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jess-the-vampire · 7 months ago
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Swap aus are gonna be the death of me but they’re so fun
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tacosandtomcos · 2 years ago
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So i originally made this blog with the intention to write theories, talk about episodes, and overall enjoy tomco as a relationship.
None of this has changed of course, but i’ve also found with how the show ended up collapsing with itself later on down the road, the show was starting to make me have a harder time enjoying it, because it led me into nothing but frustrated rants.
Tom has been one of the few things about the show that kept me going, he’s been the same way for a lot of other people too. And even after the series ended it is both a shame to see that not only are people disappointed with the end of his character, but also see the fanbase get so toxic and hate those who enjoy him so much.
So i’ve been thinking about this a lot, and frankly I've hesitated doing it, but i’ve decided i actually want to host my own artist event celebrating Tom Lucitor’s character, a month-full of fun prompts and ideas.
 This blog was not always meant to be a critical theory blog after all, but also reblogged fun fanart relating to tom, tomco, tom’s family, ect. And while i’ll still be doing said things before and after this event, this even was something i want to do, and i think would really enjoy doing at a time where the fandom is still in a slump about the series.
Each day of October will be a different prompt, as long as your story, drawing, ect relates to the prompt you’ll do just fine, be creative, you’ll have plenty of time to do it a month in advance or could easily make something quick the day before.
Just have a good time, and tag your work #Tomtober
If you need any prompt ideas, just ask, just make sure they involve tom himself XD
Tom is a character that has meant a lot to a lot of people, and as much as the show had dissapointed it’s fanbase, i still think there are aspects worth praising. Tom is one of those aspects despite how the show treated him.
I’ve never hosted one of these before, but i’m willing to give it a try and frankly, i see nowhere better to start then with one of my favorite characters in fiction.
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Tom, introducing his father: Marco, this is Dave Lucitor, king of the underworld and my father.
Marco, whispering: How come you get the backstory?
Tom, whispering: How come you get the harem?
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nabi401 · 2 years ago
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The Lucitors 🔥
Old drawing I made but decided to finish.
My inspiration to finish it... the Moringmark comic strips 😅👌
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rvld-fanartist · 2 years ago
...And I will protect you and my babies at any cost...
Tumblr media
Long live the king and queen Lucitor...
If you want to share in other SN don't forget to add my Tumblr link! ❤️
My Instagram!!
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grabchatstail · 2 years ago
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🔥~ Tomtober Day: 4 “Family” ~🔥
Tom has a lovely family!
Tomtober by @jess-the-vampire and @tacosandtomcos. Repost with linked credit if you’d like.
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florang · 2 years ago
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Dave: My wife has her own weather system. Haven't seen a storm like that since her sister started going out with her ex-boyfriend. *looks at Tom’s aunt, Exasperella, smiling* 
Exasperella: She can have him. *continues drinking*
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ascellaspace · 2 years ago
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Melancholy gets reeeaaal touchy...much to Marco’s displeasure...and Gale lmao
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lovegoregirl · 3 years ago
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Club: I married a monster 3/10 times bigger than me
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zexal-bunny20 · 4 years ago
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Tom introducing his girlfriend to his parents.
(This was requested by @jenniferdiazisatransgirl and since I liked it so much, it’s now colored. ^^)
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flx-res · 4 years ago
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Tomstar Week ♥ Day 2
King & Queen
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jess-the-vampire · 11 months ago
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Valentine requests from insta!!
i have additional art for more ships but these were the requested ones.
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tacosandtomcos · a year ago
Me Going Through Star Vs Tv Tropes
So while Tv tropes is a fan thing similar to the Star vs Wiki and is imperfect in many ways. i was curious to check it out and see what had been put there for some aspects i was interested in in terms of the show.
And boy, is it interesting.
I checked out cleaved first because i heard so much about how this page was outright going on about how much the finale messed up, and they weren’t wrong, it actually feels like whoever wrote this was pretty mad themselves.
Tumblr media
There’s discussion about the implied genocide, the implied dangers of merging worlds, heck, this entire page went over obvious plot holes.
Tumblr media
It is the most salty thing i have seen in awhile, and it’s kinda funny in a way, this one got to me man:
Tumblr media
it hits on mos of the critisim towards the episode and some more that some people may of missed upon first glance, so for all it’s faults i give it credit for finding new ways of disscussing everything wrong with the finale in ways that make it easier to understand where things went wrong for others.
Tumblr media
I will admit though, the page does try to jusitify star’s actions despite also pointing out how bad they are with the “Saving of the monsters”, and it feels like someone should add the fact that there were other solutions available as pointed out by previous episodes and star’s actions aren’t easily forgivable considering the damage her actions caused outweigh the good intentions.
