#kind of not rlly but i dont care if u see it that way
webztox · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
i love it when south park characters smoke weed
+ click 4 better quality <3 +
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gukqi · 2 months ago
#i usually refrain from posting anything unrelated to bts or personal here but can i do it this once?#i'm someone who's not good at expressing their feelings or who talks about their problems when something is up#you'll always get the answer 'i'm fine' or 'i'm okay' even if i'm not bc i keep everything up in myself#and pretend to be 'happy' on the outside and it's actually rlly hard for me to socialize or commit to serious friendships#bc at some point i get really drained and tired and having a social phobia isn't much of a help either#i've also been struggling with my mental health for a while now and even though i'm seeing a therapist#i still happen to feel insecure about a lot of things/myself and even being on here#i know a lot of u guys have been so kind and supportive of me sending me sweet asks and i made great friends here too#but on some days i still can't help but feel like i'm being disliked here or annoying#and that the people i like dont feel the same way about me like i do about them ;;_;;#i love making gifs but thoughts like 'mine doesn't matter bc other sets are already uploaded and i'm slow anyways' still occur#and i cant help but feel like no one cares anyway but i might just be overreacting#havent been able to take my meds on time for the past few days either so that might add on as well#i'm sorry if i put any negativity to your day with this post T_T#apparently i'm also bad at saying no to people so i'm getting dragged to groceries now. guess that's my sign to leave
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rosesau · a year ago
#i just need to say: i'm not saying anyone hates niall bc they dont like the way he tweets or have any issues with his social media presence#but there comes a point when he's the one always getting blasted by fans for essentially saying the same kind of things that louis has said#and i get it. different fan dynamics blah blah i get all that but if you're blaming niall for not reading tone right#and you're not reading HIS tone right either then thats a two way street#i've also seen several people say that he should address these things in separate tweets as a general message#since he feels so strongly about it. and guess what? he has. more than once.#i've also seen ppl say that he should just stay away from social media but why? he shouldnt have to stay away#just so he wouldnt see the things that ppl say about him? he's free to comment on things ABOUT him#sure its part of 'stan culture' and whatnot to joke about celebrities like they're ur friends but like... theyre rlly not#he's tweeted multiple times about this and its not going to go away at once. ppl arent going to change at once#like he said. if you wouldnt go up to a stranger and say something why would u say it on twitter about a stranger?#a lot of tweets can be made without naming niall but fans use his name intentionally bc they know he checks his indirects#and the way fans interact with each other isn't niall's responsibility#i've seen ppl blame harry for the actions of a lot of his fans and like... if you admit that harry isn't to blame for them#because they're grown individuals who make their own choices#why blame niall for the onslaught of negativity towards someone that HE isn't instigating?#anyway...i could say more but theres no point im justfgdhgjd i hate some of the double standards among some ppl on here#rmbr when that one fan called louis dumb bc he didnt get that stupid lyric and everyone jumped to defend louis for DAYS onwards?#keep that same energy for the others <3 both fans said it lightheartedly but louis didnt like it and niall didnt like it#have a nice day i dont care for discourse about this
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dykenance · 2 months ago
rlly silly (watermelon) rant in the tags
#bc im too lazy to find and write in my journal rn so im making u all witness this (if u choose to read)#so my one friend and i wanted to do a lil smth for st pattys since we cant go to bars and wont rlly party anyway rn bc covid#and i brought this up likeeee a month ago like valentines day time and she was gonna ask her bf abt having a few ppl over#and we bring it up like every single time we see each other for the past month and she keeps like refusing to just ask him#so i was like ok lol ill do a 'pre game' or we can just hang at my place w a few ppl#and she said cool but shed still ask him and then im like confirming for the sixth time that ill host and shes like oh i think i mis#understood. girlie. how?? anyway so im like ya whatever itll be fine. but heres the thing#its literally like. her. my roommate for next year <3 my current roommate if she decides to participate#ok hang on biggest point being i literally messaged two (2) ppl outside of her. that is all i could think of#and ya we dont want it to be a big thing anyway but if it turns out to be literally like three of us. sigh. idk#like when shes hosted at her place both of her roommates joined in and they all sort of agreed on who they were having over#and im just so socially stunted here dsfhgjdfgh that i think its gonna be kinda like. shitty. and this friend just always kinds makes me#feel that way even if she doesnt mean to. one of the last times we hung out she kept asking if id been to all these little places#and i mean like every single place we'd walked past and i had to keep being like nope:) bc ive had less time on campus than her#and her bf takes her out all the time obvs lol so that was cool and she has all these friends bc shes in a million clubs#and i dont want that i wouldnt enjoy my life if i was like that but it sucks that im still struggling so much to find ppl#and ik there are other ppl like me but so many ppl i know are either like her or at least like. have a few good friends yk#i have a few good friends but none of them are here. i have acquaintances. and it's so fucking lonely#and idk what to do about it anymore lmfaoo i tried going to clubs i didnt care abt i tried talking to ppl in my classes#and ya recently ive realized how tired and unapproachable i must seem on campus but like. i am. so tired. nothing works out lolol#i feel like im like 40 yrs old and failing at life and questioning everything and wishing i could restart#and other ppl are like. enjoying silly stupid shit at college bc they can#and ya u can take yourself out and enjoy ur own company. i know i do. but i just feel like ugugghghghhh#idk if its my meds or just. nothing happening in my life. but i literally walk around feeling empty#and it just sucks to me that that friend who ive known for years is more likely to silently judge me for not just finding more friends#than deciding to try and include me bc she knows how much im struggling#so now i have this internal voice thats like Youre being ridiculous theres no reason u shouldnt have people. instead of like#anything compassionate. and even when i was more compassionate toward myself all of my external influence was like#Dude literally wtf. and uh. ya i rlly dk wtf man idk wtf is wrong w me#or even if theres nothing wrong w me idk how to just have a slightly normal fucking life like everyone else
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madodreamspam · 5 months ago
#..........................................................................................................................................#.......................................................................................................................................#............................................................................................................................#........................................................................................................................................#people who give me dysphoria stop posting on the internet challenge#this is like. a joke and whatever but. -_- i am taking so much psychic damage. being trans is so stupid sometimes#hahaa whaat if i was desirable in like any way whatsoever. i know thats like a deranged thought#and people. occasionally have told me i am but. i dont believe uhhhh any of them. for. lots of reasons. yea thats mentally ill of me but#im like 80% sure She doesnt think im attractive... she just thinks im nice and i give her attention and care abt her etc#and so she has some kinda subconscious draw to me bc no one else treats her decently. and she thinks thats attraction#and most of the time other people tell me im attractive its like. 'haha yeea i can tell ur trying rlly hard haha! dont want u to feel bad'#like thanks for being nice i guess but its conditioned me to not believe any single person tell me im desirable in any way ever#stop sugarcoating it and trying to be like. milktoast kind to me. i dont care. it makes me not trust you or take you seriously#sure thats an ouroboros of never believing anyone from the start so this issue perpetuates itself but. idk#im not specifically talking abt anyone who sees this btw.... i dont tjink it applies to anyone who reads these#anyway. something something when is someone im attracted to gonna hit on me irl. haha need prince charming moment#ok i KNOW im going through estrogen puberty and thats whats up here but like. BRUh. i am still feeling it#however irrational and childish it is. tjats what hormones and insecurity do to u i guess#:/ :/....... yea idk whatever
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ebouquet · 3 years ago
is it weird if i just text her something like hey ____ i was just doing blah blah blah and it made me think of you so i just wanted to see how you were doing??
