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#king of the swamp
great-and-small · 17 days ago
I’m hereby declaring this grizzled old marsh rabbit the king of the swamp
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dragonsanctuarybylyana · 2 years ago
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Inktober - Swollen
His Majesty of the swamp is Swollen with pride at the site of his heirs!
@inktober @jakeparker
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dailyadventureprompts · a month ago
My players loved the Kaddric the Heedless villain and wanted to integrate him into our plot as a corrupt king, but considering most of the party are rogues, can you make a heist by any chance?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Heist: Cracking the Oyster
Oh sure there’s treasure inside, but just ask any ‘diver up the coast and they’ll tell you that earning yourself any pearls is going to require years of preperation, a strong constitution, skill with a knife, and a tolerance for getting covered in all manner of slime. 
Now ask yourself: Is it really worth all that work?  
Setup: Presiding over a tidal mire and surrounding swamplands, the once disfavored “Fort Austerity” has been rescued from ruin with a new purpose, namely acting as a vault for any one or anything the crown wants out of the hands of others.  Riches, political prisoners, dirty secrets, the fortress holds them all, delivered by armored barges that serve as the only reliable way in or out of the sodden wasteland that surrounds it. 
Called “The Oyster” by locals due not only to the toughness of its walls but also the ground shell concrete used in its walls in place of quarried stone, this foreboding construction was chosen over more accessible stongrooms for it’s inaccessibility, and the diehard loyalty of the noble family that maintains it. 
Adventure Hooks: 
A tyrant rules the land, squeezing the populace beneath them for every scrap of coin as his iron grip closes around the kingdom. Whether the party happen to be a group of freedomfighters looking to restore wealth to the people, or a crew of thieves looking for a mark, the Oyster provides a tempting target, nevermind the fact that they’ll most certainly make an enemy of the most powerful man in the realm should they succeed. 
An important potential ally has been captured and locked behind Fort Austerity’s walls, but the party’s rescue attempt hits an unexpected complication half way through:  The ally got caught on purpose, and was hoping to use their position to smuggle out important information kept within the fortress to their agents. With both plans derailed and the alarm possibly already sounded, the party will need to make a b-line for the fortress commander’s office and steal the info their ally was looking to obtain before they flee. 
Having made an enemy of the crown, the party finds themselves locked in the Oyster and awaiting trial, only to be aided by a golden eyed figure that takes the form of a cat to stalk the fortress’s halls unhindered. Fellow prisoner? Mischievous fey? Scheming Fiend? Whatever their true nature, this stranger introduces themselves as “Prosper”, and offers to help the party escape should they be willing to do a few favors for them once released. 
Challenges & Complications: 
Approaching or fleeing the Oyster is troublesome, as the silty, grass covered flatlands that surround it provide a great aid to lookouts and a great hinderance for those moving at speed. Likewise, the wilderness is haunted by creatures the locals call “Speardogs”, which are infact predatory mostquitos the size of hunting hounds. Clever parties might investigate how the Oyster’s guards avoid getting exsanguinated by the beasts ( a fragrant ungant sold in a nearby village), or perhaps sneak aboard one of the bi-weekly supply barges to traverse the landscape entirely.  
The party breaches the Oyster’s famed treasure vault and finds it... mostly empty. Oh sure, there’s more than enough riches for them to stuff their packs with, but for a fortress said to contain the wealth of an entire kingdom, there’s not all the take is surprisingly small. Investigation reveals that the majority of the kingdom’s wealth has been diverted to either buffing out the tyrant’s payroll or transferred to banks among the merchant principalities of the south. The kingdom is about to be in for some VERY hard economic times, which the party and their ill gotten gain will need to suffer through. 
The Oyster does indeed have a pearl: a melon sized sphere of lustrous silver-white contained within a specially made chest in the fortress’s main vault. Catching your reflection in this pearl forces an enchantment upon you, paralyzing the victims with visions of fabulous wealth long enough for the guard to come fetch the intruders. Characters may need to fight through these visions and confront their own desire for riches while the rest of their party fights off the local garrison. 
