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#king clawthorne
Can we just talk about fluffy King?
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I mean-
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ravenwitch45 · 2 days ago
Found Families
We may not share Blood
Tumblr media
And we may all look different
Tumblr media
But We're a Family
Tumblr media
And Today...
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That's all that matters
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ito-itonomen · a day ago
cute concept that came to me while I was at work.
Human AU where Eda's 'curse' is actually some kind of health condition that comes with chronic pain. Maybe she calls it 'the beast' as a joke whenever she has a particularly bad pain day to keep people from worrying.
Tumblr media
She's married to Raine and owns 'the Owl House vintage shop' and lives in the large apartment above the shop with Raine and their kids. Eda has a raptor handlers licence to care for Owlbert who can't fly very well due to an old injury maybe from getting hit by a car in his youth. Owlbert lives in Eda's shop and likes to hang out mostly on his perch on the window or at the Register. Eda would fight God in a Denny's parking lot for him.
Luz is either be adopted when she was a baby or Raine and Eda's bio kid, but king was adopted by them as a baby and is known along with his sister as the tiny terrors of the town where they all live.
Lilith was either a cop or enlisted in the army right out of high school but either way eventually either quit her job or finished her service and moved on to become a lawer in the next city over and lives in a small apartment with her adopted son Hunter.
Raine is a high school orchestra and band teacher at the human version of Hexside. They also occasional perform at parties and special occasions at the request of their coworkers or neighbors, though they don't like to perform at large events. They are VERY protective of the kids in a sharp contrast to Eda's own laid back parenting style. The BATTS are their students whom Raine kept contact with even after they graduated. Eda often jokes she should have her sister draw up adoption forms for thise three as they hang around her shop so often just to spend time with Raine after their college classes. Luz fondly calls them her older siblings.
Luz is the star player of the soccer team there, just like her mama before her. Bump puts up with A LOT for the sake of keeping the 'mini Eda' on the team and kicking Glandus high butt every game.
Hooty calls himself the kid's uncle's, but honestly he's more like a distant cousin from Eda's great-grandmother's side of the family, he works with Eda at the Owl House and generally just hangs around to cause chaos. Eda applauds herself for not adding homicide to her criminal record every time her cousin shows up unnanounced in her house.
Gwendolyn has a strained relationship with both her children as Eda dropped out of school and ran away from home at 17 when her health condition started to get worse and Gwen was constantly making important medical decisions FOR Eda without ever asking what she wanted as well as completly neglecting Lilith. Gwen never went to Lilith's high school graduation or her college graduation OR the party Eda held to celebrate Lilith starting her own law firm with Kikimora as her business partner whom she has the oddest love/hate relationship with.
Feel free to add to this, or use this idea for a fic, I just needed to get it out of my system haha!
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a-shack-in-the-forest · 11 hours ago
King: Knock knock?
Eda: Who's there?
King: King.
Eda: King who?
King: King Clawthorne! *holds out adoption paperwork*
Eda: *cries*
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spinaroos-47 · a day ago
Tumblr media
The intruder, Hunter clawthorne au edition
This was so fun to do! I really liked figuring out the shadows here :3
[Click on the image for better resolution]
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paintwithoutthet · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello pls hear me out, raine king and Luz would make a great comedy trio.
Hc that raine loves dad joke humor.
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sepublic · 9 hours ago
Knowing King loves cheesy foods makes me incredibly soft looking at this shot... Because Eda really went out of her way to make King one of his favorite foods for breakfast!
Tumblr media
Granted he seems understandably apprehensive of it, given how the eyeballs are glaring at him... But it’s the thought and gesture from Eda, the effort, that counts! Even if the actual meal and execution itself leaves something to be desired, the cheesiness of it all shows how Eda is thinking of what her kid enjoys, and is trying to incorporate that into her cooking for him!
Tumblr media
But really, this is to be expected when it’s Eda we’re talking about, who’d forsaken her precious Apple Blood to have Luz’s favorite foods around! Just the thought of Eda being attentive and listening to what her son and daughter like, since the very beginning, and accommodating that...
Tumblr media
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gatoinbotas · a day ago
I think people don't appreciate Gus enough for this:
Tumblr media
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ap-kinda-lit · 2 days ago
When Luz returns to the human world
Camila: Uhm…what do you have there, sweetie?