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eyesonbaji · 4 months ago
being loved by ran
mentioned | ran haitani
request | What do you think Ran Haitani would be like as a lover.
a/n | that came in so fast i panicked so bad LMAOOOO, here u go @sorawashere !! wasnt sure if u wanted a scenario or headcanons so i did hcs, if ud like me to change anything pls lmk<3 also, new post layout bc :p edit - pls request things, i write for kpop too :p
Tumblr media
ran <3
this man.
i just know he is the BIGGEST tease
100% would do things just to fluster you and be so proud of himself for it after
like if you guys meet up for a date or something, he'll come up to you and grab your hand, bring it up to his lips and just kiss it, letting the kiss linger there for a few seconds while gazing at you with this look in his eyes and,,, omg
once he sees any sign of you getting flustered at this, he gets SO cocky
"hm, i just got here and you're already all red? pretty little thing.."
very competitive for random things, will bet your entire net worth on who can make the best pasta between you two
he's obviously really charming which can prove to be handy when he's doing his dirty work w bonten, mikey often puts that to good use to sweet talk girls to get information on different gangs and such
concerning his work, he doesn't bring you up much as its obviously dangerous for you, but bonten all know about you and rindou obviously can't escape from ran's rambling abt you LMAOOO
he also respects your boundaries a lot and if you're uncomfortable at him sweet-talking these random girls, he'll try to get out of it, but if he can't, he'll make it up to you one way or another
he does reassure you that the things he does are strictly for work purposes and he has to be loyal to mikeys orders, he respects you and you respect his work
with all that being said, if anything DOES happen to you because you're dating ran, consider it stopped in like, a minute
ran would die before letting anything happen to you, hes rlly protective in that aspect
aside from his cocky personality, i feel like he's really romantic
he might not be the most vulnerable w his emotions, but he'd do the best he can to show you w actions just how much you mean to him
he'd buy you little things he knows you like and reserve different days to just be with you
hear me out
he's the type of guy who grabs your hand and rubs his thumb over your knuckles </3
touch is definitely one of his love languages
will sit with you for hours and hold you if you're sad, also the type of guy to kiss your tears away and cup your face, look into your eyes and tell you everything will be okay because you have him there supporting you </3
he LOVES getting lost in your eyes, and you do too because.. his eyes are just so pretty, how could you not??
kind of unpredictable at times, will pull you out of whatever you're doing just to go on a walk or to go to a fancy restaurant
if you can get along well w rindou, hes instantly marrying you, the 2 may bicker a lot but he really cares for his little brother
rindou will get in fights for u just as much as ran will, they both really care about you </3
short or long, he'll let you braid and play w his hair, he'll even grow it out if you ask him to
loves when you run your hands through his hair or massage his back after a long day
he'll walk in and kiss your forehead, depending on where you are, he'll either sit in between your legs or in front of you on the floor, expecting you to know what he wants
uses lots of pet names for you
his faves being darling, love, and pretty
this is not up for debate!! he told me himself!!!!!!!
also a big gentleman, will open doors for you and all that 1950s shmuck
overall hes just really romantic and loving, but can be such a cocky mf at times, expect to be flustered a lot around him LMAO i dont even know how to describe how dating him would be, it's such a pure yet teasing love the two of you have and it's so so relieving to be so at peace with someone, he makes you feel so loved
Tumblr media
© chnroom on tumblr | reblogs are greatly appreciated !
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inthegarbagecan · a month ago
Hi!!Can u maybe do an arcane headcanon where their s/o is born with powers but they can't rlly control them?Like when they get too excited, the things around them would start flying around or smth and then they'd try to calm them down. Ty! (sorry for bothering u! ^^"' )
𝙰𝚛𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚎 𝚠𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚗 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚒𝚛 𝚜/𝚘 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚊𝚋𝚒𝚕𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚜♡
I hope you understand i only did a few characters because doing a ton at once was too difficult for me to do <3 sorry lovelys! Ill do the women separate from the men!
Oo i like this request! Kinda reminds me of that netflix show “i am not okay with this”, it was my fav for so long and I’m excited to write this idea!
Tumblr media
- ok, she was shocked when she saw things floating around the house
- She freaked out, of course
- Asking you a ton of questions “what was that?! Howd you do it?! Can you do it again??”
- Eventually, she calmed down and relaxed enough to ask the questions one at a time
- You’d tell her you just got really excited about some news you had gotten and that it happened all the time, and it never went to far
- She’d understand, and help you find ways to better control your abilities
- Whenever you two were in public and you gotten excited about something, shed either wrap an arm around you or grab your hand
- Which helped ground you more so your powers were more stable
- Still LOVES you using your powers however!
- Will always listen to you rant about something you love even though things are floating around you two <3
Tumblr media
- much like vi, she gets very excited as well and bombards you with questions
- Would call you her “magician”
- Teases you about it CONSTANTLY
- “Heya toots, could you hand me that with your mind?” You proceed to toss it at her
- Still loves you a ton!
- Would tell sevika her gfs a witch
- Wouldnt believe it
- Until she sees it.
- Which is why your sitting in silcos office with jinx, ranting about something you were really excited about!
- ..then silcos ashtray started floating..then his clipboard…then sevikas cigar..
- You were confused when jinx started to yell at sevika that she was telling the truth
- Just wants to show ya off <3
Tumblr media
- shes too stunned to speak (the woman was too stunned to speak)
- She’d honestly almost faint
- Youd catch her, of course
- Would ask a few questions at a time, mainly asking why you havent told her
- “Didnt come up in conversations” you’d reply, shrugging
- “H..how do you..when do you..” shes truly too stunned to speak
- Because magic users were, yaknow..
- Kind banned
- She’d be conflicted if she should do something or not
- Clearly doesnt
- But she makes sure no one else finds out about your abilities
- She’d give you her jacket to help calm you down if you got too excited about something
- Always gaslights people
- “What was that?” “What?” “That pen was floating by your s/o” “what? You must be seeing things” they were seein somethin.
- Just wants to protect you <3
Tumblr media
- she’d walk into your shared room only to see almost all her paintbrushes and paints floating whilst you freaked out over something
- She obviously cared more about you than the items, she can buy more later
- She’d walk to you, her heels of her shoes clicking against the floor as she did
- “Dear? Whats this?” She’d ask angelically
- You’d flinch, the items falling back down
- “N..nothin! Just uh..uh im just happy” you’d tell her looking at her paints “ill clean that for you” you’d tell her, to which she shook her head.
- “Dont bother, ill find someone to do it later” she told you, sitting next to you “what was that?” She’d retort
- You’d explain your abilities to her, her nodding her head with everything you said
- “Well, i’ll help you with hiding them” she’d tell you, placing a light kiss to your cheek
- Whenever you two were in public together she’d snake a hand around your waist and whisper some compliments here and there before continuing with the conversation she was having with the person infront of her
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planetdream · 7 months ago
— five soobin hard thoughts <3
this post contains: smut ! just a few soobin hcs that have been on my mind <3
💌 this isn’t proofread or anything so sorry for any mistakes :( rlly just wanted to post something smutty bc i kinda forgot about kinktober and i like writing smut :)
Tumblr media
i. soobin likes burying his face into your pussy after a long day. the whole day he’d want nothing more than to spread for legs and lick at your delicious cunt. he’d be daydreaming about the next time he sees you and how wet you’d be for him. fantasizing about how good you taste and your moans and pleads of his name when his fingers hit that spot as he sucks on your clit.
definitely think he just loves eating pussy so he’d never pass up on the opportunity. even if he’s tired, he’ll want to do it. i don’t think he’s too much of a fan of receiving head as much as he is on giving. however, does love the feeling of your mouth around him.
ii. i dont necessarily see soobin into any kind of (dom/sub) power play. he’s just very much into centering in on your pleasure. if you see yourself as a pillow prince(ss), he’s more than ok with providing you pleasure. even if you’re more of a brat, he’s always going to give you what you want just because he’s in love with the look on your face when he makes you cum.
iii. as much as he does like seeing you spread out and pretty for him, he does like when you do most of the work. when he can just lay back and watch you ride him, feeling you clench around him. staring at the way your tits bounce or at where his cock disappears into you. will definitely help you out when you’re getting tired by grabbing your hips and lifting you up and down his cock or thrusting up into you.
sometimes he gets so caught up in the moment, his brain moves faster than his mouth and he’ll end up saying some of the filthiest things. still, praising you for how well your ride him and that you’re so good for taking him like this. or about how he doesn’t want to stop fucking you. probably calls you bunny while he fucks you.
iv. and still, he likes to be taken care of being kissed and cherished. probably can cum two to three times, but very sensitive to anything beyond that. can’t handle teasing simply bc he’s sensitive to it and doesn’t tease you much (or at all really).
sometimes he’s really horny though, and cums pretty quickly. occasionally he gets embarrassed about it, but it subsides when he sees your pussy leaking with his cum.
v. gets pretty tired after sex, but will always take care of u afterwards. appreciates a nice bath or shower and cuddles while watching something before zoning off to the dream world..
Tumblr media
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noteguk · a year ago
Hey nala! I loved bad attitude, I can’t wait to see more of the oc teasing jk 😭
Thank you!! I really like exploring the dark side of the force that overtakes the oc every once in a blue moon. So I hope you guys like this one! (The timeline is after bad reputation, but before bad attitude) 
[ ! ] this is a drabble for bad influence. You can read it as a stand-alone. 
— contents and warnings; pwp, smut, sexting, badboy!Jungkook x goodgirl!reader, enemies with benefits/enemies to lovers, dirty talk, taking and sending pics (not nudes), jk’s skirt thirst, a glimpse into the chaos that lives inside the oc 
— words; 1,2k
Years of high school (and now college) excellence did wonders to disguise your impulsive side. It was a common misconception to believe that, just because you were disciplined enough to keep your grades high and your responsibilities in check, you didn’t act on dumb, random thoughts that popped up inside your head. You kind of wished it was true (it would’ve saved you a lot of drama in your personal life) but you also had to admit that you had your fun indulging in your more chaotic needs as well. 
