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#kind of!

ooooo ok I’m v excited abt this one thank you so much for asking I’m going to write abt rome lavellan (kinda!)

letters between two of your OC’s companions about them

tweaked abt bc it’s a companion and an advisor


My lady, I know that you must have heaps on your plate right now, but I felt it critical to send you this letter.

The Inquisitor took on the responsibility of establishing a peaceful coexistence with the Orlesians occupying the Plains. She made time sensitive promises to help defeat the demonic threat making life all the more miserable for the forces in the area, but you should know from a cohort a comrade an ally a friend, first, that we will not meet the soldiers in anything resembling timely.

I would never intend to sully or besmirch the good name and intentions of our Inquisitor, but if you can make hours upon hours of traipsing about on a hunt for half withered plants sound like a reasonable excuse to be days late on our offer of ‘emergency aid’, I would only have another cause to marvel at your prowess as a negotiator.

I only sought to warn you, though I hope this slight does not add to your worries. I know our allies have family on the front lines, and we would be remiss to assume word would not somehow find its way back to them. Loathe their games as I do, I’d hate to see their talk be the Inquisition’s undoing.

I hope to see you soon,

I hope all is well back at Skyhold,

Warden Blackwall

messily scrawled letter found pinned down with many other important notes on Ambassador Montilyet’s desk

Warden Blackwall,

If we defeat Corypheus we will be lucky. If Rome Lavellan learns to manage a list of more than one priority, we will truly see the Maker’s work.

I thank you for your quick thinking and response to the error. Rome was to meet many siblings, mothers and fathers attached to powerful families currently fighting in the Exalted Plains. Had I not received word from you, I would be simply buried in letters threatening our credibility as allies. You’ve lessened my burdens tremendously.

I do hope the Inquisitor’s harvesting had some benefit to you all. Please refrain from telling me if it did not, I may not handle that well.

We were very fortunate to avoid major conflict, more fortunate to have you in our midst. I am grateful.

I am hoping for your safety,

Lady Josephine Montilyet, Ambassador to the Inquisition

- neatly written letter found on the Ambassador’s desk, rolled and ready to be sent out alongside two balled up, tossed out first drafts of presumably the same letter

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I’m practicing making icons using my phone app to get used to the program again, came up with oodles of Rainbow Dash icons! I had lots of fun trying to capture different vibes with each one.

All background images are from Unsplash, a free-to-use photo site, I highly recommend it!

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{me: maybe if i rewrite my pages i’ll feel better about catching up with the series and slowly easing myself into rping again

me, realizing half of my verse page will need to eventually be rewritten bcus canon: welp. shit.]

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Sometimes I see very very bad takes and I’m thankful for my mutuals, because you would never put this shit on my dash and I appreciate you all for it

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The ground exploded next to Catra, right where she had been a moment before. She rolled just in time. Everything had gone to shit, right as things were looking promising too. Not that Catra hadn’t seen this all coming, ever since Adora had found that sword the Force Captain has been trying to get people in on her conspiracy theory that all the magic and the runestones were corrupted somehow. That they changed people. 

Admittedly it’s not like people had dismissed her out of hand, rather there was an air of ‘so what?’ about the whole thing. Corrupt, not corrupt, the hard fact was that the Princesses were evil and the Horde had to fight them. Of course no one really wanted to admit it was a losing battle. which is why Catra kept telling them her suspicions though! Go for the magical rocks! The Princesses will probably get better or something if the rocks are destroyed! At least she had been hoping for that, hoping she could get Adora back if she smashed that sword.

Now She-Ra was laughing and slashing at Catra and the Force Captain could barely keep up. Not exactly how she wanted Adora back. The Fright Zone was under siege and there was a pretty good chance that this was the end of the line. At least Catra was proven right before it all came to an end. 

Entrapta had been the backing she really needed. The moment that fake princess had hacked into the Black Garnet she had confirmed everything Catra had been saying. Something was wrong. Something was more than wrong. Something was in the runestone network. This something was like an infection, spread to each and every runestone and apparently even to She-Ra’s sword. It was a pretty good feeling, being vindicated like that. Until of course the infection reacted to Entrapta’s intrusion and suddenly the Princesses were marching on the Fright Zone with every intent of annihilating it.


“Adora you can stop this! You can fight it! There’s something in the Sword Adora!” Catra has been trying this for awhile now, at every encounter they’ve had. It never works. Adora’s too blind to it, too damn stupid.

“There’s nothing to fight Catra!” she’s laughing. “Other than you I guess.” the red eyed Goddess manages to grab Catra by the hair and slam her down into the ground. That’s it. Catra can only tell herself that she had a good run as stars fill her eyes and she can make out the blurry image of She-Ra raising the sword to plunge into her.

It didn’t come down though. A new blur suddenly appears behind She-Ra, grabbing her by the cape and throwing her into a nearby boulder with the sound of servos and synthetic muscle coils. 

“Force Captain Catra, get up. I have not given you permission to rest, and I cannot defeat this beast alone.” Lord Hordak. He’s holding a hand out to Catra.

She takes her leaders hand and stands, readying herself for the fight to continue.


Just testing waters with writing from (mirror) Catra’s perspective for my Mirror universe concept. So I guess teaser for that if I ever flesh it out properly? Otherwise have a one shot ficlet.  

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Frayja had just been visiting the kingdom upon the harbor, with her brother in order to try and gain favor with it’s own king. She never expected to get the attention of said king, or for him to attempt to court her.

She hadn’t been sure, at first, whether to agree to such a thing, but he didn’t outright force a marriage upon her, and so she agreed to see him in secret at first, to see if it was truly the thing to do. In the end, it was, and they ended up publicly announcing a marriage between her, the princess, and him, the king. 

Soon enough, she was the Queen of his kingdom, and he the King.

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