and prepare a hearty meal for all of those who fell under your employment or command, making enough to feed surprise guests and visiting hashira with large appetites as well. Such behavior was typical in your home, no matter the season, but springtime always demanded you wake at an earlier hour than usual to complete all the tasks that needed done. Once breakfast was made and everyone present was fed, you would tie on an apron and set to work, assisting wherever you could throughout the day, whether it be tending to the garden or sewing new Demon Slayers Corps. uniforms. You enjoyed staying busy and did everything in your power to be; it kept you from pondering too much on the possible dangers your spouses could be facing in that exact moment in some distant location while fighting some horrific demon. While your spouses understood your method of coping and supported it at most times, they worked actively to have you relax when they were home. Each spouse utilized their own method of choice when it came to encouraging you to relax and you often didn’t notice exactly what they were doing until it was too late, much to your chagrin.
“Here are the seeds you wanted, Y/N-sama!”
You took a moment to pause in what you were doing, fresh holes for planting trailing behind you, to see young Hikari standing eagerly before you, a small basket in hand. “Oh, why thank you Hikari-chan! This will save us a trip to the storage shed.”
The girl was the daughter of one of your house servants, Nana, and seeing as how there was no one to watch the child as the woman worked, the six year old often bounced around and assisted wherever she could. It was endearing to see how much time and effort Hikari put into ensuring the estate was at its best, it being something you and your spouses deeply appreciated. As payment for her work, you often gifted the girl and her mother with extra vegetables and fruits or firewood for the colder seasons if they were in need. You never wanted to have any of your workers, kakushi or civilians, go hungry or cold no matter the circumstances and your spouses happily supported such a mindset, much to your delight.
“What do you think you’re doing?! Those holes aren’t even close to being deep enough Suma!”
Hikari’s attention shifted from the basket she was holding to the commotion unfolding just a few yards away, garnering your attention as well. There kneeled Makio and Suma, your two wives presiding over a row of holes that Suma had been working on for the past hour as the women argued.
“Hinatsuru said they were fine, Makio!” Tears were already brimming in Suma’s eyes, the more emotional of the two women set to cry over the argument unfolding before them. “Y/N, Makio’s picking on me!”
Makio scoffed, moving to cross her arms over her chest in defense. “I wouldn’t have to if you did things right the first time, you blockhead!”
Suma’s lips quivered with the high pitched whimper she released, tears threatening to fall, and you rose to your feet, wiping your hands on the apron tied around your waist. “Makio, you know there are better ways to inform others that they are completing something wrong.”
Moving to kneel beside your teary wife, you gently took hold of her hand with a comforting grin. “Here, let me show you, Su’.” You smoothly guided Suma through the needed motions to create the perfect hole, movements firm yet delicate. “If you do this to the other holes you’ve created, they should be all ready for Hikari-chan and I to insert the seeds.”
“O-okay, Y/N!” The crying woman instantly set to work fixing her mistake, leaving you to turn your attention to a pouting Makio. “Would you like to help Suma, Makio?”
The two toned haired woman looked away with heated cheeks, grumbling under her breath. “I guess I can.”
You chuckled at the haughty kunoichi’s antics and leaned over, pressing a light kiss to her cheek. “Thank you for doing this, I know gardening isn’t your favorite.” Her face grew even redder at the loving gesture, Makio going stiff with tension as a squeak of surprise escaped her lips.
“I-it’s nothing! Anything to help lighten your workload!”
Giggling at her expense, you smoothly rose to your feet and reassigned your attention to a patiently waiting Hikari. “Would you like to hold the basket or sow the seeds, Hikari-chan?”
“Oh, oh! I’ll put the seeds in Y/N-sama! Mama says I’m really good at it!” The six year old bounced around giddily as she handed over the basket of seeds and dipped her small hand inside, Hikari giggling all the while.
The two of you, with Makio and Suma’s help of course, set to work and by the eve of the upcoming hour, the rows of seeds tucked away in their individual locations and just in need of a good watering.
Makio set her fists on the bridge of her hips with satisfaction, your loud wife grinning like a mad woman. “With all this, we’ll have more than we’ll ever need!”
“You should say that Makio, you’re going to jinx us!” Suma weepily scolded, tears reappearing at the brim of her eyelids. “Then we won’t have any food for the winter stores!”
“Makio, Suma, Y/N, are you there?” Before the pair could begin to fight once more, the commanding form of a pleased Hinatsuru appeared from beyond the treeline of the garden, a frown on her unblemished face. “I was looking everywhere for all of you.”
Handing the empty basket to Hikari, you looked at the older woman with a soothing smile. “I’m sorry Hina’, planting took longer than anticipated. We’ll be returning to the main house as soon as everything is watered.”
“I’m afraid you and Hikari-chan will have to complete the task by yourselves.” Guilt flashed briefly in her beautiful eyes, her frown only growing deeper. “Kazutaka has informed us that we have a new mission. Tengen is waiting for us by the gates.”
Your heart dropped at the news of your spouses, jealousy and grief curdling angrily within your chest. They had only returned a few days ago, with both Tengen and Makio bearing minor wounds that had only healed a day before. It didn’t help that for the past year or so, missions became more frequent, meaning your spouses rarely were present at the estate and in turn your life. You wanted to cry, to finally put your foot down and say enough is enough, that you wanted them to choose you for once, to stay! Yet, you knew it wasn’t right of you, to ask them to abandon the mission they undertook before you were even a thought in their mind. People were in danger, just as your family and village had been, and if such tragedy could be prevented at your expense, it was a price you were willing to pay.
So you forced yourself to smile and steeled your emotions to the best of your capabilities. “Just give me a moment and I’ll have a pack of food for you all to take. You can’t fight demons on an empty stomach after all! Come along Hikari-chan!”
Makio’s face contorted with guilt as she reached outwards to stop you from leaving. “Y/N-.”
Much to your relief, Hikari cut the woman off, shooting you a toothless grin. “Can I help you pack, Y/N-sama? Please?!”
The two of you passed the three women with skirted ease, you doing your best to ignore them as you began the trek back up to the main house. “Of course you can, maybe you can even add a special treat for Tengen-sama. I think he would most appreciate it!”
“I’ll give him the best treat ever!”
After a short three minute walk, you had reached the kitchen, Hikari releasing your hand as she sped forward into the bustling room.
“Mama, mama, Tengen-sama’s going on another adventure!” Hikari cried out as she raced over to the exasperated form of Nana, passing the other two kitchen hands along the way. “And Y/N-sama says I can help her pack some food for him and Hinatsuru-sama, Makio-sama, and Suma-sama!”
“I see.” Nana turned her steely gaze to you, saddened understanding swimming about in her irises of sky blue. “Would you like any assistance, my lady?”
You gave the young mother a sheepish smile, not wanting to disturb the group of women from their work. “I promise it won’t take too long to prepare, Nana-san, Kiki-san, Nao-san. I simply want to ensure my husband and wives have all they need nutrition wise for their journey.”
Ever since you arrived at the estate, Nana, Kiki, and Nao had been there, always welcoming and willing to teach you everything they knew in the kitchen and outside of it. Nana began to bring Hikari with her a few months into your stay at your insistence, allowing the young girl to be around her mother and for you to dote on a child much like you had done with the village children. The young mother was a close friend of yours and someone you would die for, Nana having become something like an older sister to you. She was the one who comforted you during the times that your spouses’ absence ate away at your heart and Hikari always did her damndest to keep you smiling because “you’re too pretty to frown Y/N-sama”. While Nana and Hikari were like a sister and a niece to you, Kiki and Nao took on different roles in your life. Kiki was nearly a year younger than you and quite the life of the party; the girl never seemed to run out of energy in anything that she did, including the various dates she went on throughout the year. The poor girl never seemed to be satisfied with the men she would go out with, there always being something wrong with the guys.
“He doesn’t have a chivalrous bone in his body Nao-san! He made *me* open the door for *him*! The nerve on that guy!”
“The man kept gnawing away at his fingernails, even during dinner!”
“Taichi-san told me that women are only needed to cook food and raise children! What a backwards minded man, right?!”
Nao was the absolute opposite of Kiki, seeing as how she was near the age of your grandmother and ruled the kitchen with an iron ladle. She herself has been a shinobi, much like your spouses, but Nao had known Tengen since infancy and was his appointed caretaker following the death of his mother in childbirth. Upon Tengen declaring his defection from the clan, Nao had followed them and became their estate keeper when they were away on missions, at least until you arrived. Even with you taking her position at least officially, you allowed Nao full reign on the household and everyone profited off it in the end. Nowadays, one could typically find the older woman puttering about in the kitchen, helping Nana and Kiki wherever she could while delegating tasks that needed completing to the staff and kakushi.
