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darling-i-read-it · 9 months ago
Ok ok so. Could I please request some first kiss HCs for Resi8 bois? Ethan, Karl, Chris? Thank u so much if u do. 💖
(Ps—do you have an opinion on Lucas from resi7?)
Hi! The boissss! Also I added Leon cause no one can stop me and he's just my darling. As for Lucas, I'm kinda neutral on him. Don't hate him, don't love him, annoyed he tried to kill Ethan and Chris but hey, what can you do lmao.
Tumblr media
Ethan Winters
- sweet boy
- you met at the Baker house and had been kicking ass together
- under any other circumstance, he probably would have kissed you after dinner at the end of the first date like a gentleman
- but it wasn't exactly a normal circumstance that you met
- exhausted, sweat dropping down his face, gun in hand, and Jack Baker's dead body at his feet, Ethan turned to you
- you looked about the same
- he crashed his lips to yours and you practically had to drag yourself away from him
- he had a sweet smile on his face after you moved away from him, scratching the back of his neck
- 'That was...yeah that was nice.'
Tumblr media
Karl Heisenberg
- Karl knew he wanted to make out with you like the second he saw you
- he's been alive for a long time and it's been a fat minute since he was attracted to someone who reciprocated the feelings
- he probably was somehow super smooth about it though
- you were having a conversation that had turned rather flirty, he was waving around a wrench and you were so close to him
- 'Best not to get to close to the machinery doll'
- he looked down at your lips and you had a small smile on your lips
- he couldn't help himself
- he dipped his head down and kissed you gently, a smirk on his face when you kissed him back
- he almost put you on the table next to the machinery but stopped himself, not wanting you to get hurt
Tumblr media
Chris Redfield
- Chris had a rule that he couldn't make out with anyone he was commanding on his team
- you were an :) :) :) :) exception :) :) : ) :)
- you had danced around feelings and flirtation for ages
- you were also his best solider, always reliable, always had his back. also he wanted nothing more than to make out with you.
- you had been trapped from the rest of the team
- in his defense, he did think you were both gonna die
- you still had your damn earpieces in and he had his gun up, head reeling, wondering how he was gonna get out of this one when he turned to you and kissed you
- you would have kept kissing him just cause of how good it felt if someone hadn't spoken in your earpiece
- 'Captain? Y/L/N? Making any progress?'
- Chris smirked gently and nodded, turning back to the door
- 'Getting there.'
Tumblr media
Leon Kennedy
- Leon and you had met on a job
- he figured you would be doing a lot of jobs together from then on, considering how well you worked together
- he took you out to dinner, thankful you had said yes, and you both were having a great time
- he wanted to do something painfully normal so you went mini golfing
- he lost
- you were at the last hole and he did the signature, 'lemme show you how to do it' despite the fact he was losing miserably
- and you had your head tilted to him
- and he kissed you
- it was a classic sweet kiss and he was more than happy for the normalcy
- he made some stupid quip like 'That was for being absurdly good at mini golf' before kissing you again
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bictoeia · 2 months ago
How the Cast of AOT Prom-poses to you (some of these just turned into highschool au headcanons)
Eren- probably puts a little note in your locker or something, doesn’t to do anything super extravagant because it might embarass you (or him if you said no) he waits around the corner for you to grab something out of you locker before pulling a whole ‘emerging from the shadows’ thing for your reply. jean films it. eren has no idea.
Mikasa- she does it up more than eren does, but in a way that is more private. shes the kind of person to know literally everything about everyone in her grade, so she knows when you hit up the public library and which spot you usually b-line to. does a whole little setup with chocolate and flowers, you would think its valentines day shit is AMAZING
Armin- asks you in person because he feels as though it isnt genuine otherwise. he waits for you outside your class, and does a whole dramatic thing where he like takes your hand and pulls you over to a little spot where there’s no crowding to ask you to go to prom w him, it’s really cute actually
Jean- bro had to brainstorm ideas. weeks in advance. tbh it’s totally cute though so whatever. he’s literally so good at hiding his nervousness you really cannot tell he’s about to start shaking and sweating. however, his prom-posal is totally stupid 💀. I’m so sorry, he got the idea off of Pinterest and it’s such millennial humour the whole thing is just not it. it’s cute that he tries though and we love him for that
Sasha- ik this trope is way overdone for her, but a foodie sort of proposal. Like at the very least she picks out a million of the snacks she likes you like
Connie- this bitch knows what every teenage girl in an early 2000’s Disney channel movie would love (deffo not bc he watches them) and that is for him to perform a whole ass song and dance in front of your entire year. yes he does it on the stage in the auditorium. yes he has a backup band. yes that backup band is jean, sasha, bertoldt and reiner. yes everyone films it and he goes viral. does he care? not unless you reject him (that would be embarrassing for him 😭)
Bertoldt- I’m a firm believer that he legitimately is a good flirt. don’t even argue he just is. he’s such a boy-next-door type I feel like more people than you would expect have a fat crush on him. HE HAS NO IDEA💀 but it’s ok bc it keeps him humble. because he has no idea he’s so well-liked, he never bothers to ask people out, so most people think he has a partner already. he doesn’t, and it sparks massive controversy when he asks you to prom. people left and right are telling you what a player bertoldt is. he’s really not, he just accidentally gets no bitches. anyway, he totally buys a ring (like not a cheap one but not a super glamorous wedding band either) and like actually prom-poses like a legitimate proposal it’s so cute
Reiner- yk that one official art where the cast is in highschool and Reiner is a football player? he coordinates the entire team and gets them to decorate the whole fkn football field. It’s covered in flowers and lights and candles it looks so extravagant omg
Annie- she doesn’t normally do prom, but if she know that you want to go, she has a hard time letting someone else take you. her prom-posal ends up accidentally being kind of aggressive but whatever. she catches you by your locker and gives you one of those ‘friendly shoves’ but forgets how strong she is and kinda launches you into a locker. whoops.
Ymir and Historia- I’m such a diehard yumihisu shipper I can’t even write x reader headcanons with them it doesn’t feel right. however; despite common belief, Historia actually prom-poses to Ymir. But it’s not some boring little thing at school. She does that cute thing and couples used to do before Spotify was a thing, and hang outside ymirs porch w a radio blasting love songs and a big ass sign, shes wearing what’s basically a ballgown (she has a collection) it’s so fkn cute.
thank you @lazychickensoup for the idea!!
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giorno-plays-piano · a year ago
More Than It Seems
Tumblr media
Pairing: orc!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: past dubcon, blackmailing, kinda Stockholm Syndrome, lots of dirty talk, nasty orc filth as usual.
Words: 2793.
Summary: Never in your life you thought you’d go so low, dating an animal like that orc Bucky Barnes.
P.S. This is an attempt to write orc Bucky in a casual college au haha
"So, how many times did you cum today, babygirl?" Bucky hummed with content, fingering your drenched pussy lazily and watching you hips tremble: he kept fucking you the minute you showed up in his room, pinning you to his bed. He took so much pride in making a stubborn human girl cum nonstop beneath her nasty orc classmate.
Your cheeks grew hot, and you rolled your eyes in irritation, too embarrassed to answer. Yeah, you felt ashamed that brute was making you orgasm like some cheap slut, but it felt so good to be pounded by an orc with his cock so big it was kissing your womb with every thrust.
"You're a fucking animal." You grunted and let out a squeal immediately as Bucky pinched your clit, then rubbing it with his rough fingertip and almost making you cum again with your eyes rolling inside your skull again because of intense pleasure.
"If I'm an animal than you're my bitch in heat." He smiled dangerously, baring his tusks and getting his fat long fingers inside your soaked cunt again, pumping them inside your overstimulated pussy and making you cry out in both pleasure and pain. "Do you know how pathetic you are? I've made you cum four times, you slut. I ate your sweet cunt out and you fucking squirted on my face, remember that, huh? You've cum twice when I fucked your brains out and then one last time when my condom grew too big with my seed inside your cunt. You're a dirty bitch, honey. Only an orc can appreciate a dumb little girl like you."
Bucky wasn't sure you were still listening: as his fingers curled against your g-spot, rubbing it roughly, you cum again with you tongue giving out, its tip glistening with saliva as it lay on your lower lip while you squeezed his fingers with your pussy. Shit, you were a grade A slut. Watching your fucked silly expression, your eyes empty as you laid in his bed, your body dirtied with his sweat and cum, the orc felt he was getting hard again. Huh, did he have enough condoms? Glancing at all those he had just used, full of his seed, Bucky smirked, turning your head to him and giving you a filthy kiss. He wanted you to squirt so much your legs would give out, and you'd have to crawl on all fours if you wanted to get away from him.
Nah, you didn't want that. Despite all your icy glances and angry words about him still keeping those photos of you naked, you kept sucking his dick and licking his heavy balls till he filled your stomach with his cum. You loved a good orc fuck: he saw how you licked your lips, waiting for him to get on top and fuck the shit out of you, mating with you like a beast. Yeah, his blood was still boiling from the thought you called him a barbarian, an ugly and vulgar monster, someone below a human just because Bucky was an orc, but he couldn't be angry at his sweet babygirl anymore.
"What do you have to say?" He chuckled as he watched you opening the front door and setting your foot outside of his house.
Your face became hot immediately: you really hoped he wouldn't keep making you do that.
"I'm gonna miss you." You mumbled, deeply embarrassed when your orc came closer, giving you a loving kiss and hugging you from behind as if he was your precious boyfriend. Bucky definitely wanted people to think that about you two. "I'll call you later this evening, ok?"
"Don't forget to text me when you get home." He said, living a peck on your cheek and smacking your ass with his huge calloused hand.
He watched you hurriedly walk away with a deep feeling of satisfaction, knowing you'd be a good girl and call him in a couple of hours. He knew he was going to ask you to let him come over to you - your parents were conveniently out on a business trip - and then Bucky was going to make you orgasm with your ass just like he taught you. You were a very good girl, doing whatever he told you, kissing him in public in front of everyone just so all of them knew the snobby bitch who called orcs animals was now a girlfriend of one of them. You stroked his dick in a school library because Bucky was feeling horny, and then you secretly licked his hot cum from your fingers when nobody was looking. You let him bang you in the school showers because it was orc's mating season and Bucky really needed to slam his dick inside your sweet cunt. Shit, you'd missed two days of college because of his orc heat since he couldn't get enough of you, fucking your brains out. You'd become a vulgar little bitch just for him, knowing how to shake your hips on top of your orc to make him cum or wearing that slutty lingerie that made you look like a dirty whore.
But only for him. Only he could fuck you and do all that filthy stuff to you like forcing you to pleasure yourself in front of him. Bucky owned you. He owned that tight sweet pussy, and the thought was making his dick hard again. Dumb baby, even if you still played your card that you'd never do all that willingly, you belonged with him. You were made to be his girl.
"Thanks, but I'm on a diet." You politely refused when he gave you his chicken sandwich, knowing you had always loved it.
The orc looked at you like you said something stupid, and you almost groaned in return, unwilling to explain it, "I want to lose some weight, Bucky."
He furrowed his brows and moved his plate closer to you, undeterred by your words. Diet. He couldn't fucking believe it. How dumb did you have to be to take this decision, huh? Lose weight. He wasn't having it.
"No, you don't, babygirl." His dark gaze made you swallow your protest as you prepared for a little battle, hoping you could stop him controlling you. "You don't eat enough anyway. This isn't healthy, and I don't want that. Besides, my mom made this sandwich for you. I hope you don't expect me to show up at home with it in my hands and tell her you refused eating?"
Oh, now you were going on a guilt trip: despite your prejudice, Bucky's mom turned out to be the sweetest woman with a heart of gold, and you wouldn't dare to make her upset by refusing to take the food she cooked especially for you. It was inhuman, seriously. Letting out a sigh, you moved the plate and took the sandwich, watching it carefully as if weighting your decision.
"Come on, babygirl. It's with cherry tomatoes." Bucky left a kiss on the top of your head, and your face lit up: you really loved cherry tomatoes.
Once you finished, you gathered the empty plates and containers, hiding them inside a bag and ready to go to the next class when Bucky grabbed your hand, lowering his head to you, "Let's skip Humanities."
As you raised your eyebrow at him, he let out a chuckle and pulled you closer, leading you to the exit with a careless expression on his face. You could put up a fight, but Humanities were boring and you didn't really wanted to stay, anyway. You just hoped Bucky wasn't in one of his mood to fuck you in the school library or secretly grope you in public just for the sake of excitement.
Walking close to him with your hand still in his, you thought about the sandwich Bucky brought for you and asked yourself when he started to treat you better than his personal toy. Maybe you wanted to keep calling him a brute and an animal, but he really warmed up to you, finally realizing you had feelings, treating you with more respect, caring for you, even bringing you home to meet his family. He no longer looked like a predator willing to tear you apart to teach you a lesson. In fact, sometimes you really thought of Bucky as your boyfriend.
Oh God, you were having it bad. Calling a guy who still kept your naked photos your lovely boyfriend? Seriously?
"No one's home." The orc said when you saw his house from afar, Bucky baring his long tusks in a smile.
"Don't tell me it's orc's mating season again." You grunted, rolling your eyes in an attempt to irritate him, but the man laughed instead, pulling you closer.
"Every season is an orc's mating season, babygirl."
Soon you were in his room again, sitting on his spacious bed that smelled like him - sometimes you wished you stayed here alone, burying your head in his pillows and blankets, inhaling your orc's scent and sticking your fingers in your leaking pussy. Shit, why did it have to be like that? When did you start liking this asshole so bad?
As if he could feel it, Bucky sat close to you and gently turned your head to him, making you open your mouth and getting inside it with his monstrous tongue. His sloppy kisses were the best. You loved it when he stuffed your mouth with his tongue, licking yours, making you taste him, leaving you on your wobbly legs ready to collapse on the floor from how good you felt. Bucky knew perfectly well how to make you wet in a couple of seconds without touching your pussy.
"Bucky, delete those photos." You whispered into his mouth, teary-eyed. Oh, you were stupid enough to love the guy who did all this to you. "Please."
Seeing your pained expression he froze, feverishly thinking how he managed to fuck things up again. Didn't you like it with him? Weren't you slowly accepting being his girl? Bucky really thought you genuinely enjoyed it. What did he do? Were you asking him to leave you alone?
He fucking hoped you would never ever say that.
"Why would I do that?" He asked you, but instead of a humiliating tone you'd heard the first time you asked him now you heard him sounding desperate - just like you.
"If you delete them, I'll do anything you want. Just like now." Your own voice was quiet, and you averted your eyes, timidly grabbing the sleeve of his jacket. "Please, Bucky. I promise I'll do everything the same way, it's just... the photos make it feel really awful. Like we do something very bad, and I can't get away from this feeling. Do you... understand?"
Yeah, does the guy who blackmailed you understand that he didn't do a good thing? Damn, it was hard to believe you really asked that. You worst nightmare was that Bucky was going to laugh into your face and fuck you while you cried with your face buried into the bedsheets. Well, then you would at least be clear with your feelings, knowing who Bucky really was.
"Then, if I delete them, are you gonna be my girl for real?"
Before you could answer him, gawking at your orc with your eyes wide open, he gave you a heated kiss again, making sure to make you lick the saliva from his tusks as he fingered your already soaked pussy - he knew you were getting wet from his scent like a bitch in heat. What he didn't know was your answer to his question, and while Bucky would never openly admitted it, he was really nervous. He wanted you to say yes. He wanted you to submit to him not because of the photos on his phone, but because you loved getting ravaged by your orc. Because you really wanted to be his girl.
"Look at you, spreading your legs in front of me like some dumb bitch. Are you in heat, baby? Can't stop thinking about an orc cock?" He tainted you, licking the shell of your ear as he grouped your mound, unceremoniously moving your black panties to the side to finger you thoroughly, getting two digits inside you at once as he knew you could take it. "I know what we're going to do. You'll get on top of my cock and promise me to be my girl, and then you will delete all those photos yourself."
"Yes." You mumbled with your mouth full of saliva as you struggled to control yourself with your pussy being played with so well. "Yes, yes, Bucky, please."
You weren't sure whether you asked for photos or for his fat cock inside you, his fingertips forcefully rubbing that spongy spot that made you see stars, and you were on the verge of orgasm. His other hand was squeezing your breast as you squealed, cumming once Bucky added a third finger, brushing right against your sensitive spot. Oh fuck, you were going to squirt on his cock.
While he really, really wanted to fuck you raw, stuffing your cunt with his cum - impregnating his girl was every orc boy's wet dream - Bucky still pulled out a condom, carefully tearing the wrapping with his teeth as he still kept fingering you. Maybe he was a huge dick, but not such a dick he'd knock his girl up without her even wanting to have children yet.
“Shit.” He breathed out once he made you sit on his lap, filling up your drenched pussy and squeezing his eyes shut - it felt so good, so fucking warm and nice inside you Bucky was losing his head. 
In a couple of minutes you were squirting on top of him like a slut with your eyes rolling inside your skull. You’d be his girl, you promised you would as you orgasmed again, your hips going numb from pleasure.
“Stick out your tongue.” Your orc said in a raspy voice, and you did as he said, letting him lick your tongue, cover it in his saliva while he held your hips, helping you jump on his cock till you were barely able to move. 
It was too much. It had always been too much for you, every goddamn time, but it felt so good you just couldn’t resist it. 
“Ready to delete the photos?” Bucky smirked, leaving a dark mark on your neck and finally getting his phone from a pocket of his jeans laying on the bed, you still sitting on his lap and crying out with each roll of his hips. “Here, baby. Just touch the screen.”
You barely pulled yourself together, taking his huge black phone in your hands and looking at you naked, changing your clothes in a dressing room. As you touched the screen, deleting the photo, Bucky suddenly rolled his hips again, the tip of his cock hitting your cervix.
“That’s one.”
Nononono stop, you wanted to cry out but only moaned at the top of your voice, deleting the next photo without even looking at it, your orc thrusting deep into your cunt once again and then again and again after each time you deleted one photo. Shit, how many did that bastard take? If you brain still functioned, you’d yell at him, but all you could do know were those stupid lewd noises as you cum on top of his fat orc cock again, milking his heavy balls dry, the condom he wore getting too stuffed with his sperm again and making you cry softly from built up pressure on your cervix.
“Shhhh, it’s alright, babygirl.” He cooed softly at you, slipping his cock out of your pussy and helping you lay on his bed, wrapping you in his blanket. He laid close to you, making you put your head on his chest as the two of you were slowly recovering, your heartbeat getting back to normal while you snuggled against your orc boyfriend. “Are you alright?”
“Dunno.” You mumbled with a silly expression, gently peppering his neck with little kisses because of a sudden need to get affectionate with him after sex. “I thought you were going to call me names like you usually do after we finished fucking.”
“Oh, you’d want that, little slut, wouldn’t you?” He grinned but didn’t continue, instead pressing a kiss to your nose - he had never done it before, catching off-guard. “Hey baby, tell me you like me. Tell me you like your boyfriend.”
Feeling lightheaded from all the affection he showered you today, finally proving he wasn’t as bad as you pictured him to be, you smiled at him, chuckling, “I love my dirty orc boyfriend.”
Tags: @finleyjayne​​​​​ @alexakeyloveloki​​​​​ @helenaeisenhower​​​​​ @villanellevi​​​​​ @hurricanerin​​​​​ @void-hoechlin @chris-evans-indian-fanfic​​​​​ @navegandoaciegas​​​​​ @rosalynshields​​​​​ @brattycherubwrites​​​​​ @sllooney​​​​​ @angrythingstarlight​​​​​ @lookiamtrying​​​​​ @buckysbunny​​​​​ @soleil-dor​​​​ @stargazingfangirl18​​​​ @dillybuggg​​​​ @literate-lamb​​​​ @cosicas-cuquis​​​​ @sarge-barnes-sir​​​​ @buckybarnesplumwhore​​​​ @jaysayey​​​​ @megzdoodle​​​​ @gotnofucks​​​​ @lux-ravenwolf​​​​ @iheartsebandchris​​​​ @ximebebx​​​​ @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123​​​​
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bisexual-bitch-blogs · a year ago
Can I request Zhongli Cumming mora 🥰🥰🥰🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
😩OMG YASSS No problem sis! This reminds me of a BL manwha where a guy ejectulates pearls😳😳Also I had to look up how big is a mora. Uhh so let's assume like mayb they're smaller than pennies. Cause it kinda sounds painful ngl😬
Tumblr media
"Origin of Mora"
NSFW? Sub Zhongli X Fem Dom Reader
I really started doing math while writing this 😶
POV You and your fiancee, Zhongli are finally doing the deed
Inccludes: Pegging
It's been 5 sweet years of dating the ex-geo archon. From handholding, cuddling, kisses, dates and other sweet fluff. There was no sexual deeds.
You didn't mind taking the relationship slow but it's kind of hard to think everything is rainbows and unicorns when Zhongli has a fat ass that could rival Bokuto from Haikyuu.................................. Wait who? Uhhh
Now what your going with this is............... you want to fuck him. Break him. Make the intelligent man go stupid. Make him carry your babies if possible. Slap that thicc cake. Take him from behind. Make him scream your name. Finally having se-
Asking the formal ravenette was out of the question. He was like....a pure maiden, talking about the history of shampoo with interest. You weren't sure if he had an ounce of horniness in him. It was killing you inside, slowly.
One day, you took Zhongli and his living wallet, Childe to a bar to drink. With enough alcohol, the ravenette slumped against you, drunk, babbles of how people in Liyue skipped a step making traditional rice wine. He was quite childish and overprotective. He bit Childe's hand when the ginger tried to give you a bag of mora to pay for the drinks. Apologizing to the harbinger, you dragged your drunk fiancee home, getting him sober on the way.
One thing lead to another, you were making out with your boyfriend on the couch, arms wrapped around one another. You sucked on his bottom lip, licking the tips of his teeth, occasionally colliding against them with your own while trying to deepen the kiss, desperate to taste him before departing for air. His plush bottom weighed on your thigh as you groped his chest, fingers rubbing over the sensitive pink bumps.
Discarding both of yours and Zhongli's articles of clothing onto the floor, your fingers that was coated in saliva (courtesy of Zhongli's mouth) slid into the ravenette's rather loose canal, thrusting in and out, occasionally curling them.