I think people are happy she wanted to save the monsters and wouldn’t let them die but the magic destroying thing would have massive consequences and the ideas behind it are not fleshed out enough to justify this was the best course of action for mewni and it’s future.
The monsters are saved, but will the destruction of a vital source for the universe mean better for everyone across all dimensions, including the monsters?.
After i wanted to check out tom’s family junk, see what they had, and at least someone added the fact eclipsa’s family and tom’s family almost seem to be parallels because even though people picked up on it, and me myself wanted more done with that....clearly nothing came of it, so i’m glad they have a section on that.
 though someone did forget to add wrathmelior having wings to her section.
Honestly this little tidbit stings considering the ending: 
Tumblr media
Honestly what they have for dave is the weirder section cause since his character got shoved to the wayside and little was done with him, most of his section is a lot more guesswork about his relation with tom then anything
Like some of the tropes with him and wrath are funny because well, they fall into some fun couple troupes, all his stuff with tom are more...like putting his original abusive persona mixed with what he’s like now: 
Tumblr media
Honestly in show where tom got his anger from relationship wise is not made clear since his parents were in 2 episodes.
Tumblr media
like THIS was a detail that was a thing when tom’s dad was still an abusive demon, but i really don’t know how much this applies now. Dave seems to maybe have anger issues (I mean the dude threw a chair out of a window), but how tom feels about it or how big they are is put into question now.
Not to mention the “Big Guy” thing also seems like an abandoned part of OG dad and it feels like the show was going to make him a major character but abandoned it.
Tumblr media
Like again, i wonder if these details should even be there because their canoncity is put into question since this stuff is coming from the original design of tom’s dad and not this current iteration. And i’m not sure if we have enough to even imply that dave is oblivious or has a serious temper since his anger has been shown once in the series.
i mean this is interesting cause i get to see what they put as far as minor characters and yeah it makes me wish the characters were used more because then the show could’ve done something with dave to actually give him a more clear character then having people base his personality and relationships off probably outdated info?
or at least, daron should’ve actively disbanded that info herself at one point or another if it’s untrue. It just feels like dave is supposed to be a wildly different character now but his og character is leaking in cause the show refused to give him anything to make people think of him differently.
tv tropes even mentions this was the original pitch, the abusive demon thing, so it’s weird they kept these elements while knowing they were adabonded
Tumblr media
most of the rest of his page is pretty fine i was mostly curious about his page because i wanted to see how this thing would handle a minor character who was changed so drastically
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Moved on to tom’s section, it’s decent at showing his flaws but reminding the people reading of his arc and improvement.
I love at least it addresses a lot of stuff i’ve been saying for years though
Tumblr media Tumblr media
as someone who is used to people downplaying tom as a character, it’s neat here they do indeed consider tom is basically be almost the 3rd most important character in later seasons.
Tumblr media
though concept alone did not gather him such a prominent fanbase, tom was just a good and interesting character in general and even the crew knew it, which is why even after the show ended how it did so many fans still consider tom a bright spot in it.
Tom still has a bunch of haters who refuse to like him no matter what and will probably never like him no matter what.
But most can agree he had a proper arc and his character remained likable and enjoyable at a time where a lot of characters were becoming increasingly hard to watch.
Tom didn’t just have a cool design, he was just a good character, and he and eclipsa have similar reasons for still being beloved even despite everything, the show never really ruined them for anyone, if anything, people cared about them WAY more then most of the other characters because they never got butchered like moon, star, or marco felt like they did.
Then i moved on to stuff about after the finale, and yes, the page remains salty.
I mean, i knew the show was being screwed bit by bit because as a fan i was keeping a close eye on this stuff, commercials, time, dates, ect. It hurts to see it though cause at the time people thought moving to Disney channel was gonna mean GOOD things for the series.
Tumblr media
which sucks because THIS was also very true:
Tumblr media
they did so much on their twitter to boost star, heck, it was designed to look like star, they showed star fanart, had star livestreams. Like Disney used to push this show hard till it slowly seemed to stop caring.
The Ama is also addressed briefly, especially Daron’s reaction, and yeah....
Tumblr media
Still makes me pretty mad tbh.
Here’s some interesting stuff i found as well
Tumblr media
From Friend-enemies 
Tumblr media
apparently this was gonna be a thing.
Tumblr media
Also from tom’s section, which makes me wish we got stomco instead of what we got cause it’s so clear that finale had those implications and sad to see where it ended up.
Oh, and my favorite one:
Tumblr media
Me too Rider, me too.
I hope someday you get better treatment for your character, especially since it was clear you loved playing him so much, i would’ve been mad too.
Yeah, so i checked out Tv Tropes under star to look at some things, it’s not perfect but kinda interesting, and hopefully i find time to go into stuff like this more in the future on this blog.