Setting aside the knife she had been using to cut eggplant, Nao wiped her hands on her apron with determination. “There’s no need to apologize, Y/N-sama. Come now, Hikari, since you’re so set on helping. Fetch some rice from the pantry and bring it here!”
As the five of you turned to prepare the pack of food, the door leading into the hallway slid open, revealing a worried looking Hinatsuru and nervously twitching Suma, an irritated Suma bringing up the rear.
Kiki lit up at the sight of your three wives, a large grin forming on her painted lips. “Oh, Hinatsuru-sama, Makio-sama, Suma-sama! What brings you to our humble abode?”
“We were hoping to steal Y/N away for a few moments, if that’s alright with you four.” Everyone looked to you for your reaction and with a prodding nod from both Nao and Nana, you set your apron aside with a smile. “Please excuse me everyone, I will be back to help as soon as I can.”
Nao swiftly came up behind and thrust you towards your wives with that mischievous smirk of hers. “Don’t worry about us, we can handle all this just fine! Go on now.”
In a blur of movements, you found yourself out in the hall and the door slid shut behind you, your wives standing awkwardly just a mere foot away. Anxiety ate at your forced resolve of serenity, the ache in your eyes informing you that crying could be in your near future.
Giving the three women your best smile, which you knew was lousy from the moment your lips turned upwards, you turned your attention to them. “Is everything alright? Does Tengen need anything else prepared?”
Suma hurried forward with a wail, instantly latching herself onto you from behind as a gasp of surprise escaped your lips. “Please don’t be upset with us Y/N! Wahhh!”
“Oh Suma, whatever are you talking about darling?” Your heart ached at the woman’s sobs, arms wrapping comfortingly around Suma in a weak attempt to comfort your weepy wife.
“She’s talking about how sad you get every time we have to leave.” Your (E/C) eyes were met with Makio’s dour appearance, flickers of pain sprinkled throughout her body language. “We know how much it upsets you, watching us leave like we do. It’s hard to ignore when one of your spouses is being hurt by something you do.”
Hinatsuru came to stand at your side, remorse painting her fond features as the kunoichi placed a soothing hand on your shoulder. “What Makio means is, we don’t want to keep leaving you alone as much as we have been and for that we’re sorry, Y/N. Please forgive us.”
In all honesty, you didn’t know what to say at that moment. Yes, it felt rewarding to see that your wives had come to recognize not only the stress and worry they and Tengen were putting you through but apologizing for it left you stunned. On one hand, you felt vindicated and on the other, you felt selfish. Your spouses were simply doing what they had pledged to do, to protect the innocent from those of evil intentions, specifically the demons and those associated with Muzen Kibutsuji, the Demon King himself. They typically never spoke of the horrors they saw outside the walls of the estate, Tengen being quite adamant that you did not need to hear about such non-flamboyant tales from the moment of your arrival. It was something that made you feel uneasy and secluded; slaying demons was a part of their life and if they were unwilling to share such a crucial piece with you, what other things weren’t they telling you? Hinatsuru and Nao argued that your flamboyant husband simply wanted to spare you the gruesome details, but your insecurities took such dismissals and created hurtful scenarios that cut into your confidence not just as a wife but as a confidante as well. For your entire life you had been left in the dark, your father never informing you nor your siblings of what he had up his sleeve, whether it be marriage or boarding schools in the far city. Your gifting to Tengen had been a decision you had no part in, not that you were unhappy in your marriage. All you wanted was to be treated as an equal, like your wives, not some fragile piece of Shiruwan that everyone seemed to view you as.
“I-I’ll be fine, you don’t need to apologize for something like this, honest!” Gently pulling Suma’s crying form from your body, you looked to the three kunoichi with a rapidly beating heart and teary eyes. “You four have a job to do, I shouldn’t be so selfish about this-!”
Hinatsuru gazed at you with a furrowed brow, face contorted in worry. “Selfish? Y/N-.”
“Hinatsuru, Makio, Suma! Are you ready to depart, my beautiful wives? It isn’t flamboyant of us to be late for our own show!”
Much to your horror, a grinning Tengen entered the hallway from the outer sliding door, the Sound Hashira oblivious to what was occurring before him. “Kazutaka informed me that if we leave now, we may be able to arrive at the village before dark. Have you told Y/N-?”
Your hulk of a husband paused mid sentence, eyes narrowing at the scene before him with concern. “What happened?”
Before you could even think of denying anything, Suma slammed herself against Tengen with a wail, arms wrapping as much as they could around the shinobi. “Oh Tengen, it’s awful! We’ve hurt Y/N’s feelings!*hic*!”
Unrelenting pools of fuchsia latched onto your (e/c) ones, Tengen’s lips falling into a frown. You averted your gaze, wrapping your arms around yourself as your chest lit aflame with nervous embarrassment. What a weak fool you were, no wonder Tengen didn’t want you to know about their work life. If he wasn’t convinced inability to remain strong already, you were certain he was now-! As you fought with your demeaning thoughts, you didn’t realize the movement in the corner of your eyes, nor the large hand reaching for your face.
A large, manicured hand gently took hold of your small chin and lifted it upwards, forcing you to return your attention to your ever bodacious husband and you found yourself surprised at seeing the emotion present on his handsome features. Instead of annoyance or anger, much to your shock, his appearance bore comfort and a gentleness Tengen only revealed to those closest to him.
Irises of fuchsia peered into yours with knee shaking fondness, your husband’s thumb dragging itself so gently across the expanse of your chin. “What have we done that brings you such sorrow, my spirited flower? Something unbecoming, perhaps dull or tasteless?”
The tears you had been fighting so hard to contain swiftly formed at the brim of your eyelids, your lips trembling with raw emotion. “I, I-!”
All of your attention fell on the rapidly approaching kakushi, a letter in hand. “It’s an urgent message from Oyakata-sama, my lord! You and the ladies are needed at the location given to you at once!”
Disappointment threatened to fill your lungs at the kakushi’s words, knowing full well that the discussion at hand was effectively pushed aside for another time like always.
Tengen gave the kakushi a look of displeasure, clearly unhappy to be interrupted in such a way. “To intrude on a private conversation is a poor taste of style. We’ll leave once our wife is-.”
“Please, don’t put the mission in jeopardy over my silly feelings!” You pulled away from your spouses, willing away the tears and forcing a weak smile on your face. “There are people that are in need of saving. We can continue this talk at a later time.”
Hinatsuru moved to object, the kunoichi looking at you with confliction. “Y/N-!”
“I’ll be fine Hina’, I promise. Now all of you go and save the world in style, alright?” Your smile grew in authenticity as you vaguely took the moment to admire your four spouses.
Fuchsia eyes growing stern, the Sound Hashira gave in to the demands of the mission at hand. “We’ll be finishing this conversation when we return from dispatching the demon in style, no ifs or buts. Avoiding conflict is an incredibly unflamboyant method of action!”
You nod in agreement, unable to reply with words of your own at the moment, and before you could react, Tengen’s rough lips encased your soft ones, the kiss passionately comforting. After a few moments, the white haired man pulled away. “Take care of yourself. Remember, you first, then others. Got it?”
“I understand.”
Shifting to the side, your husband made room for your wives, Suma smothering you in a warm hug and tears. “I’m going to miss you so much, Y/N!*sob*!”
“Enough with all the tears, ya cry baby! Quit hogging her!” Makio shoved Suma aside with precision, sending her into Tengen’s waiting arms, and turned her attention to you, eyes stern and index finger pointed menacingly towards you. “You stay outta trouble, ya hear? Remember, Nao-san will tell us if anything happens so take care of yourself!”
Your smile grew fond at her words. “I’ll do my best, darling."
Hinatsuru stepped forward, brushing stray locks of (h/c) out of your eyes, cautious warning plastered in all matters of her body language. “If you need anything, inform the kakushi and we’ll be home as soon as we possibly can. We should be gone no longer than a week, potentially less.”
“Let us hope for the best, yes?” You let out a fond chuckle, shifting your gaze to look at all four of them. “Be safe and if you can’t be safe, do be careful. I want to see you all return home alive and well.”
Leading the group, Tengen began to pull away, dragging a sobbing Suma along with him. “We’ll do your best in style as always, my colorful flower!”