"Mmngh! Ah..! M-More!"
You thought.
'Did he play with himself before..? Nah, can't be.'
Taking back your fingers from his greedy hole. You aligned the tip of your 13 inch silicone dick into Zhongli's entrance in one swift go, taking it all in with no problem. The ebony male moans.
You licked your lips, curious of what other pretty sounds the Geo user might make. Sliding back out, you slammed yourself into him, targeting into his prostate head on. An unrestrained moan rips through the air when you attacked a bump in Zhongli’s walls, his legs wrapped around your waist, tightening.
You ruthlessly started pounding into him. His body violently shakes with each thrust, legs twitching at each throb. Zhongli felt each thrust filling him, spreading him wider. His red, weeping cock was rubbing between our stomachs. Feeling a tight coil inside him about to burst. He panicked, his hands gripping your arms.
"Mnngh! Ah! Aah! Nnghh! Wha--! Wai-!"
It was too late when his cock ejectulated familiar white strings of fluid onto both his and your chest like canvas. But what also came out was shocking. Mora. This man just cummed out mora. Money. Currency.
Stopping whatever your doing. You looked at the small coins littered on his chest and ones that fell, rolling onto the floor then you turned to your fiancee who was looking away, showing his red ears. You questioned out loud.
"Is this...Is this how mora is produced?"
Zhongli nodded, slowly, refusing to look at your face.
Meanwhile, your brain was running a mile a minute.
So like people didn't make mora using ores handed by Morax?? And if all the mora is made by the Geo Archon by cumming. Then isnt everyone touching his sperm or cum in a way? Does Venti know??? Wait how many mora is there in Teyvat? Hold up. You have like 800,000 mora in your wallet. And that came from him too- Isn't your lover like over 6,000 years old? How much mora does he produce? Does it vary? Oh my.
How wrong you are thinking he's a pure maiden. When in reality. Zhongli is a horny little bitch.
You looked around counting quickly. There seemed about more than 100 mora. So 800,000 divided by 100 equals 8,000 if he released every maybe You dont know. 2 times a year? With an additional 200k if you go to wherever Childe told you to go for extra cash. 8,000 plus 2,000 equals 10,000 and Zhongli spent 55,000,000 the other day. Divide it by 100 equal 550,000 plus 10,000 equal 560,000. But let's also consider the huge amount of money the Northland Bank has. Oh my Archons. It's no longer a money bank. It's a sperm bank.
Honestly, you weren't sure how to react however questions will need to be answered and experiments will need to be conducted.
You resumed rocking your hips, catching the Geo user off guard, gasping. Suddenly, you grabbed his member, moving it up and down, inspecting it.
"Is your pp okay??"
The Geo Archon has never been so embarrassed in his entire life. In his existence. Of course you had to ask that during an intimate sex. It was great you were concerned and all but please ignore what just happened and get back into the feels for the lord of himself.
One thing for sure after wrecking him is that day is that you will never see Mora the same ever again.
Alright time to commit toaster bath. I missed 30 mins of college prep math class cuz of my aunt's walmart wifi and I dont understand a single thing going on anymore.
Confession. I died in genshin because I was distracted by Beiodu's ass while climbing the church🤡 Also, my friend played as Zhongli. That didnt help at all so I fell TWICE. Thus Beidou died on me........When I told my friend that. I don't think he believes me😭😭😭 he was like......
Tjrgjyegkgvehi PLS
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bimbo-jk · a year ago
bleed you dry (m)
pairing: vamp!jeongguk x fem!reader
genre: smut , drabble
rating: 18+
warnings: biting, blood drinking, rough but sensual sex, cockwarmin’!!! , jk kinda has a nonverbal worship kink lol, hand holding, kissing, some dirty talk but not much, creampie, overstimulation (f), reader is jk’s sensitive liddol baby, reader is woozy but this is 100% consensual (so kinda cnc?) , cum play, jk loves reader :( she’s his dumb lil baby, jk and his love for petnames, he jus wants to pamper the reader :(, okay jk’s a lil mean but!!!!!
synopsis: your boyfriend of two years came over for halloween, simply supposing to watch movies and hangout. but halfway through the second movie, he’s feeling lightheaded from lack of eating and you feed him the best way you know how; straight from the vein.
Tumblr media
Clearing your throat, you try to shift your boyfriend’s attention from rubbing his thumbs into your hip bones, his lips pressed behind your ear as he kisses over your skin. “Babe, the movie”, you murmur quietly, and you know he heard you; he just chooses to ignore it. 
“Jeon”, you huff out once his nails scrape over your tummy lightly. He chuckles through his nose, kissing your shoulder before pulling away, “Fine, but you smell good”, he hums and you roll your eyes, “You say that all day, every day”.
Shrugging his shoulders, he stands as the first movie ends, heading off to the bathroom. You pick up the fallen popcorn kernels and toss them back into the bowl before heading to kitchen to trash it, popping another bag for the second movie scheduled to start in a few minutes. 
You hear the flush of the toilet over the popping in the microwave and then seconds later, your boyfriend’s hands are wrapped around your waist as he presses his lips into your shoulder blade, his tongue peeking out of his lips to drag across your warm, honey skin.
“Kook”, you sigh out, digging your fingers into the counter when his hips press yours forward into the counter. His cock is semi-hard, digging into your lower back through his grey sweats. “Hungry”, he snarls out, his teeth prodding against your collarbone and it sends a tingle down your spine, mouth dropping open to form an “o” shape.
“How long has it been since you’ve eaten”, you manage to mutter out, hands cupping his that hold your waist. “Too long”, he huffs, pressing his face into the crook of your neck and inhaling harshly through his nose, moaning directly into your ear.
You always smelled so fucking good.
“Eat”, you hum the simple word, knowing you didn’t need to say much more to him. His hands tighten their grip on your hips as his teeth sink into your neck, your gasp blessing his ears beautifully.
Jeongguk drinks until his belly is full, until his cock is throbbing with the newfound blood rush. He keeps an ear on your heartbeat, listening to any irregular beat. But he finds he does truly get carried away even sometimes.
“Koo...”, your voice is so small he could barely hear it. Your knees weaken until the only thing holding you up is his grip, the beeping of the microwave distant to your ears. Your eyes flutter and you let out a breathy whine.
That’s when he snaps back, retracting his fangs and licking over the wound to close it before pressing a kiss to the red stained area. “Pretty girl”, he coos into your ear, picking you up and sitting you on the counter to face him, and his cock twitches at the sight.
Your face is flushed, eyes glazed over and lidded... is that a bit of drool on your lips?
Jeongguk swore his cock couldn’t be harder. Well, maybe, with the way you gasp out his name so prettily while he shoves your thighs apart to step between them.
“Wanna hurt you, pretty girl. Wanna see you cry”, he mutters, stroking the skin on your inner thighs while he gazes at you like you’re the most perfect girl on the planet. And to him, you are.
You’re in deep submissive space, he can tell. He knows your body better than do. Knows what to say to soak that slutty little cunt. Knows how to touch and where to press to make you scream. You want nothing more than to be used right now, and he’s more than willing to utilize.
Within the blink of an eye, you’re bent over the couch, ass perched high in the air while the rest of your torso is bent forward, head resting on a pillow.
“Can smell this creamy little cunt through your panties, baby”, he chuckles meanly. “You’re such a fucking slut when I’m bleeding you dry. You like that? That gets your cunt soakin’ baby?”, his mouth is right next to your ear.
“Love it”, you slur out back, brain muddled with the way he’s growling in your ear and kneading your fat ass cheeks between his hands. So much of the soft flesh that it spills through his fingers due to the grip.
Jeongguk was an ass man for sure.
“Of course you do. You’re my good little bitch, aren’t you?”, and when you don’t answer, he smacks the side of your thigh meanly, “Aren’t you”, he growls out.
“Ah! Y-yeah, Koo! Your good bitch, ‘m all yours!”, and he chuckles, not a bit of humor behind it.
He’s feeling mean.
Instead of torturing you some more, Jeongguk takes pity on you, the pathetic fat tears rolling down your cheeks a clear sign of how needy you are. He fucking loves you, but he loves seeing you cry for his cock even more. Sometimes.
Pulling down the pathetic excuse for panties that covers your shining cunt, he sighs when your arousal floods the room, his eyes rolling back at how heavy a impact it had on his senses.
His fingers graze over your cunt, dipping between your folds before spreading your lips. He spits obscenely, making a mess of your nether region.
“Gonna let me fuck this cunt, baby? Look at you”, he tuts, rubbing his thumb on your clit, “Bet I don’t even needa stretch you, you’re so fuckin’ wet”, he snarls, thumbing the button of his jeans open and pulling down his zipper.
Jeongguk’s cock bounces out, leaking precum as he thumbs his head, moaning out lowly. You wiggle your hips back, trying to entice him into fucking you open. You don’t care, don’t wanna be prepped. You want to feel that burn.
You succeed, Jeongguk’s restraint snapping as he slides home, a gasp falling from your lips and a delicious snarl coming from his chest.
“F-Fuck, Baby”, he moans into your ear, his upper body bent over yours. His hips grind into your ass before pausing, Jeongguk’s mouth littering your neck in hickies.
“Lemme taste, baby”, he whispers, nibbling your ear lobe before licking a fat stripe up your jugular. It all hits so differently with the way his cock is buried snugly into your soaking cunt, “Lemme taste you while my cock splits your dumb slutty cunt open”.
You simply nod, unable to get a word out before Jeongguk’s teeth are buried into your shoulder, his hips giving limp seeking thrusts as he drains you a bit more.
Your pussy only gets wetter around his cock, clenching and fluttering cutely while he drinks. Once he’s deemed himself finished, he retracts his teeth and soothes the wound once again, closing it and kissing your shoulder.
Before your fuzzy dumb brain can acknowledge him further, Jeongguk is standing straight, his nails sinking deep into the soft pillowy flesh of your ass, the fat globes being spread apart as he begins to rut his hips into you.
It’s messy and loud, your cunt making lewd wet noises, squelching being heard even through your hazy thoughts. Or lack there of.
Wetness drips onto the floor boards as Jeongguk tosses his head back, all of his nerves on fire from the sugary substance that’s stained his teeth red. His balls clench when you whimper, limply fucking your self back onto him.
But your movements are irregular, you’re exhausted. He takes pity and instead of going for slow and long, he goes hard and deep, fucking his head into your cervix and g-spot all the while toying with your clit.
You’re so, so very close, the last push you need right on the tip of your tongue. And he gives it to you.
Jeongguk lifts your hips off the couch until your feet are dangling off the floor and your face is smushed into the cushions. He fucks you like that, suspended partially in the air and unable to run from his cock.
He breaks a sweat, bottom lip tugged between his teeth and hair sticking to his forehead.
Your back arches violently, a loud drawn out moan being torn from your pretty throat until Jeongguk wraps his large hand around the back of your neck, yanking your torso up until he’s carrying your body, the only thing keeping your feet from touching the floor is his cock stuffed in your cunt.
Cum quite literally spurts out of you, creamy white droplets splattering the floor and his thighs and that’s what sets him off, his balls draining themselves into your cunt until you’re quite literally bloated over, the cum spilling out of you.*
Sliding out of you and laying your limp body back across the couch, Jeongguk stuffs his cum back into your cunt, rubbing and playing with your clit until you’re lazily whining, eyelids too heavy to open and mouth to dry to tell him to stop. You’re sensitive, pretty sure you’re broken.
But he shows no sympathy, continues fucking you with his fingers until you have another orgasm, less messy but so strong that your vision and hearing goes blank, your toes and fingertips feeling like electricity is shocking through your bones.
“Koo”, you whine, voice hoarse and tired.
He relents, mumbling a sheepish and quiet apology before beginning to clean you up, “Just like how messy this little cunt gets. So sensitive”, he mutters almost to himself as he wipes your thighs and folds gently with a warm towel.
“Well next time, control yourself. We didn’t even start the second movie”, you pout. He smiles.
“There’s no way I just fucked you stupid and you’re worried about ‘Blades of Glory’”
“Shut up!”
* Guys I wanted to write the reader being stuffed so full that it spilled out her mouth but then I realized that’s not actually possible so maybe I’ll write something with shit that’s literally not realistic and ruin everyone with that there. Ok bye enjoy lol.
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the-iceni-bitch · a year ago
It’s Taking Over
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x hit woman!Reader (killer OTP)
Words: ~2.8k
Summary: Your nosy neighbor has been driving Bobby to the edge of his sanity, but you have a plan. 😈
Warnings: DARK, explicit language, explicit sexual content (female masturbation, unprotected vaginal sex that ended up being way softer than I had planned, whoops), disgusting married men, minor character death (nothing violent but graphic descriptions of exactly what’s happening), murder, soft psychopaths? (is that a thing?), SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: Welp, Hank is finally going to get what he deserves, y’all, and it is fantastic. I went all the fuck out guys, so if graphic descriptions of poisonings aren’t your thing, maybe skip? Also, write the smut while I was a little buzzed and it ended up kinda soft, but I’m actually ok with it. Also, also, I didn’t explicitly state which poison we used to get rid of this fucker, but if you guess, maybe you’ll win a prize!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!!
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
A week. Seven fucking days of having to put up with watching that fat asshole leer at you and and give him knowing winks, knowing that he was probably touching that mediocre dick while he thought about your perfect body writhing on top of him.
Every night Robert buried himself in your pretty snatch and asked you when you were gonna finally kill that motherfucker, but you just kept putting him off and grinning when he took his frustration out on your cunt. He knew you were right about doing something drastic, having the cops in the neighborhood wouldn’t be good for either of you. But all he wanted was to watch the life leave that bastard’s eyes while he stood over him, then fuck you next to the corpse.
Now you both had to go over to that cocksucker’s house for a goddamn dinner party and pretend like there was nothing going on, and Robert was worried he was going to have a fucking stroke. Mary was stupid excited about the get together and she had not shut up the whole day, making her stupid cobbler and nattering away. He didn’t know why she had been on him constantly, but it was going to drive him crazy.
The dumb bitch was leaning heavily on his arm and staggering as the two of them made their way down the street, having already drunk four glasses of wine before they even left the fucking house. Robert grumbled under his breath as he knocked on the front door, dreading the entire evening and wishing he could just go kill someone with you then fuck your brains out.
Hank’s poor wife answered the door with an insipid smile on her face, flashing it between the two of them with a vapid greeting as she ushered them inside. Mary wandered off to gossip with the other wives once she spotted them, leaving Robert to join the pervert slobs who were gathered around the bar. You were nowhere to be seen, and that just made him even more angry, though it would be nice to not have to listen to the idiots drool over you. 
“Is she not coming?” Fuck, didn’t these morons have anything else to talk about? “Those little outfits of hers are the only reason I actually come to these things.”
“I know. After the last one I was actually able to fuck Jill for the first time in weeks.” God, they were disgusting. “Not face to face, but you know.”
“Yeah, Bob, is Suzy coming to this thing or what?” Robert felt the tumbler of whiskey he was holding groan in his hand at Hank’s question, downing the drink in one gulp and hurriedly pouring himself another as he did his best to tamp down his rage.
“Do you think she shows me her fucking social calendar?” He tossed back his second drink and poured another quickly, tonight was going to be torture. “I haven’t even talked to her in two days.”
“Whatever you say, Bob.” The moron rolled his eyes at him and he bit back the growl that threatened to rip from his throat. 
They all stopped talking when there was a sudden rap on the front door, Hank’s wife moving to open it and the group of pervs letting out a collective sigh when they saw you standing there in a jumpsuit that showed off much more of your body than Robert would have liked. 
“Hi neighbors!” How the fuck could you sound so damn cheery? “So sorry I’m late! Was just making the last minute preparations on my little contribution to dinner tonight.”
All the women started cooing excitedly when you whipped the top off your serving dish, small gasps of excitement filling the room when they got a look at the pretty display you had made.
“My goodness, Suzy!” Mary was slurring like an idiot as she looked at what you brought. “I guess you lied when you said you couldn’t cook. This sushi looks amazing!”
“Well, I’ve been practicing.” You said, beaming around the room at everyone and winking when your eyes met Bobby’s. “And I’ve got two of the best pieces of sashimi for our hosts. Here you go Lauren. Come over here, Hank!”
That fat bastard looked stupidly pleased when he waddled over to you, grinning like an idiot and chuckling when you drew your hand back when he tried to take the piece of fish from you.
“Nu-uh, open up, I wanna watch your face when you taste it.” You teased, stepping a little closer to the lardass and making Bobby’s jaw clench.
Hank opened his mouth and let you place the sushi on his tongue, humming in satisfaction once his mouth closed and he bit into it. Everyone started milling around the dish then, chatting happily about the excitement of trying something so new and laughing like idiots while you left the dish on the table and moved to the bar to pour yourself a drink.
“You don’t want any sushi, Robert?” You asked, keeping things formal since you were still within earshot of the other partygoers.
“Not really my thing.” He growled, his eyes fixed on Hank who was staring at your ass when you bent over the bar.
“Oh, I think you’d really like it.” You said, giving him a meaningful look as you sipped on your gin.
Robert just cocked his head at you before turning to follow your gaze, finding Hank looking a little perturbed and then trying to suppress a grin as he moved closer to you.
“Is anyone else’s lips feeling numb?” He sounded drunk, his words slightly muffled like he didn’t know how to use his tongue.
“What, sweetie?” You almost felt a little bad for his wife, but really not.
Hank coughed a few times then collapsed, screams slicing through the calm of the party as he started convulsing on the floor. You moaned softly when you felt Robert press himself to your back, his hardening cock rubbing against your ass while the two of you watched that rat bastard choking on air.
Someone was screaming for anyone to call 911, and you watched one of the other pervert idiots run to yank the phone off the wall and start dialing madly. There was no way an ambulance was going to get there in time. Even if that was a possibility, they were going to assume that fat slob had a heart attack and he’d die anyway.
Bobby was grinding against your ass as you watched the motherfucker’s lips turn blue, panting into your hair as you did your best to school your face so it looked like you were frozen in shock and not itching to touch yourself as you stared at your dying neighbor. Everything was complete chaos, Hank’s wife sobbing uncontrollably as she sank to the floor and his movements started stilling, the distant sound of a siren growing closer all too late.
The two of you had to disconnect reluctantly when the paramedics came through the front door and Mary came running into Robert’s arms, tucking her face into his chest and choking on her tears as you suppressed a look of disgust at the display. He could not hide the discomfort he was feeling at being required to soothe his hysterical wife, patting her back awkwardly and turning his hips away from her so she wouldn’t notice how hard he had become from dry humping you. 
All of you watched the paramedics do their work closely, one of them administering CPR while the other two worked on getting Hank strapped into the gurney. It didn’t matter though, the man was dead. One of the other couples offered to drive Lauren to the hospital, and people started filtering back to their own homes slowly with dazed looks on their faces after the ambulance drove away. 
You made your way back to your house on your own, pleased with your work but pissed that Bobby wasn’t with you. He’d muttered a quick “soon” at you as he dragged his wife back to their house, and even though you knew he’d probably slip her something so he could join you as soon as possible, you wanted him now. 
The jumpsuit slid to the floor as soon as your front door closed behind you, your skin buzzing with the electricity of an adrenaline rush as you walked through your house completely nude except for your stilettos. Slick was coating the insides of your thighs and your cunt was throbbing with need while you strolled to your bar, pouring yourself another gin and moving back to your couch with a sigh. You sank into the cushions with a huff, sipping on your drink and propping one foot on your coffee table as you moved a hand between your thighs to try to relieve some of the ache you were feeling.
Everything between your legs was warm and pulsing and wet, your fingers finding your swollen clit immediately and shocks started traveling through your body when you applied just the tiniest bit of pressure. The muscles in your abdomen twitched when you slid a finger into your soaked channel, your arousal coating your hand as you curled and stretched yourself until you could slip in a second finger.
A low moan escaped your throat when the pads of your fingers brushed against that soft spot that made your toes curl, your palm grinding into your clit as you writhed your hips against your hand and moved your free hand up to play with your tits. All you could see in your head was the look on that stupid fucker’s face when he stopped breathing, your body viscerally reacting with absurd pleasure when you thought about the fact that you’d ended that son of a bitch’s life and no one had any idea.
It wasn’t enough though. Your thoughts kept wandering to the memory of Bobby’s body pressed against yours, his breath hot on your neck and his cock hard against your ass while the two of you watched that idiot die right in front of you. Every time the thought of his presence crept into your mind your pleasure receded, your body drenched in sweat and your breath leaving you in a constant pathetic whine as you tried to bring yourself to completion. 
“Fuck, kitten.” Your entire body jolted when he suddenly spoke from behind you, you hadn’t even heard him come in. “You got started without me.”
“Well, you had to take care of your cunt wife.” You grumbled, trying not to pout as he slowly circled your couch and drew off his shirt. “So I figured I’d take care of myself.”
“Don’t be a fucking brat.” He scolded, dropping his jeans to the floor and sitting next to you. “Kitten, c’mon, y’know we have to keep our cover.”
“I needed you, Bobby.” You’d had enough to drink that you didn’t fucking care what you were saying, the heady mix of alcohol and adrenaline making your mind fuzzy. “I killed that fucker for us and then you left with that bitch.”
“Shit, don’t be like that, baby.” He was still buzzed on watching Hank’s death, a little in awe of how you’d done it in front of the whole fucking neighborhood and none of them would ever know. “I’m sorry, c’mere.”
You whined when he pulled you into his lap and nuzzled his face into your throat, his hard cock rubbing through your soaked folds and nudging against your clit. 
“I needed you too, kitten.” He purred, his tongue flicking over your pulse as his hands moved to the curve of your ass and drove you against him. “Fuck, watching you work always makes me so hard. I just wanted to fuck you right there in front of everyone.”
“Ah, fuck, I wanted that too, Bobby.” You moaned when he moved his face to your breasts and started nipping at your soft curves gently, your hands dipping between the two of you to wrap around his cock and line him up. “All I wanna do is kill assholes then let you fuck me until I can’t think anymore.”
