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@jasmin-miyazaki Here is your ship darling! I am very sorry because you waited so long! I hope you will like it! Enjoy!

I ship you with…



How did you two met:

It was very usual and a very boring day at the shop you worked at. It was getting late and not many customers were in your shop so you were very happy because the end of your shift was soon. You noticed one very beautiful man came in and he instantly got your attention but very soon he disappeared between the shelves. After few minutes you heard the weak voice of the old grandmother that often came to your shop say someone to leave her alone and that she doesn’t have any more money. You hurried to see what is going on and without the hesitation you hurried to help her when you saw a guy bulling her.

“I am sorry sir but I have to ask you to leave this shop immediately and please leave her alone.” You said approaching them while trying your best to look intimidating.

“And what if I don’t want to?” the boy rudely said and right when you opened your mouth to answer him you heard the gentle and calm voice say behind you “Don’t look for trouble just leave.”

“Who are you to say me when will I leave? I do what I want” the boy said as he grabbed the old lady’s hand roughly. Before he could do any more harm to her the man you saw before pulled him away and with one move pulled his hand behind his back in the pose that looked very uncomfortable and painful.

The handsome man whispered something in the bully’s ear and he made painful grimace. When he left his hand he just dropped the old lady’s purse on the floor and run away as fast as he could. You picked the purse and give it to the lady with the gentle smile and she hugged you and the man and with the tears in eyes thanked you.

“Are you alright Miss?” The man asked you picking up few products that fell down and handing them to you.

“Yes I am thank you so much for your help!” you said honestly as you took the products from him. Your fingers brushed against his and for a moment (that felt like eternity) you stared at each other’s eyes.

First date:

After the incident that happened in the shop you worked T’Challa was very worried about your safety so he often came over in your shop just to check up on you. He still didn’t knew why he felt need to protect you and to see you smile. You two became a lot closer and he sometimes knew to stay over an hour in your shop chatting with you, of course when you didn’t have customers. He needed a lot time to understand what he is feeling towards you so it passed quite some time after he asked you out on a date. He wanted you to feel relaxed but also to see you smile more so he planned a night at comedy show. When he picked you up he gave you a bouquet of very beautiful yet very strange flowers. He told you that are special kind of flowers that only grows in the place he came from. When you arrived in the place where your date was he pulled out chair for you and then sat across you. You two chatted for a while before the show started. The comedians were very funny and often you found yourself wiping away tears from your cheeks. Between the performances you two chatted about things you both are interested in such as books, movies and places you like to visit.


First kiss:

You kind of dated for a few weeks when he told you that he has to return in his country to finish something and that he might not see you for a while but he promised you that he will call you every day and chat with you. You felt little sad of course because you really enjoyed being spending time with him.

“Don’t worry, I will come and see you as soon as I finish.” He said waiting at the airport.

“I know. I will miss you a lot you know?” you said trying to give him your best and brightest smile.

“I know and I will miss you too.” He answered with his usual calm and gentle tone.

You two spend couple of minutes in silence squeezing each other’s hands softly when the lady informed everyone through the speaker to get on the plane and find their seats. He immediately turned towards you and kissed your hands before kissing your cheek. You gently placed hand on his cheek and kissed his lips gently. Your cheeks immediately became dark red and you felt little light headed.

“So um… Bon voyage!” you said as you separated from him.

“Thank you! Please take care of yourselfhe chuckled and wrapped his arms around you hugging you gently.

Later you were surprised by your reaction and would often blush when you think about it but it was a very beautiful memory.



Well to be honest being in the relationship with the very beautiful, king, amazing warrior king of Wakanda can’t be a bad thing, right? He is very careful towards you and always makes sure that you don’t lack his attention. Because he has many duties in his country and isn’t in the same state as you are, you two often chat on Skype or via social network. He has a habit of sending you “good morning/night beautiful” every day. He can notice when you are nervous or sad so he is willing to stay whole night awake trying to make you feel better and trying to make you smile. When he is with you he makes sure to make up all hugs and cuddles. He usually gives you small cute presents such as amulets for luck and things like that. When his father died you were there to help him with his sudden anger and sadness. Because you like to sing he often records you singing so he doesn’t forget melody of your voice when he comes back home. His hugs are always gentle and warm and so are the kisses. You like books so you often insist to visit all the book shops and he likes to go there with you and enjoys looking through the shelves trying to find ideal book for you.


