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The Sickly Effective Guide How To Impress Your Girl or Hoja hoja żona moja, hoja hoja dusza moja 

I was sure that I wouldn’t draw The True Pairing of the Arcana Game (it’s canon no matter which route you play) ever again, but Čechomor with their best cover design of this year obliged me to

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𝐦𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐲

1. what does your muse smell like ?

baby powder, coffee and peach body spray.  all the things she constantly has on her. she’s often seen with white powder stains on her clothes or in her hair from taking care of her son, causing the smell to linger. 

2. how often does your muse bathe/shower ?

whenever she can. normally as least once a day, sometimes more if luke causing her to get into a mess, or less if he’s exhausted her and she hasn’t got the energy. always a shower, though. she rarely has time for a bath with looking after a 6 month old on her own. 

3. does your muse have any tattoos or piercings ? 

she has both her ears pieced and also her nose. always gold hoops in her ears and a small ring in her nose, also gold. she hasn’t got any tattoos, never had the money for them despite wanting them. 

4. any body movement quirks (ex, leg shaking) ? 

alexis is a fidgeter. she’s always tucking her hair behind her ear, fumbling with her fingers and chewing on her lip. due to having a stutter, she also has uncontrollable mouth and face movements when talking, the only way to really describe it is to imagine you physically cannot make the sound you’re trying to, and that your mouth is stuck in that position. 

5. what do they sleep in ? 

a baggy tshirt and underwear - usually whatever tops going in the wash the next day. 

6. what’s their favourite piece of clothing ?

definitely her baggy levi mom style jeans, they’re probably ready for the bin and worn to death, but they’re comfy and that’s all she cares about.

7. what do they do when they wake up ? 

check on luke, make sure he’s okay and if he’s awake get his breakfast ready. then get the world’s largest mug of coffee read and probably a naughty cigarette.

8. how do they sleep ? 

fetus position, normally hugging a pillow and wrapped in her duvet, although it’s only for a couple hours as she has had consistent nightmares for as long as she can remember. broken sleep is all she’s known.  

9. what do their hands feel like ? 

soft and cold. soft from all the baby powder probably. cold because she always is.

10. if you kissed them, what would they usually taste like ? 

coffee, tea or hot chocolate. actually, always. she’s never not drinking something hot. 

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is this a good time to bring up the (mis)pronunciation of Supernatural as Supernačural? Because looking at my dash, it kinda feels like it.

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You ship me with him?! Omg thank you sweetie! You have no idea how happy that makes me! Now, I am a very boring person, and I cannot think of something that could be called shenanigans I’d get up to, really, so I took another thing I was writing that was inspired by a random thought I had at work! I’m sorry if there’s some awkward places, because I changed my mind last minute and replaced Mc with Kitten via an autofunction. I read it over and it looked alright to me, but there’s a chance something slipped through anyway! 


Sitting in a cafe together like this was nice, especially since meeting Saeyoung had become a rarity. He was working hard on helping his twin recover and didn’t want Kitten to be too involved. After all, he had told her, she went through enough because of him already. So for the most part she had no choice but to sit idle, waiting for him to tell her what was going on. 

Despite Kitten not being a part of this, he was not working alone. The RFA helped him to the best of their abilities. Jumin and Jaehee were working very hard. The heir had the contacts and his assistant was tasked with organizing meetings and collecting information from them, without revealing what Saeyoung had done, of course. It was a dangerous game all around. Kitten appreciated that her boyfriend didn’t want her to be worried about all of this, but it was frustrating to just watch as everyone else handled what they could. Why couldn’t she do anything? Well. Thinking about it, there really wasn’t much she couldn’t do in the first place. It would probably just burden him and his friends more if she tried to help. 

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I want to start this off by saying Dean is so soft, and he loves her SO MUCH, he can be coerced into doing practically anything for/with her

  • TEA PARTIES,,, we’ve talked about this but this is him:
  • GAMES,,,, all the games. Hide and seek, make believe, the floor is lava, lightsaber fights, nerf gun fights, games that they made up together that make absolutely zero sense to anybody else
  • COOKING!!!
  • EVERY WINCHESTER LEARNS HOW TO FIX BABY. It’s the Rules. When she’s real young he just let’s her hang out, explains how stuff works, etc. When she’s old enough he actually shows her how to fix things
  • Having her help him wash the car (which is fun when you’re a kid lmao so she enjoys it)
  • Reading to her at night before bed 🥺 man, hold on a second- (he does really good voices, too. He has the RANGE)
  • SNUGGLES,,, snuggles on the couch, snuggles at bedtime, many snuggles
  • When she’s a baby, riding in the car is the only way to get her to sleep sometimes, and he drives her for hours if he has to
  • Errand runs with dad!!!! Auto parts store, the grocery store, hardware store, all of em! (Whatever you do, don’t imagine Dean walking around a store with a baby in one arm DON’T DO IT)
  • Building couch/pillow forts!!!
  • He let’s her paint his nails if she begs enough. No, he does not get to pick the colors.
  • Dress up!!! Dean gets INTO IT he COMMITS to his character, it’s very fun
  • Watching cartoons and eating cereal in the morning!!! Is there anything better!! (Other kids dad’s watch the news in the morning. Dean says fuck that, Scooby Doo is on)
  • Watching movies!!! Dean (not so) secretly loves Disney movies, so he has no problem watching them ad nauseum with his toddler
  • When they’re in the car, he drives fast over rain puddles on the road so they make a big SPLASH just for her (even though it gets the car dirty, she LOVES IT, so it’s worth it 🥺)
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