The two of you sighed together when you sank down onto him, your bodies coming together slowly until your hips met and you fluttered around him with a low moan. You moved first, grinding into his lap and bringing your hands up to tangle in his hair as he kept moving his mouth over your tits.
“That really all you want, kitten?” He cooed, tracing his lips up your chest and throat until his eyes met yours, grinning when you bit your lip and nodded at him. “Shit, all you have to do is ask and I’ll fucking give it to you, Y/N.”
You barely had a second to return his smile before he was pulling your face to his and tugging at your lips with his teeth, groaning when you opened up for him and let him slide his tongue against yours. He growled into your mouth when you started riding him, your hips meeting his in faster and faster intervals until pleasure started traveling up your spine in tiny shockwaves. 
It didn’t take long for you two to get lost in each other, your breath mingling as you panted into each other’s mouths and your bodies writhed together. His fingers started drawing bruises on your hips when he fucked up into your suddenly, his mouth swallowing your cry when he took over the rhythm and felt you start to clench around him in waves.
“Fuck, Bobby, fuck, I’m gonna come.” You whined, rolling your body into his and framing his face in your hands as you panted desperately into his open mouth. “God, don’t stop.”
“Never.” He murmured, chasing your lips when you pulled back from him and wrapping his arms tightly around your back. “I’ll never fucking stop.”
Every muscle in your body went rigid until you came around him with a scream, your cunt fluttering wildly as you creamed all over his cock and he caught your lips with his own. You sucked his bottom lip between yours with a low moan as he kept fucking you through it, giving your body no time to relax as he did his best to draw another one out of you.
He ran his fingers up your spine until he was cupping the back of your head and keeping your mouth molded to his, his other arm wrapped around your waist and holding your body pressed closely to his as he continued driving up into you viciously. The only noises you could make were a series of desperate mewls that he swallowed greedily, gazing into your eyes as he took your body apart like he owned it, because he fucking did.
Your fingers wound painfully in his hair when the tip of his cock hit you deep, drawing a hoarse cry from your throat when he brought you right to the brink and held you there. It was like there was nothing else in the world but the two of you, your sweat soaked bodies writhing wildly against each other as you sobbed and screamed and moaned without a care for how much noise you might be making. Who gave a fuck about your neighbors when you could make each other feel like this?
Bobby felt your breath hitch and knew you were there, grinding himself against your clit violently until you let out a wordless shriek. He yanked your head back by your hair so your cry could echo off the walls of your house, the pure wantonness of it sending him over the edge. You moaned when he fucked his cum into you with a few short, stuttering thrusts, your name leaving his lips with a feral growl as his fingers dug into your flesh.
Both of you collapsed against each other when you were finished, your chests heaving with deep breaths as you pressed your lips over each other's faces desperately while you came down. He grinned when you sighed into his mouth, his hand moving to cup your jaw as he dragged his thumb over the curve of your cheek softly.
“Christ, Y/N.” He purred when you tucked your face into his shoulder and started nipping at him gently. “What other assholes did you want to kill, kitten?”
“Oh, I’ve got a few in mind.” You cooed, laughing softly when he rose to his feet and started to carry you to the bedroom. “Getting real sick of that cunt you’re married to, for starters.”
Tumblr media
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white-flags-by-dawn · a year ago
Ahhh, ok! How about Schlatt with an S/O who's extremely irritated because of their lack of sleep and just gets fed up with Schlatt's shit? -🏳️‍🌈 Anon
this probably could have been interpreted as smut, but i'm going with angst </3 also i kinda popped off with this one :D
cw: angst, swearing, breakups. also i messed with the timeline a lil songs to listen to: the state of dreaming/marina, art deco/lana del ray, power and control/marina fem reader
most people in Manburg thought that the position of first lady was just a title, that you were just schlatt's wife who stood next to him during speeches.
the truth was that you had perhaps the most difficult job in the whole government, loving schlatt.
it was nothing but long hours and longer fights, trying to keep up with a self-destructive alcoholic and a country.
you stood next to him the day he won the election and banished wilbur and tommy, the sun shining down on you and your husband, the wind in your hair. you felt like that podium was the top of the world.
you linked your arm with your husband, smiling up at him when he glanced down at you. you felt like manburg was the whole world, and the shocked crowd beneath you was everything that mattered.
you knew schlatt felt the same. the wind was in your hair, the sun was in your eyes, and life was just beginning. manberg was going to be your life, your new dawn.
outside the window, the sky flickered with lightening. rain poured down, drumming a steady tattoo on the roof of the white house. you sat at your desk you dragged into yours and schlatt's shared bedroom. you pored over tax forms and scattered notebooks filled with the messy cursive scrawl you had adopted over the years of schlatt's presidency. your husband was pacing the floor in front of you, half-drunkenly ranting about the incompetence of his secretary, tubbo.
"and THEN he fucking dropped the shit he was carrying for me, can you believe that?" he said, throwing up his hands (and subsequently, the scotch he was carrying).
you tried to respond, "that must have been pretty frustrating-" schlatt interrupted you, clearly not listening.
"and you wouldn't believe how fucking annoying quackity is, his ass is NOT fat enough for him to be as stupid as he is."
you sighed, trying to rub a headache out of your temples. the steady throbbing in your forehead was becoming more and more commonplace. occasionally, you eyed the liquor schlatt was so fond of, but you refused to go down that path.
"love, do you know if fundy's going to drop of the schematics for the new buildings tomorrow? i asked him to give them to me a few days ago, and i know you saw him today." you asked him, trying to get a word in.
he stopped pacing and looked at you. "how the hell would i know what the goddamn furry's doing?"
three years ago, you would have laughed.
three years ago, you weren't doing the work of two government officials (there's a reason schlatt could spend half the day drinking and the other half harassing quackity)
three years ago, you weren't fucking exhausted of your job and of your partner.
so you bit your tongue and went back to digging around in your binder for niki's tax forms she sent in a few days ago.
schlatt went back to drinking and complaining.
"you know what?" he asked, "we should have a fuckin... festival! tubbo's a traitor anyway, we can get rid of him there!"
your head snapped up and you cautiously shut your binder. "don't you think it would be easier to just send him away quietly? there's no need to embarrass him at a public event."
"no, no, you don't understand." he said, a manic glint in his eyes. "we're disposing of him at this festival. it's a show of power, we're showing that i am a president to be respected! we need to show how strong we are."
your hands felt a little shaky. "schlatt, he's just a kid. god, he's barely seventeen!"
"so we can't just kill him! we're already short-staffed." you said, trying to appeal to his logical side.
"i'm not having this conversation with you." he said, placing his glass on a nightstand and undoing his tie. "we're having the festival and that's that."
somehow, you couldn't find it in you to care. you buried your head in your arms and started to silently cry. a teenager was being executed and you could barely feel anything except annoyance, one more thing to plan, one more thing to fix when someone fucks it up, one more responsibility, one more thing on the to-do list.
you walked over to the bathroom on shaky legs. gently shutting the door behind you, you looked in the mirror.
you barely recognized the woman that looked back at you. the happy, ambitious first lady of three years ago was gone, and a sleep deprived stranger was in her place.
your face was blotchy from the crying, a few lines and creases had appeared around your eyes, and you thought you spied a few grey hairs. you were in your thirties, you shouldn't be greying from stress before you turned forty.
you stood before the mirror for what felt like hours. what happened to you? why couldn't you fix this? everything felt wrong, you felt like a shell of yourself.
you had a feeling you would never be able to fix yourself. the woman that laughed as a man and his brother were forced to flee their home, the woman that fought her way to the end of an election, the woman that schlatt fell in love with was gone. you were never going to be able to save yourself.
accepting that fact felt... fine. it had been a long time since you properly felt, actually.
you would never be able to save yourself.
but there was someone you could still save.
you sneaked back into your bedroom, noting that schlatt was passed out on the bed. slipping the ring off your finger, you placed it on the nightstand next to the abandoned glass of scotch.
you walked out of the white house with your head held high. the wind whipped around your face, and the rain soaked you to the bone. you knocked on tubbo's home, down the street, inviting yourself in when he answered.
"y/n, it's midnight, what are you doing here?" he asked. you tossed him an extra sword you nicked from the white house storage room.
"i know that you're helping pogtopia."
tubbo blanched and took a step back.
"schlatt's going to kill you for it. get out of manburg, now. grab your stuff and run."
you expected the boy to ask questions, instead he squared his shoulders and nodded before busying himself with filling a bag.
leaving tubbo's modest home, you walked down main street, back toward the white house. taking a match out of your messenger bag slung across your shoulder, you struck it against a stone and tossed it onto a dry part of the white house wall.
the wood caught fire, and the flames slowly began to travel up the wall, creeping along the impressive building.
turning your back on the white house and everything it stood for, you walked down the street of your former country and out the gates, the blaze of your old home at your back and the unforgiving storm ahead of you.
walking through the forest, you did a little twirl and laughed, actually laughed, for the first time in months.
manburg was on fire, you were walking barefoot (did you seriously forget to put on shoes when you left?) through the forest at night, and you felt freer than you ever had.
your future was ahead of you, not bright and shining like the sun the way it was when you won the election, standing atop that glorious podium. it was dark, cold, and cloudy, something twisted and tragic that wouldn't be out of place in a greek myth.
but for once, it was your future, no one else's.
you would never be the girl you were, glossy and strategically beautiful, every smile and laugh part of a plot.
but you were excited to meet the woman you would become.
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latte-fairytaekwoon · a year ago
𝑴𝒂𝒇𝒊𝒂! 𝑨𝒕𝒆𝒆𝒛: 𝑺/𝑶 𝑻𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒔 𝑻𝒐 𝑫𝒐𝒎 𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒎 (𝑹𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅)
Disclaimer: In no way am I condoning, justifying, encouraging or promoting mafia behavior or lifestyle. This is simply a work of fiction and not meant to represent real life scenarios.
Warning: NSFW content. Read at your own discretion.
✿𝐾𝑖𝑚 𝐻𝑜𝑛𝑔𝑗𝑜𝑜𝑛𝑔
Tumblr media
"Baby? What are you doing?"
Hongjoong smirked as he watched you perch yourself on top of his work desk. You purposefully bent down so he could get a glimpse of your cleavage and a peek at the lace red bra that was part of the set he had bought you on your anniversary, his all time favorite. He sucked in a breath and licked his lips. He tried cupping your chin to kiss you, but you swatted his hand away.
"Nuh uh Kim Hongjoong. This time....I'm in charge." You grinned mischievously at him.
Hongjoong merely chuckled with an amused tone as you brushed your lips against his, your teeth biting on his lower lip.
"Don't play with fire baby. You'll get burned." He warned you.
But you ignored him, instead opting for kissing down his neck, leaving hickeys all over it. Hongjoong let you have your fun for a few minutes before slamming you down on his desk, hands pushing your skirt up, revealing your soaking red panties. Hongjoong snapped one of the garter belts' straps against your thigh and you let out a pathetic whimper at the sting.
"Now darling....let me remind you who's really in charge."
✿𝑃𝑎𝑟𝑘 𝑆𝑒𝑜𝑛𝑔ℎ𝑤𝑎
Tumblr media
You lifted your face up from the pillow, a tired groan coming out from your lips. Trying to lift yourself up on your arms, you fell back on the bed, body still shaking from the intensity of your little session with Seonghwa. You heard the devil himself get off the bed and start dressing himself. Turning your head, you saw him give you a cocky smile.
"What? Don't give me that look doll. You brought this upon yourself." He chuckled as he zipped up his pants.
You pouted as you rolled yourself onto your back, hissing at the sting in between your thighs. But at least now you made a mental note not to try to dom your boyfriend, unless you wanted him to make you cum 7 times in less than an hour.
Seonghwa did feel some pity for you though.
"Come on love, don't pout. You know I'll take care of you."
Seonghwa kissed your head before going inside the bathroom to start running you a warm bath to help soothe your aching body. You made grabby hands when he finally came out, making him roll his eyes at you when he picked you up.
"Ok come on you little brat. Let's get you cleaned up."
✿𝓙𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓨𝓾𝓷𝓱𝓸
Tumblr media
Yunho watched you sink yourself down on his huge cock, suppressing a moan that was threatening to come out. He agreed to let you top him for once, amused and curious to see exactly what you would pull out. He was fairly impressed but he also knew you were absolutely no top material. So he just watched you slide in and out of his cock, enjoying the visual of watching your breasts bounce in front of him.
"Y-Yunho?" He heard your voice cry out.
"Yes baby?" His hands rested themselves on the side of your hips, a smug grin on his face, knowing exactly what was happening.
"I.....I..." You bit your lip as your movement slowed down, beginning to feel tired already.
Yunho cooed at you in a mocking tone.
"Giving up so soon honey? What a shame."
You gasped when Yunho sat up, his hand grabbing the back of your head as he began pounding into you from underneath, making you writhe and shake uncontrollably as you neared your high so soon. Yunho's raspy voice had you whimpering as he whispered in your ear.
"Don't get it wrong baby. I'm still the boss."
✿𝐾𝑎𝑛𝑔 𝑌𝑒𝑜𝑠𝑎𝑛𝑔
Tumblr media
Yeosang raised an eyebrow at you.
"Y/N....." He warned you.
You smirked at him.
"Whaaat?" You imitated his tone.
"Watch it." He sternly told you.
"Or what? Tell me. What are you going to do Yeosang?"
You leaned your face close to his, trying to intimidate him. Although Yeosang did back away from you, he was by no means intimidated. He just blinked at you, staying completely silent, which you erroneously mistook as him submitting to you.
"That's what I thought. The great Kang Yeosang is nothing but a little sub-"
Your words got caught in your mouth as soon as Yeosang's hand wrapped around your neck, applying pressure on the side. The corner of his lip curled slightly.
"That's more like it. Quiet, hushed little baby that knows when to keep their mouth shut."
He leaned in as his grip tightened around your neck, his lips ghosting over your lips.
"Why not put that big fat mouth of yours to work darling? I'm itching to watch you choke on my cock."
✿𝐶ℎ𝑜𝑖 𝑆𝑎𝑛
Tumblr media
"Still thought you had a chance at topping me baby?"
San landed another hard smack on your ass as his hips sped up, your walls clenching around him.
"I-I..." You began stuttering now.
"Pathetic. Can't even form any words." He clicked his tongue.
San pulled you up against his chest, his free hand toying with your nipples.
"See? See how you're just my dumb little slut? My cock can't even let you think straight." He teased you.
When he felt you getting close, he halted his movements, making you whine at being denied your orgasm.
"San! I want to cum!" You told him.
San leaned in and whispered in your ear with an evil tone.
"Then beg for it you little slut. Beg me to fuck you until it hurts."
You whimpered but obliged nonetheless.
"Please! San! Let me cum!"
It wasn't good enough for San though.
"Beg harder for me you little whore......"
You almost came at nothing when he added:
"And it's master to you slave."
✿𝑆𝑜𝑛𝑔 𝑀𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑖
Tumblr media
Mingi chuckled when you pinned his arms on the bed, making you frown.
"Mingi!" You whined, rather too cutely than what the situation called for.
"Yes baby?" He couldn't help but smile fondly at you.
"I'm trying to take charge right now and you're not being cooperative." You complained.
Mingi couldn't help but giggle.
"Honey, it's kinda hard to take you seriously when you get all whiny like that."
You huffed and released his arms.
"I'm done here."
You moved to get off him, but he held you in place.
"Hold on now princess/prince. I'm not exactly finished yet."
Licking his lips, he began sucking on your neck, leaving red spots along the side. You knew he was smirking every time you made a particularly loud noise.
When Mingi chuckled darkly, you knew you were screwed.
"Just cause I treat you like royalty, doesn't mean you always get it your way. Remember..."
He winked at you as he pinned you down on the bed, arms raised above you with just one of his hands.
"I'm still your king."
✿𝐽𝑢𝑛𝑔 𝑊𝑜𝑜𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑛𝑔
Tumblr media
Wooyoung had the biggest shit eating grin on his face as he looked down at the state you were in.
"Hmmm? What was that you said before? Care to repeat it?"
At this point you couldn't reply even if you wanted to, his fingers were moving so fast inside of you and your vision was becoming more and more blurry. Wooyoung noticed too.
"Oh that's right. I remember you're all bark and no bite hun."
Your back arched off the bed when he found that special place that would have you quivering in seconds. The squelching sounds coming from Wooyoung's abuse on your tight hole and your pants were the only things heard through the room, the neighbors would probably think you two were filming a porn video.
Wooyoung let out a satisfied groan when you came, his movements slowing down gradually to help you ride out your thigh. He pulled his fingers out, making sure to collect some of your cum and spread it around his fingers to show you.
"See baby? Got you cumming in less than 3 minutes."
You blushed as you recollected what you said earlier that day, regretting that you underestimated him and got too confident with yourself.
"I'm the real dom in this relationship baby."
✿𝐶ℎ𝑜𝑖 𝐽𝑜𝑛𝑔ℎ𝑜
Tumblr media
You could tell Jongho was trying so hard to contain himself from laughing at your pitiful attempt to dom him.
"I'm gonna have you be-begging for me baby boy." You cursed yourself for stuttering.
Jongho, always the sweetheart for you, simply played along.
"Oh yeah? Tell me what are you going to do to me?" He purposefully flexed his arm muscles through his white dress shirt, effectively distracting you.
You knew this was a stupid idea. Who were you kidding? You were no dom, especially not when you were dating someone like Jongho. He patiently waited for your reply, looking at you so cheerfully and cutely.
Sighing in defeat, you got off him.
"I can't do this! Jongho just fuck me against the wall or something!"
As soon as the words were out, he picked you up very easily and slammed you onto the nearest wall. Your hands gripped his arms, loving the way his they felt under the material of his shirt. You sucked in a breath when he began undoing his belt.
"I thought you'd never ask baby..."
Gifs not mine. Credit goes to their respective owners.
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tsukisemi · a year ago
Tumblr media
warnings: mentions of anxiety, nsfw things, mention of jumping off a cliff, curse words, mentions of alcohol
a/n: this is just for the lols bc i miss posting. it’d be nice if u dropped a reply or reblog telling me which hq boy u tag urself as :DD thank u bestie @natszoo for helping me out fr <3
Tumblr media
ATSUMU— better at everything. has a bag of sex toys lol. sticking his tongue out. secretly a romantic. easy to be fwb with. hair prettier than everyone’s even tho it’s been bleached and fried for forever. knows his drinks. magic mike energy. extra hot when he feels himself.
SAKUSA— also better at everything tbh. has killed himself countless times in his head. tarot cards and untamed curls. can make anyone cry. everyone will bow down to him and do whatever he wants. needs a break. also a secret romantic but highkey scared. everyone throwing it back at him ngl. a million steps in his skin care routine. always has all the essentials w him like a spray bottle of alcohol.
SUNA— always trynna sleep. i can’t stress enough how hot he is. ear piercings and eyeliner. spills the good tea. looks at u like he’s eye fucking u deadass. rings and chain necklaces. can’t get off his phone. hottest resting bitch face ever tf.
AKAASHI— wants a tragic love story. will offer his help all the time. his opinion matters to everyone. insecure as fuck. has been dating the same person for 9274 yrs. always stressed. has alcohol hidden behind poetry books. does the cooking and cleaning. trustworthy so he knows everyone’s tea. takes shots like a Good Boy. everyone’s a hopeless romantic for him. his presence is the most comforting evuh. very very very very pretty.
HINATA— can’t live without interaction. kicking peoples faces. gets all the lapdances. everyone’s crushing on him highkey. present in all the plans. everyone’s little kitten lol like everyone will protect him actually. eye catching on the dance floor 😸 everyone’s cuddle buddy.
IWAIZUMI— vers king. knows he’s hot but doesn’t acknowledge it and pretends to b flustered when complimented. i can’t stress enough like he is so hot no doubt. the best fuck u’ll ever get. can treat u like a princess in bed or just go ham on u lol whatever u want. gets forced into dumb shit by his friends but lowkey enjoys it. will pretend to be ur bf in a club to save u from sus people. has the sexiest morning voice.
OIKAWA— designer everything. life of the party. doesn’t check the price n just swipes. impulsive. also gets all the lap dances rawr. everyone has a crush on him. also so very eye catching on the dance floor omfg. golden skin and everything. gets all the ass in the club.
BOKUTO— just wants to please everyone. “that’s a stupid idea, count me in”. works out a lot. good w kids. mood maker honestly the whole mood of a hangout depends on his. randomly screams. he’s So loud. also everyone’s cuddle buddy.
KUROO— probably the smartest in the group but likes to play dumb. can’t cook for shit. cute smile and messy hair. knows his way around everything aha he just has the connections ok. gets along w everyone. always offers to pay for u. can talk anyone into a discount. behaved boy in the club n only there to have a good laugh contrary to popular belief. makes up quotes in his head to give u as advice.
SEMI— baby angel today, hypebeast tomorrow. band tees and shit fashion. liked to listen to unknown songs bc it makes him feel edgy and quirky. plays all the instruments. writes songs… and everyone instantly falls in love bye. very good guitarist. doesn’t know how nice his voice sounds.
KENMA— also has a bag of sex toys lol. influencery energy. baggy clothes on baggy clothes. godtier movie hoarder. knows his way around everything n can probably hack the fbi or sumthing. his opinion also matters to everyone ngl. everyone has a soft spot for him actually. fucked up sleeping schedule. shy silent baby at first but is actually very chill. can make u cry w his words PLS.
LEV— guaranteed to get filthy rich. spends too much money on jewelry. always complaining. speaks in gibberish. a baby that wants to be a man. he is just a baby pls. always got a fat wallet. dumb bitch energy. dumb. bitch. energy.
NISHINOYA— can’t follow the rules. ready to jump off a cliff. also speaks in gibberish. loud as fuck. his presence makes u feel alive. high cut converse. catches feelings easily. cuddle buddy. will hype u up to no point. comments 10 times in ur post. blurts out random compliments. can climb a tree.
YAKU— potentially will become a sugar daddy. kicking peoples faces when provoked. will kick lev’s face unprovoked. drunk all the time to cope w the dumb shits in his team. spends money on fine clothes and jewelry. suits and silk. kinda kinky ngl. definitely got all the scholarships. straight As type kid when he was in highschool.