Going to Wakanda for the first time:

When he invited you to come with him to Wakanda you were shocked and excited at the same time and of course you accepted right away. You couldn’t wait to meet his family, explore and meet new people. The flight to his country was very long so you spend most of the time sleeping on his shoulder. When you arrived you got surprised and shocked once again. Wakanda was completely different from what you have imagined, for a moment you taught you were dreaming but then T’Challa squeezed your hand making you come back to reality.

“I told you mother she will be surprised” the young girl said smiling widely.

“Shuri” was the only thing the women beside her said and gave her one stern look.

You know who they were from your boyfriend so you quickly collected yourself and met your boyfriend’s mother and younger sister. They were both very nice and beautiful and soon you became best friends with Shuri. She asked you so many questions about the place you come from and about many other things; also like her brother her sense of humor was very good. You spend almost every day visiting small villages and exploring so when you came back to your room your legs and feet hurt you. Shuri showed you many funny images of T’Challa and you teased him about them making him a bit embarrassed. You visited many markets, met many people and tried a new food. All in all you could tell that the country is very beautiful as well as the people who live there.


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here are the contest pieces that i finally completed. 💜
yeah, i missed out loki but i kinda gave it away to one of my friends before i had the chance to picture it. sorrrrrrrryy. ill work on one more after my exams, which start from next week :/

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T’Challa X Black Reader

Chapter Warning: Cursing, plot,

Word Count: 3892K

Note: Treat time!!!!! 2 more chapters left y’all. Oh man, I’m excited. Are you guys excited or feeling sad it’s almost over? Thank you guys so much for reading. 

***Loosely proofread/edited. I’m sorry in advance.

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“Is this correct?” You asked Captain Rogers as he sat across from you in your office.

“Yes, it is correct. Tony used satellites to track the actions and this is everything that transpired. Steve assured.

You couldn’t believe your eyes. You rewound the video yet again and focused on the scene unfolding. Captain Rogers walked around to stand beside your chair and watched with you.

“I’m sorry we just looked at these since the events in Vienna things have been quite a mess.” Steve apologized. You knew the accords that made superheroes practically illegal unless they registered caused a lot of strife not only across the world but within the Avengers.

“I can understand.” You brought your attention to the part of the video that interested you more. There plain as day you saw her. Nakia.

“Isn’t that King T’Challa’s fiancé?” Steve asked. You clenched your jaw at the mention of T’Challa’s name and reference of a fiancé.

“Yes.” You confirmed. You and Steve watched her suspicious actions, she was across the street at the top of the building looking on through binoculars. Another approached her and joined in watching, another she recognized, W’Kabi. You zoomed in on the surveillance video already knowing how the events turned out inside the building.

“Oh my god!” You exclaimed. Nakia looked to W’Kabi and nodded. He took out a radio and spoke. You wished you could hear the words he said but almost instantly the building across from them exploded. You slapped your hand to your mouth as tears sprang to your eyes.

“Oh my god.” You watched the building shatter knowing T’Chaka was inside. You watched a smile spread across Nakia’s and W’Kabi’s faces before they turned to get off the roof.

“So it really was not Mr. Barnes!” You shouted out.

“No.” Steve answered.

“Oh my god, it was her, it was Nakia.” You sprang to your feet and began pacing your office pondering everything you’d just seen. Trying to make sense of it, trying to piece the little pieces together.

“Why? Why would she do this? Why would she want T’Chaka dead?” You asked yourself. Steve watched you.

“Maybe he wronged her?” He suggested.

“No, I’ve heard nothing of that. He loved her like a daughter, treated her like a jewel of Wakanda, his words not mine.” You informed.

“Why would she do this?” You wracked your brain trying to figure it out.

“Maybe he was in the way.” Steve stated. You stopped in your tracks thinking. You gasped several moments later.

“Steve. Yes. T’Chaka stood in the way of the marriage from happening. He was holding everything back. T’Challa told me this, he said his father saw the error of securing a marriage pact between him and the river tribe, he said he was holding the event from happening.” You informed.