Luz, with Eda, Hooty, Amity, Gus, and Willow causing havoc behind her: A smoothie.
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1cartooncoven · a day ago
It’s that time of year so,
Who TOH characters would be for Halloween
Luz: The good witch Azura is that even a question?
Amity: A good witch Azura character to match with Luz obviously
Eda: Anything scary
King: A pumpkin (decided by Luz of course)
Willow: Poison ivy (The DC character)
Gus: A giraffe
Hunter: A shirt that says costume
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idkareallyreallygoodname · 13 hours ago
Luz: We all have demons.
Luz, grabbing King: This one's mine.
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ordinaryschmuck · 15 hours ago
Drabble suggestion: Eda battles a hypnotized Raine and is forced to kill them
(I didn't want to DO THIS!)
(So, yeah, CW/TW: Blood, death, and...f**king--I DIDN'T WANT TO DO THIS!)
No Other Way...
Eda walked for a long time.
Her hands were covered in blood.
Her clothes were covered in dirt.
Her face was blank.
Her emotions were numb.
And her mind?
Her mind flashed with images of what happened hours ago.
"Kill me!"
"I can't!"
"His control is coming back! There's no other choice!"
"There has to be!"
"But there--RRRAAAUUUGGGHHH! I'm going to kill you!"
Eda blinked, her focus on the young human girl in front of her. The Owl Lady hadn't even realized she made it to the Owl House.
"Are you ok?" Luz asked, "You look like you've just come back from war."
"...Yeah," Eda nodded, her voice empty of all sentiment. "I'm fine, Luz. I'm going to bed now."
She then walked past her apprentice, heading for the stairs.
"Why are your hands covered in blood?" King asked. Eda didn't even know where he was. She was too busy looking forward.
"It's because I had to kill someone."
"And what's with the dirt."
"Because I buried them soon after."
That was the last thing Eda said before slamming her bedroom door. She didn't even mean to slam it. Or, at least, she didn't think she'd meant to.
Simply and plainly, Eda sat on the edge of her nest. She didn't actually want to go to sleep. Eda didn't actually want to do anything. In all honesty, she didn't even know what she wanted.
Eventually, Eda reached into her pocket, pulling out the only item she took from them.
A long gray earring that now lay in her right hand. Looking at it brought all the memories back again.
"I'm sorry..." Eda whimpered as she held Raine, blood seeping into their clothes thanks to ten fatal claw marks in their chest.
"Eda..." Raine said, "It''s ok..."
"If this is Belos controlling you again, I swear, I'm going to--"
"It's's not...I guess...I lost my...usefulness...huh?"
"That's not funny! That's really not funny!"
"Sorry...I tend to...make bad bad times...Guess where I learned that from?"
"My jokes weren't that bad," Eda smiled tearfully, earning a chuckle from Raine. Which only got cut short by them coughing up blood. The sight dug daggers into Eda's heart.
"I still love you," Eda blurted out, "I-I-I shouldn't have just pushed you away all those years! It was wrong, and-and this shouldn't have been how things ended. We should have-We should have-have stayed together, gotten married and-and-I don't know, have kids? I would have done it all with you...I would have done everything with you, Rainestorm."
Eda nudged them, but they didn't respond. They just stayed still and...empty. Empty of all life, whatsoever. With their eyes filled with no emotion and face expressionless.
"Raine...RAINE! Raine--No! NO! Titan, no!" Eda buried her face into the crook of their neck. "No...No, no, no, no, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry..."
Teardrops fell to the earing in Eda's now shaking hand. It was then she realized she had been crying. How long she's been doing so, who's to say.
"I'm sorry," she sobbed to no one, "I'm sorry..."
Eda, clinging the earring close to her heart, fell into her bed and curled up into a ball, the tears overflowing her pillow.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry..."
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theoutcastedartist · 14 hours ago
Princess Rieka of The Scorching Lands
What if there were other nations in the Demon Realm besides The Boiling Isles?
Tumblr media
I'm TOTALLY not headcannoning a shit ton of possible histories for each nation and how much more technologically and magically advanced they are than The Boiling Isles, which I hc to be one of the newest nations to be established (only about 50 years compared to the much older nations that have been around for centuries)
Not me also coming up with OCs that give me gender envy, please.
(Fyi the name "Fenrir" is taken from Norse Mythology in case anyone is curious!)
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