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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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ahahahaha terry wears his reading glasses on a chain around his neck

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King Edward VIII, 1940.  401 Quote Card No. 1332.

Whatever happens, whatever the outcome, the New World Order is going to come into the world. 鈥 It will be buttressed with police power. 鈥 When peace comes this time there is going to be a New World Order of social justice - don’t make any mistake about that.
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Ok but here me out.....Michael Dowell is a lil bitch

No shit. A lil bitch who has no rights.-King

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Ok, but hear ME out - The Architect has all the rights because he's the Winter Soldier of the Uprising and deserves better.

no. he’s a bitch who stole my mom.-King

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Fairytales of romance AU 💗

Ben Solo (Helmet) the prince of chandrila, Rey (Ophelia) the princess of Jakku, both felt in love the moment they saw each other at the lake, since then Rey and Ben sneak out at night to see each other, so there people don’t catch them together, but one day they catch them, but it was too late Rey was pregnant by Ben child, so the queen of Jakku and Chandrila decide that they force to separate, but both of them disagree, they prefer to get married, be the prince and princess of solos to be there for there child in the end. 💐🍃❤️👑🎩💍🍼👶🏻

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Day 8: United Kingdom

I was somewhat surprised to not see some manner of reference to the loch ness monster in Galar, so that’s where this concept crept out of. Although I suppose Lapras did get a new form so there is that.

Kingly Pokemon
Ability: Rivalry / Stalwart / Justified [HA]

In times of old this lake guardian would present itself before the rightful king of the realm.

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