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#king t'challa

Characters: King T’Challa x Reader.
Prompt: The song “July” by Noah Cyrus ft. Leon Bridges – just the emotions it woke in me. Prompt is from a challenge by @wkemeup <3
Sadness, depression (not labelled), angst, pining, giving up, heartbreak, fluff, comfort, self-deprecation, love, drinking (not excessive), low self-esteem, negative feelings of all sorts. Lots of emotional stuff.
might have gotten just a lot more emotional/sad than I anticipated when I started. But I think…perhaps a lot of people can recognize some doubts they themselves have had, and in that case: don’t give up; don’t stress; find yourself first.
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Originally posted by marvelheroes


The ache sits deep inside you, simmering mostly but bubbling over when you least expect it and splashing onto your hands or running down your cheeks. Unseen. Invisible to everyone but those that know you best.

Perhaps it is your own fault – at least that is what people keep telling you – for falling for someone so far out of your league that walking to the moon would be more realistic.

Yeah, sure…some people would already call your life a dream because your family is close with the royal family of Wakanda and you have everything you could ever want: the best education, dream job with amazing diplomatic travels, everything money can buy. You even have a handful of friends (like Ayo) despite the sporadic options to see each other.

So why so miserable?

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Slow Burn Fake Dating Enemies to Lovers - Bucky, T'Challa, Natasha

Oooooh…. Okay. Slow burn would be Natasha, because there’d be some dancing around each other, feeling each other out, testing, uncertain, and eventually the realization that yeah, we click for real and neither of us is gonna stab the other in the back, and it flows from there. Fake Dating would be T'Challa because, let’s face it, he is waaaaay out of my league despite being a dork (Shuri told me so) but we could easily fake a political relationship for a mission or other Reasons. Enemies to Lovers is Bucky, and only part of that is because of the whole Winter Soldier debacle but also because first there’d be the whole “no, I’m not attracted to you, and it actually has nothing to do with Captain America because I kinda want to punch that punk-ass Brooklynite half the time” which would get his hackles up until we sorted through the fact that just because I want to punch Steve in his smart mouth for insulting Tony doesn’t mean I’m actually going to or that I hate his buddy. (Of course, by the time we work that out, Natasha and I will be starting the “burn” phase of the Slow Burn and he’ll have missed his shot to be more than a bro.)

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