Before you knew it, you were watching the four of them venture into the direction of their destination, waving farewell as Hinatsuru and Makio waves back, Tengen faced forward with a crying Suma slung over his shoulder. As you stood there, you felt an unfamiliar feeling of deja vu flood your veins, ice cold and shocking to your senses. Something was wrong, very, very wrong. This, this had already happened, this was a memory! The feeling of ice filling your veins only intensified as your lungs began to constrict and your vision darkened, your mind growing fuzzy and discombobulated with every passing moment. You moved to call out to your spouses and much to your surprise, a devilishly grinning Tatsuya had taken their place.
The man leaned into your narrowing field of sight, his eyes now a sickening hue of green vomit, pupils no longer round but slitted. His teeth were jaggedly sharp and heart stopping, your childhood friend’s body rapidly mutilating before your eyes, honest fear sending your heart into overdrive. “It seems they can’t hear you, Y/N-chan. Nobody can, at least, not after I’m done with you. Now, come to papa!”
A scream of terror ripped its way out of your chest as the Tatsuya-like creature swung its clawed hands at your face and struck your temple, once again forcing you to succumb to the dark waters of the sea of unconsciousness.
If you want to be added to the taglist, please let me know! Also, likes and coments are much appreciated! Much love to you guys!
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hello hello! how're you? TBH YOUR BLOG IS SUCH A VIBE AAA- anyways! i wanna request some hcs of Tengen x male!reader who's shy with affection but also *very* touch-starved! have a nice day!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ author's note. yes i can do that for u!! and tysm c: hope u r doing well, also i feel like this is shitty but lmk i guess jciwsnvcsndcjsd
Tumblr media
‣ i imagine tengen would probably act annoyed at first trying to understand why his male counterpart was putting up an act of shyness if all he wanted was displays of affection through physical touch
‣ "i-i don't know how to tell you what i want!!" he would stammer hiding his face trying to cower away, but tengen would lightly grasp them by the collar before he could make a run for it
‣ tengen would then slip his arms around [name's] waist from behind and make his back collide with tengen's chest which would make him scramble
‣ but tengen would not let go and instead would bask in how cute [name] was when he would finally touch him intimately
‣ "stop trying to get away. i'm giving you what you want, aren't i?" tengen's breath was warm against [name's] cheek and he would finally give in and relax still embarrassed with how handsy tengen was being.
‣ "that's more like it." tengen would say as he sat down and lifted [name] to sit on his lap and which would make him bury his head in tengen's chest.
‣ "you're so embarrassing." name would whine but it sounded muffled against tengen's form.
‣ "shut up and enjoy it." tengen would tease and kiss the top of [name's] head and he would finally let the tension in his body to release as he clung to tengen
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Tumblr media
Animage January issue / December 9th release
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sassysaxsolo · 10 days ago
I absolutely love these lads.
Tumblr media
Honestly, I don't think I can go into enough DETAIL on how much I love them. Every time I see them on my social media feed, I can't stop the on coming smile. Me mammy often wonders why I am still single.
THIS. This is the reason! I don't know what upsets me more. The fact that one of them is dead and the other is married or the fact these men have hired my standards on what I want in a partner.
These guys are the RESPECT WOMEN DUO.
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kinm0kusei · 25 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Uzui Tenge the king of extravagance and parties
photos by- pinterest
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lettersgarden · 6 months ago
The Hashira confessing their love for you on accident
Now that I've finished the manga and cried like a baby it's about time that i wrote about them :)
This are going to be little scenarios/imagines mixed with headcannons. Also this is my first time writting something that aren't hc sorry if it sucks hehe, i only write this for fun so ig it doesn't matter.
Characters mentioned: Sanemi, Giyuu and Tengen.
Gender neutral reader x the hashira // fluff ?
🌬 Sanemi
You have known this man for so long but still have never talked to him. You've always looked up to him and loved seeing him train, his technique is perfect but you are too scared of him to go ask him for some lessons and will be too scared to talk to him until the two of you will be assigned on a mission together.
- That mission is going to be awkward af, and also really long.
- He's obviously not going to talk to you until after a week walking into the destination he has to save your ass after you don't see the demon that's behind you.
- But he's not going to be nice with you at all, he's going to tell you off and then be extremely cruel with you.
" I don't understand why you were assigned this mission, you have only been a pain in the ass who doesnt even know how to hold their katana right, you're too stupid for this. Why don't you go back to your home so I can do my job without getting distracted by you"
And that's exactly what you're going to do, not even bothering to answer his little monologue. Once you start walking the opposite way you were coming from you'll feel someone grabbing you by the arm and making you face him and pulling you closer and without realizing you feel Sanemi's lips touching yours, just for an instant before he pushes you away a little too hard, leaving you there, confused.
"Sorry about that and for calling you stupid, I actually like you a lot but... shouldn't you be heading home"
🌊 Giyuu
We all now Giyuu is not specially known for his social skills or having a lot of friends, but somehow he did have one friend, and obviously it was you. Just because you were friends it doesn't mean he was talkative he indeed did not say a word whenever you were with him, but it was okay because you both enjoyed each others company and didn't really need to say anything when you were together.
- He loves listening to you talk, even though at first you thought he never listened to you because he is too awkward to look at people in the eyes when they talk.
- His favorite place to be at is the river cause he is the water hashira yk so you often hang out there where he comfortably sits on a rock while he watches you jumping through the other rocks, trying not to fall.
One day while you two were coming back from the river you told Giyu that you were leaving on a mission for a couple weeks which he responded with a saddened look he had never given before.
"Why are you reacting like this? You know I always come back"
"I know, I'm just scared some day you won't"
"Aww, I know you love me Giyuu, but there's no need to worry"
" Yes, actually I do love you, but I don't know how to tell you" he whispered
You looked surprised at him because you had, indeed, heard what he said and once he realised he blushed and nervously said goodbye trying not to run too fast when he left.
🔊 Tengen
- If he likes you, he probably straight up tell you that he likes you, so it's not really going to be an accident but probably in the most inappropiate moment you can imagine...
Tengen may look like a player since he has not one but three wives but he does know how to treat women right and you have always loved that about him. You both have been in a couple missions together, and he has always made you feel comfortable and respected.
Even though he is your superior, he never treats you like it, unless during fights where he tells you what to do when he sees you are in trouble.
-He likes talking to you whenever you both are off duty and somehow you two always end up seeing each other no matter how far away you might think you are from his house or yours.
For example when you went to visit your family and he was in the same village as you, apparently buying something for his wife Suma, or the time you went to the Swordsmith Village to get your katana fixed and there he was.
But the second time you had to go there you didn't actually think he would be there too right, so you went for a bath not even imagining that he would appear ten minutes latter and getting inside the thermal bath* with you.
"What a big coincidence, right? I think this is a sign for me to tell you that I like you" ...
⚠ MITSURI, SHINOBU AND KYOJURO coming up next week!!! ⚠
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luv-ayanami · a month ago
Tengen Uzui icons
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mizurei · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen // ep 2 ♡
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mimines · 20 days ago
Zenitsu, looking through his closet : Hey what should I change into ?
Aoi, from across the hall and beyond two doors : A better person.
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o3o-aya · a month ago
hello, love your works!! they’re so good and I always binge them at 2 am lol. I was wondering if you could do a tengen x gn reader x wives?
so I always see tengen x reader x wives where reader is treated super delicately and like something fragile because they think they are, but I just wanna see the reader proving them wrong.
the reader doesn’t mind it too much, sure it can get annoying but they’re just being “normal” spouses!
but then one day they all go out to a field/forest or something and they’re all just chilling making flower crowns n stuff but suddenly some strong (not really in the twelve kizuki though, just strong enough to be a bit of a hassle) demon attacks and before anyone can react, the reader just kills it? (With the sun ofc)
they’re like “ez” and tengen + the wives are just “????”
they always knew reader was a quick learner or was just a bit.. special, but they never knew that they could kill a demon?
ok yea um thank you for blessing us with your amazing works okay byeeee-
Awwww.. That's so sweet!! You're gonna make me cry!!!
I will protect you with my L I F E-
Tumblr media
Of course Tengen likes treating you so delicately! 
You’re his precious little wife and he loved that about you!
It just boosts his ego honestly.
He just wants to keep you safe and loved.... And give you his phat co-
He loves you! And that’s all you have to know. He just needs you to be safe and wait for him at home.
But you hate it, you just want to be your own person but you can’t do that while you’re being smothered by your husband and your sister wives.
You came from a family of slayers, so you knew how to deal with demons. You weren’t skilled with the blade but you knew your way around hand to hand combat.
Not much but enough to protect yourself with.
When he leaves, you manage to slip your way through your sister wives’ fingers. Even if it was difficult to do so, it was always worth it.
