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#kinda sad

CW food desc. blood/bruise ment. parents ment.

The first boy is a deep, broken crimson, like fresh splattered blood. Angry at the sickly yellow and the mean candy red. A disgusting lavender shade that feels unsafe.

The second boy is a violent shock of red, like a fresh mark that will turn into a bruise days later. He’s a deep, ugly purple, like the bruise left from his anger at poor yellow.

The most recent boy is a gentle, caring red, like a fresh apple. His anger isn’t at candy red or sickly yellow. It’s at grave injustice. He’s a deep autumnal shade of pumpkin orange, but is overwhelmingly a sunset orange, bright and kind.

My best friend is a sickly shade of yellow, like the residual bruise from cruel people. She’s a baby pink, like the lipstick of a young woman who loved barbie as a child. She’s mostly a vibrant, beautiful yellow, like a fresh sunflower.

My other best friend is a bright, traffic cone orange and deep, sad blues. Cheerful and funny, hiding the darkness and pain from the royal blue tone.

My ex friend ruined bright shades of purple, mauve and orchid tones forever tainted in my eyes. When I think of them, I think of pain. I think of her name, and the words that she has ruined for me.

My mother is an almost white pink, an ugly, sickly shade that makes my stomach turn. My father is a navy blue, breaking his promises. My little sister is a conflicting deep pink and dark, emerald green.

I am a deep candy red, with sparks of deep, disturbed purple and a bright baby blue. I am the shade of a candy apple furious at the world for taking him away from his orchard. I am a dark mellow purple, sad that his heart has and will continue to be broken. I am a gentle baby blue, showing endless care for my friends and for animals.

I know this will fall onto silent crowds but I need to romantize myself and my world because no one else will. So I have. I painted with all the colors that I could.

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someone wrote a poem. I don’t know who I am, so I’m just calling me someone.


the silence is deafening

the thunder is rolling in

come into the garden

just let me be your friend

thinking sounds like a broken record


you, you,

you, you.

skipping to the beat

I wish I knew just what to do

I left my brain at home today

can I go back and get it?

I have a bit of a feeling now

that says that I might miss it

all the toys are broken down

the slide is jagged, and it hurts

the merry-go-round is upside down and pushed into the dirt

hold out your hand, dear,

but I can’t promise this won’t hurt

I really hope you get it, love,

this world can’t see your worth

written in about five minutes, just stream of consciousness writing, but I think I like it? idk.

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Why can’t I be normal and wake up at a decent early hour ;-; I just try so hard (like 10 alarms or so) but I can’t open my eyes, don’t want to, can’t get out of bed and make good things round the day.

Feel like I’m wasting my life, having on hand amazing opportunities.

Would like to blame the pandemia and the Covid-19 -4- but still that little self-conscious part of me says that’s not fair and I’ve to take responsibility.

Feel like shit.

But could be worst.



Originally posted by adventurelandia

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Suicide boy – SoundCloud

Hör dir Suicide boy von lonely bunny an auf #SoundCloud

So I made a song inspired by this webtoon named suicide boy.

You should definitely read it while you hear my song 🥰

It’s a really short song but I just made because I felt inspired by the main character 💕

I don’t have much followers so I’d feel very happy if you share with the song with everyone that you would like it 🥰

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pov: it’s late at night and your best friend is driving you to your new college campus. they plan to stay in your town, meaning you won’t see them for a long time. it’s quiet in the car and they turn on the music. you sit and try not to cry because you know you will miss each other so much. then, you’re pulling up at the campus and you have to say goodbye. the sun is rising, leaving an early morning glow over everything. they hug you suddenly and whisper into your ear ‘i love you’. then they get back into the car and drive off. as the last song plays, you smile.

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Bro Beastars is ending and I’m sad as fuck right now. Like, for all if quarantine that was the shit that kept me excited for the day and now that it’s gone, (and has ended on the worst arc) makes me sad as shit bro.

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hey dudes, idk if y'all have come across those bad colorful pencils that are like made of plastic, the erasers easily come out, and they bendy so you give them to your friend to bend and they always come back broken because you can’t trust 5th graders

well anyways


and i can’t find any that i haven’t already taken the eraser out of

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I suddenly really want to be kissed, but in a friendly kinda way? I want to just cuddle with someone like how cats do. I want the weight and heat of someone on top of me, just not sexually. Suddenly, I am DESPERATE for someone to just hug me really hard or kiss my forehead or just hold my hand. I miss human contact.

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