nothingbutloveforyou · a day ago
need one of those hugs that allow you to relax your muscles and feel the tension leave from your body before you press yourself further into their arms. one of those hugs that make you feel safe even if it’s just for that moment
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thewingedmuse · a day ago
a heart of gold 💛
throughout our lives, each of us has left our unique footprints in the world.
we are not perfect. sometimes we make mistakes, mess things up. but at the end of the day, we are just people trying to do good with what we have.
the good things we have done might be trivial. a pat on someone's shoulder, an encouragement, a helping hand.
or it might be life-changing. sometimes all you need to do to touch a heart is to be willing to listen.
let this reading show you the good things you've done or inspired, so that you know that you too, are a light in the world.
Pick-a-Pile — “The good you've done or inspired”
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Pile 1 🌻 Pile 2
Pile 3 🌿 Pile 4
Pile 1
Cards: Transformation, Shine from Within
You're likely someone who enjoys complimenting others and are not shy to talk about what you like about them. You do so in an encouraging, sincere way that is very heartwarming. People love your energy because you feel so familiar in a big sister/brother/sibling way. They can't help but be drawn to you. Your presence is a fountain of comfort. You embrace the differences in others without hesitation, fully accepting them with love. You are a very genuine person, people see it in your smile, your actions and your words. They can see that you are genuinely interested to learn about them and help them in what ways you can.
You might have a soft voice or like to speak in a softer, but firm tone. People can hear the smile in your voice, they instantly feel calmer when they hear you speak. You might have a job where you use your voice a lot and you are excellent at that. You carry yourself in an assertive but fluid manner like a serene pond blessed with soft rays of the morning sun. You inspire kindness in people. Your actions and the love you made them feel teach them why kindness is important. It is in your heart always, and it shines outwards in rays so beautiful and bright. At the end of their days, people would still remember you and how you made them feel.
You are an artistic person. You like to express yourself with art and singing. I specifically hear acapella. You might perform on stage sometimes. It is your passion. Your performances and your artwork touch people's hearts so much. You put your heart into creating and people see that. They see your sincerity and what you are wanting to express through your creations. They are intrigued about you and want to see just how such visions form in you and what you are inspired by when you create such pieces. They feel so much sweetness and warmth when they gaze upon what you made. You inspire some to take up what you do. They view you as an example and a reason to continue pursuing art or singing. If I can describe in colours the exact feelings they have for you, it would a night sky splashed with blue, green and pink fireworks. The fireworks look like watercolour splashes, for with your softness you inspire softness in others too.
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Pile 2
Cards: Light, Music
Your energy is interesting - it is soft like leaves that rustle in the wind, it is strong like trees that have stood for thousands of years - unrelenting to the elements. You remind me of a wood nymph, you might enjoy nature, very earth-aligned. Your essence is one to be savoured softly and patiently, for it runs through the woods like a fairy's laughter, and hums the most nostalgic songs like the oldest oak trees.
You are always generous with the time on your hands. You enjoy guiding others with what you know. You might be an experienced person in circles you join so you have plenty of opportunities to encounter newbies new to what you do. You are wise and patient, never arrogant or selfish. You speak to those willing to listen. You have a temper in you that you don't often show, yet those who know you deeply can read the signs of your annoyance just by the edge in your tone, the huff under your breath, even your quickening pace.
You are like a mother hen to those you love. You are protective, practical and nurturing. Those who come under your wing will learn to respect you wholeheartedly and listen to what you say because they know they can trust you. You always look put together, always have the “I know what I'm doing” vibe even though you might be a little messy here and there. You like to write notes and to-do lists just so you can be more organised.
You're an excellent cook. People love that they can taste their home in your food. You are a very warm, hospitable person and this translates to your cooking. People are amazed with how you're able to keep your cool in all situations, and how you always manage to give the soundest advice. You are a shelter for people who need one, and a well of assurance for people who find comfort in your friendship. They know they can count on you.
All of the above was read from the Light card. As I gaze at the Music card the energy is totally different from Light, which is surprising. I feel like I'm reading for an entirely different person/group. This energy is like walking into a dense and dark forest that stretches on and on, where strange flickers of light whisper across, a sweet scent of anticipation lingers in the air. Far away, I hear tribal music and merry dancing. Now it dawns on me that this is your shadow self coming through. If the above resonates with you, I'm interested to know if the rest below does.
Your soul is old, tinged with the merriment of your past lives/selves. You are the wildfire that never rests, your laughter drums the ever-growing sense of adventure. You might have an old soul but your spirit is so young and bold! This essence is so ingrained in you that it is the driving force behind your enthusiasm for all things that make you feel alive. You inspire people to throw every doubt behind and just celebrate life as it is, chasing after what gives life a purpose. This drive is what sets you apart. Your passion is so contagious, you give people an unconscious ❗ in their hearts as soon as they encounter you! Life is truly amazing with you in it.
