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asmr: youre me watching markipliers fnaf series for the fifth time during quarantine 👁️👄👁️

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So! Let’s talk about naming your kintypes/theriotypes! If you have already rolled your eyes and have your fingers on the keyboard, cool. You’re the person I want to actually read this.

As we all know, the core belief of being other kin/therian is that you ARE this non-human being. That you identify AS this being and you are one and the same. So therefore it would be incorrect to have a separate name/personality for this identity, as it’s just a facet of yourself, yes?

I think it’s not necessarily black and white. If you go in my kinlist page you know I have listed next to my theriotypes “Referred to as…” Many would consider these names. And if you wanna call it that cool, but I see it as more of an identifying tool.

Basically I view it as such: my two separate theriotypes are a gray wolf, and a wolfdog. These are two very similar animals, and if I am describing a shift I want a way to clearly indicate what kind of shift it was, the pure wolf or the wolfdog. So I may describe to a friend something like this “When I have Fang shifts I usually get really hungry and wanna go hunt, but with Issac shifts I’d rather run around.”

Now I wouldn’t consider this to be roleplaying or viewing these as separate beings. I akin it to describing different emotions, by name (ex: when I’m happy I…, but when I’m sad I…).

Anyways just my two cents on the matter. I know back in the day there was a lot of arguing and crying fake over people who assigned entire names and personalities to their theriotypes. While I can definitely see the issue, my views have definitely changed with my own perspective shifting after my second awakening.

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Me like 1-2 years ago: “I don’t kin but I’m ok with kinnies I guess,, so please don’t start drama in here,,”

Me now:

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As a Pewdiepie kin I think it’s really important for me to address my past controversies. I’m so sorry for anything the “real” Felix might have said, and I want you all to know that I dont condone any of it. Being that I identify as him from the Amnesia days I’m so disappointed in who I turned into. Still it doesnt justify any of my problematic behaviour, whether it be old or recent. As a professional gamer I should set a good precedent. I’m sorry for letting all of you aspiring gamers down. After some long thinking I’ve decided to resign and leave my spot as a number one gamer to Markiplier. Good luck mark, be better than me. 

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