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#king <3
madexinxheaven · 6 hours ago
                                                                                             @whoxyouxhate​​ ​.
Tumblr media
Well, this seemed FITTING, didn’t it? Almost like they were back to how it all should have been... Minus ONE obvious difference... (Talulah was never coming back.) Thank Heavens for small mercies, she supposed, that they’d reached a point now where not only was Yuhsia SPEAKING TO THEM, but that she (and, perhaps even more surprisingly, CH’EN) had remotely agreed to this whole idea. On the surface it was all so SIMPLE: A luxury apartment as furbished by Swire’s own family company. A roaring fire. Mood lighting to match. An aquarium beneath the living space’s coffee table. And what amounted to an almost UNNATURAL greenery just outside the glass that made up the north wall. This was the closest thing to HOME that Swire had. All the way down to the PIANO & GRANDFATHER CLOCK each costing north of one-point-five million. The closest thing outside of the dorm she shared with Ch’en (and about a hundred other officers). Perhaps an even BIGGER miracle than the set up, was just how much Swire had thus far managed to GET AWAY WITH. Coming up RIGHT OUTTA WORK, Swire had opted thus far to just discard her jacket, kick away her boots, pull open half of her shirt and just TACKLED Ch’en into the corner sofa, bodies tangling up as her far-too-exposed bra-clad tits pressed against her ‘superior’s’ own, skirt riding up as legs slipped BETWEEN & AROUND Ch’en’s own. “So whaddaya think?”
Tumblr media
This was a MISTAKE. Seriously, how in any kind of logic had they somehow ended up HERE. Yuhsia never should’ve let her guard down or allowed herself to be TALKED INTO THIS. Especially knowing just how Swire and Ch’en were -- Attached at the hip, even when they SWORE they WEREN’T. They’d always been that way. Far closer than they’d give each other (or even themselves) credit for. Talk about ANNOYING. Didn’t help matters that within seconds of entering the apartment, her two ‘friends’ -- QUOTE. UN. FUCKING. QUOTE. -- Had got themselves all tangled up and cosy on the couch. Well, okay, she wouldn’t exactly call CH’EN cosy just yet. The jury was still out on that one and OH-BOY was Yuhsia watching like a goddamn HAWK. (Rather ironically, actually... For a MOUSE.) “What do I think?” Girl swallowed down her jealousy, biting her tongue as a long-forgotten (she’d tried to forget at least) crush welled up once more in her chest. A finger scraped itself along the marble oak coffee table as lilac eyes BURNED HOLES into the crouching tiger and hidden dragon. She NEEDED Ch’en to push her away. If they did ANYTHING for her in her godforsaken life, could they at least have the decency to do THAT? Upon reaching the end, she turned on her heel, slipping down into the stand alone chair, mind racing and outpacing her HEART which felt like it was just about to EXPLODE. “It’s an obnoxiously garish ego-stroke if nothing else.” But then wasn’t that just SWIRE’S PERSONALITY?
“What do you think, Ch’en?” As she spoke the girl’s name, something SUBCONSCIOUS happened. Something not even YUHSIA seemed to be cognizant of: ...Upon speaking Ch’en’s name, as if EXPECTING to garner her attention, Yuhsia slipped off her own boots and curled stocking clad calves up beneath her thighs, purple dress riding up EVERY SO SLIGHTLY as she side-eyed the pair. “It’s a modern fashion disaster, no?” Wasn’t that what investigators called a LEADING QUESTION? Did Yuhsia WANT to hear Ch’en insult their friend’s place? (Maybe a little...)
Tumblr media
“Tsch.” Eye TWITCHED at the barrage of insults. “I should’ve expected that from a rat whose only TASTE comes from whatever shit the rest of us flushed away...” Nudge to Ch’en’s throat with her nose. Why on TERRA was Swire being THIS FORWARD right now? Had it anything to do with the three glasses of champagne she’d had while ANXIOUSLY filing the last of her operational reports in an attempt to kill off any and all WORRIES she’d had for tonight? (Most definitely.) “Tell her, Ch’en. You like my apartment, riiiight?”