TSUKISHIMA— wants to get fucked up. can get u out of any situation bc of his silver tongue. speaking of, talented tongue and fingers lol. his opinion actually matters to everyone when he gives a genuine one. can make anyone cry w his words absolutely. a rlly good liar. can make anyone do what he wants. highkey fucking sick of everyone. has rejected 928383 people in cold blood. sexiest voice on the phone. burned out gifted child.
OSAMU— out for gordon ramsey’s career. he is very hot. snack hoarder. offers to pay. has an addicting smell bye. also knows his drinks. sexiest godlike body proportions. knows fashion actually. his hair is pretty and smooth surprisingly.
SUGAWARA— no makeup makeup look. will snort crack on ur body. cutest smile. always stressed therefore also knows his drinks. the sober friend even if he isn’t sober. mom friend. great w kids. gets all the presents. wears socks all the time. rlly good kisser actually. cold hands. messy hair.
USHIJIMA— daddy issues. asks advice on how to reply to all These Bitched in his dms. sexiest godlike body proportions part 2. born with athletic talent. emotionally constipated. can take a whole glass down like it’s a shot. pretty eyebrows. perfect teeth. only has like 3 apps on his phone. contact names are formal as fuck. eats healthy.
YAMAGUCHI— sweater weather. smells like a flower. crying without tears. has the cutest laugh tho. will never make u feel left out. go to friend. can’t handle compliments. 100% will go tomato red. finds everyone cute when he’s ltrly the cutest. esp when he’s had too much to drink. anxiety levels to the roof. cannot talk to people he doesn’t know. hides from people he knows when out in public. nervous smiles and bouncing feet. fiddling with fingers.
Tumblr media
general taglist: @nikki--han @vhskenma @natszoo @prettysetterbaby @peteunderoos @not-venice @melcooki @leinnah @i-stole-your-juice-box-deactiva @tanakaslastbraincell @kurooscake @hikari-writes @nekoclysm @kyutie-pie @webworld @kawaiinishii @kageyamasgirl @bokutosworld @normalisthenewnorm @alysken @vickishima @moonlightaangel @dewdropsinwinter @millie-mint @minibobabottle @waitforitillwritemywayout @omijime @moronsuke @sophiashortcake @itsmeaudrieee @greenleaf-fantasy @chibichab @dennymilkus @byun-nies @iwaisa @tadashisprout @rilacry
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the-soliloquies-of-sadists · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“Seth? Right? C’mon in. Your brother told you who I am? Good. Want a beer?... Here you go. Let’s go out to the back deck. The sun went down, and the cool evening air is starting to kick in. Have a seat…. Ok. Seth, do you know why you are here? Let me be blunt. Your brother David owes me a lot of money. A lot. He’s been doing jobs for me that I need someone I can trust to do. But that’s barely covering the interest. I told him he needs to start working down the principal. So, he offered me… you….
“That’s right he sold you to me. You are going to whore off his debt…. Shut the fuck up. The deal is set. Have some more beer; it will help you to deal with what I need to go over with you….
“Your brother probably told you that I am a powerful man. Hopefully he didn’t tell you what I did. I will share with you one part of my business that you will be a part of. I have several whore agencies across several states. They ain’t like the whorehouses in the movies. The girls never see money; they show up at a set time and do whatever the man wants. They do not say no. They get to live in city, and they show their clients the best the city has to offer. They have everything paid for and get a nice credit card too.
“A few years ago—hell it’s more like ten or so, —I was convinced to do the same but on the fag side. Now, I knew nothing about fag sex, and it disgusted me. Once I got over the visuals, the business was just like the girls. The difference I found out was that I had to have two sets of whores—fag boys like yourself, and men old enough to be your father.
“It was Frankie, one of my goons, who told me that there is a lot money to be made by men taking the dominant role. I didn’t believe it. So, he arranged for me to watch him from a distance him work over this faggot. He didn’t tell me how much he was earning. When I saw this fag hand over three hundred bucks, I knew I needed to get into this. I mean my guy did barely anything other than smack the fag around, call him names, and sit on the faggot’s face at the end. That fag ate that fat ass while pounding its pud. Frankie even went over to the fag’s wallet and took an additional hundred out of it. And wouldn’t you know, that fag boy was loving life.
“Needless to say, that was how I got into the fag whoring business. I had Frankie lead it; he even got somewhat in shape, and now he’s my most popular whore men. Wait a minute, you know him. He fucked you behind a dumpster in the alley behind that fag bar a couple weeks ago. When I saw you at David’s birthday partner at my tavern and he told me that you were his sperm burping brother, I sent Frankie to find out more about you. I know that you can take a good pounding, face slaps, rough housing. Frankie also told me that you cleaned off his cock after we was done and that you drank his piss. You even begged him for more as he walked away from you, naked covered in piss behind the dumpster. That’s all I needed to hear.
“After meeting with your brother, all I had to do was press the massive debt. I knew how self-serving he was. He sold you out so fucking fast. And now I own you. Now strip faggot….
“You do realize who I am? No one ever disobeys one of my direct commands. Now think about your next move real carefully. STRIP YOU FUCKING FAGGOT. Take your time standing up. That drug I put in your beer will make you kinda dizzy if you stand too fast. Yeah, I didn’t want you to run back to your car. Kid, when you came in that door, you were mine. That’s it. Accept your fate. Good boy.
“Yeah, after Frankie roughed up that fag, I was curious. He arranged for me to use one of his regulars who was blindfolded. It was so much fun to kick and punch that faggot only to have him crawl to me, begging for more. With each time, I got more wicked, and they wanted more. I had a few fags over the years locked up and had the best of all worlds. My wife provides me with companionship. My girlfriend offers sensual making love and snuggling. And my faggot takes all my rage filled abuse.
“Underwear needs to go too. Let’s see what you have. Not bad. Looks like you are excited about being naked in front of me. That’s a lot of pre-cum. Decent sized balls. I’d say you are about six inches long. The shaft is a bit thin, but the head is good size. Your foreskin is not too long. That’s good. If there’s going to be one sweaty stinky dick around here, it will be mine. If yours becomes a problem, we’ll get you circumcised.
“What? Faggot, you are nothing more to me than my pickup. If I want to modify you out, I sure as hell am going to. I modify all my property. Tattoos, piercing, permanent hair removal, castration, branding, and so on. But actually, I am a bit cautious. I made the mistake of castrating a fag and regretted it afterwards. He just didn’t seem right to me. The cutter I went to tried to put in fake balls, but it still didn’t seem right. I ended up replacing that fag with another.
“I am looking for my perfect fag. I’m planning on letting my girlfriend go, but sometimes I need that close touch. Not going to do that with my wife. Every day now I realize that I want to be with faggots over women. Faggots are so much easier to mold into what I want. And every now and then I might snuggle with one.
“I like what I see. I want to see your cumload. Jerk off for me. I’ll give you a few minutes to do so. When you do, shoot in your spare hand. I want to see the quantity. I’m going to get your collar; it’s probably done charging. I’m also going to take your car keys. You ain’t going anywhere. Continue jacking….
“….Did you cum? You did! Good fag. When was the last time you came? Yesterday morning? Well that’s a good load. Here, lock this collar around your neck. Ok, so here’s the deal. You can jack off as often as you like, whenever you like as long as I am not using you. If I catch you jacking off, don’t stop. If you are watching porn, continue. But know this, no matter if you haven’t cum in days or you just had a massive orgasm, should I require your use, I fully expect 100% horniness and enthusiasm.
“This remote is hooked up to your collar. With this button… you fall to the floor just like that. Hurt’s like a mother fucker hunh? That’s on low. Remember that. It is also set up to shock you should you cross a 20-foot perimeter of the house. I am notified by an app on my phone when you do something that stupid. Also, the garage and my office on the third floor are completely off limits. You will not fare well should you cross that threshold without me.
“Bring your cock over here. Is your dick head sensitive. It is! Fuck yes! As you get soft, it’s driving you crazy. Good. Good. I see a problem here. Your pubic hair is all over the place. You shouldn’t have hair down here. Look how long this hair is. There’s enough so that I can twirl a bunch around my finger. With a firm yank,… it comes out in one clump. Aww shut the fuck up. Most of the time your screams of pain will turn me on, but now it’s just annoying. Another clump on the other side, and it doesn’t even look like you lost any.
“Look at me faggot. Say ‘Thank you.’ Good fag. Open your mouth. Here eat your pubic hair. Go on chew it. Nasty? I know, now swallow. And here’s… another bunch. Swallow these…. And these… And these… You’ll be permanently shaved in the near future so you won’t have to do much pubic hair eating.
“While you finish your snack, let me take you around the place and show you your duties. This is the kitchen. David told me that you went to culinary school but then dropped out. Well, you will be doing all the cooking here. Cleaning too.
“Let’s go downstairs…. This is your room, although you really don’t have privacy. Over there is your cot. Next to it is the plug you will put into your collar every night. I am notified on my app should the power level drop below 75%. That’s equivalent for not charging for a full week. Unless I just slam you with shocks, I should never get one of those notifications.
“You have a wash basin there, and your toilet is there. There’s your douche hose over there in the shower. No, I haven’t gotten around to buying it a toilet seat; the cold porcelain is fine. And I haven’t hooked up the hot water down here.
“Let’s go up to the Master bedroom…. You never climb into my bed unless I invite you in. In fact no non-sexual furniture for you either without permission. Through that door is the master bath. You will keep this place spotless. That includes licking clean my toilet. The rimseat next to it is when I want to make you toilet paper or a full toilet.
“And here’s the playroom. It’s totally soundproofed. You are going to suffer a lot in here. Screaming is encouraged. In fact, what time is it? Seven. Well we might as well start now. Get on all fours—knees and elbows. Spread those knees wide. Every night you will present yourself in this position, as you will every morning.
“Don’t get too excited. I am going to fuck you good, long, and deep. But that won’t until the end. We got a long way to go. You see, the only people who knows my affinity for preferring the boys to the girls are Frankie, me, and now you. Your brother thinks I’m adding you to my harem of fags. This is something that cannot get out. And if it does, I will know it came from you, and I want you to know the perpetual hell that will come your way.
“Tonight is a test of what you can expect, but keep in mind, tonight’s suffering will be only five hours long, much shorter than what will be if my preference is ever widely known.
“And after the paddling your ass to a welted mess, whipping your back until it turns to bloody hamburger, kicking your balls until they are swollen to twice their size, bruising up your face, and fucking you with very little lube, I may feel the need to snuggle up with you afterwards.
“But first, there’s a lot to do before we do that. Oh look your balls are just ripe for a good old fashioned full-force kick. Every night and every morning you will get one to always remind you what you are.
“Faggot right now with this kick your hell begins.”
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orenjikaraka · 11 months ago
I’m Truly Sorry, please Forgive Me…
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro x reader angst
Warnings: slight manga warning aka mainly akaza just slightly though, cursing, concerned for weight, angst
word count: 4279
AU: modern
(Y/N) woke up to an empty side of the bed, She wondered if he’s at work again, she sighed, she got up, she actually kind of disappointed that he's not here , ‘Kyojuro…’ she thought, she still felt tired, but kind of relieved in the same time, because she was on break, it was only for a week, but she’s glad that she doesn’t have to go to work today, ‘I should make dinner for him, because he usually comes back late at night’, when she got up, the floor was cold, ‘well crap now I’m awake’, she got dressed and went to the kitchen, she made Kyojuro’s dinner and made her breakfast, she put his plate in the fridge, and ate her breakfast alone while watching some shows.
After she finished her food, she was wondering if she should call him, to see if he was alright. But before she could even try, Genya was calling her, ‘weird timing’, and she answered “hi Genya, what’s up?” “O- oh hi (Y/N), I was wondering if Rengoku-San is doing ok, because he’s been working on a lot of paperwork, he usually be finish with it, and head to your home, but- but he been like this yesterday morning and I don’t- don’t think he left school?” ‘Now that you think about it, Kyojuro left early yesterday in the morning, I thought it would be like a meeting, but who takes meetings that early in the DAMN morning’ “maybe he just has extra work, he needs to do Genya”, “ trueee, but he looks exhausted, so I wondering if you could check on him?”
‘Awwww, Genya, still acting like a little brother, it’s no wonder he’ll be worried, heck I'm worried too, but usually when these things happen like this, he comes the next day, sleeping soundly on our bed…’ “Genya, sweetheart, don’t worry about it, he’ll be back probably late at night, and be sound asleep in my bed, so don’t worry” “but- but (Y/N)” ‘this boy…’ “Genya I’ll tell you what, if he doesn’t come this midnight, and if morning happens and he’s still not there, can you ask Sanemi to go check on him, because I’ll be busy tomorrow, and you know, some errands for the house and grocery stopping, also I chose Sanemi, because you’ll be busy with school you know” “i- I know, and o- ok” … “OH, (Y/N), I’m celebrating my birthday today. Would you like to come, Tanjiro and his sister will be there, and Sanemi of course, “oh I would love to, I don’t really have anything to do today anyway so sure!” “YES- wait I mean thank you… for… coming…” ‘hehe poor boy, probably made his classmates scared’ “your welcome Genya, also happy birthday!” “Thank you, (Y/N), bye” “bye”.
‘Oh, before I do anything I should go buy him a gift’ so (Y/N) put on some casual clothes, instead of just wearing Pajamas, and went to the mail.
All the classes has ended, and Rengoku just finished a big batch of paperwork, he yawn, and checked if he was finished, he looked on his schedule and saw more paperwork has been placed with a big sticky note that says ‘Teacher of history class: Rengoku Kyojuro; must be finished by tomorrow!’ “Fuck…” he just wanted to go home and sleep with his beautiful wife, on that soft bed, “guess this will be my 4th coffee for the day…” he got up and yawn again, and stretched, his back pop, but not in the good way, “ow, ow, ow, never doing that again…”, he walked over, and picked his stack of paper he had to do, he sat it in his desk, and walked to the teachers lounge’s door, and opened it to the hallway, before he stepped out, he saw Genya with Sanemi, most likely walking home, he guessed, but he heard Genya saying before they left, “(Y/N), is coming over, for the party, I’m so glad she’s free today!” And as they left, Kyojuro felt frustrated, ‘why didn't she tell me anything…’ he yawned again, “God, these yawns are getting on my nerves, I need my coffee…”
When he made it to the teachers lunch room, he started to make his coffee, when it finished, he drinks it, unusually fast, but unsatisfied, by the results, ‘ima have another’ so he made another, and drink it the exact speed as the last one, satisfied by the 2nd coffee, he was gonna go back to the teachers lounge, but saw a small box that had some sweet rolls, on the box it said, ‘you may only take one’, but Kyojuro had a craving to eat the whole damn box, all those coffees are really messing up his appetite, ‘who’s gonna notice these anyway, I eat most of the stuff here, so who gives a damn’ ‘but then again… I’ll gain some weight…’ he put one hand on his side, and felt some fat, it’s not noticeable, but it’s still pudge, ‘maybe I regret being a teacher, all this damn paperwork, and exhaustion, and drinking all this coffee really affecting my body…’ when he was thinking about all this stuff and he was about to ditch it and left,  but hunger was just raging in his stomach so ‘ok, ok, maybe some won’t hurt’ and took the whole damn box and left for the teachers lounge.
(Y/N) was at Sanemi’s house celebrating Genya’s birthday, everything was going great and to (Y/N), she was surprised that Sanemi was having a great time too. It was kind of sad that Kyojuro wasn’t there, he would be giving Genya tons of gifts, but sadly he’s still at work, it made (Y/N) a bit disappointed again, but she wanted to just hope, he’s doing ok, “(Y/N), what’s wrong?” “Oh, Sanemi, I’m just worried for my husband is all…” “don’t worry about it, like you said to Genya, if he doesn’t show up to your house tomorrow morning, I’ll go check on him, just relax and don’t worry about it” “ok…” “quick (Y/N), I’m blow the heck out of the candles!!” Genya said, (Y/N) laughed, “ok!!, come on Sanemi, get off that couch of yours, and stop being lazy” Sanemi smirk “ohhhh really, I’ll prove to you, that I’m not” he gets up, “I like to see you try!!” Sanemi and (Y/N) laughed after that, and went over to the kitchen to celebrate Sanemi’s little bro's birthday.
After Genya’s birthday celebration was over, (Y/N) went straight home, to relax and just vibe at home, when she took her shower and other little chores and pajamas on, she was about to fell on her bed, but she heard a knock on her door, she immediately turned around and hope it was Kyojuro, when she opened it, her excitement immediately stopped, she saw akaza, “sorry to bother you Mrs. Rengoku, but I’m just here to drop some stuff off”, “who stuff is it?” “Just Rengoku-sans” “oh ok, thanks akaza, oh also is he still at work?” Akaza sighed “yeah… I kind of feel bad for the guy, been working his ass off over some stupid extra paperwork…”, ‘I’ll remind Sanemi tomorrow to go check on him’, “akaza, before you leave, thanks again I appreciate it”, “your welcome, and have a great night!” Akaza waved goodbye and walked away, ‘akaza, I hope that boy relationship is better then mine, because he needs it, he’s such a sweet boy…’ (Y/N) closed the door, and looked in the box, it had finished paperwork inside it.
‘Ren… you really need to take a break…’
The next evening is even more tiring than before, Kyojuro looks more warned out; he looks like he's gonna faint any minute, but that coffee stops him from doing so. ‘Fuck me… my eyes hurt so much…’ Kyojuro yawned again. The teacher's office door opened, Kyojuro didn’t give a damn who it was, because he felt like passing out. “Rengoku”, … “Kyojuro”, … “HEY, I know you can hear me, don’t play du-“ “how about you shut your mouth Sanemi” “tch, hey I’m only here because your wife sent me here to check up on you, not for you to be a asshole to me” that annoyed Kyojuro “why the hell are you with my (Y/N)” “Ren, she’s like a sister to me, even though we’re not related, I still see her as family, so why the fuck you think, I be behind your back with that” Kyojuro sighed and stood from his chair “where is she” “she’s out doing errands, she wanted to come over here and check on you, but house chores and grocery shopping” Kyojuro sat back down and trying to finish what he was left off “ok, leave, I have work to do, so buzz off”.
“Are you listening to yourself right now, your just gonna go back on your work instead of paying attention to (Y/N)” “no, I need to finish it, for my job, someone needs to pay the bills in the house” Sanemi got pissed off by that, then he chuckled “tch, no wonder (Y/N) comes to my house, when she’s all tearing up, because someone needs to give her attention and that someone is not you” Kyojuro stood up and put his hands by Sanemi’s shirt, Sanemi can see that flame in his eyes, the rage… “Sanemi if you lay a finger on-“ “maybe I should, I can treat her better than you…” Kyojuro was about to punch him, but the door opened again, and Genya was there, poor boy was shocked, “let go, Rengoku” Sanemi made Kyojuro let go, Sanemi walked over to Genya, and reassured him, Kyojuro just stared back and a overflowing guilt fell on him, Sanemi looked back with rage and discuss in his eyes, “Ren, you need to get your act together, if you can’t do that, she’s gonna move on, and divorce you…” then slammed the door. 
Sanemi walked out with Genya and head home, but before he touched the door knob, his phone rings, he got his phone out of his pocket and saw (Y/N) on the screen, he answers, “hey what’s up” “hey can I come spend the night at your house” Sanemi was surprised, “oh… why-“ “Genya texted me, that the talk you had with Ren, didn’t go so well…” ‘she sounds depressed’ “hey… is everything ok…” ‘wait, why would I ask such a dumb question’ “kinda… I'm just sick of being alone at home…” “yeah, want me to come pick you up” “yes…” “ok, I’ll come pick you up in 10 minutes from now” “thanks Sem Sem, I appreciate it” Sanemi chuckled, “your welcome, (Y/N)…” 
It was late at night again, and Kyojuro was still at work doing paperwork, he felt like knocking out, his eyes were drooping and his back hurts, ‘me, an jerk, fuck off Sanemi…’ ‘maybe I should call her…’ Kyojuro stop doing his work and picked up his phone off the desk and started to call her, it rings and rings and rings, until a voicemail happens, “hi this is (Y/N), I might be busy with my husband, so please understand, leave a message after the beep”, *bee-* He canceled it before it even tried to go to voicemail, ‘why should I even try again, it’s midnight’ he put his phone down and he wanted to rest his eyes ‘maybe, I am a jerk’ then he denied it ‘no, I need to finish this work…’ yawned again, ‘actually maybe a small nap won’t hurt, right?’ He laid on his arms, and wondered ‘am I really a bad husband, mom if you were here, what would you say about this…’ Kyojuro slowly fell asleep on his desk.
It was midnight and (Y/N) didn’t want to call back Kyojuro, she saw the missed call from him, but she was shocked to think he would call her, she sighed and tried to go to sleep but couldn’t, maybe she’s overreacting about Kyojuro, she knows his job can be overwhelming, but… but… she’s tearing up, she’s sobbing, she’s quivering, she lift herself up, and put her arms around her legs. 
Sanemi was fast asleep in the living room couch, Genya couldn’t really sleep because what happened in the teachers lounge, what Sanemi said and what Rengoku said, he felt guilt swelling up in his heart, then he hear (Y/N) sobbing in Sanemi’s master bedroom, he sit up, and opened his door, and quietly walked to his brother’s room, slowly opened the door, and saw (Y/N), he felt horrible, he closed the door behind him, and slowly touched her back and slowly rubs her back, “hey, (Y/N)… everything will be ok…” (Y/N) let go of her arms and slowly hugged Genya, she was sobbing on his shoulder, he hugged her back, and give light rubs on her back, and whispered “everything is going to be fine”, it slowly calmed her down, and she looked up at Genya, her puffy eyes made him felt terrible, “I’m sorry I woke you up Genya, it’s just so much is happening…” “no, no, no, it’s fine, your stressed out because what’s all happening and I completely understand that'', “thanks Genya…” “do you need anything else, (Y/N)” she paused and still looked gloomy, “can you sleep with me, It’s hard for me to sleep”, Genya spaced out and it was a little out of the blue for him, “sur- sure, if it- it helps you sleep- I com- completely understand” his cheeks were slightly pink, (Y/N) laughed because he looks so cute, when’s he’s blushy, “thanks Genya'' she made a small smile, that made Genya stop blushing, he smiled back, he stood up, and started to fix his side of the bed, and he walked out and walked back in for his phone, (Y/N) layed down on her side of the bed, and Genya rested on the left side, “thanks again Gen Gen…” “your welcome (Y/N)…” and they both fell asleep. 
