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#kin jobs
inkskinned · a year ago
but i don’t want it to be implied anymore! i am sick of it! I’m sick of the afternote “when you find a boyfriend or .... whatever,” of the “live-in best friend”, of the “historians note that our current culture cannot comment on another person’s sexuality or gender”, of “is he... ya know”, of the chuckling half-hearted, hands-up “not that there’s anything wrong with being... however you decide to be.” I’m sick of it! i’m told time and time and time again - oh everything is so gay these days, how absolutely horrible. even when a person is gay, i still hear “wellllllllllll.... that’s like, not all there is to him.”
and fuck!!!! if you’re bi you hear it in all sorts of ways. people reminding you “well he married a man so he was actually gay” “oh she’s only kissed guys so i think she’s straight” -- god forbid you’re nonbinary. watch the news articles deadname the person and use the wrong pronouns in literally an article about how that person is they/them. trans people are either a myth or, in the comments section, purposefully misgendered, again and again and again and 
i’m sick of it! it’s not a fucking swear word! it’s not something that makes us cringe! there is nothing fucking untasteful about the word lesbian. there’s no need to dance around it! my identity is not a flinch! you can stop it. you can stop blushing. you can stop it with the “hints”. it took me until graduate school before people started being honest: alan turing was gay. so, yes, was emily dickinson. here are all your heroes, lined up, with their histories erased, because in middle and high school and even fucking undergrad my teachers would hand-wave it away. “maybe yes, maybe no”. “it was a different time for girls”. “well, historians disagree, you know.”
i’m not in the fucking closet! stop trying to force me back into it. i don’t bundle. my identity isn’t spinach stuck in my teeth. it’s not awkward. it’s not fucking bulky. you don’t need to hop skip and jump around it. you don’t need to treat it like a whipped dog. i’m not fucking embarrassed by it. 
stop making me feel like you are.
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blake-wyatt · 6 months ago
One of my favourite things about Nureyev’s speech pattern is that it’s clearly that of a non-native speaker who’s poured a lot of practice into how he thinks he should sound.
 The meticulous, old-timey diction; the unusual and flowery vocabulary; the elocution and sentence something I recognize in a lot of fellow immigrants.
It makes me think of a boy who watched whatever pre-war solar movie had made its way to Brahma and repeated ‘perhaps’ after a 24th century Humphrey Bogart over and over. It makes me think of a boy who grabbed old solar books from charity shops, whatever he could find, fiction, mythology, politics, old engines instruction booklets, and memorized all the big words and heroic speeches. With the flair of a theatre kid, he’d repeat after Cary Grant "Not only did I enjoy that kiss last night, I was awed by the efficiency behind it" until it felt right. 
 All he had was dated material, endless curiosity, and a lot of discipline. He set out to be unclockable, and he ended up with a very unique voice, one that stands out in a rugged Martian crowd, one that is as hard to forget as a cologne that smells of far away spices.
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
been seeing a lot of messages about peoples jobs/schooling so i wanted to give a shout out to all the disabled fictionkin out there! i've had lives where i've been in business, in medicine, captained a starship, etc. but i want to remind everyone that if you can't work now it doesn't mean you have less value than you did when you could. - a disabled james kirk
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bun-bunmuse · 8 months ago
I dont know if this question is answered but ,what are kins favorite items or type of items to take/steal ,and were are his favorite petting spots by that the spots he likes to be petted ,just curious, oh and kin is definitely one of my favorite sanses
[especially because he's half dragon and I just love dragons]
With kin having a mild case of kleptomania. What they steal makes no sense. People with kleptomania may steal things that they really have no use for, have any value, or even like. Kleptomania is a type of impulse control disorder . People who suffer from this feel strong urges to steal, with anxiety, tension, and arousal leading up to the theft and feeling pleasure and relief during the theft. You can read this to learn a little more.