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tchalcons · 8 hours ago
The realization that my favorite Sam ships are just him being like 'oh this person is incredibly important and/or scary and is also a superhuman who could potentially kick my ass? Let's ignore literally all of that and have some fun with this'
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stormynightsreawake · 8 hours ago
There used to be so many funny text posts about arthur morgan but now everyone is just horny :/ he's just a lil baby man tho
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diviinc · 9 hours ago
∞ ((Alright I'll bite))
Send me ∞ and my muse will tell you…
If I Think They Are: Ugly || Plain || Alright || Cute || Freaking Adorable || Pretty || Beautiful || Hot || Stunning
If I Would Go On A Date With Them: Not even if we were the last two one earth || No || Maybe ( platonic date ! ) || Eh….Sure || Yes || WILL YOU MARRY ME
If I Trust Them: Not At All || Not Really || Kind of || Yes || With My Life
If I Care About Them: Not At All || Not Really || Kind of || Yes || Deeply
If I Would Sleep With Them: Not Enough Alcohol in the World || No ( and in respect of Alice , of course ! ) || Maybe if I were wasted || Maybe || Eh…Sure || Yes || TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF NOW!
My Comfort Level With Your Muse: Keep a Distance || Okay You Can Stand There, But Don’t Touch Me || Let’s Get Coffee and Talk || Let’s Cuddle || I Can Change In Front of You || Let’s Take a Bath Together
If I See You As: A Stranger || An Acquaintance || A Friend || A Close Friend || My Best Friend || A Crush || The Love of My Life
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eredins-wife · 9 hours ago
Chapter 9 on progress...
I hope you forgive me. I've had a lot of work lately. But I promise to reward. 🙏💖
Tumblr media
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barbienoturbby · 10 hours ago
i would like to see a josh bailey ***** tonight
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demonicslut · 13 hours ago
cannot believe leo dropped canvas and then walked into the abyss
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tazmilyxfamily · 13 hours ago
@salmonidparty​ inquired:
🍟, 🚹, ⌛️ for Scales
Thought-Provoking Headcanon Meme
🍟 - How does your muse feel about their body? Would they change it if they could?
Tumblr media
Lucas is surprisingly okay with his body! It does its job despite it being somewhat roughed up, and even then he appreciates the scars helping him dispell most assumptions that he’s weak. The only thing he’d really want to change is how it reacts to stress. It becomes hard to hide how exactly he’s feeling when his eyes are practically a meter, after all, and involuntarily taking on draconic traits each and every time he feels an intense need to fight tends to only be inconvenient.
🚹 - How would your muse react to losing their father? How would they cope?
Tumblr media
Numb. He’d feel immensely numb, trapped between being apathetic at the loss of someone with so little presence in his life (especially when he’s an adult, as he’s got his sights set on worlds outside of Nowhere by then) and sadness at the loss of yet another family member. In terms of coping, I feel like it would be one of the last things keeping him visiting the island as an adult.
He’d visit one last time, and give Claus a choice to come with him. No matter the answer, he’s leaving for good.
If Lucas is still a teenager when Flint dies, then it would likely jumpstart his figuring out how to leave. He wouldn’t be able to handle the memories and grief associated with the island anymore no matter the age.
⌛️ - How often does your muse think about death? Do they think about it at all?
Tumblr media
...Rarely. He tries his best to keep it out of his thoughts, but it may end up worming its way in if he’s dissociating hard enough. He’s both witnessed and caused so much of it that he can hardly stand thinking about when more of it will come, even if ignoring it makes it harder to deal with once it inveitably happens.
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dummydalish · 14 hours ago
had a new story/campaign idea about a group of people in a closed off country where necromatic magic is hated and feared so they're all chosen by a God who rules that country to travel and defeat the lich king but as they travel across continents, questing in their hunt for the lich king, they learn the truth about the god and necromancy and blah blah blah and now this is all I'm gonna be thinking of for the next uhh year <3
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romanticprometheus · 15 hours ago
i am here to ask you to rank ALL of the new directions sectionals songs
hi banana <3
12. gangnam style
11. man in the mirror
10. control
9. ABC
8. come sail away
7. you can't always get what you want
6. valerie
5. ive had the time of my life
4. don't rain on my parade
3. somebody to love
2. chandelier
1. take me to church because im gay
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adoringmha · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: bakugo x fem!reader
summary: bakugo comes home from work to find you doing the dishes and gets needy <3
warnings: oral (fem receiving) but only for a bit while doing the dishes, lowkey innocent reader but not really (that’s just the vibe i got when writing it), waste of water skshsj, a hint of degradation, also c*m-licking...
word count: 1.4k
notes: this came to me while i was doing the dishes tbh that’s it + i feel like this isn’t that good but i wanted to post something for his birthday <3
Tumblr media
you were washing the dishes, almost half-way done when you heard the door open and close. you smiled to yourself, already feeling happier that bakugo was home. normally, you’d meet him at the door to greet him, but you were a little busy today cleaning up. 