Sanemi woke up first, because he needs to get Genya ready for school and everything, like make his breakfast and stuff, he left his main clothes in the living room because he didn’t want to wake up (Y/N), he got dressed and he head to Genya’s room, to wake him up, when he got there and opened the door, he wasn’t there, ‘where you go?’ Then he look at his room, and slowly walked to his room and opened it, and saw Genya sleeping on the left side and (Y/N) on the right, ‘she must’ve had a hard time sleeping, so she asked Genya…’ he still felt frustrated from yesterday, ‘maybe I should call for a day off today, because of (Y/N)’ so he slowly closed the door and called his boss, he said Genya’s not feeling well and that Genya has to stay home, and he had to stay home and take care of him, he ended the call and started to make breakfast for the both of them, he made there plates first, then he made his, his room door opened and Sanemi’s head looked at the direction, and saw Genya walked out then (Y/N), they both yawn, “I smelled pancakes, so I woke up first” (Y/N) said, Genya just shook up, “wait!, ima be late for school!”, then Sanemi quickly said “you dork, I told them we have a day off!, so calm down…``''oh…”, (Y/N) laughed on the two brothers, “why did you call a day off Sanemi?” “Because of you, I saw Genya slept on the other side of the bed, so I thought, you had a hard time sleeping” “I did and Genya helped, isn’t that little dude” “HEY, I’m not around the same age, but I am like twice your size!”, (Y/N) laughed, it made the brothers smile, because it’s better to see their friend happy instead of so sorrowful, “hey, Sanemi… later from today, can you drop me at the school, I need to talk to Rengoku'' Sanemi was a bit surprised to hear her say his last name, “sure, I can, but if anything happens I’ll be in the hallway, and if anyone ask why I’m there, I’ll just say, I’m waiting on someone” “thanks Sanemi” she smiled softly “your welcome (Y/N), if anything happens I’ll rush in there” 
“Thanks and I appreciate it”
It was the afternoon and Kyojuro woke up from his nap, he felt all horrible, his back still hurts, his eyes has deep bags under them, and his body has a trill to drink more coffee, he tried stretching again, but the aches on his back felt like needles piercing through his skin “well that just fucking hurts” he touched his sides and his back, because they were hurting like hell, ‘hope this day, won’t get any worse as it is’, the teacher’s lounge door opened and right when he looked up, he saw his beautiful (Y/N), she looked dreadful, “hi…” she spoke, he felt guilt in his heart because how sad she sounds, “hi…” “can we talk, Rengoku…”, Kyojuro felt even more guilt, why is she calling me that, like we’re strangers all over again he thought, “baby, why are you not calling me by my-“ “Ren, why aren’t you coming home” that guilt slowly turns into frustration, “because I have a job, and I need to pay the bills for us to survive…” “yes, but doesn’t mean you stay up and at your job for three days straight”, “so-“, now (Y/N) slightly raising her voice “what do you mean so!, look at yourself, you been sitting in your desk, drinking coffee, have horrible bags under your eyes, you look like your gonna knock out, Rengo-“ “STOP CALLING ME BY MY LAST NAME” that terrified her, but she still stood her ground, “why should I!! I have been ignored for the past three days! You don’t even give me a text that ‘I’ll be still at work!’ Or at least something comforting!” “Oh (Y/N)!, why don’t you stop being a sensitive little bitch!, and just grow up!” 
Kyojuro eyes went wide, shocked to why he even said that, (Y/N) was trembling, her tears were streaming down her cheeks, Kyojuro wanted to help her calm down, but when he tried to reach for her, she backed up, Kyojuro felt horrible, he felt like he wanted to get punched, his voice was shaky, “(Y/N)…” he tried to touch her shoulder again, but she back up again, “don’t touch me…” his heart shattered when he heard her and how scared she is, “(Y/N), I’m sorry…”, it was silent, until she said “Kyojuro…, no wonder your just like your father…”, and she ran out just like that, Kyojuro was speechless, he wanted to run after her, but couldn’t, because she was right, Kyojuro started tearing up and quavering.
“Am I really…”
(Y/N) was running away from the school, the students that were leaving school saw her with sad looks on there faces, Sanemi was behind yelling her name, She just wanted to go far, far, far away from this horrible school, Sanemi chack up, and grabbed her by the arm, “LET GO!!” And Sanemi turned her around, “hey, it’s me, it's me…”, she hugged Sanemi and he hugged back, he picked her up, “it’s going to be ok… shhh.. everything going to be ok… I’ll take you back to my house…”
When they got there, Genya looked worried for (Y/N), she was crying silently, Sanemi wanted to put her down, but she didn’t let go, “(Y/N)?”, “can- can, you and Genya, stay up with me…, be- because I don’t think I can sleep…” Sanemi felt horrible, he should’ve just stepped in, but he wanted to give them space and respect their personal conversation, “sure, (Y/N), anything to make you positive and not stressed, I can do that” ‘hearing that from Sanemi was strange, because usually he’s always stern or blatantly aggressive, but he always would hide his anger on me’ “tha- thanks, Sem Sem…” Sanemi made a small pleasant smile that also made her smile, “hey, (Y/N), how about we watch a movie for the night?” 
“Sure, I would love that…”
When Kyojuro got home, he was not surprised that she wasn’t here, his fist clenched, and he slammed the door behind him, he was starving, because he felt like if he ate, he’ll just throw up, but he had to eat something, so he walked over to the kitchen and opened the fridge, and saw some dinner, wrapped in foil, and a sticky note on top, he picked up the note, and it read, ‘hi, love, I’m glad your home, finished this amazing dinner I made, I worked really hard on it, so I hope you like it!’ Also ps. When you finish come cuddle with me! <3’, a teardrop fell on the note, and his hand was shaking, it started to become hard to read, because the tears kept flowing, he closed the fridge, and decided to not eat it, the note was now on the floor but he didn’t care, he just wanted to go to sleep, and just hope this is all a nightmare…
After he took his shower and got ready for bed, he wanted to call her again, so he did, but right when he clicked the call button, it went straight to voicemail, he hung up, before her cute voice can say anything, he tossed his phone on her side of the bed, and sat down on his side of the bed, his quivering got worriedly worst, his breathing was uneven, “(Y/N)… please come… back… I’m… nothing like my father…” 
“Please… I’m sorry… please come back…”
The following morning, Sanemi woke up first, he got up quietly, stretched his back and popped his joints. He was gonna start breakfast for everyone, but he heard a knock on the door, “who the hell can that be?”, he opened the door and saw Kyojuro, he looked exhausted as usual, but he was well dressed, his hair looks kind of messy, “can I see her, I need to talk to her…” his voice sounds raspy, “no, also please leave, she doesn’t want company at the moment” Sanemi was about to close the door but Kyojuro put his foot on the side, so it won’t close, “please… I must talk to her…” Sanemi hated being in the middle of this, but he can’t just do nothing, (Y/N) was upset about and to see her not happy, makes him wants to punch the hell out of whoever made her unhappy, “listen Rengoku, I don’t want to beat the living pulp out of you, so if you mind, just fucking leave” “I’m not leaving until I talk to her!” He can see those flames in his eyes again. “Why you-“
“Sanemi, who is that?”, (Y/N) woke up, then Genya woke up after, Sanemi turned around with a sad look, “it’s no one” “that’s a lie, (Y/N) please… come out and open the door so we can talk… please…” (Y/N) was shocked to hear Kyojuro at the other side of the door, Sanemi turn back “dude, I told you-“ “Sanemi, let me go talk to him” she stood and walked over to the door, Sanemi turned back, with sternness, but he couldn’t say no, so he opened the door fully and walked to his room and told Genya to follow, but before the two boys went to Sanemi’s room, Sanemi said this, “if you hurt her, your dead you hear”, and both the both the boys were out of sight, it was just (Y/N) and Kyojuro.
“What is it, Rengoku…”
“Look I know you hate me, but please hear me out…” he stepped in and got a little closer.
(Y/N) sighed and nodded in response.
“(Y/N), I’m sorry, that I ignored your text, your calls, and most of all, I’m sorry that I ignored you, it breaks my heart to see you so sad and stressed out, to see you so scared and frightened of me, I don’t want you to see me as my father, I'm truly sorry, please forgive me… I’ll never treat you like this ever again…” his voice was cracking while he talked, but it truly hurt to see him like this, “I’ll prov- prove to you that I’m a worthy husband to you…” he was quivering, “I- I- love you- you, (Y/N)… please don’t leave me… I’m sorry…” “please… I’ll do better-“ 
(Y/N) hugged him back she was sobbing, but at least she didn’t walk away from him, he hugged her back, and kept saying sweet sorrys, in her ears, giving her kisses, and making her feel loved…
“I’m sorry… my love…”
“Kyojuro… I forgive you…”
“You do!” he sounded like a lost puppy and that make her laughed
“Yes, Koy” she smiled 
Kyojuro had the brightest smile, and it made her even more happy.
She hugged him again and he hugged back, “hey koy~”
“Love the new you~” she hugged around his waist.
He blushed, “(Y/N)…” he said shyly he covered his face on her shoulder.
She giggled, “I love you, koy~”
“I love you too, sweetheart~”
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eliemo · a year ago
Something Long and Stupid
Summary: Remus knew he wasn't a good person. He was Deadpool, a killer for hire, "the merc with a mouth." He'd come to terms with what he was a long time ago. He didn't need Spiderman to remind him of what he was.
He didn't need Virgil to come into his life and make him question it for the first time
TWs: Violence, threats, strong language, blood
Notes: Superhero au, Spiderman Virgil, Deadpool Remus, enemies to lovers Dukexiety
New project that nobody asked for. I know I should finish my ongoing wips before starting a new one but I do not control the hyperfixation.
(Part 1) (Part 2)
When Virgil kicked Remus in the chest and sent him hurtling off the building into an active construction site, Remus found himself thinking about how they’d met.
Honestly, it hadn’t started off much better. Spiderman was a piece of shit who thought he was so much better than Remus just because Deadpool killed some people every now and then.
Well, that had been the first impression anyway. They hadn’t exactly started off on the right foot.
Remus had been doing his job, thank you very much, he was a mercenary for hire, it wasn’t like he’d been going after a gang of strangers for fun. And he certainly hadn’t needed help.
There were three of them and one of him, just some standard thugs that had been causing a bit too much trouble for people with more money to spend, their names already set to pay for Remus’s rent this month.
He’d unsheathed his swords, (guns would make it over too quickly, and what was the fun in that?) letting the assholes get their hopes up by grabbing for their own weapons and then—
Then all his targets were all suddenly covered in webs, firmly plastered to the nearest wall with threats and screaming that Remus ignored in favor of whirling around, slicing the air with his blades.
“Hey, what the fuck?”
Spiderman was half hanging off the wall, stepping back down onto the ground when he saw Remus staring. “You’re welcome,” he called, like Remus had asked for him to come in ruin is fun.
Remus scoffed, because rude. You don’t just steal someone’s kill like that. But at least they were immobilized now, which meant shooting them and getting the day over with would be a piece of cake. The webs weren’t budging no matter how frantically they kicked.
He yanked his gun from his belt to do exactly that, only to have another web (seriously, fucking spider webs had no business being this strong) wrapped around his wrist, another pulling the pistol right out of his hand.
“Uh, motherfucker?” Remus took a step back, furiously grabbing at the lingering webs with his bare hands, grimacing at the way it clung to his leather. “Jeez, you want me to decapitate them instead?”
“They’re already down,” the asshole said, like Remus hadn’t noticed. “Back off, Deadpool.”
Remus didn’t have time to be surprised that Spiderman knew who he was, far too busy wanting to run over and punch him right in his stupid masked face. “Ok, clearly you don’t know my deal. Move it, Webs.”
“Then you don’t know mine,” he said, masked eye staring blankly from underneath the hood over his suit. “I’m not letting you murder defenseless people.”
“They’re not fucking defenseless.”
“They’re not breaking free,” the spider said. “The cops will take whoever I capture for them. Call them and leave.”
Remus scoffed and tightened his hold on his sword, wondering if he really wanted to get into a fight with Spiderman in the middle of the afternoon. It was only fucking Tuesday, he was too tired to deal with this shit. “And they can take them in body bags. Give me my gun back.”
Remus was a good foot taller than him, and loaded with about three times as many weapons, but the masked asshole didn’t seem bothered in the slightest. God, he was probably smirking under his suit.
“I finished the fight, I get to decide.” He turned around, his back to Remus like he didn’t even care. “Maybe try to be faster next time.”
“Oh, fuck right off with that,” Remus snarled. “Fuck off. Fuck off and suck a fat dick, you fucking—”
“Either you walk away, or I leave you tied to the wall.”
“Kinky,” Remus smirked, even if Spiderman couldn’t see it under his own mask. “But fat fucking luck. No way in hell am I letting some bitch in black and purple spanx steal my kill.”
Spiderman actually had the audacity to sigh, like he was dealing with a petulant child. “Nobody’s getting killed.”
“You know, I’ve got more than one gun,” Remus said, mentally calculating how fast he’d have to move to shoot every single person in this alleyway. “I’m playing nice. Get out of my way.”
“You’re not shooting someone who can’t fight back.”
“Oh, are you the moral police?” Jesus, Remus wanted to punch this guy. “Man, fuck off. It’s none of your business.”
He grabbed for his other gun, only to immediately feel something wrap around his waist and legs, yanking hard and lifting him into the air. He shouted something he really hoped no pedestrians were close by enough to overhear, doing his absolute best to give Spiderman his coldest glare as he was slammed against the brick wall, upside down, held firmly down by fucking spider webs.
“Oh, you bitch.”
Remus twisted and thrashed, and while he could feel the webs giving way already it would be a good few minutes until he was free. That fucking asshole.
“Next time I see you I’m cutting off your spider ass and hanging it on my fucking wall!”
Spiderman ignored him, and Remus watched as he grabbed the thugs Remus was supposed to kill and one by one swung them out of the alleyway before disappearing completely.
That whore.
It hadn’t been long, unfortunately, until they’d met again, and Remus had of course tried to punch the asshole right in the head.
They’d ended up on the same rooftop, which was even worse because Remus came up here to relax. Spiderman had just been sitting there, legs dangling over the edge as he watched over the city, looking almost peaceful with his hood down and the sun beating against his mask.
So Remus had immediately vaulted over and swung at him as hard as he possibly could.
And then he’d missed, because of course Spidey had to have fucking inhuman reflexes, which was bullshit. He’d ducked away and managed to jump to Remus’s side before Remus even registered that his fist had met nothing but air.
“Can you leave?” Spiderman asked, so unbothered it only made Remus angrier. “I’m busy.”
“Doing what?”
“Making sure people don’t get killed,” he said, moving back towards the ledge. “You should try it sometime.”
Remus crossed his arms, watching the vigilante in disbelief. “You get that I’m a mercenary, right? You’re surprised by the killing thing?”
“I’m not,” he said, and he still wouldn’t even look at Remus. “But I’m stopping it when I can.”
“Oh? So you’re ruining a small business?” Remus threw his arms out and turned towards the ledge overlooking the bustling city. “Spiderman doesn’t support small businesses, you heard it here first, folks!”
Spidey was staring at him now, and Remus had a sneaking suspicion he would not appreciate the look he was being given if the mask was taken off. Asshole.
“I don’t support killing people, Deadpool.”
“Sucks,” Remus said. “You should’ve stayed out of the way. If I wasn’t so kind and generous I would have shot you.”
“You mean if you hadn’t been tied up and defenseless,” Spiderman corrected, and Remus was right back to wanting to punch him. “You’re lucky I didn’t get you arrested.”
Remus dramatically put a hand to his chest and gasped, walking along the roof’s edge. “Oh no. What ever would I have done? I’d be defeated! My one weakness. C ops.”
Spidey didn’t respond, but he did get up and move away when Remus got a bit too close to where he was perched on the ledge. Ha .
“Maybe I should have called the cops on you, Spidey,” Remus added. “They’d finally catch the masked menace. Some jail time might humble you.”
“I’d be fine,” Spiderman said. “I wasn’t the one tied to a wall.”
Remus hopped back onto the roof with a growl, grimacing at the reminder of how long it had taken to get those webs off his suit. “Yeah, don’t do that shit again. Seriously, I can and will end you.”
“Get in line behind half the city, Deadpool.”
Remus scoffed, something he apparently did a lot of whenever talking to Spiderman, and followed him across the rooftop. “Man, your ratings are shit. At least I don't act like a hero.”
It was hard to see, barely noticeable, but Remus saw Spidey’s shoulders tense, just a bit. Apparently he’d struck a nerve. Good.
“I don’t act like anything,” he said, and it was just a little less cocky than before. “I’m just trying to help people.”
“Oh, so you’re playing hero.” Remus grinned, moving until he was crouched right in front of the vigilante. “Ooh ooh, let me guess...you’re in college. You’re ...22. Maybe 23, or 24. You got these big bad powers one day and figured you were the only one in the whole wide world who could protect the people who couldn’t protect themselves.”
Spidey didn’t answer, just looked at him with that blank, unamused stare, so Remus continued. “Or were you born with them? Doesn’t seem like it, you’ve only popped up in the last two or three years—”
“It’s none of your business,” Spiderman cut in, and Remus smirked. “And you’re wrong, for the record.”
“Oh I am, am I?” Remus asked, amused despite himself. “If nobody wants you, why are you even trying?”
Spidey was tense now, and doing a real bad job of hiding it. “Maybe I don’t give a shit what people think.”
“Right.” Remus didn’t need to see the guy’s face to know that wasn’t it. “You do realize how much money you could make with those powers, right?”
“I don’t care,” he said. “I’m fine doing what I’m doing.”
Remus looked him over, he’d seen spidey all over newspapers and on TV before, but this was the first time actually talking to him in person, besides the other day when the asshole had ruined his afternoon. Honestly, it was kinda underwhelming. He expected the suit to be higher tech, at least.
“Are you broke?” he asked. “You seem broke. I could make you a way better mask, by the way. It looks like shit.”
“I’m sure,” Spidey said, completely ignoring his generous offer. Rude. “And how much do you get paid for killing people?”
“A lot.”
Spiderman hummed nonchalantly, no longer looking at Remus. “Well, I’m glad it’s worth it.”
“It is! I sleep like a baby in my king sized bed.” And yeah, that was a little bit of a lie. Barely.. He wasn’t living that luxuriously, New York was expensive as shit, but based on his tech he was way better off than Webs.
“That’s wonderful,” Spiderman said and damn, apparently the masked menace was capable of being a sarcastic bastard as well as a cocky asshole. “You done pretending now? Can I go?”
“I’m not pretending anything.”
“Yeah, ok.” Spiderman was back to sounding arrogant, and Remus couldn’t remember why they were talking instead of fighting to the death. “I know you sleep like shit.”
Remus actually laughed, humorless and cold, because what the fuck?
“Oh yeah?”
“Nobody kills for a living if their life is going great,” Spidey said. “What horrible trauma pushed you to that decision?”
Oh, this motherfucker. This piece of shit. He was so dead when Remus could catch him off guard.
“Nobody puts on a costume and fights crime when half the city wants him dead if his life is going great, either.” Remus smirked, moving to try to get Spidey to look at him again. “At least I get money for it. No student loan debt at 26 is pretty nice.”
He probably shouldn’t have given the vigilante that was quickly turning into his sworn enemy his age but eh. What was he gonna do, kill him? Remus didn’t stay dead.
“That’s great,” Spiderman said. “And all it cost was people’s lives.”
“Yep!” Remus hoped it came out cheery enough to piss him off a little more. “Think of it this way, Spidey. They’re gonna die anyway.”
Spiderman immediately straightened up and stalked to the other end of the rooftop, clearly wanting the conversation to end. Mission accomplished. “Jesus Christ.”
“It’s true!” he called, just to drive home the fuck off a bit more. “Someone would have gotten to them eventually.”
“They’re still people, Deadpool.”
Remus shrugged. “Good people don't get hits put on them.”
“Maybe not,” the vigilante agreed. “But good people don’t murder in exchange for money, either.”
Remus barked another laugh at that, more genuine this time because... yeah? Duh. “No shit. I never fucking said I was a good person.”
“You’re lucky you haven't killed anyone innocent yet.” And goddammit there was that ‘hero’ shit again that made Remus want to throw up. He’d just been starting to have fun, too.
“It’s still not your business.”
“It will be,” Spidey said, perched on the ledge in a way that would make Remus dizzy if he cared. “Stick to killing criminals and we'll be fine.”
“Oh?” Remus followed, smirking in a way that would probably get him punched if he took off his mask. “Are you gonna come get me if I’m not good?”
“That’s my job.”
“Aw, don’t worry,” Remus teased. “I’ll wear something sexy for you.”
“Love you too, Spider Babe!”
Spidey scoffed, responding with a gloved middle finger when Remus winked. Remus watched a web shoot from his wrist, and suddenly Spiderman was gone, swinging across New York rooftops, leaving Remus to try to figure out how he was getting down.
Remus honestly hadn’t expected to see him again. He was fucked in the head, but he didn’t have any plans to lose control and start killing everyone in sight. He was an asshole, but he wasn’t a villain Spiderman needed to spend time tracking down. New York was busy enough for both of them already.
He did plan on chucking the nearest heavy object at him if he ever saw Spidey swinging past. That never ended up happening. Not that he cared. He didn’t miss him.
He expected to catch a glimpse of him eventually, maybe close enough to yell a few lighthearted threats or call him names, but nothing as entertaining as the argument on the roof.
What he hadn’t expected, was to run right into the masked menace while walking home in the middle of the night.
Remus had just finished a job, something standard and quick, and after wiping the blood from his blades he’d decided to take the long way home. The sun had set, the night air was crisp and relaxing, and it helped Remus forget about the blood stains he needed to wash away.
