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caroldanversenthusiast · 2 months ago
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KING VALKYRIE 🧎🏻‍♀️🧎🏻‍♀️🧎🏻‍♀️
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wolfjillyjill-13 · a month ago
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woulddieforwandamaximoff · 2 months ago
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(Thor: Love and Thunder poster from Natalie Portman’s Instagram.)
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danversrambeau · a year ago
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You know I’d make a lot of changes around here. I’m counting on it... Your Majesty.
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superherocaps · 7 days ago
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harcourt-maeve-stan · 12 days ago
I am watching thor love and thunder purely for the plot
The Plot:
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thundergrace · a month ago
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malewifeisco · a month ago
taika gaslighting the straights by bringing back jane foster only for her to end up with king valkyrie
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thecsquirrel · 2 months ago
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I have ascended.
Nobody touch me!!
King Valkyrie.
Jane Foster.
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hermyohkneegranger · 2 months ago
Valkyrie in the Thor 4 trailer is proof that we need a Valkyrie show.
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salvatwh0r3 · a month ago
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I’m so in love with them.
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caroldanversenthusiast · 24 days ago
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tessa thompson did this for the sapphics
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wolfjillyjill-13 · a month ago
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woulddieforwandamaximoff · 2 months ago
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fluffyprettykitty · a month ago
How about a Valkyrie x reader where reader is obsessed with Valkyries arms but they are not dating yet so they try to be subtle with it, until Valkyrie notices and teases them about it
Pairing: Brunnhilde x gender neutral reader (no other specifications)
Word Count: 750 words
Outline: You've been crushing on Brunnhilde for a while, what happens when she notices?
Author’s Note: thank you for this request, it was tons of fun to write!
P.S: dividers by @firefly-graphics //​ banners by @maysdigitalarts​
Main Masterlist ・❥・Valkyrie Masterlist
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It wasn't easy for you. Working so close to her. It wasn't the same back on the ship. Now in new Asgard, having her so close to you, hearing her commanding voice all the time, and watching her lift all those boxes. Why was she always lifting boxes? It made your brain short-cut every time. You tried really hard to be subtle about it, to keep your distance away from her so she wouldn't watch you come undone like that. So far you had succeeded. 
Or so you had thought.
Last night she was outside pacing back and forth, her arms wrapped around herself, it was late, very late and the lights were glimmering. From the corner of your room, you could look outside. Sleep never came easy to you waking up in the middle of the night was common for you. Most of the time you just got up, found a book, started writing, anything to keep your mind occupied. And away from all the memories of your previous home. But that night, you just sat upright on your bed and looked at her, fantasizing about the future for the first time in a long while. It felt magical, somehow. All of your lights were off, you were sure she never saw you.
But that wasn't the truth.
She had seen you, she had been noticing you for a while now, observing you, seeing your reactions, hearing your heart skip a beat. Staring at her arms and taking a long time to breathe again. The thing she was interested in though was why wouldn't you make a move? Was it shyness or insecurity? She was interested in finding out soon enough. The sooner the better. Brunnhilde was not the patient type.
The next morning you were at the docks once again, counting boxes and organizing them to their destinations. There she was once again, ready to lift. Incredible. You sigh and take a deep breath, ready to not make a fool out of yourself, and instead, you adjust your scarf high on your cheeks and lips and continue your work, lowering the beanie on your head. The less she could see your face the better. And yet, you were staring once again.
"Can't stop staring, huh?" Brunnhilde asks you before placing the heavy box on the ground. 
"Can't blame you." She winks at you and turns around to pick another box and place it in its designated spot. You feel flabbergasted and quickly you try to walk away and pretend to be busy with something. 
"No need to be shy!" She shouts after you, mortified you hide behind the big truck and inhale and exhale deeply. She didn't have to know your silly little crush on her and your pure fixation on her arms. 
Ever seen a woman so beautiful you cried?
Quickly you get to your feet and move behind the shipment, hoping she will lose interest in your or get back to her work or anything and get a moment of peace. 
Or so you thought, once again. 
You sink to your feet and sigh deeply placing your hands on your face. Unfortunately for you, she has decided to come after you, and the next moment you hear her cough. 
"You sure are going through it, huh?" Mortified you look at her, eyes widening. 
"You know if you could actually open your mouth and say a word we might have found some common ground." Confused you draw your eyebrows together looking at her. What could she possibly mean by common ground?
"There are tons of things I can do with my arms. If you asked I would only be inclined to show you." Oh? There is a different kind of spark glistening in your eyes and Brunnhilde takes notice. She comes right in front of you and crosses her arms, only to watch you lose your breath again. 
"You really go non-verbal, huh? Interesting. " She nods her head skeptically and grimaces. 
"If you're interested in finding out more, you can come by my place when the night falls." She winks at you and shifts the weight on her feet. 
“You won't have to talk, only admire." She continues a singing tune and then turns to walk away.
Looks like you got a date tonight.
Plenty of time to find your voice. 
Or not.
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faeriebambula · 4 months ago
Lucien and Tarquin would be great friends (if they aren't already). Two unproblematic respectful kings. Literally better than any other man male in Prythian.
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harcourt-maeve-stan · 22 days ago
Badass Bisexual Women with swords. That’s it. That’s the post
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chaotic-fan24 · 17 days ago
Okay yall hear me out…
Picture this: Hayden Christensen dressed as Thor, Natalie Portman dressed as Jane, and Ewan McGregor dressed as King Valkyrie
Chris Hemsworth dressed as Anakin Skywalker, Natalie Portman dressed as Padmé, and Tessa Thompson dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi
The perfect crossover and Natalie Portman plays both roles of Jane and Padmé
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filmgoop · a month ago
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valkyrie & jane matching icons ☄️⚡️💎
like if you save
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rottentiger-art · 2 months ago
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