But in cases when kin does have control in what they steal. They prefer music boxes and general equipment for survival (aka food, blankets, pillows, ect.) for those spots~
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hawtyungebony · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
do ur brows before taking selfies challenge (failed)
uh tagged by? @eidjin @zangya7 @teejin ​ @4namjoon​ (💖) and probably more but tumblr is ass so i prolly never got the notif :(
I tag @bratzlipgloss @gothmonster @tempus-solo @hobisbff @joonigga @shakchunni​ @voretual @btsareblack @8ebe @agustwink @virgostellium​ @yoongifer​ @1outrotear @glossdew @0capricorn​@namjoonsaidnigga @attarad @newjackswing @dykejutsu @taurusop @di and @yoongislesbians 
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sunforgrace · 4 months ago
society if when cas became human he stimmed and showed aversions to certain textures and sounds and stimulation. society if human cas had got to have a weighted blanket and flap his hands when he heard a song he likes
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fictionkinfessions · 6 days ago
scrolling thru the kin jobs tag is so fun, so hi! i’m leatherface, notorious texan cannibal and butcher, and i worked at arby’s for like a year and a half lmao. we have the meats but none of it is human i prommy
- bubba “leatherface” sawyer (#🔨🥩⛓)
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sodomiteangel · 21 days ago
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
man. all these ppl talkin abt their kins and jobs got me havin thoughts like. damn we really all do exist together on this planet huh /pos
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unproduciblesmackdown · 5 days ago
get in we’re pondering / extrapolating some pt lore (there’s a tl;dr paragraph at the very end ;w;)
often musing about the overarching Theme/s in the series where there's like, these axes of, hope vs despair, self sacrifice (often to protect others) vs being protected by others (often to prevent self sacrifice), and i was thinking about how those protective self sacrifices (which often generally contain some aspect of hope And despair, the former in that someone is taking an action in the hopes of protecting someone, the latter in that they don't have any hope of any less (potentially) self destructive course to pursue to achieve that, or else they'd be doing that instead) do succeed at least in part. we don't really know what's going on with tutu in the story besides disappearing / turning into a point of light, but she exists outside of the story too and manifests in ways clearly associated with hope, & i think we can infer that her appearance/disappearance in the story did have this effect for mytho in giving him hope b/c like, how can it be a coincidence that the heart shard of Hope happens to be the one used to let someone become tutu, or that mytho was able to feel hope prior to technically have the capacity for it when thinking about her and then recognize as much in retrospect. and mytho himself sacrifices his own heart to protect everyone from the raven, rue sacrificing herself saves mytho from the raven in turn, and what i'm getting around to is that i was thinking about how sacrifices are never in vain, except for the knight's, but then i was like, well hey, what if because the rules of this story do seem to Always Reward tragic self sacrifices (surely at least in part to Incentivize it from the characters, b/c the sacrifices made wholly out of despair are apparently just people losing their hearts to the raven, f, and characters making sacrifices in the hopes of protecting someone have to actually have that hope at all), maybe the knight's death wasn't really Useless
and maybe it's relevant that the knight presumably wasn't intending to die right then, there's no implication that like, he was pushing the prince out of the way taking a bullet for him, just that the knight meant to attack the raven but didn't even manage to do that and got killed instead. but i think we can suppose that the knight was just always willing to die for the prince and there's this degree of inherent sacrifice in that already, as well as in being so devoted to the prince and protecting him, which the knight must've done plenty of even if, in the moment he was killed, there was no direct achievement in protecting mytho / siegfried / the prince. and i doubt that the way the prince felt about it was actually like "oh my god, useless" rather than that the knight did die For Him, even if mytho wasn't in immediate mortal danger that could've only been thwarted by the knight's death, and even if the knight presumably didn't Know he would die and actually choose that, because of accepting it as his only option to protect mytho. and it's evident throughout the series that characters being Real allows them to act in ways drosselmeyer doesn't predict or hasn't directed them to act or doesn't even necessarily know about, thinking of details like, mytho knowing his name is siegfried doesn't seem to come from any Text of drosselmeyer's in the story, or else people would know the prince has a name besides "the prince," and who knows, maybe drosselmeyer's unwritten hcs are part of the reality of his stories lol, but that's a fun mystery element, and beyond that these characters were all people with full lives and interiority that were not / could not have been written in full detail in the story's text and almost certainly weren't / couldn't have been Thought Out in full by drosselmeyer like that.
and i'm just thinking about how the knight is the only prominent character who outright dies in the unfinished story, aside from various, presumably not individually described/named people in the kingdom being killed by the raven, and possible details not mentioned in the series, like idk, whether or not mytho's parent/s died at some point in the course of the story. tutu's disappearance is too ambiguously magical to really call it a death, although it's a Tragic Fate intended to write her out of the story, and there's no indication of kraehe / the concept of The Raven's Daughter existing in the story, since in the first season kraehe is really fully standing in for the raven as the main villain / antagonist, with the raven not being shown or mentioned by her until the second season, and fakir just directly referring to kraehe as a crow or raven during that first season, and what with the idea in the second season that rue was just some random person the raven stole and presumably made up the concept of there being a [the raven's daughter] role. 
