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#kin discord
mercy-kincord · 7 days ago
Mercy Kincord!
An Undertale and Deltarune kin discord created on a whim because i saw some kin resurgence after the release of chapter 2! We have PK and tupperbox, are doubles-friendly, aren't assholes, dadadada yeah basic stuff, yknow? First and foremost rule is respect people. There's also a few other rules you can check out! promo tag under the cut!
i dont even know what blogs are still active for promos besides @fictionkinfessions but ily mpc i hope ur doing great <3
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kinhclp · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
hey hey danganronpa kins! 
     the server is aimed at creating a group of friends that will be playing the 4 main games together through voice chat and sharing our screens. we will hope to get people who will be comfortable voicing their kins for these games! nothing serious, just something for fun. we also hope to play games such as among us, d&d, and more!
     we want to make a solid group of friends through this server, and want to try and keep it as active as possible.
the server is:
18+ spiritual kins only doubles friendly plural / introjects / fictives friendly lgbtqia+ inclusive! zero tolerance for bigotry :)
features available:
pluralkit (for systems / plural folks only!) kin call, vent & memories channel gaming channels themed emojis! opt-in venting channels opt-in roleplay channels fun bots such as: nagito 2, color-chan, & groovy
if you are interested, like / reblog and one of the mods will reach out to you!
if you would be willing to promo that would be appreciated! @fictionkinfessions / @fictionkinfessional / @canon-call / @kincord-hub / @findinyourkin​ / @kincalling​
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veneficuscomrade · 6 days ago
Join a Multifandom Discord Server!
Hello! I’m Ven, and I help run a multifandom server that accommodates members of kin and self-ship subcommunities. Our user count is just short of 50 (don’t let the number scare you off— it’s rather calm!), and us mods have concluded that it may be of interest to folks on tumblr!
-Our most popular fandoms here are Homestuck, Pokémon, Transformers, Hollow Knight, and My Hero Academia. However, we’re accepting of all fandoms!
-We welcome otherkin, fictionkin, fictives, self-shippers/oc x canon shippers, and the like
-Additional features include self-assignable roles (pronouns, identity, preferences on sharing and doubles), opt-in channels (such as 18+ for adults only), a blacklist, and several fandom, gush, and vent channels
-Server bots: Pluralkit, Tupperbox, SpoilerBoT, Starboard, MEE6, Botify, Carl-bot, Pokétwo, and Atlas
-We have occasional server events such as movie nights and art request sessions, tons of fun emojis, and the server is also boosted to level 1!
-This is a very inclusive server. However, in order to be inclusive, we must maintain a strict policy against bigotry. We do not welcome any sort of oppressive ideological rhetoric whatsoever
Please visit this google form to apply for membership! Because the server is oriented around demographics particularly susceptible to targeted trolling, security has to be tight. Followup DMs will NOT be entertained, so please double check that your answers are thoroughly explained before submitting the form. Once again, we stress that your application won’t be posted anywhere, even if it’s trolly or purposefully offensive.
We hope to hear from you soon!
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feathers-and-flukes · 6 months ago
New Merfolk Discord
Tumblr media
⭒❃⭒ Oceanic Sanctuary ⭒❃⭒
Hello and Welcome to the Oceanic Sanctuary. We are a server dedicated to merfolk kin and to systems who have merfolk headmates. We also welcome all other types of ocean related kins and headmates. It is designed to be a laid back community to make like-minded friends and a place to share all your merfolk thoughts! You must be 18+ to join. All system types are welcome.
What we have to offer: 1. friendly and relaxing atmosphere 2. experienced staff 3. a place with no judgement 4. cute ocean theme 5. pluralkit for systems 6. self assignable and color roles 7. merfolk facts, headcanons, etc. 8. channels to share kin experiences and memories 9. channels for merfolk headmates to converse 10. an art gallery to share all types of works 11. Occasional events to celebrate the merfolk world And more!!!
⭒❃⭒|⭒❃⭒ Join us today!!! ⭒❃⭒|⭒❃⭒ link:
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System/Kin Discord Server
hey. come join us and our friend on a server made by them. for systems and kin. you must be 13+ to join please.
when you join please read the rules then fill out the introduction template
we’d love for you to join and are excited to meet you all /gen
here it is
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thekincafeofficial · 6 months ago
Otherkin Discord
Welcome to The Kin Cafe! This is an alterhuman server dedicated to sharing our experiences. Please come inside! What do we offer? 🐾Individual channels for various otherkin subcommunities 🐾Our own website with frequent events and fun things to check out, as well as the possibility for your art to be featured, your answers to kin questions, and more! 🐾Otherkin education for people just discovering themselves 🐾Fun daily questions 🐾A secure server to prevent antis or trolls 🐾A SFW, Mogai and racial friendly server
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fret-furesawa · a month ago
Hi! I’m advertising a 16+ TWEWY and KH kin discord server! It’s a great place to make friends and has been recently revamped to be more user friendly! It’s a little small right now, but i would love to see it grow! Join if you’re curious and i’ll be more than happy to answer any questions!
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liminaltherian · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello everyone!
I've created a server centered around feline therians & catkin folks!
We are a server for feline therians that aims to be a safe and comfy place to find others like us & make friends.
We have tons of channels, reaction roles, and PluralKit for traumagenic, DID, & OSDD systems!
We hope to see you there! 🐾
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(paw divider credits)
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jamrockshuffle · a month ago
Howdy, I made a 17+ slenderverse kin server!
I made it in the middle of the night last night so it's fresh off the presses, feel free to join if you're interested!
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puyokincord · a month ago
Hii there! We're a brand new server for those who are kin from the Puyo Puyo franchise! Whether you're a Puyo Puyo veteran or a newbie to the franchise, you'll have the perfect spot here. ♡
In our server, you'll find . . .