Uzui just loved you and the others so much he couldn’t stand the idea of something happening to you!!
So when he came back and you were... How you say.. “Missing”.... He was not happy.
He was panicking and he was angry at once!
How did you even leave so easily!?
Clever girl...
You had managed to escape your sister wives and went on your way to this beautiful and amazing field. And at night so less!
You knew the dangers.... But it was just so beautiful at night time that you just couldn’t resist looking up at the stars! 
Your mother used to take you outside to look out at the stars whenever she came back from her missions. She died when you were in your early teen years.
You’ve kept up the tradition in memory of your mother and one day you hoped to pass it down to your children as well!
You hummed softly as you sat against a forest tree and relaxed as you smiled.
“The stars are bright out today mother...” You whispered as you smiled before you paused as you heard noises.
You sat up and furrowed your brow as you looked around before you shrugged it off and went back to looking up at the stars.
You were actually close to falling asleep before you felt someone holding you down.
Your eyes widened as you looked up.
On top of you... Was a recently turned demon.
You could tell by the appearance, their clothes were intact and they still looked human.
Well... They still had veins popping out of their forehead, their eyes bloodshot, and baring their fangs.
You struggled against him as you whimpered a bit.
Out of all the nights... Today was the night you would get eaten!?
But you paused... You looked over... The sun was rising. 
But you were still in this forest... The field was close by...
You cried out in pain as they dug their fangs into your shoulders.
“Y/N!” You heard a voice call out.
Your eyes widened... It was your husband.. You could hear other footsteps... You presumed your sister wives.
You looked over as you blinked. The sun... It was rising.
You narrowed your eyes, and used all your strength before you kicked the demon off.
You panted as you grabbed your shoulder while watching as the demon died from da sun. 
“What...” Uzui said as he watched before he turned his gaze to look at you with shocked eyes.
“Y/N-Chan!” Suma cried out as she hugged you tightly.
“She’s injured!” Makio said as she examined you.
“Y/N! You killed a demon!!” Uzui said he grabbed you.
“Yeah... Yeah I killed a demon...” You said softly before you smiled. “I did!”
Uzui paused before he shook his head. 
“Let’s get you checked out...” Hinatsuru said as she helped you up.
Yeah... Uzui knew you could defend yourself, but he wasn’t taking any chances!
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sjhanny2000 · 27 days ago
The Danger of Flamboyant Love (Part 4)
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey everyone! Part 4 is here just in the nick of time! Sorry it's taken so long to get this up; between finals and moving back home for break, it's been extremely hard to write. It doesn't help that this part was probably the darkest thing I've written in a very long time. Anywho, I hope you all enjoy TDoFL Part 4 and thanks for all the follows, hearts, comments, and more! Love you guys!
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Warning(s): Low self-esteem, mind manipulation, mentioned child neglect, angst, slight violence, neglect, emotional constipation, non-canon, sexual assualt, rape/non-con, minor character death mentioned
18+, minors DO NOT READ!
Cold, so cold.
“Y/N, wake up!”
Everything is so cold. So tired.
“You need to wake up!”
Too tired, too cold. Sleep.
As if someone doused your person with molten hot lava at the shout of your name, you awoke with a start, the chills coursing through your body ebbing away in a flash of relief. Your vision was blurred as you looked about, disoriented and unsure of where you were. The feeling of someone watching you began to dig under your skin as you lethargically blinked away the exhaustion still present in your eyes, something restricting your hands from doing so. Suddenly, you could see you were in a stone walled room, varying crates and metal vats scattered throughout, the stench of brewing alcohol and something peculiar attacking your nostrils mercilessly. Looking about with a clearer mind, you quickly noticed there was a tugging to your shoulders, your ligaments seeming to be aching from extended use as if you had been carrying baskets of heavy items around the estate recently. You took notice as your consciousness solidified that you had a pounding headache, the throb feeling as someone was repeatedly smashing a hammer into your already sensitive cranium.
Your body cried out in agony at your attempts to move, muscles in your torso screaming bloody murder especially. Still, you pressed yourself to gaze upwards, to see why your arms appeared to be restricted by some kind of force, and the moment your (e/c) eyes made took in the sight of your limbs not only being bound in rope but suspending from the ceiling by a menacing hook, you knew something was terribly wrong. Panic flooded your chilled veins, desperation following swiftly as you wriggled in your restraints, and with a muffled cry, you came to discover your mouth properly gagged.
Where am I?! What’s going on?!
“Are you awake my darling?”
Attention snapping away from your fruitless struggle, you found yourself looking at the gruesome visage of a demon, the once human materializing just a few feet from your position. Recognition slammed into your mind like a sledgehammer, memories flooding your conscious with thick tears of terror brimming your eyes.
Giving your cruel, mischievous grin, the demon, or Tatsuya you didn’t know anymore, slunk forward with intent. “I was beginning to worry that I struck you far too hard, my sweet. Dead human meat is never fun to play with.”
“And what a joy you have been to play with! I must say, those dear spouses of yours must have been quite pleased to call you their lover. Such a beautiful form, so juicy and flavorful.” It reached out a talon claw and much to your utter distaste, came to stroke your face with a faked fondness, teeth sharp and bloody as it licked its cracked lips.
The talon trailed down your throat, a hot pain flashing across your skin at the claw digging into the flesh and you couldn’t hold back the scream that demanded to be freed at the action. Something wet and sticky followed the appendage, the scent of copper temporarily overwhelming your senses as tears sped down your gagged face, cheeks aching at the strain.
“Oh, what a delicious sight, my darling. All tied up and at my mercy. To see your blood run just sends shivers down my spine!”
Before you could even react, the demon leaned inwards and ran its tongue up the expanse of your neck, the slime of its saliva licking away the blood seeping from the cut they made into your skin. You did your best to pull away, to make them stop, but it proved fruitless. Your body was in no state to fight, far too weak from blood loss and lack of food.
How long have I been here?
They pulled away with the smacking of their lips, your blood smeared across their face and teeth. “Sweet as dango, just as I expected! I haven’t had a treat like you in so long, especially with that pesky husband of yours keeping me on my toes lately!”
The mention of Tengen had you snapping to attention, the demon chuckling at your response. “Oh dear, don’t get too hopeful there! Your lovely spouses haven’t the slightest idea that I have you at my mercy. No, you’re going to be the card up my sleeve if they do stumble upon my humble lair, my little secret weapon!”
“Until they do though, I’m going to make sure I taste every shred of your gorgeous body.” Desperate whimpers escaped through your gag as you felt their claws come to fondle your breasts through the fabric of your dirtied kimono, strands of hair further falling free from its hold atop your head. “Oh listen to those precious little noises you make! I have to say, your friend was just as vocal as you are my pet!”
As if it could read your thoughts, the demon let out a menacing chuckle. “Such a handsome man, chiseled and outspoken. He was such a delicious tall drink of water. A shame I let my gluttony takeover.”
Fresh tears spilled down your cheeks, knowing that your friend was dead, murdered at the hands of this demonic monster. His family would never have closure, forever to be left wondering of their son’s last moments in this world. You prayed his death had been quick and painless.
“Enough sentiments. Let’s take a look at what you’re hiding beneath this kimono of yours, shall we?”
Screams of protest ripped their way out of your chest as knife sharp talons cut down the front of your clothing, slicing away the fabric like a boat sailing through calm waters, a gust of frosty air assaulting your rapidly chilling body.
You were left to hang in the remnants of your shredded kimono, body exposed to the world around with only your undergarments maintaining the only remaining shreds of your soiled dignity.
“Oh! Such untainted skin! What perfection!” The demon leaned inward, cold talons running down the expanse of your exposed stomach, sending shivers down your spine.
“I wonder, have these pesky lovers of yours worshiped your body like it should be?” Their slimy tongue traveled down the goosebump covered skin of your lower torso, leaving behind a trail of acidic moisture that seemed to burn into your flesh like a lit match. “I’ve seen how they’ve neglected you, choosing to kill my brethren over loving a beauty such as you. What a damn shame. Do you think they’ll take note of your absence before it’s too late?”
Guilt and uncertainty engulfed your body, mind at war with your heart. Did they know you were missing? If you were gone, Nao or someone must have sent word to them! Yet, they often were unreachable while on the hunt for demons, making any attempts your servants made useless. They weren’t going to find you in time. Tengen, Makio, Suma, Hinatsuru, so busy in ensuring the world was a safer place, wouldn’t be able to save you in your moment of need. The thought made your stomach curdle, jealousy and anger gnawing at the depths of your soul.