(even though when kraehe appears in season one it's clearly a swan lake / odile thing, and i guess you could conceivably wonder like "hey, is she the daughter of some rothbart equivalent here. like the story raven as the primary antagonist"....that's all Meta beyond the series's metatextual layers and, since idk, characters know of these other classic ballets, i guess it's possible swan lake as a ballet exists too. nobody's mentioning anything though lol. now i'm like.....okay so another tchaikovsky composed ballet was relevant / known in the sleeping beauty episode, where electricity was also a thing people were aware existed, if rare, not sure when this series was set but late 19th century seems plausible enough and swan lake wasn't immediately popular so maybe it exists but is too niche lore for these characters to be familiar with it lmao.....but then i'm like wait hang on. what if it must be after 1892 because the dance of the sugarplum fairy playing when ahiru walks in on mytho practicing seems to be diagetic. and then i'm like, nijinksy was only born in 1890, and didn't perform afternoon of a faun until 1912, and that seems just a little late, although at the same time everyone's existing in a fairy tale town and it could feasibly be any point in time outside of that. this tangent is going on way too long and my Real Conclusion of course is that we're not really meant to match up any timeline with the In Real Life timelines of when ballets premiered and became popular / established as Classics)
back to the point: out of the four main roles, tutu magically and mysteriously disappeared but didn't outright die the way that the human knight was definitely killed, and the duck who is given her powers / role is apparently truly just some random duck who happened to care for mytho (thinking about his apparent affinity for birds and theirs for him), kraehe was probably not a part of the story at all as the daughter of the raven and rue is apparently just some random baby who was kidnapped, mytho didn't die because he's the same self he was from the story, uninterrupted, and the knight did die, and fakir is just some kid but is also apparently identified as the reincarnation of that knight. and, whether or not that's just some coincidence or meant to be true, it's true for all intents and purposes since fakir found mytho and chose to devote himself to protecting him and is aware of / thinks of himself as the knight, and if the raven and drosselmeyer could've picked some random babies and ducks to have roles in the story, it shouldn't actually be a detriment to fakir if he's actually also just some guy who chose to be the knight rather than also actually already that knight reincarnated. the roles of both tutu and lohengrin are supposed to be intrinsically limited by their same roles as written in the story, where clearly drosselmeyer, wanting conflict and drama and peak effective tragedy, and kraehe / the raven as antagonists to these two, expect and want tutu to willingly vanish again and the knight to wield his sword and, at some point here, die. which, in season one, it seems likely enough that although fakir wasn't exactly instantly torn apart by the raven attack that Got him, he would've died if not for edel's intervention altering the story. anyway, assuming the roles comes from Choosing it / being willing to accept it and having some sort of magical artifact access out here, ahiru having a heart shard, rue having...raven blood and the fact that there's also the like, actual ravens out there who are Also magic b/c they're doing evil stuff, and turning into cursed pointe shoes and attacking canaries so the prince might jump out a window to save one, and fakir having magic swords. as well as, you know, the prince, the most magic artifact of all, truly
i'm kind of losing the point there lmfao just getting into details in a tangent. what i was trying to point out is that yeah, the knight's the only one of the four main roles who was clearly, officially, violently killed in the story. and then i was thinking about how, as far as i can think, it kind of comes totally out of nowhere in season two that like, oh hey, also fakir is a descendent of drosselmeyer's and i guess has that same magic writing ability. not that i think these season two framework shifts like That, or like kraehe being the daughter of the raven instead of just directly standing in for the raven as a concept and character, or like "oh right and also i'd poisoned mytho back in the season one finale" weren't possibly in mind the whole time, Or that if they weren't that's a problem, Or that either way, they needed to be foreshadowed / set up Textually in season one or anything, since you do need to change things up for there to Be a season two that doesn't have to retread the conflicts in the same way, and that's what these shifts allow for. it's still just that the effect is like, oh damn, fakir isn't just The Knight from the story reincarnated, he ALSO happens to have drosselmeyer's magic powers b/c they're related??? wow what a coincidence, that's so lucky for him in affording him Magic Powers that don't come from the story b/c if he wields the power of being the knight he Has to inevitably die, and while the power to write reality is clearly dangerous and Could kill him (or others), there's at least a chance, whereas it seems like otherwise, if you're accessing the powers that come with having a role from the story, you either have to accept the same fate as in the story, someone with the power of those who guide the story, e.g. edel, must externally alter its course, or you have to give up the role and its powers, like ahiru ultimately did by giving up the final piece of mytho's heart, and fakir did by no longer trying to be the knight and instead protecting everyone by figuring out how to wield his power to Write.