He’d been cutting through sidestreets, mentally mapping out how to get back to his place. He turned a corner into an alleyway, and—
And there was Spiderman, hunched over himself and leaned against the wall like he’d been using it for support, shaking, gasping, and completely drenched in deep red blood.
Remus froze, and Spidey did too as soon as he registered Deadpool standing just a few paces away, the two of them staring silently for what felt like an eternity.
“Dude,” Remus said when he found his voice. “What the fuck happened to you?”
Spiderman was clutching at his chest, black and purple suit barely able to hide the red stains, leaned heavily against the brick wall as he watched Remus warily. “Nothing.”
“Don’t be stupid. Whose blood is that?”
“Doesn’t matter,” he snapped, and his voice was wavering. “Keep walking.”
Remus took a step forward, frowning at the way the vigilante went tense against the wall. He ignored it. “Whose blood is it?” It came out more of a command than a question this time.
“Mostly mine,” Spiderman said, and Remus could see it pooling around his gloves now that he was closer. “It’s fine.”
“Why’re you bleeding?”
“None of your business. Go home.”
Remus tried to get a better look from where he stood, well aware that approaching might not be the best idea right now. “Was it a gun or a knife?”
“It was none of your business and you need to go away.”
Remus watched him, incredulous, because the idiot was barely standing and losing way too much blood way too quickly, and he was pretty sure Spiderman didn’t have Remus’s whole immortality deal.
“You really want to bleed out on the street like some street thug?”
The vigilante hesitated, and Remus listened to the way his breathing was turning into awful sounding wheezes. “I’m...not going to bleed out. I’m fine.”
“Oh, yeah?” Remus challenged, probably a bit more aggressively than was needed for someone who looked like they were about to keel over. “Walk over to me then.”
He’d expected the lack of response, but even though the eyes built into the suit were practically lifeless (he really should get him some more advanced goggles. He’d be a lot more approachable if his eyes weren’t so blank) Remus could still see his whole body tense in fear.
“No,” he said, low and trembling. “Fuck off.”
“Spidey, this isn’t a joke.” Jesus, that was a lot of blood. “You’re gonna bleed out.”
“And you can throw a party—”
“Fucking come here.” He hadn’t meant to snap, but he wasn’t going to just stand here bickering with the city’s hero until he dropped dead. But Spidey still shook his head, pressed even further against the wall now, and Remus sighed. “Fine.”
Remus took a few steps forward, initially planning on prying his arms away to get a better look at the wound, but Spiderman flinched back, trying to scramble away like Remus was coming at him with a weapon.
Well, Remus supposed that made sense. He had threatened to kill him a couple times last time they spoke.
“Chill it, Spidey.” Remus crouched a bit, suddenly painfully aware of how much taller he was, carefully holding his hands out. “I’m not gonna hurt you.”
“I don’t believe you,” he shot back. Which...yeah, fair. “I know you want to.”
“Does it look like I have a knife in my hand?” Remus asked. “No. Chill out and let me see.”
Spidey didn’t pull away when Remus took his shoulders, but he did flinch as soon as Deadpool touched him, probably involuntarily. Remus ignored it, focusing instead on figuring out where the blood was coming from. It was almost impossible in the dark lighting, especially up against the black suit.
“It’s...not that bad,” Spiderman rasped. “Seriously.”
Remus wasn’t buying that for a second. “What happened?”
“I was stupid, that’s what happened,” Spidey said, arms still wrapped firmly around himself. “It...there were five of them and one of them got lucky with a knife.”
“Jesus, fuck.” Remus pulled back, trying to figure out what to do. “You are stupid. Where?”
He only hesitated a moment. “Uh, my chest. I heal fast.”
“Jesus. How fast?”
Spiderman shrugged, then obviously regretted it when it pulled at the stab wound. “Hopefully fast enough,” he said. “I’ll be fine tomorrow or I’ll be dead.”
“Jesus,” Remus said again, because what the fuck else was he supposed to say? “Sit down. Jesus Christ.”
Spidey thankfully did as he said, though Remus suspected it had more to do with the fact that he couldn’t keep himself standing anymore rather than actually following instructions.
He wasn’t fighting anymore, almost limp as Remus took his wrists and moved them to his sides, but he did look like he was ready to bolt the second Deadpool made one wrong move.
Like he wouldn’t fall right on his face and hurt himself worse if he tried.
Remus could see the source of the blood now, a deep gash across his upper chest that had apparently sliced the black and purple suit like butter, still gushing crimson with each passing second.
“Alright, uh.” This wasn’t his expertise in the slightest. Other than digging out some bullets, Remus didn't have to tend to his wounds. “I don’t think I have any fabric or...oh, your hoodie. Hand it over.”
Spiderman stared, and if he didn’t hurry up and get with the program Remus was going to knock him out and handle this himself. “Why?”
“Because you’re bleeding out. Give it.”
Spidey at least had the sense to listen and carefully peel the hoodie away from his suit, sliding it down his arms even as his gloved hands shook violently. Remus couldn’t help but wince at the noise Spiderman tried to choke back, because that had to hurt like a bitch.
“Maybe, like...lay down?” Remus suggested. “Yeah, do that. It’ll help.”
Spidey still hesitated, even as the blood continued to flow and he started to slide down against his will. “I...need to see what you’re doing.”
Remus sighed, bunching up the hoodie and pressing it firmly against the wound, ignoring the strangled gasp that came from the vigilante. Blood was quickly soaking through the cloth, and Remus just pressed harder.
“I’m just putting pressure on it to stop the bleeding,” Remus said. “If I wanted to kill you I’d leave you here. If it stops bleeding you’ll heal, right?”
The only answer he got was another wet, trembling gasp when Remus pushed harder, Spiderman’s blood soaking into his gloves. It took a second for him to realize he was grasping at Remus’s wrists, his hold weak.
“H-hopefully,” Spidey managed, and he really didn’t sound great. His eyes were drooping, and Remus figured the biggest danger right now was letting him fall asleep. “Or, you know. I’ll die.”
“You’re not gonna die,” Remus said without thinking. “I’m gonna stop the bleeding, you’re gonna heal with whatever weird powers you have, and then you’ll be less of a careless idiot next time.”
A few moments passed without an answer, and for once Remus wasn’t entirely sure how to fill the silence. The only sound between them was Spiderman’s labored, ragged breathing, which at least sounded a bit less shaky and faint as Remus continued to press down.
“What are you doing?” Spidey asked eventually, catching Remus completely off guard with the stupid question. “Why are you...trying to help?”
Remus wasn’t trying to do anything. He was helping. The city’s beloved hero would have been dead five minutes ago if he hadn’t managed to interrupt Remus’s perfectly nice, peaceful walk.
He hadn’t even really thought about it. Remus was an asshole, a murderer for a living, but he wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t the guy who was going to leave New York’s savior to bleed out in an alleyway.
Besides, he’d been the first person Remus had been able to have a somewhat entertaining conversation with in months.
“Somebody’s gotta save everyone,” he eventually settled on, still pressing hard against the wound. “And I refuse to be the city’s only mouthy vigilante.”
Another beat of silence, and for a moment Remus thought he might have fallen asleep. “I don’t...save anyone. And I’m not mouthy.”
“You do,” Remus argued. “And you are.”
“I don’t,” he snapped, and at least he didn’t seem inclined to argue about the mouthy thing. “You do your job better than I do.”
Remus took a moment to look over the bleeding hero. He was weak and trembling, and probably dangerously pale and clammy under that suit. The blood flow had definitely slowed, but it hadn't stopped. There was a good chance he wouldn’t remember a damn thing Remus said to him tonight.
And if he did, it’s not like he really gave a shit, anyway.
“I’m a mercenary,” Remus said. “Anyone can kill someone. It takes something a lot stronger to save them. So shut up and stop being self deprecating.”
Spiderman shuddered when Remus carefully peeled back the bloody hoodie, leaning in to get a better look at where they were at. Either he was just that good at fixing stab wounds, or Spidey’s healing powers were gradually starting to kick in.
Remus decided to go with the former. He deserved it.
“I got someone killed tonight,” Spidey said, quiet and unbearably sad. “She...she died because I wasn’t fast enough, and I didn’t—”
“You can’t save everyone.”
The vigilante pulled his hands away from Remus’s wrists, like he’d just realized he was holding them. “I should have tried harder.”
Remus sighed. “You tried hard enough. You did fine.”
That was apparently the end of the conversation, Spiderman falling back into silence as Remus went back to making sure he didn’t start bleeding all over the place again. He didn’t have anything on him to properly clean it up, he wasn’t sure he even owned a first-aid kit, but Spidey’s breathing was starting to even out, and after about ten minutes or so the blood stopped flowing completely.
“You, uh...you good?”
“I’ll be fine,” Spiderman said, and it didn’t sound like a desperate lie this time. He still looked like shit, but he was able to slowly sit up on his own. “Not dying this time. Just...still hurts.”
They were plunged back into silence, slightly less tense than before but no less uncomfortable. Remus eventually relinquished his hold on the hoodie when Spidey was able to carefully take it from him.
Right, he was fine now. Remus didn’t need to stay, it wasn’t his business anymore. It hadn’t been his business to begin with.
“I...owe you,” Spiderman said, almost like it was strange for him to admit. “So, thank y—”
“Don’t thank me, Spidey.” God, this had been a mistake, hadn’t it? “Seriously. Just buy me a pizza sometime and we’ll call it square.”
Spiderman stared for second, unsteady hands holding his own hood to his chest, but the small laugh that escaped at least sounded genuine, and no longer quite so pained.
“Ok,” he said. “Yeah, I can do that.”
Remus hesitated before standing, not really sure if it would be more rude to leave or stay at this point. Spiderman probably didn’t want a mercenary for hire standing over him while he was wounded, whether Remus had saved his life or not.
Remus was still just as far from a hero as the villains Spiderman fought, and both of them had a reputation to keep.
“You sure you’re ok?” Remus asked. “I can like...stay. Or call you an ambulance or...something.”
“I’m good,” Spidey said, sitting up with a small hiss of pain until he was propped up against the wall, breathing still heavy. “You stopped the bleeding, I’ll live. You can go home, Deadpool.”
“Right.” He carefully stepped around the vigilante, still keeping a close eye on his chest to make sure the bleeding didn’t start again. “Just don’t die after all my hard work. My gloves are fucking soaked.”
Spiderman scoffed, but it was more good natured and light than it had been the last time they talked. “You got it.”
Remus kept walking down the alley, only turning around once more before turning the corner at the end. “And don’t forget my pizza, Spidey!”
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soliska · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Behold my very first piece of IY fanart ^^; (I usually paint landscapes, strictly no people, cuz I like very few people.) @inuyasharedraw prompt this week with Kagome and Buyo was so stinking cute, I had to draw it.
But then.... as I was drawing my mind was wandering, so here’s a little fluffy InuKag AU to go with it xD 
No Pet Policy
‘Water, tuna, tapioca starch, guar gum? ….’, that’s the same stuff in the oat milk she buys right? Should be ok. Finally after a good fifteen minutes of painstakingly scrolling, this was the one treat that had no dubious meat by-products. Kagome did not lose half a night of sleep researching the do’s and don’ts of cat food for nothing. 
When she signed off work that day, her grocery order was already waiting for her. She usually wasn’t one to get her shopping delivered, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. She did not want to miss one visit from her new feline admirer.
Well, let’s not get into the specifics of who was admiring who here.
This apartment was perfect in all the ways except one. Her landlady had a no pet policy, and was impervious to her attempts to offer her an extra deposit or even a pet premium (she was desperate ok?). So that left Kagome to contend with burning envy every time she ran into her neighbours also going out with their dogs in tow. It wasn’t a building wide policy, and if she’d owned her own apartment, then it was her call. But let’s be real here, Kagome was a ways away from that. She’d just graduated college this year.
Kagome really, really wanted a cat. A dog too probably, but cat first. Always had, but her grandpa was allergic. So growing up, it was a no-no. Then she’d moved onto campus res, and they also had a no pet policy. Maybe one day, she’ll move again and this time she’ll be sure to make it a priority.
But… exactly a week ago, while stepping out to water her burgeoning balcony garden, she’d almost straight up stepped on the furry puddle lying in the middle of the deck.  It was a miracle she had managed to not send water flying everywhere. 
A chunky, calico cat, had somehow manifested itself, napping nonchalantly in a sunbeam amongst her potted tomatoes and salad greens.
A quick investigation yielded a loose part in the weave of the bamboo privacy barrier that separated her balcony from her neighbour’s. They had one impressive catio built but this kitty managed to found a way out.
That afternoon squinting at spreadsheets didn’t seem nearly as a bad with a lap full of purring warmth. It was that evening, though, that was really the highlight.
Kagome blinked. Her apartment was dim, which meant it was fully dark out. Behind her living room wall the sounds of drawers carelessly slammed shut one after the other continued to resound. It was the noise that woke her from her unplanned nap. Kitty meowed softly but did not shift from the donut position on her stomach. 
Next door, it sounded like closet doors were yanked open and closed. Her neighbour—whom she’d never met but definitely heard his angry work calls from time to time— sounded like he was ransacking his own house. Or… oh god, was it a burglary. But if so, the dogs from the apartment across the hall would’ve barked up a storm by now right?
“God-fucking-damnit, Buyo, you stupid cat. Where are you?” Came her neighbour’s familiar voice, loud and very clearly, distressed.
Oh no. Buyo. Buyo was kitty’s name. How long did she sleep? She’d meant to coax the cat to return through the gap in the balcony long before their owner noticed them gone. Too late for that now. 
And her neighbour sounded upset. As he should be. Shit. Kagome felt like an asshole.
Scooping up the large armful of cat, Kagome hurried to her door, grabbing a pair of slip-ons for her feet. Kitty…, no Buyo was secured in the crook of one elbow, while she went to ring the doorbell. Resuming a two-handed hold on the cat, Kagome waited nervously for her neighbour to answer the door.
“What the fu-” An irritated mutter started but stuttered to a stop when its owner laid eyes on her.
He was tall, dressed in a comfy hoodie and sweatpants. His moonlight hair was gathered high on top of his head in a loose bun, which looked rather messy, as if he’d been running his hands through his fringe in frustration. His eyes were a luminous shade of gold, pinched along the corners with worry. And on top of his head, was the cutest pair of fluffy ears she’d ever seen.
Then his gaze travelled to the feline in her arms.
“Buyo!” He exclaimed roughly. “How the hell did you…”
“Hi,” Kagome began meekly. “I-I’m Kagome. Your next door neighbour. Um… sorry I didn’t bring your cat back earlier. We, um, kinda fell asleep.”
Buyo didn’t resist being handed over, instead, once making contact with the man's arms, he scrambled with practiced ease to drape his pudgy self over one of his shoulders. 
“It’s funny how-”
“Ha ha,” The beautiful man in front of her interrupted, his eyes meeting hers again but glinting hard. “Yeah, get it over with. It’s funny that the dog hanyou has a cat, right?”
She fidgeted, dropping eye contact. It sure answered what she was wondering earlier on though. “Um, no? I was just gonna say that it’s funny how this is the way we meet for the first time, but…”
The silence was awkward.
“Uh,” He croaked out. “Sorry. I’m still a little riled up. Thought he got his fat ass wedged somewhere and died.”
Kagome winced. “No, no, I’m the one that’s sorry. Forgive me.”
“Inuyasha.” He blurted out.
“My name’s Inuyasha.” 
“Oh.” She could’t help the smile twitching at her lips. “It’s nice to meet you, Inuyasha.”
Turned out, Buyo’s human, no—hanyou, was even cuter.
Since then, it was like a dream come true. Every day usually after lunch, Buyo would come visit her. And Kagome made sure to bring him back to Inuyasha around dinner time. 
It was unsustainable really, she knew that. Her balcony was completely unsecured and Buyo could easily jump over the railing. Though they lived in a low-rise, no height was ever safe. That was why she hadn’t left her place all week to make sure she didn’t miss any of the cat’s visits.
But the past week had been so enjoyable. Yes, having a kitty was as amazing as she’d always thought it would be, but the best part (sorry, Buyo), was the ten minutes every night she could stand at Inuyasha’s door. The conversation was stilted and awkward as all hell, but somehow it made her giddy to listen to his stuttered exchanges. He never really looked at her for very long, instead choosing to settle his gaze at the doorframe. Guess he didn’t make eye contact unless he was pissed off at someone. But this meant Kagome could admire his handsome features without getting caught.
A cheery trill piped up from the kitchen counter. 
Sighing, Kagome scooped up the calico loaf on her couch. “Come on big guy, time to go home.”
When Inuyasha’s face appeared from behind the door, Kagome instantly knew something was up. He looked almost as tense as he did the first time they met. 
Not knowing what to do, Kagome stepped in slightly, stooping to let Buyo amble his way through Inuyasha’s legs and disappear into the apartment beyond.
“How was your day, Inuyasha?” Kagome straightened up, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.
“Uh, listen Kagome,” His golden eyes darted up to meet hers, then quickly away again. “I, uh, need to really board up that hole in the balcony wall. It’s just not that safe for Buyo.”
Kagome swallowed. So he did know about the gap after all. Well, it was pretty obvious. He’d probably waited an entire week to say this to spare her feelings. 
“Yeah,” She nodded, her turn to look away. “I’ve been meaning to ask you to do that. Four storeys is still too high for a cat.” 
He grunted and Kagome could feel his gaze on her. She was really gonna miss seeing him every night.
“Right.” She continued. “Could you hang on a sec? I bought him some treats today he hasn’t had a chance to try yet. I’ll just grab-”
She’d just turned to go back to her apartment when she felt long fingers close around her wrist. 
“Kagome,” Inuyasha grumbled hesitantly. “Buyo will miss the extra attention. Y-you’re welcome to come visit us. Whenever you want.”
She whirled back around to gape at him, and was momentarily stunned by the twin suns trained intently on her. He gave her a hesitant smile, lips parting slightly to reveal one adorable fang.
“Whenever?” She echoed dumbly.
He nodded. At her wide grin, the lingering uncertainty in his expression melted away.
“Actually, some idiot gave me an extra large pizza when I ordered a medium, so… if you haven’t had dinner yet.”
Kagome beamed at him. “Yes! Oh and I can contribute veggies and hummus. Just lemme get it.”
Inuyasha wrinkled his nose at the mention of vegetables which had her giggling.
Laden with her impromptu potluck contribution, Kagome weaved her way into Inuyasha’s place for the first time.
After she was happily situated on the couch, Buyo meowed, jumping up to curl into the space between her crossed legs.
Inuyasha eyed the calico. 
Hope you enjoyed. This happened because I suddenly wanted to draw Inuyasha in the background yelling “Stop stealing my cat, Kagome!”. An AU where Buyo is Inuyasha’s cat :)
Just reusing the tags from IWFA… if you want off the all-writing tag list lemme know!  @alerialblu @hopidoodle @redflamesofpassion @lavendertwilight89 @zelink-inukag @superpixie42 @four-letter-girl @anisaanisa @amethystablaze @lordofthechips @[email protected] @dawnrider @holi-holy @liz8080
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gummyimagines · a year ago
May I request Rantaro, Hiyoko, Kaede, Maki and Tsumugi with a S/O that is really shy at first, but as soon as they make friends with anyone they insult everyone? Tyvm!
This troupe is cool! But I'm really sorry,I don't write for Kaede,I hope it's not a problem
This was occ :(
Tumblr media
Rantaro,Hiyoko,Maki and Tsumugi with a S/O who's shy at first but when they make friends they insult everyone
This title is long af
Tw: swearing...a lot of swearing
Tumblr media
Rantaro Amami
When he met you was like
“Oh they're shy,not a big deal”
Few of his sister's were shy too so he was used to shy people
You became friends with him and then you started gaining confidence to insult every single one of your classmates
He felt like he couldn't tell you anything about it since you were friends but then when you became his S/O
Oh, he'll had to deal with that
“S/O why-” “That stupid emo bitch can't stop crying!What the actual fuck!?”
Yeah that was for Shuichi
When you're alone with him he'll remind you that you don't need to do that
“S/O You need to stop being that rude,I don't know why you do it but it's not ok”
He'll encourage you to stop and slowly you're going to get better
Tumblr media
Hiyoko Saoinji
She bullied you at first.
She would remind you daily how shy you were and why she hated it
You hated eachother even if you didn't fough back
The thing that brought you together was Mahiru,because she thought that you could actually be friends
It ended on you being her S/O
And since you were now confident around her you could start to show your true self
“That ugly fat ass pig is annoying!” “Don't worry Hiyoko a dirty slut like her isn't worth it”
That's literally one conversation you both had with Mikan
It's chaotic
Tumblr media
Maki Harukawa
She gets annoyed by shy people
Like at first if you struggled to say something
“Speak,we don't have all day”
But after sometime she found you kinda cute and-
Wait did she love you?
Yes she did
After you got together and you started insulting everyone she was surprised
“Damnit I hate that motherfucking gremlin!” “I know”
Of course that was about kokichi
She won't encourage you but she doesn't like it either so she just lets you be
Tumblr media
She thought about a deredere when she met you
“Awww you're just like Hinata Hyuga! You know from Naruto”
But when you became friends an she heard you insult your classmates she went
“Oh-I think I was wrong”
Though when you became her S/O she'll stay quiet
“It's just-look at her! Can she just think about sex and shit like that!? The damn whore is horny all the time”
It's was about miu being miu
Mugi will tell you about it casually because she doesn't want you to think she's upset with you because of it
“S/O,I know some people can be annoying sometimes but it's not okay to call them that, it's better if we just go, right?”
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antiloreolympus · 8 months ago
5 Anti LO Asks
1. am i the only one who kinda hate the colors choices for the characters in LO? they're so oversaturated and intense that it just hurts my eyes to look at after awhile. the background colors are much nicer with them being more pastel. i wish it went with that hue instead of just being as intense as possible.