Laughing at your expense, the demon’s claws drifted down to the curve of your unclothed hips, talons digging into the dimples of your back without a care in the world. “I’ve seen your memories my dear, I’ve feasted on your sadness and loneliness. They will always place you second to the mission set before them! To think you are more than a lowly concubine is laughable!”
You could feel streams of fresh, warm blood trickling down the pain of your lower back and thighs, sobs thrashing madly against the gag in your mouth, begging to be freed and heard by someone who would save you. The demon’s words were as sharp and calculating, striking every internal weakness and insecurity dwelling in your already fading person, clearly taking joy in tormenting you so. Yet, you knew there was some truth to their words. Kami, how much you hated that to be true. All you were was a play thing to your loves, something to pick up when bored. Did they ever truly love you?
“Yes, my darling. Let me break free from their hold. You will be my one and only priority. You and me against the world, feasting on tasty humans to our heart’s content!” Vomit green irises burned into your battered skin, grin growing more manic and greedy with every second as they leaned inward, canines growing in length.
To be someone’s first priority? You would no longer be left waiting, wondering if your spouses were going to return to you, that you were enough for them. They could leave free of the burden that had been placed on their shoulders nearly three years ago and you would be with someone that wanted you from the start. It felt so right to be this demon you were so afraid, why? This was not Tatsuya, this thing ate people! Yet, your body was leaning into their touch, your mind growing foggy and limbs going limped as the demon’s hold on your hips loosened , slipping further downwards to the band of your underwear. The demon made quick work with it, slicing the garment away with ease, and somewhere deep within yourself, past the steadily growing fog swallowing your resolve, a small voice let out a scream of terrified defiance. Gravel like lips suckled hungrily onto your neckline, canines dragging playfully in warning against the tender and bloodied flesh, and all you could do was hang there, mind cloud and body unresponsive.
A weak, faint whisper echoed from deep within the recesses of your muddled thoughts, so familiar yet so far. You sleepily closed your eyes in exhaustion, the feeling of the demon’s touch hardly present nor garnering your attention.
“So this is where you’ve been hiding.”
Tiredly, you forced your eyes open once again and much to your surprise, the dank stone room had been replaced with one of your most favorite places, the mid-afternoon sunlight lighting the small garden of your childhood beautifully.
“Did you have a refreshing nap, my sweet flower?”
At the sound of the honey sweet voice, tears immediately clouded your vision, body trembling as pools of (e/c) made contact with the exact replicas resting within your skull.
A well kept bun sat atop their head just as you remembered, obsidian locks gently softly in the sunlight as they clashed majestically with the porcelain of their skin, elegantly framing their feminine features. They wore a kimono pattern that you knew could only belong to one person, yet it had been over a decade since you last saw it worn in person. Lips trembling in awe and hesitation, you took in the individual sitting before you with hopeful calculation.
The playful grin sitting upon her rose painted lips grew in fondness, (e/c) irises softening with motherly love. “Hello, my darling. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?”
“H-how are you here?” A wave of anxiety washed over you, realization slamming brutally against your muddled thoughts. “A-am I dead?!”
“No, at least not quite yet. This demon seems to be interested in prolonging your suffering, being the cruel creature it is.” Righteous anger bloomed across your mother’s beautiful face, irritated with the reality at hand.
Her attention focused upon you, anger falling away with a small spark of tender love in her pools of (e/c). “My, look how you’ve grown. What a beautiful and strong woman you have become.”
Tears of varying emotions began to fall down your cheeks at her sweet voice, the one you had longed to hear again from the moment it ceased to exist fourteen years ago, and all you could in that moment was launch yourself at your mother with a sob.
“OH!” The woman let out a gasp of surprise at your movement, thin arms coming to wrap around your small person just like she always did in your memories. “Shush, it’s alright, little one. There’s no need for such tears.”
“Why did you have to go, mama? Why?!” You sobbed, chest heaving erratically at the sea of emotions growing within you.
Being so young at the time of her passing, you had never found closure in her death. None of your siblings had, partially due to how your father merely wiped away any remaining evidence of her existence from the house, stating there was no need to dwell on the dead. Anything that once belonged to your mother was gone and all eight of you were left grasping threads of the woman that gave you the little nurture you received as children. Mother with her sweet touches and soft smiles, her nimble fingers tending to wounds and tender lips leaving red kisses of love. Takibi and Tsuna, the eldest siblings out of your siblings by eight years, had been twelve when mother died, with Honoka just having turned nine, and the three did their darndest to keep the memory of your mother alive. Bedtime stories and conversations about the mother were had, with the others occasionally chiming in details they seemed to have forgotten over time. It grew harder to remember your mother as you all grew older and father began to separate the eight of you, thrusting everyone in varying directions with different life plans in mind. Soon, all you could remember was faint passages of her, how she would sing when you or one of your siblings were sad, her honey sweet voice. So much else was gone, never to be recovered from the hungry jaws of mortality.
You slowly came to a calm, eyes burning and chest aching, and your mother simply rubbed your back and waited for you to process the volley of pain and grief assaulting your senses.
Finally, as you quietly sniffled against her, mother spoke with pain of her own. “I promise Y/N, if I had been given the choice, I never would have left any of you. Kami, how awful it was, to know I was abandoning my young children to the care of such a callous and unloving man. I prayed to the Kami, for them to spare me or simply give me more time, to ensure all of you would be well taken care of, but the illness struck without mercy. I was forced to watch my children cry for me as I lay helpless in my sickbed, barely able to keep my eyes open. I wanted to see my children grow into the wonderful adults I know they could be, to be surrounded by a sea of grandchildren that I could call my own. Yet, with all my prayers and wishes, I died and left you all behind. What kind of mother leaves her children so young and helpless?”
What a lie you would be spewing if you didn’t acknowledge that you had similar thoughts, desperate to know why the Kami had forced your mother to leave you so young. So many nights were spent dreaming of a life where your mother hadn’t passed, that she fought your father to keep all of you together, to stop the man from treating you as pawns and more like the scared children you were. The monster had pushed Takibi into service at twelve years old and Tsuna into a loveless marriage soon after. Honoka was married to a lord twice her age of fourteen and had been raped repeatedly in their nearly decade long marriage, surrounded by forced children and poorly hidden depression. Chikao and Chimon were placed into apprenticeships under prestigious businessmen and bureaucrats in far away Tokyo and had yet to be seen again, their letters always being few and far between and drenched with tears and homesickness for years. Your twin brother, Nozomi, was a rare sight, the reluctant shadow of their uncaring father, being groomed to be the perfect heir the man always had been in search for. Then you were cast away, having been seen as a burden and an expense your father had no interest paying, and you had created a stable life for yourself, with loving spouses who treated you as more than a bargaining chip. In the end, no fault could be found in anyone but your father, your mother and all her children, truly innocent and undeserving of what the Kami had dished them.
“Y-you never wanted to leave us with that monster. Anyone can see that clear as day.” Mother looked at you with surprise, painted agape and formed an ‘O’ mid rebuttal. “The woman I remember was too kind and protective of her children to do something so callous.”
Comfortable silence filled the space between the two of you, with you greedily drinking in her comforting presence.
After an unknown amount of time passed, your mother pulled away, sadness in her usually cheerful irises as she tenderly brushed a few stray locks of hair from your eyes. “I wish we had more time to catch up with one another, but I am afraid there are more pressing matters at hand.”
It was in that moment that your mind chose to remind you of why you were able to be with your mother, the horrible face of the demon flashing cruelly across your mind.
Tears immediately formed at the corner of your eyes, salty drops threatening to fall as reality and all its discourse crashed into you without a second thought.
“The demon.” Words no louder than a whisper, you gaze blankly at the flowing grass surrounding your sandaled feet. “It ate Tatsuya-kun, mama. It plans on eating me too.”
“Only if you allow yourself to be so, yes.”
Your attention snapped to the sound of your mother’s words littered with desperate determination, locks of hair falling into your line of vision. “Mama…”
“This demon, he came to devour Tatsuya-kun upon obtaining you. It uses one's body as a puppet, allowing the demon to walk under the sun’s without consequence as they remain in the shadows. A coward at it’s finest.” A scowl of disgust formed on her full lips, eyes fiery with indignation.
One of her hands took hold of yours and gave it a gentle squeeze, garnering your attention with a gasp of surprise.
She paid your reaction no mind, stern in both her speech and body language. “Listen closely, child, for you will only have one chance to do this right.”
“When you awake, you will be in a state of indecency. You will want to scream, to struggle, but you must withhold these feelings and think as logically as possible.” Mother did not remove her gaze from your personage, (e/c) orbs hard and unforgiving as she spoke. “Your main objective is to survive and to do so, you must break free from the restraints and his blood demon art.”