Jungkook’s answer came quickly, but not as quickly as you had first expected. Which meant that he was either busy or distracted — past tense — and that it would be slightly more fun than you thought. 
With a smirk growing on your lips, you turned around on the bed, reaching for your phone. His answer was simple, only one word, but it was more than enough for you to realize that your machiavellian plan would be fruitful. 
jk tutoring 🚫: dont.
If years of perfecting self-restraint didn’t stop you, his half-assed warning wouldn’t. With your phone in hands, you propped yourself up on your elbows as you typed a response. 
You: Why not? 😔
As you nervously waited for his text, the picture you had previously sent him was staring you right in the face. It wasn’t anything outrageous, just a simple mirror selfie of you sitting on the edge of your bed, legs crossed and head slightly tilted to the side. It was something so innocent, so gentle and casual, that you could almost pretend that you didn’t know exactly what you were doing when you picked that skirt.
It wasn’t any revolutionary discovery to claim that Jungkook had a thing for your skirts — he had mentioned about a million times already and, even if he hadn’t, it was extremely obvious from the way he explored your body with a lot more eagerness when you wore one. What was a revolutionary discovery, however, was the piece of clothing you found hiding in the corner of your closet, something you had long discarded because Yongsun had managed to shrink it the first time she washed it. 
It was practically impossible to wear it outside, but, well, it was the perfect tool to provoke Jungkook with. Because if karma didn’t take care of him, you would. 
Finally, his messages popped up on your screen: 
jk tutoring 🚫: in a lab rn dont wanna get hard thx
jk tutoring 🚫: but it looks rlly fucjing hot 
jk tutoring 🚫: wanna see you riding me in it bby 
jk tutoring 🚫: in front of that mirror ;) 
You bit your lip, bubbles of expectation starting to pop in your stomach. Sexting Jungkook was the free trial of being a chess genius — you were always ten steps ahead, predicting his following words with almost perfect accuracy. Was it mean, perhaps a little twisted of you to be doing that while he was (miraculously) in class? Maybe. But you had a lot of things in your mind and mercy wasn’t one of them. Especially after the months of torture he had put you through. 
You: whatever you want 🥰 
You: I’m surprised you even go to class tho, that’s news 
jk tutoring 🚫: u took the day off to pester me? 
You: maybe I did
You: maybe I’m also home alone for the rest of it 
jk tutoring 🚫: dont fucking say that 
In true supervillain fashion, you had to laugh at his apparent desperation — a high-pitched, victorious laugh that seemed to come straight from your soul. Jungkook very rarely found himself in that position and you absolutely lived for it. It was one thing to provoke him in person, when he was much stronger than you and could shut you up in no time, but, through the screen, only equal rights. And equal methods of torture.
You: why? You don’t wanna come over? 
jk tutoring 🚫: u kno I do 
jk tutoring 🚫: ill ttyl
You: not later!! Now 🥺 
jk tutoring 🚫: baby this isn’t the best moment 
jk tutoring 🚫: Im already hard n im almost done here ok
You chewed on the inside of your cheek, giving the angel and the demon on your shoulders time to present their case. The collected, rational part of you told you to leave it at that: he would come over later, you had managed to provoke him enough to piss him off and get the reaction you wanted. You won. But the impulsive, evil side of you told you that you didn’t win hard enough. 
Before you could think too much about it, you took another picture, feeling blessed enough to get a good shot on your first try. Your thumbs flew over the keys, typing fast to get the message sent before Jungkook decided to put his phone away. 
You: but these are the panties that you like 😔 
Like clockwork, there was a long moment of tension between your message being viewed and those little dots appearing at the corner of your screen. Once again: you knew exactly what you were doing. And you knew that a picture taken underneath your skirt, presenting him with a full view of your red laced panties, would be the cherry on top. 
jk tutoring 🚫: I fucjing hate u
You: don’t think you do 
jk tutoring 🚫: im saving these 
jk tutoring 🚫: gonna fuck u so hard bby 
jk tutoring 🚫: not even gonna take those off 
jk tutoring 🚫: just gonna push them aside n see u coming all over my cock 
Playing like that with Jungkook was like russian roulette — only, it was only you, and all chambers were filled. You knew it would backfire, you knew that the second he walked in your room all your control would go flying out the window, and yet you pushed on. Impulsiveness was a drug for someone that rarely indulged in it, and you were too high to care about the consequences when they seemed so far away. Or, even worse, when you kind of liked them. 
That was what pushed you to write your following messages: 
You: come over now? Please? 
jk tutoring 🚫: wait like 10 min we’re wrapping up 
You: now 🥺 
You: I’m so wet kook 
You: my panties are soaked 
You: don’t you wanna come and take them off? 
You: Or maybe I can take care of myself today and I can see you another day 😔
jk tutoring 🚫: dont fucking dare
You: I bet I could come super quick too I’m so turned on 
You: I want to feel you inside me 
You: I’m so tight too I can barely put my fingers in
You: please? Come over? 
Checkmate. The forces of chaos inside you were rejoicing, every cell of your body anticipating the impact of your words. You, however, already knew you had won even before he answered you. 
jk tutoring 🚫: im coming over rn
check out the rest of the bad influence collection!
tag list >  @minyoongiboongi  @bvrrym0re @marcoazam2 @shojotae @youurkryptonite @fan-ati--c @btstrasht @crazy4myself @ft-multi @kooafraid @dianaaviny @ggukkieland @cryinginmypromdress @kissestothesky @imluckybitches @gyukult @jinsalpaca @we8joon @gamerkooks @study-clouds @myanswer-is-you @pb-n-juju @disaster-rose @spicybangtanwings @fairymagdalene @seagulljk @she-is-dreaming @jjktthpmj1 @pinkysunsett  @1aekooks @jkficsiliketoread @ellesalazar @wearenot7withu @codeinebelle @erraaxh @lovelyloverlia @dayjeons @illwritetomorrow @dreamsindreamss @limee7 @pixiejjk @dancing-queenf @storms-and-stars-blog @un-love @knjoobs @yopjm @pixiejjk 
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punkegg · 4 years ago
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mygnolia · 5 months ago
crush﹢relationship headcannons w/ chan!
Tumblr media
pair -› chan x gn!reader
genre -› fluff, pure fluff
wc -› 1.1k
cw -› food mention (hot choco), one word abt barf 
a/n -› ngl ive changed my a/n bc this has been collecting dust in the drafts and its so funny to see whenever i come back and chance it to “im in love” and then “man i wish they liked me back”
© All rights belong to mygnolia copyrighted 2021. Any republished or reposted work on this site and sites differing from original under other names will be reported and removed immediately.
he probably smiles whenever he sees u
you two probably have mutual friends
like you and seungmin probably are friends and just mess around with jeongin
omg unstopabble trio fr
but one time seungmin in his lavish big rich boy house goes “lets have a sleepover”
yall playin word games bc its 2 am and obviously your braincells (do not) work
assuming yall can drink but if not we’ll blame it on the sleepiness
you’re just laughing rlly hard to this joke minho makes and everyone stares unimpressed at him and chan looks over and kind of
smiles at you
like this toothy moon crescent eye smile that has you thinkin about him
all fuckin’ night too
like you probably think about how it would feel if he smiled to you romantically
and your mind is reeling
anyways you fall asleep fast but chan can’t sleep and when he does its late
they def dont want to overwork him so they let him sleep as much as he can
bro yall fall for each other SO fast…(barfs)
yall probs go to the fair in town or like a pumpkin patch with games and he’s just admiring you from afar
proud smile lovesick grin holds your hand when you win smth
he definitely wins a large stuffie like a bear or an elephant
and i’d think he’d pull something slick like “hey lets trade stuffed animals i don’t like holding this one”
just would be a total sweetheart
i think he would drive you home! just very subtle glances soft smiles and all of your friends were like “placing bets they’re totally kiss”
when he nears your home he asks if he can kiss u
yes! ofc! i think he’s still a little shy so it was be rlly short and sweet!!
asks if he can talk to you tmr abt the whole thing and feelings
heart combustion? immediate? and all he’s thinking rn is “man i think they’re so wonderful and cute”
and YOU’RE thinking about how long you’ve been waiting and how you’re so giddy
u go to bed with a smile on ur face fs
you two talk it out, shy smiles and hugs and he admits he was scared you didn’t like him the way he liked you
but u do!! and everything is pretty sunshine and rainbows
i think chan would be as caring as he can between his work hours he still crams in a hug or shared dinners
school would be tough on both of you and though you might be sad you didn’t see or receive a text you yourself are probs cramming for finals so u understand
winter break!! it’s your three month anniversary plus christmas and u’ve been saving a bit of money up to get him whatever he might want
chan would be happy for the gift but he would be most excited to spend time with you
tries to stay as close as possible like holding hands, cuddling, head on your shoulder, just some sort of skinship because i feel like he wants to feel close to u?