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Pile 3
Cards: Hidden Depths, Protection
I'm seeing a lot of lush green energy, incense and the act of honouring nature. You might be a spiritual person; your energy smells like the meeting of a meadow with the ocean. You are a breath of fresh air to people around you. They find you magnetic and otherworldly, there is just something ethereal about you that they can't pinpoint. You have a gentle soul, but you are far from fragile. You have an iron heart that opens up like a flower, because while you are a strong person who has endured many hardships, you still believe in kindness. You are sincere with people. You might feel that you put on a mask with even your closest friends though. This is because while you love them wholeheartedly, you have a problem opening up emotionally to people. It feels like there's a bridge between your heart and others', it is difficult to put your feelings into words. You're also afraid that they wouldn't understand what you feel. You don't want your heart broken, you'd rather enjoy the mysterious shroud you have on you. There are layers upon layers in your heart. Sometimes you wish for a listener but most of the time you find comfort in your solitude. You have very accurate intuition, so much so that people are shocked by just how much you know.
You feel the wanderlust so much. Sometimes you just want to disappear into the woods a little and live your best life there. Who cares about the real world? You might not realise it but many find your dreaminess very freeing. You feel very childlike and simple in the best of ways. You make people realise that it's okay to slow down and enjoy the sunset a little more, indulge in their happiness, be more in the moment. You are a very good listener; your friends and even strangers find it easy to speak their heart to you. You are gentle and nonjudgmental. They feel safe in your tenderness. Some of them - your closest friends/family - just hope that you can feel safe in theirs too.
In the past, you have always been at the right place at the right time to help others, whether it is sending them what they need, returning a lost object, giving your opinion or just being there with them. They want to thank you. They say that you are a rare gem, that if it weren't for you they'd surely not be able to be where they are now. This feels so sincere and heartfelt. For some of you, I feel that they've been able to thank you in person and you still keep in contact even to this day. For some of you they weren't able to reach you but they constantly keep their gratitude in their heart. I see a phone, flowers, a letter box and a bicycle (?). They might have wanted to reach out to you but you have moved.
I also see pregnancy and delivering a baby. You might be a nurse, and this person who wants to thank you have been your patient.
You are a healer. You wish for the best for others. Your energy is healing and comforting to be around. Animals love you so much. You have helped many unknowingly just by wishing them well or having a lot of love or sympathy for them. Some of you work in the medical field where you're able to give physical healing. Your heart is wise, true and kind, Pile 3. I can feel your love radiating through you. There is a hint of lingering sadness though, like you're not sure where to go, or whether you should stay. You're not sure what to choose. What does your heart say? You can't think for others all the time. This is the chance to pursue your happiness, it's the right thing to prioritise your own happiness and well-being. If you still feel lost, simply go where you wish to be. I wish you a lot of love and happiness.
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Pile 4
Cards: Life Energy, Flourish, Abundance
Right away I get regal energy from this pile. You shine so brightly, you are like a pearl among your peers. They see you as a role model, a dream, a golden standard to aspire to. You are a trendsetter. Popularity is something that comes natural to you because of your charm and leadership qualities. You embody the energy of the sun and the flowers that thrive under it. You glow with fierceness, chasing after your goals like a hunter/huntress. Once you've decided on a goal, you set your mind to win it, not try to. You're like a lion/lioness. Few could emulate your talents and confidence because they originate from your core identity. You are not only an excellent leader who leads by example and action, you also inspire others to release their inner power. They learn so much from you just by observing you. Even after they stop seeing you you stay on their minds as an inspiration and a constant reminder to never give themselves up. You inspire people to set higher standards for themselves. You might be blunt and some might have their feelings hurt because you tell what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Regardless, those who see you as inspiration will take after your strength.
The Flourish card gives me green finger energy. I sense three things from it; you might resonate with any of these. I feel that some of you are excellent with plants. What you plant blooms beautifully. The Fae are drawn to your energy and like to linger by your garden. You feel very energetically aligned with them and they see you as someone curious they'd like to befriend, if not just "hang out" as garden neighbours hehe. Honey seems to be significant here. They enjoy it very much.
For others of you, you carry the essence of the lotus. This plant grows from the mud untainted. It symbolises inner strength, blossoming beautifully against a harsh upbringing or environment, and choosing to speak your truth. For yet others of you, the heartbreak that lingers in your heart is coming to an end soon. You are healing, you are making progress that nobody but you see. I would like to give you a hug! The bad times are over. You are much stronger in spirit, and much softer in heart. Your eyes might well up with tears but vulnerability is one of your greatest strengths. You feel so deeply and so honestly. Did you know that when people gaze in your eyes they see your softness and strength at the same time? You are one to marvel at because you feel and love so deeply. You already have great friends by your side, and soon more true friends will come along. They will see the real you and they will cherish you. They won't give up on you. These are friendships that last for a lifetime.
