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the scorpio lamp was redesigned in acnh

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sry im being REAL annoying w/ the rambling post this morning but it’s my work from home day and i havent had this much free time all week

anyway that said since this week has been insanely busy and exhausting im falling asleep REALLY early usually while scrolling through tumblr or twitter and um long story short this week there have been like a dozen instances of me accidentally almost sending someone ateez things bc of being half asleep w/ my finger on my phone’s screen 😬

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“No, I haven’t, is he hurt? Lemme see what I missed.”

[*A pause.]


“Oh my god.”

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its good! people are pointing out, like, ‘this happens in almost every dnd game’ as a way to get people to stop judging the CR cast about their murder hobo-ing :) 

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How about 2-Connors AU? Post-revolution. Hank and Connor moved, got a new home and started their life anew (they may already be lovers, or they may only be friends for now, but they live together). And then one day another Connor bursts into their life, the last of the survived. Focusing on the remnants of his memory, he finds Hank and Connor. 


Connor is not happy, Hank really wants to help. And the new Connor doesn’t want to leave because he feels affection for Hank. 


And the new Connor doesn’t want to leave because he feels affection for Hank.

Or the trope where two Connors are madly in love with Hank.

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this is embarrassing and i doubt this makes sense but i needed to write something 

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vtube update: i finished formatting my model for the rigging which is pretty poggers if i say so myself!!!!! however i. forgot to shade it so it’s not actually ready to rig yet and i amso tired it’s 3 AM and i have school tomorrow why did i do this

anyway here’s part of it so far bc i’m still proud even tho i am sleepy


and looking at that just now i’m noticing that the colors on the mouth are wrong goodnight

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funny how it’s been sunny all week ; and just today, it rains.

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Woah Miku and Monika?????? As Bf’s and senpai’s sisters???? Dating??????? W o a h

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I’d love to see how people in this fandom like…define certain things. Like what is a human? A monster? A person? What makes someone inherently good? How do you apply morality to a situation? Is something fufilling the purpose it was designed for evil? Is there some clear line between humanity and the things beyond? What is trust? What *is* an anchor, really?

I dunno, s5 is just giving me Feelings™.

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I’m only 4 minutes and 30 seconds in and I already love Martin’s sass.

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(Tubbo falls ill. Ranboo sets out to find a cure)

It had started off innocently enough. A little scuffle with an endermen, resulting in a scratch. They couldn’t figure out why it had attacked him, but eventually they decided Tubbo must have unknowingly made eye contact, and that was that.

Next, came the fever. Again, they brushed it off. He lived in Snowchester, a cold wasn’t all that odd. But it only kept getting worse, and soon the once comfortable cheer in the air changed to hacking coughs and gasps. 

On Monday, he collapsed face first in the snow. If Michael hadn’t been with him and made enough of a racket for a passing Charlie to find him, he might have been there for hours before he was discovered. 

Three days after he was bedridden, black markings had spread over his body, originating from the scratch over his heart. 

And there wasn’t a person who knew what to do. Neither Puffy or Jack had ever seen anything like it. Ranboo couldn’t find anything on it, in any of the books he devoured like a desperate man.

(Wasn’t he?)

They had considered moving him somewhere warmer, in hopes that the lack of cold would do some good, but Foolish had advised against it, saying it was be better if Tubbo stayed in town.

(”There is a certain sort of magic to places like these.” He had said, gazing over the pale boy, face twisted painfully even in his slumber.

“He’s poured his soul into this town, and spilled his blood into it’s veins. It lives by his hands, and it knows. When he can no longer make his heart beat, it will do it for him.”

“Keep him here. Keep him here, and Snowchester will keep him alive.” He had said, locking gazes with Jack, solemn and serious)

Two days ago, Ranboo had found something. The barest mention of it. A single line of an illness born of an Endermen’s claws, and a throwaway note about a place called The End

He had latched onto it with everything he had and ripped into the books for everything he could find on the fabled dimension. Eventually, he had found what he needed. 

An eye of ender in his hands, Ranboo clutched the straps of his backpack, taking a moment to take in Snowchester, possibly for the last time. From what he’d read, the journey was not one to be taken lightly….

…But it was also the only hope he had. The only hope Tubbo had. 

Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself for what lied ahead, and threw the eye forward.

He had to try.

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