n e ways lets assume he does, would make u a lot of tea and hot choco since it’s easy
chan seems like the type to buy u smth like a necklace or a bracelet and make you a long handwritten letter telling you about how he just simply adores you
i think he’s just really in love with u like he never wants to lose you EVER
you would really think he’s a gem
you’re both honest and you both feel like it’s a bit unreal if you were to spend your whole lives together
like its not impossible, but he’s like a dream you’re afraid of waking up to experience a life without him yknow
i think you both have a clear grasp that you might not be his forever and vice versa, but he would never hold it against you if you two broke up or split
things happen, people drift apart or lose that feeling for their significant other
but you both think that time hasn’t come yet so you two enjoy each other for now for as long as u can
chan’s just always so sweet and you wonder what he finds in you
he doesn’t get it tho like he doesn’t get how u don’t see how wonderful u are for him when you ask if he still loves you or if he’s ever going to leave
chan: no i would never babe :(( you mean so much to me why would i ever do that to you without telling you first
he’s scared of losing you too though
worries that you’ll find someone who makes you laugh harder or makes you fall harder than how you fell with him and it makes him sick when he thinks about you with someone else
not because he’s jealous, but because he wouldn’t ever want to lose you simply because he loves you so much
he’d find so many flaws with himself and beats him up for it
and i think you’d have to remind him that you don’t love him because he’s perfect, but you love him for him and that’s what matters
sometimes there are rough patches and it’s okay! you two promise to talk about whatever might bother you as long as your comfortable with sharing and would discuss anything he notices in ur relationship
but it’s not like a scolding
everyone has different ways of communicating and sometimes chan just wants to make sure u know that he’s always here for you
and that he’s not going to push any of your boundaries
but he also expects the same which is reasonable! (he has his personal matters or things he wants to avoid talking about and you make sure not to overstep)
he just wants to make sure everything is alright and doesn’t want you neglecting yourself for other things
you always come first, he wants you to know it the best you can
and if you’re dealing with something he would definitely wait for you and remind you it’s okay to be vulnerable and express yourself, whether or not it’s to him or your friends or close ones
chan isn’t pushy with anything and is patient/observant when it comes to your relationship and u in general
yeah! things can get difficult but chan would try his best to support you through all of it
i think overall chan would love every part of you as best as he could
and he does a pretty good job!
Tumblr media
UHHHHH hope…hope…u enjoyed my brainrot…? check my masterlist for more and lmk if u have any feedback bc this was just me ranting ish LMFAO
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buoyant-breeze · 8 months ago
Hi! I had this idea in my mind for a while about a moth hybrid reader who has a elemental sight that randomly activates so when it activates she usually walks to the strongest/nearest elemental source (which is often a talented vision user or someone who can bend the elements without a vision) and they often just touches the source (maybe for non vision users they touches something like their hair or mask?). Perhaps they're intrigued by their situation to become their friend or doesn't care until they just keep on meeting them over and over till they accept friendship. Can you do hc with Zhongli, keaya, childe, and xiao? Sorry for the long ask
---🐇 Anon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
author’s note  ⊱ aww hi again 🐇 anon!!! c: mwah!!! i hope u enjoy!!! also i dont mind long asks!!! feel free to go crazy!!! anyway this idea was rlly cool idk how ur so creative :”) this would be such a cool fic idea!! sorry if this was underwhelming, but feel free to send more follow-up requests whenever u’d like!!
characters ⊱ zhongli, xiao, kaeya, childe
warnings ⊱ canon-typical (mild) violence and mentions of intoxication, but there’s no actual explicit uses of substances / drugs here!
rating ⊱ sfw
Tumblr media
isn’t too put-off by it, all things considered
he’ll be politely confused at first, however, but totally accept the situation as is with his usual social grace
would most likely conclude that perhaps you are inebriated, and generally just react with courtesy and kindness, thinking he should probably help you find your way home or generally bring you to a safer area, obviously not really knowing much about this situation beyond the fact a stranger has walked up to him and begun to touch his face
but after this event and learning more about the person, he’d be very interested in becoming friends, and in fact, would try to take responsibility over you as a person to make sure that you are taken care of
it’s sort of like in the same vein of how he views the adepti, and he sort of sees you with the same lens that he sees ganyu or xiao, and considers you to be someone with great potential and profound ability, but also someone who may need assistance or some level of protection
which is something zhongli would offer in droves
but that, you following into the path of the adepti as actually becoming one seems like something that is bound to happen if you came into contact with zhongli
but no matter what, zhongli would definitely be your friend and would like to take care of you in this instance, developing a communicative and helpful relationship
would find your habits and behavior to be very interesting, and would likely want you to pursue ways to develop your talents further and to see just how far you can go with them
perfectly tolerant and unaffected by your moth-like behavior, all in all
has no idea what’s going on and at this point is too scared to ask
he already has problems with understanding how mortals work, so to add a layer onto this where a subspecies of mortals, who has a half-bloodline similar to ganyu, would leave him flabbergasted on how to react upon being touched or from elemental objects being approached
but he’s not so cold-hearted to actually leave you hanging, would definitely ensure your safety
i think it’d be one of those situations where he leaves you like a toddler and he’s like okay, now don’t go get the knives in the kitchen drawer again, i need to go do something real fast, only to come back and essentially the toddler is in the knife drawer again, except it’s you, the half-moth, touching elemental objects or even him again
and you guys bond through that, eventually getting to know each other, and him just sort of having this babysitter/siblingship with you that actually is deep down, pretty friendly
however, while touching objects is fine enough, touching him? that’s dangerous
he radiates a lot of elemental energy, and not the good kind; it’s the kind that comes from being the conquerer of demons, radiated around him like an aura after he slices through darkness and corruption. it can hurt mortals if they get too close, hence why he often holds people at a distance in the first place, out of fear of causing more carnage than he already has, considering himself to be a threat and nothing more than a pulsing, dark weapon to be wielded
so he often tries to step far away from you or keep you at a distance, he gets very nervous you’ll accidentally hurt yourself by getting too close to him
but i imagine there’s some amount of immunity with being of your heritage, mostly just because i think it’d be really cool if you were the one person that was “mortal” and could still get up close and personal with him post-battles and be completely unharmed
it would make him feel so much better about himself and it would help him really, really warm up into the idea of being your friend
would probably introduce you to zhongli at one point, for reasons stated in zhongli’s response, about the adepti stuff
a little stiff to your moth-like behavior, but would eventually warm up to it
is immediately intrigued when this happens
he’s perceptive enough to figure out this isn’t intoxication of the alcoholic or substance abuse type, so he’ll definitely stick around and see what’s going on here
would definitely ask you a bunch of questions afterwards, and think it’s extremely interesting
perhaps this would be good for the knights, perhaps this would be good for him, perhaps this is just a good way of keeping an eye on a potential threat
either way, this is something worthwhile that kaeya would definitely be wholeheartedly investigating in his free time
would definitely keep some sort of friendship with you, even though it’s not super deep or heart-to-heart level, mostly because he’s just keeping an eye on things and seeing how it goes, but there’s some strong potential here of him seeing you as a good ally for mondstadt, and i think he would really try to capitalize on that
and since it’ll probably go in that direction, he’d definitely open up at some point and be serious friends, being perfectly fine with your moth-like behavior and mostly just thinking its a cute quirk
would probably make some nickname for you based around you being very moth-like that he will greet you with instead of your name, which i just think is really cute
might recommend you to the knights, to be honest
simultaneously thinks its very strange and has no idea whats going on, but also thinks its rather curious, and wants to know more about the situation
i think this is something that would happen to him a lot, mostly just because the foul legacy thing probably makes him overflowing with some elemental energy, to the point where you two will probably have a lot of interactions, enough to get you more than just acquainted
after the first few times it happens, though, he’ll probably think its pretty cute, but in a friendly way, not in a weird way
would end up being your friend after all of this, he’s just very easy to get along with and would find you very fascinating
unlike everyone else on this list, he’s not going to suggest / convert you to join the fatui just yet or anything, since you do have some potential with your abilities, but i do genuinely think that the idea would be very tempting for him
he mostly doesn’t do it at first just because he wants to gauge how you feel about it and idk i just kinda imagine him having a soft spot for you
its a very wholesome vibe
but i think if you were interested even slightly, he would definitely try and see if he can find a place for you, but he would be very determined to keep you protected and not in harm’s way
ultimately even without fatui connections being on the table for you, childe radiates the energy of someone who would keep an eye on you but in a way where he is constantly gathering information and trying to see if there’s anyone trying to hurt you, since you’re definitely not the usual type of person you’d see on the street
so even if you never joined, he’d still watch out for you, as a courtesy, since you’re his friend
pretty open about the whole moth-like behavior, thinks it’s really cool after he gets used to it happening
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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icannotmakeagoodusername · 9 months ago
hi! i've been binge reading your madness combat fics and hcs and i absolutely love them! i'm not one for romance (i prefer platonic relationships) but i think that those fics are absolutely lovely! if requests are still open, perhaps may i request hcs for the main 3 + 2b, and MAG torture with a child reader who is an experiment created with the ability to heal people? mainly being used to aid mag agents. reader has the characteristics of the little sisters in bioshock (if you are familiar with that game).