so then basically my thought was, hey, maybe it's Not *just* a coincidence that fakir's Also drosselmeyer's descendent. in the same way that it's not Just a coincidence that the original tutu, having made this sacrifice in the story, is somehow, in part or in whole, attached to the prince's feeling of hope, and able to manifest even once that piece of the prince's heart has been returned and ahiru no longer "officially" has access to tutu's role and power (whether that power is gone b/c her powers were all about returning the prince's heart shards or because the powers she had were the prince's, because of having a piece of his heart). there's already these parallels between the roles of this tragic princess and the knight, both fated to disappear and die, respectively, and the story rewards these noble sacrifices even as it demands them b/c the author loves tragedy, b/c drosselmeyer's also trying to work within some conventions here to have a cohesive story and to allow enough hope in the story to motivate the characters and give everything enough stakes to really be effectively tragic (although he was also apparently writing characters who'd appear and then forever disappear on the same page, so. all to a degree lol). and yet the story and the people in it can also operate outside of drosselmeyer's Intent and Control and even knowledge of what all is a factor in everything going on, because that's part of his power, the stories and their characters become people who are real in the same way that people not from the story are real, and there's elements of who they were and are and can be that drosselmeyer didn't write. rue wasn't meant to sacrifice herself, edel / uzura wasn't meant to help the characters avoid tragedy, ahiru was meant to be powerless as a duck (and a regular girl), fakir was meant to be powerless or die, tbh mytho was probably meant to prevail in the end but also maybe drosselmeyer wouldn't've minded if the raven won And Also definitely wouldn't've minded if mytho going "well fuck this, i'll take out my heart again, regain it, kill you that time, then also kill myself" had been seen through which would've been decidedly ultimately tragic even if the prince also "won," and/or if the prince just kept getting stuck in these stalemates and having to shatter & regain his heart in an eternal loop (thinking of how mytho sure managed to like, phase Inside the raven magically via giant swan made of light (see: my theory that although that's very [tutu] visuals, tutu is also kinda Hope Embodied in this series, and we don't quite know whether original tutu's magic powers were different from the prince's magic abilities, or how, and i like to believe that mytho Can also manifest as a giant swan made of light) which was apparently only an option after he not only regained the capacity to feel hope but kinda had an actual feeling of hope kickstarted by ahiru, who's been and continues tapping into tutu's power as being so associated with / tied to Hope as a concept in general, so he presumably couldn't've done that move otherwise).
SO we're really meandering around here, by which i mean that i am, but so it goes. my point is!!! with All That in mind, and again reiterating how i opened that last paragraph before getting a little off track as always, i was thinking that it might not be Just A Coincidence that fakir is both the reincarnation of the knight / takes on the role of the knight, AND has drosselmeyer's magic writing powers in this completely separate matter of genealogy. (also, i'm sorry, but total tangent again: i'm not 100% on the timeline of things, but i'm like, okay, the raven comes into the real world, and the prince follows it, and then we know that this real world town had like, these killer raven attacks that could disappear an infant or kill a kid's parents. and i think we can suppose that rue and fakir happen to be pretty much the same age, and rue was kidnapped as a baby, so the raven was definitely around then, and fakir's parents were killed when he was like, a young kid but definitely not a baby or even a toddler, and rue was also running around and able to dance and only knew herself as kraehe until meeting mytho and wanting to give herself another name as just a human. so like....i'm bad at estimating ages but like, what, they're at least 5 when they meet mytho? maybe more like 6 or 7. the point is, so there were raven attacks for actual Years before the prince shattered his heart? and maybe mytho was fighting the raven in that perpetual stalemate for all those years, but probably he would've aged those several years if he existed outside the story's [Paused In Time] situation but still had his heart, since it's presumably his having Lost his heart that means he has no pulse and doesn't age and, you know, has lost his memories and emotions. and if we say it was like, at least 4 years or something, and mytho's like, ambiguously sort of Older Teen, say 16 or 17, idk (he's a baby still ;m; but also a fairytale prince, so) and you supposed he aged while out of the story And that he was out of the story and fighting the raven those several years before giving up his heart, that'd mean that when the book left off, he was locked in this deadly battle for the kingdom with the main villain as like, circa 11 years old or what have you. not outside the realm of fiction or fairytales, but still....but more so than that, idk, you'd think if there was this magic storybook prince around fighting the raven/s for years, full hearted and thus with his memories / sense of self intact, people would've been as aware of his presence as that of these killer ravens, and like, actually know who he is, as siegfried, and prior to