“So if the king was holding back the ceremony then that would be a reason to kill him.”

“Oh my god, Nakia killed King T’Chaka, T’Challa’s father so the marriage could happen.” You pieced together.

“And that marriage is taking place in 3 days now.” Steve informed. Your head snapped to him.


“Yes, I received the royal invitation 2 weeks ago, we all did. You didn’t?” He asked. You clenched your jaw.

“I know you no longer work in Wakanda I thought that was a mutual decision being that you are still working at the embassy.” He assumed.

“I did not get an invitation.” You dryly responded turning your back. Everything spun in your head, everything you’d just uncovered. He doesn’t know you pieced together.

“He doesn’t know!”

“Of course he doesn’t, no man would marry the one responsible for the death of their father and I know T’Challa.” Steve confirmed. You went to press the kimoyo beads on your wrist only to remember they were taken from you before the jet left to return back to Wakanda 4 weeks ago.

“Shit!” You rushed to your computer and began to draft an email before pausing.

“This isn’t the kind of thing you send through email is it?”

“Not at all. This sort of thing has to be delivered in person, along with the evidence.” He informed.

You froze. That meant going back to Wakanda. Back to the palace where your life was in danger. It meant giving your assassin another chance to finish the job. Was that something you could do? By no means were you a punk but you also were not stupid. You were too smart for your own good. What were the chances you could sneak into Wakanda reminiscing to stealthy American spy and talk to T’Challa to show him the evidence. Surly being convicted of killing the prior king was enough to break a marriage pact. It was treason after all, and treason no matter where was punishable by imprisionment at least. Still you were frozen.

“You hesitate. Why?” Steve inquired. You shook your head and looked down.

“I have no means of contact with Wakanda.” You informed.

“I do.” Steve offered. You looked back over your shoulder to him.

“We have been trying to convince T’Challa of the importance of his joining the avengers especially with him wanting to open Wakanda to the world.” Steve explained.

“The Avengers? Sounds like something right up his alley, he always wanted to help others.” You said and smiled fondly remembering your many conversations of how he would separate his rule from that of T’Chaka. You looked back to the computer screen at the blank email.

“You have to do the right thing Y/N. T’Chaka’s deserves his murderer to be brought to justice.” Steve implored, working at your soft heart.

He knew you were softhearted. You’d been friends for almost 3 years now and he admired your admirable career path and when you first met him as Steve he told you many times. When you found out he was Captain America your head almost fell off your shoulders but the more you thought about it, you got it. Like T’Challa he was honorable to a fault.

“Damn it Steve.” You whispered. He touched your shoulder gently.

“If you need backup I’m sure we can all pitch in. I know Tony has been dying to prove he can break into the impenetrable country of Wakanda.” Steve teased.

You snorted laughed. Your first one in weeks. You knew Tony would do it and you knew it would annoy the hell out of T’Challa especially if you brought Sam. After a sly comment Sam made about T’Challa liking cats T’Challa hated him with a passion. After the two of you stilled from the laughter you sighed knowing you had to, death and dismemberment be damned.

“The things you do for love.” Steve said. You spun around to look at him again and he gave you an all knowing look. You scoffed, of course he’d pieced it together.

“Y/N, you’re not as slick as you think and he definitely isn’t as stealthy as a panther when it comes to his feelings.” Steve said.

You shook your head and paused hearing his statement echo in your head. You thought back to the attempts on your life. They all began once Nakia returned.

“Say that again Steve.”

“What? That it was obvious he was in love with you and that you were equally as in love?” He asked. Realization hit you like a ton of bricks, or like the oversized rhinos of the border tribe.

“Oh my god.” You whispered.


“It was her.”

“Her? Who?” Steve asked filled with confusion.

“It was her, Nakia.” You filled in.

“Yes we just watched…

“No, no, Steve it was her who tried to kill me!” You shouted.

“What? She tried to kill you?”

“Yes, several times I believe. It was her! She killed T’Chaka to get him out the way and seeing that T’Challa loved me as clear as day as you say she saw it as a threat so she had to get rid of me too because T’Challa…

“Would never want her uncontested unless you were dead to pose no threat or competition.” Steve filled in. You spun around to face him eyes wide, meeting his equally wide baby blues.