i crave for found family content and i personally think deimos would be a rlly good big brother.
take your time with the other asks you have, you dont have to answer this ask if you're very busy! anyways, *gives you a jelly drop* have a nice day!
cherishes the jelly drop for all eternity...... thabk u anon.... mwah..... enjoy <3
Okay let's be honest
He doesn't care
At first, anyways
When he'd raid AAHW he'd always notice their small form cowering in a place he couldn't reach
Finally after enough times his curiosity got thr best of him and he said fuck it n found a way to get to the child
As he approached the child began shaking more, Hank could hear it whispering "Please don't kill me," faintly, over and over
mmmm maybe not today
He just left it alone to let it know he wouldn't hurt it
He went off to kill some more, and when he returned to the child's spot, they were nowhere to be seen
This bugged him but he didn't pay any more mind
Imagine his shock when he ends up witnessing you healing a MAG while he was on a stealth mission
That thing was literally ten times bigger than you yet you didn't seem to be nervous at all
He returned home without attacking and Sanford and Deimos could tell something was on his mind
He also forbade them from entering a certain room in the house
After a couple of days, Sanford and Deimks couldn't ignore it any longer and entered the room while Hank was on another mission
But Hank's mission wasn't the usual... he was on a mission not to kill, but to SAVE.
To save you, specifically
And he if you were shocked by the fact that Hank was completely ignoring enemy attacks and running straight for you
Of course you were scared and began darting away through the building
He chased you (eventually he had to start killing to get to you) and finally caught you
You were obviously terrified and started kicking and screaming
To avoid more attacks, Hank dived into a garbage chute that led out of the building
You were still freaking out, but the fact that he hasn't tried to hurt you yet was intriguing
There was no dumpster so you both just hit the ground harshly
He cushioned your fall mostly, hugging you tight
You stopped struggling after that motion
He brought you home to a confused Sanford and Deimos asking why there was a room decked out in kids toys and furniture
But they were cut off by your small form peeking out from behind his legs
He's definitely trying to be a good father figure, but sometimes he struggles
He loves it when you play with his goggles though
Or when you suddenly say something out loud, like how he looks good today or smth (you know, that thing where kids can be brutally honest sometimes)
His interest definitely piqued when he bumped into your small form, ready to attack him if he tried to hurt you
"I'm... not gonna hurt ya, kid."
You didn't respond, only giving him a kinda uncomfy death glare
He took the hint and slowly backed away
He kept thinking about you while he made his way through the facility. A couple thoughts crossed his mind.
"Are they experimenting on a whole child? Or are they also raiding this place? No, no... They wouldn't survive this long...
He decided to try and take you because he's not gonna let a child be ruined by the AAHW
He turns back and just. Snatches you up, like Hank, but more gentle
You had half the mind to scream for help, but you knew he didn't have evil intentions by the way he shushed you
When you two got out safely, he immediately strikes up small talk
Exchanging names, why you were there, etc
He definitely acts like a wine aunt... wine uncle? Vodka uncle? Man's is Russian now HSUSDJ
"Auditor was treating you like pure shit, here, I have an extra pair of my hooks, I'm gonna train you in them, yeah?"
Lets you cuss but like. Limited
Honestly everyone gets attached to you, in general
Once he found out your healing ability he thought it was so cool
And when you healed him for the first time he was like :0
You giggled a bit, and he smiled, he liked making you laugh
Definitely spots you while scouting the building before attacking
You were chatting with a MAG
Deimos was stupid (as usual) and IMMEDIATELY- like he was the child- pointed to you and shouted "I WAN IT"
It was a loud enough shout that everyone heard HAHAGA
After a tough battle with the MAG and like 30 agents, Deimos finally spots you
"Hey, kid! Come with us, life is easier! Trust me, I defected and I'm grateful for it."
You obviously didn't like them because. They just killed the MAG you were talking to. But, you did wanna get outta there... so you gave in
You slowly nodded and took a few steps forward, but Deimos got very excited and just ran to you and scooped you into a hug
I think this man reeeeally wanted a kid
But yknow because he wants to be a brother figure (I can see it happening too :))
Hank is the one that is the strict-yet-secretly-craving-to-spoil-you father, 2B is [REDACTED], Sanford is the vodka uncle that will take you random places and hang out with you there, Deimos is the brother that will stay up at night with you if you wanted, will give you noogies, tease you, and fiercely protect you from anyone (technically they all do but... we won't talk about that)
Yes, when you get scared at night or smth, you go to Deimos, he immediately just. Picks you up and lays you in bed with him
"I gotcha, lil bean!"
When you finally revealed that you were an experiment to heal people, grunt or MAG...
He kind of wasn't surprised, by how considerate you were, no non-healer could be that nice
You've done some healing on the team after that :)
They definitely train you though, you need to defend yourself!!
Safe to say that you replace his role as Doc
He didn't even say anything to you when he first met you his brain literally screamed "TAKE THE CHILD PROTECT THE CHILD"
You were healing a random grunt btw
Unfortunately for you the grunt was a little too... welcoming and weird
2B overheard him being weird, thus is why he decided to save you
You were surprised when hands suddenly roughly grabbed you and picked you up, kinda happy you got away from the weird man
All the healing gone to waste as he quickly put a bullet in the grunts head while you were still disoriented
You were shaking, "T-thank you."
He nodded, throwing an "mhm" in with it
Good thing you were both outside the base so you two could easily make an exit
"What's your name, mister?" You curiously asked
"Mine? It's uhh... 2B."
"To be? Like Shakespeare?"
He smiled, "You know what, call me Toby."
"Okay, Toby!" You happily told him your name
By far the most docile meeting of this list obvs
He asked you about your healing, and you nodded excitedly, telling him things that someone usually wouldn't be talking about in such a happy tone
It's like that one audio of the little kid that's oversharing about her mom and her life so casually
Yknow the "can I sit right here? My mama and by daddy were fighting last night" but with all the experiments AAHW did on you and stuff
By the time you both returned to base (with a very confused everyone else bc why did 2b being a child home??) you've explained most of your fucked up situation
And he is definitely like "this is our child now. I've only known them fkr five minutes but if anything happened to them I'd kill everyone in this room and then myself"
Everyone looked at him like "mf hello???"
Alright I can finally say it: 2B fucking ADORES you
Like he fawns over you so much
Spoils you, always makes you laugh, shows you cool stuff
Everyone else is so confused,, this is completely different from the 2B they knew
He doesn't care lol KIDS
Definitely the most protective that outwardly shows it
Deimos is a strong contender for that place tho
He'll have you stay home while they're in missions and they have a special knock for when everyone needs healing
Again, you mostly replace him as the medic but he doesn't mind
Ofc I'm gonna place you as his healer
mag torture best mag (will not accept criticism)
You two get very close, very quick
Tor is actually extremely intelligent, its just he can't display that accurately because... well,,, there tons of shit stuck in him inhibiting him from doing stuff like talking, what else is he supposed to do JDJDJF
So his brain, when meeting you, said "Guess I'm a dad now"
Would die for you, like he really would
Would also kill for you
HAS killed for you
Much to your dismay, you were trying to heal another MAG bc he was shot in the head accidentally,, the bullet actually hit a spot and did some weird stuff- that I will make up for the sake of plot- and went rabid, trying to grab you
Ofc Tor was watching in the background and immediately leaped in to protect you
You only got knocked over as Tor, with MAG strength, lifted the bigger one and WWE threw him onto the ground, roaring in his face
You only sat there with the most shocked face as Tor brutally ripped away at the rabid MAG
When the other was dead, you watched as Tor turned to face you, body covered in blood
"Lemme... lemme heal you..." You said, dumbfounded
Loves it when you heal him hfjsfjr his whole body goes numb and he forgets his stress and pain only for a couple seconds, as your magic heals his wounds
He's not addicted to it though gladly
Definitely has that fatherly "if you dare to touch my child I will end you" vibe.
Always intimidatingly hunched over you, protective
HAAATES it when you have to talk with the Auditor
He doesn't like the man either BSBDHDJD
He's trying his best
Loves when you heal him, and he grumbles a "thank you" the best he could
The first time he did it, you beamed and happily replied "It was my pleasure!"
