#kind suggestion
mylittlepositivecorner · a year ago
may you find people who happily listen while you gush about your obscure interests. may you find people you feel comfortable and safe enough around to be your authentic self
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11011997 · 5 months ago
Kindness is attractive.
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thepoetryofascension · 11 months ago
when you least expect it, the universe will deliver opportunities that exceed your expectations.
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limonsuggestions · 7 months ago
do not mourn for who you once were forever; learn to love who you are now and build who you will be.
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beamingsuggestion · 10 months ago
you are so much easier to love than you think you are – you don’t see all of the wonderful parts of you that shine through when you’re doing something you love, when you’re interacting with a stranger, and when you’re simply existing
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my-love-suggestions · a year ago
I really miss you, my heart longs for you
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positivelyadhd · a year ago
please be gentle with yourself this week. you deserve to rest and look after yourself regardless of how much you get done. please try not to be so harsh on yourself about anything you couldn't do last week. you're doing you're best and I'm proud of you ♡
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You’re not obligated to be someone’s therapist. You’re not obligated to put someone else’s needs before your own. Not even if they’re struggling like you are. Not even if they “have it worse” than you do. You deserve respect and the space you need.
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mentalhealth---awareness · a year ago
It will hurt and hurt and hurt until one day it won't anymore. Please stay for that day.
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littlesugarwords · a year ago
the world is full of so many good and soft things. fresh coffee on a sunny morning, that first breath of chilly morning air stepping outside, the crunch of bright and loud leaves on the sidewalks and streets. the comforting feeling of rolling into a thick jacket or blanket, the taste of a fresh bowl of fruit neatly prepared - just for you - the taste of a home cooked meal with love poured in, and kisses of adoration from pets and wildlife, excited just to be near us. fancy restaurants, flower shops with flushed excitement, locally owned businesses beaming at the success, high heels on concrete, and that cry of bliss when the art of your heart and soul has been finished. the world is so good and so soft. in times of darkness, all we can do is remind ourselves what we’re here for; the good and magical that’s still left in our world.
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skquiishh · a year ago
Things we should be told everyday:
I care about you
I hear you
What you’re feeling is valid
You are so strong
You don’t have to be strong
I love you
Your presence is not a burden
I am proud of you
You are kind
You are enough
You’re doing your best
What you say, think and do is valid
You are not a failure
If you do not succeed the first time that is okay
You do not have to be in the same place as everyone in life
Take your time
Put yourself first
You can say no
You don’t have to be productive everyday
It is okay to feel the emotions you feel
There is nothing wrong with you, you are you
You do not need other people’s approval
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mylittlepositivecorner · a year ago
it’s okay to be tired if even you didn’t do anything to “earn” it. when you’re tired, you’re tired. you don’t need to justify to other people what you “did” to feel run down
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thinksmiles · a year ago
love yourself the way you wish they would
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thepoetryofascension · a year ago
courage in august. peace in august. wisdom in august. light in august. protection in august. divine aid in august. clarity in august. depth in august. beauty in august. support in august. prosperity in august. a new beginning in august.
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limonsuggestions · 7 months ago
you can’t change the past, but you can build the future.
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beamingsuggestion · 8 months ago
be proud of yourself for all that you’ve accomplished, large or small
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my-love-suggestions · 10 months ago
Could you kiss it all better 💖 you always make me feel so soft
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