-----FP Spoilers-----
2. So, this is my first time saying ANY critique on webtoons out loud. I wanted to keep my mouth shut because I know how hard it can be with comics but, enough said. My GOD. Everyone’s  pointed out great points but if I’d have to say any, what I really find annoying is when anyone explains their backstory with meeting P for the first time, it has to take up so many eps, it’s long and with useless info, and it never really goes anywhere because every character constantly keeps changing their story???? And it’s not even like some moment that you can remember and look back to. They’re all so freaking forgettable and long for NO REASON??? I read the latest FP and it was The same thing. Hermès explaining his first time meeting P but why did it have to take up more than half the ep? I feel like that’s why eps. Feel a lot shorter. Because absolutely nothing happens and when something important actually does happen, it takes so damn long to explain that I just don’t care for it. This could also be said with Minthes and Hades first time meeting cuz yeah ok, they were both in a bad place, but just get to the point???? It doesn’t need two whole ass episodes just to say “they were both in a bad place u_u” And when it comes to milking a plot, they never properly solve issues. Like yeah maybe they did give that guy his eye ball back, BUT P’S RAPE???? I don’t care for it anymore. And that’s an issue that should have been solved or at least given a proper light to! It’s just dealt so poorly and for the sake of dumb quirky flashbacks. Like yess, im sure that happens to real survivors but comic wise, it gets kinda boring?  Maybe come up with better ways on how other things affect her and then she learns from them?? That’d be great character development and it could help her over come her fears and become stronger both mentally and physically. But I’m sorry DX I’m normally not like this at all, in fact I support freelance comic artists a lot! But once I found how much she makes, sheesh! I needed to say something.
3. I mean I guess Hermes (the red guy is him right?) ‘s mother is a plus size character. But its only like his mom, Hestia and i think there was one fat nymph Perse was friends with.
4. Holy shit this fastpass chapter was total shit. It has nothing to do with the trail at all, and this chapter was very boring to the point where I even stopped halfway through and read the rest later fast to get it over with.
Having Persephone be hidden is so fucking stupid because this contradict season 1 where hades reading all of her accomplishments from competitions you know, things that are public. Not only that but why have Demeter hide Persephone be new when Persephone is THE FUCKING BARLEY MOTHER MASCOT?!?!!
Hermes Little plot will literally be nothing but filler and if this was a real situation he would not even be in it because he really did nothing but get money for being quiet. What we need is an explanation from Demeter and Persephone not fucking hermes!
Rachel what the fucking fuck gurl!!! I don’t know if you can tell. But this chapter mad me so mad, we need explanation and plot, not filler junk. 
5. In fastpass, there was a flashback where hermes  and persephone got so much chemistry that i wish they were a real final couple. Also anything isnt explained yet and hermas instead of talking about act of warth or wy persephone in inocen he talked about his life and how he met perephone and this part of flashback isnt even ended, ended on cliffhanger and will be continuing in next ep.
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beann-e · a year ago
I thought i’d write something different from what I usually do to say ‘ thank you for 400 followers ‘ I hope you like it
“ light no you can’t write my name please “
the air in the room was tense as you stood moving your weight between each foot “ light I don’t understand —whatd I do to you—please “
you felt the patience youd held for him earlier slipping out of your body as you reached out to grab his notebook “ don’t “
your hand pulled back quickly as if his voice alone was a hot pan you just touched
“ touch my book “
you shivered at his tone
“ and return back to your seat on the bed — that she placed you in“
you followed his orders as you perched yourself at the foot of the bed eyes darting across his back In fear anytime he flexed his muscles
You actually weren’t sure how you ended up here much less how he ended up with you in his care you weren’t his responsibility but what he did know was that he was pissed the fuck off with misa’s big mouth.
I mean who the hell lets their best friend know they have shinagami eyes and that they have a book they can kill people with much less tells them that their said crush has the same book
in all honestly this has to be your fault —seriously are you stupid why did you not run? he can’t even begin to think how you just agreed to any of what she told you but here you were sitting prettily on his bed alert and at attention for his next orders god your just like her he gripped his pen tightly at the thought
He couldn’t even wrap his head around why you stayed behind with him after misa left to go complete a job given to her by her ‘boyfriend’ earlier
when the two stepped out the room to speak him thinking he was giving you enough time to escape before he came back only to want to drop dead when he walked in and turned his head to your smiling face just his luck you didn’t leave now not only one could bother him but two
he got rid of one nuisance only to be greeted with another and this one was worse. body always moving and hovering around him , hands always wrapped around something that he’d have to tell you to stop touching , your mouth moving at the speed of light , he let out a scoff in his head at that one.
the only way he was able to get you to relax was for him to tell you he’d write your name in his book that you lucky for him feared. Honestly, He didn’t even know if he wanted to or not you were kinda fun to mess with and he didn’t get much fun in his life moving from college top A student to leader of a world spread killing spree
You were like a breath of fresh air to him except you were just like misa
it was like having a misa and misa jr in his room you were no different from her and you didn’t annoy him any less but he knew you were workable, he knew by the way you followed his orders like a blind puppy. You were so quick to do whatever he asked and all it took was a little threatening to get you to do it.
he studied you out of the corner of his eyes mind slowing with only one thought about how you could be easier to control than misa and who was he to resist taking the easy way out that was the point of having a partner right, to tell them to do something and they simply do it. eyebrow furrowing as he looked at you maybe just maybe
he sighed leaning back in his chair “ look”
he turned to face you hands crossed and sat neatly in his lap “ I won’t write your name if you do me a favor“
your eyes came up to meet his in a hurry a quick whiny answer leaving your lips “ yes light “
his body went hot at the way you put up no fight ‘ just like misa ‘
“ come here “ you felt your body grow cold as you neared him you didn’t have shinagami eyes or even a notebook but you could feel the cool air of something next to you head spinning at the thought of someone something watching you walk towards the male in the chair “ look at me “
your eyes found his quickly “ good girl “
you smiled softly before he spoke “ why are you smiling? who told you to smile— I can take my deal back just as fast if you don’t listen to me “
you straightened up but still shifting your weight between your other foot
“ I need you to do something for me y/n ok “
your eyes moving around jittery thanks to the new change in air
“ calm down pretty girl only you can do it that’s why i’m asking “
his voice was soft as he looked up at you “ I know you can do it “
you felt everything in your body want to tell him you could and you would do anything if he could just give you more praise you loved the way he was talking you up
the way he was building you up and setting your building blocks up to build a nice home of safety for yourself that you’d never known
Light knew exactly what he was doing even in the beginning before the book he had a way with words and as his job with killing criminals progressed and he had to get people off his tracks it just got better.
He was sure he could find anything someone wanted and give It to them to make sure they did what he wanted them to
“ y-yes light “
he smiled “ I need you to do something that’s not gonna sound well— appealing at first “
your eyes concentrated on the floor as he snapped his fingers at you to say focus seeing you looking over to your side to see what this scary feeling of someone watching you was
“ here come sit because you can’t pay attention on your own “ he spit out “ obviously “
you moved slowly to sit in the open place hed made for you on his lap “ come on y/n “
you rushed to get over there plopping your butt down on his leg like a child with a pretend santa at the mall
“ it’s gonna sound scary I know but I need you to do it ok “
“ ok “ you sat in anxiousness you just wanted him to get to the point so you could happily say ye—
“ I need you to get shinagami eyes “
your face fell as you felt all your muscles tense , mind racing , face rising in confusion and fear as your body started to grow heavy and shake you were now understanding what you got yourself into
Your feet ready to run as you looked to the door and back to the male behind you who fell back into his chair with a groan and an eyeroll hand moving down his face in obvious annoyance and hands finally coming to a rest on his chin
You taking this moment to try to run
‘ misa can have this shit I will not be partaking‘
as soon as your body stood his left arm hooked around you and he pulled you right back into his hold only to separate his legs and have you sit between em’ so he could hold your waist in a deadly hold and his mouth could whisper into your ear
“ pretty girl what happened huh “ his fingers grabbed a piece of your belly fat through your shirt in a pinch “ you’ve been demoted now — your not a good girl anymore your a bad one y/n “
he pouted “ that’s not good “ his voice sounded disappointed as you sulked “ you were doing so good for me what happened huh “
you hated how your body felt weird you felt like you’d just failed him like you owed him something and couldn’t help but to give it to him because that’s what he deserved
but all you wanted to do was get out of here you didn’t want to give him what he desevered was that wrong was he right
“ you were just gonna leave me here to myself —all by myself alone with my book of dead people ? “ he sighed as he spoke into your neck “ dont you think that would’ve made me depressed “
he questioned “ what would have happened if I did something to myself because I was depressed huh “
his grip on you tightned pressuring you into answering
“ I-I don’t know light “
“ misa would have been so mad at you she would have blamed you for my actions could you live with that huh ? could you live with losing your best friend because you left me here in pain ? in obvious hurt crying for your help?“
“ no “
“ see you have to think about things before you do them ok minx “
you just wanted to leave why couldn’t you leave ? his words weren’t helping you were just losing yourself in them and thinking that you really were a bad person for trying to get out when you did
“ think about misa y/n think about me — I — I have a family y/n “
you body slumped at the thought of you ruining a family.
him picking up on it and only feeding Into it “ I do pretty girl I have a mom , a dad who works in the police force working his ass off to provide for our family god I wanna grow up and take care of a family don’t you think I can do that “ his mouth trailed back up to your ear his fingers interlocking with yours
“ maybe with you— your a nice girl right except for when your being mean right “ he smiled at your confused and hurt expression “ I have a sister — a younger one “
you perked up you always wanted a sibling you knew they were hard to deal with but just the thought of being there for someone or even having someone be there for you misa was like that to you
“ you—you have a sister “
“ yeah — she’s so smart and talented and I would love to grow up with her and see her live her life and be at her wedding even — I wanna grow up and have my own one of those too “
he laughed “ don’t you “
“ I - I don’t know light “
“ well whatever you wanted to do i’d be right by your side y’know“ your heart warmed had anyone even paid attention to you like this before
he sighed in your ear eyes looking forward at your hands that now stuck together with his “ y/n there’s a reason i’m asking you to get the shinagami eyes — I wouldn’t just be asking without a reason “
“ what is it because if misa has them you don’t need me you just want to fuck me over so I never tell anyone about your stupid book“
“ huh so you talk when you want to huh “ thinking back to earlier when you were so submissive to him where’d this come from ? He couldn’t say he was upset just a little thrown off at your sudden ability to speak up for yourself
he sat back in his chair “ I don’t like that “ he whispered under his breath “ maybe your not like her“
he smiled speaking louder and continuing his proposal for you “ no I just need you y/n -“
you froze
“ that’s it that’s all “ he came back up both his arms crossing over your stomach “ I like you y/n “
“ no you don’t “
he laughed “ why else would I let you stay here — in my room — after your friend left ? do you think I give a fuck if she’s mad if I didn’t like you I would have killed you — i’m not keeping you alive for her “
“ then wha— “
“ I just said I like you y/n “ his voice grew rough he was getting tired of this you changed too much for his liking either you were submissive or a brat pick one “ baby pay attention “
your body stalled ‘ he really has a way with words ‘
“ look I like being around you more than misa so it would do me a favor greatly to have someone who can help me and not annoy me“
he smiled “ imagine all the fun we can have together my love — all the times we can spend talking like we are now “
you bit your lip “ I just need you to say yes and go through the process to get the shinagami eyes “
“ light I don’t even have a book if i wa—“
he smiled sickly behind you knowing his foot was in the door “ correct which is why you need a book yeah ? “
“ um yes “
he moved the chair you two sat in over to his table smiling as he found the book he had for you “ look “
“ how “ your mind raced theres for sure no turning back now there was no reason for you not to help him. He obviously needed it like he said earlier, misa liked him so what could possibly be so wrong about him, and he seemed to like you back which was only a plus
“ don’t ask me questions “ he spoke “ not until you get the eyes ok“
“ ok—o-ok “
you reached out to touch the book as you smiled at him returning what he’d shown you when you peeked down at him
“ come on pretty girl put both of them “
you thought for a moment before you gave in and put your other hand on the book blinking before you met his eyes
“ d-did I do it “
he smirked “ not quite my love — here tell me if you can see this“
he turned you around as your body froze
“ and here I was silently praying that you weren’t stupid like she was when she listened to him and gave up ownership of her death note “
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connielovebot · 12 months ago
dating highschool!connie
part 1 │masterlist
a/n : minor swearing?? i think thats all :) p2 to the highschool!connie bulleted au, will update this w links for the rest/masterlist when uploaded :PP other than that enjoy. (also srry for fem. reference in the 'texting' parts, ignore if u dont associate w it ;;-;;)
pls read p1 or some of my hc might confuse u ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
ok so : connie confesses through a text dumbass and ur going home kinda still like ? o !
until you remember you left him on read
meanwhile connie at home crying into his pillow bc wtf she doesn't like me wtf now ;;-;;
you do ur just fukin stupid
[ from cute girl from history :P ] : ig mayb holding hands isn't so gross lolol
[ from cute girl from history :P ] : tho mayb u shld take me out to test that lol
[ from cute girl from histroy :P ] : ................unless
cue connie dying :DDDDDDDDDd
also cue connie's brother telling him to shut up because it's fukin 11 at night
he's so fukin cute fdjghsjfhksdaa
[ from cute girl from history :P ] : can't wait connie :)
and so the hand holding wasn't gross n u started dating
epic B)
no but fr let's talk abt your first date
connie did in fact pick you up
not at 9 tho
man overslept
but that was expected it's connie afterall T-T
also by 'pick up' i mean walk to your house so you could get a bus to wherever he was taking you
we poor out here bbys
i feel like connie is the type of mf to just take u on a rlly fukin long walk on the first date
but a cute one!!!!!
like he'd take you to walk down the river bank or smth n you guys get street food n just enjoy eachother
++ can't forget him making you to stupid pictures of him along the way
'it's for the memories y/n, to show our kids one day!'
'our what???????????'
quite possibly the least sexy food you could eat on the first date
.............it is connie afterall
but yeeeeeeeeeee
he'd drag you out for the whole day tbh by the end of it you'd be so mf tired
but happy!!! bc connie!!!!! :DDDDDDD
when ur abt to suggest going home he'd be like ay no i need to show u a spot ¬‿¬
connie if you try to take me to a crackhouse again i will shove my foot so far up your fukin ass you don't even know
he doesn't take you to a crackhouse again, instead he drags you up some fat hill
bae we dying today
pretty view!!! and you can watch the sunset together!!!!
maybe connie does know how to be romantic afterall
jk it was marco's idea but let's not mention that
'i like you'
'so i've heard'
connie b like >:((((((((((((((((
'are you.,.,. jus like/.,..,,., not gnna say it back???'
'i like you too i guess'
'you guess?????'
'shut up'
'make me ¬‿¬'
'shut up'
n that was that
but onto how dating connie would acc be like!!!!
i feel like it's v much like being bestfriend w extra steps
which i think are the best types of relationships lol but mayb that's just me
i don't see connie as the type to be overly into pda
maybe when he drinks or smokes he'd get more touchy in front of ppl
but i don't think he'd really go past hand holding or a peck here n there in public
but don't get me wrong all this mf does is show you off
n prolly tease u w it
in like a non sexual way pls im keeping this sfw
mmmmmmmm let's say you'd be in the library w jean n connie
where it all started :'))))
also a rare sight LMAOOO
n jean asks you to pick up a book for him or smth since you're closer to the shelf
connie would b like oH u want MY girlfriend to get you that huh? MY girlfriend jean, did you know y/n is MY-
at that point either u or jean would prolly lob smth at him
but yeah basically not that much pda but a lot of talk
does that make sense???????????????
or like he's kinda touchy as a friend anyway so it wouldn't go past that in public
i also feel like he'd always be trying to feed you????
mayb just bc he's friends w sasha n she requires that type of attention but he'd be bringing you snacks n stuff whenever you guys see eachother at school etc etc
i feel like one of his primary love languages would be gift giving idk
oh also random but !!!!!!!!!!!!! he loves it when u 'play' w his hair
so more like head massages??
if you'd be at the park or smth he'd just lay in your lap n make u massage his head
that kinda sounds weird but i hope u can understand what i mean ;;-;;
i also think he's more considerate than most ppl give him credit for
like yes he in feral 17 y/o who runs around the school hallway w juul in hand but !!!!!!!!! he does acc know how to use his head
like if you'd mention to him a place you wanted to go w him he'd try to remember and surprise you with it
even if he's not that good at surprises
i also just think he'd be quite observant n take note of your behaviours
in a non weird way
like he'd try to be rlly considerate of when you're upset or mood changes etc etc
basically what im saying is : connie best boy :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
o as an extra
i feel like he'd gush over u to his mum
like absolutely never shut up about you
tbh he'd never shut up abt you to anyone who asks or lets him talk abt it
he's just v proud to be your mans
n that's that :D
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four-rabbit · 10 months ago
My best friend died in the 90′
Ok, so, this is part of an ghost AU that I have and probably will be talking about in the future, where Virgil is a ghost and them and Remus are best friends, (this is not the main plot but anyway, like I said, I'll talk about it in later)
However, while this doesn't happen, please have this oneshot about Remus and Virgil meeting each other
Summary: Remus never had any friends, but that changed when he decided to go to the cemetery in the middle of the night, just to meet Virgil, a kid that besides being just as weird as Remus, happens to be dead.
(For a little bit of context: in this fanfic Remus comes from a family where eveyone can speak to ghosts, on his mom side, at least, but unlike Roman, Remus was never able to talk to a ghost before meeting Virgil)
Characters: Remus Sanders, Virgil sanders, mentions to Roman Sanders
Warnings: swearing (specifically a kid swearing), discussions of death, mentions of a fight and bullying.
Obs: in this au Virgil uses exclusively they/them pronouns and Remus uses he/it. This is not a genderbend version of Remus.
I've always been the weird child so it seemed appropriate that my first friend had been dead for more than a decade.
It's a funny story: I had gotten to another fight, I even lost a tooth that day and probably would have lost two if I hadn't run away the moment the fucking coward that called himself a bully invited his friends for help. I may be fast but I can only bite so many people at once.
I didn't want to go home because Roman would be worried and my parents would be angry, which was the usual, but getting bullied was also the usual, didn't mean that I couldn't get tired of it, that's why I decided to go to the cemetery I mean, why not? 
I knew I was far from my house because it took me less than ten minutes to reach it. My parents moved to as far as possible from there the moment Roman was born, the guy can't stand even getting closer to it, which I founded stupid at the time. I would give anything to have the stupid paranormal sensitivity that he was so afraid of instead of being the disappointment of the family.
Turns out he was right for being afraid. 
After a quick look I confirmed that there was no other living soul at the cemetery besides me, so I smiled and sat on the closest gravestone. Mom always said that we should respect the dead and their resting place or else they would teach us a lesson or whatever but I was fine with that because I had decided a long ago that If a ghost showed themself to me it would be the coolest freaking thing ever. I kicked the gravestone weakly, as if knocking on a door. That thought made me giggle as I imagined a ghost appearing in pajamas, angry at me for disturbing them that late at night. I kicked again, this time a little harder. 
"Stop that" someone mumbled besides me. I immediately got to my feet, thinking that the gravedigger had seen me but fortunately I didn't see an angry adult, but a kid. They were using a black hoodie and had equally dark hair falling on their face. They were pale as a dead body, fat and tall, basically the opposite of me, an unhealthily skinny latino little shit. I snorted.
"What are you gonna do about it?" I kicked the gravestone once more. They seemed startled, backing up a little. 
"You- you can see me?"
"Why wouldn't- OH MY GOD YOU'RE A GHOST?!" I screamed not even caring if someone could hear me. Virgil cared. 
"Sshh! I-" they seemed disconcerted but gave up with a sigh "Yes, I'm" 
"Oh! Holy shit! Is that your gravestone?! Is that why you appeared when I kicked it?!" I jumped in excitement, getting close to them to take a closer look at my most recent discovery. 
"No, I just don't think you should kick it. It's disrespectful" 
"Yeah, whatever! Oh my god I can't believe I'm seeing a ghost! Suck it, mom, I knew I could do it too!" I exclaimed to nothing in particular as if she could hear me. "What's your name?"
"No- look, I'm sorry, I didn't think you could see me, I just- I should go" they said in the classic "I want to get rid of you" that everyone used after talking to me for more than five minutes. I started to get desperate, this was my first time seeing a ghost, I wouldn't let them leave that easily.
"No, don't go! I promise that I'm cool! Sorry for kicking your friend's gravestone, I don't know, please stay!" I begged and I guess my irresistible cuteness touched their heart because they turned to look at me again.
"He's not my friend," Virgil explained. "Just an old ghost that doesn't like to be bothered." they looked down shyly and I thought that was cute. "My name is Virgil. What's yours?" 
"My name-" I always hated to tell people my deadname, I just didn't know why at the time "You can call me the Duke because my name is shit I really hate it y'know, it really sucks ass" They probably raised an eyebrow, it was hard to tell with all that hair failing on their face, but didn't say anything besides:
"Why not the duchess?"
"Because I don't want to" replied, crossing my arms as if challenging them to disagree. Virgil looked me up and down, processing my appearance. I was using dirty green legs, a black dress that my mom insisted that I wore for school and an old all star. Their eyes stopped at my face, with my bloody nose and the missing tooth. "What happened to your face?"
"Oh yeah I got into a fight! But it's cool, I'm not afraid of those assholes" now they seemed worried.
"Why did you get into a fight?"
"Just the usual, he stole my lunch, pushed me out of my bike, called me some bad words and I bit him. Y'know everyone thinks blood is so gross but I kinda like the taste." I looked at them, trying to see their reactions. I couldn't see their eyes but I'm sure they widened as Virgil got closer, saying in the same worried tone that Roman used:
"You should be careful! Have you told your parents?! Do you have any friends to walk with you? Or you could tell a teacher! No, forget it, teachers never help, at least not when I was alive. Is there anyone you can trust to protect you?"
"Wow, chill, I can take care of myself"
"I'm serious, Duke!" I rolled my eyes. I hated when people treated me as some fragile girl that couldn't take care of herself. Turned out I just hated that people treated me like a girl. 
"Why do you care? I just met you" 
"Because-" Virgil changed their mind mid phrase. Can't blame them, I wouldn't share my backstory and the reason I died that easily either if I was a ghost. "You seem nice, I don't want you to get hurt" I don't think anyone had ever called me nice by that time. Weird, gross, disturbing, problem child, ungracious I had always heard, but nice was new, even Roman just called me "cool" or "brave" at best. So, of course, I got defensive. 