“It makes sense.” Steve backed. You immediately felt rage fill you, you felt as if you could kill a mountain lion, or better yet a bitch war dog.

“Who is your contact in Wakanda Steve?” You said through gritted teeth.

“Besides T’Challa, Okoye.”

You looked like death as you rose again from your seat.

“I will tear the bitch apart!”



The echoing he heard was muffled the voices sounded like they were far away. Or was he the one that as far away.


He opened his eyes and looked around, he was in the ancestral plane. The beautiful aurora borealis lights in the sky was obvious. He spun around feeling he was not alone. He came face to face with his father. They stood there taking the other in.

“Baba!” He hurried to him and embraced him. T’Chaka patted his back lovingly.

“My son.” T’Challa closed his eyes feeling the joy run through him. Oh how he missed his father. Missed his knowledge and guidance.

“I miss you baba.” He admitted.

“I know my son. What are you doing?” He asked. Pulling away T’Challa looked upon his face trying to grasp his meaning.

“You miss me so much you would take your own life?” T’Chaka asked. T’Challa looked down.

“You look down to no one. Answer me.” T’Challa raised his head and looked at his father face to face with his disappointed face.

“Father I-“ He began.

“I do not want your apologies. I want your responsibility T’Challa.” T’Challa swallowed harshly. He remembered as a child when he got in trouble his father never wanted an apology instead he wanted him to take responsibility for his actions and the actions leading up to it, then he wanted correction.

“I am lost.” He admitted out loud. T’Chaka’s expression softened as he nodded.

“I have lost my way.” 

“Every man loses his way, every King loses his way my son. What you are doing is not the answer.” T’Challa nodded looking off to the distance. He knew it was not the answer.

“I know.” 

“Your balance, your center is gone. I see it, you are hollow. Who knew Y/N held so much importance.” He teased. T’Challa looked at him shocked.

“Oh T’Challa you were horrible at covering it up. You’ve always been horrible at hiding anything from your mother or I. We saw it plain as day.” T’Chaka explained chuckling. T’Challa smiled to himself before the same smile disappeared.

“She’s gone.”


“She was my center, my balance. I didn’t know it before, I know it now.” T’Challa admitted. 

“At least you know it now. Now you know what it feels like to have your center and to be without it. Now you will fight to ensure you never loose it again.”

“Father, I have already lost her. She is gone. Gone back to America. She is lost to me. My duty is here.”


“Your duty is here correct, the panther’s duty is here, you though T’Challa, your duty is to your heart. You are man and panther, selfless to a fault and just as selfish. That which centers you, aids with the balance of the two.” He explained. T’Challa stood perfectly still grasping his meaning. He sighed out.

“How can a King follow his heart while doing his duty at the same time father? 
T’Chaka smiled and touched T’Challa cheek patting it.

“That is the trick you must figure out my son. It is the same thing I had to figure out, the same every king and panther must figure our for themselves.” T’Chaka smiled warmly.

“I do not want to make the wrong decision, I do not want to bring dishonor to your name father, or the country.” T’Challa admitted. 

“My name is cemented in history T’Challa. My time has come and gone. It is your time now. Your name, your history you are making. Your decisions, your country. It is yours. Yes every man wants to be a good King, but remember-“

“It is hard for a good man to be a good king and a good king to be a good man.” T’Challa filled in. T’Chaka nodded.

“I want to be both, I want to be a good king and a good man.” T’Chaka smiled widely.

“So I guess you now know the impact you want to leave on history. All you have to do is make your decisions with that in mind. What centers you my son?” 

T’Challa took a deep breath in and thought of you. 

“She does.”

“More importantly, your love for her. Love is your center T’Challa, she is your anchor to that love which makes her the center of you. All you do is make every decision as king and as a man through love. Not through despair or anger or even duty and honor.” T’Chaka drilled home. 

T’Challa grasped his meaning. “You will be fine my son.” T’Chaka said before he turned away from him and walked away back to the tree in the distance that housed the other panthers. 

“I fear I am not ready.” T’Challa voiced.

