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#kinda old art but

Hand to hold -Parting Ways (Finn)

I know I can’t draw hands properly without heavy, heavy referencing (including a few very uncomfortable twists of my own hands sometimes), so I thought ‘hey, why not make studies and draw as many hands as you can till you get a bit better since you’ve got the theory already’. But it was terribly boring to copy all these hands, so I decided to make it Life is Strange and bam, I got super invested. I also started a Blood Brothers version of this to have more hands, we’ll see if I’m motivated enough to do every ending. 

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may’s almost over and goshdarnit I’m not letting another one go by with these old WIPs still lying around… so just take em as they are :V

mer-Bats would prolly be some kinda funky prehistoric sea creature that rescues people from shipwrecks and brings em shiny stuff off the ocean floor. he’s kinda lonely and humans are fascinating to him, so he’s usually not far off when one needs help. some seek him out specifically to scavenge lost cargo or even go pearl diving for them.

(also ningen Dingbats, some sassters, and generic mermaid AU Gaster for your viewing mispleasure)

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Boi I just realized I never posted the piece that I use as my profile picture… BRUH Y AM I SO STUPID

This ones old (ew) but I still kinda like it

Ya know, I think I actually made this one for fun!

Y tho?

K ima be stupid somewhere else bye

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