bakugo walked in and frowned when you weren’t immediately there to jump in his arms and kiss him hello. he grumbled to himself and took his shoes off, setting his bag down in the entryway. he was wearing his sweats and a tank top, already changed out of his hero costume and wanted nothing more than to literally sink into you. 
he walked through your home, a usual scowl on his face, but it was quick to turn into a smirk when he noticed you in the kitchen, your comfy short shorts on and one of your lace bralettes, but most importantly a little pink apron tied at your waist. 
he licked his lips, “there you are teddy bear.” his voice was rough and immediately shot down to your core. 
you turned your head with a smile before turning back to the plate you were washing. “hi bub, how was your day?”
he took a moment to answer, too distracted, his eyes scanning up and down your body, resting generously on the curves of your ass he could see under your shorts. “same old shit,” he mumbled half-heartedly. after a few seconds he spoke again, “you know it’s not very nice of you to tease me like this, princess.”
your brows furrowed in confusion, “tease you? but i’m not doing anything.” 
“yes you are. standing here, looking like that. your perfect ass out. you’re always fuckin’ teasing me.”
you laughed to yourself and rolled your eyes. “so basically i exist and you’re personally offended––”
you could hear the smirk in his voice that was suddenly way closer than before. “i’m personally offended that you aren’t sitting on my face right now.” before you could respond, he slapped your ass hard with the help of his quirk to add an extra sting.
he pulled you into his chest by your waist, his fingertips digging into you nicely. “what, baby? it’s true.” he buried his face in your shoulder and you could feel him taking you in, the scent of your body soap, the softness of your skin. he kissed along your shoulder, and up your neck slowly, before trailing his lips up your jaw and licking along the shell of your ear. he bit your earlobe teasingly and you shuddered in his hands, making him chuckle. “what do you say, hm?” he kissed your cheek. “you gonna let me eat that pretty pussy? it is mine after all...”
you swallowed thickly and tried to stand straight, accidentally rubbing your ass into his hardening bulge, making him groan and press his fingers into you harder. “but the...the dishes––” 
he rolled his hips into you and groaned, barely hearing your words. he breathed out against your ear, “i’ll tell you what,” he hooked his fingers into the waistband of your shorts and your panties, silently waiting for you to object. when you didn’t, he pulled them off and threw them aside. 
“you keep doing the dishes, and i get my late night snack, okay?” 
you tried to turn around but he wouldn’t let you, his hands holding you still as he got down on his knees. “wait you’re gonna–”
“spread your legs and let me get my fill, teddy bear.” he squeezed both your ass cheeks in his hands, clearly enjoying himself and you could just about picture the smile on his face. “you gonna be my good girl, hm?” 
you nodded, spreading your legs and bending over the sink slightly, biting your lip in anticipation, already feeling the heat spreading through your body. before you could even respond, he spread your cheeks and buried his face in you, his tongue lapping through your folds to taste you eagerly. “mm yes katsu.” 
the plate that was in your hand almost slipped as your eyes ached to flutter shut immediately, bakugo’s touch knocking the sense out of you. the water was running over your hands carelessly and you swore you forgot what you were doing and where you were for a moment until bakugo spoke up again, the brief moment he separated from your lower half giving you time to think clearly.
“make sure you clean em well baby, i want them to be spotless.” he spit on your pussy and you moaned loudly, making him smirk against your lips. “don’t worry, i’ll clean you up real good when i’m done too.”
you nodded and whined pathetically, bucking back into him to get him to continue. he grinned almost sadistically, and dove back in at full force and speed, groaning and moaning into your heat like an animal.
his tongue was exploring all around your cunt expertly, licking, prodding and teasing all the spots to make you tick. his eyes were closed and he was fully immersed into you, hellbent on making you cum on his tongue—he wanted to taste you, and to make you fall apart so fucking bad.
you were rocking back into him, letting him tongue-fuck you, wasting the water running from the faucet, but you couldn’t be bothered to care. the water was turning cold and it was splashing off the plate, onto your chest and arms but the heat of the pleasure from bakugo’s tongue running through your veins overpowered that.
it wasn’t until he opened his eyes and realized that your arms weren’t moving that he pulled away, pulling a long high-pitched whine from your throat.
he smacked your ass hard and your body immediately jerked back into his touch, yearning for more, whatever he’d give you. “wash those fucking dishes, princess. what’d i tell you.”