✧ Various channels depending on your mood — such as art, media, gaming, and memes !!
✦ A welcoming community that strives to be friendly towards those who are BIPOC, experience psychosis, ( traumagenic ) systems and other marginalized groups !!
✧ Various bots such as PluralKit for systems & Sheep for role-colors !!
✦ Channels to discuss kin — including the ability to share your kinlists, memories + canons, and lovemail !!
We hope to see ya there !! Our invite code is rjuWpzvD4Z ! ♡
Tumblr media
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turkitty5 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
hiii kinnies :blush: how many of u mfs kin from nitw ....... please comment im so desper8 bro i want to make a nitw kin server but idk how many of yall r out there!!
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sinfulcerberus · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
hi so me and some of my friends have been having some big bugsnax brainrot so we decided to make a kinnie server to infodump and just have fun with fellow kinnies!
we are; -LGBT+ -system friendly -doubles friendly -neopronouns & xenogender positive we have; -a lovely staff -rules to make the server as safe as possible -game nights -movie nights -bugsnax related emojis -and more!! come join us today!
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goldhevsuit · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
[ Dr. Freeman's Lab - an 18+ discord server for Half Life and Half Life Fan Series fans ]
Info about us under the read more:
- We're an adults-only server run by a LGBTQIA+ mod staff with a group of users that are primarily LGBTQIA+ as well.
- Originally a HLVRAI-only server, now reworked to include the original Half Life and other fan series.
- Most categories are hidden with self-assigned roles so you can keep away from the stuff you don't care about.
- We have a majority of artists/writers/creatives of all skill levels so if you want to see cool stuff or share some of your own stuff this is a good place to bounce ideas off of other creators.
- Kin and system friendly, even to the point we have a hidden category for talking about both.
- We're active! Currently sitting at 50+ members with regulars who love to hear from the lurkers and eagerly greet the newbies.
If you're interested in joining, message me (@goldhevsuit) or one of my mods (@lakesandquarries or @dannyvhs) for more info!
DISCLAIMER: if you identify as a proshipper, TERF/SWERF, or anything else deemed harmful or potentially threatening by the mods your request to join will be denied. (No reply =/= denial, if you're denied then a mod will directly state that.)
And as with every adults-only space: no minors. I don't care how mature you are, if you're not 18+ you aren't welcome here. If it's discovered you lied about your age you will be banned permanently.
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hlvraikincord · a month ago
Bumping this server! I’m running a HLVRAI kincord, you can join it over at We’re system & doubles-friendly (also we have our own minecraft server)!  
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shotorokii · 2 months ago
This server is 17+
We're a small community of My Hero Academia fictionkins and fictives. We're double friendly and open to systems.
We offer plenty of resources, including a collection of channels for differing artistic needs and kin topics. These resources include but are not limited to:
Two music bots
Pluralkit and Tupperbox (for systems only)
Venting channels for both kin and regular chats
Raid prevention protocols
We have a wide collection of roles that you can pick out for yourself. The roles range from categories such as U.A. to Societal Status ( ex. Vigilante, Civilian) just so that you can have a role to best suit your kin.
If you have any interest we'd be happy and excited to have you.
Plus Ultra!
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bludswing · 5 months ago
I Made a DC Kin Server
! This server is 16+ and has a verification system !
Welcome to the server, if you so choose. This is a place for DC kins of all kind. If you kin from any kind of DC media (ex. comics, DCEU films, animated shows, etc.) than you're more than welcome.
We have resources such as but not limited to:
Pluralkit and Tupper for systems
A blacklist
Vent channels
channels for kin mems and canon calls
and self-appointed roles
We are double friendly
If you have any interest, we'd be more than happy to have you.
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somecrispydumbass · 2 months ago
To the -2 people who see this blog, some friends and me made a kin server that is a pretty cool place to be so go join it or something
Be welcome to  🌃 Kin Retreat 🌃  , we are a community of alterhumans dedicated to creating a welcoming and pleasant kin community. We welcome otherhearted and non-kin people as well. We look forward to offering you the best experience ❤
 We have:  🌌 An experienced mod team 🌌 Utility bots for systems 🌌 Easy to read rules that guarantee safety for all 🌌 Self assignable roles and custom color roles on request 🌌 A kinternational (sorry) community 
We offer: 💫A safe space for everyone in the community 💫 A kin Q&A channel answered by well-informed Otherkin members 💫 General channels, along with kin specific channels and art channels of all sorts 💫 Weekly events 💫 Otherkin information resources in several languages
Lots of love, the mod team 🐾
( @fictionkinfessions @kincords @kincord-hub @kincalling could we get a promo? Thanks in advance!)
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teyvatkinnieguide · 15 days ago
new 16+ genshin impact kin server! the server includes:
a friendly and active environment
pluralkit for systems
gameplay/character build advice
theories and lore discussion
...and more!
come join!
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campfirekinserver · 3 months ago
Past the exit gate and through the hatch, the safety of The Campfire presents itself!
The Campfire is an 18+ doubles semi-friendly kin server for the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. We accept Killers, Survivors, and everything beyond or in between. Our rules are short, and fairly simple! View them here.
“Doubles semi-friendly” means that you get to decide if doubles are acceptable. Don’t want to see any other Megs? Are you besties with other Claudettes? Both are totally fine! Just let the mods know. You can view our list of current kintypes here, and our kintypes that are currently not allowed here.
We’re a very friendly and welcoming server!! If you’re interested, apply here today! (And if we don’t respond in a day, please send the blog an ask!)
@fictionkinfessions @kincord-hub @canon-calls @kincalling @horrorkincalls @horrorkinfessions
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