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When an acquaintance of mine showed me “A Song About An Anglerfish,” I laughed for about twenty minutes. This acquaintance and I had known each other for almost 14 years, and had once been close friends, but we’d had a falling out when he was going through some awful shit that I didn’t know about.

After the anglerfish video, we had something to talk about that was completely separate from our awkward past. I watched about half of the rest of the Vlogbrothers videos with him in the following weeks, and soon other vague friends began watching them with us during our free time. By the time the school year ended, we had a solid little group of people, all brought together by our interest in humor and knowledge.

I had, for the first time in a long time, found a group of people who I wanted to impress with my kindness and wisdom instead of my looks or skills. They, along with Hank and John, taught me how to be a far better person.

-Alfie (sometimes-an-onion.tumblr)

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KINDNESS FARBSEITEN, Freundlichkeit Aktivitäten, Freundlichkeit Zitate Poster

KINDNESS FARBSEITEN, Freundlichkeit Aktivitäten, Freundlichkeit Zitate Poster

Freundlichkeit Malvorlagen Aktivitäten | Güte … von Ripple Kindness Project for Schools | Lehrer bezahlen Lehrer


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Truth!! Never underestimate a southern girl - do not mistake my kindness for wea…

Truth!! Never underestimate a southern girl – do not mistake my kindness for wea…

Truth!! Never underestimate a southern girl – do not mistake my kindness for weakness, my calmness for acceptance, or my silence for lack of intelligence. You get that wrong and weak is not what you’re going to remember about me.


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New Jersey Woman Helps People Experiencing Homelessness Through Community Kindness Closet – CBS New York

New Jersey Woman Helps People Experiencing Homelessness Through Community Kindness Closet – CBS New York

ROCKAWAY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Every day, a New Jersey woman travels to Newark to help people experiencing homelessness, but Tuesday, she took it a step further.
She offered for them to spend a day out of the cold and take them to a place they could feel the warmth from the community.
READ MORE: Gov. Cuomo Says He Will Not Resign Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations: ‘I Never Touched Anyone…

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“Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.” -Wonder Woman

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Of wisdom there are as many patterns as a loom can weave. Yours is the wisdom of a good and kindly heart. Scarce it is, and its worth all the greater.

Lloy Alexander, The High King

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Pittsburgh nonprofit rescuing puppies from Texas after devastating storms

Pittsburgh nonprofit rescuing puppies from Texas after devastating storms

Good News Notes:
“A Pittsburgh nonprofit is heading down to Texas to rescue puppies from across Texas after devastating winter storms and widespread blackouts swept the state recently.
“No Dog Left Behind,” an organization that provides air and ground transportation for at-risk animals, is rescuing at least 15 dogs — bringing them from Houston to a shelter in Atlanta.
Best Friends Animal Society…


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Plant-Based Burger Chain Set to Launch in Wayzata

Plant-Based Burger Chain Set to Launch in Wayzata

Good News Notes:
“While the fast-food giants race to add a token plant-based burger to their menus, restaurant entrepreneur Steele Smiley is poised to take the healthy eating movement a step further with an entirely plant-based fast casual burger joint opening next month in Wayzata. Don’t worry, the fries won’t taste healthy, Smiley promises.
Stalk & Spade is scheduled to open April 22—Earth…


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Ah-Ha Moment for Today

I was having a conversation today with a beautiful woman. A conversation that I have had with many very attractive people, men and women over the years. Also, one that I’ve often had with myself.

She was lamenting how she had gained a bunch of weight during all of this quarantine time and how she felt unattractive and undesirable.

Now, I understand that anyone can feel that way when they don’t feel good about themselves. And most of us don’t feel great every day. Completely understandable, because we never see ourselves the way others do.

We harp on what we think are our imperfections and focus on what’s “wrong” with us while literally EVERY OTHER person in the world sees the holistic view of us and generally speaking, they see all of the attractive things first. Those things factor into how are you actually appear to other people. In many cases, no one even noticed that thing that you obsess about.

At all.

They literally don’t notice it.

There’s far too many other things to see and feel when we see tou. Too many things that make you unique, beautiful and interesting to focus on just one aspect of you.

So, look in the mirror. That’s fine, it gives you a general idea of what’s there. But it doesn’t take into account how you present yourself to others, with your personality, your strength, your dignity, your warmth, your acceptance, your appreciation, your sensuality, your charisma, your kindness, your leadership qualities, sense of humor, smile, posture, style, etc.

They say the clothes make the man, but the sum total of who you are is what people see and react to, what they think about and vibe with. Beauty is nowhere near skin deep.

You’re filled with beautiful things, qualities and life experiences and everyone else can see and they can fully appreciate them within you.

Don’t worry about your scars, your “flaws” and your “imperfections.” No one is perfect. No one can live up to the commercialized view of beauty and attractiveness that’s airbrushed and photoshopped and presented to us every day. Besides, All of those things are what make you unique. They’re all part of your story. They’re what people want to explore with you. So tell your story. People want to hear it. People want to connect.

You ARE beautiful. You’re very worthy of admiration. You should feel good about where you are, especially if you’re trying to improve something that matters to you in order to be a better you every day.

Don’t let anyone dull the way you shine to the world.

Especially yourself.

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The First Thing I Forgot

The First Thing I Forgot

I find myself oftentimes overwhelmed by the simplicities of life. When all the responsibilities and callings of the day to day pile up inside my home and I see dishes that need to be done, laundry that needs to be cleaned, a broken washer, and a mountain of garbage by my door I think to myself “how did I do it all before?”

Recently I was relaxing with my wife and we were talking about how much…


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Work in Progress

[Destiny+How 2 Re-Program your Subconscious Mind coming up!]

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your blog is so adorable angel!!! have a happy time sweet fairy 🐇🐰🌼

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Cut the crap… If you really wanted to then you would have done so!

Stop wasting time kidding yourself. Take action and quit procrastinating!

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