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#kimi no uta

Covers of Kimi No Uta and information is up at Johnny’s-net.

Limited Edition

★ Booklet 20 pages


1. Kimi No Uta (Main Theme Boku To Shippo To Kagurazaka)

2. White On White

3. White On White (Original Karaoke)

[DVD] Kimi No Uta PV + Making

Regular Edition


1. Kimi No Uta (Main Theme Boku To Shippo To Kagurazaka)

2. Sky Again (JAL “Fly For It” Campaign)

3. Fake It

4. Count On Me

5. Kimi No Uta (Original Karaoke)

6. Sky Again (Original Karaoke)

7. Fake It (Original Karaoke)

8. Count On Me (Original Karaoke)

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Arashi know exactly what their fans want! How many times I have listened to “Your song” and though “This is great! Wish they had two songs like that.”

*some will get this pun, and some won’t .

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Musical Touken Ranbu - Kimi no Uta [キミの詩]: CD               Version - Jacket Scans!

I decided to scan these because they are quite pretty and I love looking at them! I’m sorry for the lines and such in them as they are CD Jackets so they will have fold lines in them and my scanner has a habit of putting in lines with photos and such >_<

I also had to cut off bits because my scanner isn’t actually big (as the poster is a bit bigger than A4 as that’s how big my scanner size is) and it didn’t fit all of it in, so I’m sorry about that *cries*
But they really are pretty and I thought I would share these as well xD

(After working out how to adjust the colour, I have changed them to those instead)


(They have been watermarked, but you can save these to your computer/phone)

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