there being this guy, mytho, who only fakir and co. and rue, out of anyone else in town, realize is actually this prince from a story that exists as a storybook in their world. which, i Guess it's possible that mytho was around outside the story for years before shattering his heart to seal the raven away, but also, seems like maybe instead it was years before he followed the raven out of the story and then once he did he pretty much immediately sacrificed his heart? not that the All Realities Narrator mentions a gap between the raven escaping the story and the prince chasing after it, but a) they also didn't specifically say that this didn't happen and b) maybe it was just some like, issue of jumping between dimensions basically, i.e. from the perspective of mytho in the story he did follow the raven out immediately, only to find that from the perspective of this other world, the raven had been an issue for years and c) maybe this difference in time was so that mytho would be dropped into more of an equivalent situation as he was in back in the story, where the raven had Also already been a problem for years in that story's universe, before the point where drosselmeyer has died and the story is left off unfinished. so here's mytho now entering this other reality, where even though he himself has just shown up after having battling the raven for years In Story (and then in stasis because the story was not able to progress in its own world), and is having to choose to protect these people who have not Just been introduced to the raven's attacks, but have been dealing with it for years as something that can and has killed people, just as was the case with the townspeople back in the world of the story.)
okay i apologize to the readers and to myself, no more tangents: what if!!!! it's not a fortunate coincidence that fakir has access to the powers of the separate roles of "the knight from the story" and "drosselmeyer's descendent in this world"!!!! What If!!!!!!!!! the knight's death, rather than being truly "useless," actually still counted as a sacrifice made in the hope of protecting others, and was thusly rewarded with some form of success, as other such sacrifices are rewarded both in the story of prinz und rabe, but also in the overall story of this series, aka princess tutu, although clearly in the end the Happy Ending comes from not only these sacrifices but the characters all protecting each other so that these ultimate self sacrifices don't need to be made (thinking of how often characters talk about wanting to protect each other, fakir being motivated to try Writing again after realizing all these other characters are doing their best to protect him, mytho saying he won't Give Up Again to ahiru (also tutu....just standing here staring at the wall like blair witch style that he never seems to have known that the duck was not only the version of tutu he'd been encountering but also ahiru who he was like "hey bestie :)" to in ep 14 before getting ko'd and never knowingly talking to her again haha scream that's just. that's fine!!! anyway rue could tell him but then again like, a little late. UNLESS they can just come back and visit?? i have some sense that there might have once been plans to make a season three for the series if possible way back in the day, yknow, when said series was being released, but i only "remember" this from Maybe someone's post from that 15th anniversary event and maybe, jonathan frakes voice, it never happened) referring to his intent to sacrifice his heart again as being that "giving up"......THE POINT BEING. maybe the knight's death was a sacrifice, and according the role that such sacrifices have, that sacrifice had some positive, helpful, protecting effect, and in this case, it was that the knight's reincarnation had these Other powers as well beyond the knight's role in the story, so that this knight could do more but protect mytho some but ultimately die in the effort with that death Supposedly being for nothing, aka the fact that fakir is related to drosselmeyer is thanks to lohengrin sacrificing himself to protect mytho, even if the circumstances of his death did not appear to, and were not intended by drosselmeyer to, have any direct benefit for anyone. did the knight somehow have conscious influence over his own reincarnation, or was it more like, these superhuman forces Rewarding the sacrifice / affording the knight this new chance at fate? could be either i guess!! (and was fakir born when the raven entered that world, or prior? he was as old as he was when he met mytho, had mytho Just shown up or did he really arrive just after the raven and had been fighting all the time and it's just that, for whatever reason, nobody else knew he was there? or they did, but once the raven was sealed away, maybe other people Forgot what had happened prior too, re: the prince and the Monster Raven anyways? since while people had known about the like, regular bird form ravens who killed people, nobody mentioned the big german abstract expressionism sky blocking raven who ate hearts.....and not like there wasn't people dying back in the story despite the prince's efforts (though that was related as well to like, people Definitely knowing the prince existed, and Despairing b/c he was so epic, actually) i don't know, it could be Either Way, i'm just wondering like, was fakir born prior to a character from The Story entering that world, or after? i feel like Maybe some timeline details might've been mentioned re: when the ravens showed up, but i don't remember. although i guess it's not impossible re: this theory that he was born beforehand but is still definitely the knight, and as i type this, i remember the whole "he's always had the birthmarks that identified him as the reincarnation of the knight" element, so it's Already True that whenever he was born, that was the case, aaand also i'm remembering that lohengrin died before where the story left off, and in that story's universe, idk, maybe years passed....and i Just was talking about how maybe the timelines / passage of time are not parallel and Aligned 1:1 between worlds here, so. point is! however it shakes out, lohengrin died for all intents and purposes Before fakir was born, who Is the knight whether or not he's really lohengrin's reincarnation, which he Could be, because lohengrin Was a human who Did die. so!!!!! (it's 6am....i've been writing this for hours lol. i prommy my thoughts would've been a Little more in order otherwise. possibly)