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nakeddavidclub · 4 months ago
Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. It’s time. The plan, Adam. Tell me you remember the plan!
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petrichorparacosm · 3 months ago
A Non- Exhaustive List of John Constantine’s Notable Lovers (Some Canonically, Some Heavily Implied):
Lucifer Morningstar, the Actual Devil
First of the Fallen
Shark King/Nanaue
Asa/Nightmare Nurse
Swamp Thing’s wife, Abby Holland (note: he was acting as a magical surrogate so that they could conceive)
Zatanna Zatara
The actual personification of Los Angeles
Sara Lance
Huntress (Helena Bertenelli)
Nick Necro (somehow the most assholeish of John’s exs)
Ever wonder what these people think of each other?
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dreadnokzartan · 7 months ago
A single swamp ski shot through the water of the swamp with a single rider on top of it, only a vague destination in mind as he continued forward. For some reason people don’t seem to understand this was his swamp and he did not like people trespassing.
The ski came to a slow at the sight of flashlights and the sound of voices. Zartan growled and pulled it off to the land and stepped off. Turning himself himself invisible and snuck up to them-
Teenagers. Annoying teenagers. Of course. Still invisible he grabbed the scruffs of their shirts, letting them scream before becoming invisible.
“You’re not supposed to be here.” He growled. And with that they took off running.
He snarled at them, before turning, his eyes catching a glimpse of something to see wrappers and cans and he snarled again- shouting to them- “AND IF YOU LITTER AGAIN I’M BREAKING YOUR HANDS!” Shouting as he picked up the litter.
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korkorali · 3 months ago
I hope that the Mighty Nien are going to take the long, slow route across the Empire down to the Menagerie Coast next episode.
One final pass where they check in on all the people who showed them love, on all the people they saved. A trip down to jog Molly’s memories of these moments, and regale him of moments he wasn’t there for.
It’d be nice to see. A brilliant way to wrap everything up in a nice little bow.
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macademmia · 11 months ago
Okay but imagine that Thomas makes the mistake of bringing Nico home for a movie night, thinking it will be a relaxed night
Nope-all the sides are fighting over him.
Virgil wants to steal Nico to listen to Paramore with him, Roman wants to watch Disney movies with him, Janus wants to talk about the philosophy of a trash can with him, Patton wants to hug himRemus wants to show Nico his songs, and Logan wants to talk to him about writing while Thomas is just in the corner like, “y’all know he’s my boyfriend and I did not invite you to date night”
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feralwaff1e · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@safetayy, gave me permission to post this and color it 🤩🤲! Super fun, and now I’m back in the groove and I might post soothing I drew later lol. Just be aware it won’t be as good as these!
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21spidermiles · 11 months ago
sabo really was like “hrmmfff,, imma disown my whole family,,,, down with the bourgeoisie - but lets keep the fashion, baby,,,, didn’t u hear?? tophats are in style B)))” Like. he gives off the exact energy of someone who would yell “eat the rich”, bite a chunk out of his own arm, and then spit it right in his parents’ face. 
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paullovescomics · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Comics read recently (July 30th, 2021)
Teen Titans: Endless Winter Special #1 (Part 6) Justice League Dark #29 (Part 7) Black Adam: Endless Winter Special #1 (Part 8) Justice League: Endless Winter Special #2 (Part 9 – Final)
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nakeddavidclub · 3 months ago
Ok this is just getting creepy. Have you been following me??
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goothemighty · 2 months ago
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I am doing another big annual art for all the games I’m playing and hope to beat in 2021, but I’m not pushing nearly as hard as last year (that was the point of beating 69 games in 2020, after all).
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Still, I’m pleased with my progress! Can you guess which games I’ve gotten my sister and my mom to play with me?
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feralwaff1e · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks to @safetayy and their advice, I was actually able to draw a somewhat decent age swamp Andrias from their AU!
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