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the other day my friend said, as a summary in response to some crazy rant i went on, “we are all roaches who have turned to sin and god is a tiny hydromaniac with a supersoaker pointed at our tank”

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Seliana’s day theme from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and honestly it’s been giving me a ton of hanmei vibes

Just, Hanzo or Mei finally finding their comfort in not excessive drinking drunk or days sleepless nights, but rather in the warm and gentle touch of each other, helping each other banish the doubts away and replacing it with courage and love. 💙

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Summary: This is a mess and idek how to describe it. A song fic based off 100 Ways by Jackson Wang

Paring: Analogical

Characters: Logan, Virgil, Patton, Roman, Remus, Deceit(Dolos), Thomas(mentioned)

Genre: Angst with a somewhat happy/hopeful ending

Tw: (mentions of) death, blood, various injuries and a battle

Additional tags: fem!Patton, fem!Remus, nonbinary!Deceit

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i know what we need
chapter 2/?
rated m

summary: clarke and bellamy went to summer camp together for nearly ten years, but then clarke’s dad died, she stopped going to camp, and they drifted apart.

six years later, they cross paths on the appalachian trail.


chapter 2: lie

Luckily, Bellamy had a friend in Maine he could call, a friend who was willing to drive an hour to meet them on a dirt road just off-trail and drive them to the nearest urgent care so Clarke could get her wrist looked at.

“What are you doing?” Clarke asked when Bellamy got out his phone once they had gotten far enough out of the notch to get service.

“Calling a friend. We’re getting you to a hospital or something,” he said, and she protested—because it was nice to run into him but he didn’t have to take care of her and now she was going to feel like such a burden and how dare he make her feel like a burden—but by then it was already ringing and Bellamy was walking away from her to make the call.

And then they got to the road and Monty was waiting in a beat-up Jeep. Upon seeing Clarke, he jumped out of the car and Clarke run up to greet him with a bear hug.

“Clarke Griffin!” Monty exclaimed, picking her up and spinning her around.

“Careful,” Bellamy warned from behind her, but she could hear the smile between his words. “She’s broken.”

“Bellamy!” Clarke yelled, pulling away from Monty, who was grinning. “You didn’t tell me your ‘friend in Hanover’ was Monty!”

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If Eddie was a younger nurse bRo he’s terrified of Richie I mean hates him but refuses to be treated unless Eddie’s there so the nurses will say “he’s back bay 4” and Eddie mentally groans but every time he greats him with a loopy “spaghetti- man!” And Eddie has to be like “ur fifth time getting ur stomach pumped huh? Someone’s outdone themself”

And then he catches a glimpse of that dick and he’s

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Emotionally Drained? Check

Don’t know if I’m single or not? Check

Likes the idea of poly relationships but hate the idea of being in one yourself because of the fear of the person you love leaving you for the other? Check

Could honestly cry at any moment? Check

Anxiety so strong it feels like I’m going to vomit? Check

What a fucking night.

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Doll: “I’ve been meaning to ask this, why do you look so similar to myself? Are you a doll as well?”

Cognitive Akechi: !

And so Cognitive Akechi always made sure to cover his face.

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Did I make a ref to fairgame in my drawing for storyboarding introduction boards? Yes. Yes I did. And anyone who catches it in the class will automatically become the best person ever.

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I saw a post with a picture of a couple of cookies that were like oreos but in between they had five pills each with a caption was like “imma skip ten days of quarantine bye” and I don’t consider myself a person with triggers or at least don’t think I have specific triggers but it kinda triggered something in me. I didn’t get a panic attack, my breathing didn’t change, I didn’t get anxious but just kind of numb in a weird surreal way? It’s hard to explain. It was weird tho because for a moment I thought “that’s stupid because x amount of pills only knocked me out for a day and a half” so a part of my brain didn’t react to it very seriously while the other was actually affected. Trying to kind of rationalizing it I suppose I’m so used to joking about my mental health that it was kind of an automatic response to be like “yeah bitch you wish lol” even tho my knowledge of why that wouldn’t work comes from a dark place. I feel kind of stupid trying to find a reason but overthinking during bedtime isn’t anything new either. Right now looking at the picture or thinking about it doesn’t trigger the same sensation as it did before but it was weird and complete unexpected

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Hey!! So this basically happened to me yesterday, and what do whumpers do when that happens? Method write that shit into a whump fic, of course. :D

WARNING for allusions to snakes!! There aren’t any actual snakes, I just use a lot of snake works because they fit what I needed to describe.


Something didn’t feel right.

Bakugou had been the epitome of health a mere five minutes ago; he’d scrubbed shampoo through his hair with the fury of a small sun. But now, as he stepped out of the shower, pain was coiling through his body like an angry viper.

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it’s so fun watching my mother desperately try to talk to my brother and i

like she obviously has no idea what to say and we arent giving her even a little help because fuck that

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