“but baby—“ he growled your name in warning and you sighed and tried to catch your breath, letting out a small “okay” before you resumed washing the dishes, your hands shaky and uncoordinated, your mind still glitching from his mind-numbing touch.
he grunted, pleased, before licking a torturously long swipe from your clit to your opening that had you gasping for air. “taste like fucking candy, baby bear. fuck-“ you felt him take one hand away from you and heard a quiet spitting noise and you moaned out loud when you realize he’d taken his cock out and started stroking himself to your taste. but you quickly tried to rush through the rest of the dishes, fearing he’d stop. 
he chuckled, “yeah, you like that baby? the sound of me stroking my cock while i’m tongue-fucking you? such a slutty little thing––” he smacked your ass again and started stroking himself faster, just the taste of you and the sound of your moans enough to bring him close to the edge.  
though he could feel himself about to burst, he kept at it, shaking his head vigorously, moaning obscenely into your heat and it took a lot of effort, but you quickly finished washing the few things that were left and shut the water off immediately, bringing a wet hand back to grip his hair, making him groan into you. “fuck yes.” 
he swirled his tongue around your clit, one hand grabbing your ass as you grinded back into him, the other fisting his cock faster and faster. he wrapped his lips around your bundle of nerves and you let out a guttural moan, your legs trembling as you struggled to keep yourself upright, your hand tugging at his strands harshly, triggering his release. 
he stayed true to his word and lapped up all over your cunt, cleaning you up as he stroked himself slowly, milking himself dry all over his hand, panting against your wet folds. he left a few sloppy kisses on your pussy, trailing them to your ass before he bit it playfully, smiling against it when you yelped.
he stood up and turned you around with one hand, not wasting any time in pulling you flush against him and pressing his lips against yours, letting you taste yourself. “you drive me fucking crazy princess,” he mumbled against your lips, pulling away to smirk at you when you giggled. 
you grabbed his hand and without breaking eye contact, licked his fingers clean, bringing them in your mouth to suck on them sensually, rubbing your thighs together when you noticed him getting worked up again. he pumped his fingers in and out of your mouth, his own hanging open as he watched you. “that’s my good fucking girl. you clean up so well.”
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anyways i hope Mister Robert Lewandowski scores many goals and breaks that record
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thalfox · 19 hours ago
OM Theory: Season 3 Finale
[tagged for S3 lesson 55 spoilers]
It's end of season theory time! And our theorising begins with the background of lesson 55:
Tumblr media
There's a lot to unpack here but let's start with the focal part of the image - a castle upon a somewhat floating put cropping, with a zig zag path towards it.
There are a few contenders for where this is, one of which is my theory...
• The Demon King's Castle
Tumblr media
Seen from a distance, this matches the spiked tops but not the more rounded conical bottoms of the spires.
Additionally, the mystery castle is shown backlit from the sky - not the darkness of the Devildom.
However, should the Demon King himself arise from his slumbers... It's a contender.
• The Sorcerer's Society
Tumblr media
Unless this is a building we have not previously seen, the mystery castle does not match the Society building.
• The House of Lamentation
Tumblr media
An impressive gothic building, but many spires short of our mystery castle.
Additional note: none of the paintings in HoL or Diavolo's Castle match the mystery castle.
• Serenity Manor
Tumblr media
A lovely Edwardian style mansion, but certainly no spires nor is it large enough.
• Celestial Realm
Tumblr media
My top contender. It is not a perfect match but then, we cannot see all of the castle(s) in the Celestial Realm. It is hidden by both clouds and light - but it is also surrounded by coniferous trees and led to by a zig zag path, matching the mystery castle.
The hazy light is another match, as are the clouds themselves.
And while the figure to the right of the mystery castle is demonic, with demon wings...
The figures in the sky have feathered wings.
Lucifer of course also has feathered wings in demon form but he has so far been an exception. Whereas angel wings, we know, are feathered.
The Figures
Tumblr media
The two humanoid figures in the foreground are hooded, one on their knees in despair, the other brandishing a wand at the demon. Sorcerers then, magic using humans.
The figures in the upper left are of a traditional looking witch complete with hat and wand, and a figure that might(?) have demon horns - it's very hard to see this latter figure as there is no clear view.
A war between sorcerers and demons then, or sorcerers and a single demon.
The single demon in the foreground is monstrous, not at all like the demons we are used to seeing. Additionally this demon has both wings AND tail, again unlike the demons we know who have only one or the other.
It has a single pair of wings, and curved horns that most closely resemble Satan's. The wings have barbed tips at the ends instead of along the top.
The face looks skelatal, monstrous, perhaps even decayed, which brings to mind questions of what the "sleeping" Demon King might look like if awakened...