“B-blood demon art?”
You had heard of such a thing in a passing conversation between your husband, Rengoku-sama and Shinazugawa-sama, the three having just returned from a quite extensive mission against a cult of demons to the South.
“I must say, the blood demon art that the earth demon possessed was quite intriguing!” Rengoku-sama shouted from his position between Shinazugawa-sama and Tengen, your husband grinning at his antics. “To be able to manipulate minerals in such a way was a spectacle to see!”
Tengen laughed, clutching onto the cup of sake in his large hand. “Not nearly as flamboyant as your move against that one demon filth! Such a show of awe and flash! It had my blood pumping out of its sheer amazement!”
“Both of you are loud mouth idiots.” Shinazugawa-sama grumbled behind his own cup of sake, fond irritance on his scarred face.
Blood demon art, a fighting technique or ability that demons of higher levels of power possess.
Mother nodded at your answer, her grip on your hand tightening. “Yes, all demons at this level of power possess such abilities. He is able to manipulate one’s mind to do as he pleases; it was how he was able to convince you to return with him, though you knew it would be safer to return to your home.”
Fresh tears began to brim in your eyes at the mention of your home, horror spilling forth from the depths of your subconscious at releasing the possible reality set before you. Your spouses’ faces flashed across your vision, sweet and bitter memories intermixing perfectly in your mind.
Gazing upwards, you found yourself looking into the face of your husband, Tengen’s fuchsia colored irises warm and all encompassing with his calloused hand coming to tenderly cup your cheek. “Always remember, that no matter what, we will always be here to protect you. You did not choose this fight, nor to marry any one of us, yet you serve and love us as if it had been your will all along. Your love is something that can never be replaced or bought, and it is a treasure Makio, Hinatsuru, and Makio will protect until our final breaths.”
Body trembling and eyes wide, you struggled to find any words as your face lit up in shyness. “Husband, I-!”
Rugged lips halted you in your place, capturing your unblemished ones in a hot and passionate kiss of promise and love. You couldn’t stop yourself from melting into his strong and unrelenting touch, leaning into the kiss with passion of your own as tears came to your eyes.
After a few blessed moments of intimate bliss, the man you know called husband pulled away just enough for the tips of your noses to be touching. “I love you, Y/N. Promise me, if you ever find yourself in a drab situation, you will fight with every shred of your exuberant self to come home to us, to me.”
A few rogue tears cascaded wetly down your cheeks, voice quiet but firm. “I promise.”
“That’s the fiery spirit I know!” He gave you one of his blinding smiles and pulled away with an outstretched hand, standing at his full height of 6’6”. “Come now, the others are waiting on us in the bedroom.”
Blush once again heated your cheeks as you nervously placed your tiny hand in his giant one, his appendage swallowing yours with the curl of his fingers and leading you away to your waiting wives. All the while a shy grin of fondness sat upon your lips.
Fingers intertwined with the fabric of your kimono, you gritted your teeth at the ache of pain and longing rousting around in your chest as you slammed your eyes shut in red hot shame. “Tengen, Hinatsuru, Suma, Makio, I’m so sorry! How could I ever doubt how much you love me?!”
The touch of fingers gracing your cheek had you opening your eyes, only to see the glowing persons of your husband and wives gazing down at your kneeling position with varying grins of excitement and playfulness. Your mother was nowhere to be seen and neither was the garden of your childhood, having been replaced with the front gates of the estate. Of your home you shared with them.
Makio, with her arms crossed over her chest, gave you a devilish smirk. “Well Y/N, you said you always wanted to know what it’s like to bring down a demon. You ready to show that bastard what you’re made of?!”
“We believe in you Y/N!” Suma cheered behind her, tears in her gorgeous pools of sapphire. “You can do this!”
“We’ll be with you every step of the way. Stay strong, Y/N, and don’t let your guard down no matter what.” Hinatsuru cautioned from her place to the right of Tengen’s hulking form, concern shining darkly in the depths of her violet eyes.
Tengen came to crouch before you with a genuine smile, beads twinkling around his painted face. “Remember your promise, little flower. Fight with all the gracious flamboyance of your beloved Sound Hashira, alright?”
Behind him, all your wives sighed in defeat, Makio’s face hollow of all emotion but disappointment. “Talk about an ego.”
The Sound Hashira spun around on your wives with blinding speed, letting out a shout of indignation. “I am the god of festivals! How dare you insult me!”
Hinatsuru ignored your dramatic husband, a small smile forming on her beautiful face. “We love you, Y/N.”
A wave of darkness began to overcome the landscape, slowly stealing away your spouses as a cry escaped your lips. “Wait! Don’t go, PLEASE!”
Looking back at you one last time, Tengen gave you a jingling thumbs up of encouragement. “Show that ugly demon you’re the proud wife of Demon Slayers, little spirit! Fight like a great symphony!”
With that, they were swept away and you were left to stand within a sea of darkness, skin crawling with goosebumps and uncertainty eating away at your already faint resolve.
Could you do this? Fight a demon that is? You’re not kunoichi nor Demon Slayer, just a simple housewife! What could you do against a demon as powerful as the one holding your captive?!
“We love you, Y/N.”
Your hands curled into fists at Hinatsuru’s words, heart hardening and tears ceasing to fall. You stood to your feet and bit your lip, steeling yourself for the dire situation ahead of you, and let out a sigh of calm.
With a jerk of your head, you sent your gaze forward, body firm and at the ready, releasing a shout of rage as you pulled your right fist backwards. “You’re a lying bastard!”
Swinging your fist forward, you snarled at the darkness surrounding you and slammed your flesh and bone against the entity. “THEY LOVE ME!”
At the spot where your fist met darkness, small cracks began to appear, spreading outwards as they grew in size and severity until finally, it shattered into a million pieces and a blinding light assaulted your eyes.
Blinking slowly, you groggily came to and found yourself being eye to eye with your captor, horrified shock in those ugly eyes of theirs. “No! How is this possible?! I had you under my spell-!”
You took note of the lack of binding holding you down and nearly froze at seeing a clawed appendage within you, inwardly screaming at the awful sight. Wounds and scraps of all kinds now littered your body, canine punctures where the demon fed slowly oozing blood.
Mother’s voice echoed faintly in the back of your mind at that moment.
“You will want to scream, to struggle, but you must withhold these feelings and think as logically as possible.”
Tears of rage in your eyes, you released a cry as you swung your now unbound fist forward, mercilessly striking the demon across the face. It let out a cry of pain at the hit, stumbling backwards at the force you put into your punch as its claw slipped out of your body, and you didn’t waste a second, struggling to your feet with your heart pounding erratically within you. You swiftly grabbed hold of a nearby pile of crates and pushed with all your might, causing the stack of wood and supplies to fall onto the demon with a desperate cry. The demon cried out once more out of surprise and you took it as your sign to leave, hugging your bleeding side as you hurriedly limped out of the stone walled room, panting heavily from exertion and blood loss. Exiting through the lone doorway on the other side of the room, you found yourself in a large warehouse, more stacks of crates and metal vats decorating the large space much to your frustration. You pushed yourself past the frustration and exhaustion blooming within your body and limped on, hoping to find a door leading out of this cursed place as soon as possible.
“Come here, little beauty! I wasn’t done feasting on your gorgeous body yet!”
Panic froze your veins as you pressed your aching person against a tall mound of crates, doing your best to quiet yourself by covering your mouth with your hand.
You needed to get out of there and you needed to do so now.
Shaking off the terror filling your extremities, you pushed forward and hobbled on, determination bleeding heavily from your racing heart. Tengen, Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru were counting on you; you couldn't give up now!
After a few more turns, you found your target and nearly let out a cry of relief. Ten feet away stood a door, the main street of the village in sight, and for a moment you believed you had gotten away, that you were free.
“Ah, here you are!”
Your body froze at the gravelly voice sounding off no more than a foot behind you, hot breath tickling the shell of your right ear. “Thought you could escape, eh my darling?”
A clawed hand wrapped around your throat, extracting a choke of fear from your lips as you struggled against the demon’s hold, crying out with every bit of your strength. “Help! Me!”
“Shush my sweet, enough of the theatrics!” Their tongue licked against the torn flesh of your left cheek, slimy and stinking of decomposition. “Now, where were we?”
Shame overwhelmed your senses at the demon’s words, tears racing down your bloodied face without abandon.
Tengen, I’m so sorry. I broke my promise.
