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Home (fic wip)

KH3 Spoilers ahead

Isa wasn’t used to the prospect of gummiphones yet, nor did he understand selfies-or whatever Sora’s current word for them was-but regardless, he always answered. So when he didn’t answer repeatedly…

Lea’s heart began to pound in his ears. No way Xehanort could have gotten him; that was in the past! Xehanort was over… right? Or or, what if Xigbar-Braig-Luxu-Lea Didn’t Know What To Call Him did something?! What if he ate too much sea salt ice cream and got a brainfreeze?!? …Okay, he had to admit that last one wasn’t an emergency BUT. STILL.

“ISA!” The redhead bust open the door, worried, but suddenly froze at the sight he saw…

Isa sat on the chair, dozed off. On one side of his lap lay a book, on the other lay an equally sleepy Xion. On the couch beside the chair lay a just awakened (and thus annoyed) Roxas who had fallen asleep half off of the couch. Lea’s surprised face turned into a warm smile. Told you you’d fit in, he thought.

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