But the horns. Now those are interesting, for the same reason that Satan's horns are interesting:
Tumblr media
Satan's horns are a reflection of Lucifer's horns. A mirror image in that if you flipped Lucifer's horns on a vertical axis downwards you'd have Satan's horns.
Satan is unique himself, being "born" from an angel, a falling angel at that. And it always made me wonder... could another angel do that?
Was Lucifer the only one so traumatised by the Great War, so overcome by an emotion, that he alone created another being?
I don't think he was. In fact, another theory that I have is that Michael did exactly the same (he too is described as a twin - a mirror image - to Lucifer) and that that might very well explain why there's another young cast member with blonde hair and one hell of a temper...
Tumblr media
But in this case, no, I don't think the mystery demo is Luke 😅 Though I wouldn't rule out it being another angel possibly on the brink of falling themselves... eg, Simeon, Raphael, or Michael.
And only one of those has been described as a twin to Lucifer 👀
An Empty Throne
A topic much danced around this season is, who is the ruler of the Celestial Realm? Michael is in charge, or so we have at least been led to believe, but who rules? The father spoken of in season one has been pretty much wiped from all notice in season 3, with Luke revealing his knowledge that it was Michael - not Lucifer's father as previously said - that banished the angels from the Celestial Realm.
What Luke has been told doesn't match the truth, and it also appears that he does not know why they were banished. It's hard to believe Luke would think Lucifer and the brothers need ask forgiveness when it was their own sister - and MC's ancestor - sentenced to being struck from existence.
Simeon too has seemed more and more distant from the Celestial Realm this season, following his breach of protocol at the end of season two to steal the Ring from Michael's own weird Lucifer shrine needed for MC to survive.
His trip to the fairy-created version of the Celestial Realm path seemed for him a time of great nostalgia - of happiness and contentment that he no longer associated with that Realm.
And now we find out that it was not Michael who sent Simeon and Luke to the human world, but a message from Raphael.
Something is happening in the Celestial Realm and to Simeon's faith in the structure of things.
Michael has been keeping a personal eye on MC, returning them to their proper place in the time stream yet also not interfering for a while, doubtless curious as to what MC made of the brothers in the past.
And yet all season, we've been tirelessly focused upon achieving stars, to aquire membership proper of the Sorcerer's Society, one Solomon tells us he founded alongside his apprentice of the time, who he later fell out with and is thus on bad terms with the society (👀).
Ostensibly MC is to get a full sorcerer's license in order to eventually learn how to summon the brothers. But...
Tumblr media
Potential Season End
Learning magic is not what MC has been doing for the most part, but instead how to exercise restraint, how to reconcile those with past grievances, how to manage demon/angel relations, and how to channel MC's own (huge) power through their demons.
MC has been learning the seven requirements for the Society that just so happen (👀) to be the seven heavenly virtues that run counterpart to their seven demon lord's sins, and possibly represent their virtues before their fall. But also perhaps the same virtues needed to defeat Celestial beings.
MC is being prepared for war.
Or perhaps, to prevent a war.
Whether it's the Demon King awakening from his slumber, or a powerful angel about to fall, Celestial civil war breaking out, an angel strike against MC, timey wimey shenanigans (please no!), or perhaps the not-really-an-angel in MC's midst, Solomon has been diligently preparing MC.
Not only as his apprentice, but as the one being who holds power in all three realms.
And that is what the mystery background shows.
Angels. Demons. Sorcerers.
The three realms, attacking each other, while one human with the weight of three worlds upon them, drops to their knees in despair, a sword and staff behind them.
Will they fight?
Or have they learned a better way?
Further reading:
OM Theory: The Seven Stars of Virtue
Obey Me: Seven Heavenly Virtues
Obey Me: The Theory of Simeon
Obey Me: The Theory of Solomon
OM! Theories Masterpost
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lilyharvord · 21 hours ago
Hey! I just recently finished reading all your fanfics and I was wondering if you are planning on writing more about Shade and Coriane... I can’t stop reading your story “Forelsket”!!! Coriane and Nik are too cute!!! Anyways, I finished the Red Queen series a few days ago and I just can’t help but feel like we needed a 5th book so I’m just reading all the fics that I can and yours are DEFINITELY the best! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible writing!
You’re so sweet!! Thank you 🥰
I’d love to write more about Coriane and Shade!!! (: As for Nik and Coriane, I love them. Like I love them unconditionally. Talk about a match I never intended to happen but then it did. 
Welcome to the Red Queen Family!!!!! We definitely needed a 5th book and the more I comment and give my hot takes on how the series could have worked a little better, the more I definitely want a fifth book *side eyes my mountain of WIPs* if I only had TIME. 
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