Succumbing to the demon’s ministrations, you allowed the exhaustion you were experiencing to wash over you, numbing your senses and emotions. You didn’t want to die feeling anything, the demon didn’t deserve the satisfaction of hearing your pain.
As suddenly as the demon appeared, he vanished, his hold on you disappearing and your legs gave way at the sudden need to support your body, gravity sending you falling towards the stone floor below. Behind you, a loud crash echoed throughout the warehouse but you didn’t have the energy to see what caused such a sound, too tired to do anything but fall.
Just before you could hit the floor, a pair of warm and familiar arms caught you, abruptly halting your descent with a cry.
“Stay with me, Y/N! Please!”
Struggling to open your eyes, you blearily gazed at your savior through the slits of your eyelids, vision blurry and unfocused. Within a few moments, the fog began to dissipate and your heart skipped at seeing the face of your wife staring down at you with worried violet eyes.
You couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Hinatsuru, tears trickling from the corners of your eyes. “Hina-tsuru, you, came.”
“Save your strength, Y/N.” Hinatsuru ordered sternly, shifting her hold on you with care, your breaths becoming heavier with exertion.
“Spirit flower.”
A large shadow came over you and your wife as you laid in her arms, and you couldn’t hold back the sobs in your throat at seeing the frowning visage of your husband, concern present in those fuchsia irises of his.
“Tengen, I’m so sorry-!” You found yourself silenced by a large finger pressing against your battered lips, Tengen gazing at you with a stern look.
“Enough of that now. Apologizing when it's not needed isn’t very flamboyant for a wife of the Sound Hashira.” His voice was calming, rumbling within his massive chest, and the hashira turned his attention to a tense Hinatsuru. “Get her as far as possible from here. I’m going to slaughter that hideous creature.”
“Yes Lord Tengen!”
He looked back to you with a frown, wiping away the tears from your eyes. “You’re not allowed to die, Sound Hashira’s orders. Alright?”
You couldn’t manage to find the strength to nod so you did your best to reply, body aching as Hinatsuru stood with you in her arms bridal style. “Ye-es, husband.”
“Good. Now go.”
Hinatsuru quickly did as she was told and sprinted out the warehouse door with you in tow. Your vision began to fade as the two of you hurried down the village streets, body numb and mind growing foggier by the moment. “Hina’, so tired.”
“You have to stay awake, Y/N. You promised our husband, remember?!”
Tengen looked back to you with a frown, wiping away the tears from your eyes. “You’re not allowed to die, Sound Hashira’s orders. Alright?”
Tearfully, you felt your consciousness slip through your fingers. “Sorry…”
“Y/N?! Y/N!”
With her shout of horror, you fell away from the world of the living.
Part 5 is in the making.
Comments, likes, and more are always welcomed! See ya soon!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wrong number [tengen]
warnings » talking to strangers? kdngklrndkg
word count » 3k
categories » f/m
relationships » college student!tengen uzui x college student!reader
characters » tengen uzui, reader
author’s note » hello, i hope you enjoy this i got kinda carried away lol also dont talk to strangers jofljgewng
Tumblr media
You were gonna do it. You were finally going to have the guts to call your crush and confess to him. It had been quite some time since you had a crush on him and you wanted to just tell him because it was literally going to drive you insane. The adrenaline surged through you as you dialed his number on your phone and it rung only a few times before you heard it pick up and you were talking at lightning speed.
"Hi, I know this is super sudden but I just want to--no I need to tell you something that's been on my mind for what feels like ages. It's been driving me insane and I--I really, really like you. I just can't ever stop thinking about you and I feel like it's gotten to the point where it was only appropriate to tell you. Sorry, I know that was a lot but I hope you feel the same way..." Your voice trailed off after a whirlwind of emotions were poured over the phone. A huge sigh of relief escaped your lips as you felt the weight lift from off your shoulders. There, now he can either hang up in your face or reply awkwardly. Either way, you would have your answer and you didn't need to worry about any lingering feelings.
"Hm, well I'm super flattered...but who is this exactly? You sound pretty cute." Your jaw dropped, not because of the fact that they called you cute, but the voice on the other side of the phone was not your crush. You looked at your phone again to see that you had, in fact, dialed one number off.
"Hm, well I'm super flattered...but who is this exactly? You sound pretty cute." Your jaw dropped, not because of the fact that they called you cute, but the voice on the other side of the phone was not your crush. You looked at your phone again to see that you had, in fact, dialed one number off.
"Goddammit." You muttered as you smacked your head. "I am such an idiot."
You were so focused on your sheer stupidity that you didn't notice the voice on the other side of the phone chuckled on amusement. "So, I take it you dialed the number wrong?"
"Unfortunately, yes I did. I am so, so, so sorry." You sighed and smacked your face lightly in frustration. "Please, forget about this and have a good night."
Your finger went to hit the end button but the stranger's voice on the other side halted your actions.
"Well, wait a second." He laughed again. Damn, his voice was pretty attractive. "Who was the person you were trying to tell you liked?
A small smile formed on your lips. At least he wasn't a dickhead. "This guy I've liked since started my bio class in the fall. I thought that if I just told him over the phone it would be less awkward? I don't know. I know it's dumb--"
"I don't think it's dumb." He interrupted your rambling.
"Well, thanks."
"Just...kinda cowardly." He finished. Hm, maybe you take back the part back about him not being a dickhead.
You rolled your eyes. "Wow, thanks." You voice sarcastically which caused him to laugh again.
"Well, hold on. I wasn't done yet."
"Oh, please go on."
"I can definitely appreciate the fact that you chose to tell the guy. It's a step up from texting which is lame. But, I would definitely appreciate it even more if she had the guts to tell me in person." He finished.
You let out another sigh. "Hm, well, now I am definitely not going to tell him."
"Why not? You seemed to be totally into this guy."
"I just think this is a sign that it's not meant to be. I mean for fucks sake I just dialed the wrong number and confessed to a stranger. It is clearly not in the stars."
"Was there any particular reason that you wanted to tell him so suddenly?"
You hadn't really thought about it. You just felt an urge to get it off your chest nothing more nothing less. But the more you thought about it, the more you started to ick yourself out. I mean, your crush, he wasn't really that special. He was just a dude who shared answers with you and almost always blew you off when you asked for one-on-one study sessions at your college's library. Actually, now that you think about it even more. He was always flirting with that one blonde girl behind you in class--
His voice brought you out of your inner monologue. "Yeah, my bad. I was just thinking about--"
"How you really don't like him that much?"
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
Now, it was his turn to sigh. "Trust me. I know these things all too well. It's a good thing that this happened. You know, calling the wrong number and confessing your feelings to a stranger." He was totally teasing you right not.
"Are you going to get to the part where you say something useful?"
He laughed a little more louder this time. "Ohoho, okay. A little impatient, are we?"
"I'm going to hang up."
"Nooo, wait."
You couldn't help the way your lips were curling into a smile.
"I was gonna say, you probably just a had a moment of clarity. One where things line up and you're able to see the situation for what it really is instead of being delirious. You weren't caught up in an illusion and you let yourself see it for what it really is. That maybe he wasn't really that into you and you weren't that into him and you saved yourself the dejection. So just relax and pat yourself on the back."
Never has a stranger ever left you so speechless. He was so right. You definitely did save yourself the rejection from an ain't shit guy that would definitely be a blow to your ego.
"Thank you. I really don't know how I got so caught up in this guy. It's kind of embarrassing really."
"Nah, you're alright. After all, you did just confess to a stranger so how bad could it really be?"
You laughed and than felt your shoulder that were previously so tense relax against as you laid against your bed. You felt yourself starting to wonder who the voice behind the phone was.
"You know, I'm a little curious." You began as you took a sip of water from the glass on your nightstandand you heard him hum in acknowlegement.
"I bet your itching to see what flamboyant, sexy face is behind this flamboyant, sexy voice is, right?"
You choked on your water and he chuckled at you. "Flamboyant?"
"Yes, flamboyant and sexy. Two things I very much am." And he sounded confident too.
"Hm, well, now you've got my attention, so send a pic." You were playing a pretty dangerous game right now, but your ex-crush was no longer the center of your attention and why not have some fun? You could just block him if he turned out to be a total creep.
"Mmm, okay. Check your phone."
You bit your lip in apprehension as you unlocked your phone to check your new message, but you wasted no time looking at it. Your jaw dropped as you looked at the image in front of you.
"There is no way this is you."
"That's me definitely me, sweetheart." The tone of his voice now completely changed. It was low and sultry and it was definitely enough to make your hands clammy.