"Hm. Want me to tell you what he, Peter by the way, is the name of the asshole, yeah, he's a big asshole, what Peter and his friends called me?!" Again, Virgil barely reacted to my swearing and I was starting to get frustrated, it was always an easy way to get some fun reactions, especially from adults.
"Not really…" as they would learn in the years that followed, that kind of phrase rarely stopped me from speaking. 
"He called me a bitch! That's when I bit him, actually, he was like, listen here you little bitch and he pointed his finger at my face and I bit it and I almost ripped it off I swear!" I looked at them, waiting for their reaction, already imagining what it would be. I was young but I had lived enough to mainly aim for negative responses just because they were better than no response at all. Virgil stayed in silence for longer than I wanted which was like the most boring response. 
"How old are you, Duke?"
"I'm going to be nine in three months! How old are you?"
"I died when I was ten." 
"Cool! I was never friends with an older kid!" I was never friends with anyone besides Roman, but anyway. "I mean, you're my friend, right?" They didn't answer immediately, but then Virgil opened a smile and probably decided they were going to protect that little chaotic gremlin.
"Yeah, I guess I’m.”
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spectracully · a year ago
crash the crush.
Tumblr media
pairings : senior student!xiaojun x sophomore student!reader warnings : profanity, underage drinking, mentions of drugs genre : fluff, a bit of crack? highschool!au word count : 4.3k
summary : what are the odds of crashing into your crush during the neighborhood-friendly run and mutual friends party?
You were pissed off when your mum said you need to work your lazy ass off. Well, if it's on the summer break, you'll most likely agree with her. But it's only the weekend, and you've been studying your ass off these days. A lazy weekend is something you earned, but your mum decided to rain on your lazy parade.
With all those groans and deep sighs, you storm off your house wearing your workout gear. Not much, only a windbreaker jacket paired with shorts and running shoes. Popping your airpods on both of your ears to blast some jams, you take some light jogging steps on your neighborhood. It's only 4.30 pm, and kinda windy, why the fuck are you doing this? That's right, because mum literally compared you to your neighbor's daughter, Giselle, who recently won a karate tournament. Now mum won't even shut up how much she wants an active daughter, not the lazy one. Yikes.
Back to the streets by Saweetie & Jhene Aiko plays, and you hear a message notification on your airpods. Still on your light jogs, you glance at the notification.
yeri<3 : yo yeri<3 : wyd
You stop jogging for a while to write your bestfriend back. It's saturday, she's probably asking you to hangout along with the gang. Yeri gets easily bored at home and in constant need of hanging out.
y/n : running  💃 💃 💃 y/n : mum said i need to be giselle
You continue your pace while waiting for her reply. You can see your neighborhood clearly now, seeing the details, since you always go to school in a sleepy state, not really noticing the environment, and also going home from school mostly sleeping in your brother's car.
The notification rings again. It must be Yeri.
yeri<3 : bitch thats a dancing emoji yeri<3 : running in a weather like this? yeri<3 : damn straight u wanna be giselle
You chuckle as you’re about to type the messages once more, the weather is fine, what the hell is she talking about? But then Yeri is still typing. 
yeri<3 : n e ways yeri<3 : party at lucas' 8pm yeri<3 : be there or be fucking square 💀 💀 💀
You sigh. There she goes. No other option than tag along with her, but it's not like you hate it anyway. Lucas' party is always awesome, you and your friends also will get a VIP pass because he's a good friend of yours too, despite the fact that you're not even in the same grade as him, he's one year above you and Yeri.
y/n : weather is nice dont jinx it y/n : fine but pick me up y/n : cuz doyoung won't let me drive his car
You send the messages to Yeri to prove her the weather is fine, and indicates that you agree to go to Lucas' house tonight, it's a great night to probably get wasted after all those tiring run mum decided to toss on you. It's gonna be fun, anyways. But the thing about hanging out with Lucas and his senior friends.. You might've developed a big fat crush with one of Lucas' closest friends, Xiaojun. 
You barely had an interaction with him, though, because he's usually the quiet and calm one in Lucas' closest friends group. Lucas himself is already so fucking loud, not to mention Hendery, the good-looking clown and moodmaker. There's also Jungwoo, the one who looks very calm but actually won't shut up once you talk to him. Mark too, the giggly one with some lame jokes. Well, going to Lucas' party tonight means you can see Xiaojun, probably getting the chances that you'll have some interaction over some boozes or something is also quite high.
After feeling all warmed up, you decide to give yourself a run around the block. Yeri's right, it's a funny weather to run. It's windy, but the more you stay outside, the cloud is getting darker and darker. You also knew that you're not really alone, who's doing this athletic bullshit in this kind of weather, you noticed that a boy is also doing this silly run when you were typing messages to Yeri. Probably just another neighbor's child being scolded by his mum of how Giselle is so athletic that his mum also wants an active son? Welp, you didn't see his face anyway, you were glued to the phone when you saw the figure running from the side.
It's not even a minute after you started running, Yeri already replied again. Is she really that bored that she doesn't have anything to do?
yeri<3 : ok i'll pick u up at 7 yeri<3 : um.. its fucking raining, y/n yeri<3 : go home and take a shower yeri<3 : pick ur clothes and put on some makeup instead yeri<3 : its saturday night, activate your hoe protocol yeri<3 : mr xiaojun is going to be there tonight
You stop running and stare at her messages. Raining? Is she drunk or what? It's not even 5pm yet and here she is, hallucinating-
Oop. There it goes. You feel some water drops on your head. Your hand. It was slow at first, but then the raindrops are getting harder and harder, it's pouring. 
"Motherfu-" you let out a curse, you should've trusted Yeri on this. As an intuitive homo sapiens with XX chromosomes, you scan through the streets, looking for some shelter to wait the rain to stop. Spotting a bus stop with a large steel canopy, you run like your life depended on it, avoiding the rain.
Finally arriving, you sigh and sit on the installed chair, typing messages to Yeri.
y/n : omg bitch ur right its raining y/n : should've pretended im dead in my room so mum wont bug me y/n : u know what after the rain ends im gonna sprint back home and take a fucking shower y/n : the universe doesnt like it when im trying to be giselle, it gave me rain instead
You sigh as you shuffle through your playlist, looking for some fun jams to pass your time through the rain, when somebody suddenly approaches you.
"Hi, do you mind if I take a seat here?" a boy asks, pointing to the chair next to you. You look up, and suddenly the next thing you wanna do is ascend your soul the fuck out of your body to the sky. 
Oh boy. It's Xiaojun. The boy you won't shut up about. He’s wearing a white loose tank and grey sweatpants, drenched in his own sweat. Oh god. This is truly an attack for you. What the fuck is he doing here? And why must you meet him at your mess like being all salty because of those running fiasco and the rain? While wearing your not-so-fashionable workout gear and not-so-tidy ponytails? Oh god.
You can feel your heart is about to explode when you realize that he is actually the person who is also doing the stupid running at this very weather, you just didn't notice it sooner because you were on your damn phone. Damn, mum was right, everything happened because you were always on your damn phone.
"No, of course! Take a seat!" you answer him, trying your best to crack your sweetest smile although it's more like sweatiest not sweetest.
He smiles back at you, taking a seat next to you, then his eyes get back to his phone, completely glued. Damn this is the only cardio that is worth it, no running, no jumping, no huff that huff this, only sitting next to Xiaojun on a rainy day on a bus stop. Wonderful.
You quickly whip up the messaging app to type all kinds of gibberish and send it to Yeri. She knows what shit is about to go down when you speak gibberish to her.
Lucky you, Yeri has nothing to do than respond to your messages, she stays put on the chat room.
yeri<3 : ASKJSJSKSK WHAT yeri<3 : HOW
y/n : KAHSKSJKS omg bitch y/n : i was sheltering myself from the goddamn rain y/n : im in bus stop rn y/n : this angel came to accompany me y/n : HE WAS RUNNING TOO OMG y/n : omg yeri just so u know if im not there when u pick me up y/n : its bc im in church getting married with my man xiaojun
yeri<3 : BITCH OMG SKSKSKSKK yeri<3 : GET MARRIED RN yeri<3 : WAIT dont waste the chance yeri<3 : talk to him rn!!!
You swear you're about to scream when Yeri sends that. She was actually right, this is your chance to talk to him, considering that you didn't really interact that much with him. But really? He didn't even say a word when he sat, probably didn't even remember your name? The disappointment slowly gets into your head.
You freeze on the spot. torn between wanting to talk to him and just let it slide, you'll see him again tonight as Lucas' house, right?
Just when you decide to give up and not say a word, he turns his head to you.
"Hey, I didn't know you live in this neighborhood too," he starts.
Oh god. If every time your heart beats fast you get a dollar, you'd probably have your own private island by now.
You try to play it cool when actually on the inside you wanna scream I LIKE YOU to his face rn. "Oh? Oh yes, my house is number 13." you answer calmly,
He cracks a smile, “13? You’re Doyoung’s little sister?”
Oh god. What the fuck is this clownery? He knows Doyoung? Why and how? At this rate you just wanna evaporate to the rain, what if Doyoung actually knows that you liked Xiaojun and he spills it? Oh god. 
You smile back at him, holding the panic you’ve been keeping since he mentioned Doyoung’s name. “Yep. I’m his sister.”
“Oh god, why didn’t I notice that earlier? I could’ve taken care of you at school!” he exclaims, and you sure you just wanna evaporate to the rain. Him? Taking care of you at school? YES PLEASE!
You let out a small giggle, trying to be as calm as possible when in reality you’re very sure you just wanna melt like a goddamn popsicle on a hot summer day. “So, how do you know my brother, actually?”
He laughs a bit, wiping away the sweat on his forehead. Oh god, he’s just so beautiful. “Well.. Doyoung and I used to be a dynamic duo in the school's choir, until he graduated.”
Oh, that. Doyoung is pretty serious about his career in the school’s choir, but you did not expect that Xiaojun is actually a part of it. Of course, he has the face of an angel, the voice is included.
“Now I know why Doyoung never let me come to his house. Turns out he has a cute- I mean, h-he has a sister, and that’s you! M-Maybe he’s afraid I’ll bother you or s-something.” he continues, stuttering a bit, and letting out an awkward laugh. You laugh again, feeling the blood rushing to your cheeks that you can’t hide no more. DID HE JUST SAY DOYOUNG HAS A CUTE SISTER? DID HE JUST SAY YOU’RE CUTE? DID HE-
But then, good things always come to an end. The goddamn rain stops. Oh fuck, no more chitter chatter with the dear crush. Just when it is the fucking time you need to hear the goddamn wedding bells, the rain decided to stop on your rain parade. Fuck.
He looks up, and seems like noticing the rain has stopped. “Well, Y/n. Lucas is having a party tonight, are you coming?”
You can feel your cheeks are still heating from his words, you shyly nod to him. Welp, maybe the rain has stopped, but this stupid crush? No. It goes on. Very much.
He stands up, straightening his white loose tank, getting ready to probably sprint back home. “Okay. See you tonight then, I’m going home. Have a good run!” he says as he walks away from the bus stop, leaving you dumbfounded. And lovestruck. That’s a win, alright.
Xiaojun slowly fades away from your view, and you’re still drowning on your pool of love. Yep, that’s it. You can’t even hold it, you quickly dial Yeri’s number to break out the news.
“What is it, Y/n? You literally left me on read for like 14 minutes straight and now you-”
“YERI LISTEN I’M GETTING MARRIED TONIGHT AND THAT’S A FUCKING FACT!” you shout to the phone, you can picture Yeri is probably goggling out her eyes right now.
“Girl, just because Xiaojun just asked you why the fuck were you running at times like this it doesn’t mean-”
“HE CALLED ME CUTE!” you blurted out,cutting her sentences for the second time,
“-you’re getting married- WHAT?? HE CALLED YOU WHAT?” Yeri yelled from the phone, now it’s pretty clear that Yeri is probably jumping her ass off right now.
You sprint your way to home, while holding your phone to your ears, continuing to give Yeri the details about the bus stop conversation you had earlier. Now she’s just yelling at you to pick the right dress and pamper yourself up, the probability you’ll marry Xiaojun at Lucas’ party is increasing. Sure it does.
It’s 11.28 PM, 3 hours and a half since you and Yeri just arrived at Lucas’ house, escaping from Doyoung’s warning to you, to get back in one piece, and most importantly, sober. As if you’re gonna leave Lucas’ house sober, that’s funny, alright. You and Yeri were greeted by Yangyang and Donghyuck, who are currently setting up the table for snacks and drinks. That was probably the first time you saw Donghyuck ever setting up something, because if not, Jungwoo would’ve set his ass on fire.
The party madness has started, seems like everybody already has enough alcohol running on their system. Lucas is already losing his shirt and starts twerking in the middle of his house along with Jaemin and Jungwoo. Ah yes, the thot trio already started their thing, and all you have to do is just stay back and avoid getting dragged to the dance mess, because the chance of Jungwoo and Jaemin will start grinding at you is kinda high right now.. Considering their.. Twerking fiasco.
You sit back on the couch and watch your friends getting crazy over the playlist Yangyang made just for this event, sipping on your cocktails that Donghyuck put god-knows-what in it, he said it’s just cherry juice mixed with gin and brandy, but somehow it tastes kinda citrusy. You glance to the right, only to see Yeri making out with some random guy (probably one of Lucas’ friends named Changbin but oh well, that’s Yeri’s business).
Slightly grossed out and sad because apparently you’re not making out with Xiaojun right now, you make your way to the patio, and find the crowd that circle around a spinning bottle. Interested, you join Jeno, Mark, Renjun, Yeji, Hyunjin, Sungchan, Karina, Vernon, Hendery, and of course, the (hottest) most important person right now, Xiaojun.
“Welcome! As a newly joined member.. Truth or dare?” Jeno greets you as you take a seat between Mark and Sungchan. Well, you’d love to sit beside Xiaojun, but apparently, that seat is already taken by Hendery and Vernon.
You silently glance at Xiaojun, who is wearing a denim jacket with light-yellow knit top underneath, paired with white trousers. Damn, he looks so damn good that you wanna cry a river.
Your head comes back to the question Jeno asked. Today’s your day, be bold or bald. It’s time. “Well, I’m not gonna put my drunk antics to waste. Dare then.” you answer boldly, earning a few ‘ooooh’s from your friends.
Jeno snickers. Well, fuck. Guess you’re a bit too damn bold tonight, the realization suddenly hits you like a fucking trainwreck, Jeno is kinda extreme for games like this. Wrong choice, y/n. You gulp as you wait for Jeno to come up with something.
“I dare you to kiss Xiaojun!” Jeno exclaims, clapping both of his hands like a goddamn happy seal. Mark and Hendery are high-fiving right now, throwing whistles around Xiaojun, who is silent as a fucking rock.
Oh god. Things you’ve said about not putting your drunk antics to waste should’ve stayed in that goddamn draft. This is where Jeno takes you, even though you’re secretly happy that you finally get to kiss your goddamn crush, that shit is EMBARRASSING. If you wanna evaporate to the waters, then it’s probably the right time to do it.
But why Xiaojun though? Is your big fat crush on him too obvious?
You freeze on the spot as you awkwardly smile and stare at Jeno. This shit can’t be real. Jeno is goddamn crazy. You can feel the air is getting hot, whether it’s because the alcohol starts kicking in, or just because the blood is rushing through your head.
“Scared, aren’t you?” Jeno taunts you, sipping his beer as the rest of the group laugh except you and Xiaojun, who is currently staring at you with a questionable expression. Is he pleased? Or is he pissed? Oh god.
“I-I’m not!” you answer him, leaning to Xiaojun, gulping once more before asking him, “You’re okay with this though?”
Xiaojun smirks, “How can I say no to you?” he asks back, accompanied by a few ‘ayyy~’ from the boys, sending butterflies to your stomach. Your face is probably as red as a tomato by now.
Good god. Is this the same Xiaojun who is quiet, calm, and collected among his friends? Why suddenly he is so bold? Oh, he’s probably just drunk and won’t remember this kiss anyway.. You lean closer to him, closing the gap between his face and yours by sealing the kiss. His lips are soft yet firm, almost like a grape jelly you had earlier this afternoon, with a hint of vodka, of course.
After a few seconds, you finally pull out and linger your eyes on him. It’s beautiful, and mesmerizing. You just wish that you can see it again, and only for you, no one else. As you get back to your seat, you take one more last glance at him, that is currently also glancing at you, with his cheeks red.
Okay. You definitely heard the wedding bells, thanks Jeno. That’s probably one of your dreams, and thanks to Jeno, it came true. But unfortunately, Xiaojun probably won’t feel the same, or worse, he’ll probably forget about it tomorrow.
Everyone claps, exchanging happy exclaims and cheers as if you just said ‘I do’ to Xiaojun lol, when in reality, you were just doing the dare Jeno gave you. You gulp bitterly as the game goes on and on.
It’s an hour past midnight, 1.12 AM to be exact. Thank god you’re not that shitfaced, but Yeri is. She is not even capable of doing anything anymore except being all smiley and shit, Changbin already drove her home like fifteen minutes ago, leaving you behind in Lucas’ lair. You suddenly felt the urge to thank god that Yeri made a fantastic decision last minute before picking you up, she used a taxi instead of driving. If she hadn’t, you’re probably stuck driving her home right now.
You scan through the house while leaning through the stair railings, looking for an easy target to get a free ride. Finally spotted your friends, you now have 3 choices : Donghyuck (who is currently seducing some random girl), Yangyang (who is now playing mobile games with Jaemin and Chenle), or Mark (who recently just hit a goddamn blunt, but he’s very capable to drive).
You sip your glass of water, making up your mind for your ride home. But then, suddenly someone taps on your shoulder.
“Do you wanna go home? Like, right now? I can drive you- I mean, our house is like, near.” you hear Xiaojun speaking to you, holding his car keys on his left hand.
Good gracious, is this even real? Like, Xiaojun, is actually asking you to go home with him? Is this real? Or are you just hallucinating from the goddamn weed you take 10 minutes ago from Lucas?
You stare at him blankly. He bit his lip, “I mean- If you wanna stay longer- or probably-”
“Yes, of course! Let’s go.” you smile at him, cutting off his words.
3 times in a day. Good job, Y/n! The wedding is up ahead!
He smiles and gives you a gesture, “Ladies first.”
The drive is not as awkward as you thought. Turns out, Xiaojun is full of surprise though, you nearly choked when he said he once formally apologized to Doyoung before he stood up to defend the dignity of Mint Chocolate Chip flavored ice cream. It’s delightful to find out that he has similar tastes as you, from ice cream flavor to music and school subjects.
Xiaojun also told you the reason why he was on the run earlier, he was bored. Damn, look at it, the difference between a forced daughter whose mum wants an active child, and a bored model-student. He said he didn’t expect to see you because he was embarrassed, he was drenched in sweat.
You can feel the butterflies on your stomach grow wilder and wilder from every word he said, or maybe it’s just the way he smiles when he talks to you? Welp, if it’s anything to do with Xiaojun, you’ll most likely get butterflies.
Just when you thought he was drunk, he is not. He’s capable of driving you home and carrying on some fun convos, also remembering little things. So.. perhaps, he is not going to forget the kiss you shared because of Jeno’s dare?
As you keep on exchanging conversation with him, suddenly it’s time to get off his car and get back to your house, get ready to deal with Doyoung’s nags and scolds for getting home this late.
You giggle as you take the seat belt off, smiling at the brown haired boy.
“Thank you for driving me home, Xiaojun. It was fun.” you say to him, waving him goodbye as you open the door. He smiles and waves back at you.
Just when you’re about to open the gate of your house, you hear the sound of slamming car doors. You turn around and see Xiaojun standing in front of you, eyes sparkling like a goddamn star. Unfortunately, it’s not Christmas.. If it is, all you want for Christmas is to stare at Xiaojun’s beautiful eyes all day, and probably get married to him.
“Um.. Y/n.. I don’t know how to say this but.. The kiss you gave me earlier, it’s kinda..” he starts, smiling sheepishly.
Oh god, what now? It’s kinda what? Gross? You swear you’ll kill Jeno if you hear that from Xiaojun.
You gaze at him as you wait for him to complete his sentences.
“It’s kinda.. Making me feel.. Things.” he finally continues, rubbing the back of his neck while looking away from you, flustered. It’s pretty cute.
You giggle at him a little, the butterflies come back, or maybe they never even left?
“Don’t laugh, Y/n. I’m being honest, I was pretty embarrassed to run into you during sheltering, and now you’re laughing at me for-”
You let out a big laugh before you pull him to another kiss. This one is a bit longer, more passionate and intimate, unlike the one you had before. He cups your cheek as you feel him smiling during the kiss.
“I’m sorry if I invaded your privacy- but your fast typing was very.. Intriguing.. I might’ve seen you texting Yeri at the bus stop.” he giggles after you pull out from the kiss.
Yikes. You feel like you’re about to burst now. He saw you texting Yeri? What kind of clownery is this? Did he see you typing- oh god, that’s too embarrassing to remember.
“No! That’s too embarrassing!” you cover your face, he laughs once more.
“Now, which church are we going to? I’m pretty sure you said we’re getting married tonight, right?” he takes your hands off your face, grinning widely.
You pout and lightly hit him, only to be attacked by his hugs a second later. Aww, finally, dreams do come true. You stay on his embrace for a few more minutes, no talking, just comfortable silence and realization that you’re on Xiaojun’s arms right now.
You glance at your watch, Doyoung would be furious by now. Telling him that you really have to go before Doyoung can rise from his sleep and beat your ass, you finally wave goodbye to him as he gets back to his car.
Finally entering the house, you’re greeted by Doyoung who’s standing in front of you, holding a bowl of salad on his right hand.
“So, kissing Xiaojun in front of my salad?” he raises his eyebrow.
You stick out your tongue as you make your way upstairs. Technically, not in front of Doyoung’s salad, because the door was closed. He’s probably looking through the window, such a nosy brother. You laugh at the thought of Doyoung getting furious while eating his salad as you get a message.
Xiaojun : so, see you at school? Xiaojun : can’t wait to hold your hand on monday ;)
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tabitha2 · 15 days ago
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