Tumblr media
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Father's Day
River: Thank you again, Rafael, for letting us host our tri-monthly dad meetings at your house this week.
Rafael: It is no problem your majesty. Family of Star's is family of mine!
Globgor: Such a beautiful home! It must have been expensive!
Rafael: Actually, it was at quite a bargain! Something about a pest problem, but we pulled through!
Dave, shifting awkwardly: Yes, it's... lovely. Why am I here again?
River: To discuss the topic of this week: the boy!
Dave: Is there something wrong with Tom?
River: Not your boy, Lucitor! (Points to Marco) Him!
Marco: What? Why me?!
Glossaryck: Well, isn't it obvious? You have managed to swoon not one, not two, not three, but five hearts!
Marco: I mean, I guess, yeah, but-
Mr. Janna: I'm certainly glad Janna has a friend like you to keep her happy.
River, whispering to Rafael: Why did you invite this weirdo?
Rafael, whispering back: I thought it was a dad meeting for all us dads!
Globgor: Marco, take it from me; love can be dangerous. Especially love with someone not your species.
Marco: Okay, that's just weird hearing it out loud.
Globgor: Yeah, it sounded a lot better in my head.
Mr. Janna: I trust Janna's friends as much as I trust Janna to make good, smart, and safe decisions.
Marco: And suddenly, everything about her makes sense.
Dave: Marco, what is my son to you?
Marco: Uh, well, he's my bro.
Dave: Your what?
River: Like a comrade in arms; someone you can trust with tight spots, cleaning each others spears, and having witty oral bouts with!
Marco: I REALLY wished you could have said it differently.
Glossaryck: Yes, but he didn't. He made his choice. Now you make yours.
Marco: What choice?
River: Who are you marrying, my boy? Surely, it's my princess, your best of best friends and your charge as her knight!
Marco: WHAT?! Uh... um...
Globgor: Really, I would have thought Hekapoo, since they spent the most time together and know each other better than the others.
Marco: Uh...
Dave: This is preposterous! (Marco lets out a sigh of relief) If he truly is my son's "bro", then he'll have no problem making an honest man out him!
Marco: Your son, or...
Mr. Janna: I just think you and my daughter would become closer friends and help each other through tough times together.
Marco: But I-!
Glossaryck: Or, you could date Jackie. Or Kelly. Or even- (Interrupted by loud honk)
Mina, crashing in with a huge swan boat: Woah! (Falls off and onto the table) Stupid Mina and Co. Ship! If you can't sail on land, what good are you?! (Kicks boat) Ow! My foot!
Rafael, walking into the kitchen: Oy... This is gonna be an all-nighter. I'll call the hardware department.
Marco, walking aggressivelytowards Mina: I'll take care of Mina. (Grabs her pig-tail) Let's go!
Mina, pulled by her hair: Ow, hey, watch it, you Sponge-Talker!
River, once Marco and Rafael leave: Did you lads see that?!
Globgor: The boat? I can move it.
River: No! The boy! The confidence in him!
Dave: The commanding walk. The dominant tone.
Glossaryck: I believe we have Miss Kelly to thank for that last part. And Jackie. Actually, come to think of it, they all have some positive role in his life.
Globgor: He certainly does swagger! Am I saying that right?
Mr. Janna: I suppose when you look at his relationship with all of his friends, he both gives and receives positive influence both to and from them. (Looks at you, the reader) What do you think?
Globgor, looking in the same direction: Uh, who are you talking to?
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kdortizv-blog · 4 years ago
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Nova Butterfly-Lucitor I adore "TomStar" or "StarTom", so I invented my version of their daughter. Her name is Nova (because if she's gonna get angry she'll explote! Like his father
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rvld-fanartist · 2 years ago
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Lucitor Descendents... ❤️😈🦋
I know it's little late for my babies, Anyway I wanted to finish with the design to build their personalities, I got carried away by Zuko and Azula however they will not have a cold relationship of brothers ...
I would like to upload short bullets of them soon ... 🙄😁😁
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grabchatstail · 2 years ago
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🔥~ Tomtober Day: 25 “King” ~🔥
I had so much fun designing my own version of King Tom! I took inspiration from medieval kings I found on Google and Pinterest.
Tomtober by @jess-the-vampire and @tacosandtomcos. Repost with linked credit if you’d like.
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florang · 3 years ago
Prediction of “Tough Love”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Because... you know... “TOUGH” love...
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digitalinart · 4 years ago
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I have to draw Tom 💕
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daisy-is-a-demon-blog · 4 years ago
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Lucitor Week Day 4: Family
The lovely giant buff demon lady, her tiny adorable husband, and their smol precious son. This family is the reason I’m posting art on tumblr in the first place.
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