"If this is you then you should definitely be a model, but there is just no way." You gulped as you couldn't take your eyes off of the picture he sent. The man in the image seemed to be around your age and he was, well, totally hot. His silver hair brushed over his shoulders and framed his beautifully structured face. Deep, ruby eyes that made you melt and those lips. There was just no fucking way.
"Well, I was offered a contract but I'm in school right now. I wanna focus on my degree first."
"Uh huh." Was all you could muster up as you zoomed into his face trying to find any indiscrepancies in the image and then saved it to your camera roll as you began to open google to reverse image it.
He seemed to be very amused with your disbelief. "Do you want me to facetime or zoom you to prove it?"
Your heart stopped in your chest as you not only heard his words, but found quite a few matches to this image. Modeling portfolios, social medias, blogs, articles all under the name Tengen Uzui.
"Huh? F-facetime?" You felt yourself start to get nervous. Not for no reason. It was obviously a little overwhelming knowing that you were probably talking to hottest guy you have ever seen.
He sensed your apprehension and decided to take a step back. "Only if you're okay with that, of course. No pressure. I just thought you were curious and needed the proof to feel at ease. I know there's a lot of creeps out there pretending to be who they're not."
"Ah," You began as you took a deep breath. "I think that would be best, right?"
He snorted. "You're asking me?"
"I mean sorry--I, I'm just nervous, y'know. I know I asked." You sputtered out. "Fuck it. Go ahead."
"You sure? You seem like you don't want to."
"No, I do! Please, go right ahead."
Your phone lit up with the video call and all you had to do was accept it but for some reason you just hit the end button.
"Sorry! Ugh, I don't know what's wrong with me..."
He chuckled at you. "Tell you what, if I'm not who I say I am. We can totally forget about this happening and you can block my number."
"Well, I already planned on doing that."
"See! Great minds think alike and if anything I can just hang up right now if you really don't want to."
"No!" You suddenly exclaimed and then noticed how you were not ready to hang up. "I mean," You cleared your throat. "no, I can do this. Go ahead."
"Hm, okay."
And again, the phone lit up and you just hit answer. Yolo.
The phone lit up to see the man, the myth, the legend. The same fucking guy in the photo staring right back at you in real time except he was sporting a really cute grin.
"Well, hello--you're even cuter than I thought you'd be. Wait, how old are you?" You just stared at him with mouth agape before you clamped it shut.
"I'm over the age of consent." You awkward replied. His face transitioned into an even wider grin before you heard the sound of his mirth again.
"Anyone who says they're 'over the age of consent' is most definitely not."
You pouted at him as you reached into your bag and pulled out your wallet to show him your driver's license that in fact stated that you were above 18.
He squinted at the screen and his face contorted in confusion. "Sweetheart, I'm gonna need you to send me a picture of that. Front and back, please."
"Ugh, you're so annoying." You voiced in a slight vexed voice. "Fine."
"Is it too much to ask to not go to jail?" You ignored him as you took a very clear picture of your ID front and back and sent it to him.
"There. Go wild."
"Hmm..." He appeared to look focused as he looked down at his screen.
"What are you even doing?" You asked as you crossed your arms.
"I'm running your ID."
"What are you, a cop?"
"My dad is, unfortunately."
"It's okay."
He tapped his finger on the desk he was situated at as he waited before his face lit up in jubilancy.
"Ah, [last name], [first name]. That's really cute, even cuter that you're legal."
You looked away from the screen as you felt your heart thump a little harder against your chest. "S-so, do you believe me now?"
"Mhm, and here I'll send you mine, too."
Your phone buzzed as the screen moved upward to reveal his information. "Well, I already reversed imaged your picture."
"Oh, really? Damn, you're quick. Hey, can you tell me if my LinkedIn looks good? I feel like I could add some more things to make it look better, but my dad said it looked fine. I don't know, I don't exactly trust the guy." He mused as he moved his mouse and clicked on things you could not see.
"Um, sure..."
He blinked and looked at you with slight concern. "My bad, are you okay? I didn't mean to be so casual. This isn't like a normal thing for me, but I figured since we're like the same age it was cool."
"No, it is. I'm just--I guess still in shock? I don't know, you're like really hot. It's weird."
He flashed you a toothy grin. "Definitely hotter than your lame crush."
"Yeah," You nervously laughed. "Definitely."
He seemed to click out of all of his tabs and then put all his focus on you.
"So, not to be weird, but..."
"But?" You were sounding a little too hopeful, [name].
"But, would it be weird to ask you out? I mean, like, according to your ID you live like 5 miles away from me." And truth be told, Tengen was also feeling very hopeful. He wanted you to say yes. It wasn't every day he got a love confession from a stranger that wasn't meant for him, but he somehow managed to connect with you and made you forget about your loser crush. Usually, he found other girls so annoying. Always trying to pry their grubby hands on him, but you didn't talk to him like he was just merely a hot guy. You talked to him like he was a person.
"Mmm," You looked for a moment to ponder his question.
It wasn't really that weird, but still a little weird that he didn't seem fazed by the love confession that was clearly meant for someone else, and yet here he was asking you out.
"Do you not care about the fact that my confession was for someone else or?"
He shrugged. "Not really. Guy's a total loser and I'm a total catch. Life moves quickly, so why not?"
You scoffed at him. "Really, life moves quickly? That's all you have to say. You make it seem like if we dated and broke up you'd move on to the girl that you tell me not to worry about in five minutes."
"I don't think I could even look at another girl after looking at you." He replied as he rest his hand on his chin. It was like he was looking right into your soul despite it being completely virtual.
You rolled your eyes and laughed. "Oh, alright. And I should just take your word for it?"
"Hey, I mean then you'll have the benefit of not asking yourself "what if"." His grin was not leaving his face. He was so attractive and he knew it.
"Your choice, [name]. I'm putting the ball in your court." He stretched his long arms and his shirt lifted to reveal a glimpse of toned abs.
"I'm not sure if that was deliberate, but it was enough to make me say yes." You were no longer going to hide how you felt. Things felt like they were very straight forward and mature and it just felt right for you to speak so freely to him.
"I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I guess that doesn't really matter since you said yes." You couldn't stop the grin that was forming on your face. He was just too charming for words.
"Hm, yeah I guess it doesn't."
"You know [name], you're not cute." He began and your smile didn't falter knowing that he was only trying to edge you with his words. "You're extremely gorgeous."
And even though you knew that he was going to say something flattering, it still made you giggle nervously and hide your face in embarrassment.
"You're infuriating." You muttered.
"Well, you don't look infuriated to me. You look quite shy and cute." He flirted with all of his attention fully on you.
"I thought I was 'extremely gorgeous'." You retorted earning a pleasantly surprised expression which caused you to giggle.
"Wow, I'm totally loving this confidence it's--"
He stopped to look at you and then threw his head back laughing. "I was going to say hot, but flamboyant works too."
"Well," You ran your hands through your face and held them at your cheeks. "I'm glad you think so."
He sat there swaying his chair back and forth as he looked at you as if he was pondering something.
"So, when can I see you?"
"You're seeing me right now aren't you?"
He laughed and rolled his eyes. "Like actually see you."
"Hm, well that depends on when you're free."
"I'll be free any day for you."
"Sounding a little desperate now, aren't we?" You teased with a winning grin.
"Not desperate. I just know what I want and that's you, so I don't want to waste time behind a screen. I wanna really know you, [name]." His tone and expression was sincere. You exhaled as you fiddled with your fingers.
"I'm free tomorrow after 4. Does that work for you?"
His smiled widened and he nodded. "Yes, that's perfect. I've got class an exam at 9AM so I need to go to sleep now so I don't sleep through my alarm, but I'll text you in the morning. Sound good?"
"Sounds good, Tengen." You shyly smiled at him before averting your gaze.
"Alright, I'll see you soon, gorgeous. Good night." His eyes were starting to droop and you felt a little pang of guilt for teasing him for so long.
You sucked in your bottom lip. "Good night."
He sleepily smiled before hanging up and you sighed before settled into your bed. What on earth just happened? Did you just make a date with a complete and total stranger? Yes, yes you did, but before you could even process any of that your phone buzzed against your chest. You pressed the power button to look at the number in confusion, but smiled as you realized who it was.
"I almost didn't answer, but I am glad I did. Good night, [name]. "
As if you couldn't smile any bigger. He really knew exactly what to say to make you feel like you were floating. Never were you so glad to have dialed the wrong number.
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Before anyone talks about the show have these amazing frames of AOI
I mean, look how buetiful she is🥰😭
Also #inaoi exists so don't f*ck with me
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