You always do just that when you heal him, he'll never get tired of seeing you happy and safe
when the uuhhhmhm jhhh wiiijhhhhh llshhh uhhhhh *kith mag tor*
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fairycosmos · 4 days ago
tbh after covid i started remembering how shitty the world can rlly be and seeing everyone seemingly stop caring about the lives of others and realizing that we truly are the same human beings that have done torture and world wars and stuff and i feel like its really hard to keep trying to find the goodness in people. but reading ur blog gives me hope that there are still people out there who are gentle and kind or at least well meaning. idk ik that sounds privileged but i think this was my first personal experience w mass tragedy and i didn't realize that you dont rly genuinely know what it's like until you experience it
honestly i don't blame you at all LOL like i basically had the same experience and i think a lot of ppl did, esp young ppl. it was just like idk. the suspicion we had our whole lives that we're surrounded and governed by unempathetic assholes at best and downright heartless lunatics at worst was confirmed in 24K for 2+ yrs straight while the death toll climbed and that was that. it was and is really disillusioning. of course it's privileged to say that, but it's also simply the truth for many. there are tons of nuance-adding factors to covid and the way ppl responded to it but a lot of the behaviour has been straight up fucking unhinged, and just so beyond ignorant lmfao in such a universal way too. nobody has any conception of anyone or anything mattering outside of their own bubble, including me to an extent obviously. it's just jarring as fuck to think we live in that every single day, so cognitively dissociated from it to get by. it's awful, and i agree that it echoes the cruelty of the past in a really uncomfortable way :( the capacity for human maliciousness is truly something else.
anyway, all that to say, it definitely doesn't mean there isn't kindness out there, and in abundance too, it's just a difficult and weird world at the same time. so many conflicting realities all occurring at once, sense is bound to be scarce. thank u lovely!! <3 im beyond glad my blog can give you a bit of comfort while we're living through what seems to be an increasingly ridiculous joke. it does the same for me tbh half the reason i believe in Anything is because of random girl bloggers online. anyway it might be like getting blood out of a stone LOL but i genuinely believe in u. and i think the people we come across are sometimes well meaning, we're just all kind of alienated from one and other too. and i think u can and will find the support system you deserve with time, for real. maybe it's just more of a weeding out the bad sort of process, rather than being able to trust and believe in everyone and everything with freedom, sadly. sending u a lot of love! i know it's hard. don't doom scroll/stay stuck watching the news if you can help it, it just makes things feel heavier for no material change in return for that pain. mwah x
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luvrboytengen · a year ago
Obey Me brothers with a short mc (like 5'0) with a high sterotypical loli voice? Im in need of some rep-
i didn’t do the voice since i didn’t rlly know how to like put that in but i rlly liked how this turned out <3
warnings: none just some cursing?
Lucifer would love how short and tiny you are compared to him
it would make him feel powerful and like he can protect you <33 which makes him practically BUST with pride
like when you can’t reach something on the top shelf and you have to ask him to get it <3 he just feels pride swell up in his chest
the minute you let someone else do something for you = ego deflated
mammon would at first be annoyed
because 1) he has to take care of this annoying human 2) said human is short as hell and is bound to get lost a shit ton in the crowd of tall as demons (were talking like 6-8’ because i think beels like 7’6 ??)
but after he gets like used to you he enjoys the way you have to rely on him so much to get high things and to guide you through the streets of the devildom
dont let anyone else get stuff from a high shelf or anything, that’s his job only😠 (if he finds out you let somebody else get something down he pouts for days)
leviathan LOVES IT
you’re like some of the anime characters he knows!! would make you cosplay esp as ruri-chans human form
loves to hold you and just keep like your pinky’s laced together (if not hand holding or anything he can be shy) when you go out once in a blue moon so he can “protect you” in a sense
it rlly fuels his ego to see how short and tiny you are to him (kinda hot ngl leviathan)
being the avatar of envy, if you let someone else like get stuff down for you or hold someone else sleeve while outside he will go back to saying he’s a useless otaku:(
satan is kind of indifferent to it
does find it cute if you have to ask him to get a book from a higher shelf for you tho
pls randomly jump on his back i think it would be so funny(he will either know it’s you or think it’s someone random and feel earth bubble up but when he realizes it’s you he just kinda scoffs and like makes you more comfy so you can stay like that)
you didn’t hear that from me tho🤨
asmodeus thinks you’re ADORABLE
you’re like a little dress up doll (i’m so sorry if you don’t like shopping he will drag you shopping with him and make you try on so much rip to u)
i feel like since he’s the smallest of the brothers and also the most feminine he doesnt get to feel like strong i guess ?? (i feel like bc he’s more “girly” ppl underestimate him a lot) but when he sees your smaller than him??
loves to just sit you inbetween his legs and set his chin on your head and do your nails <33
beelzebub is so scared he’s gonna hurt u :(
you’re just so small and he’s so tall and big he doesn’t want to accidentally like sit on u or something SJSJD
immediately promises to be your body guard and follows you around like a puppy but a strong one who will always make sure ur safe and not lost <33
if you do the thing where you hold onto like the end of his sleeve to not loose him in public he m e l t s
belphegor at first hates u either way💀
after the whole killing you thing and he starts to like you, he finds you to be the perfect irl teddy bear
if it’s time for his nap he’s automatically like yep cmere human i will now hold you captive in my arms for the next two hours (me next belphie please)
literally once he starts to like you he will want you by him 24/7 not letting you out of his sight, he just doesn’t want to risk losing you fr this time :(( (granted he killed you the first time but um)
will get you anything you need off of high places and if he can’t reach it then he’ll call beel in to get it
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dreamquackity · a month ago
one of the most annoying parts of dream getting mass qrt’d about his sexuality and stuff is i see sooooo much of the queerbaiting shit coming from other dsmp fans like especiallyyyy tommy and ranboo fans as if they both dont make the same exact kind of jokes? like the double standard so many of these fans have is fucking ridiculous and it rlly proves that they dont have an actual issue w anything hes saying they just have an issue with dream
literally today ranboo and aimsey had a bit going where he pretended not to care about them rambling about bubbline and sent them back a pic of mr beast like how is dream and ant joking w each other in a way both parties r comfy w esp since dream literally came out any fucking different like people are genuinely so vile they can't see past their blind hatred they form these narratives about dream to assuage and justify their hate mongering like dude if u hate him just don't interact with him ITS NOT HARD
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levisgirll · 11 months ago
hi cutie! 💖🥺
i got request for u because i know you'll make an awesome work 🥺 what about Levi's marriage proporsal headcanons/fic? i just thought he will be so sweet~ :D
you don't have to do them if you don't want to!~
take care mina, have a good day 💖🥺✨
𝐋𝐞𝐯𝐢'𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐚𝐥 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
text: Heya An 🥺 tysm for your sweet words and for this amazing request!! and I would GLADY do this request :,) (i rlly hope you like it 💖) Also have a great day!! and make sure to take care of yourself, love you! ✨. this really gave me feels writing this i-
synopsis: Levi has decided to propose to Y/N after such a long tough journey and finally out of the walls. The end of the battle and the war. He wanted to live outside the walls with his only special Y/N. How will he proposal Y/N though? And how will he act?
soft & cute fluff, modern au ♡ —
Finally...Levi is going to do it 'Today'. No more backing away. He had it all planned out and everything. Why was he still...hesitant?
"I wonder how Y/N will react....will they even like the ring I got for them..?" Levi said as he was hold the ring box and looking at it.
'Wait....Will they even say yes?' He put it back on the drawer and start pacing around.
'Ugh...I cant believe this...I am actually being nervous? Fuck...I find killing 40 titans at the same time way easier than this...so much for used to being called humanity's 'strongest' solider'. Fucking hell.'
He stopped, and turned around. 'No...If I don't then someone will take Y/N away from me.' That got him back up and he finally took out the ring box he had there for a month now. He will do it. Today.
Levi is such a private man and he loves that only between you guys. Not really a big fan with bringing everyone together and all, he couldn't even think words clearly when he looks at you and stutters, so how will he do that with EVERYONE here while proposing and saying what he thinks his ‘cliché’ speech? Hell no.
He wanted it to be so special. He wanted to remember this memory and grave that in both of your minds. He was going to propose to his lover this evening.
He had the idea already figured out, and it took him around a month to prepare it and get it perfect. He was doing this all while seeing you everyday, and had to try and hide it from you. Which kind of made you a bit of suspicious. He would usually go out during the afternoon to that 'same' expensive ring shop and stand there for 3 hours trying to pick the perfect ring.
"Um...Sir, I can help you if you would like?" The retail assistant would say as she approached Levi who had such a serious look, as if he was making a life or death decision. "No. I need to pick this, cant be someone else." He would say and his eyes glued to the collection of beautiful rings. He takes a long time to buy that ring just for 'you' that day. Nothing but full of his love all poured into it as he finally picked one.