TL;DR: what if, rather than the knight's death being "useless" and his failing to protect the prince through being killed, it still counted as a sacrifice to protect mytho, and when you consider how this Theme of sacrifice is handled throughout the series, it would be in line with everything else if this sacrifice was rewarded even if the text of prinz und rabe / drosselmeyer did not consider this / recognize this to be a "successful" act of self sacrifice to protect the prince, and that reward was the knight's reincarnation Also being a descendent of drosselmeyer with a power that would allow him to protect people without being held to the knight's fate of being killed, rather than it being a complete unrelated coincidence that fakir is the knight And a person who just so happens to have the ability to write reality, thanks to being in the same family as drosselmeyer. what if lohengrin's sacrifice let him escape his own fate down the line and this time "successfully" protect the prince without having to die before the story finishes! it wouldn't change anything in the story as we know it and i think it'd be Thematically Resonant.
#that's#princess tutu#not playable trailer (2014) or part time (job)#''time to sit down and write probably a good handful of extensive paragraphs abt this for a little while. say an hour at most!!''#[smash cut to me typing these tags hours later. it's 6:30am. the sun is up. head in hands]#never know when it's time to think and post about this again#also i only remember so much of The Canon Lore so if there's info i missed here and mused about yknow. feel free to chime in#love how this series has so many quick / fleeting / One Time / vague / ambiguous mentions of pieces of information#so there's plenty of threads that are really intriguing and you're given enough glimpses to piece some other pictures together if you want#but nothing is really established with tons of certainty / precise in depth clarity in canon which gives you plenty of room to Interpret and#Extrapolate as we are doing here all the time#for example: lohengrin (Presumably the knight but! we don't even Know that 100% lol) was mytho's boyfriend. pensive#not to kin drosselmeyer but first of all: consider the drama of that :/ he did die tragically :/#second of all why not. third of all: see the mentions about tutu and the knight having these parallel roles in the story and beyond it...#and third point fifth of all well clearly tutu was his magical gf spirit of dance hope embodiment...#fourth of all idk the story's all ''look any and everyone is in love with the prince. it's kind of a problem actually'' lmao#not the first person to die by the raven monster for being too in love with the guy!! apparently!#mytho's gotta end up with someone completely Not From the story b/c his other dates in the story die or vanish :/#haha but seriously. and he can turn into a giant swan at will if his ability to feel Hope is all fired up. haha but seriously#well anyway! the point is this#everyone is always like ''wow the cringe and fail knight. way to die Uselessly 9_9'' about said knight#but what if! his death actually had this power and had a helpful; successfully protective impact on the story in a way no one was aware of#sorry for taking 10 paragraphs to say as much in there. w/the last several getting extra is My Way#i am [epcot ball vine voice Mytho...] about pt lore lmao but i can still ponder other things. he's connected to all the others! bless him
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turnabouttribulations · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Make me choose between: Athena Cykes or Maya Fey [requested by @morpedits ]
"Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me!"
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
the kin jobs asks have me thinking about when i found out my old manager, the woman who made the schedule and regulated breaks and was In Charge Of The Store, is kin with nagito komaeda. shes one of the best managers i’ve ever had no joke
💖🔪junko enoshima🔪💖
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wzard101 · 18 days ago
i was severely different when i was 18 but i am also the same person but very different but not but also i still feel like im jn high school sometimes but also im 20 which isnt old but old compared to five yrs ago do i look that different do i act different am i a better person now who knows actually i think ive regressed into a more anxious mean person but Whatever....
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strawberry---clouds · a month ago
the 'professional' part cant be backed up sorry doopie doo
but anyways, sara, shin or kanna
i've been professionally kin assigned wowowowow!!!
however,,,,,, damn now there's another shinnie in the main game how tragic is that /lh
thank you thank you tho i love all 3!! /gen
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