“You are, I’ve seen it for a while, all that is left is for you to see it. Remember T’Challa fight for what you love, your heart, your panther’s heart is a strong one. Do not fight it. Allow it to merge with yours.” T’Chaka’s voice was becoming more and more distant. He turned around finally at the tree is eyes glowed yellow, the eyes of his panther.


“T’Challa, do not come back here, it is not your time!” 

Just like that he morphed into a panther and in the same breath he began to ran toward T’Challa. T’Challa watched in amazement. His father’s panther did not stop only inched closer faster. He watched it leap into the air toward him.

“Go!” The deformed voice of an animal and man shouted before the panther landed on top of him. 

T’Challa gasped loudly leaping up.

“T’Challa!” He looked around from side to side becoming aware he was in the medical wing of the palace and not the ancestral plane. 

“It is all right, it’s okay.” Ramonda assured shaking him out of the haze. He looked at her. She saw the yellow glow of the panther’s eyes. She was familiar with this and showed no fear. 

“You are okay, you are T’Challa. Say it, tell me who you are.” She coaxed. T’Challa raised his mouth in a snarl and felt the animalistic urges course through him. 

“Tell me who you are!” Ramonda shouted again. T’Challa gripped the bed and squeezed breaking the strong material as if it was nothing more than cracker. He closed his eyes hearing the echoing voice of his father.

“Do not fight it. Allow it to merge with yours.”

T’Challa shouted out, the loudness of the shout echoed off the walls shaking them. Ramonda squeezed his upper arms more forcefully trying to do for him what she’d done for T’Chaka time and time again. Ramonda knew she would not be as successful as you would be but she had to try. The Dora Milaje rushed in ready to assist with Shuri hot on their heels.

“Mother!” She shouted.

“It’s all right!” Ramonda shouted trying to calm them.

“T’Challa!” She shouted again. He stopped shouting giving everyone some relief until they saw the eyes of the panther.

“Kumkani!” Okoye began. He zeroed in on her and flared his nose raising his mouth again in a snarl.

“Brother, snap out of it!” Shuri shouted.

“Tell me who you are T’Challa!” Ramonda shouted. 

He looked back to her and his head and heart filled with immense pain. Pain he’d never felt before. He shouted again before dropping back onto the hospital bed. His body began seizing. Everyone n the room leapt into action fighting to hold him down. He was strong, too strong. 

“T’Challa!” he shouted.

“again, Tell me who you are!”

“King T’Challa!” He shouted again before the seizing stopped. Everyone panted for air. He opened his eyes and everyone was relieved to see his deep brown eyes. Ramonda audibly gasped out dripping her head to his chest.

“Oh bast thank you.” She exclaimed. T’Challa looked around at everyone he loved, the only person missing was you. He was overcome with the sudden urge to fight. 

“Fight for what you love.” 

His fathers words echoed in him. He would fight. 



Originally posted by dailyteamcap

“Really, the dude who dresses up as a cat? You’ve got to be kidding me Y/N.” Sam pressed as you were seated on the quinjet next to him and around those who’d signed up to help sneak you into Wakanda undetected.  You pressed your lips together but didn’t answer.

“Man, what the hell is going on? Even he’s getting play?” Sam continued, Steve and Tony laughed at him. 

“What does he have that I don’t?” Sam asked.

“Well a  whole country for starters.” Tony stated.

“I cool suit.” Steve added.

“I have wings, I can fly.” Sam pointed out.

“He also has more money than either of us have combined.” Tony added. You pinched you lips again.

“So that’s what it takes Y/N, a country, a cool suit and money? For some reason I though you had more substance.” Everyone said oh at Sam’s dig.

“Well Sam, he does have all of that but what he really has that you don’t is a really, really big…” You began, Sam’s eyes widened as well as everyone else on the jet.

“And sexy…dip.” You finished. 

Everyone laughed loudly. Sam looked relieved.

“He does, have you seen the man walk, it’s a thing of art.” You added. 

“Man, I was straight ready to jump out this jet without these wings shouting lord take me now.” 

We laughed some more as the quinjet made it’s breech into Wakanda behind the shields. The sun was setting and you sighed looking out the window at your home. 

“Wow, is it always this beautiful?” Sam asked. You nodded while smiling.

“Always.” You confirmed. Sam watched the animals frolic across the field and the beautiful waterfalls and he smiled. 