Now onto the third card. You are so amazingly good at manifestation. You need only hold your intent, it's like your magic wand so to speak. You know how to turn your desires into reality. You have an innate sense of the dynamics between the mental and the physical. You are forward thinking and you see the far future, not just the near. You don't hold onto instant gratification. You value your long term investments. Others appreciate your sharp eye. They trust what you speak. They are confident when you take the lead. A word of advice for those who feel less confident: cliché, yes, but don't let your self doubt dim your shine.
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a-witch-named-crow · 2 days ago
Genuinely kind people don't get enough credit. People seem to think that being nice is just a personality trait, but it's actually a commitment to treat people well, even when it's hard. It's not just being nice to the people you like.
It's choosing to be kind to people when you're in a bad mood, or when they're being annoying.
It's choosing to be kind to people who your friends don't like.
It's choosing to be kind to people who you don't particularly like.
It's choosing to be kind to people who you envy.
I'm not saying that you can't be a kind person and stand up for yourself, or tell someone to fuck off when they're doing something genuinely harmful, but there are a million petty reasons people use to justify treating people badly.
It is a conscious choice, made over and over, often several times a day, to treat people with kindness and respect, even when they make it hard. So appreciate the consistently kind people in your life, because they work hard to be that way, and they really don't have to.
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sunflowerspacesoup · 2 days ago
Daily reminder that people dont inherently hate you. A change in tone or response does not mean that they automatically dislike you or are bothered by you. You are okay, you are not a burden. Breathe
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jrich103 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happiness is not a goal...it's a by-product of a life well-lived.
— Eleanor Roosevelt
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ask-the-six-human-souls · 2 days ago
(Mun ask)
Originally their was going to be a pink soul until eventually it got scrapped from the game and I was wondering what would pink soul act in your au maybe they'd be like a Goner since Goners are based on cut content
Tumblr media
((Oh wow! I didn't know that!
I'm not sure how they would act...if I knew what the orginal soul trait was for the pink soul, I could come up with something. Though I wonder if it was orginally going to be the color for the Bravery, Justice, or Kindness soul.
Probably it was the orginal color for one of those three, since those are the only souls not drawn in the picture. I would assume it would have been Kindness, since pink is not a very tough color to match with Bravery's items. Plus, pink is a softer color, and usually symbolises good things. So the Kindness trait might have orginally been pink, not green. At least, thats what I think. Who knows!
I guess they could be a Goner, but more than likely I'd just make them another kid since I think there are different soul colors for different soul traits. Most likely they'd have something close to Determination (since Determination is red, and pink is a lighter red) or Kindness. Like maybe Passion, or something along that line! So theyd probably act similar to Kaden or Frisk if I were to give them any kind of personality :)
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prettypositivity · 3 months ago
I hope my mom heals from the things she doesn’t talk about
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tikkety-tok · 4 months ago
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thepeacefulgarden · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
And stop comparing how well you handle what's on your plate with how other people handle what's on their plates, too.
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nothingbutloveforyou · 22 days ago
someone who wants you and shows it >>>
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ninotbh · 5 months ago
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becherdireinen · 2 months ago
When you are attracted to people, it’s because of the details. Their kindness. Their eyes. The fact that they make you laugh when you need it the most.
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chibird · 4 months ago
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The feeling when someone gives you the better mug. 🥺
Chibird store | Positive pin club | Webtoon
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featheredadora · 4 months ago
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My favourite positivity birds from 2021!
Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed my art this year - it’s been a tough year, but we all made it! I hope 2022 brings kindness, peace, and joy for us all!
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kedreeva · 2 months ago
Every act of kindness matters. It matters, it matters it, it matters. We are all starfish on this beach, and it matters, and those times when you think surely it can't and yet you choose kindness anyway, the starfish you are gently lobbing into salvation is yourself. Choosing kindness matters.
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akindplace · 4 months ago
Remember that you must allow people to love you, to be kind to you, to help you. Not everyone is going to be toxic for you, some people just genuinely want to be a part of your life, but you to feel all this love coming your way, you have to believe you deserve it. Let people love you. Let them look out for you, care for you, don't push them away. Let them stay.
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the-inspiring-quotes · 5 months ago
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prettypositivity · 2 months ago
normalize removing yourself from situations and distancing yourself from people that aren’t good for your mental health
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anniespositivity · 2 months ago
I will never truly understand why people choose to be mean, condescending, racist, unsupportive and so, so negative when the world is already falling apart. We need more love, we need more positivity, we need more kindness. And if you, dear reader, have said or done something nice for someone else (or even yourself) today, I want to remind you that you have made the world a better place. We need more people like you. We need people who choose peace; we need people who choose love; we need people who choose kindness. Thank you for being a light. You are a star.
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nothingbutloveforyou · 25 days ago
you will always be enough for the right person
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