He called up the people to set up and get ready with the preparation today at 10pm.
After he hanged up, he went to his contacts and pressed 'My Dearest'.
Y/N picked up, “H-Hey Love, how are you hm?" Shit. Why did I fucking stutter, I hate my life. He would say cursing himself under his breathe.
You picked that up, and started to chuckle which made his heart flutter. "I'm alright love! Just out with Sasha and Christa shopping....Is something wrong?"
Levi: "No. Can I see you tonight at 10pm? I will pick you up." Please say yes for this....
"Hmm...Yup sure! See you then, Love you!" You said that so cheerfully that he wanted to see you 'now' and hold you.
"Great. I love you too Y/N." He said that and he was holding his phone so tightly. This is it.
It was 10pm, and Levi has picked you up. You looked so amazing and beautiful to him, that he just stood there and gazed at you so lovely, losing his focus.
You started to blush, "Levi..." you said as you waved your hand at him.
"Oh...Um...You look gorgeous." Fuck Levi why do you keep messing up, I haven't even take them there yet.
Levi then took you to one of the top 10 hotels that they had, but this one was special. It was a beach resort hotel! When you both got in to check in, everything was made in glass, sparkling everywhere. But you were the one sparkling beautifully to him.
"Oh my god Levi...I did not expect this! If you told me we were going to a beach resort I would have dressed up so pretty."
“Tch, dont be silly. You are already pretty.." He said that as his cheeks had a faint red blush.
As you guys checked in, you sat and laid on the bed on your back. “Hmm, so what is the occasion Levi?" You go straight to the point which got him off guard. Of course you would ask.
"Nothing, Just that I remembered you wanted to come here so I decided to take us both here today" His heart was now racing. He was actually going to do it. You looked outside and saw the beautiful beach shore.
“Oh lets go check it out!!". You got excited and got up from the bed.
“No! Not now...lets get comfortable and change. I even bought you a gift. If you want to wear it...and we can head to the beach shore, Hm? Ill see you there.”
Weird. Levi would always go to places with you and he has always waited for you, but today was different.
As you changed to the outfit Levi bought for you, you went towards the sliding glass door to open it and stepped outside to find Levi.
As you stepped outside and wore the sandals that was there, you headed  towards the beach shore which was kind of dark. Not much lights.
“L-Levi..!!” You yelled out, a bit nervous. As soon as you called out his name, lights started to brighten as you were approaching the shore and you see beautiful decorations that was hanged up, full of beautiful roses, lilies and others that were glooming with the light.
You see Levi standing by the shore, and he turned around. “Y/N.”
He called out your name instead of ‘love’ which meant that he was serious.
You started to get worried. What's going on? You stopped and stood beside him looking at him.
“Remember...When we first saw the ocean...and first stood at the beach shore.” He said that as his grey eyes were looking at the waves that were driven by the wind so calmly.
“Yea...I do remember it clearly. It was one of my best moments.”
He continued. “We...won, and some of our comrades survived, but...we did it and got through it and I am glad you are here alive with me.” He started to sound....sad? “I never expected this new lifestyle and to be honest, I am glad I am living it with you by my side....You.” He stopped and turned around to look at you. “Stood by my side till the end Y/N, and believed in me, but...not only that but you also saw me as a human being while everyone thought I was heartless. You gave me hope, and you started to make me feel that I deserved to be loved, and I don't think anyone would have made me feel like this if it wasn't for you.”
You stood there so startled, you eyes started to widen. Is Levi really saying this all...? You knew he was a bit talkative with you only but, this....this is different.
Levi then took out what looked like a seashell..? He was looking at it then, handed it over to you.
“Oh wow, this is so pretty!” You said amazed by how it looked and you looked back at Levi.
“Levi, Thank you for your sweet words...I am so happy hearing that from you.” You said while holding on to it, you couldn't stop smiling.
Fuck just say it Levi. “Y/N, I know I have been the hardest to love....so I want to recreate this beach shore memory with asking you something....”
As he was saying that you noticed the seashell, could open? So you did that...and you saw a beautiful diamond ring shining. You froze.
He held your free hand with both of his warm hands and caressed it, “Y/N, will you...m-marry me?” He said that as he looked directly to your eyes that was open up.
Silence. This made Levi worry so much. He looked down but then noticed tears dripping, which made him look back at you so quickly and you started tearing up as the wind started to blow your hair and the ocean waves crashing.
“Yes...I want to be your Mrs. Ackerman. I want to live the rest of my life with you!!” You said that while crying and this made Levi panic, and he quickly hugged you, covering you with his muscular arms and....he started to cry with you too.
“Y/N, thank you. I won’t fail you, I can’t wait to have moments like this for the rest of our lives.” He went back, and looked at your beautiful face, and proceed to kiss your forehead so lovely.
“Y/N!!! Levi!!” You both got startled and looked to the other side and you saw...all of your friends!
“Oh my god....guys!” You saw everyone from Levi’s squad including Hanji who was screaming out your names and all your friends started to run towards you guys.
You then noticed, the whole beach shore started to brighten and you saw beautiful wedding decorations hanged up, heart balloons, a huge long table filled with delicious savory, desserts and drinks while soft jazz music started to play.
Connie and Sasha rushed with celebration poppers and popped that to everyone and confetti's were all over both of you and everyone started to laugh including Levi.
He actually rented out the whole beach shore just for this special occasion to make a special experience, and even planned a surprise celebration after that with all of your friends.
This went on for what left like forever, and everyone headed back after congratulating both of you and you both went to your beach resort room.
You guys did not sleep that night and actually stayed up together talking about how this special evening went, about the future while holding hands, being cuddled up and leaving each other soft kisses throughout the conversation.
Now, everytime you think or even go to the beach shore, you think of Levi’s amazing romantic proposal. This man really took a long time figuring this out and wanted it special cause you deserved that.
And, whenever you look at his steel grey gaze, you saw the love he had for you, and you saw your soon to be husband that you will spend the rest of your life with.
ᴏᴋᴀʏ ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴀs ʟᴏɴɢ ʙᴜᴛ ɪ ᴇɴᴊᴏʏᴇᴅ ᴡʀɪᴛɪɴɢ ᴛʜɪs ᴀɴᴅ it ᴀᴄᴛᴜᴀʟʟʏ ᴡᴀʀᴍᴇᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴇʟᴛᴇᴅ ᴍʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ !! ɪ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʀᴇᴀᴅs ᴛʜɪs ᴄ: IF ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ʟᴇᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢ! ɪ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ sᴏ ɪ ᴄᴀɴ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʟʟ ʟɪᴋᴇ ɪᴛ 🥺 ♥
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rotshop · 8 months ago
GONNA B HONEST W/ YOU ,,,,,, i rlly dont like how this is written lmao ,,,, but also im sleepy tired so i get a pass dhmu /j
[ TW ; gore, some violence, death ]
notes ; based offa DIS ,,, u might wanna read it for some context n shit ,,, lawl ,,,
Between the two of you, it's hard to tell who's suffocating more. It's hard to tell if its you, with the little pants that pass by your teeth in shaky steps, hitching whenever they're cut down when you have to stop to cough up blood. It should be you, you who has your guts spilled out onto the floor and your blood staining all the concrete underneath the both of you. It has to be you, who's leaning heavy against 2b's chest and drawing unfocused circles onto his shoulder. It had to be you, you just had to go inside by yourself, you just had to be slow on the draw and nearly be ripped clean in two. It just had to go wrong with just you.
Even with all that in mind, he feels like there's nothing in him. There's no lungs to draw in breaths, no mind with clear thoughts on what to do and how to stop this once more, and certainly no heart beating steadily. In those places was instead viscera, a mangled, nameless mess of pink and red weighing him. There was some clump of pink that drew in some shaky puffs, barely reaching him as he choked on his own pride. There was nothing but tangled strings and weights in his head, making his skull pound as something in the back of his mind screamed to do something. There was a heavy weight behind his ribs that stayed put, a finality hanging over his shoulder as it always would.
He doesn't want to cry. He shouldn't be, you're the one with your innards exposed to the eyes of any and all and your face buried in the crook of his neck, it should be you who's crying in pain. He shouldn't be crying, he shouldn't be shedding tears when there's not a single bleeding wound on his skin. He shouldn't be and yet they're tight in his throat, threatening to tumble past his lips and create an embarrassment of himself. A shift brings him back from his thoughts, turning his attention back to you.
There's a little stutter in your movements, a quick pause as your vision momentarily fails you and your breath is wheezed past your lips. A quick, aimless grasp at your innards to have them follow your movements, rather than stay partially stuck to the floor, tugged further from your soon-to-be-cadaver as you readjust. You're just pulling yourself ever closer to him, little to no space left between the two of you as you support yourself on his figure. He can't help the way his own movements choke and pause as he moves his arms to wrap around you. He can't help the way he takes a sharp, shaking inhale as the skin of his arm ghosts over the start of your gash.