“I guess if I have to loose you to anyone, I’d be okay if it were him.” Same said. You looked at him quizzically.

“Loose me? Sam we never had a relationship.”

“In my head we sure did and we had one hell of a run. Hope you don’t mind I’m going to tell everyone I ended things.” He said before walking away. You scoffed and shook your head. 

The jet did not go into the hanger-bay instead it went around the mountain to the cliff where the best sunset could be seen. The walls of the mountain opened as if on queue. The jet hovered before descending inside the mountain on the landing strip. Once the engines died down and the doors to the jet opened you saw Ayo, Okoye, E’KeNe, D’GaBo standing there with their spears with stoic looks on their faces. Once they realized it was you their faces immediately broke out into broad smiles.  

“Y/N!” Okoye breathed out.

“Y/N” Shuri shouted before running toward you. You smiled as well and rushed out to greet her. She threw her arms around you and hugged you forcefully.

“Hello Shuri.” The Dora milaje warriors joined in on the embrace completely breaking protocol and character, none of them cared. Steve, Tony and Sam stood back and watched the tender reunion. 

“What are you doing here?” Shuri asked.

“We expected Captain Rogers.” Okoye filled in.

“Steve helped me put this all into motion. It had to be in secrecy.” You explained.

“It’s not safe here.” Ayo filled in.

“I know, but I have news and I had to come. They came with me to ensure my safety.”

“What news?” Ramonda asked as she approached the group. 

“Queen mother.” You said saluting her. She walked straight to you and pulled you into her arms. You smiled.

“Welcome home my child.” You nodded.

“There is much to discuss.” You said.

“Cloak the jet, and go with D’GaBo and E’KeNe they will ensure you are not spotted.” Okoye ordered to half of the Avengers. 

They nodded and followed. You walked with Shuri and Ramonda toward a door you’d never used.

“These are my tunnels. Only I know about them and only I know how to maneuver them.” Shuri said with a smile. You smiled back and hugged her again.

“I’ve missed you Shuri.” She smiled and led the way through the hidden tunnels. 

Every turn that was made was quickly rearranged as the corridors changed their direction similar to the tracks of a railroad. After nearly 10 minutes Shuri peeked her head out looking from side to side. Once she saw no one she signaled it was safe. You stepped out behind her and her mother and scurried toward a separate door. The three of you hurried inside ensuring to lock the door behind you. Once safely inside you hugged them both again. 

“What was so important that you risked your life coming back?” Ramonda inquired.

“There is something I need you to watch.” You responded with a solemn expression. 

You dug inside your pocket and took out the thumb drive. Walking to the computer you loaded the thumb drive and prepared the video. You glanced back to the two women who’s world was going to be shattered. You sighed and pressed play on the video. You stepped back allowing them full view of the events that transpired in Vienna. 

You watched their expressions and saw the moment Ramonda spotted the bitch. Shuri took her in a few moments after. She lunged to the computer and typed in some codes within moments the video was now playing on Shuri’s kimoyo beads projection in life-size imagery. Both their eyes were glued to the video. 

“Is that-“ Shuri began before she angled the video for a better view. 

The new angle provided irrefutable evidence that it was Nakia and W’Kabi in that building. You watched them further already knowing the contents of the video by heart. When the building began to explode Ramonda released an audible, gut wrenching gasp. The gasp of shock and utter pain watching her husband, the man she loved being killed. 


“Baba.” Shuri whispered as tears welled in her eyes. 

Ramonda began to cry which prompted Shuri’s tears to flow freely. As the video ended with Nakia and W’Kabi’s departure the two women embraced and cried together. Your heart broke for them. It was one thing for you to see it, you loved King T’Chaka as a great ruler and man but he was not your father, or your husband.

“Mother.” Shuri gasped. Ramonda wiped her tears as she tried to comfort Shuri.

“How did you get this?” Ramonda asked.

“Steve provided it to me, after reviewing the eyewitness reports and trying to piece together what went wrong in preparation for the upcoming accords I decided to go back and this is what I found.” You explained.

“What were they doing there?” Shuri asked. You looked down not wanting to be the one to say it.

“Signing their death warrant.” Ramonda informed with an angry, sinister look etched on her face.

To Be Continued…..

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