He remembers the first time he'd been with you in your 'final' moments. He remembers how the line had fallen dead on your side and the others all fell into a silence. They'd only told him later on why, they 'didn't want to scare him off.' He was still a little upset about it, even now. He had always been stubborn like that, it was a fact of him that you regarded with warm laughter and endearing teases.
He remembers the pure terror that'd gripped him as he came across you, choked squeaks and hisses leaving your lips as you writhed. The debris around you and the tangle of pipes and bars you'd been impaled on told the story he never bothered to ask, the one he'd never truly questioned you on even to this day. Something about the way you'd glanced at him in that moment never left him. Maybe it was how the pure agony you'd been in moments before shifted to confusion on his being there, shifted into something gentler yet still as forlorn and miserable, either way it haunted him endlessly. He remembers how you were such polar opposites after he'd managed to tear himself from his place.
The clatter of his goggles against the ground fell on deaf ears when he'd rushed for you. He barely even noticed how quick his breath was speeding up, he was far too focused on helping you, on getting you back to base so he could fix this. It'd taken your weak swipes at him and breathless pleads to just stop to snap him back, he didn't want to listen to you. He wanted to tear you from that metal and drag you back to base, he wanted to set you down and get to work, and then he wanted to grab you by the collar and ask just what was going through your head. He wanted to be mad, he wanted to argue and to let go of all the tension wracking him and making his hands shake. It was tearing him limb from limb in the worst way possible, in the one way he never wanted to feel.
He was afraid. Honest to god terrified from the moment his gaze fell on your bleeding-out form. It shook him to his core in a way he hadn't felt in forever, breaking past the facade he'd worked so hard to build in an utterly humiliating manner. He hated the way he had to clench his hands and bite his tongue as he stared down at you, his weak attempt at keeping his tears back that hung by a thin string. He hated how he fell to his knees, coming face to face with you as you looked back at him.
Your eyes were still soft with accepting misery in the moment, a weak smile finding it's way onto your lips as you reached for him. You'd struggled, finding it difficult to meet his face when the world was spinning so dizzyingly. He'd hesitated, hand shaking as it found your wrist, him leaning into your touch with an unsteady breath. If the tears weren't already hanging behind his eyes, they would've burst up with a vengeance when you started brushing your thumb over the bandages on his face.
He couldn't remember how exactly you'd spoken, how you'd been able to between the gurgle of blood in your throat and the copper piercing you, but you had. It was a request ; a final wish of sorts he didn't want to deny you. You could've asked for anything in the moment and he would've done it for you, he would tear through whoever and whatever he had to for you. He would rend flesh and ruin relationships and scar the world if he had to in that very moment. He'd never been an especially generous type, he could extend a certain amount of kindness to others but there was a limit to his softness. Yet, you managed to turn him so, managed to make him give an excuse of 'it wouldn't hurt,' or 'it's just a one time thing,' when it came to you.
Even so, you'd made such a simple request. One he would've asked you himself in other circumstances if he weren't so stubborn with what little ego he clung to. One he would've been happy to hear from you in the comfort of home and privacy. Even so, he'd nodded when you asked. Even so, he'd ignored how his own hands shook as he held his over yours gently.
It was an odd feeling, your blood seeping into his mouth, iron heavy on his tongue as his lips met yours. The taste would've been revolting under any other circumstances, making him recoil and pull away with a note to never repeat the cause. Yet, he didn't. He kept his lips against yours gently, experience slipping him in the thick anxiety of the moment. Even then, reluctance followed when he pulled away.
Content lost its footing when you'd given him once last smile, then it fell with a crash when your gaze grew glassy and unfocused. He'd never forget the panic that gripped him so tightly, enough of a disturbance to slip past his guard and make the tears start to fall. He didn't even notice them in the moment, all he saw was your corpse and the end of the compassion and emotion you'd helped him regain over time. He never asked the others if they heard him then, if they heard him plead with you, if they heard the sobs and begs he never would've given if it weren't you. He's glad they never brought it up, it was just a touch easier to forget how he'd completely broken down for the first time in a long time when you'd fallen still.
He was glad you weren't able to hear them. He's sure you would've made some dumb comment about it as you stood before him, alive and well as though nothing happened. He's sure you would've smiled and hummed a question he wouldn't answer, he's sure he would've reacted all the same. He's sure he still would have grabbed you by the collar and shoved you back against the wall, he's sure he would've still hissed at you to explain yourself, ignoring the desperation laced in his voice as his eyes began to burn again. You had an effect on him, one he wouldn't ever admit to even if you poked and prodded at it time and time again by simple virtue of you being yourself.
You were a surprisingly good kisser for someone on the brink of death once more, but you were better at it when you could count how many of him there were.
He's not sure what pulls him back as he looks down at you again, noting your still form blankly. He's not sure why he pauses for a few long moments, simply keeping his arms around you as your body grows colder and colder. He's not sure why he tucks hair behind your ear and lets his hand linger, warm by contrast against you. He's not sure when he pulls himself up off the floor, careful of your innards as he pulls you up with him.
He is however sure he feels a hell of a lot better when you sit up from your previous place on the table, hand trailing over the stitches that line your stomach and chest as you give a little hum of approval. He's sure he's smiling a little at that simple bit of praise. He's sure you'd make a comment about it if you noticed.
"Happy to see me, huh?"
He's happy to be right.
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zorosq · 2 months ago
real family ; silvers rayleigh
Tumblr media Tumblr media
↻ tooth-rotting fluff, ooc characters, grammatical error, shakky calls you little one, you’re adopted.
↻ pairing ↬ rayleigh x gn!kid!reader!
anonymous asked: OMIGOSH HIIII i saw that ur rqs are opennnnn. would u mind writing for a platonic!rayleigh maybe a bit of kid!hatchan(u dont have to if ure uncomfyyy<33) where kid!reader is a devil fruit eater(not specified but if u want to add, u are free to do so) who fell unto the sea. hatchan saves them and brought them to rayleigh. long story short, rayleigh and shakky adopts reader just a cute fluffy drabble since im feeling mushyyy. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU<333
a/n hi! thank you for requesting this cute shit omg 😭 and i hope that all of these characters' personality are on spot hhfjskks i rlly suck at coming up for titles.
“are they dead?” the young fish-men asked. the older male laughed, contradicting his question earlier. “i’ll take them to the bar. go home, hatchan,”
listening to rayleigh, he proceeds to go back from where he had came from. rayleigh smiled to himself, suddenly remembering the two kids from the disbanded roger pirate.
he picked your small body up carefully before making his way to shakky's rip off bar. “rayleigh...?” shakky spoke, her voice sounding small and in demand of answer.
“hatchan saved them. he saw them drowning and i happened to be there after his rescue,” rayleigh explained.
“my, he's always saving people now, i see,” shakky said jokingly, reminding rayleigh how the fish-men had also saved him before. “can you take care of them for a while? just until they wake up?”
“you don't have to ask me that, dear,” she said, pecking his cheek.
the moment you wake up, you find yourself in an unfamiliar room. you hadn't remember ever having your own room. or even your own bed. it's been so long since the last time you even had your own. the last thing you remembered was falling into the ocean, drowning.
you thought that was your last moment. so what are you still doing here? why are you alive? there was so many question left unanswered.
“oh, good. you're awake,” a deep voice spoke. you quickly got into a sitting position, eyes roaming around the room to find the owner's voice until your eyes landed on an old man.
“w-who are you?!” you asked, completely in fear of the unknown man. he offered you a kind smile, slowly easing you into relaxing. “i'm not going to hurt you. i'm rayleigh,” the man called “rayleigh” introduced himself.
“what is your name?”
“...y/n,” you spoke in a quiet tone. “well, y/n... mind telling me how did you drown?” he asked. at first, you were hesitating on why you should tell the man anything about you at all.
until a kind looking woman walked in, you decided that maybe... maybe he wasn't one. of the bad guys. “i... i fell,”
by the look that he's giving you, you could tell that he doesn't buy your story. but he seems to just let it go. “are you hungry? i just fixed the breakfast,” the woman said.
“oh, forgive me. i'm shakky, nice to meet you, little one,”
after that small incident, you grew much more closer to both shakky and rayleigh. them gaining your trust easily until you could tell them every little secrets about yourself.
time went by quickly. and the next thing you knew, you were already adopted by the older couple. “y/n, even though we’re not related to you by blood, you should know that we both love you so much and that you are precious to us,” shakky said.
rayleigh only gave you a gentle smile, indicating that he agreed with what she had said. “but you guys are already my real family,” you said before hugging them both despite having a short arm. 
you could feel them returning our hug before releasing your from their hold and continued walking down the road to their house — your house.
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